A House Divided


Scriptures Commented On (In Order Of Appearance): Luke 11:17 , Luke 12:51-52, Luke 12:53


<LivingEM> Praise the Lord everybody! I am having a good day today, and I hope you are all having a good day also.

The Lord delivered me this past Sunday evening from an oppression that had been on me for months. As I told the group on Sunday morning, I had a cloud of misery resting upon me that I could not shake no matter how hard I tried. But on Saturday night, the Lord reminded me that the esoteric definition of THE Bible Character, Delilah, is the spiritual woman who is miserable, disheartened, and pining away, and led me to read the Alternate Translation of Judges, Chapter 15, which confirmed to me that the problem was not arising from within me, but was being prayed upon me from without.

As I read Judges, Chapter 15, I realized that the esoteric Delilah is the pawn of Satan who desires to wipe Samson's esoteric doctrine out of the minds of the spiritual men of Judah, but this is not true in my case. The Doctrine of Christ has been very strong within me throughout this whole trial and, revelationally, I am still pressing forward in a powerful way.

This means that the misery that I was experiencing in my emotions was directed to my carnal nature from without, with the intention of seducing Cain within me to agree with the suggested ungodly line of thought.

The psychic prayer failed because the Doctrine of Christ remains strong within me. Christ Jesus within me was too strong to be influenced by the Satanic suggestion of misery, which was fully received by my emotional nature.

Cain within me received the suggestion and became miserable and disheartened, and pining away for the things of this world, but Abel within me, is apparently so intertwined with, and supported by Christ Jesus within me, who is at least partially intertwined with the glorified Jesus Christ who is above, that the only result of the psychic prayer was to torment me. The psychic prayer affected and overcame Cain, my emotional nature, but did not move Christ Jesus who was completely covering Abel within me.

Brethren, we are in a war every day of our life. Mortal man has a dual foundation.

Can anyone tell us the name of the dual foundation of mortal man?

<Overcomer> The carnal mind and the mind of Christ.

<Myprecous> Carnal mind and the mind of Christ.

<Livingem> The question was, what is the name of the dual foundation of MORTAL man? Is the mind of Christ mortal?

<Lamb> Cain and Abel?

<Daniel42> Fiery Serpent.

<Livingem> Overcomer and Jsngsng, is the mind of Christ mortal?

<Overcomer> No.

<Jsngsng> No.

<Livingem> I see where you are coming from. I should have asked, what is the mortal, dual foundation of mortal man.

Ok. Both Cain and Abel, and the Fiery Serpent, are the correct answer.

Can anyone tell us the difference between Cain and Abel and the Fiery Serpent?

<Overcomer> The Fiery Serpent is Cain and Abel in the image of the Primordial Serpent.

<Lamb> Cain is earth, Abel is spirit and the Fiery Serpent is their spiritual sexual potential.

<Livingem> Overcomer and Lamb, what you both said is correct, but does not answer the question. Let me rephrase the question.

When does the Scripture refer to Cain and Abel as the Fiery Serpent, rather than Cain and Abel?

<Overcomer> When Cain is on top of Abel, and they are in the image of the Primordial Serpent.

<Livingem> That is true Overcomer, but I am looking for the spiritual principle here.

The spiritual principle is that when two walk together IN AGREEMENT, they can be considered one man.

When Abel is in complete agreement with Cain, the two are one spiritual woman called the Fiery Serpent, but when Abel agrees, on any level, in any measure, with the mind of Christ, a division, a separation, is created between the two, to the extent that Cain and Abel can no longer be called a unity.

Abel's deviant thought immediately identifies him as an independent entity, separate and apart from Cain, and so, the Fiery Serpent ceases to exist. Cain and Abel, representing two different thought patterns, replace the unified Fiery Serpent.

Are there any questions concerning this comparison of Cain and Abel to the Fiery Serpent?

The Fiery Serpent is completely given over to Satan and Leviathan, the carnal mind of mortal man. Cain and Abel are a divided entity which cannot stand.

Either Abel's rebellion must be completely put down, and the two restored to unilateral submission to Satan and Leviathan, or Abel must climb on top of Cain and dominate her so completely that the two become a renewed unity engraved with the image of Jesus Christ.

Luke 11:17, But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth. (KJV)

<Livingem> Jesus is saying that the emotional and mental stability of the mortal man who is divided within himself will fail.

Do you know that confusion in human relationships is one of Satan's greatest weapons?

Satan can break a human being by shaking his core beliefs, and that man will then become spiritually weak and susceptible to ungodly control.

In the same manner, proud, rebellious men become susceptible to the Godly control of Christ Jesus when the painful and debilitating experiences that result from a sinful lifestyle break them to the point of confusion.

So we see that confusion will break a mighty man, whether his might arises out of Satan and Leviathan, or out of Christ Jesus. We must find the middle ground between knowing what we believe, and being unteachable.

How do we accomplish this?

We must be willing to admit that we may have believed an error, but not change our thinking until Christ Jesus witnesses the correction to us.

This is very difficult to do, because we must deal with our pride, the foundational source of self-deception, personal destruction and disaster, before we can even hope to investigate new ideas and successfully absorb the correct ones into our spiritual database.

We must utterly defeat pride in this area. We must be able to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are willing to believe anything, admit error concerning out most heartfelt beliefs, and bravely press forward into truth, as the Lord Jesus calls upon us to make the sacrifices that will cause His name be exalted within us.

The truth is that many people who believe that they can and do follow this rule, are deceived, but whoever truly seeks after the truth will find it.

We must look at new ideas with a heart that says, Lord, if it is true, I want to believe it. Then you continue to believe your revelation until such time as the controversial issue either disappears from your mind, or starts to make sense.

We can reason with the Lord, which I do whenever confronted with someone else's opinion saying either, this sounds right to me, Lord, and I tend to believe it, but if I'm mistaken please do not let me believe a lie, or I am having a real problem with this Lord, and I think this teacher is wrong in what he is saying here, but I do not want to be ignorant or prideful. So if he knows something that I do not know, please help me to learn from him.

The bottom line, brethren, is the condition of our own heart. The heart (4th) energy center is the foundational center of the righteous time line. If we are not manifesting Christ Jesus in our heart (4th) energy center, at least in this area, we will be led astray and seduced continually.

It is a good idea to put yourself before the Lord and ask him if you are manifesting the qualities of Christ Jesus in your heart (4th) energy center.

Do you love the truth? Do you love honesty and decency? What is your response to dishonesty and deception?

If you are indignant, Christ Jesus is not manifesting in these areas. Put yourself before the Lord and check yourself out. The truth will set you free.

Without truth about who and what we are, without the truth concerning our motives in our relationships with other people, we cannot mature in Christ Jesus, because maturing in Christ Jesus requires the destruction and death of every quality within us that arises out of Satan's nature.

Luke 12:51, Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay, but rather division:

52, For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. (KJV)

<Livingem> The number one can be translated unity.

(AT) From now on, the unified household shall be divided.

<Livingem> This is Jesus speaking, so who is the unified household?

The Fiery Serpent is the unity that Jesus has come to divide.

From now on the unified household that is in five shall be divided.

What does five mean?

From now on, the Fiery Serpent, the unified household that is in five, shall be divided. From now on, the Fiery Serpent, the unified household of the one who is ascended into the neck (5th) energy center of the righteous timeline, shall be divided.

Righteous timeline is a translation of the Hebrew word translated above.

From now on, the Fiery Serpent, the unified household of the one who is ascended into the neck (5th) energy center of the timeline that is above, shall be divided.

From now on, the Fiery Serpent, the unified household of the one who is ascended into the neck (5th) energy center of the timeline that is above, shall be divided into two...

...and the second shall be above the third.

<Livingem> Who is the second one?

Who is the second born?

<Lamb> Abel.

<Livingem> Yes, Abel is the second born.

<Myprecous> Abel

<Livingem> And Abel shall be above the third.

Who is third?

<Lamb> Satan?

<Livingem> Yes, Satan is the third part of the soul, which is the personality.

(AT) From now on, the Fiery Serpent, the unified household of the one who is ascended into the neck (5th) energy center of the timeline that is above, shall be divided in two, and Abel shall be above Satan.

<Livingem> The Greek word translated third appears twice, but is translated only once, obviously, because the King James translators did not know what to do with the extra word. In this verse we will translate the word third, as Leviathan.

And Abel shall be above Cain and Leviathan.

(AT) From now on, the Fiery Serpent, the unified household of the one that is ascended into the neck (5th) energy center of the timeline that is above, shall be divided in two, and Abel shall be above Cain and Leviathan.

<Livingem> Can anyone tell us why Abel in the neck (5th) energy center of the righteous timeline is higher than Cain and Leviathan?

Where is Leviathan located?

Someone should know the answer to this one.

<Lamb> The Dragon's timeline?

<Overcomer> The heart (4th) energy center of the wrong time line.

<Livingem> Which energy center, Lamb?

<Jsngsng> Right side of the heart (4th) energy center?

<Livingem> In the average person, Leviathan is in the neck (5th) energy center of the counterfeit timeline.

And where is Cain in the average person?

<Myprecous> Belly (3rd) energy center.

<Daniel42> Cain is in the belly (3rd) energy center of the counterfeit timeline.

<Livingem> Yes, Cain is in the belly, the 3rd energy center.

So we can say that Abel in the neck (5th) energy center of the righteous timeline is above Cain, who was in the belly (3rd) energy center. And some of us may know that the neck (5th) energy center of the righteous timeline is above the neck (5th) energy center of the counterfeit timeline.

But I suggest to you that the intention of the verse at hand is to distinguish a second unity that will be broken up.

The first unity that is to be broken up is Cain and Abel.

The second unity to be broken up is the marriage between Cain and Leviathan.

Can anyone tell us where the marital bed is?

<Jsngsng> Heart (4th) energy center?

<Daniel42> Neck (5th) energy center.

<Livingem> Yes, Jsngsng, the marriage bed is the heart (4th) energy center.

So we see that Jesus is speaking to the Pharisees and revealing to them that, despite all of their knowledge, Leviathan has descended into their belly (3rd) energy center to join with Cain within them, and bring her into the right side of the heart (4th) energy center, where Cain and Leviathan are joined in marriage.

So Abel, when he is ascended into the neck (5th) energy center, is above Cain, and is also above the married couple in the heart (4th) energy center.

Alternate Translation, Lk. 12:51 So you think I came to bring peace in the earth [that is married to Satan and Leviathan]? No, I have come to divide [Abel, my son, from Cain and the Leviathan],

52 So, from now on, the Fiery Serpent, the unified household of the one that is ascended into the neck (5th) energy center of the timeline that is above, shall be divided in two, and Abel shall be above Cain and Leviathan.

Luke 12:53, The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against the daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. (KJV)

<Livingem> In this scenario, who is the son?

Abel is the son.

Who is the father in this case? Who will Abel be divided from?

<Daniel42> Satan.

<Myprecous> Satan.

<Livingem> Yes, Satan is the father of the Fiery Serpent. And even though Abel is gravitating towards Christ Jesus, he is still considered Satan's offspring for so long as he bears Satan's nature.

Who is the mother of the Fiery Serpent?


I suggest to you that the use of the word son signifies that Abel has returned to the true Father. If this were not so, the Scripture would call him daughter, because the Fiery Serpent is the daughter of Satan and Leviathan.

Abel, Jehovah's son who has separated in his thoughts from his identity as the Fiery Serpent, will separate from Satan, the father of the Fiery Serpent, and Leviathan, the mother of the Fiery Serpent, and ascend above them.

<Livingem> Who is the mother that Jehovah's son is being divided from?

<Lamb> Leviathan.

<Daniel42> Leviathan.

<Jsngsng> Leviathan.

<Livingem> Yes, and Abel, Jehovah's son, shall be divided from Leviathan.

So we see that when Abel is drawn up by Christ Jesus into the neck (5th) energy center of the righteous timeline, Abel, Jehovah's son, will then be divided from Satan and Leviathan, the father and mother of the Fiery Serpent, the ungodly identity that Abel is being delivered from.

...But Satan, the father, shall move towards (against) the daughter.

<Livingem> Can anyone tell us what this means? But Satan shall move towards the Fiery Serpent?

<Jsngsng> To recapture her?

<Livingem> Yes, Satan will move capture Abel and rejoin him to Cain.

...And the daughter shall move towards the mother-in-law (the wife's mother).

<Livingem> Who is the wife? Who is the husband?

Cain is Abel's wife, and Abel is Cain's husband.

Who is Abel's legitimate mother?

<Lamb> Adam.

<Livingem> Yes, Adam is Abel's legitimate mother.

Who is Jehovah's wife?

<Myprecous> We are Jehovah's wife.

<Livingem> We, the personality, are the wife of Christ Jesus.

Christ Jesus is Jehovah's wife, but that was a good try Myprecous.

...And the daughter shall move towards the mother-in-law...

(AT) And the Fiery Serpent, Satan and Leviathan's daughter, shall move towards, or seek to be above, Adam/Christ Jesus.

<Livingem> And the mother-in-law shall move towards her daughter-in-law.

The Greek word translated for signifies oneself, which means, in the esoteric doctrine, Adam/Christ Jesus' reflections.

Can anyone tell us who Adam/Christ Jesus' reflections are?

<Myprecous> The sons of God.

<Lamb> Us?

<Jsngsng> Us?

<Livingem> Yes, the sons of God.

We are Adam/Christ Jesus' reflections.

(AT) Adam/Christ Jesus, Cain's mother-in-law, will move towards Cain, her daughter-in-law, to be above her, and Cain, the daughter-in-law, shall seek to be above Adam/Christ Jesus, her mother-in-law.

Alternate Translation, Lk. 12:53, [Jehovah's] son, [Abel] that [rises] above Satan, his father, and Leviathan, his mother, shall be divided [from them, but when Satan], the father [of the Fiery Serpent, his] daughter, [is] above [Abel, Jehovah's] son, [the Fiery Serpent, Satan's] daughter, is above [Adam, Cain's] mother-in-law, and [Leviathan, Cain's] mother, is above [Abel], her daughter-in-law,* and [Cain, Adam's] daughter-in-law, [is above Adam], her mother-in-law.

<Livingem> * Abel becomes the woman, and Satan and Leviathan's daughter-in-law, when Cain is above him.

So we see from this Scripture that, when Jesus speaks about a house divided, He is speaking on a very deep esoteric level. The Lord Jesus is not seeking to break up physical families. This is the work of Satan.

The truth of the matter is that Jesus moves within physical families to break ungodly soul ties and the power of Satan and Leviathan within the family, and to raise up Christ Jesus as the head of the household.

When Christ Jesus is exalted in a family, the spirit of reconciliation flows freely, and restoration takes place. Let's try one more.

Luke 11:17, But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth. (KJV)

<Livingem> The whole kingdom that is above is divided from itself.

Can anyone tell us what this means?

How can the kingdom that is above be divided from itself?

Who is itself?

<Lamb> The household of God.

<Myprecous> Satan.

<Livingem> That is an answer, Lamb, that needs to be interpreted.

Who is the household of God?

<Lamb> Abel, the Fiery Serpent, Christ Jesus, etc?

<Livingem> Myprecous, Satan is the other self of the kingdom of God?

There is a counterpart in the earth of the Kingdom of God that is above and beyond this world. As far as we are concerned, for this study, the Lord Jesus Christ represents the Kingdom that is above.

Who represents the Kingdom of God in the earth?

<Myprecous> Christ Jesus.

<Livingem> Yes, Christ Jesus is the Kingdom of God in the earth.

...The whole kingdom from above that is divided against itself is brought to ruin.
<Livingem> This verse is talking about the unity that is formed between the glorified Jesus Christ, the Kingdom above, and Christ Jesus within the individual.

When the unity of Lord Jesus Christ (above) and Christ Jesus (below) is broken apart, the personality (soul) that Christ Jesus dwells in, is brought to ruin.

Jesus is saying this to the Pharisees who have just accused him of casting out demons by the power of Beelzebub. Jesus is telling the Pharisees that to lie about who Jesus is, and about the power that dwells within Jesus, and the work that Jesus does, will rend the unity of the Godhead that existed within Israel in that day. And the same is true for the Church today.

It is very serious to say that the son of God manifests the power of the ascended Fiery Serpent. Jesus will not punish you for doing this, but Satan will take advantage of your deviation from righteousness, and may be able to capture you.

...A house [divided] against a house falls.

<Livingem> There is no Greek foundation for the word divided in this phrase, a house against a house will fall.

A house, or a household that moves aggressively toward another household will fall.

I suggest to you that Jesus is saying to the Pharisees, if you challenge, or come against the unified household of God within me, if you stand in the way of the common people who truly desire God, your Fiery Serpent, which is ascended into the crown (7th) energy center, will fall down, and you will lose whatever spiritual power you have that does not arise out of the Godhead.

Jesus is saying to the Pharisees, we will see who is truly manifesting the power of God, because the result of this confrontation between you and me, is that one of us will lose our power!

Brethren, the result of spiritual warfare, is that one of the contestants, the losing one, loses their power.

But the Lord is giving me another understanding of this phrase. The word household can be likened to the English idiom housewife, and the Greek word translated against can be translated above.

(AT) the housewife that is above, will descend (falleth) upon the housewife [below, that is uncovered].

<Livingem> Who is the house wife that is above?

Who is the heavenly female?

Adam's ox is the heavenly female.

Who is Adam's ox manifesting as in this age?

The personalities of mortal man.

Who is the housewife that is above, or ascended?

The mortal personality that is married to Christ Jesus.

Who is the housewife that is below?

The mortal personality that is married to Satan and Leviathan.

Alternate Translation, Lk. 11:17, But [Jesus] knew their thoughts, [so] He said to them, [when] the mind that [is joined to the glorified Elijah] is divided [from him, the personality] loses [her spiritual power, and], the housewife that [is ascended], falls down [and becomes] the housewife [of Satan and Leviathan].

<Livingem> But I thought that the personality could ascend in Satan also?

The personality that ascends in Satan, travels a curved path that winds up in the crown (7th) energy center of Leviathan's timeline, which is immediately next to the root (1st) energy center. The crown (7th) energy center of Leviathan's timeline is below the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th energy centers of Leviathan's timeline. So, in the Dragon's world, up is down.

Fear not, little flock, for I am with you. Whosoever seeks to destroy my anointed shall lose his power. And the true power of God, and the vessel that contains it, shall be revealed. But I am a holy God, says the Lord who has mercy, even great mercy, upon the ignorant. Yes, says the Lord, I shall defeat your enemies and gather them into my Kingdom, and they shall be at peace with you, and they shall learn from you. I have seen your continuing selfless sacrifice on behalf of my immature ones. They have wounded you, and they have tried to kill you, but you have not retaliated, but you have been faithful to me. I have seen you swallow your pride says the Lord, I have seen you pray for the murderer. I have heard your cries for more strength. I am not a God that incurs debt. I shall surely recompense says the Lord.

<Livingem> Would everyone please tell me what they think the Lord means by the last statement, I shall surely recompense?

<Lamb> Make it up to us?

<Myprecous> Make up for the years that the locusts have taken.

<Livingem> Lamb and Myprecous, you are being non-specific today. Please give specific answers.

Everybody, please stop making statements that need to be interpreted. We just went through this a few weeks ago. The Female Opinion is not allowed in this meeting, and I rebuke the female spirit. We have had two full meetings on this issue. All you spiritual women, please be silent, and let Christ speak out of these personalities.

<Livingem> Is the Lord directing his recompense to the murderer or to the son?

<Overcomer> Son.

<Livingem> Everybody please respond.

<Jsngsng> Son.

<Daniel42> Son.

<Overcomer> He is saying, he will reward the son with the fruit of his labor in Christ Jesus?

<Lamb> Son.

<Myprecous> Son.

<Livingem> Lamb?

Yes, the Lord is promising to bless the son.

I wanted to make sure that none of you thought that the Lord intended to harm the ignorant person. I am very happy that none of you manifested a spirit of condemnation.

Of course, we do not know how this recompense will manifest, but my guess is that it will be a spiritual increase.

The Lord our God, He is very good. He is gracious and His mercy endures throughout this age, and until the end of it.

His kindness is beyond our ability to comprehend it.

His light is so bright, most cannot perceive it.

His forgiveness is incomprehensible.

His perfection reveals how inadequate we all are.

I believe that xxxx has already had, or is about to have, a very great fall. The Lord told me that she is, or was, ascended into the crown (7th) energy center. I saw her come down in the spirit, but I do not know if it has manifested yet. My heart is heavy as I prepare to see her in a little more than two hours.

What a shame it is that we humans are so silly, that more often than not, we go the hard way, rather than the easy way.

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,

All King Leviathan's horses and all King Leviathan's men, could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

BUT KING JESUS, He can put the broken unity in Christ Jesus back together again.

He can heal the brokenhearted.

He can restore even the dead.

There is nothing that we can lose that He cannot replace.

He takes away the old so that He can provide the new, so anyone who fights against God, is a fool. But Jesus loves the fool, and has great mercy upon us.

This woman carried the unity named Pharaoh within herself, and this woman came against the household of God. But today, says the Lord, it is revealed whose power arises out of Beelzebub, and whose power arises out of Christ Jesus.

Indeed, your house is divided says the Lord. I have broken Pharaoh's rod and staff. The Fiery Serpent has fallen down from the crown (7th) energy center with a great crash.

Yes, says the Lord, I have taken you down forcibly, I have defeated your body guards, and I have broken your chariot. I have revealed your true nature says the Lord, and I have exposed the source of your power to be the swine.

Repent now says the Lord, and cease from struggling, for the day of your calamity is truly at hand, you have come to the end of yourself, and your foolishness is made public.

Hide says the Lord behind the rock that I have prepared for you, before Satan takes advantage of your nakedness. None is so blind as those who refuse to see. I stand at the door and knock. You will open to me soon, says your God.

<Livingem> Well, on this somber note I will close the meeting. I have no prayer for her (AT) this time, but I know that all things will work for her good.

Are there any questions or comments?

God bless you all.



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