Nebuchadnezzar's Statue


LAMB4114: I reread Palsy just last night.

LivingEM: really! Praise the Lord! Do you have any questions?

LAMB4114: None that is coming to mind.

I will follow the alternate translation of Mark 21-5, and see where that leads us. Jesus was in the third energy center of the righteous timeline. This statement can be very confusing because I have taught you that the 3rd center is the naval center, which is the hub of all manner of lust. Can anyone explain how Jesus could be in the 3rd energy center?

DANIEL42: Is it the 3rd level of the 6th center?

LivingEM: Very Close. Jesus was in the 3rd energy center of the true timeline, which does not acknowledge the 3 lowest centers. The true timeline begins with the heart center, which is the 4th center to those of us down here in hell. So, Jesus was in perfection, or in full stature. He was no longer a mortal man, He had ascended into the supernatural plane that the Scripture calls the brow center, the place between the eyebrows. According to verse 1 of Mark 2, Jesus, from this high place, sought to join with Christ in the men of Israel -- that is -- the spiritual men, which designation includes physical women, as well as physical men.

Can anyone tell us how our spiritual designation, or our spiritual sex, is determined? What part of our spiritual being determines our spiritual sex?

Myprecous1: our mind

LivingEM: Yes, the mind is either male or female. What is the name of our female mind?

JSNGSNG: Leviathan

LivingEM: This is partially true. Leviathan is one part of our female mind .Does anyone know what part of our female mind is named "Leviathan"?

JSNGSNG: unconscious

LivingEM: Leviathan is the collective subconscious mind of mortal man. Leviathan is the pool, or cloud, that forms when all of the individual subconscious minds of mortal humanity converge in the higher planes of the counterfeit timeline. Does anyone know the name of the unconscious part of the female mind?

DANIEL42: Satan?

LivingEM: Yes, Satan is the collective unconscious mind of mortal man. Does anyone know the name that Leviathan takes when a part of herself is inserted into a mortal man? Leviathan is the spear. Who is the spearhead?

JSNGSNG: fiery serpent?

LivingEM: Yes. Leviathan is the Primordial Serpent's spear, or male organ, which is penetrating mortal man, and the fiery serpent in the individual, is Leviathan's triangular spearhead. Did you ever notice that arrowheads are triangular? Arrowheads and spearheads are triangular. Did you know that President Clinton has a political strategy called "triangulation"? Does anyone know the name of mortal man's conscious mind?

DANIEL42: Cain?

LivingEM: This is half correct. We have a dual conscious mind. Does anyone know the name of Cain's relative?


DANIEL42: Abel

LivingEM: Yes. Cain and Abel are really one mind. Did you know that the Hebrew word translated "brother" can be translated many ways? Actually, both Cain and Abel were spiritually female at birth, but Jehovah gave Abel the authority over Cain. This can be likened to our situation today. No one is in perfection today, as far as I know, but the Lord, Jesus, does give some spiritual men authority over other spiritual men, as well as the spiritual women and spiritual children. Can anyone tell us why the Lord, Jesus, does this? Why would the Lord, Jesus, give one mortal man authority over another mortal man? Is He a respecter of persons?

Myprecous1 no


JSNGSNG to have order in his government

LivingEM Yes, this is the true answer.

Myprecous1 He chooses those who choose Him

LivingEM It is true that Jesus chooses those who choose Him, but He sets one man over another for the purpose of bringing order into His Church. Can anyone tell us why Jehovah chose to give Abel the headship, rather than Cain?

JSNGSNG Abel was in submission to the Lord

LivingEM This is true, but can anyone tell us why Abel, and not Cain, was in submission? What was the difference between Abel's nature and Cain's nature? Who were the parents of Cain and Abel? Who was their Father?


LivingEM Close. Elohim was the father of both Adam ,and Cain and Abel. Adam died and his spirit was reborn as Cain and Abel.

Well, it looks like we have a good review today! Adam was formed from Elohim and the dust of the earth. Elohim's Spirit was the Spirit in Adam. Adam also possessed Elohim's virile seed. For this reason, that Adam was made from Elohim's virile seed and Elohim's waters, Adam was whole. When Adam died, what part of him was killed, Elohim's waters, or Elohim's virile seed?

DANIEL42 waters?

LivingEM The Primordial Serpent slew Elohim's virile seed, and stole His waters. The Primordial Serpent is the conscious Earth. You may recall that Elohim's waters flowed over the Earth in Genesis 1, which overflowing imparted consciousness to the Earth. This is how the Primordial Serpent came into existence. But after the overflowing, Elohim commanded the waters to be gathered together in one place. So the Earth was dried out again. but some crystallized spiritual molecules of Elohim's waters remained in the Earth. Crystallized water cannot mix with the Earth to form clay. Therefore, the Earth is conscious, but barren. She cannot form an image of herself out of her conscious Earth and crystallized spiritual water. The crystals of water must be liquefied for the Primordial Serpent to complete a thought form of herself. The Primordial Serpent was half a thought form. She was a thought with no representative image. She was unexpressed, or unfulfilled. She had no child to live through. Does anyone know what was preventing the crystals of Elohim's waters from being liquified? Who is the head of Elohim's waters?


LivingEM How many sides are there to Elohim's waters? What is another name for Elohim's waters? Elohim is Jehovah's spiritual semen. What are the two sides of Jehovah's spiritual semen?

JSNGSNG Michael is the sperm

LivingEM Yes, Michael is the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual semen. What is another word for "sperm"?


LivingEM Yes. Michael is that part of Elohim which is Jehovah's virile seed. Is Michael a single, or a many-membered seed?

Myprecous1 many membered

LivingEM Michael is a many-membered seed. Yes, Precious, this is true. Elohim formed Adam by mixing some of Michael, His virile seed, with the dust of the Earth. Jehovah's spiritual semen is an unending fountain. It can never dry up, or be permanently destroyed. But some of Michael's member seeds can die, because they are only reflections of himself.

Adam was Jehovah's thought form. He was made out of Michael, Elohim's virile seed, and the water of Jehovah's semen, which watered the Dust, to form the clay, which produced the visible part of Jehovah' s thought form.

Michael, Jehovah's virile seed, was Adam's male side. Michael is the head of the waters of Jehovah's semen. Michael in Adam controlled the waters of the creation in both their liquid and crystallized form. Adam was, and now is once again in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of the Earth. Adam is the head of the conscious Earth, whether her waters are liquid or crystallized. Adam is the man, and the Earth is the Woman. The Woman can have experiences only through Adam, her husband. Adam is the controller of the Woman. "Controller" is another word for "lord." The expression, "Jesus is Lord," means that Jesus, the resurrected Adam, is in our earth [personality] to control our Earthen Nature. How shocking! Do you mean Jesus is not sent to heal our financial problems? To defeat our brethren who we war against because of equal pride? To punish the non-Christian who has persecuted us? To provide a mate so that our sexual needs and loneliness can be healed? To fix everyone else so that our life is simple? No. Jehovah did not send Jesus for any of these reasons. Jehovah sent Jesus because the Primordial Serpent stole His spiritual clay and formed into her own image, and mortal man is that clay.

The Primordial Serpent killed Adam's virile seed, captured his waters, added Adam's waters to her spiritual crystals, and made a thought form of herself. The only problem is that, even though the crystals in the Primordial Serpent's Earth were denser than Elohim's waters, they were not Elohim's virile seed. The Primordial Serpent made an image of herself with a counterfeit seed. So mortal man is made from Elohim's waters and the Primordial Serpent's Earth. We have no virile seed in ourself. Our spiritually male side, what many mistakenly call Christ, is formed from crystals of Elohim's waters. We can, therefore, call these crystals "seed," because they are denser than the Primordial Serpent's waters, but they are barren seeds. Therefore, Jehovah, named the Primordial Serpent "Eunuch." Mortal man, the product of the incestuous union of Elohim's crystalline waters, and Elohim's liquid waters, is the offspring of the Eunuch. Jehovah does not deny that the Primordial Serpent succeed in producing a thought form, but He declares her impotence to bring forth a live creature. A eunuch is a man or boy whose testes have been removed or are non-functioning. Also, a castrated man employed as a harem attendant

The Primordial Serpent thinks that she owns mortal man, but the truth is that she is our babysitter. Mortal man is spiritually female. The Primordial Serpent is our guardian until Jehovah's solution to our corruption is perfected, which such solution manifested 2,000 years ago in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. The substance out of which we are made belongs to Jehovah. He wants it back. Can anyone tell us why Jehovah wants this spiritual clay which is made from the Earth and Elohim's waters?

JSNGSNG to bring forth his sons

LivingEM Yes. Jehovah wants to add this spiritual clay to His virile seed and REFORM them into a thought form that will reflect Jehovah's nature. Brethren, this means that we cannot stay as we are. Can anyone tell us why we cannot stay as we are?

JSNGSNG we cannot be doubleminded

LivingEM I think you know the answer, JSN, but you have not explained it. We are in the Serpent's image. This spiritual clay which we are formed out of belongs to Jehovah, and is supposed to reflect His nature. We must be marred and reformed. Satan's waters must be extracted from us. Does anyone know why?

Our world exists underneath the firmament. The Earth underneath the firmament is supposed to be barren. It is not supposed to be formed in its own image. The crystals of Elohim's waters are supposed to be reflections of Elohim's virile seed. They are not Elohim's virile seed, but are supposed to be reflections of Elohim's virile seed in the Earth beneath. These are the stars of heaven.

Gen. 1:17 And Elohim set them in the firmament of the heaven, to give light to, or to shine upon, the Earth.

You may recall the teaching that the word "shine" is speaking about the "rays" of the one who is above. The firmament is the visible world. There is a prefix "heh" before the Hebrew word translated"heaven." This means "window." "The firmament of heaven" means "the window of heaven." Or "the window where heaven is."

Elohim put the stars in the visible world which was a reflection of heaven. They never were, and were never meant to be, Jehovah's virile seed, but were intended to be a reflection, or a ray, or a shining, or the "heel" of Jehovah's virile seed in the visible world that reflected Jehovah's nature. But these stars, these sons of God, became evil. What does that mean? It means that their function changed from Jehovah's reflection, to lesser gods in the Primordial Serpent's image.

These stars fell out of Elohim's heaven, which is the planes of consciousness above the heart center, yea, even the brow center, when the Primordial Serpent drew them down into the lower centers.

Rev. 12:4 And his tail drew the 3rd part of the stars of heaven, and did cast then to the earth, Wherever and whenever the Lord Jesus Christ raises a mortal man into the higher centers by forming Christ in him, Christ in that man becomes a star of heaven. The dragon's tail is Satan in the individual. The dragon's tail is the unconscious mind of all mortal men. Satan in the unconscious mind of the most well-meaning believer, can make our righteousness into evil. Our only hope of surviving Satan's devices is to learn to recognize her in our own mind, and in the mind of others, and to learn how to overcome her seduction. Satan will victimize the most faithful believer, for so long as she cannot see her. Why do I say "if she cannot see her"? Because believers who cannot see Satan in their own mind are still spiritually female as pertains to the Kingdom of God. It is possible to be spiritually female in the Kingdom of God, and male in the kingdom of darkness.

The definition of spiritual male in Christ Jesus, is one who is constantly at war with Satan and living beyond her influence most of the time. We must be in perfection to live beyond her influence all of the time, and perfection means to reside in the brow center permanently.

Well, we have come a long way from Mark 21.. The Lord wants me to comment on Nebuchadnezzar's statue. There is a spiritual man inside of each of us. All of mortal humanity has legs of iron and feet of iron and clay, but, today, most are headless. Yes, we are the headless horseman of the apocalypse. If Christ Jesus is not our head, we, the personality, are the headless horse. And our Old Man, the Devil, is the headless horseman, and the two are one, the headless rider, and the horse.

Zechariah 6 ....and behold there came 4 chariots, ... in the first chariot were red horses, in the second, black.... and in the third white, and in the fourth bay....

The chariot is the personality. The horses are riderless.

Rev 6:8, ...And behold a pale horse, and his name that sat on him is death, and hell followed with him, and power was given to them over the fourth part of the earth....

Can anyone tell us who the 4th part of the earth is? Christ is the fourth part of the earth. He is the leg of Adam's parallelogram which, when added to the Serpent's triangle, raises Adam's parallelogram from the dead in that individual.

For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, Adam's geometric expression is a parallelogram, and the Serpent's geometric expression is a triangle. The Primordial Serpent killed Adam by triangulating him. That is, she surrounded his virile seed from within, with three legs that she formed into a triangular prison house. The virile seed died when the Primordial Serpent tried to use it for her own purposes, and then Adam died, because a thought form without Jehovah's virile seed is incapable of reflecting Jehovah's nature. Therefore, Adam died to everything that he was, and the waters of Elohim's life were absorbed by the Earth, who made a thought form in her own image. I will try to comment on the statue.

Dan 2:31, thou sawest a great image whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee, and the form was terrible......

This is the spiritual man, Elijah, who has been glorified.

The image's head was of fine gold.....

This spiritual man had a head. Does anyone know who is the head of the glorified Elijah?

LAMB4114 Jehovah

LivingEM This is true, but who mediates between the two?


LivingEM Yes, Michael. This glorified man abode in the crown [7th] center of the true time line. He was fully connected to Jehovah through Michael.

his breast and his arms of silver......

The Interlinear Text indicates that his breast and arms were of silver, and that his belly and his thighs were of brass.... Silver means "salvation," and salvation is in the brow [6th]center. Well, Sheila, if no one is saved as you say, how can we abide in the higher centers? Anybody? 1 Cor. 1557 But thanks be to God who giveth us the victory through our Lord, Jesus Christ. Jesus stands in the door of our spiritual being, which is the crown [7th] energy center, and shines down rays of Himself into our black hole.

Jn 525, ...The hour is coming and now is, that the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and they that hear shall live..... Who is the dead one?

JSNGSNG carnal mind

LivingEM The carnal mind is dead, but she is incapable of hearing the voice of the Son of God. Who is the dead one who can hear? Who is buried underneath the ground?

Myprecous1 Abel


LivingEM Yes, Abel. The aspects of Abel who hear the voice of the Son of God shall be raised from the dead. This is not speaking about "language," but about spiritual speech, which is vibration. To hear the voice of the Son of God means to "swing in unison with His vibration."

Amos 33, Can two walk together unless they be agreed?

What does it mean "to swing in unison with His vibration," or "to walk together with God"? Anybody? It means "to think alike."

LAMB4114 To have the same mind.

LivingEM Close enough, Lamb.

Myprecous1 one mind

LivingEM Thought is vibration, and "to think alike" is to vibrate at the same frequency. There is only one problem. The frequency that the Lord vibrates at is deadly to the frequency that the carnal mind vibrates at. Do you know that sound can kill? And, even worse, woe is us, everything about us is vibrating at the carnal mind's frequency. But when Christ Jesus comes for us, we will surely die to everything that we are,

Isa 6:12- And the LORD have removed men far away, and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land.

13 But yet in it shall be a tenth, and it shall return, and shall be eaten: as a teil tree, and as an oak, whose substance is in them, when they cast their leaves: so the holy seed shall be the substance thereof. (KJV)

LivingEM Thanks be to God that He has left us a tenth. This means, thanks be to God that He has not destroyed us completely, but left a root of us, a tithe of us, which can be reformed into His image. It is a lie that we are going into heaven in this animal condition, and it is a lie that our physical body will survive this purging. We shall be reformed into a new creature.

So Elijah, or the Lord, Jesus, is in the crown center, and Adam, or Christ Jesus, is in the brow [6th] center,

The breast signifies the heart [4th] center. The area between the heart and the brow center, which covers the throat [5th] center, is subject to salvation. This area is sometimes called the "street" or the "neck." The rays of the glorified Spirit in the heart center flows through this street, to enter into the heart center, which is the visible world, or the garden. I know that the Lord has told me this, but at the present time I have no explanation as to how the neck can compass the shoulders. I can see how this area can be a spiritual street. Please hold on while I look for another definition of "neck." A narrow or constricted part of a structure that joins its parts. A narrow elongation, projection or connecting part. I guess that covers it. This area between the heart center and the brow center, is the street, or neck, that connects the head to the heart center, but when the breast and shoulders are taken separately, they are the shoulders and the breast. So we now know that the brow [6th] energy center is the "shoulder."

So when we see the Scripture speaking about the parts of the body, we will now know that the Lord is speaking about the energy centers.

Is 9:6, For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder.....

The government of Christ Jesus shall arise from the brow energy center. The Lord is not sending men to Washington. The sons of God will influence the physical legislators when they ascend into the brow center. This is why the government was against Jesus and the apostles. They believed that He was preaching the overthrow of the government. And, in fact, He was! Matreiya preaches this message today, the control of the government, though spiritually ascended minds who will influence the legislators. But in our society, no one is threatened by this kind of talk. We are too sophisticated to believe that it is possible, even though it is happening before our very eyes. There exists today a group of physical men and physical women who are under the control of the Serpent's mind. They are in Washington, brethren. They are in the press. They are in positions of high power in the land, and their minds are completely given over to the Female Opinion. But fear not, Jesus is never late. He will bring His sons into the brow center in time to save our nation from destruction, but He will do it for only one reason.

Gen 18:32 peradventure ten [righteous men] shall be found there, And [Jehovah] said, I will not destroy this nation for the sake of 10 righteous men.

Gen 19:24 And the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven.

Rom 3:10 There is none righteous, no not one,

Rom 5:19 For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.(KJV)

But because of the obedience of one Man, Jesus, the Christ, Jehovah shall spare this nation. Christ Jesus ascended into the brow center in one man, will save this nation, yet, He is the first of many brethren. Is the Lord a respecter of persons? No. The government is upon the shoulders of Christ Jesus. This means the power to overcome the evil forces flooding over our nation is in the brow center, and His authority is going no lower than the brow center. Christ Jesus in a man/men must ascend into the brow center to lay hold of the spiritual authority which will deliver this nation out of sure destruction. And it will happen, brethren, for His Name's sake, not because the Lord Jesus is concerned about a few who follow His Name, but because the whole creation is His, and He will retrieve all of it.

His head is of gold, and his chest and arms are of silver, ....

I have never seen much said about the throat [5th] center. It seems to be a connecting point between the heart and the brow center.

...his belly and his thigh of brass...

Brass signifies the Serpent. His belly and his thighs of brass. The belly is the naval [3rd] center, where lust for material possessions resides. This can be lust for material things, or experiences. The thigh speaks about the generative parts. So we see that the 2nd and 3rd energy centers of this glorified man are in the kingdom of darkness [brass = the Serpent]. Sexual lust reigns in the 2nd energy center.

....and his legs of iron and the feet of part iron and part clay....

The legs signify the root energy center where the fiery serpent is. She is the strong part of the earth. And the feet signify the personality that the iron resides in You may recall that the fiery serpent is the spiritual virginity of the personality. The two are one, thus, the iron [fiery serpent] and the clay [personality]. The stone cut out of the mountain is Christ Jesus, who will attack the carnal mind of the personality.

You see, this great image, the erection of the new man in the king, did not exist because of righteousness. The king was not righteous. His ascended spiritual condition was a gift from Jehovah. This means, that the king could not have withstood an attack from Satan on his own. Therefore, the glorified Elijah struck down the image of himself, for the specific purpose of raising the king to a higher spiritual condition, which he would ascend to only when he had learned righteousness.

Dan 4:34 And at the end of the days I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the most High, and I praised and honoured him that liveth for ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and his kingdom is from generation to generation:

35 And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and he doeth according to his will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou?

36 At the same time my reason returned unto me; and for the glory of my kingdom, mine honour and brightness returned unto me; and my counselors and my lords sought unto me; and I was established in my kingdom, and excellent majesty was added unto me.

37 Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honour the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgment: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase. (KJV)

First the Lord gives us a taste of the age to come, so that we desire it, and then He reveals all of the reasons why we would never stand in our own strength, and proceeds to tear us down to nothing. But glory to God, He leaves a tenth. The stone that smote the image is that tenth. Adam was raised in the king, and Adam utterly destroyed everything in the king's nature that had the Serpent's mark.

Fear not, you who have the mark of the beast, for the Lord shall change your mark. And we shall all experience the threshing floor, until the chaff is found in us no more.

I will end with a comment about the situation in Washington. I have experienced what is going on in Washington on a microscopic scale. That is, what is happening in Washington is the macrocosm of what I have experienced in the microcosm, based upon my personal experience, where I begged the person to repent, and gave them every opportunity to do so. I have experienced this with many people. I have warned them of judgment, but they did not believe me. I begged them to be reasonable, but they would not hear. Their pride was high. They did not believe that they could be defeated, not even by God. There was no reasonable compromise. They would settle for nothing less than to overthrow my authority in Christ Jesus. In each and every case, they left me no choice. There was no reason, no effort on their part whatsoever, they would not consider anything other than a complete victory on their part, and my complete overthrow. Some I had to put out of the ministry, or out of the house, others left of their own accord and fell into destruction such as fornication, adultery, illegitimate birth, and sickness and disease.

This man will never agree to a censure that says that he lied. I sat in a lawyers office once, with a young man that I was trying to help. He had criminal charges against him. He sat in front of the lawyer and in front of me and said, I'll say that I never even saw the man." I heard him contrive a lie. The thought of telling the truth never occurred to him. Another was put out of the house because he didn't pay the rent. He looked right in my face and swore that he had paid it. Months after he was put out, he swore right to my face that he was not put out for cheating.

This man in Washington will never admit to lying under oath. Do you know that he threw a party the evening of his impeachment?. It was a party for family and friends. They celebrated, and swore to defeat the mean, unfair, hateful republicans, who are persecuting him for no reason.

I heard several statesman on the TV bending over backwards to help him escape from being thrown out of office. There are many in Washington that are willing to do any reasonable thing to save him. But he is not willing to do anything to save himself, except to continue to beat his opponents into submission with lies and threats, and smear campaigns. This man will enrage everyone who tries to help him. The ones who have his number are the ones who have had experiences with the criminal mind. David Schippers, a Federal prosecutor, has his number. The "nice" members of the Congress are hornswaggled. What is going on has never been seen, even in the dirty backrooms of political meetings. They have never experienced this before. But there will be enough righteous men in Congress to know whereto draw the line.

Something else is happening, that I have also experienced. Politicians who are not members of Congress are getting involved. President Carter, and Bob Dole, for example. This is out of line. They have no authority in the work of the Congress. One brave senator has stood up and made a public statement telling them that they have no authority, and should but out. I have been in a war with someone's carnal mind many times when someone else who was present rose up to break my authority. This is Jezebel. She must be put in her place immediately, because it is her intention, consciously or unconsciously, to distract the personality, and separate him in his mind from Christ Jesus, who is leading the battle.

Interfering in a conflict when the authority is clearly established should be sharply criticized, and then the one speaking out of turn ignored, at least until the conflict is over. If you are in a position of authority, and you are in a spiritual battle of words, and a third party interferes, they should be sharply rebuked and then ignored. But the reasonable man wants to make everyone happy. You cannot reason with this Female Opinion, because in the very moment that you hesitate, she will slay you.

Mr. Clinton will not back down one iota. He will stand by his guns, saying that he never lied, he will force a trial, and he will be thrown out of office. It wouldn't surprise me if drastic measures are necessary to remove him from the White House His removal must come to pass, because if he overthrows the Congress, the chances are very great of his declaring military rule before his term of office ends.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we forgive the people who have been seduced by this witchcraft, and we pray that Christ Jesus in some man, someone, some where, should ascend into the brow center and cover all of the corrupted minds which have been overcome. We pray that law should return to this Nation, Lord, and your righteous government. Arise, oh God, and save us, from what will be sure destruction, if you do not intervene.

God bless you all. Good night.

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