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LivingEM: Good evening.

LivingEM: I am using voice-activated software. Please call any words that do not make sense to my

LivingEM: attention. There may be some misspelled words.

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PSALM 29 2: Hello

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LivingEM: Are there any questions this evening a?

LivingEM: I'm waiting for a leading from the Lord

LivingEM: this can come in a question a comment from someone in the meeting

LivingEM: in any things on your heart, please speak

PSALM 29 2: In regard to what I talked about to you today

DANIEL42: Sue would like you to explain what youy meant by the cross last week not being a Christian s

PSALM 29 2: I had a question about how you know when

PSALM 29 2: the Lord has sent you to someone and when

PSALM 29 2: your carnal mind does. How do you tell the difference? v

LivingEM: across is a barbaric form of execution which was very common at the time of Jesus'

LivingEM: crucifixion

LivingEM: to glorify the cross, is to glorify a means of torture and death

LivingEM: we are not told anywhere in the Scripture to exhalt or acknowledge

LivingEM: the Greek word translated cross, really means a wood stake

LivingEM: with this knowledge in mind, you might notice that many churches that you visit

LivingEM: do not have a cross

LivingEM: the reason why they do not have a cross,

LivingEM: is probably that they have this revelation

LivingEM: the bottom-line is that mortal man is carnal

LivingEM: and carnal men look for objects to idolize

LivingEM: you may recall the brazen serpent that Moses raised up

LivingEM: to save the lives of the Hebrew children became an object of worship

LivingEM: that is, an idol

LivingEM: mortal man is spiritually empty

LivingEM: it is very difficult for him to become spiritual

LivingEM: yet he has infantile spiritual needs

LivingEM: so he frequently false into idolatry

LivingEM: idolatry comes naturally to mortal man, and without

LivingEM: the correct instruction, he does not even realize that he is involved in it

LivingEM: this is why spiritual instruction is so important

LivingEM: nominal Christians either fall into idolatry, or are seduced into unclean spiritual worship

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LivingEM: the church is filled with idolatry, and is close to bankrupt spiritually

LivingEM: the life of Christ is in the spirit

LivingEM: the only signs are the spiritual signs

LivingEM: the mind of Christ

LivingEM: and everything that arises out of him

LivingEM: in the only thing that counts towards eternal life

LivingEM: there is nothing of this world or made from the substances of this world which can propel

LivingEM: us into the eternal world

LivingEM: I turned on the history channel tonight

LivingEM: aIwas surprised to see what, in my opinion, was an occult program

LivingEM: Christianity is being discredited on every side

LivingEM: and the truth of the matter is that this could only be done

LivingEM: because the church is not what they are supposed to be

LivingEM: Christians are supposed to be superior spiritual giants

LivingEM: not only Superior in spiritual strength, but in righteousness,

LivingEM: in morality

LivingEM: Christians are supposed to be the emisaries

LivingEM: of Christ in the Earth, but the church does not look anything like him at all

LivingEM: I saw a pastor on a talk-show today

LivingEM: he was being attacked on every side as a bigot

LivingEM: the issue was that he was opposing the influx of homosexuals into his neighborhood

LivingEM: I perceived faith in the man

LivingEM: but his ability to communicate was very poor

LivingEM: and he caused a community uproar by using some words that he should not have used

LivingEM: and by crossing over issues

LivingEM: and by including issues that should not have been included

LivingEM: but what really discredited him was the truth

LivingEM: the homosexual community in this inner city location

LivingEM: were there because of an offer by the state government

LivingEM: to purchase homes at a very reasonable price

LivingEM: this state's position is that if the inner cities are not re-populated

LivingEM: by working responsible citizens, they will die

LivingEM: the homosexual community move in and started a campaign against

LivingEM: the crack houses and the drug dealers

LivingEM: they brought several lawsuits that helped the neighborhood

LivingEM: they challenged the pastor saying, you are against homosexuals

LivingEM: who are solid citizens, who are cleaning up and renewing the neighborhood

LivingEM: but for years you have tolerated drugs and many other forms of crime

LivingEM: I truly perceived faith in Jesus Christ in this man

LivingEM: but, brethren, Faith alone will not cut it

LivingEM: faith alone never did cut it, but in this hour

LivingEM: as Satan flows in like a flood, untrained, undisciplined Christians will not stand

LivingEM: against the sophistication of the ignorant and those who are spiritual in Satan

LivingEM: to have a spirit of righteousness, but not be able to deal with people

LivingEM: is very close to a waste, in that your spirit of righteousness will be trapped inside

LivingEM: of a mind that does not know how to use it

LivingEM: it might help you personally, should the Lord honor it

LivingEM: but the spirit of righteousness in an untrained, uneducated, undeveloped Christian

LivingEM: can be likened to gold ore. it has no value in it's unrefined state

LivingEM: and a spirit of righteousness that is not flowing with the mind of Christ

LivingEM: because the personality is in agreement with their carnal mind

LivingEM: is buried underneath the Earth

LivingEM: your personality must choose to agree with the mind of Christ

LivingEM: and reject the thoughts and suggestions of the carnal mind

LivingEM: and here is the crux of the message that I have been preaching

LivingEM: for more than ten years

LivingEM: if you cannot tell the difference between your carnal mind and your Christ mind

LivingEM: you are a crippled man

LivingEM: and if you don't have a Godly cover, or if you have a Godly cover

LivingEM: and don't take his advice

LivingEM: you are not likely to learned how to tell the difference

LivingEM: distinguishing between the Christ mind and the carnal mind is more

LivingEM: than spiritual discernment

LivingEM: distinguishing between the Christ mind on the carnal mind requires a knowledge

LivingEM: of how each mind thinks

LivingEM: a knowledge of how the two minds might react in any given situation

LivingEM: A knowledge of what is right and what is wrong in situations that are not obvious

LivingEM: a knowledge of what is right and what is wrong in situations that

the average person may

LivingEM: be confronted with throughout their whole lifetime

LivingEM: this knowledge is called wisdom

LivingEM: there is a wisdom that comes from God

LivingEM: and there is a wisdom that can be found in mortal man

LivingEM: there is a wisdom that comes from experience

LivingEM: there is a wisdom that comes from instruction

LivingEM: the wisdom of God works together with the wisdom of man

LivingEM: because it is very difficult to understand what God says to us

LivingEM: if we have no idea what he is talking about

LivingEM: God talks to us mostly through impressions, or Scriptures,

LivingEM: through memories, through symbols

LivingEM: but we must be familiar with the idea that he is trying to convey

LivingEM: a we will never understand his language

LivingEM: to understand the language of God, we must learn to think

LivingEM: like he thinks

LivingEM: the troubles of mortal man arise frequently because he thinks

LivingEM: that he is serving God, when the truth is that he is perceiving

LivingEM: the situation with his carnal mind, which exists in a completely

LivingEM: different dimension than God exists in

LivingEM: and the thoughts of the carnal mind are the exact opposite of the thoughts of God

LivingEM: this is how Christianity wound up with a translation of the Scripture

LivingEM: that frequently makes Jehovah sound like a blood-thirsty

LivingEM: God

LivingEM: how can you tell the difference between your carnal mind and your Christ mind?

LivingEM: By contrast

LivingEM: since is impossible to comprehend what we cannot even imagine,

LivingEM: which is the righteousness of God

LivingEM: we have no choice but to start with the unrighteousness of mortal man

LivingEM: the recognition and acknowledgement of our own sin nature is the beginning

LivingEM: but how can we recognize our own sin nature

LivingEM: when we cannot recognize the righteousness of God?

LivingEM: There is only one answer that I know of,

LivingEM: and that is to have our mistakes pointed out to us by some who can recognize them

LivingEM: by someone who has received this instruction either from God or from another man

LivingEM: when we translated Genesis 6 [I think it was Genesis 6]

LivingEM: the Lord taught us that both Cain and Abel must be educated

LivingEM: Cain and Abel are our dual conscious mind

LivingEM: they are the mind of the personality

LivingEM: they are a mortal mind

LivingEM: and a mortal mind is a simple mind

LivingEM: pride will reject this truth, but it is, nevertheless, true

LivingEM: mortal man is born with a spiritual mind

LivingEM: this spiritual mind is not the mind of the personality

LivingEM: but the superiority mind of the serpent who incarnated us

LivingEM: superior

LivingEM: We have been calling her the subconscious mind of mortal man

LivingEM: the mind of the serpent is very wise

LivingEM: she is very spiritual

LivingEM: she can do everything that the mind of Christ can do

LivingEM: with one exception

LivingEM: she cannot impart eternal life

LivingEM: everyone that she lives eventually dies

LivingEM: Cain and Abel must be taught to deal with her

LivingEM: they are no match for her

LivingEM: without Christ Jesus she would surely swallow them up

LivingEM: it sounds like a simple thing to train Cain and Abel

LivingEM: but there is a problem

LivingEM: does anybody know what the problem is?

LivingEM: The pride of man

LivingEM: does not want to be taught

LivingEM: the pride of man does not want to admit that he doesn't know

LivingEM: the pride of man wants to be in charge

LivingEM: the pride of man wants authority

LivingEM: the pride of man wants power

LivingEM: the pride of man wants the acceptance of men

LivingEM: Cain and Abel are the two parts of the mortal personality

LivingEM: Jehovah gave Abel authority over Cain because Abel LivingEM: was the spiritual one

LivingEM: any one who has true authority in Christ has it

LivingEM: because they have the spiritual capacity to execute that authority

LivingEM: authority in Christ has nothing to do with how long you have been

in the ministry

LivingEM: it has to do with Jesus Christ's determination that you are spiritually qualified to do

LivingEM: the job

LivingEM: Abel is trained in spiritual matters

LivingEM: Cain is the carnal personality

LivingEM: she is educated in the things of the world

LivingEM: true discipleship in Christ teaches about spiritual principles

LivingEM: discernment, forms of spiritual communication, interpretation of dreams and other

LivingEM: forms of spiritual communications

LivingEM: remember, the cannot understand the communications of God

LivingEM: if we cannot understand how he thinks

LivingEM: Abel is trained in righteousness

LivingEM: Abel is the mind of Christ

LivingEM: the mind of Christ does not arise in a mortal man fully equipped

LivingEM: with all knowledge

LivingEM: he arises fully equipped with the ability to learn all spiritual things

LivingEM: this knowledge is acquired in three stages

LivingEM: instruction

LivingEM: and practice

LivingEM: personal experience

LivingEM: and a Godly critique of one's individual, personal experience

LivingEM: pride will stop you from sharing your experiences with your teacher

LivingEM: if you do not share your experiences, or your ideas with your


LivingEM: you are depriving yourself of a major part of your education

LivingEM: if you share your experiences and your ideas with your teacher,

LivingEM: but pay little attention to his responses, you are depriving yourself

LivingEM: of God's provision to you

LivingEM: this is the sin of pride

LivingEM: Cain, your personality

LivingEM: must be educated socially

LivingEM: intellectually

LivingEM: she must be taught to communicate properly

LivingEM: to relate to authority properly

LivingEM: to follow orders and rules

LivingEM: it is Cain who is the rebellious one

LivingEM: she must be harnessed

LivingEM: and brought into submission to Abel, who is Christ to her

LivingEM: Cain must be taught how to deal with people

LivingEM: aggressive people

LivingEM: submissive People

LivingEM: honest people

LivingEM: dishonest people

LivingEM: criminal's

LivingEM: con artists

LivingEM: everyday people who move in witchcraft and don't know it

LivingEM: people who look like friends, but are enemies

LivingEM: who sometimes know that they are your enemy

LivingEM: and sometimes do not know that they are your enemy

LivingEM: Cain must bei subected to Abel

LivingEM: and Abel must be subjected to Christ Jesus

LivingEM: who must be subjected to the Lord Jesus Christ

LivingEM: for the full power of the Godhead to flow in your life

LivingEM: this is not easy to accomplish

LivingEM: Satan punishes everyone who tries to accomplish this severely

LivingEM: her punishment can manifest as physical illness

LivingEM: mental illness

LivingEM: depression

LivingEM: Satan's harassment can manifest financially

LivingEM: through car accidents

LivingEM: and other carnal problems

LivingEM: the must learn how to pray

LivingEM: where I was a young Christian I could not understand why the disciples

LivingEM: asked Jesus to teach them how to pray

LivingEM: it is very important that we learn what Christ's response would be in any particular

LivingEM: situation

LivingEM: I have found that the more my ability to perceive Christ's response

in any given situation

LivingEM: increases

LivingEM: the more rapidly my prayers are answered

LivingEM: we must learn how to deal with Satan's harassment of Cain

LivingEM: which is what I was just talking about

LivingEM: but Satan's harassment of Abel is much more evil

LivingEM: if you can understand why I say that

LivingEM: Satan attacks Abel through the carnal mind

LivingEM: through your carnal mind, and other carnal minds

LivingEM: if you cannot recognize the attack, you or at a great disadvantage

LivingEM: our greatest weapon against Satan is the privilege of hiding behind Christ Jesus

LivingEM: to hide behind him you must be able to see him

LivingEM: and to understand his ways

LivingEM: as we acquire this knowledge we can protect ourselves

LivingEM: by submitting to a carnal law, which protects us without understanding why we are doing

LivingEM: what we are doing

LivingEM: the can submit to a God sent teacher, who will explain

LivingEM: his instructions

LivingEM: the law provides safety but will not raise up Christ

LivingEM: in you, but the law is good

LivingEM: submission to a God ordained teacher will raise up Christ in you

LivingEM: there is no easy way to tell the difference between the Christ mind and the carnal mind

LivingEM: those who desire this ability should pray regularly

LivingEM: that the Lord order their steps, completely control their lives

LivingEM: Expose their sin nature

LivingEM: and help them to have a Godly response to the exposure

LivingEM: every decision we make can be questioned

LivingEM: I say "can be" and not "should be" because it is not my intention to put you in bondage

LivingEM: the more I understand how superior the Lords wisdom

LivingEM: is, even to the experiential wisdom that my personality has acquired through experience

LivingEM: the easier is to submit every decision, no matter how trivial,

LivingEM: to the Lord

LivingEM: to one who has no understanding, such a lifestyle sounds like the individual has no

LivingEM: opportunity to think for themselves

LivingEM: but I tell you truly, that this lifestyle, of asking the Lord's opinion and seeking his

LivingEM: for everything

LivingEM: offers a mortal man the opportunity to develop his creativity

LivingEM: and independence to a level that is beyond anything that man could acquire on his own

LivingEM: the experience of communicating with God, and implementing all of his teaching

LivingEM: to determine what he is saying, and to expose

LivingEM: and root out Satan's counsel in the midst

LivingEM: is a very exciting lifestyle

LivingEM: it is the lifestyle of a spiritual man

LivingEM: to live this lifestyle, one is continuously engaged in warfare

LivingEM: with the powers and principalities of this world

LivingEM: Enoch walked with God, and Enoch was not

LivingEM: Enoch was not raptured

LivingEM: we found that recently that Peter did not deny Jesus

LivingEM: Peter denied himself and Christ in Peter arose

LivingEM: to fight with the powers in principalities of this world

LivingEM: on Peter's behalf

LivingEM: the Scripture expresses this truth with the words "and the cock crew"

LivingEM: the male bird, the flying eagle who inhabits the energy center between the eyebrows

LivingEM: rises in us when we deny ourselves

LivingEM: when we deny the authority of carnal mind

LivingEM: to rule over us

LivingEM: to counsel us

LivingEM: to teach us

LivingEM: a good measure of the degree to which we are denying our carnal mind

LivingEM: is the way we relate to other people

LivingEM: if we are trying to rule over them

LivingEM: counsel them

LivingEM: teach them

LivingEM: we know for sure that we have not denied ourselves

LivingEM: to receive the counsel of the carnal mind when Christ is present, is idolatry

LivingEM: is the worship of other gods

LivingEM: the carnal minds of the many are the idols in the heart that the Scripture

LivingEM: speaks about

LivingEM: every time we consult them, in ourselves or in someone else,

LivingEM: honor them

LivingEM: obey them

LivingEM: we "fear" them

LivingEM: the Scripture says we continue to die because we "fear" death

LivingEM: but the "fear" that the Scripture talks about, is not fear as the carnal mind perceivs fear

LivingEM: "fear" in this instance is talking about reverance

LivingEM: we die because we, the personality, choose are carnal mind over our Christ mind continuousl

LivingEM: continuously

LivingEM: to stop doing this requires a warfare that can take a whole lifetime

LivingEM: and of course, this presupposes that you have available to use the

strength Jesus Christ

LivingEM: so we begin the process which "saves" our personality [soul]

LivingEM: by submitting ourselves to the process which exposes

LivingEM: are sin nature

LivingEM: we subject ourselves to the instruction of Christ Jesus

LivingEM: and pray always for the victory over our own carnal mind

LivingEM: knowing that our strong enemy, even more than Satan,

LivingEM: is our own pride

LivingEM: which fights against the process which is designed to set us free

LivingEM: I believe I have answered the two questions which were put me at the beginning of this

LivingEM: message

PSALM 29 2: yes, thank you

LivingEM: are there any areas which anyone would like clarified?

LivingEM: are there any questions of comments?

DANIEL42: not at this time v

LivingEM: I pray that all of the blessings which are in Christ Jesus

LivingEM: should be visited upon you all

LivingEM: I pray that your carnal mind should be defeated

LivingEM: through the life of Christ Jesus

LivingEM: that Christ Jesus in you should be fully educated

LivingEM: in every aspect of the spiritual life and the spiritual worlds,

LivingEM: both of God, and of the serpent

LivingEM: I pray that understanding should be fulfilled in him

LivingEM: and through him

LivingEM: I pray that through righteousness and kindness he should bring Cain into submission

LivingEM: that she should be educated to understand him

LivingEM: to submit to him

LivingEM: to honor him

LivingEM: to hide behind him

LivingEM: I pray that Abel in you all should escape from Satan's grasp

LivingEM: that he should penetrate through her into the heart center which is in God's Kingdom

LivingEM: that Christ Jesus should ascend into the throat and the brow centers

LivingEM: from where he attacks the Kingdom of darkness

LivingEM: which is holding his personality [that's us] captive

LivingEM: that he should boil Satan sea and cook Leviathan

LivingEM: until she separates from the background threads of our spiritual selves

LivingEM: so that Christ Jesus can fully join with you all

LivingEM: in every spiritual molecule of your being

LivingEM: that you may be converted into the image of the great God Jehovah

LivingEM: and abide forever in the light of his glorious Son

LivingEM: God bless you all, and good night

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