The Holy Spirit vs The Tree Of Life


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LivingEM: I think I was talking about more power to deliver being granted toChrist Jesus wherever He is appearing. has left the room. it is not so much a question of Jesus being a respecter of persons, as it is a question of Christ Jesus, if he exists in that person, getting to a place where he can appropriate the power. For most people, that usually means the heart center.

In the early days of the Pentecostal revival that started in this country in the 1940s [I think], the Holy Spirit was poured out in great power, and of those people who made contact with that power, many were healed.

This "anointing to heal" flowed through a handful of men, and the responsibility of those who wanted to be healed, was to get themselves into the presence of those men. But today, a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit is hard to find. Does anyone know why?

LAMB4114: That day is coming to a close.

DANIEL42: the Holy Spirit is being withdrawn

LivingEM: Yes, this is true, but more specifically, the Holy Spirit is being swallowed up by the greater anointing which is in Christ Jesus. When a young man matures, he must leave his youth behind him. He cannot be a youth and a man at the same time. the Holy Spirit signifies the spiritual childhood of the Church, and the age of the child is coming to an end.

It is not that the Lord is withdrawing his gift from the Church. The Lord is not an Indian giver. the Holy Spirit is given for a specific purpose, and when that purpose is accomplished, He is swallowed up into that higher purpose.

What is difficult to understand, is that the Holy Spirit is poured out upon humanity and appears in many individuals, but he is only one Holy Spirit. So even though he is manifesting in many people today, when he begins to be swallowed up into a greater form, he continues to dwell only in those individuals who are prepared to host that greater form.

If you can think of the Holy Spirit as a great body of water, perhaps you can understand how only the vessels who can cope with that water becoming a steam, will continue to be occupied by him. And those vessels who cannot or will not believe what is happening, and do not follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, will find that he is boiled away in them, and completely gone. There will be no more living water of the Holy Ghost available, because He will have boiled away, and those who reject the steam, His new form, will be left with nothing.

This is what Jesus was talking about in the parable of the talents. Jesus was not, and is not, threatening anyone. Jesus is doing all he can to educate the people. If your personality does not ascend, through study and understanding, you will not be equipped to contain the greater form that the Holy Spirit is ascending into.

This is what Jesus was talking about in the parable of the wineskins. the Tree of Life was planted in the earth in Isaac. That tree bloomed in Israel, and then died, but the root of it remains in the eart of David's descendants. The Holy Spirit represents the branches of the tree that died. As the root and branch of the Tree of Life are rejoined, the two will flow together until Adam, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, the whole Tree of Life, is raised from the dead, and the whole creation is regenerated. So, as the Holy Spirit [the waters of life] is absorbed by the dried root of the dead tree, He will be drawn out of every personality who is not following after Him in His higher form.

In the same way that the dry earth absorbed the waters of life, so, too, the dry root shall absorb the waters of life. Either the earth or the root must possess the waters of life. For a season, we see that the earth possesses most of the waters, and that the root possesses some of the waters. But this is a perversion which cannot continue. One force must prevail over the other force. Either the earth or the root shall possess all over waters.

The Earth has had her season. She has had her opportunity to establish herself apart from Adam (appearing as the Lord Jesus Christ today), her husband, and she has failed miserably. She has formed a creation that dies from generation to generation, a creation which experiences long and unending painful experiences.

She has proven herself to be incapable of ruling righteously. She has killed the personalities which she has inhabited. She has been cruel to them, as the ostrich is to her own children. Every curse associated with incest has been manifested through mortal humanity. The spiritual woman is proven to be adulterous. She is proven to be incapable of producing life without her true spiritual husband, and has produced death, and the spirit of death.

So, even now, the New Age of righteousness in Christ Jesus is dawning. Even now, he is rising, as the sun from the East, but he is rising in men, and few can recognize Him. He, who is the praise and the glory of Jehovah. He who is the thought and the representative image of that thought which Jehovah imagined.

Yea, saith the Lord, Adam is risen, and he is ruling as King as I have said it should be. I have sent Him into you in the personality of Jesus, the Christ. The glorified Jesus Christ is the perfect representative thought form of Jehovah's nature, because the mind that was in Him is the perfect representation of Jehovah, and that glorified life is in the earth today.

The name of that glorified life is Christ Jesus. As he breathed himself out of Jesus' physical body, so, too, he breathed himself back into the earth as he promised that he would do, on the Day of Pentecost. he breathed out of this earth as Spirit, and he breathes back in the earth in a different form, as fire.. He is a consuming fire. indeed, our Lord is the very lake of fire. His flames shall burn up the sin nature, and we shall live in his sight, which means that we shall live because his ability to see and understand, shall be imparted to us.

In these last weeks, the Lord has given several people that I know of the opportunity to confess wrong thinking and wrong behavior that they had been clinging to. This is the mercy of God. What happened to me this morning, is just the beginning. Satan is rising in human beings who are spiritually powerful because they serve her, and she will be challenging everyone who claims to have the Son within himself.

He who loves me, says the Lord, keeps my commandments. There is only one who is capable of loving the Lord Jesus and that is Christ Jesus, His Son, who is in the earth of mankind. Brethren, this is the principle of mediation. We, the personality, are not capable of loving the Lord Jesus Christ, and this is why we need a savior.

Christ Jesus in you and Christ Jesus in me can love the Lord Jesus Christ. what does it mean to love the Lord Jesus Christ? does anyone know?

LAMB4114: To obey Him.

LivingEM Love is union. The Scriptural principle of loving Jesus is represented by marriage. We are incapable of obeying him perfectly, but when the sun of God rises in us, when Christ Jesus within us joins with our spiritual virginity and carries us up into the brow center, we shall be interwoven with him in every cell of our being. Wherefore, when Christ Jesus loves, or marries, the Lord Jesus Christ, we, too, shall marry the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are incapable of ascending into the brow center of the righteous timeline, and we are incapable of joining with the Lord Jesus, because he only loves, or marries, his own Son. We are incapable of ascending and marrying the Lord Jesus, because a holy God will not sleep with a harlot, and a harlot we are. But Christ Jesus will cover our sins, and though we were scarlet, we shall be white as snow, because of His righteousness.

Our own righteousness is as filthy rags, which means that we have no righteousness of our own. We can produce only more death, but when His life is fully joined to us, and woven together with every cell of our being, we shall live again.

Can anyone tell us when we were alive?

LAMB4114: In Elohim's bosom

LivingEM A non-Christian would say to you, "what is that." What would you answer them?

LAMB4114: Like a sperm in a man.

LivingEM This is true.

Rom 7:9 For I was alive without the law once, but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died.

This is Adam speaking prophetically through Paul. Why was Adam alive before the commitment came? Who gave Adam life?

Myprecous1: Jehovah

LAMB4114: Elohim

LivingEM Yes. Adam was alive because he was joined to Jehovah through Elohim, but then the commandment came. What was the commandment?

Myprecous1: increase and multiply

LAMB4114: To keep the garden

LivingEM You shall not eat of the tree in the midst of the garden. You shall not join with the tree in the midst of the garden. You shall not love the tree in the midst of the garden. You shall not marry the tree in the midst of garden.

Luke 23:31 For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?

I always thought that this verse meant that Jesus was the green tree, but this is not so. Jesus was saying that there is life in Israel. Israel was the green tree. Jesus was not talking about himself at all, he was saying, if you do these evil deeds when the life of God is in you, what will you do when He departs, and you are completely possessed by the earth?

Brethren, the same question is put to the Church today. The doctrine of Christ has been rejected and maligned. The teachers of this Word had been rejected and maligned, and Satan, the spirit of the false revival, is exalted in many places. But even those who recognize that Satan is the spirit behind the false revival, spiral backwards, speaking ill of the gifts of the Spirit, and otherwise maligning the Holy Ghost. Very few are willing to follow the true Spirit wherever He goes. Now the Holy Spirit is ascending into Christ, and the personalities who are rejecting the truth of his Word are becoming dry and parched,. what shall they do asks the Lord?

We see many slipping into paganism and witchcraft. We see them engaging in cursing. We see them marrying the tree in the midst of them, but not the tree of life. We are the garden brethren. and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is in the midst of us.

We shall all be burnt in the Lake of Fire as the Holy Spirit matures into Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit is boiling as well as Satan. All of our waters shall be boiled. Satan shall cease to exist, but the Holy Spirit shall ascend into Christ Jesus. The waters of life are within us. When they boil we, the personality, shall burn like a fire. and those of us who are cleaving in our mind and spirit to the Lord Jesus, shall ascend with the Holy Spirit, and we shall be joined to the root of the Tree of Life, and forever we shall be with the Lord. But those who follow not after the Lord, shall burn up, and be no found more, for there is no life in the earth.

Deut 32:22 For a fire is kindled in my anger, and shall burn into the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains.

LivingEM Who is God angry at? God is angry at the serpent.

Myprecous1: Satan

LivingEM Yes, that is close enough. God is angry at the perverse mind that the serpent has birthed in the earth. Does anyone know who the fire is? The fire is Christ Jesus, the executor of Jehovah's righteous, corrective judgment.

The waters of the creation is the energy of the creation. Judgment is executed by the energy of the creation. The sowing and reaping judgment is executed by Satan, the polluted waters, and the merciful Judgment Seat of Christ is executed by Adam (appearing as the Lord Jesus), the Tree of Life. Satan is the earth which has absorbed the waters and polluted them, and Christ Jesus is the saturated root of the Tree of Life.

Both the Hebrew and the Greek word translated "anger," can also be translated "passion." Jehovah's anger, is really his passion for Adam (appearing as the Lord Jesus), and Adam is the Tree of Life who is possessing the waters of life. Everything that Jehovah does is motivated by his righteous desire to restore Adam [and that includes Adam's wife, which we are]. Jehovah's passion to be restored to his wife stirs up the universal law, as well as the Judgment Seat of Christ, Jehovah's way of escape from Satan, Jehovah's wrath, through exposure of sin, confession and repentance.

Jehovah's universal law says, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Eye = soul, tooth = mind. The one who killed Adam, the living soul -- who is now appearing as the bestial personality and the the bestial carnal mind of mortal humanity -- must die. He who kills with the sword [spiritual power], can only be killed by spiritual power. Wherefore, Satan is programmed to destroy all breakers of the law, that is, the carnal mind and all the personalities who are married to her.

But the Judgment Seat of Christ offers us the opportunity to receive a new, righteous mind, against which Satan has no power.

John 14:30 Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

What we must do to receive this righteous mind, is confess that we are unrighteous in our thoughts, and be willing to do whatever the Lord tells us to do.

1 Jn 5:17 All unrighteousness is sin, and there is a sin that is not unto death.

This is an inaccurate translation of 1 Jn 5:17. We know that the Lord considers the serpent as nothing. We, therefore, when appropriate, translate a negative particle as a member of the serpent's household.

Alternate Translation 1 Jn 5:17: All unrighteous is sin, therefore, the serpent's [not] sin is unto death, [and every personality who is married tothe serpent's mind, dies].

Verse 18, we know that whoever is born of God, sinneth not, but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not.

"To touch" is a euphemism for sexual intercourse. The one who is born of God, brethren, is the Lord Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus in the individual personality is the son of God. Christ Jesus is incapable of sin.

The Greek word translated "begotten" means "to be re-generated." The personality who is regenerated because Christ Jesus is within him, is guarded by Christ Jesus, who is the resurrected Adam, and when Adam guards your garden, Satan will not have spiritual intercourse with you.

Back to Deut 32:22

So we see that Jehovah's righteous judgment is stirred up because of Jehovah's desire that righteousness be done with regard to the Serpent's rape and kidnapping of his wife, which we are. And Jehovah's righteous desire for the return of his wife shall purify [burn] unto even the lowest energy center, where the fiery serpent abides. And Jehovah's righteous anger shall consume the earth, which is the Primordial Serpent, and her offspring, the Devil, which is our Old Man, and her carnal mind, and Jehovah's righteous anger shall consume the foundations of the Serpent's timeline.

The mountains are the elevated energy centers of the Serpent's timeline. We can say that the foundation, or the fiery serpent, is the rootof the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and that Leviathan who is in the higher centers, is the branch. Jehovah's righteous passion for the death of the one who has stolen his wife, and who is keeping her in a spiritual bondage which can be likened to white slavery in our world, shall set the fiery serpent on fire.

The fiery serpent manifests as Satan after she ascends into the heart center and marries Leviathan. Jehovah's righteous destruction of the one who is enslaving his beloved, shall result in the boiling away of Satan, which shall cast the fiery serpent back down to the root energy center, and the foundation [the fiery serpent] of the mountains [Leviathan] shall be consumed. The Scriptural principal of being burned and consumed with fire is a change of nature. Christ Jesus, our God who is a consuming fire, is the lake of fire that our beast nature is cast into. Our beast nature shall be burnt, consumed and converted through union with Christ Jesus.

So we see, once again, that what appears to be a frightful experience to the carnal mind, is Jehovah's deliverance. Our carnal mind is so reprobate that we consider this animal existence a blessing and do not want to be liberated from it. But when the mind of Christ is imparted to us, we shall desire the things of God, and willingly give up the sensual experiences of this world. Indeed, our desires for the sensual experiences of this world are not even our own. They are merely an expression of the desire of our spiritual husband. And when our spiritual husband is Christ Jesus, we shall think with His mind, and partake of His immortality.

Well, I've been knocked off line about 5 or 6 times today <G> I think we'll call it quits for tonight.

God bless you all. Goodnight.

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