Our Inheritance In Christ Jesus


Scriptures Commented On Is This Study: Matthew 19:28-30

LivingEM: Hello everybody. Praise the Lord! The floor is open for questions or comments.

LivingEM: Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank you for all things. We thank you for the privilege of knowing you. We thank you for grace, and truth, and the Doctrine of Christ. Father, I pray that you provide spiritual food for these believers. Thank you Jesus. I am in silent prayer, the floor is open I think the Lord wants us to pray for someone who is about to pierce into this message. I seem to be covered over. I will pray warfare Father, in the name and Jesus, we break every curse sent to destroy this meeting. We strip the cover off of Christ Jesus. We boil Satan, cook Leviathan, and separate her from the fiery serpent.

My mind is so full of what is happening here, I think I will just share with you. The Spirit is moving powerfully. I just got off the phone with my daughter a little while ago. She asked me why I celebrate Thanksgiving and Passover but not Christmas and Easter. This is a miracle considering that there was a minor confrontation as I was leaving her home this past Tuesday. The spirit on our conversation was excellent. My daughter's mother-in-law is a Jehovah's witness, lives only a short distance away, and watches my granddaughter. So my daughter has much more contact with her mother-in-law then she does with me.

I was able to tell my daughter how important it is to have the power of God in your life, in addition to the Bible. The Jehovah's witnesses, as far as I know, have only the Bible. My daughter's mother-in-law gave her a Jehovah's witness book about how to have a happy marriage. My daughter says that she is doing everything in the book, but that her husband is doing nothing, and she wants to know how to make him do what the Bible says. This was my opportunity to tell her that only God can convince him. The conversation lasted about one-half hour. It was very positive.

The Lord has raised up a local group to teach the Doctrine of Christ. I never expected this, but it is very exciting to know that God is working. There are at least three people in the group right now, and there may be 2,3 or possibly 5 more.

We visited XX's church last Wednesday evening. The Lord gave me the opportunity to give a short exhortation. I believe that the Spirit of Christ moved mightily, although subtly. Only those with spiritual eyes could see what He was doing. We will attend that service again this evening. June will minister in music. As always, the Spirit intensifies with each day of ministry. Anything can happen.

June and I met xxxxxx and his wife, xxxxxx. Xxxxxx was so upset over the Doctrine of Christ, that she left xxxx twice in an attempt to force him to stop pursuing it. But she now has a revelation that the Doctrine is of God, and understands about the mind of Christ and spiritual manhood. June and I had dinner with xxxx and xxxx, and we closed the restaurant. We were talking for over four hours. Xxx was very open, and very excited.

On Sunday we attended service at the xxxxx ministry at xxxxxx, where xxxxxx presides. I believe the Lord has been calling this man since he first received our materials three years ago. His prayers for revelation and understanding are intense, but I think that he is having trouble understanding why the revelation is not coming through xxxxxx ministry. I think that xxxxx has not endorsed our doctrine, and therefore xxxx is very cautious. I think that his spirit is crying for the Doctrine of Christ. He took our whole set of books, even though we gave him a set three years ago. I felt that he no longer had those books. Some people are so alarmed when they first look at our materials that they throw them away. He hesitated quite a bit, but when I made it clear to him that he had to indicate that he wanted our materials, he took the step, and said that he would take the books. We gave him part 3 of Samson tapes also. When he saw the tapes, he made the strongest statement in our whole conversation saying, "I will listen to them!"

Thoughts of this young man have been filling my mind since Sunday. Each day these thoughts have become more intense, and this morning I had a powerful dream which I think was about him. I think he is banging on heaven's door, wanting to know why the ministry than he is a part of is not going on. Both June and I have a strong witness that this young man is seeking God with all his strength, and that we had every reason to believe that he is going to break through the restraints of the xxxxx organization.

Xxx called this morning to tell me about a dream that I think had to do with him also. So, up to now, June, xxx and I have all prayed for this young man, to go over the wall. Xxxx, himself, preached this Sunday, that we all have to hear from God for ourselves. He also preached that it is essential that we follow after the Spirit of God, and not a teacher. He also preached that the hard part of following after the Spirit of God, is that the Spirit of God is not doing the same thing today that He was doing yesterday. The stages is set for this young man to go on.

According to my dream this morning, if it was about him, the dream would indicate that the ministry that he is a part of is going backwards, and that the people were going to sleep. I will ask you all to pray with me again for this young man. He has many obstacles to overcome. Most likely he will have to come out of the organization that he is a part of. Most likely he will lose some of his friends, if not all of them. He has a strong tie with xxxx and the tearing will be very painful. But when I looked in his eyes, I saw the glory of the Lord.

Their fellowship meets in a storefront that belong to another church. The owner of the church has Sunday morning services, and xxxx's fellowship meets there at 2 p.m. I watched him carefully and responsibly closing up the building. I saw him straightening all of the chairs, making sure all of the lights were out, and picking up scraps of paper off the floor. A faithful man, praying his heart out for more of God.

Xxxx's services acknowledge the body of Christ, and anyone who has something to say is free to speak. I felt a pressure to speak, but was aware that I had nothing to say. I realized that xxxx was praying for me to give an exhortation, but the Lord did not give me anything to say. I answered him in the Spirit saying, "I have nothing to say."

When the service ended, the young man was so disappointed, that he couldn't even meet my eyes. This situation has existed for three years now. The first time that the Lord brought us into this fellowship, the Lord gave me something to say. That exhortation apparently touched his spirit very deeply. When we returned for a second service, the Lord would not let me speak. The Lord's explanation to me is that he requires xxxx to acknowledge that he wants to hear more. Xxxx was very distressed that I did not speak in the second service. Several months after we returned to New York the Lord told me tosend him some tapes. We did, but I never heard from him. He never sent a thank you note, and never told me that he hated or loved them. Silence. When the Lord sent June and I to his service 10 months ago, he was shocked to see me at first, and then he was very friendly. He asked me to speak and tell everyone what I was doing in xxxx. A new member of the congregation manifested at what I had to say, but xxx handled it very well, and appeared to be delighted that we were attending his service.

But he did not ask me to speak this time. As June and I drove away, the Lord spoke to him in the Spirit, saying, "if you want me to speak, you have to invite me to preach. You have to acknowledge this Doctrine. You have to acknowledge that I am the God appointed minister of this Doctrine. While we were talking about the books -- whether he would take them are not -- he asked when we were leaving xxxxx. I told him that we were leaving for xxxxxx on Friday morning. He looked at me quizzically, so I told him that we minister in xxxxx. He looked shocked.

Sometimes it's hard for me to understand people's manifestations. I have quite a few books and more than 900 audio tape messages. I would think that one would know that I preach. But his reaction was as if the thought had never crossed his mind. Praise the Lord. Well, since this whole message has been about this young man, I guess it is time to pray.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we bless xxx. We forgive his sins, and break down every wall that separates him from what God has for him. We break every curse that would keep him from God's truth. We rebuke fear, fear of loss, fear of error, fear of going it alone, fear of reproach, fear of destruction, fear of the truth, fear of judgment. We lend our strength to him. We say unto you, xxxx, you can do it, you can go over that wall, be not afraid, but trust in God, and you will find the Spirit of Truth. We will pray for xxxx and his church also. We rebuke the spirit of error. We rebuke false doctrine. We rebuke the lie. We rebuke deception. We rebuke and utterly tear down the pride that leads one into destruction. We pray that the Spirit of Truth should penetrate that pride, and that all of you should be found in Christ, if the Lord permit. We forgive sins.

Thank you Jesus for everything that you have done so far, including personal ministry for June and for myself. We thank you for whatever you are doing for the brethren in xxxxxx and Long Island. We thank you for the cloud of ministry that is spinning and touching many people.

I will tell you about another part of my dream this morning. The Highlander was in it. The character in my dream was just like the TV character, the Highlander except that he had breasts -- rather large breasts. I would say at least a B or a C cup, and he was wearing a brassiere. He looked just as masculine as he always does, despite the breasts and the brassiere. I could not see anything besides the Highlander in this part ofthe dream. I could not see where he was or who he was with. He seemed to be appearing in a small window. There was someone else present, but I could not see who was.

The Highlander suddenly ripped off his brassiere, exposing his breasts. his eyes were very expressive, darting around, and appearing indecisive at one point. Then I could see in his eyes that he had decided to go forward with a homosexual act. Even though the Highlander had breasts, I felt that he was to be the man in this homosexual act.

I think that the Highlander typified an immortal in the church who is feeding other believers his polluted milk. Everything that a nursing mother eats is passed to the baby through the breast milk. I think the ripping off of the brassiere indicates a strong move to spread his polluted doctrine, which the Lord considers an homosexual act.

The memory of the gnome in the film "Merlin, just came into my mind." There was one scene where Queen Mab psychically summoned the gnome to appear as a messenger. When the gnome appeared to give his message to the King, he was panting like an animal to the point that Queen Mab had to tell him to cut it out. This is probably the one point of that film that I still do not understand. I do not understand why the gnome would pant like an animal on that one occasion.

It just occurred to me, that the Highlander's eyes were darting around just like the gnome's in that scene. The only thing I can think of, is that this is animalistic behavior. I asked the Lord at the time to explain this manifestation to me, but I still do not understand it fully.

The dissemination of this polluted milk to the body of Christ would be considered an homosexual act because dissemination of doctrine is a male activity, and the receptive church is female in this situation. The dissemination of the female Serpent's doctrine to the personalities who are married to the Serpent, then, would then be a spiritually homosexual interaction.

It sounds too me like Satan is preparing a major doctrinal assault upon the Church. You may recall from the film that the gnome was a false messenger. He was not who the king thought he was, and the members of the Church are called to be the Kings of the earth. You may also recall that the false messenger and the false word caused the King to make a wrong decision, which started a warfare with another nation. The floor is open.

JSNGSNG: I thought the panting of gnome was like that of a dog, And I recall it in the false revival at Pensacola

LAMB4114: It sounds like a confrontation with those who say they are Christian in their present condition

LivingEM: Yes, I can see that.

LAMB4114: I thought of a dog too, one who was desiring to please its master

LivingEM: I think the ripping off of the brassiere indicates an exposure that will be obvious. I mean, I think that however this act will manifest in our world, I think it will be obvious and sudden.

Myprecous1: I thought that the panting was a dog also

LivingEM: Well, we all know that Satan is the dog. We pray for the Church, Lord. We pray that they should be delivered from blindness, deafness, disease and death. We pray for the deliverance of the world, Lord, that your creation should be returned to you, and reformed in your image. We pray for the promised regeneration.

Matt 19:28, and Jesus said to them, verily I say to you, that you which have followed me, in the regeneration, when the son of man shall sit on the throne of his glory, you also shall sit upon 12 thrones, judging the 12 tribes of Israel.

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "to follow" means to "join as a disciple," or "to side with one." The Greek word translated "regeneration," can be translated "new birth," "renewal," or "renovation."

Thayer says that this word can signify the renovation of the earth after the flood. We found out in a recent message that the flood is an individual experience. Everything that the belongs to the Serpent will be over flowed by Satan. Christ Jesus, the ark of God, is the only thing that will not be overcome.

And what part of us will be joined to Christ Jesus? What part of us is being renovated?

JSNGSNG: The personality.

LAMB4114: Our personality

LivingEM: The personality is being reformed, but it is the spirit of our mind that is being renewed. To "renovate" means to "restore to a prior condition." "To reform" merely means to "form again." The human spirit, the spirit of our carnal mind, is being renovated.

The Hebrew word translated "to sit," can be translated "to marry." We will use this Hebrew understanding of the word "to sit." So we say that the Scripture is saying that those who follow Jesus Christ will be renewed in the spirit of their mind, and those who are renewed in the spirit of their mind, will marry Jesus Christ, the one that they followed.

The Greek word translated "throne" means "authority" or "power." It also means "a chair of state" which has a foot stool, or a "reflection."

All authority and power is in the Spirit of Christ, and the reflection of that authority and power is in the thought form which is produced by the Spirit of Christ.

The Greek word translated "glory," means "Jehovah's thought form." So we know that Jesus Christ is Jehovah's perfect thought form. He is the splendid and glorious expression of Jehovah's nature. Jesus, the Christ, said, those of you who follow me, will be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and marry the thought form which expresses Jehovah's glorious nature, which is the son of man -- or the son of Adam.

The Greek word translated "man" in this verse, Strong's # 444, signifies "Adam," as opposed to "mortal man." If we follow Jesus, we will marry his offspring, which is Christ Jesus in us, the hope of our glorification.

The term "twelve thrones" signifies the completed heart center. The heart center is divided into two halves, and each half vibrates at a rate of 6 undulations. the whole heart center that vibrates at 12 undulations is known as the Kingdom of the Two Heavens. The King James Translation calls it tjr "Kingdom of Heaven." Twelve is the number of Godly authority. Therefore the Scripture says that we shall sit upon, or will be married to this double portion. This means we shall be joined to it permanently.

"To sit upon a heart center," we must be above that heart center. To be strong enough to bind the two parts of the heart center together permanently, we must abide in the brow energy center. So we shall sit upon, or, as Jesus put it in another place, we shall rest our head, or our authority, upon, the combined heart center. Our consciousness shall be in the brow center, our warfare shall come from the throat center, and we shall rest in the heart center. This means we shall have subdued the enemies of our own land. We will no longer be engaged in warfare within ourself, and from this high place we will judge the tribes of Israel. What does this mean? Does anyone know? The meaning of the word "judgment" is "to tell the difference between right and wrong."

LAMB4114: We shall operate out of the mind of Christ

DANIEL42: we shall discern the true spiritual Israelites?
LivingEM: Only the mind of Christ can judge what is right and what is wrong perfectly. The carnal mind might be able to discern what is right some of the time, but not all of the time. The judgment of the tribes of Israel is a very great responsibility because life and death depends upon righteous judgment. The sons of God who think with the mind of Christ 100 percent of the time , will be able to give life-saving counsel to those who are seeking to follow after Christ Jesus.

Part of this life-saving counsel is the exposure of the sin nature which seeks to counsel us into destruction. It is between the individual and the Lord whether or not they follow the counsel. The important and exciting truth is that such counsel will be available to whoever asks for it. The judgment spoken about in the Scripture is not punitive, it is life saving. It is not unto death, destruction, or degradation. It is unto life.

We do not live by bread alone, but by the whole counsel of God. Doctrine alone will not keep us alive. Obedience to the spiritual law of God is the only thing that will keep us alive, and it is impossible for mortal man to obey the whole spiritual law of God. Only God can obey his own law. But praise be to the Lord, "He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit." We can keep the spiritual law God by marrying Christ Jesus. We can enter into true life by giving up this life and following after the lifestyle of the Lord Jesus. By bearing the Christ child and then marrying Him, we shall be saved in childbearing. So we see that the first fruits of the sons of God shall judge the12 tribes of spiritual Israel, and then, what is not stated, is that the 12 tribes of spiritual Israel shall judge the Gentiles. And the whole world shall be restored to righteousness.

Verse 29, And everyone that has forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundred fold, and shall inherit eternal life.

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "receive" means "to lay hold of." So we can say that the King James translation of "receive," imparts a misunderstanding. We shall not passively receive anything, not even the free gift of the Holy Spirit. We must desire even the free gift. We must lay hold of the 100 fold. Does anyone know what the 100fold is?

LAMB4114: Perfection

LivingEM: The hundred fold is the brow energy center. Perfection is attained by those who dwell permanently in the brow energy center.

DANIEL42: Ascending to the brow center and living out of it.

LivingEM: This is correct to say "perfection," but many would not understand what this term means. Yes, it is ascending to the brow center and staying there. We must lay hold of the brow energy center. We must fight to attain it. Who must we fight to attain the brow energy center?

LAMB4114: Leviathan, Satan

Myprecous1: our carnal mind

LivingEM: Yes, our carnal mind, which is in several parts. Does anyone know who we fight first?

LAMB4114: Cain

Myprecous1: fiery serpent

LivingEM: We fight Satan first. She is the mad dog which defends Leviathan and the fiery serpent.

DANIEL42: she is the offspring of Leviathan and the fiery serpent

LivingEM: Yes. Cain is our animal nature. It is true that we must overcome the flesh, but she is not considered the weapon of the carnal mind. I was thinking in terms of warfare. We must defeat Satan before we have any chance of defeating Leviathan and apprehending the fiery serpent.

So, we see that it requires a warfare to attain to, and to possess, the brow energy center, and that after we attain, we become eligible to inherit eternal life. Now the word "inherit" signifies a legacy which is received after death. It is taught in the Church that Jesus Christ died, and therefore we are entitled to our inheritance. But the truth is that the inheritance of the personality, which we are, is Christ Jesus, and that we, the personality, receives eternal life only after Christ Jesus, our inheritance, kills the carnal mind that we are married to. We shall inherit eternal life when we marry Christ Jesus, and we cannot marry Christ Jesus until we are divorced from our present husband, which is their carnal mind. So we see that we must lay hold of the brow energy center through warfare and inherit eternal life when our present husband dies. And at that time,

Verse 30, But many that are first shall be last, and the last shall be first.

LivingEM: Jesus is saying that He who is the first Adam speaking to them, must become the last Adam, so that the first Adam can begin to appear in the first fruits company, and in Israel, and then in the Gentiles. Jesus was telling his disciples that he would have to depart from his flesh body for all of the promises that he had just told them about, to come to pass.

"The first Adam," is of the earth. This means that the phrase "the first Adam" is speaking about the resurrected Adam in the flesh. "The last Adam" is a quickening spirit. The phrase "the last Adam" is speaking about Adam in his glorified, spiritual body. So we see that Matthew, Chapter 19, verses 28-30, is an account of Jesus sharing the whole plan of the Father's redemption with his disciples. Are there any questions?

Let's review it one more time, before we close.

1. Follow the man, Jesus, who is appearing to us today as the Holy Spirit;

2. Be renewed in the spirit of your mind;

3. Marry Christ Jesus [who first must be formed in you];

4. Become an expression of Christ Jesus' nature;

5. By ascending into the brow energy center and conquering the completed heart center.

6. Judge the sins of spiritual Israel;

7. And all this will come to pass only if you give up what your personal walk requires you to give up. This is between you and Lord. We are required to follow the Lord no matter who leaves us because of that walk. This means that we follow Jesus even if our families forsake us. Our brothers or sisters, mother or father, or children, of our physical or spiritual households, or even if the stress of the walk produces damage to our physical bodies. If we follow Jesus despite all these things, we will lay hold of the brow energy center;

8. Possession of the brow energy center

9. Inherit eternal life [when our carnal mind is killed]

10. And all this can only come to pass because the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified.

And on an individual level, it can only come to pass if Christ Jesus within us is crucified. You may remember that the crucifixion of Christ, is not the death of Christ. Does anyone know who Christ is crucified to?

JSNGSNG: nailed to the fiery serpent

LAMB4114: us

LivingEM: Yes, Christ Jesus is nailed to the personality and, more specifically, to the spiritual virginity of the personality, which is the fiery serpent. The personality is carved from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. and is the wood stake that Christ Jesus is crucified to.

All that is promised in three short verses. Hallelujah!! Glory to God!! God bless you all. we'll be seeing you soon.

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