Black Eggs


OnlineHost: Myprecous1 has entered the room.

Myprecous1: Hi everybody

LivingEM: Good evening

ToDaNow: Good evening

Myprecous1: goog evening also

LivingEM: praise the Lord everybody

LivingEM: once again, I'm using voice activated software

LivingEM: so you may see some misspelled words

LivingEM: if you don't understand something, please ask me to repeat

LivingEM: because sometimes I don't see the incorrect words

LivingEM: the floor is open for questions

LivingEM: okay, we'll see what the Lord has for us

LivingEM: I received an interesting email today

LivingEM: it was about a dream

LivingEM: in the dream there were 12 black eggs

LivingEM: and a voice said, the black eggs should be eaten first

LivingEM: to be honest with you, I had no idea what the dream could mean

LivingEM: but I prayed, and asked the Lord if he would tell me

LivingEM: it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the Lord response to a Godly question

LivingEM: there enter into my mind immediately, a thought of one of the most recent revelations that

LivingEM: have come down to Living Epistles

LivingEM: before I go on, does anyone have a word about this dream

LivingEM: ?

LivingEM: Please pray before you speak

LivingEM: okay 8

LivingEM: the Lord reminded me about the spiritual molecules of our etheric body

LivingEM: do you recall the teaching which came down with the message called "fishing for Leviathan"

ToDaNow: could it be that these 12 eggs are the levels of the devil within the mind of man?

LivingEM: About the spiritual marriage between Leviathan and the fiery serpent

LivingEM: I don't think so

LivingEM: I am in the process of preparing a set of guidelines for these meetings

LivingEM: I haven't had time to complete them yet

LivingEM: so for now, I'm asking everyone to please hold your questions

LivingEM: while I'm talking, and wait until I open the floor for questions

Myprecous1: The Lord hasn't given me an answer as yet

LivingEM: thank you for your co-operation

LivingEM: I would appreciate it if everyone reads my request for co-operation

Myprecous1: ok

JSNGSNG: I prayed but haven't heard anything either

LivingEM: we were talking about the spiritual marriage between Leviathan and

the fiery serpent

LivingEM: which marriage exists in every spiritual molecule of our etheric body

LivingEM: JSNGSNG: please read my request for co-operation

LivingEM: thank you


LivingEM: hang on a minute

LivingEM: sorry about that

LivingEM: the fiery serpent is female to Leviathan

LivingEM: and can be likened to the millions of of ovum in a woman's


LivingEM: remember, the fiery serpent is an energy force

LivingEM: Jesus not a single entity

LivingEM: Well, its true that in his glorified condition, Jesus is not a

single entity, but a spirit

LivingEM: but, I did not intend to say that Jesus is not a single entity

LivingEM: I said "she is" -- meaning the fiery serpent -- not a single entity

OnlineHost: PSALM 29 2 has entered the room.

LivingEM: and my voice activated software said to "Jesus" instead of "she is"

LivingEM: the fiery serpent is not a single entity

OnlineHost: Myprecous1 has left the room.

LivingEM: the Hindus call her Kundalini

LivingEM: she is an energy force

LivingEM: the Scripture talks about the God of forces

LivingEM: this is the serpent in her many forms

LivingEM: the fiery serpent is the eggs

LivingEM: they are black because there is no light in them

OnlineHost: LAMB4114 has entered the room.

LivingEM: remember, the light of our mortal humanity, is the human spirit

LivingEM: he is the seed which is our hope of resurrection

LivingEM: a black egg is a spiritual molecule in which the human spirit is completely used up

LivingEM: how can the human spirit be used up?

LivingEM: Does anyone remember how the human spirit is consumed?

LivingEM: If you have an answer but need time to write it out

JSNGSNG: Yes, Leviathan and the fiery serpent use their teeth

LivingEM: please just type something so that I will wait for you

LivingEM: JSNGSNG: yes, this is correct

LivingEM: the fiery serpent and Leviathan feed off of our energy

LivingEM: they are spiritual parasites consuming Adam's ox,

LivingEM: which is supposed to the immortal

OnlineHost: Myprecous1 has entered the room.

LivingEM: to be immortal

Myprecous1: SORRY I got disconnected

LivingEM: the personality of mortal man is what became of Adam's ox

LivingEM: we are in many parts

LivingEM: we are Adam's ox, our carnal mind is the serpent's mind which is our husband

LivingEM: and if Christ is formed in us, we are Christ

LivingEM: and any given moment, we are the mind which is expressing itself through us

LivingEM: this could the the simple mind of the ox

LivingEM: the good and evil mind of the serpent

LivingEM: or the righteous mind of Christ

LivingEM: so, back to our dream

LivingEM: of black egg, is an egg without any light

LivingEM: or, we can say, a black egg is a molecule in the fiery serpent's energy stream in which

LivingEM: the human spirit has been completely consume

LivingEM: consumed

LivingEM: when the fiery serpent and Leviathan have consumed all of our energy -- and energy is another

LivingEM: another word for spirit

LivingEM: we die

LivingEM: is into interesting to note that rotting flesh is black

LivingEM: isn't it

ToDaNow: yes

LivingEM: black eggs are spiritual molecules of our energy stream which are rotting

LivingEM: or dead

LivingEM: just as with the outer body

LivingEM: when a part of it rots and dies, we experienced the loss of that flesh

LivingEM: if we lose an arm or a leg, we are disabled

LivingEM: in the same manner, black, or rotted spiritual eggs affect

LivingEM: our emotional and spiritual life

LivingEM: rotted eggs weaken our moral fiber

LivingEM: and spiritual strength

LivingEM: and bring the quality of our life down into the lower centers

LivingEM: does anybody remember what spiritual atmosphere is found in the lower centers?

LivingEM: What is atypical lifestyle of someone whose consciousness is in the lower centers?


LivingEM: Yes, many types of lust

LivingEM: lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life

LivingEM: the reason that some drug addicts, and some alcoholics

LivingEM: are converted from that lifestyle, and others are not

LivingEM: is because each individual has his own percentage of dead etheric eggs

LivingEM: I don't know where the line is drawn

LivingEM: but I do know this

LivingEM: some drug addicts and alcoholics are healed

LivingEM: and others cry out to God for years, and never seem to find the strength to overcome

LivingEM: this is because the power in the church today is not sufficient to revitalize the spiritual

LivingEM: eggs of a person who has a large percentage of his spiritual eggs blackened

LivingEM: a spiritual blood transfusion is necessary

LivingEM: and to give a blood transfusion, one must have blood

LivingEM: the Holy Spirit is not the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ

LivingEM: Christ Jesus is the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ in the


LivingEM: and even if Christ as been conceived in you, his blood must join with your deficient mortal

LivingEM: mortal blood

LivingEM: and this is no easy feat to accomplish

LivingEM: does anybody know why a spiritual transfusion is so difficult to accomplish?


LivingEM: Someone is guarding the eggs

LivingEM: who is guarding the eggs?

PSALM 29 2: the fiery serpent?

LivingEM: Remember, the egg are the molecules of the fiery serpent's energy stream

Myprecous1: The Serpent

LivingEM: it is the serpent

LivingEM: but which specific member of the serpent's households guards the fiery serpent?

PSALM 29 2: Satan?

ToDaNow: the carnal mind

Myprecous1: Satan

JSNGSNG: Leviathan?

LivingEM: Well, I guess I didn't phrase that question too well

LivingEM: the answer that I was looking for is Leviathan

LivingEM: but according to the way I phrase the question

LivingEM: I have to say that Satan is correct also <G>

LivingEM: I will explain the difference

LivingEM: I had mind the Scripture that says how can you enter into a strong man's house

LivingEM: unless you first bind the strong man

LivingEM: Jesus was talking about Leviathan who is married to the fiery serpent in everyone of her

LivingEM: etheric molecules, which for this teaching, we are calling eggs

LivingEM: we learned from our study in the message "fishing for Leviathan"

LivingEM: that it was necessary for the glorified Jesus Christ to Reese

Leviathan so that Christ

LivingEM: in each of the disciples could separate the fiery serpent from him

LivingEM: and joined with her

LivingEM: himself


LivingEM: Restrain

LivingEM: It is true that Satan is the serpent's vicious dog

LivingEM: that one has to pass through to get to the dual molecules

LivingEM: formed when Leviathan's molecules join with the fiery serpent's molecules

LivingEM: or, we can say, when the serpent's male seed joins with her female seed

LivingEM: or, her eggs

LivingEM: one moment please

LivingEM: I'll take questions when I return

LivingEM: any questions?

JSNGSNG: You said 12 black eggs. Was that of any significance

LivingEM: I believe it is, but I am not sure what it means

LivingEM: I know that 12 is the number of government

Myprecous1: Iwas t wondering why the #12

LivingEM: so it could mean that the serpent's spiritual government is fully

possessing that egg

LivingEM: now, each etheric egg typifies one human being

LivingEM: so, I would say a human being in the condition typified by a black egg,

LivingEM: is a human being who has ascended into the higher centers of the serpent's timeline

LivingEM: remember, all of humanity is one being

LivingEM: made of many cells

LivingEM: this being is consuming itself

LivingEM: as typified by the occult symbol of the serpent eating its own tail

LivingEM: the whole planet is consuming itself

LivingEM: humans eat the animals and the plants

LivingEM: insects, and sometimes, animals, eat the humans

LivingEM: we all consume the water and the air

LivingEM: the plants and vegetables consume the minerals out of the ground

LivingEM: the whole planet is continuously recycling itself

LivingEM: humanity is a part of the whole world which is recycling itself

LivingEM: this world has a name. Does anyone know the name

LivingEM: of the being which is appearing as this whole world?


ToDaNow: leviathan?

LivingEM: no. can anyone tell us who the Devil is?

LAMB4114: us

LivingEM: No. Leviathan is one of the expressions of the serpent

PSALM 29 2: the carnal mind?

LivingEM: the Devil is our old man. If that's what you mean by "us" LAMB, you are correct

JSNGSNG: the Ox?

LivingEM: again, the carnal mind is one of the expressions of the serpent

LivingEM: it is the serpent herself who is appearing as this whole world

LivingEM: I cannot tell you exactly how the loss of an animal population damages her

LivingEM: by I am convinced that the spiritual root of the

LivingEM: movement to preserve animal populations is that

LivingEM: when an animal population is wiped out, some how

LivingEM: the Serpent is experiencing a loss, which can be likened

LivingEM: to a human being losing a leg or an arm

LivingEM: when I say the Serpent, I am speaking about the primordial serpent

LivingEM: no one who of Adam

LivingEM: the one who killed Adam

LivingEM: she is appearing as this visible world, and all of the animals and insects and plant life

LivingEM: it, and she is also appearing in everyone of the planes of


LivingEM: as the entities which in habit those planes

LivingEM: who is the serpent appearing as in the astral plane?

JSNGSNG: carnal mind?

LivingEM: Who is the astral plane?

LivingEM: What is the astral plane?

PSALM 29 2: emotions?



JSNGSNG: Emotional plane?

LivingEM: yes, the astral plane is the emotional world

LivingEM: what symbol typifies the astral plane?

LivingEM: water or Earth?

ToDaNow: water?

LivingEM: Yes

LivingEM: and what is the personal name of the water?

LAMB4114: Satan

PSALM 29 2: satan?

LivingEM: What do we call her


LivingEM: Yes, Satan is the sea which is known as the astral plane

LivingEM: her waters cover three energy centers

Myprecous1: upper tooth

LivingEM: does anyone know the names or the numbers of the energy centers

where Satan reigns?

LAMB4114: three?

JSNGSNG: Fiery Serpent Leviathan Ox

LivingEM: MYprecous1: Who are the to teeth?

LivingEM: Which 3?

Myprecous1: Satan~tooth

LivingEM: JSNGSNG; Correct

LivingEM: Satan's waters flow in the three lowest energy centers

LivingEM: 1= the root center where the fiery serpent is

LivingEM: 2= Leviathan's world, where the main body water is

LivingEM: 3= Satan's visible world where the ox is being consumed

LivingEM: the ox is caught in the primordial serpent's teeth

LivingEM: Leviathan= the upper tooth

LivingEM: and the fiery serpent= the lower tooth

LivingEM: and who knows the name of the waste product

LivingEM: which is generated as a result of the ox's consumption

LivingEM: ?

PSALM 29 2: earth?

Myprecous1: Urine?

ToDaNow: us?

LivingEM: No earth. Who is the fiery serpents spiritual urine

LivingEM: MYprecous1: that's right

LivingEM: spiritual urine is the waste product. What is her personal name?

LivingEM: Who is the spiritual urine?

LAMB4114: Satab

LivingEM: Yes the

LivingEM: ToDaNow: we are the ox who is being consumed

LivingEM: that is why we die

LivingEM: so we see that Leviathan is joined to us in everyone of our

spiritual molecules

LivingEM: and that she is also joined to us as our carnal mind

LivingEM: we are married to the primordial serpent in every aspect of our


LivingEM: and we must be divorced from her in every aspect of our being

LivingEM: in this hour, the primordial serpent is moving with all of her


LivingEM: to fill us up with herself in every molecule of our etheric body

LivingEM: and to completely capture our mind

LivingEM: she would make us a being of black eggs, and black thoughts

LivingEM: and, indeed, is not our human spirit held captive in this black

hole which she has made

LivingEM: as a hellish home for us

LivingEM: black= the absence of light, or spirit

LivingEM: darkness is her cover

LivingEM: but the Lord Jesus Christ has entered into this dark pit

LivingEM: as a bright light

LivingEM: which is swallowing up the darkness

LivingEM: that sounds very beautiful

LivingEM: there are some followers of Jesus Christ who are satisfied with a

beautiful sounding

LivingEM: statement, such as, Jesus Christ is swallowing up the darkness

LivingEM: but there are those of us who are not satisfied

LivingEM: with beautiful words -- although there is nothing wrong if you are

one who is satisfied

LivingEM: with words alone to ish

LivingEM: ignore "to ish"

LivingEM: there are those of us who have a hunger and a thirst

LivingEM: to understand the spiritual depth of the Word

LivingEM: and to those of us who have this thirst, the Lord has enlightened


LivingEM: with this knowledge:

LivingEM: that the Lord Jesus Christ shall restrain Leviathan,

LivingEM: so that Christ Jesus can cut the fiery serpent away from her

LivingEM: and Christ Jesus will join with the fiery serpent and infuse her


LivingEM: with his light, and Adam's ox shall live again

LivingEM: when Christ Jesus swallows up, or joined himself to the etheric molecules

LivingEM: of the fiery serpent

LivingEM: and for season you shall be two types of spiritual blood

LivingEM: flowing through the individual

LivingEM: sweet water and saltwater shall flow from the same fountain

LivingEM: and the two blood types shall be at enmity one against the other

LivingEM: and try to kill each other

LivingEM: and the blood which prevails in any individual shall determine that

individuals nature

LivingEM: and the man with the nature Jesus Christ shall live

LivingEM: these two blood types can be likened to matter and anti-matter

LivingEM: they explode upon contact

LivingEM: and these two blood types manifest as thoughts

LivingEM: the personalities of mortal man must choose

LivingEM: whose thoughts they will agree with

LivingEM: and the choice that we may determines whether or not we live or die

LivingEM: but without instruction, without someone to point of Satan's subtle thoughts

LivingEM: it is very difficult to recognize her

LivingEM: if we cannot recognize her, we cannot reject her

LivingEM: and if we do not reject her, we shall remain with her

LivingEM: and for this reason the Lord has given us Christ Jesus and the doctrine of Christ

LivingEM: that we might recognize Satan, and reject her, and prefer him, and live

LivingEM: Praise the Lord

LivingEM: any questions?

LivingEM: Or comments

JSNGSNG: halleluia

Myprecous1: .Thank you Jesus for your interpretation of the 12 black eggs

PSALM 29 2: i received an image of the black eggs

PSALM 29 2: being like fish eggs or caviar <G>

Myprecous1: Praise the Lord

LivingEM: that's very interesting, knowing that Leviathan is a fish

LivingEM: and that the fiery serpent is a fish when she is joined to her

PSALM 29 2: praise the Lord

ToDaNow: the Christian symbol is a fish

LivingEM: somewhere along the line some men determine that a fish is the Christian symbol

LivingEM: in the same manner some men determine that the cross is a Christian symbol

LivingEM: but neither is true

LivingEM: the doctrine in the church today has been completely infiltrated

LivingEM: with pagan symbols, and symbols which have been chosen without understanding

LivingEM: there is only one symbol

LivingEM: there is only one sign, saith the Lord

LivingEM: and that is the sign of Jonah

LivingEM: the King James translation says, three days and three nights in the belly of the whale

LivingEM: but the Lord says

LivingEM: the Spirit of Christ shall possess the three or centers

LivingEM: and the three higher centers

LivingEM: the three centers that are in the day

LivingEM: and are above

LivingEM: and the three centers which exist in the night

LivingEM: and are below

LivingEM: and when the Spirit of Christ possesses these 6 centers

LivingEM: the center in the middle, the heart center,

LivingEM: shall reflect the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ

LivingEM: and they shall be no more death

LivingEM: hallelujah!

PSALM 29 2: amen

Myprecous1: Amen!

LivingEM: God bless you all. The transcript of this meeting should be available in about 15 minutes

PSALM 29 2: goodnight all

DANIEL42: good bye all

LivingEM: Till we meet again, good night.

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