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Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 6:54 PM
To: Pastor Vitale
Subject: #545 Permanent Meditative Cons. - Final Edit

Pastor Vitale: Here is the final edit of this great message. It was one of the hardest I have ever edited. I hope that I was able to punctuate it correctly so that the message is correct. I do hope that you can find the time to read it over as I feel there were some areas that I just had to take a guess about. Meaning, there were sentences started and not finished, stuff like that, and some areas I am not sure I understood. I tried very hard to get it as correct as I could.

Also, on the front cover the words "Clip Art.Com" appears now. Was that on there when you sent it to me? I did not remember it. I changed to WP 12 in the midst of editing this message, hope that did not do something wrong to it.

It is an exciting message. I am praying that the Lord will help me to remember the principals of this message so that I will be more cooperative with your ministry to me. I really want to move on, but as you know, my carnal mind tries so very hard to hinder me. I was greatly blessed to READ this message. I saw so much more in it than when I listened to it. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, and perhaps by knowing what you have experienced we can be more humble and understand the importance of killing the carnal mind, even when we can't see that it is the carnal mind. Thank you again for all the wonderful messages I have had the honor of working with, and I pray the Lord will guide you soon and very soon into the complete birth of the Christ child, standing up in power and helping all those the Lord has decided He wants to stand up.

Love - Aurelia

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