Noah's Flood Waters


LivingEM: I have watched TV programs that are broadcasting from LA, so I can say that this is Living Epistles Ministries broadcasting from sunny SC. June and I arrived safely last night at about 8 p.m., despite the Washington D.C. blizzard. Praise the Lord!

The floor is open for questions and comments. Okay, we'll start with a prayer. Father, in the Name and Jesus, we thank you for all things. We thank you for our safety, for our health, for fellowship with like-minded believers, for food, for clothing, for shelter, for transportation, and for whatever good things you have seen fit to deliver into our hands. But most of all, Lord, we thank you for the privilege of having a relationship with you. We thank you, that you have seen fit to illuminate our lives in the midst of the darkness of our carnal mind, and of the darkness which is descending upon this nation, and upon all of Christendom. We pray for our nation, oh God. We confess that our national sins are great, and that many of the people have departed from you. We pray that you restore righteousness and righteous judgment to the land. We pray that you deliver us from every spirit that is not of you, Lord. We pray that you deliver us from Noah's floods, which are already descending upon this nation. You have told us, oh God, that there is light in Goshen. We pray, father, that we should enter into and abide in spiritual Goshen, that the darkness flowing into this nation should not overcome us.

The Scripture says that the darkness did not overcome Jesus. We pray for His testimony, Lord, knowing, that we must take the bad with the good. We know that to prosper in the Spirit, there must be suffering in the flesh, but that this is not a punitive suffering. It is not a self-inflicted suffering that makes us feel righteous in our own eyes. The suffering that I speak of is the natural and expected effect upon our emotions and carnal mind, as the Spirit pushes forth into our personality. The Spirit of God is pushing into, or penetrating, our personality. He is confronting our carnal mind, in general, and every wrong thought, in particular. He is pressing in without mercy to those who have cried out for His deliverance. Just as a human fetus presses against the mother's cervix, Christ Jesus, the manchild, presses relentlessly downward into our personality. This birth must come to pass. He knows that neither the labor nor the birth will kill us. we just think that it will. It feels like it will kill us, but we who are clinging with all of our strength to Christ Jesus will not die. Only our carnal mind will die. Only Satan, our animal emotions, will die. Our animal emotions and the corruption in our mind will die.

I am waiting on the Lord. The floor is open.

DANIEL42: Jngsng is asking a question

DANIEL42: I was just thinking about the earth being destroyed by, and I came to believe that it will be destroyed by fire, possibly the fire of correction to our own earth.

LivingEM: I believe that the sons of God who existed before the flood did not have animal bodies like we do. I believe that their consciousness existed on the etheric plane. This means, as I see it now, one of two things. Either they were semi-visible creatures [the beings that exist in the etheric plane are translucent], or they had visible, solid bodies, which they controlled from the etheric plane. "Translucent" means that light passes through a formed object, blurring the image. Light cannot pass through our present animal bodies. I think the sons of God on the other side of the flood were spiritual beings who could exist on several planes of consciousness. I think that when they desired to experience this physical world, they entered into dinosaur bodies. Dinosaurs have very small brains. This means that they can be easily controlled. Apparently, the beings on the other side of the flood were doing evil deeds in the astral, etheric, and physical planes, so Jehovah wiped out their physical expression, the dinosaurs. I have never heard of human bones being found in the flood areas where dinosaur bones are found. The fallen sons continued to exist, however, in the astral plane. You may recall that everything on the earth was wiped out. This does not mean the surface of the whole physical planet Earth, but that the physical earth of each individual, fallen son was wiped out. This would include the etheric as well as the physical body.

What is interesting, is that some learned men say that the flood did not cover the whole planet. I am talking about men learned in the Scripture. Experts in the Hebrew language. Some scientists also say that their calculations indicate that the flood did not cover the entire planet. I believe that everything that God says takes place for the individual and for the nation and planet. We are all one.

I don't know for sure whether rainwater covered the whole planet or not, but I believe that the spiritual being of each son of God was flooded with Satan's polluted waters. The waters that rose from underneath the earth speak about Satan's waters, which are underneath the visible world in the three lowest energy centers. And the waters which descended from above speak about the purified waters which exist above the visible world. Which energy center is the visible world? Does anybody know?

DANIEL42: the 3rd center

LivingEM: No. the third center is called the navel center, or the belly. The heart center, which is the fourth center, is the visible world. Does anyone know the name of the person who lives above the visible world? Adam is the person who lives above the visible world. His head is in the eternal world, and his feet stand upon the heart center. Adam is formed from Elohim, Jehovah's whole semen, plus the dust of the earth. Adam possesses Jehovah's virile seed, plus the waters, which is the energy of the creation.

When the Scriptures says that the waters from above descended, this is another way of saying that Adam began to break apart. Adam was raised from the dead in the sons of God who existed before the flood. They were the descendants of Seth. Satan's spiritual gravity drew the personality of the sons of God down towards her thoughts, and the balance of power was overturned, because when the waters which are above fall down into the world underneath, Jehovah's virile seed dies.

It is true that Jehovah's virile seed cannot live without water, but the virile seed falls down with the water. Adam died because his connection with the eternal world was broken. So the Serpent obtained the whole measure of water/energy that is in the creation, and she also obtained the sons of God, who became evil. These are the immortals. The king of the creation died to everything that he was when Jehovah and Elohim severed their tie with him, and the substance that he was made of, which was absorbed by the earth, became a new, mortal creature. Does anyone know the name of the mortal creature that was born from the union of Adam's substance and the earth?

DANIEL42: Cain and Abel.

LivingEM: Yes. Cain, the female animal, and Abel, the mortal mind and that she is married to, which are still in the earth today.

I don't think I made it clear that after Adam died, Jehovah raised him from the dead in the person of Seth. The sons of God who existed on the other side of the flood were in a similar condition to the one that humanity is in now, only we are worse off than they were. Seth's descendants were mortal men that Adam was raised in. When the Serpent seduced the personalities who existed on the other side of the flood, Adam died, and the earth [the Primordial Serpent], married Adam's spiritual substance.

I am not sure what the spiritual condition of this country has been for 200 years, but I believe that the Lord received the United States as a righteous son for so long as our national laws lined up with the moral law that Jehovah gave to Israel. It is surprising that the Lord has blessed this nation to the extent that He has, considering that the majority of the population were merely Sunday church goers. Apparently, the Lord received this country because our national laws lined up with the Scripture, and dealt with us as though Adam was raised in our midst. But now that our national laws are changing and sin has become legal in our land, Adam is, once again, breaking down and dying, and the floods waters, which are Satan's polluted waters, have already begun to prevail over this nation.

And it has already begun to rain. Adam's clean waters fall down from above as Satan's flood waters are rising. The natural example will bear this out. Is not rainwater drinkable? The rains that poured down upon Noah were Adam's pure waters, but when they mixed with the seawater, the waters under the firmament. Adam's pure waters mixed with the polluted waters and were absorbed by the polluted waters. This is true in the natural, and in the spiritual. The flood starts in individual people. The breakdown of morality in this nation, and in the whole Western world, for that matter, is the beginning. Eventually, as enough people fall down morally, Satan's energy cloud becomes powerful enough to affect people in high positions in government. Once Jehovah's righteous laws are dishonored, it is the beginning of the end.

But in the same manner, as the flood began with individuals, the restoration has already begun with individuals. Every individual who is rising in the righteousness of Christ Jesus, is an ark that is floating above the flood waters. There are many today who are still standing for morality out of their carnal mind. This is a good thing, but goodness will not prevail over Satan's evil. Only the righteous morality which arises out of Christ Jesus will prevail over Satan's evil. The promise of Noah's story, is that when morality has completely fallen down, Christ Jesus will appear in those individuals who have hidden behind him, and lead the nation back to righteousness -- but only after the nation has experienced the evil fruit of her departure from righteousness.

This is not a threat. There is a righteous universal law that punishes sin. It is called the law of sowing and reaping. Satan is the spiritual executive who oversees this law, and she is very good at her job. So we see that the planet was not destroyed by a flood, but society, as it was known at that time, was destroyed. And so it will be foe our world, as it was in the days of Noah. The Scripture says that the world will be destroyed by fire in this generation. This is a word of hope, a prophecy which says that Jehovah will intervene in, and oppose, the Primordial Serpent's plan to possess humanity. Christ Jesus is the lake of fire. His righteous judgment will strengthen the personality to resist Satan and Leviathan, and to relearn the righteousness which has been forgotten. Righteousness, or right thinking, can be forgotten, and once it is forgotten, the only way to get it back, is through reeducation.

Right thinking, or righteousness in our thinking, is passed on from generation to generation. Fathers and mothers are caretakers, who have the responsibility of training up their children to think righteous thoughts, and to know what is right and wrong in every situation. But once the generational ties break down, and the child is not trained properly, the untrained child becomes the scion of a family line of people with wrong thinking. wrong thinking.

It is more obvious in the natural, than in the spiritual, but wrong thinking is very serious. For example, if a person believes in their heart that they can rob a bank and not get caught, they will find out that this is not true when they rob a bank and get caught. But when it comes to spiritual correction, it takes a spiritual mind to understand that the problems in one's life, and relationships, in general, result from wrong thinking.

The Judgment Seat of Christ is the mercy of God. Christ Jesus is the Lake the Fire, who burns up our corrupt mind. He is sent to re-educate us, so that the balance of good and evil can be reestablished. Evil will eventually outweigh good in Satan's world, unless Christ Jesus joins with the goodness in mortal man to support the personality that turns to Him for help in averting Satan's flood waters. But we must all face one judgment or the other. We must either invest in the Lake of Fire, or face Satan's floodwaters. So we see that the promise of destruction by fire is really the promise of Elohim's intervention and penetration into hell.

I have been preaching for a while now that Jehovah, who is appearing to us today as the Lord Jesus Christ, can be likened to the United States Supreme Court. He is the ultimate appeal for help. I have told you that this world called "hell," was unleashed when the sons of God, who are the descendants of Seth, fell. Noah was the hope of the world in his day, but he failed to overcome Satan in his own mind, and his descendants fell down into animal bodies. Eternal torment does exist. It is this world, which travels forward in time continuously. Even the scientists of our day tell us that we are part of an ever-expanding universe. Do not be deceived because you live in this great nation, which is the present day manifestation of Goshen. Destruction by fire will rescue and deliver us by giving us a new mind, which will preclude the possibility of our falling into Satan's hands again. Elohim's promise that He will never again destroy the world by water, it was the promise of an incorruptible mind which will be anchored by the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven, which is the brow energy center.

The homosexuality in the days of Noah wais not human homosexuality, as we know it today, because Seth's descendants on the other side of the flood did not have mammalian bodies. The Scripture says that no homosexual shall enter into heaven, but the true marriage is between God and man so spiritual homosexuality is intimacy between any physical person, and any other physical male or female. Spiritually speaking, therefore, we are all homosexuals. This is a hard word, but it is good to know the truth. We are all murderers, because we kill Christ every time we choose our carnal mind over Him. All of mortal humanity is guilty because of our carnal mind.

Is 54:8, In a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment, but with everlasting kindness I will have mercy and you, says the Lord, your Redeemer,

Verse 9, For this is as the waters of Noah unto me, for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah should know more go over the earth, so have I sworn that I would not be wroth with you, or rebuke you,

Verse 10, For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed, but my kindness shall not depart from you, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, says the Lord that has mercy on you.

LivingEM: Does anyone see what appears to be a contradiction in these verses?

LAMB4114: "I will not rebuke you?"

LivingEM: Yes. One of Satan's techniques is to couple a truth with a falsehood. The carnal mind perceives the truth, and, without thinking, accepts the falsehood that follows it. According to the King James translation, Jehovah has repented of the evil that he did to the world before the flood. Those very words appear in Genesis, that Jehovah has "repented,"

Gen 6:6, And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. (KJV)

But the true meaning of the Hebrew word translated "repent," is that Jehovah was very sorry that His creation was in the trouble that they were in. Jehovah did not send a punishing flood upon His people. The people chose unrighteousness and brought the fruit of unrighteousness upon themselves.

Alternate Translation Workup of Verse 9. The Hebrew word translated "sworn" means "to seven." We have translated this word before, in other Scriptures. "Seven" means "completion." Jehovah is saying that He is going to complete Noah's waters, so that they should no longer overflow the earth. Jehovah is saying that He is going to complete Noah's descendants, which we are, so that Adam's waters no longer overflow the earth.

Remember that the Primordial Serpent is the conscious earth. Jehovah is saying that He will complete us through union with the Lord Jesus Christ, who will anchor us in the brow energy center, so that Adam's waters remain above the firmament [the visible world].

Gen 1:9, And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. (KJV)

"So I have sworn that I would not be wroth with you, or rebuke you,"

Continuing with Alternate Translation Workup of Verse 9. The Hebrew word translated "sworn," means "complete." The phrase, "that I would not be wroth with you," is the translation of a Hebrew word that means "to rage." This Hebrew word is preceded by the prefix "mem," which means waters. Jehovah is saying, "I will complete you, so that the waters that rage against you and corrupt you, will lose their power over you." And just in case you don't know it, Satan is the name of the polluted spiritual waters of creation.

The Hebrew word translated "rebuke," means "to corrupt." Brethren, Jehovah promises to deliver us from our own weaknesses and save us from ourselves, because we are our own worst enemy. Nevertheless, the carnal mind continues to perceive Jehovah and his Son, Jesus, the Christ, as a punitive God who executes wrathful judgments upon us. But the truth is that the rage and the wrath belongs to say to Satan.

Verse 10 talks about the mountains departing and the hills being removed. This is a promise of redemption and deliverance from the high energy centers of the Serpent's timeline. The carnal mind would like us to believe that either Jehovah is about to wipe us out, or that He is going to deliver us without crushing our fallen nature and reforming us in His righteous image. Both doctrines are a corruption of the truth, which is that humanity, including the Church, is fully corrupted and as far from the image of Jehovah that we can possibly be. The Lord Jesus Christ is sent to deliver us from hell, which is manifested in the carnal mind, and in this physical world where bugs drink our blood, and sickness and disease torment and kill all the day long.

Another corruption of the Scripture is the belief that whatever righteousness we attain to in Christ Jesus will result in the salvation of our "household," as our carnal misunderstands that word. It is not true that our walk with the Lord will automatically deliver our children, or our husband or wife. The concept of "household," speaks about our spiritual household, which consists of a male spirit, a female personality [soul], and a mind, which is the child of the spiritual marriage of the spirit and the personality. Jesus says that when He marries us, our mind will be renewed, and our personality will be saved.

Ez 14:14, Though these three men, Noah, Daniel and Job, were in [the famine], they should deliver but there own their righteousness, says the Lord God,

Verse 20, Though Noah, Daniel and Job were in [judgment of pestilence and blood], as I live, says the Lord God, they shall deliver son nor daughter, they shall deliver but their own souls by their righteousness.

This verse says that, if these men live because they are bisected, they will save their own personality. The Hebrew word translated "in it," means to be bisected. We must be divided in two. This is another way of saying, that Christ must separate from our carnal mind, and when Christ Jesus separates from our carnal mind, our personality [soul] will be saved by the liberated Christ Jesus. Our deliverance does not automatically help our families. Our prayers for our families are powerful, but we can only help them to a certain point. We can teach them down, we can encourage them, and strengthen them, but each man must agree with Christ Jesus and fight his own personal war within himself. No one can cause Christ Jesus to separate from the carnal mind of another man. This issue is between the man [personality/soul], and his God. Your teacher, friend, husband or wife, can only take you so far. Each personality must leave his own spiritual homosexuality behind him. Only God can take you to the top of the mountain [the brow energy center], and only the Lord Jesus Christ can secure you in that high place.

So the Scripture in saying, don't over-emphasize your concern and prayers for your relatives. Your top priority should be getting yourself into the mountain, which is the brow energy center. Whatever you can do for your relatives will be much stronger from that high place. We must believe that if we put Christ Jesus as a top priority in our life, that He will make a way for us to fulfill our responsibilities to our mates, and our children and other dependents. What seems impossible to us, is a simple task for him -- if we are willing to let him make the hard decisions. This means we must give up control on our own lives. Everyone finds this a grievous thing to do, but once we let go and experience the blessings of letting Christ Jesus rule our lives, we don't know how we ever lived in the old way.

This is the battle that we all face: Who will rule out life? No one is safe outside of Christ Jesus, our spiritual ark. Satan's flood waters are rising again, and only those who are in Christ Jesus, their spiritual ark, will float on top of Satan's polluted waters.

Heb 11:7, By faith, Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared and ark to the saving of his house, by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith. Does anyone know who our faith is?

DANIEL42: Christ Jesus

LAMB4114: The faith of Christ

LivingEM: Yes, Christ Jesus in us is the only true faith. So we see that if we don't have Christ Jesus we don't even have faith. What do we have if we don't have Christ Jesus?

LAMB411: carnal faith

LivingEM: Hope. If we don't have Christ Jesus being formed in us, we have hope that the Scripture will be fulfilled in our life, and the fulfillment of that hope is the formation of Christ within us.

Hebrews 11:17 says that Noah, by building the ark, condemned the world. Does anyone know what this means?

LAMB4114: Let the world to know that outside of Christ there is no salvation

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "condemned," means to judge. Noah, by the strength and wisdom of Christ Jesus within himself, judged and condemned his own sin nature. And because of this, Noah, the personality, inherited the righteousness which we receive when Christ Jesus controls our carnal mind.

The Greek word translated "worlds" means "cosmos." Each one of us is a world, or a cosmos, unto ourselves. I have told you that each one of us has a spiritual sun, moon and stars within us.

Malachi 4:2, But unto you that fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings,

This verse is not talking about the healing of the physical body. It is talking about spiritual healing. It is talking about transition from death to life. In our latest messages on Samson's Riddle, we found the Hebrew word that signifies the unrighteous sun within us. This is whole creation consists of worlds within worlds. Our planet is a part of a galaxy, yet there are many galaxies. There are also kingdoms within us. Jehovah gave Adam authority over all kingdoms of the creation, but he lost control of the negative principles. Nevertheless, Adam regained his authority in the person of Jesus, the Christ. Adam will have his entire kingdom back, and the Scripture will be fulfilled. There is no question about that.

The only question is which personalities Christ Jesus will be manifest through to do this great work. Every man who judges and condemns his own sin nature well have this honor. Many personalities will die, but people die every day. The personality dies and does not rise again. She is remembered through her offspring. There is no eternal torment other than this world. Only the Word of the Lord endures forever. "The Word of the Lord" signifies the Lord Jesus Christ, Jehovah's glorious, completed thought form. This world will pass away, the words [thought forms] of this world will pass away, but the Word of the Lord, the personalities who express His nature, will endure forever.

Our personalities and physical bodies are temporary houses for the spirit man, in the same way that our ten-year old experience and two-year old experience, has been swallowed up into our human maturity. There is a spiritual man in the earth, who endures forever. There is also a spiritual woman, but she will not endure in her present form. The spiritual woman must reflect Christ Jesus, the spiritual man, and His nature, if she is to endure forever. Therefore, it is written, that this world which is in the image of the female Serpent, shall pass away, and only the female personality which is in the image of the spiritual, because she has judged and condemned our own sin nature, will continue. The faithful wife of the Book of Proverbs, is the personality who yields to Christ Jesus, her true husband. She well endure forever in her husband's kingdom.

There is no condemnation to those who do not attain. The transition and the regeneration will be little my little. But to those who hear the call and attain in this lifetime, glory be to them, and honor, because they shall share their husband's Name and inheritance.

Are there any questions before I go?

God bless you, and good night.

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