The Lord's Hidden Miracle

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Unseen medical intervention miracle.


Part of your Sunday message pertains to me. You talked about the vitamins you take every day. For years, I too would take a group of natural pills, etc. as the Lord had instructed me what to choose. When I moved back home for some reason, I stop and cut back on taking the vitamins.


Today I learned that was a mistake. I repented and confessed my sins. I should have continued taking the vitamins. I remembered at the last conference you mentioned that I looked like I was losing weight. I agreed but said it was because I had not worked out in months. 


Last year and this year, I noticed that I continued to lose weight slowly. Then I caught a virus or bad cold that caused me to make a medical appointment. I am not one to go to the doctor unless I felt pain. I could say losing weight is a form of pain. 


I explained to a PA why I was there. Her finding revealed my blood pressure was slightly high, nothing to worry about. I had been told this for years. No doctor gave me a prescription for it and I don't recall her mentioning she would be giving me one.


This is where I perceived the Lord's hidden miracle, and grace was upon me. I would say the last year to now. I have a high level of a sugar problem. I could have had a Diabetic stroke, go into a coma or heart attack, or have died. My finger prick revealed that my sugar level was at 446 over 44. Wow! That was high. I was experiencing two forms of sickness.


I knew that the Lord had covered me over a year and a half without me exactly knowing. I must say I had an idea it was my sugar, but failed to listen to the signs, had I not gone to the doctor, I could have died or even experienced something worse.


The doctor told me that she would have my blood drawn for a completed analysis. I would know the results within weeks. I was given a prescription called Metformin. A thought entered my mind, and you don't have a choice. I would be taking that for three months. I walked to the pharmacy to pick up a blood testing kit and learned that she prescribed for high blood pressure (Lisinopril) that one caught me off guard. I thought maybe she wrote it because it had to do with my blood sugar.


I learned to not allow physical pain to decide that I should go to the doctor and have yearly check-ups. Ask the Lord what I should do. I did that but did not listen to the signs. I recall hearing from a stranger in a crowd that they were going to make a doctor appointment even my mother-in-law had suggested go to the doctor when I was experiencing the flu.


When given answers from questions asked, to be sure, I am doing the same thing. Because the man pride within, I did not listen and felt it would pass. I would continue my regiments of talking my natural supplements along with the medicine for my three months and watch what I eat.


Furthermore, I had shared with my ex-mother-in-law years ago how I was able to reduce my sugar count from taking Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. Today, while I shared what has happened to me, she told me that she had to resist listening to me. She started taking Braggs. Then she noticed that her sugar count was normal and it has been that way for two years. She no longer takes Metformin.


Besides, she told me her doctor wrote out a wrong test; however, the test was conducted, and they found two female cysts. If it were not for that mistake (of course, nothing is an accident), the cysts would not have been detected.


Once again, I thank the Lord for what he has done in my life and theirs.


I have not shared this with anyone if you feel I should have, no problem sharing.


In Christ, T


Update March 19th


Hello everyone,


This is an update to the email. I received my full, complete, six-tubes of blood drawn, four-page results. I thanked the Lord for the results. The doctor told me she was surprised by the results. The only thing she saw that I had was low iron She suggested I eat more red meat. All of my results were in normal range.


My blood pressure is normal. She reduce the blood pressure pill to half a pill. I am taking Metformin twice a day. My sugar level is dropping to a normal level. I feel great. I test myself twice a day.


Yesterday, I was at Walmart. I decided to check my blood pressure on the machine at the pharmacy. I was surprised to see the message that read normal. For years, I would see high. Even then I would say these machines are not accurate. I am to return for a follow-up with the doctor in the first week of June.


I learned a valuable lesson. I thank the Lord for the outcome and the unseen medical intervention miracle.


In Christ, T


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