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Praise the Lord, everybody.  This is an interesting message.  I had extensive notes ready for you for Part 1, which we did not even touch upon because I spent the whole message of Part 1 explaining to you why the name of the message is Leviathan Must Die, when Cain is the one that we are dealing with.  All of humanity, but in particular the Church, we might say are the body of Abel.  We exist on the level of Abel, who is buried under Cain’s ground in every carnal person.  That is our condition.  Abel is buried under Cain’s ground, but Leviathan must be the one to die, because Leviathan is the one who strengthens Cain to keep Abel buried.  Cain must be circumcised away from Leviathan.  We do this by smiting Leviathan so that Cain will lose her support and her power.  At the same time, Christ Jesus will strengthen Abel in the individuals to overthrow Cain, and put Cain under Abel.  Then Abel is strengthened by Christ Jesus, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the whole household of God.  This is the process.


That is why the name of the message is Leviathan Must Die.  Leviathan, signifying largely the pride of man, and sometimes lust.  Basically, it is pride, because the pride of man is our foundation.  Now I listened to Part 1 of the message, and I have a couple of comments on it, a couple of corrections, and a couple of clarifications.  I would like to talk to you about them before we get to the text and all the material that I gave you for Part 1.  There are multiple aspects of preparation for you to receive the message Leviathan Must Die. 

The first point I wanted to make, and it may not make much sense to you now because you probably have not heard the message in a long time.  Some people, when they listen to the audio clips of the message or when they read the transcripts, they go from Part 1 directly to Part 2.  It would make sense to you under those circumstances.  I must have had a reason for writing down that I wanted to clarify to you that Jesus of Nazareth was spiritually female.  Now I know that this is going to anger a lot of people, but it is the truth.  Jesus of Nazareth, as we all know now, was not born as God.  He was born as a human being.  Those of you who study with us know that Joseph was his natural father.  Joseph planted the seed.


If you are hearing this message or you are reading this transcript for the first time, you might want to consider our series called The Virgin Birth, which explains this whole principle.  It is established in the Scripture that Joseph came down from the line of Judah and Mary did not.  Elijah, who was prophesied by the prophet Malachi to return again before the coming of Messiah, reincarnated in that baby, Jesus of Nazareth.  Brethren, that is not so shocking if you stop to think that probably everybody listening to this message is possessed by Jesus Christ.  Do you not believe that you are possessed by Jesus Christ?  Do you not believe that Christ lives in you?  Do you not believe that if Christ Jesus has not already been born in you, that it is your hope that Christ Jesus, will appear in you?  Christ Jesus is that mediator, that savior, between the Glorified Jesus Christ and the resurrected Christ in you. 


That mediator, that savior, that we all hope for, is Christ Jesus, who is the offspring of the Glorified Jesus Christ and the resurrected Abel, whose resurrected name is Christ.  Abel is a part of the spiritual being of the individual, and Abel is female to the Glorified Jesus Christ, who is male.  There is a marriage.  Nobody can deny that the Scripture talks about a marriage.  That marriage is between the Glorified Jesus Christ and the resurrected Abel in you, and the one who is being born again is Adam, who died in a previous age.  The resurrected glorious Adam, the resurrected mature Adam, in his new state is called Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. 


When Jesus of Nazareth was born, it was Elijah who reincarnated in him.  They did not make it clear.  It is Jesus, the Glorified Jesus who is reincarnating in you and in me.  You may have never heard of what is happening to you, and what is happening in the world, in these terms.  If you stop to think about it, any reasonable person would seriously have to consider that Jesus Glorified is reincarnating in His people today.  Do we not manifest the anointing?  Do we not prophesy?  Do we not speak His word?  Do we not have revelation on His word?  Do we not minister to each other the counsel of God?  It is the Spirit of Christ. 


Jesus said to His followers, if you can receive it, this is the spirit of Elias that is speaking to you.  The physical man, Jesus of Nazareth, is not going to appear again, but the spiritual man that departed from the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth, is reincarnating in people today.  Now before Jesus was glorified, the process was a little different, and Jesus was born with the spirit of Elijah already in him.  There are two different kinds of reincarnation.  One reincarnation is like the spirit of Elijah born from birth, which is what happened to Jesus of Nazareth.  There is another kind of reincarnation, which Paul experienced.  Paul was already a full grown man, an officer of the Sanhedrin, and he experienced the Glorified Jesus reincarnating in him, and literally possessing him as an adult male.  Most of us today, as far as I know, all of us today, are experiencing the Glorified Jesus reincarnating in us, not from birth, but after we are born.  We are experiencing Paul’s experience.  We are sharing Paul’s experience.  Jesus did not share Paul’s experience.  Jesus experienced the spirit of Elijah entering into him prior to his physical birth.  They are two different kinds of reincarnation.  Both are very legitimate and valid.    


Jesus was female to the spiritual authority within him, just as all of us, no matter how mature we ever get in Christ Jesus, we will always be female to the Glorified Jesus Christ.  That is what the Scripture means when it says that Jesus will always have the preeminence.  He will always be higher than us because no matter how much maturity we attain to in this world, or in this flesh, it will only be because of the Glorified Jesus Christ dwelling in us.  He is our source of spiritual maturity.  He is our source of redemption.  He is our source of everything that appears in us in this world that is from the world of God.  The world where God is, is a different world than where we are.  We are in a world that is called hell.  We are in different worlds.


We might say that the reincarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ through us, is the marriage of heaven to hell.  Is that not interesting?  The marriage of heaven to hell, and what would that mean in the union of heaven and hell? Which quality will prevail?  Will hell swallow up heaven or will heaven swallow up hell?  In this union of heaven and hell, hell will be swallowed up by heaven, heaven being represented by Christ Jesus.  Christ Jesus will swallow up hell.  Who is hell?  Brethren, hell is a manifestation of the mind and mentality, the rationale, and the consciousness of the spiritual female.  The spiritual female must be underneath the spiritual male for the whole creation to live and prosper, and be in health and in peace.


Heaven is descending into hell for the specific purpose of swallowing it up in its present form.  Hell cannot continue to exist in its present form.  Hell is the spiritual female.  When she becomes subdued by the Lord Jesus, and absorbed into His world, she becomes a positive force.  This principle exists in nature.  I have been preaching this for years.  Here are some examples.  Twenty or more years ago, some people were eating apricot or peach pits.  There was some substance in the peach pit that was suppose to be healthy for you.  It was something that was dangerous or unhealthy in the pit.  I think it was cyanide in the peach pits.  If you mixed it with something else, it became a positive substance for you.


Of all the spices that the priest would use for the incense offerings in the temple, there was one of those spices that was burnt.  By itself, it smells terrible, almost like a skunk smell, but if you mix it with the other spices, it produces a beautiful aroma.  This principle exists in nature.  We even see it amongst human beings and amongst animals.  People severely lacking love from a very early age can grow up to be very violent human beings.  Sometimes they are so violent that even love does not change them.  The love of Jesus, which is not a human love can change the most violent person.


We see that evil is the lack of love.  I do not want to say that evil is the lack of good.  It is the lack of righteousness.  Evil is something that has separated out from the whole and become the enemy of the whole.  The answer to evil is to be swallowed up by the righteousness of Christ Jesus.  It exists in the world, almost like Jonah inside the belly of the whale.  It exists inside of the world of righteousness, and can become a positive force.  That is the answer.  That is what evil is.  It is an aspect of the creation that has separated from the whole.  That is what evil is.  It needs to be swallowed up or married to the righteousness of God, and come into its ordained place and function in the whole.  Then everything will be at peace.


We see that the creation is out of balance.  Our problem is that we are out of balance, and humanity is out of balance because it is lacking righteousness.  It is lacking the righteousness of God, not the righteousness of man.  The righteousness of man becomes self righteousness and destroys.  I told you all that to tell you this.  Jesus was female.  He was an example of what we can become.  He was born of a woman, a human being, but he had a righteous inner man.  Everybody that experiences Christ Jesus, our righteousness, being born in us, has the same opportunity that Jesus had from birth.  I am not saying that it is as simple as it was for Jesus because we come with a lot of baggage.


Jesus was born of a man and a woman, who were under the law for generations.  Jesus was born of a man and a woman whose genealogy was orthodox Jews who were keeping the law for generations.  That means that there was righteousness on the family line more than by faith.  We have to assume, for the Lord to pick these two people, that there was no fornication, that there was no adultery, that they were keeping the behavioral law, and that they received the anointing of righteousness because they kept the sacrifices and kept the law of ordinances of Israel.  They kept the Sabbath in the natural, and they followed all of the commandments of Moses.


There was a righteousness and a spiritual cleanliness upon Jesus.  There was an absence of a degree of evil that is present in a lot of human beings today.  I cannot say all human beings because I do not know.  There was a presence of righteousness.  What does that mean?  It means there was that much less of evil for him to overcome.  Those of us who have been saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, have been saved from the world, and whatever we have been saved from.  Most of the people in the spirit filled Church today, not all, but most of us have been saved from destruction in this world.  There are a lot of people that engaged in compulsive behavior that are reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ.


People, even if you did not do anything wrong in the world, if you were not a fornicator or an adulterer, or whatever, maybe you were born with family line curses.  Maybe you did not do anything, but look at the rest of your family.  Seriously, I do not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.  If you see retardation on your family line, it does not have to be in you.  If you see any kind of obvious sin appearing in other members of your family, all that it means is that the sin is on the family line, and maybe it did not appear in you.  The sin appeared in other family members because there is good and evil on the whole family line, but maybe you were the one who was called to become the savior.


That is why you are listening to this message, and that is why you are serving the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you see serious sin in other members of your family, it means that sin is on the family line and it is in you too.  It just is not predominant in you.  When it came to Jesus of Nazareth, he came from a family line of generations of spiritual cleanliness because of healthy practices, and the actual keeping of the law, which was rewarded with spiritual righteousness from the Lord.  Does everybody understand that?  It may be a little harder for us.  I do not doubt that it is a little harder for us. Jesus had a leg up.  The bottom line is we have the same opportunity, and with Christ, who strengthens us, all things are possible.     


Jesus was female to Elijah, his inner man.  For people who believe that Jesus was born as God, that is a shocking statement, but the truth is wonderful and will set us free.  Not the Glorified Jesus, but Jesus of Nazareth was spiritually female to his inner man.  The mediator between the man Jesus and God was the spirit of Elijah within him.  The spirit of Elijah, Jesus’ inner man, was the one he married.  That was how he became glorified.  Elijah, inside of Jesus, swallowed up all of the hell that was in Jesus.  Can you hear that?


The inner man within Jesus, the spirit of Elijah, swallowed up the hell in Jesus.  What was hell?  He swallowed up Abel, swallowed up Cain, swallowed up Satan.  We have a message Satan Swallowed Up.  The spiritual man, that incarnated in Jesus, swallowed up everything that was of hell that was in Jesus.  He became completely whole and departed from his physical body and became the Glorified Jesus Christ.  He ascended to a place higher than every other name. 


The Lord wants to do the same thing through us.  Our inner man is Christ Jesus.  My point here is that Jesus of Nazareth was spiritually female to the whole spiritual world of God.  He was male to the other human beings that he ministered to.  He was male to his disciples.  He was male to the pharisees, to the Sanhedrin, but he was spiritually female, and his power in the days of his flesh was limited.  Ouch!  His power in the days of his flesh was limited.  Why could he not convert the pharisees?  Why could he not save them?  Why could he not convert their hearts?  Why did he have so few followers in Israel?


He had more followers until he told them they have to eat his flesh and drink his blood.  Then they fled from him.  Why could he not get through their carnal minds?  Do you think he did not try to explain to them the truth of what he was saying about eating his flesh and drinking his blood?  Do you think he did not try to explain it to them, or that he tried and they could not understand, just like we are trying to explain this message to the Church world and they will not hear it.  Why did Jesus not have the power to convert them?  It was because he was spiritually female.


As far as his spiritual maturation goes, as far as spiritual degrees of spiritual maturation, Jesus was still female.  What is an example of a spiritual male?  Well, Elijah was a spiritual male.  He stopped the rain, caused a famine, and converted the minds of the prophets of Baal, and turned them back into Christ.  Of course, when he let go, Cain came to the surface and tried to kill him, but that is another story.  We do not see any sign that Jesus went to the false prophets in Israel and changed their mind.  He did not because he could not.  Elijah was spiritually male and Jesus was spiritually female. 


Now Jesus had more power than we see today.  Just to clarify that, we have seen some power in the spirit filled Church, what I call imputed power.  We hear about ministers raising people from the dead and healing the deaf and the blind, but these are men who just have a gift.  Their ability does not come out of righteousness.  It is just a gift.  They have no choice as to who they will give this gift to.  The gift has the power to manifest through the man or who it wants to minister to.


Jesus had power.  He did have some power.  He was a teacher, and he had power to reveal sin.  He revealed the sins of his disciples.  He did that.  If you think He was physically washing their feet, you are mistaken.  He was revealing the sins of their carnal mind, which is signified by the feet.  He had power, and He resisted the pharisees, but He did not have power to stop them.  They crucified Him.  You say, well, He allowed it, but they did it.  He revealed sin in them.  He did not convert their minds.  By the law came a knowledge of sin.  Does everybody know that scripture?  By the law came a knowledge of sin, the law that was given on Mount Sinai.  The purpose of that dispensation was that the world should be condemned.  When the law was revealed, when righteousness is revealed, everything that you are doing that is wrong becomes exposed. 


By the giving of the law, the whole world was condemned.  Before people knew what was right, before it was written anywhere in the world what was right in God’s eyes, nobody was condemned because nobody had been told.  By the law came a knowledge of sin.  Salvation did not come by the law.  A knowledge of sin came by the law.  Now that was a general knowledge of the law, a written word, the ten commandments.  It was thou shalt not, thou shalt not, thou shalt not.  When Jesus of Nazareth appeared, He revealed the sins of the inner man.  The law revealed the general sin of a plaque on the wall, thou shalt not, etc.  Jesus revealed sin in the hearts of men. 


We are told that when He was crucified, the whole world was condemned.  The law gave us a written word of what sin is.  The man, Jesus of Nazareth, who became the Son of God, revealed sin in the hearts of the individual.  Now when the law was revealed, the world rose up against Israel.  Israel had enemies on every side.  When Jesus revealed sin in the hearts of men, they rose up and crucified Him.  Today, when you stand for righteousness or preach righteousness, you should not be surprised that you have enemies in this world.  There are people who will try to take your job, people who will try to hurt you, people who will hate you, for no apparent reason.  Just your presence is touching the sin in their hearts. 


Did you ever wonder why the Scripture says the whole world was condemned when Jesus was crucified?  That never made any sense to me.  Jesus hung on a cross, and there were people in the world that did not know anything about Him hanging on the cross.  How could the whole world be condemned?  Brethren, what that means is that the result of Jesus being crucified is His reincarnation in a multitude of human beings who are now carrying the spiritual man, Christ Jesus.  Now everyone that Christ Jesus deals with, has sin exposed in their heart.  It was not the man Jesus, hanging on the cross, that condemned people that had never heard of Him.  The condemnation is that light came into this world, light came into your world, light came into my world, and some of us preferred the darkness.  Anybody understanding me?


It was the result of Jesus hanging on the cross that condemned the world, one man at a time, when that man comes in contact with a son of God, and whosoever sins you forgive, shall be forgiven.  Whosoever sins you do not forgive, will not be forgiven.  The crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth was the first step, in a series of steps, which will ultimately result in every human being on the face of the earth having the sins of their heart judged.  That is how the world became condemned.  You will find, as Christ Jesus appears with more and more maturity within you, you will have all kinds of problems with people.  When you respond in righteousness, they will be condemned. 


What does that mean?  The judgment will fall on them, which will hopefully result in the resurrection of Christ in them, but there is no guarantee.  There is no guarantee.  Some people are just evil.  Does everybody get that?  Jesus of Nazareth was spiritually female.  The Glorified Jesus, not only is male, but His name is higher than every other name.  Jesus of Nazareth was female to Elijah, was female to Moses, because Moses was in Him too.  We are told that in the New Testament.  Moses incarnated in Him too.  If you have Christ Jesus in you, you have the resurrected Christ in you plus the Glorified Jesus Christ.  You have two witnesses in you. 


Jesus said, my Father witnesses to me.  The Father, within Him, was Elijah.  Well, Jesus had two witnesses too, Elijah and Moses.  They both incarnated in Him.  We have Christ Jesus and the Glorified Jesus.  I may have said that wrong before.  We have Christ Jesus and the Glorified Jesus.  Jesus had Elijah and Moses, the two witnesses within Him.  Jesus of Nazareth was female to Moses and Elijah, but Moses and Elijah are female to the Glorified Jesus, whose name is higher than every other name.  He went higher.  That is my whole point.  Jesus of Nazareth in the days of his flesh was female.  Not only was he not God in the days of his flesh, he was the Son of God.


I challenge anybody to show me one scripture that says he was God in the flesh.  It is just mind boggling when we think of what we have believed when the Bible says the exact opposite.  It is because people in the pulpit and people who write books tell us otherwise.  There is not one scripture that says Jesus in the flesh was God.  He was the Son of God.  I am a son of God.  Do you worship me?  I hope not, but the Scripture says Jesus received worship.  He received the kind of worship that Elijah and Moses received in the days of their flesh.  It was respect. 


Jesus of Nazareth was spiritually female, but he was more spiritually powerful and he had spiritual authority over the rest of Judah because the rest of Judah did not even have what he had.  Jesus had the resurrected Christ in him, and he was female to the whole spiritual household of God and the whole spiritual world above him, but he was male to the rest of Judah, that did not even have a resurrected Christ.  This is who we are today.  We are female to the whole household of God in heaven.  We are spiritually female to all of them, but we are male to the rest of the Church that has the Holy Spirit, but does not have the resurrected Christ in them.  Amongst ourselves, Christ Jesus, is at different degrees of maturity. 


Whenever you get together with other believers, it is your obligation to ask the Lord who is in authority here.  In whom is Christ Jesus the most mature here.  Now in these meetings, it is pretty obvious that at this time it is me.  Maybe you get together with people and I am not there.  What we find amongst carnal gatherings is people striving for who will be the one to talk.  I have been at casual meetings at barbeques where I have been invited, where there have been other believers that are not a part of this ministry, and they strive with me.  The Lord is moving on me to speak at the gathering, and they are striving with me as to who is going to talk.  That means that Leviathan is raised in them and there is no recognition, whatsoever, that there is a spiritual authority in every gathering.


At every gathering there is a spiritual authority, no matter how many gather, or who gathers, where you gather for social reasons, what your purposes is, there is an authority in every gathering, even if you are just natural people.  The people who have invited you, it is their house, and they have authority.  There is authority everywhere you go in this world if you are willing to see it, but we have a lot of people who cannot see authority because their pride blinds them.


If you gather together with other believers, and you find yourself talking and talking, you should really ask the Lord if you are the one who is suppose to be talking or is it pride.  Maybe you are suppose to be talking, and you are not talking.  Everywhere you go, you need to be asking the Lord to tell you where you fit in in this group and what if anything He has for you to say.  I pray all the time, do not let me open my mouth if it is not you, but if it is you, make a way for me to open my mouth and speak whatever you want to be spoken. 


Number one: Jesus was female in the days of his flesh, and we are female to the whole household of God in heaven, but we are male to anyone who has a less mature anointing, if they have any anointing at all than we have.   Number two: Christ Jesus is the throne, the vehicle through which the male Glorified Jesus deals with humanity.  I know I have said this so many times, and I want to hit it home again.  Christ Jesus is the only mediator between God and man.  He is the Savior.  Christ Jesus is the Savior in the midst of you.  If the only one you have in the midst of you is the Holy Spirit, you do not have the Savior in the midst of you.  Now there is no reason to be getting upset.  I do not think anyone here is going to be getting upset, but some people get really upset when I say this. 


The Holy Spirit is one of the steps in a process or in a series of steps that will save you, and you are not saved until you stop dying.  I mean you can be saved from alcoholism, you can be saved from drugs, you can be saved from someone who was trying to murder you.  You can be saved from disease, but you are not saved until you stop dying.  You are not saved after you die.  The Savior, is the One that can save you from death, because that is what we really want to be saved from.  Of course, we want to be saved from alcoholism or a particular disease, but what good is it if we are saved from a particular disease and then we die anyway?  Well maybe you have ten more years of life, but we want to be saved from death. 


We want to be saved from death, period.  Right?  We want to be saved from death.  The One who saves us from death is not the Glorified Jesus Christ.  He does, indirectly, but the immediate Savior is Christ Jesus dwelling in your vessel.  It is the presence of Christ Jesus in your vessel that has the ability to swallow up death in you.  Now, of course, the Glorified Jesus is there, because Christ Jesus is a single name for two beings; the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ in you.  When they join, they have one name, Christ Jesus.  Of course the Lord Jesus is present, but I say to you the Lord Jesus is not your immediate Savior, so that you can understand that you need His ministry in you to be saved. 


I cannot have people thinking that the ascended Jesus Christ is your Savior, because He is only your Savior when He dwells in you, and not when He dwells in you by His Holy Spirit, which is female.  The Lord Jesus becomes your Savior when He sits on the throne in your heart center.  The throne in your heart center is Christ Jesus.  If Christ Jesus is not in your heart center, the Lord Jesus cannot be sitting in your heart center.  If He is not in your heart center, He is not going to save you from death.  Now if you have an accident and you die, and someone raises you from the dead, praise the Lord, but that is not what I am talking about. 


Salvation from death means you cease from dying.  It is not that you die and get raised from the dead.  That is nice if it happens.  If you get sick and you get healed, if you die and you get raised, but then you die again, you are still not delivered from death.  Salvation is deliverance from death, period.  The last enemy that shall be swallowed up, or that we shall be delivered from is death.  It is not one encounter with death, but from death.  You cannot be delivered from death because the Lord Jesus is glorified and is higher than any other name.  That alone will not save you from death.  Now if you are dying and you cry out and say, Lord Jesus, let me live so that I can raise my children, He may grant you mercy.  That name that is higher than any other name might hear you and give you life.


But to be saved from death, to never be afflicted by death again, to live in immortality, brethren, that cannot come to you from the name that is higher than every other name.  That is, unless the whole process, the whole plan that He has arranged for you is functioning in you.  To save you from death, period, He has to be permanently residing on the throne of your heart.  It is because the way He saves you from death is by swallowing up death in you.  It is a personal experience.  The Lord Jesus ascended, whose name is higher than every other name, applies to the whole world.  He is up there, and I believe He hears anyone who calls on His name; Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Witch, anybody that from their heart cries out, Lord Jesus, He hears them. 


The Scripture says He will have mercy on whoever He decides to have mercy on.  It is His sovereign decision.  Now immortality, brethren, that is a different story.  The Scripture does not say He will give immortality to whoever He feels like giving it to.  It does not say that.  Immortality is not promised to everybody.  Immortality is promised to those whose heart center He resides in.  The name that is high above every other name is reaching down into this earth and taking up residence in human houses.  In those human houses where He is permanently resident, He is seated.  That is what it means, that He is sitting there.  He is permanently resident.


These houses have reason to hope that death will be swallowed up in them.  Which house is He sitting in?  The house that puts out a seat for Him, because you cannot sit if you do not have a seat.  The same Greek word that is translated throne is translated seat in the New Testament phrase called Satan’s seat.  It is the same Greek word.  He is only sitting in your house if you have a chair for Him.  The chair for Him has a name.  It is called Christ Jesus.  How do you get the chair for Him?  You have to go through the process.  You have to strengthen Abel, and overcome Cain, because Christ Jesus is formed from the union of the resurrected Abel in you and the Glorified Jesus Christ.


That means Abel has to be resurrected in you.  When he is awakened in you, he is under the ground, and Cain is saying, do not think you are going to get up because you are not.  Now you cannot have a union between Abel, underneath Cain, and the Glorified Jesus Christ, that will produce a throne.  Brethren, I am sorry, but a man and a woman cannot consummate their marriage when there is a sheet between them.  You have got to get rid of the sheet.  We see that it is a whole process of awakening Abel, educating Abel, because Abel does not know what he is suppose to do.  We have a whole Church world out there that does not know what they are suppose to do. 


Abel has to overthrow Cain, and then when Abel is on top, the union has to take place.  Then Christ Jesus has to be born.  Then Christ Jesus has to mature to the point that the Lord Jesus Christ permanently sits on Him.  I believe it could take a whole lifetime.  That is what salvation is.  Salvation is deliverance from death, and the environment that death dwells in, which is called hell.  This is my point for today.  Christ Jesus is the throne.  Christ Jesus is the single name which contains the Lord Jesus Christ and the resurrected Christ in you.  They are both there, unified, mixing their powers, which births another entity called Christ Jesus.  The Glorified Jesus is male and He deals with humanity through a mediator called Christ Jesus. 


Like I said, He is up there.  Anybody that calls upon the name of Jesus, truly from their heart, He can answer them or He can not answer them, because He will have mercy on whoever He decides to have mercy on.  When you follow the program, and you seek Him, and you seek Him daily, and Christ Jesus is built in you, then that mercy is assured.  It is yours.  He is living in you.  He is your personal husband, and I will have mercy on whoever I will have mercy on does not apply because what man has ever hated his own flesh?  He is living in you, so you have become His flesh.  I think you got it. 


Number three: The Glorified Jesus, Savior, and King of kings, is the avenger of blood.  I talked about this at the end of Part 1 of this message.  I got very excited at the end of Part 1 and I said to you all, do you get it brethren?  The avenger of Abel’s blood is about to appear in the world to destroy Cain, and He is going to do it through the people that He is living in.  Now this does not mean He is going to go out killing human beings.  He is going to be killing Cain, and that does not mean Cain will cease to exist.  It means Cain will cease to exist in his present form.  What is Cain’s present form?  Cain is a part of what would be the anthesis or the complete opposite of Christ Jesus.  The Scripture calls it mystery Babylon.  We will look at those scriptures.


There is a throne in the heart of human beings.  Do you know who is sitting on that throne?  The Serpent is sitting on that throne.  At this time, only a few human beings fit into that category.  The average human being has Cain in control, and Satan and Leviathan, which would be similar to the Holy Spirit.  The mystery Babylon, the harlot, has not been born in most human beings yet.  I have been preaching this for years.  Humanity as a whole is at the stage of puberty, and every human being is either going to birth Christ Jesus or birth mystery Babylon.  That means we are going to have in the earth a company of very powerful people manifesting the Serpent’s nature, and a group of powerful people manifesting the nature of Christ Jesus.  They will war against each other.  


John talks about two resurrections.  The resurrection of the damned one, which is Cain.  She is the one who is damned.  She is female.  I keep saying he.  Then there is the resurrection of the righteous one, the one that was killed, righteous Abel.  I have been telling you Christ Jesus is the avenger of blood.  I believe the Lord corrected me.  The avenger of blood is the Lord Jesus Christ.  The avenger of blood is the Lord Jesus Christ, but He is going to manifest that responsibility through Christ Jesus in the individual.  Christ Jesus is not the avenger of blood.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the avenger of blood.


Who is the Lord Jesus?   What were His roots?  The roots of the Lord Jesus is that He was Abel in a human being that was awakened.  Abel was awakened in the Lord Jesus.  Abel rose above Cain in the Lord Jesus, and the resurrected Abel was called Christ.  Christ married Elijah and probably Moses too.  I never actually thought of it that way before.  He married His inner principles and became the Glorified Jesus Christ, but he started out as Abel in a human being, who was dominated by Cain.


What does it mean that he is the first begotten of the dead?  Jesus is the first begotten of the dead.  He is the first one that escaped from Cain, and He is coming back as the avenger of blood.  He is going to kill Cain and release all the other parts of Himself.  He is going to do it through the mediator, Christ Jesus in the individual.  It is the Lord Jesus Christ who is the avenger of blood.  He is the first born spiritual male that escaped, and He is coming back to save the rest of us. 


The Lord corrected me, and I wanted to make that correction.  The Glorified Jesus, He is Savior and He is King of kings.  He is the avenger of blood, but this truth is applicable only to the spiritual woman, who He sits upon.  That is all of us.  We are all spiritual women.  He is coming back to kill Cain in His people.  This is only applicable to the spiritual woman who He sits upon through the auspices of Christ Jesus, His Son.  In other words Cain will be slain only in the people who are twisted together with the Lord Jesus.  That is the spiritual term, to be twisted together with Him.  It is a spirit tie. 


These people are in one of two categories.  Either they are the believers who are killing Cain within themselves, like I hope everybody here is doing, and the people who are twisted together with the Lord Jesus who are not killing Cain within themselves.  In other words, Passover is a feast for the Israelites who are enslaved in spiritual Egypt.  That is the whole Church and Judah right now.  The judgments of Passover are not for the heathens of the world, which is what the Church is preaching.  Passover is for Israel.  Passover is for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is Israel and for Judah.    


Abel is returning, and he is returning through a company of people that we read about in Ezekiel, Chapter 9, I believe.  It is a group of men and the leader of the man has an inkhorn in his hand.  He is going out and He is slaying everyone that is not faithful.  Does that mean physical slaying?  I do not think so.  I believe it means the slaying of Cain.  He is engraving them with the nature of God.  Now brethren, some people are going to get hurt.  I am telling you the truth.  I am trying to preach this as positively as I can. 


When this judgment goes forth, some people will be dying.  We have to believe that everybody that truly desires and seeks after the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved.  Depending on your condition, and how reprobate you are, or how far from the Lord you are, your judgments may be more painful than other people.  I do not know, but I am trying to preach this in a positive balanced way.  There are people who are not going to survive this judgment.


There are obviously going to be earthquakes.  It is happening already.  People are being hurt.  Christians are being hurt.  Now wars are rising up everywhere.  Do you realize what is going on with Russia right now?  Putin has actually told President Bush that he is not playing games.  Do you all know what the issue is, that we have put an ballistic anti-missile system in Poland?  Does everybody know that?  From what I am told, it is not an aggressive system.  It is a system that will protect Poland from any missiles being sent to them.  Putin said, if you do that, you have got a problem with me, and Bush did it anyway.  We are not only at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are playing chicken with Russia.  Brethren, there is no way this is going to 2011. 


Jesus said, when all of these things happen, look up because your redemption draws nigh.  That means when all of this is happening in the world, and people are shaking in fear or in denial, imperceptible to the world, and to the Church, Christ Jesus is standing up.  He is going to stand up while everybody is looking at what is going on in the world.  To be honest with you, I do not have an accurate idea of exactly what is going to happen.  I just know that righteousness will prevail.


The safest place you all can be, whoever is hearing me or reading this transcript, the safest place you can be is judging your own sins and chasing Jesus down the block by studying His word, and seeking Him personally.  That is the safest place you can be.  It is the best thing you can do for your family, who are probably screaming and trying to manipulate you in every way to stop you from following Him.  It is Cain in them, whether they know it or not. 


I have some scriptures for you.  I do not have alternate translations, but I would like to give you some enlightment on them.  Matthew Chapter 19:27-28; Then answered Peter and said unto him, behold we have forsaken all and followed you.  What shall we have for it?  Jesus said to them, verily I say unto you, that ye which have followed me in the regeneration, when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye shall also sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 


Well, what does that mean?  When you are regenerated, and the son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory.  It does not say the Son of God.  He says the Son of man.  That means your humanity.  That means Christ in you.  The Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory.  When Christ in you shall join with the Glorified Jesus Christ.  He did not say that here, but within Jesus it was happening, because Christ in Him was joined with Elijah.  In that day when Christ, in you, joins with the Glorified person in your life, you shall be sitting in the throne of glory, because the Son of man, your humanity, will be there with Christ.  You will be in Christ Jesus.  You will be on the righteous side.  You shall also sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.


What Jesus is saying to Peter is that the people who have this experience, are the people who judge their own sins.  Brethren, this is not anything that I could give you or I could take away from you.  If I tell you something like I do not see Christ appearing in you, or that I saw Him and I do not see Him anymore, this is not me taking anything away from you or giving you anything.  I am just a mirror telling you what I see with my spiritual eyes.  That has not happened here, but I have said that to somebody recently, who is not in New York.  I am not punishing you.  I am telling you that your own choices have resulted in Christ, in you, going down under Cain.  I am just telling you what I see.


Jesus is saying to the disciples, when you are regenerated.  You are regenerated when Christ Jesus appears in you and you start living out of Him.  As I have told you all, death came for me multiple times, at least three times, maybe more.  I do not even remember.  This is how I was saved from death.  Christ Jesus was regenerated in me.  Christ awakened, and the Lord Jesus Christ married Him, and the Savior was born in me.  It is not to complete maturity yet, but Christ Jesus is functioning in me enough that He has stopped death from taking me multiple times.


Now I still struggle with my health.  I am having trouble breathing today, so I certainly am not completely healed, but I have overcome curses of premature death.  I have not overcome death, yet.  I have overcome premature death through Christ Jesus dwelling in me.  I have been regenerated or I am in the process of being regenerated.  It is my hope that that process will regenerate me to the point that it will continue to resist death in me until full immortality is built in me.  We call that process longevity. 


How did this happen to me?  I chased the Lord down the street.  There was nothing in this life more important to me than chasing Him down the street.  That is studying His word, and understanding His word, and seeking Him.  That is how this happened to me.  How did I get like that?  I do not know.  I do not know how I got like that.  I was like that since I was a little girl.  All that I can tell you is if you do not have that kind of commitment or that kind of drive, you can ask Him for it.  Say Lord, I want the drive that is going to prick me to chase you down the street, that Christ Jesus should be formed in me, that I should live and not die. 


Nothing is hopeless in this world as long as you have Christ.  If you do not have what you need, ask Him for it.  Ask; it is in the Bible.  If you do not have what you need, ask.  Everybody thinks it means food and a job.  Well, it may mean those things, but it also means spiritual things.  Evaluate yourself.  Listen to what I am saying.  If you are not motivated like I am, ask Him for the motivation.  He is faithful to anyone that hears this word and really believes it and asks for it.  He is faithful.  He will give you what you need.  It may not be overnight, but do not ever give up.  He will give it to you.  Do not ever give up.


It says here when you are regenerated, when the Son of man shall sit in the throne, you are going to sit upon the throne.  You are going to be there with Christ Jesus because it is a part of your being.  You will also sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.  What does that mean?     It means that those of you who are regenerated, those of you who have Christ Jesus in you to some degree of maturity, you will be among the company that will be judging the other Christians.  It says the twelve tribes of Israel, including Judah.  That includes Judah.  In other words, when you are regenerated, and Christ Jesus is in you and functioning in you, He is the judge.  Christ Jesus is the judge.


Remember I said earlier, every person that you interact with in your life, when Christ Jesus is in you, sin will be revealed in their hearts.  Wherever we go, we condemn the world.  Each human being is a world.  We are all worlds.  Wherever we go, we bring condemnation to people who are choosing to sin in their lives.  I know that when I had secular jobs, I knew who people were, immediately, when I went into a big office.  Some of them would look me right in the eye and say welcome, and others could not meet my eyes.  They never met me before, but they could not look me in the eye.  I knew that there was sin in their lives, and that it was Cain looking out through their eyes, and he could not face me. 


The people who are experiencing regeneration, we are in a higher spiritual world than the twelve tribes of Israel.  Does it mean you are better than them?  Does it mean you get more blessings than they do?  Does it mean you get favors?  No, it means that you get crucified.  (Laughter) It is because wherever you go, people are going to have the sin in them stirred up.  You are going to find yourself having trials and troubles wherever you go.  You will be challenged to respond out of Christ.  I will tell you something, if you respond out of your carnal mind to people attacking you, their sins will not be forgiven.  Jesus said to His disciples, whoever sins, and you remit, they will be remitted.  Well, what does that mean?  How does that manifest?  Do you say the words?  Inside, your heart is saying I hate your guts, but you say the English words I forgive your sins.  Is that what Jesus was talking about?  Absolutely not ! ! !


How do you forgive somebody’s sins?  You do not revile.  You do not retaliate.  You do not respond in kind, but you truly have pity on them.  You just ask the Lord that you should not be destroyed in the circumstance.  Now the Lord may, if that is your heart, depending on the situation, He may give you some righteous thing to say to the person to try to help them, but that is another issue.  This is how you remit people’s sins.  You forgive them from your heart and you say, Lord, do not let these sins be held to their account.  You can say that out of this pharisee type forgiveness that is in the Church.  It is not the words, it is your heart.


Brethren, I really encourage all of you to ask the Lord to reveal to you if you are one of these pharisees who goes around and says the words that you forgive all the people that have hurt you, when your heart is seething with puss and bitterness, and unforgiveness and hate.  Because if that is true, you need to see it, so that you can ask the Lord to heal it.  I do not think anyone of us has the ability to truly forgive.  I really do not believe that.  If somebody hurts you, you need to say Lord, help me to truly forgive them.  Help me to respond out of Christ.  That is how I pray.  Lord, help me to respond out of Christ.  How do you see this?  I am in this mess, Lord.  How do you see it?  What did I do wrong?


Here is this person, killing you, and I am telling you to ask the Lord what you did wrong.  Yes, be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.  Lord, what did I do wrong?  What did I do to contribute to this problem?  What can I do to put an end to it?  You are not responsible for other people.  We are only responsible for ourselves.  Brethren, what you have to get through your head is what I am trying my best to get through your head.  It is your heart, and it is not your mind.  You can say I forgive you.  You can say I forgive you, but you need to examine your heart, and you need to ask the Lord have I truly forgiven them?  If I have not, I confess it as sin.  I ask you to help me.


Then find somebody that you trust and talk about it.  Someone that you trust that is not going to go and blast it in the front page of the New York Times.  Say to them, do you know what, I hate my husband, and I do not know what to do about it.  Talk about it.  Confess ye your sins one to another, and ask Jesus to help you.  That is what this scripture means.  Matthew 19 verse 28.  When you are regenerated, you will be a part of the throne of glory that will exist inside of you and you will be a human being that carries the throne of glory.  You will be a house for the throne of glory, and you will be higher than the twelve tribes of Israel.


Did not Paul say, you shall judge angels.  Did he not say that?  What is he talking about?  The angels out there?  No!  We all have an angel inside of us.  We have angels inside of us.  We have evil angels inside of us and we have good angels inside of us.  Cain is the evil angel.  Abel is the good angel.  All demons can be called angels, too. 


Jesus was talking to Jewish disciples.  He was talking to twelve Jewish men.  Jesus was saying, when Christ Jesus is regenerated in you, or when Adam is regenerated in you, when righteous Adam is regenerated in you, you who are spiritual will be higher.  You will have a higher spiritual office than the twelve tribes of Israel that are not spiritual, or the members of the twelve tribes of Israel where Cain is still on top of Abel.  You will be above them, and it will be your job to reveal the sins of Cain.  It is Cain who is sinning.  Rescue Abel, that Christ Jesus should be regenerated in all of your brethren.  That was what He was telling them. 


Although I did not print it out here, I believe that in the next verse he goes on to say, all of you who have lost lands and money for my name’s sake, it will be restored to you.  I fully believe that once we come to a place where our sin nature is under control, and we are living for Christ, that there is no reason for people to have problems such as illness or financial worries.  When we are living for Christ, the things of this world that make life comfortable, should be given to us, because our whole life is given over to the spiritual war.  How would it glorify God if we are struggling in any other way?  Financial struggles or struggles with our health will just hinder our spiritual work. 


Matthew 21:5: Tell ye the daughter of Zion, behold thy king cometh unto thee, meek and sitting upon an ass and a colt, the foal of an ass.  I really had to put that one in because it is such a mystery, Lord.  I do not doubt that Jesus rode on an ass, and that He rode into Jerusalem on an ass.  If He did do that and I do not doubt that He did it.  It was just a sign of the spiritual reality which was on its way.  Brethren, who is the ass?  Who is the animal nature?  We, mortal humanity, we are the ass.  I do not mean that as an insult.  I mean we are the animal that the Scripture is calling an ass.  What is an ass?  It is a burden bearer.  They pack all kinds of supplies on it. 


Brethren, our job is to carry the Christ.  Our humanity carries the throne.  It carries Christ Jesus and the Lord Jesus is in there.  Just like we read about the arc being moved from the temple of Dagon at the time when Uzza touched it and was killed.  David was afraid to touch the arc after that, so he put the arc in the house of a Levite priest for a season, until he brought it to Jerusalem.  How did they bring it to Jerusalem?  The put it in a cart that had never been used before so that it would not be polluted.  That is all a type of us.  We need to be made spiritual virgins again.  We need to be make clean so that we can carry the arc, the glory throne of God.  That is who we are.


We are the ass, brethren.  We need to remember that.  Why?  Because the big mistake of Israel, brethren, was that they thought it was themselves, especially Judah.  They did not realize it was the anointing of God in them.  They thought it was them.  They thought they were righteous.  They did not realize that there was a spiritual entity in them that made them righteous.  They thought that they were righteous.  They thought they were powerful.  That was what they thought, and they died.  They died to the commission that they had.  Although, I believe today, that there are Jews who are following the law to the best of their ability, seeking God to the best of their ability and that they do definitely have a relationship with the Lord Jesus, Jehovah.


I do not even know the details, but they are definitely are touching God, and God is touching them.  They just need to find out some information that they do not have.  The Lord only knows we do not have all the information either.  We need to find out information that we do not have too.  I do believe that there are Jews who reject Jesus as Messiah, who are still touching the God of the Old Testament.  In due season, He will teach them what they need to know.  Just as in due season, He will teach us whatever it is that we need to know.  Just as in due season, He will teach the Church that is rejecting the doctrine of Christ.  He will teach them what they need to know. 


As an example for that, some of you may know that when I go to Florida, I attend a good church there.  Compared to what we teach here, it is simple, but the Pastor shows the people their sins.  He is a very faithful man of God.  The anointing is powerful.  A year or two ago, just to make this story short, when I went there, for some reason on that visit to Florida I took a book on reincarnation with me.  I wound up taking it with me into the church.  After a personal struggle, I am saying why would I want to take this book into the church with me.  Why would I want to even do that?  I felt that I should, so I took it into the church.  In this particular church they have an upstair place where you can sit at tables, and you can pretty much do anything you want.  You can bring your computer.  You can bring breakfast.


Downstairs in the regular sanctuary, it is a traditional church.  You could go upstairs and do anything you want.  I sat at a table and I did not know why I had that book with me, so I turned it over so nobody could see the title.  That pastor came out and to my absolute amazement, apparently he had a conflict with someone in the church who was trying to tell him that reincarnation was of God.  This very faithful pastor stood there declaring that reincarnation was not of God.  I am making this very fast because I really am getting long winded.  My jar just dropped open when I realized that I was there as a witness against him, and the book that I had with me was the second witness against this faithful pastor who was making a mistake.


The Lord sent two witnesses into that church disagreeing with him, saying reincarnation is of God.  As soon as I realized what was happening, I turned the book over so you could see the title, and I did not care who saw it.  I knew that it was the author of that book and me that was standing as a witness against the mistake of this very faithful pastor.  I waited because I was very interested to see what condition his church would be in when I came back a year later, which was just this past visit.  The church is prospering, brethren.  This is what the Lord told me.  I was thinking the whole anointing on the church would come down, but it did not.  This man is faithful and in the messages he was showing the people their sins.  He was faithfully ministering to God’s people.  He just made a mistake.


The two witnesses, me and the author of the book that I had with me, that declared that reincarnation is of God, was simply a mark in heaven that the day will come that the Lord will correct this faithful pastor.  We are all ignorant spiritual women, no matter what mistakes we make.  It is not the mistakes that you make because the Lord can fix any mistake that you make.  It is your heart, and dealing with our sin nature that is absolutely essential.  I am telling you that every church that is not dealing with the sin nature today is being shut down.  Every minister that is not dealing with the sin nature, their anointing is being withdrawn from him.  It is your heart and your willingness to deal with your sins. 


This is the spiritual meaning of the scripture, tell ye the daughter of Zion.  That is us, the spiritual female of the offspring of the ten commandments which were given in Zion.  Behold, your king comes.  That is Christ.  You know Christ Jesus comes unto you.  He is meek and He is sitting upon an ass.  He is coming in a human being.  He is coming sitting upon the throne inside a human being, inside a meek human being, inside somebody that is not out there yelling at you, and ordering you around, and telling you to do this or to do that, or declaring who he is or telling you that he is Christ.  He is coming in a meek person who you would never guess has the authority unless the Lord tells you.  He is probably not going to tell you unless you ask.


That is what this scripture means.  Behold your king, Christ Jesus, is coming to you in a meek human being.  He is coming in an ass, which is a human being that is meek and He is also coming in a colt, the foal of an ass.  He is coming in two different ways.  He is coming in a person.  How do I say the difference?  I guess I should not have said Christ Jesus.  He is coming in an individual, which has an imputed Christ Jesus and an individual which has an imparted Christ Jesus.  He is coming sitting on an ass.  Christ Jesus is coming in a human being, imputed, and He is coming in the colt of an ass, the one that has a reborn spiritual life.  A colt means offspring.  He is coming in the imparted Christ Jesus, the one who has Christ Jesus born in him.  Can you hear that?


Matthew 25 verses 31 thru 33: When the son of man shall come in His glory and all the holy angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the throne of His glory, and before Him shall be gathered all nations, and He shall separate them one from another as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats.  He shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on his left.  Commenting on verse 31.  When the son of man; that is the human being that is carrying the glory of God.  When the son of man shall come in his glory; come into his glory.  That means when he shall be regenerated and Christ Jesus shall appear in him.  All the holy angels with him; that means all of us that are having the same experience.  Then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory.  So Jesus is saying, I am the Son of man.  I am regenerated.  I am going to be glorified.  I am going to come into my glory.  I am going to be glorified.  All of the holy angels; all of us when we are regenerated.  He shall sit upon the throne of his glory in us.  That is what He was telling the disciples.  He told them that He was going to be glorified and that He would come again and marry the resurrected Christ in each of us, which would give birth to Christ Jesus, His throne, and He will sit in the throne of glory in the heart center of each individual.  That was what He was telling His disciples.  Did I make that clear?  Does everybody got that?


Verse 32: And before him shall be gathered all nations, and He shall separate them one from another as a shepherd divideth his sheep from his goats.  Before him shall be gathered all of the nations.  There is Israel and there is the nations.  We have a message by that name in Christ Centered Kabbalah.  All of the nations shall be gathered unto Israel.  That means when Israel comes into its glory, when it comes into its power, and it is ruling righteously over the world, the nations will be gathered unto Israel.  They will be nurtured by Israel, fed by Israel.  What does that mean?  The positive powers that Israel will be drawing down into the earth will minister to the nations.  They too will live in peace and prosperity because they will be under the authority of Israel.


The second part of that verse says, and he shall separate them one from another.  Separate who?  I want to suggest to you that Cain will be separated from Abel in everybody, even in the nations.  Cain will have to go down under Abel, even in the nations, but certainly in all of Israel.  He shall separate Cain from Abel, as a shepherd divides his sheep from his goats.  Abel is the sheep and Cain is the goat. 


Verse 33: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on his left.  What does that mean?  The goats, Cain, will be continuously under judgment.  This we see prophesied in Ezekiel, Chapter 1.  This is the lake of fire that burneth.  This is the eternal flame that we saw burning outside of the tabernacle of natural Israel.  It is the eternal flame.  It is the continuous tribulation of the negative powers and principalities within the creation.  They will be eternally under the control of the lake of fire, which is Christ Jesus.  That may not be exactly right.  I keep telling you all the time, Christ Jesus, the Lord Jesus, sometimes I do not always get the level straight, but I think that the Lord told me that that lake of fire is not Christ Jesus.  It is the Glorified Jesus Christ.  Sometimes I get that wrong, so do not let us get into that detail right now. 


The principle here is that Cain must be separated from Abel, and Abel must prevail over Cain.  When all of Israel is regenerated and Christ Jesus is sitting in their heart center, and the Lord Jesus Christ is sitting on the throne of Christ Jesus in the members of Israel, Israel will exercise authority over the nations and will draw Abel to the surface over Cain in the nations, and the nations who are warlike will become peaceful.  This is the scripture that says the lion shall lie down with the lamb.  That is what we are talking about.  The warlike nations will become peaceable because the spiritual authority of Israel will draw Abel to the surface in the nations, and put the warlike Cain underneath. 


He will set the sheep on his right hand.  Christ will be on his right hand, and the goat, the manifestations of Cain will be under continuous judgment, continually burning in the lake of fire.  The torment that they will experience is not the torment that we think of as torment.  The Greek word translated torment really means to be driven down to the bottom, or tribulation or torment.  I am sorry, but I do not remember which one.  I think it is tribulation.  The Greek word translated tribulation means to be driven down to the bottom, under the authority of Christ Jesus, to the bottom, underneath the authority of Abel.  That is the torment that Cain will experience in the regeneration.  She will not be able to rise up and take authority over the authority.  That is the torment she shall experience.  She will not be able to do evil.  She will be restrained from doing evil deeds.  That is the torment that she will experience.


Revelation Chapter 17 Verses 1 thru 6.  This is a very mysterious series of verses.  I hope to shed some light on it for you today.  There came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials and talked with me saying unto me, come hither.  I will show unto you the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters, with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.  So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns, and the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.  Upon her forehead was a name written, mystery Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.  I saw a woman drunken with the blood of the saints and the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.  When I saw her I wondered with great admiration.        


I think I have to put this on the board for you.  This whole account of this harlot; this is the one who stands opposite Christ Jesus.  Everything that I have described to you about the Glorified Jesus Christ, the throne, Christ being awakened in you, has a negative counterpart on the other side, on the evil side.  This is the one who is being described, the opponent of Christ Jesus.  What do I mean by the opponent of Christ Jesus?  Brethren, humanity is the cart.  We are a cart, or an ass, or a beast of burden, which carries spiritual life.  There is a war going on.  It has been going on for only God knows how many thousands of years, between Almighty God and the Serpent, who departed from the whole of the creation.


Who is the Serpent?  The Serpent is the earthen part of the creation.  The creation was spirit and earth.  They were suppose to be one whole creation with the earthen aspect, or the earthen consciousness, under the authority of the spiritual consciousness or the consciousness of God.  The earthen part of the creation, whose personal name is the Serpent, departed from the whole.  Now we have a temporary separation, a temporary fracture of the creation, but it is only down here in this world.  In the higher worlds there is no separation.  There is no separation in the higher worlds where the Lord is.  It is just down here in the fallen world, down here in hell.  This is where the separation takes place.  For this reason, heaven is coming down to earth and is going to marry the earth.


That is how I started this message.  Heaven is coming down to marry hell because we are one creation, righteousness and good and evil.  Where good and evil are, the evil usually prevails.  Righteousness is descending into this world to marry the evil, to swallow up the evil so that we will once again be one whole creation under the authority of the righteousness of God.  There is a place in the creation for the evil.  We read in the Book of Isaiah, the Lord says I create the evil and I form the light.  The evil forms the light.  The darkness gives form to the light.


If you think of each one of us as a source of light, the darkness is our flesh, because the light is inside of us.  The light is Christ and He is inside of us.  The darkness of our physical body separates us one from the other, but Christ is not divided, so Christ in all of us is one entity.  The darkness, the physical body that surrounds each of us, and of course the darkness of our mind also, separates the different elements of Christ, but He is not divided.  Well how can that be, Sheila, when you just described a divided Christ.  Christ is not divided in the higher realms where He is whole.  He is just divided down here. 


I think I will put this on the board and do some drawings.  I will try to explain this very profound series of verses to you.  There is nothing like preaching.  No matter how I feel, as soon as I get past the first half hour, when I cannot breathe, I am okay.  (Laughter) This is drawing #1.  There are multiple grades of authority, both in the kingdom of God and in the Serpent’s kingdom.  It is just like we see in a ministry or in a family, there is the husband, the wife, the oldest child, and then all the children under them.  There are multiple descending grades of authority in all kingdoms.  It is even in the animal kingdoms.  We always see authority.  The Serpent is at the highest position of authority and underneath the Serpent we find wisdom.  James talks about the devilish wisdom, the wisdom that does not come from God, but comes from the Serpent’s side.  The devilish wisdom is associated with spiritual manhood in the kingdom of darkness. 


Underneath the man is the woman who is the harlot.  She is the third level of authority down from the highest authority.  She is married to all of the fallen souls of humanity.  This is the spiritual fornication that we read about in Revelation 17 verses 1 and 2.  The woman is a harlot because she is not faithful to God.  Down here in this world we have two kingdoms, but in the higher world there is just one kingdom.  Light and darkness are suppose to be combined together into one kingdom, just like in a photograph we have dark and light.  That is how we get a photograph.  We have dark portions and light portions and we get a picture.


They are suppose to be one creation, darkness and light, as part of a whole, but the darkness departed from the light.  The earthen part of the creation departed from the spiritual part of the creation.  Down here in the fallen world, we have two kingdoms, but in the highest world there was no division.  The separation only came from the lower portion.  If you want to think of the creation as a series of building blocks from the highest down to the lowest, the whole creation did not fall, just the lower portion or the lower half of those building blocks fell.  I will do a drawing of that after this.


We see the woman is the third level of authority down.  She is the harlot.  She is suppose to be having spiritual sex with God who is above her.  She is suppose to be having spiritual sex with the spiritual male, righteous Adam, who is above her.  Instead of doing that, she is having spiritual sex with Cain, or with the Serpent, and with the elements of the kingdom of darkness in humanity.  She is having sex with the elements beneath her, with the elements of the earth, and that is why she is called the harlot.  She is unfaithful to her true spiritual husband.  The Scripture says that the harlot is sitting on many waters.  The term sit is an euphemism.  It is a nice way of saying sexual intercourse.  I have been preaching this for years.  It is a Hebrew euphemism for a connection, either physical connection between a man and a woman or spiritual connection.


The Scripture says she is sitting upon many waters.  The soul is frequently described as waters.  In Genesis 1 we read about the Spirit of God hovered above the waters.  That was the Spirit of God hovering above the living soul.  Each one of us has a soul.  Our soul is likened to water.  To the touch, it is not solid like our body, so the soul is likened unto water.  When the Scripture says the woman sits upon many waters, it means she is sitting upon, or married to, or sitting on the throne in the heart of the individual, and she is joined to their souls.  It is analogues to what I told you about Abel being awakened and joining with the Lord Jesus Christ.  That union gives birth to a throne and the throne is called Christ Jesus.  In that throne is the Lord Jesus and the Son of man.


This is the divided kingdom.  The kingdom down here is divided and there is a kingdom that is analogues to what I just described about the kingdom of God.  There are human beings, and instead of Abel being awakened in us, Cain is awakened in the average human being.  Instead of the Lord Jesus, the woman who is the harlot, is shining down her spirit upon fallen humanity.  Her spirit is joining with Cain instead of the Lord Jesus joining with Abel, and there is a birth there.  The Scripture says this about all the kings of the earth.


Let me read it to you in Chapter 17 verse 1: There came one of the seven angels, which had seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither.  I will show you the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters.  The great whore is suppose to be married to God but is married to the earth, who is married to the many waters, the many souls of mortal humanity.  With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication.  Now the soul of God, that is in each of us, is the king of our earthen personality.  She is fornicating with the souls, with the kings of the earth.  That is the souls of God within the people.  With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.  I have not indicated this on the board because the board is very busy, and I am running out of time.  I do not know whether I will do another drawing or not. 


Who are the inhabitants of the earth?  If we are the earth of our personality and our body is the earth, who are the inhabitants of the earth?  I did preach on this.  That answer you gave of Cain and Abel is interesting.  I did not think that, but let me see if you are right and I am wrong.  Let me look at this again.  With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication.  That would be Cain and Abel.  No, the inhabitants of the earth, they are different.  The inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.


Brethren, I do not know if it was here or maybe it was in the CCK messages, we found out that the inhabitants of the earth are the Canaanites.  We found out that our flesh is Cain.  Our physical bodies, and our personalities, and our spiritual body, which is the personality, is the Canaan land that is given to Christ in you and me.  The resurrected Abel is Christ in you and me, and is spiritual Israel.  He is and has been given the right to possess Canaan land, which is us, but Canaan land is possessed. 


Our bodies and our souls, all of humanity is possessed by the woman, the harlot.  She is fornicating with Cain and all human beings, even those of us in whom Christ is being resurrected.  She is still fornicating with Cain within us.  There are inhabitants in the land.  There are all of the other species, all of the non human species of the lower realms and the demons.  That is it.  Everything is not a demon.  There are other species and they live in us.  Our physical bodies is outer darkness.  We have different realms.  All of the worlds exist inside of us.


There are Canaanites, Amorites, Jebusites, all different kinds.  The word Canaanite is the blanket term for all of the ites.  In a CCK message, we went into finding out what each of the ites meant in a deeper way.  The bottom line is there are other species that live in us, brethren.  We all know that there is bacteria in our blood, that there are disease germs in our blood, and that does not bother us, but if we talk about spiritual entities living in us, we get upset.  All of the bacteria and disease germs in our blood are merely physical manifestations of spiritual entities, that exist in our spiritual body, because we have a spiritual body that looks like our physical body.  Our physical body is the outermost layer of our being.  Is everybody okay with this?


The inhabitants of the earth that are drunk with our blood are all the spiritual entities that drink our spiritual blood.  They drink our energy.  That is why these bodies grow old.  Just like flies and mosquitoes bite you when you sit outside in the summertime, or if you are in the tropics, there are spiritual entities that bite and drink our blood continuously.  That is why we get sick.  They take our energy and they give us their poison, and we get sick. 


With whom the kings of the earth; that is us, our soul part, have committed fornication.  Cain, the part of our soul that is Cain, has committed fornication with the harlot.  The inhabitants of the earth, or the entities that live in us, have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.  Wine is talking about her spirit, the spirit by which she fornicates with us and spiritual drunkenness merely means high with spiritual power.  It is that spiritual power of these Canaanites, in our flesh, that cause us to get sick and to die.  They are responsible for every physical thing that is wrong with us.  Some Canaanites have invaded your body, and they have drained so much energy from a portion of it that an illness has appeared.  They have corrupted the cells.  That is what makes us sick. 


The kings of the earth have committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk.  They have become spiritually powerful because of the spirit by which the woman fornicates with us.  How do they become spiritually powerful?  The one who is analogues with Christ Jesus is being born in us when the spirit of the harlot fornicates with Cain.  Instead of the Spirit of the Lord Jesus fornicating with Abel, who when he is awakened becomes Christ, the daughter of the harlot is born in us.  That is how they become powerful.


We become powerful when the Lord Jesus joins with Abel in us, and he awakens to be Christ, and Christ Jesus is born in us.  We become spiritually powerful.  This is the other side.  The Serpent is doing the same thing that the Lord Jesus is doing.  The woman is fornicating with Cain and producing an entity, and entities, that are also there, feed off of us.  They are the inhabitants of the earth, the Canaanites.  We all have Canaanites in our flesh, and by the power of Christ Jesus, we are to drive them out.  We are to drive them out.  You can pray that way over your own body.  You can pray that way over your own body.  You can destroy and drive out the Canaanites that are feeding off of your land and making you sick.


I think it is really too late to go on with verse 3, so I am just going to read it.

Verse 3: So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast.  Well, who is the scarlet colored beast?  It is humanity in general.  We are the beast.  We are the ass.  That is who we are, but when the Lord Jesus Christ joins Himself to us, and births Christ Jesus in us, we become the son of God.  We become a part of the whole, which is both spirit and earth with the spiritual part ruling.  When the spiritual part rules over us, we ascend to a place of spirit.  We are the beast, and we are scarlet colored, because scarlet is the color of the woman, and we are full of the names of blasphemy.


Now we talk about the names of God.  We said that the name of Jesus is higher than any other name.  So who are the names of blasphemy?  All the names of blasphemy is the offspring of this unholy union of the woman, who is the harlot, and the soul of man in the individual.  All of the manifestations of Cain are blaspheming.  Who do they blaspheme?  They blaspheme God. 


Having seven heads and ten horns.  I do not have time to do that.  The woman was arrayed in purple.  Now purple is the color of royalty, although I drew her in red on the board.  Red is the color of her reflection or her name down here in the earth.  We are saying that she is strong.  It is just like I said, the union of the Lord Jesus with Christ, in you, produces Christ Jesus.  That is what this means.  Her red color or her purple color has joined with humanity to produce that strength.  She is decked with gold and precious stones and pearls.  This is what happens when she brings with her the wisdom.  Pearls are wisdom.  The woman is attached to the wisdom above her, so when she comes down to the earth, and joins with the soul of men, she brings wisdom and understanding.


She brings everything from the Serpent’s side into that manifestation of Cain, which is becoming powerful and analogues to Christ Jesus.  She is decked with gold.  She has deity and she has strength and wisdom.  The cup is the human being.  We have humanity, a fallen mankind, who is full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication.  What is that talking about?  It is the hidden sins of our heart.  That is what it is talking about.  The hidden sins of mankind.  They are the evil inclination, envy and pride, and all of the evil things that come out under the darkness of our soul, that we do not want to be there, but they are there.  The filthiness of her fornication, that is the one that is born. 


The Lord Jesus is joining with Abel, and Christ Jesus is born on the other side.  The woman, the harlot, is joining with Cain and the daughter of Babylon, and a filthy inner man is born.  It is one or the other.  Upon her forehead was a name written, mystery Babylon the great.  Of course, we are getting into the energy centers here.  Upon her forehead is where the sixth energy center is.  That is high spiritual power up here.  There was a name written, not the Glorified Jesus Christ, not righteousness, but the name mystery Babylon the great, the mother of harlots.  She is mother, and the abominations that exist in the earth is the beast. 


I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.  What does that mean?  It means that people who are the saints of God have this monstrosity living inside of them also.  That is what it means.  The woman is drunken with the blood of the saints.  People who name the name of Jesus, people who read their Bible every day, people who praise God, people who speak in tongues, people who prophesy, this mess is inside of them, also.  We call it the carnal mind, which sounds harmless enough until you see what it really is.  It is filthiness inside of us.  It is spiritual dirt.  We are full of abominations.  What is an abomination referred to primarily in the Scripture?  Anybody remember?  Idolatries.  Idolatries.  That word is primarily associated with idolatry in the Scripture. 


Everything that we put ahead of God in our life is idolatry.  I am not here to condemn anybody, but I have to say this.  We have someone who is very sick here today, and we had some discussion that was not recorded.  I told you all, now listen.  Do not get condemned, but if you have more faith in the doctors than you do in God, it is idolatry.  Now if you do not have the faith for healing, by all means please go to the doctor, but you need to know what I am telling you.  If your faith is in the doctors, it is idolatry.  What do you need to do?  You need to confess it to God.  Say Lord, my faith is more in the doctors than you.  Please help me, forgive me, and help me, and then go to the doctor.  Please go to the doctor.  Still, you need to confess it as sin. 


I told this to the Lord years ago, when my father was still alive.  You know, Lord, if my natural father told me he was going to give me a thousand dollars a week to run this ministry, or a thousand dollars a day, or whatever I said, some large amount of money, I would have no problem believing him.  My father would always keep that kind of word to me.  But Lord, if you tell me that the day is coming that you will adequately fund this ministry, I confess I have a hard time believing it.  Today I believe it, but years ago I had a hard time believing it.  I did not have the faith for finances then that I have today. 


Look brethren, faith has to be built in you.  If you do not have it, it is no crime.  It has to be built in you through a series of experiences.  You cannot have faith, true faith, if you do not experience the faithfulness of the Lord.  I am not here to condemn you.  Do not feel bad if you do not have it, whether it is for money or whether it is for healing.  What I am telling you is, recognize if you do not have it, and confess it as sin, and ask the Lord to help you.  Does anybody misunderstand me here?  If you are sick, go to the doctor, unless you have that relationship with the Lord, which not many people have, but know that it is idolatry and ask for help. 


This woman, which is mortal humanity, is filled with abominations.  She is filled with idolatry and the filthiness of her fornication, which is that entity that is born of the fornication called here the daughter of Babylon.  It is the human personality.  That is how God sees it.  He sees it as filthy.  Upon her forehead, upon the brow energy center, a name was written.  It is not the name of the Lord Jesus.  This is the mark of the beast.  Mystery Babylon the great, the mother of harlots, coming with power.


We found out in other messages that this woman, that the entity on this level, the third level from the top is called pharaoh.  Now we know it is a female pharaoh.  Pharaoh mystery Egypt, mystery Egyptian religion,  Pharaoh and Babylon the great, the mother of all the harlots of the human beings that are manifesting her nature, and the abominations of the earth.  It is all the idol worship of the earth, all the outgrowth of the idol worship, and all of the evil that comes out of worshiping idols.

I saw the woman drunken.  She was very elevated in spiritual power.  Do you remember Peter said in the Book of Acts, these are not drunken.  This is what was prophesied in the Book of Joel.  Remember that scripture?  The word drunkenness in the Scripture can mean elevated spiritual power.  She has elevated spiritual power because she has joined with Cain in the people of God, and is feasting off of the energy of the Holy Spirit or Christ, within God’s people, who are not adequately repenting.  Their spiritual power is elevated by the blood of Jesus in the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.  That Greek word translated martyr means witness.  Who is the witness of Jesus?  It is Abel or Christ in you. 

She is drunk with the blood of the saints, and she is specifically drunk with the blood of Abel or Christ within God’s people.  She is drunk with the energy of the Holy Spirit, and she is drunk with the energy of Abel, who is the witness or the reflection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  When I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.  I have not looked that word up, but I doubt that it means admiration.  This happens to me when I just look at what is going on in the world, and I say, wow Lord, would you just look at what is going on here.  That is amazing, seeing God’s people with their bumper stickers, and their Bibles, and jumping up and down praising God, and going to church, and doing everything that they are doing under the cover of darkness where nobody could see it, except people who have the eyes of Christ Jesus.  This entity exists.  This mother of harlots and this abomination and this filthiness is there.

Do you remember in the Book of Ezekiel, when the Lord takes the prophet Ezekiel, and He says to him, look through the hole in the wall?  What that hole in the wall means is look with your spiritual eyes.  Look inside of them.  What were they all doing?  Does anybody remember?  This was Israel.  What were they doing?  All kinds of fornication, and idolatry, and they were worshiping the sun rising in the east.  That is the Church today.  It is me too.  That is you, that is all of us.  This is all of us.

If this message condemns you, all of my efforts to educate you is wasted.  I tell you all this that you should put yourself before God and ask for help because nobody can be delivered from this by their own will.  The only way this condition in us will change is when the avenger of blood arises in us to slaughter this mess inside of us.  What we have to do is our part to experience the avenger of blood to enter into us and slaughter Cain.  What does that word slaughter mean?  It means to chop in pieces.  It means to separate Cain, from Leviathan, from Satan, from the mother of harlots, to break everything up.  Break up this chain.  Break up this conglomeration of negative energy in us, and strengthen Abel and Christ is us, so that we can turn everything around, so that the fruit of this ugly fornication will be destroyed.

In the Old Testament, it talks about Israel going to war and ripping up the women with child.  People who are not Christians have challenged me about those scriptures.  What kind of a God is that ripping up the women with child?  It is talking about the spiritual women.  Rip that child out of us Lord, that unholy child, which is the fruit of the fornication of the mother of harlots and my soul.  Rip it out !!!  That is what is in us, brethren.  Get yourself before God.  Say Lord, what do I need to do that the avenger of blood should appear? 

Can you just see this board, and imagine it animated, and all kinds of activity going on, and suddenly the avenger of blood appears to put an end to this fornication, and to deliver the kings of the earth from the abominations in the midst of them.  Rip out that child, Lord, and give us your manchild, in Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

Any questions or comments on this message today?

Congregation: This made me think of the movie of Dorian Gray and the evil that was inside of him.

Pastor Vitale: That is interesting.  Dorian Gray is a story about a very evil man in his heart, but on the outside he was very successful.  He wears nice clothes and makes an excellent appearance.  Someone paints a picture of him, and the evil that is on the inside of him appears in the picture. 



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