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This is a review and a critique of the movie "The Edge of Tomorrow" and beyond the movie. I believe that the forces in Hollywood that are moving through the directors and the producers and whoever it is that makes the decisions to makes these movies -- this is one more witness there's very high witchcraft, and they're very deep into Kabbalah, which is ungodly Kabbalah.


We who labor in the godly Kabbalah, we bear the brunt of the scorn and very frequently of the scorn of Christians who assume that we're doing evil with this Kabbalah. And they just don't understand that there's four different kinds of Kabbalah and that Kabbalah can be used -- Kabbalah is a tool. Kabbalah is a tool that is used in spirit- -- in the -- Kabbalah is a tool that manipulates the energies of this world. Brethren, that's what we're doing when we preach here. We're manipulating the energies of this world and moving them, Lord willing, in a godly direction. So it's -- the question is who's using the tool and what spirit is using the tool. But most of the Christian world does not believe there is such a thing as godly Kabbalah.


So we are a phenomenon. A lot of people, they don't understand us. Some of them are afraid of us, of all that we -- God gave me that name. I was preaching Kabbalah under the name of Living Epistles for almost a year before the Lord told me that the name of the Kabbalah -- of the ministry where I was preaching Kabbalah was Christ-Centered Kabbalah.


So [?I re- --?] I have to just function under that force. You know, we're -- we've now published our second book to Amazon, which is very exciting. That means that you can -- anybody can purchase a professionally printed copy of the books that we do publish to Amazon.  The -- we -- the copies of the first one came in, and it looks really nice.


The second book, the reason I'm talking to you about it now is that I had to decide whether to publish it under the name Living Epistles Ministries or Christ-Centered Kabbalah, the second book that we -- that just went up. I'm sorry; it's going to be the third book that I'm working on now. There's really nothing about Kabbalah in it, but yet it was preached. It's about marriage and divorce. It was preached at a CCK meeting. So I actually considered changing -- actually changed the name to Living Epistles, and then I think the Lord told me not to do it, that this is who we are, brethren. We are Christ-Centered Kabbalah. And anyone that cannot get past that flaming sword, it's their problem, and it's the Lord's problem.


This is who we are. We are Christ-Centered Kabbalah [?where?] anybody or everybody might have to say about us. The message was preached at a CCK meeting. It was -- it's an excerpt from a CCK message, "The Woman and the Beast," and that's what it is, so it's a Christ-Centered Kabbalah message, and we are Christ-Centered Kabbalah. And we are the witness to the world that there is a good or a righteous Kabbalah. For those of us who can see us now or will see us in the future, that is who we are, and can't be hiding anymore. That's who we are. Whoever can see -- whoever has eyes to see, let them see. Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.


So today's message is a critique and a review of the movie called "The Edge of Tomorrow." I mentioned to you on the previous file that for me to preach on a message like this, I usually have to watch it. On a movie like this, I usually have to watch it at least two if not three times. So because I didn't have time to do that, I printed out a synopsis of the movie for you, and that's what you all have. I will start off the top of my head, and we'll see how it goes. If the Lord refers me to these notes, we'll go to the notes. If not, we won't.


So I was invited to see this movie last night, and I was really glad that I went because I need to know what's going on in the world today, and you all need to know what's going on in the world today. I also would like to comment on the contrast between the spirit on this movie and the movie of "Inception," which I love. I absolutely love "Inception." I just watched it again the other day. Yet I do not deny that the conclu- -- that what was going on in "Inception" was ungodly, what was going on.


There was a team of people seeking to plant an idea inside of somebody's mind, which person, if they knew about it, would have been absolutely opposed to that seed being planted in their mind. And the end of the movie, which was completely twisted because all the music was playing like it was a big victory took place. And the victory was that they succeeded in planting a seed in the mind of someone against his will, which resulted in him giving up his great kingdom that he had just inherited.


But I did not consider the spirit on the movie dirty. The spirit on the movie didn't offend me. I acknowledged that there was something ungodly going on that was being portrayed as a godly thing, and not even as a godly thing. The guy was in business to plant a seed in someone else's mind. Yet the way it was presented, it wasn't presented like it was an evil thing. Yet the spirit on the movie was not unacceptable to me. The spirit on the movie was acceptable to me.


Now this is a very important point because when we came out of the movie, Brooke asked me if I liked the movie, and I said no. And she was really surprised that I said no because she loved it. So as we had our conversation in the car on the way home, I had to analyze it myself. And I realized that I was looking at the movie from a completely different place than Brooke was looking at it from. I -- brethren, I am in this high place. And if anybody doesn't like to hear that, well, that's your problem. I am in a spiritually high place, and I see from a position that the average person doesn't see.


So when I analyzed myself -- because sometimes I do things and I don't know why I'm doing them. Sometimes I say things and I don't know why I'm saying them. I realized, as we discussed the move and as Brooke gave me a couple of her perceptions, I realized two things about myself and that movie, that I had turned off on the movie virtually immediately after testing the spirit on it. I didn't like the overall spirit of the movie, and I therefore turned off on it. So I didn't have any analysis.  I didn't even think. I wasn't even barely thinking in terms of analysis.


The one thing that hit me was that woman rising up. I didn't even realize it was like the serpent. That -- the analysis was coming to me this morning. I just knew that I looked at that position that she was in, and there was something really, really wrong or satanic or ungodly, whatever word you want to use, about her rising up like that. But I didn't know what it was, and I wasn't trying to find out. What I had done was I sat down in that movie. I didn't like the spirit on it, and I checked out. That was what had happened.


The -- but I woke up this morning, and I guess the Lord wants me to talk to you about it. So a lot of it's coming to me now. Is that right? Did I do -- I don't know whether that was right or wrong, that I checked out. Sometimes I jump too quickly. Wha- -- di- -- was it wrong? Did I jump too quickly? Or was I defending myself against that spirit? I think, in retrospect, I was defending myself against that spirit.


Now you all need to understand that I'm affected in ungod- -- in negative ways that you may not be affected because of where I am because of the height that I'm at. It's like a blinder. It's like your pupils being opened wider, you know, that it lets more light in. And your pupils are supposed to close as you get into a blinding light. Your pupils are supposed to close so that the eye isn't damage. Well, my pupils are opened wider than yours, and that spirit -- it was an unconscious kneejerk reaction. I closed my eyes to that spirit on that movie, and I really wasn't thinking in terms of analysis at all. I just rejected it until this morning, when the Lord wants me to talk to you about it.


And why would the Lord want me to talk to you about it? Because it's a popular movie. [?Lape?] already went to see it, and Brooke went to see it. It just so happened that I went with her, and I understand that Bret went to see it also. So as I told [?Lape?] -- as I told Brooke this morning, it's really important that I went to see it and that I'm going to share my perceptions with you because it's important that you all learn to recognize what I'm about to share with you.


The church -- part of the reason that the church is dying is that the leaders of the church never trained the members of the church to be spiritual, to go to a movie like that and to analyze it and to judge for yourselves whether it's godly or ungodly. Is it having a negative feeling on you or effect on you or a bad effect on you? The church has not been trained. I am trying to train you to do that. And I want to tell you it hasn't been an easy job, nothing personal against any of you. It's just the state of mind that fallen man is in. It's just very hard getting you up out of your carnal mind to recognize these things, you see.


And me because the Lord has dragged me up there, lots of times I recognize -- my Christ in me recognizes it, but it doesn't get into my consciousness, which is what happened last night. I just rejected it, you see. And then Brooke mentioned a couple of spiritual principles that she saw in it, and I started to get a little bit interested. So what I'm telling you is that I separated the spirit on the movie from whatever content might have been of interest. That's what I did.


I remember when "The Lord of the Rings" came out. I was really excited because I love science fiction. I loved "Inception," OK. So what was the difference between "Inception" and "The Edge of Tomorrow?" What was -- why did I accept one knowing that the message was convoluted and the other one I rejected? What's the difference? The difference seems to be the whole background noise. It was a very violent -- what I mentioned to Brooke in the car going back was it seems to me that the emphasis was much more on the visual and on the sound effects than on the content of the message.


So, brethren, this is one of the ways the Lord teaches me. Christ Jesus has a reaction to it, and then Sheila, the personality, says why did I have that reaction. And then I start analyzing it. So bear with me as I'm trying to get myself in a coherent way -- to explain this to you in a coherent way because, as I said, I didn't have time to see it again or to prepare. But I believe the Lord will come through and I will get this all out to you.


I believe that there's something wrong, and when I say wrong, I'm talking about the spiritual health of a people, you see. The -- we could look at this movie as entertainment. We can look at it is as a vehicle to seed you with the seed of the serpent. We can look at it as a critique of Hollywood. And I'm just going to try and get out to you what the Lord wants you to hear, so I'm still, sort of, struggling, so just bear with me.


I noticed when "The Lord of the Rings" came out that I walked out in the middle of -- that was a trilogy, and I walked out in the middle of the first movie because I felt that it was not in my best interest to be watching these demonic images. You see, I love the concept of the spiritual principles, but that movie had frequently -- was frequently putting in front of my eyes these demonic looking creatures as the inhabitants of one of the -- of the Middle Earth or whatever the storyline is.


And I was looking at these demonic creatures that to me were demons. And, brethren, when you look at something long enough, it enters into your soul. You need to understand that what you look at enters into your soul. And I felt, at the time -- and, again, I'm largely on instinct in areas like this, and my instinct being Christ Jesus, that it was -- I did not want to watch an hour and a half or two hours of those demons moving across the screen, that it was not in my best interest to do that.


Now years ago I would have been able to do it when I was in a lower spiritual plane, you see. I watched all of this stuff. I can't be telling you not to watch it. I watched it. How could I be telling you not to watch it? And, besides, that is not God's way. It is not God's way to tell you not to do something like that. His way is to say, if you want to watch it, watch it, and then listen to the critique and understand. Watch it out of knowledge. Watch it coming out of Christ.


So any Christian that goes into watch a movie like that that thinks that it's just entertainment, that's the beginning of your tripping up. To watch a movie or to watch anything that comes out of Hollywood today, brethren, is not just entertainment. To watch anything that your mind and your eyes are going to drink in like that is not just entertainment. You are a spiritual people.


We -- brethren, we are -- and I had this as I was working on the message that I thought I'd bring today that I'm probably not going to bring today. It just hit me, and I knew this before, but it just hit me so clearly. And as a direct result of that movie, we, the church -- we are Israel at the foot of Mount Sinai waiting for the Ten Commandments to come down. And the church is in -- is dancing around their golden calf, and we're a complete disaster. So for those of us that are not actually worshipping idols, we're not prepared, and the seduction is there, you see.


So if you want to watch it -- I'm glad that I went. I'm glad that I went. But to be honest with you, I closed my eyes through all of the violent scenes. Because it's not -- don't misunderstand me. It's not that I'm squeamish and saying, oh, I didn't like the violence or the [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. No, that's not it. I knew that it was bad for Christ Jesus in me for me to be watching those images. Does anybody not know what I'm talking about?


OK. Brethren, there's a reason why there's a prohibition in the Scripture against religious pictures. Pictures are powerful. Imagery is powerful. And the more spiritual you are, the more powerful it is. The less spiritual you are, you say, what are these people talking about? You see, now I just saw an image in my mind that I believe the Lord gave to me, and I think this is what He wants me to tell you, that when you're spiritual enough, when you're ascended enough --


What He just showed me in the spirit, I've seen it in movies. You know what I saw in the spirit? I'll just tell you what I saw in the spirit. I was looking at some image, like in -- on a wall, in a picture, and an entity came right out of that picture and went into me. So I -- now I have to interpret that to tell you what I think the Lord wants me to tell you [?by?] -- the reason that He gave me that image in my mind. I think the reason He to- -- He gave me that image in my mind is that He wants me to tell you that when you ascend to a high enough height, the spirit behind the picture has the power to jump from the picture into your mind. If you're carnal and you're not ascended at all, you go and you look at the picture, and it's just a solid picture. And you say, well, what is that person talking about? You know, but when you're spiritually ascended, the spirit behind the picture literally comes out of the picture. And as you look at it and observe it and meditate on it, it enters in through your eyes.


Now, brethren, there are spiritual people in this world that are not in Christ. They know all of this. They know all about this, you see. And it's the people in the -- it's the chur- -- the people in the church and so many Jewish people out there, you know. I think the Kabbalists know it to some degree. They're vulnerable. Why? Because Satan is sowing her seed. Jesus said a sower went forth to sow some seed, and he went forth with a message. So the whole church assumes that he was teaching, and that's how Jesus sowed His seed, yes. Well, Satan doesn't necessarily sow her seed in the same form as Jesus. But she's sowing her seed through these movies, and these movies are preaching, you see.


So the fact, if you can follow me -- the fact that Hollywood made a big jump a few years ago with the making of "The Lord of the Rings" where the switched the emphasis -- you see, for years, the emphasis in any movie I ever saw was on the content, the message of the movie, and the attributes of the characters, the character of the characters. That was the emphasis. If you study literature in college, that's what you study, the content of the message, and you study the characters, if you study great literature because all men have the same failings and failures and weaknesses in common.


So if you study great literature like Shakespeare or if you study Mark Twain, any great writer, you can possibly learn something about yourself. If you're -- if you can't do it yourself, if you're taking an English lit class and you have a teacher that's helping you to analyze the character in the book, maybe you'll be able to relate to something and learn something about yourself and grow from that knowledge. That's what literature is about. That's what art forms are about, and movies are an art form.


But somewhere along the line, whenever that was, however many years ago that was that "The Lord of the Rings," -- the first movie of the trilogy came out, there was a big shift in Hollywood. And the shift went from the focus being on the content of the message and the character of the persons, and the focus went to vi- --- to powerful video and sound effects. So what does that mean, and why would that be done? And what was it all about?


And what are the effects on the people watching the movie? The effects, brethren, are that the visual effects are so flamboyant and the music so loud that you don't focus on the content of the message and the character of the protagonists of the movie. The video -- the visual and audio stimulation is so intent that you just sit there and be stimulated by it, but your mind isn't functioning, or the functioning of your mind is dumbed down or diminished.


It's a way of bringing the people into their emotions, out of their mind, into their emotions. One of the forms that the attack on humanity is taking place right now is to bring civilized people -- brethren, this is a civilized nation. We do things wrong here. We've made mistakes, but we're civilized. There are certain things that civilized people don't do, you see, like cutting people's heads off and throwing it around like a basketball or standing over your victim and cutting his heart out and drinking his blood. Civilized people don't do things like that.


Mankind, in -- apart from God, is an animal. He's uncivilized. Animals kill their prey and rip their livers out and eat the organs of their prey. That's how lions and tigers feed on raw meat. Animals are not civilized. Civilized means that you live above your animal nature. That's what civilized means, you see. And the way you live above your animal nature is that you live out of your mid. You live out of a knowledge of what is right and what is wrong.


So the attack upon humanity is taking form in one way -- in many ways, but one of the ways that it's taking form is to bring a civilized people down out of their intellect into their emotions. A child is all emotions. We civilize him, or we socialize him to control his emotions and behave in a manner that is not destructive to himself or to his fellow man. All of this visual and audio stimulation is designed to bring a civilized people down out of their mind, out of their socialization into their raw emotions, translation, animal nature.


Every prohibition in the Scripture that can be broken is being broken. Some of you might have read on Glenn Beck la- -- I think it was last week. There was a big uproar in a particular school district where they were vi- -- they were young. I think the children were 10 or 12 years old. I could be mistake about that. How old are you in middle school?


            Ten and 12, I think so, yeah.


I believe it was a middle school. For a sex education class, they brought pictures to the children that were so vile that they couldn't even put them -- Glenn Beck tried to put them up on his website. I don't know who made the decision to take it down. He said -- I read about it, and I -- the one -- one of the four that was so vile, I believe, was the one that was telling the boys -- what it said was a man loves his woman all month long. And the suggestion was you have sex when the woman's menstruating. Now I don't know what the picture looked like, but Glenn said that it was so revolting and so disgusting that he had never seen anything like it. And then the other three were all about perverted sex, yeah.


And the parents made such an uproar that the school pulled it off. And the principal of the school said, well, it went past the school board. The school board approved it, you know. Brethren, we're living in an insane time, and every law of -- brethren, the ultimate law of civilization is the Bible. That is what the Scripture is. God came to a world that was steeped in lawlessness and darkness, and He gave His law, the most incredible gift, to mankind. Why? Because the peoples of the world was suffering and not knowing -- un- -- not understanding that they was -- that they were reaping what they had sown.


The greatest gift God could give you, the greatest friend that you could ever have, will tell you that you're doing something that's violating God's law. So the powers that be today, which are largely coming out of Hollywood -- at least that's one of the places they're coming out of -- is moving to dumb down humanity, to bring us down out of our civilized mind.


Brethren, if God tells you not to do something, it's because if you do it, the consequences are not good. It's not God saying, if you do it, I'm going to beat you. He's saying, do it if you want to do it. That's what He said to Adam. Do it if you want to do it, but you will suffer the consequences. And every law that can be broken is being broken. The publicity -- not the publicity, there's another word for it that I wanted to use. To influence people, to violate God's laws is satanic. It is demonic. It is evil. It is the most wicked thing I've ever experienced in all of my years, to seduce people that are not adequately equipped to resist you.


Now if you show something like that to an equipped person and they go for it, well, then go for it. But you show that to 10- and 12-year-old children, you show that to people who for whatever reason have not been educated in God and they go for it, that, brethren, is the seduction of the woman by the serpent. Nothing has changed. Brethren, there is nothing new under the sun. Humanity is the woman, and the serpent is within, is within every man. But there are two major or three major groups of people, those that are naïve, those that know what they're doing and they're manifesting the serpent and those that are in-between, in-between meaning they're spiritually naïve but they're really in a lot of sin.


So this is the purpose behind the shift of great -- from great literature, which focuses on plot and character and the character analysis of the protagonist and what's in coming out of Hollywood today. Brethren, the average person isn't analyzing the movie. You see, I shut it out. Brooke had some very interesting insights that I heard in the car. The average person did not have Brook's insights. The average person came out of that movie saying, wow, did you see those visual effects? Did you see that armor? Did you see that thing roaring? That's what the average person is coming out of there saying. And they're walking away with the serpent's seed, you see. Or if they don't have the serpent's seed, they're being dumbed down out of their potential to recognize it for what it is so that they'll receive the serpent's seed another way somehow in the future.


So I just shut it out. Well, actually, I had my eyes closed because there were scenes that went on for quite a few minutes. And then, when I op- -- when I heard the noise stop, I opened my eyes, and I was looking at it -- the one thing, and I guess I wasn't that interested because I was having a reaction. I was having a spiritual reaction to the movie which said no good, you see, so I wasn't paying that much attention. But I did see that woman stand up while her body her -- from the waist down, she didn't move. She was in this prone position just above the floor.


Now the Zohar and the esoteric literature tells us, parable though it might be, parable or not, though it might be, that the serpent or the snake, before the fall, had feet. That's what it tells us, that the serpent had feet before the fall. Now if you want to think of the serpent as a snake and then you want to think that he has feet, well, that's OK, but I don't think that the snake like as in my garden.


Brethren, this is the danger of reading esoteric literature with a carnal mind. This is the danger of watching a movie like that with your carnal mind. The serpent was a spiritual force. Yet the esoteric literature says, as part of the judgment, its feet and hands were chopped off. Now the Zohar says its feet were chopped off. Now I'm reading the "Legends of the Jews," which says its feet and its hands were chopped off. And the "Legends of the Jews" says that the snake stood upright in humanoid form. Hands, my -- [?you have your?] feet, carnal mind. Hands, something else, yeah. Now there might have been a manifestation, somewhere on the other side of The Flood. Or like the Anunnaki, maybe they're the snake that stood upright, the spiritual force that materialized in this world.


But, brethren, the only way, only safe way to study esoteric literature is to study it in its generic form, at its root. If you study esoteric literature in its manifested form, meaning that you don't fully understand the symbols, you're going to get a wrong spirit in your mind. Wake up, you need to hear this, OK. You can't watch movies like this. Spiritual people, spiritual G- -- people who are spiritual in God, it is dangerous for you to watch movies like this out of your carnal mind. At the very least, you need to walk into the theater knowing that Hollywood is corrupt. And at least sit down before the movie starts and ask the Lord to help you to see it with your Christ mind. And then if you [?feel it?], please, let me know.


Actually, I prayed this morning and asked the Lord if He wanted me to watch some of these other movies. I have rejected watching "The Hobbit" for the same reasons that I walked out on "The Lord of the Rings". There are demonic creatures throughout the movie. So whether or not the Lord wants me to watch it to comment on it, I don't know. We'll see. Let me get through this one.


So we have two main characters. And, brethren, you need to understand that the people that make these movies, they know exactly what they're doing. And their name -- the names that they name, their -- the people and the characters, mean something, just like in "Inception."  Dom for Adam. Ariadne was the architecture student. Mal for Malkhut. They know exactly what they're doing. Now I don't always understand what they're doing, but sometimes you can find an analysis online. You can find someone who will write an article who will tell you why they named so-and-so so-and-so.


Now I don't know how happy your Rita is going to be about this, our Rita here in the ministry, but the female protagonist was called Rita. I don't know what that means. My first reaction to that name, to the female protagonist who -- sorry, Rita -- who, in my opinion, represented the snake. Actually, the Hebrew means snake. It's the King James translators that started using the word serpent. It really means snake. I don't know why Rita would be used in this movie other than -- the only thought that came to me was that -- and this -- again, I only watched it once.


I'm not too sure about this, but they, sort of, made this battle, this big military battle on some parallel with a major battle of World War II. So I don't really know if the producers, writers, directors, whoever's responsible for this -- oh, I just had an interesting thought. I don't know whether they were likening it to World War II on another plane of consciousness.


And the thought that just popped into my mind is that when I looked it up on the Internet in preparation to come out here and speak to you, I found out that the storyline was written by a Japanese man. I think he was a man, by a Japanese, I believe as recently as 2009. It's a modern story. And there are those who believe. I don't know if I believe it or not. But I have a lot of thoughts in my mind that I don't know whether I believe it or not, but I carry the thoughts in my mind, and I see. Maybe I form an opinion. Maybe I don't. Maybe I'll gather some additional information. Maybe the Lord will say something to me. It's a good idea to be able to carry thoughts in your mind without letting them influence you, if you can do it. I can do it in Christ Jesus. Most people, either they believe it or they don't believe it, and they throw the thought out.


There are those who would say that there's great ha- -- there's still great hatred in Japan towards the United States because of World War II and that all of these horror movies -- for years there have been horror movies, anime horror movies, coming out of Japan, all these dragon movies, right, coming out of Japan. So there are those who say it's a spiritual attack on America. They're exporting all of this garbage, you know, to America, and so I find it interesting that a Japanese writer would put a theme into his movie that would somehow relate to World War II. And seeing how we utterly devastated Japan with two atomic bombs, I would wonder if there wasn't some resentment towards the Western world, you know, through the storyline of this movie.


So, anyway, the female protagonist is named Rita, and the only thought that I could possibly come up with was that they took a name from an earlier age. And please tell me if I'm wrong. Anybody, tell me if I'm wrong. Is anybody named Rita of the young g- -- is anybody named Rita in the young generation coming up? Do you know any Ritas? No.


I know there are no Sheilas around, you know. So it's not a modern name. It's not a name that would be chosen in 2009, you see. So I was thinking that the writer of the story wanted to set -- even though it looked like it was modern with the modern warfare and the modern armor that they were wearing, that what it looked like to me was that it was World War II on another plane of consciousness. That's what it looked like to me. Yes?


            They also called her Rita, the Angel of Verdun, if that has any meaning, I don't          know.


The Angel of Verdun, yeah. Verdun is a place in France, and I think there was a big battle. At least, in the movie, there was a big battle in Verdun, in France, and I didn't look that up before I came out here. But it wouldn't surprise me, if I were to type into a search engine Verdun and find out that there was a major battle during World War II at Verdun, you know.


And maybe, wow, this -- maybe Verdun -- for those of you that don't know it, France was completely captured by the Nazis during World War II. And the beginning of the end of World War II was when the Allied forces attacked France. It was a massive attack, coordinated of all of the Allies. There were -- I don't want to name a number that I don't know about, but there was a tremendous amount of foot soldiers. Many of them died, and I understand that the generals knew that many of those men would die, but that was how they liberated France. They just rushed them with all of these soldiers plus air support, and France was liberated. And that was the beginning of the defeat of the Germans and then the Japanese. And I don't know which came first. I don't know whether -- it's called VE Day, Victory in Europe Day. I don't know whether that came before the victory in Japan or not, OK, but that was the beginning of the end of World War II.


And what was I going to say? I forgot that thought that came into my mind. Oh, yeah. So I think what I wanted to say was it wouldn't surprise me if this Japanese writer was somehow -- I lost the thought, brethren. So the -- she was the Angel of Verdun, OK. If it turns out that Verdun was a part of this blitz -- they called it a blitz, where the Allies just blitzed the -- blitzed Europe at that point, in France. If it turns out that Verdun was one of the areas that was subjected to this attack by the Allies and Rita was called the Angel of Verdun -- I'm having trouble formulating what I'm trying to say. It would indicate that she wa- -- just calling her an angle indicates that she had a supernatural -- that -- a supernatural  effect. And then, if I remember correctly, in the movie, she was defeated. She saw a vision at Verdun, and she was -- was she not defeated in Verdun?


            I think she saved it.


She saved Verdun?


            Yeah, that's why they called her the Angel of Verdun.


OK. And the reason that she saved Verdun was that she had the same experience that Tom Cruise has, and I haven't told you about his experience yet. She had a supernatural experience whereby she saw this vision of what in the movie is called the Omega, and somehow she sa- -- she super- -- the suggestion is she supernaturally saved Verdun, and be- -- when -- and because she had this vision, it meant that she was in contact with this supernatural being, that she had the ability to reset time. She had the ability to reset time. That's, like, the main theme of the movie, that she -- Rita lost the ability because the ability was in her blood. She was touched by one of these entities and re- -- which affected her blood, and she now had the ability to reset time, but she was injured and taken in to an Allied hospital where they gave her a blood transfusion of human blood, and she lost her supernatural ability to reset time.


And now Tom Cruise comes along, and he gets this same ability to reset time, meaning he keeps doing the same day over and over and over again. Now the day that he does over and over again is the day that the Allied armies are wiped out to a man. Now is this coming up out of the Japanese author's -- I wouldn't even say it's coming up out of his subconscious mind. Is that some kind of a satisfaction or hidden meaning to him, that the Allies were devastated rather than Japan over and over? You're -- OK. That the Allies were wiped out to a man over and over and over again, something like that.


So we have Tom Cruise. His name is Cage. I thought that was very interesting. First, I wondered if it didn’t mean that -- because he wasn't a very good character. He had no character at all as a matter of fact. He was called by the general to go into action, and he told the general he would not go into action, that he wasn't even trained for action and he didn't want to go. And the general said he had to go, so he tried to bribe the general, and he was stripped of his rank, OK. That's what happened. And then he lives that day of that battle where every man is completely wiped out. He lives it. He keeps resetting time, and he lives it over and over again. Each time he changes it just a little bit. And, of course, the end of the movie is that the whole army is not wiped out, and everybody's saved. And he wakes up, and the whole thing was just a dream, and he was not stripped of his rank.


But the bottom line is this. It was a dream. It was a spiritual dream. He had a spiritual experience which enabled him to change the outcome of a dark day of his life. So the movie presents it as a dream, but the truth of the ma- -- of rea- -- as I understand it is that he had a spiritual experience. And in the spiritual experience, he took the victory that changed his whole natural life. And I've been telling you this for a long time, that one of the blessings that we have in Christ Jesus is the ability to see our potential sins before they ac- -- before we act them out.


Once we act out our sins, it's he -- it can be likened to the collapse of the wave function. If you remember the theory of the wave function, everything that hasn't happened yet -- before you all came in this morning, we were having a potential meeting here. I expected every one of you to show up, but you didn't have to show up. God forbid, something could have happened. God forbid a traffic jam, God forbid an accident, God forbid your car breaking down. Anything could have happened that would have changed you showing up here. So until you showed up, all of those potentials were in the form of what's called a wave function.


Take -- just take one of you, OK. Take any one of you. Take Michelle. She came out from the city today. Something could have gone wrong on the train. So all of these potentials were up there, that Michelle would arrive here on time, that Michelle would miss the train, that the train wouldn't run, that the train would run and break down, that Mary, who picked her up at the station, wouldn't get to the station. Mary would miss her at the station. Mary's car would break down. All of these potentials were floating around in the spiritual plane. The minute Michelle got on the train, that potential that the train wouldn't show up was knocked out. The potential that Michelle wouldn't make it to the train was knocked out. As soon as Mary picked her up, the potential that Mary's car would break down was knocked out.


And in the hour that Michelle walked through the door and sat down here, every other potential that might have stopped her from getting here collapsed. That's the expression. They collapsed. The wave function collapsed. The one result that became concrete, that actually happened, happened, and, therefore, every other potential no longer exists. Although some people believe that those potentials exist in parallel worlds of consciousness, but that's not our message for today.


So according to the -- my understanding of the movie, he didn't just have a dream. He had a series of spiritual -- or he had one extended, intense spiritual experience which resulted in a complete change of character for him, from a really low-life, with no -- with poor morals to a hero, OK. At the end of the movie, he was a hero. He saved the army from just complete annihilation, and he saved the whole world. And he did it all in the spirit, and he didn't lose any time in this world at all. So that's a major theme in the movie that you need to understand because the movie wasn't that easy to understand. If you don't have a spiritual background, I don't know how anybody wouldn't understand it.


And they made -- it was very interesting, the way they presented it, and Brooke picked this up, that she keeps killing him. And what Tom Cruise represented -- his name was Cage, OK, and what he represented was all of mankind that keeps dying and being reincarnated and dying and being reincarnated. In one scene she said to him, are you OK? He said, no, my back is broken. So she takes out the gun and she kills him. He has to start over again. She kills him, and he starts over again. So this is Adam who died. She keeps killing him and reforming him according to the Scripture, and God just smacked the clay down and reformed him, only it's the same man coming back again.


So there was a lot of crossing over because to -- well, I'm not going to say that right now. There was a lot of crossing over. This was just one man that was being shot and coming back again. But we have a whole creation of thousands of millions of people reincarnating all of the time, which are dying because they don't get it right. She said to him, oh, your back is broken? You're dead. Your leg is broken? You're dead. She just keeps killing him. Every time there's an -- he's imperfect, she just shoots him, and it starts all over again. He resets time.


So I wonder why his name might be Cage. My first thought was the Book of Revelation where it says, and there was a cage that contained every evil bird, and every evil bird was in that cage. And then I don't know that the writers would mean that, but what they might mean is that he represents mankind who is caught in a cage. So to a degree, we're caught in a cage. We're caught in this world. We can't break this -- we cannot break these cycles of unending births and deaths. We're caught in a cage. So I'm not 100 percent sure about that, but those were the two thoughts that I had. His name is Cage. He's the caged animal. He's an animal that's caged in this criminal world.


And she is the hero, the Angel of Verdun. To me -- they didn't really expound on Angel of Verdun, but to me that makes her a supernatural person. And, indeed, I believe she typified the snake. That position, I'll watch this movie again. I don't know whether I would pay to see it again, or I'll just wait until I can stream it or get a video of it. That position that she came up in, it was -- it just struck me when I watched it, but I didn't realize that she was the serpent until this morning.


Every time he came looking for her, she was in this gym type setting, but she was the only one in there, in this very large area. And she was the only one there, in this position on her hands and her feet. And so I started to tell you the "Legends of the Jews" says that the serpent or the snake had hands or feet. And that's what -- that's how -- that's the position she was in, just resting on her hands and her feet in a completely prone position and just like you would see a snake. If you come near the snake -- that's exactly what the -- I think it's the Boa constrictor does, you know. It just -- did you ever see a Boa constrictor? That it just -- it's all twisted and wound up, and then it just rises up its head and looks at you. Did you ever see a picture of that? That’s what she did. She was the snake. There's no question about it. That's what she was, the snake, and she was meant to look like the snake. And the writers and the directors -- I don't know about the writers, but the directors or the producers, they knew exactly what she was doing. She was the snake.


Now I read the synopsis off -- I took the synopsis off of Wikipedia. This doesn't say anything about her being a snake, you see. So there are overtones in that movie that probably the writers that write up the synopses didn't even understand, but I'm telling that was the snake. Now what was the relationship between the snake and the corrupt young man that didn't want to go to war and was willing to try and bribe a general? The relationship between the two of them, I believe, is that she was the serpent of this world, and she saved the armies at Verdun for whatever her own purposes --


What are her own purposes? Brethren, I've been telling you for a long time now that the serpent and Christ Jesus are fighting over our bodies. We are the kingdom. They are powers. Both the serpent -- OK, which has seven heads, has seven powers, and Christ Jesus which has 10 powers. They're undefined air. They're like the air of this room. They have no authority in this world except when they're manifesting through a kingdom, which is a human being. That's the way the creation is set up, for God as well as for the fallen man who's ruled by the snake. They're just powers. They're kings without a kingdom unless they have a human being to do their deeds through.


So she wants to save mankind. She did not want to destroy mankind. She's the Angel of Verdun, a supernatural deliverer to save mankind from complete destruction, so she had supernatural help. And who was he? He represents mankind. He represents the worst of mankind, someone in the uniform that would be disgracing the uniform to that degree. He said he didn't know how to fight. He was not trained to fight. Now he was an army officer. I think he was a captain. He was an officer. How come he wasn't trained to fight? How did he get to be officer without being trained to fight? It was a complete putdown of mankind. Well, maybe it's a true evaluation of mankind. Look, we're either the armies of God, or we're the armies of the serpent, and we're not trained to fight.


How many spiritual warriors are there around that really know how to fight in the spirit? Very few, and there's more on the other side than in the church because there's no power in the church when pride is present, and the church is overrun with pride. And the Jews are overrun with pride. Now Satan will give you -- the snake will give you power when you have pride, so there's so- -- there's probably a significant number of people out there in Hollywood, for example, that have power with the snake, but on God's side, there's very few because in order to get power with God, you must overcome the snake in you. And who's overcoming the snake in them since Jesus and since the Apostles? Not very many, and certainly no one perfectly. No one has overcome the snake perfectly.


So he represents mankind. He's been promoted. It's like saying -- God calls His church His saints. He calls us saints by faith. He calls us His saints because He, God, has faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that He's going to beat us to a pulp until we arise to that title, until we arise to the point that we deserve that title. Saint means holy one, brethren. The church is pretty far from being holy these days, and I include myself in it. So he, being in the officer's uniform, I think, typified the church, someone that had the uniform that didn't deserve it. So he didn't want to fight. He wasn’t even trained to fight. And when the general tried to take authority over him -- well, when a teacher is sent to someone to try to stimulate some kind of righteousness in the person, he turned around and tried to bribe the general.


Now I'll tell you something, brethren, I can really relate to that. Many times I've gone to people with something to say that came out of righteousness, with a motive that wanted to help them, and imputed wrong motives were -- and wrong motives were imputed to me. So -- now why did I say that? So that -- I'm likening that to him trying to bribe the general. Brethren, people that are down here cannot tr- -- cannot accurately perceive the motives of someone that's up here. I'm not exalting myself. God put me up here to be a teacher to help the brethren. So I'm up here because He dragged me up here. I've been beaten by the Lord to get up here.


Then He sends me to somebody that's down here that He's saying I want you to come up where Sheila is. I want you to come up to the same place. And they look at me, and they think that I want to -- I want their money, I want to control them, I want -- basically, that' it. I want to control them for my own glory. I want to build the ministry. I want to build the numbers. I want them for some -- to use them in some way. I had someone in this ministry that I was trying to help who was -- she was a very emotional [?young?] woman, and she was on social services. And her mother came in here and accused me of wanting her Social Security money.


So that is -- that attitude of the fallen mind is expressed in this movie in Tom Cruise trying to bribe the general. Now the general -- I mean, I'm sort of playing this out, trying to make it fit. The general was being a general. He was doing his job, and he wasn't doing anything that was trying to help Tom Cruise like I was trying to help this person, but he was a general. He was doing his job. He said I'm sending you into the fight. So when God sends a teacher to somebody to try to help them, that's what He's saying. That's what I'm saying to you. If I show you your sins because the Lord has revealed it to me, that's the message. That's the interpretation of the message. You've got to get strong. You've got to get over your sins because you're called into the battle. The Lord has need of you.


So the general was saying to Tom Cruise, the Lord has need of you. You're called to the battle. And Tom Cruise was saying, no, I'm not going. And, brethren, that's the whole church saying I'm not going. The whole Israel of God, the church of the Jews, they want it their way, you see. They don't want the truth. They want power with God. They want their mansion, you know, but they don’t want to give up their sins, or at least they may think they want -- they may think they're giving up their sins, but they're not agreeing to what God wants from them, you see.


So that's who the general was. He was -- he represented the Lord, or he represented the Lord's teachers or the Lord's elders that were -- that are calling the Israel of God to battle, and the Israel of God are saying I'm not going. I'm not -- not only am I not going, I don't even know how to fight. And if you try to put -- to use your authority to make me go, I'll buy you off if I can. I'll give you money. I'll flatter you. I'll come in and try and control your ministry and make it look like I'm being a benefactor.


Do you know that Christians -- I mean, it hasn't happened here. It did happen here a long time ago from one person. People try to buy the pastors. You know, they come in, especially people with money. They come in with their big money. That's why you have to be very careful who you take your money from if you're in the ministry. They want to give you all kinds of money, build you a building, do this or that, and then they want to control you. So God's provision for a ministry is many people -- small amounts of money from many people so that you don't run into that kind of problem.


So that was Tom Cruise and the general. Now one of the obje- -- another objection that I had to the movie, in addition to the audio/visual effects being used to dumb down the thought process there. Like I said, I would really like to stand outside and stop people with a microphone. Would you tell me -- you know, did you analyze the characters of the movie? You know, what is your reaction to the movie? Oh, the sound effects and the audio effects were fantastic. Did you actually analyze the characters of the movie? Did you actually look for spiritual principles in the movies? I'd like to see what the percentage would be. I don't think it would be very high, you see.


So another objection that I have to what's coming out of Hollywood today is they're making the gover- -- and now, brethren, I'm no fan of the government, and I understand that the military is not what it used to be, but it's still the United States Military, and I believe that the -- that Hollywood is making them look very bad, that there was an ugly spirit on the military. There was an ugly spirit on the general. It was a spirit that lacked -- completely lacked righteousness. So someone might say to me, well, you know, that's the way it is in the military today. The righteousness that was there is not there today. Well, maybe it's not, but I don't believe that that was the intention of the -- I guess it's the director that makes these decisions. I don't believe it was the intention of the director to show ho- -- to accurately show the spiritual condition of the military today.


And what's more, I am reluctant to accept the fact that the spirit that I saw in the military in that movie is across the board in the military today. I -- actually, I reject that, unless the Lord would tell me that it's true. I'm willing to agree that it's not what it was, but that was an ugly spirit on that military. There was no righteousness. There was no righteousness on that general. And the sergeant that Tom Cruise is up against was very sarcastic. And the worst, the absolute worse, were the enlisted men that Tom Cruise was taking to -- I guess to be a part of their company. The enlisted men were very spiritually low people. I don't accept that, you see. I would have to see that for -- and I'm -- and, actually, what I said to someone who was talking to me about that, I said, well, you know somebody in the military. He doesn't have that low spirit on him. It was a very low spirit.


And, brethren, the name of the team that contained the men with the lowest spirit of all of the military in the whole movie -- what do you think the name of the team was? The J Team. Can you guess what that mind stand for, anybody?




From a director that's trying to make the righteousness look bad, what would the J stand for?






That was the Jesus team. Well, let me tell you, they were pretty low, spiritually low, low spirit on those people in that team, lower than the general and lower than the sergeant, low opinion of the enlisted men of the United States Military. And there was a woman in the team too. I don't appreciate that, you see. I don't appreciate that at all. I don't appreciate that opinion of the United States Military going into my subconscious mind and making me think less of our military, men and women that are subject to dying. They came out of Afghanistan. What's going to happen now? You think we're going to be in Iraq now? I don't know. Iran is in Iraq. You think we're going to turn them -- Iraq over to Iran? I don't know. Men and women that could be facing death in the near future, I'm not going to -- I do not accept that spirit of our military on that movie. I've not been corrupted by that. And how many people sitting in that movie theater were corrupted by that image. An image of our military, an image of the enlisted men and women, no character, no strength, no righteousness, you can't tell me they're like that.


OK. See, I met one personally because I met him through a friend, and I saw on TV just the other day the young man who is in the company with that Bergdahl who was released. He was on -- I don't whether it was O'Reilly or not. I don't know where I saw him. And he was speaking up, saying that Bergdahl was a deserter and how the men of his company that are speaking up are being maligned. And I didn't see that low spirit on that young man. My reaction, when I looked at him was, wow, so young. I guess there's young people in the military. I didn't see that low spirit that was in the J Company on that young man. I didn't see anything near it. So I don't -- I take offense to that. I don't like what's coming out of Hollywood, brethren. I don't like it. So that was the J company, and that was the general, and that was the sergeant.


That -- the sergeant was just giving him a hard time like sergeants are known to give a hard time. But the main theme of the movie was about Tom Cruise representing mankind, and the snake represented by the Angel of Verdun, the spiritual savior of some battle at Verdun.


So the next -- I guess the next place I'll take you to -- I could use a little break, I think. I think the next place -- I'm going to take a break. I think the next -- we'll pick up when I get back from the break, discussing the relationship between Cage, Tom Cruise, and Rita, the Angel of Verdun, and what they were trying to accomplish here. And I'll just give you a heads up, you know, that what they're trying to accomplish is the destruction of Christ. Brethren, I just want to leave you with this to think about. The enemy that Tom Cruise is introduced to is called the Omega, and the Omega was the evil guy, and Tom Cruise winds up killing it at the end. He kills the Omega. He saves mankind from Christ. That's the message of the movie. He saves mankind fr- -- I should say Christ Jesus. He saves mankind from Christ Jesus. And not only does he save mankind from Christ Jesus, but he is mankind that is tricked by the serpent, once again, to save mankind from the savior.


And at the very end of the movie -- I'll just give you this heads up. The very end of the movie is -- well, he falls in love with the snake. He falls in love with her. So he keeps resetting time, and eventually he falls in love with her because she's so brave, and she's so tough, and she's so valiant, and she's not afraid of death. And he falls in love with her, you see. So after the whole thing is over and he saves mankind from the Omega, you see, he saves mankind from Christ Jesus, he goes looking for her because he loves her. And there she is in her snake position, on the floor of the gym. And she looks up, and she says, who are you to talk to me?


Now, brethren, that didn't fit in the movie at all. She's just a hero of the British forces, and she's a sergeant. That doesn't even make any sense her saying -- the first time he went in and she said that to him, who are you to talk to me, he was stripped of his -- all of his insignia, and he was in disgrace, you know. But even then, it wasn't a right spirit on a soldier. But after he supposedly wakes up from his dream, and he's got his captains uniform on, and he's got a big smile on his face, and he's victorious. He saved the world, and he goes to her gym. She says the same thing to him. Who are you to talk to me? Well, what kind of a sergeant says that, who are you to talk to me? So she was the snake taking this high position of authority.


And the end of the movie is, well, he just smiles. The reason for the smile means that he's in love with her, you see, and he knows what's going to happen. Now that he's been restored to his honor, he's going to pursue her as a woman and hopefully, if he wants to marry her, he's going to get her as the woman, see. That's what the smile means. Oh, I just love her. I mean, like, 300 times I've heard her say to me, who do you think you are talking to me? And I know the future, that we're going to wind up together. That's what the smile meant, and he's right. According to the movie, she's going to get mankind. Excuse me.


And if you stop to think about it, she orchestrated the whole thing. He was tricked. Mankind was tricked to kill Christ Jesus. How did he meet her? He met her in the battle. He saved her life in the battle. She was just a fellow soldier, and he saved her life in the battle. And she spoke to him in this vision that he was having and in this lucid dream that he was having. She said, call me or look me up when you wake up. So she was in his dream. She was the seed of inception. There was a seed of inception that was put into his lucid dream so that when he woke so that when he woke up he went looking for her.


And he could have never, ever saved mankind from Christ Jesus if she didn't help him because she -- he -- she gave him the information that he needed, the wisdom that he needed to save mankind from Christ Jesus. She was the seed, right out of the movie "Inception." He was set up, and he took the bait, and he killed the savior, and he was going back to marry the snake, and he was madly in love with her. That's the end. I told you the end.




Now what else can I tell you about the relationship between Cage, reprobate mankind, and the snake? What comes to mind is that she trains him. According to the movie, the snake is training him to fight. But in my world Christ Jesus is training me to fight.


            Amen, amen.


And I had something else in my mind that just went out. She's training him to fight. I thought I had something else in my mind. So I think that we'll just go over this write-up I have on it, in the last half hour that we have here, to see if I left anything out or to see if the Lord reminds me of anything else when we're reading it. That the serpent -- the snake is training him, and that he goes from being a characterless character to a character with character. And that is true. That's what we're doing here, except that our trainer is Christ Jesus.


Something that was said in the movie, which I think to be very true, that we -- all different kinds of people come to Christ Jesus. Some of us are spiritually lower than other people, and there is such a thing as being spiritual lower. You know, we ha- -- can have ugly spirits on our spirits, witchcraft, spirits of theft, spirits of murder, spirits of homosexuality. There's all kinds of filth that's in the fallen soul, and some people are living a lifestyle of -- where they have practiced or where they have acted out the things that are forbidden to us by the Scripture, and that brings them to a spiritually lower place. The point is that Christ Jesus can cleanse us.


That is a sickness of the soul, if you're engaged in prostitution or alcoholism or drug addiction. And, brethren, the Scripture says homosexuality or bestiality is in that category. If you've been acting out that lifestyle, your soul is in a spiritually lower place than the person who has not acted out that lifestyle. But the mystery of sin concludes by saying this. All of you people that have not engaged in this activities, and of course prostitution, spiritually-wise, includes fornication and illegal sex, meaning sex outside of marriage and illegal sex acts, put in the same category as prostitution, which is almost the whole Western world today.




OK. But I don't want to leave you without balancing that out by telling you that the Scripture says that the person who has never ever engaged in any of those acts in all of their life is actually at a disadvantage. They have to face pride, religious pride, self-righteousness because they have not acted out any of those acts. So anyone who has not acted out any of those acts who thinks themselves to be better than the persons who have acted out those acts are guilty of the sin of pride.


Well, Sheila, didn't you just do that? No, I didn't. I didn't tell you that I was better than anyone else or that anyone here is better than anyone else. I told you that some people have a soul which needs more cleansing than other people, and that is a reality. There is a low spiritual place, and there is a higher spiritual place. But I never suggested or thought for a second that the people whose soul is in a higher spiritual place are better than the people whose soul happens to be tarnished right now, you see. I hope you all got that.


And the Kabbalistic on there -- with regard to that says that the person who's never done anything wrong in their life does not have the pote- -- let me put it the other way. The person that has acted out these forbidden practices stand a better chance of ascending to a high spiritual place than the person that has never acted them out. That's a principal in the Zohar, that -- the parable talks about the rabbi crying real tears because he knows that he doesn’t have the potential to soar to the height of the repentant sinner. Repentant and converted sinner will go higher than the person that never did anything wrong but is dead in the sin of pride.


Now the Zohar doesn’t talk about being dead in the sin of pride. The Zohar merely says that the person who has acted out the sins has the potential to go to a higher spiritual place than the person that has served God all of his life. Now that sounds very unfair, you know, and so the rabbi was crying, but he was only cry- -- in the Zohar, in the parable, the rabbi was crying. But, of course, the only reason that that is true, that the alcoholic and the prostitute and the homosexual and the incest and the person having sex with animals has a potential, a potential doesn't mean you're going to attain to it, to go higher than the person who has never done anything wrong is because their sins are so obvious that it's easier for them to confess them and to sorrow to the point that God grants them repentance.


The person that has never done anything wrong their whole life who is just as guilty, if you can hear this, as the other sinners by virtue of the sin of pride, those people have a much smaller chance of recognizing their sin and the sorrowing unto repentance. So it's not that God chooses the sinner over the good guy. It's that one group of people are manifesting sins that are more visible than the other group of people. So the group of people whose sin is in pride and the hidden sins of the heart are at a disadvantage. Those who have served God faithfully all their lives are at a disadvantage.


So would God be a righteous God if he let this situation continue to exist? No, He would not. So what has God done to rectify this situation, that the people who have served Him faithfully in righteousness and in keeping a pure lifestyle all of their lives, that they don't have the same potential as the prostitute and the alcoholic. Jesus said the prostitute and the alcoholic will go in before you. He was speaking to the Pharisees when He said that. How has God equalized this opportunity? Can anybody here answer that question? Nobody knows how God's equalizing this opportunity? It's the whole core of this ministry, brethren.


            The warfare? Would it be connected to warfare of the --


No, it's connected to warfare, but --




-- that's not the answer that we need to hear.




Nobody knows?


            Repenting, confessing, repenting?


How has God -- what provision has God made to give the people who have never done anything wrong in their entire life the same opportunity as the sinners who have lived in pleasure and wickedness because sin feels good when you're doing it, all the years of their life? The people that have restricted themselves and restrained themselves from doing things that feel good when you're doing it, you know, so that they could serve God, they don't have the same potential to soar to higher spiritual heights as those who have done the wickedness but now have sorrowed unto repentance. How has God solved that problem? Because that's not fair.






            I can't put it into words.


OK. Nobody knows. Nobody on the computer knows?


            [?That?] He sent His Son.


Well, he sent His Son, but what did His Son do? I mean, you know. What is happening to the sinners -- we're all sinners -- to the people who have not done anything wrong but they're in pride? OK, what is happening to them that will give them -- that will equalize their opportunity to enter in with the sinners? Now the reason the sinners are entering in before the -- let me say that the right way. The reason the active sinners, the people that are acting out the ungodly acts of the Bible, are entering in before the people that suffer from the sin of pride, the reason is that the acting out sinners find it relatively easy to recognize that they're doing something wrong. Where the sinners that are suffering from pride have a very hard time seeing that they're not righteous holy people and that they should enter in based on their lifetime of service.


So what is God doing for the rigthe- -- for the faithful servants that have restricted themselves and restrained themselves and lived a holy lifestyle because of their love of God but they're still sinners because they still have the sin of pride? What is He doing for them, to give the same opportunity as the alcoholics and the prostitutes? Nobody knows. Yeah?


            Bring them unto judgment, showing them their sins, their pride.


Yes, showing them their sins. This is -- remember that game? What's the name of that game [INAUDIBLE]


Yes. He's showing all of you beloved Pharisees the hidden sins of your heart so that you could have the same opportunity as the repentant alcoholics and prostitutes and homosexuals and everyone else that has acted out the forbidden acts of the Scripture. He sent you a teacher that is laying down His life and in danger of His life because of your unconscious mind because of Satan in you, to help you to see the hidden sins of your heart and to realize that the hidden sins of your heart are just as wicked and sometimes more wicked than the people who were the alcoholics and the prostitutes.


And I'll tell you, brethren, that is so true. I want to tell you that what is important to God is your kindness to other people. And I'm telling you, you take a prostitute or an alcoholic or a drug addict that is generally speaking kind to other people, and you take that person who's deep in sin up against someone who's never done anything wrong in their life and their pride is so high that they think they're better than other people, and they're sharp with other people and cruel to them and insensitive -- you have to be [?completely?] sensitive to the needs of other people. And I want to tell you, Jesus is going to choose the prostitute over you. I'm telling you. You'll never be able to say that I didn't tell you.


You'll never be able to say because I'm telling you, if you don' have a soft heart towards people that don't have the money that you have -- and you may not be rich, but you have a nice house, and you have food to eat every day, and you have a car with gas in it. And you see somebody walking with a baby that doesn't have a car, I'm telling you, if you are not s- -- if you have so -- if you are so well taken care of that you have no softness in your heart towards people that are walking down the street dirty and messed up and talking to themselves and you can't even say a prayer, saying what ever happened to those people.


You know, I had a boss once, I used to be a waitress at one time, who said to me -- all kinds of people used to come into the diner. And she used to say, I wonder what their story is? She says, nobody's born like that, you see. Nobody's born like that. Everybody has a mother. So I'm telling you, all you Pharisees, you'd better not be so satisfied in having all of your needs met, excuse me, that you don't have any compassion in your heart for that person standing around the corner with the sign saying food -- I have no food. Because He's going to take the prostitute over you if you don't do something to soften that heart. I'm telling you. God knows I've told you.


OK, brethren. So let's just take a look at these notes here. "The Edge of Tomorrow," 2014, military science fiction film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Doug Liman directed the film based on the screenplay adapted from the Japanese light novel, "All You Need is Kill," by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. Rights to the novel were bought in late 2009 and a spec script was sold to the American studio, Warner Brothers Pictures, for production. The studio co-produced the film with the Australian production company, Village Roadshow. Filming began in late 2012 and took place mainly at Warner Brothers Studios, Leavesden outside London. Trafalgar Square in London was also a filming location for some scenes.


Also, what was interesting -- the Lord just brought this into my mind -- was that the Omega -- OK, and I think I made that clear to you. The Omega was Christ Jesus, and he appeared as a rotating disc, and there were also Alphas there, and the Alphas were the enemy too. I was thinking that the Alphas were the Christians that had some power in the Holy Ghost, Alphas being the first appearance. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Alpha, and Christ Jesus is the Omega. And, of course, Jesus said He was both, but both are true, that the Lord Jesus was the Alpha, and Christ Jesus, His Son, is the Omega. So they were Christians that didn't have Christ Jesus that were still the enemies of the people.


Now it was coming up in the movie that they were the enemies of mankind, you see. So the whole principle here is that Christ Jesus looks like the enemies of mankind. I'm telling you homosexuality is wrong. I don't care that the whole world has changed their opinion. I just heard that on the news the other night. God says it's wrong, you see, and that makes me an enemy of mankind, you see. So the Alphas were the people in the Holy Ghost that [?are still saying?] -- and I'm just picking on homosexuality as an example because it's a big issue today, you know. So there's some people in the Holy Ghost that are saying homosexuality is wrong and fornication is wrong and adultery is wrong. They're the Alphas, and the Omega's the one with the power. The one with the real power to destroy mankind is the Omega, those with Christ Jesus.


So you need to understand that this mind that comes from the snake really believes, and it's true to a degree, that if Christ Jesus has His way, it's the end of mankind as the snake knows it. It's the end of mankind as mankind knows it. There's a new age coming. There's a new kingdom coming. It's a kingdom of righteousness, brethren. It's kingdom of righteousness that's coming to an unrighteousness world. So the snake is fighting for its life, and it's biggest weapon are trickery and seduction to get the object of the war, to possess mankind, to turn against the savior and embrace the serpent. There's nothing new under the sun, you see. There's nothing new under the sun.


So -- and a large part -- also I wanted to tell you, a large part -- not a large part, but the location of the Omega was in Paris, which I thought was so interesting that the Omega was located in Paris. Why is that so interesting? Also she was the Angel of Verdun, Paris. What is this business with France? Brethren, the first time that I ever heard anything about France relating to spiritual events, that was my question. What is this about France, you know, that it seems to be so involved in spirituality? Well, it seems that spiritual roots go back beyond Germany to France. This "Legend of the Jews" I'm reading now is a four-volume book. It was translated from the German.


Brethren, the spiritual roots of France and Germany are deep, deep, deep in the ground, France first, then Germany, OK. Now how did these spiritual roots get there? Well, it's a whole nother message, but I've preached on it. And I -- there are all different theories -- I've preached to you about it -- how Israel immigrated to the British Isles, but some say they went to France before they went to the British Isles. But, brethren, it wasn't one person. It was Israelites that were released from Assyria. They were captured by Assyria, and they were released at some point. And they didn't go back to Samaria. They went towards the Atlantic, you see, and they occupied Europe. They more or less invaded Europe


And they were -- all of those years that they were in Assyria, they lost -- they disassociated themselves from the God of the Bible. They were barbarians, fighting with each other -- killing with each o- -- killing each other. And we saw that with the Norsemen. And some of the more civilized elements of them landed in France and became the root of the French monarchy through Merovech, the king who was the founder of the line of the Merovingian kings. And then the Merovingian kings came into Europe, into -- further into Europe, came into Germany, and then they went over to the Scandinavian countries, and they married with the Habsburgs. The Merovingians disappeared when they married into the Habsburg line, [?Menarka?] line.


It's all Israel, brethren. Everything goes back to Israel. I think there's a saying. All paths -- all roads -- well, it used to be all roads lead to Rome. Brethren, all paths lead to Jerusalem, spiritual Jerusalem, you see. So what's so great about Israel? What's so great about Israel that Jehovah, who decided to save humanity, started with one man? And that man happened to be Abraham. And as the plan progressed, it became Isaac and Jacob, and Jacob became Israel. The only thing special about Israel is that that's the nation that God picked to save everybody, and Israel has suffered in many ways because of being called, but at this point, they were separated from their God. They became the who- -- the became Catholic Europe.


And then, of course, there's that fantasy about Jesus coming down off the cross, of never being crucified, and even marrying or having been with Mary Magdalene and Mary Magdalene coming over to the Atlantic, to the North Atlantic here with -- pregnant, pregnant with the child. I don't think she was pregnant [?Maravi?]. I think she was pregnant with the child who was the -- I think the grandfather or the great-grandfather of [?Maravi?].


And the -- so that -- we have two theories here. I know I've taught you on this. Let me review it for you. We have two theories here. We have the theory that Jesus physically impregnated Mary Magdalene and produced a physical heir whose physical blood is at the root of the European monarchies and that there's going to arise a man out of that background, out of that physical blood, who will be either a savior or an anti-Christ, depending on who you're listening to. And then the other story is that -- which I subscribe to is that no -- Jesus never impregnated Mary Magdalene. I don't believe that He knew her in that way, but it's His spiritual blood, the spiritual blood of Jesus of Nazareth that is savior. And we're waiting to see how that spiritual blood will be revealed to the world in this last dispensation.


So we have two versions of the blood of Jesus, you see. So in this movie, you know, the Omega is in Paris. I just think that's so fascinating, that they go back to -- the consistency of these spiritual principles and these legends that are out there. And the other thing that I wanted to talk to you about was that the Omega was hidden. The Omega was strongly hidden. They couldn't find the Omega to kill it. There were a couple of false alarms that Tom Cruise followed. So, I guess, it would be Cage and Rita. They followed these false clues because they wanted to kill the Omega. And when Tom Cruise got there, the Omega wasn't there, you see. And then there was something -- there was an element with the blood in the movie too. The blood was important, but let me finish one thing at a time.


The Omega was deeply hidden, and there were false directions to those who were trying to find it. I found that very interesting, brethren because Christ Jesus is deeply hidden, and nobody can find Him today. He's hidden in people, you see. He's hidden in the people where He has not yet stood up in full power, and He's hidden. And the reason He's hidden is because the people that He's in right now are still vulnerable and subject to death. So it's very hard to find Him, and you can only find Him if He lets you find Him, if He lets him find -- if He lets you find Himself, you can -- that's the only way you can find Him because He's not going to reveal Himself to the world and subject the people that He's living in to death, you see.


I saw that, and it really struck me this morning that part of -- brethren, that movie was so filled with spiritual semen. You have got to understand this, that if you're not seeing that -- what -- if you didn't watch that movie, and it could be corrected through this message if you want it to, with the eyes of Christ Jesus, if you went in there as an innocent, you are filled with the serpent's semen. You've got to understand that. You walked away from that movie with a seed that's given you a bad concept of the American military. You walked away with a seed that Christ Jesus is the enemy. It went into the unconscious part of your mind that's capable of understanding that, that the serpent is the one that's desired, that mankind -- with that beautiful smile on Tom Cruise's face, that charming smile of his, at the sight. His eyes light up at the sight of seeing the serpent. All of that went into your mind and your heart. So Christ Jesus is hidden, and He will not be revealed until He decides to reveal Himself.


So that just -- we'll see what else will pop into my mind while I'm reading this review. OK, Lord. The film was released -- well, I should really go past this and be reading the synopsis of the film, yes. So on page two here, a race of aliens called Mimics, and I thought that was very interesting too. What does the word mimic mean? What does the word mimic mean, someone?


            Like a copy.


Yeah, copy. There's a whole art form called mime. It's a very athletic art form where the mime does not speak. And he imparts his message with bodily movements. So who we- -- it's an alien race who were the Mimics. Who were they mimicking? Maybe it's all of the parts of Christ Jesus. We're all being cloned. We literally are clones. Christ Je- -- the Lord Jesus is cloning Himself into the -- each of us, which is a garden, you see. So a race of aliens Mimics have taken over continental Europe. Major William Cage, which is Tom Cruise, a member of the NATO-led United Defense Forces, the UDF, is summoned to London to meet with General Brigham. I thought that was so interesting, Brigham. Brethren, you need to understand that whoever's writing this stuff, they are sitting down and having long conferences with other people and long meditations to decide who the -- how they're going to name these people. What does Brigham bring to your mind?




Yeah, and I wonder why, you know? Now we've already seen the theme of Paris and the Merovingian line. We've seen the -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] anyone with eyes to see, the Alpha and the Omega is in there and the J Team. I mean, that -- those spiritual principles are not so hidden, right, so we have Christianity in there. And now we have the general is Brigham. Now I wonder why that would be? That's very interesting. Well, we know -- those of us here know that the Mormon Church is very, very high in masonry, and -- so that's going to be very interesting to see what happens in the near future. Because someone like Glenn Beck, I -- and his friend, Pat, who's on the show with him, I don't -- well, I don't think they have anything to do with that.


I remember when Glenn was -- Romney was running for president and Glenn tried to educate the public about Mormonism, and I think it was a big mistake because he said some very good things about Mormon people, and I'm sure that they were all true, and then -- but he did not address the big issue that Christians have with Mormonism. And the issues that Christians had with Mormonism is their doctrine. So if you want to tell me that Mormons read the Bible, Glenn says he reads the Bible. He reads the Scriptures. He prays to Jesus, OK. What about your doctrine?


And then, after you spend -- because I was really looking forward to what he was going to say. He announced that I'm going to give you some kind of a background on Mormonism, trying to dispel everybody's concerns, so I was waiting for that show. And everything that he said was OK, but he didn't get to the doctrine. And the only that he had to say about their doctrine -- which, brethren, is fantastic doctrine. I'm sorry. I don't believe their doctrine. The only thing he had to say about the doctrine was, well, you know, when it comes to doctrine, I don't get into that.


And I don't think Glenn is a liar. You know, I've listened to some of his critics, and I know that he can't be perfect, but I don't think he's a liar. I think he's a sincere man. I really do, and I think he's not into that advanced doctrine. He's really not, and that he really thinks in his mind that he's practicing the surface level of Mormonism and that he's OK, you know. But the inner circle of Mormonism is highly satanic and Masonic. So is calling general Brigham, is that an acknowledgment of the high degree of Mormonis- -- of the high degree of Masoni- -- of the high degree of Masonry and Mormonism? That's what it sounds like to me. That would be my guess, you see.


So the general was named Brigham. He communicates the UDF's intention to launch Operation Downfall against the Mimics in a D-Day style invasion, the Mimics, those who are mimicking Christ, right. He ordered Cage to cover combat on the beaches of France. And I wonder if rescuing France has anything to do with releasing the powers of the European monarchy. Brethren, there are descendants of every throne in Europe that doesn't exist anymore. Like in Germany, there's no throne in Germany. Or that doesn't have any power anymore, like in England, you know. There are a Parliament and the royalty, and the Parliament really makes the laws. It has the power, or so we're told. I've heard otherwise, but that's what we're told.


There are descendants of every monarchy and every European nation that are full, well ready to overthrow any measure of democracy and fully reinstitute the monarchies and a medieval serfdom in Europe. They're there. They talk about it. They're praying for it, hoping for it and working towards it, and it's been that way since the monarchies were overtaken by democratic parliaments. So I just find -- I find that very interesting.


So he was launching Operation Downfall against the Mimics in a D-Day style invasion against God. And, also, I don't think that I mentioned that in Daniel, Chapter 7, I've been preaching for years that the anti-Christ is Christ Jesus that wages war against His own people because He's not welcome in His own people's houses. He's not welcome in their mind, and His program and His life and His salvation is not welcome. And Jesus clearly said that in His parables, so that's what this is all about. And because of the sins of the people, brethren because they are rejecting the genuine article, they will be seduced by the illusion. Jesus clearly said it. You reject the general article, and you will receive the replacement. So there are going to be large numbers of Christians and Jews that are going to receive the false Christ.


Cage objects, citing a lack of combat training. We talked about that. When Cage tries to blackmail the general, he is stripped of his rank and sent to forward operating base at Heathrow Airport. That's as if to say, when your time comes -- because there are plenty of Christians and Jews out there that are not under judgment. It's not their time. When the Lord says it's your time, the Lord has need of you, I'm calling you into My service now, and you don't come -- and most people don’t come -- the you go under judgment. If He doesn't need you, if this is not your time and He doesn't need you, well, you go and do your thing. You're like a tree in the forest. Nobody's even looking at you until the day comes that someone has to build a house, so they go out and they chop down a tree in the forest. And that's the day of that tree to die because he needs to be converted into wood to build a house, you see.


So once it's your day and the Lord calls you and you don't go, then painful things happen in your life. And as soon as you understand and accept what's happening to you, it gets much less painful. You may not be thrilled with what's happening to you, but it should be much less painful to you once you accept that it is God, and He is in control, and that's the way it is. Jesus said to Paul, don't push against the pricks, Paul. You know, it's very painful pushing against the pricks. You bleed. You know, you bleed when you push against the pricks.


So Cage is dropped in with the first wave, unaware that the Mimics have anticipated the invasion. Cage is attacked by an unusually large Alpha Mimic. And let me tell you, me talking about making the U.S. Military look bad, they sure make the believers look bad. We look like monsters to them, really bad monsters, and that's how they see us. Both on a spiritual level, the parts of the serpent see Christ Jesus as a complete distortion of anything decent. Well, not that the serpent would want to be decent, anything that they would be attracted to. Christians are very ugly and unattractive, OK.


And then there are human being who are actually living their lives as manifestations or parts of the snake, and they hate us. They -- sometimes they can't even stand to be standing next to us. They really -- people that are actual parts of the snake. There are human beings out there. Just like we are Christ Jesus, living largely from Christ Jesus, there are people living largely for the snake, and they can't stand being around us.


So a large Alpha Mimic he see, and uses a mine to destroy it by the -- in the process, he kills himself. Cage kills himself, so that's sort of a "Highlander" situation. He doesn't know that he's immortal until he dies. But, of course, he only became immortal when the blood of the Mimic got on him. So here we're talking about the blood of Jesus. This is another witness that the Mimics are the representatives of Jesus Christ because the blood of the Mimic made him immortal, and his immortality -- or maybe I shouldn't use the word immortal. The blood of the Mimic gave him the ability to reset time. In other words, he kept doing it over and over and over until he figured out how to solve the problem.


This -- brethren, this is supposed to be the mentality behind the value of reincarnation, for those that believe that it's valuable, you see, that you pass out of this life through a natural death because you didn't overcome your sin nature. You didn't overcome, so you come back, and you do it again, and you come back and you do it again, and you come back and you do it again. And even though you don't -- you may not have a memory of past lives, hopefully your soul attains to the point that in this life he overcomes.


Now when you get an old soul, a soul that's reincarnated many times that has soul memory and he's existing in this lifetime through a personality who only lives once, you see, then that personality will find itself being brought into all kinds of situations. It will be up to the soul that has lived many times to exercise enough influence over the personality to get that naïve, young girl, which is the personality, to engage in the activities that the inner soul would desire to engage in.


I'm going to say that again. It's the soul that's reincarnating over and over and over again. The personality only lives once unless it's preserved in Christ Jesus. Now there is some possibility that being [UNINTELLIGIBLE] preserved in the snake, but that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about the average experience. The personality only lives once. It's the soul that reincarnates over and over again. So when we get an old soul, the principle is  the soul is having experiences and that we're learning from our experiences. Soul learns and matures from experience, but when you get an old soul that's born -- and the personality's always likened to a young, naïve girl. That personality that's born with an old soul is going to have some conflicts in its life because the soul is going to be influencing that young -- the personality that's likened to a lung -- young, virginal girl. It's going to be influencing her to engage in activities that the soul wants to engage in because the soul is a power that cannot do anything without a body, you see.


So the Lord Jesus Christ today is looking for old souls because the snake is looking for old souls because it's the end of the ages. And it's the old souls that are going to be involved in the final conflict that will make -- the result of which will influence all of mankind. I don't know why I started to tell you that, must be something that I read here. I was talking about the blood.


So Mimic, uses a mine to destroy it, but in the process kills himself, and the Mimic falls on Cage. Its blood douses him, thereby causing Cage the ability to reset time and do it over again, you see. So that's the whole principle. When we do things over again enough times, we're supposed to take the victory. The whole problem is that it doesn't work like that with regard to the fall and the resurrection of mankind.


No matter how many times the soul resurrects, no matter how many times the soul is born again in a new personality, in a new body, that soul does simply not have what it takes to divest itself of sin. And when sin is present, we die. The only way to neutralize the poison of sin is through union with righteousness, and that is the plan that God has laid out for mankind through the Lord Jesus Christ. We cannot change the plan. God has laid down the blueprint. Jesus is savior even if He doesn't fill all of your dreams of a what a savior is, all you Jewish people, you see.


And the way the poison in you that is producing death will be neutralized is through a two-pronged process. The blood of the savior has to be grafted to your soul, you see. It has to touch your soul. And when the blood of Jesus touches your soul, it's painful initially. And even if it's not painful -- which I don't know if it's ever not painful. At the beginning it's not painful. It changes your whole life.


You see, the blood of Jesus, it's that seed of "Inception." If you go back to that movie, when they're describing inception, they say inception is dangerous because it's this tiny little seed. So Jesus said it's the most humblest of seeds, but then it grows, and it grows, and it grows, and it never stops growing until totally consumes you and changes you into another person. That's what spiritual seed does. So all you young brethren that are in this ministry that hear my voice, you need to know that if you're hanging out at these movies, you better make sure that you're not swallowing that serpent seed whole. You need to be looking at that movie with Christ eyes, or you're swallowing this garbage whole. So that's how we neutralize the poison, it's the blood of Jesus, and it has to be grafted to you. And when it's grafted to you, it grows until it consumes your whole life, and then it joins itself with that which generated it in the God World above.


So the Mimic drops its blood on Tom Cruise, on Cage, and now he has the opportunity to do it over and over and over, and it's the snake training him. Every time he gets hurt, she kills him, and it stars all over again until he gets it right. In the movie he gets it right, except that's not the way it is, you see. That's not the way it is. That's not the way you're perfected. That's not the way you save the world. It won't work. Its' a lie, you see. You can't do it without the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, not the blood of some Mimic or something, not the blood of the serpent. You can't do it.


Brethren, you cannot overcome the poison of death by experience. The experiences in Christ Jesus merely prepare you for the seed that will consume your entire life. It prepares you to accept what's happening to you, that your whole life is about to be overtaken. One will be taken, and one will be left. Hopefully it's Christ Jesus in you that will be joined -- taken and joined to the God World, and the one that's left is going to die on the vine, you see. So the blood of Jesus falls on Tom Cruise. Oh, look at the time. The blood of Jesus calls -- falls on Tom Cruise, and now he receives the ability to do it over until he gets it right, wrong.


The average human being, born of a woman, apart from the Lord Jesus. The blood of the serpent has fallen on us, and we're doing it over and over and over and over, and we haven't gotten it right. The soul that's reincarnating hasn’t gotten it right, and the earth that keeps being reformed hasn't gotten it right. And there's nothing new under the sun. All is vanity and illusion. God is the only reality, and the Lord Jesus Christ because He's joined to God, is our only reality that we can see.


So the blood of Jesus does not equip us to do it over and over until we get it right. First of all, the blood of Jesus doesn't fall on the personality. It falls on the soul, and it's the soul that does it over and over. And, second of all, doing over it and over -- doing it over and over doesn't save us, does not save the world. It's the blood on us, when it's processed properly, becomes something that the Lord Jesus can hook onto.


And I said this earlier, in the earlier part, which was another file. You may not -- if you're hearing this message, you may not have heard that. You can have everything that it takes. You can have the doctrine of Christ. You can have Christ formed in you. You can have Christ Jesus formed in you. You can have all of the tools to be saved, but if they're not functioning as they were intended to function, you won't be saved. They need to create a ladder that will stand upright. You need to stand upright so that the Lord Jesus can attach Himself to you. So if you have all of the tools and you're not standing upright, you've wasted a lifetime.


And why wouldn't it be standing -- why wouldn't he be standing? Because you prefer your carnal mind. If you prefer your carnal mind, if you prefer being right, if you want to control the issue, if you want to control the way you're being taught, if you want to control what you believe, you want to believe what's easier for you to believe, you can have all of the tools and watch everybody take off while you're standing there looking at them. Because your carnal mind had its foot on the he- -- had its heel on the heel of the Son, of the wom- -- of the offspring of the woman. I'm trying to quote Genesis for you. The seed of the woman will have his heel on the heel or the head of the serpent.


So it's not enough that you get the tools. It's not enough  that you understand the doctrine if you're not using it properly. What is properly? Using it in a manner that will produce the results that it was given to you for. So we see the blood of Jesus in the movie, but it's misrepresented. The blood of Jesus does not equip the personality to do it over until it gets it right, and the personality never does do it over until it gets it right. It's the soul that does it over till it gets it right. And even if the soul has all -- has accomplished the all in your lifetime, you're still not saved without overcoming your fallen nature and attracting the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to attract the Lord Jesus Christ.


We must attract the Lord Jesus Christ to come and join with us. That's the process of election. I've preached on election. It's not Jesus saying, I'll take you, and I won't take you. He takes the one that's yelling and screaming take me. That's the one that He talks, the one that's waving the flag and sending off the flares and saying take me. That's the one that He takes. And how do you do that? You do that through prayer and through studying the doctrine of Christ.


Now when you're very young, He'll accept the flares and the yelling and the screaming and the fireworks, but once He accepts you on that level, then He puts you in a school. Because the one that He really can attach to is not -- He can't really attach to the fireworks. That's when He takes you by faith, and He puts you in school, and He says, look, study. Let My Son be developed in you, My Son, the one that I can attach to, you see.


So they misrepresented the blood of Jesus. They repre- -- they misrepresented the armies of Jesus by that beggarly Team J or Crew J, or what do they call it? Team J or Crew J.


            J Squad.


J Squad, yeah. OK, so Cage [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. Let's see what else we're going to say here. Anything else, Lord, we really have to wind this down? He saved Sergeant Rita Vrataski, a famous veteran known as the Angel of Verdun. So she supernaturally saved the day at Verdun. She recognizes Cage's ability to anticipate events and tells him to find her when he wakes up. Oh, wow, brethren. Oh, wow.


Did anyone here ever get a message in a dream? Did you ever get a message in a dream? I had a message in a dream. When I was dying, I had a message in a dream in 1990. The message said, go this way, go this way. Don't die on the couch. Go to the hospital, you fool. Going to -- saying I'm going to lay on this couch until I die unless God heals me, fool. I got a message in a dream. It said, go this way. I'm not going to heal you this time. You've got to go to the hospital, you see. But I don't want to go to the hospital. I had so many supernatural healings, I wasn't going to the hospital. I was going to die right on that couch if God didn't heal me, you see. If I didn't hear that in that dream, I'd be dead today, and He would go to someone else to do this job.


Did anyone ever talk to you in a dream? Brethren, that's somebody penetrating your unconscious. She penetrated his unconscious and spoke to him and said, when you wake up, come looking for me, this witch. I'm the witch. You see, I'm the snake, and I've got a plan for you, all you Christians out there in your foolish pride. I want to get you all together so that you kill Christ Jesus and you kill all the people that are preaching the do- -- the true doctrine. You kill all the teachers and all the people that have the truth that the Lord Jesus is revealing Himself through today. I have a plan. I'm going to join myself to your pride, you see, and I'm going to tell you that you're right and they're wrong. And together we're going to kill the whole body of Christ. That's what's happening. The whole church is running after the serpent.


See, Paul says -- and this is in the book that I'm working on now, or the excerpt that I'm making a book out of. He says, and the young women, they should marry because -- before they -- because if they don't marry, they're going to start running after the -- after Satan. And years ago I prayed about that, and He said to me, well, Satan is the unconscious part of the mind, so young women should be married. Young, full of beans, you know, they're going to get into trouble. Running after Satan means that they'll be wanting a man enough to fall into fornication or something like that. That was the word that I had years ago.


Now, brethren, this word of God is infinite. God can teach it to -- teach us what it means in layers. Well, what it's saying to me today, what Pal was talking about, he wasn't talking about human woman, or you could take it for human woman. I think it's true. Young women should be married unless God has another plan for you for some reason. By and large, the general rule is, if you're a young person, you should get married, not just females but the spiritual woman, physical males and physical females. Get married. Don't go unto fornication. You know, get married. It's good advice.


But he means something more than that. There's another meaning to that Scripture. All these spiritual females in the church of the Israel of God in the church and in Jewry, they're all running after Satan. They're running -- they're tracking Satan down. They -- brethren, do you know what the core of this message is? The Israel of God cannot tell the difference between Christ Jesus and the serpent. They cannot tell the difference, that that snake comes knocking on their door, and they say come on in. Songs of Solomon, Chapter 5, come on in, honey, I'm waiting for you. And in the next chapter, she's running down the streets naked and being beaten by the angels because she took in the wrong guy. That's the state of the church. That's the state of the church today and the majority of Jews. Can't tell the difference.


How am I going to end this, Lord? Strong spirit here today, brethren. Can't tell the difference, brethren, you see. When I walked into that movie, Christ Jesus in me -- it bypassed my head. Christ Jesus in me was touched by that spirit, and I said no. If that didn't happen to you, if you saw that movie and that didn't happen to you, you need to know that you're not capable of defending yourself yet. You need to know that Christ Jesus is not mature enough in you to defend you against the serpent's seed yet.


There's no such thing as a good time that you went to see a movie. Brethren, the world's collapsing on us here. Do you realize what's happening? Do you realize where we are on the calendar? Do you know where the clock is? Do you realize you are the kingdom? You are the kingdom, and you will either be a manifestation of the seven heads of the beast, or you will be a manifestation of the 10 powers of Christ Jesus, one or the other, not the whole world out there, the church, the Israel of God, the spiritual ones. You'll be one or the other. And it's not going to happen automatically because Jesus is going to take you up like an infant and fly away with you. It doesn't happen like that. You have to become wise enough to wage war against the tactics of the snake.


And I'm telling you that if you don't go into a situation like that -- if when you present yourself to a situation like that, if Christ Jesus in you is not warning you, or if He is warning you and you can't hear it, you have not arrived anywhere near where you should be. And I'm -- I don't make it 100 percent of the time. That has to go with spirits on a movie. It has to go with a new person that I meet.


Brethren, I am in such a war with the -- I don't want to put his name on this message and change this message. You all know. I am in such a spiritual war with this man right now who is enraged at me because he's been trying to control me with, probably, practical Kabbalah for years and he's failed. And not one word was exchanged between us. That's the war in the spirit. It may break forth i- -- to a verbal thing, and it may not.


Brethren, the doctrine is a tool designed to make you a spiritual warrior, and if you cannot recognize the enemy, you are in trouble because you're showing up to the enemy as a spiritual warrior because Jesus said that's what you are. And you have the uniform on, and you have your captains medals or cl- -- I'm not a military person, whatever you have on, whatever your insignia are. And you look like a captain, but you don't know how to fight, and you've never seen any action. How do I stop this? It's 10 to 6, 5 to 6. Just sit here with me. I would like to stop, but the Lord's all stirred up.




I don't know how to end this. I guess I'll just pray for you all. And, brethren, I need prayer too. I mean, I had a right reaction to this movie, and I could walk out this door after preaching a message like this -- I could walk out this door and walk into that man who's giving me such a hard time and wind up completely failing and saying the completely wrong thing. I don't want you to think that I think that I've arrived. I haven't, but I know I'm ahead of you all. It's taken me years, years and years and years and years to get where I am. I'm not telling you that it's easy. I'm not telling you that it's easy. I'm just telling you that you've got to get it because time is short, you see.


Actually, the time is here. The time is here for you, and the time is here for me. We're being made into the warriors which are -- which form the army of Christ Jesus, one man at a time. It's happening now, and it's also happening to other people that the serpent is being -- is forming her offspring in. It's happening now. These powers in Hollywood that have the spiritual strength to be corrupting a whole culture like this, they are the agents of the snake, and they're well developed, you see. We're -- the armies of Christ Jesus is behind them.


But I -- as far as I know, neither side has produced a hero yet. See, there's a hero that's being born, actually, two heroes that are being born, two many membered heroes. One will be the snake as typified by Rita, the Angel of Verdun. She's going to look just like you. And the other one is going to look just like us. Do we look special? Anybody walking in here now, do we looks special? We're just people. We're just average people. But both camps are pregnant, and there are two heroes about to be born, one positive and one negative, and one will kill the other. And the negative one will be fully born before the positive one. We will see him in full manifestation.


Now he very well may appear as a single man, but if he does appear as a single anti-Christ, am I saying -- Sheila, are you saying that all these other preachers are wrong and there's not going to be a single anti-Christ? No, I've told you over and over again. I am not a prophet of what happens out there. I am a prophet of what happens in here, so I just have generalities. I don't know. I'm going to say what Jesus said to you. Only the Father knows. I don't -- I just have the general, vague vision. Maybe he will appear as a single dictator. But if he does appear as a single dictator, that's not the whole thing.


Don't look at the single dictator because there's more danger in the body of the snake, in the average people that are manifesting the nature of the snake. There more danger for you as an individual getting seduced by a human being that you trust who's going to destroy Christ Jesus in you. You're in more danger from that than from a dictator over in Europe somewhere or in someone in the White House. Your danger is another human being that has gotten really close to you, a relative, a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, someone that looks like a really nice person that you even care about. And it turns out that they are a member of the anti-Christ company. That's who will hurt you, not someone in Washington or on a throne in Europe.


So it's here right now, and we're all vulnerable until our hero is born in us. So what happened to me last night, I have a developing hero in me, and He gave me that word. It wasn't in my intellect. It was just, oh, that spirit, no good, no good. But I'm telling you, I could walk out of here now, and it might even happen, Satan would just love to trip me up. We're all going out to dinner here. Satan would just love it if I could do something wrong in front of all of you that would discredit me or make you lose your confidence in me. I'm not perfect, and I'm vulnerable.


All that we can do is keep on keeping on. And you need to acknowledge your weaknesses. You need to acknowledge your ineptitude. You need to acknowledge -- if you exposed yourself to that movie without defending yourself by praying beforehand saying, Lord, I know this is an occult movie. Defend me against the spirit there and let me see the truth of it. And, you see, I didn't pray that prayer, and that was not ideal, not praying that prayer. But it turns out that Christ Jesus in me was mature enough. When Christ Jesus in you is mature enough, you don't have to pray a prayer like that. A prayer like that you pray to a God that's outside of you.


Brethren, that's the whole point. Christ Jesus fully mature in you will be your defense in every area. He will be your gut instinct. The mature Christ Jesus is your gut instinct. You don’t have to understand it with your head. It's better if you understand it with your head, but if you don’t understand it with your head, He's your gut instinct that will save you from disaster. So if you get anything out of this message at all, that's what you need to get, that it's a dangerous world out there, and Hollywood is absolutely dangerous.


It's a dangerous world out there. You're in a jungle, and you need to pray always, not walk in fear, brethren. I'm not telling you to walk in fear. I'm trying to raise your consciousness that the serpent's out there sowing her seed. And if she can sow that seed in you, it will war against Christ Jesus in you, and it will des- -- it's possible to destroy you, Christ Jesus in you, not the collective Christ Jesus. So if I've gotten one thing across to you at all, it's this, that you are pregnant with a king. You are the armies of God. The -- we are at the ends of the ages. We're about to see the destruction of the serpent and the establishment of the kingdom of God and that mankind is a communion. We're a [?metamorph?]. It's not yet determined who we will be, the skin of the snake or the skin of Christ Jesus. We can go either way, you see.


So since we're not yet able to protect ourselves, we need to cling as securely as we can to those who can, though -- at least through prayer, saying, Lord, I know I can't -- this is it. Lord, I know I can't protect myself. Forgive my ignorance, my forgetting to pray, see. If I've raised your consciousness, I've succeeded today because we don't know who we are. We get all caught up in this world, and we go to work, and we have our everyday problems, whatever they might be. You know, can't fix that computer, don't know how to fix it, not feeling well today, whatever.


And we forget, brethren. There's something really big happening out there, and it's happening on the macrocosm, and it's happening in the microcosm, which means everything that's happening in the world is happening in you. Anti-Christ is trying to rise in you, and Christ Jesus is trying to rise in you. And there's two nations in your womb, and they're struggling to see which one will be born, you see. And if you're sitting here, most likely, Christ has already put His wrist out, and the midwife put the red string on it, but the other guy just pulled Him back inside. Who's going to be born in you? May it be Christ Jesus. But I can't even promise myself, let alone you.


So, brethren, the last thing I'm going to say to you, all of you, wake up, wake up, wake up. Any of you that are still walking around with this error in your mind that you are completely protected by the Lord Jesus Christ and you have nothing to worry about and you're confusing that with faith, you've got to wake up. Faith is Christ in you. So to the fullest degree that you obey Him, you're safe. But if you're following after you carnal mind, of if He's not mature enough to defend you, you're not safe. And many Christians will fall. Please, don't be one of them. But I know that if anyone here falls, I know that I've done my best for you all. And I forgive you all, and I love you, and I pray for the best for you. And I hope that you pray for that for me, even when you get mad at me. So I think we've just ended this meeting.


7/1/14 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion

7/16/14 – 1st Edit CAS




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