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Praise the Lord, everybody.  This is Part 3 of Leviathan Must Die.  It has been quite a few weeks since we did Part 1 and Part 2.  I just want to remind you that the first two parts of this message were an introduction.  We have not used any of the notes yet.  The first part explained why the name of the message is Leviathan Must Die when the whole message is talking about dealing with Cain.  To review for you, the answer to that is on the board in the form of drawing #1.  Cain is keeping Abel in captivity.  We know that Abel’s blood is crying out from under the ground, so Abel died to his authority in God.  He did not cease to exist.  The Lord challenges us to be spiritual and to look at the words that we read in the Bible spiritually.


Down here in this world, when somebody dies, they go away and we do not see them again.  I am sorry to say that human beings, who are spiritually childish, believe that death equals cessation of existence, but that is not true.  What I am saying is just the truth.  We die to things all the time.  When somebody dies, they die to this world.  Jesus clearly tells us that there is a part of us that goes on, that we have a worm that does not die.  We have an immortal soul, so we only die to this world.  Those of us who are still in this world never see the person again.  The Lord is challenging us to revise our definition of death. 


When we talk about death, the word has to be modified.  There is a death and the soul can die.  There is a death that means cessation of existence.   Every time we talk about death, we must clarify whether we are talking about cessation of existence or death to a particular state of being.  Abel died to his priesthood.  Abel was the priest over Cain and was the mediator who gave Cain access to Jehovah.  Abel died to his priesthood when he fell under the authority of Cain. 


Brethren, this goes on every day in the Church.  Everywhere Christ is appearing, Cain rises up and slays him in somebody.  It happens every time we have a decision to make, or every time a situation arises, which would call forth a reaction from us, conscious or unconscious.  Either Christ, which is the resurrected Abel, slays Cain and comes forth, and brings his thought into our mind, and whatever behavior follows that thought, or Cain rises up and kills Christ in you and in me.  Then the thought that arises is a carnal thought and the behavior that follows it.  Cain is killing Abel and Abel is killing Cain all day long.  That is what Paul meant when he said we die all the day long.  All day long our carnal mind rises up and kills Christ.  He kills Christ in us and sometimes Cain, in us, kills Christ in somebody else.  That is why the Scripture says we are all murderers, the whole human race, and deserving of death.  That is why people die to this world.  That is the truth. 


Where is our deliverance?  Our deliverance is in the resurrection of Abel.  The resurrected Abel takes a new name.  The resurrected Abel is Christ.  He immediately begins to war with the powers and principalities that strengthen Cain, because we all are a spiritual plant.  The person that you see in this world is the flower of the plant.  We all have spiritual roots and spiritual vines that connect us, either to the primordial Serpent or to the Lord Jesus Christ and the household of God.  Everybody born of a woman is connected to the primordial Serpent.  If you come into this earth, based upon the foundation of Christ Jesus, you do not appear in an animal body, unless you are chosen to do so for the purpose of communicating with the other bestial personalities who inhabit this world. 


Brethren, until you are able to face who we really are, there is no deliverance for you.  We are animals.  This whole world is an animal, and the animals exist in an hierarchy of kingdoms.  The mammals are the highest kingdom of all of the animal kingdoms in the world.  Beneath the animal kingdom is the fishes and the insects and all that.  At the top of the animal kingdom is humanity, but animals we are.  If you cannot believe that, you will never be delivered or escape from this world, because you have to know who you are before you can run away from it, or be delivered from it.  We have a soul which comes from God, and that soul is trapped inside, not only in this animal body, but trapped inside under the dominion of the animal nature.  The soul that comes from God is Abel, and he is captured by Cain in the mind, the rationale of the beast, which is the primordial Serpent. 


We are told in the Book of Genesis that the Serpent was the most subtle of beasts in the garden.  The Serpent seduced the woman, and she had a baby, brethren, and we are it.  Our father is the Serpent.  If you cannot believe that, or you think you believe it, but you are lying to yourself, and in your heart of hearts you do not believe it, that could be the reason why you are not going forward in the process of destroying your sin nature.  Maybe that is what your problem is.  Maybe your pride is so high that it is so offensive or frightening to you to believe the truth that our father is the Serpent. 


There is a part of us that is God, which has been captured, and has been swallowed up just like Jonah was swallowed up by the whale.  The seed of Adam in us has been swallowed up in this big whale, this big beast, Leviathan, the beast that swims in the sea.  We are waiting for the command to come, because my Bible says when the command came, the whale spewed Jonah out of his mouth.  Jesus said to the pharisees, the only sign you are going to get is Jonah, three days and three nights in the belly of the whale.  I do not know about you, brethren, but I am willing to admit that I am a beast.  I am willing to admit that I am an animal, and I am waiting to be spewed out of the belly of the whale that has swallowed me up. 


This is not the whale speaking to you, and this is not the beast speaking to you.  This is the seed speaking to you, that was swallowed up, crying out from under the ground that is burying me.  That is why we preach, and that is why we preach the truth, because there is no escape from this world if you do not have the truth.  It is not the truth about your neighbor.  It is the truth about you and me, and who we are and how we got here, and about this sin nature that sins through us day and night.  It sins when we sleep and when we are awake, and therefore reasserts and re- pronounces the judgment of death upon us every time we sin.


Jehovah, as an act of mercy, sent an ambassador to grant us grace, an opportunity, and amnesty.  Amnesty is a hold off.  We are told in the Book of Revelation, hold back angels, hold back the four winds in the four corners of the earth.  Hold back death on these people that they might have an opportunity to hear the truth, to digest the truth, and be strengthened in their inner man.  Paul says, be strengthened in your inner man, in Christ Jesus within you, be strengthened and overthrow Cain.  You cannot overthrow Cain until Leviathan is done away with.  Leviathan must die so that Abel can rise up from under the ground and overthrow Cain, and the kingdom of God can come into existence and prevail over your whole person.  Then we continue for a season.


The Scripture says we must continue for a little season, until we are completely delivered from the bestial body, from the bestial flesh as well as the bestial mind.  You will never be delivered from the bestial flesh until you are delivered from your bestial mind.  That is not my program.  That is Jehovah’s program as it is being played out and offered to us through the Lord Jesus Christ.  Whoever does not want to believe it, the Lord says you are in the night, and you are sleeping.  He says to those who are in the night and sleeping, they are going to experience the deliverance from the beast as a thief.


In other words, the deliverance of the Lord Jesus Christ is going to come upon them suddenly, and traumatically, and painfully, because they will not have a clue as to what is going on.  They will not have any opportunity to prepare themselves to flow with the Lord to escape the extreme difficulties, the end of which is death.  Some people escape from the beast.  Their physical body dies.  That is the beast letting them out, and their spirit goes back into the spirit world.  The soul that sins dies.  The soul that is a part of the body of Christ goes into the bosom of Abraham, or back to Eden, whatever term pleases you. 


What are we all waiting for?  We are waiting for the whale to spit us out without dying, without killing the whale.  Jesus breathed out of his physical body.  Jesus of Nazareth breathed out of that body.  The immortal soul of Jesus of Nazareth, that was now married to Elijah and Moses within him, breathed out of the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth.  That is what we are waiting for, so Leviathan must die.  Leviathan is the mediator.   Leviathan is our pride, brethren, the foundation of our carnal mind, and all wrong thinking and wrong motives is connecting Cain to the primordial Serpent in all of the power of that household.


The primordial Serpent is very powerful, brethren, just as the weakest human being is more powerful than any animal on this planet when he has a gun in his hand.  Animals do not have guns, and men have guns.  That makes the weakest human being more powerful, except for an infant, because they obviously cannot walk or pull the trigger.  You have got my point.  The entities that live in the higher worlds, the household of the Serpent, they are all stronger than the strongest human being.  The weakest entity in the primordial Serpent’s kingdom is stronger than the strongest human being.  So Leviathan must die, because Leviathan brings the strength of the whole kingdom of the primordial Serpent to Cain to keep Abel buried, afflicted and overcome, and in agreement with him. 


Abel, in a human being, who is completely overcome, is the false prophet that looks like a lamb, but speaks like a dragon.  Guess what, brethren, there is no condemnation in it, because look at what is laying on top of Abel.  The law of Moses, which is the law of God, the righteous law of Jehovah, condemns us to death because righteousness would have it no other way.  Brethren, if there is either an animal or a rabid dog, your beloved pet of ten years, a member of your family, who gets bit and becomes dangerous to humans, what do you do?  Perhaps it is a human being, a father of ten, a model citizen of the community.  Everybody loves him, but one day he snaps.  He picks up a machine gun and he is killing everybody he can lay his eyes on.  Maybe he has to be shot down by a sniper.


This is my point.  The Lord understands that we have been overtaken, the best of us and the worst of us.  We are buried under Cain, Leviathan, and the whole household of the Serpent.  Does that mean He should do away with the law?  Does that mean that He should permit us to continue to do evil?   Whether the evil that we do is that we are a mass murderer or a completely socially acceptable person, who in the unconscious part of their mind, may never even get to their conscious mind.  Our mind hates and is envious and sends forth arrows to people, because that is the truth about us, the best of us, the most socially acceptable of us.  Sometimes we know about it, and sometimes we do not, but evil goes forth from the unconscious part of our mind; envy, rejection, and pride.  Does the Lord let this continue because He understands that we really cannot stand up?  We have fallen down and we cannot stand up.  Does He stop executing the law against us?  Absolutely not ! ! !


That is why we die.  There is a righteous law in this universe, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.  You have killed Abel and you must die.  Every human being born of a woman kills Abel.  Abel was born dead.  If he does stand up in Christ, Cain kills him again.  He kills him every day until either Abel stays down or Abel connects to Christ Jesus, and overthrows Cain, which is what is happening right now.  In order to overthrow Cain, Leviathan has to be taken out.  That is the warfare that we are engaged in right now.  Leviathan must die so that Abel will stand a chance in his warfare against Cain.  Cain must be cut away from Leviathan.  That cutting away process is called spiritual circumcision.  It is called the circumcision of the heart. 


We read about a hard heart.  Pride, Leviathan pride, covers our heart and does not let the kindness and the mercy of Christ Jesus out.  It does not release Abel to worship his God.  That is what deliverance from Egypt is all about.  Let my people go, that they might worship me, three days outside of the camp, in a different location, from a different energy center.  Let my people go.  We see in the Book of Daniel that a rock is cut out of the mountain without hand, and it smites the feet of the statue that must come down.  It smites the feet of the statue.  The feet signifies Cain.  We are fighting with Cain.  Christ Jesus in us is fighting with Leviathan.


When we first start out we are fighting with Cain, but we cannot overcome him, but we will smite.  That is Christ.  That is the Rock that is coming out of the mountain.  That smiting of the feet is the joining of Christ to Abel.  It does not happen instantaneously.  In our world, if you have a statue and you smite the feet, the whole statue falls.  This has already taken two thousand years.  The rock cut out of the mountain is Christ joining with the feet, which is Abel, and is taking so far, two thousand years.  We are waiting for somebody to have that statue fall over in the first person.  Then many will follow.


That was what the first message was about.  Any questions about this drawing?  I did do it in parts A, B, and C.  I tried to demonstrate what it would look like with Leviathan gone in part B.  Abel would rise above Cain in part C.  Abel prevails over Cain, and covers Cain, and the kingdom of God comes into existence, and Leviathan is getting buried underneath the kingdom of God.  On Part 2, I merely made some corrections to Part 1.  Now with Part 3, we are going to start with the notes of Leviathan Must Die for the first time.  What we are working on here is an alternate translation of Hebrews 10, Verses 26 thru 31.


Now this whole message came to pass as a result of an e-mail that I received from someone who studies with this ministry.  Two paragraphs of that e-mail are on page 2.  That is what I am looking at now.  As I sought to answer the question for this person, this whole message came to pass.  I am going to read those two paragraphs onto the message right now, starting with the third paragraph on page 2.


What is so amazing to me and actually very troubling to me is that all the years that I worked on trying to break the generational ties of my sin, I have come to realize that it is still there.  It never dissolved.  It is just not true, the way the Church puts it, washed with the blood of Jesus.  Satan has really been trying to get me in this area by condemning me.  One of the main reasons I never really stayed in one movement in my life is because the reality was that I never changed deep down.  That really bothered me, so I continued on looking for something stronger to take down that inner battle. 


Now brethren, I am sorry to tell you that most people in the Church either do not realize that they have not changed deep down, or do not care.  They just change on the surface.  Changing on the surface is a good thing, if your lifestyle is engaged in bad behavior or self destructive behavior, or behavior destructive to somebody else.  It is a good thing to change, and you will reap what you sow on this surface level.  In order to get your soul truly saved, you have to deal with the soul.  The salvation of your soul means the end of reincarnation into difficult and painful lifetimes. 


Your soul has to be renewed.  That has to do with your inner deepest motives.  You have to look inward, and start to deal with the truth about what is living inside of you to do that.  That is the message that this ministry preaches.  That is what this message is bringing to the forefront for people who do not understand it, or for people who need to hear it over and over again, until they get it deep inside of them. 


I realize now that the carnal mind will always be carnal.  Brethren, the carnal mind is not going to be converted.  It has to be dismantled.  I have always known that I needed to die to Christ, but of course I did not have the wisdom in how to do it.  In the message I was reading last night, you talked about one of the hardest sins to overcome in your life was overeating, but that through the years it had weakened in you.  I wonder how much, if any, has my sin really weakened in me, or if it just mutated into other areas in my life.  Brethren, that happens to a lot of people.  This is very commonly known.  Speak to a recovering drug addict.  Speak to a recovering alcoholic.  They will tell you it is not at all uncommon.


If they do not drink anymore, now they gamble.  If they do not gamble anymore, now they are sex addicts.  Something in their soul is compulsive, and it is just a question of how that compulsion satisfies itself.  I have been very open about my weight problem.  I have been saying for years, overeating is the most harmless of all of the compulsive disorders.  It is certainly better than being a drug addict, or a sex addict, or an alcoholic, or a gambler, or a compulsive buyer.  You just hurt yourself.  You destroy your health, but it is the least problem.  It is not that it is good, but it is the least of the compulsive disorders.  There is something deep inside of us in our inner man that is malfunctioning, that has to be corrected.  


This person really wants deliverance.  He is not fooling around, and he is willing to look at his soul.  He is willing to look deep into himself and see what is there.  He really wants deliverance.  He says I wonder how much of any of my sin has really weakened in me or if it has just mutated into other areas in my life, where it is hiding.  He is calling sin energy.  Whenever this energy wanted to, it could rise up and bite me just as strong as it has in the past.  I think this person has a real grip of sin, and he is facing the reality that there is something in his life that is being very destructive to his life.  A lot of people are in denial or they do not look at things accurately.  They smooth it over on the surface, and they think they are okay.  They never get deliverance because they are not looking at the root of the problem.  They are just looking at the surface. 


Going on to the last two sentences of this e-mail that I received.  As I have been warring with this ever since last talking with you, I realize that it is just as strong as ever, and I wonder how this sin will be put under the feet of Christ Jesus.  It is the one struggle in my life that Satan has used to keep me in prison more than any other sin.  As I started to answer his e-mail, my answer to him is that we must deal with the inner man.  Yes, we have demons.  I have had a lot of demons cast out of me.  Demons are just scattered on the surface.  They are like the ashes of the earth.  They are like loose dirt that lays over the earth, that you have to dig up if you really want to plant.  I am not saying that you cannot ever have another demon again.  I had heavy deliverance.  I was dying when I came to the Lord.  I had demons cast out of me every time I went into church for five years. 


I would not say that I could never have another demon cast out of me, but it is not happening in the same way.  Right now I am dealing with the cleansing and the conversion of my inner man into the nature of Christ.  Sometimes you need deliverance to get the demons out of the way so that you can reach your inner man and start to convert him.  Today, we do have an opportunity to have demons cast out by the ingesting of the doctrine of Christ, either by sitting in these meetings or studying it on our own.  Everybody does not have to have a demon.  A demon is an aspect of the soul that influences us to either have ungodly thoughts or engage in ungodly behavior.  When we cast it out, it breaks the power of its influence over us.  Then Abel can rise up and help us to live the holy life that we are hoping to live.


We may need a demon cast out if you have a problem, but it does not mean that you have to have a demon.  It could be that Cain, in you, is very strong in a particular area that is influencing you to do something that you really do not want to do.  That was Paul’s problem.  He said, woe is me.  I do what I do not want to do, and what I want to do, I cannot do.  He said, there is a power inside of me that opposes me in every way.  Now that can be a demon or it can simply be our old man, Cain versus Abel.  The bottom line is we need to be open to however God wants to deliver us. 


We are starting with the amplified translation of Hebrews 10, verses 26 to 31.  I have a lot of interesting witnesses to go along with this translation.  The translation is interspersed.  I have the work-up of how I got all this in these notes.  I am going to be skipping over all of the detail technical explanations, but you all have notes.  If you are reading this book, you should have the notes.  If you are listening to the message, you should have the notes, if you choose to question how I arrive at the translation.  Again, just in case there is anyone studying with us for the first time, I remind you that the King James translators did a wonderful work of translating the Scripture into English, but they could only translate it in accordance with their understanding.


Just about every Greek or Aramaic or Latin word has multiple meanings.  I recently saw a movie about Tyndale and I was really blessed.  There was one scene showing how he arrived at the translation of a very popular verse, something about God is love, in the Book of Corinthians.  You saw him in the movie, sitting there staring at the page.  I think he was translating from Latin, if I am not mistaken.  You just saw him sitting there with his pencil, and just thinking and saying, aha, God is love.  That is right, God is love, and he wrote it down.  Well, that is what I do.  You look at the words that are not your first language.  I look at the Hebrew or the Greek words, and I pray about it, and I think about it.


You could see him in the movie thinking about it, meditating on the word, inviting the Lord into it, saying how should I translate this.  Aha, that is right, God is love.  That is how I will translate it.  Translation is a creative process.  It is not a cut and dry process, where this Hebrew or Greek word means this English word.  You have to take the whole verse.  Sometimes you have to take the whole thought, which sometimes comprises a whole paragraph.  Even then you have to put the potential translations of the words into the data base of your mind, and hope and pray that it is the Spirit of Christ that brings forth the creative product of that which is the translation of the alternate translation. 


Here we go.  The inward process by which the sin nature in the midst of us influences, seduces, and deceives us, cannot continue after we are taken or apprehended by the Lord Jesus and acknowledge the truth.  Brethren, this cannot continue after the Lord Jesus takes us, after He receives us, after He apprehends us.  What does that mean?  It means after He starts living inside of us, we cannot continue to sin.  Now that is not a condemnation.  That is a statement.  If you continue to sin, He will take to task the powers within you that are causing you to sin, because now you belong to Him.  This is the reason why you cannot continue to sin after we are apprehended by the Lord Jesus and acknowledge the truth.  What truth?  The truth of who we are, that we are not in the image of God. 


What goes on in our mind, and what goes on in the Church, and what goes on between believers is not of God.  The way we treat each other, and relate to each other, and think about each other, and talk about each other, and feel about each other is not of God.  Even if we deny it, it is not of God.  We are not in the image of God.  What a lie.  What a complete lie.  We are made out of the substance of God.  The primordial Serpent stole the substance of God and reformed us.  That is why we read in the Book of Jeremiah, that we are the clay and He is the potter.  He is about to smash this vessel and reform it in His image, because we are not in His image. 


Verse 28.  The reason we cannot continue to sin, after the Lord Jesus Christ receives us, and comes to live in us, and we start to understand the truth, is because anyone who sets aside the law of Moses dies without mercy at the mouth of two or three witnesses.  This is the reason why we must set aside or separate from our sin nature and sacrifice it.  There are two things we have to do.  We have to separate from our sin nature and then we must sacrifice it.  I told you at the beginning of this message, Christ is sacrificing Cain, and Cain is sacrificing Christ continuously in ourselves and in other people all the day long.


We are instructed right here that we must sacrifice our sin nature.  You cannot sacrifice it until you separate from it.  There are people right here in this meeting who I have told you that the reason I think that your deliverance is not going forward is because you are not attacking your sin nature.  I have told you that what you need to be doing is attacking the attributes of your sin nature that you see in yourself.  I have told you, in my opinion, that the reason you are not doing it is because you cannot see that you are Christ.  You cannot see the separation.  If you cannot perceive yourself as Christ, then you cannot attack the side of you that is not Christ.  I got that word for you years ago. 


I spoke to somebody, not too recently, and I got some more insight into possibly why people who fill that description are having a problem.  I found out that somebody who has been sitting here for a long time was having a lot of trouble believing that we are animals.  First of all, it was a tremendous breakthrough that they should even come and ask me that question.  I was asked to explain to them how we could be animals.  I explained this earlier on this message.  It was a tremendous breakthrough for that person.  It gave me an insight as to how to help other people that cannot seem to attack their own sin nature.


We are commanded to attack our own sin nature.  Why are certain people not doing it?  Their pride is so strong that even though the Lord is saying, now you are Christ, their pride is so strong that they do not or they cannot believe that we are animals.  Even though they are told Christ is in you now and you are Christ, they still cannot attack their old man because that would acknowledge that all of these other years of their life they were animals.  Of course that animal side of us still exists.  We are formed in an animal body.  We eat like the animals.  We defecate like the animals.  We reproduce like the animals.  We are animals, only we have one more thing than they have.  We have a soul that comes from God.  We are animals all dressed up.  We take showers every day.


This is it, brethren, if the Lord Jesus Christ has apprehended you, and He is in your life, and He is inside of you, you cannot continue to sin.  Now if your reaction to what I am telling you is condemnation, because you do sin and you know you sin, I rebuke your pride, because we do not have the power to stop sinning.  This statement that we cannot continue to sin now that Christ is in our life is a declaration of war by the Lord Jesus Christ against your sin nature.  The reason He is telling you this is that He wants you to agree with Him.  When the bombs start to fall, He does not want you to hide with Cain and Leviathan.  He wants you to say, yea Jesus, what do I do? 


I have never forgotten one brave lady.  I am really so sorry that I cannot remember her name.  She contributed to Fox News all the time.  She was on the plane that crashed, the one plane of all the planes that got attacked during September 11th.  She was on the plane that was headed for the Pentagon, where the people rose up and caused the plane to crash before it hit Washington.  She used her cell phone and called her husband.  They were both lawyers.  She said I know we are not going to make it.  What should we do?  She knew she was going to die.  She and the other people on that plane knew they were going to die.  A decision was made to let the plane crash before it hit the White House or the Pentagon.


Are we going to be the ones who say, Lord Jesus, I know that the attack is coming, because now that you have apprehended me, you are not going to allow this sin to continue in my life.  Let me not defend my sin, Lord, but let me agree with you even though there will be some pain.  The pain is going to be there anyway, whether you agree with Him or not.  Do not be the one that goes down on the plane screaming.  Be the one calling up on the phone saying, Lord, what do I do because I know the plane is going to crash.  My old nature is going to crash because you will not tolerate it.  Let me be on your side, Lord. 


That is the reason we must separate from our sin nature, because Christ Jesus is going to sacrifice it.  Maybe I should have put that in the alternate translation.  (Laughter)   That is verse 26.  Because Christ Jesus is the One who is going to sacrifice it.  He is the One that is going to sacrifice Leviathan and offer her up to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Christ Jesus, in you, is going to do it.  We must separate and He will see to it that we are separated one way or another.  We can separate before Leviathan dies or we can separate after Leviathan dies.  We can be tied to a corpse and then separate, or we can be a part of the invading army that separates. 


Verse 29.  Indeed, how much greater punishment then do you think Leviathan, the one who tramples down the Son of God, and Satan, the one who considers the blood of the covenant an unholy thing, and Cain, the one who insults the Spirit of grace by exercising Leviathan’s and Satan’s authority to influence Abel, the one who looks this way and that way to sin after she was made holy by the authority of Christ Jesus.  Abel is Christ in you.  The Lord is not going to tolerate Leviathan to continue to trample down Christ Jesus in you and in me.  He is not going to tolerate Satan existing in us, making the blood of the covenant an unholy thing.


How does Satan make the blood of the covenant an unholy thing?  What is the blood of the covenant?  We have spiritual blood, brethren.  The spiritual blood is the energy that flows through our flesh.  There is only one source of energy.  It is the breath of Jehovah, that Jehovah breathed into the living soul.  When the energy that flows through you, is controlled by the Lord Jesus Christ, it is the blood of the covenant.  The Lord Jesus Christ has not joined His glorified blood to Satan.  Let me say that another way.  We all come into this world with some spiritual blood or we would not exist.  When the spiritual blood that is in us is separated from the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, or the energy of the Lord Jesus Christ, Satan is the name of that blood. 


Brethren, the energy of God, Jehovah’s breath, separated from the righteousness of God has a personal name and that personal name is Satan.  Energy and very thing arises out of God.  There is nothing outside of Him.  The breath that we are born with is a drop of the breath that Jehovah breathed into the man, but it separated from the righteousness of God.  An energy power separated from righteousness is what?  It is evil power.  Does it do good?  It may do good for a season, but it cannot keep it up.  It deteriorates into what would be the complete opposite of the energy under the control of righteousness.  It becomes the opposite of righteousness, which is evil. 


The breath of Jehovah comes in two components, just like human male sperm.  We have the seed in a liquid medium.  The seed is the righteousness.  The liquid medium is the energy or the power.  You separate the righteousness from the power or the energy and the energy becomes evil.  When they are combined as one unit, the righteousness of God and the energy of God, they are more than good.  They are good and righteous.  The energy of God is called Elohim, and the righteousness of God is called Jehovah.  That is why you almost always read in the Scripture, Lord God, Lord God.  Lord means Jehovah.  Look in the Bible.  It is Jehovah Elohim, Jehovah Elohim, Jehovah Elohim. 


Well, you do see them separated sometimes.  Whenever you see Elohim by itself, you have to read the whole paragraph to find out whether the Scripture is talking about the Elohim of God or the Elohim of Satan.  Elohim without Jehovah merely means God, and Jehovah said I am the greatest of all the gods.  God, apart from righteousness is an unholy god.  The power, the energy, that is the spiritual blood, the breath that keeps us conscious, that keeps this whole household of what we call life in us.  It is not really life, but that is what we call it.  The blood of the covenant is the blood of the Glorified Jesus Christ.  The blood of the Glorified Jesus Christ is coming into this household, us, a human being.  He is joining with the blood or the energy in the fallen person.  We are all fallen people.  We are all fallen mortal men.  There is a battle going on inside of us between the two bloods.


Brethren, look at it this way.  What happens when somebody gets a transfusion of blood that is not their blood type?  There becomes a warfare between the two bloods and I think the person could die from it.  They will not mix.  I do not know what the medical treatment for it is, or if you have to die.  My point is the blood of the covenant, the blood of the Glorified Jesus Christ, entering into human beings who are existing because of spiritual blood, which is the exact opposite of the blood of the covenant, is what we call a destructive interference.  There is going to be an explosion.


We are told here in our alternate translation of Hebrews 10 verse 29 that Satan considers the blood of the covenant an unholy thing.  Do you know what that means?  It means that Satan in you and Satan in me, the spiritual energy, the power that we have, when she sees the blood of Jesus or when she sees the Spirit of Christ, which is the blood of Jesus, she thinks it is just like her.  In other words, somebody out there or maybe even you all here, or maybe even me, anybody that truly has the Spirit of Christ, a carnal mind does not recognize it as the Spirit of Christ.  When a carnal mind says that Jesus cast out demons by the power of Beelzebub, that is calling the blood of the covenant an unholy thing.  Of course, Jesus was not glorified at that time.  I was just trying to give you an example.


Anybody that hears me preaching and says that I am preaching by an unholy spirit, you have called the blood of the covenant an unholy thing.  You should know you can preach the doctrine of Christ by another spirit.  Anybody who calls the Spirit of Christ, Satan, who says that I am preaching a false doctrine, or any of you who are preaching the doctrine of Christ, and truly ministering by the Spirit of Christ, these people are  deceived.  If someone says that you have an unclean spirit preaching that ungodly doctrine, they are calling the blood of the covenant an unholy thing.


We are told in Hebrews 10 verse 29 that Christ Jesus is not going to continue to tolerate this.  I do not think He is particularly concerned that people insult me or say bad things about me, and I am not particularly concerned about it either, but do not say the Spirit of Christ is an unholy thing.  How much greater of a punishment then do you think Leviathan, the one who tramples down the Son of God, and Satan, the one who considers the blood of the covenant an unholy thing will get?  How does Leviathan trample down the Son of God?  It is what I just told you.  It is the same thing as Cain trampling down Abel.  It is just like Cain, and Abel or Christ, sacrificing each other.


Both Leviathan and Christ Jesus are in the position of mediator.  Leviathan is mediator between Cain and the primordial Serpent and Christ Jesus is mediator between Abel and the Lord Jesus Christ.  They are fighting with each other as to who is going to be the mediator of each individual person. When Leviathan succeeds in trampling down Christ Jesus, you are the individual that is now connected to the kingdom of darkness.  When Christ Jesus tramples down Leviathan, now you are connected to the kingdom of God because whoever is mediator is the one that determines what kingdom you are connected to.


How much greater a punishment then do you think Leviathan is going to get because the sin of Leviathan is that he tramples down the Son of God and connects the individual to the kingdom of darkness rather than to the kingdom of light?  Then there is Satan, the one who considers the blood of the covenant an unholy thing and calls the Spirit of Christ Satan or an unclean spirit.  How much greater punishment is for Cain, who insults the Spirit of Grace?  Amnesty? 


Brethren, grace is coming to an end.  It is only for a season.  Cain is the one who insults the Spirit of Grace by exercising Leviathan’s and Satan’s authority to influence Abel.  In other words, Cain could probably never influence Abel if he was not strengthened by those two bullies, Satan and Leviathan.  He influences Abel to sin.  Abel is the one in each of us who is our potential to be reformed into the image of God, if you ever stop having a problem believing that you are an animal, which is just your pride.  God is not condemning you or me because we are animals.  He said I have come to deliver you from the belly of the whale, but I cannot get you out if you will not admit who you are, or where you are. 


There is going to be a great punishment that is going to fall on Leviathan, on Satan and on Cain.  The end of our alternate translation of verse 9 describes Abel as the one who looks this way and that way to sin after she was made holy by the authority of Christ Jesus.  When I prayed about the alternate translation of this verse, I added in the words in brackets.  All that I saw was, the one who this and that, she was made holy by the authority of Christ Jesus.  I said, Lord, what is this, and how do I translate this verse?  What does that mean?  When I prayed, the Lord reminded me of a concept that the Jewish sages teach in their studies and their teaching of the Scripture.  The Jewish sages say that the term, this way and that way, and they refer it to Moses, where it says Moses looked this way and that way.  What he really did was cry out the she’amar.


This is how the Hebrews reach to their God.  It is like we would say, help me Jesus.  A Jewish person seeing something where he would feel that he would need to ask for the help of God, he would say, the Lord your God is one God.  That is how they would say it.  We say help us Jesus.  In other words, Jesus, come down and join with me and help me.  The Jewish person says, the Lord your God is one God.  In other words, be with me Jehovah.  I actually saw that in a movie.  The scene that I have in mind was in a German prison camp.  It was just at the beginning of World War II, and what was not commonly known, the Jewish solution, was what Hitler intended to do with the Jews.  So you saw all these Jews in a courtyard of a prison camp, and one of the guards started brutalizing one of the people.  A rabbi who was standing right by, cried out the she’amar, and they chanted.


Do you know that every single word, every single letter in the Bible has a musical note attached to it?  The Jewish people or the Hebrew people chant their prayers.  He started to sing the she’amar.  It was like a whole sentence, the God of Israel is one God.  That was what Moses cried out, the shuma.  It is a hidden way the Jewish sages say he looked this way and he looked that way.  Where are you, Lord?  Where are you, Lord?  Help me, Lord.  It is a hidden way of saying come help me Lord, I need your strength.  I need spiritual strength in this situation. 


When I prayed, that was what the Lord told me.  When you work it into the translation, this is what it says.  Abel, the one who looks this way and that way.  Abel is the one who is looking always to join with Christ Jesus.  Abel is the root, the foundation stone of the kingdom of God that will be built in us when the kingdom of darkness is taken down.  Actually, the kingdom of light is being built up as the kingdom of darkness is being taken down.  Abel is the foundation stone.  Abel is continuously looking for the Lord Jesus.  Cain is the one who exercises Leviathan’s and Satan’s authority to influence Abel, the one who looks this way and that way, after she is made holy by the authority of Jesus Christ.


Abel is not always looking this way and that way for God.  Abel is also the false prophet when she is completely cut off from the God of the Bible, cut off from Jesus, and when she is cut off from Jehovah.  She loses all of her power and comes completely under the dominion of Cain, who is under the dominion of Leviathan and the Serpent.  Then she repeats whatever they are saying and becomes the false prophet.  We have a Church right now filled with false prophets preaching from the pulpit. 


Verse 31.  Wherefore Cain is afraid of the human avengers of Abel’s blood that the living God is raising up, because Leviathan, Satan and Cain are doing evil every day.  They are doing evil in you.  Why will you not attack them within yourselves?  Whoever the shoe fits, wear it.  Why will you not attack these evil principalities in yourself?  They are determined to keep Abel in you separated from the Lord Jesus so that Christ Jesus never rises up in you and you never grow.  Why will you not do it?  Repeating Verse 31.  Wherefore Cain is afraid of the human avengers of Abel’s blood that the living God is raising up.


You see, you cannot do it because Cain is too strong in you, so watch out, because there are human avengers of Abel’s blood that the Lord is raising up in the world today.  They are human beings who have overcome, or who are in the process of overcoming Cain in themselves.  At least they have overcome enough so that Abel in them is connected to Christ Jesus.  Christ Jesus has been born in them and what does the Scripture say when you have been strengthened?  It says strengthen your brother.  The Lord Jesus is sending these people out to other people in whom Christ is still in bondage under Cain.


They are going after Cain, Satan, and Leviathan in these other people to avenge the blood of the dead Abel who is lying under Cain, Leviathan and Satan in all of you, that I pick on all the time.  That is what I am doing.  It is Christ Jesus, in me, avenging the blood of Abel in you.  When I go after you, I am after Cain, Satan, and Leviathan, in you, so that Abel, in you, can stand up.  That is not the same thing as accusing you.  When Christ Jesus and the ministry of Christ Jesus is misunderstood, the person who I have confronted is feeling the pain and discomfort involved.


The person that I have confronted, or Cain in the person I have confronted, thinks that I am accusing them, or picking on them, or that I do not like them, or that I like somebody else better than them.  What I am doing is avenging the blood of Abel, not the blood of Abel from antiquity.  I am avenging the blood of Abel in you, now, today, this moment.  I am attacking Cain in you, and I am attacking Leviathan in you, and at the same time I am saying, Abel, will you please stand up already.  Get up, get up ! ! !


Verse 30.  Because Cain knows that I Am awarded the just legal decision to Abel.  In the interlinear text of verse 30, the word, I, is sometimes seen in the Scripture there is a separate Hebrew word that is translated I.  Now the Greek and the Hebrew, just like English, has a different conjugation for each person of the verb.  In other words, if I am going to say to you I am going to take a walk.  Well, that is not a good example.  I jump, I think.   Sometimes my brain works, I think.  There is not a separate word for I in English.  The I is merely the conjugation of the verb to be.  I think, you think, we think, they think.  You do not need a separate word such as I. 


Maybe in English you do, but in other languages you do not.  In the Greek, you do not need a separate word.  I am sorry, I did not explain that very well.  The reason you do not need a separate word in most other languages is because the form of the word changes.  In other words, I am sitting here, I think, you think, we think.  Because I cannot think of another language in which the actual words are, I am going to make something up.  In many other languages, the three words, I think, you think, we think, in English it is think, think, think.  So you have to have the pronoun, I think, you think, we think.  But in other languages, it is think, thinker, think on, three different forms of the word.  Is anybody not following me?


It is not necessary to say I think or you think because when you hear think on, and I am making this up, you know that that is the second person plural or the third person plural.  In the Greek we have this situation.  Therefore, it is not necessary to have a separate word that says I.  Sometimes there is a separate word that says I and sometimes there is not.  When there is a separate word that says I, we need to investigate the possibility of whether the writer really means I Am, meaning Jehovah.  That is a name for Jehovah.  In this case in verse 30, there was a separate word, I, and I therefore amplified in the word Am, because Cain knows that it is I Am.


People that do not understand this, think that Paul is talking about himself when they see the word I.  They think Paul is talking about himself, and then once you think Paul is talking about himself, there is no way you are going to get the rest of the verse right.  Paul was not saying I, meaning me or myself.  He was saying I Am, Jehovah.  That is because Cain knows that I Am awarded the just legal decision to Abel.  What does that mean?  Jehovah gave Abel authority over Cain.  Cain and Abel were equal.


Brethren, I am equal to you.  We are all the same before God, but the Lord Jesus made a legal decision that He gave me authority over you, in so far as this ministry is concerned.  It is a legal decision that I am the head of the ministry.  I am not only the head of the ministry, for those of you who are willing to accept it, but I do watch for your soul, and I do have authority to tell you if I see sin operating in your heart, or your mind, or your behavior.  I have authority that goes beyond this room, but I cannot force it on you. 


If I tell you something that I see operating in you, and you are willing to accept that I have the authority to tell you that, and that it is most likely from God, then I have the power to forgive your sin and pray deliverance for you.  If you cannot accept the fact that I have that authority over you, then you do not get whatever deliverance was waiting for you through a relationship that we have, where you acknowledge that I do have authority to reveal sin in you, and you lose that deliverance.  You do not get the word from the prophet of God, and then refuse the ministry from the prophet of God, and go get your deliverance some place else.  The deliverance comes from the same source that gave the word. 


Cain is afraid of the human avengers of Abel’s blood, that the living God is raising up.  Brethren, that is you and me.  That is you and me.  Cain knows that I Am awarded the just legal decision to Abel.  Abel is right in the circumstance.  That means if Abel is right, Cain is guilty.  Cain is guilty. Guilty of what?  He is guilty of defying Jehovah’s judgment as to who has authority and of course is guilty of murder.  Cain knows that I Am awarded the just legal decision to Abel, who then said to me, Jehovah, I will repay Cain when Jehovah returns and prefers Abel within His people.  I will repay Cain when Jehovah returns and prefers Abel over His people.  We have a lot of misunderstanding in the Church that the Lord Jesus prefers you and not me.  You are a wheat and I am a tare, blah, blah, blah. 


It is nothing like that at all, brethren.  It is who we are in the spirit.  Everybody has an equal chance to seek the living God, but everybody is not born with the same inheritance.  Some of us have a potential to seek the living God that others do not have, depending upon the balance scale of the curses and blessings that we come into this life with, and who we are an incarnation of.  The Scripture clearly says anybody, any human being born of a woman, could have a desire for God arise in them, because, you see, all of us are made of the substance of God.  That means a desire for the living God could arise in any one of us.  It is possible that someone, who it was never in their plan when they were born to be a part of the body of Christ, can respond to the anointing. 


You could come into contact with people who are heavily anointed, and something deep inside that person could respond to the anointing, and rise up and say, Lord Jesus, take me too, and He will take them.  He takes whoever flags Him down.  That does not mean He is going to make you the president of the United States, but He will give you a job in the kingdom in accordance with what He sees fit or with what your potential is.  He will take anybody who flags Him down.  The bottom line is you have to flag Him down.  He is not scooping us up like we are little babies waiting to be rescued from being put in the trash pail while the mother walked away. 


He will answer whoever flags Him down.  We are not little babies that cannot walk or talk or feed ourselves.  That was really not the right thing to say.  Some of us really are babies who cannot walk, talk, or feed ourselves, so He sends out the spiritual adults to preach, to manifest the anointing, to say something about the truth of God.  All the people that hear it, and it is not only in the natural, when we preach here, this message is being preached in the astral plane.  It is going out to all the people practicing witchcraft.  I want to tell you.  That is how the magi saw that Jesus was born.  They were doing astrology charts.  They saw it in the spirit.  They were not Jews.  This message is going out on the spiritual airwaves, and anybody who sees it and embraces it, and flags Him down, He will take. 


Brethren, that was what happened with Abraham.  There was nobody in the earth that was seeking the one true God.  They were all worshiping pagan gods, but Abraham really wanted the truth.  There was something inside of him.  He was born with a desire for the real truth, and he prayed, and he mediated and he sought in every pagan way that he knew how.  One day Jehovah looked down and He said, that guy really wants the truth.  I am going to give him a shot and see what happens.  He passed by, and Abraham flagged Him down.  He recognized that this Spirit is different than every other spirit that had ever encountered him.


It was just like Moses, when after forty years, the Lord came looking for him in the form of a burning bush.  The Scripture says that Moses said, wow, what is that, a bush that burns, but it is not consumed.  Let me investigate this.  It had to be more than what we would imagine a burning bush to be.  Moses saw some kind of spiritual communication and he was interested, and he followed through on his interest.  He said, wow, that is the God of my fathers that I have not seen in forty years.  The rest is history.  Whoever flags Him down, He takes.  After He takes you, He scourges you, and cleans you up.  Now it is too late, because He has already taken you, because you flagged Him down, and now it is too late. You are in the bathtub and He is rubbing you with a brillo pad.  Do not fight too hard so that it ends faster.  (Laughter)  


Verse 30.  He says I will repay Cain when Jehovah returns and prefers Abel within His people.  Brethren, that is happening now.  Jehovah prefers Abel.  He does not prefer me over you.  He prefers Abel in you over Cain.  I do not know who I am talking to.  Do not anyone take this personally.  Get out of your childish immaturity, and stop thinking about who is preferred by the pastor or who has a better position or anything like that.  Start flagging Him down, so that the one who really has the authority to prefer, prefers Abel in you and sends the avenger of blood to knock Cain out so that you could stand up.  Stop playing games.  It is time to grow up. 


Verse 27B.  Here is our conclusion.  Wherefore, anyone who fears God, you should expect that Jehovah’s divine justice is coming.   What is the name of Jehovah’s divine justice?  What is the personal name of Jehovah’s divine justice?  Who is coming for you?  Yes, Christ Jesus, is Jehovah’s divine justice, and it is coming to you to consume Satan, Leviathan and Cain.  Cain is Abel’s jealous opponent in the lake of fire, which is Christ Jesus.  Why are you surprised at the fiery trial that has come upon you, the apostle James tells us in his Book.  Why are you surprised?  Has anyone taught you this stuff?  Has anyone told you that now that the Lord Jesus has apprehended you, you cannot continue to sin.  He simply will not tolerate it. 


Beginning with my comment in green towards the bottom of page 2 of your notes is Sheila’s response to the e-mail that I read previously to you from someone who studies with us.  It began with the comment below and morphed into this message, Leviathan Must Die.  As I told you this whole message arose out of my attempt to answer the e-mail of someone who was concerned about being delivered from a sin that had a strong grip on him.  He was not satisfied with the message in the Church, that you are just cleansed by Jesus’ blood when you answer an altar call, and read your Bible, and you are just cleansed.  It just does not work that way.  You need an experiential experience of deliverance from sin.  This was how I started to answer that person.  


Concerning deliverance in a case like yours, the issue is not that, although there may be some demons present, the root of the problem is not a demon or demons.  Your problem is rooted in your fallen spiritual foundation.  We all have a fallen spiritual foundation.  It is more corrupted in some of us than it is in others.  It is sin that corrupts our spiritual foundation.  Some of us come into this world with more baggage than others, and some of us commit more sin in this world than others.  This is not a contest as to who is the greater sinner.  That is God’s business and it is dealt with through the sowing and reaping judgment.  The sowing and reaping judgment ultimately destroys the person, and takes them away from this world, sometimes with much suffering before they leave. 


As I said earlier on this message, He is not about to shut down His righteous law, but Jehovah is showing us mercy in the midst of us being on death row.  All of humanity is on death row.  We are condemned to death.  His mercy and amnesty to us is the Lord Jesus Christ, who comes to us with the white throne judgment.  He comes to us with wisdom and understanding, as to who we are and what we are, and what happened to us, and why we are in this condition.  He comes to us with truth, hoping that we have a willingness to accept His truth.  It is not Sheila’s personal truth.  I preach His truth to you to the best of my ability.  As I tell you all the time, you must get your own personal witness, from the God that you have a relationship with, to the truth of what I am telling you.


He comes to us with this truth and He says there is a way of escape.  We are told in the Scripture that Jesus will always, not sometimes, but always make a way of escape, no matter what our problem is.  There is always a way of escape.  What do you mean by a way of escape?  It is a way to avoid the serious consequences of death or destruction in our lives in any particular area.  That way of escape is a very narrow, very narrow, very narrow way.  There is no way that you can pass through that narrow corridor to escape death by the skin of your teeth if you cannot understand what He is telling you.  You will never understand what He is telling you if you do not first understand why you are in the condition you are in.  We must all understand why we are in the condition we are in, and then be willing to hear His narrow way of escape. 


Did you ever see a movie where the enemy is coming and they are locked in a castle?  They press a button and the door opens and they go out through a secret corridor and escape.  That is our spiritual reality.  Satan is coming to take the soul and the life of every one of us.  She has a legal ground to do so.  If she did not have a legal ground to do so, she would not be able to do it.  It is this truth and other associated truths that when we embrace it, will open our eyes to the availability of the secret passage.  We will never see the secret passage if we do not first embrace the truth of why Satan is pursuing us.  She is pursuing us because she is the enforcer of Jehovah’s righteous sowing and reaping judgment.


You say, what did I do to deserve this?  Maybe, at the onset of your relationship with the Lord Jesus, you are not capable of understanding the depth of what has happened to you to put you in this condition.  Therefore, we seek the Lord Jesus to have mercy on us and we submit to Him.  We do our best to follow Him, a step at a time, in the darkness, in our ignorance.  This is our hope and is the promise.  At some point the light of day will shine on us. 


Going on with the message, I have a brief teaching based on Leviticus 14 Verses 34 thru 39.  I am at the bottom of page 2.  When you come into the land of Canaan, which I give you as a possession, and I put the plague of leprosy in a house of the land of your possession, and he that owneth the house shall come and tell the priest saying, it seemeth to me there is as it were a plague in the house.  Now just in case some of you here do not know this, we are the house of the Lord.  The surface understanding of Leviticus has to do with a physical house that people lived in, but it also has a spiritual application that can be applied to us.  We are the physical house of the Lord.


Verse 36.  Then the priest shall command that they empty the house before the priest go into it to see the plague, and that all that is in the house be not made unclean.  Afterward, the priest shall go in to see the house, and he shall look on the plague, and behold if the plague be in the walls of the house, with hollow streaks, greenish or reddish, which in sight are lower than the wall, then the priest shall go out of the house to the door of the house and shut up the house seven days.  You know, I saw a cancerous growth once that, for whatever reason, was rooted under the skin, but it was growing on top.  It was placed on top of the woman’s leg, and it had green and red and yellow stripes in it. 


And the priest shall come again the seventh day and shall look, and behold if the plague be spread in the walls of the house.  If sin be increased in us, brethren, then the priest shall command that they take away the stones.  I have written in your notes demons, but it is more than demons that they take away.  The commandment is that the foundation stone of the house, in which the plague is, should be taken away, and they shall cast them into an unclean place without the city.  And he shall cause the house to be scraped.  Now that is interesting, because Job was scraping himself, if you remember.  In the Book of Job, when he is under heavy judgment, covered with boils, he starts to scrape himself.  If the Lord lets me, I will look into that scripture in time for next week’s message.



The house shall be scraped.  I have in parenthesis the word repentance.  But of course, there is no scraping, there is no cleansing of the house, without repentance.  There is no repentance if you do not understand that you have truly done something wrong, so confession must come before repentance.  Sometimes we really do not think we have done anything wrong, but when our thoughts do not line up with the thoughts of God, we now have the option to agree with Him.  If we cannot or we will not agree with Him, what is operating in us is pride.  Ideally, we should be able to say and mean it, Lord, any area in which I do not agree with you, I will to agree with you.  Please help me to agree with you.  I pray this all the time.


I know that if I do not agree with the Lord, judgment is already falling on me.  What foolishness in myself, what foolishness is it inside of me, that would disagree with God, when I have all kinds of problems that I need to be delivered from?  What kind of foolishness is inside of me?  The foolishness has a name.  The name of the foolishness is pride.  The Scripture clearly associates pride with foolishness that brings destruction on our lives.  He shall cause a house to be scraped within and round about.  That is when repentance comes forth.  The sin cannot be scraped off of us unless confession and repentance comes forth.


They shall pour out the dust that they scrape off without the city into an unclean place.  And they shall take other stones.  They are going to take another foundation and put them in the place of those stones.  Who is the new foundation that we are receiving?  Jesus Christ, and that foundation is the only foundation that will endure.  He, the priest, shall take other mortar and shall plaster the house.  That means we are getting a new spiritual foundation.  What is the new plaster?  I do not know.  This could even be talking about reincarnation.  New plaster, a new outside, a new exterior, could mean a new reincarnation.


When we spiritualize this leprosy, we see it is a type of sin.  When this leprosy is found in a human house, is found in our house, the Lord gives us a chance to become cleansed, if the sin is not too far gone.  Brethren, I was dying when I came here.  I truly believe that if I were not born in this dispensation, when the opportunity to have Christ Jesus formed in me, or before that opportunity was available, I surely would have died as a very young person.  I have received a miracle of the age to come.  Not many people have received the miracle that I have received.  I received the miracle.  I was delivered from premature death that tried to take my life multiple times.  Now I am a bond servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I preach His message, and I minister to a spiritual family that I have in this spiritual household. 


In order to be saved from death, I had to marry Him.  That was how far gone I was.  He is the master of this house that I minister to.  To be delivered from death, fully, we need a new foundation.  Two thousand years ago, that new foundation became available to anybody who is willing to flag down the Lord Jesus Christ.  Once you flag Him down, and answer His altar call, you have work to do.  You have to study to show yourselves approved.  We have to start dealing with our sin nature.  It is a warfare.  Paul said, endure hardship like a good soldier.


Brethren, I am praying over my health and body very very aggressively these last few weeks.  I was praying as I was driving in the car yesterday attacking the principalities that dwell in me, that make me sick.  When I opened the trunk of my car to get my groceries out, I was hit in my arms with such a bout of weakness.  My whole upper body started shaking.  I made it into the house and I had to lay down for a half an hour.  Then I got up and I was fine.  When I prayed and said, Lord, what in the world has happened to me?  This was what He told me.  When you attack them, do you think they are not going to hit you back?  Brethren, there are entities that live in us that make us sick. 


This spirituality is as real as the warfare in Iraq is, where there are people being killed.  Today the surge seems to have worked, but when the warfare was active.  Maybe there is still some warfare going on.  I am not sure.  Any war torn area where there are people shooting at each other every day, that reality goes on inside of us.  It goes on inside of us as far as our physical health is concerned, and as far as our emotional and mental health is concerned.  It is real.  Finally, after all of these years in God, I got this revelation.  Brethren, I did not get this revelation overnight.  It is not easy to believe, but today, I believe it. 


There are Canaanites that live inside of my physical body, that feed off of my energy.  They have large strongholds there.  I am doing much better, but I am still not in the condition that I would like to be in.  They live in us, in our blood, in the fluids of our body, in our mind, in our heart, in our brain, and in our spinal column.  They feed off of us.  Apply it to the natural.  In order to get milk from a cow, what do you have to do?  This is a simple example that does not hurt the cow, but you have to pull on the teats of the cow.  To get energy from an animal, to eat, we have to slaughter the animal.  These entities have all kinds of spiritual connectors inside of us by which they draw energy, and then eventually we die. 


You do not have to believe it, if you do not want to.  It has taken me thirty years in God to believe this.  He would tell me things like this, and it would go in one ear and out the other ear.  I could not hold on to it because it is horrible to the carnal mind.  Today, I am not horrified by it.  I have seen improvement in my health since I have been praying this way. I have been attacking the entities that I acknowledge are dwelling in me.  That is how real the warfare is.  We are getting a new foundation stone.  It is just like the Europeans that came over and conquered this land.  The Indians who worshiped pagan gods here had to be set aside so that this land could be taken for the people who honored and worshiped the Lord Jesus Christ.  Your body and my body is Canaan land.  If Christ Jesus is in you, this is His home, and these other entities have to move over.  They have to move out.  


Revelation 2:17; He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit sayeth unto the churches, to him that overcometh.  Overcome who?  To him who overcomes his sin nature, which is Leviathan, Satan and Cain.  To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna.  That is what we have here, brethren, the doctrine of Christ.  It is the hidden manna.  I will give him a white stone and in the stone a new name written.  A new nature will be given because name is nature.  It is the nature of Christ Jesus.  I am going to give you a new foundation, and in that foundation will be the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The new foundation is Christ Jesus.  The old foundation is Cain and Abel, also known as the fiery Serpent. 


You are going to get a new foundation, Christ Jesus, and in Christ Jesus is written the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ.  That stone, that foundation, will be white, will be righteous, with the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, which no man knows saving he that receives it.  I did not look that up in the interlinear text, but my gut reaction is no man is going to know that you have a different foundation than the rest of the world, except the man who receives it.  That is just another way of saying what Paul said to us, only Christ in you will be able to recognize Christ in somebody else.  People who live out of their carnal mind will never recognize Christ Jesus in me or in you.  They will not recognize the way your mind works because the mind of Christ Jesus functions radically different than the carnal mind thinks.  It reasons differently.


No man is going to know that you have a new nature and a new foundation.  The only person that is going to know it is someone else who has the same new nature and new foundation.  You will not be recognized, so why are you surprised that people are rejecting you, and persecuting you, and telling you that you are wrong in following this doctrine or this truth.  Why are you surprised?  What you believe today comes out of the mind of Christ, and the rest of the Church and your beloved family, they do not have the mind of Christ.  Why are you surprised that they are against you pursuing this lifestyle and this message?  That is your witness.  That is your testimony that you have a different mind than they do. 


Isaiah 28:16; Therefore, thus saith the Lord God, behold I lay in Zion a foundation, a stone, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation.  He that believeth shall not make haste.  So we see that the new foundation for humanity, although this says for Israel.  Zion has to do with Israel.  The new foundation stone for Israel is prophesied in Isaiah.  Ephesians 2:20; And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and the prophets, Jesus Christ, Himself, being the chief cornerstone, our new man.  He is our new man, our new foundation, our new nature, built upon the foundation of the apostles and the prophets.  What does that mean?  It means, brethren, that Christ Jesus is a new dynasty.


It is a new order.  It is a new kind of man.  Have you not heard of the Cro-magnum man and the other cave men?  Then homo-sapiens came into being.  Brethren, there is a new order of mankind appearing in the earth today, and he is not coming out of the foundation of Cain, because every other kind of man that is in the earth today or has been in the earth today, was founded on Cain.  That was the problem.  Mankind was founded on Cain, and Jehovah would meet His people and try to stir up Abel to restore His image to humanity.  It would be like coming to the flower of the plant to try to fix it, and every time Jehovah fixed His creation, it broke again. 


Today, the fixing or the answer, the solution, is no longer to fix the flower.  It is to give us a new foundation.  The old foundation is corrupt and unredeemable.  Jehovah has tried at least three times and it has failed every time.  The only answer for the salvation of His creation is to give us a new foundation stone.  The new foundation is prepared, and it is ready to be put in place, so what is the problem?  What is the problem, anybody?  Leviathan and Cain, that man of sin are sitting in the temple of God, calling themselves God, and condemning the new foundation that sits waiting.   We are told in the Book of Proverbs, wisdom calls to us, and says listen to me.


But the Church follows after the carnal mind, we are told by Jesus, in the days of His flesh, like a group of children following after a man playing the flute.  That playing of the flute signifies witchcraft.  The Lord rebukes us, but it is never the rebuke that you would hear from a carnal mind.  It is a rebuke that is a wake up call.  The Lord acknowledges that the whole human race, and especially His Church, is under the influence of witchcraft.  That is why He has made a provision to fight that witchcraft on our behalf, but we must fight on the level that we are capable of fighting on.  He is not going to do the whole thing.  He is going to fight in the heavenlies for us, but we must fight on our own level.


There is no way the Church will fight if they do not understand that they are in a war.  Even when we understand that we are in a war, we need to be motivated to fight.  We need to understand the degree to which we are being hurt every day by the powers and principalities that live in us and live in other people.  Satan in one person influences other people, especially when we get spiritual.  We are influenced by other people’s thoughts and minds all the time.  That is why we are told by the prayer that was prayed in the Scripture that we should no longer be moved by every wind or every spirit and doctrine.  We should be grounded in the doctrine of Christ and not be moved when a false doctrine comes.  We should be grounded in the Spirit of Christ and not be blown over when someone else’s mind, knowingly or unknowingly, blows upon us like a wind and changes our mind. 


To a lot of people, and even to myself, sometimes, a lot of the time, I appear to be very indecisive.  I am continuously changing my mind.  What about let your yea be yea and your nay be nay?  Brethren, whether you can believe this or not, I am telling you that I am spiritually ascended and that I am affected by other people’s minds to the degree that most people are not.  I am affected by people just feeling insecure.  When I used to be affected by other people’s minds, I would think that they were disagreeing with me.  Today I understand that sometimes some people just are not sure and that unsureness, anything that comes out of the carnal mind blows on me like a wind. 


Decisions that I am making out of Christ Jesus, because of the condition that I am still in today, I will not be condemned for it.  I waver, and I go back and forth.  The best I can do is correct wrong decisions, but I look forward to the day that that scripture is real in my life, that I am no longer moved by every wind that blows on me.  I hope that you all understand that it is unconscious.  You all do not know you are doing it.  It is the condition of the spiritual mind of Christ Jesus arising in the midst of all of the enemies that are in the carnal minds of the world that He is arising into.  It is very very hard to stand your position.  It could be a simple issue, brethren, but other people are sitting there listening to you, and one person is afraid and another person is not sure if it will work.  Another person is afraid that they might lose money.


All of these negative feelings, and the person that has a fresh idea in Christ Jesus is being blown by all of the doubts and fears of the other people, not meaning to hurt at all, just insecure. All of that that comes out of the carnal mind blows on the will of the person that is making decisions in Christ.  It is an interesting experience, brethren.  (Laughter)  The end of the whole thing is authority, and power, and health, and life in Christ Jesus, and I am going for it.  I have been fighting this war for thirty years, and I do not intend to ever give up until I attain the goal that I am told is available to me in Christ Jesus. 


We are back now to Leviticus, Chapter 14 Verse 43 at the bottom of page 3.  And if the plague come again and break out in the house.  That means if after you are healed, you get sick again, brethren.  You know sometimes you are healed and you get sick again.  That happens a lot in Pentecost.  Someone is healed of cancer and they get another cancer.  Some people are healed of cancer and they get diabetes.  Why?  Because the sin nature that produces the disease in the first place was not healed.  It was just the manifestation of the sin, which was the disease in the physical body that was healed.  What if the plague comes again, or if you sin again?


The example in the Scripture is the adulterous woman.  If you commit adultery, and your sins are forgiven, and you sin again, it means that the forgiveness of your sins that you received did not heal the cause of your problem.  You will continue to sin again, if not in the same way, in a different way, until the root of your problem is healed.  What your problem is, is that you exist on a corrupt spiritual foundation.  That is why the Lord wants to give us an immortal golden foundation, that of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Now if you are hearing this message, you have to get an honest answer to this.  If the Lord has received you, if you are into Christ, if you are panting after Him and pursuing Him, everything that happens to you, good, bad, and in the middle, is part of the process.  It is part of the process that will prepare you to be divested of your corrupt foundation and imbued with your new immortal foundation, that you might enter into immortality without sorrow on the power of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. 


That is the message.  That is the message, brethren.  Where did they get this message that if you wake up tomorrow morning, will you be in hell or heaven?  Where did they get this message from?  How about Egypt?  If the plague come again, and break out in the house after that he has taken away the stones, and he has scraped the house, and after it is plastered, then the priest shall come and look and behold, if the plague is spread in the house, it is a spreading leprosy in the house.  That house is unclean.  He shall break down the house, the stones of it and the timber thereof.  The stones are the spiritual part of it.  The timber is the flesh part of it or the soul.  All the mortar of the house, and he shall carry them forth.  That is probably the personality.  And he shall carry them forth out of the city into an unclean place. 


Brethren, at this point in the plan, actually it is Jehovah’s plan, manifesting to the world as the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is a plan that is taking thousands of years.  If the person in which this process has begun, with all of the help available at that time, simply cannot overcome sin, the person will die.  But that is not the end of the story.  Brethren, it is possible for a person to be really sincere in their heart towards God and just not able to make it.  In that event, they will die like the rest of the world.  I am not saying a lightning bolt is going to come down and kill them.  I am going to say they are not going to enter into immortality.  It depends on the curses and blessings in their life.  If the curses in your life are overtaking the blessings in your life, it would seem you are destined for death, to die younger than what would be considered a ripe old age.  Today, you still have the hope that Christ Jesus will appear in you and mature before death takes you.


Paul says he is running a race and the race that he is running is against death.  We are waiting.  We are right at the door, brethren.  It is very exciting to be alive today, because Christ Jesus is about to stand up in the fullness of His power and authority.  It has to happen, brethren.  The Israelites waited for years and years and years for their Messiah, and when Jesus appeared, they did not recognize Him, but He came.  The prophesy was fulfilled.  He came.  Now we are waiting for Him to stand up as Christ Jesus in the individual, and it has to happen.  The only question is when.  It absolutely must come to pass.  The offspring of the Glorified Jesus Christ is about to appear as a part or as a new foundation stone of His people. 


The people that that happens to will enter into immortality without sorrow.  It is not going to happen overnight at one point in time.  It is a process.  First we will enter into longevity.  We will find that even though we might be at an age where we might expect to pass on, we will continue on.  We will at some point return to the longevity that existed before the flood.  People will start to live hundreds of years.  Eventually, we will break the bondage of death completely.  That is a long time away.  This is my understanding right now.  I am all excited about longevity.  This is what I believe the Lord has told me.  I do not know how many years it is going to take, but aging will slow down in the people in whom Christ Jesus is moving in power. 


Now brethren, not only does He have to be formed in you, He has to be moving in you.  If you have a dynamo and you do not turn it on, you are not going to have any energy.  When you have Christ Jesus dwelling in you, you need to be seeking His assignments for you.  Right now, I think primarily, His assignment is for you to be studying to show yourself approved and to feed Him the food that He needs.  You need to be seeking God as to His assignments for you so that that dynamo moves.  I can just hear that engine humming now.  It stirs up His life in you, and He increases and as He increases in you, the aging process slows down.  The aging process slows down. 


At some point, the aging process will come to a halt.  I do not know how many years that would have to be, and it will not be the same for everybody.  By way of example, let us say the first person or group of people that experience this are going to live to a hundred.  They are going to have to go beyond what is the normal, or even beyond the normal in this world for it to be recognized.  We hear about people living to a hundred or a hundred and one.  They are in the newspapers all the time.  Let us say, someone makes it to one hundred and twenty five, whatever the record is, for it to be recognized that there is really something unusual about this person.


Let us say they have to make it to one hundred and fifty until the aging process stops.  The people coming thereafter, it will not take as long.  If this first group of people have to make it to one hundred and fifty or two hundred or three hundred before the aging process stops, the people coming afterwards will only have to make it to one hundred and fifty.  It is because the more people, the more souls that exist in this world who are experiencing this, at some point the aging process will stop.  This is suppose to be exciting.  Do not let Satan steal this message from you, all of you who are not twenty one anymore.  At some point, the aging process will stop.


Personally, I think that it has to be even sooner than a hundred and twenty five years.  Why?  This is the thought that is in my mind.  Brethren, these bodies are not made to live for a hundred and fifty years.  They start tearing down and breaking down.  I do not know if this is wishful thinking or not, but it is what is coming to me now.  I do not see how we are going to have to live five hundred years before the aging process stops.  I think it is going to come sooner than that, but that is just me.  I do not know that the Lord told me that.  At some point the aging process will stop.  I do not know how long we will stay in that condition of whatever age we are at when the aging process stops.  I do not know how long we will be in that condition, but at some point it will reverse.


I am just thinking, and I cannot tell you this is the Lord, but it is what is on my heart, that the physical body will continue to regenerate until we reach what would be considered our prime.  I mean we are not going to go back to an infant’s body, but the body would roll back until it reaches what would be a prime state of health, which is usually in your twenties or thirties.  Then it will stay at that state of prime health because Christ Jesus is sitting on the throne of our heart.  This is His house, brethren.  This blessing of immortality without sorrow of a regenerated physical body is not because of anything that you or I did, because we are so wonderful.


It is going to happen because we are the house.  We are the leprous house.  If we die, the part of Christ Jesus that is dwelling in us has to go fix up another house, and He does not want to lose any of His houses.  So we are being scraped, and we are under the authority of the High Priest, which is Christ Jesus.  He is scraping us, and He is testing us, and He is digging out all the yellow and red strings of sin, and we are all yelling, yip, yip, yip.  We are being rebuilt.  I will take this message over I will wake up in heaven when I die, anytime.  My comment is, under the law, this is the end of the destruction of the house or the destruction of the person who is the house of the Lord.


But in Christ Jesus, we have an advocate who will take vengeance upon our adversaries who influence us to sin.  Our adversaries are within us more so than outside of us.  We can always have another person trying to influence us to sin, but the serious adversaries are dwelling within us, Satan, Leviathan and Cain.  They are whispering in us, moving through our emotions, overshadowing any will that has righteous intentions, the direction that Abel would be moving us in for anything, towards God, for our personal life.  They influence us in anything that we do that is not in our best interest; choice of food, choice of friends, choice of exercise, choice of where we live, choice of how often we study.


No matter what it is, any choice that we make that is not the prime choice for our best interest, the influence to not choose what God would choose for us, is coming from the enemies that dwell within us.  They are going to continue to influence us to engage in destructive behavior until we pick up our weapons and destroy them, or until they destroy us, and this physical body dies.  I am telling you, thirty years I am serving God, and I am finally getting this.  Every day I fight with them, every day, because every day that I do not fight with them, they kill me a little more. 


Here is the King James Translation of the verses that I just read you. 


Hebrews 10; 26 thru 31: For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins.  As much as I honor the King James Translation and admit how much good it has done, this verse is a condemnation.  If you continue to sin after you have received a knowledge of the truth, you are out in the cold, brethren, and you are in trouble.  Is it okay that we sin after we receive the truth.  Absolutely not !  But we are guilty with an explanation.  We are guilty with an explanation.  We have broken Jehovah’s righteous law, but the Lord Jesus Christ recognizes that we were tied up, and bound, and that poison that we are drinking was forced down our throat.  Now that poison that made me crazy and go out and do something insane still made me crazy.  I still did something insane and I have to pay the price for it, but I am guilty with an explanation.  This craziness was forced on me by spiritual powers. 


Now I am not talking about someone who knowingly goes out and does something wrong and says the devil made me do it.  I am not talking about that.  I am talking about those of us who really cannot help ourselves.  We cannot help what comes out of our unconscious mind.  If there is somebody like the son of Sam, who was really overtaken by demons and could not help himself, he still has to be restrained and executed, because of the sowing and reaping judgment.  You cannot go around killing people. 


Now I talked about this at the beginning of the message.  Jesus Christ was sent by Jehovah, and is in fact a manifestation of Jehovah to the world, to help us overcome the powers and principalities.  Average people are not being restrained and put in jail, and doing to each other what everybody else does to each other, and we think it is normal.  But the Lord knows it is not normal, and He knows that we are going to die because of the way that we think, and the way we relate to people.  I think somebody like a mass murderer has to die and reincarnate.  They have to die to this existence if they have been so evil.  Someone like Hitler has to die to this existence.



You know, that was a big issue in one of the churches that I attended, where they were starting to teach ultimate reconciliation.  The issue was what about Hitler?  Was everybody going to be saved?  Does not Hitler deserve to burn in hell forever?  Hitler was a maniacal formation of the holy substance and it had to be destroyed.  I believe he was destroyed.  They say he committed suicide.  I believe he was past redemption.  That soul who was incarnate as Hitler was past redemption in this lifetime.  This is what happened at the time of the flood, brethren.


Jehovah came down and we are told that the descendants of Seth that lived on the other side of the flood were so evil that Jehovah sent the flood to wipe them out.  He called back the holy substance.  Everything in the earth was destroyed.  What was in the water was not destroyed.  Everything in the earth, the spiritual plant that arose out of the primordial Serpent, that was present in the earth of humanity at that time, was destroyed.  But the spiritual roots of the beings that existed in the waters or the soul realm of the creation were not destroyed.


I know someone is going to misunderstand me.  Let me clarify this.  Am I saying Hitler was saved?  Absolutely not !  He was a maniacal manifestation of the Serpent and he died.  What happened to his soul in reincarnation?  I have no idea.  I do not know how that works.  Someday I would love to understand that more, but I do not.  My point is, if the person is unredeemable in this lifetime, if the evil has so increased in them in this lifetime, under the sowing and reaping law they have to die.  In this hour,  would Christ Jesus being formed in a Hitler save him?  No, because Hitler would never do what needed to be done to have Christ Jesus formed in him. 


I just got myself out in dangerous waters here.  Some people, somewhere, I hope you are not going to misunderstand me.  To be eligible to have Christ Jesus formed in you, to enter into longevity, to hope that you will beat Satan in the race to kill you, is for righteousness to appear in you.

The only way you can beat Satan in the race to kill you is for righteousness to appear in you.  What are the chances of righteousness appearing in someone like Hitler?  If this program was available in his day, the chances are nil.  He was not interested in the Lord.  The Scripture calls us evil, when we human beings are compared to the righteousness of Jesus Christ.  We are evil.  Do we not crucify Christ every day?  I talked about it earlier.



You are all looking at me.  I talked about this earlier on the message.  Leviathan tramples down Christ Jesus and Cain crucifies Christ every day.  Paul says we die all the day long.  That is the evil.  The best of us are Christ killers.  This message is not for the Hitlers in this world.  This message is for the Christ killers that think they are okay because the whole of humanity are Christ killers, so we think it is okay.  We think that we are good people.  We do not understand why judgment would be falling on us because everybody else that we know does the same things that we do, so we are all Christ killers.  Does that make it okay?  No, it does not.


This blessing, this chance of escaping from dying, and the necessity of reincarnating into who knows what kind of hardship, is available to people, many of which are spiritual criminals because of what I call social witchcraft.  It is the envy, the jealousy, the competition, the lust for the things of this world.  In this hour, there is hope for people like us because we would seek God.  I do not know where the line is, brethren, but I know that the Lord has told me this.


There is an opportunity for people who normally could not go on to a deeper walk with God in this lifetime.  Normally they would have to die and reincarnate into the next lifetime, but there is an opportunity for these people today, average people in Christ Jesus, to beat Satan at the race to destroy us.  Satan has the legal right to kill us because we are Christ killers.  Cain the Christ killer, must be rooted out of the temple of God, where he is calling himself god, when Christ Jesus is formed in us.  When Christ Jesus starts sitting on the throne, we have a hope that He will mature to the point that He will take over the functions of the physical body because we are His house. 


I think I went off a little there.  Everything that I just said to you was to try to tell you that this judgment that we read about in Leviticus, this account in Hebrews 10, is nullified when Christ Jesus appears sitting on the throne in the temple of God, which we are.  That was what I was trying to say to you.  For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins.  That is all true, but the Lord is not throwing us out with the bath water.  He has sent a Savior to help us because we can never overcome this sin nature.



The implication here to the carnal mind is, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins.  They say I guess I am going to burn in hell forever.  No !! There remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, so the Lord Jesus, your Savior, is coming to destroy the one that influences you to sin, and boot him out of sitting in your temple, and place Christ Jesus in his place, so that you do not sin anymore.  Is that not what Jesus said?  He said, go and sin no more. 


Those of us who are honest, must recognize that the great work of the King James translators was severely influenced by the Catholic Church.  Absolutely !  Absolutely !  So there is no more sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.  Brethren, the adversaries are Leviathan, Satan and Cain, who are going to be thrown into the lake of fire.  You and me, those of us who flag Jesus down, are going to be saved, each man in his own order.


He that despised Moses’ law died without mercy under two or three witnesses.  What is the message here?  What is the message that we are preaching?  King James says, he that despised Moses’ law died without mercy.  But the hidden message, the truth of the love of our God and Savior is, yes, you should die without mercy under two or three witnesses, but I recognize there are extenuating circumstances.  You have adversaries, and powers, and principalities that dwell in you, that influence you to sin against your will.  Therefore, I am not going to kill your body.  I am going to kill the adversaries that live in your body, and I am going to become king of your house.  You deserve to die, it is the truth.  Therefore, let men everywhere repent, because you really do deserve to die. 



Recognize that you deserve to die, and repent, so that I will come and do this for you.  Brethren, I tell you there is no mercy for pride.  I will tell you, God hates pride.  He hates it.  There is no mercy for people that will not admit that they have done something wrong and need help.  There is no mercy.  He is not coming to kill the adversaries in you when you are not willing to admit that they are there because of sin.  You are not going to get delivered while you are holding on to your pride, so what is going to happen?  He is going to break your pride.  He is going to beat you until you give up your pride, because His seed is already in you, and He has already laid the plans to be your new foundation.  He has already laid the plans for you to be a stone in the new spiritual temple of God.  He has already laid the plans to rip up and root out Cain, out of your throne room.


If you are holding on to Cain, because of something that you do not want to admit, you will be with Cain when she gets beaten and ripped up and rooted out.  Brethren, we are no longer our own.  We were bought with a price, the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.  How dare we stand against Him in arrogance, and His word as to what is righteous, and what is wrong, and what is sin, and what is not sin?  How dare we?  That pride will surely be beaten out of us. 


So how much of sore punishment suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy who has trodden underfoot the Son of God.  Now this is not a man as I read to you in my alternate translation.  This is Leviathan, who treads Christ Jesus underfoot.  And have counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified an unholy thing.  That is Satan.  And have done respite unto the Spirit of grace.  That is Cain.  Now this is Jehovah.  For we know him that have said, vengeance belongeth to me.  I will recompense.  Brethren, an Almighty God, an infinite God, does not take vengeance on human beings.  He takes vengeance on the powers that dwell within them. 


Now when the human beings are in agreement with the powers that dwell within them, they become the enemies of God, and they are afflicted by the judgment that falls on the powers within them.  That is a hard one.  Does anybody need me to say that again?  The Lord is not after frail human beings.  Brethren, we are frail.  These bodies we live in are vile.  You cut us and we can die from an infection, a simple cut.  These bodies are frail.  They break.  They get sick.  Do you think an Almighty God is out to beat us up?  He is not.  Powerful spiritual principalities have stolen the holy substance, and they have formed us, and they are living inside of us, and through us. 


It is just like if you have a sick gall bladder, the medical community today needs to cut you open to get at that gall bladder.  We, the human part of us, the personality, our physical body is a part of it, we are the animal.  We are the spiritual animal that was created to be a house for the Son of God.  The original blueprint was that the spiritual Son of God would be joined to a spiritual animal, and that the two would be one flesh, and that the animal would be elevated to all of the benefits that the Son of God would receive.  That was the plan, that this would be an invisible Son of God dwelling in a spiritual animal, so that He could be visible.  But the Son of God was murdered by the primordial Serpent.  The primordial Serpent joined to the spiritual animal instead of the Son of God, and is now living inside of us.


So how is the Lord going to get us back?  We are the animal.  We are spiritually ignorant and as helpless as a man’s horse or his ox.  That is what the Scripture says.  If that offends you, then this message is not for you.  The Lord is delivering us from the descendants of the primordial Serpent that dwell inside of us.  He is saying to those powers, this is my ox.  We are told in the Scripture, if a man’s ox falls into a pit, will he not dig him out?  So the Lord Jesus is saying to the powers that live in us, Satan, Leviathan and Cain, that is my ox that you have got, and I do not like it.  The only reason you have gotten away with this as long as you have gotten away with this, is that I am not willing to kill them to punish you.  So I am going to replace you while they still have consciousness.  I am going to give them a new heart, and a renewed soul, and a new foundation stone with a righteous nature.  That is what this is all about. 


He is doing it one man at a time.  So people who are given over to the powers within themselves, that they are so evil they have to die, and try again until they will reincarnate, until the time of that soul comes to be cleansed and reformed in righteousness.  That is not ultimate reconciliation.  Not every human being born of a woman is going to be saved, but the soul that is incarnate in every body, that soul, you do not know how many times that soul has incarnated in that one person that you are looking at right now.  The soul, every soul that came from God, is going to be cleansed and returned and restored to righteousness, and we are right in the middle of the war. 


When the Lord receives us, He starts to cleanse us, and He cleanses us with the intention of inhabiting us.  That habitation of the Lord dwelling in us, is described as a marriage.  He is going to marry us and live in us, but He cannot do that until the other guy gets out.  We have to be prepared to survive when He cuts the other guy out.  If we are not prepared to survive when He cuts the other guy out, what has the Lord gained if we die from the surgery? 


Yes, we are sinners.  Yes, we are Christ killers.  Yes, we are murderers.  Yes, we deserve to die, but yes, we have been overcome.  For vengeance belongs to me, says the Lord.  I will recompense.  Who?  I will recompense against Cain, who killed my priest.  Again, the Lord shall judge His people.  That word, Lord, means Jehovah.  How is He going to judge His people?  He is going to judge His people through Christ Jesus in people.  So we have two camps in the world.  We have people who are manifestations of Christ Jesus and people who are manifestations of the powers and principalities that rule this world.


Brethren, there is no man made organization or no man that can anoint or ordain anybody to preach or teach in the name of the Lord Jesus.  Only the Lord Jesus can do that.  You can put on your collars and build your buildings and say whatever you want to say, but you are not a preacher of the gospel of God unless He is preaching through you.  This false ministry that is killing millions of people seeking God because of the false messages, and the false spirit coming through them, that ministry is coming down.  It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. 


Now we have the alternate translation work-up beginning on page 4.  I am not going to read all of these details to you.  I have some Greek printed out and all that.  This is for anybody who wants to really study out how I got this alternate translation.  It is here for you.  I will basically just read the comments and explain what I think you need to hear to help you to believe me, that this is a legitimate translation.  Now we are in verse 26 in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 10.  If we sin willfully, and that willfully is the word, if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no sacrifice for sins.


The King James Translation makes it sound like we sat down and made a decision that we were just going to do it and the heck with everybody.  That is not the intent of the writer.  My comment is, to force is to render one powerless to resist.  Now there is where I am coming from.  I am going to try to convince you through the research that I have done in the Greek language that this Greek word translated willfully, that its true intent is not the way it sounds in the King James Translation.  Its true intent is that we were influenced to do it.  Yes, we did it, and we are guilty, but we came under the influence of witchcraft, and for that reason the Lord wants to save us.


If there was nothing in us that He could relate to at all, He would just wipe us out.  But there is a part of us, there is a seed in us, that is capable of being made righteous if we could just get back to our God.  It is that seed that He is looking for.  To force means to render one powerless to resist, such as being raped when the person is completely tied down and unable to move.  Brethren, you are no longer a virgin after you have been raped.  You are an unmarried woman who has had sexual intercourse.  You were raped, but you are still no longer a virgin.  This is our condition.  We are spiritually soiled.  All of us, and we will never be able to make ourselves a virgin again.  But the Lord Jesus can make us a virgin again.  The ten virgins that follow Him everywhere in the Book of Revelation, they are people like us that have been made white.  That is the promise.  What is impossible to man is promised to us by God. 


Witchcraft does not force us, brethren, it influences us.  That is the wickedness of witchcraft.  If somebody comes and twists your arm or puts a gun to your head, you know you are being forced, but witchcraft influences you subtlety, and chops away, chips away, and breaks down your will power.  Witchcraft does not force us.  It influences us.  It seduces us.  It deceives us.  We are still guilty when we succumb to that influence.  That is what I am talking about.  You are still guilty, but the Lord knows you have been seduced.  It is not the same thing as making a conscious decision to sin.  We are still guilty when we succumb to that influence, seduction, or deception.  When we cry out to God to help us, the Lord exchanges our sin nature for His righteous life.  Then He punishes the powers and principalities within us that are influencing us to sin.


We see as a good example, King Jehoshaphat, who was seduced by King Ahab to go to war, when the prophet of God, Micaiah, clearly said not to go.  I do not know if the prophet of God spoke directly to king Jehoshaphat, but by his prophesy, King Jehoshaphat should have known not to go.  We see that King Jehoshaphat goes to war with Ahab and this wonderful King Ahab says, guess what, I have an idea.  I will take off my kingly robes so that the armies on the other side will not know that I am the King of Israel, but you King Jehoshaphat, you stay in your kingly robes.  How could Jehoshaphat, the  king of Judah be so stupid?  You are in a hand to hand combat battle in those days.


The King of Israel says to the King of Judah in 1 Kings Chapter 22:30 I am going to look like one of the regular soldiers, but you stay in your kingly robes and be a target.  Now brethren, King Jehoshaphat was a good King.  How could he have been so stupid?  Can anybody guess?  Who was behind King Ahab that could have been influencing King Jehoshaphat?  Who was the power behind King Ahab’s throne?  It was Jezebel.  Jezebel was the power behind King Ahab.  Who could be that stupid?  You are going to war with another king, and he says I am going to dress like a common soldier, and you go in wearing your kingly robes, and let everybody shoot at you, and King Jehoshaphat said okay.


You really have to look into what you read in the Bible.  We are told that the enemy soldiers had been given a command, do not kill any of the Israelite or the Judean soldiers, and just go for King Ahab.  Why do you think they were given a command like that?  It was because King Ahab picked the fight.  Even in those days there were honorable wars and dishonorable wars.  Ahab picked the fight.  The enemy soldiers were told to just kill the King of Israel.  All the soldiers, wanting to obey their command, looked out into the battlefield, and they see one man sitting on a horse all dressed in kingly robes, with a big target drawn on his chest.



For some reason, because of the mercy of God, these enemy soldiers did not try to kill him from a distance.  They rode up close, close enough to see his face.  That means they were not even using a bow and arrow.  They were probably going to stab him with a knife close up.  Someone said, this is not King Ahab.  Actually before that happened, King Jehoshaphat saw that all of the soldiers were zeroing in on him, and it was not just a normal battle.  All of the enemy soldiers were headed for him.  He cried out.  Now the King James Translation says he cried out.  I used to think it meant that King Jehoshaphat said, well Lord, I am in this battle.  I did not do anything wrong.  I am here and it is a holy fight.  Just help me because they are all coming after me.


No, today I do not think that is what happened.  I think that Jehoshaphat had to realize that he made a complete fool out of himself with regard to Ahab putting him up on the hot spot there.  He had to realize he was seduced.  He realized he made a terrible mistake.  It was not just that he was on the battlefield and soldiers were coming for him.  He realized he made a serious mistake.  He said to Jehovah, forgive me and help me.  How do I know that?  Because he survived.  That is how I know that.  


So none of the enemy soldiers tried to get him with a bow and arrow.  They were right up to him, close enough to see his face, and somebody recognized him.  Now brethren, this was not like today with computers and newscasts.  I do not know who it was from the other army that recognized that this was not King Ahab.  King Ahab did not have his picture in the newspaper in those days.  Somebody said it is not King Ahab and they let King Jehoshaphat go because they were given orders to just kill King Ahab.  That is how I know the Lord forgave him because King Jehoshaphat survived.  Why would Jehovah be so ready to forgive such stupidity?


You have to realize this was a King of Judah, a ruling authority.  It is a very serious thing to have authority from God.  The Bible says that everybody in any position of authority is placed there by God.  It is a tremendous responsibility to have authority that affects other people.  Do you not think that Jehovah would have said, if you are that stupid, I think I am just going to wipe you out and put another king in your place.  The Lord knew that Jehoshaphat was seduced.  What saved Jehoshaphat’s life was that he cried out.  Crying out implies confession of sin and repentance.  I tell you right now, King of Judah or not, Jehovah would have let him die if he did not confess his sin and repent.  He had to confess that he did something really stupid. 


I suggest to you that this is the true meaning of the account that we are studying in Hebrews 10.  Our original ancestor, Adam, he did something really stupid.  That was a female aspect of Adam that made that mistake.  A woman was the female side of Adam, but that is not today’s message.  She did something really stupid believing that Serpent, rather than believing God.  That was really dumb, and every human being born of a woman since that time is paying the price.  We are like King Jehoshaphat. Those of us that can hear this message and admit this and cry out for help, He is saving us.  Only He is not saving us in one minute on a physical battlefield.


In my case, it has been a lifetime.  I think in most cases it is a lifetime.  What it is going to take once the first group of people break through and Christ Jesus begins to appear in us, whether or not it will be a whole lifetime for other people, I do not know, but it is not going to happen overnight.  We are not going to get a corrupt foundation stone surgically removed and a new righteous foundation stone put in place overnight.  It is just not going to happen.  It is just not.  But we are like Jehoshaphat, those of us that cry out.  Lord Jesus, save me, help.  Confession of sin as God perceives sin.  We cannot say I will confess this sin, but I will not confess that sin.  Confession of sin, and repentance, and humility, and a willingness to sacrifice our pride are absolutely required. 


This Greek word translated willfully really does not mean that we just threw what we knew to be right overboard.  I researched this word, willfully, and I printed out a couple of the entries.  I now have two English Greek Lexicons in my Bible program, which have really helped me.  Now I have a note in the middle.  I am sure it is going to be hard for you to read.  I do not suggest that you even try it now.  In the middle of page 5 in green, I have a note that says, in a number of languages the word willingness to perform some action is expressed negatively.  It could actually be expressed not willing to or unwilling.


For example, not having to or not being forced to or not being told one must.  A positive expression of willingness may be indicated idiomatically by a phrase such as my heart approves.  Further down on that page, I was reviewing this before I came out here today, and I have to admit to you my point is not really clear, but if you want to take the time at home to really go over it, you will see that it really does not mean the way it sounds in the King James Translation.  When I first originally put the words together, the words that I selected for the alternate translation, this is how it came out; willfully because.  We did something willfully because of sin in the midst of us.  We did something willfully because of sin in the midst of us.


Well, if we do something willfully because sin is in the midst of us, then the term sin in the midst of us modifies the word willfully, and it does not make it willfully anymore.  Did not Jesus say something like that?  This was really confusing.  Did Jesus say something like that?  He said, if salt loses its savor, then it is not salt anymore.  Is that what He said?  What good is it?  Salt has a function, so if salt no longer functions like salt, then it is not salt anymore.  So if the word here is willful, but the next word or phrase in the sentence is sin in the midst of us, if we did something willfully because sin was in the midst of us, well then it is not willful anymore.  Is everybody okay?


I did it willfully.  Maybe some of you watched John McCain’s speech in the Republican Convention.  He said very humbly that he was tortured every day by the North Koreans and that they broke him.  They broke his spirit and he signed some confession that he was not guilty of.  Well Mr. McCain, did anyone force you to sign that?  Did anyone pick up your hand, and put a pen in your hand, and hold your hand, and make you write your name to that confession?  No, I picked up the pen by myself and nobody was holding my hand.  I signed my name on that piece of paper.  So you willfully signed that piece of paper, Mr. McCain?  Yes, I did, but ....  No, no, do not but me. 


Did you sign it or did you not sign it, says the prosecutor or says Satan.  Did you sign it or did you not sign it?  Yes, I signed it.  Guilty !  But we have an advocate in heaven who is higher than the law.  Christ Jesus is higher than the law.  The law says, either you did it or you did not do it.  If you did it, you are guilty.  We have an advocate that says you can be guilty with an explanation.  We can be guilty with the acknowledgment of extenuating circumstances.  If you are guilty with legitimate extenuating circumstances, you are still guilty, and you will still serve your sentence until I cleanse you of that sin.  When I cleanse you of the sin, you are no longer guilty, and the sentence or the chains fall away. 


That is what we are up against.  We are guilty, but we have to be cleansed so that Satan loses her legal right to hurt us because she has a legal right to hurt us.  She is the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment.  We see that the word, willful, is modified by sin being in the midst of us.  Again, you can go over this.  This was such a difficult verse for me.  I had it in four different forms before I came up with the fifth form, which was my alternate translation, which is in blue at the top of page 6.


The alternate translation of Hebrews Chapter 10 Verse 26 says: The inward process by which the sin nature in the midst of us influences, seduces and deceives us, cannot continue after we are taken, apprehended by the Lord Jesus Christ, and acknowledge the truth.  This is the reason why we must set aside or separate from our sin nature and sacrifice it.  So it is a completely different verse.  People have said to me, how do you get this out of the King James Translation?  I do not get it out of the King James Translation.  I get it out of the original Greek.  I do not get it out of the King James Translation. 


It was willful because sin was in the midst of us.  The inward process by which the sin nature in the midst of us influences, seduces and deceives us, cannot continue after we are taken, apprehended, by the Lord Jesus, and acknowledge the truth, and this is the reason why.  You must set aside, separate from our sin nature, and sacrifice it.  I am looking for something for myself here.  Willful sin.  I translated it the sin nature.  The sin nature does sin willfully, but when Christ comes to dwell in us, we are separate from the sin nature.  That was what Paul said.  I do what I do not want to do, and what I want to do, I cannot do.  But if that is the case, if I am resisting the evil that I am doing or the wrong that I am doing, if I am truly resisting it, if I am convinced that I do not want to do it anymore, then it is no longer me who is doing it.  Well then, who is it?


It is the part of me that wills to sin, and that is my sin nature.  So there is a conflict going on from the day that we are apprehended by Christ Jesus, and we receive a revelation and a knowledge of the truth, and we decide to  line our will up with the truth of the Lord Jesus.  That other part of us, that wills to sin, works against us to seduce us, and influence us to do its will.  Cain is in a warfare with Abel within us.  If Abel is resurrected, his name is Christ.  There is a battle going on continuously between the nature of Cain, which is the Serpent’s nature, and the nature of Christ, which is now newly restored to us through the resurrection of Abel. 


Therefore, once Christ is restored in us and resurrected in us, Abel or the resurrected Christ, is the forgiveness of sins for Cain.  Listen to this.  The forgiveness of sins is Christ Jesus in us restraining our sin nature from sinning.  The fullness of the forgiveness of sins is the power to wipe out the inclination to sin.  The true and ultimate end of the forgiveness of sins is the power to destroy the inclination to sin within us, that willful sinning that we read about in the King James Translation.  It is the judgment that is falling. 


Let me read it to you again.  This was very difficult.  After we sin willfully, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins.  The true and ultimate end of the forgiveness of sin is to utterly seal off and destroy this potential to willfully sin.  That willingness, not willfully that we sit down and say I am going to do it anyway, but that willingness, that part of us that wants to do it.  Our mind knows it is wrong.  The Bible says it is wrong.  The Lord tells us it is wrong.  Our personal word from the Lord tells us that it is wrong.  We know that it is wrong, but there is a part of us that is still willing to sin. It is that part of us that is willing to sin that I am calling the sin nature that must be destroyed and rooted out.  When that happens, that is the ultimate end of the forgiveness of sins.  What is forgiveness that forgives you and then you go out tomorrow and do the same thing?  What kind of forgiveness is that?  It is a band aide.  Does everybody got this?  This was really hard.  Everybody got this?  Did I explain it okay?


Congregation: Your message really brought home that we are truly the fleshpots, and the poison is in us, and that Christ Jesus has to be added to us to cleanse and change us.  I was seeing before some tombstones with engraving on it, when really we are the tombstones, these bodies.  His mind is suppose to be engraved upon us, but the world has it where it is something you see in the physical, in the natural, where it is tombstones and their graven names on it.  It is really suppose to be His nature engraved on us.  We are the tombstones, the whited sepulchers.   


Jesus said to the pharisees, and the overriding characteristics of the pharisees, brethren, is that they did not have Christ Jesus dwelling in them.  Jesus said to them, you are whited sepulchers.  You are graves and that you walk over dead men’s bones.  The dead man is Adam.  In other words, you exist as manifestations of Leviathan, as manifestations of the offspring of the Serpent.  You had to kill Adam to do it.  That is exactly what I have been talking about through this whole message.  Leviathan treads down Christ Jesus, and Satan destroys the Spirit of Christ, and Cain kills Abel.  Jesus was telling the pharisees the truth about their present condition.


What condition?  You are reprobate and Christ is not in you.  You have had to fall into agreement with the powers within you that agree to kill the imputed Christ within you.  That was what He was telling them.  There is no struggle in you.  I do not see you fighting.  You are completely given over to the carnal mind.  How did Jesus know?  Well, they were trying to kill Him.  What, are you crazy thinking we are trying to kill you?  You must have a devil, they said to Him.


No, Jesus did not have a devil.  He had the mind of God and He knew what was in those men, and He knew that it was not the offspring of God.  We are the sons of Abraham.  No, you are not.  Abraham would have never done what you have done, said Jesus to them.  We can say the same thing today.  All of the preachers that have prayed against this ministry and against me, you are not the offspring of Christ.  You are the devil. 


Congregation:  Sheila, I have to say this is one of the best messages for me, personally.  It has given me hope, so thank you.


Pastor Vitale:  You are very welcome.  I am delighted that you have hope. 




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