The Thoughts Of Our Mind


Scriptures Commented On (In Order Of Appearance):Gen. 3:8, Rev. 8:13, Rev. 10:7, Gen. 1:22, Rom. 5:11

<LivingEM> Praise the Lord. Are their any questions or comments?

<Overcomer> You said Moses was in agreement with Satan in the unconscious and, possibly, the subconscious mind.

How can I tell the difference between the unconscious and subconscious mind with regards to where Satan could be manifesting from, in order to resist her with better understanding.

What is the difference of how Satan affects us in the unconscious, and how she affects us in the subconscious mind?

<LivingEM> Does anyone have anything to say about these questions?

Can anyone tell us the difference between the unconscious and the subconscious part of the mind?

The unconscious part of the mind is where thought originates.

<Jsngsng> Satan is the unconscious, and Leviathan is the subconscious.

<LivingEM> The subconscious part of the mind is the place where the conscious part and the unconscious part of the mind meet.

The subconscious is just that, the part of the mind that is partially conscious and partially unconscious. Yes,

Satan is the unconscious and Leviathan is the subconscious part of the carnal mind.

Who are the unconscious and subconscious parts of the Christ mind?

<DANIEL42> Glorified Jesus Christ is the unconscious, and Christ Jesus is the subconscious.

<LivingEM> Yes, that is correct.

So, to answer your question, Overcomer, Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind.

As I have already said, Satan's thoughts originate in the unconscious part of the carnal mind.

Can anyone tell us why very few people can hear the thoughts of the unconscious part of the mind?

If Satan originates the thoughts of the carnal mind,

What energy center do the thoughts of the carnal mind arise from?

What energy center is Satan directly associated with?

<Jsngsng> Heart (4th) energy center of the counterfeit timeline.

<DANIEL42> Belly (3rd) energy center.

<IsaiahSixty1> Belly (3rd) energy center.

<Myprecous1> Impure (2nd) energy center.

<LivingEM> I taught for quite a while that Satan occupies the right side of the heart (4th) energy center and, more recently, that Satan's manifestations in the higher energy centers arise out of her base in the morally impure (2nd) energy center, where she is a pool of stagnant spiritual water, but the latest revelation, which I have not preached that extensively yet, is that Satan occupies the throat (5th) energy center in mortal man.

I used to preach that the right side of the heart (4th) energy center is under the water of Satan's sea, but I did not realize that Satan's sea itself is the next energy center, the throat (5th) energy center. Satan, the astral plane, occupies the throat (5th) energy center of Leviathan's timeline.

Can anyone tell us what astral means?

Astral means starry.

The astral plane is the spiritual heavens of the right side of the heart (4th) energy center, which is the visible earth.

The astral plane is also called twilight.

The waters of the astral plane penetrate downward into the right side of the heart (4th) energy center and the belly (3rd) energy center, which are both layers of the spiritual earth.

Every energy center has several levels, or grades. I have read that there are seven grades to each energy center, and the Lord has not told me otherwise, so I will believe that, for now anyway.

Remember that we are part of a many-layered world. The fact that most people see only the surface, physical layer, does not mean that the other layers, invisible (to us anyway), do not exist.

So we can say that the throat (5th) energy center, twilight, is the heavens of the right side of the heart (4th) energy center, the earth, and that a lower grade of the throat (5th) energy center appears as the sea that covers the right side of the heart (4th) energy center.

We can also say that a still lower grade of the astral plane manifests itself as the moisture in the belly (3rd) energy center that mixes with the spiritual earth to form the spiritual clay of mankind.

Satan also appears as a pool of stagnant water in the impure (2nd) energy center, which is an underground cave in the earth of the etheric plane.

The higher the energy center that Satan appears in, the more power she exercises over the earth and the inhabitants of the earth.

Satan appears in every energy center, because she is the spiritual blood of mortal humanity, but she appears in a concentrated form only after the Fiery Serpent ascends into the energy center in question.

You may recall that when Christ Jesus boils Satan away from the right side of the heart (4th) energy center, Satan continues to exist in the stagnant pool of the impure (2nd) energy center.

The waters of the creation, whether they are possessed by the Spirit of Christ, or by Satan, are an integral factor in the formation of the image of the visible world. The purified waters of the throat (5th) energy center and the heart (4th) energy center, the heaven and the sea that covers our world, are called, the Spirit of Christ, and the polluted waters of the throat (5th) energy center and the heart (4th) energy center, are called Satan.

The waters of the creation are the energy of the creation. When the waters are clear, they are first called the Holy Spirit, and then the Spirit of Christ, and reflect a many-layered world engraved with Jehovah's nature, but when the earth, the negative aspect of the creation, pollutes the waters of creation, they reflect a corrupt world with the Dragon's nature.

So, we were talking about the thoughts of the unconscious part of the mind when I asked why so few people can hear the thoughts of the unconscious part of their mind.

This is just another way of saying, why is it that so few people can perceive the vibrations that go forth from the throat (5th) energy center?

Can anyone answer that question?

<OVERCOMER> They can only perceive the vibrations of the energy center they are dwelling in.

<LivingEM> That is correct, Overcomer. Most people can only perceive the vibrations of the energy center that they are dwelling in.

So if we want to perceive the vibrations of energy centers other than the one that we dwell in, what must we do?

<DANIEL42> Ask the Lord to tell us.

<LivingEM> Must we transfer from one energy center to another one?

<IsaiahSixty1> Have the Christ mind.

<LivingEM> We must stretch out and ascend into the energy center that we wish to experience. Eventually we will leave the belly (3rd) energy center where we presently dwell, but not until the Lord Jesus completely severs the indwelling Cain from Leviathan.

Cain is a part of the Fiery Serpent, the mortal foundation of all mortal men, and Leviathan is the Dragon's male spiritual sexual organ, which is penetrating Cain in all mortal men who wield spiritual power apart from Christ Jesus.

So, to sever Cain from Leviathan, represents the personality's divorce from the Dragon (Rom. 7:4), which also implies the completion of that personality's marriage to the glorified Jesus Christ.

What would happen to us if our mind ascended into the higher energy centers and completely left the belly (3rd) energy center before Cain within us was separated from Leviathan by the Lord Jesus?

Our physical body would be in suspended animation. We would be like a man in a coma. Our mind would have ascended, and a physical body without a mind is an empty cup. So whether we are ascending into the true or the counterfeit timeline, part of the our consciousness must remain where our physical body is, or we could be taken for dead, and our body destroyed.

So, we see that spiritually ascended people are more likely to hear Satan's thoughts than the people who are conscious only in this world. By the time Satan's thoughts vibrate into the subconscious part of our carnal mind, it is easier for us to perceive them.

Where is the subconscious part of our mind?

Who is the subconscious part of our mind?

<IsaiahSixty1> Carnal mind.

<Jsngsng> Leviathan.

<DANIEL42> Leviathan.

<LivingEM> Leviathan is the name of the collective subconscious part of the carnal mind of all of mortal humanity.

What is the name of Leviathan in the individual?

<DANIEL42> Fiery Serpent.

<IsaiahSixty1> Fiery Serpent.

<LivingEM> Yes, the Fiery Serpent.

What part of the human physical anatomy signifies Leviathan?

Leviathan is the ??? of the Dragon.

<IsaiahSixty1> Mind.

<LivingEM> Hand or foot?

<Jsngsng> Arm.

<IsaiahSixty1> Hand.

<DANIEL42> Hand.

<Jsngsng> Foot.

<LivingEM> Yes, Leviathan is the hand of the Dragon.

And how does the Fiery Serpent relate to the Dragon's hand?

The Fiery Serpent is the??? of Leviathan, the Dragon's hand?

<Jsngsng> Finger.

<IsaiahSixty1> Finger.

<Jsngsng> Finger.

<LivingEM> Yes, the Fiery Serpent is the finger of the Dragon's hand.

And what energy center is the Fiery Serpent in, in the average person ?

<Jsngsng> Belly (3rd) energy center.

<IsaiahSixty1> Belly (3rd) energy center.

<LivingEM> Yes, the belly (3rd) energy center.

And which energy center did we say that the consciousness of the average person is in?

<OVERCOMER> Belly (3rd) energy center.

<LivingEM> So if the consciousness of the average person is in the belly (3rd) energy center, and the Fiery Serpent is in the belly (3rd) energy center in the average person, we can see why it would be easier to perceive the vibrations of the subconscious part of the carnal mind, than the vibrations of the unconscious part of the carnal mind, which are in the throat (5th) energy center.

Also, one would have to be actively turning away from the subconscious part of their carnal mind to not perceive Satan's thoughts in that forum. This behavior is called denial, but then again, on the other hand, failure to perceive the thoughts of the subconscious part of the carnal mind, can be a lack of training.

We cannot be taught to perceive the thoughts of the unconscious part of our carnal mind, because to do so requires spiritual ascension, but we can be taught to perceive, and respond to, the thoughts of the subconscious part of our mind, because the conscious part of our carnal mind exists in the same place as the subconscious part of our carnal mind.

The question is, are we looking towards the subconscious part of our carnal mind, or have we turned our back towards that place? And if we have turned our back towards the subconscious part of our carnal mind, where is our sight focused?

<OVERCOMER> On the carnal mind within us or even focusing on others.

<LivingEM> Yes, if we are not looking towards the subconscious part of our own carnal mind, we are looking towards the physical world which includes other people. We enter into the subconscious part of our carnal mind when we take our sight off of other people, and honestly ask ourselves why we think, say, or do, whatever we think, say, or do.

Have I answered your question No. 6, Overcomer?


<LivingEM> Would you like to choose the next question to be discussed?

<OVERCOMER> Yes. Adam was many seeds before the fall? This doesn't mean many-membered does it? Wasn't he a whole man? What are the many seeds for?

<LivingEM> Adam was a many-membered man before the fall, but his members had not yet differentiated. This means that Adam's many members had not become individuals yet.

Our natural example is the ovary of a human woman. It is one ovary, containing many ovum, or many eggs. When one ova departs from the ovary, it is either fertilized or matures into a human baby, or passes out of the body in the form of blood. This ova has differentiated, but the whole ovary still exists.

All of Adam's seeds are designed to mature into civilized spiritual men, who will be subject to the mind of Christ and exist in harmony with each other like the instruments of an orchestra. Their personality of each spiritual egg has different qualities but they, the body of Christ, produce one, collective sound, which is the signature of the glorified man, Christ Jesus.

Gen 3:8, And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden. (KJV)

<LivingEM> The Hebrew word translated voice, means sound. Jehovah (LORD) and Elohim (God) do not have a voice, as mortal man perceives the word. To speak with a voice, as mortal man perceives it, requires the vocal cords of the physical body, which Jehovah and Elohim did not have in Genesis 3.

Who are the physical bodies of Jehovah and Elohim today?

The mortal man who speak their words.

<Jsngsng> Those that have the mind of Christ.

<LivingEM> That is close, Jsngsng, but everyone who has the Mind of Christ does not speak the words of Jehovah and Elohim. And it is also possible to speak the words of Jehovah and Elohim from the carnal mind, when the Holy Spirit overshadows you.

The physical bodies of Jehovah and Elohim today, are the mortal man who accurately speak their words.

Spirits do not speak in language, but they do speak. Spiritual speech is vibration, and every vibration is unique enough to be identified, just like the letters of the alphabet.

Jehovah has a signature sound that only His spirit can make.

Rev 8:13, And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabitants of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound! (KJV)

Rev 10:7, But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. (KJV)

<LivingEM> So we see that there are three angels, or that it is the third angel, who will sound.

I find it very interesting that the word sound is associated with the judgment that the angels bring in the two verses, above.

We have a revelation here that the number three is associated with the serpent, which makes me wonder if Revelation 8:13 is a warning by the collective Christ Jesus, the angel flying through the midst of heaven, to beware of the three woes that will enter into the earth by the other, or by the alien, voices of the serpent's angels. That is, Satan's angels.

The Lord speaks with one collective voice, which means that everyone who truly speaks the Word of the Lord says the same thing, albeit in different ways. Satan speaks with many voices, many different philosophies and solutions to mortal man's problems.

But that is not our message today. My point is that spirits speak by making a sound, and that each spirit speaks, or vibrates, at a pitch that is unique to itself, which pitch is called a signature.

Most people interested in spiritual matters are aware of the Hindu mantras and, in particular, with the mantra, om. Om is the mantra, or sound, which the Hindus say brought the world into existence.

Can anyone tell is the name of the Hindu creator?


Brahma's sound is om.

Hindus and Buddhists repeat this sound over and over again in an attempt to restore our fallen world to the higher state from which it fell.

Can anyone tell us what Jehovah's sound is?

<Myprecous1> Jah.

<LivingEM> Jah is a form of Jehovah.

<Myprecous1> I'm sorry.

<LivingEM> Jehovah's sound is a many-membered sound. Jehovah's sound is the Hebrew alphabet and the combinations of the Hebrew letters which we know to be the Doctrine of Christ.

Every time we discuss the Doctrine of Christ, we sound Jehovah's signature, and every time we sound the Doctrine of Christ, we bring Christ Jesus deeper into the physical world.

Every time we sound the Doctrine of Christ, we are the seven angels of the book of Revelation causing the destruction that is explained in Rahab (OLM - 07/26/00).

The Tetragrammaton is YHWH, or JAHV, the four Hebrew letters used to indicate the sacred name for God. The Hebrew sacred literature says that the pronunciation of this name is so powerful that only the high priest was allowed to pronounce it once a year and, eventually, the pronunciation was forgotten.

I suggest to you that the mind of the Holy One was tread under the carnal mind is Israel, and that the carnal mind is incapable of correctly sounding the Holy Name.

But I also suggest to you that that Holy Name is sounded throughout all of the worlds of existence whenever Christ Jesus, the Holy One, speaks forth the Doctrine of Christ through a mortal man.

Please do not be deceived. It is not the spoken word itself, but CHRIST JESUS, THE HOLY ONE, speaking the Word through a mortal man, that sounds the signature of Almighty God.

I have not yet found the reason for sounding the Holy Name stated in the Hebrew literature, but since it was sounded only once a year, my inclination is to relate it to the Hebrew Day of Atonement, when the sins of the Hebrew people are confessed and thrown back into the sea. According to this reasoning, we can conclude that the sounding of the Holy Name calls forth the forgiveness of sins.


Rom 5:11, ...We... joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received THE ATONEMENT. (KJV)

Christ Jesus in the midst of us, the Son of the glorified Jesus Christ, who gave up His earthly life so that the Holy Seed could be planted within us, is our atonement for sin.

Wherefore, every time Christ Jesus thinks or speaks through us, He atones for our sin nature, which we sacrifice when we prefer the thoughts of Christ Jesus

So, once again, we see that the number four signifies God. I have yet to see the number three signify any member of the household of God.

To get back to the point of your question, Overcomer, Adam is always a whole man, both before his seeds are differentiated, and after they are differentiated. But Adam is in a different form after his seeds differentiate and mature, in the same manner that a woman whose ovum have not yet differentiated, becomes a different kind of woman after she produces a family. She is still a whole woman, and her ovary is still a whole ovary, but she has reproduced herself and become a family of many adults.

Have I answered your question, Overcomer?

<OVERCOMER> I understand that the ovum and sperm are potential, and that the man or woman is still whole.

I see now I may have put the question wrong. If I may rephrase the question. According to this doctrine, I thought it had been taught that these members and individualities were part of the fall. If it weren't for the fall, there would be no individuals or many members, and that it has been taught that Adam was never to fall.

So, I am trying to reconcile the reason for Adam to even have the potential for many members, having many seeds, when he was never intended to be individualized by falling.

<LivingEM> Adam was always destined to multiply.

Gen 1:22, And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth. (KJV)

<LivingEM> But Adam was not destined to multiply into many nations who would be opposed to one another. Adam was destined to multiply into a homogeneous system, just like a fertilized ova multiplies into a new many-celled human being.

A human being is a system, consisting of many cells that are formed into many organs, all of which work together to produce a healthy, functioning, human being.

All the cells of our body work together as one homogeneous system, and when they fail to do that, we become heterogeneous. When alien cells that are not a part of the system enter into our body, it is called an infection, or disease. Infection and disease ultimately destroy the body, which is what happened to Adam when his earthen cells attacked his spiritual cells, like a cancer attacks the organs of the human body.

Have I answered your question, Overcomer?

<OVERCOMER> I see. So if it weren't for the fall, we would have been a creation of many members, who are spiritual beings and harmonious, with spiritual bodies, but individuals?

<LivingEM> We would have been individuals, but everyone of us would have been under the complete control of Jehovah, who would play us like a man plays a musical instrument.

This sounds terrible to the carnal mind, but the truth is that when we are controlled by Jehovah, or, in this dispensation, by the glorified Jesus Christ, He brings us to the maximum of our creative potential.

When Satan controls us, she destroys our creative potential and makes us into automatons. The truth is that we are controlled either by the Lord Jesus Christ, or by Satan. We cannot exist without a controller.

Have I answered your question, Overcomer?

<Overcomer> If Adam would have multiplied these spiritual individuals, and this plan of Jehovah is going to pick up like it was, after a bad dream, will Adam continue to multiply these spiritual beings when he is raised from the dead? Or glorified?

<LivingEM> Adam has already been raised from the dead and glorified, and he has already begun to multiply the spiritual beings of his body.

Who was Adam glorified in, Overcomer?

<Myprecous1> Jesus.

<OVERCOMER> Well, I know he was glorified in Jesus of Nazareth.

<LivingEM> He has already been glorified.

<OVERCOMER> But it has been said here that a very few will enter into that new world of Adam. I wondered if they will be the few of this first new creation and then there will be a multiplication of a whole new creation? And that the ones who don't enter in will just live out their lives and die.

<LivingEM> The expressions of Cain who do not enter in will live out their life and die, but all the Abels will enter in. All of the Abels will enter in.

Cain, Abel, And The Fiery Serpent (OLM - 04/26/00), The Doctrine Of Cain And Abel (OLM - 07/19/00), and Reincarnation (OLM - 06/21/00), should answer your questions.

Read the OLMs and pray. What the Lord does not answer I will, but you have to do your homework.


<LivingEM> Father, in the Name of Jesus, I bless everyone here, and forgive their sins. I pray that Christ Jesus should rise in all of us, ascend and marry the Lord Jesus. May we all be liberated from this world in due season. Amen.

God bless you all.


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