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Hi Pastor,


I am reading through the Bible and up to the Book of Jonah. I found you had a teaching on it, Message #58 “JONAH - A MODERN DAY PHARISEE” from way back when. It's just so amazing that the spiritual principles you discussed years ago are still coming up today. I was so blessed by the teachings in the book of Amos, and now in Jonah.  :)


Here is a paragraph I thought was relevant to what just happened recently with Mary... you were preaching about this years ago!


I hope I made myself clear. I am not telling you to go out and fight with people and have fist-fights with people. I am not telling you to do that. I am talking about the condition of your mind. Stand for righteousness! Respect other people! Expect them to respect you. Do not be afraid to say something. Do not be afraid to do what is right. Do you know that the Bible says that we are supposed to rise when an older person walks into the room? I watch all those old movies, and men stand up when a lady comes in the room and you say, "Oh how old fashioned." Well, I do not know about a lady, but the Bible says that we are supposed to rise when someone who is our elder comes into the room. I personally find it a glorious way to live, because I find that when I respect other people that I have more respect for myself.


I really love all your teachings. Staying in the word and studying has given me a greater awareness of what is going on in the country as well as what is happening inside me. I thank you so much for this library of spiritual knowledge!


Love, R

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