The Spiritual Foundations Of The Clinton Scandal - Part 5


<LivingEM> Praise The Lord! There is a phenomena manifesting in our society today, which is a form of "group hysteria." Some people call it "transference of spirits," others call it "group" or "herd phenomena."

Humanity is one at it's spiritual root, and under the right circumstances can act like a stampeding herd of cattle. The members of humanity appear to be individual, and are physically separated in this dense physical world, but the Scripture likens us to trees.

Trees have deep roots which can extend many feet under ground, and in forest situations the branches and the leaves of the branches form a continuous umbrella effect over the earth that the forest is planted in. The whole human race is connected through its deepest roots.

Does anyone know the name of the place where we are connected in our roots? In what part of the mind are all men are connected? Are we connected in our conscious mind?

LAMB4114: The unconscious.

<LivingEM> Yes. All of humanity is connected through their unconscious mind. The unconscious mind can be likened to an ocean, and the part of that ocean which is in the individual can be likened to a little inlet that the ocean waters flow into.

So we see that every individual is connected to the collective unconscious mind and also has an individual unconscious mind, but the two are one, especially when the collective unconscious mind is raging, and stirring up a storm. It is a rare person whose little inlet will stay calm when the collective sea is raging.

The sea can be likened to an underground ocean, the major part of which are not encapsulated in humanity. This spiritual sea exists in a plane of consciousness which is different from our dense physical world, yet she very much influences this dense physical world.

Does anyone know the Scriptural name of this underground ocean who also has a place in the mind of every mortal human being? What is the Scriptural name of the collective unconscious mind?

DANIEL42: Satan?

<LivingEM> Yes. Satan is the personal name of the collective unconscious mind of mortal humanity.

I think we should have prayed before I started this message.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, We rebuke Satan. We rebuke your upheavals, Satan, and your intention to seduce the whole world to follow after you. We rebuke your influence on the American people who are not rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus, we rebuke your influence on the peoples of the world who watch in awe, but without understanding, as to what is happening in this country. We rebuke the mind control, seduction and manipulation which is raging in the land.

We cancel your plans for this country and for the world, Satan. We, the sons of God, stand as rocks in the midst of your seas. We shall not be moved. The part of you that is within us will not obey you, but will stand with the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus will surely dominate you within our minds.

You shall bend your knee to the God of Israel, to whom this nation was dedicated in it's infancy. You will bend your knee to Jesus Christ and His Holy Scripture, by which our elected officers have sworn to uphold the Constitution, and righteousness in the land.

We strengthen every elected official who has taken this oath to defend the Constitution with righteousness, and with the Spirit of the Lord, and we command that every elected official who swore upon the Holy Scripture to defend the Constitution, but who took that oath dishonestly, should be exposed for the liar that he or she is, driven from office, and replaced by a true patriot.

We command that the true patriots should be revealed. We pray that the true patriots who are overcome by Satan's rage, will be delivered from her grasp. We stand as witnesses to the truth of what is happening in this nation. We stand as witnesses to the mind control, witchcraft, manipulation and seduction of the American people.

Father in the Name of Jesus, we forgive the sins of the people, and pray that our national crisis should work for the good of our floundering nation. Bring us back to righteousness, Lord. We pray that we should survive Satan's onslaught as a nation, and that the many who are overcome should be awakened from the spell which has seduced their mind and emotion.

Strengthen us for the battle, Lord, and may your glorious Spirit prevail. Let not Satan say, aha, aha, we have defeated them, these ignorant, immature Christians. Fight for us Lord. For we are still weak and have only a little strength compared to the witchcraft raging around us.

Arise, oh God, and scatter our enemies, let them not prevail, despite our sins which make us weak. For your own Name's sake, Lord. May they be cast down and defeated, that your Name, the Holy one of Israel, should be glorified amongst the heathen.

Brethren, the situation in the country is very serious. The populace is not standing against Satan's seduction. They are being victimized by the powerful mind control that is coming out of the political machine which is in control of the White House.

Today we will discuss the spiritual dynamics of how such a seduction takes place. Some of us spent some years in Old Order Deliverance, where we were taught that there was a strong man over every city, state, country, etc. etc. The basic premise is true, brethren, but the carnal mind has reversed the reality of the situation. The strong man that appears is a manifestation of the unified group mind. Satan stirs the individual from the unconscious mind, and seduces the conscious mind.

Remember that Satan, the unconscious mind, is the spiritual root system of mortal man. When the conscious mind is fully seduced, and no longer resisting the unconscious mind, thought forms begin to arise out of each individual conscious mind, which agree with Satan's unconscious suggestions, and these individual thought forms join into a strong spiritual "wall of thought" which can be likened to the umbrella of branches and leaves that shade the earth of the forest.

Occult teaching calls the "wall of thought" an aura. You may have heard it said that "we are what we eat." Our physical body is a physical expression of our eating habits. Likewise, our aura is a spiritual expression of our thoughts and emotions. Every man has an aura, whether he believes it or not. The aura can be seen under certain conditions, just like other "invisible" rays or waves, can be seen when exposed to infra red light, for example.

The aura can also be seen by people who have spiritual vision. People with spiritual vision are very rare in comparison to the whole of humanity, and we should be careful to police our mind and emotions, telling the Lord clearly, that we would want such spiritual sight only if it is the Lord Jesus who gives it to us.

The aura can also be "felt" by spiritually sensitive people. I cannot see auras, but sometimes I "feel" them. To feel an aura one must first be very aware of their own "inner" world. I speak of the world of the mind. The people who study with this ministry are in various stages of discovering their own mind and identifying the emotions and thoughts which flow through it.

In order to "feel" someone else's aura, one must be aware enough of what is going on in their own mind, to recognize that they are "feeling" someone else's aura. What kind of an experience is it to "feel" someone's aura? Remember, our aura is the product of our mind and emotions, so to feel someone else's aura, is to experience their mind and emotions. That is, to experience what they are feeling and thinking.

Now, for those who are feeling and thinking the same thoughts, their aura's flow together and join with each other, like the tree tops in the forest. I think it is impossible to tell where one treetop ends and another begins in a heavily populated forest unless, of course, you direct all of your attention to the task.

What is happening in our country today, is that the auras of many people are flowing together. Remember, our aura is a part of our mind and emotions which manifests as a substance, although an invisible substance, and extends beyond our physical body. When two physical bodies collide, both are thrown off their path, and sometimes they are damaged. It is only in an extreme case that physical substances are exchanged, and when they are, such as in the case of bleeding, it is not a permanent exchange.

Yet, if you can receive it, the long range result of a severe physical collision, can result in enough damage to require a blood transfusion which would be an exchange of substance, although not an exchange of the substances of the two colliding bodies.

When two auras collide, there is frequently an exchange of qualities of mind and emotions, although this is not always the case. The interaction of the spiritual aspects of our being can be likened to the interaction of atoms of chemical elements. When two atoms collide, there is frequently an exchange of electrons which changes the nature of both atoms.

Without this knowledge, the average man thinks that every idea and emotion that arises into his mind is his own, but this is not true. I have known for years that I must guard against being influenced against my will by the mind and emotions of other people, but I have had several experiences in the last year or two which were initially shocking.

Two of these experiences occurred in my own home with someone that I have known for a long time. They went something like this: I was in a very good mood, I was happy and content, I walked past this other person, and by the time I reached a place no more than a couple of feet past them, I was angry and hostile. Or let me say, anger and hostility arose in me and tried to capture my mind, or we can say, tried to reproduce themselves in my mind, just like a vine spreads forth and roots into the earth in many places.

To the person who is spiritually aware, the appearance of anger and hostility in their previously peaceful mind, is the sound of battle. Had I not "seen" the enemy trying to join herself to my conscious mind, or had I been passive and not resisted her, my conscious mind would have found a reason to manifest anger and hostility, and the sin would have become mine.

Initially, I did not understand what I have just told you, but sought the counsel of the Lord as to why there was such a radical change in my mind and emotions. The person whose aura I walked through did not appear to be angry or hostile. On the surface, there was peace throughout the whole house, but the spiritual man knows all things.

You see, if I did not "see" the ungodly thoughts arising in my mind, and if I did not reject them, and if I did not ask the Lord where they came from, I never would have learned this exciting lesson.

What lesson? That everyone has an aura. That our aura extends beyond our physical body. That our aura collides continuously with the auras of other people. That when our aura collides with another aura, there is no perceptible impact, except to the spiritual person. That when two auras collide there can be an exchange of thought and emotion, WITHOUT A WORD SAID, AND WITHOUT EITHER PERSON BEING AWARE OF IT.

What's more, in both of the two cases that I have in mind right now, the person was unaware of her own anger and hostility. Well, then, you say, how could you know all this? The Spirit of Christ revealed it to me, WHEN MY MOTIVES FOR ASKING, WERE TO OVERCOME THE EVIL TENDENCIES OF MY OWN CARNAL MIND.

Know this, and know it clearly, if you seek knowledge such as I am talking about here for the sake of knowledge alone, or because spiritual knowledge is interesting or exciting to you, or for any reason other than that stated above, the Spirit of Christ is not likely to answer you.

This does not mean that there will be no response to such an inquiry, but you should know that if your motives for asking are wrong, if you wish to exalt yourself, or use this knowledge to control other men, it is Satan who is answering your question.

Although the experience required a warfare on my part, which is never particularly pleasant, I was, and still am, very excited that my spiritual eyes were opened to understand what happened to me.

I passed very close to the person in the first experience, but the second time I was at least three feet away from her. I am told that an aura can extend as far as several yards in the case of a spiritually active mind.

Audible speech can be deceptive, but inaudible speech is plain. The experience that I have just described to you is "inaudible speech." All speech is one manifestation, or another, of thought. When one can "hear" the actual thought, he cannot be deceived as to the thinker's intentions.

Verbalized, or audible, thought, that is, speech that we hear with our physical ears because it issues forth from our physical vocal cords, can say the exact opposite of the original thought.

Audible speech can be likened to a thought form. The whole of mortal humanity is a many-membered thought form which is the exact opposite of Jehovah's original idea. The present image of mortal man does not line up with Jehovah's thought. In the same manner, the spoken, audible word, has the potential to not line up with the true thought of the individual speaking the word.

The big problem here, is that frequently the person speaking is not aware of his own thoughts and emotions, and completely blinded to the fact that his words do not line up with them. On the surface, this sounds unlikely, but the truth of humanity's mortal, fallen condition, is that most people are dishonest, some a little more, and some a little less.

Some people think that dishonesty is an acceptable way to avoid a confrontation, and that dishonesty is better than a disagreement. Some people think that dishonesty is better than actually communicating and working a problem through.

And even worse than that, many in our society today have lived this way for so long, that they are not even aware that this is what they think, or that they abide in dishonesty on many levels, because it is the only way they know how to survive in a world of hostile minds, which exist in a hostile jungle on the spiritual planes, but are sometimes calm and peaceful in the physical plane.

So, we are taught in the Book of Isaiah, that the sons of God do not form an opinion as to what is going on based upon what they hear with their physical ears, that is, audible speech, or see with their physical eyes, or feel with their emotions, but they evaluate every situation that confronts them with the Mind of Christ, who is our righteous ability to "hear in the Spirit."

"Seeing in the Spirit" is also available in Christ Jesus, but it is my understanding that this ability only becomes available to those whose consciousness has ascended into the brow (6th) center.

"Hearing in the Spirit" is an activity of the one whose consciousness is in the throat (5th) center. Seeing in the Spirit is much easier to deal with, because it requires less interpretation of symbols, and thoughts. I am talking about "consciously" hearing in the Spirit. Everybody hears in the Spirit on an unconscious level.

This is how we are influenced by other people's ideas and emotions. We walk through their auras and "pick up" all kinds of ideas and emotions, and think they are ours. This is why the Scripture says that we should not associate with an angry man, or with those "looking to shed blood."

To be in the presence of people who abide in ungodly thought patterns will result either in our seduction, or their correction. There is no such thing as a man tending towards evil, hanging out with a man desiring good, and neither one being changed. We change each other. We influence each other. This is a condition of this fallen world.

Unless we are aware of our companion's leaning towards the evil side and war against it, we will surely be seduced and not even know what hit us. There is a mixing of the auras amongst people in the same immediate geographical area, and also amongst people who agree on, or who have an interest in, the same ideas and emotions.

Once again, if you are not aware of this teaching, you may very well be hearing the thoughts of the persons who are physically close to you, but think they are yours. If you are not in the habit of judging every thought that rises in your mind, you may yield to their ungodly ideas. However, everyone has a limit. We know that we will not murder. We know that we will not agree to rob a bank, but we come under the influence of an ungodly mind by means of a slow seduction.

At the beginning we are influenced by simple things that might make no difference either way, except that it was not really our choice. It is one thing to yield to another's choice, SO LONG AS IT IS YOUR CONSCIOUS DECISION TO DO SO. This is called "compromise," which can be a Godly move towards reconciliation.

It is another completely different thing to BE INFLUENCED BY NON-VERBAL, SPIRITUAL FORCES. There is a name for influencing people by non-verbal spiritual forces.

Does anyone know what it is?

Myprecous1: Mind control.

JSNGSNG: Mind Control.

<LivingEM> That is close.

ToDaNow: witchcraft

<LivingEM> The answer is witchcraft. Mind control is one form of witchcraft. Suggestion is also witchcraft, because it attempts to influence the person and their decision-making apparatus in an INDIRECT way, which bypasses THE OBVIOUS CHOICE.

Suggestion is an attempt, conscious or unconscious, to influence someone to make a decision without giving equal consideration to all choices. When an individual has a choice to make, and another person suggests which choice they should make, the suggesting person is throwing the weight of their spiritual influence, of their mind, in line with one choice or another.

If both parties are legitimately involved in the decision making process, then it is acceptable for both to state their OPINIONS clearly. A discussion should follow and, hopefully, the parties will agree after prayer, discussion and reasonable compromise.

Examples of a "suggestion" are: Don't you think.... Wouldn't you like it...... You should..... Do you really want to do it that way.... Didn't you mean...... To ask someone if you should do their job for them, is a suggestion that you, not they, should do their job.

Does anyone know how an opinion is characterized? Opinions are characterized by "I." Suggestions are characterized by "you."

ToDaNow: I think you should do this or that.

<LivingEM> That is an honest suggestion. Suggestions are ungodly, except in the case of children, or someone who you have a legitimate authority over.

To say "I think you should do this or that" is acceptable IF THE PERSON HAS ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION. It is acceptable to tell the other person that you have some ideas, and ask if they would like to hear them.

The questions that determine whether your opinion or suggestion is honest and Godly is, "have you presented your ideas in a way that clearly identifies them as your own," and "have you given the other party an opportunity to consider what you have said and make their own choice, without trying to encourage them towards your position?"

An ungodly suggestion is a dishonest, subtle attempt to TRICK someone into believing that the suggestion is their own thought.

Why would someone do such a thing? To accomplish the desired goal without taking any responsibility for the decision made.

What ToDaNow said is an honest suggestion because he admits that it is his own idea, and can be legitimate if the person asked for his opinion or if it is directed to someone that he has authority over.

WE SHOULD NEVER GIVE OUR OPINION UNLESS IT IS ASKED FOR, and WE SHOULD NEVER TELL SOMEONE ELSE WHAT TO DO, the only exception being people we have authority over. In the case of a requested opinion, we must guard against trying to influence the person to take our advice.

Many people fall into this trap. They give their opinion and then become angry if their advice is not taken, or pressure the person to accept that opinion.

But this is a little off our topic for today.

We are trying to understand what is happening to the American people with regard to the Clinton scandal. The kind of discussion that produces the good fruit of reasonable compromise, which arises out of understanding each other and a righteous solution, requires all these things: A willingness to listen to each other and reach some kind of reasonable agreement.

This is not happening in the current national crisis, because the public is divided as to what the very issues are. The argument over the issues has not been resolved yet.

What are the issues? Anybody?


<LivingEM> Yes. Did the president lie?

Myprecous1: Perjury

<LivingEM> Yes. Perjury.

Did Mr. Clinton lie under oath? Should the President of the United States be held to a different standard than the rest of the nation?

ToDaNow: Abuse of power.

<LivingEM> Yes. Did Mr. Clinton abuse his authority by using the machinery of the United States Government to defend his own personal law suits?

Did Mr. Clinton use the FBI to gather information about his political enemies?

Unfortunately, the foundational issue out of which the controversy has arisen is a sexual harassment suit. To say that Mr. Clinton's sex life is his personal business and should not be violated, is irrational. To say that Mr. Clinton has apologized and should now be left alone, is irrational.

The Special Prosecutor has made a report to the House of Representatives. This can be likened to an average citizen being investigated for a crime. The DA doesn't just drop the case because the alleged criminal says he is sorry. We are a country that has a Rule of Law.

The political machine operating out of the White House is using powerful mind control to overturn the Rule of Law. This in and of itself is unfortunate enough, but what is most troubling is the percentage of the American people who have been caught in this trap.

And not only the American people, but the heads of state of other nations. Our study today, is an attempt to explain the "hysteria" that is sweeping the nation and the world.

I don't believe the world has seen anything like it since Hitler seduced Germany and the other countries who supported him. We have discussed how every man has an aura, which is an invisible, but substantial, extension of his mind and emotions. We have discussed how auras collide with other auras, and how such collisions frequently result in an exchange of ideas and emotions on an unconscious level.

Conscious/unconscious is the key to this message. To be confronted with many ideas, and to consider them, and to make a conscious choice as to what you believe, is Godly. But to be influenced unconsciously, or subconsciously, is dirty fighting. It is witchcraft.

We have also discussed how, when many people agree about something, that their auras mix with one another, and that this mixing forms a type of spiritual umbrella which can be likened to the linked tree tops of a forest. There is an hysteria in the country today which is taking on an identity of its own.

What is happening is that many spiritually undefensed people are being touched and overcome by the "White House rhetoric." "Rhetoric" is propaganda. It has no basis in fact. It is unreasonable. It is untrue. It is a conglomeration of emotionally-driven ideas that has taken on an identity of its own, just like a storm or tornado picks of speed, or becomes more powerful as it continues on, the White House rhetoric is spinning through the nation and the world, generated by a powerful mind control, which is the spirit of witchcraft.

Jesus clearly said that words are spirit. He said that His words were life, and conversely, the words of the Great Liar are death. The words spewed out by witchcraft power, the words which are both idea and emotion, are propelled forth and manifested in the auras of the people believing and repeating the Lie.

Rhetoric seeks to blind its victims to the true facts, and spiritually gathers them up as allies through emotional manipulation and seduction. Brethren, a heretofore uninterested person who is also spiritually naive can be influenced by listening to a TV program, or by walking down a crowded street and passing through the aura of a person with a strong opinion.

The Lie that Mr. Clinton is being threatened with impeachment for his sexual behavior alone is spreading spiritually. There is a place in the spirit where all of the minds that are throwing their strength into this Lie meet, and where they meet, they are joined and completely interpenetrating each other. What does this mean? It means that a consciousness is now in play that is greater than the sum of the individuals who are contributing to it.

In Old Order Deliverance we call it a "strong man." But as we said at the beginning of this message, it is not accurate to say that a strong man has gathered these people under his power. No. Rather, it is the collective mind of a group of people, which has evoked, or manifested, or incarnated or created this strong man. And those who originally had the power to resist the Lie, but for whatever reason did not, are now entangled in the spiritual city of this strong man, and cannot escape.

The roots of their minds are woven together with him. They are a part of the created entity which is now ruling over and controlling the hysterical ones, and they cannot remove themselves from the strong man's influence.

So the ones who followed the Lie because it touched upon something within their own sin nature, are now powerless victims of the strong man they helped to create, and are controlled by him.

I say "him" because the entity, which is a "group mind" is in a spiritually male role, but every spirit other than Jesus Christ is female in relation to Him.

A strong man, a god, a power, a principality is appearing in our world, determined to rule from a criminally spiritual place beyond the Constitutional Rule of Law of our visible, physical world. Every mind that is a part of this strong man serves him, every mind that is a part of him is a walking expression of himself. and every walking expression of himself has an aura, that for all practical purposes, no one can see, and this aura, which is polluted with death and lies, is contagious. It is as deadly as AIDS, and it is spreading. There is only one defense against it, and that is a righteous mind, which is rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus.

I preached many years ago that the day will come when many people who have a knowledge of righteousness, but are not joined to Christ Jesus, will not stand against the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is the carnal mind. There is both good and evil in the carnal mind. There are mortal men who tend towards the good side, but they will not stand in the evil day. Satan will arise from their unconscious mind, and their conscious mind will be polluted by the dominating strong man who will capture them through the spiritually polluting aura of their own friends and relatives.

Only those whose knowledge of righteousness arises out of an actual union with Christ Jesus will stand. Only those who are anchored to Christ Jesus will stand a chance of resisting the spiritual scourge which will be passing through their aura when they go shopping, or to work, or engage in any activity of our world.

Be not deceived, brethren, you will not stand even if you are joined to Jesus Christ, if you do not resist the strong man who is passing through the earth gobbling up every mind that does not resist him, and every mind that fails to overcome him. The strong man, yes, even the collective mind of the Beast, will gobble up the undefensed mind, or Christ Jesus will swallow up the strong man who is passing through you.

We are in a spiritual jungle. The two lions are roaring. Christ Jesus, the lion of Judah, and Satan. One will surely consume the other. First in the individual, then in the group you are associated with, and eventually, in the whole world.

Don't be secure in the fact that you are standing now, and can clearly see what is happening. This is just the beginning. Think not that you are standing, brethren, because if you do, destruction is already at the door. No man will survive without an active, ongoing, vital relationship with Christ Jesus.

Obedience is the name of the game, so if you are still lying to yourself, and believing that your carnal mind is Christ Jesus, you are in trouble. The Christians who know that there is no way they can survive being absorbed by the Beast without the help of the glorified Jesus Christ, are the ones who will survive.

If you think you can do this by the strength, alone, of the young Christ within you, you are a Scriptural fool, and if you think that you are safe because you have taken the victory today, you are in dangerous waters.

There is no place for fear or panic, but a steady, serious, submission to Christ Jesus, on a daily basis, yea, even a minute by minute basis. A total commitment to Him. A total belief that He is able to bring us through. A total commitment to deal with our own sin nature, as He reveals it to us. A total commitment to right whatever wrongs that we have done when they are revealed to us. A true desire to be blameless, knowing that of ourselves it is impossible. A brutal honesty with ourselves, and with each other.

These things, brethren, place us spiritually behind Christ Jesus. He is the only one who will survive this. Christ Jesus and His sons who walk behind Him, in His footsteps, shall survive absorption by the Beast group mind. We shall circumvent the spiritual mine fields. We shall pass through the polluted auras and not be captured, but shall set the polluted ones free.

We who walk behind Christ Jesus, shall be the rocks in the raging rapids, the ones who will not be influenced as the strong man, the Beast group mind, picks up momentum.

The Scripture says the last days shall be as it was in the days of Noah. Brethren, I don't know if there was a physical flood or not. Some scientists say the flood was localized. But I know that Noah's life-saving experience had nothing to do with a physical ark or physical water. It had to do with the ark of God which was ascended as Noah's mind. And as Satan's floods ascended higher and higher, they could not prevail over Elohim's mind that was in Noah.

As Satan's polluted waters rose, the Mind of Christ rose and prevailed over her. Satan could not cover Christ Jesus, brethren. Christ Jesus prevailed, intact, within Noah, the personality that walked behind Elohim, and stepped in His footsteps. Though Satan's waters beat against the Mind of God in Noah, the personality, and caused distress in his emotions, the one who steadfastly cleaved to Elohim and to His instructions, prevailed over the flood waters. The Mind of Christ did not break apart. The ark held together. Noah's consciousness ascended into the brow [6th] center and he prevailed.

Build your ark, brethren. You are out of time. Resist fear, but put your faith in Jesus Christ. He will help you. He will help all of us.

We pray for our elected officials. We pray that the patriot will arise in them. That they will do what is right, and uphold our Constitution, even when the majority of Americans [if the polls are true] are under the influence of an insidious, creeping mind control.

We pray for the nation and for the American people, Save us oh God, for your own Name's sake. Cast out the corruption., restore righteousness, raise up the ones who will judge righteous judgment, oh God, let your will be done. Do not cast us aside, Lord, but chasten us, as you would a son, that we should not be called bastards, and be ashamed because of our spiritual nakedness. Show us our sins, Lord, cure our blindness, and our deafness, cover us, oh God, with your righteous life, forgive our sins, remember that we are but dust, help us to change. Christ Jesus, the hope of Israel, manifest and deliver us.

I never have had a firm opinion as to what extent the Jewish holy days affect the Church, but we are right in the midst of them. The Day of Atonement is next Wednesday, and I perceive a powerful move of the Spirit. I myself have had two miracles in my family this week.

I pray for you all, that you should be strengthened by the Spirit of Might in the Spirit of your Mind, and that nothing should stop you for going forward, that you should find the strength to follow after the glorious Spirit of Christ, and choose Christ Jesus over everything that this world has to offer.

God bless you all. I'll see you next week.

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