Tidal Waves In Mainland, U.S.A.?


Scriptures Commented On (In Order Of Appearance):Rev.12:9, 7

<LivingEM> I intended to discuss the potential tsunami off the North Carolina coast last week and the spiritual significance of cracks in the ocean bed, but the Lord had other ideas.

Let's go on with our spiritual application of the potential tsunami. Can anyone define tsunami (pronounced sunamee) for us?

A very large ocean wave caused by an underwater earthquake or volcanic eruption. In other words, a tidal wave.

Tidal wave: an unusual rise or incursion of water along the seashore, as from a storm or a combination of wind and spring tide, an overwhelming manifestation, a flood.

Can anyone tell us the spiritual significance of the seashore?

What is the name of the spiritual place where the sea meets the earth?

What is the spiritual significance of the sea?

Who is the sea?

<Jsngsng> Satan.

<LivingEM> Yes, Satan symbolizes the sea.

Who is the earth?

The Primordial Serpent is the earth.

Who is the ground?

<Jsngsng> Fiery Serpent?

<LivingEM> The Fiery Serpent, Kundalini in Hindu philosophy, is the ground.

Can anyone tell us the difference between the earth and the ground?

Earth - the softer, more crumbly, part of land.

Ground - the solid surface of the earth, the floor of a body of water, especially the sea.

<LivingEM> The Scripture identifies the soft, surface of the earth, with the English word EARTH, and

The solid earth underneath the surface, with the English word GROUND.

Was Adam formed from the earth or from the ground?

<Jsngsng> Dust of the earth.

<LivingEM> Yes, Adam is formed from the dust, or the ascended surface particles of the soft, crumbly earth.

The earth is the crumbly, surface part of the land, and the ground is the harder, more solid part that lies underneath the surface.

Spiritually speaking, the soft crumbly earth mixed with the primordial waters and became the spiritual clay that Cain, the spiritual female animal, is formed from.

We just said that the earth lies on top of the more solid ground. So if the Fiery Serpent [Kundalini], the solid, or hard part of the land, is underneath the spiritual clay,

What form is the surface of the earth in today?

The personalities of mankind.

The personalities of mankind, the soft part of the earth, lie on top of the Fiery Serpent, the hard part of the earth.

The hard part signifies the male part of the Fiery Serpent, who dominates the female side of mortal man's personalities, the present-day expression of Cain.

What is the name of the primordial waters that went under ground?

The Primordial Serpent.

Who is the Primordial Serpent appearing as today?


Rev 12:9, And the great dragon was cast out, that old Serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. (KJV)

<LivingEM> ...that old Serpent, called the Devil and ????

Satan, that ancient Serpent, the Primordial Serpent, is still appearing today as water and land. Satan is the water, or spiritual blood, of the mortal creation, and the personality that is in full agreement with the evil thoughts of their carnal mind is the solid part (the Devil).

The Fiery Serpent is the subconscious part of the carnal mind.

What happens to the Fiery Serpent when she ascends into the right side of the heart (4th) energy center?

The heart (4th) energy center is the marriage bed.

Who does the Fiery Serpent marry in the right side of the heart (4th) energy center?

<OVERCOMER> Leviathan.

<Jsngsng> Satan.

<OVERCOMER> No, I think it's the personality she marries.

<LivingEM> The male side of the personality, the Fiery Serpent, is married to the female side of the personality in every baby born of a woman.

The Fiery Serpent marries Leviathan in the right side of the heart (4th) energy center.

And who does the Fiery Serpent marry in the left side of the heart (4th) energy center?

<Jsngsng> Christ Jesus.

<LivingEM> Yes, Christ Jesus.

So we see that the sea and the ocean bed of the Atlantic ocean are the physical macrocosm of the pristine spiritual world that came into existence when Elohim's waters fell into the lower window of creation and mixed with the dry spiritual earth (Gen. 1:9). The individual mortal man is the microcosm of this same spiritual world.

In other words, the spiritual reality that formed our world is expressing herself both in a small way [individual mortal man], and in a large way [physical ocean and the universes].

But I thought that the Lord Jesus was the only reality, Sheila.

Satan is the spiritual reality that has formed the world as we know it. The Lord Jesus is the only TRUE reality -- that is, He will never cease to exist. Satan will cease to exist when the Lord Jesus forms the land, sea and stars of our world in His own image.

The land (earth), sea (ocean), and air (spirit), of the universes, are presently in the image of Satan, the present day expression of the Primordial Serpent who tricked Adam, stole his spiritual substance, and killed Him. And now, the primordial substance, Jehovah's holy seed mixed with the spiritual earth, is presently engraved with the Primordial Serpent's nature.

Jesus said that He came to save that which was lost.

What was lost?

Jehovah's primordial substance, the spiritual foundation of Jehovah's civilized man.

Can anyone tell us what human, physical substance can be likened to primordial substance?

<Psalm292> The human spirit.

<LivingEM> The answer is seminal fluid.

What is the name of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid?


How many sides does seminal fluid have?

What are the two sides of seminal fluid?

What does seminal fluid consist of?

<Jsngsng> Water and seed.

<LivingEM> And what is the name of the water side of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid in this fallen world?


And the name of the seed side is?

The Fiery Serpent [Kundalini].

But how can Jehovah's seed be a part of the carnal mind that is ruled by Satan, Sheila?

Elohim's seeds were scattered upon the spiritual earth after the Primordial Serpent murdered Adam, the guardian of the seeds of Jehovah's civilized man, and the Primordial Serpent, the spiritual earth, covered them over and engraved them with her own nature before Jehovah's image was permanently impressed upon them.

Both Cain and Abel were engraved with Satan's nature, and are appearing today as the Fiery Serpent, the two-sided personality of mortal man. Jesus came seeking Abel, the male side of the personality that is buried under Cain, the female clay animal that covers him.

Wherefore, the Scripture says that we are dead and buried, but that there is a stone marking our graves, a remembrance, which is our ability to recognize our true Father and His world.

What is this remembrance?


<LivingEM> Yes, Abel is correct.

Jehovah's seed is that part of mortal man which has the potential to return to the Father. Only that which came down from heaven can return to heaven.

As we discussed in a previous message, Abel is dead in most of humanity, but can be revived in the Jew because of Jacob's recent [only a few thousand years ago] covenant with Jehovah.

The glorified Elijah revived Abel in Jesus, a Jew, 2,000 years ago, and Jesus was glorified. Wherefore, everyone born of a woman can now hope for salvation in the Holy Name of Christ Jesus.

How is Jesus' Holy Name made available to all of humanity?

In what form?

Name means nature.

What must be grafted to mortal man for him to be restored to the kingdom of God?

<OVERCOMER> The seed of His life.

<LivingEM> And what is the name of that Holy Seed?

<OVERCOMER> Abel or the Spirit of Christ.

<LivingEM> Christ.

The Spirit of Christ is Jesus' whole spiritual seminal fluid in a mortal man, and Christ is the seed side of the Spirit of Christ that is grafted to the spiritually dead Abel.

So we see that Abel, Jehovah's seed that was corrupted by the Primordial Serpent, is buried under the ocean bed of Satan's spiritual sea, and that all of these spiritual principles exist within the individual mortal man, who is a microcosm of the present formation of Jehovah's spiritual substance.

Now, how shall we apply this spiritual knowledge to the cracks in the ocean bed of the Atlantic ocean?

Why would the earth under the ocean bed crack?

Why would the wet earth of a physical garden crack?

What causes the earth of our physical garden to crack?

Almost all of you are gardeners. Somebody must know the answer.

When does the solid earth crack?

<LAMB> Earthquake.

<LivingEM> Does virgin earth, earth without seed, crack?

<LAMB> No.

<Myprecous1> When the seed is ready to burst forth, the emerging seedling causes the earth to crack.

<LivingEM> Yes, Myprecous. emerging seedlings break up the earth as they pierce through.

An earthquake is a sudden movement of the earth's crust caused by the release of stress accumulated by a geologic fault.

Christ grafted to the Fiery Serpent is the fault, or the opposition to Satan's nature in the earthen personalities of mankind.

Brethren, every spiritual event that builds the Kingdom of God, tears down this physical world. Why?

<Myprecous1> To make room for the new.

<LivingEM> Non-specific answers are not acceptable, myprecous.

<Myprecous1> I am sorry.

<LivingEM> Thank you.

<OVERCOMER> Because this world is in the image of the Serpent and Satan.

<LivingEM> Yes, Overcomer, that is one half of the answer. The two kingdoms, one engraved with Satan's nature, and the other engraved with the nature of the Lord Jesus, cannot co-exist indefinitely. One will Eventually destroy the other.

So we see that the earthquakes prophesied in the Scripture signify Christ piercing through Cain, the spiritual female animal that covers Abel, who Christ is grafted to. Cain and Abel within a mortal man engraved with the Primordial Serpent's nature, are known as the Fiery Serpent.

For the specific purpose of?

Why does Christ break forth from under the Fiery Serpent's ground?

What is Christ's commission?

To rise into??

<Jsngsng> Timeline.

<LivingEM> Yes. Christ is the seed of the righteous timeline.

What is Christ's destination?

Where does Christ ascend to?

<Jsngsng> Crown (7th) energy center.

<OVERCOMER> The heart (4th) energy center first, and then from there on up to the next centers.

<LivingEM> Christ's ultimate goal is the crown (7th) energy center, but his first stop is the left side of the heart (4th) energy center, and then the throat (5th) energy center, where He gains the strength to???

<OVERCOMER> Communicate spiritually and overcome Leviathan?

<LivingEM> Good try Overcomer.

To overshadow the Fiery Serpent who is in the ??? energy center?

<OVERCOMER> Heart (4th) energy center?

<LivingEM> The Fiery Serpent ascended into the heart (4th) energy center is married to Leviathan, so Christ Jesus would have to separate the two lovers and cast the Fiery Serpent down to the belly (3rd) energy center before He could cover the Fiery Serpent.

Christ Jesus in the throat (5th) energy center covers the Fiery Serpent when she is in the belly (3rd) energy center.

The springing forth of the spiritual plant is a duality, which means that there are two potential resurrections. The Fiery Serpent married to Leviathan is springing forth in some members of mankind, and the Fiery Serpent married to Christ Jesus is springing forth in other members of mankind.

These are the two resurrections, one unto righteousness, and the other unto damnation (Acts 24:15). One group is ascending into spiritual maturity with the Serpent's nature, and the other group is ascending into spiritual maturity with the nature of the Lord Jesus, and the members of the two ascended groups will war against one another.

Rev 12:7, And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels. (KJV)

<LivingEM> In the first phrase of Rev. 12:7, Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, Christ Jesus, signified by Michael, fights Leviathan within the individual, and in the second phrase, and the dragon fought and his angels, we see Leviathan, the dragon within the individual mortal man [angels], fighting against Christ Jesus [angels] within the individual mortal man.

The members of Leviathan's timeline ascend without any internal warfare because Christ Jesus is not at war with them. He is pleading with them to repent. But Leviathan's crowd is warring against the people who are ascending in Christ Jesus, praying against them, and using will power to try to stop them.

But there is a company that will overcome Leviathan within themselves, ascend in Christ Jesus, and war against the pride and witchcraft of Leviathan within the people who consciously prefer Satan's thoughts.

The overcoming Christians shall intercede for the ones who cannot overcome Leviathan within themselves. Christ Jesus, the Lake of Fire within the mature believers, shall melt the Fiery Serpent's spiritual ground (2 Pet. 3:10,12) so that Christ can escape, and everyone who truly desires to serve the Lord Jesus shall find Him.

So we see that the emergence of Christ, Elohim's spiritual plant, causes great upheavals in the earth and in the sea. The physical tidal wave, or the flood, which is threatening to cover the physical land, is preceded by the spiritual flood that is already covering the Christian world.

Does anyone remember the source of the spiritual flood that is sent to destroy Christ Jesus within mortal man?

Satan is the energy, or spiritual blood, of mortal man, and the Fiery Serpent feeds off of that spiritual blood, just like a fetus feeds off of the amniotic fluid of its mother.

The human fetus urinates into the amniotic sac, and the pre-natal urine is recycled and eliminated through the mother's kidneys. But what separates the nourishing amniotic fluid from the pre-natal urine before it is recycled through the amniotic sac of the etheric body?

Part of the pre-natal urine is reabsorbed by the fetus.

So we see that the Fiery Serpent ascends into the crown (7th) energy center to feed on the energy of other people as well as the personality that she lives in. The Fiery Serpent digests the energy that she gathers and excretes a waste product, spiritual urine,(1) which the etheric body intermingles with Satan, the spiritual blood supply, and this is how witchcraft power is added to the personality's armory of spiritual weapons.

A spiritual tidal wave now stands ready to rise up and destroy anyone that the personality perceives to be an opponent.

So we see that the potential tidal wave threatening the North Carolina coast is a physical expression of the negative spiritual power rising within mortal man, to war against the Christians who are ascending into righteous spiritual power.

Very few men, if any, have ascended into the crown (7th) energy center of the Serpent's time line in this age.

Why? Because mortal mankind lacks the spiritual energy to ascend.

In past ages, wicked men used magic and animal and human sacrifices to acquire the power necessary for spiritual ascension. But since the advent of the Lord Jesus Christ, human sacrifice has been outlawed all over the world, and animal sacrifices have decreased, so modern witches are deprived of the spiritual blood that they need to ascend into, and remain in, the high energy centers of Leviathan's timeline.

The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ, who are powerful enough to jolt the Fiery Serpent, our spiritual potential, out of her slumber, and lead her into the higher centers of either timeline, are given to God's people for the specific purpose of spiritual ascension IN CHRIST JESUS. And for this reason, evil men seek to steal the energy of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ, who are our spiritual fleece, the covering that the Scripture speaks about.

Wherefore, all you Christians who have received the Holy Spirit and/or Christ, guard the life which has been imparted to you, and do not give it over to Satan and Leviathan within yourself, or within others who use evil thoughts, ignorance, psychic prayers and false counsel, to turn you away from the Lord. Because in so doing you sacrifice Christ's life-giving energy to Satan, and harm the person that you allow to steal from you, as well as yourself.

Wherefore, you who have done nothing with the talent [seed of Christ] that is given to you, but have buried Christ under the authority of the Fiery Serpent [ground], shall lose Him, and Christ shall be given to another.

I always thought that this Scripture meant given to another Christian, but I now know that if we do not nurture the life of Christ within us, Satan will acquire Christ and use Christ's living energy to war against the Lord Jesus Christ, who is bringing Satan's rule over mankind to an end.

The Spirit of Christ is at war with Satan. Who will you give your token to?

Of course the Lord Jesus will win the war, and the whole world will be reconciled to Him, but the outcome for each individual is not written in stone. There are things that we must do.

We must fight the good fight of faith, which means what?

Christ is our faith. We must fight on the side of Christ, and to do that, we must agree to the exposure of our sin nature and fight against it whenever it appears. We must study to show ourselves approved, and follow Christ wherever he leads us.

May we all be the virgins who follow Christ everywhere. May we prevail over our strong enemy and enter into His Life, and be a praise unto his glory.

Does anyone remember what a praise unto his glory means?

To be an accurate, visible representation of the glorified nature of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Are there any questions or comments?

God bless you all. Good night.

1. Satan is the spiritual urine. Several years ago, an artist caused a big controversy by painting Jesus floating in a bottle of urine. Many were offended, but very few, if any, realized that this painting carried a powerful spiritual message: That Satan had overcome Jesus.

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