The Spiritual Foundations Of The Clinton Scandal - Part 1


LivingEM: TODAY'S SUBJECT: The Spiritual Foundations of the Clinton Scandal. This will be our first On-Line Round-Table Discussion. I will give an exhortation and then open the floor for questions.

The whole country is buzzing. The nation is in a moral crisis. My perception of the crisis is that many of the American people cannot see the issues clearly, and are engaging in blatant emotionalism. Our nation is under a severe spiritual attack designed to "feminize" the nation. Someone, I'm sorry but I cannot recall his name, has written a book entitled "The Feminization Of America." The terms "male" and "female," and their derivatives, "feminization," for example, point to spiritual principles and have nothing whatsoever to do with physical sex.

Spiritual principles apply to "mind." There is a male mind, and there is a female mind, which the Scripture calls "the Female Opinion." There is no such thing as "having one's own opinion" in the Kingdom of God. There is only the opinion of Jesus Christ, who is made unto us wisdom. He is the Spirit of Truth, He is the only righteous one, He is righteousness personified. He may express himself creatively -- insofar as choice of words, examples, etc., but if the spirit behind the opinion is not the Spirit of Truth, it is surely the Female Opinion, no matter how it is veiled, decorated, sweetened, manipulated or twisted.

I have been teaching for many years now, that the end-time crisis for the world, and, in particular, the followers of Jesus Christ, is mind control. Satan's seduction in these last days will be so strong, that only those who live out of the Mind of Christ will survive. I have been preaching this for a long time.

To be honest with you, I have my doubts as to the degree to which I have affected some of you. This is no joke. I tell you again, you will not stand just because you have the Mind of Christ formed in you. The position of the Mind of Christ in relation to your carnal mind is the second most essential factor in your deliverance from Satan's seduction of your mind your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

The greatest love that you can show your families is to resist their demands on your time and throw the fullest degree of your energy into the Kingdom of God, which activities will form Christ in you, and mature Him, and join you to Him, so that He can ascend above your carnal mind, and dominate her.

Brethren, when Satanic mind control, which is witchcraft, hits you, you will not have time to call on the name of Jesus, or to rebuke your carnal mind, or to pray the issue through. The mind that you are living out of at the moment of the seduction is the mind that you will respond out of. The mind that you are living out of at the moment of the attack is the mind that will produce your "knee-jerk reaction." You must be living out of Christ Jesus more than 50 percent of the time.

You can be listening to a tape or sitting in a meeting, and still be in your carnal mind, because the only way you can live out of your Christ mind is to be spiritually exercised. That is, your Christ mind must be spiritually exercised to recognize your carnal mind, and to continuously cast it down every time it shows its head. The only way this can be done is to abide in Christ to the fullest degree that you are able at any point in time. If you are not living up to your maximum capability to live out of Christ, you are vulnerable.

I'm not here to frighten you today, but I know that some of you are not doing all that you can do. I cannot even say to you that the time is short. The time is not short. We are out of time. There is no time left. What to do? Repent in principle. Tell the Lord that if you have not done your part, if you have placed worldly concerns ahead of Christ, even if you are not aware of it, or fully convinced of it right now, that if this is the truth about your life, as the Lord Jesus perceives your life, you will repent, and ask Him to help you to do what must be done.

All fear is in the carnal mind. Resist fear at any cost. Christ Jesus is incapable of lying. He is incapable of seduction, manipulation, maneuvering of the truth, or any other form of dishonesty. The carnal mind is capable of all these mortal, human qualities, but she is also capable of honesty and truth.

Can you tell the difference between the good and evil sides of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Can you discern true words proceeding forth from a lying spirit? Can you recognize manipulation and seduction, when it is sugar coated? Can you recognize when someone is evading the issue? Can you recognize when someone is lying right to your face, but is so believable in their attitude, that they change your mind? Under such circumstances, do you ask Jesus Christ for the truth? Do you ask Jesus Christian a regular basis to help you to see things as He sees them? Can you see the operation of sin in your own motives? Can you see yourself maneuvering the facts to avoid facing the truth? Is your desire to appear righteous before other men more important to you than your love of the truth? Do you know the truth about your own motives the majority of the time? Can you see sin in others, but not in yourself? Does your ability to recognize the righteous course of action in a controversy disappear behind your carnal mind when something that you hold dear is at stake?

The Female Opinion justifies every sin in other men that she knows is within herself. Leviathan, the subconscious part of the carnal mind, justifies sin in other men because the personality of the justifying mind has either done the same thing or would love to do it, or condemns the sinner because of envy or an untrue belief that they, themselves, are incapable of such behavior. Everyone is capable of everything when the conditions that would produce such behavior are present.

So we see that the Female Opinion draws her judgments from her own limited experiences, from a desire to cover her own sins, or to protect herself in some way. We can say, then, that the Female Opinion is self-motivated, self-obsessed, self-protective, and self-oriented, or self-centered. She has no immutable set of rules and morals that she lives by. But in our society today -- where so many have so much, even though they may not think so concerning material things -- many appear to have a set of immutable moral rules.

The moral opinion of Christ Jesus never changes. Christ Jesus is not "self-ish," or "self-centered." He is God centered. This means that every judgment that he makes is based upon the moral righteousness, as the Lord Jesus Christ sees it, in that situation. The personality who is submitted to Christ Jesus will choose the moral opinion in any given situation, even if it means loss to himself. This includes financial loss, loss of material possessions, loss of friends, loss of family, loss of fellowship, or loss of whatever the latest idol in his life is.

When Paul said, "suffer the loss," he did not mean that you should cheerfully let people rob you. He meant, no matter what the personal loss to yourself, do not react out of your carnal mind. It is impossible to be a manifested son of God and make decisions based upon your own self-interest. Every decision that we make must be based upon the purposes of Jesus Christ in our life. Jesus was not kidding when he said that the one who is willing to give up everything, including property and family, is the one who enters into a Christ-controlled life. This is not to say that the Lord would deny us family, property, or financial prosperity.

The principle behind Jesus' suggestion to the rich man to leave everything and follow him, is the willingness of the person to give up all for Him. If you believe that you would give up all for Him, and are believing a lie, you your whole family and everyone else that you are destined to defend with your spiritual authority in Christ Jesus, are the only losers.

There is great spiritual strength in morality. Even when that morality arises out of the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. There is great strength to lead a positive, healthy, and successful life by choosing the moral position as the foundation of your life, even though you are sure to fail at some time since all men are imperfect. So what is the difference between the moral position which arises out of Christ Jesus, and the moral position that arises out of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Does anyone know the answer?

JSNGSNG: Yes, righteousness.

ToDaNow: Pride

LivingEM: Both answers are correct. The moral position which arises out of Christ Jesus arises our of the true righteousness which is found only in the nature of Jesus Christ. The moral position which arises out of the carnal mind arises out of pride. Pride is a greatly misunderstood quality. There are aspects of pride which are very acceptable to God UNTIL, according to the Lord's judgment, we are able to do better through the Mind of Christ which is formed in us.

The moral position which arises out of the carnal mind is honorable and will produce much fruit UNTIL Christ is formed in you. Once Christ is formed in us, everything that we do outside of Christ is sin which will be judged by the Mind of Christ within the individual, or by the Mind of Christ in another man.

Of course, the Lord is winking at many of our sins, because it is not possible for us to deal with all of them at once. The Mind of Christ, spiritually speaking, is likened to the physical eyes. Many objects are within the field of vision of the physical eyes. Our attention is usually not directed to most of them, but focused upon one object.

When the Mind of Christ focuses upon a particular aspect of our sin nature, it is time for us to deal with that character flaw. The Lord will call it to our attention. If we do not see it, he will send Christ Jesus in another man to help us see it. But if we still cannot see what Christ Jesus is paying attention to because our carnal mind is resisting the change which must follow, some painful, but not necessarily devastating experience, will come into our life. It will most likely be just painful enough to cause us to cry out to the Lord for help, saying, "woe is me. Why Lord, why?" And then, when He finally has our attention, He will tell us that this particular behavior or thought pattern has brought this pain upon us.

We have just laid the foundation for identifying the spiritual forces operating in the country today. There is an epidemic in this country of a spiritual condition which is commonly known as compulsive behavior.

There are "12 step groups" for every compulsive disorder one can imagine. What is compulsive behavior? To put it quite simply, compulsive behavior is mental and/or physical behavior that is generated by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, which is specifically designed to bring destruction into that persons life. The spiritual foundation of compulsive behavior is a condition of spiritual death that arises out of varying degrees of moral bankruptcy, which include the inability to determine the moral position in life situations. Compulsiveness arises out of a mind that is given over to the Female Opinion. Psychology calls it narcissism. The Scripture calls it foolishness. We are talking about an inability to judge righteous judgment.

The Scripture says, speaking about Shem and Japheth, that at first they recognized that their father, Noah, had died to his Christ mind and was given over to Satan and the carnal mind, but chose to serve their own interests when they still had the ability to acknowledge the truth.

It is very important for us to understand that when we choose truth, even though that truth would require us to admit that we made mistake, or failed to do something that we were asked to do, we strengthen the truth within ourselves. For those of us here, the truth is the Christ being formed in us. Every time someone that Christ is being formed chooses to cover their tail, so to speak, or fail to openly, honestly, and quickly admit that they made mistake, or did something wrong, or failed to do something that they should have done, they strengthen the lie in themselves. And the lie is their carnal mind.

You can read the Bible all that you want to. You can even "selectively" confess some sins. But if you are still playing games with God, if you avoid admitting your personal failures by telling only half truths, by avoiding the issue, or by making excuses for what you have done, which is justification, you are strengthening the carnal mind within yourself, and defeating the efforts of Christ Jesus, the Savior in the midst of you, who is trying to save your life.

I have told you many times that it is the mind that the personality chooses as her husband, that will prevail over the whole man. Selective confession and repentance will kill you. Jesus said either you are for me or you are against me. Brethren, nobody can deal with their own sin nature to the point that they ascend into righteousness. The way up is down.

We will only enter into righteousness by humbling ourselves before the Lord Jesus Christ and admitting to Him that if He doesn't help us, we are dead men. The narcissist, or as the Scripture calls him, the fool, has lost the ability to determine the righteous behavior in any given conflict.

This is what happened to Shem and Japheth. They had the ability to determine the righteous course of behavior which would have saved their life, but they chose the lie, and their carnal mind rose up, covered their Christ mind, prevented the righteous course of action, and they died spiritually. They lost the ability to choose. Every human being born of a woman today, is a descendant of one of the three brothers, Shem, Ham or Japheth. Does anybody know what sin Shem and Japheth were covering?

ToDaNow: Pride.

LivingEM: Yes, this is true. It was the same sin that was appearing in their father. They, too, had been seduced by Satan. They could have admitted it and cried out to Elohim for help, but, instead, they chose to attack the one sounding the alarm. Ham saw the truth, exposed the sin in his father, Noah, and hoped that his brothers would join with him to save Noah, their father, but Shem and Japheth chose to cover Noah's sin.

Covering our sin when truth will deliver us from destruction, makes no sense at all, yet this is what pride drives us to do. And so, pride is at the bottom of all wrong thinking. Pride brings with it fear of loss of power, and fear of death. So, we see that choosing pride instead of righteous judgment, results in the exact opposite of what we would hope to accomplish.

The compulsive personality is a spiritual leprosy appearing in our society today which is frequently associated with alcoholism and drug addiction, but there are probably more "dry drunks" walking around than drinking alcoholics. I have known for a long time that this plague is spreading across our land, like a creeping leprosy. More and more people are unwilling to face up to an error and/or apologize for something that they have done. They just change the subject, or even worse, accuse the victim of their own sin. This is called "projection."

Another tactic is to point out a true sin in their victim to take the spotlight off of himself. This kind of behavior is the ugliest kind of pride. God hates it, yet it is rampant in the Church and amongst the rising Sons. Children growing up with parents who deal with problems in this ungodly manner have no choice. Those of us who teach our children, by example, to wiggle out of tight spots instead of openly confessing the truth, are robbing our children of the right to choose righteousness.

People who cannot recognize the choice of righteous judgment are Scriptural fools. This is not an insult. It is an exposure of one's spiritual condition. I have been speaking about malignant pride for years. What is malignant pride? Does any one know?

JSNGSNG: Pride that injures another

LivingEM: That is correct. To deny that you have done wrong, when you have wronged someone, wounds them and prevents a true reconciliation.

I have heard this principle expressed in legal terms with regard to Mr. Clinton. They call it "closure." He has denied the American people closure. He asks us to put the problem away and go on, but he has not granted us closure. He has not ended the matter in a way that relieves the victim of their pain.

Malignant pride thinks only of itself and its own interests. One must have a hard heart to live out of malignant pride. That is, one must be insensitive to other people's pain. This is a definition of cruelty. To be narcissistic is to be concerned with self to the point that one is insensitive to the needs of the other people in our life.

This condition of Scriptural "foolishness" destroys lives and frequently produces children who are bound in their minds to the point that they stick needles in their arms or drink themselves into a stupor on a regular basis because their emotional pain is unbearable.

There are two personality types involved in narcissism, the Abuser and the Victim. As this creeping leprosy spreads through our society, we are being divided into two camps, the Abusers and the Victims. The Abusers are very slick in their ability to manipulate, seduce, lie and control the Victim population.

This is occurring on every level, between husbands and wives, between parents and children, between students and teachers, between so called "friends," but we have hit an all-time low as a nation, brethren, because now we see that this creeping leprosy has crept into the White House.

To fully understand what is going on between Mr. Clinton and everybody else, we must take a look at the alcoholic marriage. In every alcoholic marriage there is an Abuser and a Victim. The Abuser is very defensed against any need that the Victim has. He will lie, cheat, and do whatever necessary to be able to do what he wants to do, unhindered. He will never discuss a marital problem or truly listen to his mate, because he doesn't care anything about how his mate feels. Everything he says, everything he does, every thought that he thinks arises out of one motive: To get for himself what he wants. Narcissism, or foolishness, is selfishness to the point of dehumanizing the Victim.

This abuse exists on many levels. At one extreme the victim is physically and emotionally hurt. At the other end, there is no physical abuse, and some times expensive material gifts are given to the Victim, as a "pay-off." Alcoholics consistently blame every problem in their life on someone else. They think they are not responsible for anything. If someone gets angry at them it is inconceivable to them that they may have contributed something towards the eruption.

Everyone is responsible for their own behavior. Therefore, it is unreasonable to say -- which is a typical alcoholic statement-- that because one party has not raised their voice, or was polite and observed all of the social niceties, that he has not contributed to the argument. It is very common that some very polite people who never raise their voice are very provocative in their own sweet way.

I want to deal with the situation in the White House from two points of view. (1) Mr. Clinton in the role of the alcoholic husband, and (2) the nation, his whole staff, and his family, as Victim. We will examine the "alcoholic" element of the population which has bought into his rhetoric because of his powerful mind control and the element that has resisted him.

We will also look at the total dishonesty of his staff, and their complete lack of concern for the people or the country. As far as I can see, their only concern is their own political necks and their jobs. Does anyone have a comment or a question along these lines?

JSNGSNG: I agree with you

ToDaNow: What will happen, to Mr. Clinton?

LivingEM: The Lord has told me that he will "come down," but I warn everyone against interpreting that Word with their carnal mind. I have no idea how it will play out. The Lord has also said the He will expose Mr. Clinton's true nature - that he is not of God.

The first problem I had with Mr. Clinton was 6 or 7 years ago when I saw him twisting the Scripture to meet the needs of his political campaign. I believe that Mr. Clinton and his whole operation is founded on dishonesty, manipulation, greed and personal gain, all at the expense of the American people. I believe he is ruthless and completely self-absorbed, a user and an abuser, even to his own family.

It is my opinion that Hillary did not know the truth until the last minute. Does anyone have a different opinion? I was convinced that she must have known all along until I saw a video of Hillary's TV interview, where she defended Mr. Clinton by suggesting that a right wing conspiracy was responsible for his trouble. Hillary responded to a question that went something like, "If the charges were true, what would you think about the situation? By saying something to the effect that, "if it is true that the president lied under oath, this is a very serious thing, and some action should be taken."

I have not repeated what she said accurately, but she definitely suggested that it would be very wrong and criminal. Hillary is a lawyer and, in my opinion, would never have said that if she had any idea that the charges were true. Mr. Clinton has wronged everybody -- the whole country, his staff, and his own family -- to promote his own selfish program, in which he is # 1. This is the discussion part. Does anyone want to say anything?

ToDaNow: Do the people around him have the same spirit? And that is why he gets no fight from them?

LivingEM: Yes, I believe that most of them do have the same spirit, although some have been duped into believing him. Either they have the same spirit, or they are under his mind control. He is very powerful.

JSNGSNG: Wouldn't their position be on the line?

LAMB4114: His abuse of authority as a representative father of our nation is incest in my eyes.

ToDaNow: Is Mr. Starr God's Answer to the problem?

LivingEM: We have three questions up. Let's take them one at a time. JSN- how would their position be on the line?

JSNGSNG: They could, by his powerful authority, be removed, so they have to be agreeable to his every move.

LivingEM: Why? First of all, they should not have to be agreeable to his every move. I tell you all, all of the time, that you do not have to agree with me. You can have another opinion, but it is not acceptable to oppose me or try to change my mind.

I heard one speaker who was on George Bush's staff say that George Bush listened to every opinion of every member of his staff. They all knew that he might take their suggestion, and then again, he might not. They had to accept that. But it is said that Mr. Clinton will not listen to any opinion except one that parrots what he believes.

The carnal mind tends to impute this evil motive to the one who is manifesting Christ. She thinks that she must agree with the teacher, but if this is true, he is not a true man of God. We should not impute evil motives to the man of God, without first considering that we may be thinking evil of him..

JSNGSNG: Clinton had a way to examine the past negative performances of individuals.

LivingEM: Well, what does this say to you? What I hear from you is that you think they have no choice but to go along with him because they could lose their job. Is this what you are saying?


LivingEM: You think they have no choice? Tell me what their two choices are.

JSNGSNG: To follow.

LivingEM: Can anybody tell us what the two choice are? To follow Clinton in this immoral path and keep their job, or what?

LAMB4114: Be willing to sacrifice their job and sacrifice their status.

LivingEM: Yes. Suffer the loss Paul said, give up the money and the prestige in favor of righteousness. Your next statement, JSN, was that Clinton had a way of examining the past negative performances of the individual. I hear fear in this statement. Would you let yourself be controlled and influenced to do moral evil, to save your job?

If your answer is "yes" you have victim tendencies. I don't say this to embarrass you, but I tell you the truth. To go along with immorality because of fear or self-preservation is called "compromise," which is not of Christ, but a lack of faith in Jesus Christ to provide our needs. Is there anything you want to say before we go on?

JSNGSNG: I don't think I made myself clear.

LivingEM: Okay. Would you like to try again?

JSNGSNG: Mr Clinton would find something in the person's background that was not right and bring it out to hurt the person and to control him.

LivingEM: I think you all are out of practice since I've been away from NewYork. Who would like to explain to JSN what she just did with that statement. What spirit gave this opinion and why? Nobody?

JSNGSNG: The female spirit?

ToDaNow: Is it pride?

LivingEM: Yes, but who can explain it? Yes, your response is the sin pride, JSN, because you justified compromise. This is the sin of pride. Christ Jesus would have stood up and said, as Lamb did -- always without condemnation -- that such compromise is wrong. An employee should be willing to lose their job under such circumstances, but you explained why someone wouldn't be able to do the morally correct thing. This is the same thing as excusing them, or saying what they did was okay.

Isn't this what Mr. Clinton has done? Was not his excuse for putting the country through 7 months of hell, "Mr. Star made me do it?" Does anyone know what specific motive would cause someone to justify sin?

Myprecous1: Self preservation.

LivingEM: That is correct. How would the person justifying the sin benefit from such justification? This is a very important point because, according to the polls 70% of the American public is doing the same thing. No one knows?

Myprecous1: Witchcraft.

ToDaNow: Repeat the question.

LivingEM: How would excusing sin benefit the one justifying it?

JSNGSNG: They would cover their own sin?

LivingEM: Yes. The one justifying sin has the same sin.

ToDaNow: Not confess their sins.

LivingEM: Yes. We justify sin in others when we have the same sin, and are really covering ourselves. This is the Female Opinion, and her motive is self-preservation arising out of a fear that if she were ever in that situation, she would not have the strength to do the morally righteous thing. So by forgiving the other person through justification, she excuses heself. This is the sin of pride, as I explained above.

You should go over the transcript JSN. I heard your opinions and explained why they were not Christ, and your response was that I did not understand you. But I did understand you. Your pride refused to receive the correction. This is not anything new. We have spoken about it many times. Your immediate reaction to correction is, "you didn't understand me." Bring this response before the Lord again and again until you are victorious over it. It is the sin of pride. Is there anything else you would like to say before we go on?

JSNGSNG: I confess pride and covering other people's sin.

LivingEM: God bless you. May you take this victory over your pride very soon, so that Christ may arise in you and defeat everyone of your enemies in righteousness.

ToDaNow: Is Mr. Starr God's answer to the problem?

LivingEM: This is a very interesting question. He just may be. I believe that Mr. Clinton would not have been elected if all of the Christians voted along moral lines. I know myself know many who voted along the line of their own pocketbook, believing that Mr. Clinton would help them financially through government programs, tax reform, etc.

Can anybody not see that this is the same motive that we were just talking about, but with a spin on it? Many Christians voted for their own self-interest, and not for the moral cause of Jesus Christ' righteousness, because they had no faith in Jesus Christ to provide for their needs, or they were not willing to wait for the Lord to provide their needs, or they were discontent with what the Lord had provided for them up to that time. This is all the sins of pride and idolatry.

I believe that the United States of America is a Christian country, even though others may argue otherwise. I believe this nation was dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, and that He received us. If this is true, then corrective judgment must fall before Satan's destructive judgment falls.

I think it is very possible that Mr. Starr is the Lord's righteous judgment upon the whole nation, which judgment is falling because the Christians turned away from Christ in this matter. I understand that Mr. Starr is a Christian. I was disappointed to hear that he may have engaged in illegal activities by leaking information. I hope it is not true. Can anyone explain the difference between the corrective judgment of Christ Jesus and Satan's destructive judgment?

ToDaNow: Corrective judgment of Christ cause the person to repent of their sins.

LivingEM: This is true. And Satan's destructive judgment is unto ???


LivingEM: Yes. Can anyone give an example of Satan's destructive judgment?

ToDaNow: Mr. Clinton. Spiritual death.

Myprecous1: Could be loss home family etc.

DANIEL42: Poverty, starving people?

Myprecous1: Correction will bring life and destructive will bring hardships.

LivingEM: Myprecous1- the first part of your answer is true, but to say that Satan brings hardship is unclear and suggests that Christ Jesus' corrective judgment never brings hardship which is not true. The question is, what is the fruit of the hardship?

Myprecous1: Oh yes, I see what you mean. Is it life or death? Satan's judgment bring's death.

LivingEM: ToDaNow says that an example of Satan's destructive judgment is Mr. Clinton. This is true. Only destruction can come out of this kind of a personality in a position of moral authority. And the only righteous answer to Satan's destruction -- which the American people brought upon themselves -- at least those who voted for him -- is what????

ToDaNow: Repentance

DANIEL42: Confession and repentance of their sin?

LivingEM: Does anyone think that Mr. Clinton is about to repent?

Myprecous1: Loss of their spiritual life as they now know it.

LivingEM: Myprecous1 - True. Yes The only righteous answer to an immoral mind is removal of that mind. In the case of an individual, either the person repents as a result of the judgment, or continues on in their sins and eventually dies like everyone else in this world does.

In the case of a nation, though, I would doubt if a conversion is about to take place.

The offending mind must be replaced with a righteous mind. In this case, I would expect the replacement mind to be in the form of another man. I think it is important that Mr. Clinton is not permitted to finish out his term of office, because if he does, it would be a natural end to his immoral leadership.

My educated opinion is that Mr. Clinton must be removed before the end of his term for us to say that moral righteousness prevailed over the evil that has befallen this Christian country, which is protected by the Lord Jesus Christ. The offense must be brought down by righteousness. Does anyone have anything to add to this?

LAMB4114: His abuse as a representative father of our nation is incest in my eyes.

Myprecous1: I believe that he should be impeached so that the country can gain face again.

LivingEM: This is true. He has violated us all, even those who do not know it. He has spiritually raped the nation, his staff and his family. This is typical alcoholic behavior.

LAMB4114: The Vice President was severely ridiculed when he spoke about morality. Perhaps the Lord is making a way for him as President .

LivingEM: It is being said that the reason he waited for this 7 months, is that his advisors told him that 7 months ago the public would not have tolerated the truth. The whole response is a manipulation. Mr. Clinton violated every one who supported him publicly. The issue of impeachment has been raised.

LAMB4114: Clinton was convinced that his charm would once again clear the way for him. It always worked for him in the past. Rotten fruit - impeachment.

LivingEM: I believe it is more than charm, it is mind control, manipulation and seduction. We will pick up on this same subject next week, and deal with the issue of impeachment.

Any more comments on impeachment? I remind you that impeachment is a legal process. There may or may not be grounds for impeachment. I ask everybody to examine himself as to their motive in suggesting impeachment. If your motive is punishment, you have responded out of the Female Opinion.

Christ Jesus wants the Lord Jesus Christ to be glorified. How will He be glorified? I know that He will be glorified when righteousness rules, but I do not know how He will accomplish this. I have been asking the Lord about impeachment for many days now. He has not spoken outright to me, but I do not feel that there will be an impeachment. I do believe the Lord has told me that Mr. Clinton will be exposed before the world, and taken down. I don't think he would ever resign. That doesn't leave many other choices. I will not name them.

Does anyone else have anything to say before we pray for the nation and close?

ToDaNow: The real truth about Mr. Clinton will be exposed, and this will cause us to examine ourselves.

LivingEM: Yes. This is an excellent point. I am very glad that you brought it up, because I did hear that in the Spirit yesterday. As I said earlier, the whole country is being overrun with creeping spiritual leprosy. Mr. Clinton has been an abusive father, or husband -- whichever way you choose to see it is okay -- to the whole nation.

We as a nation are faced with a public image of the spiritual and moral death that is over running our country. This creeping sin has been exposed for all to see. Everything that is going on behind closed doors all over the nation, in Mr. Clinton's own words, has become a public spectacle.

The mirror that we are supposed to be looking in is Christ Jesus. But for those of us who cannot do this, we see Mr. Clinton. When we look into the mirror of Christ Jesus, we become more and more like Him every time we look. But for those who do not see Christ Jesus, let them see themselves in Mr. Clinton.

We are one or the other, brethren, and we never stand still in our spiritual development. This nation is hurtling downward into moral destruction which is always followed by physical destruction. This crisis is exposing those whose mind is already reprobate, but is giving them an opportunity to hear some very good things if they are listening to the right TV programs.

MSNBC is great. I have heard many righteous words, apart from any mention of religion or Jesus Christ. We can talk more about this next week. Does anyone else want to say something before we close with prayer?

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank you for this great country. We thank you for the privilege of living here, despite all of our problems. We thank you that we can have a discussion such as this without being arrested, Lord. We thank you for shelter, food, clothing, transportation and computers, Lord. But even more than that, we thank you for Christ Jesus, for His Word and for His Spirit. We thank you for righteousness and truth, We thank you for intervening in Satan's plan for our lives, Lord, and giving us the opportunity to experience true life through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who died for us, and who loves us while we are still in our sins.

We repent on behalf of the whole country, Lord, We forgive their sins, because we are the Sons of God, and we have the Ministry of Reconciliation, which is unto life, and not the ministry of condemnation, which is unto death.

We say, restore, oh God, knowing that restoration must be preceded by corrective judgment. Forgive the ignorant, Lord, and the reprobate, and the evil. Let us not be subject to them, Lord, but Let them be brought in subjection to righteousness, that all might live under the shadow of your righteous nature.

Do whatever must be done, Lord, to restore our nation to righteousness. We do not ask that we should be spared any hardship, Lord, but that, should the judgment touch us, that we should stand in your faith and in your righteousness, that you should not be ashamed of us, Lord; that we should not revert to the carnal mind out of fear and self-preservation, Lord, but that we should turn to you, Lord, to meet our every need. Forgive us our sins, Lord, as we forgive each other, and continue to help us to ascend in your nature.

Have mercy on this nation which does not deserve your mercy, Lord, because your Name is Merciful. Set things straight, Lord. Straighten the crooked paths, and set us right, that we might serve you in righteousness and truth. Amen and Amen

God bless you all.

Go in peace.

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