Compel Them To Come In


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LivingEM: Praise the Lord!

LivingEM: I have some very interesting things to tell you

LivingEM: they are also very hard things

LivingEM: actually, I have so much to say, I don't know where to start

LivingEM: so, I will just start, believing that the Lord will make bring some order into this

LivingEM: I guests I will state the spiritual lesson first, and take it from their

LivingEM: I have been trying to paste a Scripture into this transcript

LivingEM: and it won't paste

LivingEM: so I will type it in

LivingEM: and the Lord said to the Servant

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LivingEM: go out into the highways and the hedges

LivingEM: And compel them to come in

LivingEM: That my house may be filled

LivingEM: Luke 14:23

LivingEM: what I have to say to you, is difficult

LivingEM: and not for everyone's ears

LivingEM: I would have trouble believing it myself, if it wasn't happening to me

LivingEM: I ask everybody, if you have any negative reaction, any fear, or other reactions

LivingEM: to what I say, please get it out, by talking to me about it

LivingEM: preferably with the whole group present

LivingEM: actually, the Lord has told me what I about to share with you

LivingEM: quite a while ago

LivingEM: but I have found, that the more difficult the truth, the longer it takes me

LivingEM: to actually become a part of my general mentality,

LivingEM: if you can understand what I am saying

LivingEM: what this means to me, is that I keep forgetting what the Lord said

LivingEM: or, I remember it in General, but do not relate it to the events and circumstances of my

LivingEM: life

LivingEM: this is what the Lord told has told me:

LivingEM: why Christ Jesus is mature enough in an individual,

LivingEM: and, apparently, Christ Jesus in me has reached that.,

LivingEM: he will rise up in that imperfect person and, by the power of his mind,

LivingEM: by spiritual power which would be witchcraft if it was not his power,

LivingEM: he will lay hold of a human being who does not want him,

LivingEM: and plant his seed in them

LivingEM: against their will

LivingEM: in such a case, it will be impossible for the other person to free themselves of this seed

LivingEM: Satan, the God of the carnal man, will perceive the implementation of the seed

LivingEM: as a parasite which has attached itself to the individual

LivingEM: and will stay attached until it has drained all of the serpent's life out of that person

LivingEM: and this is how the servants of the Lord will compel non Christians

LivingEM: into the Lord's house

LivingEM: please note, that this procedure is just for the heathen

LivingEM: the Christians, according to verse 17, were bidden

LivingEM: to come, but all had excuses

LivingEM: and, at this point of my education in God,

LivingEM: I know of no Scripture which says that the Lord persues them any firm

LivingEM: further

LivingEM: they go on their way, thinking that the Lord has excepted their excuses

LivingEM: when in fact, he has gone on without them

LivingEM: I shared with the group in New York a while ago

LivingEM: a spiritual account of what really happened when Peter cut Malchus' ear off

LivingEM: I never preached it, and I never worked up an Alternate Translation

LivingEM: basically what happened, is that Peter cut off Malchus' OUTER ear

LivingEM: the Greek word clearly means the OUTER ear

LivingEM: I suggest to you that the carnal mind is the spiritual outer ear

LivingEM: Peter did this after Jesus spoke, the saying,

LivingEM: I have told you I am, let these others go

LivingEM: everyone's carnal mind tells them, of course,

LivingEM: that Jesus was begging for the safety of his to disciples

LivingEM: who were spiritual giants compared to the average man

LivingEM: because of their relationship with Jesus

LivingEM: but I say to you, that Jesus was speaking to Satan, and commanding

LivingEM: that she release every member of the Sanhedrian's police force

LivingEM: that was reconciled to Jehovah through the spirit of Elijah

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LivingEM: verse 6 says, they went backward and fell to the ground

LivingEM: The word "backwards" indicates the unconscious mind,

LivingEM: which is the spiritual part of the mind

LivingEM: and the words "fell to the ground"

LivingEM: indicates that what that the spiritual power these guards had

LivingEM: what ever ungodly spiritual power these guards had

LivingEM: was cast down by Jesus' Christ mind

LivingEM: then he said, Let these go their way, meaning

LivingEM: that Satan should let the ones who were still standing go

LivingEM: because the only ones who were standing in spiritual power

LivingEM: after Jesus cast Satan down in everyone present

LivingEM: were those who were standing by the spirit of Elijah

LivingEM: That the saying might be fulfilled

LivingEM: Those that belong to the serpent that you have given me

LivingEM: I have lost none

LivingEM: there is an untranslated word in this verse

LivingEM: Which appears right after the phrase "you have given me"

LivingEM: it is a negative particle

LivingEM: which changes the home meaning of the phrase

LivingEM: from a translation which sounds like a Jesus is talking about

LivingEM: the disciples that he already has

LivingEM: to a translation that could very well me, the ones that Jehovah gave to Jesus

LivingEM: from the category of people who, for one reason or another,

LivingEM: or to overcome by Satan to recognize who Jesus

LivingEM: Jesus was and follow him

LivingEM: Jesus recognized who these people were

LivingEM: in the manner I have previously described

LivingEM: please note that Jesus was in full submission to father through the spirit of Elijah,

LivingEM: that Jesus himself did not choose these people

LivingEM: but was the vessel through which the Father

LivingEM: apprehended them

LivingEM: Peter, fully instructed in these matters, and in a high spiritual place

LivingEM: because of Jesus

LivingEM: knew what had happened, and recognize that Malchus

LivingEM: had been apprehended by the spirit of Elijah

LivingEM: and drew his spiritual weapon,

LivingEM: what is the name of Peter's spiritual weapon?

LivingEM: Does anybody know?

PSALM 29 2: The mind of Christ?

LivingEM: Yes

LivingEM: the Mind of Christ rose up in Peter

LivingEM: and circumcised the Mind of Christ, Malchus' INNER ear

LivingEM: in Malchus

LivingEM: my guess is that Malchus did not even know that Christ was there

LivingEM: that his carnal mind was so strong, he was so bound by the law of the Pharisees, religious

LivingEM: spirits, etc., that he did not even know that he had conceived Christ

LivingEM: or, perhaps, he had not previously conceived Christ

LivingEM: perhaps the spirit of Elijah laid hold of him at that very moment

LivingEM: for reasons that are beyond our understanding

LivingEM: God is no respecter of persons

LivingEM: if he chooses one man over the other, I believe,

LivingEM: it is because something in one man responded to him,

LivingEM: and there was no response in the other

LivingEM: God offers the saying opportunities to all men

LivingEM: but all men are not born into this world with the same qualities

LivingEM: God deals with everyone equally, but the ability to respond to him

LivingEM: is dispersed throughout the whole of humanity

LivingEM: Are there any questions at this point?

LivingEM: so I have laid the Scripture of foundation to tell you that

LivingEM: this ministry of compelling The poor, the maimed, the halt and the blind

LivingEM: in the operating in Me

LivingEM: and I have known it for a couple of years, but is difficult for me to deal with

LivingEM: because I am so opposed to violating any man's will

LivingEM: about seven years to the Lord spoke this word to me

LivingEM: that I would be saying to people, as Jesus did, followed me

LivingEM: like Sarah, I laughed, because so many had fled from this ministry

LivingEM: and promptly forgot the word

LivingEM: I now know, because I have experienced it three times to date

LivingEM: that the Lord will not compel people to follow him with the audible words "follow me"

LivingEM: but then he will implant this spiritual word firmly within the

carnal mind's of those that

LivingEM: he calls

LivingEM: and, because I am still an imperfect man ,I am very grateful to know

LivingEM: that those audible words will not be spoken through my mouth

LivingEM: but will come forth from Christ Jesus himself, my master, who dwells within me

LivingEM: what I and saying, is that this great responsibility is bypassing my mortality

LivingEM: because the words "follow me" have already been imparted to 3 and perhaps for people that

LivingEM: I know of, and each time Christ Jesus has not warned me, consulted me as to my opinion

LivingEM: or involved my personality in any way

LivingEM: I have been the vessel that carried him to place where he contacted the person himself

LivingEM: the Lord has reminded me that idea not complete my account of the interaction between

LivingEM: Peter and Malchus

LivingEM: after Peter circumcised Malchus' Christ Mind

LivingEM: Jesus said to him, put your sword into the sheath

LivingEM: Remember, spiritual act that will join us to the Lord experientially

LivingEM: is that Christ Jesus will insert himself into the fiery serpent within us

LivingEM: and that the fiery serpent is an energy stream

LivingEM: which which is comprised of many etheric molecules which flow in

Satan's waters

LivingEM: apparently the circumcision of Malchus' Christ mind

LivingEM: bound Leviathan to the extent that the fiery serpent was released

to the extent that

LivingEM: most likely, Christ Jesus, either in Jesus or in Peter

LivingEM: could insert himself into her and possess her

LivingEM: there is no doubt my mind that I do not have the complete understanding of this process

LivingEM: but as I dictate this message, the Lord has just told me

LivingEM: that this act of possession of the fiery serpent within Malchus was only a single

LivingEM: act of spiritual intercourse which deposited the seed of Christ

LivingEM: so, apparently, Malchus did not have the Christ mind conceived in hand

LivingEM: but was somehow "marked" by the spirit of Elijah so that Jesus and Peter

LivingEM: would recognize that God had chosen this man to receive the seed of life

LivingEM: The word "cup" is a vessel that receives

LivingEM: I suggest you that the cup that Jesus was talking about when he said,

LivingEM: the cup that the farther has given me, shall I Not

LivingEM: not drink of it?

LivingEM: was the spiritually female part of Malchus' mind, that is, the fiery serpent within him

LivingEM: Jesus was saying, the father has witnessed to me that he is drawing

Malchus into his kingdom

LivingEM: who am I to opposed his will?

LivingEM: In other words, we know that Jesus called disciples

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LivingEM: but Jesus, himself, did not call Malchus

LivingEM: Jesus was saying, I except the fact that the father has bypassed me in selecting this man

LivingEM: he was saying, the father has opened Malchus' female parts to me,

therefore, I will join

LivingEM: myself to him

LivingEM: any questions?

LivingEM: so what does all this have to do with the severe witchcraft attack that I have been under?

LivingEM: The answer is, that the Lord has manifested this ministry through me

LivingEM: to a person who is spiritually active in Satan's kingdom

LivingEM: spiritual warfare is so difficult, because it is not unusual

LivingEM: for the response to manifest days or weeks after

LivingEM: what ever is that you have done to attract the attack

LivingEM: when I first arrived in Boca Raton the thought occurred to me to look for a ____ school

LivingEM: for the time that I will be here

LivingEM: now, when Christ Jesus runs your life, it is very common

LivingEM: that he instructs you to do things in such a manner that your conscious mind

LivingEM: thinks you are doing it for a completely different reason

LivingEM: and, what's more, it is very common to think that you are doing whatever you are doing for

LivingEM: your own purposes, without understanding that your on assignment

LivingEM: from the Lord

LivingEM: the Lord has just reminded me than I did not complete my

exhortation on compelling the

LivingEM: the heathen. I will comment on the verse that says

LivingEM: We have done as you commanded, And yet there is room

LivingEM: the correct translation is

LivingEM: Lord, we have done as Elohim commanded

LivingEM: Indeed, the upper room now exists

LivingEM: or, the upper room has come into existence

LivingEM: there is and unranslated word in this verse that means "what" which is the symbol fo

LivingEM: for Elohim's

LivingEM: And the word "yet"

LivingEM: Is used of time, of a thing that formerly existed

LivingEM: And continues at present

LivingEM: the upper room signifies Christ Jesus' city

LivingEM: the spiritual place which comes into existence when enough believers inhabit the higher

LivingEM: centers

LivingEM: I don't a what this number is

LivingEM: but it is interesting to note that in the Jewish religion

LivingEM: you must have a minimum number of men to begin a prayer service

LivingEM: it is called a "minion," but I can remember how many men this is

LivingEM: Hallelujah!

LivingEM: any questions?

LivingEM: well, back to Boca

LivingEM: so I looked in the Yellow Pages and found that there was one ____ school in Boca

LivingEM: to make the story short, much to my surprise, as well as the instructors surprise,

LivingEM: Christ Jesus rose in me and, through an intense stare, apparently planted his seed in

LivingEM: the instructor.

LivingEM: I did not initiate it, and, in fact, had to pray to the Lord of about why this occurred.

LivingEM: I know that years ago, I was sent to a diner and, in particular, to a drunk man in the dine

LivingEM: who, it turns out, was a Viet Nam vet, who who had not yet

recovered from a spiritual wound

LivingEM: that afflicted him, when he had to choose between killing a group of children, and saving

LivingEM: his company from the grenades that they were carrying

LivingEM: he became an alcoholic after that, but he had a praying mother

LivingEM: I don't know how long she was praying for him,

LivingEM: but the Lord answered her prayer on Long Island NY, which he was visiting because of

LivingEM: business on this one day

LivingEM: he flew out of Long Island the day after our encounter

LivingEM: I have never seen or heard from him since

LivingEM: at one point during this encounter my eyes locked on his eyes

LivingEM: and held them for quite a while

LivingEM: I don't know how long in the natural, but it was a longtime in the spirit

LivingEM: Acts 3:4 - And Peter fastening his eyes upon him With John said

LivingEM: Look on us

LivingEM: .......In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk

LivingEM: I know that the ultimate answer to every problem that we have, is to conceive Christ,

LivingEM: to receive the education he has for us, and to live out of him

LivingEM: I believe that Christ was implanted in that man on that day

LivingEM: that man can be likened to Malchus

LivingEM: he had no opposition to the insemination and possibly, to this day,

LivingEM: does not have any idea of what happened to him on Long Island,

LivingEM: or how he came to be delivered from his alcohol

LivingEM: or why he was drawn to the spiritual life in Christ Jesus

LivingEM: the other three experiences that I have had along these lines

LivingEM: are in a different category

LivingEM: these other three people are spiritual in the serpent's kingdom

LivingEM: they do not want Christ

LivingEM: also, they are spiritual enough to recognize, what to them, is an alien spirit

LivingEM: and perceive it as an attack which, in fact, it is

LivingEM: Jesus said

LivingEM: Go out quickly into the streets and the lanes

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "lanes" can also be translated "A swing" "a force

LivingEM: is used to describe body motions

LivingEM: us just to you that Jesus was saying, go into their energy centers and plant the seed of

LivingEM: Christ

LivingEM: this category of spiritual people who do not want Christ is also broken into two categories

LivingEM: not with regard to the people, from my point of view, but with regard to the manner

LivingEM: in which I approached them

LivingEM: first person is a man that the Lord has brought me into relationship with

LivingEM: the knows that I am a Christian, and that I know that he is a pagan

LivingEM: but we have a non-religious issue in common around which our relationship

LivingEM: is built. this relationship has existed for one-year, to date,

LivingEM: and there has been only one very superficial, very short conversation about what I believe

LivingEM: somehow, I believe, that this man is being saturated with the Spirit of Christ through our

LivingEM: secular interactions. I believe that he does not believe that this is happening, nor that

LivingEM: could happen. I think that he believes he is defended against such an invasion

LivingEM: or perhaps, that I am not strong enough to accomplish it

LivingEM: the other to encounters I had had fall into the second sub category

LivingEM: which is a onetime encounter

LivingEM: so we see that Christ Jesus will apprehend a man

LivingEM: hostility and with no warning in two distinct situation

LivingEM: where the man is desperate for help, and lacks the spiritual understanding to get that

LivingEM: help from Jesus, even though he might be praying to Jesus to him

LivingEM: and in the second situation, where person has rejected Jesus and is serving another God

LivingEM: why would Jesus apprehend someone unto the circumstances?

LivingEM: There are two answers that I know of

LivingEM: actually 3

LivingEM: the first one is that the seed of Abel is in them, although he is buried under the ground of

LivingEM: their carnal mind

LivingEM: the second is, either someone is praying to Jesus on the behalf, or they themselves, cried

LivingEM: out to Jesus at some point in their lives, but departed from him when there was no immediate response

LivingEM: and the third possibility is that according to Jesus' thinking

LivingEM: they are spiritual enough for him to want them in the Army that he is raising up

LivingEM: whether they agreeTo the conscription, or not

LivingEM: it is possible for Jesus to build spirituality into a non-spiritual person

LivingEM: and he will do that for those that he chooses to do it for

LivingEM: but for the war that is coming, and already is raging

LivingEM: he needs spiritually developed people in the upper room

LivingEM: to remind you, I'm talking about the three spiritual people who have rejected Christ

LivingEM: The first one, I am in an ongoing relationship with

LivingEM: the second one, I met at a party given by the first one

LivingEM: I had just one encounter with this person

LivingEM: again, my eyes locked onto their eyes

LivingEM: I could tell that the knew that they had encountered, what they perceive to be,

LivingEM: a "negative spirit."

LivingEM: please remember that I had no intention of doing anything to this person

LivingEM: at the time, didn't even understand it, although I understood it more

LivingEM: then I did, one I encountered the drunk at the diner

LivingEM: I had noticed her as soon as she walked into the party

LivingEM: she had a very negative spirit on her

LivingEM: I would never, of my own accord, have initiated in conversation with her

LivingEM: because of the spirit on her

LivingEM: so, much to my surprise, I initiated a conversation with

LivingEM: her

LivingEM: she spoke to me for quite a while, and was quite friendly

LivingEM: but as soon as my eyes locked onto her's

LivingEM: she manifested and walked away from me

LivingEM: she would not look at Me for the rest of the time that the party continued

LivingEM: and when I said a general goodbye, she did not look up

LivingEM: there was a warfare after l left the party, but it was just in the form of

LivingEM: speaking to her in the spirit

LivingEM: she was saying that she did not want this call on her life

LivingEM: I do not remember what I said to her in response

LivingEM: the communication was strong and oppositional, but not evil

LivingEM: and it continued for a day or so.

LivingEM: apparently my ministry to her in the spirit silenced her carnal mind

LivingEM: I have not heard from her or about her since that day

LivingEM: the first man has had another party since that time

LivingEM: she did not attend. I don't no why she did not attend

LivingEM: , but the fact is that she did not attend

LivingEM: what I mean is, I don't know her conscious reason for not attending

LivingEM: I suspect, although I cannot know for sure, that Leviathan kept away.

LivingEM: I have no idea how long it will take the seed of Christ to mature in her

LivingEM: . And then, when he does mature, there is an additional warfare which is waged by the Lord

LivingEM: Jesus Christ in the spirit

LivingEM: to guide her to the information, which includes the doctrine of a Christ

LivingEM: that she needs

LivingEM: she surely will be found by Christians, although they don't know it, who are in

LivingEM: Satan service, to bind her up in the carnal church

LivingEM: now, we come to this last encounter in Boca

LivingEM: once again, I was convinced the I was seeking ____ lessons

LivingEM: I didn'tto like the spirit on the head teacher

LivingEM: he was acting very strange, and would not meet my eyes

LivingEM: I did not understand at the time how powerful a stare can be

LivingEM: nor did I understand how common this knowledge is to people who are spiritual outside of Chris

LivingEM: apparently, it is common knowledge, that spiritual elements can be imparted through the eye

LivingEM: eyes

LivingEM: the instructor, not to main teacher, spoke to me

LivingEM: I liked her, but the man was very strange

LivingEM: after speaking with her for ten or 15 minutes, as we were saying goodbye, and close enough

LivingEM: to shake hands, the Lord apprehended her

LivingEM: I had no idea that the Lord intended to do anything

LivingEM: the only thing that I remember is that at some point after we

clasped hands to say to

LivingEM: goodbye [at this point I had agreed to take a trial class the following morning]

LivingEM: my eyes fastened upon her eyes

LivingEM: I honestly don't remember whether or not I was physically taller than she is,

LivingEM: but my memory is that my head was higher than her head,

LivingEM: that her eyes were opened very wide, and not blinking

LivingEM: I thought that she recognized this as some kind of attack, and had been trained under

LivingEM: such a circumstance to respond that way, but to be honestly with you,

LivingEM: at this point, with all this information coming down, I wonder if the truth is

LivingEM: that she could not free herself from the grasp of my eyes

LivingEM: it was so quick, and there was no warning that it would happen

LivingEM: yet, my memory is that after I released her eyes, nothing seemed to be wrong in the natural

LivingEM: well, my friend who was with me and I, went home after that

LivingEM: I decided not to take the trial class because of the main teacher, and his strangebehavior

LivingEM: and I asked the Lord to explain more about this "staring" to me

LivingEM: over the next few days I perceived in the spirit that there was much talk about me

LivingEM: I know that there discussions about me, but I thought that they were about me as a

LivingEM: potential student. I thought it was a possibility that they would contact me by

LivingEM: telephone to offer me a better price

LivingEM: but this never happened

LivingEM: then, shortly after that, I received word from the Lord that he had implanted his seed in

LivingEM: her carnal mind,

LivingEM: and that she was aware of it, and that the main teacher was aware of it,

LivingEM: a and that she was engaging in some kind of spiritual purification process

LivingEM: to rid herself of the seed of Christ

LivingEM: I don't know whether or not she understands that it is "Christ"

LivingEM: I only know that she believes herrself to be invaded, and this is true

LivingEM: shortly after this -- it could not have been more than into a day or two

LivingEM: my friend had a word of knowledge that the man who was the main teacher

LivingEM: was someone that I had met over the Internet two years ago

LivingEM: she could only remember that this teacher had the same last name as the man from the

LivingEM: Internet. The literature we had received only gave the teachers last name.

LivingEM: Neither of us could remember his first name. My friend remembered that he lived in Florida

LivingEM: but she could not remember where in Florida

LivingEM: I pray that everyone learns from his lessons and follows my example

LivingEM: , because I tell you openly that my first reaction was, that this is way out

LivingEM: but I knew that it was my carnal mind that thought that this was way

LivingEM: out, and that I would not know what Christ Jesus thought, unless I asked him

LivingEM: so, I asked Him, and much to my surprise within a very short period of time

LivingEM: I not only received to witness to this truth, but I remember his last name,

LivingEM: which was a sign to me that the Lord was agreeing with this information, because

LivingEM: the memory of my carnal mind would never have been able to remember this

LivingEM: when we returned home I looked for his name on the database and found that his mailing

LivingEM: address was Fort Lauderdale, which is a commutable distance from Boca

LivingEM: as of two years ago, I believed this man to be a witch

LivingEM: he has received our books and told me that our translations

LivingEM: are the most accurate he has ever seen

LivingEM: up until this point I never doubted that this was true, but now I wonder if this was not

LivingEM: flattering

LivingEM: flattery

LivingEM: to make the story short, he telephoned one day and spoke to another sister who was in the

LivingEM: office at the time, and myself

LivingEM: he was very strange

LivingEM: the most significant thing that he spoke about, with regard to this conversation,

LivingEM: is that he was married to a woman who was very high in witchcraft, who committed suicide

LivingEM: just before l left for Florida two years ago, to my absolute amazement,

LivingEM: he telephoned me from New York, to tell me that he had relocated on Long Island

LivingEM: that he was presently staying in hotel

LivingEM: I knew that I wanted nothing to do with him and since I was leaving for Florida for

LivingEM: at least two months I never responded to his call

LivingEM: but he called me continuously, leaving messages on my answering machine.

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LivingEM: Finally, after I returned to New York, he got me on the telephoned

LivingEM: I did the best I could to let him down easily, and I never heard from him again

LivingEM: he did tell the, however, that he was in a lot of trouble with the police

LivingEM: that he had come to New York with the names of two women he had met on the Internet

LivingEM: my name and the name of someone in Lindenhurst

LivingEM: that he had made contact with the woman in Lindenhurst

LivingEM: and that there was much trouble there in her personal life and with the police

LivingEM: and he actually told me that the police were saying that he represented a cult

LivingEM: and that he had come to New York to enlist some people into that cult,

LivingEM: but that this was not true, and that it was his dead wife who was the cult member

LivingEM: well, I thanked God that I never heard from him again

LivingEM: I know that the man that I spoke to over the Internet did not have a job with normal working

LivingEM: working hours

LivingEM: I know that he was spiritual

LivingEM: I know that his mailing address was Fort Lauderdale

LivingEM: and I know that his last name lined up with the last name of this teacher

LivingEM: and I believed that the Lord was witnessing to this

LivingEM: what a story! No one would believe it.

LivingEM: Well a couple of weeks went by, and I forgot about them

LivingEM: this severe witchcraft attack started on Friday of the week prior to this one

LivingEM: I have been praying and breaking curses and asking the Lord what is going on

LivingEM: strange things have been happening here

LivingEM: things breaking and emotional agitation

LivingEM: I was approached by a con artist in the bagel store who was looking for a woman to prey on

LivingEM: I knew that heavy witchcraft was flying

LivingEM: but two days ago it got really bad

LivingEM: first I thought it was one person, then I thought it was another

LivingEM: both could have been true

LivingEM: when witchcraft of this intensity starts flowing, it stirs up Satan in other peoples minds

LivingEM: and also, I have been told, that if you know how to do it,

LivingEM: it is possible to be praying again some and blind them to it

LivingEM: but I continued to prey

LivingEM: two days ago on Friday, I felt led to read some non-Christian but spiritual literature

LivingEM: well would you believe it was talking about "staring"

LivingEM: apparently it is common knowledge among spiritual people that staring is a spiritual weapon

LivingEM: and that everyone's stare does not have equal power

LivingEM: then, another _____ teacher that I know started to appear in my mind

LivingEM: I asked the Lord why he was on my mind

LivingEM: many thoughts of witchcraft were in my mind also

LivingEM: I continued to pray. The attack on my mind and emotions was severe

LivingEM: I'll also was under a severe attack of lust. I have told you all, that sexual lust is under

LivingEM: my feet. It is not a problem for me, so it had to be coming from outside me

LivingEM: I know that sexual lust flows with witchcraft

LivingEM: any spiritual enemy who knows what he's doing, sends lust

LivingEM: you cannot fight a spiritual war when you are in your flesh

LivingEM: I didn't realize it yesterday, but I was beginning to receive the Lord's response to my

LivingEM: questions

LivingEM: he was telling me that actual witchcraft was being prayed against me by a ____ teacher

LivingEM: but I didn't get it right away

LivingEM: things were really tough yesterday. At one point, I had to lay down

LivingEM: I had a revelation hat it would be dangerous for me to go to sleep

LivingEM: so I put myself in a castle, and prayed a force field around myself

LivingEM: and lay down

LivingEM: I was dreaming the whole time, but only remember the last thing

LivingEM: the woman sitting behind a desk, the man standing in front

LivingEM: the man stricken

LivingEM: the woman, apparently a spiritual woman, rebuking the attack,

breaking curses, etc

LivingEM: and also calling 911

LivingEM: I now believe the woman was the female teacher and the man who was stricken, the man

LivingEM: that I have been telling you about

LivingEM: at first I thought he was retarded then I thought he had a stroke

LivingEM: but then I thought that he looked like a man who had a severe muscular disorder

LivingEM: something like Stephen Hawking

LivingEM: he was all twisted up, his hands were crossed in front of his body

LivingEM: and I could see his fingers long and witchlike

LivingEM: the last that I saw, he appeared to have fallen over from a sitting position on a couch

LivingEM: and was completely contorted

LivingEM: his eyes were staring blankly into space

LivingEM: he seemed to be in some kind of trance

LivingEM: not communicating any way

LivingEM: the woman was by his side, distressed

LivingEM: I woke up with a start

LivingEM: I now believe that this man's spiritual muscles have atrophied

LivingEM: that means, they are not functioning

LivingEM: remember telling the women in the spirit, you will never dislodge this seed

LivingEM: I experienced great relief as this understanding came to me, but was then attack with fear

LivingEM: I am not a fearful person

LivingEM: so I knew that it had to be from outside of me

LivingEM: I suspect it was the fear of either the man or the women, or both of them

LivingEM: I woke up this morning feeling pretty good

LivingEM: I had the best night's sleep I have had a in a while

LivingEM: so, the moral of the story is that we should know that in spiritual warfare

LivingEM: the next punch can come after you think the fight is over

LivingEM: the most important thing is to be in right standing with God

LivingEM: facing all of the weaknesses and evil that is in yourself

LivingEM: be willing to to face anything that he tells you about yourself or about others

LivingEM: dispassionately, without condemnation

LivingEM: and hold on until the deliverance comes

LivingEM: don't stop praying, don't stop asking God for help

LivingEM: don't stop asking others for help

LivingEM: if the day comes that you have such experiences as this

LivingEM: and you don't ask for help because of your pride

LivingEM: you can get hurt

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