038 - Part 12

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Tongues and prophesy through Pastor Vitale:


Yea, saith the Lord, I am indeed in thee, who is your ability to stand.  For without me, saith God, thou shalt not stand.  There is no way that thou shalt stand.  There is no way that thou shalt rise, even to a sitting position.  There is no way that thou shalt continue to sit or stand, saith the Lord, for I am indeed your life.  I am your faith.  I am your righteousness.  I am your everything.  There is none other but me, saith the Lord, for indeed thou art but shadows, and this whole world as you know it, is but a shadow, yea even a figment of my imagination, saith the Lord.  In this hour, men in the darkness of their minds, they see me not, saith God.  And they think that they are the creator, saith the Lord, even those that say they bear my name, knowing not what they say, or what they see, or who I am, or they know nothing of my ways, of my Spirit, or of my Word.  Indeed, they mock those that are suffering for my name’s sake.  But these things must need be, saith the Lord, for there is no way that they could see.  For indeed, the only sight that would permit them to see, is me, and I have not yet been birth in them.  Therefore, saith God, go forth in my love, and in my mercy, and in my wisdom, implementing, and utilizing, and living your life out through everything of me that is already in you.  Have mercy on the weak, saith the Lord, strengthen them.  Stand by them.  Condemn them not, but help them.  If they fall ten thousand times and repent, receive them back, saith the Lord, for indeed they are my flesh.  Be me, saith the Lord.  Be me.  Be merciful.  Be filled with love and kindness and compassion.  Do not let the sins of your brethren overtake you.  Do not let them destroy you or pull you down.  Deal with them kindly and firmly in love, but reject them not, saith the Lord.  Embrace them, and by the power of my agape love in you, I shall indeed enable you to continue in relationships that under other circumstances could bring destruction into your life.  I shall give you the ability to do this, saith the Lord.  Flee not from the aggressor, for indeed he shall be converted by my love as I manifest it through you.  Yea indeed, I have called thee to a high calling, saith the Lord, to a high calling that even the people here tonight cannot comprehend.  But nevertheless I have done this thing.  Yea, I shall appear in thee, and I shall reveal myself to my Church, and even unto the world, saith the Lord.  And I shall impart the power through them to receive the bread of Christ.  Yea, my Spirit shall be reproduced in them, and my Christ shall appear in them.  I shall do this thing and it shall be done no other way, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord.  All of the counterfeits shall be exposed, and all of the blasphemers shall have their mouths shut.  And I shall appear, yea even the Spirit of my life shall enter into thee saith the Lord, and thou shalt be resurrected from the dead.  And thou shalt ascend up to heaven, and every eye shall see thee, saith the Lord, and great fear shall come upon the people, but it is a fear of reverence, saith the Lord, for indeed thou shalt minister only out of my Spirit.  Thou shalt lay hold of the weak and the beggarly elements.  Thou shalt lay hold of the criminal mind and the criminal hearts, saith the Lord.  Thou shalt reach down in the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ and raise them up to where thou art.  Yea, even these greater works I have called thee to, saith the Lord.  This glory and this honor I have bestowed upon thee, not for anything that thou hast done, but that I might be glorified.  Stay humble before me, saith the Lord, and know, hear this word tonight, saith God.  No weapon formed against you can prosper.  No demon power can bring you down.  No hatred, no wind of doctrine, no spiritual entity, no spiritual force or power can destroy thee, for indeed, I am my life, and I have ordained that thou should come to full stature.  Weep not, saith the Lord, but be faithful unto me as thou hast been, and thou shalt see great and mighty wonders in my Spirit.  Hold fast to that which I have given thee.  Be not lifted up in pride.  Indeed thou canst lose it.  Thy only safety is to stay humble before me, and never forget that I am the only way that thou canst enter in.  I shall be here, and I shall be with you, and I shall strengthen you, and I shall protect you, and I shall bring you, and I shall be victorious in you, and we shall laugh at the enemy, saith the Lord.  We shall laugh at their efforts.  Hallelujah.


Praise the Lord.  I told you at the last meeting that it was our last message on tape #38 Around God’s Throne.  I thought that we were going to have a really light message tonight to give our minds a break, but what the Lord gave me for you was a review of the spiritual principals of the creation based on physics and math that we have studied over these last weeks.  I think that what He told me is that He just wants to really get it into your spirit.  I will take questions as we go along.  Glory to God.


Let us just try to review this.  I have given you a series of diagrams.  They are not complete.  I just did not have the time to do it.  There is not that much missing.  When I complete it, I will just give you the missing pages, hopefully on Sunday.  So the first figure that I have is a figure depicting how a rainbow is formed.  We know from our studies that the rainbow typifies the life of God.  The rainbow is an image that appears in the heavenlies.  It displays the colors of the spectrum.  We know that the colors of the spectrum are a breakdown of bright white light which typifies the Father.  We have in the diagram the sunlight.  The sun is an energy source.  This is our natural example of how an image is produced from what is an unseen energy source that has no form or shape. 


We do see the sun, but the energy that comes from the sun cannot be seen.  The sun is a ball of burning matter.  I keep telling you that I really am no scientist.  I am doing the best I can with what God has given me.  We really are not dealing with the sun.  We are dealing with the energy that comes forth from the sun, which is unseen, and has no form, and it has no shape when it passes through the water of raindrops, mist or haze.  I finally got my definitions straightened out.  I can tell you tonight the difference between refracted and reflected.  What happens to the energy source which travels on a straight line, when it pierces into the water, it becomes refracted, which means it gets bent back.


I am not going to put it on the board because you have the dittos here.  The straight ray that is traveling on a straight line hits the water and it gets bent back.  That is what refracted means.  The refracted rays, the bent rays, form a reflection.  What we are seeing is a picture or an image of an energy source.  It is an energy source that has no form or shape like light waves and sound waves.  It is possible to bend these waves and form an image.  In the natural what we get is a rainbow.  It breaks down into the full spectrum, the many colors of the spectrum.  So what we get is a white light, which is colorless, transparent, and it has no form or shape.  We get color in an established form.


We know that every time the sunlight pierces through the water of the raindrops, mist or haze, we are going to get a rainbow.  We do not get a different image every time.  When sunlight pierces through raindrops, mist or haze, we get an image.  It is a natural example as to how God has formed, and is forming, and shall form this creation, because we are indeed in the process of being formed.  When God said let us make man in our image, He embarked upon a process that is taking thousands of years.


By and large, the entire world, including the Church world, who we would like to hope would know better, but they do not, are under the impression that they are completely formed and completely in God’s image.  We are not, brethren.  We are not.  We would not have the problems that we have if we were completely formed.  We are a partial creation.  What God did was He created the negative realm first.  We have all the problems we have because we are natural man.  Natural man is the negative realm and we are not complete.  There is a scripture that says we are complete in him, who is the head of all power and all principality. 


Brethren, He does not complete you when you speak in tongues.  He has not completed you when you speak in tongues.  I think I am going to put on this tape at this point what I shared with this congregation earlier.  God has shown me that the Christ is coming forth in his people.  The Christ shall appear in his people in basically two stages.  The first stage is that his Spirit has to get inside of you.  The chances are, if you are a new believer, you found yourself in a church with a heavy outpouring of the Spirit, where there is dancing, and singing, and glory, and prophesying, and all kinds of wonderful miracles of healing and deliverance.  You feel wonderful and you know that the Spirit of God is present. 


It is nice that you feel good, but God has one purpose in all this, brethren.  That is to get that glory inside of you.  That Spirit that is being poured out corporately over the services that you go to, He wants it inside of you.  When he gets inside of you, it is suppose to join with your human spirit and birth Christ in embryo form.  Once that happens, the singing and the dancing, and the prophesying, and the healing and deliverance, is wonderful and it makes you feel good, but it can no longer bring forth spiritual growth.  It has accomplished its purpose of birthing Christ in you, and now Christ must come to full stature. 


For that to happen, you need the ministry of the Word.  When you come into this stage, God is no longer winking at false doctrine, and saying that is cute to the baby, because Christ cannot come to full stature with false doctrine.  You have got to grow up, and you have got to submit yourself, however God gives it to you, to the deep teachings in the word of God.  If there is not a local fellowship, maybe He will give it to you on tapes.  I do not know.  God could do anything.  Maybe He will give it to you right from your own spirit.  I do not know, but you have to get it how God ordains it for you.  You cannot get it how you ordain it for you.


If God tells you to get it by sitting in a ministry, and you decide you are going to get it reading the Bible yourself, you cannot get it.  If God ordains that you are going to get it reading the Bible yourself, you will get it.  That is what happened to me.  You have to get it how God says you are going to get it.  You have to find out what He is saying to you, and you have to overcome pride, you have to overcome rebellion, and you have to overcome fear, and you have to do what He tells you.  You have to be broken with every turn, and this doctrine of the truth of the gospel of God has to get in your heart.  It is spiritual food for that embryonic Christ.  When he gets fed, he is going to grow up to full stature, and you are going to become a spiritual man. 


There is nothing wrong with dancing or singing, or getting healed or deliverance, or with hearing prophesy.  It is wonderful and it makes your soul feel good, but it is not going to make Christ come to full stature.  It is a hard word, but it is the truth.  It is the truth.  No more playing in kindergarten with crayons and finger paints.  You can do it if you want to, but if you want to grow up you have to start studying mathematics, and you have to learn how to read and write.  You have to learn science if you want to function in the adult world.  You can play with finger paints for the rest of your life if you want, but how is finger painting going to prepare you to earn a living in the world? 


Kindergarten socializes you.  You play with finger paints, and you learn how to relate to other children, and you learn how to submit to your teacher, and you learn how to do what you are told.  But if you keep doing that for twenty years, you are going to be in a lot of trouble if you are a twenty five or twenty six year old man or woman, and you have been finger painting for all those years.  You have to go on, brethren.


So this is how an image is formed from an energy source.  Now in figure #2 we are going to apply it to the work of God in His creation.  In figure #2, I just have a general picture.  I do not say what the spirit is.  I have drawn you a picture of spirit, and I have drawn it with wavy lines, because I am told that is what light waves look like.  If I make a mistake, and anybody wants to correct me, that is fine.  I am no scientist.  That is for sure, but I have drawn the spirit, and it is suppose to be typifying a spiritual energy source with wavy lines.  I have shown it passing through a circle which typifies the living soul, which is 96% water.


We know that the earth was formed out of the water, and standing up in the water, we are told that in one of the epistles of Peter.


This whole realm is made out of water.  Our bodies are 96% water and there is water in the atmosphere of the entire planet.  We are a water based people.  When the Spirit of God passes through the water of the living soul, an image in produced that reflects the unseen energy source.  The energy source has no form or shape, and it is transparent.  We cannot see it.  When it is passed through water it takes the shape of an image.  Just like the rainbow, every time this particular energy source passes through water, it takes the same image.  It does not take a different image every time.  Continuing at the board.


I did not specify here what spirit it was, but we are talking about the creation, and the image that is produced is the form of a man.  It is the form of a man.  I typed under the man.  I do not know if you noticed it or not, but I put six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot because he is a natural man, and the number of natural man is six.  I typed under the man that this is the form taken or image produced when the rays of the energy source known as spirit are passed through the spiritual water known as the soul.  We get a man.


We are going to find out in the next few dittos that there are two different energy sources that have passed through the living soul and there are two different kinds of men that have been produced on the earth to date.  Natural man and spiritual and glorified man in Jesus Christ.  Glorified man has already appeared in the earth, but by and large, what we see in the earth today is the man, the image of the energy source known as Satan.  He is called natural man.  This is shocking to a lot of people, but brethren, if you are not glorified, the energy source that has produced you is Satan.  Hallelujah.


There is no point in jumping up and down and screaming and yelling.  I know nobody here is doing it.  I am just putting it on the tape.  You can yell all you want.  You can call me all the names that you want, but the truth is the truth.  The energy source that has produced you is Satan, and there is nothing to defend yourself about because God has planned it this way.  You are the beginning of the creation, and the end of you is that the nature of Christ shall be impressed upon you, and you shall be a spiritual and a glorified man.  Hallelujah.  I am not saying that you are bad, and I am not saying that you are no good.  I am saying that you are partially created.


We will go on to figure #3.  Now what I did over here I will try and explain it to you.  Go back to figure #2 for a second.  When I showed you the spirit passing through the soul, I drew it as if the spirit was outside of the soul.  It was outside of the soul and it passed through like a light wave would pass through the rain, like the rays of the sun would pass through the water.  In our creation that is not how it is happening.  That is not how it is happening.  God help me to explain this.  Maybe we should jump ahead here to figures #5 and #6 a few pages ahead.  Hallelujah.  Well let us start with that whole teaching in figure #1 and #2. 


We have been depicting in this ministry that the human soul is a circle, that spiritual life is a circle, and the human spirit dwells within the midst of the human soul.  In two concentric rings, the human spirit is within and the human soul is without.  If you are hearing this tape and you have not heard any others, we have other teachings and other exhibits showing and explaining in much greater detail that the human spirit was fertilized by Satan and became one with him.  For all intents and purposes, the human spirit became Satan.  Satan is the spirit that rules in the living soul.  Glory to God.


That is figure #2.  Now going down to figure #3 on the next page, I am suggesting to you here that that spirit, Satan, who is not a straight line like we showed when we displayed the energy going through the raindrops.  He is in that circle and he passed through the circle known as the human soul, which is also a circle, and the image of the energy source known as Satan was projected into the natural realm, and it appeared as the body of a man.  In this figure #3 I am showing it as a third circle.  It is shown as a third circle. 


Now if you go down to figure #4, I am trying to display what we have talked about here, that spiritual life is not measured in height or width.  It is measured from our most innermost point of our being to the most outermost point which is our body.  That is what I am trying to display there.  In the innermost circle, I call it the bottom.  Satan is the bottom of the creation, the most innermost point, and as you work your way out, you come to the human soul.  Then as you work your way out you come to the human body.  We measure from the deepest part.  If it would help you to understand you can say we measured from our internal organs, from our heart, from our kidneys, outward to our skin.  Hope that helps you to understand.  That is how spiritual life is measured. 


The top of the creation is the outline of our form.  The top of the creation is the outline of our body.  It does not matter what point of our body you touch.  You can touch my arm.  You can touch my leg.  You can touch the bottom of my foot or the top of my head, or any place in between.  Any place along the edge of my body is the top of the creation because the bottom is inside of me, likened to my kidneys or my heart, but spiritually it is called Satan.  It is the spirit that rules in the being of natural man.  He is deep within the recesses and he is the bottom.  Glory to God.


We will go on to figure #5.  We talked about this.  I just took the opportunity to make up the diagram for you showing again at any place along the outer circle, which is our body, that it does not matter whether it is the bottom of my foot or whether it is my hip, or my thigh right here.  Any place along this outline is the outer edge, and sometimes the Scripture refers to this outer edge as outer darkness.  Sometimes it refers to it as the ends of the earth, which I show you in figure #6.  The innermost recesses of our being is the unconscious mind or the unconscious mind is the bottom.  It is sometimes in the Scripture called gross darkness because if Satan is ruling in your mind, gross darkness is within you.  Satan is darkness. 


If you are a natural man and Satan is the spirit who is ruling you, your spiritual condition is that of gross darkness.  The prophet Isaiah said darkness covered the people; darkness covered the earth, and gross darkness the people.  What it means is that there is darkness in your mind and there is darkness outside of your mind covering the whole world.  Men are out there killing people, chopping them up, raping people.  There is darkness.  Darkness covers the whole earth, brethren.  If Satan is ruling in your mind, that darkness is inside of you.  If it is inside of you it is called gross darkness. 


Sometimes the Scripture calls it inner darkness.  Sometimes the Scripture calls it hell or the pit.  What it is referring to is that innermost being when it is ruled by Satan.  So I show you on the diagram #5 that the unconscious mind of man is that deepest most innermost part called all of those names; bottom, gross darkness, inner darkness, Satan, hell or the pit.  The conscious mind is the human soul, which is our personality, and the outermost realm is our body, which is called outer darkness.  This is possible because Jesus said under certain circumstances you could be cast into outer darkness.  What that means, brethren, is that you will be living your whole life based on the lusts and the prodding, and the prompting of your body, not even your carnal mind, but your body.

There are people that are promiscuously sexual.  They may not even enjoy the activity, but they just cannot stop doing it because their body is demanding it of them.  They are living in outer darkness.  There are people that shoot their body up with drugs and drink alcohol.  There are people that harm themselves by cutting themselves, and do damage to themselves.  I do not know if their body would be demanding them to do damage to themselves.  That would be more like the soul.  Sexual appetite, drugs, and eating problems can be emotional too, but it is also your body.  Your body craves food, and when that goes out of control, you are being led by your body. 


Very often it is a combination of body and soul, but outer darkness is living in a condition where the appetites of at least your body, maybe your body and your soul, are utterly ruling your life unto your total destruction.  I cannot recall the Scripture where Jesus said they will be cast into utter darkness, but I am sure it must be something like if you reject the light of Christ, you will be cast into outer darkness.  I have heard people say, oh what a terrible punishment.  They are going to Mars.  No brethren, if you reject the light, you are going to abide in the darkness.  Jesus does not have to punish you.  You have punished yourself.  If you reject the light, there is nothing for you, but to abide in the darkness.


There is no way you could receive the light unless Jesus offers it to you.  But there is an in between there.  If you have been called by God, and you cannot take the victory over the darkness in your mind and in your body, you could always say help.  He will not fail you.  He will not fail you.  I cannot tell you about every individual situation, but my overall opinion is that if you see somebody that tumbles and they do not get up, the chances are they did not yell help, because He will not fail you.  If you have a lot of pride, brethren, it is going to be awfully hard for you to yell help.


Can you hear what I am saying?  It is a very fine line.  Some people think that they can go out and get people saved by beating them over the head with a Bible.  You cannot.  You could only receive the light if the light is offered to you.  On the other hand, you do have a responsibility to implement the power of that light that has been given to us.  If we cannot implement it because of a defect in our own soul, usually pride or rebellion, we still have the option to say, Father, I am being overtaken, help me.  The chances are that if you fall anyway, you do have to get up.  See, there is nothing so wrong about falling.  The question is do you get up?  If you see somebody that does not get up, the chances are, either because of pride or rebellion, they were blocked from saying, Father, I am in trouble, help.   


I do not want anyone laying hold of my words.  I cannot pass judgment on situations that I have not even heard.  By and large, that is the general rule.  So this is what I am trying to establish to you.  First we saw a rainbow, and I showed you energy sources passing through the water, which is a physical reality, but in the spirit it is not from left to right like the diagram I showed you.  In the spirit it is from within to without.  I told you that if it is easier for you to understand you could think of the innermost part being your heart or your kidneys, if that helps you.


But there is another step that you have to take.  Spiritually the innermost part is in your mind.  It is in your mind.  It is not in the middle of your heart.  It is not in the middle of your body.  That is just a step to help you to understand, but eventually, Lord willing, we all are going to understand that the innermost part of our being is the deepest recesses of our mind.  When Satan is dwelling there, it is called either the bottom, the gross darkness, the inner darkness, hell or the pit.


It is also called according to figure #6 the beginning.  If the outer realm is called the ends of the earth, well the beginning of the earth must be in the deepest recesses of our mind.  I remind you that everything that happens in the realm of appearance is the playing out of a thought that was initiated in the deepest recesses of our mind.  So the beginning of everything is in the mind.  The life of the spirit is in the mind.  Everything that we see or experience originally initiated in somebody’s mind.


So that is figure #6.  The most innermost recesses of your being is the beginning of the earth.  The beginning of the earth that we see, that we live in, brethren, is Satan.  This is Satan’s world.  It is the image of the spirit of Satan passing through the living soul.  What has happened was that spirit that had no form or shape or color has taken form and has taken on color in this realm of appearance.  The natural man has appeared and the whole world as we know it, the ends of the earth being our body, and the beginning of the earth being the deepest recesses of our mind.  Hallelujah.  Any questions at this point?  Okay.  Glory to God.


In figure #7 I just put this in for your reference.  We have talked about this that the Scripture refers to hills and mountains.  We did a whole study on this and the definition in Webster’s and Hills is the highest part of the land.  Again I suggest to you that this body is the hill with regard to our spiritual life.  It is as high as you could go.  If you are starting at the bottom and you are climbing up, you are going to reach the outer realms, which is our body.  Hallelujah. 


In figure #8 we studied that Webster told us that mountains are pieces of land that project beyond what can be called the top of the land.  They go beyond what could be called the top of the land.  In the Scripture they refer to the projecting spiritual power.  I am suggesting to you that the spiritual life, which dwells in the deepest recesses of our mind, passes through the soul and the image of the body is formed, but it keeps on going beyond the body.  In the occultish realms we see people talking about auras, energy that surrounds your body.  We do not talk about it much in the church, but it is real.  It is a physical phenomena.  It is real.

Scientists have taken pictures of it.  It is there.  It is an energy source that permeates beyond the tops of your earth.  The Scripture calls them mountains, and it is a direct reflection of what is in the deepest recesses of your mind.  Now today, Jesus Christ is the only man that I know of that utterly projected the life of the Father.  He revealed it on the mount of transfiguration.  It was glorious.  Those of us that are in Christ, we can manifest either one.  We have two spirits.  If you have Christ, and you are not glorified, you have two spirits living in your mind together, Satan and Christ.  It may not be Christ.  It may just be the Holy Spirit.  So it could be either one projecting out pass the ends of your earth at any time.  Glory to God.


I am going to go back to figure #3.  The first figure that I showed you was the rainbow, and I showed it on a linear plane.  I showed you the sun on the left, and the raindrops next, and then the rainbow on the right.  That was a linear projection, left, medium, right.  But when the spirit passes through the soul, it is coming up from within our deepest recesses.  We draw it as circles.  So what I have here in figure #3 on the left side is the circle depicting the spirit.  I showed it in a squiggly line.  As it pierces through the realm of the soul, if you look real close you could see that the squiggly line is on a straight line until it hits the outer rim of the soul.  Then it bounces off in another direction.  That is the refraction of the rays of the spirit.  Can you see that?


The spirit was moving in straight lines until it hit the edge of the soul, just like the sunlight hit the raindrops.  The spirit was refracted.  It was bent, and the direction of the spirit changed.  Anybody not see what I did on that diagram?  When the spirit, as it pierced through the soul, it was bent, and the next thing that happened in our natural example with the rainbow is that an image was formed.  On the right hand of that page where it says figure #3 the image of a man appears in the realm of appearance. 


Let me just read this and put it on the tape.  Spiritual life is a circle.  Spirit dwells within the soul.  When the spirit pierces out of its circle and through the realm of the soul, its rays of energy make contact with the soul and bounce off into a different direction.  The rays which have been bent form an image which appears opposite the spiritual life.  Just like our image is produced in a mirror, held in front of or opposite us.  The opposite of the realm of the spirit is the realm of appearance.  Mankind is the mirror image of the spiritual life passing through the soul.  If I had a mirror standing in front of me, I am going to see my reflection. 


There is a whole world of spiritual life that we cannot see, and we are the image of it.  We are what is seen in the mirror.  The only difference is that in the natural, when I stand in front of a mirror, my image looks just like me.  But in the realm of the spirit, that which we are reflecting does not look like us.  It has no form.  It has no shape.  It has no color.  It is passed through water and we are literally standing facing one another.  If you are looking at this ditto, the figure that I drew down the middle, it is more than a line separating the two parts of the page.  Think of it as a mirror.  That diagram on the left is standing in front of a mirror, and instead of seeing a circle, he is seeing a man.  This is the reality of spiritual life.  In the current condition that we are in, we cannot see what we are reflecting.  Glory to God.  Hallelujah.


On figure #4 I am starting to personalize this.  Again I have on the left side that figure of the spiritual life depicted as a circle.  I am saying that the spiritual life is Satan.  I am no longer generalizing.  The spiritual life of Satan vibrates forth and it passes through the soul.  It starts at the beginning, at the bottom, at the deepest recesses of our mind, and it passes through the realm of the soul.  When it hits the realm of the soul, the rays of the spirit are bent, and a reflection of the natural man is formed.


We have had studies of reviewing our study on tape #18 of the creation, where we talked about Behemoth.  I think that was the first time God gave us the revelation that Satan actually pierced through into the realm of appearance and became hard.  I do not know whether you recall it or not, but the way we got that revelation was that one of those words, that we looked up in the Hebrew, typified a particular kind of tree that had sap.  The sap was liquid and fluid, which typifies spirit, until someone drilled a hole in the trunk.  As soon as that sap came out and hit the realm of appearance, it became hard.  That was the example that God gave us in the study on Behemoth.


Even as I preached it, I never really had the understanding that I have now.  I never really knew what Satan pierced through.  I know that I preached he pierced through the veil, and he appeared, and he became hard.  I understand it much better now.  What he pierced through was the soul.  He pierced through the soul.  He came from the deepest recesses of our mind, from our unconscious mind.  What is the soul?  It is the personality.  He pierced through the personality and he manifested.  He pierced through the soul and he appeared.


I was just talking to somebody the other night here in New York.  What happened in Florida was that someone in Florida had been executed for killing thirty five people.  I understand that he was interviewed and he claimed that he had a Christian upbringing, and that he got some really wicked things happening in his mind from pornography.  At one point he was actually aware of the war that was being waged between the forces of good and evil in his mind.  He said at one point the evil got stronger, and stronger, and stronger, and then it crystallized, and he did it.  That was his words, it crystallized and he did it. 


The thoughts manifested and where did they manifest?  They manifested in the members of his body.  How did they act out their lust?  Through his body, and that is what they want to do through us.  They want to act out their lusts through our body.  Brethren, let me tell you something.  The only thing that is protecting us from being used like that, and I am talking about murder, rape, and every kind of perversion and wickedness that I hope I cannot even imagine the depths of it.  The only thing that is standing between us being used like that and not being used like that is the righteousness of God that is in our mind.


You do not have to be born again.  You have to be grown up in a house where your mother says you do not steal, you do not kill people, you do not butcher people, you do not rape people.  That is wrong.  That is the manifestation of Christ in the earth.  That is the law.  It goes into your mind, and it takes root, and it grows.  It is the only thing standing between you and your body being used like that.  Let me tell you something, brethren, if you expose your mind enough to wickedness, that is not enough to keep you.


That is why Adam fell.  All that he had was the law, and he was tempted.  He listened to the voice of spiritual pornography and it got inside his brain and it rooted.  When it reproduced itself it was stronger than the law.  That was what happened to this man.  When this wickedness gets inside your brain and reproduces itself, it is stronger than the law.  I have got a flash for you, brethren.  It is stronger than the Holy Spirit. 


It is not stronger than Christ.  If you only have the Holy Spirit you do not have Christ.  I have seen believers in mental institutions.  I have seen believers guilty of every kind of evil crime.  They have the Holy Spirit.  You had better get this revelation, brethren.  The function of the Holy Spirit is to fertilize you and produce Christ, who comes forth in embryo form, and you are not protected against this wickedness until he is grown up to full stature. 


You could scream and yell and argue with me all you want.  I pray that God does not let you find out this truth the hard way.  If your pride will not receive it through the foolishness of preaching, I pray that He has mercy on you, but you are going to find it out one way or the other because you have to.  It is part of your development.  When God says it is your hour to get this revelation, brethren, you are going to get it one way or another.  I pray that God have mercy on you. 


We are on figure #4.  Satan pierced through the soul, the creation of God, which was originally without a body.  It was a spiritual entity.  Satan pierced through it, and he became hard.  He appeared in the realm of appearance.  The image of the opposite realm was formed, natural man with six fingers and six toes.  We know that man does not really have six fingers and six toes.  That is my sense of humor.  That is natural man, and brethren, natural man is the image of Satan.


I am sorry if I am offending you or hurting your feelings, but that is what you are.  That is what I am.  I am half and half.  I am not all Christ yet.  We are the image of Satan, and that is why we are capable of all of the trouble, and all of the sin, and all of the evil that we see on the face of the earth.  Our only hope is to feed the life through the law of Christ into our mind.  If we are privileged enough to receive his Spirit, then of course our hope is in Christ.  Praise the Lord.  


Going on to figure #5.  A sister in the congregation, who is a nurse, just said many people are born with six fingers or six toes and they cut them off.  Well, you know the Scripture talks about the giants that lived before the flood that had six fingers and six toes.  That part of the Bible is dealing with the natural realm.  I have no reason to believe that there was not a strain of human beings on the face of the earth in that day that had six fingers and six toes.  For some reason if it happened in these days it would be considered unusual, but there was a strain of giants with six fingers and six toes that typified the monster which is natural man.  If you have not found it out yet, if you are listening to this tape, the beast is the fullness of the wickedness that natural man is capable of.  Glory to God.


In figure #5 on the left we have the round circle again, but this time Satan is not in the innermost recesses of our being.  The Father is in the innermost recesses of our being, and the only way we can have the Father in the innermost recesses of our being is if we have Christ because Jesus said the Father and I are one.  So when Christ has been birth in you, and he has come to full stature, you not only have Jesus, you also have the Father.  The Father is the energy source that is in the midst of the Christ.  He vibrates forth and He pierces through His Christ, and He pierces through the soul that has been purified because of the presence of Christ.  When He hits that outer realm, the rays of His Spirit are refracted.  They are bent and a mirror image is reflected.


As you see on the right, we have glorified man, which for all intents and purposes is the Father.  It is the Father in image form.  It is the Spirit of the Father.  Do you realize that natural man is Satan?  He is Satan.  I am sorry, but it is the truth.  God has called me to preach you the truth.  I am sorry for whoever is listening to the tape, or reading this transcript, who is mad at me.  Natural man is Satan.  We are his form.  We are his image, and when our mind is changed, when Satan is swallowed up, and when it is the Father ruling through His Christ in our mind, we shall be glorified, and we shall for all intents and purposes be god.  What?  Know ye not that ye are gods?  Hallelujah.  Glory to God.


You should now be on the page that says figure #1 and #2 where I am talking about the earth man and the triangle man.  We studied recently in this series on tape #38, Around God’s Throne, that man can be expressed mathematically.  There are three kinds of men in the world.  There are three potential kinds of men that we could be.  We start out as being an earth man, and I have preached to you that he is a straight line.  I think a more accurate way to put that, as the Lord showed me, is not so much that he is a straight line, but that he lives his life on a straight line.  In other words we keep going around this circle.  The natural man keeps going around this circle.  There is no way that he can get up into the heavenlies.  He keeps following the circle of the earth or the line of the earth.  I think that is more accurate.


He goes on a horizontal line.  He does not go vertical.  He is left to right.  He is not heaven to earth.  I probably should have called him a horizontal man rather than a straight line man.  We found out that there is a spiritual man.  He is the Lord from heaven.  He goes vertical.  He goes from heaven to earth.  When he joins with the horizontal man, we have what we see in figure #2.  We have a right triangle that is formed at the point where the spiritual man joins the earth man.  The Lord Jesus Christ becomes not only the Lord.  He, of course, is the Lord of the man from heaven, but when he joins with the earth man, he also becomes the Lord of the earth man that lives on the horizontal plane. 


Satan is no longer king because the God of the earth man that exists on a horizontal plane is Satan.  This man that lives on a straight line is bent upwards.  This can only happen when Christ comes to him, when Christ meets him he is bent upwards, and he starts reaching towards heaven.  Jesus Christ is the Lord of the man from heaven, and the earth man, and together they are called the spiritual man.  They are called the spiritual man, and that is the Lord from heaven in the flesh.  The spiritual entity known as the Lord from heaven has joined with the natural entity known as natural man, and they are now one.  They are called the spiritual man and Jesus Christ is the Lord.


Satan is no longer the lord.  He is the head of the corner.  We taught that the angle that is formed when the man from heaven meets the man from the earth is on the inside.  What is inside? 


Spirit is inside.  So from the spiritual vantage point he is a right angle.  From the outer edge he becomes a corner.  That is the definition of a corner.  Inside it is an angle and outside it is a corner.  That expression that Jesus Christ is the head of the corner means he is the head of the spiritual man.  He is the head of the man that has the Lord from heaven meeting the earth man at a corner, and he becomes the Lord of not only the man from heaven, but of the man from the earth.  That is the explanation of Jesus Christ being the head of the corner.  Hallelujah.


Let me read what I typed here for you.  Natural man expressed mathematically as a straight line is restricted to the realm of time and space.  He can only go in that one direction, horizontally, time and space.  He just keeps going round and round and round.  The son of God descends from heaven, and by his spiritual power, bends the straight line of the earth man and turns him upwards towards heaven.  The earth man is now a right triangle man or spiritual man, as typified by Jesus Christ before the crucifixion. 


Satan, the spiritual skeleton closes the triangle.  The number of the spiritual man is double the earth man.  Six from the man from heaven, six from the man from earth is twelve, because he now exists in two dimensions.  He not only goes round and round on the realm of the earth, he now has access vertically upwards towards the heavenlies.  Hallelujah.


We will go on to figure #3 and #4.  I already told you that Jesus is the head of the corner.  I hear a lot of people quoting that, and they think that it means all different kinds of things, but that is what it means.  He is the Lord of the spiritual man.  Down in figure #4 I drew you a picture of the occultish triangle that some people in the Church like to depict Jesus as him being up in the heavenlies being the capstone and his body being down on the earth, and Jesus in his body being connected by these rays from the capstone to the earth.  I declare to you that Jesus is not connected to his body with rays, but that He is inside of the human beings that are his body.  Glory to God.


The proof as far as I am concerned that this occultish triangle cannot typify Jesus is that when you square it to get the glorified man, you do not get a square.  When you square this kind of a triangle you do not get a square.  If anybody is hearing this tape or reading this transcript, I am just assuming that you have heard the previous tapes explaining that the glorified man is typified by a square, and that the mathematical equation that gets him to that figure is that he has to be squared.  We are using Einstein’s theory of relativity.  I absolutely cannot go into that now.  It is really advisable that you listen to this whole series before you hear this tape or read this transcript anyway.


In the next figure, that is the square where the right triangle man is squared and his spiritual number becomes 144.  We said that the square is a geometric figure.  It is solid.  It is stable.  It is steady.  It cannot tip over.  I have a dash line going down the middle saying the spiritual skeleton is not named.  Now I have been putting it on the board for a few weeks now.  Something about it was bothering me, and it was also bothering me that sometimes I will tell you for understanding purposes we are a circle and spiritual life is a circle.  Now I am telling you that it is a square.  So I went before the Lord and I asked the Lord to explain this to me.  He has given me the answer.


I did not have time to do the diagram for you, so I am going to put it on the board.  You do have a picture on the very next page of several circles.  I have a little square drawn in the middle there.  God help me to explain this.  This is really tough.  If you do not get it, please do not hesitate to ask me.  I was really in meditation over it for hours.  It is really tough, but it is glorious once it gets through to your mind.  This is going to represent spirit.  This outer realm is soul.  Then we had an outer realm which is the body.  We have the human spirit in here.  She was married to Satan and the ruling spirit became Satan.  Right?  Then what happened was the Holy Spirit came in.  He separated Eve from Satan and he married Eve.  Satan went underfoot and the ruling spirit became Christ.  Oh God, help me to explain this.


Let me show it to you this way.  Everything that we are talking about here is in the realm of the Spirit.  Now this is the realm of the soul and this is the realm of the body.  So what we are really dealing with is just this inner circle, just this most innermost circle.  That is what we are dealing with.  Natural man, Satan the satanic man, is really a straight line.  He cannot go up and down.  He keeps going round and round on this horizontal line.  That would be what the satanic man would look like from this point of view.  When Christ comes in and marries Eve, he comes from a different direction.  He comes from heaven.  He comes from a different direction.


Now this is spiritual.  It is not up and down or left or right.  Just try to understand it this way.  It is coming from a different direction, and there is an intersection between the natural man and the spiritual man.  When that intersection comes, there is our right triangle right there.  This is all happening in the realm of the spirit.  Now when I was first preaching this, in my carnal mind I thought that it was out here like this.  I thought that this was the way the square was, out here like that.  But it is not happening outside.  It is happening in the spirit in the deepest recesses of the circle. 


So this is the spiritual man.  Now Christ has appeared and he has intersected and bent the natural man upwards.  It has happened right here in the deepest realm of the spirit, and we have two right triangles.  When those right triangles are squared, when the man is going to become glorified, this is where the square is going to be, right in  here.  Christ is going to go right through to the other side.  This is your square right over here.  Can you see that?  That is your square.  Right in the deepest recesses of your spiritual being, that is where you are first a straight line, then you are a right triangle, and then you are a square.  Right in the midst of it, in the midst of your spirit, not on the outside of the whole picture.  What is happening is the spirit is ruling. 


Now we have a squared glorified man in there and he is going to vibrate forth.  As he vibrates forth, his vibrations surround him in circles.  His vibrations surround him in circles.  In his innermost being he is squared, but then he vibrates forth out from the soul realm.  See, the soul is not squared.  He is still surrounded by the circle of the soul life, and he is still surrounded by the circle of the body life, but he changed in his innermost spiritual being.  He is no longer a straight line.  He is no longer Satan traveling on the straight line of the earth going round and round and round, where he cannot get out of it. 


He has now become changed in his innermost being, but he still has a soul that surrounds him, and he still has a body that surrounds him.  But the nature of the soul and the body are about to change because his spiritual condition has changed.  Now this is what the Lord showed me.  I just made it real simple over there.  This is not one human being.  We know that we are all cells in the body of adam, and we are all cells in the body of Christ.  So this is a picture of the whole body of adam.  Every cell in the body of adam is traveling along this straight line.  They are going in one direction; horizontal.  We cannot be vertical.  We are incapable of being vertical people.


There are many cells in the body of adam.  Christ enters into our hearts and he starts showing us there is another way.  We now can get from top to bottom.  We now have access to the heavenlies.  Christ, the man that is in the opposite direction is the exact mirror image.  He is the exact opposite of Satan.  He is going in the other direction.  He enters into the deepest recesses of our spiritual being and starts moving in the other direction.  What we get here is all of the cells.  This is one person, this is another person, this is you, this is me.  Each one of us is a cell, not out here, but in the deepest fabric of the entity known as the body of Christ.


We are with him at the right hand of the Father.  We are going to be ascended to the right hand of the Father.  This is where we are going to be with Him, in the deepest recesses of the spirit of the body of Christ.  Hallelujah.  This reminds me of that study on Behemoth, that God is weaving a garment, and that Satan is the warp.  I am going to redraw this circle over here just for other purposes.  Satan is the warp.  In his spiritual being he was created and set up to go in that direction of the warp.  When Christ enters in and joins himself to the creation, and swallows up Christ, he goes this way.  What has happened is that the garment is completed.  We are in there in the midst of the very fiber of the garment of the life of Christ.    


We know that in the spirit, everything is the exact opposite than in the natural.  I would always think the garment is going to be out here.  No brethren, the garment is not out there.  Everything is in the deepest recesses of the spiritual being.  What we see out here is a reflection.  When the body of Christ is formed, when the garment is woven, when Christ is woven together with the satanic realms, and the garment is complete, it is right in here in your spirit, but that spirit sends forth rays.  Now everybody is in here.  Satan is still in here.  He has been swallowed up.  Eve is still in here.  She has been married, and Christ is in here, and the Father is in here. 


Over here I showed you a circle where the Father was in the middle, and then came Christ, and then came the adamic soul, and then came the body.  Now this is spiritual.  In the middle of this fabric, from the deepest recesses of the fabric, is the Father.  He is as deep as you could get, and He is vibrating forth by His Spirit.  As He vibrates forth by His Spirit, He passes through Christ.  Eve is one with Christ because they are married.  He passes through Christ, and He also passes through Satan.


Satan is still appearing in the outer realm.  The body, our body is Satan, who became hard.  He is still out there, even after Christ becomes the woof of the fabric.  But one more thing happens.  This body that we are is going to become the spiritual skeleton.  Right now it is all we have got.  We fix it up with makeup, buy clothes, but there is another layer coming.  Can you see that we are layers?  We are spirit, we are soul, we are body.  We are layering out from the inside out.  Now that Christ is formed in here, there is one more layer coming.  It is the layer of the spiritual body. 


Once the spiritual body is formed, this body becomes the spiritual skeleton.  It is not going anywhere.  It is just going to become part of our inner being because there is another layer being added to it.  It is an incorruptible layer, a house from heaven that is incorruptible, and they are all joined.  This is the bottom and this is the top.  We are looking at it in depth.  When the Spirit of the Father vibrates forth, when He pierces through Christ we get the glorified body.  When the Father pierces through Christ we get the glorified body.  When the Father pierces through Satan, we get the spiritual skeleton, and this soul becomes the soul of Christ over here.  When He pierces through His Christ, we get the soul realm. 

They are all in there together.  They are all in there together, but when the Father vibrates from the lowest point, as He vibrates through each element, a different circle is formed.  This is the formation of the creation.  That is how He is doing it.  He is in there underneath the spiritual garment, which is made up of Satan, Eve and His Christ.  Adam is in there too.  He is underneath the garment, which is in the deepest recesses of our mind.  As He vibrates forth, a reflection is formed of every element in the garment. 


I left a layer out.  There is a circle of adam in there too.  Adam has to appear too.  We will just put it in here.  That is the soul of Christ.  There is another layer in here.  That is the glorified redeemed soul.  Thank you Jesus.  This is the redeemed soul.  So when the Father vibrates through Christ, the soul, the ring that is one of the layers of our spiritual being, called Christ, is formed.  Adam is in here also.  When He passes through adam, the ring of the redeemed soul is formed.  When He passes through Satan, the spiritual skeleton is formed, and the glorified body is when He gets hard. 


This is the Father.  The glorified body is the Father, Himself, that made it all the way through.  He pierced through Christ.  He pierced through the redeemed soul.  He pierced through the spiritual skeleton.  He came out into the realm of appearance, and He became hard.  Hallelujah.  What He looks like is a crystal.  He is clear.  He is colorless, but He is hard.  He is incorruptible.

I have one more thing to tell you.  Do you have any questions about this now?  The major difference between the glorified body and the body that we have now is that when you look at me, you cannot see inside of me.  My body is dark.  You cannot see what is in inside of me, but this glorified body is crystal.  It is clear.  You can see everything that is through it, and the light of the Father is shining brightly from the deepest recesses of the creation.  When you look at the glorified man, when he is standing up here in front of you, you are going to see right through him. 


This is what you are going to see when you are out here in the realm of appearance.  If you are out here in the realm of appearance, brethren, and you look at this creation, you are not only going to see the glorified body, you are going to see the spiritual skeleton.  You are going to see the redeemed soul.  You are going to see the soul of Christ, and you are going to see the Father.  You are going to look right into the heart of the creation.  You are going to see everything that is there.  Nothing is going to be hidden anymore.  Hallelujah.  Glory to God.


You see, the crystalized glorified body is clear.  You really cannot see things.  When we talked about the glorified man, it said the glorified man had the face of a man.  Among his many features.  He had the face of a man.  What you are really looking at was the spiritual skeleton.  We are the form.  We are the form.  We are not going away.  There is just another layer going around us, and the lust of the flesh are going to be totally put down, but the glorified man is going to look like a man.  We are the spiritual skeleton.  We are the form.  That is what we are going to look like.  Hallelujah.  Glory to God.


Any questions?


Congregation: When you said they would be able to look and see right inside, will everybody be able to look and see right inside? 


Pastor Vitale: Yes, nothing is going to be hidden.  There is no longer going to be gross darkness within us.  There is going to be the light of the Father.  There is a scripture that says nothing shall be hidden, but everything shall be revealed.  You are going to be able to look right into the heart of a man, but what you are going to see is Christ.  That is what you are going to see.  You are going to look right through.  Glory to God.  No more hidden, no more man with his conniving, and his covering over, and his deception, and his sneakiness.  No, you are going to see right through to the heart of the person, because you are going to see righteousness there.  Glory to God.  I will work up a ditto for you on this.  Glory to God.


On the next page is sort of a diagram of the glorified man, not in this kind of detail, but it shows you the different layers.  It shows you the Father as the energy source surrounded by Christ, surrounded by the redeemed Adam, surrounded by the spiritual skeleton, which used to be the human body, surrounded by the   crystal.  Glory to God.


That house from heaven, that Paul talks about, that is going to join with our body is the crystal, but we are still going to have the same form that we have now.  This is something that is going to be added to us.  Glory to God.  Hallelujah.


Congregation: Before you told us that the unconscious mind was Satan.  I did not know that.  So now it is very interesting to me to hear people talk about the unconscious mind.  Maybe about a month ago I heard a man on TV that specialized in studying the mind.  He said something like ninety two percent of man is controlled by his unconscious mind.  I said, wow, that is Satan. 


Pastor Vitale: People prefer to think that he is red with horns and a tail, but he is not.  He is you.  Laughter.  Hallelujah.



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