042 - Part 13
(Revelation 6-7 & Genesis 49)

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This is a part of being -- this is one of the signs of being in the [?sun company?]. The Lord permits the curses to come upon you wherever you are weak. My weakness is my body. When the curses come upon me, I get sick. For years, the curses came upon me, and I lost my job. If it's with your children, whatever it is that happens to you, God lets us [INAUDIBLE]. He lets us [INAUDIBLE] because [INAUDIBLE] crucified. What -- the reality of what's happening is that we're being crucified, and the Lord let his son be crucified, and he is going to let us be crucified, I don't believe unto death, but we're being [INAUDIBLE] crucified. He will let these terrible things happen to us, but he always be right there, if we lose a job, to give us another job. If our kids [INAUDIBLE] to save our children, if our body gets sick, to heal our bodies. But he lets these things come upon us, and then he turns around, and he judges the person who committed these sins so that they might repent, so that they might be [?saved?]. Hallelujah.


And I know that some of you are sitting here thinking about my teaching about some men not having the root of Christ and them being good -- or, not good but them being birthed into this realm only to be burned. Well, you know, you really -- I told you -- I tell you this all the time. You have to be mature to be in this ministry. I believe that. I believe that there are human vessels that are born without the root of Christ, that they serve their purpose and they can live out their natural life, but there's no root that will give them eternal life, OK. And when that human person passes on, the spiritual substance of which they're made is returned to the corporate living soul.


Nevertheless, they live in their offspring. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and he's appearing again in this hour in the sons of God. He is living by his spirit in his offspring. And one of these human beings that is born without the root of Christ that serves his purpose, he could be a vessel of honor, or he could be a vessel of dishonor. But whether he be a vessel of honor or a vessel of dishonor, he has served the purpose of the Lord. Either he dies and passes from the realm and he does not have the root of Christ, it is possible for the Lord to impart the root of Christ to his offspring, if not this generation, in the next generation or in the next generation. And this man shall receive salvation in the future generation of his life. Can you hear that?


It's [INAUDIBLE], but it's really glorious because the Scripture clearly tells us that the Lord has vessels of honor and dishonor. Paul clearly tells us that this whole realm of appearance is a theatre where the lusts of the living soul are being played out and men are set on against the other. For what reason? That righteousness could be revealed. How is righteousness revealed? By the revelation of evil. When righteousness is contrasted against evil, we now have the ability to discern righteousness. So there is [?dishonor?] in this realm, and if God permits someone to be born -- well, what about Hitler? What good did this man do? It was horrible. But the world knows what evil is. But the -- you know, this is a [?hard word?]. The Scripture clearly states, anyone that has power in the natural realm has been set up by God. [INAUDIBLE] Scripture, Satan didn't set that man up. God set him up.


And I'll tell you something, for years I had a problem with that. I'm still not completely dealing with it too well, when I think about what happened to those human beings under his reign. And every time I go before the Lord, he has the same answer for me. Sure, every one of those people that were tortured is me. It's a hard word. I don't know why he did it this way. He's God. I'm not God. But this is how he did it. And it -- and the spiritual principal behind the whole thing, if you can get out from behind your carnal mind, the spiritual truth coming forth behind the whole thing is this. The Lord Jesus Christ was a spirit. He dwelled in the bosom of the father for eternity. He left the realm of the spirit, and he was made into a man. This man is a living should. He is the n- -- he is negative. He is evil. He is that which shall reveal the righteousness of almighty God.


And for a season -- which to our carnal minds is horrendous because it's thousands of years, but to God it's just a moment. It's the twinkling of an eye. For a season, man is being permitted to exist in his negative state. He's killing. He's murdering. He's abusing children. The most horrendous, horrible things are happening, but it's just for a moment, for a twinkling of the eye. And we shall be caught up and meet the Lord in the air of his spirit, and we shall forever be with the Lord. And these thousands of years of unrighteousness shall be but a bad dream.


And here's the exciting part. Everybody that's involved, if you have the  root of Christ, well -- if you experienced Christ in your lifetime, praise God. If you've experienced torments in your lifetime, it was just a bad dream. It was just a bad dream, and you shall receive salvation, if not in this lifetime, in future generations. It was just a bad dream. That's all it was. That's how God sees it. Anyone hearing this tape, if you think I'm nuts, pray about it, because I'm telling you, that's how God sees it. He put Adam to sleep, and this whole history of mankind is his bad dream. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] yes, let me get you on tape.


            I want to say that I feel that's why God wants us to forgive everybody because   he set it up that that person should hurt you and do whatever they do to you.           So you're holding it against him if you're not forgiving that person.


Absolutely, I agree with you totally, and we don't know whether it's God's intention. You know, the day that we judge somebody in the flesh, that very next day that man could be saved, and we might not know it, and we're guilty of cursing a child of God. We must do nothing. God must be our avenger. We don't understand what his purposes are.


I'll give you another hard word. I know someone, a very strong believer. I have the utmost respect for her. She went through a horrendous experience. Her husband left her with a small child, and she really suffered, and all she wanted was her husband back. She got saved as a result of it. He wasn't. And all she wanted was her husband back. She wouldn't take any consolation from any ministry that was offered to her. She just wanted that man back. Excuse me.


And several years, maybe as much as 3 or 4 years went by, and she got her wish. You've got to really be careful what you demand from God because maybe it wasn't his will for you. Well, she got her wish. She got this man back. He was a crack addict, started beating her, lots of bad stuff in front of the child. It was a disaster. She fled their home running for her life. OK.


And the reason I started telling you this was that this man's mother had -- I don't know her personally, so I won't judge her, but the things that -- she did some pretty evil things. I don't know about what she is, but she did some pretty evil things. And this woman died in her 30s, and it utterly threw this man over the line, and for a brief moment, it looked like he was coming to the Lord.


And she called me up on the phone, and she said to me, there must be something wrong with me because I keep saying to myself, what did this woman ever do that was good? And she -- you know, she abandoned her son when he was very young. He was raised by his grandmother. She had, you know, promiscuously gone from man to man. She [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- there's just nothing good about her life that you could say over the woman's casket, you know. She's just a disaster.


And this friend of mine said, I have just -- I'm just asking God to forgive me because what keeps coming to my mind is that her only purpose of being alive was to try those around her. And when her purpose was fulfilled, she died at 33, I think, very young. And I said to her, well, you may be right. Don't feel so bad about it. God raises up vessels of dishonor. You may be right, you may be right. Grow up time, people, grow up time.


God's got this whole thing under control, so forgive everybody. Bless everybody, and just look to God for your spiritual awakening, that we should be caught up above the soul realm where we're not afflicted. Your enemy is not the person that's throwing curses at you. He's not your enemy. If you were in the place where Jesus Christ of Nazareth was, he -- all those curses he sent at you would -- couldn’t touch you. Your enemy is your fallen condition, so don't set your eyes on defeating your enemy. Set your eyes on getting caught up to a higher realm of the spirit, and don't let anybody stop you, even the guy that's knifing you in the back. Scratch, claw, grope, dig, climb. Do anything you have to do to get where God is giving you the opportunity to be.


We can't get ahead of his timetable, but be at the forefront of his timetable. Sit there. I -- at one point, when I first got this vision, I wanted to get caught up so bad that I was really -- I was pressing in the flesh, and God gave me a dream. It's really very funny. I was in this department store, and it was a big fancy department store which typified the living soul, and it had one of these revolving doors. Have you ever seen them? And so there were guards all around, and I'm looking around and looking around, and all of a sudden I made this dash for the door, for the revolving door, and all the guns went off, and the alarms went off. And there were sirens, and they're going oh, oh, oh. And then loudspeaker went on. It says, woman crashing the gate, woman crashing the gate.


And they grabbed me and they took me, and they put me in handcuffs, and they made me walk up this big palatial steps. It was like a palace. And at the very top of the steps was the man that I worked for at the time, and he started rebuking me for trying to escape before the time. I was trying to escape before the time, and he told me that there was no way I could get out. And I don't remember the rest of the dream, but the very end of it was that I wound up in a room where I wasn't really being harmed, and I was, sort of, in a daydreaming state. And I just realized that I had to make the best of where I was at the moment because you can't get ahead of the hour. OK.


This is not the hour for the glorification of my body, so I had to make the best of what God's offering into the church today and just walking in the spirit of God as much as you can. But I tell you, when you get this revelation, you don't want to be here. Glory to God. Hallelujah. [INAUDIBLE]. OK.


We were singing. We'll [INAUDIBLE] OK. Glory to God. We are doing chapter seven of the book of Revelation today. And we've been revealing, for the last two messages, trying to prepare us to move on with verse nine. I don't know how good a job I've done, but I'll answer any questions that you have for me at the end of the service. We're going to start reviewing with chapter seven, verse one. We're going to review through verse eight, and then I did verse nine for you, which is not a review. That's new. And starting Sunday, Lord willing -- I would like to, if the Lord permits me, finish chapter seven on Sunday which is the end of the Seventh Seal. OK. Hallelujah.


I just want to remind you. I want to put it on every tape, that we're dealing with literary principals in the Bible. God has a style, the way he writes. He has a style. And one of the things, one of the characteristics of his writing style is that he [?scapes?] the established first. He'll say something, for example, like they stood up in white robes, and they were completely redeemed, and then the next five verses describe what these people had to go through to have attained to that position.


And this is a problem that we have in the church world today. They read some glorious Scripture that are really promises to all of those who have received the Holy Spirit of promise. But in the Scripture, God states it as fact. He says you have it. You have it in embryo form. And we see people all over the church world saying I have the mind of Christ, and then they go out and they hate their brother. And they quote every promise in the Bible. And they do have it, but it's not manifesting in them. It has to manifest in you. It has to become a reality in your mind.


And those that are coming to these meetings, I hope, have some revelation of how long and arduous and sometimes painful a process it is to get the mind of Christ and to start moving in the realm of sprit -- of the spirit, that he moves in. It's not easy, and the Lord requires a very heavy price, but he'll get you there if you're willing to trust him. And I remind you that Jesus went up on the cross because his father told him to go up on the cross. And if we just trust him, he'll get us there. And he -- as we're experiencing in this ministry now, he will let our enemies prevail over us in a measure or for a season, for his purposes and for his glory.


And we become the stumbling stones and the stumbling blocks by which the world shall be judged. Jesus said, I come, and the prince of this world is judged. Did you ever stop to think about how he was judging the prince of this world? Jesus came, and he was righteousness. He was pure light. He was por- -- pure good, and he entered into this evil realm. And what happened? The natural man killed him. Satan, the prince of the power of the air, the ruler that exists in mens' unconscious minds, was revealed for what he was when he  crucified the son, the Lord of glory. He was exposed for what he was when he came in contact with righteousness.


And if you're moving into the son company, it's a really tough ministry. God is going to let you come in contact with people who are living out of their carnal minds. If you're -- if you've come to a place where you have desired righteousness to the point that righteousness is manifested in you, well, a large percentage of the -- and a large percentage of your thoughts, OK, God is going to start using you to come in contact with people in whom the carnal mind is manifesting most of the time. And there is going to be an explosion, and he is going to let them sin against you. And he is going to let the reality of that sin manifest in your life, however it hits you. If you lose your job, if you lose money, if you lose your home, if you get sick, whatever happens to you, the Lord is going to let it happen, and he's going to judge the other person for to bring them to repentance.


And he's going to heal you up from whatever you lost. He's never late. He raised Lazarus from the dead. There isn't anything that they could do to you that he can't fix, so he's going to let them do it to you.


Now, I've told you several times that I've been criticized for this, but I really don't care. I don't know of any godly source that demonstrates spiritual principals, so the Lord has yet me use Star Trek as my visual aid. And I'm fully aware that it's a witchcraft program, but spiritual is spiritual, and God let's me look at it. And he says, now, look, this is how it is in my kingdom.


And there was one Star Trek program, and it was about a planet that seemed to be made up of very meek people. One of the aggressor nations came to conquer them, and they called them sheep. I don't know if anybody here has ever watched Star Trek, but there's a lot of Bib- -- Scriptural expressions in Star Trek. And this aggressor nation call them sheep, and they were very angry at them. This -- really, they were aggressive, warlike people, and they couldn't stand these people's submissiveness and their quietness. And they didn't resists, and they didn't fight. They just opened the gates of the city to them and let the aggressors march in, no resistors at all.


And Captain Kirk of Star Trek was there also, and he couldn't stand it either. He says, why don't you defend yourself? What's wrong with you -- you let these -- I don't -- the -- but what'd he say? Star [INAUDIBLE] doesn't believe in war, but you don't let these people just walk in and take over your city. And they had a counsel of elders, and they just sat there and they just listened to everything everybody said, the ultimate of patience, and they did nothing. And this aggressor nation got angry at them, and they started taking 100 people a day and executing them.


And this went on for a month, and Captain Kirk went to the board of elders, and he said to them, they are killing your people. They are executing 100 people a day, and you sit here like sheep doing nothing. And finally, as the story climaxes, the spokesman for the eldership said to him, oh, no, nobody has died here in 5,000 years. And Captain Kirk said, what are you talking about? They're shooting or knifing, whatever they were doing, 100 of your citizens a day. And the elder says to him, oh, no, we are pure spirit, but these -- this aggressor nation, they have such a strong desire to intimidate us and to murder us that we took human form and let them kill us. Nobody is dead. The rise again on the morrow. Nobody is dead. They can't kill you if you're serving God. You'll rise again on morrow. Hallelujah.


And they let them do this to them for months and months and months, and the end of the program -- you know what the end of the story was? Captain Kirk was going to war with the aggressor nation because he couldn't stand their aggression. And at this point, this eldership said, no, we cannot permit all out war. They can slaughter us if they want because we shall rise from the dead, but we can't permit them to war against each other. And they asserted their spiritual authority and made everything hot so when they drew their swords, they couldn't hold on to it. They had power beyond the imagination of either the s- -- Captain Kirk or the aggressor nation. The sheep that did nothing to defend themselves that could have destroyed them in a second. But they didn't do that because they knew what kind of a spiritual realm they were on, and they just let them play their game.


Can everyone see? Can [?everyone get it?]? It's a game, it's a game. Even if you know someone that's actually died in the flesh, they'll rise again on the morrow. They'll rise again on the morrow. Peace be unto you. Trust your God. Hallelujah. OK. Seek his wisdom, of course. Trust him in his spirit. Seek him for what he wants you to do if anything. And if he says nothing, it's nothing. Peace be unto you. Glory to God. It's a hard word. Hallelujah. OK.


So we're talking about the literary style of the Lord Jesus Christ. He states a fact about the living soul, and in the next several verses, he describes how that fact is going to come to pass. Glory to God. And we have reviewed chapters five and chapters six. We've seen the manifestation of the first fruits company. We've seen them stand up in the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ in full stature. They have not yet received glorified bodies, but their souls have received holiness. They have been brought into the right moral order, and the next thing that God is doing is that he's sending them forth to the balance of the members of the living soul to catch them up higher. And the way God is catching them up higher is through judgment.


Verse one of chapter seven. And after these things, I saw four angels. That's after the standing up in full stature of the first fruits company, the sons of God. And after these things, I saw four angels standing up -- standing on the four corners of the Earth, holding the four winds of the Earth that the winds should not blow on the Earth nor on the sea, nor on any tree. And just in case there's anyone listening to these tapes that haven't heard the two before this, I am not picking these verses apart word by word. We did this on prior tapes. So the alternate translation may sound very little like the King James. If you want to study this in more depth, you can get the prior tapes where I explain how I get the alternate translation.


Alternate translation, verse one. And after everything that I had just seen, I, John, previously -- oh, I'm sorry. And after everything, I, John, previously saw in the spirit, now I saw the spiritual offspring of Jesus Christ who had reached spiritual maturity even possessing the human spirit, the Holy Spirit, Christ and the father in their spirits, standing up in full spiritual authority over Satan, even that part of their own souls which has the ability to reproduce itself. They stood up in spiritual authority, and because they stood up, Satan was under their feet.


Satan has not gotten shorter. Satan has not gotten taller. Satan was always the same. When the living soul fell, he fell down under the seed of Satan. And when the living soul stand up, Satan shall be restored to the position of being underfoot of the living soul. The living soul fell, and the living soul is being restored. Satan is Satan. He is only a wild, raging beast because the one who had authority over him became weak.


And if you want a natural example for this, look at a family where the parents are not taking authority over their children. Look at our society today. Children are killing their parents because they're not being raised by people that are asserting their parental authority. And that's how Satan became the wild, ravaging beast that he was.


Adam was given authority over him, and Adam fell down. Therefore, Satan took authority. But when the Lord Jesus Christ restores us to full spiritual power and we stand up in righteousness, Satan shall be under our feet, under our authority, and we shall discipline him, and we shall control him. And he shall be truly a toothless wonder. I hear that preached a lot, that he's a toothless wonder, but it hasn't happened yet, brethren. It's going to happen. It hasn't happened yet. Glory to God.


So we see in verse one that the first fruits company has stood up, and they've taken authority over that part of their own soul that has the ability to reproduce itself. And who wants to take a crack at guessing what comes forth when that part of our soul -- when Satan reproduces himself in our minds, what do we get? Anybody want to take a crack at it? The carnal mind which is made up of demons. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the carnal mind which is made up of demons. When Satan illegally reproduces himself in the minds of men, we get -- the corporate name for the demons is the carnal mind. We get demons, corporately known as the carnal mind. OK.


I'll start at the beginning of the sentence. And they had authority over its lifeless spiritual existence. God says that Satan has a lifeless spiritual existence, and restraining its spiritual power. When they stood up in full stature, they were restraining the spiritual power of Satan so that it should not reign destruction on the human spirit, the corporate living soul, nor the bodies of men. When Satan rules, he reigns destruction upon the entire living soul, the individual human souls and the bodies of men. And when the sons of God stand up and take authority over the beast element of their being, life enters into their souls, their bodies and into the corporate living soul. Hallelujah.


Verse two. And I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the living God, and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to hurt the Earth and the sea. OK.


Verse two, alternate translation. And I saw Jesus spring up from the new day that was joining in the souls of men, even the kingdom of God. And he was the express image of the father showing forth the father's mind and nature. And Jesus disclosed an obvious spiritual communication, which could not be ignored, to his spiritual offspring, the ones to whom the human soul and the corporate living soul was given, for the purpose of wounding it and causing it as much damage, distress and substantial harm as is necessary to bring it into the image of Christ. God is bringing us into his image through judgment, and the human soul must be wounded.


And as we discussed when we went over chapter six, the Four Horsemen, the first four seals, we found out that one of those seals, the red -- the rider of the red horse, was given authority to literally rip our soul into pieces. Why? Because our soul is in the wrong moral order. It has to be ripped apart and restored to the right moral order. And the Scripture supporting that is that the power of God shall separate the soul from the spirit and the bone from the marrow. Why? Because it's in the wrong moral order, and that moral order is causing us to do.


And the natural example is, if you -- if a baby is born with its -- I saw a picture on TV of a baby born with its intestines literally hanging outside its body. And for whatever reason, the doctors could not operate and put it back in. The baby died. She couldn’t live with her intestines hanging outside of her body. Well, brethren, the living soul cannot live with Satan on top of the conscience, which was Adam. He fell. Our new conscience is Christ. The living soul must die. It's taking thousands of years because this is a spiritual truth, but the living soul, Adam, cannot live with Satan having authority over him.


Therefore, as God desires, which he does, to impart life to the living soul, he must restore the correct moral order. And he is doing that by imparting the sole life of Jesus Christ, the sinless, spotless, sole life of Jesus Christ to each and every one of us to be our conscience and to take authority over Satan, to restrain him, to restore us to the right moral order and to restore us to the realm of life where we shall stop dying. He's putting our intestines back inside of us, if you need that to understand this. Glory to God. OK. Hallelujah.


Verse three. And they were saying -- these angels were saying, hurt not the Earth neither the sea nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.


Verse three. And Jesus was saying to his spiritual offspring with authority -- now, Jesus, when he's talking to his spiritual offspring, where is he? He's become their mind. He's [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- when the Lord speaks to you, he's inside of you. Amen. OK. So Jesus is fully manifested in each and every one of his sons of God, and this is what he's saying to them. Don't wound or damage the human soul. What human soul? The human soul of the vessel that you're in. Don't wound or damage the human soul, the corporate living soul, nor their forms on the Earth, even their bodies. Don't do it until the slaves -- and that's the word that's used if you look it up in the Greek. Don't do it until the slaves of our God, even the remaining members of the living soul, have received the protective seal of the Holy Spirit.


Now, why is Jesus saying wait? Because, if the judgments fall before the Holy Spirit has been imparted and the soul is ripped to pieces and Christ is not within the vessel, the vessel will die. So Jesus is saying to the sons of God, don't -- do you know the Scripture don't judge before the time? Don't ju- -- well, what's the right time, brethren? The right time is when you find a vessel with Christ in it. It's the right time. That's the right time. I hear a lot of people saying don't speak the truth. Don't speak about the evil that that person did because the Scripture says don't judge before the time. No, no, no. If he has Christ, he has time.


You know, we're not to judge the world. We are to judge the church. Why are we not to judge the world? Because if we judge the world, it'll die. Why are we to judge the church? Because Lord willing, if we judge them, they shall repent, and they'll be caught up to a higher spiritual realm. The church world's got it backwards. They're out there judging the chur- -- the world, and they won't say anything, not that they should say something different. They won't speak the truth about the sin in the church. You've got it backwards.


We are called to judge the church in righteousness. And what that means is from the spirit of God within you. Check it out with the spirit of God within you. If you're judging someone in the flesh, if you're condemning them, you're guilty, brethren, don't do it. But check it out. Pray about it. Seek the Lord on it, and if he's executing righteous judgment through you, don't be afraid. You go for it. He's calling you to a high calling. We are called to judge angels not the bum in the street. We're called to judge the church.


What do you think the angels are brethren? The angels are your spiritual men. The angels are your spiritual men. We are called to judge angels. Is your spiritual man dealing with his flesh? Because he's not. Judgment shall fall upon him. God will crush the flesh and raise the spiritual man back up. That's the result of judgment. Hallelujah. The angels are within you, brethren. The ministry of angels, they're within you. When you call upon them, they are the Christ within you that manifests. Hallelujah. OK.


We are in -- we're in verse four. OK. So Jesus is saying -- what he's saying to them is don't judge anybody that hasn't received the protective seal of the Holy Spirit. Don't judge the world. We just are judging those that have the mark of God, and that is the church. OK.


Verse four, and I heard the number of them, which were sealed. And there were sealed 144,000 of all the tribes of the children of Israel. Now, if you check that out in the interlinear, you're going to find out that what it's really saying is that I -- and I saw sealed thousands of 144s, thousands of 144s. And we've done some Bible numerology in this ministry. If you want to study this in more depth, I spend quite a bit of time explaining this on the tapes where I went over this word by word.


And 100 -- we determined that 144 is the number that designates, that typifies, that symbolizes the human being that has been squared in his spirit. And when we talk about being squared in his spirit, we're talking about being completed in your spirit. That means to have four elements in your spirit, the Holy Spirit, the human spirit, Christ and the father. And when a human being gets to the point where he has four elements in maturity, in fullness of stature, he is going to be a spiritual man standing up on his feet, walking in spiritual power with the soul realm under his feet.


So what this is saying -- when it says and I heard the number of them which were sealed, and there were sealed thousands of 144s. What this is saying -- well, let me back up a little. We determined, when we did this originally, that the number of the spiritual man is the number 12. The number of the carnal -- natural man, without any spiritual life, is six. As I said, I have this in-depth on other tapes. When someone receives the Holy Spirit, they become a 12. The receive the seal of almighty God which hopefully will fertilize their spirit and bring forth Christ. But over here it says they became 144, and that means that these people that are being sealed already had the seal of the Holy Spirit. They were getting the second sealing which was catching them up to full stature.


Now, everybody here and probably everybody listening to this tape has received the first sealing of the Holy Spirit. I can't imagine you'd be listening to this tape if you didn't have the first sealing of the Holy Spirit. There is a second sealing that will catch you up. With a 12, with that first sealing, you become a spiritual man. There is a second sealing that will catch you up to the man that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was before the crucifixion. He was in a flesh body that was capable of being destroyed. His body was capable of being destroyed, but he was living by the power of the spirit of almighty God. And he said I and the father are one, and they had authority over the soul realm. That is the example of the man that is typified in the Scripture by the number 144. So these people that are being sealed here, they're people that have already become spiritual men. They already had the first sealing, and they are being caught up to full stature.


Let me read the alternate translation, and we'll talk about it a little more. That's verse four. And I understood that thousands of the descendants of Israel's sons were completed in their spirits as Christ stood up in full stature in them. And the number which describes their mature spiritual condition is 144. And I want to point out to you that as I read this, this is not -- well, first of all, I hope you all know that this is spiritual Israel. This is not talking about natural Israel. And this is not saying that every single member of spiritual Israel was caught up. It says thousands of 144s, and we know that Paul said that all of Israel is not Israel.


And I'm declaring to you that this description of the 12 tribes -- we're going to go over it in just a couple of minutes. It described the entire living soul. And God is calling the entire living soul Israel because it's his intention to absorb or swallow up the entire living soul into spiritual Israel. That's his intention. He's going to save all men. Nevertheless, at this point in time, he's only double sealing those that already had the seal of the Holy Spirit. Did I make that clear? [UNINTELLIGIBLE] OK. We'll go over it again, if I didn't. Just get your questions ready in your head. OK.


Verse five. OK. Now, from verse five to verse eight, we are going to -- what we did was go back into Genesis 49 to study Jacob's prophecy to the 12 tribes to try and understand the characteristics that would help us to determine who is spiritual Israel in the world today. Because during the Old Covenant, you could tell who natural Israel was. It was easy. They lived together in a clannish environment. They dressed in a certain way. They worshipped, you know, visibly. And we could tell who Israel was, but in this hour, it's really hard to tell who Israel is. We don't really know.


And because -- as we said earlier in the evening, the true Israel are those who worship God in spirit and truth and those who desire righteousness and truth. The true Israel are not those that are casting out demons, healing the sick or have deep glorious revelation. True Israel might do these things, but casting out demons, healing the sick and having revelation is not the sign that you are a member of true Israel. Your desire for holiness and your desire to please God and that becoming a reality in your life signs that you're gravitating towards that. It's the sign that you are a spiritual Israel.


So we did a study in Genesis 49 on the description of the 12 tribes, and we found out that when we read all of the descriptions of the prophecies to the 12 tribes that it covered every aspect of the living soul. And there was no aspect of the living soul that was left out. And that was the -- when the Lord showed me that he has ordained, that he shall indeed save all men. And in this hour, as we're going through the book of Revelation, as he moves forward to absorb the entire living soul into the life of his spirit, he is declaring the entire world to be spiritual Israel.


Nevertheless, there are those who are more spiritually advanced, those who have already received the Holy Spirit, and they are being sealed with the double sealing which catched them up to the full stature. And those that have not been sealed at all, those that we would call unsaved, are about to receive the first sealing. He is moving, in this hour, to seal every man on the face of the Earth, [?all right?].


Now, I know this might be a little confusing. I mentioned it earlier. I don't think it's on the tape. But if there is a man that you know and his body dies, even if his soul dies without him being saved, he shall receive salvation in his offspring, in the next generation. If you want to study that further, we have tapes on it. If you can't deal with it, just put it on the shelf. It's a deep spiritual truth, but God is much greater than a 70 year lifetime. He's just much greater than that, brethren. And he [INAUDIBLE] determined to save the entire lump, the entire lump of clay out of which he formed Adam. He's saving the whole thing. And if you see a man's body, even if you know his soul died, don't think that's the end of it because God is -- his mind is greater than our mind. His mind is greater than your mind. Glory to God. OK.


So what we're going to do now is start reading verses five through eight, and that's a review of the prophecies to each of the 12 tribes, which, when you take it together, is the prophecy to the whole living soul. OK. Verse five. Thousands from each of the 12 tribes of Israel were already sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise whose spiritual condition is described by the number 12. And then they were completed in their spirit. Thousands from each of the 12 tribes of Israel who were already sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise whose spiritual condition is described by the number 12 were complete in their spirits. They got the double sealing.


And the 12 tribes of Israel represent the many characteristics of the living soul, of the bou- -- of the whole living soul and the many experiences the son of God has had, is having and shall have as he evolves from the many membered man, Adam, into the second Adam, a life quickening spirit. And I don't know if I made this comment. I'm going to make one more comment on it. When God gets through with this procedure that he's doing, every s- -- in the year, in the hour that this happens, whenever it is, every human being alive on the face of the Earth, every member of the living soul shall be serving God. There will be no one on the face of the Earth that is not serving God because the people that don't serve him are going to disappear, and their salvation shall come forth in future generation. I'll just leave it with this. If you can't receive it, just put it on the shelf. OK.


Judah typifies the many spiritual members of the son of God who were lowered into the realm of appearance with the Lord Jesus Christ, at the beginning of time, and who are manifesting in the flesh today. Judah typifies the many spiritual members of the son of God. When Jesus Christ was lowered into the Earth, when he was made a man, he was made a man with all of his potential reproductive strength. So every son of God that's manifesting in the Earth today was lowered with the Lord Jesus Christ into the Earth.


And if you need a natural example to understand it, look at a natural man and the sperm that his body produces. All of the children that this man will have in future years potentially live in this hour in that man's sperm. And in this Scripture, we are told that Levi paid tithes while he was yet in the loins of Abraham. God looked at Abraham, and he talked about the future generations of the sons of Levi, and he said that Levi -- he spoke of him as if he were a full-grown man. And he said, Levi pays tithes in the loins of Abraham. Hallelujah. Glory to God. OK.


So Judah typifies the man spiritual members of the son of God who were lowered into the realm of appearance with the Lord Jesus Christ at the beginning of time and who are manifesting in the flesh today. Reuben typifies the sons of God who are overcome by the flesh when they enter into the realm of [?time?] because of spiritual weakness. Now, I remind you that Reuben was the first born. He was entitled to all of the inheritance of the first born, but he committed incest with one of Jacob's concubines, and he lost his inheritance. So we know that there is spiritual incest. There's natural incest, and there's also spiritual incest that occurs among men today. Glory to God.


They fornicate t- -- now, these are the members of the living soul that are typified by Reuben. They fornicate continuously with the harlot and are unable to set their sights on the things of God and unwaveringly walked towards them. They just fornicate without restraint. There are members of the living soul that fall into that category.


Gad, the tribe of Gad, typifies those members of the living soul who are victims in this life system. They experience being totally overcome by Satan and his demons but shall find the strength to overcome them when Christ is birthed in them. The tribe of Gad typifies the derelicts that you see lying on the street, drug addicts, alcoholics, people whose lives are in utter disaster, and they just cannot stand up, sut- -- utterly socially unacceptable people. And Christ says do not condemn them because when I appear of them, they're going to stand up, and you'll be ashamed if you've condemned them.


And I had a personal experience when I was working in Manhattan. There were -- there a lot of derelicts in Manhattan. And this one man, for some reason, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. And I asked the Lord about it, and the Lord said to me he's a son of God. The man's a derelict. I mean, he was dirty. He was unabated. He was taking food out of the garbage pail. He slept in Grand Central Station, and if you really looked at him, he really wasn't right in his mind. And the Lord said to me that's a son of God. And right after he gave me that revelation, I prayed a very powerful prayer for that man. Something along the lines of Satan wants [INAUDIBLE] like us, but the Lord has prayed for you.


And I watched the man like I had him under a slide on a microscope for the next year, you know, and he was still a derelict. I don't know how many years it's going to take for the Lord to stand him up, but Jesus prayed for him, and he said Satan wants to [?sift?] you like us, but I've prayed for you. And a year later, the man was still a derelict. Well, let me see in 15 years later. He might be out on the street praying for people. Brethren, don't condemn anybody. You're taking your life in your hands. I declare to you. You are taking your life in your hands. Don't condemn anybody. Have mercy. OK.


Asher typifies those members of the living soul in whom the life of Christ will appear giving life to the flesh man. Well, we know that there are members of the living soul who, in their lifetime, Christ shall appear in them giving life to the flesh man. That's what happened to me. I was dying. I would have died 3 years ago, but Christ appeared in me, or at least he was birthed in me. And he's given life to my flash man, and I've had a second lease on life. I didn't die, and I'm getting stronger every year. There are members of the living soul who will experience this during the days of their flesh.


And I remind you that Jesus Christ is a spirit, and we're told in the book of Hebrews that there was a certain time period that he called the days of his flesh. And if you're meant to appear on the Earth for the life of the ages, you shall appear in the days of your flesh. Btu there are members of the living soul that are -- rise for a season, and they'll never rise again. And I repeat, if you want to study this in more depth, write to me, and I'll [INAUDIBLE]


Naphtali typifies the female aspect of the living soul, even God's many membered loving wife who brings forth spiritual sons in the image of God. So Naphtali typifies the female aspect of mankind for indeed the living soul is God's wife. He formed his wife out of the Earth. She is the womb of the Earth. Eve is the mother of all living, and Naphtali typifies that female aspect of the living soul who brings forth spiritual sons in the image of God. And I remind you, this is not talking about the many members of the living soul who are in the likeness of God. They are not in the image of God. For us to be in the image of God, we have to be fertilized by the male seed which is the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah.


I've had people come to me and say things like, isn't Mother Theresa saved? Well, brother, I've never met Mother Theresa, but if she has not been fertilized by the Holy Spirit and she is not bearing the witness of Jesus Christ in her spiritual being, she is not saved. She can do works. She can be a blessing to her generation, but her good works will not grant her eternal life. I've been asked the same thing about Gandhi, his good works, and he did wonders, wonderful things for the nation of India and for the whole world. His good works will not grant him eternal life.


When we get back into the whole issue of religion here, this is such a touchy subject. There are a lot of people that knock other religions. There are a lot of preachers and Christians that knock other religions. I've heard them say, well, Buddha's not alive. Jesus is alive. I can't rem- -- I'm trying to remember the names of some of their other gods. Buddha's not alive. What's the na- -- Muhammad's not alive. Jesus is alive. And they make it into a competitive thing. Brethren, Jesus is not in competition with anybody.


And I'm going to tell you the truth, and it might offend a lot of Christians when they hear this, but I'm telling you the truth. These other religions can give you the wisdom necessary to lead a decent life in this lifetime. If it is a religion, if it is a religion that holds the family together, if it is a religion that basically is teaching the principals of almighty God, you will reap what you sow and have a decent lifetime, and your children, to whom you impart morality which is the law of God from the beginning of time, shall have a decent lifetime. But you will not receive eternal life from these teachings. If you want to practice Muhammadism or Buddhism, that is your choice, but I am telling you the truth. There is no spirit in that religion that will grant you the life of the ages. If you want to live for the life of the ages, your human spirit must be fertilized to bring forth Christ because Christ is the life of the ages, and he shall only live for the life of the ages when he dwells within you. I am not telling your Buddhism or your Muhammadism is bad. What I'm telling you is it can be a blessing to you for a season. It cannot impart eternal life to you. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Jesus doesn't need to be defended. He doesn't need to be in competition to tell you that his religion is better than another one. He is the resurrection. He is. He doesn't need a flesh man to stand up and knock someone else's religion, brethren. The whole world's just out there just trying to survive, and the truth is that the Lord is not calling every man at the same time. He's calling each man in his own order.


And for those members of the living soul that are not being called at this moment, Muhammadism and Buddhism could be a blessing to them. It's my understanding that people that adhere to this religion lead an orderly, moral life. I recently met a young Muslim woman. She was a blessing. She was in submission to her parents. She was honorable. She was decent. She was a 24 year old virgin, very unusual in this country outside of Christian circles. She was a delight. Glory to God. Come on, people, let's grow up. God hasn't called her yet. She could be a wild animal in the jungle if she wasn't blessed by her Muhammidism.


Now, all the preachers crash in on me, call me some kind of a heretic. I'm not a heretic. I'm telling you the truth. Jesus is not a Christian. Jesus is not a Christian. He is a spirit. He is almighty God, and he loves every member of this living soul. And when he calls you, brother, you come. And if you haven't come, you better believe he hasn't called you because when he calls you, you come. And for those people that he hasn't called, he has mercy on.


And the reason there are so many different religions, for those of you that don't remember, is that the living soul has been dispersed. The curse of Babel is upon us. When the living soul was of one mind and one accord, it was waging war against the living God, and the living God dispersed it and broke it down into different languages, different colors, different cultures, different modes of thinking and set us all at war, one against the other. Why? So that we won't be at war against God. I mean, what do you do when your children are fight- -- what do you do when your children are doing something they shouldn't be doing? You divert them. You wave something in front of them and say, isn't this cute?


Well, this is a little negative of what I just said, but they were waging war against God, and he took his -- their eyes off of him. God took the eyes of the living soul that were militant and rebellious off of god. And he said, you want to wage war? Wage war against each other. Why? Because if you wage war against me, I'm going to have to kill you. And why would I want to kill you? I've ordained you unto eternal life. That's why there's different religions. The living soul is dispersed. Come on, people. Get it together. Jesus was not a Christian. He's a spirit, and he's almighty God, and his mind is so much higher than yours, the only way you're going to even comprehend him in a measure is if he gives you his mind. Otherwise, it's impossible. Glory to God. OK.


Manasseh typifies the increase of the many membered body of Adam from having only natural members to having both natural and spiritual members. And I repeat, if you want to know how I got that, the detail is on other tapes. But the tribe of Manasseh typified the evolution of the living soul from a time when every one of its members was a natural man to a time when the living soul existed with some of its members being natural men and some of its members being spiritual men. And that's what we have today. We have natural men and spiritual men in the Earth, but I declare to you that the day is coming that we're going to have natural men, spiritual men and men of full stature in the Earth at the same time.


God is absorbing the entire living soul up into his spirit in stages. Everybody's going up gradually. Evolution is real, but Darwin's theory of evolution is a perversion. It's in error, but that doesn't mean there's no evolution. The evolution is not from monkey to man. The evolution is from man to God. What? Know ye not that you're Gods, ye to whom the word of God was delivered? And when Jesus Christ is your every thought, word and deed, ye shall be a God. Hallelujah. OK.


Simeon and Levi typify the spiritual duality of the living soul who was made of the spiritual son of God and the existence in the Earth. And if that wasn't clear, what I'm saying is that when the son of God was first propelled into the Earth in the form of spirit, when God had desired to make him a man, that spiritual son of God was joined to the existence of the Earth so that the substance known as natural man would be formed. And that existence in the Earth had a mind, and that mind was evil. And the son of God was joined, like Siamese twins, to Satan, locked in the same body, specifically in our minds. Hallelujah. And that's what Simeon and Levi typify.


Issachar typifies the animalistic rebellious beginnings of the living soul up to and including its change of mind and submissive marriage to God. Issachar typifies the living soul's animalistic beginnings. He was waging war against God. That's why God had to disperse him. But at the end, every member of the living soul shall submit to God, shall find out that rebellion is not in his best interests but that submission to God is in his best interest, and he shall marry God. Because it's clear in the Scriptures -- I'm not going to take too much time on this, but it's clear to me in the Scripture that God is not going to marry us against our will. Before he marries us, we will be brought into submission. Before the marriage, we will be utterly broken, our rebellion and our self-will destroyed. And then he will marry us. Hallelujah.


Zebulun typifies members of the living soul who have attained great strength in the realm of the soul which enable them to freely rule over the spirit man. Zebulun typifies members of the living soul that have birthed Christ and that have found this great strength, this spirit of might within them, that have enabled them to rise up and take dominion over their souls. Glory to God. There are members of the living soul that fall into that category.


Joseph typifies the second Adam, the life quickening spiritual man which shall evolve out of the living soul and bring forth live young. Joseph typifies the second Adam and the [?first the?], eternal one was a living soul. And at the last [?the?], eternal one was a life giving spirit. Joseph typifies the second Adam, the life quickening spiritual man which shall evolve out of the living soul and bring forth live young. And I remind you, we have a couple of tapes on it that I believe that the Scripture teaches. Glory to God that the hour is coming, that the Holy Spirit will be so embedded in our souls and in our bodies that when two believers get married and have children that those children will be birthed with the Holy Spirit. Glory to God. If you're listening to this tape, write to me. I'll give you the tapes. It's in there. It's in the Bible. Glory to God. OK. And Joseph typifies that.


Benjamin typifies the Satanic element of the living soul and its function of testing and developing the spiritual life within. Benjamin typifies the Satanic element, our unconscious mind whose function it is to test and develop the spiritual life within. And the Scripture says, what are you surprised that the fiery trial is upon you? I've heard -- I had a man say to me once, I have my life. I've been saved for 12 years, and it's been the hardest 12 years of my life. From the day I got saved, everything went wrong in my life. Brethren, if you can identify with that, your spirit man is being tested. God will bring trials to you. Who is going to prevail, your spirit man or your soul man? Who is going to be responsible for the decision that you make?


I remember the first time I was nearly saved, and I went to cash my paycheck, and the teller gave me an extra $100. And I went back up to my office, and I said, oh, I have to give it back. I was in pain. My soul didn't want to give it back, but my spirit man, my conscience, my new conscience in Christ said to me you've got to give it back because that teller is going to have to pay for that, pay for that or lose her job. And I brought it back, and let me tell you, my soul man did not want to give that money back. Let me tell you. I moaned and groaned every step of the way, but my spirit man prevailed. I did what Christ in me told me to do. This is a  warfare, brethren. This is a warfare. Hallelujah. Well, that's what Benjamin typifies, the Satanic element in our mind that's going to fight us to do what our soul wants to do. And he's powerful. He's powerful. We cannot overcome him without Christ. We can't do it. Glory to God. OK.


I had prepared verse nine for you. That's the end of the review. But I don't think I'm going to do it. I think that it's too much for you. So we're going to start on Sunday fresh with verse nine, and we'll see if we can't finish chapter seven, if we can't. But I will give you a preview of verse nine. Let me read it for you, and I'll just give you a preview on it. And after this, I beheld, and lo, a great multitude, which no man could remember, of all nations and kindreds and people and tongues stood before the throne and before the lamb clothed with white robes and palms in their hands. And I declare to you that that is a vision of the member -- the balance of the members of the living soul being caught up to the number 12. And I'll establish that for you when we go over verse nine word by word. They're not in full stature. They've become spiritual men. They've received the imputed anointing.


And that verses 10 to the end of the chapter is talking -- is telling us how this is going to -- and I'm sorry. In the next few verses in the chapter, John is talking to the angel, and he's asking who they are. And we establish who they are. And starting with chapter eight, which is the Seventh Seal, we get into all the blood and guts of the book of Revelation that so many carnal men have misinterpreted. And I declare to you that all this blood and guts is the judgment that's falling to make verse nine a reality. God had stated it. The balance of the living soul shall be redeemed, and starting with chapter eight, the judgments start to fall. And these judgments are going to bring the balance of the members of the living soul to repentance, and ultimately, Christ shall appear in them. Hallelujah.


So I think I'm going to cut it here. I just feel that God is telling me to do that, and we'll start fresh on verse nine on Sunday. Does anybody have any questions? OK. Let me get over there with the -- hallelujah.


            I know Dan is not in book of Revelation, even though you described him in        Genesis, but something you said about Benjamin reminded me of Dan. Did you          say the judgment [INAUDIBLE]


I said, Benjamin -- according to Jacob's prophecy to Benjamin, he typifies the serpent. But let me see how I'm going to answer this question. Are you confusing -- well, let me see how I'm going to answer this. Let me start with something else. Help me, Lord. How do I answer this? I don't know why Benjamin describes [INAUDIBLE] except that I could tell you that I had the same problem. Benjamin reminded --




Yeah, and I -- right. And I was really surprised, you know. Well, didn't it say that Dan was a serpent in the way? It said Dan was a serpent in the way, OK.




OK. Let me look at my notes. Didn't I give you anything on Dan just now?


            Oh, no, just now, no.


Just now no? I didn't, huh? OK. But I think the prophecy in the book of Genesis is that Dan is a serpent in the way. Well, I guess I should really go back and do that then. I guess I left it out because it wasn't in the book of Revelation. Well, now what is your question? You just wanted to know?




Well, Benjamin typifies the unconscious Satan in the unconscious mind testing the living soul. OK. OK. He typifies Satan in the unconscious mind. Now, remember, these 12 tribes are typifying the entire living soul, so somebody has to typify Satan and the unconscious mind and his function of testing us. OK. And the unconscious mind -- OK, the Lord just gave me the answer. Thank you, Lord. Dan, the Scripture is -- in the prophecy, Jacob's prophecy to Dan, is you shall be a serpent in the way. Dan was a stumbling block in the conscious mind, and I'm pretty sure I preached on it. I don't know why I didn't have it in my review here. I may have just not included it in my review. I might have made an error by not including it in my review, but I know that we studied it in one of the prior tapes, OK.


Now, Dan in is the serpent in the way. He led Israel into idolatry, and I gave you a couple of chapters in the book of Judges that you could read if you want to, to check up on what Dan did. And they were involved in idolatry and thievery and robbery and all kinds of wicked works. So they -- Dan was sent to Israel who should have known better and said -- in other wo- -- and said to them, come commit idolatry, Israel, who had the law. So he was tempting them in their conscious mind.


Benjamin typifies the temptation of the unconscious mind, which is much more subtle. OK. And if you go back to the first four seals, the Four Horsemen, you might recall that the rider of the red horse was tempting -- was making war against and tempting man in his conscious mind. And the pale horse was the unconscious mind that we have to overcome. So this battle of Armageddon that's going on in our mind is on two levels, in the conscious mind and in the unconscious mind. And when it first starts, it starts only in the conscious mind because it takes a deep work of the spirit of God for us to start recognizing impulses coming forth from our unconscious mind. That takes a deep work of the spirit and training.


And I had a very unpleasant experience a couple of days ago with regard to a person that I'm close with. And these really bad thoughts started entering into my mind, and I didn't like them, and it was really terrible, and I really thought it was me. And I said, oh, God, what kind of a terrible person am I that I -- I'm just sorry, but I'm not going to lie about it. if that's how I feel, that's how I feel. And then the Lord responded to my humility, and I just lifted my hands up and I said, now, where are these thoughts coming from because that was the spirit of God responding to me. And within an hour, I came in contact with another believer who made a statement to me that made me realize these thoughts were being impulse into my unconscious mind from an outside source, and God broke the power. And the love for that person flooded back in. So this is the battle with the unconscious mind typified by Benjamin. Dan typifies the battle in the conscious mind, but -- the choice that I had between returning the $100 or keeping it. Now, people that are already even saved know you're supposed to give the $100 back. OK. That's no big secret, spiritual deception coming into my unconscious mind. I know what's right. OK. [INAUDIBLE] OK.


Anybody else have a question? OK. Let me get over there. Glory to God. Thank you, Jesus.


            You mentioned earlier and a few times before that there'll be believers that'll          come into the full stature while the rest of the body is not, the rest of the living soul is not. How -- when these few people do or however many do start         coming, how is that going to affect the rest of the living soul?


I believe that it described at the end of chapter six. And the way it's going to affect the o- -- the living soul, that is in verses 15 through 17 of chapter six. And we found out, when we studied that verse by verse that the first thing that's going to happen is that the existing fivefold ministry is going to collapse. And God showed us that there are many times that he raises up something that is temporary. And he said, even to -- forgive me. I can't remember where he said it. But he said make things after the pattern of the original and the now. And we know that the tabernacle in the wilderness was just a type of the tabernacle that's being erected in our spiritual being, which is Jesus Christ. So the Lord set up a tabernacle in the wilderness, but we don't worship at it anymore. Now we worship in spirit and truth. Amen. Are you following me? OK.


And the Lord has established the existing fivefold ministry why? Because the sons of God were not yet available, and they did a good work. There was a measure of salvation that came through them. Drug addicts have been rehabilitated. Alcoholics have been rehabilitated. People like me who were dying have been ministered to. OK. But that fivefold ministry that exists in the Earth today in power does not have the power to impart the image of Christ. Can you hear the difference? They can give you a measure of relief by the spirit of God, that you can get the Holy Spirit through the existing fivefold ministry, but they don't have the spiritual strength to be fathered. They don’t the word that's going to speak -- words of spirit and life that's going to fertilize your spirit, that's going to make Christ be birthed in you, that's going to ultimately -- the result of which, Christ being birthed in you, is that you'll stand up to full stature. OK.


So what I'm saying is that this fivefold ministry that you see in the world today, it's temporary. And when the sons of God stand up, it's going to be destroyed. God taketh away the first that he might establish the second. But there's a problem. This fivefold ministry. If they heard what I was saying, they'd probably crucify me. OK. Can I just finish my statement? And I'll get right to you. OK. They [INAUDIBLE] they don't want to hear this. OK. And they're likened unto the Pharisees, and they will not step down. God's going to have to take them down. So that's the first thing that's going to happen when the sons stand up.


The fivefold ministry is going to be taken down because the people that sit under these men are sheep. I'm not insulting anybody. God calls them sheep, and they believe anything these men tell them. And these men, in this hour, when they stop fulfilling God's purposes, when God says, sit down, the sons of God are here and they won't sit down, in that hour, they become Saul who fell unto witchcraft. Saul had the anointing of almighty God. He disobeyed God. The anointing left him, and he fell into witchcraft, and that's what's going to happen to all these ministries. God's going to say step down.


John the Baptist said, I must decrease that he might increase. God's saying decrease that my sons can increase, and they're not going to do it. I'm telling you right now they're not going to do. The anointing's going to be withdrawn from them. They're going to fall into deep witchcraft, as you witnessed recently. They're probably not even going to be aware of it. And I can't tell you they're going to die, but they're going to die spiritually. I don't really know what God's going to do them. But God has got to, at the very least, take them out of the ministry because the sheep sitting under them will never have the strength to walk out of these big churches, the mind control of the pastors and come into the small groups that God is raising up under the sons of God. They'll never have the strength to do it, and God's going to have to utterly collapse them, so that's the first thing that's going to happen.


And the second thing that's going to happen, according to these Scripture -- hold on, did your question relate to what I just said?


            [INAUDIBLE] say don't you see some signs of that already? [CROSSTALK]


And then, it's starting to happen. God never does anything quickly. He comes in like the tide comes in. Each time the wave rolls in, it just goes up a little further on the shore. Everything God does is gradual. You got to have eyes of the spirit. If you don't have spiritual eyes, you're not going to see anything, and then you're going to wake up one day, and it's going to be in full bloom. But it will have been happening for maybe 40 years, you know. So if you want to get in at the beginning, you've got to have spiritual eyes. And I agree with you. It's happening already in the spiritual warfare going on as we are witnessing in this ministry. They're trying to kill us.


People that call themselves Christians that were in the mightiest move of God I've ever [?witnessed?] -- I've ever witness. And God's withdrawn his spirit, and he said close down the ministry, and they won't do it. And they're moving in intense witchcraft power, and they're trying to shut us down, the ministry that God has raised up. And they're signing their own death warrant. They cannot succeed. They cannot succeed. It is impossible. They cannot succeed.


[INAUDIBLE] very big ministry, you know, really big. You can see [INAUDIBLE]   that really had an anointing for healing, and now they're using witchcraft [CROSSTALK]


Yeah, there was man. I'm not going to name his name because I really think he's a very well-meaning man, and I want to put on this tape -- I want everybody to really listen to what I'm going to say. While there are some evil people around, but there are a lot of people that are in the ministry that are not evil. They really just don't understand. They really just don't understand. We unfortunately had contact with someone that's really manifesting real evil, but I believe that there hundreds if not thousands of people that have served God faithfully in the best way they know how, and now God's closing down the fivefold ministry, and they really don't comprehend it. OK.

But there is a big name evangelist. He wasn't on -- to the best of my knowledge he's not on -- if he's on TV, it's not international TV. He's not from New York State. And I'm going to sit down. I'm still a little week. And he had a tent meeting here a couple years ago. I think it was a two summers ago he had a tent meeting over here. And I just went because I wanted to see what God was doing here. And this man has had a lot of healing. This man believes in casting out demons. You know, he's got a really good name for God. A lot of miracles happened to him. And I went to his first meeting, and it was dead. There was nothing, nothing bad, nothing good. There was nothing. I went to the second night, and it was the night that he was offering the baptism with the Holy Spirit, and whoever wanted it, and God anointed that meeting. An anointing fell, and a lot of people were baptized with the Holy Spirit.


I came back one more time, skipped a couple of meetings here or there, and that was the night that he was offering communion. Now, I believe, and I think some of you have the revelation that the true communion is the eating of the bread which is the word of God, the spiritual bread. I have to partake of him, a spiritual intercourse. We're consuming each other. I am consuming Jesus Christ, and he is con- -- I am consuming his spiritual life, and the Christ in me is growing, and he is consuming my soul. And, ultimately, we shall be one. And the wine aspect of the communion is the life of the spirit, which is the father, which is within Jesus Christ. I am partaking of that wine, and I am becoming more spiritual.


And these little crackers and these little cups of whine, they are paraphernalia. They are nothing. They have no power. They are symbols. They could be likened unto the types of the old tabernacle, under the Old Covenant. And, people, if we move on with God, you have to stop doing that. You have to worship God in spirit and truth. So I had had this revelation for a while, and I enter in. He said there's going to be many healings. We're going to take communion, and there's going to be many healings. Well, I walked in under that tent, brethren, and there was one wicked spirit manifesting there.


Now, remember, I went one night, there was nothing.  I went the next night, it was the Holy Spirit. And I went a third night, and let me tell you, that was one wicked spirit. And I sat there because I didn't know what God wanted me to do. I wanted to run. It was pretty evil, and it was attacking me because I knew what it was. And I sat there, and I said, Lord, am I the only person under this whole tent that knows that this is not your spirit? And right after I prayed it, this woman stood up, in a real huff, and she says, I'm not sitting here for this, and she ran out. And I don't even know what thought was going through her mind, but she knew something was wrong, and she left. But God told me to stay, and I sat through the whole thing, and they passed out the little crackers and the wine, and nobody was healed. Nobody was healed, and it was just horrible. It was the most wicked, ugly spirit. I was with a friend, and we were attacked all the way home. Our mind was attacked.


So what I'm trying to tell you, brethren, I believe this man is a very sincere man of God, but God is changing. He's changing. You've got to follow the cloud. You've got to go with God. And this man happened to stand up there, and one of the things he said was, well, you know, nobody's much believing in the rapture anymore, but I believe in the rapture. Well, let me tell you, brethren, God's not going to [INAUDIBLE] that ministry because God is teaching something else in this hour, and this man has authority people look up to him. He's on the radio. He goes around the whole country, if not international. I don't know. He can't go around preaching the rapture when God's out there preaching something else, so the anointing starts withdrawing from his ministry.


And the only part of his ministry that was anointed was the part that God was still using. There were unsave- -- there were people there were saved, whatever, that wanted the baptism with the Holy Spirit. That was the only meeting that was anointed. Can you hear what I'm saying? It's very gradual, and these men that don't have understanding, their heart is breaking. This man, he's a grandfather. He spent his whole life serving God, evangelizing, having tents, helping people, seen  miracles work through, and he's sitting there saying, oh, God, what happened to your spirit? And you want to know something, he can't get these deeper revelations unless God gives it to him. He can't understand about the communion, and he can't understand about the rapture. And he'll never understand about the sons of God or reconciliation unless God grants it to him.


And you want to know something else? God's not granting it to him. I am convinced that there are very few of the existing fivefold ministry that are being graduated up, very few. God is not ungrateful, brethren. That's spiritual. We're going back to the same thing we talked about earlier. God birthed them into this realm for a purpose. The whole living soul is not prepared in this hour to receive the deeper teachings, therefore, for those that are not being called in this hour, these ministries still exist in a measure. Can you hear what I'm saying? These men will --


Bill [?Brittain?]. I mean, I just loved that man. He died without receiving the message of reconciliation. He never received it. And he only didn't receive it because God didn't give it to him. Why didn't God give it to him? Because there are people in the Earth today that are not ready for reconciliation. God wants them to learn [?son-ship?]. They can't deal with reconciliation. They can't deal with a ministry like this that teaches everything. They vomit. The man that trained me used to say all the time, I feed you too much, and you throw up all over me. There are people that can't deal with this ministry. They're just ready for [?son-ship?].


So Bill [?Brittain?] was sacrificed. He never got the revelation of reconciliation, faithful man of God. [INAUDIBLE] that that's the next revelation. Why? Because there are thousands of believers that can't deal with reconciliation that needed to learn [?son-ship?]. He was sacrificed, and everyone in his ministry was sacrificed. They were not permitted. His son is not running the ministry. [?Fateful?] men are running that ministry, and they are being denied the doctrine of reconciliation. They're being denied what's being taught in this ministry. Why? Because there are thousands of people out there that would vomit all over us if they heard that they could receive [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. Can you [?hear this?]? It's the truth. But you see, Bill [?Brittain?] really [?didn’t miss it?]. He’s going to receive the fullness in his offspring. Oh, God, this is -- it’s heavy, but it’s [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. God’s working everything together. Don’t let your eyes deceive you. Don’t let your eyes deceive you.


Anybody else? OK.


03/23/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

03/24/14 1st Edit BP

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