The Righteous Seed


LivingEM: The Lord wants us to understand the procedure which will restore us to righteousness. It is a two-fold process. 1) The cleansing of the waters, and 2) the joining of the righteous seed to the renewed waters.

Everyone born of a woman has the waters of creation within himself at birth. But these waters are dirty. The method for cleansing the waters is distillation. This is accomplished by boiling Satan, who is the waters in their present polluted form. But what happens to the purified waters within us? How can you separate water from water? Does anybody want to guess? The purified water and the polluted water must take two different forms. What are the 3 forms that water can take?

JSNGSNG: liquid, ice and steam

LivingEM: Yes, this is true so those of us who are in the process of cleansing our waters will have two forms of spiritual water within us. The first form steam, or spirit, belongs to God. The second form, water, as in the seas, signifies Satan. Satan's sea is within all men born of a woman. The sea is unstable. She does not take a permanent form, but is changeable and capable of stirring up great emotional storms. Emotional storms are one of Satan's greatest weapons against the believer. There is a constant war between consciousness on the mental plane -- mind, and consciousness on the astral plane -- emotions. Who shall the whole man follow after? Whose words shall he speak? The words of the rational mind, or the words of the emotional sea?

Here is a parable to help you understand what I am about to tell you. Does anyone know how cheese is made? Milk is the beginning of cheese.

Myprecous1: You have to separate whey.

That's right. You have to separate the whey from the what?

Myprecous1: Milk.

LivingEM: Close. You have to separate the curds from the whey. The whey is the liquid that remains after the curds form. Whey is like skimmed milk. The fats of the milk, or the rich part of the milk, clump together to form curds. The best example is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is the curds which are formed from the milk.

So the manufacture of cheese is a process which takes liquid milk and breaks it down into solid curds and a smaller amount of liquid than we started with (whey). In the same manner, the purifying of Satan's waters within us results in the partial solidification of the waters. This is why spiritual cleansing has a calming effect on the person being cleansed. When the waters within us are Satan, that is, all liquid, Satan rages and is tumultuous, and emotions are high. But Satan's ability to stir up our emotions is greatly weakened when 3/4 of her waters have become solid curds which are not so easily blown about.

Job 10:10 Hast thou not poured me out as milk, and curdled me like cheese?

LivingEM: We see Job complaining that Jehovah has poured him out as milk and curdled him as cheese. What is unsaid here, is that the process which stabilizes our emotions by curdling Satan's waters, is called "judgment." Job is saying, I started out as water, but you have curtailed my emotions by making me into cheese.

This is a beneficial, but painful, procedure. Another way to put it is that our emotions support our emotional mind, which is the Female Opinion. Corrective judgment boils Satan and our emotional mind who speaks forth the Female Opinion continuously, to oppose the Male Opinion whenever it speaks. Everyone who is having trouble restraining the Female Opinion, from flowing unrestrainedly through their mouth, will experience the corrective judgment which boils Satan, and solidifies part of her waters. The proof that this is happening to you is that you become slower to speak.

Is 7:22 And it shall come to pass for the abundance of milk that they shall give, he shall eat butter, for butter and honey shall everyone eat who is left in the land.

This is saying that the Hebrews had an abundance of spiritual waters. Isaiah calls it milk because the waters have been converted. The promise is that everyone who has an abundance of spiritual water, which is Satan, shall have that water converted into milk, meaning liquid rich in fat, and that fat-rich liquid shall be converted into butter.

The Hebrew word translated "butter," is Strong's # 2529, which means curd, or cheese. The Scripture is saying that something will be added to the waters which will make them rich, and that richness will absorb the waters. Then, when the waters are fully mingled with the fat, the liquid will be curdled. The significance of this is that even the whey, the liquid which remains after the curd has formed, will be of a different nature than Satan, the original waters. Can anyone guess what is being added to our spiritual waters?

Myprecous1: Doctrine of Christ is the added ingredient

LAMB4114: Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: Close. The answer is the Holy Spirit. I think I did not make my question clear. I am trying to show the cleansing procedure for the Church and humanity at large. Those of us attending this meeting are further along in the process.

I have told you all this to demonstrate the function of the Holy Spirit as, to the best of my knowledge, He has never been shown before. The Lord revealed to me today that there is a confusion as to the function of the Holy Spirit, largely because the King James translation says that the Word of God is the seed, and it is preached that the Holy Spirit is the Word of God because He is the Spirit of Jesus Christ. I have dealt with this by saying that the Holy Spirit is the "sperm," or the seed that produces the mature Word of God. I have known and preached for a long time that the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ are not the same administration of the Spirit of God.

The Spirit of Christ is the mature Spirit that flows within the mature Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit cannot do what the Spirit of Christ can do. So, knowing all this, I have sought to explain the difference between the two by saying that the Holy Spirit is the sperm which eventually produces the mature Word of God. But then I ran into a problem, because the many who have the Holy Spirit do not seem to be changing into the mature Word of God. Something is still missing. Then the Lord revealed that to have the mature Son of God formed in you, you must have the root of the Tree of Life within you.

Luke 8:13 They on the rock are they, which, when they hear, receive the word with joy, but these have no root which for awhile believe, and then fall away in the time of temptation.

The Word of God is the seed, but you need a root in addition to the seed.

Where does the Holy Spirit fit into all this? I thought He was the immature Word of God, the sperma who, when grafted to our human spirit, produces Christ, and that Christ Jesus was the mature Word of God. I have struggled with this for years, and the Lord is finally straightening it out for me.

I think the biggest confusion for me was that I did not understand that there are two seeds. That is, according to the King James translation, there are two seeds, one of which is called a root. The King James translations talks about the "seed" and the "root," but there are several Greek words which are translated "seed."

The Greek word that Jesus used in His parable, is not the Greek word "sperma."

Lk 8:11 Now the parable is this, the seed is the word of God.

The Greek word "sperma" signifies the righteous seed, the seed which produces the embryo of Christ. But this is not the seed that is sown. Now if this is not the grandaddy of confusing translations. Jesus was using the Greek word, Strong's 4703, "sporos," which simply means "seed," not "righteous seed," or "good seed."

The word used in the King James translation that signifies the seed which is the embryo of Christ, is "root." Jesus also uses Strong's # 4690, "sperma," (seed) which is always modified by the word "good" or "righteous." Every time you read the word "seed" in the King James translation, you have to ask yourself if it is the "good seed" or another seed being spoken about. What is this other seed?

"Seed" - Something that resembles a seed, as a tiny bubble in a piece of glass, or a small crystal added to a solution to start crystallization.

"Crystallization" - conversion, condensation, hardening

The Word of God flows in the Holy Spirit, and is the seed which begins the separation process. The Word of God begins the curdling process, but it is not the embryo of Christ.

This brings us back to where I started. The process which converts us into Christ is two-fold. 1) The cleansing of the waters, and 2) the grafting of the embryo of Christ, or the "good seed," or "the righteous seed." The righteous seed cannot be grafted to Satan's waters because Satan's waters kill the righteous seed. Satan's waters must first be converted into milk, and that milk must begin to curdle before the righteous seed can be grafted.

The parable which expresses the righteous seed grafted to the purified waters is, "milk and honey." Honey signifies the wisdom of Christ Jesus. The wisdom of Christ Jesus, together with the milk of the purified waters, is Jehovah's whole thought form. King Adam, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, is made wisdom unto us. And we now know that for Christ Jesus to be present in us, our waters must be made milk, and the curdling, or separation, must have begun.

The Holy Spirit is the fat that is added to Satan's waters. We see that the Holy Spirit is given to enter into us and flow together with the spiritual waters that we were born with, which is Satan. The Holy Spirit adds spiritual fat to our polluted spiritual waters, and begins to convert them into spiritual milk. The Holy Spirit starts the curdling process.

The example we gave earlier was cottage cheese. We all know what cottage cheese curds look like. Well what do spiritual curds look like? The answer is crystals. The effect that the Holy Spirit has on the spiritual blood that we are born with, which is Satan, is crystallization.

Ez 1:22 And the likeness of the firmament upon the heads of the living creature was as the color of the terrible crystal.....

Color signifies the rate of vibration. Our crystallized blood vibrates at a different rate than Satan's spiritual blood.

Rev 4:6 And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal,

You see, Satan's sea not only became solid, it became crystalline. It was converted. It was reduced. It was transmuted into a completely different substance.

Rev 22:1 And he shows me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal proceeding out of the throne...

Satan's waters are muddy. The crystallization of Satan's sea without the cleansing of the mud, would be an exercise in futility. A waste of time. The fat of the Holy Spirit is added for the purpose of conversion of the spiritual waters we are born with. The Holy Spirit is likened to water, and the fat of His waters is the seed, or the starter seed, or the catalyst which begins the process of change. A catalyst is a substance that precipitates a process or event, especially without being involved in or changed by the consequences.

The Holy Spirit is not changed by Satan's waters, but the contact of the two different waters begins a change in Satan. The Holy Spirit is not changed, neither is He absorbed into the spiritual milk which is produced. The Holy Spirit is Jesus' cleansed waters. He is not the virile seed. The Word of God which flows in the Holy Spirit is a seed, or a beginning factor, which produces that change. The Word of God is not the virile seed. The Holy Spirit is Jehovah's grace. He is the opportunity to have our spiritual blood cleansed with a minimum of pain.

At the proper moment -- and only Jesus knows the time -- Christ Jesus, who has the virile seed, will begin to plough the heart center of the Church. Does anyone know why the church is to be ploughed?

ToDaNow: To remove the old roots of the sin nature before the new seed can be planted.

LivingEM: Yes, but the virile seed is to be grafted. The virile seed is a cutting from the Tree of Life which is already in the earth. The virile seed is grafted by the sons of God. If the earth of your heart center has been softened by milk and honey, the graft will take. The harder your heart, and the less self-ploughed it is, the more painful the ploughing from the sons of God. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is to soften our hearts towards God and the things of His Spirit, but it is the sons of God who come with the plough and with the righteous seed. This is another way of saying the sons of God come with judgment. Does anyone know when the virile seed was imparted to fallen humanity?

ToDaNow: In the man Jesus.

LivingEM: Jehovah's virile seed was imparted to Isaac through Abraham, and then to Jacob, and then to Judah, and then to David.

Rom 1:3 Concerning His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh.

Yes, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world possesses the virile seed, and everyone who He gives it to will possess it. And this is how Jesus Christ will give the good seed to the world:

He will send His Holy Spirit to cleanse the nations, and prepare them for the ploughing.

He will locate men who carry the dead root of the Tree of Life which flourished in Israel.

His Holy Spirit will cleanse their waters and convert them to milk. The cleansed waters will cause the root of the Tree of Life which was cut down to flourish again.

Christ Jesus will rise from the dead in those men, and go forth to the many who have been prepared by the Holy Spirit to receive the good seed, which is the embryo of Christ. These men will expose the sin nature in the Church by striking into their heart centers. The Spirit of Judgment will burn and not be quenched, until the land is purified, and the righteous seed will be grafted to the heart centers of the many.

You have to get it from another man. All of you Christians lifted up in pride saying they will be taught directly by the Holy Spirit, hear the Word of the Lord, The Holy Spirit does not have the virile seed. The righteous seed is with men.

Rev 21:3 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, behold, the tabernacle of God is with men.

Yea the hour is at hand, saith the Lord, and now is, that I shall do great things in the earth. I shall stand amongst men, and walk amongst them, and talk with them, and many shall stumble at my presence, for it shall not line up with their imaginations. But I shall inhabit my people saith the Lord, and for this reason, corrective judgment shall fall. Because Satan has blinded their eyes, and deafened their ears, and they see not, and hear not, and they are fat with sin. I call, but they follow another. Therefore, saith the Lord, I shall smite their waters with the blood of Christ Jesus, and Satan, the waters that they were born with, shall become clotted blood.

Yea, I shall silence her saith the Lord, and she shall be found no more. And I shall call, and my people shall say, here am I Lord,

And everyone shall be pregnant with my Son, saith God, and there shall be peace and good will towards men. Amen and Amen

Good night all. God bless you, and God bless this great nation. May it be returned to its rightful owner very soon. The Lord, Jesus, is king.

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