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That is the promise, you know, I think it is hard to understand that this really is a man by man salvation, because we do see a general outpouring of judgment, we see national judgment, we see judgment on the church, we see judgment on Israel, judgment on Judah, so you really need to be looking with your spiritual eyes, and asking the Lord to help you to understand how salvation is really a man at a time, and when you have a thousand men being saved, it looks like or when you have a thousand people having judgment fall on them because of disobedience, it looks like it is a national judgment but depending on if you are looking from that point of view, it is a national judgment or a national salvation, but it is really not, it is a man at a time.


Let me try again, for example, the church at large, a section of the church thinks the church is going to be raptured, so they see that, I am defining that as a national judgment, that looking at the church as a nation, this mentality says this whole nation, the church is going to be raptured.


The way the King James has translated it, and it is true, you know the nation of Israel went under judgment, the nation of Judah went under judgment, okay, we know that the Roman empire went under judgment, it is true when you look at it from that point of view, but there is another point of view, a deeper point of view, that judgment and salvation is a man at a time, and when you get, I am just using round small numbers to make it easy, you get a thousand people you know who are going to ascend in Christ Jesus, we know it is going to be a spiritual rapture, let us say it is a thousand people that may look like the rapture of the church, or a rapture of a segment of the church, but either you are a part of that thousand which we can look at that thousand as a unity, the rapture, the spiritual rapture of the church, you are part of it, every person that is a part of it, has had a spiritual salvation experience with the Lord, and everybody who is not a part of it, let us take the ten virgins, five virgins and five virgins, five enter in and five do not enter in, those five virgins typify a large number of people, that is just a symbolic number, five, it is not going to be only ten people they are talking about the thousands if not millions of people that claim to be God’s people.


There is going to be a section of God’s people that will ascend spiritually and a section who will not. It could look like judgment on the five virgins who were not prepared okay, or blessings on the five virgins who were prepared, but it is not that collective number, let me put to you this way, that collective number is not static, it is fluid, that collective number, the five virgins represent a thousand people, well if one person falls away, and that five virgins now represent 999 people, it is still the company known as the five virgins, and if ten extra people run in the last minute, there will be a thousand and ten people, but it is still the company or the nation known as the ten virgins.


Just as we when we look at ourselves, each one of us looks like a unity, but we are really not a unity, we have all kinds of diverse cells and organs underneath this skin, okay, we have conflicts in our personality, our mind, we have conflicts all of the time, that is why we need a conscience, we would not need a conscience if we did not have an evil inclination. We have a part of us that has a tendency to engage in behavior that will bring destruction on ourselves and we also have a part called a conscience that says, You better not do that, even though you have the inclination to do it, that is not smart you know, you will get addicted, you will drunk, you will get caught, if you are committing adultery, it will wreck your marriage, aside from the fact it will offend God, all of these things we have conflicting parts in ourselves.


Yet when we talk, when you see me sitting here and I see all of you sitting here, we are all a unity, we are a unity, but that unity has battles, our two sides battle with each other, internal battles, and the result is the compromised unity, that you see sitting here. Everybody sitting here is a compromised unity, there was a part of you that did not want you here today, every single one of you. You may not have been aware of it because you are sold out to God, but there is something that is deep inside of you that if it could have its way, would not have you here today. We all are, every decision that we make, and every step that we take in our life, is a manifestation of a compromised unity, because we have conflict inside. This is the reality of humanity.


We have a left side and a right side, and hopefully they strive with each other until they fuse into a middle column that brings peace, what kind of peace, between the warring two sides of ourselves. Did you ever have a conflict that you could not wait until you had a peace about it, some decision, that you go to sleep on it, you go to sleep on it and you wake up in the morning and you have the answer. The middle column has emerged in your life concerning that situation.


My whole point in this whole exhortation is to tell you that this is the condition of fallen humanity, we have conflict with two sides. Whatever looks like a unity, is only a temporary unity until our negative side rises up and starts to war against our positive side, and these same principles exist in our government. We have checks and balances in our government, and much to my disappointment, we have elements in our government today that want a unity at the cost of an ungodly compromise. Brethren our government is supposed to be, the elements of our government are supposed to be warring against one another, they are supposed to be warring against one another in a godly respectful controversy, it is supposed to be going on continuously, until there emerges out of the hopefully godly controversy, which does not seem to be the case anymore, what kind of godly controversy? You state your position, you state your position, you state your opposition to my position, I state my opposition to your position, and hopefully that merges into a unity that is acceptable to everybody, hopefully God is in the midst of it, then it is really going to work.


We have elements in our government today that are no longer making this a godly controversy. Do you know in England, they do not have the same kind of government that we do, but it is a similar government, that the opposition, the party that is not in control, is called your majesty’s loyal, your majesty’s loyal opposition, but we do not have that today. We have one party condemning, insulting in a personal level, and demeaning the people on the other side. Something is very, very, very wrong here because the left side has become much stronger than the right side, and they are beating the right side in to submission, so we no longer have a healthy conflict. We are supposed to have continuous conflict until we submit to a godly compromise, godly, reasonable, fair and honest, workable compromise.


Today we see the left side in our country, in our government has risen up and it bludgeoning the right side, and this is exemplified in Daniel chapter 8, you see the goat is viciously, violently charging and rending with his horn, the ram that represents this great nation. We do not have a godly controversy here anymore. If the Lord does not strengthen the right side, we will be overtaken by the goat and become a dictatorship, that is just the truth. The reason for it is that the right side is divided and at least half if not more, I should not say that, a significant number of the right side has taken a Pharisaical attitude that has been propounded by the left side, they have made a decision to do what appears to be right according to the dictates of the left side whose whole motive is to bring their own agenda into existence.


Those of us that read the Scripture know that the Scripture says, There is a way that appears right to a man, but the end of it thereof is what? Death, destruction of this nation. It seems right to your carnal mind, it makes sense to your carnal mind, but the end of it is death, that is what is happening in this country, that is what largely elected or recent president elect, white guilt, white guilt, and the whole country is paying the price, not only the whole country, the whole world will pay the price, but on the other hand, it has all been prophesied. Has it not all been prophesied, and do you know what the Lord told me today? He told me that it is the very emergence of Christ Jesus hidden in the eaves, nobody knows He is rising, even the church does not know He is rising, just a small company of people see the son of man Christ Jesus beginning to shine, and His appearance in the darkness of this world, has actually brought to pass the situation that exists today.


Can you try and hear that? If the son of man was not appearing in obscurity or our of obscurity, this country would still probably be a righteous country, can you hear that, I am going to expound on that, just think about it, I am going to say it again. If the son of man was not appearing out of obscurity, very few know He is here or beginning to shine, this country would not be in the trouble that it is in. I am going to tell you why, because the appearance of the son of man is judgment, He comes with judgment. Whether the rest of Israel, and I believe this country is the reincarnated Israel, whether the rest of Israel see Him or not, whether the rest of Israel know He is there or not, there is a spiritual force that we will call judgment that is present in the midst of the soul of this nation.


Brethren, if you have a pool of water, you know water has mass, you know, you all know that water has mass, it is not stable, and you can splash it and all of that, but water has mass, you know. If someone hoses you with a power hose, you can get knocked out, you can get hurt, it could break your bones if it was coming forth with enough power, water has mass, it takes up space, it means it takes up space.


If you have a tank of water, and you dump a big fish, a big fish into the water, that fish is going to take up space in that water, so the space where the fish is, that space, water used to be in that space, so when you throw the fish in, the water you used to be in that space, however big the fish is, had to move. Either the levels of the water in the tank get higher or they splash out of the tank. Is anybody not following me?


When Christ Jesus begins to appear, in this soul or this country, because soul is signified by water, it does not matter, if you do not see, it does not matter if you do not know He is there, it does not matter if you cannot hear Him, He is taking up space where there use to be elements of this mortal soul. This mortal soul is moving and changing position, either its level is rising or it is splashing out of the tank, the son of God beginning to shine, it does not matter, nobody can see the light, the whole rest of the soul is moving in response to the emergence of the invisible son of God, but of course He is just invisible to them.


Jesus said, I am coming as a thief in the night because you are blind, not because I did not tell you, not because I did not send prophets to warn you, not because I did not send you all kinds of letters, and telephones and emails to let you know that I am here, but I am coming as a thief in the night because you have refused to believe every telephone call, email, snail mail letter, prophet, friend, word, everything I have ever sent to tell you I am coming, you have refused to believe it, so to you I am coming as thief in the night, you will not expect me when I appear.


The emergence of the son of man in the midst of this tank of water that we read about in Genesis 1 is called the pit sheol, and there was darkness upon the face of the waters, that is the soul, that soul has now been moved because there has appeared in the midst of it the son of man. They cannot see Him but their response to His appearance is that the soul is moving and the way that it has moved, in response to the son of man that comes with judgment, it to have their sins revealed, and how does the Lord reveal your sins? He says evil is going to get more evil and good is going to get more good, and it is going to become absolutely obvious what is good and what is evil in the last days.


This is what the Lord told me this morning, that if the son of man was not appearing in 2008, all things would be continuing on as they have been with no trouble. Did anybody not understand what I am saying? Do you understand what I am saying? Let us say the person in whom the Lord planned to appear in as the son of man, in the form of the son of man failed, and the plan was put to sleep until the Lord would decide who He would raise up in the next generation, the appearing of the son of man publicly, because there is going to be a public appearance, the son of man is going to appear in a manner that the most spiritually blind cannot fail to recognize, if it took another forty, fifty, or a hundred years for the Lord to find another person obedient enough to do their part so that the son of man could appear in them, we would not be having this trouble today.


Therefore, this trouble in this country is a reason to rejoice, and is that not what Jesus said? He said, Look up, do not be afraid. He said, Look up, meaning look into the spiritual plane, and rejoice because redemption draweth nigh. All of this trouble is the reflection in this fallen world of the appearance of righteousness in the midst of a dark and reprobate generation.


We are challenged, look no one has been hurt here yet, you know, I hope nobody loses any money, I have to believe no one is going to lose their home, I have to believe that God is going to take care of us. Those of us that have been looking in towards His appearing, that means welcoming the judgment of our sins. Brethren, there are Christians who are not judging their sins, but are looking to escape by a rapture, they are not welcoming His appearing, and I do not want to even comment on their experience, because the Lord has not given me that message. My message is to the sons of God, my message is to the believers who are prepared for His appearing, my message is to the five virgins that are going to enter in. I do not even want to prophesy to the other five, you know.


I have heard in the last couple of months, I have heard two well known preachers, I guess tv preachers, say something to the effect of, Well we all knew that 9/11 was coming, we all had prophecies, we all had words you know, and I said to the Lord just the other day, because I heard for the third time, from another source, there were two public preachers that said that, and I just heard it yesterday from someone who is in the new age actually, and he said, Yeah, we knew, we did not know exactly how it would play out, but we knew there was a big disaster coming, and I said to the Lord, How come I did not know about 9/11 you know, I am a prophet, how come I did not know about 9/11? The Lord reminded me, He said, I have never ever talked to you about the disasters that will take place in this temporal corrupt world. The message He has for me is one of hope and deliverance to the sons of God. You really you know, this is such a hard word but you are just really not a son if you are looking out there, the sons who are living their sonship, are looking inward for their God, they are looking for a relationship with Jesus inside of themselves, and that relationship requires dealing with your sin nature.


All of those who do not want to do that, they are out there condemning the world and looking to escape, I am not a prophet to that company of people. That is not my call, so I never knew anything about 9/11, I found out about it on the tv the morning that it happened, I had no clue there was going to be a disaster in this country. We have to decide how we are going to deal with this occurrence and the reality is that it is upsetting to our emotions, but we are not our emotions, we are Christ, in His mind, His thinking, and His rationale. What do we have here? A conflict, a conflict between our right side which is Christ in you, who is listening to what I am saying here and being encouraged, and your left side which is your emotions which are unsettled, everybody is unsettled.


Even if you personally are not unsettled which I find hard to believe, but that goes without saying, those of us that are spiritual are feeling the hysteria of the nation. My emotions, our emotions are a sea and they are all stirred up. You know I came out of Walmart yesterday, middle America, mainstream America, I walk out of the store and there is this man, a young man, in his thirties, not trying to lower his voice at all, standing right there with his cell phone talking to somebody saying, Yeah, Yeah, the book of Revelation, the anti-Christ is here! Everybody walking by could hear it. Brethren you do not hear things like that, I have been living on Long Island for thirty years, I never head anybody on their cell phone in mainstream America, talking about the Scripture out loud, I never head it in all of the years I have been here. Have you ever heard it, you go to Walmart all of the time.


COMMENT: No, no I have not.


PASTOR VITALE: It was so significant to me, the whole country is in fear, if they are not in fear over their taxes being raised, they are in fear over what this man is going to do, he is talking about disarming our nation. Does anybody know that, that he is talking about disarming our nation, as Russia says they are going to set up guns to point at us probably from Venezuela? To close for comfort. What is going on here? The son of man is appearing with judgment. Are you going to be a part of the judgment or are you going to be a part of the judged? What you think is essential, who are you? If you are going to be a part of the judgment, well let me say this first, the Lord wants me to say this first, if you think that you cannot be a part of the judgment, if you do not want to hurt your fellow man, or you are worried about everybody, worried about anybody who is going to be judged, I am sorry brethren, that is your neighbor, your friend, your employee or your family.


You know I ride on a plane, I fly all of the time, and they tell me if there is a problem with this plane and the oxygen masks drops down, you put it on yourself first and then you take care of the people that are dependent on you. If you are not a part of the judgment because you are worried about your family, you are all going to jump into the drink.


If you have the opportunity to be a part of the judgment, be a part of the judgment, judge righteous judgment to whoever is put in front of you. That does not mean you do not love your family, righteous judgment is the love of God. If you are not going to be a part of the judgment, because you cannot do it and I am condemning, look I am just His mouthpiece, if you are not going to be a part of the judgment because it is your son or your daughter or your friend, or your husband or your wife or your cat or whatever it is, I did not mean that personally to anybody, then you have not made a conscious choice, but you have made a passive choice to be a part of the judged.


Do not go deceiving yourself, what is the good of that? We have a president-elect here because a large number of people in this country voted for someone who is not qualified because they had a Pharisaical spirit on them, that said, It is time to put a black man in office. Am I prejudice? Absolutely not, but that man is not qualified and he was elected for the wrong reason. If you are going to be soft on somebody, for the wrong reason, you have by that decision put yourself amongst the group of the judged.


You can do whatever you want, just do not lie to yourselves, do not be deceived. This is what is stirring up in this country, actually in the world but primarily in this country which is the reincarnated Israel, right now.


Brethren the right side that is being gored violently by the goat representing the left side that has become way too strong, the right side has just been joined by the judgment of Christ Jesus. The weak right side has just been strengthened and is in the process of being strengthened and judgment is rising to restrict the strength of the left side that is way beyond anything that is healthy or was ever intended for the benefit of this nation, and the battle of the ages is rising.


It is rising in this country, it is rising in the church, polarization, polarization in the country, in the church, and in your hearts, what side are you on? Moses said when he saw that the Hebrew children had gone into idolatry, and built a golden calf, Moses said, Who is on my side? Stand over here. We are told, I only read all of the Levite priests went on his side. In the church, the Bible says we are all priests, kings and priests. Who are you? The Bible says you are a king and priest by faith, but you are who you are by the decision that you make, you are not who you are by the feelings that you feel, you do not have to act on those feelings brethren. You are who you are by the decisions that you make, you have an inclination to steal but you do not steal, you are not a thief.


Paul said, If there is something in you that is not, if there is an inclination in you that you do not want to do, and also you cannot do the things that you want to do, that it is sin that dwelleth in you. You are judged by what you think, and of course what you think, behavior follows what you think. The polarization is upon us, the country, the church is now polarizing because the son of man is going to be shining brighter and brighter, so the church is being polarized as the Holy Spirit dries up, in more and more sections of the church, and it becomes more and more apparent that something is wrong in the church, the church is polarizing.


Each one of us is polarized to some degree, to some degree. You can only protect your loves ones to a certain degree, you can cry out to God for mercy for them. That is what is happening today Lord. I do that all of the time, I say, that is what is happening today Lord, I do not know why that comes out of me like that, well maybe it is because I am talking to the Lord in all of you, I am talking to Christ in you.


David said, And why did David say, and the Lord said to my Lord, well that is a nice answer because I do that frequently and I did not know why I did that, I do that, but I am talking to the Lord in you, I am talking to Christ in all of you. You are what you think, if you are afraid so you are afraid, rebuke it! You are what you think, and you are what you do, you are whether you are act on your thoughts or your emotions, you are not your emotions. Your emotions are your old man.


Moses said, Whoever is on my side, come over here, and the Levite priests stood with Moses, but in the wilderness further along, there was a priest named Korah that rose up against Moses, and Moses said, Whoever is on my side, come over here. We see the priests were divided in the wilderness. It was Korah and all of his family and all that pertained to them, stayed on the other side. Let me say that again, in the first conflict, it was when Moses said, Whoever is on my side, after the Hebrew children had built the golden calf. The Scripture says, and that Levites, the priests stood with Moses against the people.


Later on, when Korah challenged Moses, Moses said, Who is on my side, and Korah and his whole household stayed on the other side, Korah was a priest, so here we see the division of the priest. There is going to be a division in the church because we are all kings and priests. Jesus is saying, Who is on my side? There is going to be a division in the church, because the doctrine of Christ is on Jesus’ side.


We just read that in our alternate translation of Matthew 24. If someone tells you that Christ is not appearing in your heart, if someone tells you that you are going to fly away in a rapture, that is not my doctrine, whoever is on my side, stand over here, the Lord is saying today. There is going to be a division in the church. Jesus clearly said in that day I will separate the goats from the sheep, that is not a radical revelation, most Christians would agree with that, that is in black and white in the King James translation. The country is polarizing, the church is polarizing, and each and every one of us is polarizing, and I just had that challenge with my own daughter, just this morning. I know that my own daughter is manifesting severely, and someone is not feeling well here, but I have to consider that it could be her curses coming in, when I prayed for that person, I did not want to send the curses back, I just cast them down, but then I rallied and I sent the curses back. You cannot be going around making people sick, I do not know that this was her or not, but it could have been, you cannot be going around making people sick, I do not care who you are, you cannot see.


If I want to ignore what you are doing to me, that is my business, but if I think that your rage is making people here sick, I am obligated to send the curses back.


Brethren, this was a spontaneous exhortation, does anybody have anything to say, add, comments, questions? Does anybody attending through the telephone conference have anything that they would like to say, whoever is there.


COMMENT: I just have a very quick on, they made a comment this morning on how Michelle Obama was dressed, she had this black dress with like, the breast was all vibrant red, and by the belly section and people made comments about style and garbage and things like that, but it hit me when I first saw it, I saw the Kundalini and I thought of witchcraft spells and the energy centers, the belly, and the chest, and that is what came to me, and I thought to myself, was there any Haitian and all kinds of witchcraft curses enabling this to flow the way it did?


PASTOR VITALE: Well I read on the Internet for whatever it is worth, because we know that everything on the Internet is not true, but even when you see pictures, it may not be true, but I tended to believe that there were people in Kenya sacrificing goats to all kinds of rituals to Pagan gods, for Obama to be elected, not only in Kenya, but in other parts of Africa and India, in other parts of the world.


When I first heard that, I really did not understand it, I thought well maybe it was because you know the dark skin races had been, so many of them had been oppressed by colonialists, you know the European colonialists that maybe they were just rejoicing at a black man being the president, but I have now changed my mind, since I heard something on Rush Limbaugh yesterday, a woman called in and I do not know where she got her information, but I think she heard it on tv, she said she heard it on tv, that the president of Kenya said publicly, that he now expects, or at least he alluded to the fact, I do not want to say this is an exact quote, he alluded to the fact that now that we have a black president, he expects that Kenya and all of Africa will be the recipients of large sums of money, and much more assistance than they have been getting so far.


That makes more sense to me than the pride of just wanting a black man in office. Brethren the Lord has blessed this nation beyond anyone’s ability to even comprehend it, and I believe we are Israel, okay, the reincarnated Israel, and the other nations that are still cursed want what we have. Listen, this is really important, they can have what we have, but not illegally, you see, they can what we have by serving the same God. The Christians that raised up this nation or were the foundation of this nation, were very moral people, the church is not moral today, the people in the church that I meet are not moral today.


Of course there is always exceptions, I am talking about the church as a rule. Frequently the pastors in the church are not honest in their businesses. A local pastor stole $1800 from this ministry and never said a word about it, or batted an eyelash, the moral ethic is just not the there, that I read about that existed in the early church. We may have the Holy Spirit and that sets our feet a dancing, you know, and we may have the gifts which there is a dark side to the gifts brethren. The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance, and immature people get very lifted up in pride when they receive the gifts. Maybe the early church fathers did not have that, but they had a moral righteous foundation, I will take the latter, I will take the moral righteous foundation.


COMMENT: I was listening to Mark Xxxxx last night, and there was a woman that came on and she was almost crying she was in such fear, she won the congress and she did not have money to fight, she was threatened constantly threatened that something with Pelosi, I do not understand all of it but she must called two or three weeks ago and said, that she had no money to fight it, to get enough votes. We Mark Xxxx put it out and everybody helped her, and she called to thank him, that she said she was like fearing for her life. That is terrible, in a country where you would just vote and you get elected, and but she was threatened.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I do not have any problem believing that because I see the tactics of the left, their fascist tactics you know.


COMMENT: It scared me when he talked about only the day before, that he is going to have a foot army.


PASTOR VITALE: Who said that Xxxx?


COMMENT: Obama, a foot army is what Hitler had, as large as a regular army.




COMMENT: That it was going to be in the United States, and that is scary.


COMMENT: You know he expects them to work with him now that he is president.


COMMENT: And Sheila, I do not know whether it was a dream or what I had last night, but I woke up and the words that I heard a person who was in Obama’s cabinet, I do not even know if it is true yet, but one of the people was Bill O’Reilly, I said what? That was in the dream, so somebody is going to really be compromising.


PASTOR VITALE: That is very frightening that he is going to be raising up his own army, you know, I am sure it is illegal, that congress has to know that, I am sure that is illegal.


COMMENT: I would like to comment on some of these pride issues.


COMMENT: Can you hear me? Yeah, I want to say something. After the election, after it was over, I felt compassion and I felt like I was going to cry, like I was going to explode into crying, and then I thought about something you said about the emotions, and do not let emotions overtake you, and then I thought about the thing, and then it went away, and I thought about maybe it was those of us who were crying about what has taken place because I was hearing thoughts like, How could this be, how could this happen, why did that happen, we thought he was going to win, and such and such, McCain and Palin, and what was the reason for it, just like I was being bombarded with all kinds of thoughts, it was just kind of weird, but it went away. Then I was thinking about how people are endorsing Obama, and I heard about what you said about the illusion, and it is a confirmation about the president expects something, someone just said Obama wants to start this army, that he will introduce this army more powerful than the United States military in this country.


PASTOR VITALE: Wow, that is really scary.


COMMENT: It is scary.


PASTOR VITALE: That is the beginning of revolution, I am telling you he is a communist, I have been saying it all along. That is really scary.


COMMENT: I would like to comment on something too. When I was listening to the crowds and they were shouting Obama, Obama, I kept on thinking of the book of Acts, and they kept on saying Diana, Diana, Diana, the worship of a god, that I found disturbing, and plus I hear them saying that, black children must be so thrilled to have a black man in the white house, but the fact of the matter it is history repeating itself, President Jefferson had many black children by his young slave girl that he had, and it was proved by DNA. Plus, there is a tribe over in India that has the DNA of the Jewish proven by DNA, so there such a mixture here.


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, but they were not president, this is the first.


COMMENT: But I am saying that they are a black tribe, and they are over in Africa, and they are still Jews, that there is such a mixture, there is nothing new under the sun, I guess that is what I am saying.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I thought they were saying they are excited there is a black president in the white house.


COMMENT: But the children being so prideful that there their father is a black man, but it has already happened, the Jefferson’s children that were born from his...


PASTOR VITALE: But it was not the president that was black.


COMMENT: Sure, president Jefferson.


COMMENT: He was not black.


COMMENT: No, no, no, no, you know what I am saying, that is the black children have a father, you are right, I am sorry, I got mixed up, but that their father, the black children already had their father in the white house.


PASTOR VITALE: (inaudible words). Wow. That is really shocking about that army, I had not heard that.


COMMENT: That was the day before Sheila, the people were so seduced, I could not see, but somebody said they watched the people look the crazed look like they had in Hitler’s army when they were idolizing him.


COMMENT: In Times Square how they were all like New Year’s Eve, and they called out of no where, it was not like something that was planned, it was just spontaneous.


PASTOR VITALE: Spontaneous yeah.


COMMENT: So there is a spirit moving behind it.


COMMENT: The word (inaudible), abomination.


COMMENT: I am hearing the word abomination just now when you said that.


PASTOR VITALE: That is what I just said.


COMMENT: Is that what you just said, I thought you said Obama nation?


PASTOR VITALE: Well that is what they are saying, Obama nation, abomination of desolation.


COMMENT: I just want to make sure I am understanding this right. He wants his own army instead of the army, instead of the armies, the navy, etc.


PASTOR VITALE: So he is simultaneously disarming the United States army, and raising up what he calls a citizen army, and he is setting the stage for a civil war.


COMMENT: It is going to be worse, he said very strong.


PASTOR VITALE: That is just, I mean I am like in shock. He cannot do it without congress though, but he has got the liberal congress.


COMMENT: Right, and he did not even get in there yet. He is not president until January.




COMMENT: Well we have the Lord’s, praise God.


PASTOR VITALE: That is the one. That is just, these foolish people that voted him.


COMMENT: I would like to know if it is possible to get at the root of its truth that he was not born a United States citizen.


PASTOR VITALE: He was born in Kenya, Xxxx, the issue, it is a really a technicality, the law says something like this, I do not have it exactly, his mother had to have been living in the United States for a certain amount of time in order for him to be considered a born American citizen, because he was born in a Kenya hospital, that goes without saying, but you can still be an American citizen if your mother returns to the U.S. or if she had been living here for a certain amount of time, and because his mother was 18 years old when she gave birth, she cannot legally say that she had been living here that many years because the years before she was 18 did not count. It is really just a technicality.


COMMENT: You lost me, so now you are saying that technically and legally he is a United States citizen.




COMMENT: How could he go for the presidency?


PASTOR VITALE: How could he do anything that he has done?


COMMENT: I am disturbed by the rumor that he actually went to Hawaii to block those records being made public, and that one man went to a judge and the judge that a mere citizen could not bring this before the judge, it had to come through congress, and there was not time for any of that.


PASTOR VITALE: It is a conspiracy Xxxx.


COMMENT: It just blows me away all of these things.


PASTOR VITALE: It is all through the judiciary, and the educational system, and the legislators, it is a conspiracy.


COMMENT: What have your thought about all of the masons that is involved in politics. Do you think those men have some kind of plan to block some of the issues that Obama wants to.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that is very interesting what you are saying, because at one point several months ago I was saying that, I was saying something like this, the United States has been the manifestation of Jesus Christ in the earth, and we have been a force for righteousness for all of this time since the Lord built us up, and I see this whole world polarizing, this was maybe like even a year ago, I see the whole world polarizing, even the stories about Mary Magdalene you know, and her offspring coming from France and all of that whole story, that was coming up, and what I saw happening were all of these different groups rising to take power. I saw democracy failing, it has already failed in Europe, and socialism is failing in Europe, and they are trying to bring down here, and I see all of these different power groups rising up and they are all going to be fighting with each other for who is going to rule the world.


It is very interesting that you said that because I do not know, I do not understand the plans. I know for example that the Mormons you know believe that it is going to be a Mormon that is going to take over the whole country is going to be a theocracy. I know the pope is waiting to take over the whole world, so what are any of these forces in the nations, what are any of these forces going to do when they see communism coming in, I do not know. I just have the message for the sons, but that is just absolutely alarming, I am just speechless.


Our nation has been seduced, they need to repent, well that is what has to happen, that is what we are waiting for, that they have to repent, and that is when the son of man will appear, but to be honest with you, I thought it would be an economic pain that they would be repenting from, and I was hoping that it would not be a military take over, but this is not looking good at all, not at all. Anyway, we have to go on with the message for today.


Praise the Lord everybody we have a short message right now, which is basically an alternate translation of Psalms 89:3-5. The Lord gave me this message spontaneously this morning, and basically the Lord is telling us where He is going to be found in the regeneration. We have some, a lot of people say, the Jews are saying, and a lot of Bible scholars are saying that Jesus will be sitting on a throne in a physical temple in the land of Israel over there in the middle east, I have had a problem believing that and I have asked the Lord if it is true, to please help me to understand it, and I believe that is the reason that I have been given this message.


I will just tell you up front, this is what the Lord has told me, that, that is not going to happen, Jesus is not going to come back as one man, and He is not going to sit on a throne in a physical temple, in any nation that is on the earth today. The Israel of God will not exist in this corrupt world. I have told you multiple times there are, this world, I have told you many times that there are multiple worlds, there are spiritual worlds that exist inside of us. If you cannot understand that, however you can think of it, most people know about the astral plane, you know that is the spiritual plane closest to our world, but there are multiple spiritual worlds, and it is in one of these spiritual worlds that the garden of Eden exists, and some people call it, or the Rabbis call it the world of creation, or some Bible scholars call it the world of creation, it is a spiritual world, the tree of life is there, and that is the place where spiritual Israel will exist, that is the place where the holy temple and the holy Jerusalem, we are told there is going to be a new Jerusalem, a holy Jerusalem.


Is the Scripture talking about the physical Jerusalem located as a city in the middle east? No brethren, there is such a thing as a spiritual city, each of us is a house that the Spirit of God dwells in, or intends to dwell in, and all of the people together, who are a house for the Spirit of God, make up a spiritual city. The Spirit of God is too great to fit into one human being, even Solomon prayed, after he built his enormous stone temple, I think it was made of stone and wood if I am not mistaken, after he built his temple, I do not know how many years that took, when Solomon dedicated it to the Lord he said, I know you are a great God that could never be contained in any temple made by hands, so all that I am asking you is that when we pray from this temple, will you please hear us, and have mercy on us?


Even Solomon who was the wisest man whoever came into existence up until Jesus Christ, said, I know that there are no material boundaries that can contain the Spirit of God, so we built this temple in an honor to you as a place where we will seek your face, and we just as that you honor our attempts to honor you, and hear our prayers from this place.


Jehovah sent his prophet to tell David, David was going to build a house for the Lord, and the Lord said to David through the prophet, what makes you think that you can build a house for me. He said, you cannot build a house for me, but your son will build a house for me. The son of David who is building a house for God that is going to be in the city of Jerusalem, is the glorified Jesus Christ. He is building a spiritual temple, is that not what Peter tells us, a spiritual temple made without hands, and each and every one of us is a stone, a living stone in that temple.


The temple is spiritual, our spiritual being is a stone in the spiritual temple, that is made without hands. How could that be Sheila, we have a physical body. Brethren, I just pray that the Lord opens the mind and heart of everyone listening to me, okay, let me just give you an example, we all have an aura, anybody who is honest knows that it has been proven in laboratories, we have an energy field around us, because we are energy, energy indwells us, and we are made of energy. See if you cannot follow this brethren, this part of us that is energy called our soul, can vibrate out beyond us to great distances, not only great distances in the dimensions of this world, but our soul can be in multiple worlds at the same time.


Our soul can be here in this physical body, it can exist in the astral plane, and it can exist in the world of creation where the garden of Eden is. We are told that Adam before his fall had a soul, a great soul, that was consciously aware on everyone of the spiritual worlds before he fell, but when he fell, he shrunk, and he only today, with people who are still carnal, he is only conscious in this world down here, and cannot see the spiritual world.


Those of us who are becoming spiritual in Christ Jesus, we are developing a consciousness on the other planes of consciousness or on the other spiritual worlds, so even though our physical body will remain here, those of us who are completed because we are all hoping to be completed, that means we are not complete now, in case nobody knows it, we are not complete now, when we are completed, how will we be completed, when Christ Jesus is fully matured in us and sitting on the throne of our heart, we will be completed and He will be our spirituality, so we will be physically in this world but we will also, our soul will have a presence in the holy Jerusalem which will be in the garden of Eden, which will be in spiritual Israel, in the world of creation. We will be in two places at once, we will be in heaven and earth at the same time, is that not what the Scripture says, that Jesus was in heaven and earth at the same time? We will be in multiple spiritual worlds. Brethren, this is no different, okay, well it by way of example, if I were standing in a tub of water and the water was up to my waist, but above my waist, I was under a sun lamp, getting a sun burn, I could legitimately say to you, from my waist down I dwell under the water, from the waist up I dwell in the rays of the sun, I am in two places at once.


Can anybody not see this. Instead of dividing myself, I am dividing my physical presence from my spiritual presence, from my soul. The Israel of God, okay, it is not even accurate to say that it is not going to be in the middle east, okay, let me come from another place. Brethren, everything in this world is a reflection of something in the spiritual world, as it is above, so it is below. Nothing could exist down here that did not exist in an invisible plane, so the truth is, the reality is that the land of Israel is in a spiritual world, and the nation of Israel, even as it existed in Bible times, always was and now is a reflection of the Israel of God that exists in the invisible plane.


Is there anybody that cannot see that, do you need me to say that again, nothing down here exists apart from its counterpart above, and the counterpart above is the reality, what we see down here is the image, the reflection. The Scriptures that indicate that all Israel will be restored and that Messiah is coming to sit on the throne of the temple in Jerusalem in the middle east is not accurate.


Israel, Judah and Israel, the unified Israel, the house of Judah and the house of Israel are going to come together and be unified again, in the spiritual plane in the garden of Eden, and there is going to be a city built in the garden of Eden that is going to be built from spiritual stones, your soul and my soul, each being a spiritual stone in that spiritual temple made without hands, is that not what Peter said. Did anybody not know that, that is what Peter said right, somebody, a spiritual temple made without hands, you are living stones.


The restored temple is not going to be here on the earth, it is going to be in the spiritual plane of God that I am calling the world of creation right now, the garden of Eden is there, that is the true Israel and there is going to be a city in the midst of the nation of Israel, and that city is going to be made from our soul, and in the midst of the city, there is going to be a temple. If we are the spiritual city, what is the temple? It is Christ Jesus in you, or Christ in you is the temple. I am not sure whether it will be Christ or Christ Jesus, I have to think about that.


Your soul will be a stone in the city, and let us say for now Christ Jesus in the midst of you, a piece of Him is in all of us, Christ Jesus the son of man will be sitting in the temple, and the Lord Jesus will be sitting, let me see if I got that right, we are going to be the temple, our souls are going to be the temple, our soul is going to be the temple, well I have to work this out, a part of our spiritual being will be the city, then a more inner part of our soul will be the temple, and then a more inner part of that, will be the throne that Christ Jesus sits on.


In order for Christ Jesus to be sitting on the throne, the Lord Jesus has to be a part of it, because the throne comes into existence when the Lord Jesus joins with the stones of His temple. All of this is going to take place in the world of creation, in an invisible, in a plane that is invisible to the people in this world now, but it will not be invisible to us, because we will be spiritual people and we will be as much a member of that Israel and that city and that Jerusalem, as we are citizens, well we are not even citizens down here, Paul says we are not even citizens, we are citizens of another world he said. Our reality is the spiritual world.


When the rejoined houses of Israel come into existence in the spiritual world of God, and of course that is only going to happen if Christ Jesus is built in us, when that happens the reflection of the reunified houses of Israel will appear in this world. It is not going to appear in any one physical nation in this world.


I have a drawing on the board for you, and I have done my best, hopefully Xxxx will make this clearer with his digital image, but I have divided the board into two parts, the upper part of the board is the land of Israel, the land of Israel is a spiritual land, and is called heaven, or the spiritual world of creation, it is a real place, and in the land of Israel we have a city called holy Jerusalem that is coming into existence only as Christ Jesus is built in the heart and mind of the individual people down here in the earth. In the holy Jerusalem we have a temple that is made from the stones which we are.


We are told on I Peter 2:5, Ye also as lively or living stones are built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood. Now this is our soul down here, the second half, the lower half of the board, I have drawn the son of God in blue, everybody that has Christ Jesus living in their earth you see, the land of Israel is a spiritual country, or a spiritual world, the earth where Israel is, is our earth, the earth of our body and our soul, and the sons of God will be scattered throughout all of the nations down here in this physical world, not only through all of the nations but the sons of God will be scattered in the whole society, the community of people.


Wherever a son of God is, and what makes you a son of God, that Abel is awakened in you and is now bearing the name Christ, and His soul is now built into this holy temple up here, and I will have to write Christ Jesus here, Christ Jesus is sitting on the throne of the temple in the world of creation and Christ Jesus is ruling through this son of God, through his heart and through his mind. We see the sons of God being scattered through the nations. They will be pastors, they will be preachers, they will be in government, they will be heads of families, but the whole principle here is that, and I have to add something to this board, the glorified Jesus who is sitting on this throne, He is present with Christ Jesus, is ruling all of the nations through, from this spiritual world through the minds and the hearts of His sons, who are in the earth influencing people who want God but who do not have Christ formed in them.


I have drawn the nations in black, people that do not have Christ formed in them, but honor God and want His blessings and be in right relationship with Him. Is this clear, can everybody see this board. It is coming from the highest world, and of course Jesus, the glorified Jesus is higher than this world of creation, He is in an even higher world that than, so in the same manner that Christ Jesus is reaching down into our earthen world, to influence it through people like you and me who have Christ Jesus formed in us, in the same manner, the glorified Jesus, who is in a higher world than the land of Israel, stays where He is, but is reaching down into the land of Israel, to join over here in the temple, and bring forth Christ Jesus, because Christ Jesus is born of the union of glorified Jesus Christ who is in a higher world and Christ in the son of God in the earth, who is a living stone in the temple.


We see the glorified, and this drawing does not show it, so we see Jesus, glorified Jesus coming from a higher world, literally having a relationship with every stone in this temple, that is all of the sons of God, and that relationship that the glorified Jesus is having with each and everyone of us, has produced a unity, a single entity, called the man Christ Jesus, because Christ in us is one cell of the body of the man Christ Jesus.


Did I make that clear? I will talk to Xxxx and I will see if he cannot add a third section which shows Jesus in a higher plane coming down and joining with the temple.


Are there any questions or comments on this? This is very important revelation because there are Christians and Jews alike that are literally, some of them are arguing over where Jesus is going to sit when He returns to the earth, and the answer is that He is returning to the earth in His sons but He is also returning from a higher world to the land of Israel which is in the world of creation, which it is an earth, it is a spiritual earthen world, spiritual earth.


The land of Israel is in the spiritual earth. Jesus is returning to the earth but He is going only into the spiritual earth of the world of creation, He is going to be in the temple of God where the unity of Christ Jesus exists, and then that unity of Christ Jesus will be built up, by Christ in the many sons of God down here in the physical earth. I did not read the Scriptures for you. And this is how he shall rule them with a rod of iron, we are told in Revelation 2:27, and in Revelation 12:5, the woman brought forth a manchild, who is the woman that brought forth a manchild? The sons of God. They are going to give birth to a manchild that is going to exist in a higher world, and the child, is not there a Scripture that says, And a little child shall rule them. The child from the spiritual world shall rule the nations in black ink, through the sons of God, in blue ink.


The woman brought forth a manchild who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. To the carnal mind that sounds like a rod of tyranny, but it is not, this rod of iron brethren, is to keep down the left side that we spoke about in the earlier message this morning, and we said that everything in, the pattern for humanity and the creation is to have a left side and a right side, and they are to have a godly struggle with each other, to bring forth a godly compromised unity. We said in that message that in this country today, the left side has gotten much too strong, much too big for its boots, and much stronger than the right side. This rod of iron, that the sons of God are going to have, is a rod that is strong enough to beat down that left side, which is our animal nature, that is what the left side is, our animal nature, that has a tendency, a potential to become too strong and overcome the spiritual man.


When the animal nature overcomes the spiritual man, the whole world goes into destruction. The individual man that, that happens in goes into destruction, and when the animal nature becomes stronger than the spiritual man in the church, the church goes into destruction, and when the church is more carnal and the animal nature is stronger than the spiritual man, the whole nation of Israel goes into destruction, and when the nation of Israel, I am talking about spiritual Israel now, goes into destruction, the whole world goes into destruction. Everything is out of balance.


We see that this rod of iron that the manchild has, and the manchild brethren is Christ Jesus, He is sitting up there in the temple, but He is manifesting Himself to the nations of the world through the sons of God down here in the earth. That rod of iron is the additional measure of power that the Lord Jesus is giving to His sons today, at least in this, I am applying it to this specific instance, but it is way beyond this specific instance, that rod of Iron is the power that is being joined to the right side in His sons and in the church and in this nation so that we can beat down that goat of the left side which is trying to overthrow the godly lifestyle and form of government that the Lord Jesus has established here. That is what the rod of Iron is, it is not to put you in bondage, it is to beat down your animal nature, which is trying to destroy you or which is trying to destroy the spiritual man in you, and the spiritual man is the vehicle in you through which all life and privilege and preservation and all, every good thing that God has for you, flows through your spiritual man.


That rod of iron is to beat down the beast that the spiritual man is living in so that you can live the spiritual life and not the life of an animal. The creation of God is evening and morning, day is the spirit man and night is the animal nature of the earth, and evening and morning is the mixture, the two phases of mixture. We are a mixture, the creation of God is a mixture, and the animal nature tends to be stronger than the breath of Jehovah’s life, in the creation, until the creator joins with the spirit man in us, to give us a double portion manifested or expressed as a rod of iron which will beat down that animal nature, so that the whole creation lives in peace, we are not trying to hurt our animal nature, we are trying to stop the animal nature from destroying everything.


Just like a little kid, can you give your children everything they want? I walked into the play room once and my little granddaughter was locked in a box, she was locked in a box, and the other two kids were just playing happily. I said, Get her out of there. That is what children do, she was happy enough in the box, she was not choking yet, she was in the box, just all wrapped up in the box, she thought it was fun, did not know she could have suffocated.


We see spiritual immaturity in the earth in everybody that does not have the mind of Christ, it has nothing to do with your chronological age, whether you are good, bad, green, orange, yellow, black, or white, it has nothing to do with anything other than, you are lacking the mind of Christ, or those who are lacking the mind of Christ are spiritually immature and spiritual children, which need spiritual elders to save their lives, because the mentality of the spiritual child will ultimately cause the destruction of the person, the church, the nation, and the whole world.


The spiritual children just do not understand the rules of the spiritual life. We are founded, our whole existence is founded on the rules of the spiritual world. We are down here in the material world, but we exists because of an invisible foundation that the carnal man cannot see which has a whole set of rules that you cannot see, you cannot see the foundation, how are you going to see the rules. Humanity has been destroying himself since before time began, because time only began at the time of the fall.


There was no time before the fall. Since time began, we have been destroying ourselves, because we have been under the influence of the animal nature that is in the earth. Jehovah has made a provision to strengthen our spirit man, and that provision is Himself. He is joining Himself to us through the man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.


This rod of iron is a good thing, everything God does is good, it is just the carnal mind thinks it is evil. If there are no comments or questions, I am going to just read you through these notes pretty quickly, then we will take a break and I would like to show you that movie on quantum mechanics today, unless the Lord expounds on this and I have no time. I thought it was just going to be a movie today and this the second message.


King James translation, Psalms 89:3-5;


PSALM 89:3-5


3. I have made a covenant with my chosen, I have sworn unto David my servant,


4. Thy seed will I establish forever and build up thy throne to all generations. Selah


5. And the heavens shall praise thy wonders, O Lord, they faithfulness also in the congregation of the saints. KJV


We see that, that is an encouraging word to God’s people, but there is really much more to it, a much deeper message to it than what we read on the surface, and I have an alternate translation for you and then, an interspersed amplified translation which I will just read right through. Again Psalms 89:3-5


PSALM 89:3-5


Because I have said, I shall obtain immortal children through the mercy of Tiferet which is Jehovah, I shall erect a new heavens, and my immortal children shall stand up through the moral fidelity of Jesus Christ.


Brethren, we are all guilty of spiritual adultery, we are incapable of keeping the moral law of God, but we shall stand up because we are lying, we fell down there, and all of the denizens of hell have authority over us, but we shall stand again, and the denizens of hell will be under our authority, because of the moral fidelity of Jesus Christ when He reproduces His nature in us. Verse 4.


I have made a covenant with Abraham, the one I have chosen to complete my servant David. Elijah shall rebuild my spiritual throne within Jesus Christ, the natural descendant of David, and He shall be the foundation stone of the greatest generation of all of the previous generations and they shall stand upright forever.


That is talking about us brethren, we shall stand upright forever. Every negative element of the creation shall be under our authority when we stand up. Alternate amplified translation.


Because I have made a covenant with Abraham, the one I have chosen, and have said that he shall obtain immortal children through the mercy of Jehovah, I shall rebuild my spiritual throne within Jesus Christ, the natural descendant of my servant David, and complete him, complete Jesus, the Christ, and Jesus the Christ shall be the foundation stone of the greatest generation of all of the previous generations and he shall stand upright forever. And I shall erect new heavens within my immortal children, that is us, and they shall stand up through the moral fidelity of Jesus Christ.


I am going to read it again.


Because I have made a covenant with Abraham the one I have chosen, and have said that he shall obtain immortal children through the mercy of Jehovah, I shall rebuild my spiritual throne within Jesus Christ...


I do not know whether that should be Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth, I have to pray about that, or just Jesus.


...the natural descendant of my servant David, and I will complete him. And Jesus shall be the foundation stone of the greatest generation of all of the previous generations and He shall stand upright forever, and I shall erect a new heaven within my immortal children, that is a new mind brethren, and they shall stand up through the moral fidelity of Jesus Christ. AT


Brethren, we are not going to stand up through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we are going to stand up, that means take authority over every negative aspect within us and outside of us, through the mind of Christ, which is moral, and our righteousness emanates from that morality. It has nothing to do with the gifts, the gifts are just a stepping stone. There is no morality in the gifts. Most of us have experienced very gifted people, great immorality from people who are manifesting the gifts powerfully.


I have a couple of, well first of all let me tell you this, I did not write up the work up, the Lord gave me no time, I do not even know that I have it written down, I do not think I even have it written down, it took me, I just rolled out of bed at 6:00 a.m. this morning and this is what He gave me, so you have to pray about it, either you believe the translation or you do not, He is just not letting me take the time to give you all of the details anymore.


The witnesses that I have for you are as follows, John 8:56-58;


JOHN 8:56-58


56. Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day, and he saw it and was glad. KJV


I do not know about you but I never understood that Scripture. I believe in view of the alternate translation of Psalms 89:3-5 Jesus was saying to the Jews my generation, that He knew that there would be a whole generation, that He was the foundation stone, the beginning, He said I am the beginning of the creation of God. He was the beginning of a whole generation that some of you may have learned about, when it was called the 42nd generation, this is not a chronological generation, it is a spiritual generation. His day or His age, so generation is not really even an ideal translation, and day is not a translation, the word is age, you know an age, an age can last for eons, this is the age that will never end.


57. Then said the Jews unto Him, You are not yet fifty years old, and have you seen Abraham?


58. And Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily I say unto you, before Abraham was, I am. KJV


Now in the days I believe that the whole of immortal God, the unknowable one was contained inside one human being, I agreed with a lot of Christians who thought that this Scripture meant that Jesus was saying, that He was I am, and I am is another name for a very high manifestation of God, even higher than Jehovah. I hope that you all know that almighty God is unnameable, unknowable, you do not even have the words to describe Him, nothing exists outside of Him, everything exists inside of Him, and when He decided to communicate with us, we are like ants to Him, or less, He started stepping down from His lofty place so that He could get low enough so that we could, so that He could communicate with us.


And that each step that He took, He identifies that position that He is in by taking a different name, and I am is the highest name, higher than Jehovah. I thought that this King James translation meant that I am this great God, that nothing is outside of Him, He is infinite, He is not only immortal, He is infinite. Brethren nothing exists outside of Him. How could a human being be filled up with Him, and of course we have our King James translation that says, He is the fullness of the Godhead bodily, it is in this translation. At the moment I do not recall the accurate translation, but brethren if nothing is outside of God, how could God, and God cannot fit into Solomon’s temple, how can He fit inside of one mortal man.


This is a serious misunderstanding in the church. It does not mean that Jesus is not God, everybody that hears this says, Oh Sheila is saying Jesus is not God. No, no, Jesus is God in His glorified state, but the man Jesus of Nazareth in the days of His flesh was not God. Brethren, just think, put your emotions down and just think, how could the infinite God fit inside of one human being, how could He be the fullness of the Godhead bodily, it is impossible.


You all who believe this, wherever this message is going, you all who believe this, you are going to have to put down this idolatry if you want to get into that ark when Jesus opens the door! If you do not want to be one of the five virgins that does not get it, you are going to have to deal with this, that makes no sense, that an infinite God, that everything that exists is inside of Him, nothing is greater than Him, could be manifested fully inside one human being, you are going to have to lay that down. The glorified Jesus is God, not Jesus of Nazareth.


What was Jesus saying to them then? Verily, verily I say to unto you, before Abraham was, I am was. Jesus was not saying I am, I am, He was saying you know, you know you think you are so smart, you think you have all of the answers, you think that you cannot be taught anything because you are the ruling chieftains of the tribe. But before Abraham, and you put all of your authority, you say that you take all of this authority because you are Abraham’s physical seed, and Jesus said to them, Well I have a flash for you, Jehovah is higher than Abraham. That is what He said to them.


My authority is Jehovah, that gives me authority over you. I have a flash for you brethren, everyone that comes in the name of Jesus Christ, in His nature, has authority over every other preacher and writer and speaker about the Scripture that is out there, it is the anointing brethren, it is not who your born of, it is not what color you are, it is not what sex you are, it is not how old you are, it is the anointing. It is not your denomination, it is not the college that you went to, it is not whether you have a building or not, it is the anointing! Second witness, Matthew 24:30; this is the alternate translation that I took from our alternate translation in Matthew 24 that we just worked up in the message called THE SIGN OF THE SON OF MAN.




30. And then after Leviathan is consumed, the sign of the manchild, the son of Adam shall shine from his heavenly throne, with the children of the day, who are within the children of the day, who are voluntarily judging the sins of Cain within themselves, and then Christ Jesus shall cut off Leviathan, within all of the carnal tribes of Israel who are not judging Cain within themselves, and the son of Adam shall be seen arriving, that is the son of man, shall be seen arriving with great power to restore dignity to the soul that fell from heaven. It is talking about Adam who died, soul, singular. And the son of man is arriving with great power to restore dignity to this Adam, the soul that fell down from heaven, and each one of us is a spark of that great soul. AT


I just have a note which I pretty much explained to you before I started talking and then I see I have a work up of verse 5 if you want to look it over, I do not know how complete it is. I do not have the different choices of the words, but what you can see is that I had to, that the final version of verse 5 is like the fourth, my fourth attempt to translate that verse, it took me almost three hours to translate verse 5.


I would like to read that alternate amplified translation for you one more time, and we will close this message, take a ten minute break, and Lord willing we will watch the movie that I have for you today.


Because I have made a covenant with Abraham the one I have chosen and have said that he shall obtain immortal children...


Did not Jehovah say your offspring are going to be as the stars of heaven, He said that did He not? Your offspring are going to be as the sands of the sea, that is the mortal children, the mortal offspring of Abraham, and as many as the stars of heaven, the immortal or the spiritual heaven of Abraham.


Because I have made a covenant with Abraham the one I have chosen, and have said that he shall obtain immortal authority through the mercy of Jehovah, I shall rebuild my spiritual throne within Jesus, the natural descendant of my servant David, and complete him. And Jesus shall be the foundation stone, of the greatest generation of all of the previous generations, or He shall be the foundation stone of the greatest age of all of the previous ages, and He shall stand upright forever.


He is the only potentate brethren, the only source of true immortality, and He can never die again, the glorified Jesus Christ, not Jesus of Nazareth in vile flesh.


...and I shall erect a new heavens within my immortal children, and they shall stand up through the moral fidelity of Jesus Christ. AT


That is a very profound promise brethren, I thank God for it. To really appreciate it, you have to understand that every problem that you have is because you are spiritual immoral. We are all spiritually fallen women, we are adulterers, we are spiritually adulterers, we are spiritual murderers, and we are in need of a savior, who will not only forgive us, but who will have the power to cleanse us from not only from the sin, but from the fruit of the sin.


Every problem in your life is the fruit of sin. Just the fact that you are aging is the fruit of sin, plus any other problem that you have in your life, it is the fruit of sin. That is why we need a savior to not only forgive us, but to complete that forgiveness and the completion of forgiveness is to remove, is to surgically remove from us our potential to sin again. Any questions or comments?


The Lord has given us two very uplifting messages today, because of the results of not only the election but the implication of the election, and the direction in which the country is going. Remember, Christ Jesus is coming from the land of Israel to deliver His people Israel, who have once again fallen into idolatry, and we all saw it in the crowds screaming the other night, Israel has fallen into idolatry again, and He will save us again for the last time, and it will be the last time because this time He is going to fix us.


All of the other times that Israel fell into idolatry, it was like the Catholic church, He forgave our sins, stood us up, and we fell down again. This time He is going to fix us permanently, and we shall, what is the last verse here, let me read that again, and we shall stand up through the moral fidelity of Jesus Christ, and the implication is that we will not fall again either because He shall stand upright forever, and when He stands us up, we will stand up forever in His strength, not in our strength, the second we think that we are doing it ourselves, we are in trouble. God bless you all.



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