The Spiritual Foundations Of The Clinton Scandal - Part 2


LivingEM: Praise the Lord. This is part 2 of "Clinton." We will continue with the discussion part of this message. The floor is open for questions or comments. Please pray and ask the Lord to help you keep your carnal mind underfoot.

What do you think about Clinton's speech? I would like some input from each of you. You all must have some thoughts on the matter.

DANIEL42: He did not seem to be repentant and did not say I'm sorry, so I felt it was inadequate.

Myprecous1: It was not sincere.

JSNGSNG: I think there wasn't enough remorse.

LivingEM: Yes. We heard "confession," but no repentance. Mr. Clinton's speech was a perfect audiovisual example of the difference between confession and repentance. Most people believe that they are the same, or so closely related that they are inseparable, but this is not true. Repentance may not come for years after confession. The more narcissistic the personality is, the more difficult confession is.

We saw in Mr. Clinton's speech, a typical alcoholic reaction to demands for a response. No matter what political explanation the White House gives for Mr. Clinton delaying his response for seven months, the truth of the matter is that he behaved sociopathically. He thought about no one except himself. His behavior was typically alcoholic, with Mr. Clinton in the role of abusing husband, and his wife, family, aides, political supporters and the citizens of this country in the role of the victim wife and children, and extended family.

Subject: He refused to communicate. Let me remind you that alcoholic and narcissistic behavior is the same behavior, whether you drink or not. Both behaviors are sociopathic..

A sociopath is an individual who thinks and behaves as if he were above the rules of the society that he lives in. The most frustrating part of this whole affair, for me, is the apparent inability of so many American people to comprehend the issues at hand.

Last week we talked about righteous judgment and the ability to recognize the moral righteous solution to any conflict. It seems to me that many of the American people have lost this ability. This is quite disturbing, because democracy depends upon a majority of the people operating under the direction of a righteous ideal. The direction that our country is going in is paternalism. This means that the individual offers up his autonomy as a private citizen to the politicians. This is frightening considering mortal man's fallen nature, and the already proven tendencies of previous and present legislators towards corruption.

This country was established on Biblical principles. I know that today many are saying that our founding fathers were Masons. I do not know what the answer to this is, but I do know that this country became great because of its Judeo-Christian ethic and its acknowledgment of the country as a Christian nation. We must ask ourselves, and many do ask and receive the incorrect answer, why the European nations have been so great. The answer is Jesus Christ. The answer is that the Spirit of Jesus Christ and the righteousness which is upon those who honor Him,. have made this country great.

As amazing as it seems, because so many churchgoers are so immoral, the simple fact of acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord and Sunday church attendance, has been enough to prosper this nation.

The mind is malleable, spiritual clay. What it perceives, by hearing, seeing, or reading, actually molds the mind. Unseen spirits impress the mind. Attending church where Jesus Christ is respected and the Scripture is read, molds the mind. As amazing as this may be to some, this is the truth, and this truth is the foundation for the slow, creeping seduction which is destroying this nation. This country was not founded for a citizenry of Ph.D.s. It was founded for the man in the street who is under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Christ is made unto us wisdom, says the Lord. Despite all of the misunderstanding of the Scripture that is rampant today, a commitment to Jesus Christ will produce a spirit of righteousness. The Holy Spirit will influence us to think righteous thoughts, so that we reap righteousness in our mind and in our personal lives.

The Scripture is clear, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all of these things shall be added unto you. The major problem in the country today is that nominal Christians have taken for granted the great things that Jesus Christ has done for us as individuals, and for our country. Selfishness and greed have blinded us to our source. The Scripture says, "and they became wise, in their own eyes...." Every time the Scripture says this, destruction follows.

The seduction of the American people started long before Mr. Clinton was elected President. It was the already seduced American people who elected him. Of all the interviews that I heard with regard to the situation with Mr. Clinton, only one man said that the President is the reflection of the people who elected him. A righteous man votes for a righteous man. A self-absorbed man votes for the man who he thinks will meet his own personal needs. To think of ourselves first is disastrous, both on a personal, and on a national level.

I honestly do not know whether John Kennedy was serious, or just spouting something that sounded good, when he said, "don't ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country. Whether he meant it honestly or not, this statement carries a spiritual principle that, when followed, will reap good things into our lives.

A life lived by determining the righteousness of every situation, based on the righteousness of Jesus Christ, must produce good fruit. It is impossible for Jesus Christ and for His principles to fail us. It is we who fail because we do not understand, and sometimes because we do not want to understand. Why would we not want to understand? This is an open question.

DANIEL42: Because if we know what is right we have a responsibility to do it

LivingEM: Yes. this is true. None are so blind, as those who do not want to see.

.ToDaNow: Because we will have to choose

LivingEM: Yes. This is true. If we face the two choices, we will have to face our own mind and admit that the righteous choice does not serve our carnal interests. I say "carnal interests" because no matter how devastating righteousness may appear to our carnal mind, the righteous solution, as Jesus Christ perceives it, must produce good fruit somewhere down the line. Many who come to Christ have a mind filled with wrong thinking, wrong ideals, selfishness, greed, and every evil work.

According to the teaching in the Church today, you can reap good things into your life if you just answer an altar call and tithe, but this is not true. These two are good things to do, but they alone do not offer assurance of a victorious life. The victory that we experience will be directly parallel to the degree of righteousness that we manifest in our day-to-day life. If we are dishonest in our dealings with our fellow man, we oppose ourselves.

Righteousness in our every day life includes the behavior that parents used to teach their children, but this does not seem to be the case any more. Many parents do not teach their children right from wrong today. Refusing to admit that you have done something amiss is wrong. It should not be done. Refusing to say you are sorry, is wrong. It should not be done. I apologize for hurting someone, even if my motive is correct. Those of you who know me, know that I will say "I am sorry that I hurt you, but it was necessary." These attitudes develop a fertile foundation for good communication which enables people to deal with relationships in a way that builds us up, instead of wounding us so severely that eventually we may be crippled.

This is the condition of the alcoholic, narcissistic personality. Mr. Clinton has done the exact opposite of what the American people need. He has refused to communicate in a Godly way. He lied to us for 7 months. What does this mean? It means he made us doubt our own discernment. He made us doubt our own ability to draw a Godly conclusion from the facts, and many were overcome by his mind control. This is very serious, because every time someone is overcome by mind control their ability to discern the truth dies a little bit.

I spoke about Shem and Japheth last week. This is what happened to them. They denied that Satan had overcome Noah to cover the fact that they, too, were overcome by her, and deprived themselves and all of their descendants, which we are, from the quality of life that Elohim had designated for us. So, we see that to deny the truth to avoid the immediate consequences of that truth, is an irrational decision which brings destruction not only upon ourselves, but upon all of our descendants.

Do you know that to deny the truth to someone with a weak mind, can push them over the edge? Do you have any idea how much moral strength it takes to believe the truth when someone is looking you right in the face and swearing that the truth is a lie? Brethren, the mind is malleable clay. A battle such as I have just described, the one person knowing the truth that is in front of his eyes, and the other strong mind, denying that truth with all of their strength, can cause the rational mind to be "reformatted." This is what is happening in our country today.

Mr. Clinton looked the American people, not to mention his own family and aides and supporters, right in the eye. He even went on national TV and banged on his desk, saying, I never did it, and implying, "you bad people, when will you give it up." Brethren, this is mind control, and mind control is evil. Who will you believe, your own eyes and sense of right and wrong, or will you allow your mind to be "reformatted" by a mind stronger than yours?

The Clinton machine is awesome! It establishes a "party line" and everyone spouts this party line, which has nothing whatsoever to do with what they personally believe. Brethren, this is devastating to someone who is honestly trying to get at the truth. Does anyone know why? The person who sincerely desires the truth will honestly consider what the other person says. If both parties aee sincere, there is an exchange of ideas and a spirit of Godly compromise, and reconciliation flows.

We have two minds in this situation, both capable of being "reformatted," and willing to be "reformatted" where they are wrong. Both parties are open. Both parties are vulnerable. Both parties are changeable. Both Parties are reasonable. Well, when you put an open mind up against a steel-clad, immovable mind, who is spouting the party line, and completely opposed to any consideration of the other party's needs or opinions, the steel-clad, uncompromising mind, will engrave the reasonable mind and change his mind. The steel-clad mind will reprogram the reasonable mind every time -- with only one exception. Does anyone know what it is?


LivingEM: You have the right idea. A spirit of righteous strength will support the reasonable mind, so that he can be open, and reasonable, without being overcome by the evil mind. The carnal mind, which is our sin nature, defends itself with unrighteousness. The rage and self-preservation of pride is very powerful. Yet, the spirit of righteousness, alone, is not enough. Just like the Holy Spirit is not enough [we must have Christ formed in us], the spirit of righteousness is only effective when we HAVE A KNOWLEDGE of what is right.

When we have been taught, and strongly believe, what is right, then the spirit of righteousness strengthens us for the war of the minds. It is essential to understand what the Lord requires of us. This is why the corrective judgments of Christ Jesus are Jehovah's mercy to humanity. Jehovah will not call back the spiritual law of righteousness that is unto destruction for the lawbreakers. The Lord helps us by educating us to the extent that we desire to do righteousness.

Of course, Christ Jesus is the only righteous one, so once we decide to desire righteousness, we must join our carnal mind to Christ Jesus if we are to be undefeatable in this world. Jesus Christ's righteousness, and mercy educate us as to how to agree with Him.

So Mr. Clinton refused to communicate. He and his whole operation took a stand that had nothing whatsoever to do with truth or righteousness. Everything he has done is politically motivated, and the simple people have been engraved by his steel-clad mind. Do I insult you when I say "simple people?" No. I tell you the truth, that everyone who does not have a knowledge of the moral truth, fortified by the Spirit of Truth, is simple.

Of all of the people interviewed, I heard only one man say, "the members of Clinton's machine are wizards. They are magicians. The rest of the population is a piece of cake. They are David Copperfield and Houdini, wrapped into one."

This was a US senator who said this. In his opinion, Clinton will never be caught legally. "He is too smart," said the senator. So we see that it takes a US senator to even recognize what a severe assault is being waged against the public mind. A US senator is an above-average man. The man in the street that does not know Christ is a complete victim before such trickery. And, if things are not already bad enough, the simple public, who have been absorbed into the Clinton camp through the most evil kind of mind control, are fighting against Clinton's moral opponents and perpetuating the lie. What lie? The lie about what the actual issues of this crisis are.

I have listened to many interview programs and one thing never seems to change. I have never yet heard one Clinton defender honestly respond to the legal charges against Clinton, but, on the contrary, they steadfastly spew forth the rhetoric, the party line. Does anyone know what the Clinton party line is?

ToDaNow: Self

LivingEM: If I say to you, "Clinton may be guilty of perjury," and you were a Clinton supporter, what would you say? Self is true, but I am looking for a typical Clinton response. I say, "possible perjury," the Clinton supporter says, "sex." I say, "public abuse," the Clinton supporter says, "this is his private business." I say, "Clinton has cost the country millions of dollars by evasive tactics which have carried this issue on for 7 months, and brought all kinds of law suits to oppose the investigation." I say, "Mr. Clinton, you are acting like a criminal, not like a man who has nothing to hide," and the Clinton camp says? Anybody?

ToDaNow: He has nothing to hide. He has told the truth.

LivingEM: This is true. They are saying, "this is all in your mind. You are the bad children. You are prying into Mr. Clinton's private life. Now, don't you know that you are supposed to just stand there and let me blacken your eye? What is wrong with you? Don't you know that I love you? How could I hurt someone that I love? [slap] Would I ever hurt you? [punch] Never! [Jaw cracks.] I'm doing the best job for the American people. [This is for your own good, now stop complaining.]"

This is the kind of mind control that possesses people, captures them, and keeps them as slaves for the abuser's use. And the most frightening thing is that the sitting President is a reflection of the population at large. It is amazing how many people believe that this affair is Mr. Clinton's private life and that he should be left alone.

Mr. Clinton is being investigated for multiple felonies. This is criminal behavior. "So he lied about sex," they say. I have not heard one person interviewed admit this whole affair arose out of a sexual harassment suit against Mr. Clinton. I have heard it said that Mr. Clinton should not be asked sexual questions in the first place, but this was Mr. Clinton's own sexual harassment suit. Mr. Clinton was the one charged. How ridiculous to say that he should not have been asked questions about sex.

Look at where the minds of the people are? Their thoughts are arising out of the engravings cut into their mind by the Clinton machine. It is from this point of view that Jehovah said to Ezekiel, "I shall make your forehead as hard a flint. I shall strengthen your mind in my righteousness, and Satan shall not reprogram you. You will know the truth, and a knowledge of the truth will keep your mind from being reprogrammed, because my righteous spirit will bind you to the knowledge that you have internalized."

The Holy Spirit is given primarily to cause Christ to be grafted to our heart center. He rarely, if ever, ministers in righteousness because a knowledge of righteousness must be in the person's mind before they can be strengthened in righteousness. And we acquire a knowledge of righteousness by having our mind renewed into the image of Jesus Christ. So every time we choose to be dishonest, thinking that it is a little thing, we strengthen our carnal mind and make our self vulnerable to"reprogramming" by the carnal mind.

I have never realized how serious it is to lie, to the extent that I now understand it, until recently. Little lies establish a pattern of behavior, a pattern of how we deal with uncomfortable situations, which sets us up for a lifestyle of lies. Christ cannot appear in a person who lives such a life, because Christ does not lie, no matter how "small" we think the lie is. If we live our lives by a pattern of "little lies," we must know that we are living out of our carnal mind, because Christ does not do that.

So Mr. Clinton and his machine are reprogramming the nation. Some are saying that Mr. Clinton does not have the moral authority to lead. Does anyone have anything to say about that? What is moral authority?

ToDaNow: Behavior, and beliefs

LivingEM: Moral authority is what we have just been talking about. Moral authority is a conviction about one's position that strengthens the person to do whatever needs to be done. Jehovah gave Ezekiel moral authority, moral strength, to do what Jehovah told him to do. Why do we need moral strength to do what needs to be done? Anybody? Because Satan opposes righteousness wherever He is appearing.

Myprecous1: We would fall apart without it when the times got tough.

ToDaNow: To be able to reprogram those who are Satan's minds.

LivingEM: Yes. this is all true. Yes. Satan tears down all conviction. You may recall me teaching that Satan's overriding characteristic is to break the will and determination of a determined person. What is not commonly known in the Church is that the Mind of Christ reprograms also, but the Church is so far off today that most would never believe it. Much of what the Church is doing today is the reverse of what she should be doing, and too much of the "evangelism" done today is witchcraft. What is witchcraft? Witchcraft is a force that tries to break someone's will. Paul convinced the people about Christ by preaching and reasoning with them, not with fear.

According to Daniel, there is a god of forces. If you research the Word, you will find out that this god of forces is a female deity, the Primordial Serpent in her many forms, Satan, Astaroth, Astarte Semaramis. Anyone else know some of her names?

Myprecous1: Diana.

LivingEM: Yes, Diana. What is her modern name?

DANIEL42: Fiery serpent, Leviathan, Devil.

Myprecous1: Mary.

LivingEM: Yes, Mary. So the Church is using mind control to gain converts by scaring whoever they can with stories of hell and eternal torment.

Do you know that Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Truth? And that when the Spirit of Truth speaks, truth is imparted to the hearer? When the Spirit of Truth speaks through me -- now I'm not talking about "saying" something that is true -- When the Spirit of Truth speaks through me, whoever will at least consider what I say, receives the "seeds" of Truth. These are the "seeds" Jesus spoke about in the parable of the soils.

Brethren, there is no need to confront people and try to force them to hear something they do not want to believe to "spread the Word." First of all, you must have the Word before you can spread it, and "to have the Word" is a spiritual condition. Speaking facts will only help those who choose to consider your facts, and do consider them and, even then, the facts may help but, then again, they may not help.

The message of hell and eternal torment is a false message, and the Jesus that promises such things, is "another Jesus." I evangelize frequently. How? I speak the truth by the Spirit of Truth. The "truth" is not a factual message, but the seed which has the spiritual authority to engraft Christ to the hearer's heart. All deliverance is manifested in Christ. The Spirit of Christ is the answer.

Aside from the people who hear my teachings, my ministry to the Body of Christ and to the world, is very simple. It usually manifests as only a single idea which is the "seed" of their deliverance. There are two categories of people who receive ministry. Receptive and hostile.

Many people are crying out to God, but cannot recognize His help when it stares them in the face, and many reject it when they hear it, and run from it. Why? Mostly because the Truth scares them. Those who are "receptive," are people who recognize that they are being ministered to by a person of God, and have enough of a relationship with Jesus Christ to put the counsel before the Lord, deal with their own pride, and try the spirit in every way, so as to get the very most out of the personal ministry that they can. But the hostile recipient is ignorant. They do not know how to do any of these things, and are more likely to take your attempts to help them as offenses.

How do you minister to such a person? The answer is "passively." How do you minister passively? Does anyone remember? First of all, you rebuke your own pride and potential motive within you, whether you are aware of it or not, that might be seeking some sort of gratification through ministry. Ministry is not to make us feel good. It is service to the Lord. So, ministry, being service to the Lord, should only come forth when the Lord initiates it. Ezekiel said, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth. Let me be incapable of speaking, unless you open my mouth, Lord. I pray a general prayer, Lord please help this person. Sometimes Christ Jesus in me rises up and prays, but not always.

What does this mean? It means that the Lord is either not dealing with the issue at this time, or He is not dealing with it through me. Yes, isn't that amazing? I might not be the right person to pray the spiritual ministry that the Lord has for this person! It is true that certain people are more qualified to pray in certain areas than others. A general rule is that those who have overcome in a particular area, are strong in that area, and much more capable of helping others in the same situation, than someone who has never experienced the problem. So I pray my simple prayer, AND FORGET ABOUT IT.

Get your mind on yourself, look at your own sins, work on your own program. And, then, lo and behold, maybe as much as 1 or 2 years later the Lord decides to speak through you. When Christ ministers to a hostile recipient, it never sounds like it is Christ. I cannot remember the last time I named the name of Jesus to a hostile recipient. But when the Spirit of Christ rises up within me and speaks, the seeds of His life are imparted more completely than any other form of ministry can accomplish.

My recent testimony is to my own son-in-law. He does not want to hear anything that I have to say. But in the natural course of a conversation, Christ rose up in me and said, "money is not everything, YOU CAN LIVE IN A BIG HOUSE AND BE IN HELL IN YOUR MIND." Period. That was the extent of the ministry to him which, by the way, the Lord prophesied would take place. He immediately picked up on it, and I could see that these words comforted him. He had no idea that Almighty God spoke through his mother-in-law in the Spirit of Truth, and imparted the seed of Christ to him. A seed which has the spiritual authority to graft to his heart center, should the Lord Jesus decide to prosper it, and grow into a big tree, even the Tree of Life.

Brethren, if you walk away from this meeting, having learned one thing, let it be this, it is not the words that you speak, but the Speaker of the words, that determines the outcome of what you say. I am sensitive enough to have recognized that Christ Jesus spoke through me. I know that most of you are not that sensitive. This kind of sensitivity is a good thing to ask the Lord for, because it is truly exciting to know that the Lord has used you.

This is what is meant by, seek ye first the Kingdom of God, etc. The Kingdom of God is spiritual. Ask for a spiritual walk. The Lord will speak through you at the most unsuspecting times. And it will, unvaryingly, be only one sentence, or even less. Availability is very important. because He never tells me why He is sending me somewhere, so if I don't go where the Lord tells me to go, I will probably never know what I missed. This is why Paul says that we should not even say what our plans for tomorrow are, but that we should say, "Lord willing."

I cannot even keep my commitment to this meeting without the Lord's help. Anything could happen. I sat down yesterday fully intending to answer some questions to Message # 1, and post it to the web page, and guess what? I did a study in Mark 2. When you are led by the Spirit, you never know what is coming next because you cannot see the whole picture.

In your natural life, you look at all that you have to do, and set your priorities. But when your life is a Spirit-led life, you cannot see all of the things that the Lord has for you to do, or the circumstances surrounding them, so you are incapable of setting intelligent priorities. Of course, you have to go to work, etc. I am not talking about that. I am talking about time that you have control over.

Have you put all time that you have control over on the altar as a sacrifice to the Lord? Or are you planning your own life? You do not have to hear from the Lord directly. I am talking about an attitude of mind. If you could hear the Lord, would you go where He sends you? Are you truly perceiving your own heart? Would you really give up those plans of yours if the Lord sent you elsewhere? Or are you deceiving yourself? I tell you it is painful to have your mind set to do something, and to be moved elsewhere by the Lord. My carnal mind wants that transcript up on the Web Page. Loose ends annoy me. Why would I be starting a new project when another is unfinished? In the carnal world, it is considered irresponsible to start a new project before the old one is finished.

I cannot tell you how many unfinished projects are lying on my desk, but some of you know <G>.

Myprecous1: Right

LivingEM: The bottom line is that if you are motivated by your carnal mind, it is irresponsible, and the sin of pride. But if the Lord is leading you, it is obedience. How confusing! Life in the Spirit is the exact opposite from the carnal life. This is why it is so essential to be able to distinguish between your carnal mind and your Christ mind. And the more equipped you are to distinguish between your Christ Mind and your carnal mind, the more equipped you will be to recognize someone else's carnal mind. And when you see clearly where Christ is, and where the carnal mind is, you can exercise moral authority by standing immovably with Christ.

You see, Mr. Clinton and his machine are immovable, but their strength is in unrighteousness. Indeed, they have engraved thousands, if not millions, of minds to agree with their empty words. Words which have no meaning. Words which are merely a distraction, designed to stop you from thinking creatively. Emotion-ridden words, condemning words, words that, if they can, will cause you to feel and respond like a child. And not only that, but a bad, foolish, child. How could you think such a thing? Shame on you. Now stop seeking to discuss this matter, let's agree that it is over with, even though I have wounded your mind, and your emotions, and by engraving you with unrighteousness, have moved you one step further away from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh, you don't believe in Him any more? Great, says the Clinton machine, we will engrave your mind some more. Listen to the whisper of the serpent, the all wise one who satisfies your needs in this world. Where is your God? He has surely forgotten you. But this is not true. Christ Jesus has not forgotten us, but He shall appear and engrave our mind with His righteous thoughts; and in those engravings are the seeds of His life, the seeds of His thoughts. Where did that thought come from? It came from a spiritual seed that is embedded in the markings that are engraved upon your mind. There is the mark of the bestial carnal mind, and the mark of God that we see the angels ministering in Ezekiel 9.

Unless you have the moral authority -- unless Christ Jesus is mature enough in you -- do not subject your mind to Satan's ideas, but stay in the teachings that are coming forth in the Spirit of Christ. He will surely engrave your mind in righteousness, plant His seeds in the furrows of the engravings, and, Lord willing, those seeds will surely sprout, no matter how long it takes. But the ground must be plowed, brethren, and the stones removed, for the seeds of Christ to sprout. And what are the stones that must be removed? They are the Serpent's spiritual seeds.

We have two kinds of spiritual seeds in our mind, brethren. The Scripture calls them the wheat and the tares. One kind of seed produces life, and the other death. Can you tell the difference? Can you discern between the righteous and unrighteous thoughts of your mind?

If you cannot, fear not, but humble yourself before your God and confess you weakness. He will surely strengthen you, and correct your wrong thinking, if you are truly sincere. But do not think it will be easy, because the Serpent's stones are not removed without a fight and without pain. But, we can bear the correction, brethren, because we can do all things in Christ, who strengthens us, and loves us while we are still in our sins. He will never leave us, nor forsake us. Only we can leave him by loving our sin more than we love Him. Jesus Christ is our insurance against our own ignorance.

Make your fleece with Him, that no matter how ignorant, or rebellious, or prideful you are, that you want Him to help you, especially in the areas in which you are opposing yourself, because the god of this world has blinded you to your own sins. He will not fail you, and will deliver every sincere heart from destruction. All things work for the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes. He loves us as children, but desires for us to become spiritual men in His image, which means in His nature. He will surely push us out of the nest if we are not living up to our potential in Him.

Does anybody have any questions or comments? There is a heavy anointing on this message, brethren. I pray that strength be imparted to all who are here, and who read this transcript.

JSNGSNG: I agree

Myprecous1: Yes

LivingEM: May our sins be forgiven as we forgive those who have sinned against us, may our carnal mind die, and may Christ Jesus be exalted in all of us.

Go in peace, brethren. Be not war mongers, but rest in Him. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. He will make the crooked ways straight. Put you eyes on improving yourself, and serve Him. He is incapable of failing you.

God bless you all. See you next week.

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