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Praise the Lord.  We have a new message today, Leviathan Must Die.  The Lord is doing marvelous things here.  I thought it would be a one part message, but obviously not.  First of all, I want you all to know that the spirit that is here today really excited me because I have not seen a spirit like it is here today, or at least the one that I perceived when I first walked out here, in about ten years.  I have not seen that excitement coming out of the congregation.  I get very excited.  I scream and yell when I am bringing these translations forth.  I am telling you the truth.  I scream and yell, but there was a spirit here in the congregation this morning, that I have not seen in at least ten years, maybe more. 


Something is happening here.  The Lord is definitely moving up.  He is winding up.  Do you know the spiritual principle that is set forth by the rabbis who teach the Scripture about the slingshot? To shoot a sling, you have to wind up.  It means reincarnation.  There is a windup here.  There is a winding up.  The culmination is going to be a climax of the windup.  There is going to be the manifestation or the incarnation of Christ Jesus in full power.  That is what it is going to be. 


We have the privilege of bringing forth the message that He is the Word.  We keep on bringing forth the revelation as He delivers it.  I deliver it and you receive it.  Collectively, we are bringing forth a measure of His life into this universe, down here in this world, which is ultimately going to result in His appearance.  Now some of you may remember that awhile back, a few years back, when we were talking about Maitreya, I had a revelation.  First of all, Benjamin Creme, who was the spokesperson for Maitreya, has been announcing for years, maybe even twenty years, a long time, that Maitreya, the non Christian Christ, claims to be the Christ of this age.  Benjamin Creme, his spokesperson, is just like I am as a spokesperson for Christ Jesus.


This spokesperson was announcing, on a web site at a meeting, that Maitreya was going to reveal himself to humanity as soon as humanity was ready for him.  That was what Benjamin Creme was saying.  I was saying that it was my understanding that Maitreya was or would be, or intended to be a self incarnated manifestation of some high power principality.  What does that mean self incarnated?  It means someone who is not born of a woman.  He is going to appear directly from a higher world, in this world, and take form in this world.


In order to do that it requires an enormous amount of energy.  A self incarnation requires an enormous amount of energy.  Maitreya was not appearing because he could not, at least as of today, gather up enough energy to appear in this world and stay manifested.  You need the energy to stay manifested.  One of the ways he was trying to gather this energy together was through the crowds that were attending Benny Hinn’s meetings.  That was my opinion at the time.  Is it not my opinion now?  I am not saying it is not my opinion now.


When the Spirit of Revelation gets on you, it is very easy to believe something.  Then when the Spirit of Revelation departs from you, the challenge is to remember and believe that what you heard was under the anointing.  When the anointing is not on you, you sometimes say where did that come from?  I must have made that up.  That is what your carnal mind tries to tell you.  This is what I mean when I tell you, at that time, the Spirit of Revelation was on me.  I have not heard anything else.  In other words, the Lord has not corrected me.


Today I still believe that Benny Hinn is not manifesting neither the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ.  It is no spirit that comes from God.  That is my opinion of Benny Hinn, but all of the Christians that come to his meetings, hoping to be healed, come with the Holy Spirit.  He has thousands of people at his meetings.  All of these Christians come, thousands of Christians, filled with hope to be healed.  I had a revelation a couple of years ago, and the Lord has not corrected me, which means I continue to believe it, but I am not telling you that that revelation is on me now.  Does anybody not understand what I am talking about? 


I remember and believe what the Lord told me back then, but it is not the Lord speaking to you now.  I am speaking to you in remembrance of what He told me in a previous time, that Maitreya was manifesting in Benny Hinn.  He was hoping, through the worship, to gather enough strength to incarnate and appear to the world, and claim the office of the Christ, which we know legitimately belongs to the Lord Jesus.  The worship is an impartation to the energy.  When you worship somebody, or when you love somebody, or when you hate somebody, you impart your energy to them.  Maitreya was resident in Benny Hinn doing his best to gather up all of the energy that was being directed towards Benny Hinn or that was present in that Colosseum or in that stadium.


All of the Christians, with their hope and prayers to the Lord Jesus, were praying for healing.  Maitreya was present in Benny Hinn gathering up all of that energy in an attempt to self incarnate, but apparently he failed.  Maybe it is because some Christians prayed against him.  I do not know, but he failed.  The Lord just told me now such a Spirit of Revelation has been around lately.  I am telling you there is a scripture in Psalm 56 verse 8, that says I will gather all of your tears in a bottle.  He said I am going to gather your tears and put them in a bottle.  This is what that scripture is talking about.


I would have to look up the meaning of the Hebrew word translated tears.  I just got a word of knowledge from the Lord that that is what that scripture means.  Now I go into the Interlinear Text and see if there is an alternate translation of that word, tear, that would agree with what the Lord just told me.  That is how the Spirit of Revelation works.  You get the revelation first.  Then you go into the Interlinear Text and see if what you heard was really from God.  Is it really there?  That is how it works.  He said I am going to gather all your tears in a bottle; Christ Jesus, the Savior.  He is going to take all of your hope for healing, all of your love, all of your passion, and all of your gratitude, which is spirit.


Spirit can be likened to water if the surrounding context agrees with that.  Sometimes it is vapor, sometimes it is water, depending on the principle you are trying to set forth.  He says I am going to gather it all up and I am going to put it in a bottle, in a man, the manifestation of Christ Jesus, the one who will have the power to make your wishes, your hopes and your dreams come true.  Is that not exciting?  That is so exciting.  I am telling you, I have been jumping up and down a lot in this house lately.  I really have.     


How in the world did I get to that?  I was talking to you about this message, and I was telling you that the name of the message is Leviathan.  Does anybody remember how I got into that?  (Laughter)  I was talking about the manifestation of Christ Jesus.  That was how I got into it.  I know what I was telling you.  I was talking about the slingshot.  I was saying that there was a very exciting joyful spirit here this morning when I walked out, and you were all here just coming in, and that I had not seen that spirit here in probably more than ten years.  It is a spirit of joy.  Then I talked to you about the slingshot.


I told you how powerful the message is, and it is just getting more and more powerful.  My perception is that the strength of the Lord, the energy, the Spirit of Revelation that is rolling in, is a windup.  It is a windup and it is touching you all, whether you are aware of it or not, because the spirit that was here this morning was on you.  It did not come from me.  It was on all of you.  It came in with you.  It is the windup.  The revelation is just building and building and building.  It is the windup of the slingshot.  Remember, David was the one holding the stone that brought down Goliath.  Right?  He went with some smooth stones in his slingshot, and the windup before the stone is released is all this revelation and the power that is coming in with it.


The kind of power that I described was present at Benny Hinn’s meetings.  When David lets go of that stone, the rabbis tell us that means incarnation.  Who is incarnating?  Christ Jesus, the human being, who is going to have the power to make real to you or to satisfy all of the Godly hopes and desires of your heart.  There is a big windup in this ministry.  I hear a question in the spirit.  There are thousands of people at Benny Hinn’s meeting and Maitreya could not even find the strength to incarnate with all of those thousands of people.  The Lord does not need thousands of people.  Christ Jesus is the reincarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ in the form of His Son.  He does not need thousands of people. 


He has the unlimited power of God at His highest degree.  The Lord Jesus Christ has access to the infinite eternal ultimate power of God.  We do not need thousands of people for Him to manifest.  What Christ Jesus needs to manifest is a few willing vessels, and He manifests in His Word.  You see, there is a false revival in Lakeland, Florida today.  False revivals emphasize the Spirit.  There is nothing wrong with the move of the Spirit, but the emphasis on the Spirit above the Word is disorderly.  The Word is higher than the Spirit.  The Spirit witnesses to the Word. 


We see this Word today.  Those of you sitting here, you see the drawings.  June came in and her music, which she received by the Spirit, witnessed to the Word.  She had no idea what I was preaching today, that Leviathan must die.  She came in singing the song, This Mountain Must Be Removed.  The Spirit witnesses to the Word.  When the Spirit is given a higher position than the Word, that  ministry is out of order, and you should get out of there, or at least seek the Lord about getting out of there.  That ministry is out of order.    


When Christ Jesus manifests, He does not need energy from down here to manifest.  He needs just a couple of willing people who are willing to study His word because He is the Word.  His energy, His power, is in the Word.  That is where He meets us.  That is the mercy seat.  He meets us in the word.  Christ Jesus is going to be incarnating in human beings, who will be carrying His Word in their heart, a living manifestation of His Word in the form of understanding, and an ability to impart that understanding in a simple way to people who do not have all of the knowledge that that person has.  To make a difficult concept simple for people who do not have all of your education is very very hard.


You have to really have an intense understanding, not only of the word of God.  You know there has been a phenomena today of physicists writing books for the common man.  There have been several books written about quantum mechanics.  I have been blessed by several of them.  There is no way I can make it to a PHD in physics.  I do not even know that I could get through physics one and two.  I like science, but I do not have a scientific mind.  Several great astrophysicists that have doctorate and post doctorate degrees and use calculus; I could not even talk to them.  They have taken all of their knowledge and made it simple enough for common people, for lay people, to get the basic idea of what they are talking about.  That is what the sons of God have to do. 


We are going to be very very educated.  Everybody does not have the ability to understand what I am teaching here.  Our job is to learn it well enough, because you cannot make it simple unless you really really understand it.  Our job is to learn, to study, and to understand.  Why?  Because we can do it.  Then we have to break it down.  It is just like if you have a piece of bread for birds, you break it up into crumbs.  Jesus even talked about the crumbs from the table of Israel.  The Gentiles can receive the crumbs from the table of Israel.  What does that mean?  It is not putting anybody down.


Quite simply, everybody cannot understand this stuff.  They just do not have the ability to understand it, and everybody is not called to understand it.  You know, when I first started preaching this message, I had several church people I was friendly with.  This is just human nature.  You know, you go to church with somebody, and you know that it is just a pal, and all of a sudden they are teaching this incredible message.  It is just really hard to understand that they have been promoted, and called to a spiritual office, and in that area you are not equal anymore.  It is just really hard when you have known somebody all of these years.


When I first started, and I did not even know who I was myself, several people who would come to the meetings were alarmed, and would say to me, I cannot do what you do.  I cannot study like you study.  I have had people open up my reference books and want me to show them how to do it.  You have to have a call on your life to do this.  I have to have a call on my life to do what I am doing.  You all, who are not doing what I am doing, you have a call on your life for the level that you are at.  Then it is going to go in levels, and levels, and levels.  Eventually, this message has to get to the most uneducated people or people who are educated.  Like I said, the Lord has made me brilliant here, but I certainly could not understand physics.  I do not think I could get through physics two.  I do not even know if I could get through physics one. 


There are people who could be very brilliant, but they are not called to be teachers of this doctrine, or to understand the depths of this doctrine.  There would be degrees of teachers, and eventually, there has to be people who can teach this message on the simplest, simplest, simplest level.  That is what it is all about.  I was saying that Christ Jesus does not need a lot of people.  He does not need the worship of a lot of people to incarnate.  Do you know that what we do here is worship?  It is teaching this message, and you submitting yourselves, spending your time and energy, and your faithfulness to be here.


Everything that I do to prepare for you, and then all week becoming one in the Spirit together in a meeting like this, is worship.  It is much more worship than someone saying to me, raise your hands and praise Jesus.  If that is all the kindergarten kids can do, that is fine, but we need to know that is not the true worship.  What we do here is a form of worship.  This is where Christ Jesus gets the energy to incarnate.  We are going up to where He is.  He does not have to go down as far as Maitreya has to go down.


I am not putting anybody down by that.  When I say down, I mean it is pure spirit saying, Jesus, help me.  That is worship too.  Jesus, help me.  Jesus, heal me.  Jesus, I need you.  That is worship if it is coming from your heart.  It is worship too.  It will get His attention, but that kind of worship does not produce incarnation.  What produces incarnation is this study of His Word, which raises us up higher.  Then He meets us somewhere in the middle, somewhere in the air.  That is what the Book of Thessalonians says.


He does not need thousands of people.  He just needs a few people ascending up to Him through the study of this Word and through the belief and acceptance of the doctrines that are coming forth that are unacceptable to the Church.  All of the doctrines that we are preaching here are ripping the false doctrines in the Church to pieces.  That is all He needs.  He just needs a couple of people.  We are the ones that are slinging the sling.  We are winding up.  At least, it is Christ in us winding up, and He is about to incarnate.  When He incarnates, it is going to be here.  It is not going to be in the place where all they have is the Spirit.  He is going to incarnate in His Word.  He is the Word, and He is going to appear in His Word.  He is going to appear with this Word. 


Everybody here should be able to tell a false revival.  He is going to appear in His Word.  Everybody is going to be listening to this message, because I know there are some people who actually thought that the Lakeland revival in Florida might have been of God.  I told you then, and I am telling you now, He is going to appear in His Word.  You have to get out of Pentecost.  In Pentecost, there were many many healings, but they were temporary healings.  Some of the people got healed and then got sick again of the same disease.  Some people got healed and got different diseases, because the healing of Pentecost was a gift or gifts that came without repentance.  They were just temporary healings.


What is coming forth here, this healing, is going to be the healing of death.  The anointing that is here is for people that the Holy Spirit could not heal.  If you are sick like I was sick, it is the spirit of death in you.  I had three spirits of death cast out of me.  I do not want to upset anybody here.  You have to hear the truth.  It is the beginning of death.  You have to hear it.  If you cannot believe it is the beginning of death, hear this.  Let me put it this way.  If you can believe that it is the beginning of death, then the correct prayer is going to come forth, the correct hope is going to come forth.


You need to know that you are praying for deliverance from death, not just from an infection in your lung.  There is much more than that.  The truth is going to set you free.  You have to know the truth.  The anointing that comes down, and the manifestation of God that heals in Pentecost responded to people’s cry, Lord, help me.  It only responded on a particular level of strength.  The level of strength that is incarnating here is the strength that is strong enough to deliver us from death.  That is what it is. 


I came out this morning and the Lord gave me three drawings before I even talked to you.  I am going to comment on all three drawings.  As I told you before we started recording, I have another ministry besides Living Epistles called Christ Centered Kabbalah.  We are finding out that to really understand what the New Testament says, or to understand it at its depth, you really do need a knowledge of Kabbalah.  There are four different kinds of Kabbalah.  There is a very high kind of Kabbalah.  The Church is afraid of Kabbalah.  The world is afraid of Kabbalah.  There is a Kabbalah that is bad.  It is magic and it is occult, but there is a Kabbalah that is called Kosher Kabbalah.  It is good Kabbalah, and it is an exhortation or an understanding of the Scripture on a deep spiritual level.  It is fine, and it is good, and it is of God, if you couple it with a holy walk with the Lord.


You cannot study this and go out and willfully sin or live a worldly life, because you will get hurt.  You can really get hurt from it.  Christ Centered Kabbalah is for people who are walking holy with the Lord, who are seeking God, and living a holy life.  If you are not doing that, and you are hearing this message, you should shut it off right now because it is not for you.  What I am finding, as I preach to Living Epistles Ministries, it is mixing with the Christ Centered Kabbalah in my spirit.  I am having a lot of trouble not mixing the Kabbalah into Living Epistles.  This is what happened today.  I came out and put drawing #1 on the board.  I am going to comment on it, but I want to tell you that the Lord told me that I did not get it exactly right.  That is not unusual that I do not get it exactly right the first time. 


The Lord used my understanding of Kabbalah to correct me.  Drawing #2 has some Kabbalistic terms.  Drawing #3 is the corrected drawing #1.  Is everybody with me?  Is everybody okay?  This is my comment on drawing #1.  I tried to do it in terms of the energy centers, which is pretty much where Living Epistles Ministries is.  I put the Serpent at the top.  I did not write it in, but it would probably be the crown energy center, which would be the seventh energy center.  I put Pharaoh underneath him in the sixth energy center, which is the energy center between your eyebrows.  The fifth energy center is the throat.  I did not show it for some reason.  I put Leviathan in the fourth energy center, the heart center, because that is where Christ Jesus is.  He is in our heart center.


Leviathan is the unholy mediator.  Christ Jesus is the only mediator between God and man.  Leviathan is the unholy mediator of the other side.  The other side is the household of the Serpent.  I showed Cain and Abel down at the bottom as the third energy center.  According to my understanding, as the Lord was instructing and teaching me from the energy centers, I put Satan underneath Cain and Abel.  That is how the teaching came forth, when the Lord was bringing me along the way, that Satan was in the second energy center underneath Cain and Abel.  The connection that you see on drawing #1 is between Leviathan and Cain.    Leviathan, being the Serpent’s spiritual male sexual organ, is penetrating Cain. 


I think these drawings are very important because the name of the message is Leviathan Must Die, yet the whole message is talking about judgment upon Cain.  That is why these drawings are really important.  This question was very prominent in my mind when I came out here.  Should the name of the message be Cain Must Die?  Yet I knew that that was not true.  I knew the name of the message was Leviathan Must Die.  That is the purpose for these drawings to explain the name of the message.  I will just read to you what is marked on drawing #1.  The spiritual marriage between Satan and Cain, gives birth to Leviathan, the unholy mediator of the other side, who joined Cain, because Cain and Abel are inseparable.  They are a symbiotic entity.


The only question or issue is which one of them is on top.  That is a very important issue because when Cain is on top, the whole man is dominated by the Serpent’s household.  When Abel is on top of Cain, the whole man is dominated by the household of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Right now all of mortal humanity is under the dominion of Cain, because Cain killed Abel, and Abel is lying under his ground.  Actually, Cain is female, so it is under her ground. 


This is what I wrote in here.  Satan and Cain gives birth to Leviathan, the unholy mediator of the other side, who joins Cain and Abel.  Abel and Cain are inseparable, so if Leviathan is penetrating Cain, Abel is affected also.  The unholy mediator of the other side, who joins Cain and Abel, her husband with her, to Pharaoh and the Serpent.  Now that is a quote from Genesis 3:6 after the woman ate of the tree.  Scripture says the woman ate of the tree and she gave to her husband with her to eat, meaning that they were attached.  Abel partakes of the unholy union between Leviathan and Cain and becomes affected by it.


It is in the same manner of a family in this world.  If the father is out of order, an alcoholic or corrupted in some way, the mother and the children will all pay the price.  They are all affected by it.  Leviathan is the spiritual male sexual organ of the Serpent and Pharaoh.  The reason I slashed  Serpent/Pharaoh is because the two joined.  Those two are high.  The Serpent in the seventh energy center and Pharaoh in the sixth energy center joined their strength.  All of these different energy centers in these personalized names are ways of identifying sources of energy.  The sources of energy mix and match, and they join each other, and they become stronger. 


If you have Pharaoh and the Serpent manifesting together, the energy is multiplied.  Let us say both Pharaoh and the Serpent have one measure of spiritual energy.  If Pharaoh and the Serpent manifest together, you do not have only two measures of energy.  Well let me give you different numbers.  Let us say Pharaoh is two measures of energy and the Serpent is three measures of energy.  When they join together to manifest power to accomplish a goal, you have more than three plus two.  You have more than five points of energy.  You have three times two.  You have six points of energy. 


If Pharaoh happened to have five measures of energy, and if the Serpent had ten measures of energy, and they joined together to exercise that unified spiritual power, you would not have fifteen measures of energy, you would have fifty, ten times five.  That principle is in the Scripture.  Does it not say one can chase a thousand and two can chase ten thousand?  It is a spiritual principle.  Spiritual principles are the same.  The only thing that changes is the spirit that is acting out the principle. 


That is the reason why it was okay for me to study Hinduism.  The Lord called me to it, because the only information about the spirituality in Christ Jesus that is available, as far as I know in this world, is written in Hebrew.  It is in the hands of the Jewish rabbis.  I had no way to access it and the few books that are written and translated into English were not basic enough to teach me.  The Lord took me to Hinduism, and stayed very close to me, and took those principles to show me them in His righteous side. 


This is how I got to the place where I am.  Now I am getting very blessed from the translated works of the rabbis, wherever the Lord is taking me so far.  There are probably all kinds of incredible documents and pieces of information that have not even been translated, that I have no access to. 

As far as I know, I believe the kind of message that is coming forth here, is legal spiritual Christianity in Christ Jesus.  If I am not in God, then I might as well give it up right now.  There are a lot of teachers in the kingdom that have tried to go on with doctrine, and the spirit that is on them is not right. 


You have to hear this.  The reason the spirit on them is not right is that they did not couple their desire and their studies for deep doctrine with a holy lifestyle.  What is a holy lifestyle?  You have to be dealing with your sin nature.  They are not dealing with their sin nature.  On the contrary, as far as I know, the preachers that have gone on attempting to find deep doctrine in Christ, say that there is no sin, or that your sins are completely forgiven, and there is no reason to deal with them.  At that point, Cain becomes your teacher.


That is why I said to you a few minutes ago, whoever is listening to this message, or whoever is here, Kabbalah is a wonderful thing if you combine it with a holy lifestyle, which includes dealing with your sin nature.  Before you can deal with it, you have to see it.  Before you see it, you have to be willing to see it.  Before that, you have to believe that you have a sin nature.  As far as I know, this is the only ministry doing this. 


Leviathan is the spiritual male sexual organ of the Serpent/Pharaoh.  Leviathan is that fifty.  Leviathan is the product of the union of the Serpent and Pharaoh.  It is not ten and five, but ten times five, fifty points of energy.  Leviathan is the energy.  Does anybody here not understand that there is energy in the male sperm?  There is energy and life in the sperm.  The Serpent/Pharaoh, the manifestation of the union, of the alchemy of the joining together of the energy levels called Serpent/Pharaoh produces Leviathan, who has the sperm to reproduce the life of the Serpent in humanity.  If you have sperm, there has to be a female somewhere, and the female is mortal man.  Jesus said He had seed.  He came sowing seed.


Brethren, our whole creation is about reproduction.  It is about spiritual sexuality and reproduction, because we are the female and God Almighty is reproducing Himself, and we are the female.  It is really important that we get educated to choose the male that is sent from God, rather than the male that is sent from the Serpent.  The male that is sent from the Serpent, which is Leviathan, is a deceiver.  He seeks to join with Cain.  The male that comes from God seeks to join with Abel.  We have both Cain and Abel, so we do not want Cain to be getting pregnant in us.  If Cain gets pregnant in us, we are going to have a real problem with Leviathan, who then grows up and tries to dominate us.  When the Lord Jesus Christ impregnates Abel in us, Christ Jesus is born in us.  Yes, Christ Jesus dominates us too, to everlasting life.


We are nothing without the product of the male seed within us.  We need a spiritual child to even have existence.  Because we are fallen, we are born with Cain, and married to Leviathan.  I cannot get into that whole teaching right now, but there is a child, an offspring, coming forth.  We have reproductive parts.  We are already born in the Serpent’s image, but we are like young children.  We are a young female.  We have reproductive parts, and we have to birth a son.  We are either going to birth a son or a daughter within us.  It is either the daughter of Babylon or the son of God.  Then we are going to grow up and be spiritual adults.  We will either be the daughter of Babylon or the son of God.  We are going to be one or the other. 


That is who we are.  We are the female side of the creation and we, the whole of humanity, are approaching spiritual puberty.  There is a big race on to get the message, to get Christ Jesus manifested in full power or in full stature, as we would say, before Leviathan goes out through Cain and impregnates the whole Church and humanity with the daughter of Babylon.  The Church is just infantile.  I do not mean to put them down.  I am stating the reality that they are infantile.  There is a big big pressure for Christ Jesus to appear.  He is only going to appear in people that He can communicate with through this word.  That is where He is going to appear. 


There is a reason for it.  It is to save Israel.  I have a message called Christ Jesus, The Last Judge Of Israel.  Every time Israel got in trouble, she cried out and Jehovah sent a savior in physical battles.  Now it is a spiritual battle, and Israel is in danger of being impregnated with and becoming the white slave of the whole Serpent’s household.  It is not that the Lord could not deliver us from that, but it is much easier to do it now.  That is our job.  We are bringing forth the message in which Christ Jesus will appear.  He is going to appear in His Word.     


Leviathan is the spiritual male sexual organ of the Serpent/Pharaoh.  That measure of energy is called Serpent/Pharaoh.  Their energies have mixed together and become very strong in the form of spiritual sperm.  Leviathan binds the Serpent’s household above to Cain and Abel underneath him below.  Wherefore, Leviathan must die because Leviathan is the immediate contact with Cain that connects.  If you look at your drawing, it connects the Serpent’s household above, the Serpent, the Pharaoh, and Leviathan.  Leviathan is the connection to Cain that brings the seed and the power of Leviathan down into the human being.  That is what this is about.  A human being is being impregnated with a spiritual child that will determine our spiritual identify.  Any questions on drawing #1?  Okay.


Drawing #2.  The Lord started to show me that I did not have it exactly right.  He brought me into the corrections through my knowledge of Kabbalah or through what He has taught me through Kabbalah.  Drawing #2 says for CCK students, if you feel that you cannot understand this, do not worry about it.  It is like an intern drawing.  All that I did on drawing #2 was to identify the names that I have in drawing #1 or equate them to the Kabbalistic names.  Now the Serpent, in parenthesis, that is the Keter.  There are ten sefirah.  That is the highest sefirot, called Keter.  The name of God associated with the Keter is Ehyeh.  I think I will make it I Am because that is the name you are all familiar with.  Ehyeh is a Hebrew word.  I Am is the translation of it.  Jehovah said to Moses, tell Pharaoh I Am sent you.  The Hebrew word is Ehyeh, but we will make it I AM.


Pharaoh, who I told you, is the sixth energy center.  The equivalent of that in the ten sefirot is the second sefirot down.  Keter is the first.  Chokhmah is the second sefirot down.  Chokhmah means wisdom.  There is the wisdom of God and we also know there is devilish wisdom.  We are told that by James.  The name of God associated with Chokhmah/wisdom is Yah.  That is in the Bible, although we do not read it that often.  Most of the time it is Jehovah, but Yah is in the Bible.  It is a higher, more powerful degree of the energy of God, because the Spirit of God is energy. 


Leviathan is the fourth energy center.  The equivalent of that is the sefirot called Tiferet.  The name of God associated with Tiferet is Jehovah.  The name Jehovah is the name Jehovah.  What I wrote there was YHVH because the Jews think it is a sin and wrong to say Jehovah.  They put that abbreviation in and it means Jehovah.  They think it is wrong to say the word.  I should also say there the name Jehovah from the fourth energy center.  Leviathan, the unholy mediator of the other side is in the energy centers or the structure, or the world of the other side.


Leviathan is in the same position as Christ Jesus is in, in His world.  I am not saying that Leviathan is equal to Christ Jesus or that Leviathan is as strong as Christ Jesus.  I am not saying that.  I am saying there are two structures, the structures of two worlds, that are similar.  Leviathan is in the fourth level of his world, and Christ Jesus is in the fourth level of His world.  That is what I am saying.  What I did on this drawing, I wrote in red the name Pharaoh and Leviathan.  I was in transition here, so I am so glad that I can make corrections after the fact.  It is the third sefirot down. 


Remember Keter is I AM.  It is the first one.  Chokhmah, with the name Yah is the second one, and the third one down is the sefirot called Binah, and another one called Gevurah.  Just like the Serpent and Pharaoh joined together to produce a greater measure of energy, Gevurah and Binah join together to produce a greater measure of energy.  The names of God associated with that are Elohim.  You should be familiar with that name.  When that measure of God, when that strength of spiritual energy is separated from Jehovah, who is the wisdom and the righteousness of God, that is who Satan is.


Satan is the strength of God, the strength given to judge sin, separated from the righteousness of God.  Then that strength becomes a tyrant, and corrects sin in people without mercy.  Sometimes, it becomes the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment, and does evil to people who have done evil to other people.  That is who Satan is.  She is the enforcer of God’s righteousness apart from the compassion, mercy, and wisdom of God.  I wrote it in up there in red because when I looked at this drawing #2, I see that Satan is down at the bottom, underneath Cain.


Somehow, when I was drawing #1, for some reason that was how I saw it.  I know why I did that.  It was because I was trying to present it to Living Epistles students from the perspective of the energy centers, rather than the sefirot.  I know that Satan is the second energy center, and Abel and Cain are the third energy center, so I put Satan underneath.  Then I looked at it, and I realized it had to be wrong.  Then I did drawing #2, which was interim, and then I did drawing #3,which is on the board right now, where I straightened it all out.


This is how it really should be.  On the right side of the board, this is the internal parts of Adam, the creation of God.  We see at the top is the Lord Jesus.  Then underneath comes Christ Jesus.  Then underneath that comes Christ or Abel.  Abel’s resurrected name is Christ.  Here is mortal humanity in the middle.  Then underneath the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus, Abel and the man, himself, when our person is in right order.  Underneath all that authority is Cain, Leviathan, who is going to be wiped out, Satan, Pharaoh and the Serpent.  They have to be under our authority.  That is the way it is suppose to be.


Satan, the Serpent down here at the bottom is building the tower of Babel.  Now Leviathan is not there.  I mean Leviathan is there because we are fallen, but Leviathan is not suppose to be there.  The Serpent wants to get up and overthrow the Lord Jesus, Christ Jesus, and Abel, so the Serpent sets forth like a vine would send forth a shoot, and Pharaoh comes into existence.  Then Satan appears, and Satan is reaching for Cain, because when Satan communicates with Cain, then Leviathan, the mediator, is born.  Are you all following me tonight?


It is the Serpent’s intention to bring forth Leviathan, the mediator, in the mind of everybody, because we are talking about mind.  Just like it is the intention of the Lord Jesus to bring forth Christ Jesus, the mediator, in all of us.  We see the Serpent at the bottom, and the Lord Jesus at the top.  Both are trying to bring their mediators into existence, because the mediator is the one who literally dwells in us.  Christ Jesus sits on the throne of our heart.  In every thought that we think, it is either Christ Jesus sitting on the throne of our heart or Leviathan is sitting on the throne of our heart. 


Right now, humanity is a perversion because we have two husbands.  I am sorry to be crude, but the Scripture teaches that with one husband we are having traditional sex, vaginal sex, of the mind, and with the Serpent we are having untraditional anal sex.  That is how we have two husbands.  I am sorry if I offended anybody.  That is the message.  If you do not like it, you can leave.  I will not be mad at you.  That is the message.


The Serpent is coming from underneath.  The Lord Jesus is coming from on top.  The Serpent has an intention of impregnating Cain, and the Lord Jesus has the intention of impregnating Abel.  Here we are, humanity, right in the middle.  Both of them want us, and they are both intending to put their agent inside of us, because the agent that is inside of us connects us, the human, to the kingdom that we will serve.  If Leviathan sits on the throne of our heart, we are a part of and serve the kingdom of darkness.  In the King James it is called Satan’s seat.  Christ Jesus sits on the throne of our heart.  Satan’s seat is the throne of our heart, only the Scripture does not call it a throne, but I think it is the same Greek word, anyway.


When Christ Jesus comes into existence, which means that the Lord Jesus has impregnated Abel in us, Christ Jesus becomes the agent of the Lord Jesus Christ dwelling right in you.  When Christ Jesus sits on the throne of your heart, you no longer have to cry out, Jesus help me.  You just have to say, Lord, help me.  He is right there.  There is a scripture that says He is right there.  He heard you before you even cried because He is right there.  We probably have thousands of people in the Church saying, I am crying, where is He?  It is because He is not there yet.  Maybe He is not there yet.  That is how I got healed, brethren.  He got here in me.  Who got here?  Everybody needs to hear this.  You need to hear this.


Christ Jesus got here in my heart center.  When He got here, from the day He got here, I started to heal.  Brethren, thirteen or fourteen years of serving God, in every way I knew how, with every ounce of strength that I had, and there was no sign of me being healed at all.  At the end of that time, I wound up in the hospital where nobody expected me to come out.  Not the doctors, not the nurses, and not the people in the Church.  For thirteen years my strength and my health continued to deteriorate.  I did not die, obviously.  Then somehow, at some point, Christ Jesus arrived.       I cannot tell you exactly when, but He arrived and I started to heal. 


If you are sick, or have any serious problem or affliction in your life, be encouraged.  It does not have to be a physical affliction.  If there is a sin in your heart or in your nature, that you are trying to overcome and you have not been able to, this message should encourage you, if you can hear what I am saying.  It should encourage you.  The reason you are not recovering is because the Savior has not yet been born in your heart.  The Lord Jesus, of course, can heal you if He wants to, but a healing that would come from the Lord Jesus would be, not the same thing, but similar to the healing that comes from the Holy Spirit.


The healing that comes from the Holy Spirit, brethren, comes from a minister of God that has the gift of healing.  He comes over to you and he lays hands on you, and he imparts energy to you.  Everybody here would be healed today if the Lord would do it through me.  You get healed, and then the sin nature that produced the condition, births another condition in you.  You have to get the source of God’s life living inside of you.  You cannot be getting it from someone outside of you if you want to go into eternal life.  Now it is possible that someone with the Holy Ghost can pray for you, and you can get healed, and you could be fine for the rest of your natural life, but then you are going to die.  Not only would you die after a natural life, you will probably be afflicted by whatever condition or disease that was destined to afflict you when you came into this world.


I know one person was healed of cancer.  Then as she got older, she came down with diabetes.  Do you see my principle?  That power healed her of the cancer, and then there was nothing left of it.  All the energy was used up to heal the cancer.  Then when diabetes came, there was no energy left to heal the diabetes.  The Lord wants to give you your own personal savior.  The Holy Spirit is not your savior.  The Holy Spirit is your gift, your free gift.  You have got to get the Savior living inside of you, born inside of you, sitting in your heart as a part of your being, and He will save you.


He will heal you, but He is not going to stay there, brethren, in peace with Leviathan.  He is going to show you your sins, and He is going to require you to renounce them.  He is going to require you to see them, which is the stumbling block of most of God’s people.  They say they want to see their sins, but when they see them, they cannot deal with it.   Everybody wake up.  You have got to see your sins.  You cannot walk around with a nice lady smile on your face with your heart filled with resentment and hatred.      Do you hear what I am telling you?  You have to stop covering it up, because if you cover it up, you are going to die like everybody else dies.


That is not a particular punishment.  Everybody dies.  Why does everybody die?  It is because of sin.  We are all Cain, who murdered Abel.  If you die, if any human being dies, that is the proof that Cain in you has killed Abel. That is because Abel’s destiny is to marry the Lord Jesus Christ and birth Christ Jesus, the savior of the whole man.  That includes your physical body.  If you die, it means Christ Jesus was not born in you, or if He was born in you, He never stood up to full manhood.  He never stood up in enough power to save you.  That means you are still Cain.  You are Cain and you are guilty of murdering Abel in yourself.


It is not six thousand years ago, or whatever you believe about the times.  It all happened before time anyway.  Now this is for me too.  If anyone of us die, we die because Cain, in us, killed Abel, in us, and succeeded in preventing Abel, in us, from marrying the Lord Jesus and growing up to be a full grown man called Christ Jesus.  That is why we die.  Can you hear this?  I am not here to put condemnation on you.  I am here to stir you up and to motivate you to go on with God, to get this message, which is the food for Christ Jesus.  Ask the Lord to reveal your sins to you, and then you have to stop hiding them.  You have to stop hiding them.


We are looking at drawing #3.  This is the internal parts of Adam, the creation of God.  Let us say this is Adam before the Fall on the right side of the board.  You know the scripture where it says, I believe it was Jehovah, Jehovah watched Adam to see what he would name the animal.  The King James Translation and the whole Church believes that Adam in human form went out and named all of the animals of this fallen world.  Adam, at that point did not exist in this fallen world.  Adam existed in a very high world of the Spirit.  He had a body of light.  He did not look like this.  There were no animals like this. 


Jehovah watched to see what Adam would name the animal nature that existed below him, the earthen part.  What nature, what name or what nature, would Adam give his earthen part.  The earthen part is the part that is engraved.  Would he give him the nature of Christ Jesus or would he give him the nature of Leviathan.  Did you know that Jehovah is still watching?  He is watching you, and He is watching you, and He is watching you, and He is watching me.  He is watching.  He is watching to see what nature we are going to give to the whole man, that we are.  He is watching us now, and He is there ready to help us.    


At the board again:  Let us say this is what we look like, once we are reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Here He is, the Lord Jesus and the Serpent is there in our earthen part.  Who is going to prevail in your person, Christ Jesus or Leviathan?  The Lord told me this is the reality of the tower of Babel.  This is the tower that the Serpent was building, the heaven that the Serpent wanted to attain to by building.  It does not say the Serpent in the King James, but it says man in the earth at that time, who was a manifestation of Leviathan, because the Serpent, through Cain, had already killed Abel. 


What was this tower of Babel?  It was the Serpent, in the mind of man, climbing up to reach Cain, to bring forth Leviathan, and bring down the headship of God to a creation that looks like the left side of the board.  This is the Serpent’s idea of the creation.  This is what the Serpent thinks the eternal parts of the creation should look like, the Serpent, at the top, instead of at the bottom.  Underneath the Serpent is Pharaoh.  Underneath that is Satan.  Underneath that is Leviathan.  Underneath that is Cain.  Underneath Cain is Abel.  Underneath Abel is Jesus.  Underneath Jesus is mortal humanity.  When Satan said to Jesus, in Matthew Chapter 4 in verses 8 and 9, I will give you dominion over all the kingdoms of the world, Satan was not lying.  You see, you have to read the small print.     


Satan said to Jesus, I will give you authority over all of the kingdoms.  That is mortal humanity.  Each of us is a kingdom.  Then Satan said to Jesus, but you are going to have me, Pharaoh and the Serpent as your authority.  I will give you power over humanity, but you have to worship me.  See?  But now Jesus has been exalted, and His name is higher than every other name, and He is giving His Son authority; Christ Jesus.  When we mortal humans worship the Lord Jesus through Christ Jesus, our personal savior, we receive authority over Cain, Leviathan, Satan, Pharaoh, and the Serpent.  Then we become the creation of God.


That is what happened to Jesus.  He said I Am the beginning of the creation of God.  This was His configuration.  It may not be exact, but it is good enough for today.  This was His configuration.  He was the Son at that point.  He was subject to God, and He had all of the powers and principalities, under His authority.  I was going to say including mortal humanity.  Well, in the days of His flesh, He was mortal humanity.  He had all of the powers and principalities from Cain to the Serpent, under His authority, and He was subject to God.


Over here on the board, I have the Lord Jesus.  For Jesus, in the days of His flesh, was Elijah.  We have the goodness of God as His authority, and the righteousness of God as His authority, who He submitted to, and the earthen side, which is evil, under His authority.  We see today, in this world, there are a lot of people that have authority over human beings.  They are subject to and they have received their power from the Serpent’s household.  There are more people like this in the world than people that receive their power from the Lord Jesus.  This is the reality of the tower of Babel. This is where fallen humanity was climbing to.  They were climbing to the top of the vine.  Jesus said, I am the vine.  He connects us to the tower.  In Kabbalah we would say, to the top of the ten sefirot.   


They wanted to get on top, and we see that in Isaiah 14:3, where it says Lucifer said I will ascend above God.  That is Cain.  Lucifer is Cain.  For those of you who do not know, first of all, the word translated Lucifer was not originally a personal name.  It is simply a word that means light bearer.  I believe it was the Jesuits that made it a personal name.  The one who carried the light was Cain.  What do you mean by carried the light?  Brethren, we human beings, in our humanity, we carry the Christ, who is the light.  A great light came into the world.  Right?  John 1:1.  He is the light.  Christ is the light.  We, especially in our physical form, but also in our personality, we are the light bearer.  We are the cart that carries the light. 


When it comes to Cain and Abel, Cain is the earth.  Cain carried the light, which is Abel, and he raised his head up above Abel.  He killed Abel and made himself on top of Abel.  That is who Lucifer is.  He is not really a fallen angel, but that is just a technicality, because Cain is not an angel.  Cain and Abel are not angels.  They are our mortal foundation.  They are the worm that Jesus talked about, that dieth not.  They are a seed. 


The Serpent’s goal, through the tower of Babel, is to gain control of Cain and bring down the God ordained headship.  Brethren, you just have to open your eyes and look around.  Look in the Church.  This structure is everywhere in the Church.  This structure is everywhere in the Church.  Every church you go into, there is somebody trying to bring down the headship.  Their structure is in us.  Their structure is in every human being.  Are we going to let it rule over us or not?  Because we are fallen and are born this way, their structure on the left side of the board is in every human being born of a woman.  It desires to rule over us, and to teach us to do things that will bring down authority or that will be destructive to ourselves and to the relationships in our life.  It teaches us incorrectly.


Sometimes this structure exists in a whole family, in a whole extended family.  That is why Jesus said, I come with a sword.  I come to separate you from every ungodly thought.  If your whole family is manifesting this ungodly thought or this ungodly way of doing things, I come to separate you, in this area.  In your family, you have to stand against it, if you want to go on in God.  Thus, we become the saviors of our family.  Those of us who are going on, are willing to admit that there is something wrong in the way we think, or in the way we do things.  We want to start doing it in Christ, so we then come opposite our family members who are all doing it the other way. 


This structure of the Serpent’s household is in everybody born of a woman on the left side of the board.  On the right side of the board, this structure exists in people who are reconciled to the Lord Jesus and are moving on in God.  I cannot tell you exactly at what point it is.  Of course, Christ Jesus is not there unless you first have Christ.  We know that most of the Church does not have Christ, because Abel is still dead in most of the people in the Church.  All they have is the Holy Spirit.  The job of the Holy Spirit is to wake up Christ, but He is dead in most of the people in the Church.  He is still dead, and they are stuck because they think they have the be all and end all in the Holy Spirit, who is sent to wake up the Prince. 


Abel is the Prince.  He is the foundation stone, out of which the savior is going to be born in you.  He is the seed in you that has the potential to be birth into the savior, and the Holy Spirit is come to wake him up.  The Church is stuck on the false doctrine that says the Holy Spirit is the end of it all.  They dance and sing, and give out tracts, and then die and go to heaven.  My Bible says death is my enemy.  My Bible says death is the last enemy that will be defeated.  That means we have a whole bunch of enemies to defeat before death is defeated.  Those enemies are in our mind. 


Cain is a key.  Whoever controls Cain controls the whole creation.  Of course, Abel is destined to control Cain, but Cain is stronger than Abel alone.  Abel has to be strengthened by Christ Jesus and the Lord Jesus.  Abel, strengthened by the Lord Jesus and Christ Jesus, is stronger than Cain, strengthened by Leviathan, Satan, Pharaoh, and the Serpent.  You have to get the whole family of God built into you to be stronger than the Serpent’s household. 


Only one mediator, either Christ Jesus or Leviathan, can exist in any one point in time for each thought.  That is in any one point in time, if you can hear, bing bing.  In other words, if an issue arises, the thought of Leviathan can come into your mind, and then the thought of Christ Jesus will come into your mind.  I do not even know if that is true.  I have had experienced both thoughts existing simultaneously.  I have actually been in the midst of a manifestation, and I heard a soft voice saying to me, this is wrong.  Do you know, I rejoice in that day, that Christ Jesus became powerful enough in my life to speak while I was raging or in a fit of anger.  I heard another voice, and I choose to listen to the other voice, and my anger assuaged.   


Christ Jesus and Leviathan are in a battle to the death to control Cain.  I guess what I am saying is we can only choose one in any particular thought.  It is not so much a point in time, but concerning any particular thought, we can only choose one.  If we do not choose, we choose Leviathan by default.  I guess that was what I was trying to say.  We cannot choose both.  Jesus clearly said, you cannot serve two masters.  In every thought, in every crisis, in every situation, in every moment in your life, we make choices continuously.  We do them so automatically, we do not know about it.  We make choices continuously.  How are we going to react to any given situation?


Brethren, this is an urgently important point because there is a lot happening in the world today.  A lot of people are already afraid, and if you are in fear, it means you are believing Leviathan’s message.  If you are in fear, it means you are believing Leviathan’s message.  When you see all the violent weather, and when you see what is going on politically in this country and in the world, do you believe Christ Jesus will prevail?  Do you believe that the sons of God are going to manifest?  Do you believe that you are one of them?  Do you believe that you have hope in Him?  If you are looking at the circumstances, you are defaulting to Leviathan.  When you default to Leviathan, that means the Serpent’s household is on top in your mind.  That is not a good place to be, because in a crisis, when Christ Jesus is already sitting on your throne, He is right there.  He is right there with the answers, go here, do this, do that to be safe.


How do we keep Christ Jesus on top?  We do it by keeping our mind stayed on Him.  How do you keep your mind stayed on Him?  How do you do that?  Can you really walk around all day saying, Jesus, I love you; Jesus, I love you; Jesus, I love you?  You keep your mind stayed on Him through His Word, this Word, raging through your mind, the excitement of it, and the message in it.  You have all read the notes, if you got them, the excitement of it.  Do you know what is happening today?  Yes, Christ Jesus is coming.  What does that mean?  Who is Christ Jesus?  He is the avenger of blood. 

Christ Jesus is the savior that is coming to recompense Cain, who killed Abel, and caused the whole creation to fall. 


After thousands of years, and God only knows how many thousands of years it has been, God is not limited to our twenty four hour day and 365 day year.  Jehovah’s vengeance is for the murder of Abel, His priest.  Abel was the priest, the mediator, through which Jehovah would communicate with the whole man.  Cain killed him and killed us, the property of Jehovah, and now it is pay out time.  That is what is happening.  To me that is so exciting.  I can hardly contain myself.  Cain is a real person.  Abel is a real person.  I really only had one teacher before the Lord brought me into this ministry.  He used to say all the time, salvation is a person.  I really did not know what he was talking about in those days. 


Do you know that Christ Jesus is a person?  He is a many membered man, who is the adulthood or the maturity of Abel.  We are the cells in His body.  Cain is a woman, a spiritual woman, but a woman, and we are the cells in her body.  At least we have an internal part that is a cell in her body.  This is a battle if you can ascend high enough.  This is a battle between two people.  The concept of the avenger of blood in the Old Testament is when somebody was killed for hateful reasons, a male member of the family was obligated to hunt down and kill that murderer.  Like I said, God only knows how many thousands of years it has been taking Jehovah to walk with humanity to raise up a Son who is old enough and strong enough to be the avenger of Abel’s blood.  That is how fallen we are.


A man has not appeared in humanity since that crime.  Jesus said, you shall do the greater works.  Everybody is debating what are the greater works?  The greater works are to kill Cain in each and every individual, so that Abel can stand up and save that person.  The avenger of blood is about to appear.  The avenger of Abel’s blood is about to appear and Cain is terrified.  I have never been so excited in my life.  Any questions on this board?  Everybody is speechless.  


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