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Pastor Shelia: The bread is corrupted and filled with worms and pestilence, so that is who we are, that is who we are called to be, the bread from heaven we are called to teach the to people. We are called to judge there sins in preparation for them to become the bread from heaven. That is without condemnation but unto this end that every one of us should be bread. You do not have to have a public ministry like this, may be you just speak to your neighbor or someone on the supper market line. xxxx has a whole ministry at work. He, always emailing me, and saying how he has ministry all these people. How many people work in that factory?


Comment: Ah about sixty down there.


Pastor Shelia. Sixty.


Comment: Yeah, under me there is about ten.


Pastor Shelia, Ten, but they are constantly turning over, right?


Comment: Well they know who I am, they ask questions.


Pastor Shelia. It is amazing, are they all men there or do they have women working there?


Comment: All men, there are a couple of office women.


Pastor Shelia. Its heavy work, it that it, it's all heavy work, okay very interesting. So you do not need a public ministry, if that who you are call to be, okay, the bread from heaven that is going to feed the world. Which is starving to death, the world is starving to death. That is why we die, because we do not have the food to keep us alive. And that is the reality of our existence there is no heaven after death. The heaven is which is life in Christ Jesus, is right here on the earth. The meek shall inherit the earth and you are taken from the earth. Because we do not have spiritual foods that can that can sustain these bodies that is the truth. So the whole church and the whole world are being fed a lie today. The prophets are false prophets, the people that say they come in the name of Jesus are lairs and the bible must be true and it must come to pass and by divine appointment or by divine command, I am reading the book of Jeremiah right now, The Lord directed me specifically to the book of Jeremiah and Jeremiah prophesies to Judah as it was going under judgment and the overall message of that pretty long book from Jeremiah and from the Lord through Jeremiah do the people of Judah was do not fight this, do not fight this, if you want to survive do not fight go into captivity. Now why God would be saying something like that to Judah? Let's apply it to the church today. Why would the Lord say do not fight? And this is the answer, because there is not way that you can entered into Christ Jesus. You can become a living walking loaf of bread. There is no way that you can do it, without going through the whole process of having your sins reveal, and your soul judge, and shock you. That Leviathan, your old man has shock into pieces and remove. So that Christ can be appear in you, and feed the nation. And which this spiritual food comes the healing and deliverance, it the food that nourishes your soul and everything comes out of that, so the message to the church is do not fight it, there is no way that you could avoid going into the captive of subjecting your fallen man to the ministry of Christ Jesus, which is going to shock you to pieces, welcome to the real world, okay. That is the truth; do not fight, if you fight the Lord says you are going to die. What does that mean that you are going to physically die, not necessary? Now he is speaking to the church, the church has some measure of life through the Holy Spirit. How Jesus says I am the truth, the way and the life. So the life is in Christ, but the Holy Spirit is like the outer court the entrance way to Christ. You are hanging on by a thread, it not but two life. Because the Holy Spirit does not have the power to convert your soul, okay. But the Lord is saying to the Church today you have some life, you have some connection from me, and you have been reconciled to me that mean that I hear your prayers when you cry. Now, the church does not like to hear but I am telling you the truth. Someone in the Holy Ghost who cried out to God and really touches Him, what He does, He send a Son of God that what He does and if your need does not require a human being actually being sent to you. The Lord when he hears your cries moves upon someone who has the mediator in them. The Holy Spirit is not the mediator. He moves upon someone that has Christ in them to intercede for you, and you probably never, never know that was how your prayer got answered. So you have the Holy Spirit, you just have the ability or the privilege of being reconcile to God, so that your prayers are heard, see, but do not fight, because there is no way that you are entering into true life the parted life for the true of life is growing you. You have potential really enter into immortally, righteous immortally in Christ Jesus without pain or sorrow. You do not have that, so if you fight the judgment you will even die to the Holy Spirit and that beginning thread of life that you have will die in you. Now, as result of that you may die physically, because you are in a world where death prevails, but the Lord is not physically killing you. Its His desire to keep you alive, because as long as you are physically alive there hope that He can deal with our stubborn, rebellious, prideful, carnal mind that are killing us, all the day long, every second, of every minute, of every day, Satan in our mind and leviathan, pride in our mind is trying to wipe us of the face of the earth. So that the true person that we are will have to start all over again with a new incarnation born as a baby spending years trying to find out who are or get into a message like this. So that message from the Lord through the prophet, I guess that's me to the church today. Whoever fights the judgment that's coming; we are going to die to everything that we receive in Christ, so far and you be in the catergory with the unbelievers the people who have the Holy Spirit, who submit to the truth. You know that we are going under judgment, one way, or another you stand a chance of entering into life. Just like that you stand a chance. We all are running a race and that race is against death. Where the process that produces true immortally and the only true mortally in the Glorified Jesus Christ, we need to obtain to that place before Satan has the legal ground to take us out. That is the race and for that reason say the Lord, I extended your life time, saith God, wow! That is the most recent revelation that came down, so I guess it's to everybody here. Clam it, everybody here, please claim it, okay. Let me just reiterate the latest revelation on mortality that comes down here. I use to think that I will wait up one morning and be immortal. And I could not understand how that will happen or how I would recognize, so I prayed a lot, well, if I wait out one morning immortal, I am not about to step out in front of a car to test it. How would I know that I immortal? And today I realize that was very naïve, you see know how matter how smart we are, when it comes to a revelation that we have not yet been taught, we are naive; until we are imperfection all of us have our level and when we go beyond that level we will be naïve as the person we are trying to teach. And this knowledge should humble us before the people we are trying to teach. And to that people that know nothing today. So this is what the Lord told me, after years of praying. He says Shelia nothing in the spiritual world happen in a singe moment, the scripture in Thessalonians that says in a moment in the twinkling of an eye we shall be changed, that is a spiritual moment. That is a twinkling of an eye of the collected Adam, okay. Up there in the timeless realm, okay, and I believe that that twinkling of an eye, that spiritual moment is what we would call human lifetime. And you know the bible says that world is smarter than we are. As the Lord was giving me this revelation, years ago, He brought me to a Hollywood movie. "Name a moment time," And it was about a women lifetime, it was her whole lifetime, so the Lord knows that these immature lifetimes are just a moment in the whole spectrum, of our spiritual lifetime. So finally, I got it and this is what he told me, Shelia time is being reverse, the curse is being reverse, I do not know If should said time is being reverse, the curse is being reverse. The way we fell we are going back. When Jesus departed and He said, the scriptures said, he is coming back the same way that he left. The curse is being reverse, do we fall out of immortality into mortality in a moment or in a human lifetime. No! It was a process of slow descending, very slow, even when you look at the Hebrew and dying you shall die. That was the judgment that was pronounce on Adam by Jehovah, and dying you shall die. A continually process of descending that Jehovah has been interfering with for centuries, because if Jehovah was not interfering with our descending we all would have gone the way of Cain by now. And Cain is extinct, Cain line descended into the caveman that we found the bones of and became extinct. Every human being alive today, we are not really alive; every human being on the earth today is a descendant of Seth, who was the replacement of Cain and Abel, okay. I want to give you this definition and I really do not want to cancel the music today, so I just give you this definition. So the curse is being reverse, okay. Adam went from immortality into a state of longevity people lived into the nine hundred some odd years on the other side of the flood. And they lived eight hundred years, seven hundred years, six hundred years, and five hundred years. We have heard that people are living one hundred years or one hundred an fifty years and today the average lifetime in this county where we are so bless is about eighty or ninety years, if you live to a hundred years today, you are in the newspaper. As a matter, of fact I cut out an article for you xxxx it's about a on hundred old women and she is going to Israel to fulfilled her life dream. This made the newspaper; which is so unusual to reach a hundred years, so the Lord said that the door is opening to longevity without the deterioration of our physical body or without deterioration of strength, or energy. We are told that when Moses died, his eyes was not dimmed, he did not even need eye glasses, does anybody knows how old was Moses? Well he did really die but, know body knows. I believe he was in his nineties, I am not sure, and I should not really talk. I am not good on these historical details but he was well up these in years. And his strength was not abated and his eye was not dimmed. And I believe that we are going to go into longevity and now it just came forth by prophecy, okay. That we just not going to die; but, we will still be mortal, if you put a knife though my heart we die. We are going to have to take care of ourselves, we have to eat, and we have to provide for our own flesh, exercise which I have been getting to the gym a little more lately. So the only way, I keep saying this, the only way to test this prophecy is to watch our senior citizen here, all eyes is own xxxx, because I am going to have wait or you will have to wait a long time to see if you are going to enter in to it. But, we are supposed to believe by faith. And I know every once in a while, Christ just rises up in me, and starts to cry out, Lord I can not die, you going to have wait along time too, I can not die, it's not possible that I have gone through so much, and overcoming so many areas, you just cannot let me die, you know, And I went through a period about five years ago, I was praying that continually all day long and now this is the word that the Lord has brought down. We are going into longevity. We already entered into life, the scriptures said, if Christ is joined to you, you are this day alive, I believe that is in the book of Deuteronomy, If I am not mistaken, this day you are alive, if Christ is join to you, okay. Now we are entering into longevity in preparation for immortality, well congratulation everybody that is here today. This is just so exciting, just so exciting, so I have plans for my future. I just really do, sometimes I just look around and see things that I would have like to accomplish in my life earlier. And I look at the promises that you have given me and I say to him, Lord what do I have another twenty years or thirty years, I do not know on the earth. Times are running late, it is late; all of these promise you given me. It's getting late, you know that the scripture says, if you give up everything for the Lord and I have given up everything for the Lord. That you receive everything restored to you, first you receive family, friends, land, I think there one other thing, and I do not remember what it is. And this is to be given back to you, well; a lot had been restored to me; but not everything and I said, Lord what am I going to have it for five years after you restored it to me. And of course there has been silence all of these years, because he does not answer questions like that. He really does not you know and now I got the answer. You see He wants answer a question, coming out of, I you ask a lot of question that I know He want answer me. Because I know that I know that it is coming out of my humanity. And He just does not answer questions like that, there are female questions, you see; but we are both female and male, okay. And those are female questions and He really does not answers female questions. He just does not; but, what he does, He continues to teach you. He continues to teach you your manhood, your spiritual manhood which is Christ in you. Eventually somewhere along the line the answers come down. So here the answer, you know, here is the answer, and no it is not late. It is only late, time is only limited by my carnal mind, you see, it was my our carnal mind that was saying Lord it's late when are you going to restore all that I lost hundred fold for two night, for five years, what is five years in all that I lost in this whole life time. He does not answer that nonsense, He calls it noise, you see, our carnal mind makes noise; it does not make any sense. The Lord does not talk to our female side, now I can say that without being accuse of being prejudice against women. Because it has nothing to do with your physical self, and today you are one hundred percent female in your mind. You have the potential to mature into spiritual manhood. So there is no prejudice here at all, if you want God to talk to you directly, you need to be praying for Him to form a male mind in you, because He does not talk to women, he does not talk to women, and he just does not talk to women. Inaudible, but He talks to Christ, who is your spiritual man and here we have the answer. I will have it for more than five years and I am not going to die, with all the greatest He has dome in my life. I have so much to live for, so much to offer, so much to do that is undone. So we enter into longevity that is just so exciting, you know. So it is not going to be sudden overnight, healing of everything physical problem that we have, we probably go slowly, everything is being birth. I can really can understand because, this happened to me, when I came to the Lord I was dying and I had curses and premature death on my life. From the beginning the Lord said that He would heal me. And thirteen years later I was so sick, I was just so sick, everyday of my life was a torment. And I said to Him, Lord what's going on, I know you know me that you would heal. And this is how He explained it to me, from the day I said it to you, you spirit man started to ascend; but, the curses was still killing your soul man. So there was a double process within your person. Your spirit man was ascending and you soul man was descending; but, your soul man and spirit, man are attach. So at some point my spirit man got up there, high enough so that my soul man could not go down any lower, okay. No, matter how hard the tried, he could not go down any lower. And there was a period of five months I was just static and then my soul man turned around and my body started to heal. And that is exactly what the Lord said to me, your soul man eventually, when he cannot move. When he gets the revelation that he's stuck and he cannot descend anymore, he will turn around and follow you. And that is in our alternate translation and Cain turn around and follows Abel, okay. So that's the process and this is going to be the process with longevity. Now, I asked a couple of female questions that I do not expect to get an answer to and these are what some of them are; how long will our physical body continue to deteriorate, because I am not to happy with a couple of signs in body these days. So how long will the physical body deteriorate and then when that process of deterioration stops, how stay long will our body stay in the same condition, before it starts to reverse. It's starts to get younger, you know. So I know that He will not answer that vain question, that somewhere along the down the line in the teaching it will come out as a logical progression of what He teach; but, we may not find we actually experience it. What He wants us to focus on is that He is promising us a stage in between mortality and immortality that I had never anybody preach. I had never heard it before this intermediary call longevity. And what happen that word of prophecy that came forth today, what was all that about, that was the Lord Jesus Christ witnessing to this revelation, because it's a new revelation that I just been talking about it. Maybe for a month, did you hear that, you may not even hear that? Did you hear that from me? Yeah, I just had been talking about it, for a month or two, since He gave it to me. And that was His conformation to me and to the whole group. That yes, this is the word that has come down, this is the doctrine, this is His doctrine, it and intermediary stage between mortality and immortality, whereby we experience longevity of life, which health and strength and but we can still die under certain circumstances. Jesus said, well know man can take my life, there is a stage where we are capable of dying, but who knows that we would not be able to be raise from the dead; but, the point is that we would still be mortal. Even if it's possible raise us from the dead, we will still be mortal with long life and the process of descent it now being reverse and we are the first people to experience it, okay.


Pastor Sheila: Can you give him your microphone?


Comment: Use the microphone here


Pastor Shelia: No it's on xxxx


Comment: What I basically see is talking about the accession and the ascension, its dying they should die, so is that, it's was kinda like the spiritual man, it's like the uh, you have the earth and the spirit and basically. What happened was that it went like this, correct, okay, it reverse, um, I do not know it might be in my female mind asking this question; but, with the process that it took to descend dying they shall die, um, I mean finally, spiritually speaking, it finally stopped, you know that whole process, stop you know, this world is at a stopped position for Cain, for Cain cannot go any lower. So as the Christ is being presented, you know now, its beginning to shift; not only within this ministry; but, whoever has this ministry; but, it's throughout the whole world, is it


Pastor Shelia: Interesting observation, I have to tell you as you were speaking, my reaction, was no, no, he has got it wrong. Cain has not; you felt the same way.


Comment: Yeah


Pastor Shelia: No, Cain still see like, I think what xxxxx meant, because the Lord quicken to me is Cain may still be ascending in individuals; but, taking the creation as a whole or the world as a whole, its cost the Sons of God are now ascending. We are stopping the descent of Cain from the whole world. That was an incredible revelation, yes so, and I been telling you all for a long time now. That these meeting are very important, they are not just a bunch of people getting together, who wants to here the Lord. We have work to do and know what the Lord just said to me, this will break your pride if nothing else does. I heard it said from people who have dogs, you know, my dog is a working dog, my dog is not a pet that lies around the house and get fat and barks. Whenever, he feels like it, my dog works, you know. And he gets the newspaper and brings it in and these people are training their guard dogs and there are working dogs. You know, and that is what the Lord just said to me, we are working dogs. (Pastor Shelia laughs) We are working dogs. This is not just a meeting that you go to church if you feel like going to church and that is why there are rules in these meeting. We are not like a regular church, if you want to come to these meeting; you have to make a commitment, if your are not willing to make a commitment to be here every week; unless, there is a really good reason, this is not the ministry for you. You need to go to the church down the street, where the people rather than the authority that sets up are in control. You go if you feel like going, if you do not feel like going you do not go. You do not have to answer to anybody, nobody judging your sins. You know how the Lord sees these Churches, for years He has been showing them to me in my dreams as resorts. As Christians resorts and to the Lord they are a joke, they are not the real thing; because, even when you go to kindergarten they are rules and regulations that you have to comply with. You go to kindergarten and what do you in kindergarten. I hear today that its change. When I was in kindergarten the teacher just played the piano and sings songs and you colored pictures and todays they are teaching the children their letters. Some churches do not teach you anything they just sing and dance and some churches teach you ABC'S okay; but, there are no restriction, even in kindergarten if you do not show up in class for a certain amount of days, they want to know where the child is; but, in the church world and this country anyway, I do not about any counties. The people just do whatever they want and only that they do what they want the situations is reverse, they go into those churches and they are trying the spirit on the elders and they are in control. The people at least they think they are in control and the truth is they think they in control, well they deny the authority and also if they have to be tithing believers they think they tithe gives them control. And for this reason the either is going to under judgment or its going to die. Because rebellion is, its rebellion, either if you do not know you are doing it, its rebellion against God's authority and rebellion is the sin of witchcraft and the judgment for witchcraft is death. So the judgment of God that is coming on the church is the mercy of God the people are out of order. And the judgment is coming on the elders first, because the elders are not teaching them. The church is in a desperate condition and as the Sons of God arise judgment is falling in the heavenlies, as we ascend judgment is falling on the erroneous church or on the counterfeit church or on the lying church. So that was really an incredible revelation. That you had I did not see it that way, so the Sons of God collectively we are the working dogs, you see. We have work to do here. We are collectively ascending and the rest of the world, because the church of part of the world, okay. The church with the Holy Spirit alone, I am sorry you carnal people whoever you are. I am talking to out there, if all you have is the Holy spirit, you are a carnal person, that is not a condemnation, you just need to know it, so you can asks the Lord to have Christ form in you; but, I have been preaching for years that the separation is coming. There will only be two categories of people in the world, those who are in Christ Jesus, and those who are not. And at the times this separation takes place, all you have is the Holy Spirit you are losing the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is departing from us. Read your bible it's departing from us, the gifts are passing away and if the gifts are passing away that means that the source of the gifts are passing away or if the source remains what good is it, if it does not provide the gifts for you anymore. So if all you have is the Holy Spirit, you will be move into the category will the world. Why, will it be a punishment because you re so bad, not because you need to be educated just like the world needs to be educated. You are lacking in knowledge as the world. If all you are teaching is the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost is passing away, what are you left with? So your will go into the category with world, okay. We have two category in the world, those who are in God are ascending and the rest of the world is descending and its going to come to a point that Cain cannot go any lower. We are being saved from extinction; but, the people that are faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ and are pursuing Him for the virgins who will follow Him everywhere. We do not have any idea who we are or what our job is or what glory we have been called to. People are bored in the church, because the message, the message is pre-kindergarten. We have a job to do, so did I address everything you said of that. Or is there a question on that.


Comment: I have another question


Pastor Shelia: Yeah, okay


Comment: There is a question I want to bring about, you mention that the Holy Spirit is passing away, there is a word that has been coming to me these last couple of weeks and that's morpi which is metamorphous and that, is the Holy Spirit is going to pass away or is it metamorphous is it transforming into Christ Jesus, it's not actually passing away as in leaving; but, its coming into Christ Jesus.


Pastor Shelia: Actually it's doing neither, its doing a third thing. Its being, it's not really meta, I think the word is metamorphous, I think, (inaudible) anyway, the Holy Spirit is being drawn into and joined to other elements of Christ which are producing Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit is one element, to be honest with you, I did not expect his question, I could look it up for you, I do not have the answer for you in my mind write now. But here are four elements of the top of my head I would say that Abel in us, the Holy Spirit, Christ, I am not sure, I have it book actually I will show it to you. So the Holy Spirit, you see the Holy Spirit today is not the Holy Spirit that existed in Israel, it's a different Holy Spirit, okay. Because elements of God exists on multiples of consciousness, we exists on multiples plane of consciousness, we under algebra, in the six grade, if you took academic course on the six grade level, on the high school level , on the college level, we are multiphase human being, our mind are multiphase, okay. So um, I am sorry this happened to me thoughts get robbed from me. What was I saying, um, we understand things on multiple levels, what I was talking about, okay. The Holy Spirit today in the church is not the Holy Spirit that existed and reveal it self to Israel , the Jews will tell you that Holy Spirit that reveal itself Israel, is called by the name the Shekinah or the Shekinah glory. I liken that to the Spirit of Christ today although it's not exactly the same. Because both the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ are aspect of the Spirit of the glorified Jesus Christ, so the Shekinah of the Old Testament it cannot be the same because that spirit was, that Holy Spirit of the Old Testament the Shekinah was perfected in the man Jesus Christ, who was glorified, and now He is pouring out of His spirit, so His personality is involve, it's a metamorphoses Holy Spirit, okay and I liken it to the Spirit of Christ. The Holy Spirit to the Shekinah of the church world, and I do not care who they scream at me. I am telling you its female, okay. Now if you talk to a bible scholar, he will tell you that the Shekinah glory is female; because, that word although it's had not been transliterated into an English word in our present day scriptures. The word Shekinah okay, its Hebrew word and its means glory and there are many bible scholar that will relate that Hebrew word Shekinah to the glory of God. And they will have to tell you its female; because Shekinah is female, okay. And that is what I am likening it to the Spirit of Christ. The Holy Spirit today is the lower, I can hear them screaming, it's the lower aspect of the Spirit of the glorified Jesus Christ. In order to understand this you just really have to humble your self and try to understand how fallen we are. The best of us we are absolutely fallen and God is appearing to us or the way God appears to us is that from his high exalted state, if He was relate to us directly, he would kill us. God is an energy source and we are such a low source of energy that we are solid. We are vibrating on such a low decibel such a low rate of vibration that we are solid; God is vibrating at such a rapid rate of vibration that He is invisible and that's why Jesus said in the book of revelation I would that you are hot or that you are cold. Vibrate rapidly and be a spirit and vibrate slowly and be carnal, but do not be half way in the middle, why because if you vibrate a little bit Satan sees you, and she is going after you and you are no good to anybody at all. So either be carnal or be spiritual get off the fence, stop halting between to opinions. Jesus is talking about; nobody ever heard this before that is what He is saying when He says that, okay. So if we who are vibrating to the lowest or close to the lowest, possibility a rate of vidration the energy, if we come in contact with the most rapid of vibration, His vibration so rapid we are told that its beyond, so beyond this world that He becomes infinite curve on the wave length, if you can hear what I am saying, wave length goes up and down, like this up and down, up and down, okay. That's the vibration, okay; it goes up and down if you put the wave on a graph it goes up and down, up and down, up and down, God's vibration is so rapid, so fast that there is no time for it to go up and down, up and down, up and down. Does anybody not following me? His vibration is so rapid that it looks like it's a straight line and its ascending at in infinite rate of speed, which means it ascending so slowly it's beyond our comprehension. He is really ascending very rapidly; but, I guess He does not ascend, you know. I am not scientific expert; but, I hope you are getting the idea of what I am saying. His vibration is so rapid it looks like He is standing still and if He would interact with us directly He would explode us. We will die, so He steps down into our world and each step downward that He takes, he veils himself, the firsts time I heard that, I was so offended, I pray that I never get offended anymore, no matter what kind of revelation I here, if I cannot receive it, I just should tell the Lord, I cannot receive it. I am tried of being offended; it takes up to much of my energy. When I find out how stupid I been, it's just embarrassing, okay. So I was just really offend, when I heard God hides Himself, what you are talking about, you know, He does not hide himself. He talks to me all the time, well the lowest level of God talks to me because I am all the way down here. He is reaching down from His exulted height, down into the depths of the earth, to talk to me. And that I am seeing goes like this the tip of His finger that's what I see. That is what God is, not even His finger. Jesus said, the finger of God is coming to you, speaking about him self. Jesus said that He was the finger of God, this is what we see, the tip of the finger.


Comment: inaudible


Pastor Shelia: I have to ask you to not speak out, the microphones are not working; but, I would answer your questions, okay. Someone ask me is what we see is an earnest of our inheritance. The Holy sprit is the earnest of our inheritance. What does that mean? The Greek translated earnest simply means down payment, it's a promise. The Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit of promise; it's not the end of the story. It's the promise of what is to come. The Holy Spirit is given to us so that we can desire Him; because if we do not desire God, okay. Our desire draws Him down to us. So He has to give us a taste so that we will want him. And then it says in the book of Hebrews, if you have tasted the god things of God and you tasted of the world to come and you still choose to follow after Satan an leviathan you have a spiritual problem. So you have to be burnt, what that means is your soul has to be judge, your carnal mind has to be weaken it's to strong. The Holy Spirit, this is right in the King James and in the sister book. The Holy Spirit of promise, the promises of things to come, It just the beginning, absolute beginning. Did I answer your question?


Comment: I have another question


Pastor Shelia: Well, Okay we just go by the Spirit. Okay, look like it's going to be


Comment: You mention about Christ Jesus being the mediator and I think through the pass ages, and in the collect consciousness of Adam. I think of men like, the messengers that were sent to the church ages throughout these thousand of years and I look at you today as being a messenger within this next church age. Um, someone like Martin Luther would he had been, I do not want to say Christ Jesus; because in the collective consciousness of Adam, not presay him personally would he had been Christ Jesus to answer the collective conscious of everyone in the world today. Who is seeking out question, you know, we are seeking out answers and had question , you know everything that was going on with the Catholic Church and I look at Martin Luther , and Charles Finny, and John Wesley .and all these different church age Joan of Arc whatever it might be, could they have been, you know what I mean, because my question is you know, you said that people come when they ask God in the Holy Spirit that Christ Jesus, the Son of God or somebody would come to them who has Christ Jesus to answer their question, but in the last two thousand years who had there been? Who had been grafted to Christ and operated out of Christ,. Who have the mediator that operated through them to answer their questions and so, that was the question that came to my mind that men like Martin Luther and so on, in the collective consciousness of Adam, where they able to answer those questions to bring them to where we are now, maybe not personally, but even in the spiritual realm.


Pastor Shelia: I am just waiting for you to finish


Comment: Okay


Pastor Shelia: I cannot tell you equivocally, but I think the answer is no. and I tell you why I think the answer is no. I think that all of these men came with a great message. They came with a message, Christ Jesus is not a message, okay, and Christ Jesus is the message


Comment: Wow!


Pastor Shelia: okay, and He, it is Christ in you that is the mediator and Christ Jesus in a man is carrying all of the potential to manifest every aspect of God should the Lord Jesus decides to use him that way. So there is a difference between bringing a message which comes out of the Holy Spirit influencing the carnal mind, okay. That's what we have today in everything this is my understanding may the Lord correct me if I am wrong. Everyone that come before today for two thousand years and been a human being, who would lend themselves to study under the influence of the Holy Ghost and they come forth or they brought forth information fro the people in church , because we need this information to prepare us to receive Christ Jesus, okay. But, they were not Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus is there reality, Christ Jesus is Christ in you the hope of glory. So we had many men that had come with anointing messages. But it's time for the reality Christ in you the hope of Glory and the Church does not want him, you know, but of course the message in just started to be preached, but it's do radically different than the message tin the church that it is considered heresies or blasphemy. And the bottom line is brethren, that Satan and leviathan are possessing everyone in the church, except a few people whom Christ is being formed, that is just the truth, if Christ is not being formed in you and standing against the mindset of the carnal mind which in Satan and leviathan in you. You can be the most brilliant person, you can memorize the bible, you can do great works, you can do miracles in the Lord, but what that is, if you do miracles by the Holy Spirit it's the Holy Spirit entering into your vessels and manipulating your brain centers to bring forth miracles, okay. The reality of Christ Jesus is that we the person who is in Christ Jesus is a mature spiritual man that has all this power in his hands. And has been trained and tested by the Lord Jesus Christ to use it only, to do what our father in heaven would use it to do. We are called to be an exact replica, duplication of the nature of Christ Jesus the only one who was in the image of all mighty God. In our minds, in the way we think, in the way we reason, in the way we judge between good and evil in the earth. See these men had only one message, but that Christ Jesus is, He is a replica, I do not even want to say mind. He is the replication of God in the flesh. And when God is reproduce in our flesh you know. Some one asks me about that word the other day, you know the bible says flesh and we all think it means physical flesh, but I cannot never tell that there is not one place in the scripture where it means this physical flesh; but generally speaking it does not mean this physical flesh, if you look up that certainly the Hebrew word, I am not sure about the Greek word, but if there is a difference I always go with the Hebrew it is much sound language. I am not sure if it's compromising, the Greek very is compromise. And not only the Greek translation but the actual Greek which was render from the Latin which was render from the Aramaic, which was render from the whatever, so the Hebrew is much more sound if there any question or despencly I go with the Hebrew, okay. The Hebrew word translated flesh mean pudela, which is another word for male organ, you and the truth of the matter, is that God has a male organ and that male organ is penetrating his people this message gets very racy and the people flip out, but it is the true message. We are the female of God's creation and we would not be, it is not possible for us to be in existence without being penetrated by a spiritual male that is just the truth, where do you get that Sheila? Well, you just have to pray about it. I cannot be a Pharisee; I am not going to respond to you Pharisee. I am not going to be showing it to you in a written word. You have to find out from God whether it is truth or not. And I am telling you that no human being come into existence without an act of spiritual sexual intercourse. And we come and born penetrated by the spiritual male that generated us. That in engendered us, everybody born of a woman today; unless it supernatural exception is engendered by leviathan. The spiritual male organ of the serpent and that is why we look like our daddy. Who is an animal, two arms, two legs, two eyes, God does not look like this. So when Christ Jesus starts to come forth in us, the way he does it and again I do not know if I get to this message or not it's in this alternate translation of 2 King 19 He penetrates us, with His spiritual sexual male organ which happen to be, anybody know what his name is way? His name is Adam in the Old Testament and we are calling Him Christ Jesus today. That is the flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ glorified as high as you can go, okay. Has an aspect of him self that He calls his spiritual sexual male organ, so that we could have something that we can relates these spiritual realities too, but it's a spiritual substance. A spiritual aspect of him self that comes and penetrates the spirit of our mind and then He begins to form His mind in us, and His life in us, the scripture get, not even the scriptures our human reality is very sexual the bottom line is that we are the wife of Jehovah, we are the wife of Adam who God is Jehovah and Adam marriage is all mess up and he is after His wife. We are the ones that He came to seek; the wife that ran away from Him, who is today is under a single ongoing act of spiritual adultery with the serpent and in particular. She is joined to and she is we are joined to the serpent male organ, who name is Leviathan. So the whole spiritual aspect are mind, mind not this body, mind, okay. So I know I got into this whole exhortation talking about flesh and I do not remember what I was saying, about the flesh. We were talking about Christ Jesus and, I think I was telling you that, no matter how valid or powerful a message a human being has that were given by God to be the mediator. He has to be living him self out of Christ Jesus. The flesh, I guess that how got there, the flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ. And Christ in you is the beginning of the manhood of Christ Jesus being built in you. Anybody else before we have our music for today, Pastor Shelia laughing, thank God that we are not under a rigid rule, where we have to go in and have a service according to the schedule, you, I thank God for that and I absolutely thanks God for that. That He runs or meetings, somebody else have a question, anybody, okay praise, well, just wait a minute, I just feel that, the Lord maybe saying something else. Praise you Jesus; it's a beautiful spirit here today.


Comment: What does the word mean flesh


Pastor Shelia: The word means flesh; I am going repeat it, because nobody can hear you. Someone in the congregation had witness the word made flesh. Yes, not this, well, of course the church teaches you it's this physical flesh oh no. The word, okay the word the God, the complete word of God. Christ Jesus the completed, word of God made flesh. Made Himself into, was made into His male organ in each of us. Christ in you the hope that have this same experience that Jesus Christ had, okay. Now, how can you even hope to have the same experience that Jesus Christ had, if He was born God and you are born the offspring of the serpent. Now somebody get a logical answer to that question, it's impossible. How can we have the same hope that someone who was God that God incarnated had. We cannot, Jesus was not born God, he was an incarnation of the Spirit of Elijah the magi came to worship the glorified Elijah, okay, was in Him. God was in Him. And God is in us; well we have the opportunity for God to be in us. Its starts with the Holy Spirit, goes to Christ, goes to the Spirit of Christ, goes to Christ Jesus in you. We have the same opportunity as Jesus had that scripture would make no sense at all, if He was God from God, that human baby was God.


Comment: I was not gong to ask this, but I guess it is suppose to be, maybe somebody else out there is asking the same question, but, when it says do not want after the flesh could that is that a translation of flesh like more like carnally and along those lines.


Pastor Shelia: I think it could be taken a couple of ways, because there is more than one kind of flesh. So what we are being told is that do not walk after the flesh in the carnal mind which is leviathan. Do not walk after the spiritual sexual organ of the serpent which leviathan. Do not follow leviathan. You know the message is so simple once we finally get, you know do no have anything to do with your carnal mind, do talk to it, do not listen to it. Do not like it, do not dress it up. You know kill it and live of Christ and you will be fine. Now you do it, right, see the only problem is that that flesh has a mind of it's own and has, not only that, but warhead. That flesh has spiritual strength and the name of the spiritual strength is somebody, Satan. Satan defends leviathan and leviathan is so terrible that the bible calls him terrible, it's really a her, but from that world leviathan is the male of that female world. Leviathan is call terrible, a mighty one from the other side. Pride the destruction and the death of God's people. And if anyone starts to even climb up out from under the influence of Christ, Satan is right there joining with Him. We are no match for them, no match for that unholy pair. That is why we need a Savior. You know the Lord drew me to the Church he drew me too. Because I was dying and I need help, but, I really did not embrace the doctrine, you know, and I had a lot of questions in my mind, you know, or why do we need a savior for, it sounded good, but I never really understood it. To save me from going to hell, I do not know, Jesus died for me, oh what does that mean? You know, we need a savior because we have a spiritual, actually it is a spiritual existence inside of us that is separated from us, but it is married. It is married us. That why, the minute we are born we are guilty of spiritual adultery that is why you start dying the minute you are born. That is what the scientist tells us; the minute the baby breathes it is starting too died. Because that baby is born in spiritual adultery and what, I think was Jehovah saying we it says we are born in sin. What the scripture, it says that we are born in sin and conceive in iniquity.


Comment: Iniquity


Pastor Sheila: Thank you. Our human birth is merely a reproduction on a lower spiritual realm of the adultery of Adam on a higher spiritual realm. And we are the offspring of that unholy union. So we carried within ourselves the offspring or the germ seed of that unholy union. And that germ seed is our mortal spiritual foundation call the fiery serpent sometimes. Sometimes it calls Cain and Abel and that unholy germ seed is inside of us. And Paul tells us it possible to separate ourselves from it in our minds. See Able is our hope, Able is the part that Christ joins to, but we are born with Able under the dominion of Cain. Because the last I read Cain killed Abel and he was crying from under the ground. Dead but still conscious, okay so both Cain and Abel are born attach to and actually as the agent of the serpent. We are born with the agent of the serpent in us, that is the truth. So the Lord is coming to get us back, and this whole process that we teach here that we called the Doctrine of Christ is a process of retrieving us from hell down here under the mud, were we fell. Okay, let's just sit minute, again and see, if there anything else. Do you realize how outrageous this message sounds? Do you know, well certainly to the people in the carnal church, if they could do it they will burn us? There is not a doubt in my mind, they will burn us. It's the people in the world that will respond. There are not going to be many Christians that are going to enter in the next move of God. And why do I say that? I said that because that History studies history. I was telling someone the other day. When the Lord first brought the Holy Spirit in the Church, the church was fundamental you know no gift of the spirit, faith in Jesus Christ, but no gift in the spirit. Those preachers that took up and preached the Holy Ghost were pelted with tomatoes, and rotten eggs, did you know that. They were driven out of town, persecuted, lied about, marline and hatred. Because it was the next level up of God, I know the people today, who believe in the Holy Ghost is doing the same thing. To this message, why? Because its human nature. And its just proof that the people that do this have a fallen mind. And I am not insulting anybody. We all still have a fallen mind, the fallen mind in us or Christ in us. Hopefully if he is there is struggling with our fallen mind to prevail over her, but if we do not have Christ in us and there is no one to prevail over our fallen mind. We are 100% the animal mind of the serpent. Which hates the authority of the Lord and is not willing to give up the dominion that it has over this world and all of the people which Satan call the kingdom of the earth? Satan and leviathan will fight to the death. Do you know that Satan and leviathan will rather see every human being on the face of the earth die, than give us over to Christ Jesus? I am telling you the truth. Now, I am going to take it a step further. I am reminding you all that Satan and Leviathan are the foundation of your and my human personality that is who we are. And you do not know how you are going to react when the Christ Jesus comes to kill your mortal foundation. You do not know how you are going to react, you do not know, you do not know how hard you are going to fight. So you have to make your fleece with the Lord, before the war starts. You have to decide that you want the Lord no matter what, that you are willing to pay any price and when, if that is truly what's in your heart. And you make that covenant with the Lord, you can kick and scream and yell and fight and run and there is no place for you to go. No place for you to go let me put it to you another way. The covenant that you make with the Lord, before you know what it is like, what labor to give birth is like, before you get pregnant, okay, (Laughter) the covenant that you that you and your husband decides you want a baby, okay it is to late when you are in labor screaming your head off in labor pain. There is no place to go the baby has to be born that is your only release, from the pain, right


Comment: Amen


Pastor Sheila: I had a caesarian section, but I hear that women curse their husbands in the labor room, and that the labor room is really a place to be. But, hopefully you both decided to have that baby anyway. I am telling you the truth there is no place to run, Jonah tired to run, right. Look what happen to him. There is no place to hide, because you are pregnant with God's baby, and you cannot have an abortion without your husband permission in the spiritual realm. And he is not giving it (laughter). That is our women lib today, you know it use to be that a woman could not have an abortion without her husband permission, but with women liberation women can kill babies that their pregnant with, with impunity. They claim it is there body, but in the spiritual realm it is the Lord's Jesus baby, and there is no place you are running with His baby. And there is no place you are running to with His kid, because He is after you. If you are trying to abort His kid, He is whipping you, you better believe it. How does that translate into our life? if you are pregnant with Christ, and you are in rebellion against what you need to be doing to bring that Christ Child to term. You have a problem with the baby father, and He is after you. And things are not going smoothly in your life. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? That is the truth of our condition, and if we had an auditorium here of Baptist, and Pentecostals, (laughter) so we have the privilege of being amongst the first to hear the truth and amongst the first although they heard in Jesus days, but the truth was lost with the apostles. We have the privilege of being pregnant with Christ, so some people have a harder pregnancy than others and whether you are having a harder pregnancy or an easy pregnancy, you can go the easy way or you can go the hard way. So Jesus said to Paul, do not push against the pricks, you know, do not make it any harder than it has to be. And of course, we can have anesthesia with this labor. And the anesthesia is the doctrine of Christ. And fellowship with each other, you know, we are here to comfort each other, okay one more minute, I think that's it, we are going to take a little break and have our music. Okay I guess that's it. We take ten minute break.


Pastor Sheila: It's too late to do the translation that I kept you all waiting fouty-five minutes for this morning, but the Lord has his own plans. I wanted to give brief exhortation on how the Lord exalts us and then we open the floor for questions and answers. A word of knowledge came forth after a song was played that we exalt the Lord and the word of knowledge was that the Lord wants to exalt us. And you know He exalts us by humbling us, because the only way we can ever be exalted is to die to self and let Him be revealing through us, that's how He exalts us. And uh, this goes back to my teaching which says that we human being are nothing than just dirt. We are trying to find the balance between believing in a way that would make us feel bad about ourselves, saying that we are nothing, and understanding that the more we understand that we are nothing. The greater the opportunity for His greatness to indwell us, and when His greatness indwell us we become everything that He is. The bible says, we can as our master. We cannot ascend beyond Him. And the Lord Jesus will always have the preeminence, but we can hope to be as He is, and He tells us as He was in this world so we are and He also tells us to occupy until He comes and why are we to occupy? The fortress of the Christ mind which exist in the enemy territory of our heart center. Leviathan is a fortress and Christ Jesus is fortress. The war that is going on is for the house, us. The house the spiritual life that is what the warfare is over, we are the Lord's ox that is who we are. We are the Lord's ox that is the animal personality of Adam. Adam is in parts, okay, he is a multi fascinate man. And we are his animal nature, but when he joins himself to us, and birth his child in us. We are saved by that child, Paul said, "we are saved in child bearing." Now some people actually believe that you have to have a physical baby to be saved. I do not where that leaves the males in our society, unless the male are saved just virtual by being born male. That not what Paul was talking about, we all have to bear this spiritual Christ child, the savior in the mist of us. He is the one that saves us, He is the one that exalts him self though us, when we stay silent, we too become exalt, because He is exalts. Every place He goes He takes us with Him, if we are willing to die to our carnal mind, if we are not willing to die to our carnal mind and our pride insist on speaking then there is warfare and then there is conflict in our life. and this is easy said than done, it is not that easy to cease from speaking out from Leviathan and putting and end to the warfare, mostly because most of the time we do not recognize we are speaking out of Leviathan. We first have to be taught to recognize how Leviathan thinks and what will Leviathan has to say. The Lord does not start to teach us this; until Christ begins to be formed in us, because the Lord teaches us by contrast. It is nothing you can learn intellectually. When you think with your carnal mind someone needs to tell you that thought you are in, that word, that conclusion that you drew came out of your carnal mind. And here is the corresponding concept in Christ. And then when you have that, when those two foundational principles you can go before the Lord and ask him to teach you. So there is no way to be exalted without first being brought very low, okay. Our mortal foundation has be covered over with the gold of the foundation of Christ.. so we that when the natural rule of society, at least that existed in society fro many years they are all being torn down now and in the Western world is that the women has no say, am I against women rights, absolutely not, this is a spiritual principle okay, the women must be silent in the church. That your carnal mind should be silent in the church, the women is not to suppose to be teaching the man, the carnal mind is not suppose to be teaching the Christ. And if you are Christ in whatever degree of maturity and someone who is in their carnal mind tries to engage you in a conversation by which they intend to teach you, you are to withdraw from that conversation, because Christ is not to submit the women. You see, if the man in you submits to the spirit of the women you will have to answer to the Lord, or to the Lord's agent. You will have me coming after you, saying you should have not continued on in that conversation. And now that you let the women teach you. You have to straighten that out, you have too contact that person, write to them, call them whatever, and you have to stand up and be a man. And correct them, whether they believe you or not has nothing to do with it. You have to do what a man would do and the first instance, if you are strong enough to withdraw from the conversation or correct them right on the spot, fine. If you are not strong enough to do that, if you strong enough to correct them or withdraw from them, maybe their mind is very strong and they seduce you into a conversation. When you get home and you question your husband at home, because if the female mind has brought you into that place, where you are letting them teach you, they brought you down into your female nature. So when you go home, the scripture says, Go home and ask your husband at home. When you get home and you hear from the Lord or you hear from someone who is a spiritual elder that you fell down out of your spiritual manhood, okay. You would be told that you would have to stand up the spiritual manhood and correct the situation. Whether or not the other person believes you is not the issue, you have to do what a man would do, if you want Christ to stand up in you again. And we should all should want Christ to stand up in us again, and Christ falls down in all of us. He use to fall down in me on a regular basic, thank God that is does not happen that often any more. It does not happen that often anymore, but it does happen and it could happen. It can happen right up to the time of our perfection. Although it gets more and more difficult for Leviathan to over throw the man in us, of course if the man in us is overthrown and we do not realize it and the Lord sent someone to tell us and we do not receive the correction from the elder then we under the sowing and reaping judgment. And it could take a couple of years for you to find out from the sowing and reaping judgment that you lost your spiritual manhood. You could be walking around completely castrated for two years because of your rebellion to listen to the messenger by whom the Lord sent you the message, saying hey you mess up and this is what you have to do to straighten it out. No condemnation, but this is what you have to do to straighten is out, but the if you that the Lord speaks to you only directly that He would not send another man to talk to you, that you are not in submission to any eldership. And you will learn by the sowing and reaping judgment and the first thing is that you will learn it to recognize that Lord does teach us through other people. He definitely does teach us through other people, so I guess I said what I had to say, I will repeat this, the Holy Spirit is a Holy Spirit of promise, it is not the promise. Holy Spirit is not the promise; the Holy Spirit is the earnest of our inheritance as xxxxx said. The down payment that aspect or that beginning of the promise that leads us to the possession of the whole promise, nobody has the whole promise today that I know of, except the Lord Jesus Christ. What is the promise? Deliverance from hell and death, and if you believe that physical death is deliverance from hell and death you are deceive and you are believing in Babylonian religion which is lace through the church. Babylonian lace through the church, okay I will open the floor for questions or comments. Anybody, okay.


Comment: How do you know the difference between, somebody trying to teach you out of their carnal mind? Like having a discussion about, you know your understanding of the scriptures and all that, when does it cross the line that the person is actually trying to teach you as oppose to just trying to find out what you believe? And kind of, you know talk about each person understanding of the scriptures.


Pastor Sheila: That is a good question; I pray that the Lord help me to answer you. Basically it is spiritually discern, you have to discern the spirit on the person. The most overriding characteristic that will identify someone trying to teach you, that they are not really interest in what you have to say, or if you can recognize that they are just waiting for you to finish what you are saying, to talk. A lot of people to that, they let you talk say your peace; but they are not listening. And they are waiting for you to stop talking; and tell you what they think. This is not communication, true communication or godly conversation with someone who believe differently, would be that they listen to what you have to say and they respond to what you said, okay; but, what most people do and I repeat myself a lot, please forgive me, this is how the Lord minister's to me. They listen to you, they just waiting for you to finish so they can make their point. This is not communication and nothing good can come out of it, true communication is integration, it is a creative exchange of ideas. You say me something to me that I simply do not believe and my response to you, if it were godly would be to tell you look, I cannot simply believe that and this is why I cannot believe it. And then you come back and then you respond to my reasons as to why cannot believe it. That is communication, okay the other event is that people are talking at each other, you talk and then I talk and you talk and I talk and nothing gets resolve. Communication should be a positive thing; no matter how much at odds the two people are, especially if it is through godly people. And God is in it, growth should come out of it. God should be glorified in it. Communication is a wonderful thing; but, most Christians cannot do it, very few people can do it on any level; but, Christians cannot do it. Why? Because they want to be right, so to engage in a conversation desiring to be right or to prove that you are right will never result in a godly response. But, entering into a conversation with somebody where you are truly want to find out who there are and you think that maybe I can learn something from this person that can be gloriously thing, if you have two humble people like that. You can say that I really do not agree with what you saying, why you believe that can you tell me why you believe that maybe you will change my mind. I have been know to say that to people, explain it to me, where are you coming from maybe you will influence me then I will change my mind. See there are two kinds of influence Godly and ungodly influence. Ungodly influence is subtle it comes upon the person without them knowing about it, or with out their permission. There is a name for this, it is call witchcraft. When you try to influence people subtly without their knowledge that is control; but, if you are telling me what you think and I am open enough to consider it and you influence me and it is my decision to say well, I think that you have a point there and I think that I should change my mind, that is my decision and you have exerted a Godly influence on me. So that is what communication is about; but, very few people can do it. They use to have a program on TV call "Cross Fire," I do not know if it is still on or not. It's not own anymore


Comment: It is not on anymore


Pastor Shelia: It is not on any more, it is very educational to watch people debate, and you know a lot of colleges have debating society. That is our example, you respond to what the person said. You do not wait for them to finish, then you talk, did I answer your question? I guess that pretty much the answer. Because, well I guess there is a Godly way to try to teach somebody and an ungodly way, because I will do that. I will go in a conversation knowing that I know much more than the other person and I am there to teach them; but, even with that knowledge. I will want to hear what they have to say, so even though I am really seeking to teach them, it is a Godly way of teaching them and then when I hear their specific complaints instead of just saying well you are wrong and this is what you should believe you know, or Joe Blow or so and so said it, so you should believe it. I do my best, if I have the information to respond to their direct fear or complaint and put them at ease. And this is the ministry that is in Christ Jesus. I cannot take any credit, I do not know where it came from, all I know that I was dying brethren, and I was dying and I went to the Lord and I ask Him to save my life, so I can raise my daughter that is all I know. And He put me in the books and the rest is history. It just happened to me. This is what happened to me, you know. So I have this spirit, I do even not know what to call, I do not know if it, it is the spirit of reconciliation that is what it is, which is in Christ Jesus. That communicates on this level and makes something wonderful out of people fears and disagreements, and concerns, and when Christ rises up to do that, the Lord Jesus Christ comes down and meets you there. It does not works 100% percent of the time, because some people are unreasonable; but, it is a marvelous way to live, a great way to live, okay anybody. xxxxxx has a question. (Laughter) well just put that on hold for a minute then; until someone else comes up with a question


Comment: I hoped this is in the move of the Spirit; but, I had been listening to Ananias and Sapphira and in one of the tape; you say that this is the same Ananisa who went and spoke to Paul, later on in the book of Acts. Now I know Ananias was a high priest that another one; but, how did you come to this revelation or this is something the Lord reveal to you that this was the same Ananisa


Pastor: Yes actually the Lord reveals it to me in and the way that happened well; first off, I started seeking the Lord about that scripture that Sapphira died. It was one of those scriptures that did not make any sense to me. So I knew that, actually I do not remember the sequence to which that revelation came forth; but, specifically with Ananisa, I had received the revelation that it was not right in the way it is in the King James. I said well, I do not believe that he died. So I started a study, I did a word study in my reference materials to find that same name in the scripture. And the only place I found that same name was as Ananisa who came to relieve Paul, to lay hands on Paul. And I looked at it and the Lord reveal to me that it was the same name Ananisa. So I have no proof, I have no parasitical proof, whoever, is reading my material; you have to pray about it for yourself that what happened. The Lord told me that it was him and I was just amaze, it amaze me.


Comment: Inaudible


Pastor Shelia: There was another Ananisa that was the High Priest


Comment: Inaudible


Pastor Sheila: Well, I have to look into that, of hand I do not know; because if it was the same high priest, he could have repented, anything could had happen. I did that study a long time ago and my memory is that, is it spell the same way


Comment: It is not very likely


Pastor Shelia: um, well, you do not have a microphone, I did it many years ago and that was the only, I thought that was the only name I found; but, I drop it here because I did it many years ago.


Comment: it is not very likely (inaudible)


Pastor Shelia: xxx you need a microphone, yeah


Comment: it is not very likely um; Ananisa spoke to Paul and then afterward the scriptures talk about Ananisa the High Priest; but, he was against everything that, he was not a believer other words, like the other Ananisa


Pastor Shelia: okay, I am sure that if I did a word study on it I found both names, I must have rejected the Ananisa the High Priest, yeah, see, once we get into, am I on, once we get into the spirit of the word. You have to go by revelation now, carnal people, would and this is what somebody is saying about me, right now. It is the doctrine of Shelia, now this came tome me second hand, if the person was in front of me, I would said amen, I would said Amen, Paul said my doctrine, Paul said this my doctrine and this is Shelia doctrine as reveal by Christ Jesus. And there no reason to be fighting with anybody, if you would like to believe it, fine, if you do not want t o believe it, thank God we are living in the United States of America at this time. Do not believe it, see anybody that is truly seeking the Lord will put it before the Lord and ask if it is true. That, how do you think I get this stuff. I do not pull it out of the mid-air it comes to me, thoughts come to me, and then I go into the scriptures and I look it up and I see if there is any sound basics for the thoughts that comes to me. Then if I find a scripture, that may be a scripture basic, I pray about it. I use to worry about it; I do not worry about it anymore. I remember saying things to the Lord, like uh, wow, Lord you really better show me proof in the scriptures for this one, you know. I do not do that anymore, I really just have the peace and um, what is not of the Lord is going to fall away. I am convince of it, as for as I know, there is only one false doctrine and that is truly error that I embrace for about six months; because my pastor taught it to me, was teaching it in the church that I was in, at the time the Lord raise up this ministry and that is ultimate reconciliation, I preach it for six months, and He correct me and the only thing, that I would not even call it an error, was when, I do not think I will put their name on the tape. These preachers will come into that church that we both went to and they would preach British Israel and they was preaching that the European countries are the descendants of the ten lost tribes Israel and that those tribes are not lost. It never sat right with me, at one point I wanted to believe it. I heard it so many times and our pastor believes it and pretty much the church that we were in was believing it. So those people who came and preach it the second or third time, I wanted to believe it and I chose to believe it. It just could not stay with me, I think two or three times, actually I tried to believe it and it would just not stay with me. So today I do not believe it. And I have this confidence that the Lord Jesus Christ is going to keep me on the right path and if I make a mistake, it does not mean I am losing my salvation that He would correct me. And I have this confidence, because he has put it in my heart to truly desire the truth; but, even I desire Him. He is the most important thing in my life, not what He can give me; but Him. His presence in my life, His feeding me, His meeting my needs, His counseling, and guiding me, and I know that He is not going to let me stray very far, if I make a mistake. And it is very hard to over me doctrinally, and I do not say that with any pride. It is simply His life in me, very, very hard to over turn me doctrinally, and it gets harder every year. Um, it is a little easier to fool me spiritually, but, I am getting better there with every nitch, (laughter), when I first came to the Lord, when He first call me, I was home for a year, I was afraid to go to a church; because I am Jewish and I had a big conflict over becoming a Christian and I did not want my parents to know. I was afraid to tell my parents. I do not come out a religious family; but, I understand that Jewish people are just like the Catholic people you know, you just do not stop being a Catholic your parents may not go church or have anything to do with it at all; but, you are Catholic, you know. Well, Jewish people are the same way. My parent, I never saw them in a synagogue in my whole life; but, you just do not become a Christian, you know. So for a whole year I did not go to church, when finally the Lord directed, he told me what church to go to. And think it was the first or second time, that I I was there, it was an Assembly of God church, they had evangelist come in, it was a very small church, from what I was told they almost never had an evangelist come in, because they just did not have the money to pay an evangelist. This day was for me, I just know it was for me and I had never seen anything like it, you know somebody standing out there give their testimony, she had quite a testimony, her parents had been missionaries; but, she was in rebellion and she went through hell, she lost her children, and she had a terrible testimony. Terrible things happened to her; but her testimony was that finally she came to the Lord. And she said that every time that trouble struck her, she was in the hospital, she lost her children this and that. Her missionary parents will come to her say, "Did you give God the Glory." And she would say no; until, finally she lost everything including her children and at the time they were nit retuned to her. She is now serving God as a missionary and an evangelist. And she had an alter call, and I had never seen anything like that, people were going up there and getting slain in the spirit, and falling down. And I could not decide whether I wanted to go up or not. Toda y, I know that the Lord was really pushing me to go up. So I went up and I was a little afraid and She prophesize to me and I knew that she was the whole reason why I was there. It was a very small congregation; I did not even know that it was a scripture, at the time. She quoted a scripture that goes something like this; I am not good at quoting scriptures, that you will not longer be toss about by every wind and doctrine. And she laid hands on me and I went down. I went completely out in the spirit. I did not even know what it meant, for years I did not know what it meant. It means that no one will be able to, put a false doctrine upon you and keep it there and that you would not be moved by any doctrine and you would not be move by any spirit. That you want be deceived or influence by ungodly spirits that you will stand in the Spirit of Christ. So it is really hard to move me doctrinally, you know. I still get move spiritually; but, I am getting stronger every day and I look forward to the fulfillment of the prophecy. And that was the beginning of my odyssey; I had had an odyssey in Christ Jesus. I am the incarnation of somebody. I will let you ask the Lord who I am an incarnation of. And He finally appeared in me at that time in my life. He overcame my carnal mind to the point that He appeared in me and got me into a church., started me reading the bible and He has just moved and is moving like man of war to accomplish His purposes the earth. And this is the reason for which I was born to serve Jesus Christ in this way. So I believe that everybody here is an incarnation of somebody who is very important in the in time move of God. And He has to beat up your carnal mind; to get on top of your carnal to work out the Lord's will in your life. And it is not an easy thing to do, you can desire to cooperate with all of your heart; but, we are who we are. We are who we are, and we all have hang up and problems and resistances and cultural issues, like I said I am Jewish , you all shaking your heads, they you are Catholic over there, you have all kinds of issues to overcome that were built into our personality from a small children. So this spiritual being that is inside of us, you know, let's call Him Christ, okay, that is a generic name for him. Christ has different aspect of Himself, Christ Jesus is great, and He is a great spiritual being. Paul, said, "One man is the eye, the other man is the arm, another man is the foot, well what does that mean, is the foot of Christ Jesus is really growing in you, does Christ Jesus really have feet, you know. Christ Jesus is a spiritual being and awesome spiritual being. That has different attributes and certain attributes are called foot and other attributes are call eye, because we are so carnal that we could not understand these attributes on there true level, okay. So He is Christ Jesus the glorified Christ Jesus is manifesting in humanity as Christ Jesus. The glorify Christ Jesus is on high He does not leave there. His manifestation in the earth, His mature manifestation in the earth is Christ Jesus which is that aspect of Himself that grows out of the union of Christ in you and the glorify Jesus, most of us today just have Christ, the beginning of the process that part of Himself in the human being that He married. He is marrying himself that is how He is joining himself to us, if the glorified Jesus tries to join Himself to a human being, to a mortal human being He will kill us. There no place for the joining, it's like mater and antimatter. There is just no way could that it be done, so Christ in you the reason He is the hope of your glorification is that Christ in you is drop of the Glorified Jesus Christ in Himself and then He joins to Himself in you and converts your soul. Is anybody got a question on that, does that not make any sense? It has to be something in us for Him to join to. A man cannot bring forth a child in a woman that does not have a womb, or in a woman that does not have ovaries, or in a women who ovaries are producing ovum. It has to be a mechanism in the women that that the man is going to send his sperm to, to bring forth that child. Mortal humanity has no mechanism, we are completely lacking, the mechanism that we did have, which I call Abel in the Doctrine of Christ. It is completely under the dominion of Cain, who is under the dominion of Leviathan, who is under the dominion of Satan, who is under the dominion Pharaoh, who is under the dominion of the serpent, Abel is capuche that is why humanity is dead, and that is why Jews talks about Christians being twice dead. You are born dead, you know dead because you are the vessel and you dead because your potential for life is dead. So Christ in you is your hope that the Lord Jesus Christ will join with you, in your spiritual ovum, see. And that the result if the union will be the formation of Christ Jesus in you. The only mediator between God and man, that like saying, we have a hope that our heart, our heart will be grafted to start to function and that the blood that give us immortally in the good life of the Lord Jesus Christ will flurry, okay from the Lord Jesus Christ down to Christ Jesus into our earth, you know, feeding and nourishing and energizing, our whole being that is who Christ Jesus is, He is the hope of our being glorified, the hope of our entering into eternal an permanent life. And He rest in the heart center. He sits on the throne of our hearts. He is the Lamb of God, okay. Christ Jesus is that part of us that is part human and part God. He the highbred that is why in the Old Testament in Ezekiel, "when we look at the four sided man, we an ox, one side of the personality is an ox; but, when we look at that four sided in the Book of Revelation, the ox has become a calf. Why has the ox, become a calf? Because the ox which has no life of its own, which is our humanity had now been born again, okay. Let me go ox, an ox is an adult bull that has been castrated, okay. The calf in his castration he is made to serve rather than to be an offense in our spiritual earth. The calf that, which is born of a union of the ox the mortal man and the other three sides, does anybody does not know hat I am talking about? I do not have the board set up today. But in Ezekiel, Ezekiel the prophet talks about a four sided man, okay we see it as a square, one side is an ox, the other side is an eagle, the other side is a loin, and the other side is man, okay. So the man side is Adam, the lion is the spiritual side, the eagle is the glorified man, and the ox is the fallen nature. That we fight with and struggle with everyday, so what I am trying to say is that, the ox then God is being castrated. My ox is castrated; I hope your ox is being castrated, what does that mean? That the animal nature in you is not reproducing itself in you, every once in awhile it gets out and then I try to rectify any damage that's been done. But basically it is, Christ Jesus in me reproducing Him self in me, okay. So the man which is Adam, which is the male Adam who did not fall, the lion is the spirituality of the male Adam who did not fall. And the eagle is the God part, in the Old Testament it would be Jehovah (inaudible) would be the Lord Jesus those all the three sides of the square. Are integrating themselves with the ox inside of the square, and a new creature is being born and that new creature is the calf in the book of Revelation. Does anybody not get that? That really hard to show without a drawing; but, I really do not want to take the board out at this point, did you get that, you have a question on that, anybody have a question on it. So we are being change and the four sides, of the personality of the combined vessel, we are the vessel. First, the spiritual man that dwells in us, okay. The four sides are being integrated with each other. Because what happens to mortal man is that one of the four sides or the four sides is continualously contending as to which side will prevail. Which side of the personality will prevail, but what the plan of the Lord Jesus Christ is that all of those sides should be so completely interpenetrated with each other with the nature of the Lord of the Lord Jesus predominate that it would put an end to all the striving as to which element of the personality will prevail over the personality. As long as the attribute are distinct and separate. The inner conflict will swain, it will be continuous warfare and it will be possible for Christ to be knock down at anytime that He is ascending. Because the other aspects of the personality are still whole in amongst themselves, is everybody following me, I am using big words, is everybody following me. Is like saying there a homogenizes entity and entity that is all of it is in one being or one color if that help you to understand it. There are homogenizes attribute inside of a heterosexual whole, there is a whole human being me, okay my heart is completely separate is completely separate and operates under its own intelligent. My lung is completely opposite and operates under its own intelligent. I am heterosexual, but there are homogenizes parts of me that is independent within my homogenizes environment. Is everybody following me with all my big words, okay? So there are the four sizes square those are the four sizes of our spiritual being so they are a continuous conflict for and warfare for our who are which aspect of us will prevail or dominate. And this warfare continues everyday, every second of every minute of our lives, especially when you are challenge. When somebody presses our button and we are tempted to manifest something out of our ungodly nature. There is warfare as to which nature will prevail and it's possible. It happened to me that Christ in me fall down because something happens to me that presses my button that says under these condition Leviathan gets very strong and rises to the top and he just knocks Christ down. And then I have to deal with and then I have to repent and make restitution and do whatever I have to do. This problem that all human beings have okay is being rectified by the Lord Jesus Christ in the following manner: each side of us is being dealt with and Christ is being integrated with each of the four sides of us. And in each of the four sides of us are being integrated, so that our humanity is so integrated and interpenetrated with the nature of God that it is completely control. Our fallen nature is completely control and incapable of climbing on top of our new righteousness. That's the plan that was Jehovah plan from the beginning but Adam went off on his own, actually it was the female aspect of Adam went off on her own before the creation was complete. Actually the architect of creation was Elohim; Jehovah was the brains behind it. It was as if it was to say Elohim made my heart and sat it over there. And He made one lung and He sat it over there and He made my spleen and He sat it over there but my liver was not done yet my other lung was not done yet but the few organs that were formed got together and a consciousness appeared in them and they ran off before they where complete. That's who we are you have to ask the Lord to expand your mind because the original creation was so great that I cannot comprehend it but I comprehend the allegory that I am telling you. The allegory that they was not compete it was just a heart and one lung and a spleen. And the creation thought that she was complete and took. That I can deal with I do not know, I cannot comprehend with what Adam could have been in the beginning. It is beyond my ability to comprehend it. And we see maybe ninety-nine percent of the church world saying that the creation was made out of this fallen flesh, brethren what chance does the church have with this kind of teaching not a chance they do not stand a chance and they become the condemner of the world, they become the accusers of the world, which is what the church is today and most of the time, there is always exceptions but the church does good works , I think the church should be removed until the higher church is put there to take its place but it is inferior and it is not the real thing, with all the good works that the church does today its not the genuine article. What does that mean? It is not the reciprocal image of Christ Jesus in the earth. It is not, it is just not. It is human being carnal fallen being under the influence of the Holy Spirit trying, trying their very best most instances to do good things to feed the poor and help the infirmed trying, trying but failing many times and sometime doings very imperfect job. Do you know that thousand of dollars goes overseas to the third world and the thousand of dollars in the form of containers that is suppose to contain medical supplies, and food for the starving people and do you know that many instances these containers do no get pass the docks, do you know that? They do not get pass the docks because the official of the county where the people are starving rob the people. Take the containers and sell it on the black market, takes the content and sell it on the black market. The food and the medical supplies odes not even get to the people. So you have all these people in the United States giving there hard earn money to bless people less fortunate than themselves and in a large percentage the cases this is what happening it does not get to the people and criminal is becoming enrich. So now I do not condemn the people, I know that I am misunderstood everyday but I just have to keep saying it, I am just pointing out to you there is a certain fallibility of the church today. The church is not it okay. The church that we see today is the church that has been raise up by the promise of the Holy Spirit this greatest that has come forth from the western world to people less fortunate than themselves this attempt to help all these starving suffering people is a sign you see for the few people that they helped my it is a high manifestation of the promises but for the thousand of millions that is starving to death and suffering from disease with the medicine rotting on the docks, okay. This afford by Christians that have enough to help others is a sigh of the fulfillment of the promise that Christ Jesus will rule and reign over this world. It is a sign that comes out of the Holy Spirit ministry which is not the reality, it is the promise the Christ shall rule and reign and that people will be heal supernaturally. And that the criminal elements will no longer rule over this world. And we have Satan standing up boldly preaching form the pulpit of the church saying I am the end of the line. And you die and go to heaven do not aspect anymore hope for death. I am telling you the truth that is what going on in the church. And it Satan preaching through the church, Shelia, do you deny the Holy Spirit in the church, no! The Holy Spirit does not bring forth doctrine. The Holy Spirit is the war power the dunamis power of God. The dunamis power of God is coexisting with the carnal man who wisdom it is the devilish wisdom that James talks about there is a perversion in the church. The church is good and evil but righteous is not present. Because righteousness is in Christ Jesus the true righteousness, there is a gift of righteousness that appears in the people with the Holy Spirit. What is the different to the gifts and the reality? The reality is unbreakable as they crucified you or skin you alive or do whatever they do to you, you are unbreakable. The gifts has a breaking point some people has a great tolerance than others but the gift will break down at some point. Christ Jesus does not break down. He hangs on the cross and says, "Father forgive them for they no not what they do." How could He do that, he does it because the appearance that you are hunting Him is an illusion. Fallen man cannot crucify Christ Jesus unto His death, it was the human being Jesus of Nazareth that was crucified, fallen man cannot make Christ Jesus go away, fallen man cannot hurt Christ Jesus; He is vulnerable, now Christ is not Christ Jesus, Christ. But this end of the promise okay, this spiritual man is completely interpenetrate integrated, is completely vulnerable, completely defense, there is nothing you can do. See I do not see him in the earth today; I break down all the time, Christ Jesus in me breaks down all the time. I get mix up whether it Christ or Christ Jesus in me. I am not sure what I got, I think I have Christ and the Lord Jesus Christ joined with me, I think I have an imputed Christ Jesus, I do really know. I just know from time to time I fail, I fail to manifest Christ when I am hurt, and usually when I am hurt. So that what wee are working towards, towards that defending of our souls. And when we become totally defense then the Lord would be bringing members, first the church then society into this process in large numbers. When Christ Jesus in us is the reality fully interpenetrated, invulnerable soul that there is not anything that the people we are ministering to can do, to topple Christ Jesus in us, then we will be able to take on a lot of people, I think. And reveal their sin nature, I am not sure exactly what the process will be, right now it is very slow. But the level of strength that have I very slow. At first the Lord has to reveal your sin nature to me before I can reveal it to you. Then you have to be able to recognize it and pass your pride the process is very slow right now. And that's why there are not very many of us, in addition to being slowed no matter how much you are committed to the process your carnal attacks me. It just does, do not feel bad about it that is the reality, so something had to happen, I have to be defense and all of you are going to start doing the same thing showing people their sins and you have to be defense. So that the people that you are trying to save do not kill you that is the process we are the very beginning of it and it is a great honor. I think there is a scripture that says the apostles were rejoicing that they had the privilege to suffer for the sake of the kingdom of God. Now does that means you love enjoy being hurt, I do love being hurt, I do not like it, I scream a lot. When I am hurt I could be walking around this house yelling, I yell to the Lord, I am hurting but it's an honor to suffer that the kingdom of God should go forward that humanity should be deliver out of hell and death. Praise the Lord, any questions or comments before we close for the day? Serious message, praise the Lord


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