Spiritual Wives (Judges, Chapter 21) - Part 1


Scriptures Commented On (In Order Of Appearance): Judges 21:1, Judges 19:30, Judges 21:2

<LivingEM> I listened to all three tapes of "What Really Happened at Gibeah" this morning, and received a deeper understanding of what the men of Dan did to get "wives." As I listened to the tape, I realized that my revelation seemed to break down at the end of the message. I don't know whether this happened because I was not feeling well at the time, or because I didn't check out the Interlinear Text thoroughly enough, or because I just didn't have the revelation.

We will pick up with

Judges 21:1, Now the men of Israel had sworn in Mizpeh, saying, There shall not any of us give his daughter unto Benjamin to wife. (KJV)

<LivingEM> The Hebrew word translated "Mizpeh," means "watch tower." Does anyone know who the watchtower is?

<Overcomer> Christ Jesus?

<LAMB> Jehovah?

<LivingEM> It has been revealed to us in past studies, that the glorified Jesus Christ is the "tower" in the Scripture, but this is the first time that I have seen Him referred to as "the watchtower." The Jehovah's Witnesses believe that "the watchtower" is a symbol for Jehovah. Does anyone know why I say this? What is the name of the Jehovah's witnesses' newsletter?

<Overcomer> That's their magazine, watch tower.

<LivingEM> Yes, the Watch Tower magazine. It is not wrong to say that Jehovah is the "watchtower," because there is only one God, but, more specifically, Adam, Jehovah's glorious thought form, is "the watchtower"

that guards the personalities who belong to him. The significance of the word "tower," is that the resurrected Adam watches over us from the high place of the brow [6th] energy center.

The Hebrew word translated "not," is a negative particle, which we will translate "Leviathan," and the Hebrew word translated "sworn," can also be translated "to seven" or "to complete."

Alternate Translation, Judges 21:1: The mortal men of Israel [who were] nailed to the resurrected Adam, the watchtower, [and] were completed, [by Him], demanded that the mortal men who are on Leviathan's side, turn over their fiery serpents to the mortal men of Israel, for a wife.

<LivingEM> Does anyone know who the daughter of Benjamin is? <LAMB> The fiery serpent?

<LivingEM> Yes. We found out in our study of Herod, that the "daughter" of Herodias, Herod's wife, who has no personal name in the Scripture, represents the fiery serpent in Herod.

The "daughter" of the Benjaminites has no personal name either, which suggests that she, too, signifies the fiery serpent, Leviathan's daughter in the Benjaminites.

Please note the generic term "the mortal men," which indicates that the men who were on Leviathan's side -- whether they were Danites or from any other tribe [and this includes any of the men of Israel who were on Leviathan's side] -- all of the men who were living out of Leviathan's timeline, were to turn over their fiery serpent to the mortal men of Israel for marriage.

What does this mean? Will anyone try to answer this? What does it mean to give over your fiery serpent to another mortal man who is joined to Christ Jesus?

<LAMB> To come into submission?

<LivingEM> Yes. To come into submission to the resurrected Adam, or Christ Jesus in the New Testament, in that mortal man who, himself, is in submission.

The principle here is this: The Lord desires for every man to be fully completed in Him, without needing to depend on another mortal man -- even one who is in submission to Christ Jesus -- but this condition of full completeness in Christ Jesus is very hard to attain to. Therefore, TEMPORARILY, for the time that a man is still yielding to Leviathan rather than Christ, if they will submit to an imperfect mortal man who is succeeding in this area, that imperfect but victorious, man, will help the others to overcome Satan and Leviathan within themselves. The efforts of the men who desire to overcome, plus the efforts of the man who is already overcoming through submission to the indwelling Christ Jesus, will put Satan and Leviathan down under those who are not strong enough to overcome themselves.

"To marry" another man's fiery serpent, is to capture their spiritual potential, which is illegal without the man's permission, or if it is not Christ Jesus doing the work. Does anyone know how to determine whether the man you are submitting to is in Christ?

<LAMB> The words that come from them. He should be encouraging.

<LivingEM> This is true, but what should the words be?

<LAMB> The doctrine of Christ. Repentance and exposure of sin.

<Myprecous1> righteousness

<Overcomer> righteousness

<LivingEM> Is he encouraging you to look for a personal witness from your personal relationship with Christ? Or to make your own decisions based on wisdom? Is he making you dependant upon him by telling you what to do, instead of giving you the information you need to make your own decisions? Is he building you in Christ, and Christ in you? Or is he making himself God?

The true minister in Christ liberates you by teaching you how to communicate with, understand and respond to God for yourself. He teaches you wisdom for yourself, and shares everything that he, himself, has received from Christ Jesus. He tells you the truth and holds nothing back. He does not flatter you to keep your tithe, or your presence in his church and, if you can see it, he fights for your spiritual life in Christ -- which is your only life -- every day.

So the mortal men of Israel who were nailed to Jehovah through the resurrected Adam, the watchtower, who had no motives of personal gain, but were seeking to save the spiritual life of the Benjaminites, demanded that the Benjaminites submit their spiritual potential to the resurrected Adam within them, the one who guarded all of Israel, including the straying Benjaminites.

You see, the fiery serpent in the Benjaminites was ascended into Leviathan's timeline. The Benjaminites were doing evil with their spiritual power, and the Israelites, who were Jehovah's spiritual police because Adam was resurrected within them, were sent forth to correct the situation.

Does anyone remember what the crime of the Benjaminites was? I am sure their crimes were many, but what crime stirred up the men of Israel, Jehovah's elite force of righteous, spiritual police? Their crime was that they were not content to live their own witchcraft lifestyle, but tried to bring down a man who preferred Christ. They used their witchcraft power to hinder a man who preferred Christ, from going on with God. This is the evil that was done in Israel.

Judges 19:30, And it was so, that all that saw it said, There was no such deed done nor seen from the day that the children of Israel came up out of the land of Egypt unto this day: consider of it, take advice, and speak your minds. (KJV)

<LivingEM> Remember, there is every indication that the Exodus was a spiritual deliverance from the Egyptian mystery religion that overtook the Hebrews when they sojourned in Egypt. What happened at Gibeah was the first backsliding, or at least the first mass backsliding, since that time.

Let the man who stands in the way of an ascending son beware, he takes his life in his hands. But when the afflicted son refuses to respond out of his carnal mind, when he forgives their ignorance, and their witchcraft, salvation is dispatched to the offender, who is in darkness.

So the mortal men of Israel who were completed by Jehovah through the resurrected Adam, the watchtower, said, or rather, demanded, that the defeated Benjaminites turn the fiery serpent, Leviathan's daughter, their spiritual potential who was also married to Leviathan, over to the resurrected Adam, her true husband.

This spiritual incest is an abomination in Israel. All physical incest arises out of spiritual incest. All sin begins in the spirit.

Judges 21:2, 2 And the people came to the house of God, and abode there till even before God, and lifted up their voices, and wept sore; (KJV)

<LivingEM> And the people came into Elohim's household, and married Him....

Adam is one of Elohim's expressions. Adam can die. Elohim, the one who raises Adam from the dead, cannot die.

The Hebrew word translated "abode" is a verb which means "to sit down," or "to marry." So the people who were on Leviathan's side married Elohim in the Israelites who were completed by the resurrected Adam, Jehovah's watchtower.

Please note that the Scripture says "the people." It does not say "the Benjaminites." Does anyone know what this means? It means that all of the Benjaminites did not repent. But the people who repented, married Elohim through union with the resurrected Adam in the mortal men of Israel.

Does anyone know why the Scripture says they married Elohim and not Jehovah? Elohim is the mediator. An unclean personality cannot approach near Jehovah and live. Who is Elohim manifesting Himself to us as today? Who is our mediator?

<LAMB> Christ Jesus

<LivingEM> Yes. The man, Christ Jesus, or the resurrected Adam in the Old Testament. Christ Jesus is Elohim in another form.

So the Benjaminites who repented and submitted to the men who were completed by the resurrected Adam, Jehovah's watchtower, married Elohim, their mediator -- the resurrected Adam in the men of Israel.

Elohim has appeared to mortal men over the generations as Michael, and several other manifestations. Does anyone know who Elohim's next manifestation after Michael was? Who appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration?

<JSNGSNG> Elijah

<LivingEM> There was one before Elijah.

<JSNGSNG> Moses,

<LivingEM> Yes. Moses and then Elijah, and then who?

<JSNGSNG> Jesus Christ

<LivingEM> Yes, Jesus, the Christ. And today?

<JSNGSNG> Christ Jesus

<LivingEM> This is true, but we are looking for the name of a mortal man. Christ Jesus appearing in whom?

<JSNGSNG> His sons?

<DANIEL42> Jesus Christ

<LivingEM> Christ Jesus appearing in every man who denies his carnal mind and submits his members to Christ Jesus. To the best of my knowledge there is no mortal man who, at this time, abides permanently in Christ Jesus, but each time a mortal man yields up his spiritual members so that Christ Jesus can live through him, that man is Christ Jesus for that moment, or for that encounter, or for that warfare, or for that communication, or for that spiritual ministry. The biggest problem amongst the sons today, is that most don't know who they are. I have been telling you all for a long time now, if you want a supernatural ministry, you must what? Give out tracts? Knock on doors?

<Overcomer> Give up the ministry out of your carnal mind

<LivingEM> Yes. you must die to your carnal mind, and the whole lifestyle that the fiery serpent has woven into your personal world.

So the Benjaminites who repented -- repented of what? What was their crime?

<Overcomer> living out of their carnal minds?

<LivingEM> The Benjaminites were Christ killers. To live out of your carnal mind when Christ is present makes you a Christ killer, and to hinder another from going on with Christ doubles the severity of your crime.

So the repentant Benjaminites married Elohim, who was manifesting Himself to them as the resurrected Adam, Jehovah's watchtower in the men of Israel, who he completed and translated from the darkness of their carnal mind, into the personality of Elohim.

Judges 21:2, And the people came to the house of God, and abode there till even before God, and lifted up their voices, and wept sore; (KJV)

The Hebrew word translated "even," means "darkness," "evening," or "sunset," and the English word translated "before," means "face" or "personality." The Benjaminites who repented and married the resurrected Adam in the completed men of Israel, died to their Old Man, their dark personality, or their dark side, and transferred into their New Man who is in the image of Elohim.

The Hebrew word translated "lifted" means "to exalt," or "to support," or "to forgive." This word signifies that the ascension of the human spirit into Christ Jesus, results in the forgiveness of the sins of the carnal mind. We are renewed in the spirit of our mind, and how is our human spirit renewed? Through union with whom?

<Myprecous1> By the Doctrine of Christ

<LAMB> Christ Jesus

<Overcomer> The Spirit of Christ

<LivingEM> We are saved through union with the Spirit of Christ. He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit (1 Cor. 6:17). It is true that the Spirit of Christ is in the Doctrine of Christ, IF it is preached by someone who has the Spirit of Christ.

They "lifted up their voices." The Hebrew word translated "voice" can also be translated "sound." The repentant ones did not cry out loudly, but the voice of their mind was lifted up. The thoughts of their human spirit -- which was flowing with Satan because of their marriage to their own carnal mind -- were lifted up as their human spirit was joined to the Spirit of Christ. This is just another way of saying that the spirit of their mind ascended through union with the Spirit of Christ.

"And they wailed and moaned." The Hebrew word translated "wept" means "to moan out loud." Why do you think the people were moaning and groaning as their human spirit changed position?

<JSNGSNG> carnal mind was dying

<Overcomer> crying to be delivered

<LAMB> It is a painful process.

<LivingEM> You better believe it. The spiritual change of the human spirit's position, from union with Satan to union with the Spirit of Christ, is painful. I used to wonder why the Book of Revelation talks about "no more tears," but that was before I started to cry. No man loves the actual correction, but if you endure chastening, joy comes in the morning (Ps 30:5; Heb. 12:7). And who is the morning?

<JSNGSNG> Christ Jesus

<LivingEM> Yes. Your joy comes when the manchild begins to appear in you. The joy of this world is a false joy. The only true joy is the life of Christ Jesus pulsating through you, living through you, thinking and talking through you. The Lord would like us to be happy in this world, but only if that happiness arises out of right thinking. It must be a happiness that is consistent with Christ Jesus. First you have the joy of this world, then you moan and groan as you die to this world, then you experience true joy as you experience the indwelling life of Christ Jesus. We should enjoy the things of this world, UNTIL the Lord starts to deal with those areas in our life.

So the repentant ones moaned and groaned as the thoughts of their human spirit ascended, and was joined to the Spirit of Christ, and the resurrected Abel seeped through their carnal mind.

The English word "sore" is a translation of two Hebrew words. Strong's # 1065 and Strong's # 1419. Strong's # 1065 means "a dripping." We found out in last week's on-line meeting that the mind is an energy stream, and that Abel, or the Christ mind, is formed within the carnal mind. We also found out that and that the particles of the carnal mind move in a spirilline pattern, but that Abel, or the Christ Mind moves in a linear pattern. "The dripping" signifies Abel's linear, spiritual atoms, or the Christ Mind, seeping through the spirilline pattern of the carnal mind. This means that Abel, or the Christ Mind, does not penetrate the carnal mind to enter into her, but to depart from her dark prison. Does anyone know what happens after the Christ Mind pierces through the carnal mind?

<Overcomer> she covers it

<LivingEM> Yes. Abel, or the Christ Mind, seeps through the carnal mind and joins with the Spirit of Christ to form a hard cover that cannot be penetrated by the carnal mind. This is how Christ Jesus places the seal over Satan after He casts her into the bottomless pit.

The second of the two Hebrew words that is translated "sore," Strong's 1419, can also be translated "insolent" or "haughty." The fiery serpent, the spiritual ground, is the insolent, haughty one who has swallowed up whose blood?


<Myprecous1> Abel

<LivingEM> Yes. We have found in our recent studies in Judges, Chapter 15 (Samson & the Foxes), that Cain is the foliage that grows out of the ground that she is woven together with. "Foliage" means "leaf, especially the leaves of a tree." Does anyone remember what part of mortal man the leaf signifies?

<Overcomer> personality

<LAMB> Physical body

<JSNGSNG> spirit?

<LivingEM> The physical body, but remember that the physical body exists in two dimensions. Does anyone remember which two dimensions the physical body exists in?

<JSNGSNG> etheric

<Overcomer> visible and etheric

<Myprecous1> Astral and Physical

<LivingEM> The physical body is a visible representation of our etheric body, which the Church calls "the flesh." And our etheric and physical body, which is really one body, is a leaf on which spiritual tree?

<JSNGSNG> tree of knowledge of good and evil?

<Overcomer> knowledge of good and evil

<LivingEM> Yes. So the fiery serpent is the ground that Leviathan, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, is growing in, and the collective Cain, the leaves of the tree, represents the many members of mortal humanity. And Abel is under the ground. What tree is Abel a part of?

<Overcomer> life

<LAMB> The Tree of Life

<LivingEM> Yes. Abel is a part of the Tree of Life. Does anyone remember which part?

<JSNGSNG> root

<LAMB> The root

<LivingEM> Yes. So we see that Abel, the dead root of the Tree of Life, is under the ground that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil is growing in.

Now the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is not a whole tree, but a partial tree, which can be likened to a weed that has choked and killed the cultivated Tree of Life. Can anyone tell us what a cultivated plant is? <LAMB> From a seed

<Overcomer> matured plant?

<myprecous1> grafted

<JSNGSNG> seedling

<LivingEM> A cultivated plant is deliberately grown by a gardener, although not necessarily from a seed, as opposed to a weed that springs up of it's own accord.

So we see that the Christ Mind piercing through the carnal mind is the resurrection of the dead Abel. Does anyone remember who Abel is in relation to Adam?

<Overcomer> male righteous part

<LivingEM> Abel is Adam's root system. Adam is the whole Tree of Life, that is, root and branch. Abel, the Christ mind, is the root, and the Spirit is the branch. Cain is the root of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and Satan is the branch. The leaf of a tree is an external expression of the root.

Ezek 47:12, And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine. (KJV)

<LivingEM> The leaf of the Tree of Life is the external expression of Abel, which is Christ in the personality, the hope of the personality's glorification.

Are there any questions or comments about this message?

<JSNGSNG> A scripture that says that we might be trees of righteouness The planting of the Lord that He might be glorified

<LivingEM> Thank you for that witness. I pray that this message should root in the earth of your personalities, that the Tree of Life might appear in you, and that right quickly, that you should become the glorious thought form that is in Jehovah's image, that you might live, and not die, and bring healing to the desperate of this world.

I pray that your suffering to being forth the manchild should not be for naught, that you should not bring forth wind, but the glorious Spirit of Christ. I pray that you should all fulfill the call on your life, to defend the widow and the orphan and to bring hope and life to humanity. I pray that you all die to the lifestyle of the fiery serpent, and to your carnal mind, and that Christ Jesus should be exalted in you.

Take heart, says the Lord, I have not forsaken you, but for a little while it might appear that way. Hide in me and you shall live, for great tribulation is already ascending from underneath the earth. Many will fall, but I will not fail those who follow closely behind me.

You will deliver many out of the lion's mouth, but many will fall away. The time is short, trust in me with all of your heart, lean not to your own understanding, and you shall stand. Not for your own sakes, but for my sake, for the sake of Christ in all of the personalities who will surely kill Him if they don't receive help.

<LivingEM> God bless you all.

Good night.

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