Born From Seed, Immaculate Conception, Mind Generation - Part 1


Scriptures Commented On: Ez. 11:22; 1 Tim. 2:15, Jude 1:9; Rev. 12:7; Lk. 3:23.

<LivingEM> We will start with a prayer. Father, in the Name and Jesus, we thank you for this universal chat room, and we utterly condemn all of Satan's attempts to sabotage us. We praise you, and we give you all of the glory, and ask you to bless this meeting. We break every curse and the power of every evil thought that is opposing this chat room.

Ez. 11:22, Then did the cherubims lift up their wings, and the wheels beside them; and the glory of the God of Israel was over them above.

<LivingEM> Does anyone have any idea as to who the Cherubim are? Does anyone know how religion depicts cherubs?

<pearlmerchant> as angels?

<LivingEM> Yes, but in particular as little chubby angels - with a what in their hands?

<pearlmerchant> bow and arrow?

<ToDaNow> harp

<LivingEM> Yes, a bow and arrow. The Cherbims signify Elohim's glorified man. The definition of cherub is, "imaginary creature." "Cherub" is the generic name of the creature that Jehovah imagined. "Generic" means "general," or "not specific." The specific name of the Cherubims is "the Lord Jesus Christ and his sons." But we read about the Cherubims in the Old Testament. Does anyone know who the Cherubims are in the old Testament? Does anybody know who incarnated Jesus? The Spirit of Elijah incarnated Jesus. Who was Elijah's most well-known son in the old Testament?

<pearlmerchant> Elisha?

<LivingEM> Yes, Elisha. We found out in our studies that Elijah had several sons in the Old Testament. We found this out when we studied the book of Jonah. But the man, Jesus, was the first son that Elijah raised up from seed. Can anyone tells us what that means - to be raised up from seed?

<Myprecous> one who has the seed of Christ

<pearlmerchant> to have the imparting of the Holy Spirit?

<LivingEM> Is the church today being raised up from seed? Or are we being grafted in?

Jesus Christ is the only man that I know of who is born from the ovum of a human woman and the spiritual seed of a glorified man. As far as I know at this time, every other person who has manifested the glory of God has first been first born from a human ovum which was fertilized by a human male seed.

The man, Jesus, is the product of "mind generation." That is, human fertilization which is the result of an act of the will, rather than the result of an act of human fertilization. The man, Jesus, is the product of "mind generation." Generation by will, rather than by physical seed. Generation by spiritual, rather than physical, means.

Such a statement would most likely shock a religious person, but all that I have done is explain the immaculate conception in spiritual terms. The Hindus have known about "mind generation," for thousands of years. For one who is strong enough, it is possible to "will" a woman to conceive. That is, without any human male seed.

Mary was most likely not the first woman who ever conceived because someone "willed" her to conceive. Assuming, for the sake of this discussion, that this is true, what would the difference be between Mary's experience, and the experience of any other woman who was fertilized by will, or mind, power?

Think of it this way. Both women had the same experience, both women conceived without knowing a man. Why was a "holy thing" born of Mary and an unholy, or mortal, thing born of the other woman?

The spirit, or the mind, which generated the child is the significant difference. This is the same principle that we see in the two resurrections which are taking place today. The outward appearance of the persons who are ascending seem to be the same. They act the same, talk the same, speak the same language, and look the same to most observers. But two different spirits have initiated their ascension, and, accordingly, their offspring will not look the same.

What do you mean, offspring, Sheila? The end of spiritual ascension is the birth of a spiritual child within the personality which is ascending. The spiritual woman [mortal man] who is ascending because of the Spirit of Christ looks exactly the same to the carnal mind as the spiritual woman [mortal man] who is ascending because of Satan.

Most, if not all, carnally minded people will not be able to tell which spiritual women [mortal man] are ascending because they had spiritual intercourse with the Spirit of Christ, and which spiritual women [mortal man] are ascending because they had spiritual intercourse with Satan UNTIL the spiritual child is born.

Can anyone tell us what the overriding characteristic of the child born of the Spirit of Christ will be?

<Myprecous> Righteousness

<LivingEM> Will the child be a male or female child?

<Myprecous> male Child

<LivingEM> Yes, a male child. Righteousness is only in the male child. The overriding characteristic of the child born of Satan is that the child will be female. Now, most of us above the age of one-year knows how to distinguish between a male and a female animal, but how do we distinguish between a male and a female spiritual child? This is not an easy thing to do. If it were easy, the whole world would have recognized that the male offspring of the Spirit of Elijah was appearing in the man, Jesus.

The Scripture says that if we are blinded, we are blinded by the God of this world. Our own carnal mind will prevent us from recognizing the Christ of God, and if we cannot recognize him when Christ Jesus is fully born in Him and married to the glorified spirit above, how will we ever recognize Christ Jesus when he is less mature and appearing in a personality who is still mortal?

So, we see that the difference between Mary's experience and the experience of any other woman who has experienced fertilization by mind generation, is the spirit, or the mind, that causes the fertilization. So we say that the spirit of Elijah generated several sons, but to the best of my knowledge, he only generated one son by an act of his will that was so strong, that he caused the ovum of a human woman to conceive and bring forth a human male child, which had within him the spiritual embryo of Elijah's spiritual son, Christ Jesus.

This is a double miracle, because although "mind generation" has been known to spiritual people for thousands of years, as far as I know, mind generation has never produced a human male child. As far as I know, the human child which is the fruit of mind generation has always been female.

In the natural, the sex of the child is determined by the male seed. The female seed, the ovum, has only female genes. The male seed has both male and female genes. Likewise, the carnal mind that is strong enough to generate conception by an act of its own will, can only produce a female spiritual offspring, because the carnal mind, herself, is female. The spirit of the carnal mind, Satan, is also female. Therefore, Satan and her carnal mind can produce only a physical and spiritual female child.

The Spirit of Christ, on the other hand, can produce only males. The human male seed contains both male and female genes, but the spiritual male seed which is in the Spirit of Christ, has only male spiritual genes. The Spirit of Christ is incapable of producing a female child.

Wherefore, it is obvious for everyone who has spiritual eyes to see, that Adams wife, the earthen creature that he was joined to, committed adultery. Adam, who is the expression of Elohim, could only have brought forth a male child in the earth. The woman, Adams wife, must have had a spiritual interaction with a spirit other than Jehovah to have brought forth a mortal human race and this corrupt world that we exist in.

We are all the product of spiritual adultery and spiritual incest. On the basis of this information, I recommend to anyone is willing to do it, that you break curses of adultery, incest and illegitimate birth upon yourselves and your children, if you have children. All of the members of humanity carry the marks of the sin that generated us. And it is because of this sin, that our race dies from generation to generation.

Can anyone tell us what Jehovah's solution is for our predicament? How do we escape from the consequences of the spiritual adultery, incest, and illegitimacy that our original ancestor has passed on to us?

<Myprecous> Confession of sins and true repentance

<LivingEM> Yes, confession of sins and repentance are essential, but they are just the preparation, the purification, which prepares us to receive Jehovah's great deliverance. Does anyone know what this great deliverance is? It is the granting of the son of God to live in us.

1 Tim 2:15, Notwithstanding, she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith, and charity, and holiness, with sobriety.

Jehovah's great grace to us is His plan to graft the life of his only b gotten Son to those of us who have been begotten by Leviathan. The term "only begotten son," is talking about spiritual generation. Once again, "spiritual generation" means to cause a human woman to conceive by spiritual power, without a human male seed.

Those of us who are experiencing the grace of his presence within us, are not born of the Holy seed. We have received a cutting of the life of the only begotten Son. We are receiving a spiritual transplant. Does anyone know which lost spiritual organ is being replaced? We lost our righteous mind. By the grace of God, we are receiving a new, and righteous mind.

<Myprecous> heart( mind)

<LivingEM> Yes, my precous. This is true. Are there any questions on this subject, before we return to Ez 11:22?

Ez 11:22, Then did the cherubims lift up their wings, and the wheels beside them, and the glory of the God of Israel was over them above.

<LivingEM> So we now know that the Cherubims are the glorified man and his spiritual sons. there is only one glorified man who, as far as I know, has appeared in two stages of development. Does anyone know who has incarnated the glorified man?

<Myprecous> Jehovah

<LivingEM> Michael is the progenitor of the glorified man. Does anyone know who Michael is?

<Myprecous> ELOHIM

<LivingEM> Michael is the seed of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, and the name of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid is Elohim. You were close, Myprecous.

Michael is an angel. Michael is not a man. Michael, the seed side of Elohim, incarnated as Elijah, and then as Jesus. Does anyone know the name of the man that Michael incarnated as, but failed to perfect?

<DANIEL42> Moses?

<LivingEM> Who appeared with Elijah on the mount of transfiguration?

<Myprecous> aDAM

<LivingEM> Yes, Moses. I meant, which mortal man, Myprecous. Michael did not fail to perfect Adam. Adam was perfected in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, and is continuing to be perfected in every mortal man who prefers Christ Jesus today.

So, we can say that Michael is the aspect of Jehovah which is incarnating. As far I know, Michael incarnated three times.

Jude 1:9, Yet, Michael, the archangel, when contending with the devil, he disputed about the body of Moses, dared not to bring against him a railing accusation, but said, the Lord rebuke you.

<LivingEM> Contrary to popular belief, Michael was not fighting over Moses' dead body. Can anyone tell us who the devil is?

<DANIEL42> the whole mortal person?

<LivingEM> The devil is our old man - close enough Daniel. Michael, the archangel, was trying to generate Moses' new man, but the devil, Moses' old man, prevented him.

Does anybody know why the devil succeeded in preventing Adam from rising from the dead, so that he could marry Moses' mortal personality, and bring forth the new man in Jehovah's image within Moses?

Brethren, there is only one reason that God's plan can fail for us, and that reason is that we, the personality, prefer our carnal mind over the Lord.

Alternate Translation, Jude 1:09, Yet, when Michael, the archangel, while teaching that [the personality who agrees his mortal mind, is] the devil, identified the fiery serpent as Moses' [mortal subconscious mind, the fiery serpent], dared to bring forth her evil opinion, [and Moses] said, [its] not true [that I am the Devil], I honor you [Michael, and] Adam, [the Lord]. Michael failed to raise Adam from the dead in the man Moses, because the man Moses was more concerned with believing that he was righteous in his fallen condition, then he was concerned with obeying the Lord.

Michael succeeded in incarnating as Elijah, and then as Jesus. Does anyone know the difference in the incarnations of these two men? Were both of these men born of a woman? I do not believe so. <DANIEL42> Jesus was, Elijah was not

<LivingEM> True. There is no evidence that I know of that Elijah was born a woman. So we see that Michael bought forth the Lord Jesus Christ in three stages. Michael's first attempt was to regenerate Adam's righteous mind in a man who was born of a woman and a human male seed, Moses. Michael's second attempt was to raise Adam from the dead in a spiritual man who was not born of a human woman, Elijah. And Michael's third, and final, attempt to bring forth a glorified man out of, fallen humanity, succeeded in Jesus. However, Adam is not fully born yet. Jesus is the head. We are still waiting for his body to be born again into heavenly places.

Rev 12:7, And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels.

<LivingEM> Does anyone know why the Scripture says Michael in this verse, rather than the Lord Jesus? Michael is the common denominator, the connecting link between Elijah and Jesus. Contrary to the Church teaching today, it is possible for a Jew to be reconciled to Jehovah through the spirit of Elijah. All Jews are not reconciled, any more than everyone who has been water baptized as a Christian is reconciled. The Jew who has a personal relationship with the spirit of Elijah is reconciled to Jehovah, and the Christian who has a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, is reconciled to Jehovah.

At the end of the age, when the manchild is born, both the Jews who are reconciled to Jehovah through Elijah, and the Christians who are reconciled to Jehovah's through the Lord Jesus, will enter into the New Covenant, which is sinlessness, through a warfare with Satan and Leviathan, and the men who are given over to them.

I teach in my book, Not Without Blood, that the Church is still under the all covenant, but a different form of the Old Covenant than that which Israel experienced. I explain in that book, that the Old Covenant is not changeable, but the people that it is offered to are not the same. Also the spiritual circumstances of the world changed after Jesus' Resurrection. The blood offerings of bulls and goats are no longer necessary for those who have the spiritually cleansing effects of the everlasting tabernacle being resurrected within them. Christ Jesus, who is the everlasting tabernacle, makes us acceptable to Jehovah.

So, we see that there are two expressions of the Old Covenant in the Earth, one to the Jew and the other to the Greek, and that both have received a relationship with Jehovah, by faith. The New covenant is the promise our restoration to the higher energy centers by the regeneration of Adam, the righteous mind that we lost when the creation fell, and the preservation of the personality, which means, that we will stop drying from generation to generation.

Many scriptures of the New Testament indicate that we have already entered into the New Covenant. The reason for this is that the seed of the New Covenant is now available to mortal humanity, and, indeed, some of us have already received the seed. If Christ is being formed in you, you have all that you need to enter into eternal life. But you have not have entered into eternal life, until you stop dying.

So we see that we have the promise, but that we do not yet have the reality, of the New Covenant. Our spiritual condition can be likened to an engagement. But we do not truly enter into eternal life until the marriage, and we do not experience the marriage, until our carnal mind dies. We are currently married to our carnal mind, and are not eligible to marry another until she dies.

So we see Michael in Rev. 12:7, signifying that there will be Jews who have not recognized the Lord Jesus Christ as Messiah, who will be receiving a regenerated, righteous mind, and ascending into the higher centers, simultaneously with the Christians who are having this experience. Michael will be doing the work in both groups, appearing to the Jews as Elijah, and to the Christians, as Jesus.

I expect that whoever ascends into the brow energy center and remains there, will receive this understanding. The Jews who ascend will understand that Elijah, the savior of Israel, is become the Lord Jesus, the savior of the whole world. And the Christians who ascend will understand that it is possible for a Jew to be reconciled to Jehovah through the spirit of Elijah, have Adam, the righteous mind that was in Israel, resurrected in them, and ascend into the higher energy centers which will preserve thel life of their personality.

Are there any questions before we try, once again, to finish our exhortation on Ez 11:22?

<pearlmerchant> yes

<LivingEM> Okay

<pearlmerchant> if moses was the 1st stage to raise adam by way of male seed, then why is not moses birth recorded in the 3rd chapter of luke?

<LivingEM> Beginning with verse 23 of Lk 3, is the genealogy of the man, Jesus. <pearlmerchant> yes

<LivingEM> Moses, Elijah, Jesus, is the genealogy of the spiritual man called Christ, the son of the archangel, Michael, who is the seed of Jehovah .

<pearlmerchant> elohim

<LivingEM> Michael is the seed part of Elohim, who is the spiritual seminal fluid of Jehovah, which spiritual seminal fluid consists of water and spiritual sperm. Did I answer your question?

<pearlmerchant> yes

<LivingEM> I think we will stop here, and continue on with this message next week. Does anyone have anything to say before we part?

God bless you all. see next week.

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