Consciousness On Multiple Planes Of Existence


Scriptures Commented On (In Order Of Appearance: John 4:11, John 5:29 KJV

<LivingEM> Praise the Lord. Are there any questions or comments?

I had been asking the Lord for a message since last night but have heard nothing. This means that He has something special in mind.

The floor is open.

Well, the only thing on my mind is a memory of something that happened in a Sunday meeting several weeks ago. I had a very deep spiritual experience. I have a brief testimony in my mind, not a whole message, so it will be interesting to see what the Lord does with this.

The subconscious part of the carnal mind operates independent of the conscious part within those who are blind to their own motives so, for all intents and purposes, whoever does not communicate with the subconscious part of their carnal mind, has two personalities.

I exposed an ungodly motive in one of the brethren who has not yet leaped over the wall between the conscious and subconscious part of her carnal mind, and her response was positive. She asked the Lord for help. So I began to pray for her. I prayed with my eyes closed, when suddenly I perceived movement in the field of my spiritual vision. I say, in the field of spiritual vision, because I did not know which of the planes of consciousness my spiritual sight had opened in. In retrospect, I realize that it had to be a high spiritual plane in Christ Jesus because my spiritual eye opened while I was in prayer.

As I attempted to focus and make sense out of what I was seeing, I realized that an entity of some sort was literally in my face, communicating with me telepathically. It is difficult to describe what the entity looked like because it was literally in my face, nose to nose, or eyeball to eyeball, the Lord knows. The one thing that I did notice was the big black eyes that looked like the eyes of the aliens.

It was obvious to me that the entity had ascended from a place that was far below where I was with movements that could only be described as swimming. It was also obvious to me that the entity ascended within a clearly defined channel, which I later realized was a spiritual well.

This was no surprise, because the Lord had already revealed to me that the woman at the well (John 4:11) was the Fiery Serpent of one, or more, of His disciples. Jesus bypassed the conscious mind of His disciples and spoke directly to the Fiery Serpent (Kundalini).

So, at the time that I had this spiritual experience I already knew that the woman that Jesus spoke to at the well was the Fiery Serpent, that the well signified the spinal column of the etheric body and, in particular, the energy centers thereof, which the Fiery Serpent and other entities dip into to drink of that person's spiritual energy.

After this spiritual experience, I now understand that Jesus met the spiritual woman (the Fiery Serpent) who lives IN the well, or IN the black hole, where fallen mankind exists. Jesus did not meet a physical woman AT a physical well.

The Fiery Serpent lives in, and feeds off of, the energy that flows through the centers located in the etheric spinal column of the personality that she inhabits. The Fiery Serpent is the mortal foundation of every man born of a woman.

The Fiery Serpent is Jehovah's royal seed that died to Jehovah's righteous nature when he was engraved with the image of the Primordial Serpent. Jesus spoke directly to Jehovah's lost son who had no recollection of he really was, but, on the contrary, was in full agreement with his fallen nature.

From Jehovah's high point of view, the Fiery Serpent is still Jehovah's son, Abel, but from the Primordial Serpent's low point of view, Abel died to the Kingdom of God and was born again into the kingdom of darkness as the Fiery Serpent, the daughter of Satan and Leviathan.

Jesus spoke to the woman about Leviathan, the resident of the throat (5th) energy center, saying, you are married to Leviathan who resides in the throat (5th) energy center, but she is your common-law husband. I Am your true husband. Jesus did not tell the woman that she had five husbands.

The Fiery Serpent understood the spiritual principles that Jesus set forth, and went to spread the word to the other Fiery Serpents that she was related to through Leviathan's city.

Now, at the time the Lord gave me this revelation, I could not envision how the Lord would speak to the Fiery Serpents within His disciples without their participation, and requested fervently that He explain this to me.

I was very anxious to hear the Lord's response concerning this issue, but knew that I would have to let it go when I could not perceive a response from Him. Communicating with the Lord can be difficult for us mortals, because He does not relate to us in the manner of men. I knew that the Lord would answer me in due season, in His own way. Silence meant that I probably could not understand His answer at that time.

I would have understood on some level, had the Lord told me that He spoke directly to the subconscious part of His disciples' carnal mind, but I could not have comprehended the reality of such a spiritual communication without experiencing it for myself.

Apparently, the Lord responded to my inquiry by giving me a personal experience with the Fiery Serpent, approximately two weeks after I asked the question.

As I said earlier, I perceived that the Fiery Serpent swam towards me from a place far beneath me, but I did not fully understand that I had entered into Christ Jesus' linear timeline within the believer that I was praying for, which is perpendicular to Leviathan's circular timeline.

The crown (7th) energy center of Leviathan's timeline curves around and meets the root (1st) energy center. The left side of the heart (4th) energy center, the lowest energy center of Christ Jesus' linear timeline, is higher than all of the energy centers, including the crown (7th) energy center, of Leviathan's circular timeline because Christ Jesus' linear timeline is perpendicular to Leviathan's circular timeline. (See, Intersecting Timelines).

Sometimes the Lord teaches me about the spiritual details of the Primordial Serpent's world through occult books. Today I read about the ascension of consciousness from the lower planes of existence to the high mental plane of consciousness. In the language of the Doctrine of Christ, the high mental plane would be the Mind of Christ.

Please remember that occult philosophy is concerned with spiritual ascension into goodness, while Christ Jesus ascends into righteousness. The ascension into goodness and the ascension into righteousness appear to parallel one another (they sound, feel and look the same), but are two completely different ascensions into two completely different timelines, with two completely different sets of consequences.

Reading occult philosophy while under the control of Christ Jesus helps me to understand the spiritual realities of our fallen world and fallen condition, but these books are just a point of contact, an educational aid, to help me understand what the Lord is teaching me.

Well, today I read that there are three methods of ascension into the higher mind (of the counterfeit timeline), and that the third method is to rise in a straight line as if one is rising up OUT OF A WELL.

Now, spiritual ascension requires spiritual power, and the ascensions described in the book that I read are accomplished by a spirit of witchcraft.

The difference between following an occult prescription for ascension and my experience, is that I have never, and do not now, seek to ascend in consciousness, or have any other spiritual experience, by my own strength, my own will, or for my own purposes.

All of the spiritual growth, spiritual strength, and spiritual experiences that I have are given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ as I pursue Him, the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness. I do not pursue spiritual growth or spiritual experiences for my own sake.

Whatever spiritual development, spiritual knowledge, or spiritual power that I may have, arise out of my pursuit of, and desire to emulate, the glorified Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior; to live His life, including the persecution and hardship, and to be a living, breathing, walking, talking, expression of His glorious nature.

On this basis, I do not recommend that anyone read occult books without several very strong witnesses that, in the Lord Jesus' opinion, their whole life is given over to Him because they live for Him alone, and that the Lord Jesus intends to teach them, using occult books as a point of contact. To read occult books without the Lord Jesus teaching you from them, is to submit to Satan as your teacher.

Well, I received an enhanced understanding of my experience as I read about the ascension of consciousness that arises in a straight line, as from the bottom of a well. I knew that I had been praying out of Christ Jesus, so I must have ascended into the high spiritual place that requires my carnal mind and my own personal motives to be fully secured under Christ Jesus.

I also realized that the Fiery Serpent must have ascended from a low place to speak to me, because it was obvious that I was towering above her. My head was bent down towards the Fiery Serpent, like a judge looking down at someone standing before his high bench.

So this is how the Fiery Serpent and I came to look at one another eyeball to eyeball. I was looking down at her, and she was looking up at me. She was in the astral plane, and I was in the mental plane.

But I did not understand until today that the Fiery Serpent swam up to meet me only because my prayer that this believer go over the wall between the conscious and subconscious part of her carnal mind, had actually catapulted me into another mind. I had crossed over for her.

This believer has been crying out to the Lord for deliverance for a long time, and has been cooperating in every way possible as I expose the sin nature that torments her. I entered into the holy Jerusalem within the believer that I was praying for, and the Fiery Serpent, the woman in the well of this believer's etheric spinal column, and the subconscious part of her carnal mind, recognized Christ (who I am joined to), and came up to communicate with Him.

For all intents and purposes, brethren, whether we are aware or unaware of the intricacies of our liberating warfare, the exposure of the sin nature captures the Fiery Serpent and brings her under the authority of Christ Jesus, who penetrates her from above and secures her underneath Himself in a position of subjection.

Christ Jesus within me (He and I were one) entered into one of the higher energy centers within this believer and occupied it, and the Fiery Serpent that resides in this believer's etheric body went up to see the King (Christ Jesus), who was expressing Himself through my personality, to tell Him that she was very frightened. The Fiery Serpent said she was afraid that Christ Jesus had come to do evil to her in retaliation for what the Primordial Serpent had done to Adam.

You may recall, brethren, that this is what the mortal men of Judah told Samson when he asked them why they would not cooperate with him to defeat their own negative principles. I realize now, but did not realize at the time that I brought forth that translation, that Samson was speaking directly to the Fiery Serpents within the mortal men of Judah.

Judges 15:6,10-11,13 (Interspersed)

15.10 And [the Spirit of Elijah and Adam], the mind nailed to Samson, a mortal man of Judah, said [to the other mortal men of Judah], why [do you think Adam] ascended within you? And [Satan and Leviathan], the [carnal] mind nailed to [the mortal men of Judah], answered [the Spirit of Elijah and Adam in Samson], HE ASCENDED TO TAKE US PRISONER, AND TO DO TO US WHAT WE HAVE DONE TO HIM,

15.06 And Adam [in Samson] said to [the fiery serpents], the spiritual immigrants [in the mortal men of Judah], Jehovah has done this because the Spirit of Elijah, the one who recognizes the ascended fiery serpent, responded to Samson['s call for help when Satan] captured [the fiery serpent, Adam's] widowed wife [in the mortal men of Judah], and gave her to [Leviathan for a] companion, and the Spirit of Elijah [in Samson] burnt Satan, and Leviathan, [their] father, with fire, and Abel shot forth [from] the spiritual immigrants [in the mortal men of Judah],

Adam In Samson Explains To The Men Of Judah
That They Must Go Under Judgment
And Die To The Fiery Serpent's Lifestyle

15.13a And Adam [in Samson] spoke [to the mortal men of Judah], saying, Satan, indeed, [was able] to imprison, harness, and deliver [Abel, your spiritual] phallus, to [Leviathan, therefore], you must die to the [lifestyle] of [the fiery serpent], the household of Leviathan, the [Principal] Fish,

Adam In Samson Tells The Mortal Men Of Judah
That They Belong To Elijah and Adam

15.11b And [the Spirit of Elijah and] Adam [in Samson] said [to the mortal men of Judah], we are putting you in the right [moral] order with respect to [Samson, your teacher], because you were made to belong to [us].

<LivingEM> There is nothing new under the sun, brethren. The people we are sent to help overcome their own sin nature are terrified of Christ Jesus and, whether they are aware of it or not, have little or no faith that they will enter into the promised ascended life after the Lord Jesus destroys their sin nature. On some level, brethren, we are all terrified of leaving even the painful things that are familiar to us, and going on into the unknown.

So what did I do? I taught the Fiery Serpent within this believer. I told her that Christ Jesus was coming to save her life and that no harm would come to her, and she swam back down to the bottom of her well.

Does this sound so strange to you? That everything that I have been teaching here for more than 12 years is a reality which we can experience if we ascend high enough in Christ Jesus?

But our ascension in Christ Jesus, brethren, is in direct proportion to the exposure, and putting under foot, of our sin nature. Spiritual ascension while the sin nature is unrestrained, is ascension into the Primordial Serpent's timeline, which is the resurrection of the unjust (Acts 24:15)

I have had several spiritual experiences in Christ Jesus -- not all that many considering that I am in God about 22 years -- but this was the most exciting spiritual experience that the Lord has ever permitted me to partake of.

We are told that Jesus spoke to the spirits in prison (1 Pet. 3:19). I always thought this Scripture referred to fallen humanity, but I now know that Jesus spoke directly to the spirits imprisoned within mortal humanity, and that sometimes He bypassed the conscious part of the personality's carnal mind to do it.

We have previously discussed how Jesus communicates on two levels, verbally, with language, and subliminally, through the Spirit. We have also discussed Malchus, the man whose ear Peter supposedly cutoff.

Brethren, we will die in the letter of this Word if we do not grow up. The Interlinear Text reveals, both in the account of Peter and Malchus, and the account of Jehu entering Jezreel, that the man Jesus, or Jehu, spoke verbally saying, it is I, or, who is on the Lord's side, while the spiritual man on the inside of Jesus and Jehu called out in the Spirit to Abel, the seed of His own life that is buried under Cain within the mortal men who are his jailers.

Peter did not get angry, nor was he out of control or violent. In the face of Jesus' pending arrest and crucifixion, Peter and Jesus' only thoughts were to rescue Jehovah's kidnaped Sons.

Jesus instructed Peter to cut Christ away from the Fiery Serpent that was subjecting Abel within Malchus, so that Christ, the spiritual ears that understand the Doctrine of Christ, could rise above the Fiery Serpent and cover her.

Brethren, this book called the Bible tells the most exciting story I have ever heard - a story of kidnaped royalty and the rescue of the royal seed, about other worlds and the promise of navigating them and communicating with the inhabitants thereof with impunity, and about the defeat and destruction of the negative principles that hold the personality captive.

Do you dare to enter in?

Are you willing to pay the price?

It will cost you everything, and the journey is not for the faint of heart.

I heard a testimony today about a Christian man who was trying to book a flight on an airplane. When he found out that the flight was full, he thought, I wish something would happen that would get me on this plane, and, suddenly, someone was called off of the plane (sorry, I do not remembered the details), and he got a seat.

How do you think this happened?

I would like everybody to make some response, please.

<Jsngsng> Mind control?

<DANIEL42> Apparently, the Lord wanted him on that plane for some reason.

<MYPRECOUS1> She used witchcraft.

<OVERCOMER> In light of what you said before, is it that he waited and persevered?

<LAMB> Nothing comes to my mind.

<LivingEM> Jsngsng and Myprecous, would you have the same answer if you were the person who had this experience?


<LivingEM> Jsngsng, would you think it was mind control if it happened to you?

<Jsngsng> It's possible.

<LivingEM> Yes or no please.

<IsaiahSixty1> Not sure?

<Jsngsng> No.

<LivingEM> How did I know that would be your answer? <G>

<LivingEM> Daniel?

<DANIEL42> Yes.

<LivingEM> Do you think all supernatural events are orchestrated by God?

<DANIEL42> No, but you mentioned that he was a Christian.

<LivingEM> I see.

<DANIEL42> And I thought that perhaps his wish was a prayer.

<LivingEM> So do you think that all supernatural events that happen to Christians are orchestrated by God?

<DANIEL42> No, not all of them by any means.

<DANIEL42> After reflection, I was concerned that he WISHED something to happen.

<LivingEM> And do you think that God would put someone off of a plane to give a Christian a seat?

<DANIEL 42> I think He would if He wanted to for a specific reason.

<LivingEM> This is true, but we have no reason to believe that in this case.

<LivingEM> Lamb, what do you think your reaction means, that nothing came to your mind?

<LAMB> No answer.

<LivingEM> I want you all to know that this is a light hearted quiz. It is not my intention to put anyone on the hot seat.

Can anyone tell us what no response signifies?

<Jsngsng> Passivity?

<MYPRECOUS1> I believe that it was pride that did not want to give a wrong answer.

<OVERCOMER> Maybe they just don't want to talk about what they thought.

<DANIEL42> Could be fear.

<LivingEM> I think all of these answers are true.

<OVERCOMER> It may be the reason that they don't want to talk could be fear or pride of exposure of what they thought.

<LivingEM> Passivity, manifesting as unawareness, that is, not recognizing that a most unlikely thought had materialized as a reality: that the man got a seat on a fully booked plane.

I also think that LAMB was afraid that she might give the wrong answer, and that is pride.

<LAMB> The only thing I can think of is, did he use any power he had to benefit herself?

<LivingEM> This is true, Lamb. He did use his power to benefit himself, but as I understand the story, it was just a passing thought. When the man saw his casual wish come to pass, he recognized it as witchcraft and drew near to the Lord asking that the spiritual power within him develop in Christ Jesus.

Myprecous, congratulations on your brutally honest confession.

Overcomer, I don't think it had anything to do with perseverance, it was a casual wish.

<LivingEM> Isaiah?

<IsaiahSixty1> Sorry I got knocked off line. I guess I thought it was mind control.

<LivingEM> Do you think it is unusual that you got knocked off line at the moment that I asked for a response from everyone?

<IsaiahSixty1> No I don't think so.

<LivingEM> We are trying to learn to be spiritual here, so I challenge you to ask the Lord if you did not have some kind of anxiety reaction to my question.

<IsaiahSixty1> OK.

<LivingEM> One of the biggest challenges to me, as a teacher, is to enlighten you all as to your own potential spiritual power. We Westerners have a spiritual block in this area, some a little more, some a little less.

The man that I told you about is an African. He recognized immediately that involuntary witchcraft was at work, and fled to the Lord.

To be spiritual, we must choose to have spiritual responses.

Understanding doctrine can be very edifying, but it is important that we, the whole person, be spiritual in the nitty-gritty, everyday aspects of our life. To do this, we must think spiritual.

People who think spiritual, or who are sensitive to spiritual events, have the spiritual experiences that are the subject of this message.

The invisible worlds of consciousness exist against the background of our physical world. There is much to see, if we look with spiritual eyes. If your spiritual potential is dormant and you would like it to wake up, confess that you are lacking a spiritual mind, and ask the Lord Jesus to help you to acquire one.

People who are not into thinking spiritual do not usually have deep spiritual experiences because they are blind to the indicators that precipitate such experiences, and do not respond to them.

The lack of spiritual experiences indicates the failure to respond to spiritual stimuli. Christ reaches out to every personality that He is grafted to, and Jesus knocks on the door of our heart (4th) center and will sup with us, IF we let him in. To sup suggests the true, spiritual communion, the sharing of the Doctrine of Christ.

But once we open ourselves to spiritual experiences, we must engage in a continuous warfare with our own negative principles who would enter in also, if we let them. It is not possible to be spiritual in Christ and blind to the spiritual forces that co-exist with Him. Either we are spiritual and see all, or are blind to all spiritual events.

I hear that some people who ascend in the spirit of this world are fully conscious when they experience other planes of existence. I have asked the Lord many times if this is also true for the man who ascends in Christ Jesus, and believe that the Lord has answered me today.

The man who is spiritual in Christ Jesus will experience other planes of existence, but we do not suddenly find ourselves in other worlds. We are less than fully conscious when we begin to have experiences on other planes of existence.

The experience that I had was in the mental plane. I was there, but I was not fully conscious even though I spoke to the Fiery Serpent. To be fully conscious on another plane of existence means that, for the duration of the experience, this physical world fades from view. We can say that we temporarily die to this world. I had a parallel experience the first time that I went to Nigeria for five weeks. My world changed so radically that I experienced culture shock. I woke me up in the middle of the night for weeks after I returned to the United States, confused about which country I was in. I did not have the same experience on the following trips.

When I first started preaching that the Fiery Serpent was an earthworm (Mk. 9:44), I thought that Abel, Jehovah's seed, went from being a spiritual fish in the waters of the upper window of creation, to being an earthworm that existed in dry spiritual ground. But I now realize that the term earthworm, signifies that the spiritual fish (Jehovah's spiritual sperm) were encapsulated in sacks of spiritual earth, and are now spiritual animals that live in the underground waters of this fallen world.

The word that I have in my heart is eel, but my encyclopedia says that an eel is a fish, not an animal. There are animals that live in this sea, whales, for example.

The Holy Spirit enters into the city (mortal man) and awakens the Fiery Serpent, who sleeps in the root (1st) energy center. The Fiery Serpent then ascends into the morally impure (2nd), and belly (3rd) energy centers, where she exists in most mortal men. Spiritual pursuits stimulate the Fiery Serpent to rise even higher, and we become more and more spiritual as she ascends.

The question is, which channel will the Fiery Serpent ascend into. Will we experience the resurrection of the just, or the resurrection of damnation?

John 5:29, And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation (KJV)

<LivingEM> May we all experience the resurrection of the just. Amen and Amen.

God bless you all.

Good night.

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