Discipline & Adam


Scriptures Commented On - Amos 3:3, Rev.14:14

<LivingEM> If I ever get to my message today, it will be about discipline. It has been very difficult for me getting everyone logged on to this new chat program, mostly because of lack of attention. As I have told you many times, being spiritual requires focused attention. I don't intend to be unkind, but the truth is that some of you get a "D" and others get a "B." All of you tried to take the lead, but some stopped when I asked them to. That is why they get a "B."

You have been doing your own thing all day . I gave a whole exhortation this past Sunday on flowing together, but there is no way tjhat we can flow together unless we all follow the leader. I am following Christ and you are supposed to be following me. The leader points up the direction and the rest of the group submits to that direction. If I am not saying anything, you wait in a submissive state of mind for me to give direction. Silence or delay on my part does not mean that anyone of you should take over the lead. Are you aware that the whole time I was trying to get xxxx into the room, you were Instant Messaging me about another issue?

<XXXX> Yes,

<LivingEM> I understand that we are all under a lot of pressure with this new program, but that is no excuse for going your own way. As I explained to you on Sunday, this is how Adam fell. Adam and the Serpent were one whole man - Adam and his wife, the Serpent, within him. In order for them to be one whole man, they had to think alike.

Amos 3:3, Can two walk together except they be agreed?

<LivingEM> So it is Adam's job to resist the Serpent every time she manifests of her own accord. The serpent is supposed to follow Adam everywhere he goes,

Rev 14:4, These are they which were not defiled with women, for they are virgins, these are they which follow the lamb wherever he goes.

<LivingEM> But they follow him only because he is strong enough to stop them from straying. Adam was pulled to pieces and died because he followed after his wife instead of resisting her.

Gen 3:6, And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also to her husband with her, AND HE DID EAT.

Today, you strayed away from my thoughts when you were tempted to gain the knowledge of how to use the "go" field while I was teaching something else. But I did not eat with you. Therefore, this body [of Christ] is preserved. Had I followed you, or ignored your deviation once it was revealed to me, I would have departed from the thoughts of the Lord Jesus, and the whole spiritual altar, which is the backbone of the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, would have been broken for this meeting.

A backbone is not a backbone when each of the vertebrae is going in a different direction. When we meet as a group, under a head, which is me, we are the body of Christ. We are one man. I am the husband, and the group is the wife. I am male and you are female. BUT, when we function as one man, we are all male -- we are all Christ Jesus, because Christ Jesus, the oil, flows down from the higher centers through the head, which is me, and anoints everyone who is walking with me in their thoughts.

Now I am still a mortal man, so I cannot force you to submit to me. All I can do is teach you. So, since you submitted to me, you are still a member of this body today. But had you not submitted to me, I would have had to go on without you to sustain the life of the body of Christ that would have existed amongst the rest of us. When I am trying to help you with some function of the computer in this very difficult way -- through Instant Message -- you are to do exactly what I say. You are not to make suggestions or initiate any of your own ideas. Every time you initiate your own idea, I have to type another sentence to get you back on course. So you have doubled my work and stress.

So, we see that Adam is alive and well today, and so is the Serpent, and that they are both in men. Only those leaders who are directly under the authority of Christ can call themselves Adam, or Christ Jesus. Positive authority can be exercised by the carnal mind also, but the man who exercises the positive authority of the carnal mind is not Christ Jesus. You do not have to follow him. But it is good practice to follow a head that is not Christ Jesus if he is a legitimate head, such as your commanding officer if you are in the army, or your boss at work, or your husband -- unless any of these men are asking you to do some unrighteous or ungodly thing.

Can anyone tell me the name of the spirit that goes after its own thoughts? It is a spirit of rebellion. To deviate from the head in the thoughts of your mind, is rebellion, and rebellion is as the sin of ?

<JSNGSNG> witchcraft

<LivingEM> Yes. Witchcraft. And the fruit of witchcraft is? Death. First spiritual death, and ultimately physical death. If I did not rebuke you, your mind would have continued to deviate from the thoughts of my mind, until you were completely dead to the Lord's purposes in this meeting. But I have covered you by resisting you, and then teaching you. I did not eat with you, and the Lord is glorified in me and in you, and in everyone else who is sitting in this room, and who will read this transcript.

This has been a harrowing two days for me. Xxx did not make it into the chat room, xxxx has disappeared, and xxxxxx is not here, and I have not seen any email from her. I pray that xxxx is okay and that everything is okay in her home. I pray the same for xxxx, and I hope and expect that we will do better next week. I had to use registered names, because if I did not, you would enter the room with a number and I would not be able to recognize who you were. Over the next week, I would like to meet with each of you and see if you can access the room. I will IM you if I see you on line.

I have a closing word for you all. This message was about Adam eating Eve's fruit. The closing Word is that "to eat with someone" means to accept their ideas. Especially in the case of you relinquishing your own ideas.

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