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Dear Pastor,


Do you recall the info I shared with you, saying that I read on the internet that Joel Osteen & his wife gave up their church to go full time into business (age-defying cosmetics)?


I now believe it is not true, was fake news… As there has not been any other article to that effect, and there is every indication that they are still pastoring their church in Texas.


I feel I should let you know, & apologise/repent for believing & propagating what is not true about them.


Love, M.



Pastor Vitale:




It was his wife only that is in this business.  I have received samples of two of her products.


As far as their ministry goes, I am told that they are opening a branch here on Long Island.


I do very much appreciate your sincere spirit of righteousness and desire to do the right thing always. This is what separates us from the world. Your email is a breath of fresh air as I deal every day with Christians who lie and manifest other characteristics of the First Adam.


Love you.


Sheila R. Vitale,
Pastor, Teacher & Founder
Living Epistles Ministries
Christ-Centered Kabbalah



Dearest Pastor,


Thank you so much for this. I have learnt so much from you, a rare leader who leads by example.


Love, M.


PS I recall this email of 2015:


Hello Brethren,


During the exhortation on Sunday Nov. 22, Pastor told us that a man with the last name Atkins who wrote something ungodly in the comment section of June’s music file on the LEM YouTube Channel.


We discussed it as a group and gave our opinions as to who it might have been, because the name Atkins sounded familiar to Pastor. One of the brethren reminded Pastor that the name of one of the preachers at the TN conference was Greg Atkins, who is associated with one, Kenny Morris.  Pastor said that the might be the man.


However, when Pastor reviewed the ungodly comment after the meeting, she found out that the ungodly comment came from a man named Jack William Atkins


Pastor wants to go on record saying that Greg Atkins and Kenny Morris had nothing to do with the ungodly comments on the LEM YouTube channel, and that she is asking God to forgive her for thinking ungodly thoughts towards these men.

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