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The Lord has given me some very exciting information yesterday. For one reason or another, which should not surprise me, as it was coming through I had to stop. Other things happened in the office that I had to stop. We have people working in the office, and it is nobody’s fault, and sometimes it is hard to understand. Our carnal mind would think if it is such an important message, why does the Lord not make a way for me to have more time to study. Why does this happen to me all the time that I come out here unprepared, at the last minute late? Why does it happen this way? The only answer that I can come up with is that this is the Serpent’s world. It is ruled by the Powers and Principalities of the Serpent’s household. The Lord has to break through. It is not that He is not able. We are the problem. 

If Christ Jesus in me was more mature, I would be able to perceive His communication at a less expeditious time or a less convenient time. There are certain times in this earth world where it is easier for the spiritual communication to break through the carnal mind than others. What we see out there in the universe, the planets, the sun, the constellations, all of that is an image of the spiritual reality. The spiritual reality exists in the mind. It is our inner world. The world has coined the phrase as inner space. I know that is hard for us to believe, but each of us contains inner space because spiritual space takes up no space. I believe it in principle, but it is beyond my comprehension to actually understand it. 

The universe that we see out there, all the planets and stars, everything, is not only the equivalent, but even that is not right. The spiritual reality that is being projected to appear as the universe exists inside of human beings. If you want to think of the way we used to have moving pictures, where a picture was a film, and we had a light shining through the film, like with microfilm today. I understand that we can get incredible amounts of information on a microchip that is a pinhead. That is a good example, a microchip that is a pinhead. In order for us humans to look at that information, and use it or comprehend it, the information on that microchip has to be expanded to a degree that we can see the English words. It may be the words of whatever language you speak, but we have to actually see the words and read it. Now we are not even talking about comprehension. We are just talking about seeing the words here. 

This universe out here with all of the planets is merely an expansion or an image of something that we could liken to a spiritual microchip that has all of the information of the universe on it. That microchip is inside all of us. That microchip is in there, and it is called inner space. Some people engage in spiritual experiences by Satan’s spirit. I do not know anyone that does it in God, and of course I do not know everybody. As far as I know today, it is mostly people who engage in spiritual experiences by Satan’s spirit, which makes it witchcraft. They do not do it with their physical bodies. They have the ability for their consciousness to go inward into that microchip and literally experience the reality that has produced the image of this universe. 

I am sorry, and I do not mean to sound arrogant by saying this. The Lord showed me years ago that it is very naive of our scientists and our country to be spending billions of dollars on space travel, when everything that we see out there is just an image of what is in our hearts. What is inside of us is called inner space and there are multiple dimensions. There are multiple dimensions that exist within us. Of recent years a string theory has been discovered. An M theory had been discovered. What is that talking about? It is an outgrowth of quantum mechanics, and they talk about dimensions or levels of consciousness. I have not been studying or reviewing that for a long time, so my information may not be accurate. I think it is up to twelve levels of consciousness that have been discovered. I am not sure but it is at least ten. I think string theory is ten levels and M theory is twelve levels of consciousness. 

What does that mean? We are talking about the senses, sight, hearing, etc. There are six senses, but also in addition there are other senses that these scientists tell us are curled up in each level of comprehension. They are curled up like a ball inside of us. These are senses that are not being used. We do not have the ability to use them. Maybe this is one manifestation of what the Book of Revelation is talking about when it says the Lion of Judah is strong enough to open the seals. There are other dimensions of consciousness. Do you see in the Spirit? If you see in the Spirit, another dimension of consciousness has been opened to you. There was a man on the news not too long ago, who claimed that he went under anesthesia for an operation, and he experienced, in his mind, flying through outer space. He saw the planets, earth, Mars, Saturn, etc. He was not in a space ship. He was just flying through space because he was experiencing the reality of the planets. He was experiencing the reality, that is projected as an image, that all who have physical sight can see as the universe. Is everybody following me?

What am I trying to tell you? I am trying to tell you, I think, that what I have been preaching here for years is that there is a sun and a moon inside of us. You also know that I have been teaching here that there are parallel worlds that exist inside of us. To put it as simply as I can, those worlds are manifested as mind in those of us who have the Christ grafted to us. Those of us who have the Christ mind, to any measure, as long as He is in there and He is not dead, have these worlds within. If He is conscious and breathing on any level, because there is spiritual breath, you now have two worlds within you, parallel worlds. Those of us that know something about quantum mechanics know the concept of parallel universes.

What is the concept of a parallel universe? I have a few messages on it. To make this very simple, two things could have happened this morning. I could have completely lost my ability to bring forth the message that I think will come, or I could have been left in a condition where hopefully the Lord is going to bring this message forth through me. Two potentials came into existence the minute that someone walks through that front door. Before no one walked through that door, there was a very powerful move of the Spirit that most likely, if it was not interfered with, would have resulted in me coming out here with a very heavy anointing and bringing forth this message with no problem. What is happening right now, is that I am chatting with you in the hopes that that anointing will rise in me again. 

I was prepared to come out with the whole message in my mind. I know what the Lord is saying, but to present it to you is not an easy thing. I know what the Lord is telling me. I am very excited, but to present it in this manner is not an easy thing to do. As soon as someone walks through that door, another potential entered into the spirit. Maybe I would get the message out that the Lord was giving me, and maybe I would not. Parallel universes came into existence. If anybody is not with me, do not say anything, just wave your hand at me, okay? Parallel universes came into existence. There were two potentials as to what would happen here this morning. Those two potentials are manifested to us as two minds, either our carnal mind or our Christ mind, at least at this stage of where we are. Our carnal mind and our Christ mind are parallel universes that exist within us. Just about every situation in our life, from very simple to very complicated, can materialize either in the carnal mind or in the Christ mind. It is not going to materialize both ways in the individual. It is going to manifest one way or the other. 

This reality of parallel universes manifests in more than one way. One way that it manifests is in us. Either we go with our carnal mind or we go with our Christ mind. More often than not, unless we are trained, which is what I am hoping to do here, we default to our carnal mind. We always default to our carnal mind unless or until we are trained to recognize what is happening in there and choose our Christ mind. We are not trained, as Paul put it, to discern or to distinguish between darkness and light or good and evil. We default to the evil. A lot of people have trouble with that word evil. What it really means is that we default to the evil one. There is an evil one inside of us, and his name is Cain. We either default to the thought processes, the emotions, the motives, and what we would have to be our actions, of Cain or of Abel. 

Now Abel was killed. Cain killed Abel, but the resurrected Abel has a new name. His name is Christ. If Christ is grafted to you, you now have good and evil inside of you. That is what Paul is talking about. I use that word, evil, not infrequently. I am saying that behavior was evil or that is evil. Sometimes people do not understand what I mean by evil. I do not mean that you are a serial killer. I mean that that was something that came out of your Cain side. We are warned against Cain. We are warned not to go the way of Cain like Balaam did. The Lord wants us to be Christ. Why? Because Cain is going to be buried. He is going to be destroyed as he now exists. 

In this manner, my message for today, as it is squeaking through here, has to do with the sun and the moon and the stars. Basically, it has to do with the sun. We need to know to start with, that the sun that we see with our physical eyes, is not the reality. The reality is the sun that is inside of us. We have two suns inside of us and two moons because we have two worlds. The sun of the carnal mind is Leviathan, and the moon of the carnal mind is Satan, and the sun of the Christ mind is the Lord Jesus Christ. The moon of the Christ mind is Christ in us. I am not sure whether it is Christ or Christ Jesus. I sometimes get it wrong. As long as I am in the right household, we should be okay. We have scriptures concerning the sun. The most fascinating one to me is in Malachi, who talks about our SUN of righteousness. This is a distinct reference to the fact that we have two suns. If you say sun of righteousness, there is a direct inference there. There is a reasonable conclusion that if you have to qualify the word sun by distinguishing it as the sun of righteousness, there must be another kind of sun. There must be a sun of what? There must be a sun of unrighteousness. Absolutely. 

Those of us who are in Christ, we have two worlds inside of us. We see this principle demonstrated in the Scripture in two places where twins are born. We see the struggle between the twins, Jacob and Esau, and Pharez and Zarah. We see the struggle in the womb and it typifies the struggle between Cain and Abel. These twins, Pharez and his brother Zarah, were the incestuous offspring of Judah and his daughter-in-law. If you remember the story of Judah, he had three sons. The first two sons were evil, and the Lord slew them. They died without leaving a child. The first one was married. He died before he gave his wife a child because he was evil. According to the Levite law, the brother had to marry the sister-in-law. The brother married his sister-in-law and he was evil, and the Lord slew him before she became pregnant. 

Judah had one more son, and he was seeing the writing on the wall and did not want to give his third son to this woman because he did not want him to die. He refused to let the third son marry the woman. She being more righteous than he, according to Judah’s own declaration, tricked Judah, her father-in-law into having sex with her by posing as a prostitute. It was that important to her to have that child. She became pregnant with twins, Pharez and his brother Zarah. They struggled in the womb. This typifies Cain and Abel as the Lord has been revealing here. There is a company of Cain and a company of Abel in the Church. Jesus talks about the sheep and the goats. That is what He is talking about. He is talking about the people in the Church that are manifesting the nature of Cain. 

We all have both. Everybody has both. Everybody is tare and wheat. Everybody is Cain and Abel. The question is how we are living and the thought process that we default to most of the time. It is the thought process and the behavior that we desire to default to sometimes, but we just fail. That is the struggle. This whole world is the womb. We are a many membered spiritual womb who are bringing forth the Christ child, the child that will save us in childbearing. The Serpent is also bringing forth a spiritual child through Cain, a multiple many membered spiritual child. What is happening right now is that the two resurrections that John talks about are in process. One group of people are rising in spiritual power with the nature of Cain. They are rising and they are way ahead of us.

Then there is a group of people who are rising in spiritual power with the nature of Christ. There is going to be a big conflict. That conflict has already started. The prize is all of humanity because Cain and Abel, the two children in the womb cannot co-exist. One must live and one must die. Now this takes place within each of us. You cannot continue to be both Christ and Cain. One must live and one must die. Only those people fighting the fight, the good fight of faith that Paul talks about, will have Christ prevail in them. If you think that you can relax and you are going to be raptured, most likely Cain will be the one that rises in you. According to what the Lord showed Gideon, only the soldiers that never take their eye off the enemy prevail. 

This same principle can be revealed through the signs in the sky. Now we are taught not to look to astrology. We are told that astrology is wrong. Are we told that astrology is not accurate? No, we are not told that astrology is not accurate. Astrology is very accurate. What we are told is that the information and prophesy that comes from astrology comes from a spirit that is not the Spirit of God. That is what we are told. We are told to stay away from that because it is from another spirit. It is from the spirit of Satan. It is not from the Spirit of God, but it is very accurate. However, there is a second reason why we are told to stay away from it, a secondary reason. First of all, you stay away from it because it comes from an unclean spirit.

You should not be reading your astrology in the newspapers every day because it is a wrong spirit. The secondary reason is why would you be believing what another spirit, that hates Christ, has to say about your future? You see this in the Scripture with Ahaziah, who sent his messenger to Baalzebub, the god of Ekron to find out whether or not he would recover from that disease. The God of Israel looked down on the king of Israel and sent Elijah to say to him, what are you doing? You are going to Baalzebub, the god of Ekron. You are the king of Israel. Is there not a God in Israel that you have to go to Baalzebub? Because you have done this you will surely die. 

We see the same principle with astrology. It does not even make any sense. Why are you reading your astrology chart in the newspaper? Is there not a God in Israel? I thought you were a worshiper of Jesus Christ. What are you reading your astrology chart for? Oh, I know what the answer is. It is because the astrology is written in print and you can read it. That is what you believe is going to be your prophesy for the day, but to seek the God of Israel you have to work. You have to pray. You have to read your Bible. You have to seek Him. You have to discern Him. 

Sometimes He talks to you through another person, and that is really hard. You do not want to take the word from another person. You want to hear directly, and if you do not hear directly, you will take your astrology chart before you will take it from someone else, because no one else is going to have authority over you. That attitude is in the Church. I hear from God and do not tell me what God is telling me. That is what is in the Church today. Those are the two reasons why we should not be having anything to do with astrology.

Astronomy is a completely different issue. Astronomy is a different science than astrology. Astronomy is the study of the stars and the planets, the universe in general. I have known for a long time that some say there is a message in the stars, and there is some mention in the Scripture that might indicate that. I hope that you all know by now, that what we know to be the Scripture, the King James Translation of the Bible is an abbreviation. There is so much knowledge available to us. We are told in the New Testament if everything that Jesus did was written down, there would not be enough books to contain it. Can you imagine the knowledge available through the Old Testament? It works together with science however. 

Those of us who are not scientists are at a disadvantage. Of course, we have the Lord to help us. I would love to be a scientific genius. I wish that I had a body of knowledge. I cannot even imagine what I could understand of the Scripture if I knew that, but I do not. My message for today is this. I am going to give you an analogy. The analogy that I am going to give you is the concept of jubilee. We know that there are six harvest seasons, and then on the seventh year all property is suppose to go back to the original owner. People who are in debt have their debts forgiven. Then we have a jubilee of years. Forty nine years, and then on the fiftieth year we have a jubilee. I do not really know the difference or what the benefits are of the fiftieth year as compared to the seventh year.

I am not into those kinds of details, but I am giving you a principle right now of this concept of the seventh year existing in multiple different conditions. The seventh day of the week is a jubilee. The seventh month is a jubilee. The seventh year is a jubilee. The fiftieth year is a jubilee, etc. etc. That jubilee is a benefit from God to mankind. It is a restoration. It is a forgiveness of sins and a restoration. Is everybody with me? I am going to draw an analogy now. Similar to that I want to suggest to you that there are spiritual seasons. Here is another example. We know that there are seasons; summer, winter, fall and spring. There is a cycle and that cycle is called a year. There are 365 days in the year except on leap year. There are also spiritual seasons. I have talked about this briefly.

For example, I have said things to you from a point of view of a spiritual season. See if you can hear this. At the time I did not know that it was Cain. Cain was dealt a deadly blow by the resurrected Christ, in Moses, representing Abel. Cain was dealt a deadly blow when God raised up Moses and sent him to Pharaoh to break the power of Egyptian mystery religion. If you can hear it, Cain or the collective source, or the personified source of that power that was punched and knocked down by Moses, is now rising to punch and knock down the one who knocked him down. Are you all following me? It is a spiritual season. That happened a long time ago like five thousand years ago. Pharaoh was knocked out like five thousand years ago. So five thousand years later, we see the return punch. 
There are spiritual seasons. Everything in this fallen world is a cycle. Everything is a cycle. Now we are told in the Scripture, that in the Glorified Jesus Christ, there is no shadow of turning. I preached that scripture to tell you that He has no evil side. The Glorified Jesus Christ has no evil side. There is also a cycle of turning from good to evil and evil to good. That is what is happening in this world since the Fall. There is nothing new under the sun. Good rises and knocks out evil. Evil recovers and knocks out good. Good rises and knocks out evil. I preach that today we are in the third stage of the Fall. There is a struggle between good and evil. There is a struggle between Cain and Abel as to who is going to be born with the authority. Which baby in the womb is going to be born with the authority? 

I am so embarrassed that I do not have the time to prepare and I do not always have the proper names for you. The daughter-in-law of Judah was Tamar, that gave birth to the twins, Pharez and Zarah. The first child put his hand out and the midwife put a red string on the wrist of the child because something amazing happened. His brother in the womb forced that first born back into the womb and the second child was born first, but the red string was put on the arm of the twin who put his hand out first, saying you are really the first born even though your brother pushed you back and was completely born first. That was what happened. Cain has been born. This is the world of Cain.

That is why Jesus said, you must be born again. What He meant is that Abel must rise in you, and when Abel rises from the dead in you, there will be the same struggle in you that occurred between those two human babies in the womb, if it ever happened. Do you really think that a baby in the womb put out its physical arm and then went back in and the other twin came out. I do not know. Maybe it is true, but it does not sound right to me. Maybe it was true and maybe it was not. All you people that have babies, does that sound right to you? Can you even imagine that? I cannot. It does not make any sense to me. 

Again, I am never intending to diminish the power of the Scripture. I am intending to increase the power of it when I say to you that a lot of what we read in the Scripture is not a myth and it is not a fairy tale meaning that it never happened. I would rather call it a parable that is explaining a spiritual event. Now spiritual events, the more powerful they are, make the least sense when you try to explain them in the natural. We read in the natural that the baby put its arm out, the midwife put a red string on it, and the arm went back in, and the other baby was born. Now that really happened, but not in the natural, but you have to put something down in the book for people to read it. That is what the book says. 

Now you could believe it, if you are a Christian or a Jew, because that is the Jewish Bible. You can believe that that really happened and that is okay. It is better to believe that than not to not believe the Bible at all. As you mature, you can have a choice. You can believe that yes that happened in the spiritual. Now everything that happens in the spiritual plays out in the natural, but it may not be playing out the way the parable says that it is playing out. It may not be playing out that a physical baby put its hand out of a physical woman’s womb, and then was beat up by his brother, pushed to the background, and the other baby came out first in one physical woman. I do not believe that happened, but I believe that it is happening in the many membered company of Cain and the many membered company of Abel in the spiritual womb. 

The way it is playing out in the natural is what we have in the world today in the Church. The Church is manifesting Cain today. Brethren, that is Satan in the pulpit preaching the Rapture. I am sorry, but it is Satan in the pulpit preaching the Rapture. That is not God’s message. The mouthpiece of Satan is Cain. So every preacher, even if he has the Holy Spirit, even if he speaks in tongues, even if he loves Jesus as much as he is able, it is still Cain preaching through him. In that instance, and in the collective group of preachers who do that, they have dragged Abel back into the womb and they are being born. Cain is being born. Do you hear what I am saying? 
The Rapture does not go back to Jesus’ day. That has just been around since the 1800's I think. Some Catholic woman had a dream and now the whole Church believes it. She dragged Abel back into the womb and Cain was born in that unclean doctrine, and the whole Church is being swept away. 

Everything that happens in the spiritual must happen in the natural too. For awhile, at one point, I was preaching I know everything in the Bible happened in the spiritual, but I do not know that everything happened in the natural. The Lord corrected me on that. Everything that happens in the spiritual plays out in the natural. It just does not necessarily play out the way we expect it to or the way we think it will. So there are these two babies in the womb, Cain and Abel, and they are a company of human beings. One company is Cain and one company is Abel. This concept of two twins in the womb about to be born, if you can follow me, just like the jubilee year happening seven days, seven months, forty nine years, if your mind can expand to that point. If you can see this woman pregnant with the twins, not a woman like we are women, but like the woman in Revelation 12, the sun clad woman, a spiritual woman that is getting ready to give birth to the Christ child. The spiritual woman exists, and each human being in the Church is a cell of her body. Can you follow me? Are you with me? Are you all okay?

Every spiritual principle expands to the degree that we could see it. Now to get to my message for today. All that was to prepare you for what I am going to say, and that is that there are spiritual seasons, just like there are seasons of a 365 day year, spring, summer, winter and fall. There are spiritual seasons, and each season could last for thousands of years. I know that I came home from the hospital in 1991 after being there for three months. Nobody thought I would ever come out, including me. Shortly after I came home, the Lord said to me the winter is over. The hard time is over. In my mind I am thinking jail. It was not just those three months in the hospital, it was extremely difficult getting this ministry off the ground. It was extremely difficult and it was personally painful for me because I was dying the whole time. That was what the Lord said to me, the winter is over. Then spring started to come. Now it is not summer yet, but it has been spring all these years for me. The summer is when everything grows. 

This ministry right now is in transition from spring to summer. Things are starting to pop. Now there is a season for the individual. There is a season for every ministry. There is a season for a family. There is a season for the Church. There is a season for the whole world. This principle is demonstrated in the reality of astronomy. We can look at the sun and we can look at the planets. Now some of us that have been in deliverance know that Christmas and New Years are the winter solstice, and we do not celebrate that. We know that the pagan religions celebrate the winter solstice. To be honest with you I did not know until the Lord started to tell me yesterday about this winter solstice and also the equinox. I will do my best to tell you what it is. I am totally unprepared to bring in this message. I am just believing that God is going to accomplish what He wants to accomplish here today. 

It has to do with the seasons. The solstice and the equinox are the two basic names. I will tell you that there are two of each. The equinox is usually in March and September, and the solstice is usually in June and December. What we are talking about is the relationship between the sun and the earth. Now it is the relationship between the sun and the earth that causes the seasons. I am talking about spiritual seasons and the relationship of the earth and the sun being a reflection of the availability of spiritual power to people on the earth. I am going to say that again because that was good.

Remember, everything in sight of us is reflected as the outer universe. That sun that you see in the sky is an illusion. It is an image, a projection of something that is inside of us. It is a projection of something that is inside of the collective humanity, which is Cain. That sun out there is a reflection of Leviathan, because humanity today is Cain. Even those of us that have Christ grafted to us, Cain is still the predominant spiritual personality that we have. How can I say that? I can say that because that is what we look like. Abel does not look like this. Abel does not look like an animal. Abel looks like a shining light in his glory. Can you hear me? Bear with me, please.

I have known for years that the witches are powerful at the time of the winter solstice. Usually, over the years, I pretty much hide. This year we gathered together on Christmas and we had a dinner and a conversation that glorified the Lord. We brought down the anointing of God in the midst of all the witchcraft prayers that go up. They start with Halloween on October 31st. It is like the end of the September equinox. These dates or months are not exact. The witches are praying from the September equinox all the way up to October 31st. What is so special about these holidays? Spiritual doors are opening making power available that was not previously available, or was not available in the previous spiritual season. I thought that witches just prayed a lot and that is why things are difficult for Christians during those times. 

It never occurred to me that it was not just the witches’ prayers, but spiritually speaking, a door was opening. A door that would make spiritual people, exercising spiritual power, even more powerful, was opening at that time. Did anybody know that? Now quite a while ago, at least five years ago, and you all know I lose track of time. It was at least five years ago, maybe more than that, perhaps seven years ago. The Lord revealed to me that there was a reality to the Jewish New Year. How am I going to say that? I do not celebrate any holidays. I believe that once Christ is grafted to you, that everyday is the Sabbath day. I do not believe in celebrating physical feast days to enhance my relationship with Jesus or to honor Jesus Christ.

I do spend Passover and Yom Kippur with my family, but it is simply a family thing. It does not mean anything to me because Jesus is my new year everyday. I believe and think that there is a truth to that, that everyday is the Sabbath day. About seven years ago, the Lord started to show me that there was a distinct change happening after the Jewish New Year. Growth happens. I am happy to report to you that this ministry has been growing for twenty years. Thank God the growth has not abated, but after the Jewish New Year, which is the end of September or the beginning of October, which is this equinox, I would see a spiritual momentum that I did not see before that. 

I guess I had asked the Lord, is there anything to these holidays? Now I asked Him about the Jewish holidays. I never asked Him about Halloween and Christmas and New Year’s. I had asked Him at some point, was there anything to these holidays? He started to show me that a spiritual door is truly opened at the time of what we call the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement. It came to the point that I started to look for a move of the Spirit after the Jewish New Year like it was truly a new beginning, a new beginning every year. I began to look to see what the Lord would be doing with the momentum for the new year according to the Jewish calendar. That has been going on for quite awhile.

I began to anticipate and hope and expect something. I do not ever remember Him telling me in advance what He would be doing, but I knew that a spiritual door opened, and I could expect momentum and growth. What He is showing me now is what I just told you, that it is true for the winter solstice also. That spiritual door opens with the winter solstice, with that opportunity for spiritual growth and for achieving things, that we could not achieve previously, because the spiritual power was not present to achieve it. I am not even sure of what I am saying here. Certainly, the witches and the workers of the occult have used that. I just got interference in my mind. Just hold on for a second. How can I say this?

I told you this solstice and equinox has to do with the relation between the earth and the sun. It has to do with how much light is shining on the earth. At the time of the equinox, there is as much daylight as there is darkness. The darkness and the daylight are equal. This country is still a Christian country, and there is still a Christian world, although we are deteriorating rapidly. This reality of the Christian world would be manifesting in the spiritual equinox as the day being much longer than the night. Remember Jesus saying, you have to work when it is yet day because the night is coming. There is a spiritual solstice coming. Equinox is when the darkness is equal to the light, and the solstice is when the sun goes down, and it is all darkness. That is the solstice. 

Jesus said you have to work when it is day because the night is coming. Recently, He has been telling me, Sheila, why are you surprised at the deterioration of my Church and Democracy in this nation? He started telling me this about a month or two ago. He said why are you surprised? There is nothing new under the sun. Everything is a cycle. I build up and I tear down. I tear down and I build up. Satan tears down and the Lord builds up. Everything is a cycle. Why are you surprised? Remember the world on the other side of the flood? Whatever humanity looked like at that time, where they had ascended to a very high place, and then incest. They had ascended to a very high place and then they turned evil. They turned to Cain. Cain reached out and pulled Seth back into the womb and came out himself. The beings who had ascended to that very high spiritual place became evil, so the Lord had to wipe them out, just like He had to wipe out the Philistines. They ascended on the wrong side. The whole society had ascended on the wrong side. 

We see this cycle existed. It can be revealed in the astronomical equinox and solstice. This country in the western world was encountered by an equinox somewhere back in the 60's or 70's, and the darkness started to become equal to the light. Now the darkness is overtaking the light because we are going from the spiritual equinox into the spiritual solstice. It is the nighttime when no man can work. Is everybody following me? What is happening in the world today is that we are headed from the equinox into the spiritual solstice when the light of the sun will be completely covered over. This has happened before in human history. What was it called? It was called the Dark Ages. The light of Christ was completely covered over. Everything is a cycle. There is nothing new under the sun.

There is nothing new under Leviathan’s sun, but I read in the Bible that the day is coming that the sun will shine in the darkness and the night will be day. Now brethren, in this ministry you have got to do your own research. I used to come out with all the scriptures for you. The Lord is just not giving me time to do it for you. I am telling you that this is scriptural. You have to find your own scriptures. You have to get yourself a concordance, and a Bible program, and get your own scriptures. The Bible says the moon is going to turn to blood. The sun, Leviathan’s sun, is going to be covered over with sackcloth. In the New Jerusalem, the sun of Christ Jesus is going to shine in the night so brightly that the night will be like day. What does this mean? It means that the Living God, the God of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ, is about to interfere with the natural course of the spiritual solstice and equinox cycle. 

He is going to interfere with the solstice that is already underway. The earth is covering over the sun and the darkness is descending on us all around, but the Lord Jesus Christ is about to interfere with the coming spiritual winter solstice. We see that in the Scripture in the day that the sun stood still for Joshua. I have told you this on tapes that I do not believe that the physical sun stood still. The people that hate God use that scripture to devalue the Bible. They tell you that if the sun were to stand still we would all go flying off the planet and be destroyed. It was not the physical sun that stood still. It was the sun inside of humanity that stood still. At the moment, I have to tell you, I do not know whether it was the sun of Christ Jesus that stood still or the sun of Leviathan because I am preaching by the seat of my pants today. 

I guess it would have to be the sun of Christ Jesus that stood still. Does anyone know what the surrounding circumstances were when Jehovah caused the sun to stand still for Joshua? What was going on? Anybody? It was the battle of Jericho. Brethren, we are engaged in a battle of Jericho right now. We are engaged in a battle as serious as the battle of Jericho, and the sun is about to stand still in the heavenlies. The darkness is not going to overtake us. That is the word today. I have been saying this for awhile now, but this is a word from the Lord to His people. The winter solstice will not appear. It will not come to pass that the sun will disappear completely for a season in this spiritual age. It is not going to happen. He is going to intervene supernaturally. The sun will stand still in the heavenlies. 

You see, Joshua was not taking the victory. He was not winning the battle of Jericho, so the son standing still in the heavenlies meant that the dark power of the enemy, which was overtaking Joshua and the Hebrew armies, were stopped. The sun stood still in the heavenlies and the dark power that was overshadowing that sun was stopped. The level of spiritual power that Joshua and his army had, which was being diminished, were being defeated. Their power was being diminished, so the standing still of the sun in the heavenlies meant that the dark power of the enemy did not advance any further. 

The way I am seeing it is at that point Joshua and his armies could have defeated their enemy, but if the enemy forces continued to roll in, Joshua and his armies did not have the power to stand against the dark forces that were rolling in. If those dark forces continued to roll in, Joshua and the Hebrew children would have been defeated. At that point where Joshua cried out to Jehovah, he said we need more time to take this victory, but at the rate of speed that the dark forces are rolling in, if they keep on increasing, we will not have enough time. We will be overtaken before we can defeat Jericho. Does anybody not see what I am saying? 

The forces that were opposing Joshua and the Hebrew children were increasing. They were increasing by the hour. Joshua said, right now we have the strength to take Jericho, but we need more time. Let us say, for example, we need another five hours or another day to take Jericho, but at the rate of speed that the dark forces are rolling in, we will not be able to take Jericho. So the sun stood still in the heavenlies. The dark forces did not increase. It gave Joshua another day and they took Jericho. Did anybody not understand what I just said? The Lord stopped time. Jehovah stopped time. He stopped time because His people needed more time. What does that say to you about what is going on today? Are we, His people, ready for this battle? Are we ready to take on the darkness that is overshadowing this nation right now? Are we ready? Absolutely not !!!!

Where did this message come from? Maybe the Lord is telling us He is going to stop the sun. He is going to stop the winter solstice. He is going to stop the darkness from overshadowing us. We need more time. That is a glorious word. We are the armies of the Lord. The message in the Church today is a false message, that the Lord is going to carry us away like babies, rapture us, feed us, and meet our every whim and need. We are soldiers. What Paul said is the truth. We are soldiers in the army of the Lord. Very few people are battle ready. 

There is nothing we can do in our own strength. It has to do with the maturity of Christ Jesus in us. We cannot fight this now. These forces are stronger than we are. We are not ready. Christ Jesus is not mature enough in us yet. The Lord is causing the sun to stand still for one spiritual day. How long that will be no one knows, before we are defeated. At the rate of strength, the degree of strength that we have now, we will take the victory if the dark forces do not get any stronger. That is exciting. 

Just to finish this off, I was looking through these notes that I printed out for myself. I really have not had time to even read them, but I found this interesting statement from the free encyclopedia on the internet. It is talking about the solstice. Now a lot of it is very technical. I could probably understand it myself if I had four days to study it, but I do not. I am not going to put it on the tape because I do not think you would understand it either. Here is the principle. It is talking about the solstice. I am trying to make this simple. It says at some point the sun in relationship to the earth causes twilight. So we have a period of twilight as the darkness comes. I do not know how to make this simple. This is the sentence. The observer that wants to see this happening in the heavenlies, in order to observe this, needs to be sitting near a tree on the island in the middle of the ocean. I guess theoretically, if you sit near a tree, that is so you can see the shadow on the island in the middle of the ocean. 

Does that strike a chord in anybody? All I can think about is Jonah sitting under a tree. I did not even have time to run a search in my Bible program. Maybe I will do it during the break. I can think of another one or two instances in the Scripture of someone sitting under a tree. I prayed about that years ago. I am telling you, the Lord will answer every question you ask, but you might have to wait to get your answer because He has to teach you other things first. I used to say to Him what is this tree thing, that someone sat down under a tree? Elijah sat down under a tree in 1 Kings 19:4 too. What is this tree thing? I do not believe they sat down under a physical tree. I believe that Elijah and Jonah had a problem and they sat down in a spiritual place whereby the power of God could be channeled into them with more power. They needed more power.

When the angel came and said to Elijah, eat this food, the journey is too hard for you. Do you think it was physical food? If you think it was physical food, that is okay. I do not knock you, but I challenge you to consider the possibility that it was not physical food. Elijah sitting down under a tree presented himself, somehow through prayer, through attitude of heart, somehow presented himself to the Lord in a way that a spiritual equinox could take place in his life, so that the solstice, the darkness that was descending on him would be stopped.

At the very least, the powers of good and evil would be equal until the good cycle continued in the light. Of course, high noon is the time when there is no darkness. Somehow, these men had a knowledge of how to present themselves to the Lord, that they would be subject to the Sun of righteousness that Malachi talks about. The Sun being directly overhead, is winding out the darkness, meeting their every need, strengthening them to go on. Is that not interesting? 

I think Deborah sat under a tree also. We now know that sitting under a tree means positioning yourself so that the spiritual doorway that imparts power can shine into you. Sometimes, you have to wait for that to happen. When I first started asking the Lord about astrology and astronomy again, it had to be about five years ago. I knew in my heart that there was a spiritual reality to it that was clean, and that it was true. I asked the Lord to start teaching me at least five years ago. At that time or shortly thereafter I started to understand that this movement in our spiritual inner space, just like the planets revolve around the sun. 

Everything is moving in the physical universe, which is the illusion. The spiritual inner universe has elements that are continuously moving. Depending on how all the stars and planets and suns are interacting with each other, depending on that interaction, either more or less spiritual power is available to us. Now I know that I have heard the astrologers talk about the planets lining up and I never believed it. I never believed that there was anything to this, but there is something to it. There is something to it, through astronomy, when the Lord deals with us through it, and when the Lord uses it to channel His power and His energy. I know that, and I am sure you can all relate to this that we pray about a particular need and we pray and we pray and we pray.

Why do you have to wait for a year for it to come to pass? Because all of the elements of the spiritual world have to be lined up in a specific way to impart the power needed for what the Lord wants to do or what we are asking for. That is why we have to wait. I believe that when Christ Jesus becomes powerful enough, the wait will be greatly diminished because the sun will be shining continuously. There will be no more night. Is that not what the Book of Revelation says? There is no night there. In Him there is no shadow of turning. The power of God is continuously present neutralizing and overshadowing the darkness. The darkness does not go away. It is just overshadowed. The earth does not go away when the sun is at noonday. It is just that the sun is higher than the earth. 

Brethren, I believe the Lord is telling us that He is moving to stop the sun in the heavenlies. I believe He is telling us this with regard to the elections for this country, which will affect this country, the whole Christian world, and the whole world. This election coming up in November is of monumental importance. Of course, the primaries are very important. We have the primary elections and what they call the heavy hitters coming up on February 5th. It is New York, California, the major states with the heavy electoral votes. There are three or four of them that have a primary on February 5th, which will make or break Giuliani, who I am convinced is the Lord’s choice as the man who could defend us. 

It is interesting that we are in a war of philosophy. A few little speedboats threatened our warships in International waters outside of Iran. Now I heard two different opinions. I heard a retired naval officer get up on TV and say that they should have been blown out of the water in order to protect the men on the ships. Those little boats should have been blown out of the water if there was any possibility that they were going to blow up those ships. That happened with the U.S.S. Cole. All of those marines died and President Clinton never did anything about it. Then I heard Bill O’Reilly on TV saying they showed good restraint. What is going on here anyway? 

I think I got my message out. Are there any questions or comments? The message is the Lord is about to move supernaturally to intervene with the normal course of events. There is a normal course of spiritual events. The sun was at its zenith over Christendom for many years. Christianity was ruling, was a blessing to the world, and the spiritual course of events, the circle of the spiritual earth is now headed towards the solstice where it will be dark, all darkness. I have been preaching here, if the Lord does not intervene, we are going back into another dark age. I have been preaching that. The good news today is that He, the Lord Jesus, is about to stop the sun from moving. He is going to stop the progression towards the solstice, which will bring forth complete darkness, through His people, or at least through somebody. I do not know how many people it is going to take. I do not think it is going to take a lot of people. He never works with a lot of people.

We are waiting until He appears, until Christ Jesus appears powerful enough in the earth to take on these powers and principalities that are scrambling for power as the darkness descends. These occult forces understand it and they know what is happening. They are doing their rituals and scrambling to acquire the power for the strength that they need to take over the world. They want to knock out democracy and take over the world. They want to knock out the United States and take over the world. We are the last bastion of democracy. All of Europe is socialist and socialism is failing. So what comes next? Some form of dictatorship. I believe, what I call the power brokers, all the different forms of dictatorship, will be fighting with each other to see who will take over the world.

We have a good word today. It is an exciting word. The Lord is moving to intervene. I have been preaching that for months now. I thank God for His confirmation of the word. Watch the current events, brethren. Exciting things are happening, some very exciting things. This is the last time. First in the natural, and then in the spiritual. The Lord did it for Joshua. They won the battle of Jericho. Israel became great. Now it is happening in the spiritual, but the cycle is ending here. When the Lord stops this progression towards darkness, and His people get strong enough, we are going to enter into the new age of Christ Jesus. It is going to stop the progression of the circle of the earth. We are going to enter into the new age where there is no shadow of turning and no darkness. It is all light there. These are the final days. It is really exciting.

The Bible is real. It is not some fantasy about the Rapture. The Bible is real. There is good and evil in this world, and the Lord is going to save His people from the evil. We are a part of the salvation. We have to be soldiers. You have to find out what your part is and do it. Do not take on an ungodly burden. Just ask Him what your part is. Maybe your part is being in a meeting like this and being a part of the collective mind set that is affecting the entire world. When we have these meetings here, and to the extent that it is truly Christ Jesus preaching, we are affecting the country and the entire world because this is prophesy. This is prophesy today, brethren. Every word that is truly the word that comes out of Christ Jesus is prophesy. It is different than the gift of prophesy in the Church. This is the real thing. 

Now exactly how this is going to play out, I do not know. Just to refresh your memory, this is an important issue. There is prophesy that has to do with the will and purposes of God, and there is prophesy as to what is going to happen on this earth. The prophesy about the will and purposes of God cannot fail. This has to come to pass or I am not a prophet of God. Now I do not know how long it is going to take to come to pass. It is probably happening right now. I do not know that everybody will be able to see it, but if you ask to see it, to the degree to which this is true, and to the degree to which it is coming to pass, He will open your eyes and you will see it.

Prophesy that has to do with the manifestation in the earth, such as you are going to get this building or you are going to make this trip at such and such a time can change. That kind of prophesy can change because it is subject to the events, the emotions, and the thoughts of this world. If I tell you the Lord says you are going to make a trip in such and such a time, and Satan comes in with some interference in this world, and the plane does not take off or something like that, that does not mean the person was a false prophet. If it is truly the will of God, it will manifest in another way. You will go the next day. Is everybody following me? That is so important. Someone raised that issue and I am so glad that she raised it.

You can only be a false prophet if you prophesy the will of God and it does not come to pass. It is not what day you are going to take a trip, or what time you are going to go somewhere, or whether you are going to buy that building or that other building. What counts is that the Lord said He is going to do something for you. When He is going to do it, how it is going to play out, is in His time. Then it could be accurate. That is why it is not prophesy. It is a word of knowledge, such and such is going to happen. It is not a prophesy, it is a word of knowledge. It is subject to change by the forces of this world. If the person who God is raising up to do something, does not understand, and does not do what they are suppose to do, it will not come to pass. 

My most famous testimony is of people that I do not even know who they are, but I have never been able to forget it. The Lord told this preacher to go to the post office and stand on the steps of the post office at a particular time. He did not believe it was God and he did not go. Then a few hours went by and he wound up on the steps of the post office. He did not go at the instructed time. A little old lady was standing there. She asked him to pray for her. I do not know if I am mixing up two testimonies or not, but anyway he encountered this little old lady. He did not want to pray for her for some reason. She said you have to pray for me because I have been waiting here for six hours. The Lord told me someone was going to be here to pray for me, and you need to pray for me. He was six hours late. The Lord told her somebody would be there to pray for her at such and such a time, but he did not come until six hours later. Was she a false prophet? No, it was a word of knowledge, but somebody was disobedient, so it did not come to pass. 

I do not know if I am mixing two testimonies or not, but there was another one where a little old lady said to the guy I want you to spit in my eye. He said I will not spit in your eye. She said, I need a healing in my eye and the Lord said you have to spit in my eye, and you had better do it. (Laughter) I think he did it and she was healed. Words of knowledge are subject to change because of disobedience of God’s people. The Lord is really correcting me. Words of knowledge do not change because Satan sends an event that is not expected. Words of knowledge do not come to pass, if they are true words of knowledge, because of the disobedience of God’s people.

You need to understand that when you start moving in this realm where He starts giving you assignments like that, Satan is going to try in every way to stop you from believing that it is God or from doing it, or from having a conflict over what is more important. Satan will bring confusion and try to mess you up. That is the difference between word of knowledge and prophesy. I thank the Lord for that. Maybe somebody was asking that question. It may have been somebody here or somebody who is going to get the message. I do not know. Are there any questions or comments about this message? This exciting word of prophesy is that the Lord is going to intervene with the dark forces that are covering over this nation. It is very far gone. The night is far gone. That was what Jesus said, the night is far gone. We are in trouble. 

I think I did not complete the conclusion of my message, which is this. Something happened yesterday. I believe a spiritual door was opened and power was poured into the ministry, into my life and into the ministry. It was a very high anointing. It was very high in the morning. It carried through the whole day and there was a spirit of joy here. This is how this whole message came to pass. I believe that the Lord told me that we are at the time of the winter solstice. That is the time when the light disappears from the earth and darkness covers the earth. Cain’s crowd gains strength from the darkness, but the Lord poured His power in at the time of the winter solstice. Do you hear this? It is the time that the power of Abel is suppose to be diminishing in the earth. The exact opposite happened.

The Lord poured in the light of the sun and shined in the darkness yesterday. I do not have a clue as to the full extent of what happened yesterday. I know a couple of minor events that happened, but that is just the microchip. We have to wait and see. Whatever happened in the Spirit, we will not really know until it plays out in the natural. Something very powerful happened yesterday in the Spirit. Does everybody understand me? Life poured in when the darkness is suppose to be covering over. Just for your information, I got some scriptures on trees or thereabout. 

Judges 4 verses 4 and 5. And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, she judged Israel at that time. And she dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in mount Ephraim: and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment. 

I Kings 19:5. And as he lay and slept under a juniper tree, behold, then an angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat.

This is talking about Behemoth. Job 40:21. He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed, and fens. That is occult power. That is Cain’s crowd.

Now with Jonah it does not really say tree, but it is very similar. 
Jonah 4:6 And the Lord God prepared a gourd, and made it to come up over Jonah, that it might be a shadow over his head, to deliver him from his grief. So Jonah was exceeding glad of the gourd. A shadow over his head is like a tree. A definition of gourd is the hard shelled fruit of any various plants. A second definition is a plant bearing such fruit. A dried and excavated gourd shell. In other words, a protection came up over Jonah. That is interesting because I know that I mentioned in a recent message that most people in the Church think or have been taught that the reason Jonah was disobedient to God was God had told Jonah to go preach at Nineveh. I believe that was the capital of Assyria, if I am not mistaken. 

It was a highly occult nation, and the Lord told Jonah to go preach to these people and tell them to repent, and he ran away. Why? He was scared. (Laughter) He was afraid to go because they might kill him. Finally he went, but at this point, without going into the whole message of Jonah, it says he sat down to watch to see what would happen to the city. First of all, everybody repented. I hope you all know that. The men, women, children and the animals all repented in Nineveh. Jesus clearly said that they did better than the Church. The Church is filled with high pride, proud arrogant people who will not repent. These people deep in paganism and wicked witchcraft, when they heard the truth of the word of God, they repented and they all went on a fast right down to the animals. 

Jonah sat down to see what would happen, and he was scared. It says the Lord prepared a gourd, a hard shell to cover him. He protected him from any fallout from these highly spiritual people. If they just got angry at you, they could kill you. Just their anger could kill you. They did not have to be desiring to kill you. This is why no Christian is going to have the power of life and death in their hands until their carnal mind is fully under control. You do not have to be sitting down saying I want you to be dead. Anger is murder. Jesus said, if you are angry at your brother, you have killed him. You cannot be walking around with the power of life and death in your hand when you have a short temper. You will be killing everybody. There will be nobody left. 

God prepared a gourd for Jonah. He prepared a hard shell for him, but it came up over his head. I do not want to go into the whole thing. This message is not about Jonah. Anyway, Jonah did not sit under a tree, so it is probably not the same thing, but it is similar. We have Elijah and Deborah sitting under trees. On the other side we have Behemoth, which is the whole company of people with their carnal mind. They are all hiding under the shady tree, which is Leviathan and Satan. 

That should finish my message for this morning. Did anybody want to say anything? The Lord is going to intervene. Alleluia! Any questions or comment? 


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