Astral Projection


LivingEM: Praise the Lord!

LivingEM: Are there any questions or comments today?

LivingEM: I am waiting on the Lord for a lead. The floor is open.

LivingEM: Let us talk about astral projection, from one person through another.

LivingEM: Some people would say that this is not the true astral protection

LivingEM: when one person acts out another person's emotions.

LivingEM: Technically speaking, the true astral projection is the astral body

LivingEM: separating from the physical body to have spiritual experiences.

LivingEM: Whenever I have heard this subject discussed, it is usually said

LivingEM: that it is the etheric double that separates from the physical body.

LivingEM: I do not know for sure whether it is the etheric double or the astral body,

LivingEM: but it seems to me that it must be the astral the body that departs.

LivingEM: The reason I think this is that the etheric double is the

spiritual part of the physical plane.

LivingEM: The etheric double is also called the health aura.

LivingEM: The etheric double, I am told, emanates about one inch beyond the physical body.

LivingEM: It seems to me that the astral body would have much more freedom to separate

LivingEM: from the physical body.

LivingEM: It also seems to me that the astral body is freer than the etheric body.

LivingEM: As far as I know, the etheric body can only take the form of the physical body.

LivingEM: That is why it is called the etheric double.

LivingEM: The astral body is that part of ourselves that is the shape shifter.

LivingEM: This means that the astral body can take whatever form it desires.

LivingEM: And, in fact, another name for the astral body, is the desire body.

LivingEM: The astral body is made up of spiritual molecules which have the ability

LivingEM: to shift their shape, at will.

LivingEM: A body of molecules that can shift its shape at will,

LivingEM: is a body that can appear anyway it wants at any time that wants to.

LivingEM: This is not so distressing if you think of it in these terms,

LivingEM: that we are in practice right now to know people apart from what they look like.

LivingEM: Paul said that we should no longer know anyone after the flesh.

LivingEM: We are challenged everyday to know people

LivingEM: by the speech of their heart.

LivingEM: Some pagan cultures develop this ability in their people

LivingEM: by blindfolding them.

LivingEM: Another way to develop this ability is to try to communicate without language.

LivingEM: Once we become sensitive to the speech on the heart center,

LivingEM: as opposed to the language of the vocal cords,

LivingEM: it would be very difficult for a shape shifter to deceive us.

LivingEM: This is true because we would not be looking at the outward appearance,

LivingEM: but would be discerning the motives, or the speech, of the heart.

LivingEM: It puts us at a disadvantage to base our judgments on the way people look,

LivingEM: on the expressions on their faces, or on the words that come out of their mouth.

LivingEM: The promise of spiritual maturity in Christ Jesus, is that no man should be able to deceive us.

LivingEM: Sometimes sensitive people can discern dishonesty by looking at the persons eyes.

LivingEM: But these are evil days, when it is very common

LivingEM: to find people who have so perfected their dishonesty

LivingEM: that they can even veil their eyes over.

LivingEM: So this is the true astral projection, the projection of the astral body

LivingEM: away from the physical body.

LivingEM: Every man has the potential to form a body on every plane

of consciousness.

LivingEM: But in most people, the bodies that are associated with the higher centers

LivingEM: are not formed, because their consciousness never occupies those centers.

LivingEM: The Scripture calls these unoccupied centers, waste places, or the desert.

LivingEM: As far as I know, every man that exists in this world has at least

LivingEM: a physical body, which includes his etheric double,

LivingEM: and astral body, which is his emotional, or desired, body,

LivingEM: desire body,

LivingEM: and a lower mental body,

LivingEM: that is, a conscious part of the carnal mind, that can reason somewhat.

LivingEM: All of these bodies exists in each and every cell of our being.

LivingEM: This is somewhat difficult to comprehend.

LivingEM: The easiest way to explain it is that all of our bodies are interwoven

LivingEM: on the cellular level.

LivingEM: That is to say, each and every cell of our physical body,

LivingEM: is interwoven with each and every cell of our astral and mental body.

LivingEM: Mind and brain are not synonymous.

LivingEM: Our brain is a single organ, which can be cut out of a dead body,

LivingEM: while our mind is an energy stream, made of many particles,

LivingEM: or spiritual molecules, which flow continuously through our entire being,

LivingEM: just like physical blood flows through our physical body.

LivingEM: This principle is clearly stated in the Scripture, although its context is changed

LivingEM: in the parable or surface levels of understanding.

LivingEM: If you look for this principle with your carnal mind, you will never find it in Scripture.

LivingEM: It is too obvious, and too simple, for the carnal mind to believe.

LivingEM: When Jesus talks about the 12 baskets, this spiritual principle is

what he is talking about.

LivingEM: He is not talking about picnic baskets, he is talking about human beings who

LivingEM: spiritually speaking, are woven baskets which hold spiritual life.

LivingEM: The second Scriptural witness is called admonition about braided hair.

LivingEM: In the Scripture Paul is talking about spiritual women braiding together

LivingEM: with the higher centers of Leviathan's timeline.

LivingEM: How do I know that Paul is talking about Leviathan's timeline? Anybody?

LivingEM: Because he is talking to the women.

LivingEM: If Paul were talking about Christ Jesus' timeline,

LivingEM: he would be addressing the men.

LivingEM: Neither Paul nor the Lord Jesus has any problem with physical women braiding their hair.

LivingEM: As a matter-of-fact men in some generations, and in some countries, have and still do,

LivingEM: braid their hair.

LivingEM: Paul was saying, if you are spiritual woman, if Christ is not raised in you,

LivingEM: you should not braid into the higher centers,

LivingEM: because if you are spiritual woman, your spiritual virginity is joined to herself,

LivingEM: and if you braid into the higher centers, the only one you can possibly join with

LivingEM: is Leviathan, because the glorified Jesus Christ, who was waiting for us

LivingEM: in the seventh energy center, will not join with our spiritual


LivingEM: unless and until she gives up her spiritual masturbation and joins with the resurrected

LivingEM: Christ.

LivingEM: Does anybody remember who are spiritual virginity is?

JSNGSNG: Fiery serpent?

LivingEM: Yes, the fiery serpent is our spiritual virginity.

LivingEM: When she is joined to herself she is practicing spiritual

masturbation, and Jehovah calls

LivingEM: her a worm.

LivingEM: When she is joined to the resurrected Christ she becomes his wife,

LivingEM: and Jehovah calls her his hand.

LivingEM: In this hour Jehovah is relating to mortal man through his Son,

the Lord Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: We can say that Christ Jesus has his hand in the

LivingEM: cockatrice's den

LivingEM: Is 11:8

LivingEM: And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp,

LivingEM: and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice's den.

LivingEM: Does anyone know who the sucking child is?

LivingEM: Christ is the man-child who is sucking at the breast of Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: That Hebrew word translated "play" means to play war games.

LivingEM: The Hebrew word translated asp means "to be twisted."

LivingEM: The resurrected Christ who was sucking at the breast of Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: plays war games with the fiery serpent that he is twisted together with,

LivingEM: but the weaned child,

LivingEM: Does anyone know who the weaned child is?

DANIEL42: Mature Christ Jesus

LivingEM: Yes, Christ Jesus, but you must clarify this by saying,

LivingEM: the glorified Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus who is manifesting in a mortal man, is not weaned,

LivingEM: but still sucking at the breast of the glorified Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: The names do get confusing here, because the glorified Jesus Christ

LivingEM: can be called Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: Does anyone not understand what I just said?

LivingEM: And the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice's den.

LivingEM: The Hebrew word translated "den" comes from another Hebrew word

LivingEM: which means "light."

LivingEM: The hole of the asp is dark because it is the root energy center

of the physical body,

LivingEM: but the den of the cockatrice is light, because she is the ascended counterfeit timeline.

LivingEM: Can anyone guess the New Testament name of the cockatrice?

Myprecous1: Lucifer


LivingEM: This is true, but Lucifer is old Testament.

LivingEM: Yes, Satan is the angel of light, and the God of the counterfeit ascended timeline.

LivingEM: The glorified Jesus Christ, who is higher than the serpent's heaven

LivingEM: shall cover the false light of Satan's counterfeit ascended timeline.

LivingEM: Heb. 7:26

LivingEM: For such an high priest became us,

LivingEM: who is holy, harmless, undefiled,

LivingEM: separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens,

LivingEM: Rev, Chapter 20:1-3

LivingEM: And I saw an angel having the key to the bottomless pit....

LivingEM: and he laid hold of the dragon,

LivingEM: that old serpent, which is the Devil and Satan,

LivingEM: ....

LivingEM: and cast him into the bottomless pit,

LivingEM: and shut him up, and set a seal on him.

LivingEM: The old Testament name for the weaned child, is the ancient of days

LivingEM: Does anyone know his proper name?

JSNGSNG: Jesus Christ

DANIEL42: Elijah in the Old, the Lord Jesus in the New?

LivingEM: Yes, Elijah is the ancient of days in the old Testament.

LivingEM: The spirit of Elijah incarnated again 2000 years ago in the person of the man, Jesus, who

LivingEM: became Jesus, the Christ.

LivingEM: For all intents and purposes the Lord Jesus Christ and the spirit of Elijah, are one and the same.

LivingEM: This truth brethren is the foundation stone of ministry to the practicing Jew

LivingEM: who will not respond to the teaching about some man Jesus,

LivingEM: but will be challenged to deal with the teaching that the spirit of Elijah,

LivingEM: the great old Testament prophet, who is revered by all Jews,

LivingEM: and who it is prophesied will appear again,

LivingEM: has fulfilled Malachi's prophesy and, in fact, appeared again

LivingEM: in the man, Jesus.

LivingEM: And that this great event, that the glorified Elijah, who went to heaven without dying,

LivingEM: and became the ancient of days, the man who no longer needs a physical body

LivingEM: to live, has given his great gift of eternal life to the man, Jesus,

LivingEM: who because of Elijah's strength, overcame his sin nature,

LivingEM: and became the savior of the world,

LivingEM: who is now sharing his strength with the whole world,

LivingEM: so that all of humanity may receive eternal life.

LivingEM: This message began with a discussion about astral projection.

LivingEM: This message started out as a comparison

LivingEM: between the true astral projection -- when the astral body departs from the physical body

LivingEM: to have experiences in the astral plane -- and what is sometimes called astral projection,

LivingEM: which is really the impact that one person's emotional body

LivingEM: can have on another person's emotional body.

LivingEM: It is possible, and indeed frequently happens, that one person's emotions

LivingEM: will affect another person, and the second person will express the emotions that the first

LivingEM: person was feeling.

LivingEM: The difference between the two forms of astral projection is this:

LivingEM: the first kind, where the astral body departs from the physical body to have experiences

LivingEM: in the astral plane, most often occurs as a result of the person's desire

LivingEM: to experience the astral world.

LivingEM: Strong emotion is not necessary.

LivingEM: Strong desire is not the same thing as strong emotion.

LivingEM: Desire is closer to lust, and has to do with craving for

something, or some experience.

LivingEM: Emotion is something that human beings give out

LivingEM: or give off.

LivingEM: Strong emotions can be positive or negative.

LivingEM: We can experience great joy or the depths of sorrow,

LivingEM: but in every case we are giving something of ourselves away.

LivingEM: What we give away takes the form of thought forms.

LivingEM: Desire, on the other hand, invites experience.

LivingEM: Desire invites new strength to enter into us.

LivingEM: Of course, if what we desire opposes God's law, we invite the evil consequences

LivingEM: of that desire, as well as the pleasurable experience.

LivingEM: If what we desire is the things of God, we receive strength as well as positive

LivingEM: experiences. We see that negative desire is called lust.

LivingEM: It is possible for someone to desire another human being to the extent that

LivingEM: they drain that human being of energy.

LivingEM: This is spiritual vampirism.

LivingEM: Every human being is lacking the strength to be totally independent.

LivingEM: Our society provides marriage and family to meet our needs,

LivingEM: but sometimes, when dysfunction sets in, the members of the family become

LivingEM: parasites and murderers, rather than nurturers.

LivingEM: True love imparts strength to the beloved.

LivingEM: Dysfunctional love drains strength from the object of desire.

LivingEM: The true astral projection is initiated by a desire for spiritual experiences.

LivingEM: The dysfunctional astral projection is a desire for another human being,

LivingEM: which is destructive to them.

LivingEM: It manifests as possession.

LivingEM: It is possible for the astral body of one person to project into the spiritual being of

LivingEM: another person, and join with them in a

LivingEM: destructive union which manifests as mind control and other forms of witchcraft.

LivingEM: In such a case, the victim will find herself thinking thoughts and acting out behavior

LivingEM: which they would not normally think or do.

LivingEM: The people who are most often victimized in this manner

LivingEM: are people who are spiritually sensitive. This is just another way of saying

LivingEM: that their walls are very thin, and that they are very sensitive to spiritual speech.

LivingEM: Spiritual speech is inaudible speech, which is perceived by the mind,

LivingEM: as opposed to verbal speech which is perceived by the physical ears.

LivingEM: This kind of spiritual sensitivity can be a blessing, because it makes you aware of many

LivingEM: dangers, but it can be a curse if you cannot deal with the stress

LivingEM: of penetrating minds.

LivingEM: It is not possible to shut out inaudible speak, and be spiritual.

LivingEM: The two terms contradict each other.

LivingEM: If you desire to the spiritual, you must learn to deal with inaudible speech,

LivingEM: or you will be destroyed by your spirituality.

LivingEM: On the other hand, we can be influenced by other people's emotions.

LivingEM: These emotions do not come from people who are trying to gain strength from us.

LivingEM: They are simply emotions which are generated, and form thought forms.

LivingEM: These thought forms are not directed at any one person.

LivingEM: They are merely generated as the result of someone experiencing and expressing

LivingEM: intense emotion.

LivingEM: We can walk into them anywhere, in our house, in the street,

LivingEM: at work or at any public park.

LivingEM: Emotionally charged thought forms are like little bombs.

LivingEM: They float around until they find someone to discharge their energy upon.

LivingEM: Emotionally charged thought forms will discharge their energy into the emotional body

LivingEM: of anyone who does not perceive them, and either deflect them,

LivingEM: or disarm them.

LivingEM: For those people who are spiritually sensitive, this means a minute to my minute

LivingEM: by minute, vigilant defense of their emotional body.

LivingEM: As far as I know at this time desire and emotion are two functions of the same spiritual

LivingEM: body, the astral body.

LivingEM: The creation of positive emotional thought forms can be beneficial to other human beings,

LivingEM: and the desire for righteousness and high spiritual experiences

LivingEM: in Christ Jesus can produce positive effect which will eventually benefit mankind.

LivingEM: Desire is a higher spiritual plane than emotion.

LivingEM: Desire, when directed towards high, noble pursuits in Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: eventually positively affect humanity at large,

LivingEM: but thought forms, even joyful thought forms, only affect a few, if any, people.

LivingEM: Conversely, desired misdirected can hurt more people than negative thought forms.

LivingEM: Desire operates in a high plane of spiritual authority, but thought forms

LivingEM: can be generated with little spiritual power.

LivingEM: To have inherited spiritual power can be a blessing or curse.

LivingEM: It is very important that people who are born with inherited spiritual power

LivingEM: receive instruction as to how to handle it, so that they do not

LivingEM: gather unto themselves many sorrows because of their misuse of their desire body.

LivingEM: As spiritually primitive as some may see it may be, religion and religious instruction

LivingEM: fall into this category. Religion instructs us how to not abuse spiritual power,

LivingEM: when we do not even know that we have spiritual power.

LivingEM: The ten Commandments, for example, are a blueprint which, if followed,

LivingEM: will prevent us from gathering sorrows unto ourselves, without any explanation.

LivingEM: They are commandments without explanation.

LivingEM: One of the things that is happening in our society today,

LivingEM: is that many people are no longer willing to obey commandments which give no explanations.

LivingEM: The ten Commandments are a form of the white throne judgment.

LivingEM: The mature white throne judgment explains righteousness, and imparts an opportunity to

LivingEM: choose. The ten Commandments give no instruction and no choice.

LivingEM: What the two have in common is that they both offer an opportunity to avoid

LivingEM: gathering many sorrows into one's life, and the life of our descendants.

LivingEM: Whether you take Jehovah's judgment with explanation, or without explanation,

LivingEM: you will have the best possible experiences in the valley of the shadow of death, which is

LivingEM: this world. But humanity beings without understanding, are

LivingEM: rejecting the commandments without explanation, and also refusing

LivingEM: to be instructed in righteousness. Therefore, they will learn from experience.

LivingEM: Either their personal experiences, or through the experiences that their offspring will

LivingEM: have. Woe, woe, woe, to those who learn by experience.

LivingEM: They shall experience many sorrows.

LivingEM: Obedience is, indeed, a better path than having to sacrifice one's carnal mind

LivingEM: after she has gained power over us.

LivingEM: Because the carnal mind who is strengthened because of our sin,

LivingEM: is a mighty warrior, indeed, she is the beast of revelation.

LivingEM: She has risen up out of the sea of our unconscious mind, and is having many evil experiences

LivingEM: through many rebellious human beings today.

LivingEM: Woe, woe, woe, to those who have taken this path.

LivingEM: They will shed many tears.

LivingEM: I do not like to end this message on this note, but Christ Jesus has ended it

LivingEM: on this note. in case anybody reading this transcript did not realize it,

LivingEM: the last sentences of this message were prophetic.

LivingEM: Woe, woe, woe, to those who have chosen to follow after the ways of Cain.

LivingEM: And of Balaam.

LivingEM: They have chosen poorly, and will surely experience the fruit of their choice.

LivingEM: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabiters of the earth, for Satan has come down to you having great wrath.

LivingEM: Yea, saith the Lord, the hour shall come and now is,

LivingEM: that has been prophesied from the beginning.

LivingEM: As you perceive it, so shall it come to pass in your life.

LivingEM: Those who look for antichrist shall find her,

LivingEM: but those who look for Christ shall find Him.

LivingEM: As you perceive this world, so shall it be unto you in the hour of my appearing.

LivingEM: Sin waiteth at the door for those who cannot recognize her,

LivingEM: and many will enter into the harlot's house.

LivingEM: And behold there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot,

LivingEM: and subtil of heart,

LivingEM: she is loud and stubborn, her feet abide not in her house,

LivingEM: now is she without, now in the streets, and lieth in wait at every corner,

LivingEM: so she caught him and kissed him, and with an impudent face said to him,

LivingEM: I have peace offerings with me, this day I have paid my vows,

LivingEM: therefore came I forth to meet thee, to diligently seek thy face,

LivingEM: and I have found thee,

LivingEM: ....come let us take our fill of love until the morning....for the

LivingEM: goodman is not at home, he has gone on a long journey,

LivingEM: .....he goeth after her straightaway, as an ox goeth to the slaughter,

LivingEM: or as a fool to the correction of the stocks,

LivingEM: till a dart strike through his liver.....

LivingEM: hearken now therefore unto me my children,

LivingEM: let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths,

LivingEM: for she has cast down many wounded, yea many strong men have been slain

LivingEM: by her, her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.

LivingEM: But wisdom cries out for all who would hear,

LivingEM: for my mouth shall speak the truth,

LivingEM: and wickedness is an abomination to my lips,

LivingEM: all the words of my mouth are in righteousness,

LivingEM: there is nothing froward or perverse in them,

LivingEM: they are all plain to him that understandeth,

LivingEM: and right to them that find knowledge,

LivingEM: receive my instruction and not silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold,

LivingEM: for wisdom is better than rubies,

LivingEM: and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it,

LivingEM: the fear of the Lord is to hate evil,

LivingEM: pride and arrogancy and the evil way,

LivingEM: and the froward mouth do I hate,

LivingEM: counsel is mine and sound wisdom, I am understanding, I HAVE STRENGTH,

LivingEM: I love them that love me, and them that seek me shall find me early,

LivingEM: riches and honor are with fruit is better than gold,

LivingEM: I lead the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment,

LivingEM: that I may cause those that love me to inherit substance,

LivingEM: and I will fill their treasures [storehouses],

LivingEM: ...Now, therefore, hearken unto me oh ye children, for blessed are they that keep my ways,

LivingEM: hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not,

LivingEM: blessed is the man that heareth me,

LivingEM: ....for whoso findeth me findeth life,

LivingEM: but he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul,

LivingEM: all they that hate me love death.

LivingEM: For anyone who does not know it, I just quoted portions of

Proverbs, Chapters 8 and 9.

LivingEM: I believe we shall be seeing great things in the earth very soon.

LivingEM: Does anyone have anything to say before we close?

LivingEM: God bless you all and goodnight.

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