The Spirit Controlled Meeting


<LivingEM> Praise the Lord. I have been discussing the problems we have been facing these past months with the Lord. There have been many mechanical problems and health problems. My perception is that Satan is manifesting in a strong way to stop us from going forward, but we are moving forward anyway. She has not been able to stop us, but she has slowed us down. Let's talk about how to deal with such a severe attack.

What is our # 1 goal in the face of Satan's opposition? That she does not turn us back.

<LAMB> I watched a documentary a few days ago where they showed the plague of insects, killer bees, scorpions and fire ants that are slowly, but surely, taking over the individual states of America.

<LivingEM> Every opposition is an opportunity for us to overcome our own weaknesses.

Lamb, is your comment in response to my original call for comments?

<LAMB> It seems to be a natural example. Yes.

<LivingEM> If your comment is in response to what I was talking about, you have spoken out of turn.

<LAMB> I had it written since the beginning. Sorry.

<LivingEM> Okay, I would ask everyone to try to understand that our goal here is to be of one mind and one spirit.

When the Lord is manifesting, or even if it is not the Lord, when someone is bringing forth an idea, this can be likened to driving down a highway at 60 mph, or even paddling up a river. Your course is set, and even if you take your foot off of the gas, or stop paddling, you continue to move in the path that you are following.

When someone speaks from another path, it interferes with the first person's path. There is a literal collision in the spirit. The fact that I was just bumped off of the path that I was following is the least important result of this recent collision.

Sometimes spiritual collisions can bump us off of our path, and sometimes not. But I want you all to know what my reaction to Lamb's comment was. I couldn't go on with what I was talking about.

Now, we have talked about this in the NY meetings many times. If the Word is gone, it is gone. Personally, I don't think that what I was talking about was very exciting, but frequently, if I just start talking, the Lord kicks in and spiritual instruction does come forth.

So we will probably never know where we would have gone with it. It is not my intention to condemn Lamb, or put her on the hot seat, but after our collision, this is where I seem to find myself. So I will continue to talk about this issue unless, or until, the Lord blows me elsewhere.

There can be several factors contributing to the failure to go on with the original thought. The first thing to look at is the speaker's spiritual, mental and physical condition. I am not at my best today because I am physically ill. I have some kind of a bug which is manifesting in my throat. I am not sick enough to be in bed, just not up to par.

I am okay spiritually and mentally though, and actually feel victorious as to how efficiently I dealt with the scanner problem. This problem cost me about 1-1/2 hours of my time and the associated distraction, but I did not manifest any frustration or other negative response. This is pretty good considering all of the mechanical problems we have had over the past 2 months.

Yesterday the Lord revealed that I need a new modem. Peter, our computer man, left here shaking his head. He was laughing also. There is nothing wrong with the modem. I can access the Internet with it, but it will not run with my fax software. But even more confusing, the fax program itself tests the modem and says that it is in good operating condition. There is absolutely no reason for this problem.

So one of my recent challenges is to continue on despite all of this harassment, while remaining in a good spirit.

Would I not have been knocked off course if I were physically up to par? I honestly don't know, but the answer is, most likely not. The most important issue here, though, is not me. It is all of you and, in particular, Lamb. Why?

Because our spiritual collision reveals that she was not in the same mind that I was in. Her thoughts were on a different path, and she didn't recognize that and, therefore, did not restrain herself from speaking.

Brethren, the biggest challenge facing the young sons today is to distinguish between Christ Jesus and the carnal mind. As far as I am concerned, this incident today, was no big deal. And it is very possible that the thoughts that Lamb spoke might have been Christ.

Can anyone explain how we could have a collision if both Lamb and I had the thoughts of Christ in our mind?

<LAMB> Timing off. I purposely didn't send it sooner because you were saying what the Lord was speaking to you.

<LivingEM> Well, it is not an issue of timing, but of awareness and submission to the more Mature manifestation of Christ, and of sacrifice.

Christ Jesus speaks to me all of the time, but what He says is not always to be spoken verbally. What Lamb heard was her personal witness to what I was saying.

Can anyone tell us the correct procedure for sharing our personal witness with the group?

<LAMB> State that you have something to share?

<OVERCOMER> After the more mature one has spoken.

<LivingEM> No, Lamb, it is out of order to speak when someone else is speaking, especially if the one speaking is heading up a meeting.

This is true, Overcomer, but more specifically, if you have something to say you ask the Lord if He wants you to speak, and if He does, He will speak to the head, who will give others an opportunity to speak.

It is very important that we learn to offer up our thoughts as a sacrifice to the Lord Jesus, even if they are the thoughts of Christ within us. The Lord Jesus does not speak frivolously, but has a purpose in every meeting and every conversation. And the Lord Jesus chooses who He will speak through.

We were talking about communication in the right order. So we see that it is possible for Christ to give us a thought, and for the female personality to speak that thought out of turn. We are all one body, an orchestra of many instruments, playing in harmony. The Lord Jesus above is the coordinator of His body.

It is the Lord Jesus who controls Christ Jesus in the individual, and Christ Jesus is to control His wife.

Can anyone tell us who Christ Jesus' wife is?

<LAMB> The Fiery Serpent.

<LivingEM> The Fiery Serpent is the spiritual sexual part of Christ Jesus' wife.

<OVERCOMER> Personality.

<LAMB> The personality.

<LivingEM> Christ Jesus is the husband of the "whole" woman." Yes, the whole spiritual woman is the personality [conscious] and the Fiery Serpent, the subconscious part of her mind.

So even if the thought originally came from Christ, only the spiritual woman will speak out of turn. Christ, the man, will always flow with the Lord Jesus, and with His agenda.

It is the personality that seeks to speak for her own sake. What do you mean, Sheila?

The most important issue for a Spirit-controlled meeting is that the Lord Jesus is heard. There can be many thoughts which are of Christ, but the Lord Jesus may not be speaking about those issues at any given moment.

So we see that Christ in the individual must give up his thoughts and priorities, and yield to the priorities of the glorified Jesus Christ, who speaks through the vessel of His choice, at any given moment.

The natural choice of the Lord Jesus is the leader of the group. But should He choose to speak through another member of the group, the Lord Jesus will make His will known to the leader. The Lord Jesus will tell the leader of the group to yield. That means stop talking and wait on the Lord.

So we see that the opportunity to speak in a Spirit-led group requires an open-faced communion with the glorified Lord Jesus, the conductor of the spiritual orchestra. The leader of the group does not merely assume that he is the one to speak, but recognizes the Spirit of Christ, and submits both his personality and Christ Jesus, the spiritual man, to the headship of the Lord Jesus, who is higher than all.

Those of you who were in the NY meeting this past Sunday may remember that I came out with notes to preach from, but... does anyone remember what happened? Did I preach from my notes?

<LAMB> No.


<LivingEM> Does anyone remember why?

<LAMB> It turned into a counseling session.

<LivingEM> I came out with my notes, but told the group that I could not perceive any anointing to preach from my notes. I then said that we would wait a few minutes to see if the Lord blew me in another direction, and if He did not, I would preach from my notes.

We had some casual conversation, and the Lord brought forth a powerful message that I had no thought of up until the moment He started preaching through me.

You see, Christ Jesus, the spiritual man within me, waited for the Lord Jesus to join with Him, at which time the Lord Jesus, Christ Jesus within me, and I, the personality, entered into a communion of mind and spirit, that all worked together to bring forth an exciting message. But this could never have happened if Christ Jesus in me wanted to preach His own message, or insisted on preaching from the notes, or if the personality [me] wanted to talk about her preferences.

The kind of teaching that has been coming forth in this ministry for 12 years now demands unity. I say "demand," rather than "require" because the quality of the messages that come forth here simply will not manifest if all 3 parts of me are not in agreement, under the headship of the glorified Jesus Christ.

Well, I have surely made my mistakes. I clearly remember the Lord deviating from my notes in my first year as a public preacher. I thought that I was supposed to go on with my notes and, therefore, resisted the Lord. I chose to preach from my notes rather than yield to His Spirit. Can anyone guess what happened?

<LAMB> No anointing.

<JSNGSNG> There is no anointing.

<LivingEM> Yes, I departed from the anointing. You see, the anointing did not depart from me, I departed from the anointing.

We are to follow the Lord Jesus wherever He goes. So He zigged, but I zagged, and the result was that I was ashamed. Now this is not as punitive as it sounds. I did feel bad about it, but the Hebrew word translated "ashamed" means "pudenda," the female organ.

You, see, spiritually speaking, we are shaming the Lord and ourselves, the personality, every time we speak apart from His headship. It is very important that we learn from our experiences. If we cannot learn from our experiences, we just go round and round in circles and never get anywhere. I have learned to submit to the anointing, and to submit my thoughts and ideas to the anointing.

Many of us who pray fervently about whether or not to engage in certain activities, or go to a certain place, are surprised to find out how hard it is to submit our mouth to the Lord. And the reason for this is that we usually receive pleasure from speaking, and sharing our thoughts.

Can you understand that asking the Lord's will as to certain activities, because we desire to walk in safety, is a whole different ball game than restraining our mouth, when talking is a satisfying experience.

Talking out of turn, when done habitually, can be likened to overeating, drinking, or any other compulsive behavior, all of which are immaturities. All of these issues are merely an inability to control our desires.

I mentioned earlier that we must sacrifice our own priorities in favor of the Lord's. This means that what we have to say -- even if it comes out of the Christ mind -- must take second place to what the Lord Jesus is doing at any given moment.

Spiritual collisions occur when the young Christ places His needs above those of the Lord Jesus or fails to control his wife, the female opinion.

We can discern which of these two possibilities is manifesting by examining the statement that is made out of turn.

Lamb's statement was interesting, and spiritually male, so we see that he did not speak with his carnal mind, but that the immature Christ lifted his head up in pride against the leadership of the Lord Jesus. To put it another way, the young Christ thought that what he had to say was important enough to change the flow of the Spirit. Brethren, we all go through this in one way or another.

The friend who brought me into the Church told me that I was so lifted up in pride over the gift of prophesy that he was afraid for me. The only important thing is that we learn from the correction of the Lord, and go on.

So we see that we are challenged to make the Lord's priorities, our priorities, and restrain our own desires to speak, or to do anything out of our own will, which is the sin of pride.

Does this mean we are to be continually frustrated? Will we have no opportunity to speak? No, brethren, this is not so. What is necessary is that we follow procedures and go through the proper channels. We cannot speak on impulse, any more than we engage in any other activity on impulse. We must learn to restrain our mouth unless, or until, the Lord makes a way for us to speak.

The big problem here is that most of you probably don't really believe what I am saying. You don't believe that if you ask the Lord for permission to speak, or tell Him that you would really like to speak, that He will actually move through me, to make a way for you to speak, without violating the Spirit that is manifesting. And even more than that, you probably don't believe that I would obey Him if He told me to let you speak.

That's why some of God's people take matters into their own hands. They lack the faith to believe that God will really hear their prayer, answer their prayer, and that the leader will yield upon the Lord's command. Such a lack of faith is the sin of pride. Everything that is not of faith, is sin.

Every young Christ is an energy stream. If you abide on the left side of your heart center, beyond Satan's grasp, you are a stream in the desert. All streams are supposed to flow into that Great River of Life, Christ Jesus.

It is not easy to put our own desires aside. But it is a wonderful thing to try to submit every aspect of your mind to the Lord, and to experience what it is like to let Him rule. Once we overcome our carnal mind, brethren, we find out that life is much more satisfying when Jesus rules in all areas. He will surely meet our every need if we will just get out of His way.

So you see, Christ Jesus is truly the mediator, not only between the personality and the glorified Jesus Christ and Jehovah, but that the glorified Jesus Christ mediates between Christ or Christ Jesus in one mortal man, and Christ or Christ Jesus in another mortal man.

To speak out directly in a formal meeting without going through the mediator is the sin of pride, because to do so, is to oppose the purposes of the Lord Jesus in that meeting.

Does this sound so strange to you? Would you speak out of turn in a crowd of 300? Why not? Because the men responsible for keeping the law would remove you.

So, we see that we all know the consequences of breaking the law in a carnal church, but are resistant to restraining ourselves when the law is not present.

Why do I say this? Because I have been teaching these same principles that I am setting forth here for years. This is no new teaching to any of you. Why do you forget to ask the Lord for permission to speak in a Spirit-led meeting, but would never forget to ask the human authority in a carnal church where you might be asked to leave for speaking out of turn?

The answer is this, the law is not for a righteous man. Unrighteous men are under the law. There is hardly ever, if ever at all, an opportunity to speak in a carnal church. But here, in the informality of the Lord's discipleship program, you have special privileges.

So why can't we follow the rules and pass our desires to speak through the mediator? Everyone fails to do this, so I am not directing my words to any one person.

Can anyone tell us why we can't follow the rules and go through proper channels? We are unrighteous men, brethren.

<JSNGSNG> MyPrecous says pride and rebellion.

<LivingEM> Yes, pride and rebellion resists the righteous law.

Is the law you have set down is this message righteous, Sheila? How so? It is a law that says that only Christ/Christ Jesus can speak, WHEN HE HAS RECEIVED PERMISSION FROM THE LORD JESUS, who is running the whole show.

Oh, you thought it was Sheila running the whole show? No, brethren, I am under authority more than any of you. My life is controlled by the Lord more than any of you. The consequences for my errors are much more serious than for any of you.

The anointing in the meetings is the witness to my submission and obedience. I do not ask you to do anything that I, myself, do not do.

So here is an example of what is in store for you. First, you must become a personality that is integrated with Christ Jesus as your head. When you mature to this place, the Lord will send others who will oppose your direction, and, Lord willing, you will help them to follow after the Spirit, as you have learned to do here. You will not condemn them, but will be a teacher to them, and assist them to restrain themselves and submit to the indwelling Christ, because we can never submit to Christ Jesus in another man until we first submit to Christ Jesus in the midst of ourselves.

You will answer every question, no matter how foolish it may seem to you, says the Lord, even if they should have been able to discern the answer for themselves. You will answer them seven times seventy, says the Lord, but the questions of the ascended Fiery Serpent you will not answer.

<LivingEM> Hold on please. I feel there is more, but nothing is coming forth. Has someone asked to speak?

And there shall be peace in My Holy mountain, says the Lord. Yea, those who ascend into the brow (6th) energy center shall not thrust one another, but they shall flow together, and do the works, and speaks the words of the Lord Jesus, and you shall be an example of holiness to the rest of My people who have not yet had their sins judged. You shall bow down to Me, says the Lord, and I shall pass through you, and the world shall see Me in you.

Did anyone recognize that the Lord demonstrated that I recognized His silence, and did not go forward out of my own spirit? As soon as I asked if anyone had asked the Lord for permission to speak, He started speaking through me again.

<LAMB> I think I was aware.

<LivingEM> Our only hope of eternal life is Christ Jesus ruling over the earth of our personality, and the cosmos of our mind. We will not enter into eternal life by exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit, or because of knowledge, but we shall enter into eternal life only when we die to our own self life, and Christ Jesus lives through us. And thus the saying, "because He lives, we, too, shall live. "

Brethren, we do not enter into eternal life because the man Jesus, who was Christ, was crucified. Blasphemy! you say. No brethren, it is the truth. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ made it possible for Christ, the mind of God, to be grafted to us, and to mature into the whole spiritual man, Christ Jesus.

Yes, the whole world is saved because of Jesus' work on the cross -- POTENTIALLY. Each man is actually saved when Christ is grafted to us, matures into full manhood, and marries the Lord Jesus above, which is the rebirth into the world above of the seed which is grafted to us to save our life, which is the life of the personality [soul] which we are.

Jesus provided the means, but we must hear the message, arise, and climb up into His Holy Mountain, from where we can cast that corrupted mountain into the sea.

Where is the Lord's Holy Mountain? Is it a physical mountain?

<JSNGSNG> MyPrecous says in the Crown (7th) center.

<LivingEM> That is close,

<LAMB> In the mind of Christ or in the ascension to the higher levels of consciousness.

<LivingEM> Actually it is the brow (6th) center.

Christ is not the Holy Mountain Lamb. He ascends into the Holy Mountain, occupies it, and becomes one with it. Yes, the higher levels of consciousness is a true answer.

I say the 6th (brow), rather than the 7th (crown) center, because my present understanding is that there is no physical world in the 7th (crown) energy center. The glorified Jesus Christ enters into us at the 7th (crown) energy center.

So, we have determined that the Lord's Holy Mountain is the brow (6th) energy center, but where is it? Where is the brow (6th) energy center?

The brow (6th) energy center is a level of consciousness that can be experienced in the etheric body of the individual mortal man, by focusing on the Doctrine of Christ. The Doctrine of Christ is the point of contact that mortal man ascends upon.

What is the corrupted mountain? The corrupted mountain is the 7th (crown) energy center of the counterfeit timeline, which is equated to the 6th (brow) energy center of the true timeline. The 7th (crown) energy center of the true timeline where the Lord Jesus enters in, is higher than all heavens.

So who is in the 7th (crown) energy center of the counterfeit timeline? Who is in the corrupted mountain that is being cast into the sea?

<OVERCOMER> Pharoah?

<LAMB> Swine or Pharoah.

<LivingEM> You are close. Both Pharaoh and the swine are in the 7th (crown) energy center, but it is the swine who is being cast into the sea. Pharaoh breaks down into Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent.

The Fiery Serpent is cast down to which energy center?

<JSNGSNG> The 3rd.


<LivingEM> Yes, the second energy center. And Leviathan is cast down to which energy center?


<LivingEM> Leviathan is cast down into the 5th (throat) energy center, where she is opposed by??? Christ Jesus.

Does anyone know what part of the Christ mind attacks Pharaoh and casts down the Fiery Serpent? The Spirit of Christ, joined to the Lord Jesus.

So we see that the eastern religions concern themselves with "arousing" the Fiery Serpent who slumbers in the root (1st) energy center, but Christians are concerned with the ascended Fiery Serpent, and with casting her down to the 2nd (root) energy center where, although aroused, Christ Jesus can contain her .

Can anyone explain this contradiction? The smallest measure of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ awakens the sleeping Fiery Serpent and energizes her.

So we see that the impartation of the Holy Spirit, which can happen in a moment with the laying on of hands, can accomplish what frequently takes years of ritualistic exercises for the followers of the Eastern religions. But of course, this is just the beginning. Once the Fiery Serpent is awakened we must rule over her.

The awakening of the Fiery Serpent is spiritual adolescence. We must learn to control our spiritual sex drive, and there is only one way to control her. Does anyone know how we control our Fiery Serpent?

Our only hope of controlling our Fiery Serpent is by the personality joining with Christ Jesus to overcome her. The followers of the Eastern religions are prepared to deal with the ascension of the Fiery Serpent, and she usually ascends slowly, so they have time to prepare. But, except in a few cases, Christians are not prepared for the ascension of the Fiery Serpent, and it is not uncommon for Christians to be overtaken by the Fiery Serpent's illegal activities.

Can anyone tell us the part of the body that symbol the Fiery Serpent?


<LivingEM> No, the hand. The Fiery Serpent is our spiritual hand, the instrument of grasping.

So, what kind of trouble does the ascended Fiery Serpent get us into? What does the ascended Fiery Serpent grasp at? The Fiery Serpent is dominated by Satan, who impulses her thoughts through the Fiery Serpent, who then begins to lust for spiritual power.

<OVERCOMER> The energy of human beings?

<LivingEM> Yes, Overcomer, the Fiery Serpent lusts for the energy of mortal men, for control over them, and to be recognized and important.

Remember that the Fiery Serpent is Leviathan's daughter, and is, therefore, a manifestation of pride [from Leviathan her mother], and witchcraft [from Satan, her father].

So we see that all of the problems of mortal man are manifested in the ascended Fiery Serpent. So, "to cast the Fiery Serpent who is ascended into the 7th (crown) energy center into the sea," is to cast down all of the tendencies of our sin nature. And to do all this we must marry Christ Jesus, and ascend in His timeline, where we join with the glorified Lord Jesus, who assists us in overthrowing our strong enemy, Satan and Leviathan.

And so the process goes on. Humble yourself, restrain your mouth, and your behavior, submit to Christ Jesus within yourself, and then to Christ Jesus in the leader. Give up your personal desires, and work towards the building of the Kingdom of God, as the Lord Jesus assigns you. Agree with the purposes of the Lord Jesus in the meeting. Be an example to the ignorant, teach by example.

<LivingEM> Well Lamb, I believe that the Lord knew you would speak out of turn today, and intended to use it to give us this message.

Confrontation is for the sons who are following Jesus' program of discipleship. We deal with the uninitiated with prayer.

Are there any questions or comments about this message?

<Firebanana> What is an initiate?

<LivingEM> A spiritual student who is being instructed in spiritual ascension. In this ministry, our path is Christ Jesus.

The world says there are many paths, but this is not true. There are only 2 paths, Christ Jesus, and all of the others.

I heard the Dali Lama speak for a few minutes today. He told an audience of New Yorkers that we are all one, and that all religions are the same. It is true that all religions are the same, but all spirits are not the same. The world is all one, but the Spirit of Christ is not a part of the world. He is separate.

This is the great truth that is lacking in the world today. Jesus Christ has imparted another spirit to the world, the only Spirit which can save us from hell, death, torment, and endless cycles of births and deaths. The Spirit of Christ is the only Spirit that can bring us into the eternal world of Jesus Christ, where death is dead, and continual peace reigns.

God bless you all, go in peace.


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