The Spiritual Foundations Of The Clinton Scandal - Part 3


LivingEM: Praise the Lord, everybody! Does anyone have any comments or questions on the Clinton Scandal? Nobody? What do you think about running the government by the polls?

Myprecous1: They can't be trusted.

DANIEL42: I don't believe in it, I don't even believe the polls are accurate.

LivingEM: Well, I agree with you both. But aside from that, do you think our elected officials are supposed to be governing according to the polls?

DANIEL42: No, not at all.

Myprecous1: No way, no way .

LivingEM: So how do you think this idea has gotten into the heads of the American people?

Myprecous1: From pride

DANIEL42: By long term use of the polls, we've become insensitive?

JSNGSNG: The leaders have initiated it

LivingEM: Pride is the answer. The American people are eating up this lie. It makes them feel as if they are the ones in control, and they have no idea that they are being manipulated and seduced by immoral leaders. You may have heard the word "spin" used, if you are watching the interview programs. Does anyone know what "spin" means?

DANIEL42: Does it mean interpreting something for us?

Myprecous1: Turn your heads

LivingEM: "Spin" means propaganda Does anyone know what propaganda means?

Myprecous1: A bunch of lies.

LivingEM: Yes.

DANIEL42: The spreading of ideas or info to further damage a cause.

JSNGSNG: Lies sent out.

LivingEM: Propaganda is lies put forth as the truth. Daniel - True, but false ideas.

LivingEM: And what happens, when our mind is overrun with lies?

JSNGSNG: We begin to believe it.

LivingEM: Yes. we begin to believe it, and then it becomes "gospel" to us. And who are the Bible characters that this happened to? Which 2 of Noah's sons?

DANIEL42: Shem and Japheth.

JSNGSNG: Shem & Japheth.

Myprecous1: Shem and Japheth.

LivingEM: Yes. They made an active choice to spin forth the lie, and then the day came that they thought that their lie was the truth. What kind of a mind is overtaken by lies?

JSNGSNG: Carnal mind .

LivingEM: This is true, but not every carnal mind. The emotional mind.

JSNGSNG: Carnal mind without righteousness.

LivingEM: Yes. We were talking about "spin" being propaganda. It is the female mind that is seduced. The male mind can be tricked. To be seduced, is to be wholly overcome by a mind that is stronger than yours. To be tricked implies that you have the power to overcome the deception, but do not. What predisposes us to being tricked?

JSNGSNG: 95% truth and 1% lie. Confusion.

LivingEM: Yes this is a true device of the trickster. But what predisposes the one who is tricked, to be tricked? What is the weakness? What weakness is in the one who is tricked?

JSNGSNG: Passivity.

LivingEM: Passivity would fall under the category of a female mind. You, see, Christ can't be tricked. The one who is tricked is the one who is really rejecting the truth but won't admit it. The dishonest person is the one who is tricked. He is tricked by himself, more than by the trickster. We can be tricked or seduced when we are in our carnal mind, because our carnal mind can be either male or female.

Have any of you read the study in 1 Cor. 11 that I sent around?


LivingEM: It is a very important study. I hope the rest of you find the time to look at it. Is there anyone who hasn't received it? Yes, the carnal mind is male and female.

Myprecous1: I read it also

LivingEM: The personality is female to the spiritual part of the carnal mind. What is the name of the spiritual part of the carnal mind?

DANIEL42: Leviathan?

LivingEM: You have the general idea, but the answer is the fiery serpent.

JSNGSNG: Fiery serpent in the individual is the spiritual part of that individual's carnal mind.

LivingEM: Do you know that the people who are in conscious submission to the fiery serpent frequently have all of their needs met? It is the people who think that they are in submission to Christ, but really serve their carnal mind, that have all of the problems. The personality that is in submission to their spiritual mind, that means, they do whatever He, in the case of Christ, or she, in the case of the fiery serpent, tells them to do, and they prosper. Does anybody not know that the Scripture teaches this?

One of the Psalms is headed up in my Open Bible by the caption, "The Mystery of the Prosperous Wicked." The most dangerous condition we can be in, is a state of mind where we are deceiving ourselves. When we deceive our self, every one else has an open door to deceive us.

Honesty is essential to spiritual health. I am talking about the manly mind now. But, remember, America has been subjected to feminizing forces for many years now, and it appears that the majority of the masses of people are losing or have lost their ability to distinguish between right and wrong. When you lose your ability to distinguish between right and wrong, you become fair game for any "spin" that comes your way. You respond to the lie that the decision of what happens to Mr. Clinton is up to the American people, for instance.

Brethren, our representatives in Congress have been elected because they, supposedly, have the LEGAL and MORAL knowledge to run the legislative branch of government. They are MORALLY OBLIGATED to follow their conscience. They are in Washington to represent us because we are not qualified to run the affairs of State. It is their job to be an example for us. It is their job to educate us, the masses, when we are ignorant. The uneducated spiritually male mind, seeks information. The Christian spiritual male can ask Christ Jesus' opinion.

But it is the Female Opinion that is reigning in the polls today -- if they are accurate. The Female Opinion believes what "sounds right." Now, being told that the American people have the decision making power, sure makes an emotional mind "feel right." But this is a lie. Unscrupulous men have manipulated women since the dawn of time.

Today, there is an unscrupulous male mind in power in this country, and they are doing everything they can to make the citizens of this country fall back into their emotional mind. And all those American citizens who are fallen back into their female mind, are both physical males and physical females. We are talking about the collective spiritual male in the White House manipulating and seducing the spiritually female part of the American public.

I remind you, that Jesus says that the male is to love the female as Christ loves the Church. The one in authority is to love those under him like Christ loves the Church. How does Christ love the Church? The floor is open for answers.

JSNGSNG: He gave His life for the Church

Myprecous1: He puts a spiritual cover over us.

LivingEM: Yes, but right now, in our everyday lives, how does Christ love us?

ToDaNow: By expressing Himself through the Church.

LivingEM: How does He affect our lives? Yes, you are all right, but I am looking for some specific ways that He shows His love for us.

Myprecous1: He protects us, He tells us the truth, for one.

DANIEL42: He teaches us and gives us counsel.

LivingEM: Yes, He teaches us and gives us counsel.

ToDaNow: By killing the carnal mind when it rises.

JSNGSNG: He makes a way where there is no way.

LivingEM: Yes, He kills our carnal mind, so that Christ can rise in us. JSNG - how does he relate to us specifically. I think that if we want to generalize, we would have to say that He does whatever necessary to grow us up to be moral, intelligent, righteous, supernatural men.

I have never seen the Lord punish anyone. He does not have to. We punish ourselves with our own foolishness. He tells us the right way, the right thing to do. If we can't hear Him that well, He gives us counselors and leaders who hear Him and minister His instructions in spoken language. If we don't listen to Him, if we don't take the correction, we subject ourselves to Satan's judgment. The mercy of Christ to us is the Word of Truth, spoken by Christ in the flesh of a human being, who can answer our questions in language that we can understand.

I have been telling the Lord for years, one of the hardest things about this walk for me is that He does not always respond immediately, like in a human conversation, although He does some of the time. So, based on what I have just told you, what is the male mind in Washington supposed to doing with respect to the spiritually female part of the population?

ToDaNow: Forming the serpent mind.

JSNGSNG: Suppose to tell the truth.

LivingEM: Yes. He is supposed to be educating them.

DANIEL42: To be a moral leader.

LivingEM: Yes.

Myprecous1: He is supposed to wait until he gets a clear answer.

LivingEM: Myprecous, the question is, how is he supposed to be relating to the female? He is supposed to be telling her the truth, educating her.

Myprecous1: Oh, by teaching them good morals setting a moral example for her.

ToDaNow: I didn't understand the question. The male mind is joined with the female mind to form Christ

LivingEM: Yes, ToDaNow. This is true, but the male mind in Washington is the male aspect of the carnal mind. I think you missed what was said about that. I sent out a study on 1 Cor. 11 about this. The carnal mind can be male or female.

Not to repeat everything that was said earlier, the male part of the carnal mind is rational and the female part of the carnal mind is emotional. Not the male part, but the carnal mind that is male, or in a male role. There is a spiritually male carnal mind in Washington today which is abusing the spiritually female population of the American people. They should be loving her, teaching her, setting a moral example for her, but instead they are seducing and manipulating her to satisfy their own ends.

We started out this message talking about "spin." The Republicans talk about the Democratic "spin," and the Democrats talk about the Republican "spin." What is going on here, and how can we rightly divide the truth of this? It is possible that both parties are lying, spewing out this propaganda, but we know that at least one group is. I shouldn't have said "parties" above. I don't mean that all the members of any party are involved in this.

There are two groups involved in this crisis. Actually, there are three. There is the group that is truly spinning out the propaganda that is seducing and manipulating the female minds of America, there is the group of female minded Americans, and there is the group of spiritually male-minded Americans. Every male-minded American is not necessarily a Christian. And as much as I disagree with much of the doctrines of the Catholic Church, I cannot deny that there are many moral Catholics. Ghandi had a spiritually male mind, but I cannot see how it could have been Christ. Does anyone know who Ghandi was?

JSNGSNG: Leader in India?

LivingEM: Yes.

Myprecous1: He was an Indian leader.

LivingEM: Yes.

ToDaNow: Yes.

LivingEM: Martin Luther King adopted Ghandi's "passive resistance" methods. This discussion emphasizes how easily the uneducated person can be confused about Christ. There is morality outside of Christ. There is no righteousness outside of Christ, but there is morality outside of Christ. How do we recognize righteousness?

JSNGSNG: Its all truth.

Myprecous1: It is not self satisfying.

LivingEM: Righteousness is truly immortal. Jesus was proven to be righteous, because the only thing that died when He was crucified was the carnal mind that He inherited from His mother, and His physical body which is the image of the carnal mind.

LivingEM: Myprecous-that is true, but it does not prove righteousness.

Myprecous1: Ok

LivingEM: Is there anyone here willing to undergo the test for righteousness? Is there anyone here who thinks they would survive the test for righteousness?

ToDaNow: No

LivingEM: You don't have to be crucified. How about poison?

Myprecous1: I know that I am not. Well, not me, for sure.

ToDaNow: Are you saying that to be the righteousness of Christ we must be immortal?

LivingEM: Yes. We can have that righteousness within us, but we, ourselves, are not righteous until that righteousness is so mingled with every aspect of ourselves that our carnal mind ceases to function. So long as our carnal mind is living through us in any way, we are spiritually polluted. This is why we must CHOOSE to agree with our righteous Side. If we do not agree with our Righteous Side, we automatically default to our carnal mind.

LivingEM: Who is our Righteous Side?

JSNGSNG: Christ Jesus

LivingEM: Yes. We are two-sided men. James calls us double minded. We have two minds, if Christ is formed in us. But there's a catch. They are not two completely separate minds. They are siamese twins. Who knows what siamese twins are?

Myprecous1: Joined together

LivingEM: Yes.

DANIEL42: One body, two heads?

ToDaNow: Two bodies joined together from the spine

LivingEM: Siamese twins can be joined anywhere. Where are the carnal and the Christ Mind joined?

JSNGSNG: In the heart center?

LivingEM: Some siamese twins share the same heart.

ToDaNow: In the spirit mind.

LivingEM: No. Mind is not restricted to any one energy center. Yes. In the spirit of the mind. The carnal mind and the Christ Mind share the same spirit, the same personality and the same physical body. But the spirit of the mind is the key. Because the mind that controls the human spirit forms the personality.

So, we have a corrupt male mind in the White House, a group of spiritually male Americans who recognize the truth about the mistreatment of the American people, and a group of spiritually female [both physical males and physical females] Americans, who are in agreement with their abuser. They love their abuser, and enable him.

I hope I have made it clear that this male mind in the White House is not just Mr Clinton, although he is the head of it, but the whole political machine that Mr. Clinton controls. This corrupt male mind has thrown all reason and law to the wind, and is "spinning" out the lies that they want the American people to believe Such as, anybody?

ToDaNow: It's only about sex.

LivingEM: Yes.

DANIEL42: It's his private life, and it's okay to lie under oath if it's about sex is what they are saying.

Myprecous1: Not the real truth

ToDaNow: He has told the truth, leave him alone.

LivingEM: Myprecous - I'm asking for specific lies that the Clinton machine is "spinning out." Yes. Leave him alone. Forget that he broke the law. Can you believe that? Forget that he broke the law?

LivingEM: Whatever Monica Lewinsky may, or may not be, she was a 21 year old intern. If she was chasing Mr. Clinton down the hall, stark naked, it was his responsibility to cover her, not to take advantage of her. We do not have to take everything that is offered to us.

Mr. Clinton is the President of the United States. He is supposed to be the moral leader of this country, the example for our children. Members of the armed forces have lost their jobs and their careers over the very same crime. Any corporate executive would have been fired for agreeing to this relationship.

So we see that the "spin" looks at the relationship and not the dynamics behind the relationship. The Clinton supporters are saying, let's just sweep the moral issues under the rug.

I would like to relate what I just said about Mr. Clinton covering Monica Lewinsky to the spiritual cover of Christ. Can anyone explain the spiritual cover of Christ, and how it wards off the Satanic judgment? The spiritual cover of Christ operates through counsel, or a verbalized warning.

ToDaNow: Exposing the wrong with the mind of Christ, and not agreeing with their actions.

LivingEM: Yes. It is counsel and/or warning in spoken language that says, this is wrong. If you do it, you will be unleashing something that will bring consequences into your life. If you continue on, despite the counsel/warning, you will have to reap what you have sown. The spiritual elder covers the spiritual youth. Obedience to the word of caution immediately destroys Satan's plans to bring destruction into your life.

Of course God loves you, and will help you out of your dilemma, but who needs all of the grief? Seductions flow towards us continually, and you will find that when you reach a certain place in Christ [only the Lord knows when] He will use you to protect ignorant people through counsel.

I have a testimony. I was on the checkout line in Caldor Dep't. Store. I didn't even intend to go there. It was a last minute decision. The cashier was a very young man. I would say 18 years old. He was feeling his oats that day. He looked at my credit card and said to me, do you know our store manager? His name is Vitale also. I said, no, I don't know him. The young man said, well why don't you say you do, so that I can give you a discount? He appeared serious to me. He was showing off for some reason. Christ Jesus rose up in me and said, "that is stealing.You shouldn't do that." Now why do I say that Christ Jesus rose up in me? Couldn't it have been me? I know that such behavior is wrong, and would be stealing. Yes, it could have been me, Sheila, the personality, but it wasn't. It was Christ Jesus.

If it were me, he would have received a correction which he may or may not have heeded. When Christ Jesus speaks, spiritual seeds are imparted with the words of language. Power is imparted to deliver. I am as sure as I can be, without actually being told, that the young man or his parents, or some close relatives are Christians who are praying for that young man. I, by yielding to Christ Jesus within me, covered that young man's sins. If it had been my personality alone, I still would have covered his sins. By refusing his offer, I prevented him from committing a crime.

When parents forbid their children to do something foolish or dangerous, it prevents them from racking up some negative points in the sowing and reaping judgment. A husband can cover his wife this way.

Do you know that it is the law of the land [or at least it used to be] that if you buy something from a high pressure salesman, and you are under age, they must give you your money back if you ask for it

According to the Scripture, a husband or a father can nullify his wife or daughter's oath. Anything foolish that a wife or daughter does, can be denied by her husband or her father, as if she never said it. This is the ministry of the true male. He protects the female. He does not take advantage of her weaknesses.

When I was a disciple, there was a married couple who were ministers that visited our church. The woman was very anointed. More so than the man. But, at the very least, they both had a relationship with the Holy Spirit. The woman was very capable, but submitted herself to her husband in areas where she was more capable than he was. She became passive, saying, whatever he decides is okay with me.

This does not honor Christ. Rebellion is never of God, but there are ways to deal with such a situation. Brethren, the spiritual male is wherever he is appearing. Every spiritual male is to live up to his responsibilities to the fullest extent possible with regard to the members of his physical and spiritual family, the whole Body of Christ, the country, and the world, as Christ leads us.

We have a treasure hidden in the earth of our personalities. It is to be dispensed as Christ sees fit. A Godly man would never stop his wife from ministering Christ. The spiritual elder covers the spiritual youth. We have to look at the mind, not the physical body.

Everyone who does not have a spiritual cover is a spiritual widow and a spiritual orphan. Christ will cover you directly if you can hear Him. You may be able to hear Him in some areas and not in others. It is great grace to be able to discern the areas in which you are not hearing from the Lord directly.

In the event that the counsel is given and rejected, the spiritual youth opens himself to the sowing and reaping judgment. The elder's hands are clean. But in the event that the elder doesn't intervene, the elder comes under the same sowing and reaping judgment as the spiritual youth. It doesn't matter whether our intervention is welcome or not. It doesn't even matter if the spiritual youth hates us and calls us names. The only thing that matters is our service to Christ.

I am in no way justifying Monica Lewinsky. She needs spiritual counseling. But Mr. Clinton has the greater sin. The most powerful man in the world contributed to her delinquency. The elder always has the greater weight of the responsibility. We do not live for ourselves, brethren.

The sons of God are anonymous. They go where the wind blows them. Our ministry is to the spiritual widow and the spiritual orphan. The physical woman whose husband does not cover her is a spiritual widow. The Christian whose pastor does not cover him is a spiritual orphan. There is much work to do, but it must be Christ in us who does it.

So Mr. Clinton, the most powerful man in the world, took up the offer of a morally disturbed young woman. How can anyone say, let's get on with the work of the country? Mr. Clinton has not admitted most of things that he has done wrong. In any event, he has committed crimes, according to the law of the US Government. Are we to forget about them for Mr. Clinton, and send the little guy to jail?

Look at how the situation has been completely reversed. Mr. Clinton is supposed to be the moral example for the nation and our children. But Mr. Clinton can lie under oath, and the Female Opinion says, that's okay, Bill, we love you. Let's get on with it. All those other guys are picking on you.

The interviewer I was watching today went out into the streets and asked people, "if it were proven that Mr. Clinton committed a crime, should he be taken out of office?" The only ones who said yes were two children. They were about 12 years old.

The present scandal should bypass partisanship. The stand that one takes should have nothing to do with what political party you belong to.

This "sweep it under the rug" idea is a typical alcoholic response. Forget about it, and let's get on with it. The only problem is that it doesn't work. Everything that we do, every stand that we take, has a reaction. Everything we do not deal with remains unresolved in the spirit. And if it remains unresolved long enough, there is an explosion. In the meantime, people are walking around wounded and many don't even know it.

I saw this principle demonstrated in an excellent movie. It took place in India. The main character was an Indian medical doctor. He was educated, but very socially naive. History says that there was a lot of prejudice against the Indians by the occupying British. The doctor wanted nothing more than to be accepted by his British colleagues.

The long and the short of it is that the doctor was accused of rape by a British woman, but it was not true. All of his British friends turned against him, except one man. No one was willing to go to court for him and say they couldn't believe that he would do such a thing. The woman eventually told the truth and the man was freed, but he was wounded severely. He left the big city in India and went into the hills to treat poor Indians.

All of his British friends who really didn't believe that he did it, but would not face the persecution of standing with him, tried to be friends with him again, but he would have nothing to do with them, including the one British man who testified for him. The Indian doctor threw out his one British friend with the rest of the false ones. The British friend was deeply hurt. He had experienced severe persecution for this doctor.

The interesting part is that this man wasn't the best of friends in the good times. Just average. The stand he took was for righteousness. He would not do what was wrong, no matter who it was that was being persecuted. And the reward of this man who was willing to be persecuted for righteousness sake, was that his Indian friend wanted nothing to do with him. The true friend went back to England but never got over the rejection from the Indian doctor. This unresolved issue stayed with the true friend for years. It was an unresolved issue.

Brethren, we must resolve our issues. Evasion never works. The problem exists in the spirit for generations. If we don't reconcile while we know what is wrong, our children inherit our spiritual problems. But they don't know how to resolve the symptom, because they don't have any idea of where it came from. Unresolved issues are deadly -- but it can take years for these hidden time bombs to go off.

Well, finally the true friend decided to go back to India and look for the doctor. At this point the true friend was as offended as the doctor. He went back to India and made the big trip up into the mountains where there were no Europeans. The doctor who wanted to be accepted into European society more than anything, now wanted nothing to do with Europeans, even the one who went out on a limb for him.

The end of the movie was very moving. When the two men faced each other after all of these years, both of their hearts melted. They embraced and reconciled. That unresolved issue that was "hanging there" in the spirit dissolved. Both men could now have peace. The time bomb had been dismantled. Now it could never go off.

The interesting part about this is, that the British man went back to England, and they never saw each other again. But this "thing" that was hanging between them, was resolved and dissolved.

The Scripture says that we must account for every word we speak I never used to believe it, but it's true. If we say or do something that wounds somebody, no matter how minor it is, if we don't admit that we did something wrong and apologize, that issue is swept under the spiritual rug and it festers there. It may not start a fire in your generation, but your children will inherit the problem. Yet, it may start a fire in your generation, and if you are in denial you may be wringing your hands saying, woe is me, I have served the Lord faithfully all of these years, how could this happen to me?

Every evil thing that happens to you, brethren, is the just recompense of either your sin, or your ancestor's sin. This is the truth. The heathen know it, but the Christians don't. The Buddhists know it. The Hindus know it. But the Christians think it is a Satan outside of themselves. It is Satan, alright, their own unconscious mind, executing the sowing and reaping judgment on them.

The only way out, brethren, is to walk as blamelessly as possible, and when we are not blameless to admit it promptly. Then apologize, and make restitution. Ask how the issue can be resolved. Maybe there is something you have to do. You see, when you refuse to take responsibility for something that you failed to do, whether you intend to do it or not, you have blamed the other person for your failure. And the other person carries a wound because of this. Whether they realize it or not, they are carrying your sin.

We cannot judge other people's sins if we are living with unconfessed, unresolved sin. If you want to be a son of God, you have to be doing everything that you can to be blameless, and when you do wrong, or do not keep your word, or do not keep your promise to do something in a timely manner, the Lord requires you to admit it and apologize. If you can't accomplish this much in your life, you cannot judge the sins of the spiritual youths that you are supposed to be covering. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked. Your sin will surely find you out.

Don't be deceived because you have ministry on some level. As I said at the beginning of this message, I have never seen the Lord punish anyone. He just loves you and meets your needs right up to the minute that Satan hurls the judgment against you.

I sent a memo around recommending the movie called the "Apostle." I hope you all saw it. It makes this point excellently. Every sin will have its just recompense. We don't get away with anything. Every action will have a reaction, no matter how long it takes for that reaction to manifest.

This nation is reaping some bad things today, but our hope is that Christ Jesus will cover us with corrective judgment. I don't know exactly how it will manifest.

All that I know is that we have moved out from under the Lord's cover as a nation, and are experiencing the sowing and reaping judgment. I also believe that the Lord received this nation as His Son in it's infancy, and that He is fighting for us even now. I believe that good things will arise out of the evil that is appearing today, but not without much pain and destruction.

The whole world waits for the manifestation of the sons of God, and the Lord Jesus waits for us to stop being evasive and dishonest, and to start telling, and facing the truth about ourselves -- as He reveals it. God help us all, because those who He has called will be purified one way or the other, the easy way or the hard way, because the Lord Jesus will save this country and the whole human race from destruction, despite our failure to do our part.

The judgment of the Lord Jesus Christ is corrective, but not without pain. If we resist it, we fall into the hands of the sowing and reaping judgment, mediated by Satan. The Lord will have a Church without wrinkle or spot, one way or the other. Let God be true, and every man a liar. No one deceives God, or His sons. You can only deceive your self and the spiritual women.

Righteousness will be seen, saith the Lord. I am a righteous God. I will cover you, saith the Lord, for what man has ever hated his own flesh? But I am a holy God. Your sins I will not receive, even though you refuse to see them. The hour is short. The enemy comes in like a flood. I will make my public appearance shortly, You shall see me in my glory, Where will you be when I appear? Will I find faith in your earth? Or will I see your carnal mind? Fear not, I am full well able to deliver you.

This turned out to be a very serious message today. Are there any comments or questions?

ToDaNow: yes . Forgiveness entered my mind, forgiveness for someone else? When a person say Lord forgive me, they expect Him to forgive them now.

LivingEM: There are two stages of forgiveness. The first is by faith: The Lord says, I forgive you son, but you can't continue to do that. So I will fully forgive you by removing your potential to do that sin again. The true forgiveness of sins is the surgical removal of our potential to commit that sin.

This is how Jesus could say to the adulterous woman, go and sin no more. What if she didn't obey Him? She would find herself being stoned again. This is the sowing and reaping judgment. But when Jesus forgives you, he cuts away from your spirit and your mind, all potential to do that sin again. This is the true forgiveness of sin. The first stage, forgiveness by faith, gives us the strength to resist the sin. This means that if we exercise our strength in Christ Jesus, we will be able to resist committing that sin. But the desire for that sin will still be there.

We must say "no." Mr. Clinton should have said, "no." If the desire is overwhelming, we must cry out to the Lord, confessing our inability to resist. He will forgive us many times if we truly desire to stop, and eventually we will be strong enough to resist. But so long as we have a sin nature, we will always be vulnerable to our weaknesses.

Each man has his own weaknesses, although we all would fall prey to every sin known to man if the circumstances were fertile. This is why we walk as blamelessly as possible, to minimize the fertile circumstances. We use wisdom, we stay away from tempting circumstances and tempting people, until we become incapable of the sin.

This is the true meaning of the Sabbath day. The day of rest from the spiritual labor of keeping our sin nature under Christ. In the regeneration, there will be no more war.

LivingEM: Anyone else?

You see, if we ask the Lord to forgive us, and we do not receive His correction when it comes, the sowing and reaping judgment will be speeded up, because the Lord is answering our own prayer, to forgive us. There is forgiveness so long as you continue to do the things mentioned in this message. There is judgment only because Jesus is faithful to answer your own prayers to make you holy.

We can make all of the excuses we want to make. We can justify our ungodly behavior from sun up to sun down, but neither the Lord, nor his sons believe you. And your refusal to take the counsel He sends you, launches Satan's judgment into your life, BECAUSE JESUS IS FAITHFULLY ANSWERING YOUR OWN PRAYER to forgive your sins.

You will surely do these things no more saith the Lord. I will see to it.

Does anybody remember sucking their thumb when they were little? My mother put some foul tasting solution on my thumb. It tasted so bad I stopped sucking my thumb.

Myprecous1: Yes.

ToDaNow: I have seen some people do that.

LivingEM: Now that's pretty much the size of it with children today. You are forgiven "by faith" until you stop doing the sin, and when you stop doing the sin because you have gotten into so much trouble for doing it, your sins are forgiven.

So you wonder why the heathen does the same thing as you, and never gets into trouble, do you? The reason is your own prayers. Let me serve you Lord. Make me holy, Lord. Let me ascend, Lord. Let me be a son, Lord.

The Lord scourgeth every son that He receives. So that henceforth all things work for the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes. But be not deceived, He will go to whatever lengths necessary to purify you, IN ANSWER TO YOUR OWN PRAYERS, so you would do well to ask the Lord to open your ears, and help you to understand and obey.

You will never be destroyed, but you can lose your house. That is the Scripture. The winds and the rain came, and the whole house came down, but the man was saved. Believe, me, it's much easier to cooperate with the Lord. And remember this. Once He receives your prayers and decides to answer them, there is no amount of tears or pleading that will stop the judgment. You will come out as pure gold, but here is no turning back.

The Scripture says that anyone who puts his hand to the plow and turns back, is what? Not fit for the kingdom.

Myprecous1: Unworthy.

LivingEM: Do you know what "plow" means? It means to cut into the earth of your personality and plant the nature of Jesus Christ. The Scripture likens it to having a baby. It can be very painful, but joy cometh in the morning when you see that you have birthed a manchild.

The Scripture says, I am doing a new thing in the earth, behold, a man experiencing the pains of childbirth. That is the spiritual man, Christ Jesus. But we, the personality, feel the birth pangs.

Christ coming forth in you can be likened to human childbirth. Once the baby starts coming, you can scream all that you want to, but there's no place to run . You have to go through. And there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God, except our own unconfessed sin. I've been telling some of you all for years, if you think the Lord is soft, you better think again. I remember the first time He was tough with me. He told me that if I didn't stand up and fight [spiritual warfare], He would leave me for carrion on the banks of the Jordan. Carrion=dead meat for the vultures to eat. And if you think that I'm tough, you would never make it through what I've been through. I'm verrrrrry nice compared to the ones who broke me.

Any other questions or comments? God bless you all.

Remember the Lord said that He would be appearing publicly very soon. That means someone will ascend into the brow, 6th center, and become a supernatural man with the strength to gather those who are in a Godly submission to him up into the 6th center also. The man in the 6th center will hold the others up there until they are strong enough to stand by themselves.

Myprecous1: God was dealing with me the through whole message .

LivingEM: Praise the Lord that you could hear it. The more we respond to this kind of Godly warning, the more we ward off the sowing and reaping judgment mediated by Satan.

God bless you all. Go in peace. Give every man the benefit of the doubt. Esteem everyone better than yourself. Pride is the root of all destruction. This does not mean that you let yourself be abused. It means sit on your pride, and think about the other person. I feel that you are all spiritually gripping your computers. We have had this happen in the NY meetings. Where the anointing was so profound that everyone just sits there after I end the meeting.

I still have a bad cold and my hiatal hernia is better, but still bothering me somewhat. I would appreciate your prayers.

Until next week,

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