The Spiritual Couple In Mortal Man


OnlineHost: *** You are in "Living Epistles". ***

LivingEM: Good afternoon.

LivingEM: As usual, I'm using voice activated software

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PSALM 29 2: Hi everyone

LivingEM: please forgive misspelled words, and let me know if a word appears that does not make

LivingEM: sense

LivingEM: we will begin at 2 p.m. if you want to chat with each other until

that time,

LAMB4114: hi

LivingEM: you can communicate through instant message

LivingEM: see you in a few

LivingEM: i am typing part of the GUIDELINES into this transcript

LivingEM: This is a serious meeting, not a social gathering

LivingEM: For each person entering the meeting room to say hello to each individual and for each person

LivingEM: to respond inserts trivia into the transcript

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LivingEM: say hello everyone, the people in the room will not respond

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LivingEM: Please review the guidelines. If you don't have a copy, email

Daniel42 for another copy.

LivingEM: Thank you for your cooperation

LivingEM: I would like to start with a prayer

LivingEM: the warfare in the spirit continues to rage

LivingEM: I continued to say that so long as no one in hurt we are ahead

LivingEM: but this afternoon while I was ordering a sandwich and a deli, a can of soda

LivingEM: fell off a shelf that was two feet above my head

LivingEM: and came close enough to my foot, just touch one of my toes

LivingEM: I felt the impact, but was not hurt

LivingEM: 1/4 of in. closer, and my toe would have been broken

LivingEM: one in. closer, and my foot could have been broken

LivingEM: it was my right foot, so had the worst happened, I would not have been able to drive

LivingEM: I'm giving thanks to Jesus Christ, my Saviour, my husband,

LivingEM: and my protector in all things, for his mercy upon me

LivingEM: it is hard to believe that something like this could happened twice to one person,

LivingEM: but this is the second time that this has happened to me

LivingEM: approximately 15 years ago, while working at a secular job,

LivingEM: a party was given during working hours, so I had to attend

LivingEM: there was a kitchen in the office

LivingEM: someone had put a gallon bottle of vodka on top of the refrigerator

LivingEM: and not pushed it back far enough

LivingEM: I opened the refrigerator door, and a full 1 gallon bottle

LivingEM: fell to the floor, just missing my foot, but close enough to be very distressing

LivingEM: Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank you for our lives

LivingEM: and for what ever health we have

LivingEM: be thank you Lord that our legs function, and that we walk

LivingEM: we thank you Father, that our eyes and ears function

LivingEM: thank you that our hands work, and that are digestive tracts and illumination systems work

LivingEM: we thank you Father that we have all that we need to be physically independent

LivingEM: we thank you Father that we are in the process of receiving from you everything that we

LivingEM: need to be intellectually emotional and spiritually independent

LivingEM: we pray that you bless meeting

LivingEM: that you control it

LivingEM: and be the author of it

LivingEM: Amen

LivingEM: on there any questions today?

LivingEM: I'll talk to you today about what the Lord has shown me recently

LivingEM: I really shouldn't be surprised anymore, but much to my surprise

LivingEM: I recently found out that there is a psychologist/psychiatrist (?), and perhaps more than

LivingEM: one, who is moving into deep spiritual waters with his patients

LivingEM: he has his own terminology for almost everything that he talks about

LivingEM: but his message is the same message that I'm preaching here, but outside of Christ.

LivingEM: He talks about the "spiritual couple" within each individual

LivingEM: does anybody know the names of the spiritual couple, as we teach it here

LivingEM: ?

DANIEL42: cain and abel


LivingEM: this is a good guess, but not correct

PSALM 29 2: Satan?

LivingEM: KundaliniIs one memberIs of the spiritual couple. is she the male or the female?


PSALM 29 2: Female

LivingEM: Yes, Leviathan and the fiery serpent

LivingEM: yes, Kundalini, who is the fiery serpent, is the female

LivingEM: and Leviathan is the male

LivingEM: it is true that Kundalini/the fiery serpent is in a male/female relationship with us,

LivingEM: but we are not spiritual, we are physical beings

LivingEM: Kundalini is male to our personality and female to Leviathan

LivingEM: Christ Jesus in us is in a parallel relationship with who?

Myprecous1: yHE

PSALM 29 2: Carnal mind?

Myprecous1: tHE lORD jESI

LivingEM: Myprecous1: Please repeat what you just said

Myprecous1: U tHE lord jesus christ

LivingEM: the Lord Jesus is correct.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus, who is being formed in the individual, is male to the personality which we are

LivingEM: and female in his relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ

LivingEM: when one views a concept of spiritual male/female as levels of authority, it is easier to

LivingEM: comprehend

LivingEM: but, of course, for those who have eyes to see

LivingEM: the principles of spiritual manhood exists in our physical society as well

LivingEM: a husband is male to his wife and his children,

LivingEM: but he is female, or subordinate, to his employer to his parents, to his pastor and to God

LivingEM: a mother is male to her children, but female to her husband her pastor and toGod

LivingEM: the joke, of course, but not really joke, is that the children are male to the family pets

LivingEM: any questions Or comments?

LivingEM: so our author knows that there is a spiritual couple

LivingEM: he appears to be very knowledgeable about the myths of early cultures

LivingEM: and, in particular, early spiritual cultures

LivingEM: I find it so interesting to see that spiritual knowledge which has been around for centuries

LivingEM: and used both for good evil purposes thought out the generations

LivingEM: by people who could not read or write

LivingEM: is now appearing in our generation, couched in difficult, unfamiliar words

LivingEM: that the common man cannot understand

LivingEM: most likely, someone trying to read this book, without a background in psychology, would be

LivingEM: lost

LivingEM: he mixes psychological diagnoses, such as, narcissim and borderline disorder

LivingEM: with spiritual mysteries that have been hidden for ages

LivingEM: and shunned by the Western world, and Christians in particular.

LivingEM: He says that the marital couple who is depicted as siamese twins,

LivingEM: that is, one body and two heads, in some drawings

LivingEM: in each individual, can be engaged in a spiritual sexual union, or not so engaged

LivingEM: I'm speaking about the marital couple within one individual

LivingEM: it seems to me that he believes that the consummation of this marriage is necessary for

LivingEM: the human that they indwell, to be emotionally sound

LivingEM: it seems to me that this is true

LivingEM: what I do not understand at this point, is this

LivingEM: up until now I have described this union

LivingEM: as "a full stature of good or evil"

LivingEM: or we might say, completion in the serpent

OnlineHost: *** You are in "Living Epistles". **

OnlineHost: ToDaNow has entered the room.

LivingEM: up until this point, I have believed that completion in the serpent on the evil side

LivingEM: would be a disaster for the individual, in that they would be enslaved

LivingEM: and that completion in the serpent on the good side

LivingEM: would make one what some people call a white witch

LivingEM: that is, one who was spiritually powerful, but only uses their power

LivingEM: to heal and do other good works

LivingEM: now, I know, that the exercise of spiritual power that is not the power of the Lord Jesus

LivingEM: can only be used for good, as man understands the term

LivingEM: according to God, spiritual power that is used for purposes other than he has ordained

LivingEM: is evil. This is a great mystery to many Christians

LivingEM: who have the Holy Spirit. They cannot understand how they can be guilty of witchcraft

LivingEM: when they have the Holy Spirit

LivingEM: the answer goes something like this:

LivingEM: there is only one power. It belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ

LivingEM: but those who uses power to carry out the instructions of the carnal mind

LivingEM: are moving in witchcraft, even though at the very next moment,

LivingEM: they might be using this same power to carry at the instructions of the Lord Jesus Christ

LivingEM: James expressed this situation by saying, brethren, Is not right that both salt and sweet

LivingEM: water should be flowing from the same fountain.

LivingEM: Humanity is the fountain, Satan is the saltwater, and the Lord Jesus Christ is the sweet

LivingEM: water

LivingEM: any questions before I returned to the main subject?

LivingEM: So, back to the spiritual couple

LivingEM: I have recently found out that people who are completed in the serpent, on the good side at

LivingEM: least, seem to have many of the problems of the average man

LivingEM: or least, the man who is spiritual in Christ, but not yet completed through marriage to the

LivingEM: Lord Jesus

LivingEM: so back to our psychiatrist

LivingEM: he practices a form of therapy which, to me, is nothing less than witchcraft

LivingEM: he manifests the spiritual couple within himself

LivingEM: which appears as one entity. He calls it embodiment

LivingEM: let me say this first

LivingEM: he calls why we would call Satan or the Devil, energy fields

LivingEM: he has a revelation that everyone is indwelt by a series of energy fields

LivingEM: and that these energy fields can manifest in an embodied state

LivingEM: to put it in our terminology

LivingEM: Satan, our in visible, unconscious mind

LivingEM: and take form

LivingEM: I'm not talking about a physical form, which, at this time

LivingEM: I have no revelation on

LivingEM: the I'm talking about etheric form

LivingEM: for those of you don't know the etheric body is the in visible part

LivingEM: of the physical body

LivingEM: it is in visible to the human eye, but not invisible to those who have astral vision

LivingEM: spirit alone has no visible form, as far as I know,

LivingEM: in any of the planes of consciousness

LivingEM: in some of the recent meetings in New York we have discussed the name of Satan's form

LivingEM: although I have not expressed it exactly this way

LivingEM: actually, it is my belief that the embodiment is more than Satan alone

LivingEM: my voice software just went down. i'll be back in a minute

LivingEM: sorry about that

LivingEM: that the embodiment is Satan woven together with the personality

LivingEM: and called in the Scripture, the old man

LivingEM: is anybody know the name of the entity that inhabits the right side of the heart center

LivingEM: center?

LivingEM: in the old testament she is called ____

LivingEM: and in the new testament she is called_____

LivingEM: in the old Testament, she is called Ashtaroth or Astarte

LivingEM: in the New Testament she is called the Devil

LivingEM: the Devil, in this hour is being dismantled

LivingEM: Satan is being separated from the personality

LivingEM: so that Christ Jesus can join with the personality

LivingEM: which joining is called "the adoption"

LivingEM: and the personality who was a Devil, will be reormed in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ

LivingEM: through union with Christ Jesus, and those of us who were called

LivingEM: the Devil shall be called the Sons of God

LivingEM: any questions?

LivingEM: so, our psychiatrist is aware of spiritual forces within human beings, that he calls

LivingEM: energy fields

LivingEM: back to our author

LivingEM: it is my understanding of his writing, that the spiritual marital couple

LivingEM: when joined, appear as one entity, which takes formed

LivingEM: in the etheric plane. I think I said that you need astral sight to see this manifestatio

LivingEM: of the correct word is etheric sight

LivingEM: the astral plane is the emotional plane

LivingEM: the etheric plane of consciousness has to do with the physical body

LivingEM: I'm sorry for the confusion, but this embodiment must take place in the astral plane

LivingEM: not the etheric plane

LivingEM: so, an embodiment of our author's joined spiritual couple appears in the therapy session

LivingEM: and encounters the manifesting embodiment of the patient

LivingEM: and there is an interaction between the two

LivingEM: now, the man testing embodiment in the patient is not a married

LivingEM: couple, that is why she is the patient

LivingEM: she is incomplete, due to dysfunction within a spiritual being

LivingEM: according to our author, the couple within cannot join, the result being,

LivingEM: that the patient is in a state of spiritual death

LivingEM: so what our author is saying, is that the spiritual being within him

LivingEM: when it manifests is strong enough to produce healing in the individual who is fragmented

LivingEM: now, brethren, this is nothing new, except that it has been recognized

LivingEM: as witchcraft for generations

LivingEM: what is interesting though, is that this is how the Lord Jesus Christ heals

LivingEM: you see, when the Lord Jesus does it, it is acceptable to God

LivingEM: when Satan does it, it is not acceptable to God

LivingEM: but there is a measure of healing through this method

LivingEM: even when Satan does it

LivingEM: could this method then be advisable?

LivingEM: No. Why not? because the exercise of Satanic power

LivingEM: is a violation of the basic law of the universe which is Jehovah's law

LivingEM: and, accordingly, subject to the sowing and reaping judgment

LivingEM: which is unto death

LivingEM: so, although our author's patients may experience some years of emotional health,

LivingEM: and maybe not,

LivingEM: they will eventually die

LivingEM: when one experiences this kind of spiritual ministry through Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: eternal life is available to you

LivingEM: I have told you before, that Satan can perform every miracle that Jesus can perform

LivingEM: with one exception

LivingEM: only Jesus Christ can impart eternal life to a dying man

LivingEM: by translating him from this time line which is death because it is in the serpent image

LivingEM: into the eternal time line, which is in Jehovah's image

LivingEM: so what have we learned today

LivingEM: why would we study such a book?

LivingEM: Well, for one thing, it interesting to know

LivingEM: that when you get down to real rock bottom about who we are

LivingEM: at what our condition is

LivingEM: there is only one spiritual truth

LivingEM: now this foundational truth about who and what we are

LivingEM: is seen from a variety of viewpoints

LivingEM: and every viewpoint other than the Lord Jesus Christ's

LivingEM: keeps us in death

LivingEM: our author spoke about a Osiris,

LivingEM: I cannot remember whether he was a Greek or Roman God

LivingEM: according to our author, Osiris is a dead god

LivingEM: who is waiting to be raised from the dead

LivingEM: according to the way our author described him,

LivingEM: it was obvious to me, that he was talking about able

LivingEM: Abel

LivingEM: you see, the truth about the fall of humanity is everywhere, for those who have eyes to see

LivingEM: and ears to hear

LivingEM: the message in the church today is aliens

LivingEM: to spiritual man

LivingEM: alien to spiritual men

LivingEM: many have been helped by the strength of the Holy Spirit

LivingEM: but have gone no further because the message is death

LivingEM: service to Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit will bring blessings into your life

LivingEM: in this present world

LivingEM: but, brethren, we are called to be spiritual giants

LivingEM: defenders of the widow and the orphan

LivingEM: and the weak and infirm

LivingEM: not with our physical strength, but with the strength of a righteous mind

LivingEM: which is in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ

LivingEM: ascending to this place of strength in Christ Jesus is no easy thing

LivingEM: Satan will oppose you every step of the way

LivingEM: she will her you with pain as seduced you, if she can, with pleasure

LivingEM: she will stop at nothing to turn you away from the mountain top

LivingEM: the mountain top speaks of the higher centers whereJesus Christ has ascended to

LivingEM: arising into the higher centers is only half the battle

LivingEM: because we must also bring out personality with us

LivingEM: it is Christ Jesus our new man who ascends

LivingEM: our renewed spirit is joined to Him

LivingEM: this is the redemption of our spirit

LivingEM: but pain and pleasure, and every spiritual weakness

LivingEM: is in our personality

LivingEM: initially, Christ Jesus ascends without the personality who was still bound under Satan

LivingEM: when Christ Jesus is fortified through marriage to the Lord Jesus Christ he descends from

LivingEM: the mountain top to rescue his personality

LivingEM: who is guarded by Satan

LivingEM: until our personality is ascended we are a divided man

LivingEM: Christ Jesus in us is married the Lord Jesus Christ

LivingEM: but our personality is still married to the fiery serpent

LivingEM: who consumers her flesh on a regular basis, and generates Satan, the mad dog who guards

LivingEM: her

LivingEM: the ascent of Christ Jesus in the individual

LivingEM: is a warfare that is outward, and away from the powers and principalities of this world

LivingEM: if they didn't try to stop us, we probably would ignore them

LivingEM: but the descent of the fortified Christ Jesus, back into the lower centers

LivingEM: to rescue his personality, is an aggressive offensive

LivingEM: which will never be accomplished, if we our moving in our carnal mind

LivingEM: many are waging spiritual warfare out of their carnal mind

LivingEM: they think they are in the Mind of Christ, but they are deceived

LivingEM: well, one might ask, if I'm destroying Satan's kingdom, is it so bad

LivingEM: if I'm doing it with my carnal mind?

LivingEM: but I say unto you, the man in whom Satan tries to bring down Satan,

LivingEM: that kingdom, or that man will be divided

LivingEM: and his spiritual strength will be lost

LivingEM: because he has attacked his own self

LivingEM: of course, that man well then be as eligible as anyone else to have Christ raised in him

LivingEM: but he weil have lost all of that time

LivingEM: so I tell you, what I have been preaching publicly for ten years, the most important goal

LivingEM: is the exposure of your carnal mind, because this is the only sign that Christ is

LivingEM: manifesting in you

LivingEM: when Christ begins to Flex his muscles, he opposes the carnal mind

LivingEM: it is true that Abel enables us to comprehend the doctrine Christ,

LivingEM: but it is also true that spiritual people outside of Christ can comprehend the doctrine of

LivingEM: Christ

LivingEM: the only sure sign that you are entering into the kingdom of life,

LivingEM: is the exposure of, and warfare against, your own indwelling carnal mind

LivingEM: the Lord command to us is judge your own specific sins

LivingEM: that Christ might be emerge in you, as a victorious warrior

LivingEM: must learn to recognize the carnal mind

LivingEM: which is no easy thing to do

LivingEM: it may be easy to recognize Satan, because she is evil

LivingEM: and most of us can recognize evil thoughts and inclinations when we hear the

LivingEM: but the good side of the carnal mind, which is both good an evil

LivingEM: is very difficult to recognize, yet it is the essential

LivingEM: that we learn how to distinguish between goodness and righteousness

LivingEM: because goodness is passing away and righteousness will endure forever

OnlineHost: Myprecous1 has left the room.

LivingEM: and if we cannot tell the difference, and follow goodness, we will be doers of good works

LivingEM: but dead to the kingdom

LivingEM: there is a path that seems right unto man but the end thereof is death

OnlineHost: Myprecous1 has entered the room.

LivingEM: goodness that replaces Christ, is antichrist

LivingEM: Antichrist replaces Christ

LivingEM: more believers will fall because of goodness than because of evil

OnlineHost: ToDaNow has left the room.

LivingEM: any questions on this message?

OnlineHost: DANIEL42 has left the room.

LivingEM: God bless you all

LivingEM: any questions that are not about this message?

LivingEM: God bless you all.

LivingEM: See you next week

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