Spiritual Wives (Judges, Chapter 21) - Part 3


Scriptures Commented On (In Order Of Appearance): Judges 21:5, Matt. 18:20,Matt. 6:33,1 Sam. 15:20

<LivingEM> There is a warfare raging today between Christians who are ascending in Christ Jesus' timeline, and Christians who are ascending in Leviathan's timeline. Our example is the men of Benjamin in Judges, Chapter 21, who were fully ascended in witchcraft. Jehovah fought for them, as he is fighting in our generation for those who are ascending in the negative timeline. The carnal mind would like to believe that Jehovah has raised up spiritual police to punish these men, but the lesson of Chapter 21 of the Book of Judges tells us that Jehovah's motive for sending his spiritual police against the Benjaminites is??? Can anyone answer that question? What was the Lord's motive for sending the spiritual police against the Benjaminites who are ascended in witchcraft?

<Overcomer> Salvation for them?

<JSNGSNG> To bring the Lord's judgment

<Overcomer> Salvation for them?

<LivingEM> And what is this judgment to accomplish

<JSNGSNG> Repentance & salvation

<LivingEM> Yes. This is true. It is very difficult for the carnal mind to believe it, and when she does believe it, it is very difficult for her to hold on to this knowledge. The carnal mind of the Lord's spiritual police would like us to believe that the Lord's purpose is punishment and separation from God.

The Lord's motive is to restore them to Adam's timeline so that spiritul Israel can be one tribe -- in the Spirit.

The carnal mind also attributes the Lord's judgment to the protection of the innocent. This is true, but it is a secondary motive. The truth of the matter is that none in innocent, no not one, and that criminal spiritual activity cannot harm a man who is completed by the Lord Jesus Christ. Does anyone remember from last week's meeting why the Benjaminites were not completed, even though they thought they were?

<Overcomer> They were ascended in the wrong time line?

<JSNGSNG> Repentance incomplete

<LivingEM> Yes, they were ascended in the wrong timeline, but this should not have happened. Does anyone remember why the men of Israel should not have ascended in the Serpent's timeline?

<Overcomer> They were not covered

<LivingEM> The men of Israel should have been protected against the fiery serpent ascending within them, because of the covenant they made with Jehovah. Does anyone remember what this covenant was? The King James translation says that the men of Israel "took an oath." Does anyone remember what the oath was? The King James translation says that the men of Israel took an oath to kill someone. Who did they vow to kill?

<Overcomer> Leviathan

<LivingEM> Yes, Leviathan. The King James translation says that the men of Israel took an oath to kill anyone who "did not come up to the Lord," that is, whichever one of them did not serve God, would be put to death. This is very interesting, because, according to the King James translation, the Benjaminites were ascended in witchcraft and should have been put to death. Indeed, there is no doubt in my mind that if spiritual deliverance from witchcraft was not available to the Benjaminites, they would have been subject to a judgment of physical death.

You see, brethren, the true forgiveness of sins is a change of nature which renders the offender incapable of repeating the sin (Jn. 8:11). The Benjaminites would have to give up their witchcraft from its spiritual root (unconscious thought) through the cleansing and renewal of the human spirit (Rom. 12:2, 2 Cor. 7:1), or suffer the consequence of physical death.

This is also true for the Church today. The unconscious thoughts of our mind must be altered or our renewed spiritual life in Christ Jesus will die, and there is no consciousness after the death of the personality, which we are. Do you understand the significance of what I have just said? Either the Church will have a change of nature, or they will die. Either we, each of us here, will have a change of nature, or we will die. The physical body and the personality dissolve, and the physical and spiritual family reap what we have sown. This is our legacy. The absolute mercy of God is the exposure of our sins and the destruction of Satan and Leviathan within us. Can anyone tell us why the fiery serpent survives the Lord's judgment?

<Overcomer> She is our spiritual virginity which will marry Christ

<LivingEM> Yes. This is true And what does the fiery serpent become after her marriage to Christ?

<Overcomer> Seraphim?

<JSNGSNG> Seraphim, seraph

<LivingEM> Yes, the seraphim. Everything that cannot be converted into a positive spiritual principal, is destroyed. So we see that the Lake of Fire is Jordan, the crossing over from death unto life.

The Benjaminites received the mercy of God because there were faithful man in Israel who were spiritually ascended in the righteous timelime. There were men in Israel who could do nothing but fight for the Lord. Nothing could keep them away from the battle when they heard the call. They were stubborn and tough as nails, and would fight to the death. These are the qualities that will bring as over into the righteous time line. This is why Jehovah told Gideon to release the fearful men from their obligation. Half-hearted soldiers weaken the body of resistance.

Can you picture this? Hundreds, if not thousands, of Benjaminites ascended into the high dimensions of the Serpent's timeline, attacking the righteous Israelites. How do you think this spiritual warfare would affect the Israelites who had the righteous seed, but a minimum of spiritual power? It could hit them as financial problems, discord within the family, infirmity, division among the troops and, in the event of unconfessed sin in the men with the righteous seed, in death.

I do not intend to frighten you, but Jesus clearly said, "count the cost." You should know what you are involved in, and avoid playing in the spiritual big-time, when you are still in bed with the world.

I heard somebody say once that we should serve the Lord only when there is nothing else that we can do and still be content. I know that if I were to do anything other than what I am doing, I would be the most miserable human being alive. The satisfying things of this world will conflict with our service to the Lord. This walk is hard in the flesh, but glorious in the Spirit. It is sweet in the mouth, but bitterness to the belly, which signifies the third energy center. Does anyone remember what the "mouth," signifies? The "mouth," signifies that which receives, the spiritual female organ, the fiery serpent. And what does "sweetness," signify? What does honey signify?

<JSNGSNG> Wisdom

<LivingEM> Yes, the wisdom from above satisfies the fiery serpent, but forces Leviathan away from the belly where she feeds on the energy of the personality. The wisdom from above blesses the fiery serpent, but is bitterness to Leviathan. Praise God!

So we see that Jehovah's spiritual police, the righteous men of Israel, put self-interest aside to serve Jehovah and deliver their brother, Benjamin, from his own dark side. The Benjaminites perceived the warfare in the spirit, and fully responded in the warfare that, to their mind, was an attack by the misguided sons of Israel. The battle raged in the spirit, but must have strongly affected the lives of the Israelites.

High level spiritual warfare is not waged on your physical knees. Neither is it waged by binding and loosing, or any other form of Old Order warfare, all of which has its place. But there is an higher level of spiritual warfare. Can anyone tell us how New Order spiritual warfare is waged?

<LAMB> Confession and repentance of sin

<Overcomer> With the doctrine of Christ?

<LivingEM> Yes, with the Doctrine of Christ. But, even more, with righteousness.

Sin is revealed to a son of God in the Spirit, and when he agrees with Christ Jesus, the Spirit of Christ goes forth to wage war against Satan, the unconscious part of the mind that is married to that personality, and to bring her to repentance.

So you thought that the the Lord honored your prayers when two carnal minds agreed, did you? No, brethren. The Spirit of Judgment goes forth when the personality agrees with Christ Jesus rather than with their carnal mind. It is true that the Lord honors carnal agreements concerning finances, health, and relationships in our spiritual childhood, but this is not the true understanding of:

Matt. 18:20, For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. (KJV)

The "two," brethren, are Christ Jesus and the personality, and the "three" are the glorified Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus in the individual, and the personality.

It's grow up time, brethren. God is no longer speaking through the Prophets of Old. He speaking through whom?

<Overcomer> Sons of God

<LivingEM> Yes, Jehovah is speaking through the Lord Jesus Christ, who is speaking through Christ Jesus who is speaking through the personalities who honor His opinion. God is not in some far away place. He is near to you, either within you, or within a man who is close by. He desires to birth Christ Jesus, His Son, in you, who will destroy Satan and Leviathan, the unholy mind that thinks through you, because the glorified Jesus Christ lusts for you, like a man lusts for his wife.

The sons of God engage in two forms of righteous judgment: (1) Gentle, righteous judgment through a cooperative, personal relationship between the recipient and a son of God, and (2) the impersonal, righteous spiritual warfare between the sons of God and uncooperative recipients such as we read about in Judges 20 and 21. Both judgments are considered the White Throne Judgment. Can anyone tell us why?

Both aspects of the White Throne Judgment result in the death of Satan and Leviathan and the deliverance of the personality into renewed life in Christ Jesus. The reaping and sowing judgment mediated by Satan results in physical death. So we see that one can go the easy way, or the hard way, and still experience the White Throne Judgment. The spiritual ones who hear this message and judge their own sin nature, will not be judged by the other sons of God.

Can anyone explain how it is determined who experiences the White Throne Judgment and who experiences the reaping and sowing judgment? The man who enters into a relationship with Jesus Christ makes a covenant with Him -- whether he knows it or not - and the condition of that covenant is that LEVIATHAN SHALL SURELY DIE. If the covenanting personality does not meet this condition, it will be satisfied in future generations.

The Church thinks that the "free gift" of the Holy Spirit, is free, but this is not true. The Holy Spirit is "given freely," but it is not free. There is a price to pay. The Holy Spirit is the down payment (Eph. 1:13-14) of an irrevocable covenant between the Lord and the recipient personality, which cannot be broken. When we receive His Spirit, we have sold ourselves to Him. I kid you not. The false message in the Church today is causing many to stumble. The Lord will surely marry the one He covenants with, or one of his descendants (Gen. 38:8). Can anyone tell us why it takes so long for the Lord to call in his marker? If the man belongs to Him, why does the Lord wait so long to collect? How does the Lord collect? Through marriage, right? Why is it taking so long for the Lord to marry us? What are we waiting for?

<LAMB> Christ hasn't matured in us yet. Because we must be prepared, right?

<LivingEM> Christ's maturity is a factor, but OUR IMPURITY is more like it. It is taking this long time for the Lord to complete His covenant with us because the filthiness in our spirit and flesh (2 Cor. 7:1) separates us from the Lord. We are waiting to be purified because we are too dirty to marry Him. So how are we purified?

<JSNGSNG> In the lake of fire

<LivingEM> This is true. We are purified in the lake of fire, but only after sin is exposed. We are purified by the exposure of sin, by forcing our sins to the surface The next step in the purification of the Bride of Christ is what?

<JSNGSNG> Confession and repentance

<LivingEM> The next step is the exposure of sin, THEN comes confession and repentance. Confession of sin is a an on-going process which can take years because our fragile personality and emotions cannot bear the truth in heavy doses. Neither can we bear the Doctrine of Christ in heavy doses, but those of us who labor faithfully in the Spirit will be strengthened by the Lord to bear all things.

Some of us are already engaged in the high level spiritual warfare we read about in Judges 20 and 21. Perfection is not required to engage in this intense spiritual warfare, but the ability to THINK with the mind of Christ [which is different than UNDERSTANDING the Doctrine of Christ with the mind of Christ], is required.

Matt. 6:33, But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (KJV)

<LivingEM> We must think with the mind of Christ in every-day situations and concerning interactions between people and the events of life. The kind of high-level spiritual warfare we are studying today requires overcoming the narcissistic self-love of our carnal mind, and the mind set of this world.

So, we see that the men of Israel, including the Benjaminites, accepted Jehovah's covenant and agreed thereby to sacrifice Leviathan, to insure Adam's righteous domination of their whole man. But the Benjaminites DID NOT KILL LEVIATHAN!!! This sounds like Saul to me and, strangely enough, Saul was a Benjaminite.

1 Sam 15:20 And Saul said unto Samuel, Yea, I have obeyed the voice of the LORD, and have gone the way which the LORD sent me, and have brought Agag the king of Amalek, and have utterly destroyed the Amalekites.

21 But the people took of the spoil, sheep and oxen, THE CHIEF OF THE THINGS WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN UTTERLY DESTROYED, to sacrifice unto the LORD thy God in Gilgal. (KJV)

<LivingEM> This sounds like Adam blaming Eve in the King James Translation (Gen. 3:12). So we see that Saul, a Benjaminite, destroyed the Amalakites, the powers in the 3rd energy center, but did not utterly destroy Leviathan, his own animal nature. And why is this such a great sin? Because if Leviathan survives, she will rebuild what has been destoyed.

The Lord told Samuel to kill everyone in the enemy camp: The men, the women, the children, and the animals, but Saul saved some of his enemies' riches. There was something of Leviathan in the hearts of the Benjaminites that they would not give up. They didn't believe the Doctrine of Christ. They thought that they could wield Jehovah's spiritual power and keep the hidden sins of their heart with impunity.

I cannot tell you that the Benjaminites made a conscious choice to spare Leviathan, but to the best of my knowledge, the only thing that could have caused the Benjaminites to ascend in Leviathan's timeline while they were in covenant with Jehovah, is unconfessed sin -- and lust for spiritual power would be a good guess..

I believe that there are present-day spiritual Benjaminites who are entering into the wrong time line because of a lust for spiritual power. Now, I have a lust for spiritual power, but I prevent it from exceeding my absolute conviction that I am nothing without the Lord Jesus Christ, and that anything that I could attain for myself would only bring destruction into my life. Therefore, I present my needs to the Lord Jesus and, to the best of my ability, I serve him and strive to be content with whatever He gives me.

I remember that in my carnal days I was unhappy with Paul's admonition to be content with what we have, which I thought discouraged healthy striving to make one's mark in the world. But I now know that Paul is exhorting us to be content with what we receive after serving the Lord with all of our strength. Paul is not telling us to be content with the curses on our life, or with infirmity, but to throw all of our drive and aggression into the things of God, believing that Christ Jesus will reward us in due season.

Of course we must work and raise our family, but Paul is talking about an attitude of the heart. If the primary focus in our life is the Lord, Jesus, then the Lord is controlling our life, and if the Lord is controlling our life, we should be content with what He gives us. If you are married, do not seek to be single. If you are single, do not seek to be married. If you have children, do not seek to be released from them, if you are childless, direct all of your emotions towards the Lord and he will meet your needs from above.

It is difficult for most people to believe, but every human need, intellectual, spiritual, marriage, children, and finances, can be satisfied from the spiritual plane. But many seek to serve God with one hand, and to build their life in this world with the other hand. Such a mind set weakens our relationship with the Lord, Jesus. This is the sin of pride and rebellion.

Well, as hard as I tried, I could not get on with of Judges 21. Somebody, somewhere, must have needed to hear this message, and the Lord had His way. Praise God! Are there any questions or comments?

Thank God it is the Lord preaching through me. If you are disappointed that we didn't get on with Judges 21, speak to Him. If this message is for you, and you don't like it, speak to Him. I'm just the receptionist here, the Lord's mouthpiece.

I think we should end with a prayer:

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we forgive the sins of the spiritual Benjaminites who are warring against us, and we pray that this forgiveness should produce a change of heart and mind towards your nature. We break their ungodly spiritual power. We separate the fiery serpent from Leviathan and boil Satan, and we beat the spiritual insects in the third energy center to dust. We command the fiery serpent to descend into the root energy center, to go to sleep, and to be a virgin again. We strip the illusion from their mind, and open their eyes to the truth of their own deception. We pray Father that they should be granted repentance, and that you receive them into your army of righteous spiritual police. May they be equipped, if it is your will, to help others who are ascending in the Serpent's timeline, and about to be completed Satan and Leviathan.

I bless everybody here. I cover us all with the blood of Jesus Christ, and set hedges of thorns, spiritual force fields, and the whole power at the Spirit of Christ in place. I forgive the sins of everyone here and all of my enemies, and send blessings to them and their families.

God bless you all. Good night

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