454 - Parts 1 & 2
(A Satire On Human Nature)

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Praise the Lord, we have an interesting subject tonight.

            I'll tell you how this message has come to pass. I was speaking to someone the other day, and they brought up the movie which is a couple of years old, at least a year old, An Interview With A Vampire.

            I remember when that movie came out, I wanted nothing to do with it. I don't watch horror movies, I thought it was a horror movie, and I completely rejected it. But I was speaking to somebody who told me that they had seen the movie.

            This movie is based upon a book, and the author of the book gives a little introduction to the movie, saying several things.

            Speaking to humanity at large, she says, remember this movie is about us and something about the devil being our mind; something along those lines. I was fascinated when I heard this. I asked the Lord if He wanted me to watch the movie. I obviously watched the movie.

            I do not recommend this movie to anybody. It was quite gory. It does happen that the Lord lets me watch movies that I would never recommend to anyone. There were spiritual principles underlining, and this is what happened this time.

            The reason I've given you these definitions is because I want to explain to you what the author of this book had done in writing this gory tale about physical vampires. She's written a satirical piece of literature.

            So let's just go over some of these definitions.

            A "satire" is "a literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision or wit." It is also "the branch of literature constituting such works. "

            Now "wit" means "humor" (there's no humor in this movie at all. It was absolutely gory), but the definition for "irony" is "the use of words to express something different from, and often opposite to, their literal meaning."

            In this case, her story is not the opposite of the literal meaning, but she does use the situation of the physical blood-drinking vampire to express her opinion of human relationships.

            It is also under our definition of irony; which is "an expression of utterance marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meanings." The definition of "derision" is "a contemptuous or jeering laughter."

            There's nothing funny about this movie at all. It really was a horror movie.

            There is one more definition. A "metaphor" is "a figure of speech in which a word or a phrase that ordinarily designates one thing, is used to designate another, thus making an implicit comparison."

            I think this movie has some aspects of metaphor in it, although it may not fit exactly. If there is a word that describes what I have in my heart, I don't know what it is.

            But I know that when I'm teaching you, many times I will tell you I'm exaggerating. Don't be offended if I'm trying to show you something that you have done. I'm exaggerating so you can see it. Exaggeration is like a microscope.

            Sometimes we cannot see things when they operate in our mind and in our emotions. They are very subtle, and we cannot see them, so we have to put the magnifying glass on them. We have to put them under a microscope so we can really see what we're dealing with. I believe that this is what the author of this book has done.

            She has written an absolutely gory story which is an exaggeration. It's a displacement from what we do with our minds, the way we relate to one another in our relationships, our emotional relationships, our verbal relationships. That's all spiritual.

            She has taken human relationships and transferred them into a gory physical relationship which demonstrates vampirism. So if you can see it, she's saying, look, this is what we do to each other. This is what humanity does to each other. This is what human relationships are really about. But nobody could see it because everybody is busy with the day-to-day business of survival.

            So we don't really see what we're like or what our relationships are like. She has exaggerated it to the point of the bizarre in the form of this story about the life of the vampire. That is satire.

            I think metaphor applies somewhat. A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or a phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another.

            She's using the vampire lifestyle, the vampire mentality, and it's used really to designate the mind of humanity and the lifestyle that grows out of this fallen mind.

            I want to tell you that if she didn't give that talk at the beginning of the movie, unless the Lord would have told me, I really don't know that I would have ever seen her movie as a satire. Well, I would have never gone to see it. I would have just thought of it as a horror movie about vampires.

            She also said that she could not have hoped for a better representation of her book than the way this movie came out. In many instances, the authors of novels are very disappointed with what Hollywood does to their novels.

            This was very important and I really understand why she had to make this introduction to the movie. It seems to me that it was very important to this author that the world or whoever sees this movie does not take it just as a horror movie, but that we understand that she is giving a message to humanity. She is saying that this is what we do to each other. Wake up and realize what your mind is.

            Why would she be saying this, wake up and realize what your mind is? So that you can overcome your own mind.

            I've told you many times that fallen humanity is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. We are all divided within ourselves, even if Christ is not present. We're divided within ourselves.

            In most people, with very few exceptions, there is a good side, and there is an evil side. It's just a question of which side is predominating. Usually, the whole human experience is a struggle because of this good and evil within us.

            I don't have any reason to believe that this author is in Christ. I think she's a philosopher, and that she sees deeply into human nature. But she definitely is tooting the message to humanity that we can be better than we are; this is, in my opinion, without Christ.

            It's true, I've told you many times, people without Christ can go to a psychiatrist, they can go to self-help seminars, and they can go to consciousness raising seminars. People improve their lives all the time outside of Christ, but there's no eternal life in it.

            This is shocking to a lot of mainstream Christians. But everything that we get from the everyday Christianity and I'm not knocking it, the Christianity that we have, but it does not lead us on to immortality and can be had from other sources.

            Moral lifestyles are dictated by many religions. Pagan religions and Hindu religions dictate the moral lifestyle. Of course, they don't acknowledge witchcraft as immoral. I'm talking about a physically moral lifestyle and a moral lifestyle with regard to your relationships with other people.

            Christianity gives some power to people with the Holy Spirit and faith in Jesus Christ. It gives power to those people who are weak spiritually.

            We're only weak because of curses on our life. Evil sowed by either ourselves or other generations is reaped by us. There are people in this world, who, even though they could sit, for example, in a Hindu school and hear moral instruction, they do not have the strength to be moral.

             So in a situation like that, the Holy Spirit and faith in Jesus Christ can give you the strength to be what your mind desires to be when you don't have the strength to overcome on your own.

            So maybe I didn't say it correctly at the beginning. The teaching that comes out of Christianity is available through many other disciplines throughout the world.

             Although there is some strength in doing good works, the Holy Spirit can help people who are in a condition, for whatever reason, that they cannot find the strength to lead a moral life, no matter where else they go.

            Whatever discipline they go to that is not in Christ, whatever strength is imparted there to lead a moral life, there are some people who are so damaged spiritually that they cannot follow the instruction.

            It is possible for the Holy Spirit to help someone like that. I guess I shouldn't minimize it. That's very important that there's power in the Holy Ghost to help people who have spiritual problems who acknowledge and recognize a need to lead a moral life, but cannot find the strength to do it. That's very important. I should not put that down.

            But that, to me, is just one step up to the one thing that we get in Christ Jesus that other religions cannot give, and that is the true immortality, the true immortality.

            For the millions of Christians who are not headed for the true immortality, largely because they don't even understand what it is, and they've been given a false message, there is power in the Holy Ghost to lead a good life.

            There is power in the Holy Ghost to sow good seed so that we can reap a good life for ourselves and for our children.

            So that's two stages in which Christianity provides something that other religions do not provide. I guess this is what I was trying to say when I started out.

            For the people of this world that are not severely cursed, for the people who can respond to the moral and ethical instruction of other religions, based on the spiritual strength that they are born with, to these people, basically the only difference between Christianity and other religions is that the true eternal life is in Christianity, although nobody knows it. That's the truth of the message.

            It's not the rapture. It's the eternal life which comes from Christ Jesus being born in us and completely changing our nature into His nature.

            Okay, we have a movie here, and it's a bizarre gory movie. I'll say it again, I will never tell anybody what to do or what not to do. I'll just give you my opinion. I don't recommend it, it was very gory.

            I'll tell you basically what the story is, and then we'll go back over some of the principles, some of the aspects of human nature that the author is emphasizing with these gory events.

            The movie starts with a 24 year old man who has pretty much everything that this world can offer. He's good looking. He's educated. He's wealthy. He claims that he was born in the 1700's, I believe.

            He says, in those days you're a man at 24 years old. He was the master of a plantation. He was a wealthy man, but he had some hard times. His beloved wife died in childbirth. He lost his wife and his child.

            But wisdom says, you're 24 years old, you have everything this world could offer. Surely your hurt will pass, and you'll find another woman to love, and you'll have a family. Life goes on.

            But this particular man, rather than follow the path of wisdom, and there was really nothing in the movie that anyone was counseling him with this wisdom, so I don't know whether that was the case or not.

            But you see, even if no one counsels us with this wisdom, the man was a European man. That means he was born and raised in a Christian county.

            This wisdom is present in Christianity and Judaism. It's present all over this country. You rise up, you rise up in Christ and you go on. But there was no indication in the movie of the man following after wisdom.

            Contrarily, he fell into self pity. He fell into self pity.

            He started going out, getting drunk, consorting with prostitutes, and he openly confessed that he wanted to die. He wanted to die at 24 years old.

            The man had the whole world ahead of him, but got caught in self pity and desired to die. It showed you that he was very provocative.

            He became involved in a card game with a professional gambler who thought that he was cheating him. If the movie indicated whether he was cheating or not, it got past me. The gambler stood up and pulled a gun on him and said, you cheated me. The young man actually laid hold of his shirt and spread it and said, go ahead and shoot me.

            So he was prone to self pity. He didn't have the guts to kill himself. He embarked on a life of great destruction hoping that someone else would do the dirty work for him by killing him.

            So we even see a lower degree of self pity here, than someone who would kill themselves. He wouldn't even take the responsibility of killing himself. He wanted someone else to do his dirty work.

            Now the basic principle underlining is that we get what we're really looking for. But what we're looking for doesn't always come in the form that we think it would come in.

            When we open ourselves to such negative thoughts and pursuits, we have no idea what kind of destruction we are inviting into our lives. This is the basic premise as I see it.

            So we see this young man leading this very ungodly lifestyle, and he says in the movie, nobody wanted to kill him. Even the gambler, who had the gun on him, wouldn't do it. It would have been cold blooded murder.

            Is it worth it to kill somebody and go to jail for the rest of your life or be executed because they robbed you at cards?

            What's interesting is that I have heard recently, that there is a phenomena going on in this country with people who would like to die, that life is so painful for them, but who do not have the guts, and I'm not advocating that you should have the guts to kill yourself, but they do not have the guts or the strength to kill themselves, so they deliberately provoke policemen so that they would get killed.

            I've heard of two or three such cases where someone planned his suicide in this sense. He took a false gun with him, and he broke the law in some way that he knew would attract a police officer. When the police officer pulled his car over, he pulled his toy gun, and the police officer shot him. I've heard of two cases like that in the newspapers.

            That's a horrendous thing to do, brethren. The police officer who shoots you has to go through hell, a whole criminal investigation, his job is on the line. It's on his record. If he's a decent person, he is emotionally distraught that he has killed an "innocent man."

            Even if he is found innocent, and he's in the hands of other human beings that might find him guilty when he's innocent, he could lose his job. He could lose his pension, he could lose his whole career.

            This is an horrendous shifting of the responsibility for one's own life onto another person.

            So you see, we've talked a lot in this ministry about taking responsibility for what is legitimately our responsibility. We deal with this lack of willingness to take responsibility for ourselves in little things. If the Lord is bringing a correction to you in little things, it's a blessing.

            Of course, this situation of people provoking a police officer to shoot them is an exaggerated situation. But if you don't start taking authority over your tendency to shift your responsibility on to other people when it's just a little thing where there's not really any severe damage being done, if you don't start working on it when it's little, you run the possibility of someday it getting big, maybe in your life, maybe in your children's life.

            It doesn't have to get big, it doesn't have to end up with a relative or an offspring of yours provoking a police officer to shoot them. But we have to do our part right here for ourselves, for our children, for our families.

            If you're hoping to be a son of God, you cannot be a son of God if you shift your responsibility onto other people.

            So as painful as it is, when something is exposed in us that we are not taking responsibility for, the reality of the situation is that the Godly response is, thank you, Jesus, that you're showing it to me when it's a small thing that's really not doing any severe damage.

            Just look at it in its exaggerated form. Look at the potential of this character flaw, and that's a character flaw if we don't take responsibility for something that we've done. That's not a bad word. It's the truth, and the truth will set you free.

            So here's what we see putting that character flaw under a microscope, what it can be in an extremely exaggerated situation. It's possible you could take another man and his whole family down with you because you wouldn't take the responsibility, hopefully, to deal with your pain.

            Please don't misunderstand me, I do not advocate suicide. I'm just talking about principles here.

            So here we have this wealthy young man. Now you have to remember back in the 1700's, there was not much of a middle class. We have a great middle class in this country; people who are not rich, but neither are they poor. The middle class in this country live like very wealthy people in Africa.

            I've been to Africa, and the wealthiest people that I've met over there, and I'm not saying that there are not people who are more wealthier, but I've met some people over there who would be considered wealthy, and they live like we live here.

            So this man was a privileged man, 24 years old, with his whole life ahead of him. He just had a bad start. Well, he couldn't face the pain, and he wanted to die. The gambler would not kill him, but there was one lurking in the shadows who heard his plea; somebody kill me.

            That desire, on his part, opened him to the forces of darkness. Now this is a truth. Yielding to ungodly thoughts open us to the powers of darkness.

            Now there may not be a physical vampire waiting in the wings waiting to possess us, but maybe there is. Are there physical vampires? I do not know. I do believe that there are evil immortals who are waiting to live through, to cleave unto, and to live through, human beings who are given over to negative minds.

            The more positive your mind is, the more difficult it is for an immortal to possess you.

            I really don't know the truth about these vampires. They may exist. I don't know. Maybe they do exist. According to this movie, there are very few of them. I hope they don't exist. It's a horrible, horrible concept.

            I guess I didn't define vampire. Just in case there's somebody listening to this message who does not know what a vampire is, let me define vampire.

            According to legend, a vampire is what is called an un-dead person. They were human at one time, but they have died and have been born again as an immortal dwelling in a physical human body which cannot die, does not age, and does not get sick, but remains the same eternally.

            Now we teach here that there is an immortality of this fallen age. There is an immortality of this fallen age. I believe the Lord has revealed to us here that there are beings called immortals. They're immortals, they're invisible, and they dwell in another dimension. They dwell in the fourth dimension.

            They are immortal so long as this age exists. But this age will come to an end because it's the partial age, it's the divided age, and the Lord Jesus Christ has come to bring it to an end.

            So all immortals will cease to exist. They will lose their immortality when this age ceases to exist.

            It's the same principle as the Old Testament commandments saying, you shall do this forever. Well, you do it forever until the law is swallowed up into the spiritual liberty of Christ Jesus.

            I remember years ago, I joined a gym. I purchased a perpetual membership to this gym. But do you know what happened? The gym went out of business.

            So I purchased a perpetual membership to this gym, but they went out of business within a year. So my credentials and my papers and my authority didn't do me any good because the gym wasn't there.

            So a vampire, according to legend, is a human being who dies but is born again as an immortal in a physical body which does not age, get sick, or die.

            In one of the scenes, they show you the vampire's cheek being cut, and it heals up immediately. In another scene there's a child who became a vampire, and she had this Shirley Temple-like locks of hair. She cut her hair all off. She didn't want to be a child anymore and all her hair grew back.

            The significance being, the physical condition that you're in when you become a vampire, that's the way you will look for the rest of your life. That's the principle of the movie.

            Of course, it's physical. There's no room for physical change. That's what you are. A vampire survives. This is by definition, a physical vampire. I honestly don't know if they exist or not.

            A vampire survives by drinking the blood of living human beings and, of course, they kill them. So they are murderers. Vampires are murderers who prey upon ignorant people that do not have whatever knowledge it takes to protect themselves against these immortals.

            They seem to have the most success with the people who are least moral. The people that are least moral are most open to being victimized.

            Now this is according to this movie, and I believe according to legend, people who are least moral are most likely to be victimized by vampires.

            There's even a line in the movie where one of the three main characters is teaching this young vampire. Actually, this wealthy young man who becomes a vampire is instructing him, and he points out a woman to him.

            According to this movie, this teacher vampire claims that he can read people's thoughts. He says, do you see that woman over there? She was with a man much younger than her. The vampire says she had that young man kill her husband so that they could be together. Then the vampire says, evil people are easy for us to take.

            Have I defined vampire? Someone who was human, but who has died and been born again in an immortal human body that is unchangeable, who feeds on the human blood of living people and kills them in the process.

            So we see an extreme exaggeration of a parasite. Most people in the world know that there are people who are parasites, who will live off of you. So this is a severe exaggeration.

            So I think I have defined vampire, according to legend, right now.

            Now just for your information, I have seen some of these bizarre talk shows with supposed modern vampires. The woman who was interviewed claimed that the vampires of today have had their consciousness raised. They don't kill people anymore. (Laughter) They don't drink each other's blood to the death of the other person.

            Now I have a question in my mind. I do not recall her being asked whether she eats regular food also. I think the implication was that the vampires were trying to present themselves as normal people. We get together with friends, and we suck each other's blood. It's just a small taste of it.

            Someone in the audience asked her if they ever engage in normal sexual relations. That person must have had some knowledge of people who move in these circles because the answer was, no, I'm celibate.

            So this is very significant. In the movie the vampires were celibate. They were totally satisfied. Both their nutritional needs, and their sexual needs were satisfied in the drinking of blood.

            On the TV show that I saw, the woman claimed she was a normal person who just happens to have this odd quirk in her life, where she gets together with a friend and they prick a vein, and they suck each other's blood. But it's not to death. She is celibate and does not engage in normal human sexual relations.

            That's very significant. I've known for a long time this truth, and it's a hard word for some people, probably not for anybody here.

            I've known for a long time, even before I knew the Lord, even before I knew why I was reading these things or coming in contact with these things, that typical human life as we see it today, family life, sex acceptable to God within marriage, it is a life of a non-spiritual person. It is the life of a non-spiritual people.

            People, whether they be in Christ Jesus or whether they be in the depths of darkness, truly spiritual people, do not engage in human sexual relationships.

            Why? I'm not going to get into that tonight. I'm just giving you the facts.

            Jesus was a eunuch. Jesus was asexual. Legend says that vampires are asexual. Now they had human bodies. But Jesus said, in the resurrection there is no marriage or giving in marriage. This was a negative resurrection.

            To become a vampire, according to this movie, you have to die and be born again. Yet the body was the same.

            Of course, this is just one more proof that our physical bodies do not generate sexual activity. There are hormones and mental activity that generate sexual activity.

            So these people who died and were born again as vampires, either the hormones or even more than the hormones, the mentality, the mind in them was changed and they were no longer functioning as human sexual people. Okay, that's the movie, which is a novel.

            On TV now, I saw a woman who claimed to be a modern day vampire, and she was celibate. I hope people know what I'm talking about. If you don't, I don't know how to make it any clearer.

            Human sexuality is a form of comfort. Anybody that stops to think about it knows that's what it is. It's a form of comfort. I'm not against it, I'm not against sex in marriage, but the truth of the matter is that it is a form of comfort. The truth of the matter is that this world is a painful place to be in, no matter how positive your experience is.

            There are stresses and pain in this world, and human sexuality is a comfort. But when you become spiritual, there are other comforts that are much more satisfying than human sexuality.

            That's very hard for someone to believe who is actively engaged, who is married or unmarried and actively engaged in a sexual life. It's very hard for them to believe. But it's the truth.

            Ghandi, as he ascended spiritually, did not ascend in Christ, in my opinion. He ascended in the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

            He went into celibacy. His wife was very distressed over it. I'm not writing the rules. I'm just telling you that this is the way it seems to be.

            So we now have one witness about righteousness. Jesus was a eunuch. Ghandi was on the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He went into celibacy as he ascended.

            Now we're hearing about vampires. Even vampires on the evil side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil are celibate as they become spiritual beings. Jesus said there is no marriage or giving of marriage in heaven.

            So this is the truth of our condition, brethren. The lifestyle that we see in this world today is a lifestyle that is on a level of animals that have consciousness. That's what we are, animals that have consciousness.

            Human sexuality is called spiritual childishness. It's one of the things that will be left behind. I'm not encouraging anybody to give it up willingly. It's supposed to fall away as something that you cease to use as you move on to a higher pursuit in life.

            There's no condemnation in Christ.  For those who are married, there is no condemnation for those who are engaging in sex. But as we start moving in spiritual planes, this will fall away eventually. Help me Jesus.

            Okay, back to the movie. Remember now, it's a satire, the study of vampires. It's an exaggeration of the human mentality, and the exaggeration of human motives, and an exaggeration of human behavior.

            It's exaggerated and magnified to such a degree that, hopefully, it will be a tool to help us to see into our own motives, our own subconscious and unconscious mind.

            So here we have a young man with everything in the world to live for, but he was dealt a stroke. Every 24 year old man doesn't have such a severe stroke that he lost his wife and his unborn child. That's a stroke, something hard that happened to the young man. But it's certainly nothing to lay down and die over.

            Spiritually speaking, he did lay down and die. He was living this life, but it was a life of debauchery. It was an immoral life. He was miserable. Everything that he did was just to heal the pain within himself, and he was into escapism.

            Everybody has choices in their life, brethren. No matter how painful a situation is, we always have two choices. We either rise up and overcome it, or we go down into self pity and are overcome by it.

            Either we overcome our experience, or our experience overcomes us. In overcoming our experiences, we become stronger. If the experience overcomes us, we become weaker.

            Some people actually die. I know a woman whose husband died. He was much too young to have died. I think he was in his fifties. She was such a weak woman that she did not want to live. She had two children. She had four grandchildren. She was a very lovely person, but she felt she did not want to live without this man.

            Within one year she was sick and within two years she died. She was only in her fifties. She willed herself to death. So the tragedy of this woman's life overcame her.

            We're never in anything alone. She had two children and four grandchildren. They have to live for the rest of their life knowing that their mother and their grandmother was so weak that she killed herself.

            Not only that she was so weak, but that even the two children and the four grandchildren did not give her any amount of pleasure; that she was so “into” her own pain that she would deprive these two daughters of a mother and these four grandchildren of a grandmother.

            She was so narcissistic that all she thought about was herself. I don't condemn her.   I'm just giving her to you as an example.

            So we're back to this young man. Nobody wants to kill him. He goes out with prostitutes because sometimes pimps with prostitutes will kill you for whatever reason. Nobody wanted to kill him. But there was a vampire who was working in the area at the time.

            According to this movie, vampires are asexual; that means without sexual inclinations as we know sex. I say that because all of their sexual inclinations are expressed through the penetration of the other persons's veins and the sucking of their blood.

            It's a severe perversion. But it was very clear in the movie, that this vampirism, this penetration of the veins of other people, or just general penetration with the teeth and the sucking of the blood is a subornation of the sexual inclination. It was very clear in the movie.

            A couple of years ago there was a TV series about a man who found out that he was a vampire. I only watched it once, and it was very upsetting to me, so I never watched it again. But in that one episode that I saw, he was trying to live a normal life. He was in a singles' bar.

            This was an attractive single man. There was a woman there who was making a play for him. He went with her back to her apartment. Now this happened, both in this TV episode and in this movie, Interview With A Vampire.

            The encounter with the women frequently started out appearing to be sexual. They abused a lot of prostitutes and women who were willing to go to bed with a man that she really didn't know very well, and they killed them. It always started out sexual with both this TV program and movie.

            It starts out with kissing and touching and then shock to the woman instead of sexual intercourse. Her veins are penetrated, and her blood is drained unto death. So it's a very sexual thing.

            Remember, the woman that I saw interviewed on the TV, who claims to be a vampire, was celibate. In other words, her sexual needs were being met through drinking the blood of another person.

            So what do we have here? Let me just try and keep you with me. We're dealing with a legend of vampirism, which may or may not be true. I hope it isn't true.

            Then we had a woman interviewed on a TV talk show who claims she's a modern day vampire who doesn't kill anybody, but who does drink blood with a partner instead of engaging in a normal sexual relationship.

            So we have some perversion along these lines in the physical. Everything that's in the physical is in the spiritual. So right now we're talking about the physical. I'm trying to relate it to the spiritual for you as we go along.

            I guess my point was that, according to the legend, and according to the woman who was interviewed on the TV program, even though they're not interested in human sexual activity, they still want companions. They still have a need for human companionship.

            The woman on the interview program had a friend, and they sucked each other's blood.

            According to this movie, there was a vampire in a male body who wanted a companion. He was the one who was lurking in the background, and he heard the hero of the movie, if you want to call him a hero, he heard him carrying on in self pity and how much he wanted to die. He laid hold of him.

            Vampires are supposed to be immortal, very strong physically and with very strong minds. This is an interesting example of self deception. Our vampire laid hold of our hero who wants to die and penetrates his neck and sucks his blood.

            When our hero is lying there on the ground in a total stupor and shock after what had happened to him, the vampire who did this to him whispers in his ear and says to him, I won't do to you what was done to me.

            I've talked about changing sexual roles for a long time. The person who's in the dominant role is the male person. So I'll say the male vampire, the one in the dominant role who's initiating this other man, he says to him, I drained you to the point of death.

            Now the guy is laying there on the ground. He's been attacked by a vampire, and the guy is on top of him whispering in his ear saying, I drained you to the point of death, but I'm going to give you a choice. Do you want to die or do you want to become a vampire? I'm not going to do to you what was done to me because I was not given any choice. I'm giving you a choice.

            Well brethren, this vampire who's in the male role was totally deceiving himself because he was not giving this man any choice. Not only was the guy lying there ready to die and in mental and emotional shock over the attack, this vampire had powerful mind control, so do you know what this lines up with?

            This lines up with the thought that you hear some people say, well, you have free will, and you should be able to do whatever you want to do.

            One of the things that I was taught when I was first taught deliverance in the church that I was raised up in, is that the principle of free will is okay, but it's not a reality in this world.

            We come into this world filled with inherited curses, and we're raised up in families which frequently have all kinds of wrong thinking and wrong behavior and wrong attitudes.

            Then you wind up to be a twenty year old person who's all messed up, and someone says to you, just say no.

            Oh really? Just say no. Stop doing it. Stop doing it, whatever your problem is. Drugs, alcohol, overeating, cursing, knifing people in the back, being sarcastic, whatever your problem is, just say no. Change!

            Come into church, stand in a prayer line, let someone lay hands on you, and walk out of there and stop doing it. You're sick, I laid hands on you, and I rebuked it. You're still sick, you must be in sin. How ridiculous!

            The church is filled with condemnation and ungodly judgment of people who are really in bondage. You have to think that if a person is in a church, and they've gone up on the prayer line asking for help, they don't need you to tell them that they should just say no.

            But, unfortunately, the church is filled with middle class people that really have never experienced drug addiction, alcoholism, or overeating compulsion, anorexia, bulimia, whatever your problem is. They condemn the person who cannot say no.

            This is why, brethren, when the Lord Jesus Christ sends somebody to minister, when somebody is sent, not just somebody hanging out in a church that's willing to pray for whoever comes in, when the Lord Jesus Christ sends somebody, that person has overcome the problem that the victim has.

            If you are suffering from some kind of disorder, if you keep getting sick, and you can't get well, if you're committing adultery, if you're homosexual, whatever your problem is, and you encounter or are encountered by a Christian who says the Lord sent them to help you, you ask them if they have overcome your problem. Because if they haven't, the Lord Jesus has not sent them.

            Someone could come and say a prayer for you, but if you're looking for compassion, I tell you that true compassion cannot arise in a fallen human being unless they themselves have experienced it. Or, if not personally, at least have it in their family, at least have been hurt by that situation.

            But most likely, if the person is really sent by the Lord Jesus, they've had that problem, and they have overcome it, and they are lending their strength to you. They understand where you're coming from, and a true compassion comes forth, and they're helping you to overcome it.

            We should really not minister in areas where we have no experience. Because even if we're determined to not condemn the person, the chances of our condemning them are very high. You have to walk in that person's shoes to be able to minister to them.

            So here's our hero. He's laying on the ground in some garden somewhere with his blood drained to the point of death, and his mind in a total disarray and probably under a severe hypnotic seduction, and our vampire in the male role, totally self deceived, telling himself that he's giving this man his choice.

            He whispers in the man's ears, I give you your choice. I would never take you against your will. Do you want to die or do you want to become a vampire?

            Now it seems to me that, I hope I never experience anything like that, but if I ever did, I would say I would rather die.

            So we have to ask ourselves why this man would say I want to be a vampire. He had to be under a mental seduction, it had to be mind control.

            So the man says yes, I'll become a vampire. The process, according to this movie, is that whoever is in this position has to physically die. They physically die and then they are instantly born again with an immortal body.

            The way the movie shows it is that they're just moaning and groaning and thrashing around on the ground, and then they lie still for a second, and then their eyes open, and you could see they're physically renewed.

            Of course this is the dark side of what's preached in the church.

            Here's the rapture mentality. You live your life as you would live it, and the day comes that you physically die, and you open your eyes in heaven, and you're born again with a perfect body, and you go on with a wonderful life.

            This is what the church believes and teaches.  I don't believe this.

            Does anybody not understand that we're talking about comparisons and exaggerations? We're dealing with satire here. We're dealing with some bizarre experience that's helping us to understand human nature. That's what we're dealing with, with this movie.

            So our hero is "born again" and guess what, he has a new wife. Well, not really. He's the wife, because the vampire that initiated him is in the male role. He's the teacher, and he's initiating our hero. I have trouble calling this man our hero.

            The wealthy man is now being instructed in vampire ways. He's instructing him in murder, how to go out and victimize people and murder them and drain their life substance from them. This is a principle. It's in the Bible. It happens in everyday life, but we don't see it unto death.

            In this ministry where we talk about spiritual things and ungodly soul ties, we have talked for years about having your energy drained by being in an ungodly relationship.

            I personally have experienced it many times. But average people don't see it, how they're victimizing others or how others are victimizing them. Sometimes we're in a relationship where we victimize each other.

            COMMENT: I have never heard of a vampire sucking the blood out of a man. It has always been portrayed in the movies as sucking the blood out of a woman.

            SHEILA: That's interesting, especially since there are sexual overtones to it. But in this movie, women seem to be the primary target, and the vampire chose the unhappy man because he wanted a companion. I was looking for homosexual strains in the movie, and I really couldn't find it.

            What it looked like to me was that, according to what this movie was showing, of course, that when you ascend into this ungodly immortal condition, that it doesn't matter whether it's a man or a woman. But the vampires are looking for companionship.

            There seems to be a mixture. Two men were companions, and they would go out together and seek these women and kill them. Then further on, I'll get to it eventually, I guess I'll have to call him our hero, I don't know how else to describe him, he winds up in a relationship with a female child.

            But the whole significance is that, from what I can see at this point, is that it doesn't seem to matter because the companions just hung out together.

            They did not engage in any kind of sexual activity at all. So it really didn't matter whether it was a man and a woman or two men or two women. I really looked very heavily for homosexual undertones, but there were none.

            The whole basis of the relationship, according to my understanding of the movie, was companionship. There was no sexuality at all, except when the vampires approached the female victims, it always started out with kissing. But according to this movie, when a male vampire victimized another male, he just went right for the jugular.

            The way the vampire seduced the women was.... why the women thought it was a human sexuality type thing. So they briefly gave the women what they expected and then, when the women were off guard, they bit their neck.

             (Laughter) You have to stay light with this. You have to laugh at it. It's just really fascinating when you think about it, but it's really very gruesome. This is what the Lord has given me for today, so we'll go on.

            So our hero becomes a vampire. He shutters, he dies, and he's instantly "born again."

            I was comparing that to the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which is this belief in the church how you go on living your life here when you're born again. You go to church, and you do whatever you do, and you continue to sin against people with your mind.

            In the church, there's a lot of drug addicts that have stopped drugging, a lot of alcoholics that have stopped drinking, a lot of people who have stopped cursing, but, basically, with regard to the hidden sins of the heart, and character disorders, and the way we relate to one another, there's only a very small percentage of people who change, from what I can see.

            They may change somewhat, but they don't really come or approach near to the place where they're blameless.

            So that's the same principle exaggerated on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. On the evil side, the man dies and is "born again" as an immortal vampire. On the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the person dies and goes to heaven and lives happily ever after. This is the fantasy.

            Now there's a very interesting principle here that I haven't told you. Everybody that's bitten by a vampire does not become a vampire. Their blood is drained, and they die.

            What makes some people become a vampire is that first the vampire drains their blood, and then the vampire gives his blood to the victim. Now that's what Jesus is doing for us.

            If anyone is hearing this message, and you're getting offended that I'm speaking about Jesus in connection with this vampire movie, remember this is a satire. Even in old order deliverance, we'll pray things like, I give you a blood transfusion with the blood of Jesus Christ.

            We know the blood of Jesus Christ is spiritual blood, and  that it is energy that flows within us in our etheric body. We will experience true life when the blood of Jesus Christ flows through our veins. We will be immortal when the blood of Jesus Christ flows through our veins.

            Now the Holy Spirit is not the blood of Jesus Christ. You have to know that. The veins that the blood of Jesus Christ is going to flow through is not our physical veins. It's our spiritual veins.

            We've had quite a bit of teaching here, how the spiritual blood that is sustaining our existence right now, which is really Satan, is joined to our personality and our physical body.

            So for the blood of Jesus Christ to make us immortal, first the spiritual blood which is from the dark side, which is Satan, has to be drained. Christ Jesus has to disentangle our personality, our animal nature, our beast nature, from Satan and join Himself to us, and we will become immortal on the righteous side, on the Tree of Righteousness in the Tree of Life.

            Now according to the satire, it was very simple. The vampire came, he drained the man's blood, and cut himself and poured his blood into the man's mouth which is gross.

            Spiritually speaking, it's not that simple. It all happened in five minutes in the movie. But those of us who have been laboring here for years, we know how hard it is to get this blood transfusion, because Jesus doesn't drain us to the point of death. It's just a step at a time.

            Jesus doesn't take us and knock us down and drain us to the point of death and say, I give you your choice, will you be born again or will you die? Jesus doesn't do that.

            Free will is operating, and our free will is all bound up with Satan. So there's a war going on in the followers of Jesus Christ to get this blood transfusion, and it's a war that could take a whole life time. He doesn't drain us to the point of death. It's little by little.

            What He does is, He frees up our will so that we can truly choose Him because no one in their right mind would choose Satan or a life of death over the life of Jesus Christ. Anyone who doesn't choose Jesus Christ, their mind is spiritually insane.           But of course, the large majority of people today don't have the true message.

            That's how you become a vampire. After the vampire drains your blood, he gives you his blood, and you wake up a vampire.

            Jesus does the same thing. He gives us His blood in exchange for our fallen blood. In both cases, whether you're in the Tree of Life or whether you're on the evil side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you're born again in the image of the blood that has been imparted to you. You're born again in the image of the blood that has been imparted to you.

            So our hero awakens to immortal life on the dark side, and, lo and behold, he's very unhappy with it. So what we have here is a hero who is physically given over to evil because he now needs blood to survive, but he is in a warfare with what he has become.

            Now this is very interesting if you want to look at this psychologically. Before the man became a vampire, he was not fighting at all. He was in total self pity saying, somebody, kill me, somebody, kill me.

            He had everything going for him.  If he would have just demonstrated a little strength, he would have had a great life, but he wasn't even fighting.

            But now that his evil side has manifested and become predominant, there's something in him, he still has a strain of good in him that does not like what he's become.

            Brethren, this is true of so many human beings. They take a passive role in life, and they get into trouble, and it's not until they fall into trouble that they decide to start to fight.

            I say this without condemnation, it is human nature, it is human nature. Now some people have counsel, and they don't take it. Most people don't take it.

            I was telling someone on the phone just the other day, if someone gives you counsel, if they see that you're doing something wrong, and they explain to you what you're doing wrong and what you should do, that is the White Throne Judgment if they're in Christ.

            But it could happen to you outside of Christ. Someone could come from the good side of the tree and tell you, look what you're doing, it's going to bring destruction in your life. If the advice is out of Christ, it's the White Throne Judgment.

            If it's just out of the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you can be benefitted from that advice, if you take good counsel. That's good counsel. It's called prudence. It's not from Christ, but it's from the good side of the tree. But if you choose not to take that counsel, you're subject to the Satanic judgment.

            If you proceed down an ungodly path in this life, something will eventually stop you. If not in this generation, in the next generation. Something will stop you. You will reap what you sow.

            You'll either go the easy way or the hard way. Even if it's death that stops you, that's a part of the Satanic judgment, but everything we do in this world that's wrong will come back to confront us.

            Either we'll be confronted by another person saying it's wrong, or it will come back to us one way or the other because we shall surely reap what we have sown.

            So here we see this man who had every opportunity in the world, everything going for him, and he couldn't find the strength to fight, for whatever reason.

            I'm not condemning him. This is a commentary on human nature. He did not have the strength to fight, but when evil overtook him, there was enough good in him for him to stand up and fight. So here we have a vampire with a conscience.

            Does this exist in the real world? I don't even know if there's such a thing as vampires. If there is such a thing as vampires, is there such a thing as a vampire who manages to hold on to his conscience after he's converted? I don't know.

            I know looking at the parallel, there's actually two parallels. We could look at the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

            I believe that there are people in this world, outside of Christ, who are going in the wrong direction, and they'll meet somebody who has a strong personality, a strong sense of goodness, even though it's not in Christ.

            Usually, it's a male/female thing, and they'll marry that person and partake of that person's strength, and they're born again into a whole new lifestyle. But they still have their old nature to deal with.

            Another movie that I saw, I think it was called Las Vegas. It was a very interesting movie. It was about a man who had a lot of money. He was associated with organized crime, and he managed a casino in Las Vegas. He was a very powerful wealthy man. He wanted to marry.

            Is it love? I don't even know what love is, to tell you the truth. I know what Jesus' love is, but in this world, who knows what attracts people to other people.

            This man had it in his head that he wanted to get married and have children and lead a straight lifestyle. But the woman that he was attracted to, that he wanted to be his wife and the mother of his children, was a call girl in Las Vegas.

            Once again, look at how we deceive ourselves. The woman didn't even want to marry him. He pursued her because she was emotionally dysfunctional. She was an absolutely gorgeous sophisticated woman, and he pursued her, and he pursued her.

            Finally she married him. He offered her a lot of money. He really bought her. I don't think she ever loved him. He really bought her.

            This movie was based on a true story. This man was deceived enough to think that because he married her and gave her a beautiful home and anything money could buy, that the emotional problems that made her a call girl would disappear. But for all intents and purposes, this high priced call girl was born again into a whole different lifestyle.

            Now what are we talking about? We're talking about the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

            So there's an evil side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and we're using vampires to demonstrate that side.

            Now I'm giving you some examples of the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and we also talk about the Tree of Life, when Christ comes in and deals with us. This is a comparative study of human nature.

            So for all intents and purposes, this high priced call girl was born into a respectable lifestyle, although her husband was really involved with the mob.

            On the surface, he was a very respectable citizen. All of the government officials of the town respected him. He had a place in society. She had everything money could buy, but there was an evil side deep inside of her that was crying out for her pimp. She had an ungodly soul tie with this pimp.

            I just told you about a high priced call girl that was born into a good lifestyle, but was brought down and ultimately destroyed by her evil side.

            Being born again into this good lifestyle did not wipe out her evil side. It did bring the good side to the surface and put the evil side down low.

            Now with regard to our vampire, he was born again into the evil side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. His evil side came to the surface, but he managed to hold on to something of his good side which was not even showing its head in all those years when he was going around feeling sorry for himself because he lost his wife and his child and crying out for death. There was no sign of his good side.

            But when he went over to that evil side, his good side stood up and resisted what he was supposed to be, what the vampire who ignited him supposedly made him to be.

            So here, I've just described to you the first two main characters of this movie.

            There's a third main character as well. The vampire who initiates our hero and our hero, who is initiated into vampirism, but who carries over with him an element of the good side or the righteousness (not the righteousness of Jesus Christ), the righteousness arising out of the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

            He did not want to murder anybody. He did not want to hurt anybody, but the truth is that he brought his situation upon himself through his self pity. Self pity is very dangerous.

            Again, does this happen in real life? I don't know. But I do believe, without a question of a doubt, that if we give ourselves over to ungodly mental processes, certainly ungodly lifestyles, you open yourself to demons, and to powers and principalities, and to immortals that are looking for a human vessel to manifest through.

            This message is for Christians who have a relationship with God. That's why we're doing this message.

            We're looking at this message, which is a severe exaggeration of the human nature, and we're using it to try to understand our own potentials and the real dangers to our lives for people who are hoping to be sons of God. We're severely exaggerating the evil side so that we can examine it.

            COMMENT: I saw on television a young man that was arrested, and he told a story about being into Satanism and drinking blood. He said he was addicted to it.

            SHEILA: I can believe that.

            COMMENT: About two years ago, it was a practice among some young people that were dating, to cut one another and drink each other's blood. It was supposed to be some special soul tie between them.

            SHEILA: So you see, this little practice may seem like a little nothing thing, but it's just the first step in the seduction.

            This is the whole point of sin. Sin is a seduction. We take one little step in the wrong direction and nothing bad happens. So we keep doing it. This is our fallen nature. We keep doing it until something happens and then we're in trouble. This is human nature.

            That's very interesting that this man found human blood addictive. What happened to him? He was arrested. So I guess he went cold turkey in jail. He was arrested for drinking human blood or for some other reason?

            COMMENT: He was into Satanism, and I think there was murder involved along with the whole gamut. He was found out and gave his testimony, and he said he was addicted to the blood.

            SHEILA: That's horrible. Well, whatever happens in the physical, it's also happening in the spiritual.

            We know that there are people who practice Satanism right here on Long Island. We know that's going on, but we don't know if the drinking of human blood produces immortality in them.

             It's the same comparison between Christianity as we see it today in the church. We have some power to help people and to heal, but I don't know of anybody that's going into immortality in Christ Jesus.

            So that's that same comparison to say there are Satanists that are drinking blood, and they're addicted to it and whatever, but is it producing immortality in them and making them a vampire? We don't know that.

            So here we have the second main character in this movie. The first character is the initiating vampire in this spiritually male role. He's the aggressive one who could only do what he did to our hero because our hero was begging for death. That attitude of mind opened him to being victimized by the vampire. That's very important.

            Our hero has severe conflict. He does not want to kill anybody. He accepts the fact that he has become a vampire, and that he needs blood to survive. But he does not want to hurt human beings, so he starts drinking the blood of animals.

            The vampire who initiated him mocked him and derides him and tells him he is foolish, and when is he going to accept what he is and come all the way over?

            You know, brethren, we see this all the time in life, in people, especially teenagers. It happens to adults also. They'll take one step with the wrong crowd, and the members of the crowd mock them and deride them and say, when are you going to do whatever it is that they're into?

            What we're talking about is an evil influence, brethren. People in the church frequently get mixed up with other people. They form a relationship with them, a soul tie with them, and the other person is an evil influence on them, making suggestions and encouraging them to engage in activities that they shouldn't be doing.

            What kind of evil activities?

            Well, our study of the vampire is an exaggeration so that we could understand this.

            Brethren, if there's somebody who is moving in this spiritual life of Jesus Christ, if they are being moved by the Spirit, and you are a friend of that person, and you encourage them to not do what the Spirit is telling them to do, but to go in another direction, this is an evil activity.

            This is the same principle as the vampire deriding our hero who doesn't want to step over that line and go from drinking the blood of animals to drinking the blood of people and hurting the people. Now that may sound way out to you, but it's the same spiritual principle.

            To be influencing somebody or attempting to influence somebody who is led by the Spirit to go in another direction is evil.

            See, we don't really know what evil is. We know vampires are evil. We know that killing people is evil. We know that drinking their blood is evil, but what the church has to find out is that, in God's eyes, it's the same spirit that will make a "church going, tongue talking Christian" try to influence their friend to do something other than what Jesus has told them to do. In God's eyes it is the same spirit.

            You see, God is not looking at the outside. He looks at the inside. He looks at the motives and the intents of our heart. So you see, it doesn't matter how it plays out.

            In the one instance, on the good side of the tree, it plays out that you're a true Christian, and someone in ignorance or not so much ignorance (only God knows) is trying to influence their friend to do something that their friend doesn't feel led to do.

            On the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Christian who's moving in the Spirit feels that they should just stay home that day. They don't know why, but they should just stay home that day.

            Well, they have a friend who wants to go somewhere and really is just doing it for their own selfish purpose. They want somebody to keep them company. They want a companion. They call up their friend and their friend says no, I can't go. Why not? I'm not sure, I just think I should stay home today.

            The person who calls starts giving all reasons why the second party should go. More often than not, the party who is led by the Spirit will yield and say, oh alright, I'll go with you.

            Why is that? Because the people who are moving out of their carnal mind, out of a spirit of selfishness, that they just want that other person to keep them company and go with them, is operating in witchcraft power. It's strong in the person that's doing that, and the person who's trying to follow after the Spirit of Christ is fighting their own carnal mind, who doesn't want them to do it.

            Everyone who follows the Spirit of Christ, brethren, has an internal conflict because we all have the fiery serpent as our subconscious mind of our carnal man and Satan as our unconscious mind.

            So for us to follow after the Spirit of Jesus Christ we have to defeat the Fiery Serpent and Satan in our own mind. That makes us vulnerable. We are divided against ourselves.

            The person that is calling you and wants to influence you to change your mind, they're not divided. They're one hundred percent Leviathan wanting you to do what they want you to do and they're stronger than the person who's divided within themselves because they are trying to follow Christ Jesus.

            So Jesus, not looking at the physical manifestation, but just looking at the heart, looking at the motive, sees no difference between the person who's trying to influence their friend to do something that they would really rather not do and the vampire that is trying to influence his newly formed companion to graduate from drinking the blood of animals to drinking the blood of humans.

            Now I think that's shocking. I don't know if it's anybody here or it's somebody who is going to be hearing this on a message, but I believe that this is a shocking statement to people, but it is the truth.

            The motive and the spirit are the same. The spirit of trying to influence somebody not to do something which is arising in them, either out of a spirit of goodness or a spirit of righteousness, which is in the Lord Jesus Christ, is the same. It doesn't matter whether you're a vampire or a Christian.

            That's shocking, isn't it? It's the same spirit. That's the principle here. Shocking, eh?

            So we have our hero, who is still the owner of this plantation, and our vampire is now living with him in the lap of luxury in a beautiful building on this plantation in New Orleans. But the whole plantation is going into hades because he isn't taking care of it properly.

            Apparently, our vampire has moved in, which is a significant principle. Frequently, there are people in the world who will victimize other people, people who don't have a home, people who don't have a place to live. Not that we should not help people, but we should not be victimized by people.

            We have to be very careful who we let into our life and into our home. You have to be very careful because they will come in, and they will victimize you, and they will victimize your family.

            This is not just strangers. This is also members of your own physical family. Should you live in fear? No! Should you live in mistrust? No!

            But you should keep your eyes open, and you should have a strong revelation of what is right and what is wrong and be ready at the slightest indication of impropriety to rise up and take action.

            To go into a state of passivity and just assume that everything is alright is very dangerous. I'm sorry, it's very dangerous. To fully turn ourselves over to anybody is very dangerous. We're not supposed to do it.

            Brethren, even in a marriage, we just don't lay down and give yourself over to the other person, especially in today's world.

            If your mate tells you to jump off the roof, are you going to do it? If your mate tells you to engage in adultery or a perverse three-way sex, are you going to do it? There has to be a line. You don't just lay down and give yourself over to another fallen human being.

            It's very dangerous for your well being, and if you have children, it's dangerous for your children's well being. How many women put up with incest because they say, "it's my husband." That's insane. That's insanity. You're responsible for your own self.

            Brethren, your primary relationship, whether you're willing to admit it or not, and most people are not willing to admit it, your primary relationship is with Jesus Christ. He is the only one.

            Even with Jesus, you have to be on guard. Not that you have to be on guard against Jesus, but there's another spirit that calls herself Jesus. Jesus is the one and He comes ahead of your mate.

            The unwavering prayer to be protected against deception and seduction by another spirit is very powerful. But you still have to try every spirit.

            So we see that our vampire is victimizing the companion that he has created for himself. That is very clear from right out of the vampire's own mouth.

            I'm jumping ahead of myself now, but just to make this point, our hero burns down his whole plantation house, and the vampire is very angry at him, and he says, now we're going to have to live out in some basement somewhere. Why did you burn down this house which is in the lap of luxury?

            So the vampire moved into our hero's house and was completely living off of him. There are people in this world victimizing others.

            Again, I certainly am not discouraging you from helping people, but when you help somebody, you should remain the master of your own home, and the person who you help should be the guest in your home.

            There are people who would reverse that situation. I've been talking on and off about a certain movie for years now. I would have liked to have gotten the video to show you, but apparently it's no longer available.

            It's called "The Servant." I think it was a British film. It's about this very wealthy British man who was seduced by his man servant. The man servant completely controls the man and his money and his home and his property.

            These things happen in our world. In this particular instance, the vampire who is now living on the plantation of our hero was apparently feeding off of the slave population. It was in the 1700's, so there were slaves on this plantation.

            You see the slaves doing their voodoo and their magic and whatever they're doing to drive the vampire away. They're very frightened.

            In the midst of all this, there is a house servant. On these plantations, there were servants that worked in the fields and servants that worked in the house. There was a lovely young woman who was a house servant, who served the vampire and our hero at the dinner table. Of course, they weren't interested in food anymore.

            So the maid servant was very concerned that the master was not eating. She didn't understand that he didn't eat normal food anymore. Her concern for him was genuine.

            At one point, it shows you that she walks into the room and our hero is very tempted to connect with her, but he wants her blood which will kill her. He doesn't want normal sex. He wants her blood which will kill her.

            The indication was that he was sleeping with her. She said something to the effect that you don't eat anymore, and you don't come to the slave quarters anymore. I think that was an indication that since his wife died, he was going to the young female slaves for his sexual release.

            So the first time she showed concern about the food, you could see that he resisted. He desired her, he saw the veins in her neck, but he resisted and she left.

            The next time she came in, she actually approached him. I think the significance was he had been to bed with her. She put her hand out to touch him, and her hand with the veins of the underside of her arm was right in his face. But she was just caressing him. When she was that close to him, he couldn't resist.

            So he grabbed her hand, and she didn't resist because she thought he was kissing her arm. But apparently he dug his teeth into her veins and she started screaming.

            All of the slaves came running to the building. There was no electricity in those days. They all had torches. They had just been in the midst of their voodoo ceremony, putting pins in a doll, trying to get rid of the vampire.

            Well, my first reaction would be that they were trying to get rid of this vampire, but how do I know that they weren't praying to their voodoo god to expose the vampire? Maybe they didn't know who it was. They showed you in the movie that they were doing this ritual. They put the pins in the doll.

            Unfortunately, this young woman had to be murdered for it to be exposed that the master of the plantation was now a vampire.

            But it showed you in the movie that they did their ritual. They put the pins in the doll, and the next thing you know, he cannot resist this young woman and she's screaming as he's draining her blood.

            When the slaves get to the house, they're banging on the door. He opens the door, and he's holding her in his arms, and she's dead. He shouts to all of the slaves, this house is cursed and I set you free. You're all free men. He takes the torch, and he burns the whole house down because he's so horrified at what he did.

            If he wanted to be an evil vampire, he didn't have to go out and say, look, she's dead and I killed her and this house is cursed. He could have covered it up.

            So we know a lot about cover-up. We're seeing cover-up in our government today, and some of us are dealing with tendencies to cover-up what we perceive to be small issues in our life. He didn't cover-up.

            So here's his good side fighting his evil side. He couldn't resist. He killed her and drained her blood, but his good side rose up and said, I don't want to do it again. I'm setting all these people free. I'll burn down this house. I don't want the money, I don't want the wealth, I don't want the land, and I don't want to hurt people.  So we have here a man in conflict.

            Brethren, there are many human beings that walk around in conflict. Most human beings walk around in conflict.

            The most likely people to not walk around in conflict are people who are in denial. They deny the problem that they have, and they walk around and they have a peace, but it's a false peace. The Scripture says peace, peace, but there is no peace.

            Well, that's not talking about anti-Christ in the Middle East. It may be talking about anti-Christ in the Middle East, but it's talking about the individual. We walk around saying we have a peace, but if it's not truly the peace of Jesus Christ, it's a lying peace.

            We have a lot of human beings living under this false peace in denial. But this man was not living in a false peace. He was facing his conflict, and he was a tormented man.

            Brethren, when we come to the place in Christ Jesus where we really start looking at our sins, and we really start seeing what our inner person is like, there isn't much peace.

            I don't know how long it will last, different people, different times, but there isn't much peace because you live with your evil nature in a constant state of war with the evil that's in this world.

            Now I'm not saying you can't be happy sometimes, but people who claim to be in Christ, who walk around all the time with no conflict, there's something wrong. If you're truly facing the warring factions of your nature and if Christ is in you, the factions of your nature must be at war because Christ is at war with your old man.

            So if everything is wonderful all of the time, you're in denial. You may think you've given it to God, but you're just in denial. It all depends upon what you mean when you say I've given it to God. We're not in kindergarten anymore.

            If you're using that saying, I've given it to God to not deal with the problem, you're only deceiving yourself. What do you mean you've given it to God? The only time you can turn something over to God and relinquish all responsibility for it is when it's a situation where there's absolutely nothing you can do.

            If you have a child, God forbid, that's a drug addict, that's a criminal, there's nothing you can do. Maybe you tell them what you have to tell them, advice you have to give them, there's nothing you could do, you give it to God.

            But in a situation where there's something you could do, and you believe you've given it to God, you have believed a lie. I tell you the truth.

            My personal example is years ago when I was a disciple, and I was raising my daughter alone. I had a room mate. I had a little girl, she had a little boy. We went to the same church. It never occurred to me that she would not believe what I believed. I was very naive in those days.

            That church was preaching against Christmas and against Christmas trees. Well, she wanted a Christmas tree. I ran into my bedroom and got down on my knees and said, oh God, help me Lord Jesus, tell her that this isn't right. The Lord spoke to me. He said get up off your knees and go tell her yourself. You cannot give something to God that you have within your own power to deal with.

            If you think that, it's a lie. If you think He's taking it because you said, Lord, I give it to you, if you think He's taking it, you're believing a lie. I tell you the truth.

            Well, I got up off my knees, and I told her you can't bring a Christmas tree in this house. It turned into a big unfortunate scene, and she moved out. I think I had to ask her to leave. She did not want to move out.

            Here's a perfect example. It was my house. I took her in when her house burned down, and I told her I didn't want a Christmas tree in this house, and she was fighting me as if she was equal to me. Now she was paying half the rent, but she was not equal to me because the lease was in my name. But she didn't understand that.

            So she fought to the point that I had to ask her to leave. So she was the loser, not me.

            So we have a vampire who has a conflict within him. All honest men who are aware, have conflict. Good and evil is within us. Everyone has conflict.

            I do not have the wherewithal to express my gratitude to the Lord Jesus Christ for His counsel in my life because there are so many things that I do not know how to deal with, I do not know what's right, I do not know what to do, I don't know how to deal with it, but He tells me how to deal with it. It's just the best thing that has ever happened to me.

             If you're truly living with Jesus Christ, you cannot be a passive person because much of your deliverance will come as a result of Him telling you what the right thing to do is and, when you ask, giving you the strength to do it.

            You cannot be living out of Jesus Christ and be a passive person. Don't be deceived. You're not living out of Him if you're a passive person. Don't be deceived because the truth is going to set you free.

            So we have a hero in this movie. He's a hero vampire. He's a man who is given over to his evil side. He needs blood to survive. He cannot stop drinking blood. Apparently they don't die; I don't know any of these details.

            I guess it's not a question of what would happen if he didn't drink the blood. I guess that this lust for the blood becomes an overwhelming compulsive desire which they cannot control, and they go out and get their blood.

            That's the principle of the movie, but his internal elements are at war with one another. He's not happy with what he is.

            Now brethren, on the other side of the tree, this is the condition of many people that come into the church. It was my condition. I was not happy with what I was in the world. I saw the destruction in my life.

            When Jesus Christ called me and received me, I received a vision, that if I would continue to resist evil inclinations, I could come into His image and have peace. But it's a war that goes on for a long time.

            It really doesn't stop until your old man is destroyed. Now, what happens is that you get stronger and stronger in Christ Jesus. You get stronger through a knowledge of what's right and wrong, which you have gained through overcoming experiences. He will strengthen you, and then you become stronger spiritually, in general, because of your relationship with Him.

            But the conflict does not go away until your old man is dead. That's not until glorification. Even when you enter into perfection, Satan is down in the bottomless pit, but she's down there. She's still alive.

            You have to find the balance here. I'm not telling you that you shouldn't be happy or that it's wrong to be happy. But if every problem that comes your way, you're dealing with it by saying, I have a peace or I've given it to God, you've got to know you're in denial because that's not how God operates.

            How does God operate? He strengthens you to do the right thing. He does not let you escape from confrontation. A life in Jesus Christ is a life of confrontation. It's continuous confrontation. It's very hard.

            This life in Christ Jesus that I live is very hard, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You see, in a measure, I'm not fully born again yet, but I've been born again in a measure. You go from glory to glory.

            I could not willingly go back to what my life was like before Jesus made me what I am today. This life of confrontation is very painful. It's stressful and difficult, but I'm addicted to it because there's good things in it too. There's good fruit in living this good life. There's good fruit, and you become very strong.

            To go back to living the other way means to go back to weakness. I'm not willing to go back to weakness. I've become addicted to the good part of the life, so you tolerate the stress, you tolerate the pain, you tolerate the burnout, you tolerate the frustration because there's enough good there to keep you going.

            So I've been overcome by good, and I still have an evil side that keeps knocking on my door and saying, remember me? I say, get down.

            But our vampire, he was taken over by evil. In someone that's living for Christ Jesus, their evil side is locked up or bound up or minimized, but in our vampire's case, we're looking at a contrast here. It's his good side that was locked up, that was minimized.

            Everybody has a potential for good and a potential for evil. The reason that his good side was locked up and minimized; remember now, he was walking around in self pity. When you walk around in self pity, things get worse.

            You have to be bold and aggressive and lay hold of that problem and deal with it in righteousness.

            If you cannot do that, I do not condemn you with this message. But I tell you the truth, that it is in your own best interest to tell the Lord that you want to be able to do that. You want to be living a life so anyone who could recognize it, can see that you're following after Jesus Christ.

            He'll strengthen you right where you are, and it's one step at a time. You get stronger and stronger and stronger. The life of a son is the life of a warrior. We are at war all the time.

            We're like a policeman. They're never off duty, they carry their gun with them wherever they go, and I believe they are required by law that whenever they see a crime being committed, whether in uniform or out of uniform, or on vacation or out with their wife, they're required to intervene.

            Well, if you're a son of God, that's true of you. Only we don't operate in the flesh, we operate in the spirit. We've got to get stronger, and we don't stop getting stronger until we stand in full spiritual authority and perfection. Me too!

            Everyday you have to get stronger. You should have victory everyday. If you don't have some victory, no matter how small it may seem to you, everyday, you have to go before the Lord and say, how come? Is it something I'm doing? What would you have me to do today? What would you have me to do?

            Look for victory. I'm not here to condemn you. I'm here to encourage you to look for victory everyday. In whatever area it is, look for victory everyday.

            So we have our hero who is a tormented man because he is fully aware of his inner conflict.

            Now look, isn't this interesting? At the beginning of the movie, we had a hero who had no conflict at all. He was fully given over to his self pity. He was not resisting his self pity at all.

            Now we have the vampire in the male authoritative role. He is completely given over to his evil. He doesn't have any conflict at all.

            But our hero has an experience. It's a painful experience, it's an evil experience, it's a deadly experience, but the fruit of that experience is that the good side of him, his good potential, begins to fight.

            This is the story of all human beings. We grow as a result of adversity. I wish it weren't true. I've had a lot of adversity in my life, and I wish it wasn't true, but it's true.

            We grow as a result of adversity. If nothing stirs us up, if we have no problems, we would stay the same for the rest of our lives.

            So we had a man completely given over to self pity. He had a good side, but it was nowhere to be seen. We have a vampire completely given over to evil. I don't see any good side.

            Even through the end of the movie, the man (whatever he was) was completely given over to evil. But with our hero, we see a manifestation of goodness resulting from his victimization and his rebirth or his transition from weakness into evil.

            Now brethren, that's very significant because I tell you lots of times, that the people who come to the Lord for help, we go from evil to good to righteousness. We go from evil to good to righteousness.

            So of course, this is a negative story. The man went from passivity to evil. He went from passivity to evil, but that evil stirred up a good member that was not manifesting.

            Now another thing that I tell you here lots of times is that when we go to make a correction in a character flaw that the Lord points out to us, we frequently overcorrect. Frequently, we overcorrect.

            Let's say we're a very passive person, and people are always dominating us and controlling us and putting us down. We decide we're not going to live like that anymore, we're not going to be controlled anymore.

            It's typical for a person in this condition, that the next time someone tries to dominate them, they rise up in an aggressive, nasty, abusive attitude saying, you're not going to do that to me anymore.

            I've encouraged all of you over the years, trying to explain to you that when you do this, it's wrong. But don't condemn yourselves because this is the way we grow in human nature.

            You went from passivity to hostility. Now you have to come back to that middle ground where you're strong enough to resist ungodly domination in the Spirit of Christ.

            Well, that's what happened to our vampire. Now remember, it's a story. It's an exaggeration. He was lost in passivity. He was being controlled by his own self pity, and then he went all the way to the other side and became evil, and then as he started to come back, the good potential in him reared its head.

            Of course, in our vampire's case, it was too late, he was a vampire. Even as the movie ends, the movie doesn't show any hope for him.

            The end of the movie is that he's a vampire with a conscience. But if you look at our hero from his whole journey, from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie, at the end of the movie he has really grown and become very strong from all of his evil experiences.

            I have a lot to tell you. This message is probably going to go over until the evening service.

            He is victimized by other vampires, and he loses his vampire love. So he has a lot of hardship in his life, but at the end of the movie, he is very strong and more moral. He's still killing people and he's still drinking their blood, but you see that he has a moral strain in him.

            In reality, that's bizarre, a vampire that's killing people and drinking their blood. But for the purposes of this story, he's given over to the evil that he has no power to extricate himself from. So what he's really doing is, he's doing the best that he can in his un-dead condition.

            He's a member of the community of the un-dead. He has no power to either die or become human again. So he's doing the best that he can with what he's got.

            But at the beginning of the movie, he was not doing the best that he could with what he had. At the beginning of the movie, he could have made a wonderful life for himself. Surely he would have found another woman to love. But as a vampire, he cannot extricate himself, but he's moral to the best of his ability.

            Of course, we can relate this condition that he's in to someone's human condition. He's a vampire who's moral to the best of his ability.

            If we want to take this concept and apply it to a human being who's not truly a vampire, but someone who's given over to evil, and they cannot stop doing the evil that they do, but they're doing the best that they can to be moral with what they've got, that person is an ideal candidate for the ministry of Christ.

            The Spirit of Christ has the power to deliver that person from the developed evil side that they have, that they cannot escape from. That desire to do good, to be moral in the midst of their evil, makes you an ideal candidate for sonship, to be a son of God, as shocking as that will sound to a Pharisee.

            The person who has never done any great evil in their life, but neither has any strong desire for morality, is less of a candidate to be a son of God than someone who has done true evil in their life, but now has a strong desire to do righteousness.

            Brethren, there are many witches coming into the kingdom. Now if you're hearing this message or anybody here, if you have the opportunity to have a relationship with someone who was a witch and has repented and come to the Lord, you had better be careful and not condemn those people, because you've never done anything truly evil in your whole life.

            A strong desire to do good, not because you want to exalt yourself, but because you've experienced evil and you know that evil is wrong, that, as a motive for doing good, will cause Jesus to take you in a snap. He'll take you in a snap.

            The Scripture clearly says there will be many who will be very surprised as to who they see in the kingdom. It sounds like a contradiction. Goodness, or a life of goodness, is not a qualification to get into the kingdom. Your good works will not get you into the kingdom. A true desire to do righteousness will.

            You're not fooling anybody if you're deceiving yourself, and if you don't know what your own motives are. You can ask the Lord. Why do you want to do good?

            Does it exalt you or do you want to do good because you love righteousness, and because you love to see right prevail? Are you exalting yourself or do you have a religious spirit? I don't even know myself.

            You have to ask the Lord. Maybe all three of them are in there. Maybe you have all three motives.

            That's okay, as long as you've got the motive that loves righteousness. Don't worry about the other stuff. But then, of course, when the Lord calls you, you have to get cleansed of the other stuff.

            Everybody is a mixture today, but there are some people who don't have any desire for righteousness. They've got all the bad stuff, but that desire for righteousness is not there.

            In due season, either in their life or in the life of a family member in a future generation, great destruction will hit that family line. That kind of passivity and selfishness will reap destruction, and when the destruction comes on you, that's your opportunity to see if there's any good in there at all.

            See, the good is not showing because you're selfish and you're self absorbed. The good is not showing, but when the evil comes on you, even if it's Satan's judgment bringing the evil on you, that's your opportunity to see what you've got in there.

            Then when that desire comes, when you're really confronted with evil, and you're not given over to it completely, there's that little flicker inside of you that says, no, this is wrong, I don't want to do this.

            No matter how small that little vibration is, Jesus will lay hold of it, and you'll have some rough times because you have to get cleaned up, but He will exalt you on the basis of that desire for righteousness and fairness and decency in your life and in this world.

            The person who has never done anything wrong in their life, but doesn't have that little flame will pass on and they'll be passed over.

            Is Jesus punishing you because you don't have it? No! He is responding to righteousness wherever it is appearing. Do you hear what I'm saying?

            Even the Satanic judgment has a positive side to it because it's the pain and the tribulation and the trouble in your life that will cause that desire for righteousness to flicker, if it's there at all.

            I think most people have it. Most people have it, but it doesn't come out except when they're confronted with adversity. I think more people have it than do not have it.

            I think the person who doesn't have that potential for that little flicker is very rare. But it has to be brought to the surface for Jesus to lay hold of it.

            That desire for righteousness, it's in Abel. It's in your human spirit, and he's buried under the ground of your carnal nature. But the adversity stirs up the mud of the ocean bottom and brings or, at least, exposes the surface of that potential.

            Okay, review. We have the vampire completely given over to his evil side. We have our hero who's a conflicted vampire again. He has no power to change what he is and he's fighting an evil inclination.

            Then we see that the vampire realizes that our hero is going to leave him because he's strong enough to say, I no longer want to be influenced by one who is completely given over to the evil.

            The man with the conflict is going to depart from him, although according to this movie, there's no hope for him of extricating himself from his condition.

            But in Jesus Christ, we have hope. No matter what our evil is or no matter what degree of destruction our evil is in, there is hope in Jesus Christ to overcome the evil side of us.

            Now I found this really very interesting. This is in New Orleans back in the 17th century, and there was plague there. I don't remember plague being in New Orleans. I thought the Black Plague was in Europe, but that was the indications of the movie.

            There was plague, and everybody was dying. Our hero walks into this empty house, whatever he's doing there, and there's this little girl, about eight years old. She's crying over her mother. When he walks in, the child was very trusting, and she says to him, oh sir, my father went out for help and he hasn't returned, and my mother is not well. You could see the mother was dead. Won't you please help us, she asked.

            He knells down to her level, and she puts her arms around him. She's a real sweet little thing. But of course, when she puts her arms around him and puts her head on his shoulder, his mouth is right by her neck. He can't resist himself, he can't resist.

            Now this is really very interesting. There are a lot of people in this world who cannot resist becoming sexual in a situation like that.

            Years ago there was a Broadway show that had a song in it that said, "I'm just a girl who can't say no." Once they get that close, they can't say no.

            So the correlation between our vampire's drive to draw people's blood to the point of death (if you can just not get all hung up on the surface of it) it's the same drive that you find in a person who's compulsive sexually, a compulsive shopper, or a compulsive eater.

            Compulsion is a human problem, and it is a human problem that needs to be overcome. Now it could be a demon involved with it, but when you cast out a demon that's causing a compulsion, you still have the potential to do that evil. When the demons are on top of the potential, it means you do not have the power to say no.

            So we cast out the demon, and now you have the power to say no. But the temptation is still there. We're fallen men.

            So she hugs him, and you see he's resisting. He pulls back. What about pedophiles? What about a man who wasn't a vampire, who walked into the exact same situation, and this sweet little girl throws her arms around his neck and says, please help me, sir, and he can't resist.

            You see, it doesn't matter. In our inner being, it's the same powers and principalities, the same demons, the same problem, whether you're a pedophile, a homosexual, a drug addict, a compulsive bank robber, or a vampire. It's the same spirit operating. It's the spirit of the Serpent. It's the spirit of fallen men.

            So this little girl hugs him for the third time, and he can't resist and bites her neck. He must have caught himself. I don't know whether it was deliberate or not, but in the next significant part, the little girl is lying on the bed and the vampire in the male role, the one who is completely given over to the evil, comes in.

            He does something that is horrifying to our hero. He makes a vampire out of the little girl. What's really interesting is that when asked why he did it, the vampire in the male role who was originally looking for a companion said, he did it because he knew our hero was going to leave him, so he gave him a child.

            Do you know how many women get pregnant because they think that their husband is going to leave them?

            He made a vampire out of this little girl because our main vampire, who is completely given over to evil, recognized that from a vampire's standpoint, there was a weakness in this companion that he had chosen. There was a weakness in him because he was not completely given over to evil. So in a man like that, there was a need for love.

            The vampire couldn't give him love, he just wanted someone to hang out with. There was no love between them. So he gave him this child, and they were very close.

            Of course, it's a satire in the movie. She slept with him in his coffin. It shows them all snuggled together, this grown man and this little girl in his coffin. But I really think that the message there is that the man was asexual.

            See, I don't know if it was purely satire or if the author had a spirit guide or if she had some true knowledge of vampirism.

            I don't know where she's coming from, but if she does have a spirit guide and there's any truth in this at all, and if there is any immortal behind this trying to get some subliminal messages across, then the message was that this man was asexual.

            He was not a pedophile, and he had no woman in his life, and they were snuggling in the coffin together and comforting each other.

            The subliminal message was the man was asexual, yet he had a need for comfort and that, in this lifestyle, you can bundle and have human closeness without sexuality and be a vampire. That's the subliminal message.

            So they slept together in his coffin. As the years went by, she wanted her own coffin, but she would still come to him in the middle of the night and snuggle in his coffin. That happens with human children all the time. I found that very interesting.

            I think sometimes a woman can get pregnant if she thinks the man is going to leave her. I've known cases where the woman didn't really want the child, but she was very discontent and the husband, afraid that the woman would leave him, took whatever steps he took to impregnate the woman.

            He gives her a child not only to keep her from leaving, but to provide a source of emotional comfort that the man, himself, knows he cannot give.

            Now this also happens in some perverse situations. We have a lot of perversion in this country today. In some perverse situation with a married couple, where either the man or the woman cannot provide a form of comfort that the other person needs, they will bring a third party in.

            Isn't that what Sarah did? Didn't she say to Abraham, take my handmaiden. That's a wrong thing to do as we found out with Sarah. But it goes on.

            It goes on that men and women agree that their mate can have an affair with a third party to hold on to them. People put up with all kinds of indignation to hold on to what they have.

            But in this movie, it really was a truth that this little girl was a comfort to our hero, who apparently did not experience a complete conversion. He held on to this goodness.

            I told you earlier that when we look at people in the church who are being helped by the Holy Spirit, frequently they go from evil to good, but they still hold on to that evil side. That evil side is not truly reconciled in them until they go into righteous perfection.

            So we're seeing two opposite sides there, actually three sides. The man who was given over to good, but couldn't completely forget his evil side; the man who was given over to evil, but could not completely get over to his good side. Then, in the church, we have the evil man who's given over to good but still has trouble with his evil side.

            Then we have those people who are blessed enough to go into righteous perfection where their evil side is paralyzed. That's Satan down in the pit. Then eventually in glorification, Satan is destroyed.

            Our hero falls in love, as a father with a child, with this little girl. It' s funny if you can see the humor in it. We have a family here. Two vampires: one authoritative in the male role, the other emotional, typifying the one having a conflict over good and evil, which likens him to the female in the marriage, conflicted and concerned with the emotional things.

            Now we have a child vampire in the marriage, and the vampire in the male role confessing that he made this little girl a vampire to keep his companion from leaving him. Well, they're a happy family for awhile.

            We see that the little girl vampire, according to the movie, is just as demanding as a human child. She is more dangerous as a vampire then the two adults in the family because children are greedy, and children want to satisfy their lusts. Children get angry and frequently become vindictive in their anger.

            As we mature into adults, we're supposed to learn how to deal with our anger and our resentment towards people. For example, they show the little girl taking piano lessons, and the teacher who doesn't know she's a vampire, corrects her somewhat harshly and she kills him.

            So at this point, you can see the comedy, you can see the wit in it. As a matter of fact, when I read you the definition of satire, it said that satire frequently uses wit.

            At the beginning of this message, I told you there was no wit in this movie, but I realize now that there is wit. Wit is humor. There is humor in the movie. If you could get past the gruesome aspect of it and see the humor of it, this little girl killed her piano teacher who was very strong in his rebuke.

            So the two elder vampires try to help her to grow up, but she never does. She really never does. She stays a child in her emotions. She remains a child physically, and she remains a child in her emotions. She never does mature.

            At some point, the little girl vampire gets a revelation that she's missing something in life, that she is not maturing into a woman, that she does not have a woman's body.

            Now I don't know why she would want a woman's body since vampires are asexual, but this little girl more than desired, she lusted for, a woman's body.

            She got this revelation that she had been robbed of something. She started to ask questions as to why she became a vampire and who was responsible for it.

            So we almost might say that she reached puberty, and she was no longer content with her condition as being the child in this vampire family. She wanted more out of life, and she realized that she could not have it because she was a vampire. She wanted to know how this happened to her.

            Now there's an interesting analogy to that. In the human experience, some of us, hopefully many of us, get to a place where we start realizing that there are bondages in our life, and we want to know why.

            I don't know about you, but I reached that place when I was a very little girl. I had a very hard life. It started when I was a child, and I used to cry out to God all the time and say, why me? Why am I sick all the time? Why does this happen to me?

            So most people, except people in severe denial, most people at some point in their life start asking questions. Why? Why is my life in this condition?

            So we see in this movie which is a satire, that the person asking the question is a little girl vampire who wants to know why her physical body is not maturing.

            So of course, that's an exaggeration. This is what satire is, an extreme exaggeration, so that we can see our own potential to question certain aspects of our life.

            Under a spiritual magnifying glass, we see this story of a vampire child saying, why will I never have a woman's body?

            But to bring this aspect of our humanity down to the average human life, we see people saying, why am I so short, why am I so tall, why is my sister more intelligent than I am, why is my brother more intelligent than I am or more good looking than I am, why am I fat, why am I thin, why am I not beautiful, why is my hair brown, why is my hair blonde, why did I wind up married to this woman, how did I wind up married to this man, why was my child born that way, why did my child die?

            So we see people, as they enter into maturity, begin to question why their life is in this condition or why certain aspects of their life exist.

            In this movie, Interview With A Vampire, this phase of life or this phase of maturity was manifested in this little girl vampire, wanting to know how she became a vampire.

            So our hero who is really in the female role of the vampire marriage takes her back to the place where they met, where he drank her blood, and where the full vampire, completely given over to evil, came in and made a vampire out of her.

            The little girl vampire becomes very angry and decides to take vengeance on the male vampire.

            Now this is interesting because these are all phases that we go through as we mature. We ask questions, we find out things, we find out that our parents were not the heroes that we thought they were. We find out that our mother let us down in such and such a way, and that our father let us down in such and such a way.

            This is all a part of growing up because children idolize their parents and make gods out of them. To a small child, a parent is all powerful and that's a definition of a god, all powerful.

            So hopefully, as we reach this crisis in our life where we find out and face the truth about our parents and our relatives and the truth about ourselves, we're mature enough to deal with these facts, with these truths, in a positive way; to accept what we cannot change and to change what we can and to make the best of our life with what we've got and go forward. We have to go forward.

            But this little girl vampire apparently never grew up emotionally, and she could not deal with the truth that she discovered.

            First she had a desire for truth. Then when she found out the truth, she couldn't cope with it. She was so filled with hate that she decided to kill the vampire in the male role who was completely given over to his evil side. She decided to kill him to get rid of him.

            Now this is so psychological, brethren, because all children go through an Oedipus stage. If you're a little girl, you go through an Electra stage. These are Freudian terms where you start to mature and start to think in terms of sexual love, and the first person you fall in love with is your parent of the opposite sex.

            Every little boy and girl goes through this. But as they mature through it, eventually they grow up and they get a mate of their own, and they get married.

            That's why parents are so responsible to keep a healthy relationship between themselves and their children. Just because you're a man and your little girl comes and lays all over you on your lap and kisses you and hugs you, you do not relate to her as a woman.

            But we have men who are sick, and they cannot deal with such a thing, and they wind up in incest with their own children. The children will do this. It's a normal stage of maturation to fall in love with your parent of the opposite sex.

            But the parent of the opposite sex has to guide and direct the child and know where to draw the line.

            I remember once, years ago, there was a woman with a small child. He was three or four years old already and that's not really a baby anymore. He was just sitting on his mother's lap and just caressing her breasts. Somebody said to the woman, you should not let him do that. He's too old to be doing that.

            So the parent has to steer the child into right behavior. So we see in this vampire family, the vampire child going through her Electra stage. She falls in love with our hero, the vampire who has the conflict, who is not completely given over to evil.

            Now what I didn't tell you, with this Oedipus complex, if it's allowed to play itself out to fulfillment, the child murders the parent who is his competition.

            In other words, if you have a little boy and he's going through his Oedipus stage, he falls in love with his mother, and there is a mechanism operating in his mind that if he could pull it off, he would kill his father and marry his mother.

            But of course, with the parents being loving parents and guiding the child through, these raging passions never come to the surface. The child grows up, matures, finds a woman, and marries his own wife.

            But that potential for the murder of the parent that the child is in competition with is present.

            According to Freud, it is present in every child growing up. I think I need to say it again. The child who's maturation is moving into the beginning of sexual awareness, falls in love with the parent of the opposite sex and has the spiritual potential to kill that parent.

            Let's say it's a little boy who falls in love with his mother, he has the spiritual potential to kill his father so he can marry his mother; which would be the far extreme. If this spiritual potential played itself out to the worst possible scenario, that's what would happen.

            There's a Greek tragedy that addressed this. When we say Oedipus complex, that name Oedipus is a Greek name, and it's taken from a Greek tragedy about a family in which this happened, where the little boy fell in love with the mother.

            The mother didn't hold the line, got involved in incest, and the grown son killed the father so that he could marry the mother. There was a Greek tragedy about this.

            So this is where the name, the Oedipus complex, comes from. Freud claims that every small child goes through it on a very minor level.

            It never comes into the conscious mind, but you can see it if you have spiritual eyes. You can see a small child trying to divide the parents. This is very common. Usually the boys go to the mother and the girls go to the father and will try to divide the parents. Children do this.

            Most people who have children know that children do this. What they don't know is that what they're looking at when they see the small child trying to divide the parents, is this Oedipus complex manifesting.

            If it's not dealt with in a Godly manner, and if there are enough Satanic forces to bring it to full fruition, that little boy will grow up and have an affair with his mother and kill his father. But it's very, very rare that this Satanic potential blooms to full fruit. It's very rare.

            So now we see our little girl vampire. First of all, what's interesting is that her physical body does not mature, and, apparently, she has not matured emotionally, yet sexual impulses are coming forth in her. Sexual impulses are coming forth in our child vampire in the situation where vampires are asexual.

            So this doesn't even make sense except that this is a satire on human emotions.

            In case you don't know it, there's a series of plays that came out of the Greek culture. They're called the Greek tragedies. Each one of these plays is about human relationships and human situations that lend towards tragedy. But all of these Greek tragedies are the truth of human nature.

            Human nature at its root is very evil. That's why children need to be taught the difference between right and wrong. Left to our own devices, tragedy is the end of a lifestyle in which the person does everything they feel that they want to do. The end of it is tragedy.

            So if we don't have Christ within us, telling us what is the right thing to do, the next best thing is to place ourselves under the law.

            Left to our own emotions, which are Satanic, the whole creation would go into confusion and destruction.

            So we have a little girl vampire who is asexual, whose physical growth is stunted and whose emotional growth is stunted, but nevertheless her sexual growth is not stunted even though she's asexual.

            So that makes no sense at all. But this is what we have in the movie. So there are two vampire parents. She's an angry little girl because she has no hope of maturing into a physical woman which doesn't make any difference anyway because she is asexual, but this is the movie.

            She turns her frustrations towards the two members of the vampire family. She's always been closer to our hero who's in the female role of the vampire family.

            So of course, she chooses to love him and decides to get rid of the vampire in the male role. She sets out to murder him in a rage of violent and vicious anger. She tricks him into drinking dead blood.

            Now this is significant in many ways. She tells the vampire in the male role that she has a gift for him, brings him into the living room where there are these two boys.

            This is the only time that we see boys being victimized in the movie. They're both lying there, and she tells the vampire in the male role that she knocked these boys out. But, apparently, there is a vampire rule that you never drink the blood of dead people and that when you're draining a person of blood, you have to be aware of the beating of the heart.

            You have to stop drinking their blood before the heart stops beating. Otherwise, you'll be drinking the blood of a dead person, and that is devastating and deadly to a vampire.

            Now that has some interesting spiritual significance to us because there is a commandment in the scripture to not drink the blood and not to consort with the dead. We're not to consort with the dead.

            The whole problem is that everyone in this world is dead. We're all dead. Jesus was alive, He had true life. But the whole world is dead, so when we have a relationship with anybody, we're partaking of the dead.

            If we have a relationship where we're in a dependency role or in a co-dependency role, that we need that person's energy and that person's support to survive, we are drinking the blood of the dead. We get weaker and more mentally ill and more emotionally ill.

            Brethren, what we need is the blood of the Living One. We need the spiritual blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. No matter what your problem is, no matter how weak you are, no matter how severe your problem is, the answer is the same for everybody. You need a blood transfusion.

            You have to stop drinking the blood of other dead people. I'm talking about spiritual blood now.

            Every relationship that we have, brethren, is an exchange of energy. Co-dependency is a relationship between two people that draws the energy of the other person. Co-dependency is a relationship where each person is drawing, taking from the other person.

            Now people in the world know what I'm talking about. You just never thought of it in terms of energy. But that's actually what's happening.

            Both people are weak and instead of turning to Jesus Christ, the One who had unlimited supplies of strength and life, we turn to another human being because that's what our fallen mind tells us to do, and the two weak people draw from each other, and they kill each other.

            Sometimes people get sick, sometimes they die, sometimes they become mentally ill. The marriages that work, the relationships that are most healthy, are two people who are strong and vital and, hopefully, have a relationship with Jesus.

            But I know that there are people in this world that don't have a relationship with Jesus. They're just very strong positive people. It's inherited. They come out of a strong positive family, and they marry somebody, and the two people are sources of energy that are poured into each other.

            They build each other, and the family builds and everybody's healthy. I know that's the ideal marriage in Christ, that each individual has a vital relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ which is satisfying them, so that they don't come to their partner and draw on the partner's energy.

            In a marriage, both partners are supposed to be contributing energy to the marriage and to the family. You're supposed to be getting your energy from your relationship with Jesus Christ.

            Back to our little girl vampire. So she speaks to the full vampire who's in the male role and brings him in and says, this is my gift to you. There are two little boys lying there, and they look like they're asleep or either dead. But she tells him that she knocked them out. It never occurred to him that they were dead.

            He went to one of them and started drinking their blood. As soon as he ingested this blood, he knew something was wrong, and that he had ingested bad blood and that the boys were dead. He fell down on the floor ill, and the little girl vampire told him the truth; that yes, they were dead. I killed them.

            The vampire in the male role said, why did you do this to me? She told him, well, it's vengeance. You made me a vampire. You've ruined my whole life.

            But the truth of the matter is that was only part of it. The other part of it was that she was making the best of her situation in an irrational way. She was going to have a one on one relationship with our hero, with the vampire that had some good in him.

            In other words, she did not want to be a child anymore. She did not like her role in that vampire family. She was the eternal child in the vampire family, and she didn't like her role.

            She felt in her child mind that the only way she could get out of this role was to kill one of the vampire parents and enter into a companion relationship with the other vampire, which is exactly what she did.

            See brethren, threesomes are very dangerous. Three people could go on, two men and a woman, two women and a man, people could go on for a long time keeping that relationship healthy. But you never know when it's going to turn. It's really playing with fire.

            That's why Paul said, let each man have his own wife and live orderly. All of these potentials for mischief are within all of us.

            The only way that several people can live in close quarters and keep the situation healthy is when everybody is totally committed to live morally.

            But I have heard more stories, brethren, and I'm not telling anybody not to take your family in to live with you, but I'm telling you what goes on with humanity. I've heard more stories of a younger sister coming to live with a married couple, and the man slipping into her bedroom at night.

            I've heard more stories about that than I would like to hear. It's a temptation, you see. Paul said, let every man have his own wife.

            Of course, we know we have a plague of incest in this country today, which is just really sick.

            So we see that the little girl vampire matured in one aspect of her life. She remained an eternal child in that she was very selfish, unkind, vicious, cruel, actually witch-like, if you listen to her. She was very, very cruel.

            Emotionally and physically, she didn't mature, but she matured sexually. She wanted a one-on-one relationship. She did not want to be the child anymore.

            So the vampire, our hero, was shocked at what she did. When the vampire in the male role drank the bad blood, he became weak. He fell down on the floor, and she cut his head off or she mutilated him somehow. The two of them dumped the body in some river, and they went off to be the married couple.

            So the vampire, our hero, who had inclinations towards good, he graduated into the male role and the child became the female in the marriage.

            Isn't that interesting? If you can follow me, that's very psychological. From that day forward they lived as companions. They weren't involved sexually, but they had a relationship. They were companions, and she was no longer the child in the marriage.

            You could even see that her clothes changed, the way she wore her hair changed, and she was now in the female role.

            Even though her body didn't change and her emotions didn't change and she was asexual, she was dressing like a woman. She was no longer the child in the marriage. So she accomplished her goal.

            Then the vampire who was in the male role rose from the dead. He got out of that river somehow, and he returned to take vengeance.

            Up until this point, he looked like a human. He was a good looking man, but when he came back after being submerged in the river, he looked very ghost-like, and he was very frightening.

            Both the girl vampire and her new companion, who was really the "ex-wife" of the vampire that was murdered were terrified. I think an accidental fire started, or our hero set fire to fight off this creature, whatever he was, that had returned.

            I don't know how he could return from the dead. See, the significance in the movie is that they tell you that vampires cannot be killed.

            We saw this man's face scratched and it healed immediately. Yet she cut his head off, but when he came back, he had a head on. I don't really understand all this. He no longer looked human.

            Up to that point, before she did damage to him, he looked like a human being, but when he came back after being in the lake, he looked bizarre. So I don't understand that since he was supposed to be self healing.

            It has something to do with drinking the bad blood. Either there's no explanation because it was just a horror movie, or there's some significance that I do not understand.

            Well, they set him on fire, and he was completely torched and burning up. The couple, the girl vampire and our hero, the vampire that still has a good strain in him, left. They went to Europe.

            Our hero had it in his heart that he wanted to find another vampire because he had many questions to ask. There were many unanswered questions, and he wanted to find a vampire that was older than he was who could answer his questions.

            Well, they traveled all over Europe for many years and could not find one other vampire. Our hero was very discouraged and wondering if they even existed. When he gave up, a vampire found him in Europe.

            So, apparently, there was this group of vampires that recognized that he was looking for them, but they did not make themselves known until it was the right time for them. What made it the right time for them? I really don't know.

            But the vampire that finds our hero is a buffoon. He's a clown. Our hero is very frustrated. When I say he's a buffoon, I say this because he approached our hero, he didn't say one word to him, but acted like a clown. He did some bizarre things and stood on his head.

            Vampires are supposed to have supernatural powers, so he was like upside down and floating in the air, almost like a circus act. Our hero was very frustrated.

            He said, all of these years I'm looking for another vampire, and I finally found one, and he's a buffoon. He was angry. At which point, the buffoon vampire handed him a card, and it was in French. The card was a business card. It named a theater, and the name of the play was Lavey Ampheres. I don't know how they pronounce it in French.

             So he took his child companion vampire, and the two of them went to the theater to watch the play. It was very bizarre. Our hero mentions to the child vampire how wild it is.

            Here's a vampire acting like a human actor, not letting anyone know he's a vampire playing the part of a vampire in this play.

            Well, what does that say to me? That says to me, brethren, that when people tell you something about themselves, that they're bad or that they're capable of violence or any such thing, you should believe them.

            I had somebody tell me that once that they were capable of great violence, and I said, oh. It turned out that they were capable of great violence.

            When someone tells you something like that, you better take it seriously because we don't know people, so we need the Spirit of Christ to tell us about who we're considering being in relationship with because we just don't know, brethren. We don't know what anybody is capable of.

            So we see the child vampire was now in a mature female role even though she still looks like a child. Our hero attends the theater, and this play is gross, and it's a play with several vampires on the stage.

            There was a young woman. It was never made clear in the movie, but it was my opinion that the girl was not an actress, that they really somehow captured some girl and brought her on the stage and killed her.

            The head of the vampire group drained her blood first, and then he turned her over on the stage. There were at least ten others all dressed in black capes. They all zoomed in on her just like you would see a picture of vultures going after the carcass. You can't see the carcass because the vultures completely cover the carcass. That was what they did on the stage.

            What was interesting, however, was in the midst of this play, the young girl was screaming and terrified. A woman in the audience stood up and said, take me.

            I don't know if that would happen in reality, but the spiritual principle behind it is that some people, a lot of people, have such destructive tendencies that they're attracted to evil.

            Do you know that there are people who are attracted to evil? Brethren, there are people who are attracted to evil.

            I saw Ted Koppel do an interview on women who were engaged or married to murderers on death row, and that they marry them after they are convicted. There are sick people in this world that are turned on by violence, and people who are turned on by evil.

            So this woman in the audience stood up and said, take me, take me, because the girl on the stage was screaming. She didn't want to have her blood sucked, I guess.

            The actor, which was really a vampire, said something to the woman in the audience, to the effect of, no, who wants you.

            But the significance of it was that the audience was so caught up in the evil that they must have known what the play was about, and they actually came to see this performance.

            The whole performance was this group of vampires seducing, molesting, and, eventually, killing this young terrified girl. There was a whole theater filled with people that came to see this play.

            At the end of the play the vampires dove in on the woman where you couldn't even see her anymore. The curtain closed, and the people just got up and left.

            You know, there are counterparts of that in the world. In our country, most of them are not legal.

            Do you know that there's something called snuff porn. It's illegal in this country, but it exists. You can get it through the black market, where you watch two people having sex.

            I don't know whether the woman is always forced or not, but the end of the movie is that the man kills her. He really kills her. It's called snuff porn. They snuff her out. People pay money to see this.

            So how likely is it that there was a whole theater full of people in France that came to watch this bizarre show? I don't know. But I know that the human potential that was demonstrated by this scene of a whole theater of people coming to see this bizarre show is present in our society.

            It's illegal in this country. They have private showings in their homes. They put up a screen and play this snuff porn movie, and they have people sitting there, just like the people in the theater, only probably not as many. They pay a couple of thousand dollars to watch this movie.

            There's also a form of pornography where the woman is terrorized. People pay big money to watch this. That was what was demonstrated by this theater scene.

            Now what's interesting is that our hero, whose good side is still vibrating, thought that the play was monstrous. That's what he said, monstrous.

            Now why would he say that it was monstrous if it was a production? I think this is my first witness, other than what was in my heart, that the girl on that stage was not an actress. He must have known she was not an actress, and that was why he called it monstrous.

            After the play is over, our hero realizes that he has not only found one vampire, but he has found a whole group of vampires living as a community. He goes to meet them and he meets the leader.

            Now remember, our hero has been looking for a vampire teacher. He's looking for knowledge. I didn't see anything in the movie that really made it clear as to what kind of knowledge he wanted. But it seems to me that he wanted knowledge of how vampires came into being and who was the first vampire, just like we seek spiritual knowledge through the Scripture.

            I've had people tell me over the years, what do you need to know all that stuff for? I need to know. I have a thirst for spiritual knowledge, and I'm receiving it in Christ.

            So that's my guess, that he was looking for knowledge as to who the first vampire was and how this ever started, etc.

            Well, he meets the head of this group of vampires who is a very dynamic man. He claims to be four hundred years old, and he is without a companion.

            There's nothing in the movie that says whether he ever had a companion or what happened to his companion. There's a whole group of vampires, but this dynamic man is alone. He has no companion.

            The two of them, the teacher and our hero who is seeking to be taught, are attracted to one another immediately. Our hero recognizes that he believes that he has found a vampire teacher who could really teach him. The teacher wants our hero as a companion and does not want the child vampire around.

            Now why doesn't he want the child vampire around? I could not see any reason in the movie, other than that he wanted an exclusive relationship with our hero.

            Now brethren, this is what happens in real life. We see married people striking up a friendship with a third party, and if they don't watch out, that couple is going to be divorced.

            We see it among friendships with the same sex. Two people are friends. A third friend comes in, and, all of a sudden, the original two bust up.

            Once again, we see human qualities or the qualities of human relationships being manifested in this satiric movie about vampires.

            Our hero and the child vampire were very happy together. They were really like a married couple except that they were asexual. They went everywhere together and did everything together.

            Well, the child vampire got wind of what was happening. She saw the handwriting on the wall immediately. Our hero, the vampire who still had some good qualities, could not see any reason why he could not have a relationship with his teacher and still have a relationship with the child vampire.

            From what I could see, since everybody is asexual, there was really no reason why this could not be, except that the teacher was not willing to have any competition at all. He wanted our hero all for himself.

            Well, the child vampire saw the writing on the wall, and she was hysterical. She was very immature and very childish. She realized that she could not fight this.

            The teacher vampire had spiritual knowledge, and he could read their thoughts. He even knew the name of the vampire that they killed, the one who was in the male role of the vampire family. He knew his name, and he knew that they had killed another vampire.

            Condemnation came forth from him, and he said the one law that a vampire cannot break is to kill another vampire. That's the only evil that you're not allowed to do.

            I'm not really convinced of how offended the teacher vampire was that a fellow vampire had been killed as opposed to how much he just wanted to get rid of the child vampire.

            I think at this point, I would have to say his whole purpose in exposing this was that he really wanted to get rid of the child vampire.

            Well, our hero comes home one night, and there's the child vampire with a woman in their apartment. The woman gets up, and she had something around her neck. She took it off, and you could see that she had teeth marks on her neck. She says to our hero, drink.

            What's happening here is that the child vampire was looking to make herself another companion. She knew that she did not have the strength to fight against the teacher vampire, and she did not want to be alone. So she found a woman who was willing to become a vampire.

            Now she was very agitated, very hostile, very ugly, and a lot of women get like this, but it's immaturity, and it's witchcraft.

            She was just raging. This is my evaluation. Witchcraft was just raging through this child vampire. Evil was raging through the original vampire that was in the male role, and kindness was the overriding quality of our hero even though he was a murderer. But when you looked at him and talked to him, kindness was a quality.

            So our hero says to the child vampire, I don't want you to do this. It's not necessary. The child vampire, who was facing facts more than our hero, said, why don't you face it, he wants you all to himself. I don't have the strength to compete with him. I found somebody who wants me. Don't deny me this. I don't want to be alone.

            Our hero says to the woman, why do you want to become a vampire? The woman opens her locket and shows a picture of a child that died.

            Now what we have here, brethren, are all human motives. We see the rejected wife who's running out to get another person before her husband leaves her.

            Now not many wives do that, but a lot of girlfriends or boyfriends do that. Some wives and husbands do it too. The marriage is not what they want it to be, and they're out getting a girlfriend or boyfriend.

            A lot of people believe they need to get a boyfriend or girlfriend before they leave their present spouse. This is very ungodly.

            If you have a legitimate reason to leave your mate, you should leave your mate, and you should not be going out looking for another mate first. This is confusion and it is very, very ungodly.

            If you have a legitimate reason to go, you go, stand alone, be strengthened by God, heal and mend, go out and see what God has for you. But to get someone before you leave your mate, and I know this happens, this is very wrong.

            So here we see this immature child vampire behaving in this manner. She got herself another companion.

            Now there's a lot to talk about here. First of all, this whole concept of companions, and this happens in our society, many people get married for companionship.

            Now there's nothing wrong with deciding that you want a companion to go through life with and getting married on that basis. 

            There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if you feel that you cannot survive without a companion, that's one of the qualities of a co-dependent person.  If you're grasping at the first one that you could find, it's not healthy.

Part 2

            If you cannot stand alone for any length of time, you are a dependent person. A healthy person can stand alone, and you wait until a companion that will produce a positive relationship comes along.

            The healthy attitude is that  if he or she never comes along, there are still good things in life. There is a relationship with Jesus Christ; you could educate yourself; you could improve your mind; you could improve your skills and you can develop your talents.

            You can have loving relationships with people that are not sexual if you don't want to get into fornication.

            Now I'm not telling you not to get married. You go before Jesus. You ask Him for a mate, but to be miserable because you don't have a mate is a mental illness. It may be temporary, but it's a form of mental illness.

            I cannot tell you how many numbers of single people I have met that are in absolute misery, and that their obsession with getting married dominates their whole life.

            It used to be what I'm describing was more women acting this way, but today the men are the same way. A lot of the men in this society are really spiritual women. This search for a mate dominates their whole life. Nothing is more important to them.

            This is not the way it is supposed to be, brethren. We're supposed to be vital functioning people, whole in our relationship to Jesus Christ.

            This is the principle being demonstrated in this movie. Our society is filled with people like that. They cannot be alone. They'll take anybody, the first person that comes along, just don't leave me alone.

            In a real situation where the marriage is breaking up, and your husband is leaving you or your wife is leaving you, it is not meet to go out and grab the first woman or the first man you can get. You're supposed to stand alone and go through the pain and grow from it.

            If you grab the first man or woman that you can lay hands on, you have not grown from your experience. It's very unhealthy.

            Well, our little girl vampire is very immature, and she finds this woman who's willing to be her partner. The woman is willing to be her partner. She's willing to become a vampire because she lost her little girl.

            I don't really understand the significance of that, other than that she's full of self pity herself. But I still don't know why she would want to become a vampire.

            So either I'm missing something or there's something there that I don't understand. Or it was put into the movie because the movie really is a satire depicting what human beings are like when they're alone. But it really doesn't apply to vampires.

            So it's one of those two things. Either I don't understand it, or it was just put in there because the most important thing in this story is that we understand the depths of our human nature.

            Look at what you look like. Look at yourself. If you're a single person, or you have been a single person, and you were desperate in your singleness, here you are magnified a thousand times in the form of a child vampire.

            This is what was operating in you that made you grab the first person that came along, the thought that there's nothing worse than being alone.

            I think the underlying message of this movie is that all of humanity are vampires. We're all feeding off of each other. Very, very few people in our society are capable of making it alone, very few. The average person is dependent on other people in their lives.

            Now having other people in your life is a good thing, but to be dependent on the other people in your life is not a good thing. You're supposed to be able to stand alone in Christ Jesus.

            Well, our hero doesn't want her to go. Yet, he's really drawn to this teacher. He really wants this teacher, but I think that he's somewhat in denial because the truth is that the vampire teacher will not tolerate the child vampire. Our hero knows it.

            So after some resistance he agrees to make a vampire out of this woman so that the child vampire can have another companion after he leaves her, although he hasn't really agreed to leave her yet. He's struggling with the situation.

            Well, as soon as he yields to that evil, he makes this woman a vampire. The scene changes very fast, and our hero and the child vampire are being attacked by all the vampires of this group.

            I think that the significance here is that when he yielded to this evil, it opened the door for these other vampires to descend upon him. That's what it looked like to me.

            Well, they capture our hero, the child vampire, and the new companion of the child vampire. They're shouting like a lynch mob and saying, you have killed another vampire, and you are guilty. They pronounce judgment.

            They say that our hero will be locked up in a coffin for eternity, and they put him in a coffin and seal it. He's screaming because he can't get out, and he can't die either. They put the coffin in a wall and lay bricks and seal it up. They take the child vampire and her new companion and put them in what looks like a cell and seal it up with bricks and mortar.

            The whole scene is very evil, and the child vampire and her new companion are huddling together trying to comfort each other in the cell, and the sun rises. They see that they're in this cell, but if they look all the way up, there's an opening in the ceiling.

            Now vampires die when they come in contact with the sunlight. As the sun crosses over that hole, it kills them. So the child vampire and her new companion die.

            Right after that happens, you see the teacher vampire with a pick axe breaking the wall where our hero is, and he gets the coffin out and lets our hero out of the coffin. Our hero is frantic, and he's looking for the child vampire.

            The teacher vampire tries to discourage him from doing it, but, according to the movie, our hero has a true love for this child vampire. He loved her since she was a little girl, and he breaks down the wall and pulls all the stones apart.

            When he gets into the cell, he sees that the child and her new companion had turned to dust when the sunlight hit them. They had turned to dust, and he is very angry. The teacher vampire tries to tell him that he couldn't stop the mob, but our hero knows that, that is not true.

            So here again, the child vampire wanted our hero for herself so she killed the vampire that was completely given over to evil, and she reaped what she sowed. She murdered, and she was murdered. She reaped what she sowed in vampire land.

            But our hero was not willing to switch partners under these conditions. He took vengeance upon the lynch mob of vampires that killed his love. He burned their coffins, and they caught on fire, and when they tried to escape he had a big scythe and cut their bodies.

            In the next scene we see him talking to the teacher. The teacher still wants him. The vampire didn't care that he killed all of those other vampires.

            Now I don't know if those other vampires were dead because our original vampire, you may recall, the one who was given over to evil, he couldn't die. He drank the bad blood, and the child vampire cut his head off and put him in the lake, and he came back from the dead.

            But the movie doesn't show whether these other vampires rose from the dead or not. We never hear about them again.

            The teacher vampire wants our hero, but our hero is getting stronger with every tragedy in his life. He is the negative aspect of the overcomer. He's getting stronger with every tragedy in his life.

            He's very, very strong when he talks to his teacher. He tells him in no uncertain terms that as much as he wanted this opportunity to learn about vampire history, he wanted nothing to do with this man who murdered to get him.

            Now this is interesting because this is the second one who murdered to get him. The child vampire murdered to get him, and he accepted that because of the situation.

            We see that people have certain bondages in their life. Some people call them curses. Two people killed to get this man. The first time he went along with it because he was already involved with the child vampire. But he told the teacher vampire in no uncertain terms that he wanted nothing to do with him.

            So we see that the vampire murdered to get our hero, but lost him anyway.

            This is an excellent example of the breaking of a curse. It is not true that you can lay hands on somebody, and say, I break that curse in the Name of Jesus and see the curse fall away.

            When someone with spiritual power breaks a curse on you, they loosen the bands to the point that you now have the strength to overcome the curse. The way you overcome the curse is by having a different reaction than the curse commands.

            Let me give you an example. There was a curse on our hero's life or on his death as a vampire, whatever you want to call it. He was always being sought after. The curse says that he would be sought after by another vampire who was willing to kill to get him and who would, in fact, kill the present mate to get him.

            Now in the first instance, when the child vampire killed the companion of our hero, he knew it was wrong, and he told her it was wrong. But he could not bring himself to separate from her because they already had a very close relationship when she did this evil deed. Therefore, the curse continued.

            But when the teacher vampire killed to get him, he had no companion. The child vampire was gone. When our hero chose to stand alone without a companion rather than go with the vampire who killed to get him, the curse broke.

            Curses have to be overcome, but sometimes they are so strong that we cannot overcome them. In which case, we need the impartation of spiritual power from Jesus Christ to give us the strength to overcome the curse.

            If we do not overcome it, we pass it on to our children. If you don't believe that's true, you're mistaken, because it's true. We pass our weaknesses on to our children, brethren. That's what a curse is.

            A curse is an evil event that keeps repeating itself in the life of the person. The reason it keeps repeating itself in our life is because we do not have the strength to resist coming into agreement with the curse.

            Our hero came into agreement with the curse when he could not separate from the child vampire because she got him the wrong way. She killed for their relationship. Yet, he found the strength to do it with the teacher vampire, and that was the end of the curse.

            Relating this to human beings, if we do not overcome a curse in our lifetime, we pass that spiritual or emotional weakness on to our children.

            Our children are usually inclined to be more like one parent than the other, but they have the qualities of the parents. They have their weaknesses, and they have their strengths.

            So we see this principle in this satire on human nature which is being expressed through a bizarre situation, a community of vampires.

            We see our author has used a community of vampires to exaggerate human behavior to such a degree that she has exaggerated it to the bizarre. But if we're willing to look at it, we can see our self in this story.

            That is the definition of great literature. Great literature is literature that deals with human nature. That's why great literature is ageless.

            Shakespeare is ageless because he talks about the passions and the evil, and he talks about human nature, the good of human nature, and the evil of human nature. That's why his stories transcend generations because people don't change. There's nothing new under the sun.

            Whether this story, An Interview With A Vampire, will someday be great literature, I don't know. I thought it was pretty gory, but that was the movie.

            Of course, the story of Count Dracula has transcended generations. I don't know whether that would be considered great literature or not. But for today, I think the Lord is giving us a really interesting study on it.

            So let's go on.

            Our hero now has no companion. Two of his companions have been murdered. The first vampire companion, who was completely given over to evil, murdered to get him. He murdered our hero who was a living man.

            The vampire who was given over to evil, murdered a human being, made him into a vampire so that he could have a companion. He didn't go out and meet a vampire and say, let's be companions. He murdered a human being to achieve his goals.

            Then the child vampire murdered the vampire who was given over to evil, and then the teacher vampire murdered the child vampire. Look at the murder that's surrounding our hero's life, and he keeps losing his companions because of murder.

            His first companion as a vampire was murdered by the child vampire, and then the child vampire who was his second companion was murdered by the teacher vampire.

            I would venture to say that if he had gone off with the teacher vampire, it would have just been a matter of time until someone killed the teacher vampire to become our hero's companion.

            Brethren, there is a truth to this. This is why the Scripture says to women, anyway, if you're not happy in your marriage, and you really feel you cannot live with the man, that you should depart and live alone.

            I've heard it preached that this is a punishment. This is not a punishment. I do not believe that the Scripture says you should live alone forever.

            I believe the principle is that you should live alone and serve God until these curses are broken on your life because to have a marriage that is so painful to you that you really feel you cannot live with the man, that is a curse on your life.

            The chances of you falling into another bad marriage, if you marry again, are very great, very great. That's what it's all about.

            Okay, let's go on with our movie. So our hero has become very strong. He is now strong enough to stand alone. He was strong enough to take vengeance on behalf of the child vampire. He is moving in a strong spirit of righteousness.

            It's not the righteousness of Jesus Christ, but he's moving in a high moral ethic which, of course, once again, is bizarre coming out of a vampire. But this movie is a satire.

            In the next scene, we see that our hero has left Europe, and he went back to New Orleans. In the natural, just looking at this as a movie, this really makes no sense at all. I think it was all part of the satire.

            So our hero is walking along a street in New Orleans one night, and the movie says he could smell death. In other words, he was led to a particular house in New Orleans, and the smell of death was emanating from the house.

            The house looked all run down, and it was sort of a scary scene. Our hero entered into a sort of mansion-type house that looked almost like a haunted house that was all run down, cobwebs, etc.

            He walks into a room and sitting there in a very decrepit, beaten condition is the original vampire. The vampire who was given over to evil, who was murdered by the child vampire, came back from the dead.

            Let me remind you, the child vampire tricked the original vampire into drinking the blood of dead people. He drank the blood of that dead young boy, and it weakened him. Then I think she cut his head off. She stabbed him, and our hero and she dumped him in a river.

            Then the original vampire came back. He appeared to be dead, but somehow he regenerated, and he came back after the child vampire and our hero were already pursuing their existence as companions.

            You may recall that our hero, so frightened that the original vampire would kill the child vampire, he set fire to the whole house including the original vampire. That's was the last time we saw the original vampire. He was a flaming torch burning up.

            Then the child vampire and our hero went to Europe and had this whole experience that I've just recounted to you. Then our hero goes back to New Orleans because he had such a bad experience in Europe, and here he finds the original vampire is still alive.

            Before I go on with this, the Lord is reminding me of another point. I'd like to put this point on hold for a minute and talk about seeking after something that is so difficult to find.

            Our hero sought after a teaching vampire for years. He wanted it with all his heart. Then he found what he was looking for, and when he found what he was looking for, it destroyed him.

            Brethren, this is not uncommon among human beings. We lust for things, we seek things for years and years and years, and when we find it, it destroys us. So many people have this testimony.

            I know as far as I'm concerned, that I don't know what's good for me. I just have to put everything in the hands of Jesus Christ because I do not even know what I would like. I think I would like it at the moment and then when Jesus moves on me, I don't want it anymore or I want something that I didn't want.

            So you see, I'm two people. I'm Christ, and I'm my carnal mind, and I don't know what's good for me, and I don't even know what I want. So I have stopped asking.

            The only things that I ask for are peace and contentment, and I ask the Lord to help me to be blameless. I'd like my sin nature removed. Things like that I pray for. But I don't pray for the things of this world anymore.

            I just tell the Lord, you know I'm human. I need shelter, I need food, I need transportation here on Long Island, and, aside from that, I'll be grateful for whatever you give me.

            I don't even know what I want. I think I know what I want, and then I find out I don't want it. I've got this revelation. We have a whole world full of people pursuing what they think they want, and, when they find it, they're miserable.

            I have seen men pursue a particular kind of woman, blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny minnie, model type, whatever. They marry her, and she turns out to be a Jezebelic witch. I've seen women look for a strong man and reject several offers of marriage until they find their strong man, and when they marry him, he is totally dominating and domineering, and they can't bear it and can't live with the man.

            We don't know what we want, brethren. Your best bet is to put your life in the hands of Jesus Christ.

            So we see that our hero pursued what he wanted. He went to Europe looking for a teaching vampire. He looked everywhere, and the teaching vampire wrecked his life, destroyed his love, actually brought forth conflict in our hero's heart.

            Our hero desired to be faithful to the child vampire, but he really wanted that instruction from that teaching vampire, and he sold out his companion by agreeing to make that other woman a vampire so the child vampire could have another companion. Yes, I'm going to leave you and go to this other person, this teaching vampire, because he's offering me what I want.

            You know, that's just a type of someone who has been married for twenty years or however many years. No marriage is perfect, no person is perfect. Then one day, you've been married all these years and if you're a woman, you find a man and if you're a man, you find a woman and you think that person is going to give you what your mate has failed to give you.

            You love your mate, but there's an area in your life where you are disappointed in that marriage. You're dumb enough to think that this other person is going to give you what you think you need or what you think you want. You wreck your twenty year marriage or your ten year marriage, and you get married to this other person and frequently you're divorced within a year.

            I've seen it happen. The grass is always greener on the other side, brethren.

            Our hero, in his heart, even though he was struggling with giving up the child vampire that he had a history with, really was going over to the teaching vampire. When he agreed to make a vampire out of the child vampire's new companion, that was when the judgment fell.

            I think I mentioned this already when the group of vampires rose up to bring judgment. There was legal ground. He was willing to betray the one who he had been with all of those years for someone who promised to give him what he wanted.

            Maybe the teaching vampire could have given him what he wanted, but what about the strings, brethren? What about the price?  There's always a price. Even when you serve Jesus, there's a price. Everything we do is an exchange. I give you this, you give me that. I choose this, I leave that behind me.

            You know, when I was a naive young woman, I was really dumb enough to think that you could go through life just holding on to everything that you have and keep on bringing new things I desired into my life.

            When I found out that life wasn't that way, that when something I was looking for came into my life, I would lose something else, I was angry. I wanted to hold on to it all. But that's just not the way it is. Life isn't that way.

            As you grow, you have new experiences, new relationships, and you leave other experiences and relationships behind. It's called maturation. It's called growing up.

            So our hero did a wrong thing to the child vampire. But, of course, she didn't help him any. She was very immature about it. If we're looking at this as a type of human marriage on the rocks, the child vampire behaved in a very childish way.

            She said to him, go ahead, why don't you just leave me. I know you're going to do it anyway. She pushed him out the door. I believe that in real life some men would do that.

            But some people are mature enough, if you're in Christ, to be praying. You don't give up that easy. If you see that your mate is having a conflict, if you see that your mate is being seduced because he's found something he's been looking for all these years, you don't open the door so he can walk out.

            So our child vampire was very, very childish in the way she dealt with it. Who knows, maybe our hero would have taken the victory if she didn't press him. You see, he was struggling.

            There was a time in this ministry when I tried to explain this principle to all of you. I've ascended to a place in Christ right now where I'm fairly strong. When I sit down to preach, it really takes a lot to knock me out of the anointing, but it wasn't always this way.

            Even when it came to making decisions, there was a time where it was very difficult for me to stay in Christ. I know that I had a difficult time explaining to you here that if you came forth with suggestions out of your carnal mind, or if you did something really carnal in the meeting, I would just fall down out of Christ.

            I understood that from your point of view, you must have thought I was some kind of fanatic nut saying, don't do that, don't talk, don't this, don't that. You must have thought I was crazy, but the truth of the matter was I needed your help until I got to where I am now. I needed you to sit quietly and to not do things.

            It made no sense that I was asking you to not do these things, but the truth is I would fall out of Christ. If I was trying to hear from God on making a decision, and you came forth with suggestions that came out of your carnal mind, it just knocked me for a loop.

            Now it can't do that to me anymore. Today, I'll turn around and I'll say to you, I'm pretty sure that was your carnal mind speaking through you. But going back five or eight years ago, I would just go into confusion.

            So this is what the child vampire did to our hero. He was weak, he was tottering. He knew what was right, but he was lusting for what he was being tempted with, and he was struggling.

            She, the child vampire, his companion, instead of strengthening him on his good side, which wanted to stay with her, out of fear of rejection, out of fear of being rejected and alone, she strengthened him on his weak side and said, go ahead, leave me. I don't need you.

            How many times do we do this? How many times do we reject because we have a fear of rejection. People do it a lot. We reject people who we think are about to reject us. It happens all the time. It doesn't have to be on a permanent level where you're rejecting a person. but in the basis of the whole relationship.

            I can't tell you how many times I'll say something to somebody that I can't do something and right away their answer is, oh, I didn't want to do that anyway. I didn't want to go anyway. I didn't need that, which I thought you were going to give me, anyway. That's all fear of rejection rising up to reject the other person before they can reject you. It's sin, you know. It's the sin of pride.

            Our hero just might have taken the victory if he had had a companion who would have been a little more mature and stood by him.

            Back to human nature again. Okay, we're back in New Orleans and our hero is walking into this haunted house. There is the original vampire.

            To be honest with you, I don't really understand this. Again, I think it has to do with the movie simply being a satire. He's a vampire who could not be killed. But how did he become so decrepit? He was old and decrepit and weak and depressed, sitting in this chair. I mean he was pitiful to behold.

            You know, when I tried to figure this out, I said, well maybe it was the dead blood that weakened him. See, he went from being a vampire who appeared and was vital.. Forget that he was a vampire.

            Let me talk to you in terms of a human being. He was vital, he was alive, he was energetic, he was good looking, he was youthful, he was active, and he led a full life. But ever since he had these bad experiences where first, the child vampire killed him, and then the second time our hero killed him for the child vampire, he was like a monster.

            It was our hero that set him on fire when he came back. But he came back from the dead as a monster. He wasn't the same man who was vital and youthful and living a full life as a vampire. So, apparently, he survived being torched as well, and here he was living in this haunted house all by himself in complete misery and depression.

            This formerly good looking man looked ugly and old, and his face was scarred, and he had a bad expression on his face. I couldn't understand how he became this monster. The only thing I could think of was that the dead blood did this to him. He was a broken vampire. He was just broken. He couldn't even get out of the house.

            As our hero walked into the house, you saw dead rats all over the porch, the significance being that the original vampire was drinking the blood of the rats now. If you could just get past the grossness of this, the significance of it is that he wasn't strong enough, well enough, or healthy enough to go out and feed on human beings.

            The psychological significance of it is that we have people in this world who cannot sustain relationships with other people. There are men who cannot sustain a relationship with a woman and women who cannot sustain a relationship with men. It's more likely men than women, but things are changing today, but I still think it's more likely men than women.

            They will consort with prostitutes. They can't have a relationship with a woman. They do not know how to treat a woman, or there's some kind of curse on their life, and they're always picking the wrong kind of woman who won't stay with them. They'll pick someone who will only want money from them.

            From both a male and female point of view, they get involved with people who always leave them. I'm not talking about Christians now. I'm talking about people in the world who are in fornication. They get involved with a member of the opposite sex and after one or two times, the other party leaves them.

            They're dysfunctional people in this world. They cannot make it with a member of the opposite sex. So they resort to prostitutes, they resort to masturbation, they resort to pornography.

            I get all these offers for pornography in my e-mail box. I just can't seem to stop it. I've complained to AOL all over the place, and they can't seem to stop it. So lately, I've just been forwarding it to their complaint department. I don't see any pictures. But when I open it up I see a few words.

            I've been getting this advertisement two or three times already for a virtual doll. They're selling a virtual doll that talks to you and responds to you. I didn't read the whole thing, but it's pretty obvious that the doll can engage in sexual activity.

            People that do this are dysfunctional people. It is not easy to have a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. You have to negotiate, you have to give and take, and compromise. It's very hard having a positive relationship with a member of the opposite sex. You can't have your way all the time.

            So if you're emotionally immature or dysfunctional, you go get yourself a virtual doll.

            The significance of this original vampire living alone in this haunted house, feeding on rats, is that he wouldn't even go out to look for a human to feed on. He was completely withdrawn and depressed and broken. He begged our hero to stay with him.

            You see, I didn't get it at that point. I didn't get it until the end of the movie. But what the author was trying to say through this was that the original vampire was still in this broken condition because of the rejection of our hero and the rejection of the girl vampire. He was so emotionally devastated that he couldn't regenerate himself.

            Now remember, this is the vampire where I told you on Part 1 of this message, that his cheek was cut, and it healed right up. He had the power of regeneration. He survived complete death.

            The second time he was torched. He should have been burned to a crisp. So why didn't he have the strength to come back in the vital condition that he was in before the tragedy hit him?

            I found out later on in the movie that he was broken emotionally. He was devastated that the two members of his family turned on him and did this to him. They were a family. It even said so in the movie. The original vampire, our hero and the child vampire, they were a family.

            This is incest, brethren. Two members of the family turning on the original vampire. They just destroyed him. Brethren, incest destroys.

            When you have a close unit, and two people line up and do evil to the third party, whether that third party is a mother or a father or a child in the family, it's devastating.

            There are victims of incest in great numbers in this country. They're broken emotionally because they were betrayed by members of their own family. That's the significance. I'll get to that when I tell you the end of the movie. I'll tell you why I'm saying that.

            This was the original vampire's condition. He was a broken vampire because of incest. He had just enough strength to regenerate himself from the dead because the only thing that can kill a vampire is the True Light. But he didn't have enough energy to regenerate himself to be a full vital vampire and lead a normal vampire life.

            So he begs our hero to stay with him, and our hero tells him, no, I'm sorry, I have to go. Our hero is very strong. He's living without a companion right now, and he leaves him.

            The original vampire is just melancholy and morbid and in a pitiful condition that he cannot lift himself up out of. Our hero was not about to take a dependent vampire to hang on him. He was not interested in co-dependency.

            You're only co-dependent when both people are dependent. Our hero did not want to take on a dependent vampire who would be a burden to him.

            Also significant is that the roles were completely reversed. The original vampire and our hero had reversed roles.

            You may recall, at the beginning, the original vampire was a teacher in a male role to our hero and was training him in the ways of the vampire. Now the roles were completely reversed.

            Our hero was weak in those days. He was weak in that he didn't want to kill people. He was very reluctant to go on to be a mature vampire, if you want to put it that way. So he was in a traditionally female role. But at this point the original vampire has become weak and decrepit and begging our hero to stay with him, but our hero says no.

            Brethren, there are many marriages where this situation occurs. I think it's more likely for women to be in this role, but men do it too. They just beg their mate to come back.

            In a situation where there's been a divorce, for example, and one of the members of the marriage has not made it. They're emotionally shattered. They have not adjusted, they have not recovered, and they have not gone out and made a life for themselves. From time to time, they may run into their ex-mate and beg him or her to come back. This situation exists in life. It really does.

            We're getting near to the end of the movie. As a matter of fact, I think that was pretty much the last part of it.

            In the next scene, we're back to the beginning again, where our hero is being interviewed by a reporter. Let me remind you that this movie began with this reporter looking for a story.

            For whatever reason, our hero was stalking him because our hero was still feeding off of human beings. The reporter picked up the vampire. He was looking for a story. I don't know whether he knew who or what he was. But our hero vampire decided not to kill him and drink his blood. He decided since this man was a reporter, he was going to take this opportunity to get his story out to the world. So he was not going to kill the reporter.

            We are now back in the hotel room with our hero vampire telling his story, and the reporter is all excited after hearing this story, and he jumps up. The reporter says to our hero vampire, what an exciting life you've had. How wonderful it is experiencing all these supernatural things. I would just love to be a vampire.

            Now in the natural, that's completely ridiculous. Who would choose to be a vampire?

            This is the second time in this movie we've seen someone choosing to be a vampire. The woman whose daughter died was the other time. I still don't understand why she would want to be a vampire. But this reporter is saying something crazy, I want to be a vampire because you've had such an exciting life.

            Well brethren, human beings say crazy things all the time. I have seen women interviewed on TV who are married to fugitives and murderers. I've seen women on TV who write to convicted serial killers, telling them how much they love them. These women actually marry these convicted serial murderers.

            There was one case where a man had married a female convicted murderer. People do crazy destructive things in their life. People pursue all kinds of destructive activities and destructive people, especially in our society today where compulsion is rampant.

            Women going after men, and men going after women, looking for the wrong qualities, and then when they marry them they're disappointed that the person is not what they want them to be. They marry for the wrong reasons.

            Today, a lot of men marry a woman that they think is going to be great in bed, and then they find out she doesn't like to cook or do any of the housework. They're disappointed, and sometimes they're angry.

            Well, you never asked her if she liked to do housework or cook. Sometimes you find out the woman doesn't want children. Well, did you ever ask her if she wanted children? No, you married her on this one basis. You wanted Jezebel in your bed.

            A lot of women do the same thing. They go out looking for some quality in a man, whether it's for a lot of money, whether they think he's a good lover or because he's violent.

            I know a lot of women who are attracted to violent men. They think it's exciting that this guy is in a fight all the time until he starts hitting them.

            So you marry a man for one particular reason and after you marry, he's out there beating up all these guys. When he turns his fist on you, you're surprised?

            People find destructive lifestyles exciting. A lot of people find destructive lifestyles exciting.

            Well, if you're looking at it from that point of view, it's not so bizarre that the reporter was saying, wow, what an exciting life you have as a vampire. I would love to be a vampire. That sounds crazy until you realize the movie is a satire, and the author is talking about human nature.

            Well, our hero is an ethical vampire. The reporter was asking to be made a vampire. I'm not sure about that. But our hero gets very angry, and he says to the reporter, didn't you hear a word that I said?

            In other words, I just told you the whole story of my life, all of the pain and the hardship and the trouble I had in my life and you want to be a vampire? What's wrong with you?

            Our hero jumps up and bangs the reporter against the wall and scares him half to death. Our hero is an ethical vampire, and he typifies the ethical man of the world who is not willing to bring an innocent person into his lifestyle. He typifies the bank robber who won't let his younger brother become a bank robber. He typifies the drug addict who won't let that young person who idolizes him take drugs.

            I don't know if it exists anymore in this world, but years ago, sometimes a man would be a gentleman and no matter how much he loved the woman, he would wait to go to bed with her until they were married. That's the kind of ethical person that our hero vampire was.

            So he said to this reporter, are you crazy? I'm not going to make you a vampire. At that point, our hero vampire could have taken this reporter and made him a vampire and had a companion. Our hero would have been in the male role and had the authority. He would have had this person as a companion in a female role just wanting to serve him.

            But he wouldn't take advantage of this ignorant human who didn't know what he was talking about, who was so deaf, that after our hero vampire told the whole story of his life, this reporter was so self destructive that his ears didn't hear any of the negative. His dysfunctional brain just heard the excitement of it.

            You can translate this whole scene into a situation with drugs.  They say, I know all about the devastation of taking heroin, but I just want to try it. It just sounds so exciting. I just want to shoot up.

            Well our ethical vampire gets very angry. Now why do you think he would get angry at this writer? Don't you think he would just say, now you're being silly, and you're being dysfunctional, and I'm not going to be a party to your downfall. Why do you think he got angry?

            He got angry because he was tempted. He was tempted to drink the man's blood, to either kill him or make a vampire out of him.

            Our hero vampire picks him up in a supernatural move which gets the reporter all nervous. Then our hero vampire pushes him up against the wall. There was violence involved. He says to him with his eyes blazing, do you want to be food for the immortals? Do you want to be food for the immortals?

            You know, I have to tell you in view of the whole movie, I don't really see how that statement fits in. Unless our hero vampire meant that somebody would drink his blood and kill him. Maybe that was what he meant. If a vampire makes you a vampire, then you're not food for the immortals.

            I guess to be food for the immortals, you would have to be a total victim and then die. I think what our hero vampire was saying is that if you walk around with this kind of an attitude, that you're looking for vampires because you think they're exciting, a vampire will surely manifest himself to you and drink your blood.

            Brethren, it's the same principle in life. I saw a talk TV show. It was about couples who swing. The couples up on the show belonged to a club where everybody swings. You go out and you play checkers and bridge and whatever you do, and then you pair off and you do whatever everybody agrees to do.

            Well, there was one straight couple that belonged to this club. The commentator asked them what are you doing hanging around these people if you and your wife don't swing?

            The answer was total denial. Well, we like to play checkers and bridge. What's wrong with playing checkers and bridge with a bunch of people in a club where everybody, except us, swings? They were the only ones who didn't swing.

            Does anybody not know what I'm talking about when I say swing. I'm talking about switching marital partners. The whole audience knew it. The interviewer knew it. The other members of the club who were on the show knew it.

             Everybody except the couple who didn't swing knew that this couple that didn't swing was hanging out in this club because really, in the depths of their being, they wanted to do it, but they just weren't ready to take the step.

            You hang out with people that you admire. You hang out with people who engage in activities that you want to engage in. When you're doing that, it's just a matter of time until your defenses break down and you join them. So everybody knew it except this couple. They were in denial.

            The principle here, with regard to the movie, is our hero saying to this writer, if you go around admiring vampires, surely some vampire will find you and feed on you.

            Our writer becomes so frightened because of the violent supernatural manifestations where our hero was in front of the writer in one instance, and then within a couple of seconds he was behind him.

            There were supernatural manifestations and violence, and our writer was just terrified. He packed up his tape recorder and went running out of the hotel room, just absolutely terrified. He got into his car and started driving.

            Now I thought that the vampire was in the back seat of his car. He was driving in a convertible. But nobody was in the back seat of his car, and he was driving away down main roads, and he was on a bridge, just scared out of his mind.

            When the writer gets several miles away from the hotel, he starts to calm down and looks behind him. There's nobody in the back seat of his car, and as soon as he breathes a sigh of relief, the original vampire appears supernaturally in the back seat of his car.

            It was a trick ending. The vampire sinks his fangs into the writer's neck and drinks his blood.

            What has happened here? Our hero vampire predicted this. He said to the writer, if in your heart you truly admire vampires, some vampire is going to manifest in your life and feed on you. But I won't do it. That's what our hero vampire said. I won't do it. I will not take advantage of some ignorant human, which of course, makes no sense at all because our hero admitted that he was feeding off of human beings.

            So I don't really even have a comment on that except that the movie was a satire. I guess it's different when you know the person. I don't know, and I don't want to talk about something I don't know about.

            Our hero vampire admitted that he was feeding off of human beings, but yet he seemed to have some affinity with this writer and he said, no, I won't do it to you, and you better stop admiring vampires or one of them is going to manifest in your life and either kill you or make you their companion.

            The writer ran, but, apparently, he had taken a step in his heart. He had heard this whole story and something base in our writer had risen up and responded to the story.

            Brethren, that's how pornography works. You listen to a base pornography story, and, in some people, something base from our lower nature can rise up in us and respond. We don't know the depths that we could sink to because we lead decent lives.

            Look at what happened to Patty Hearst. I fully believe that she was overtaken by her kidnappers. Nobody knows the depths that we would sink to under desperate conditions.

            So this writer had been exposed to the story of vampirism, and it touched something base in him. He lusted for the vampire life even though his ears heard what the vampire said.  But something base in the writer's emotions had risen up and responded to the idea of that lifestyle.

            Now the significance of the original vampire appearing supernaturally in the car is this. The original vampire was broken and defeated because he didn't have a companion. His companions had turned on him. We're talking about spiritual incest here. Supernaturally, the original vampire recognized that there was a man who had heard the story of vampirism, and this baseness in him had risen up and responded to it.

            Supernaturally, the original vampire was there to give him his true heart's desire.

            Brethren, I would really venture to say, in the majority of people of the world, our true heart's desire is not what's coming out of our mouth. We say one thing, but we think another certain way.

            It's called fantasy. A lot of people have fantasies today. It's a big thing living out your fantasy. People fantasize about all kinds of things that they don't ever intend to do.

            Today there's a lot of sexual fantasy. Psychiatrist tell you it's okay if you just think about it, imagine it, do it in your mind, you don't have to cheat on your wife. Just think about it and, it's okay.

            But that's not true because the mind is very powerful. That's what this aspect of the movie is about.

            A lot of people are in denial about what they really want. They deny it. This whole world, this whole country, is in denial, anyway. But a lot of people have all kinds of evil inclinations within themselves, and they just put it down.

            But some people want it really badly enough to expose themselves to the situation. Then when it happens to them, they can say, well, it was forced on me.

            Does anybody know what I'm talking about here? The principle that the author of this book is putting forth here is that you get what you really want even though you're denying it with your mouth. You may be denying it in a lot of ways. You get what you really want out of life.

            What that means is that your unconscious mind is moving to bring into your life what you really, really want. A lot of people want things that they know are not good for them. So they deny that they want it, and yet they always wind up in that situation.

            Some women always wind up with married men. I knew a woman who was going out with a married man for years. She finally broke up with him and wound up with another married man. Don't tell me there are no single men in the world.

            Brethren, you get what you're looking for. She probably didn't want to get married. I don't know, I never analyzed her. It was a long time ago. If you want to get married, you'll find a man. You may have to compromise. If you want to get married badly enough, you can get anything that you want.

            But the principle here is that you don't get what your mouth says you want. You get what your heart really is lusting for, no matter how much you deny it. That's what you get.

            You hate your job. You're working there day in and day out. You just hate it so bad that your work production starts getting poor, and you get fired.

            Well, you got yourself fired. You knew it would be an irresponsible thing to quit your job before you got another one, but you hated it so badly that your behavior got you fired. You get what you really want, even when you're in denial about what you really want.

            So the writer wanted the vampire life. He heard the story of the vampire pornography. We're relating this to pornography now. It touched something deep within him that responded to vampirism.

            Brethren, once you take the cork out of that bottle, it's very hard, if it's at all possible, to put it back in. Something was released in the writer when he heard the story of vampirism.

            Now, apparently, according to this movie, vampires could not take human beings and make vampires out of them unless the victim either was desiring to be a vampire, or desiring to die, or was just a very negative person.

            According to this movie, there were very few people around who qualified to become a vampire. So the original vampire was languishing in the haunted house because he couldn't find a companion.

            I think everybody knows somebody who's languishing because they're single. They're in such misery and agony because they're single.

            That was our original vampire languishing in the haunted house. Well supernaturally, he became aware that there was a human being in the general area that had something released within him that made him a potential candidate.

            Something was released in the reporter when he heard the story about vampirism that made him a potential vampire. The original vampire supernaturally appeared in the back seat of the car, sank his fangs into the reporter's neck, and left him lying there in the back seat.

            Now the indication in the movie was that he was going to make a vampire out of the writer. He didn't kill him. He wanted a new companion. Our original vampire was completely useful again, revitalized, exciting. He came back to life again.

            The significance is this man who was in self pity and broken and decrepit and pitiful, came to vital life as soon as he found a mate.

            It's a commentary on our society. I've seen it. People miserable and depressed all the time, and as soon as they get that companion, they come to life.

            That was what happened in the movie. The original vampire retrieves his youth again. The writer was lying in the back seat, and a lot of his blood was largely drained. The original vampire took over driving the car. Apparently he was taking him to a place where he would make a vampire out of him.

            I told you at the beginning of this message that it took two stages to make a vampire out of you. The first stage is that the vampire drinks your blood, and the second stage is that you drink the vampire's blood. It's this exchange of blood that makes you a vampire.

            This is the end of the movie now. This was the significance. The reporter was lying in the back seat. He had  enough blood drained from him to be just lying there, and we see the original vampire, youthful and vital and all excited at the thought of having a new companion.

            The original vampire repeats the self deception that he said to our hero at the beginning. He said, I'll give you your choice. I won't make you a vampire against your will. That's what happened to me, but I'll give you your choice.

            You may recall what I said about that at the beginning of the message on Part 1, that the original vampire drained the blood of our hero to the point of death and then whispered in his ear and said to him, you're drained to the point of death. Do you want to die or do you want to become a vampire?

            On top of the fact that the man was drained to the point of death, the original vampire was using mind control and witchcraft on him so, of course, the man said yes, and our hero became a vampire.

            I told you in the first part of this message that the original vampire was just in self deception thinking that he was giving our hero a choice.

            Brethren, you don't have a choice when you're drained of blood to the point of death and you're in shock because there's a vampire whispering in your ear using witchcraft and mind control on you. That is not exactly giving you your choice as to what you want to be. That's the end of the movie.

            Our hero remained an ethical high level vampire. The original vampire came back to life when he found a mate, and the reporter got what he had been looking for all his life, only he didn't know what he wanted until he heard this story of vampirism, and it touched his spirit. He found out what he really was in his heart, and he got his true heart's desire.

            Brethren, you know that's my life's story. I could not find my place in this world. For years nothing made me happy.

            I tried all kinds of things. I tried sports, I went skiing, I went horseback riding, I did all kinds of stuff, I tried reading all kinds of books.  I tried taking all kinds of college courses, all different majors in college, nothing made me happy. Nothing!

            I read history books, I read mystery books, I majored in Spanish, I was writing essays in Spanish, I was doing comparative literature across language barriers. Nothing made me happy.

            The day that Jesus Christ touched me, I knew why I was in this world. The day Jesus Christ touched me, I knew this was it. I was 38 years old.

            All of those years, I didn't know what I was looking for. Nothing held my interest. I was like a man without a country, just floating from activity to activity. Nothing held my interest. Then one day I came in contact with something that released within me what I was really supposed to be. I have not stopped pursuing Him since.

            So this is the story of a lot of people. A lot of people don't know who they are, or what they are, or what they're called to be. Some people never find out. Other people find out later on in life.

            Other people find out after they're married, after they have children. They find out what they're really called to be, and they're already entrenched in a particular lifestyle.

            All that I could tell you, brethren, is that Jesus Christ is the great equalizer. If you fit into any of these categories, if you find you're called to Jesus Christ after you've already established another lifestyle in this physical world, all you could do is give it to Jesus. That's what you give to Jesus, things that you have no control over.

            On Part 1, I talked about giving things to Jesus, and I told you that He's not going to do anything that you can do for yourself. But if it comes to a confrontation with another human being, you have to do that yourself.

            But here in a situation like this, Jesus will move. If you're married, if you have children, whatever your bands are, if your heart is really touched, if there's really been something released in you to follow Jesus Christ, He will make a way if you will follow His lead.

            That's when He moves in your life, when you're powerless to do it yourself. But anything that you can do yourself, if you're waiting for the Lord to do it, you're going to wait a long time because He's not going to do it if you can do it yourself.

            Interesting movie. Satire on human nature. Any questions or any comments?

            One more comment.

            A lust to become a vampire would not have likely manifested in the writer if he had not heard our hero's story. Herein too, is a truth about human nature. We must be very careful what we put into our minds, what we let come into our minds. Pornography is incredibly dangerous.

            Not only pornography, any kind of violence, anything ungodly, when you drink it into your mind, when you expose yourself to it, if you have that potential in you which has been hidden for all your life, it could release something in you that you might not be able to stop up.

            We really are to avoid evil. It is very dangerous exposing our mind to evil.

            COMMENT: I was just thinking that the Scripture says the life is in the blood, and they were so busy drinking the blood of other people to sustain this life, and there was this great desire to be in union with somebody else. It wasn't a sexual union, but to have some special kind of contact, almost like our desire to be the bride of Christ.

            SHEILA: There was a very strong spiritual aspect to it. I'm glad you said that because that thought did occur to me. I don't think I mentioned it on Part 1.

            Not in all cases, but in some cases, people who are called to follow Jesus Christ are not married, and they're called to live alone.

             I've had this call to be alone on my life for years, and I really resisted it for awhile. I couldn't believe that it was true. Of course, most people don't believe that it's true for me, but I now know that it's true. I fought it for years. I know that I had told the Lord that I would like to get married again. He never gave me a husband.

            I remember where I went through a period where I was saying, I can't believe I'm supposed to be alone. Even Sherlock Holmes had Watson for a companion. Nobody is supposed to be living alone. It just never worked out for me. I thought for awhile there would be a female companion, but it just never worked out.

            That transition was very painful. But now that I'm living alone and I've adjusted to it, I see that for me, it is really the best thing.

            I resisted it and fought it for years. But then I matured into the place where I see that the Lord really knew best. He really knew best for the life that He has given me (everybody is not me) but for the life that He's given me, this is the best thing for me. It enables me to spend my full life just serving Him. It's what makes me happy. It may not be for you, but it's the right thing for me.

            But I couldn't believe it ten years ago. I had some very painful moments. But I'm not lonely at all anymore, because all that loneliness was in my carnal mind, and I had a piercing through. I believe that I pierced through into my heart (4th) energy center, and my consciousness is now in my heart (4th) energy center or higher. There's no loneliness in Christ Jesus.

            The spiritual life is a very, very exciting life. Well for me it is, anyway. It's what I was born to be. I'm spiritual. But getting to this place was hellish.

            This goes back to what I was telling you at the beginning of the message. I know that I don't know what's best for me. There are so many things that I have wanted that I now realize would not have been good for me. I, therefore, confess to God and to you and to myself, I don't know what's good for me. I'll just go wherever He leads me. He leads, and, if He gives me the strength, I'll follow Him.

            That's the best thing in the world for me. I know that when I follow Jesus, I'm happy. Even though I don't think I'm going to be happy at the moment, I now have this confidence that He's not a man. We're afraid to follow other men. We're afraid they're going to be using us for their own purposes because most men do that. But Jesus is not a man.

            When you are following the path that He has laid out for you, you will be a happy person. That's the only place where happiness is for me, to follow after the plan that He has laid out for my life.

            COMMENT: I'd just like to comment on the vampire story where everything is brought back to the physical and the lust for immortality, to keep on living and sustaining this life or this existence here.

            SHEILA: When you said that, I thought of another point that I forgot to tell you about, when our hero vampire sees the original vampire in the haunted house.

            Now remember these vampires have been around since the 1700's. There was no electricity in the 1700's. While they're talking together in the haunted house, a helicopter flies in the sky, and the lights from the helicopter shine into the haunted house.

            The original vampire is terrified because sunlight kills vampires. But our hero vampire says to the original vampire, oh don't worry about that. That's not True Light. He says it's artificial light, that's what he said.

            That's a spiritual principle. There's the True Light, and then there's the false light. So there were these two vampires, and they were completely illuminated by the light from the helicopter, but it didn't hurt them. Only the True Light kills the vampire, you see.

            Of course, spiritually speaking, according to the principles of this movie, all of fallen humanity are vampires. But the True Light will kill us when the True Light manifests in this world.

            He hasn't made His public appearance yet. Christ Jesus was publicly present in the world two thousand years ago, and He left. He's been here by His Holy Spirit, but He has not appeared publicly.

            The Holy Spirit is in the earth, but the fully mature Christ Jesus has not appeared for two thousand years.

            The Holy Spirit is not the Light. Christ Jesus is the Light. He's the only True Light that came into the world, Christ Jesus, not the seed, but the full grown man. When He manifests Himself in a body of men, that Light will destroy the vampires of this world.

            Who are the vampires of this world? The many- membered carnal mind which will be destroyed when the True Light manifests. Believe it. It's true! Alleluia.

            COMMENT: I was watching something on the news yesterday. They were interviewing witches. Of course, they claimed to be "good witches," and they claim that everything they do, they expect to come back on them threefold like you were talking about before.

            They said that they know if they do evil, it's going to come back on them threefold. If they do good, it's going to come back on them threefold.

            Then it showed a couple of women, one woman holding a baby in her arms, another one with a little girl, and they were doing these rituals. They looked very normal. They didn't have the pointed hat and cape on, but they did have a whole case of all kinds of potions. One was called Jezebel. They said, if you put this on, you could get a man to spend as much money on you as you want. There was another one, a type of love potion.

            SHEILA: So they don't consider that evil? This is an excellent example of self deception, to not be able to recognize evil.

            Brethren, that's evil to get a man to spend all his money on you. It's evil beyond taking his money away. When the day comes that this man realizes what you have done to him, he will have deep wounds in his heart because you will have used him. You will have deceived him, especially if he's doing this because he thinks he cares about you.

            You will have used him, you will have deceived him, you will have betrayed him, you will have humiliated him, and he will have wounds to deal with, and, depending on how strong or weak he is, his ego will be damaged. He could be affected for the rest of his life by something like that.

            So if you believe something like that is acceptable, you can't tell the difference between good and evil.

            COMMENT: A reporter commented on what one of the women was saying to him. Someone took one of these potions and used it on a man that she wanted to be attracted to her. He became so possessive of her that he was stalking her, and she had to get protection from him through legal means. So watch what you pray for or when you get what you want, you don't want it.

            SHEILA: There was a movie along those lines, something about teenage witches. These young girls in highschool started practicing witchcraft. One of them used a love potion on a young man who wouldn't leave her alone. She couldn't get rid of him. It was the same thing. This is a very dangerous game.

            COMMENT: I see there's more and more of a lust for power in the young people. They really think they can get all their needs met by witchcraft, and they're starting to become more and more influenced by it. It starts off as a joke and then it takes hold on them.

            SHEILA: Well, the TV programs are pushing it. It's all over.

            COMMENT: I had the occasion to go into a fabric store a few days ago. Everyone in there was wishing everybody a "Happy Halloween." They were buying lawn decorations to make spider webs. There were young men in there who had never been in a fabric store before. One guy was buying about ten yards of muslin so he could make mummy costumes. The place was all excited and busy with women buying material for costumes for their children and themselves. It was truly like Christmas time shopping.

            Halloween is a big money gimmick now. They say they make as much money as at Christmas between all the festivities, Halloween parties, candies, costumes and all the decorations. It seems like all these witch things are extended throughout the year anymore.

            SHEILA: I've been asked to comment on why God has not shown mercy with regard to all the physical disasters going on in the country today, the floods, the hurricanes, and the tornadoes.

            It's a two part answer. First of all, there is such a thing as a national reaping and sowing. These kinds of violent physical manifestations that are taking life and destroying property is a reaping of the sowing of national sin. It's a reaping of the sowing of national sin.

            So Satan has legal ground to be doing this. Most of the tragedies are taking place in the Bible belt. I point that out to you.

            What does that mean? It means that there is much sin in the church, and that Satan has found holes in the hedges of the states in the Bible belt. From that point of view, that's what is happening with Satan.

            From God's point of view, it's not really correct to say God has not shown mercy. It's carnal thinking to think that God has not shown mercy. The carnal mind would think that the mercy of God would be for Him to come in and stop the floods and the hurricanes. But that's not the way it works.

            Does anybody know what God's mercy is towards people under the Satanic judgment? I haven't spoken about it much in terms of national sin, but I've spoken about it a lot in terms of personal sin.

            Does anybody remember what God's mercy is with regard to an individual who's under the Satanic judgment and being destroyed? A person who is having spiritual storms and tornadoes in their life because of what they have sown, what is God's mercy for that person? Does anyone know?

            COMMENT: Judgment unto correction is God's mercy.

            SHEILA: Yes, Jesus Christ's judgment unto correction, also called the White Throne Judgment , comes through a man. The White Throne Judgment is ministered through the sons of God, and the form that it takes is the exposure of sin.

            The exposure of sin and the necessary instruction for the person to realize what they have done and are doing, which is bringing this destruction in their life. Then the individual has the opportunity to choose to continue on the destructive path or to confess their behavior or their thought patterns as sin and ask Jesus Christ to help them to change.

            The mercy of God is the exposure of sin. When the sin is exposed, if the person chooses not to confess it as sin and repent, then Satan has a free hand to continue on her destructive judgment.

            So the mercy of God for a nation that's being severely attacked is to raise up the corrective judgment, to raise up the sons of God who will speak with the spiritual power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ to this nation and help them to understand what they are doing to allow Satan to have the legal ground to bring this destruction into the nation.

            The mercy of God is the sons of God. So to say that God has not had mercy is incorrect. That's the carnal mind thinking the mercy of God would surely be to stop the judgment. But Jesus does not stop judgment where there is no confession of sin and repentance.

            The way of escape that Jesus Christ makes is the truth, to send a man to you to tell you the truth about what you are doing wrong so that you can now choose to no longer do wrong.

            When you change your ways, when you change your mind and start thinking differently and doing differently, you will no longer reap this Satanic evil, but you will reap the good things of Christ. That's the mercy of God.

            We were talking about witches not understanding about going after a man to get him to spend money on you as being evil. One of the biggest problems that the people of the world have is that they cannot tell the difference between what is good and what is evil. They don't know what's evil.

            In this same manner, people do not understand what the mercy of God is. Brethren, the people are ignorant.

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