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Jeremiah 12.


Righteous art thou oh Lord when I plead with thee, yet let me talk with thee of thy judgments, wherefore doth the way of the wicked prosper?


How come the wicked prosper and the people who serve God are sick and they do not have enough money, and they are suffering? 

Why are all they happy that deal treacherously? Thou hast planted them, yea, and they have taken root. They grow, yea, they bring forth fruit, thou art near in their mouth and far from their reigns. 

That is interesting because this has to be talking about the people in the church. First of all it says verse 2, Thou hast planted them, they have taken root in your kingdom, and they are growing, and they bring forth fruit, it does not say what kind of fruit, they bring forth fruit, and they are near to you in their mouth, but far from you in their heart.


We see that the wicked that are prospering are in the church, you see, God is not dealing with the heathen, He does not deal with the heathen, He is always dealing with His people, and within the group of people called God’s people, there are the wicked, and there are the righteous, there are the wheat and there are the tares, there are the ones who serve God with their heart, the word reigns here, the Hebrew word translated reigns, it really means kidneys, but it is talking about following God with your spirit. Some people just follow God with their intellect, and they speak a good game, but they are not the genuine article, and they will not stand when the testing comes, they will not stand under persecution, and the testing will surely come, because Satan tests everybody that says they are a son of God. 

Jeremiah 12:3 But you oh Lord know me, You have seen me, You have tried my heart towards You, 

Not my mouth, God is looking at your heart. 

You have tried my heart towards You, pull them out like sheep for the slaughter and prepare them for the day of slaughter. KJV 

What is the day of slaughter? The day slaughter is the day that the Lord is going to separate us, what is slaughter? It means to cut up right? It is the day that He is going to separate us from our carnal mind. We have to be prepared for the day of slaughter or we will not survive, because when He cuts us up, if Christ is not there to take over the functions of this body, and this personality, we will cease to exist. There is a day of slaughter coming, where the Serpent, and Satan, and Leviathan are going to be ripped out of humanity, and if Christ is not in you to pick up the pieces, we will cease to exist. You are not going to be tortured in hell forever, you just will not exist anymore. If God destroys your carnal mind and Christ is not in you, there is not going to be anything left of you. This event is called the spiritual Passover, the angel of death is coming to destroy the firstborn of Egypt, and the firstborn of Egypt is Ham, that is your carnal mind.


Egypt is Ham, and the firstborn is Cain as opposed to Abel. The angel of death is coming, and he is only going to pass over the people that are revealing blood, the blood of Jesus. If Christ is in you, the angel of death will pass over you, but if He sees your carnal mind, it is the day of slaughter, and He is going to kill your carnal mind, because your carnal mind, the carnal mind is the life or the existence of the Serpent, which has stolen God’s people. This day of slaughter is deliverance from enslavement to the Serpent’s world. You have to be prepared for it, that is my job, I am here to prepare you. Sometimes I am not sugar sweet, but I am here to prepare you for the day of slaughter. If you cannot take it from me, you will never make it in the day of slaughter.


How long shall the land mourn. That is your personality, how long are you going to sorrowful, and have troubles in your life, be sad and depressed. And the herbs of every field wither, for the wickedness of them that dwell therein. How long are your people going to suffer because there is wickedness that dwells within us? The carnal mind is wickedness that dwells within us. If you never say one word wrong for your entire life, wickedness still dwells within you. It may be revealing itself in a different way. Everybody has wickedness within them. We have the nature of the Serpent. That is what gives us our existence in this world. This existence is not even called life, sickness, disease, torment, tornados, hurricanes, I thought I heard something about, I thought I saw on ticket tape of channel 26 last night that there was a tsunami somewhere, did anybody here about that? I thought I saw something like that. This is the Serpent’s existence. We wither, the herbs of the field, there is no life of Christ in us, Christ is withering because of the wickedness that dwells within, it is Cain, Abel is withering because of Cain who dwells and prospers within us.


The beast are consumed and the birds, that is your animal nature, the human nature, and the birds are your spiritual nature, because they said, both are consumed, both your spiritual life and your carnal life, what does that mean? It means everybody dies eventually. The reason this is the situation is because Cain has said, He shall not see our last end, God cannot kill us, we are not going to die. That kind of prideful arrogance arises out of the carnal mind which is Cain in you. Now this is what God answers him, this is what God is answering to the believer who is living out of pride, and thinks he cannot be destroyed, the believer that thinks he cannot be destroyed, they are all deceived. They have a false message in the church on multiple levels, we are going to talk about the kingdom church in a little while, that seems to be in the spirit this morning. From the most immature doctrine to the most mature doctrine in the church today, it is erroneous, and it is death! And they are saying, We are not going to die, and this is what God says to them. 

Jeremiah 12:5 This is the verse He gave me this morning.


If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses, and if in the land of peace in which you trusted they wearied you, how will you do in the swelling of Jordan. KJV 

Interpretation; If you have run, if you have engaged in spiritual battle on foot, and they have wearied you, are you ready to give up because you have not overcome sickness yet? Are you ready to give up because you are struggling to run a ministry and everything goes wrong, every day, and you do not have enough room and you do not have enough help, and you do not have enough money, are you ready to give up? Are you wearied, are you tired, are you discouraged, when you are just fighting the fight with Satan in this natural world, if you are on foot, if you are wearied from that to the point that you are ready to give up, how do you think you can contend with the calvary, with horses, how can you contend with them on horses? How do you think that you are going to make it when you get into a warfare with spiritual entities that are likened to soldiers on horseback? A man on foot has very little chance against a soldier on a horse. You have to be a special type of warrior somehow to get your sword into that calvary man, before he kills you, it is possible to be done, I have seen it in the movies anyway, the horse charges them and they stab them with a sword, but the Lord is saying, If you cannot cut it with what Satan can do to you in this world when you are fighting on your feet, how do you think you are going to fair in the warfare with the spiritual entities on the higher planes? You are not going to make it. That is the word, you are not going to make it.


In the verses previous, the Lord is saying, I want to prepare you for the day of slaughter. How do you think you are going to be cut away from your carnal mind? Satan is coming to reveal every wrong thought in your mind. Everybody knows you do not murder, and everybody knows that you do not steal, but everybody does not always know when their thought process is pride, and not Christ, it is the way you think, it is the way we think that is killing us.


Right now we are the footmen, we are battling on the level of the footmen, we are being challenged to recognize a thought process or an attitude or a belief that is not the way God would think, that is your challenge today, the Lord is saying, You are a foot soldier, and of course the feet refer to the carnal mind. The people that are still in their carnal mind but you are a soldier because you are fighting that carnal mind, if you cannot cut it, what are you asking for spiritual power for? What makes you think you are going to be able to prevail against a calvary, if you cannot even take it when someone tells you, That is your carnal mind over there, you have to deal with it, get before God, find out if what I am telling you is true, He does not think like that, He would not deal with that problem like that. This means that when we come into power, the warfare is only going to be greater, you see, I have known that for years.


Very few revelations that the Lord has shown me have frightened me, there is like one or two, and I have gotten a lot of revelation over the twenty years, and one of the things, one of the pieces of revelation that frightened me was when the Lord revealed that there are spiritual entities, beyond the demons, the kind of demons that we fought, those of us who were in GR. There are different kinds of demons, those are just demons that were born out of the person’s personality, for the repetition of ungodly attitudes or behaviors, some of them can be inherited, they were pieces of the person’s personality that were polluting them, so they had to be cast out.


There are demons that are whole entities, there are all kinds of spiritual species on the higher spiritual realms, and they are all determined to stop us from standing up in spiritual power. Why are all of these entities our enemies, does anybody know? Why do you they all want to stop us? The answer is, that Adam was created on the sixth day, and he was given dominion over all of the entities that were created through day one through day five. These are spiritual species, like there are, and they are likened to the multitude of fish species in the ocean. They were swimming happily, all of these entities, and then the Lord came and said, Well today I am creating man, and he is the king over all of you. They do not want a king over them. What do you the Pharisees say, who was speaking for all of the fish in the sea, We shall not have that man to rule over us. It is not only the carnal minds of your friends and your relatives that do not want you to come into your power, all of the species of the creation are against us.


We are the fallen Adam, we are like a disenfranchised king, like David was for all of the years that he was in the wilderness, he knew that he was king of Israel, but for all of those years that he was in the wilderness, Saul was sitting on David’s throne, and David would not do one thing to remove Saul from that throne. He did not hurt him, he just honored him and respected him, and when Saul tried to kill David, David ran away, and he waited until the Lord removed him. David arose into his throne. He was a king, a disenfranchised king, he was a king without a kingdom, living in the wilderness, on occasions not having enough to eat. That is who we are. We have not come into our kingdom yet, and there is a false ministry sitting on the throne of the kingdom, and we are not to hurt those preachers or try to damage them, or challenge them unless it is in Christ, at any time. We must wait until God removes them, and we have to survive out here in the wilderness.


We certainly have enough spiritual food to eat here, that is for sure, and we are just grateful for what we have. We have not moved into the powers yet. The whole point of this message this morning to us is that we need to know that the war has started for us, and we are foot soldiers, so do not be rushing to look for power, you better take the victory right where you are, because when you take this victory, you are first going to meet the giant on the next level. Xxxx says, next level, next devil, new level, new devil, that is Xxxx’s saying, it is true.


You do not want to be getting up there before you are ready, or they will cream you. We have to make ourselves very small, put that pride down, and lay the faithfully at the level that the Lord places us, promotion comes from the Lord, it will come fast enough, with promotion comes great responsibility, new level, new devil, new responsibility. 

And if in the land of peace wherein you trusted, they wearied you, how will you do in the swelling of the Jordan? KJV. 

This is sarcastic, the Lord is saying the land of peace wherein you trusted, if that wearied you, He is talking about this world, this is not the world of peace, this is the world where they say, peace, peace, but there is no peace. Everyone who trusts in this world, you know, if you are weary in this world that you trusted, what are you going to do when you come up against those that swell the Jordan, and the Jordan signifies death and the swelling of the Jordan means the rolling in the angel of death, the tsunami of death, so you trust in this world, the whole world trusts in this world. I trust in this world to a certain degree, it is very hard to believe God for every detail of your life. I tell Him all of the time, if we were to be hit with a tornado or a flood or something like that, I know that I would not survive unless He does something supernaturally, I would not make it, my health is not good enough, I would not have all my vitamins, and my pills and I would not make it, you know, so I trust Him for that.


Every day I come home to this nice place, it is warm in the winter time, a nice soft bed to sleep in, I cannot say that I trust Him for everything in this world, it is hard. That is what He is saying, You think you are a big shot. He is indicting His people, You think you are a big shot, all you people out there, that your mouth runs a lot and you think that Satan is ashes under your feet. Remember those days, everybody put Satan under their feet, you know, and he is a toothless wonder, and all of that stuff out there, you think you are doing so well in this world, what are you going to do when death rises up against you? 

For even thy brethren and the house of thy father, even they have dealt treacherously with you, 

This is church people brethren dealing treacherously with you, 

Yea, they have called a multitude after you, believe them not though they speak nice words unto you. KJV. 

They are not your friend. Carnal Christians, people who are in their carnal mind are not your friends, because the spirit that is in the carnal mind will rise up against you at any time. You could love them, we have to love them, but you do not go trusting people that are in their carnal mind, or taking their counsel or their advice. 

If I have forsaken my house, I have left my heritage, I have given the dearly beloved of my soul into the hand of her enemies. KJV. 

He is talking about the true believers and the viciousness of the false believers or the believers that are in their carnal mind, that frequently are determined to stop us and destroy us. 

My heritage is unto me as lion in the forest, it cries out against me, therefore have I hated it. KJV 

The hatred of God is not like the hatred of man, God does not hate like man hates. When God says He hates, it means that His Spirit is not joined to you. When His Spirit is joined to you, He loves you, and when His Spirit is not joined to you, He hates you, but it is not the hatred of mankind. That word hatred of, hatred of God, merely indicates that you are not joined to His Spirit, so if it come to you that your hated of God, what that means is, you may think you have been joined to His Spirit, but you are not, so this is a warning, get joined to His Spirit. The Lord says, Let every man come unto me, but the pride of man will not come. He is talking about church people, that love Him with their mouth, but their heart is far from Him. Wow, this is interesting, I wonder if a judgment is coming down today. We will see. 

Verse 9. My heritage is unto me as a speckled bird, the birds round about are against her. Come ye, assemble all of the beasts of the field come to devour. KJV. 

Christians are devouring Christians, thinking they are doing God a favor. 

Verse 10. Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard. KJV. 

What is in the vineyard? The vine. Who is the vine? Jesus is the vine. Have they destroyed Jesus? No, so Jesus is not the really the answer, Christ is the answer, they, the anti-Christ in them has destroyed Christ in other believers. 

Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion underfoot. KJV. 

The believers that follow Him with spirit are His portion, they have trodden the spiritual Christians underfoot. 

They have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness. KJV. 

The psychic prayers of the church have destroyed a lot of true believers. 

They have made it desolate, and being desolate, it mourned unto me. KJV. 

The believers who are spiritual believers who are seeking God with their spirit and their heart, they are crying out to Him, the whole land is made desolate because no man layeth it to heart. They are all talking about us, hating us, saying that we are wrong. You never thought of it that way, that the pastors in the church today are teaching the people to worship Baal. Who is Baal? In Bible days there were statues and idols of Baal, but Baal could be in your heart. The people are worshiping another Jesus in the church today, it is another Jesus, it is not the Jesus of the Bible. This is indictment is to the pastors, it is not even to the people in the church, it is to the five fold ministry. 

And it shall come to pass, if they will diligently learn the ways of My people to swear by My name, the Lord liveth, as they taught My people to swear by Baal, then shall they be built in the midst of My people. But if they will not obey, I will utterly pluck up and destroy that nation, saith the Lord. KJV. 

The Holy Spirit is going to be removed from the five fold ministry, hopefully that will humble them and they will reconsider the doctrine of Christ, and if they change their ways and start teaching the spiritual truth that the Lord is pouring into the earth today, they will be okay, they will be in right standing with Him, but if they will not admit that they made a mistake in rejecting the doctrine of Christ, they will lose their entire relationship with the Lord. Judgment just went down on the pastors, how interesting that we are going to a pastor’s meeting tomorrow.


Three names were mentioned to me in the spirit, and then when some of the brethren came in, they were asking about Preston Eby, who else were you asking about? Ray Prinzing, and what came to me through an email from another party, was also John Horton, if I am not mistaken, John, I think it is. All three of them are dead, all three of them taught what they called sonship teaching, but they also taught ultimate, well I do not know if John Horton taught ultimate reconciliation or not, I know he taught sonship, and I had all of his books. I received a copy of an email from somebody today exalting these men because they gave away free materials, and judging the righteousness of the man and their message on the fact that they gave away free materials.


It is nice to give away free materials, we give away free materials, we gave away hard copies of free materials for years, and today, we have material worth lots of money if I wanted to sell it up on the Internet for whoever wants to look at it, we give away free materials, but that is not a judgment of righteousness, that is not how you judge whether or not somebody is ministering the message of God and who is to say, that if the Lord were to say to me tomorrow, that I should take all of those transcripts off of the website, and make people pay for them, does that mean that my message is not of God, whoever heard of such a silly thing, judging whether or not a person is of God or not by that?


Studying in the Interlinear Text and the result of that was the emergence of what the Lord calls the doctrine of Christ, which is what I teach here, it is the spiritual understanding of the word. After that He started leading me or during that time period He started leading me towards some occult teachings, which is very, frightens a lot of Christians, but what He explained to me was that He was bringing forth spiritual teaching into the church and there are no spiritual teachings in the Christian church. At that time I thought Kabbalah was as unclean as theosophy, and Hinduism.


The Lord told me I am going to let you, because, I had His permission and because I could hear from Him that clearly, He led me into books in these philosophies which are spiritually anti-Christ doctrines, or philosophies, and I would read the books and He would show me the truth of it in Him. That is how this ministry has arrived at where it is today. I can recognize Kabbalistic principles, and at one point I thought that I had seen His name on a theosophical listings of books, but of course it could have been somebody else. In any event, I believe, based on my knowledge of Kabbalah, and what I have read in Preston’s Eby’s works, that he as many others have sought, let me say this another way, a lot of Christians when they get to a certain point, especially someone like Preston Eby who was in to bringing forth advanced doctrine, he was already in to sonship and ultimate reconciliation, you want more and more, you want more and more, it becomes your spiritual food, you want more and more of this revelation, and I think, I am realizing now that a lot of teachers, a lot more than I ever realized, sought advanced doctrine from places that they would never have recommended to the average person in the church, and they just did not tell anybody where they got their revelation from.


Based on what I read of Preston’s Eby’s works, it occurred to me that he had been investigating some Kabbalistic writings, but instead of seeing the Christ in the writings, he acquired or received the anti-Christ aspect of the doctrine, he took the philosophical Kabbalah, and in the condition that it is in which is anti-Christ, even though Christ is in it, the seed of the Christ, but when you, you have to be able to dig it out and explain it, otherwise it is an anti-Christ doctrine, am I making any sense at all? Yes.


He, looking for additional revelation, investigated Kabbalah but could not distinguish, instead of distinguishing the Christ in it, and developing the Christ in it which is what we do here, the way the Jews received it, the way the Jews teach it, which is an anti-Christ message, is that making any sense to you at all? Does anybody need me to say that again?


That whole teaching that denies Christ, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, you cannot eliminate the mediator, if you eliminate the mediator, you cannot get to the Father, and if you cannot get to the Father, you are not going to inherit the promises. That is the problem that we see in Kabbalah today, we see some very sincere, very sincere Jewish people seeking the God of the Bible, and seeking the promises of the Bible, and in my humble opinion, the way it is being taught in Kabbalistic circles today, is a message that it will, it will never come to pass because they have not received the truth of Christ in you, the hope of glory, and they think that they are going to be restored to Adam’s high estate, through an occult type reincarnation, where, what is an occult type reincarnation? It is a reincarnation where you keep reincarnating until you get it right, it is a salvation by works, and there is no salvation by works. They have got, the Jews have all of this incredible literature, it is the wisdom of great minds of many centuries accumulated in a series of books.


The Lord showed us, we did one message here, it came forth that this was what the Lord calls the lock, that which is locked up, the mystery of God, but they do not have the key, because the key is Christ. You see, Jesus said, I have the keys to hell and death, and there is all kinds of doctrines or disputes over what Jesus has the keys to. Jesus in his doctrine and of course in His Spirit also, the Spirit, the doctrine that comes out of His Spirit, is the key that unlocks the truth of that which is locked up the mystery of God, because we need the information in addition to His Spirit to be delivered from hell and death.


This tremendous body of knowledge that the Jews have in philosophical Kabbalah, is the lock, that which is locked up, and in Christ Jesus and the doctrine of Christ, we have the key. Preston Eby in my opinion from reading a few books that I read of his, and those that I responded to, I believe that he investigated Kabbalah and received it in its locked up condition. In the areas where I teach Christ Centered Kabbalah, we teach Kabbalah in its expanded Christ revealed condition. That is really all that I have to say about these three men, and about the ministries in the church, these are the doctrines that they are following, it seems to be the latest, it is not new anymore, but the kingdom ministries, I use to be a lot more involved with them than I am now. I responded to and teach on their literature, I have not taught on this level in a long time, I wonder what is happening in the spirit that this is coming forward today, because I have not answered other ministries in at least five years, not ministries in the church anyway.


I wonder what is going on in the church that this is going on, I was talking about the kingdom preachers, basically as far as I know, and like I said, I have not really been into it lately, the kingdom ministries are in to this ultimate reconciliation, or into what they call life, they do not want to hear anything about the warfare, they do not want to hear anything about powers or principalities, they just want to preach the goodness of God, and they think they are going to enter in on the goodness of God, which is pretty much, you know it is largely what the Jews teach. Of course there are so many elements of Judaism, but I know that when I started to study Kosher Kabbalah, in the beginnings there was an instruction that they only study the good side, they acknowledge that there is an evil side, but they do not study it.


The doctrine of Christ involves a study of the evil side, because we are the evil side, the evil side is in us, so we have to study it to know how to overcome it. You cannot enter in just by studying the good side. It was as of a few years ago when I was moving more freely with the kingdom ministries, that is what they were into, they were not interested in the doctrine of Christ at all, they are not interested in the revelation of the sins of your carnal mind, they are not interested in confessing their sins, and they believe in goodness we just going to go on with God.


Of course there is also an element of the church that is even more pernicious than that, and I cannot remember the man’s name, someone asked me about it within this past year, and I recognized his name when they mentioned it to me, but at the moment I cannot remember his name, and he holds a conference where he is teaching a doctrine that says that, because we are saved when we pass over, do you notice nobody says die anymore, everybody says pass. If you hear it on tv, or a lot of people are talking, people do not like to say die anymore, they says people passed, you know. Because we are saved, when we pass to the other side, we are not dead, we are alive, so therefore it is okay to speak to the people that pass to the other side. I do not believe that, that is God, and I do not believe that you are alive when you pass, you die, you die to this physical death, and the Scripture says there is a great gulf between those who have died, and are on the other side, and those who are here, and that, that gulf cannot be crossed, they are in another place, we are not supposed to be talking to them. That is called a seance.


I was at this man’s conference, and I believe that it is a pernicious spirit that is captivating a lot of people where they are having ongoing relationships with people that no longer exist in this world. I know that speaking to the other side is a reality, we know that Saul spoke to Samuel, I know that it is possible, what I am saying is that God says we should not pursue that course of action, and in this element of the church, they are encouraging people to pursue it.


We see that the church is often in a lot of directions, the doctrine of Christ is present, none of them want it, okay, we have sent out materials to almost all of these ministries, to a lot of these ministries, and kingdom ministries and none of them have shown any interest at all. The one testimony that still amazes me is that a few of us here went to a conference in a local church, it was a minister’s conference in a local church, and as everybody was leaving, there was a man who was a head above the whole crowd, he stood out of the whole crowd because I looked out in to the crowd and I saw him, and as soon as our eyes met, I saw he had a physical reaction to our eyes meeting across the room, and he started making his way towards us, and pushing through the crowds to get to us, and I know, I do not know who was there, were you there? He came over to the few of us that were there, he was basically talking to me, and he said he had a word of knowledge for me, that the Lord was going to future give me a spirit of revelation, and that I had this great call on my life and I was going to have all of this revelation.


I am just looking at the man, because I had already sent him books, his reaction to getting my books was to take me off his mailing list, so I did not say anything to him and when I got home, the Lord told me to write him a letter and send the books out again, and I said, I am the person you prophesied to in that conference and I just want you to know that I have already received the spirit of revelation and I have previously sent you my books so I am sending them again, and I never heard from him, and then his wife died.


We had prayed for her at that very conference, she had cancer, and we prayed for her, and he took me off of the mailing list and his wife died. Am I saying his wife died because he rejected me? Absolutely not, I am saying that the Lord wanted to save her life, and the Lord can save you any way that He wants to save you, He can save you even if you reject the doctrine of Christ if He wants to, but it seems to me that in this hour, He is going to people and He is offering them the next stage of His salvation because salvation comes in stages, and the doctrine of Christ is the next stage of maturity in that program, and He is telling them, I want you to come up with me. That is how I got healed, how did I get healed? I was dying. He immersed me in the doctrine of Christ, there is healing in the doctrine of Christ, and that was the healing that He offered, his wife’s name was Xxxx, he offered Xxxx the same way that I got healed, and they could not recognize God’s offer, and she died.


Does anybody have anything to say about these preachers, this has been a very unusual meeting today, I still have not finished Romans chapter 1, I do have one more message on that, but we are not going to do it today, it appears that judgment is coming down on all of these ministers that have consistently and steadfastly refused to see the anointing on this message, and I have to believe that God has spoken to them, and told them that the message of Him. I have to believe that, because He is a fair and a righteous God, so I have to believe that. The problem is that these men, these preachers, they are standing between God and the millions of younger Christians that are not in the ministry that He wants to get to, and this five fold ministry with the false message is keeping all of these other people that follow them, from the truth that is going to bring them up to the next level, so they have to be removed.


The ministry is twenty years old, we have been sending out material to, there is only a handful of preachers, there are not that many that lead with their doctrine, there are a lot of churches, and they teach other men’s teachings, there are not that many, there is just a handful of them, maybe ten of them, and maybe fifteen, and they have consistently refused to seek God in a manner that would reveal the truth to them because God has to be standing there telling them, that is me, that is me, that is me. They have to be resisting them, just like when the Lord first told me that He was pulling me out of the church that I was raised up in, I rebuked God for six months calling Him the devil, and I said, You are not taking me out, no one is taking me out of this church. Then I found out it was God and I was gone.


They, for some reason and the reason is their pride and rebellion, they have not heard the Lord telling them that this message is His next move, and they have received an error in their mind, that is what the Scripture clearly says, God will come to you, He will come to you, He will come to you, and at some point, when you continue to resist Him, you will receive the error in your mind, and you will believe the error, it is called delusion, it is very Scriptural. They have to come down, because they are stopping the Lord from reaching His people, but it is not my job to bring them down, it is the Lord’s job to bring them down, and the Lord is very long suffering, this ministry is in existence for twenty years and we have books that have been available for at least ten if not fifteen, probably more like fifteen years, we have had material that we could send out, and not one of them has come, not one of them.


A righteous God has to move them out of the way to get to His people. If a judgment was executed, what is going to happen to them? I do not know, or we do know, they are going to lose the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is going to start to dry up in them, and they are going to start to lose their anointing, and some of them will seek God and receive the correction and start to pursue the doctrine of Christ, and they will go on with God, and some of them will not, and they are going to be out of the ministry completely. It has to happen, it is the righteousness of God and we have to be strong and be spiritual men about this, and not say, Oh that is terrible and oh those poor guys, you know, you cannot be like that, you have to be spiritual men, this has to happen. God has been very long suffering. It is the same thing that happened with Jesus and the Pharisees, it is happening all over again. Does anybody have any comments or questions concerning what I just talked about, and I do have something else that I wanted to share with you afterwards, the floor is open now.


COMMENT: You said Preston Eby wrote a book, and I forget exactly how it said it, about a black man, the black race being something, and I am curious to know whether or not there were other doctrines that were blatant.


PASTOR VITALE: It was not Preston Eby, it was Jack or John Horton, I forgot which, from Canada.


COMMENT: Oh, it was not, Preston Eby, what did he have?


PASTOR VITALE: Preston Eby has the Kabbalah message, the anti-Christ message, he has eliminated the mediator, as of his latest writings before he died, he was eliminating the mediator, that you did not need Christ, that you could go right to God.


COMMENT: And also, ultimate reconciliation, he was preaching.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, he preaches ultimate reconciliation. In other words, you are going to be saved no matter what you could do, there is nothing that could separate you from God, you can go out and do anything you want, and you are going to be saved, do not worry about it.


COMMENT: I know a young man who received that, he was on fire for the Lord and he received that and he went right out in to the world and had a good old time for himself.


PASTOR VITALE: Anybody I know?




PASTOR VITALE: The Bible says in the book of Hebrews chapter 1 I believe verse 6, that if you willfully sin, if you willfully sin, after being educated in God and after learning what you should know and tasting of the Holy Spirit, if you willfully sin, there is nothing left that God can do for you, except bring judgment upon you, if you are that arrogant and hard hearted and filled with pride, there is nothing left for Him to do but to turn you over to the sowing and reaping judgment which is enforced by Satan. There is a big difference between willful sin and sin. We all sin, the very fact that we live out of a carnal mind, we sin every second of every minute of every day, what does that mean? We think thoughts that oppose the thoughts of God. If you remember what I taught you this morning about how something that seems so little simple here, threw me so off of the track that I had to put off my preaching until I dealt with the issue, caused me such pain that almost brought me to tears, some silly little thing that happened here.


That was sin that was not intended sin, there no sinful, there was no motive to hurt me there, can you imagine the effect that willful sin has on spiritual people? It is murderous, sin is death to the Spirit of Christ. That is why they both can only coexist for a season, and as you get more and more spiritual, your carnality has to die or it is going to start to kill Christ in you. See, judgment is very interesting, all judgment is given unto the son, and the son, Christ Jesus is in people, Christ is the son, even before He matures to Christ Jesus, He is in people, so judgment is not a situation where somebody picks up a lightning bolt and throws it at you. Of course there are different degrees of judgment, and of course judgment just went out as we read the Scripture today, that was by the Spirit of God and I had no idea it was coming, but there is a form of judgment that goes forth and will continue to go forth in greater degrees from the people in whom Christ Jesus matures and that is a form of judgment that I am going to liken to you or me touching a hot stove.


As sin draws near to the person that has that mature degree of Christ in them, that the Spirit of Christ in that person is going to sting them. Do you hear what I am saying? We have heard, most of us that have been in the church for a while know or heard names like John Lake and other names, that they would walk down the street and men would just fall down and repent, and people would just turn to God, would just be convicted and turn to God, just from being in the presence of these men, that the Christ would be so powerful in them, that it would just bring them to their knees, that is a particular form of judgment, that is arising out of contact with that man, but that was not the son of God, that was the Holy Spirit, that was the female, that was an intense manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit. We are talking about the man.


As Christ Jesus matures in us, people who approach us with their carnal mind are going to be stung. In this case, what happened today was that the sting came out of my mouth in the form of a correction, but that is not what I am talking about. There are going to be people that are going to approach the sons of God who have a mature Christ in them, I do not know whether it would have to be a mature Christ or Christ Jesus, I do not have all of these answers right now, when they approach Him with wrong motives, they are going to be afflicted somehow physically. Can you hear what I am saying?


That is what it is coming to, that it will not even be the will of the person that is carrying the Christ, it is going to be as if you touch a hot stove, or if you touch an electrified force field, they are going to be thrown off, that is what is coming, because all judgment is in Christ. There is a sin that is not unto death. All sin is unto death, but there is a sin that is not unto death, we discussed this in a recent meeting. Maybe it was on Sunday. What is the sin that is not unto death, John talks about this in 1 John, what is the sin that is not unto death? It is the sin that is confessed and repented of, that is the sin that is not unto death.


Therefore if you see your brother doing something wrong, you need to tell them, you do not need to condemn them, you need to educate them, and if they do not want to hear you, they hear it. The Lord said to Jeremiah and to Ezekiel, do not be afraid to tell them, because if you do not tell them and they have a serious consequence to their sin, their blood is on your hands. You do not have to convince them, you do not have condemn them, you do not have to pressure them, but if you know something that they do not know, you are supposed to tell them. Of course that is the exact opposite of what is taught in the church. It says, love covers a multitude of sins, do not tell anybody anything, do not face anybody and do not confront anybody and do not talk about it. That is not what the Scripture teaches. The Scripture teaches everything in the open. If there is a problem, you talk to your brother, if that does not do any good, you take a witness with you, and if that does not do any good, you take it before the whole church, and if that does not do any good, they are what? They are like a heathen man, forget it, you do not treat them like they are a Christian, you treat they are like they are someone out there. What does that mean? You do not try to help them, and they are subject to the sowing and reaping judgment.


Everything we do in the church, it should be directed towards deliverance and avoidance of the sowing and reaping judgment through education, wisdom, understanding and forgiveness of each other. We are all trying to get out from under Satan’s hand, who is the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment. If someone in the church will not listen to you, if they are not willing to hear your complaint, and at least ask the Lord, honestly be willing to hear it, if the Lord tells them that they are wrong. They are like a heathen to you, and you treat them like they are outside, they are subject to the sowing and reaping judgment. That is the only way they are going to learn.


That is what is happening to all of these pastors whoever is going under judgment, whatever this is going to mean, well they are going to be losing their anointing, we have been told that. I have done my best. There is one pastor locally that the Lord really wants this guy, I actually wrote him a letter once and said to him, because he was teaching something that was rejected by the whole island, he was teaching that, that gold dust anointing was true. I said, Look, I know that you think that what I teach is false, and I think that the gold dust anointing is false, so I think we have a lot to talk about, would you like to meet with me? He would not even meet with me, he would not even talk with me. I have done my part, and if the Lord says it is time for judgment to fall, it is time for judgment to fall, that is not my call, I just do what I am told. That is not the call of my personality, but Christ in me just read the book and the Spirit of Christ arose in me, and brought forth the judgment, but I did not pick the time, it is not coming out of any kind of vengeance or rejection, or prideful condemnation of them for their failure to respond. The reason, now you have to get this, I do not want anyone walking out of here thinking anything other than what I am about to say to you, the reason for judgment is to get these men out of the way so the Lord can reach His people.


The Lord is never punishing us for punishment’s sake, eternal damnation and hell forever is punishment for punishment’s sake, that is not in the nature of God. The nature of God punishes to save our lives, just like a loving parent punishes their children, the end of it has to be for our good, at least in the heart of God, the punishment is being ministered to save our lives, to teach us something that we would not learn any other way, and nothing is forever except Him. He is the only one that is forever, the goodness and righteousness and glory of God are the only things that are forever, punishment is not forever! He is the only one that has true immortality. Does anybody else have anything to say?


The other thing that I had for you today, also has to do with coming into power. This is very exciting because I want to remind you all or for those of you that have not heard this before, I want to introduce you to this understanding that when you in a church where the Lord is present, whatever the preacher preaches, that is what the Lord is doing for the people in the church. If the preacher is preaching faith, the people get faith, if the preacher preaches the Holy Spirit, the people get the Holy Spirit. If the preacher is preaching spirituality, it means you are all being raised up in spirituality. The Lord wants to increase our spirituality and our degree of power. The Lord wants to minister to His church, He wants to heal the sick, He wants to cast demons out of the oppressed, He wants to raise the dead, He wants to do everything that Jesus did, but He is limited as Jesus rebuked His own disciples, He said, How long will I have to put up with this generation that is trying to minister out of their carnal mind?


That is what Jesus said to His disciples, they could not cast the demon out, and He said, This kind comes out only by prayer and fasting. He did not mean prayer on your knees and fasting from food. He meant the prayer that is continuous prayer, continuous communication with the Father, and the fasting of the thoughts and behavior that arise out of the thoughts of the carnal mind. That is what He was talking about. This kind can only come out, when you are casting it out by the Spirit of Christ that comes out of Christ in you. That is what He was saying to them. We preach spirituality and the promise of spiritual power to be used for the glory of God under His authority only in this ministry. That means the Lord wants to give you this. We also preach the exposure of sin from the carnal mind because you cannot become spiritual in Christ, and receive power in Christ unless you are actively dealing with the thoughts that arise and the motives that arise out of your carnal mind because the two go together.


I came into a very interesting definition of spiritual power on the internet the other day because of something else that I was researching, and I felt it early this morning to just share it with you, because spiritual power exists in Christ and outside of Christ, and the same person can minister power in Christ one minute, and the power of Satan which is the spirit of the carnal mind in another minute. We really have to be educated, as to what the possible manifestations of spiritual power are. Also, this is just some definitions from the Jewish encyclopedia.com under the heading of magic. When I started reading this I did not know what the difference was between magic and witchcraft. I think according to this definition, magic is the exercise of spiritual power and witchcraft is one of the manifestations of magic, which is usually associated with the ungodly manifestation of that power. The Magi that came to see the baby Jesus when he was born, that is what Magi means, they were magicians, what does it mean that they were magicians? What is your experience with magicians? Somebody that stands up on a stage and pulls out a coin of a little boy’s ear? No, that is an entertainer. Magicians are people who exercise spiritual power in a variety of ways. The Magi who looked at their star, who saw His star in the sky and came looking for Jesus, they were magicians, magician, Magi. I read somewhere that actually, they were not even Jews, they were practicers of the Zoroastrian religion. I do not believe that the star that they saw was in the physical sky, they saw it in the spirit, in the sky of the spirit that a savior was born and they went looking for Him.


I do not believe that there was a star in the physical sky that led them to where Jesus was, because then they would have had to travel only by night, I do not read anything about them only traveling by night, they saw the star and they followed the star until they found Him, because it was a spiritual star. What does that mean? It means it was a form of a word of knowledge. How do you find someone with a word of knowledge? Usually you have a lead, and you go in that direction and you keep on going in that direction so long as the Spirit is with you, and when you perceive that the Spirit is not with you anymore, you realize, Well you most probably were supposed to take a turn and you did not take a turn, so you back up and you find your way, until you get lead to the next leg of your journey. I call it following your nose, but it is following your spiritual nose, that is how they found Jesus.


Stop to think about it, if there was a star, let us say Jesus was being born today, let us say He was being born next door or here, and there is a star up in the sky, it could be pointing, do you know how many buildings that star in the sky could be pointing to?


We really have to come up out of our childish understanding, and the way we come up out of childish understanding is to start questioning things, it is not a sin to question the written word. How could a star point out where Jesus was? That is just a way of saying, that they were spiritually led. Jesus is the savior of the world, not just the Jews and spiritual people everywhere will recognize Him when He is revealed. In this hour He is not publicly revealed, His not fully revealed, He is only partially revealed.


The definition of magic, of course the writer of this encyclopedia does not believe in magic, because he says, the pretended art of producing preternatural effects, one of the two principle divisions of occultism, the other being divination, magic and divination. The effect produce maybe either physical. Divination is prediction, divination is prediction and not by the Spirit of Christ. We had someone in the church we went to who was prophesying in the church and every time she prophesied, I had a very bad feeling in my gut, and I tried to talk to my pastor about it and he would not discuss it, he was a very good pastor in a lot of ways, but I think one of his shortcomings and we all have shortcomings, one of his shortcomings was dealing with problems with the people, he just could not seem to handle that, and he dealt with it by non-communication. I had to get my, no one would talk to me about it, see, he would not talk to me about it, I went to a few people in the church, they would not talk to me about it.


I said, Did you discern something wrong when she is prophesying? These people thought it was gossip because I have found out that the average person, they just do not have their definitions straight, that is not gossip. To go to somebody in the church and say, When that person prophesies I have a bad feeling, do you feel it too, I want to find out what it is. That is not gossip, that is not coming against that person in any way, that is a spiritual inquiry that is legitimate, and we have to be able to talk about it. People have accused me of accusing them, accusation is a spirit. If I am telling you the truth that you do not like to hear, but I am telling you out of Christ, it cannot be accusation.


You are getting a bad feeling when I say it to you, so you are imputing an evil motive to me but it is your pride that is giving you a bad feeling. Most of the time I am in the right spirit, sometimes I mess up, but most of the time I am in the right spirit. If you feel bad because I tell you something, that does not make me out of order, it means your pride is prickling under the truth. I have met so many people, more often than not, 99 out of 100 people have their definitions all messed up. They do not know what accusation is, they do not know, a lot of bad things that they say about people, their definitions are just all wrong, someone called me self righteous just the other day, a week or two ago.


Do you know what self righteousness is? Do you know the difference between righteousness and self righteousness? I want to tell you that, that person was reacting to a spirit of righteousness that rose up in me, and they perceived it as self righteousness because it made them feel bad, so that means that I had to be the sinner. That is what the carnal mind does. The carnal mind judges people by itself, and the carnal mind itself is sin. That is what happened to Jesus, a spirit of righteousness walked into the lives of the Pharisees, and they thought that they had Christ, and Jesus made them, showed them up continuously, made them feel bad, told them they were wrong. Because they believed that they were righteous, that means He had to be unrighteous.


I want to tell you, when the Lord brings down these preachers that are standing between the true teaching in the people, there is going to be a lot of work to do, educating these people. We have been teaching here for twenty years, and I found out that when I talk to the average person in the church, I have to limit what I say, I have to limit it to one idea, and for me, I talk so much that it is not easy, but I have gotten pretty good at it. You have to just drop your seed, just drop your seed and run, they cannot take it. They cannot take it. Twenty years of for however long you have all been studying with me, and this message has accumulated in you, people cannot take what you would have to say, the average Christian, they cannot bear it.


The writer of this encyclopedia says that magic is a pretended art, but I believe it is a true art, of producing preternatural effects, that means non-natural effects. One of the two principle divisions of occultism, the other being divination. The effects produce maybe either physical, such as a storm, creating a storm or causing someone to die, under conditions insufficient to explain its occurrence. I know that people can be killed by spiritual means, and I am told that our own government knows it. I spoke to an Indian in North Carolina, and I questioned him about these areas, and did you know that you can be prosecuted, that there are laws, federal laws that will prosecute you for murdering somebody by spiritual means? Do you know that there are people in federal prisons today that were convicted of murder by witchcraft? It is true, it is true. When you murder by witchcraft usually you suffocate or you get a heart attack, that is how they kill you, they strangle you, or they squeeze your heart, with that spiritual power they squeeze your heart until you die, or they grab your throat like that, if they have spiritual power, that is what they do. There are people that have that kind of power, they will kill you, without even touching you physically.


Satan has the whole world believing this is pretend, it is not pretend, it is real, and remember there are two resurrections, the resurrection of the just and the resurrection of the damned. Cain is rising in to full stature with that kind of power, and those of you who have been with me for a while know, that however it manifested, I do not understand it fully, but Cain or Satan, whatever name you want to use, has tried to strangle me multiple times over the last years, and I pray against that possibility frequently. The Lord has taught me how to pray to protect myself, because I almost died from it a couple of times.


Recently there was a lot of stress here, and I was praying that protection on myself frequently, several times I felt an attempt to strangle me. Where did it come from? I cannot tell you. Did it come from Cain within me, did it come from somebody else? Somebody’s rage, somebody’s anger? I do not know, but during this very stressful period, several times I was aware, because I know what it is like to be strangled because it is happened to me enough times, and I would be dead today if it was not for the Lord.


You are all sitting in this meeting brethren, and you like the doctrine, but you better have the guts for the rest of it or you should not be here because this doctrine develops you spiritually and brings you into power, and there are spiritual entities out there that see you and you are going to be in a heavy warfare, you are going to be fighting the calvary that I mentioned at the beginning of this message. If you are afraid, you have to tell the Lord that you are afraid and ask Him to help you to deal with it, but if I did not tell you this, I would not be preparing you for the slaughter, for the day of slaughter. Remember that was what I read in Jeremiah, see as we reveal sin in people, their carnal mind rises up and tries to kill us.


Personally, as far as I know, I have not come up against anybody that, that was desiring to kill me, I have come up against carnal minds that I have revealed sin in, that have attacked me from a subconscious level, but there was one woman who was astral projecting into here, I do not know if she would have killed me or not, but I was pretty sick. This is the real Christianity, this is the real mature Christianity, it is real experiences in the field. It is not sitting, not that there is anything wrong with sitting in the church and singing, but those are where the babies are. If we are going to be coming into spiritual power, we need to know what kind of spiritual power the other side is going to have. You need to be able to recognize an attack when you see it, or when you experience it, and you need to know how to deal with it.


This is what spiritual power can do, calling magic, it can create a storm, or it can kill people, under conditions insufficient to explain its occurrence, or any phenomenon impossible in the ordinary course of nature. That is what preternatural means, impossible in the ordinary course of nature. Sometimes there were mental manifestations of magic, mental manifestations that are either intellectual, such as, preternatural insight or knowledge. That is what a lot of us have already, I have that, a lot of us have words of knowledge or insight, I have deep, deep insight, I have something happening in your life right now, and I could tell you, if you continue on that path, down the road this is what is going to happen to you, and this is your warning to not do that today, because I am telling you if you continue on with this, that is going to be the result of it. That is the kind of insight that we are talking about, and it is called wisdom, it is in Christ.


Also, you get, your intelligence increases from studying the doctrine of Christ. I was not this smart when I started teaching, I really was not. You have to really, your intelligence will only increase in proportion to the effort that you put into the study. I do not know what degree that you would notice it or not, but I know that I was not this smart, I know that this doctrine has made me smarter, and that it makes me smarter everyday.


Then your intellectual intelligence works with the wisdom that flows through you, and I believe that our potential is that of genius, if we stay with the Lord, if we just, have enough time, if we do not die, you know, it all depends on what age you start studying, and how much you sow into the kingdom and where your intellect is when you first start, all of these are factors, but if we were to stop dying and continue to sow great amount of time and effort into the kingdom, eventually we would be geniuses, I do believe that.


I have read, at the time of my life when I was studying Hinduism, at the instruction of the Lord, I read a book about a man, a Hindu man who had this experience in Hinduism, so it came out of his carnal mind, but he was just an average man, he was even, his intellect was a little below average, and he had a very menial job, and he had this spiritual experience, he became a genius, he wrote books and had other manifestations of a great intellect being born out of him. What had happened was that the Fiery Serpent in him had ascended to a higher place.


I am convinced that for those of us that experience spiritual ascension in Christ Jesus, there is an increase in intellect, and a potential for genius, or another manifestation of mental magic, is emotional, either love or hate arising or disappearing in obedience to the arbitrary will of the magician. What that is talking about is love potions, love or hate arising or disappearing in obedience to the arbitrary will of the magician, arbitrary means at his, whenever he wants to do it to you, he can make you love somebody or he can make you hate somebody.


These are the skills, these are the qualities that Cain in full stature is going to have. There are going to be people appearing on the earth, standing up in the resurrection of damnation, a full stature of evil, and the sons of God are going to be the only source of help, the sons of God are going to be the only source of help for the people, because the police will not be able to fight against supernatural power. The methods of producing these effects include on the one hand, actions of various sorts, and on the other hand, actions, it means it could be hand motions, incantations, invocations, and the recitation of formulas, even in the Talmud, the act and results produced by it are regarded as the criteria for magic. The act and the result of it, determines whether or not it was supernatural. Like I could wave my hands and nothing might happen, but if I wave my hands, if I read this passage to you today, and in fact judgment starts to fall on the pastors, we can see that supernatural power even in the Talmud, the act and the results produced by it are regarded by the criteria for magic. These two factors appear in all forms of witchcraft as essential characteristics. The act and result of it determines whether or not, it is magic. If somebody goes around making all kinds of signs and saying things, and nothing happens, you do not have to be afraid of them. Closely connected with magic, are superstition and demonology.


You could see again that this author is writing from a position of not believing in magic, plus I think it is true that a lot of superstition arises. Before Christ there was a lot of magic practiced across the whole world. somewhere I think it was in this article, it was talking about a king who hung eighty witches in one day. There were a lot of people practicing spiritual power for evil purposes, so before Christ came, the spiritual power was practiced more often I think for evil purposes than for good purposes, and Christianity wiped it out. Christianity came and taught that it was wrong, and wiped it out, but it was wrong, it was wrong outside of Christ, but that teaching has been so repressive that the Christians themselves are afraid of spiritual power. It is legal in Christ, it is legal in Christ. It is not for the young Christian, it is not just for anybody, we are being taught here because in this hour, Cain is rising up in full stature, and as shocking and frightening that might be, we are God’s answer to those who are resurrected on the other side. It is not our burden, it is the Lord’s burden, our burden is to submit to Him and cleans ourselves to the best of our ability, so that He can flow through us.


In sonship, I heard the Scripture so many times, the saviors that are coming forth from Mount Zion were going to be the saviors of the world. What do you think it means to be a savior? Do you think that it means only that you go to the people and teach them? Maybe they do not want to be taught. Every savior has a warfare, you have a warfare with the people that you are trying to save, they crucified Jesus, they killed Him, to degree that they killed Him, you know what I teach about that. In their minds, they killed Him, they intended to kill Him. You cannot just go and teach people, it is a warfare.


We have come to dispel superstition and fears. So far as gods are invoked, demons frequently being degraded gods, that means people practicing magic on other side invoke demons. You have to get your power from somewhere, if you do not get your power from Christ, you have to get it from the demons.


You know you do not have to wait around here, all you have to do is go to India and you will find all of this stuff being practiced. We do not have to wait for it to come to pass in the United States. I have heard some awesome testimonies of ministers that have been over in India and attacked by demons. At the moment I cannot remember, I have a testimony in my mind, but I cannot remember who gave it to me, he was attacked by some Indian based demon, he was over there as an evangelist, and the Lord saved his life.


Magic is akin to idolatry, and in a certain sense to astrology. Magic is a akin to idolatry, how is magic akin to idolatry? Because if you are exercising magic apart from God, you are obeying your own inner man, you are worshiping your carnal mind, and your carnal mind is the idol in your heart. To exercise spiritual power apart from the wisdom and understanding of God, is idolatry, it is the worship of Satan. Even if you use it for good, and that is the, there is a lot of talk today about white witchcraft, even if you use it for good, if you use it apart, if you use it for the good of the carnal mind, that the carnal mind sees as good, it is still sin.


Jewish magic is mentioned as early as Deuteronomy 18:10-11, where various classes of diviners, astrologers and exorcists are named, their ceremonies being forbidden as idolatrous. It mentions Kings 21:6, 2 Chronicles 33. Nor is there any doubt expressed as to the actual potency of magic, and the magician who may misuse it is accordingly feared and abhorred. Micah 5:11, Jeremiah 27:9, Exodus 22:17-23. The commonest form of magic was the love charm, especially the love charm required for and illicit love, love for someone who does not love you back, so you use witchcraft on them to get them to love you.


A few years ago, on Valentine’s Day a few years ago, on one of the most popular channels, on one of the news programs on one of the popular channels, they interviewed a witch who was telling the woman who interviewed her how to make a love charm, and the male whoever he was, the male anchormen was standing in the back, and I could see him, he was like pulling his collar away from his throat, he was very uncomfortable, on national tv, they have a wiccan witch up there giving instructions on how to make a love potion to make somebody love you that does not want to love you.


Such magic was practiced especially by women, so that magic and adultery frequently are mentioned together, 2 Kings 9:22, Nehemiah 3:4, Malachi 3:5. The law which punishes sorcery with death, that is Exodus 22:17, speaks of the witch and not the wizard. They are mostly women that practice witchcraft, but we are coming into the new covenant, and the witch is the carnal mind, so there are going to be a lot of physical men rising up into a full stature of Cain and practicing witchcraft. This was correctly interpreted by the Talmud, and this is a Jewish reference, not in the Scripture, Sanhedrin 67a, as implying that magic was practiced chiefly by women, and the context of the passages in Exodus which mentioned sorcery clearly shows that it was associated with sexual license and unnatural vices, and he quotes a German book here.


The frequency of illusions to it in the Bible, indicates that the practice of magic was common throughout ancient Israel. I have no problem believing that, that is true because the Bible continuously is rebuking Israel for idolatry, for practice of witchcraft, for practicing these foreign religions. I would like to make one comment here because I am going to stop at 2:00 p.m. wherever I am on this. I have heard it said by people who are really anti-Christ, anti-Christian, that the Jews learned everything that they learned from Egypt, when they were captives in Egypt, and then when they were captives in Babylon, they learned all of their spirituality, they learned, even some of the things in the Bible such as the story of Moses existed in ancient literature. When I first heard that, I was very surprised to hear it, but we need to hear this, we need to know the arguments of the other side.


The answer to it is, that they are right, there are even some who say that Jesus in the early days before we read about his activities in the Bible, that he was in the east, in India, learning spirituality, and when I first heard that, I was really offended, but then the Lord raised me in Hinduism. You have to have the understanding of what I told earlier on this message, I am going to tell you again, the Jews came into existence as people of God into a world that was already steeped in witchcraft, the whole world was steeped in witchcraft, the descendants of Ham were steeped in witchcraft, and yes that was how the Lord educated them, from the existing spirituality, but then the Lord gave it to them on the right side. It is true to say, that the Jews picked up their spirituality and their spiritual knowledge from Egypt and Babylon, but not the way that they are saying it, the Lord used that as a teaching tool and showed them how to be spiritual on the right side.


As I have been teaching for years, the complaints the Israelites in the Bible when they were in the wilderness, that they missed the leeks and the garlic, and they did not like the manna, that is all talking about, they were missing the practice of illegal spirituality that they had learned in Egypt, and they were missing it, because the Lord was telling them, Until I get your heart right, until I get Christ formed in you, you have to stop doing this stuff, because you are doing it from your carnal mind, so you have to give it up until I can bring forth Christ in you, and then you can become spiritual in Christ. They were moaning and groaning and missing all of that spiritual activity. We had something similar to that here, but it has not happened recently, but people came into this ministry and I had to tell them, you have to give up Pentecost. If you want to move in Christ, you have to give up Pentecost, you have to give up running after ministry out of your carnal mind, you have to give up trying to minister to everybody that comes your way, and only do it as Christ anoints you. That is what the female church does. They go out and they try to reach as many people as they can.


Peter said, When I was young I did whatever I wanted to do, but when I got older, some else dressed me. If you want to have a powerful ministry in Christ, you have to stop thinking that you are going save the world, you have to stop thinking that you have to save everybody that comes in contact with you, because that is not what Christ does. Jesus said, I only do what the Father tells me to say and do, and the Father is not sending us to every person that comes into our life.


He has a plan, and He wants us to exercise His plan, not our plan, and the truth of the matter is, that, it is okay for the female church because Christ is not formed in them yet, it is okay to desire to minister because it makes you feel good, and if you stop to think about it, you will admit that in the days that you practice Pentecostalism it made you feel good to go minister to somebody and get a positive result from them. In Christ when you minister to somebody, more often than not, you get a negative result. When you only go to the person that the Lord sent you to, most likely their carnal mind will attack you. The ministry that is in Christ, is not for your edification. The ministry that arises out of Christ, is because of the will of the Father, not because it makes you feel good to go hand someone a track. That is just the truth of it, that ministry is okay, Pentecostalism is okay before Christ is formed in you, once Christ is formed in you, you are not supposed to minister to anybody unless the Lord assigns you to them, and you are not supposed to say one word to them except what the Lord wants you to say.


When I approach, when I find myself in somebody’s company, well every new person is an opportunity for ministry. The Pentecostal person dives right in and looks for an opportunity to talk about the Lord, I do not, I am in Christ, I do not, I pray to the Lord, I say, Lord, is there something I am supposed to say to this person, is there anything you are willing to do for this person? If you have something to say, help me to repeat your words to them accurately, and if you have nothing to say to them, shut my mouth. Frequently I have nothing to say to people, sometimes I have something to say and it is one little thing. I do not minister unless Christ in me ministers. Once Christ begins to be formed in you, you have got to give up the Pentecostalism which admittedly makes you feel good, makes you feel good. I ministered in Pentecost, it makes you feel good, ministry in Christ is ministry to the Lord, and frequently it does not make you feel good, because Satan is going to try and stop you from delivering a message. If you have a true word for somebody, Satan is going to hurt you and try and stop you from doing it, because she either controls you with pleasure or pain.


If you are in Pentecost, she controls you with pleasure, you go out doing what makes you feel good, it is not there, do not misunderstand me, it makes you feel good to feed the poor and to clothe the homeless and to help people, is that bad? It is not bad, but it is an activity that is of the female church, that is what the female does, it is good to help people, it makes you feel good. What the man does, does not make you feel good, the man reveals sin, and you have to watch people squirm knowing that you hurt them. The male executes judgment. Look at the leadership of the world, which is traditionally male although things are changing in this country. They are judges, they have to execute people to jail time, and to death. Can you do that? Are you ready to be a general in an army and know that you sending your men and that thousands of them are going to die? That is what a man, that is the archetype of man, of male.


We are in training to be spiritual men, that is the kind of responsibility that goes with it, and it does not feel good. Sometimes you know you feel good, and I am always good when I am around the disciples here I always feel good, because we are of like spirit, but even so, if I have to say something to one of you, it does not make me happy, it does not make me happy that I hurt you.


We can feel good, I do not want you to think that once you come into spiritual manhood, you cannot ever feel good again, that is not what I am saying. I am talking about ministry. We get feeling good in our manhood through our relationship with the Lord, through the doctrine of Christ, and when He talks to me, when He talks to us He pours out His Spirit on us, that is what makes us feel good, the Lord pouring out His Spirit on us, and usually He is teaching us, sometimes doctrine, sometimes practical things, that is when I feel good when the Lord ministers to me. When I minister to the people usually it is unpleasant, it is just the truth.


Maybe when I have an opportunity to talk to a more mature person and I am in no way putting anybody down, some people are just more mature than others, the more mature the person, the more likely they are to take what I have to say with an understanding heart, but even then I feel their pain. I am going to repeat, I want synapsize that for you, I want to say it again, the ministry of Christ to the people of God, is most of the time not pleasant. My pleasure comes from Christ’s ministry to me, that is the life of the man. The life of the female which is in Pentecost, her pleasure is to do good things to God’s people, and it is supposed to be that way, that is the ministry of the woman.


Usually, I do not want to insult anybody but usually when you are in that place in Pentecost, the average person that is in that place that is all into feeding the poor and helping the homeless, and external worldly things, usually they are not, their ability to study and to hear from God is only minimally developed. You know when you first start studying with God, you cannot do it twenty hours a day, your mind cannot even bear it. Most people have to be really encouraged to spend fifteen minutes reading the Bible everyday, beginners you know. I know that when I first started, it was painful for me, I think I was reading two chapters a day, and I was completely manifested, I could not wait to get through it, but I read it, I read every word, I do not know how much got in there, but it was an act of obedience, I did it.


The pleasure of the female is to minister to other people in a way that is pleasurable, but the ministry of the male is to receive ministry from God, and we have to build up to that ability to be able to receive from Him, but once we start receiving from Him directly, then our ministry to the other people is not of the female, it is of the male, and that is usually unpleasant. If anything good comes out of it at all, it is that the person that you ministering to is mature enough to understand what is happening, and they get what you are telling them, and you see that it is helping them in their life, but it is still unpleasant to see that you make people uncomfortable. We will just do a little bit more.


More abundant information is found in post Biblical literature, especially in the Babylonian Talmud, where the great number of the passages alluding to magic furnishes incontrovertible evidence of its wide diffusion. It was spread out in many and were not in many places. It was however only the practice of witchcraft which was prohibited, you see, they are saying, that magic is okay, just the witchcraft was prohibited. That is another way of saying the exercise of spiritual power in Christ is okay, it is just the witchcraft which is for evil purposes, or for your own purposes for self gain is not acceptable to God. There was however only the practice of witchcraft which was prohibited for a knowledge of magic was indispensable to a member of the chief counsel or of the judiciary, and might be acquired even from the heathen.


The most profound scholars were adepts in the black art, and the Lord did not deny its power. The people who cared little for the views of the learned, were devoted to witchcraft. What does that mean? A lot of people, we are applying this to the church today, a lot of people that do not, cannot or are not willing to study, to spend their time in studies, they are praying psychic prayers, that is the practice of witchcraft, psychic prayers, trying to figure out who is going to marry who, and passing judgment on people that they should not be doing this or they should not be doing that. We are supposed to be spending out time studying and communicating with the Lord, that is how we stay out of trouble, or when we get mature enough, we can have spiritual conversations discussing doctrine, discussing spiritual things.


We are supposed to keep our minds off of other people. Unless you are mature to the point that the Lord is giving you ministry for other people, I am talking about as people are coming up, do not talk about other people, talk about yourself, keep your eye on yourself or talk about the Lord, talk about the word of God. The people who cared little for the views of the learned, were devoted to witchcraft, though not so much as the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans.


Adultery and sorcery have destroyed everything, and he is quoting this man, I do not know who he is. The majesty of God departed from Israel, and His wrath came upon the world when the wizards became too numerous. That is interesting. Simon hanged eighty witches in a single day. These references here would not mean anything to you, I do not even know where to find them myself. This is interesting, I am going to end this by ending this chapter where he quotes, When the daughter grows old, she will probably deal in magic. I find that statement very interesting because who is the daughter? I sort of line that up with what Peter said, that when he got old, another dressed him. I think it is talking about, not physically old, but the daughter is the spiritual way of saying the church with their carnal mind, the daughter is the carnal mind, the son is Christ. So when the daughter gets mature, when the carnal mind gets mature, she is going to turn to witchcraft.


This is an interesting message, I do not know where it came from today, obviously it came from the Lord, it just came out of the blue for me, so we will see what is going to be happening in the church world and what I suggest that we all pray, is that the Lord help us to recognize when we are supposed to say something to somebody, and when we are not supposed to say something to somebody, and to be instant in season and out of season. We never know where we will be, that the Lord will want to open our mouth, and just keep asking Him to show us our sins and what He requires of us, and what we should do, that we should remain in right standing with Him, and be vessels for His Spirit, because this really is the last days brethren, there are big changes coming in the church, big changes. The doctrine of Christ has been publicly available on, well our website, the ministry is twenty years old, but our website, I was living, I think I was living here when the Lord started the website, so it is at least ten years old, maybe older, maybe more like fifteen years old. There has been a public expression of the doctrine of Christ for about fifteen years now, and He is very long suffering, but the change has to come. That is all that I could, that is the only advice that I can give you, the same advice that I give myself, all that we can do is be sincere before God, be willing to give up anything that He asks us to give up, and be willing, that does not mean that we will be able to do it but be willing to do anything that He asks us to do, and we go forward a day at a time. It seems to be a very serious spirit here today, any questions or comments?


COMMENT: In the spirit I saw a vision of a man, the height of a normal man, and it just crumbled, and I felt the Lord say, it was passivity.


PASTOR VITALE: Passivity is not an action, so the church is passive. You know sometimes we are, how do I say this, the Bible says, Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay, if the answer is yes, say yes, and if the answer is no, say no. What is very common in our society today that I have noticed is that people do not want to say no, and so they say nothing, and then the other person is supposed to recognize that they have said no by their passivity. To not say a clear yes or a clear no, but for your behavior to indicate no, that is a passive negative answer, and that kind of behavior does not please God, so when he starts to educate us, He starts to teach us that, that kind of behavior does not please Him, that we should make a clear sound yes or no.


Passivity, what I am trying to tell you is that the church, not the church, but the five fold ministry that exists today by their non-acknowledgment of what God is doing with the doctrine of Christ, they are saying no to God. They do not know that they are saying no to God, okay, but by their refusing to move into the next stage, they are telling God no. That is the passivity that has to come down. What happens when passivity comes down? What that means is that these ministers, the Lord is going to bring them to a place where they are going to have to understand clearly in their own mind, that they have said no to God, because lots of time, we do not understand that we are saying no by passivity, we do not understand that.


It is the way of God to tell us, Look, you have to say yes or no, you cannot say, I do not know for fifteen years, because I do not know for fifteen years is no. He is trying to bring them into this place where a lot of ministers do not even want to deal with it, I have sent out books to so many ministers, they do not want to deal with it. If they think it is wrong, why do they not answer me? Why do they not do what I am doing for Pastor Manning? Why do they not pick my words apart, and say, Look, this is wrong, and this is wrong, why do they not have a discussion with me? Why do they not have a godly debate with me? All of this is passivity. The Lord is going to bring them to a point where they are going to have to say, No, in an active way, no why? Why will you not talk to me about it? That is what I think it means, that is what passivity means to me.


Earlier, passivity is a spirit that stops you from going forward, and usually it is a deception in a person’s mind, they do not know that they are passive, but they are not going forward. Earlier I saw a vision of a man, and I did not say anything to you because I still do not know what it means, his face was very clear to me and he was wearing, it was sort of a turban, not a Hindu turban, but more like someone from the Middle East, I do not know how to describe what they wear on their heads, and I just stared at him in the spirit, and I said, Lord, who is that? Then I saw on the sides of his face, the curls that the Orthodox Jews wear, they do not cut their hair from the side of their face. It was like a Semitic type Jew, like a Middle Eastern type Jew, but I have no idea what that meant. You have more to say? Anybody else? Let me just pray before we leave because this was a really serious message.


PRAYER BY PASTOR VITALE: I just pray for the five fold ministry, I pray for everybody that this prayer is touching, and for everybody here, that the Lord should help us to see our sins and help us to have an open heart to what He is saying, and help us to overcome our pride because the enemy of the spiritual man and the enemy of the Christian is his pride. Help us to do all that we have to do to go forward at the most advantageous and rapid godly rapid pace available, and help us to arise to the place where we will do our part, no matter how small that part may seem, help us to be faithful Lord today in the here and now, because promotion comes only from the Lord. Help us Lord to not really even think about promotion, but to be grateful and content with what we have everyday, as you heal us and teach us, and mature us, in the background, from the subconscious and unconscious parts of our mind, let us just serve you faithfully and learn, learn to move in your mind set, and in your image. Help us to learn to love one another Lord, and to think good thoughts towards people, that we may enter into your image, and receive spiritual power in righteousness, that those who are crying out to you day and night, they have their prayers answered, in Jesus name, amen.




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