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COMMENTS: At the scripture where Paul says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. And my understanding of that is to be absent from the carnal mind and coming out of the mind of Christ because I cannot equate it with different other scriptures where the Lord says the dead know nothing and we are asleep. 


PASTOR VITALE: The problem with the understanding that is in the church today is that when you try to understand spiritual principles in the scripture with your carnal mind it is just a disaster. 


            So we need to understand that there are many bodies, Paul clearly says I cannot get it straight in 1st or 2nd Corinthians.  He clearly says there are many types of bodies and many types of flesh.  So the physical body is not the only body that we have. Everything that contains something is a body.  A cup that contains water is the body of the water, it is just language that is the way it was just a principle of language.


            So the mind which contains the spirit is the body, the mind is a body that contains the spirit the water of the spirit. That is why when Jesus said if it  be your will let this cup pass from me, there is a complete misunderstanding in the church today as to what he was talking about.  Everybody assumes he was talking about his physical body and it is a major problem in the church that is keeping the church from going on to becoming spiritual because our spiritual growth begins with our minds and our understanding and as long as there is an insistence to understand the written word with the carnal mind the church will just never move on and they will go more and more off into a wrong direction. 


            So when Paul said to be out of the body is to be present with the Lord he meant to be out of the body of the carnal mind.  Did not Paul say woe is me who will deliver me from the body of death.  Okay so Paul was saying to be out of the body of death is to be present with the Lord in the mind of Christ because the spirit that inhabits the mind of Christ is the Spirit of Christ.  And the spirit that inhabits the carnal mind is satan, that is just the truth of it that is what her name is.  But if that upsets you whoever is hearing this, I do not think anybody here will be upset by that. But the name of the spirit that inhabits the carnal mind is satan.


            So to be out of the body of the carnal mind there is only one place you can go if you are still in existence there is only one place you can go that is into the mind of Christ.  And then you are present with the Lord who abide in the mind of Christ. 


            The church somehow has to admit that they do not know anything or they know very little and they have to become like little children that is what Jesus said and begin to run at the beginning.  They have to admit that they do not have all the answers and have to humble themselves and ask the Lord to become spiritual.  Because a lot of the misconception and wrong doctrine being taught in the church today arises out of the carnal understanding of the scripture.  It is just simple as that, we can only understand on our level. 


            Five people of different ages can read one sentence, a five year old, a ten year old, a fifteen year old and a twenty year old to all read the same sentence and have a completely different understanding of it.  So we have got a religious spirit in the church that probably started out from a good intention because we know that there are a lot of seductions in this world and we know that there is false doctrine in this world.  We know that there are counterfeit spirit in this world and we know that satan will like to knock us out.


            But it is the same principle as raising your children, you cannot tie your children to a chair and not let them out of the house especially in this society.  All those societies for years have tied up their women and not trusted them before they got married but in this society we do not do that. 


            And what is happening in the world today the scripture said first  in the natural and then in the spiritual so all this freedom that we see in the western world today is like the announcement of the same thing happening in the spirit.  These children of God have to be left free so that they can internalise the spiritual law, so we will live our lives not because we are under a written law that says thou shall not and not understand why thou shall not  which results in a rebellion rising up in us and say well I really want to.  That is a disaster waiting to happen.


            The Lord is teaching on why we should not okay because it is destructive to us, so that we will choose to not.  He is bringing us to a place where we will choose to not do the things that will destroy us because it is our choice.  And that comes through understanding, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 


            So during  this process there is going to be some casualties, it is just as simple as that.  There are going to be some casualties, if you want to look at it in the natural you are going to have some women having abortions and having bad results from it.  Maybe they will not be able to get pregnant again, maybe they will be depressed, or you can have some young women getting pregnant without being married.  You can have some people getting venereal disease there is going to be casualties because the Lord and the elders of this world we teach, we teach our children, we teach we do everything we can to equip them to make the right decisions and then we turn them over to God.  We cannot tie them up in the house anymore.


            That is not what is happening and the whole reason behind it is that the Lord is raising up sons of God.  He is not raising up robots and he is not raising up what the bible calls servants who will just go and do whatever they are told. Because we see that happening in the world today, more and more people cannot think for themselves.  If you go into a store or you try to purchase online, more and more people they cannot move creatively.  They have a whole list of things that they do under certain circumstances and if they faced with another circumstance they cannot function.  They cannot think creatively, they simply do not know what to do.


            I had to call staples this morning because I want to purchase an external hard for XXXX who is going to be the ftp manager which is another story.  You will all get an email on that and I wanted to know if staples will ship to London because I know that there are staple stores in London.  And people that will service you in staples are basically very intelligent people because they do have discretion.  The customer services people that you order from online in staples they have discretion they are not even average person that  will help you there, intelligent and qualified people.


            So the woman asked her supervisor and she said no you cannot and I wanted to know if we can get credit for our staples reward account here and she did not know and she had no number that can connect me to staples in London.


And I said  well is it not the same business? Or maybe you just have the same name and you are not really connected and she said oh no it is the same staples.  And then I said well then there has to be some information available to you how I could contact these people.  Well I just spoke to my supervisor and we do not have that information here.  And I said well now I want to speak to your supervisor because somebody somewhere in the United States has to have a phone number that will give me this information.  So she tried again and she gave me a phone number but if I did not pursue it, she will have just said that is the way it is and I come up against that all the time.  People saying no you cannot do it and I know that when someone tells me that I cannot do it, it makes me even madder I am more determined to go out and do it.


            So we are learning to be sons, we are learning to be problem solvers to think creatively to not let other men influence us unless the Lord witnesses to us that his wisdom  is speaking through them. 


            Now we are not to take the final decisions from doctors, from lawyers, from accountants, from anybody the Lord has to be the final witness to us even when it comes to death as we did with XXXX.  We asked the Lord if it was her time and he took her, so it was her time.  That means we submitted her to him and that means it was his decision that it was her time.    


            We are not to accept anything in this world, anything anything anything that is negative or not progressive, or  positive or educational or productive unless the Lord says yes that is the way it is going to be I am not going to do anything about it right now. 


            So you just give in to it, well Sheila what are you talking about? that is what he said to the Jews, is that not what Jehovah said to the Jews? I set Nebuchadnezzar against you and he is beat you and you are beaten.  So just settle down because I am not about to get you out of here.  Is this not what he said to the Jews? And they were taken to Babylon in captivity that is what he said to them. Do not fight this war I have already pronounced defeat upon you and what did everybody say from the king on downwards false prophet because he said it through Jeremiah.  And they put Jeremiah in jail, they put him in a horrible jail they put him down in a pit filled with wet clay.  He could have died down there for telling them the truth.


            And today we have the same situation, we have people who are called to be sons of God.  Whether they intend to join or not their carnal mind puts the prophet who tells them the truth in jail.  Beats them, hurts them scratches them, stabs them, shoots them  and puts them in jail. 


            So one of the things we teach here is how to deal with that, because we are all in training to be sons of God and sons of God in immaturity have the whole five ministry.  We are all prophets that means we have to tell the truth to people who do not want to hear it.  We are all teachers, we are all evangelists, we are all pastors, it is only really a four fold ministry.  We are all apostles, what is an apostle? Not what the church tells you, the church world tells you that you are an apostle if you happen to start several physical churches. 


            I have a whole message on this, the reality of apostleship is that Christ dwells in you, speaks through you, ministers through you, controls you, guides you and that you are a representative of him on the earth, a large part of the time nobody is one hundred percent today.  So that is who the true apostle is, the apostle is the person who speaks for Christ.


            So the difference between an apostle and a prophet, a prophet speaks for Christ without understanding, speaks the word, God speaks through him but an apostle speaks the word of God through his own understanding.  Intended the spirit of God Christ in that man cause he knows what he is talking about, plus his own experience and wisdom together.  That is the true identity of an apostle.


            And that is why apostles bring forth doctrine as we read in the book of Acts, the apostles bring forth the doctrine because they speak for the Lord but they also have new wisdom and understanding of the Lord and it comes out as teaching. So anyway that is the answer to your question.


            You always have to ask the Lord what the spiritual understanding of the scripture is and you have to be sure if you are doing that on your own.  You really need to be sure that you are in the Spirit of Christ because there is more than one spirit in this world.  John said there are many spirits, many spirits of antichrist, he said try the spirit brethren because many antichrist have gone out into the world and that means that everyone that has a carnal mind has a spirit of antichrist.


            It is possible to have antichrist and Christ not only is it possible that is more likely in other words there are two common conditions.  The most common condition in the world is that the believer is in their carnal mind, most believers they are in their carnal mind.  Then the second most popular condition of believers are that they are double minded as James describes they have both the mind of Christ and the carnal mind, and if you have two minds you have two spirits.


            So you have the you have the spirit of Christ and the spirit of antichrist and if you cannot tell the difference they will manifest, certainly the spirit of antichrist will manifest at will.  When you have two minds the mind of Christ and the carnal mind, the carnal mind is stronger because the carnal mind is like a ……….. out there.  That carnal mind is rooted and grounded in satan, leviathan and the serpent that spiritual root goes way way way deep into the spiritual realm because it is serpent that has incarnated this whole world. 


            So the carnal mind in you is a representative of the powers and principalities that Paul talks about.  The carnal mind is a sticking functioning representation of the serpent who is good and evil.  So if you think the serpent has to be evil you are already deceived and dead in the water. 


            So when Christ begins to formed in you, he is a young plant growing up amongst all of the dead and lying weeds who are going to try and choke him and destroy him.  And if you cannot tell the difference between the two you really do not stand a chance.


            And that is why as we move on to spirituality in Christ we need a teacher and that is just the way it is, believe me I am not trying to exalt myself.  God gave me this job when I was half dead I did not ask for it.  You need a teacher you need somebody who can tell the difference and tell you that you are in your carnal mind.  And then hopefully if the teacher tells you often enough you are going learn to distinguish between the two yourself. 


            But if there is not somebody in your life that knows you personally that has an ongoing relationship with you that can tell you look you think you are in Christ but you are not. You need to just know what you are going to know apparently very few people that can hear this directly from God.  Apparently very few people who can do it. 


            So that is the story, you have two spirits James said if you have two spirits that you are unstable in all of your ways.  And satan does whatever she wants and that is what happens.  I have been teaching this message for twenty years and there was one person in this ministry that I will always use to see, I will look at them and I will see a vision an image satan does not have an image she is a spirit but I knew it represented satan. 


            We know satan is a thief and I will see this image of a typical thief with the bag over their shoulder tiptoeing like you see in the cartoon.  Because satan is operating in our lives behind the scene.  She is the fifth column she is in us, she is in the people that we are closest to.  The scripture says when you enter into this level of spirituality, you cannot even trust the person you sleep with. 


            Now that does not mean that you start to hate your mate okay, what it means is that whatever the closest person to you the advise that they give you, you have got to run it past the filter of the Lord because the people that love you the most are capable of being used by satan to give advise that is going to be destructive to you.


            And that is one of the reasons why that is one of the ways in which the Lord comes to separate, he clearly said I came with sword, and I am going to divide people.  So we have all these people out there saying Jesus is a man of peace he will never never say something that will cause a controversy. 


            God causes controversies all the time and if you want to be a son of God or even if you are saying I do not want to be a son of God, if you want to be close to the Lord, because you cannot get hung up on words.  I f you want to be close to the Lord you want the process of becoming the son of God, you better believe there will be controversy in your life.


            There is controversy in my life everyday some days worse than others but there is controversy all the time.  Because I strive with the carnal mind all the time, you cannot get pass me.  Ask people that have been here for a while you cannot get pass me if your carnal mind is manifesting in this ministry.  And sometimes I am telling you in the right spirit and being human sometimes I tell you in the wrong spirit but I will tell you every time you are going to hear it from me.


            Sometimes it will hurt you but you are going to hear it, so I have warfare every day.  And as you mature in Christ you will have warfare everyday too when you come to that place because Christ Jesus is at war with the carnal mind.  It is as simple as that, you are in a war and even though you may think that you have peace in this world.  If you are in Christ at all there is no peace because the war rages.  They do not sleep, spiritual life do not sleep the war rages in the day in the night, all the time it just rages all the time.


            So that is the story, I guess I answered your question it was so sort of long winded.  We have got to understand the scripture spiritually if we hope to go on. And the Lord has been talking to me about this so much lately about the church world and the five fold ministry and the condition of the people.  We need to understand that we know very little.  That really needs to be our attitude our every day attitude, that in any given situation we just do not know what is going on.  And we really need the Lord to help us through it or we will not make it.  Nobody is that smart, even Jesus said he only did and said what his Father told him to do.             


            We are in hell, we are in the serpents territory and her territory is mind.  And her weapon is illusion, her weapon is illusion she whispers lies to us and when we believe her lies eventually becomes a demotion and it is hard if not impossible to change this. 


            Jesus said the truth will set you free that means we have to find out, are you free?  I do not know about you but I am not free.  I have bondages in all kinds of areas so that means that I must have lies in my mind.  If the truth is going to set me free.  I cannot have the whole truth it is not possible that I have the whole truth. 


            And we see a lot of people in the church even in mature ministries that they think they have the whole truth.  The Lord is not talking about doctrine only, he is talking about the truth of every situation in your life.  Every relationship you have and that relationship changes, it changes from day to day because new input comes into our life.  Which might bring subtle changes in the relationship.


            Every interaction, every single interaction that we have with somebody there is a truth to it, was it in Christ or was it in the carnal mind? What were the motives of the two people talking to each other.  A lot of people do not want to live like that they just want to live on the surfaces, she smiled at me and she was nice and I do not want to hear anymore than that.  They do not want me telling them that she smiled at you and she was nice but I saw her heart and she had an agenda.  Nobody wants to hear that because there is a warfare, they just want to be happy.


            But if you want to go on with God this is what is involved, and much to the best of my knowledge the Lord is not forcing anybody to go look at the scripture read the bible.  Let the fearful go home, let the cripple go home.  Just like in the natural army if you are not physically fit they send you home.


            If you are not spiritually fit go home and there is no condemnation in it not the way I read the bible.  If you really do not want this go home, it is okay but do not stay here and corrupt the people that are trying to go on or make it more difficult for them. 


            If it is not for you leave it is alright and that is why although I have not seen it happening lately but for years I have had to remind the people here.  We do not evangelise this ministry, we do not go out looking for people to come to this meetings.  You have to be invited to this level of spirituality in God.


            You cannot come in here unless the Lord tells me to let you in. So in one more way we are the exact opposite of the female church.  The female church is out there to everybody come on in come on in, we do not do that here because bringing someone in that should not be here, first of all the Lord is in charge of wherever you are with regards to this level of ministry the Lord is in charge. 


            You should not even be talking about this stuff to people unless the Lord tells you that he wants them to hear it. This is a holy word, you do not want the carnal minds of people to get hold of it


            So we are the complete opposite of the church world, they are out there trying to evangelise the world we are trying to evangelise them.  Only the ones that the Lord say can come in.  We are in two complete different places, for the longest time I thought they were not Christians but they are.  They are just very young Christians  and we have to know who we are. 


            We are elders and we have to know that we do not talk about certain things in front of children.  You either talk in another language or wait till they go to sleep, you do not talk about every thing in front of children. You will frighten them and hurt them or they will misuse it.  You do not do that so we have to know who we are.


            So is there anything else Lord that you want me to say this morning? No except that as I have been teaching for years here.  Three levels that I teach here I teach theory, and then I teach the practical experiences I call it laboratory where I will reveal to you that you are in your carnal mind, and then we have situations where we work it out.   Where you actually become brave enough to hear what I am telling you and turn against your carnal mind and embrace Christ and go forward in that path and then you will be having experiences with other people.


            And I am telling you every interaction, you just never know where Lord is coming from if he is just going to drop a bomb on you and say that interaction was ungodly.  Who even thought about it for a second, but if you want to go on you have to be open to him doing that. That what you thought was completely innocent was offensive to him from his high point of view. 


            You see we cannot compare ourselves on circle of the earth, on the circle of the earth where we are all good.  We all do good deeds, we go to church and we study the bible  and we try to be nice to people. 


            So by the rules of this world we are all good we are not stealing , we are not murdering, we are not trying to steal somebody’s husband or wife, we work and we all pay our bills so we are all good by the rules and the standards of this world but the Lord is not judging us by the standards of this world. 


            He has greater things for us, he has plans for us, he wants us to go up.  So you judge your five year old children by the standard of five year olds.  But you do not expect them to be five year olds for the rest of their lives, you expect  them to grow up and become contributors to the family.  When they get older they have chores around the house hopefully.  And if they are working they should contribute to the household.  So you do not want your children to stay five year olds forever.


           And the church is staying five year old forever because I think I did not finish this point, because somewhere along the line the leaders of the church became afraid that the believers coming up will go off into another spirit.  So they bound them down with all this rules and regulations which they do not let the believers have experiences which will result them drawing their own conclusions. ‘Yea you are right that law is right it is bad to do that you know it is a bad thing to do that and I did it and it hurt me and I do not want to do it any more. I hurt other people and I do not want to live like that any more.’


            So the church is bound down like society has bound down women for years their daughters for years in Italy or Spain they could not even go out on a date without the whole family trailing behind them.  If you have ever seen any of those movies, that is what the elders of the church have done to the Christians.    


            But the bands that they put on them are fear, fear do not do this, do not taste that, do not taste that, do not receive the education that will equip you to go out into the spiritual world because there is a spiritual world .


            Those of you that have been sitting here for a while were here when we the Lord named an aspect where we pierced through into the worlds spiritual community.  Cause there was a time I was so naïve I thought that I had the doctrine, that is all just immaturity that is all for the church.  You get a new revelation and you think you have got the whole thing.  And in those days all I did was study and preach.  And I was turning out nine ninety two minutes tapes a week with the people that were listening to me. 


            And now that I think about it is was unbelievable how we did it and we thought that we were going to get the whole thing.  And then one day we pierce through to the next spiritual realm and found ourselves on the basement floor of the worlds spiritual community.


            So we thought we had arrived but we did not we pierce through to the next level.  So there is a world spiritual community and the spiritual involves philosophy.  Doctrine mean philosophy, to be spiritual you have to have a philosophy.  It goes with spirituality and the Christian church has no philosophy, the doctrine of Christ  is Christian philosophy but the church does not embrace it.  They have no philosophy other than you going to hell, they do have a philosophy but it is not on the level of world philosophy.  It cannot compete in the world of philosophical ideas.  It cannot compete with Hindu philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, terrestrial philosophy there is all kinds of philosophy out there, spiritual philosophy.


            And there is no Christian philosophy other than the philosophy of Christ on that level to compete on that level.  Because the doctrine of the church is extremely restricted and immature and fear based. It is fear based, it binds you up, the church is bound up with fear.  So they should not be trying new things without being educated, so they are not even educated to test new waters.


            So that is what is happening in the church world today and there is a big explosion is in the process because the Lord is not going to tolerate it much longer.  There is going to be a big, big explosion in the church, I do not know exactly how it is going to play out but it is going to be a series  of single explosions a person at a time.


            The only thing that I know is that what he is doing now is that he is raising up the leadership because he cannot bring his church forth without educating them.  And education on this level as I said  you need a teacher, I do not know how many more people that I could take on to be honest with you so he is raising up teachers.  And they are very very very few and when I say a teacher I just do not mean a knowledge of the doctrine of Christ.


            You have to know that there is a whole spiritual teaching that is not recorded, there are no tapes and no books on it.  On how to try the spirit how to deal with spiritual problems it is something that is taught by word of mouth.


            And there have been over the years messages where the tape recorder failed and other times I will just tell you to shut up the tape and I did not know why but thinks the Lord just does not want a record of it.  It just goes from teacher to disciple to teacher and the disciple becomes the teacher and it goes by word of mouth.  How to function in the spiritual realm, how to function in the warfare.


            And it is experience, you have to be with a teacher that is going to help you to experience it on the Christ side and that is how you learn.  So he is raising up the teachers right now, the teachers do not want to come. 


            He is going to the existing five fold ministry and giving them the opportunity to come but they cannot get past their carnal mind.  So he is going to burn them out of it somehow, there is going to be big explosions here.


            But he is dealing with this ministry first and you are the sons of God, you are the disciples that are coming up.  And every body is on their own level this is the little red school house, everybody is on their own level. 


            So he is working here now and it just seems that it is taking forever.  I keep saying we have tuned into immortality,  I cannot believe that all of the work that we are doing with all of the disciples here, it is going to be for nought.  It is not possible it just cannot be.


            So some things we have got to stand up and it takes so long maybe when we stand up it will be easier to help other people.  But there is going to be a break through, there has to be a break through because the church is going to die if there is no break through.


            The church is dying I went to the  Christian bookstore yesterday in XXXX and they for those of you that have been there recently they had expanded into two store fronts.  They let go one of the store fronts, they truncated there location by fifty percent. 


            So the wave that came into Long Island in the seventies, I think it was in the seventies I know that it continued on.  I came in at the tail end of it, in like the late seventies or around nineteen eighty.  Around nineteen eighty I came into the church and it was already the tail end of the move of God that hit Long Island when all of this churches raised up.  I remember that when that Christian bookstore opened and everybody was buying bibles and they all had a second store in XXXX. Do you remember that he was opening Christian bookstores all the time.


            And I had a word of knowledge when I went in there yesterday, a few years ago I went into that Christian bookstore and it had acquired a very catholic overtone and I was wandering what happened.  And the Lord just told me yesterday that that original owner who was born again he sold that store and when he sold the way of going out in Long Island.  But we know that he closed down the XXXX store and he sold that store that was in XXXX that came in with that store in catholic overtone.


            And the wave is going out, the spirituality the Christian spirituality of Long Island of this area southern county anyway is just shrinking and shrinking and shrinking and at some point it is going to turn around and it is going to rise up in the doctrine of Christ.  Some how the Lord is going to do it.


            I know that when I came to the Lord I was physically dying and from the very beginning, I knew the Lord said that he will heal me and thirteen years later I was still getting sicker and sicker and sicker and sicker and I could not understand it.  When I cried out to him one day, he explained that my spirituality was growing, growing, ascending, ascending, ascending and physically I was going down down down but at some point because I was spiritually ascending I will hit a physical bottom and I will not be able go any further because my spirit was going up.  And at that point my physical health will turn and start following after my spirit and that is exactly what happened to me.


            So the same thing is happening in the church world it is dying on Long Island, Suffolk county, the church is dying in suffolk county.  But it has to hit bottom, I know that there are a lot of people here, a lot of leaders and a lot of people that really love the Lord on the level that they are at they really love God on the level that they are at.


            So at some point they have to cry out to the point that they hear him telling them that that crazy woman over there in Port Jefferson has my truth and you better humble yourself and start studying.


            There will be a handful of ministers and people that get that revelation.  I do not know how much longer it is going to take because they are all afraid of me. People are just afraid of me, little old me with my little voice, my small stature they are just terrified of me, horrified, terrified.  But it has got to happen it has nothing to do with me, it has to do with the Lord.  It just has to happen or the church is going to die. 


            It is as simple as that, the church already died and the whole world went into the middle ages where we know to be middle ages.  It has already happened in the natural and it is going to happen in the spiritual.  If something does not change but something is going to change.  We will find out right? We will find out we are waiting for the first established preacher to get this revelation.  We will see.


            Everything that I have ever touched through ministry the first attempt has always failed.  Just like in the scriptural principle, the younger always over takes the elder, the second child born is always at even in David’s case the first child died and Solomon came forth.  Esau was first born but Jacob was the one that was chosen.   Manasseh was first born but Ephraim was the one that was greater than Manasseh.


            So it is already happening , the Lord took this ministry to a man who had an established church and the man recognised the anointing but instead of going with God he went up in his carnal mind.  And he is dying if he is not dead already spiritually, I do not know.


            I was just completely amazed, I am always amazed when the Lord shows me how his kingdom works it always amazes me, because my carnal mind just cannot conceive of the way God does things.


            We all know that this man is Pastor XXXX and I preached in his church for 3 nights he recognised the message that it was of God and then because he was not delivered he ascended on his carnal mind instead of his Christ mind and became a major antichrist and danger to Gods people. 


            And the way the Lord dealt with it was that I responded to Pastor XXXX’s false doctrine and mailed him the books and put the books up on our website.  And now he is not preaching doctrine anymore, for weeks now he is not preaching doctrine. 


            And I believe the Lord has told me that simply by responding to what he said and revealing it as error, we broke the power of the spirit that was teaching error through him.  And he is not teaching it and for weeks now he has no teaching.  And that just amazes me because to me that is so simple that is all that it took to shut the mouth of a false prophet. 


            And yet it should not be surprising me because the Lord taught me years ago that the way he deals with error is to speak the truth.  You know  do not have to kill people and burn them at the stake.  He deals with error by speaking the truth but I did not understand in those days that when you speak the truth out of the spirit of Christ it is a warfare spirit and the battle is fought in the heavenlys.


            That spirit that spoke the truth through me on this world on this level something in my mind very harmless is happening.  I never even spoke to the man, I did write him two letters which he ignored and I wrote books that responded to what he said.  And revealed the truth of what he was saying, to me that is very mild warfare but the Lord tells me that simultaneously and of course you are all a part of this okay. 


            You were all at the meetings where I preached people transcribe messages this was a team effort definitely.  So that is harmless as the way for me I would hardly call it a warfare on this level but in the spiritual plain there was an intense warfare going on between the collective Christ in this group and everyone who was a part of us and the spirit, the community of spirits that were preaching through him.


            There was a tremendous warfare going on and that spirit of that I do not know whether it was the whole community of spirits or it was one spirit. I know that the Lord said it was a community of spirits that was preaching through him.  I do not know whether it was one that community that was doing the false preaching or it was the community, there is more that I do not know than I know believe me.


            But on the spiritual realms, on the invisible spiritual realms, there was intense vicious warfare that took place that manifest down here as merely correcting his teaching.


            And that spirit that was giving him false revelation was destroyed.  He does not have any more revelation.  Is that not interesting this is just so interesting.


            So even though we seat here and our warfare is so mild, even a warfare on this level.  We go where God sends us, we talk to people the Lord has us to talk to, we need to know that everywhere we go there is an intense warfare being fought between the Christ in us and the carnal mind of that person.  If it is a situation that the Lord has set up.  And all we have to do is present ourselves and say a couple to words.


            And sometimes we really need to know this because sometimes that intense warfare that is raging on the other spiritual realms sometimes it affects us and it brings problems into our lives.  It can bring physical illness, it can bring confusion, it can bring financial losses, it can bring depression, it can bring all kinds of affliction into our lives if we are not equipped to deal with it.


            And part of being equipped to deal with it is to recognise that it is happening instead of because in the beginning when I first entered this kind of life style, I will say what is happening to me satan is surely picking on me, what is going on here what did I do.  And it took me a long time to recognised that I had just mailed this man a book and his carnal mind had attacked me.


            Now he would have never chosen to do so , I have somebody in mind right now, his mind will have never chosen to hurt me but satan in the carnal mind attacked me.  And it was at a point when I will always get hit physically and I will mail someone that the Lord send me to mail a book to.  I will send them the book and I will watch the calendar, the day they receive the book count down three days, within three days I will be in bed. 


            And it was just too much of a coincidence, the circumstantial evidence is just too great. Now lately I have not been in bed or been in a war recently and my eyes has got worse.  I got more floaters over my eyes again cause that is a weak area right now but satan has not been able to put me to bed for a long time thank God.  Cause we get stronger and stronger but it is very hard fighting a war where your attack to your carnal mind there is nothing you just put a book in a mail.  How is that attacking somebody and a few days later, I remember one day I remember who I sent the book to.  I will not put this name on the tape, I sent it to someone down in Florida and I was walking across this room and I hit over there, I just hit that spot and I was hit with a curse and my synaptic, instantly my synaptic went out and I was in agony just like that for weeks.  And when I checked the thing out, it was exactly three days that he received the books.


            So it is had to believe you have to be willing to believe it. If you do not believe it you should not be in the war.  To be in the war and to be doing things for God and not believing this stuff and getting hurt then you cannot figure out why satan is after you.  She is after you because you hitbher, she did not like it when you hit her.  So she hit you back, she will not bother you if you do not bother her.


            Satan does not bother you if you do not bother her.  There are exceptions one of the exceptions might be if you have a hard call on your life and you do not know about it then she is trying to kill you before you find out who you are.


            But if you are an average person she will leave you alone, so it is okay go to church feeling very important because you prophesy before the church, they teach you the pastors in the bible college how to keep people happy give them something to do make them feel important.  That is not of God, that is of satan you just stay right where you are do not hurt me, give out traits, teach Sunday school feel like you are important.  Every body has to feel important.


            No one is important except when you are acting out what Christ is doing.  The true importance is that you are acting out the will of God, nothing else is important.  It is just your pride and your ego that needs to feel important.


            And the Lord has mercy he knows where we are but if you want to go on, you could stay in that.  Let the fearful go home, let the prideful stay in their little ministries, their carnal ministries. 


            And I am not saying that mockingly that is the mind of God he says I have got seven thousand who have not bowed their knee to bal who are willing to fight this war and if you are not one of them it is okay.  Do your good things and I will bless you right where you are that is the mind of God.


            But if you pick the scripture out of the bible that says you are going to get a hundred fold if you do this if you do this you are going to get a hundred fold.  If you forgive you are going to get a hundred fold sitting there in your own little ministry makes you ego feel good.  You are mistaken that scripture is not for you, it said it is for those who have given up everything.  Those who have given up family and land and money and possessions and all of the things that are coveted in this world.  You are the ones that get a hundred fold.


            So lets just get it straight, making educated decision as to what you want to do.  Do not be deceived because being deceived does not honour God and  most people are deceived.  You have to give up everything to get everything or be willing to give up everything.  It is an attitude of the heart, you have to be willing to give up everything to get everything.


            Years ago when things were really tough for me, I had a dream everybody was on like a pier and putting all of their belongings into like a little hobble type ransack and throwing it into the water.  But they all had a string attached to it, they throw it into the water and they hold it back out.  And me stupid I just threw everything into the water, I did not have any string on mine.  And I was watching the water waiting for it to come back and nothing was coming back.


            And in that dream I was hysterical I was very upset cause nothing was coming back.  It was taking longer than I had expected.  Most people their everything that they give God has strings attached to it. 


            You know there is no condemnation in what I am telling you because you really have to have a call on your life to give all.  We cannot do anything unless he calls us to do it and strengthens us along the way.  I will have never made it on my own and who knows what is coming tomorrow maybe worse that what I went through in the past.  I do not want to think about it, I will not do it any other way but I will not want to do it again.  I will tell you that I will not want to go through it again I really would not.  It is really very hard.


            So anyway that is the condition of the church world you cannot hear the scripture with your carnal mind.  There are many bodies and we are the forerunners as far as I know we are the only group that is training on this level.  And your part is to help me, try to give me the benefit of the doubt even if your mind is raging and ask the Lord to help you.  That is your part, to make it as easy for me as possible cause I have been very stressed and so I am going Florida.  I have been very stressed lately so I really have to get away. 




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