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Praise the Lord, everybody. We are doing an exhortation on the alternate translation of Romans, Chapter 1. This will most likely be the last part to this series. We are picking up with verse 27B, the second half of part 27. These verses are interspersed. I will read you the alternate translation up until that point. This is an alternate amplified translation. The translations and the verses are interspersed so that the idea that the Lord is trying to convey to us reads smoothly in a logical order.


Alternate amplified translation of Romans, Chapter 1:


Paul, appointed an ambassador with miraculous powers through Christ Jesus, was separated from the body of fallen Adam and became a voluntary slave of Christ Jesus, who now preaches the good news that God has brought to pass, that which He said to His prophets by the Holy Scripture, before time began, about what He would do concerning His Son, who came down from heaven. Was incarnated by the Spirit of Holiness, generated out of the physical sperm of David, and revealed through Jesus Christ, our controller, or the controller of our carnal mind, by God’s dunamis power in standing the dead Adam up again. The Word of God is revealed through God’s dunamis power, and the standing up, or the raising up, or the resurrection of the dead Adam. Whom we among all nations have been offered the divine influence and commissioned to submit to the moral conviction of Christ, so that the name of Jesus Christ should be above the names of Satan and Leviathan. By whom you are also invited, by which name, by the name of Jesus Christ, you are also invited to be among all those who are beloved of God in Rome, so that the divine influence may be with you, so that you may be morally blameless, and receive prosperity from God, our Father, even the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the first born of the many members of the dead Adam, and above all of them. I thank my God that you have the moral conviction of Jesus, the Christ, and that your moral conviction is spoken of throughout the whole world. I want you to know, brethren, that as God whom I serve with my spirit, by preaching the Gospel of His Son is my witness, I mention you in my prayers always. I intended to come to you many times so that I might have some fruit among you, also, like I have among other non Jews, but I was prevented until now. I am asking if it should be the will of God, if it would be possible for me to visit you at this time, so that I may know you intimately, and give you some spiritual gift to the end, that you spiritually female Christians, may be joined to Christ, who is inviting us to draw near to the Father, because Christ Jesus desires to possess you, and double the moral conviction of Christ in both you and me. Since the carnal mind is under Christ, within me, and I am sent to both Greeks and non Greeks, to those who have both practical skill, keen judgment, and insight, and to those who live by their instincts, and are not intellectual, because all are moral transgressors to I AM. I am predisposed to preach the gospel to you that are at Rome also. Now the gospel of Christ that went to the Jew first, and then to the Greek, which is capable of rescuing everyone in Christ, does not shame me, because as it is written, the dunamis power of God is given to overcome the carnal mind, for the purpose that fallen mankind might live out of Christ, so that the character of God may be revealed through fallen Adam, so that he might be justified by the righteousness of Christ, because the violent passion of God for His people is revealed through Christ Jesus, who is in heaven, against all the wickedness and injustice of fallen Adam’s carnal mind, which unjustly holds back the truth that the carnal mind reveals the nature of the Serpent. But the mind of Christ reveals the nature of God, from within the members of fallen Adam, from where it shines forth, because both the invisible dunamis power and immortal divinity that formed the original creation of the world, are clearly seen and fully comprehended by Christ. So Israel cannot defend themselves, because when Christ was in their heart center, instead of being grateful, they declared themselves to be wise in their own strength, and became intimate with Satan, who changed their honorable reputation of the God who cannot die, to resemble the spiritual and bestial nature of the fiery serpent, the mortal foundation of the dead Adam. And because they honored Satan as god, they became expressions of Leviathan, their foolish side, and Leviathan, their foolish side, overshadowed Christ and they became idolaters in their motives, reasoning, and communication with their fellows. This is the reason why those who are God’s, oppose Christ, the spiritual body of their new man, who is in the image of God, and devalue their Christ side by surrendering themselves to the demonic immorality of Pharaoh, or of the spirit of Pharaoh, that entered into their hearts when they longed for forbidden spiritual experiences. Also, for the same reason that Israel desired forbidden spiritual experiences, the natural instinct to reproduce that went forth from Christ, the spiritual male within themselves, deeply inflamed the passions of Satan, the spiritual female, who exchanged the unconcealed revelation of God for her own deceptive image, so that the creature that was formed by Jehovah, the Creator, worshiped and served Satan, instead of Jehovah, the one who should be adored in this age. Those who were gods dishonored Jehovah by desiring illegal spiritual experiences, even to the point of surrendering themselves to the spirit of Pharaoh, who promised to satisfy their lust when they exchanged Christ, their righteous internal instinct for the nature of Satan, the spiritual female who uses the energy of Christ to manufacture the carnal mind.


This brings us to verse 27B, where we will start our exhortation.


The excited passion of Satan, the unconscious part of their spiritually female mind for illegal spiritual experiences brought them to the point of doublemindedness. Now this concept of being spiritually passionate is very real, just as there are some people in the natural who have a very diminished sex drive. I have seen TV programs where married couples only engage in sexual intercourse once or twice a year. Sometimes they are both content, and sometimes one person is content, and the other person is very upset. It was something like that.


There is a true passion for spiritual experiences. People who have not been very spiritual in their lifetime may find it difficult to comprehend, but there is a passion for and a lust for spiritual experiences. I, myself, experience it from time to time, but when it manifests, I rebuke it and I put it down. I know that I will have spiritual experiences in accordance with the Lord’s program for my spiritual maturation. I find the thought of traveling in the Spirit very exciting. Of course, we all want to heal people. I have seen all kinds of miracles. I have seen nature controlled. I find it very exciting. It is the most exciting thing in my life.


These days we are in a program of deep study, and the miracles that we see today, in this ministry, are not miracles of passion. They do not emerge in a rush of passion or excitement, but we see miracles every day under the anointing that is in this ministry. We have seen people healed, not so much physical healing, but difficult situations healed. We see thinking healed. We see the carnal mind being dissolved as Christ emerges. Those are the subtle miracles that we see today. They are not at all as exciting as the miracles in the Holy Spirit with people getting out of wheelchairs and running around the church.


In the near future we will see a combination of the two ministries, the ministry of the raw power of God, which we experienced in Pentecost, together with the miracles that come out of the wisdom of God, which are a changed nature. We will be seeing miracles arising out of a changed nature, as opposed to miracles of the Holy Ghost, that result because the Holy Ghost influenced a natural man. The power was not coming out of the man. He was overshadowed by the Holy Ghost. We saw many signs and wonders in Pentecost.


The miracles that are coming, when the Lord catches us up to the next level, will not only be miracles of healing, of physical healing, but along with the power to physically heal, we will find the seed of Christ deposited. We will see the mind of Christ appearing in larger and larger numbers of people, as they overcome their carnal mind, and arise first in their mind, out of this world which is called hell.


There is a passion and a lust for spiritual experiences, not only for healing and for traveling in the Spirit. The Lord has said to me two or three times recently, Sheila, what would you do if I gave you the power? If I gave you the power today, what would you do with it? I had to stop and think, because there was no easy answer. Of course, I would like to heal people. I would like to travel in the Spirit. I would love to time travel. I would love to be able to go back in time and see with my own eyes what happened in bible days, and in other times, or in moments of history that are really important. Every historical record is prejudice according to the understanding of the writer. You do not really know what happened. Only the Lord knows what happened. He is our only source for telling us what really happened. I would love to be able to time travel.


There was a time when I had a real fantasy. There used to be a program on TV called Highway To Heaven. These two men just traveled around the country, and they stayed a few months in each town, and they always helped somebody. That is wonderful to always be helping people. You feel good all the time, but that is not the ministry of Christ. The ministry of Christ is showing people their sins, and being hated, and crucified. That is the ministry of Christ, but the result of this sacrifice of our natural life is that men will be rising into the image of Christ and escaping from hell.


To be in Christ is a two sided sword. It is a two sided sword. It is a double edged sword. We see the glory of God, and we experience His word. We will be experiencing miracles again. There is not a doubt in my mind, but there is another side to it. The Scripture says this word is sweet in my mouth and bitter in my belly. It is sweet to my spiritual being, but the belly signifies a natural man. The natural man goes under judgment, and is restricted, restrained, and corrected continuously.


This lifestyle, this word is wonderful to the spirit, but it is difficult and sometimes painful to the natural man. In order to expand or grow spiritually, a natural man must shrink. He must shrink. He must become restricted. He must be constrained because you cannot life in two worlds. You can live in two worlds, but you cannot live in two worlds, unless your carnal man is subject to the righteousness of Christ. It is painful to your emotions. It is painful, sometimes, because you cannot do anything that you want to do.


I was talking to somebody about this recently. I do not remember the context, but it is painful to not to be able to do what I would like to do. These days, for example, I am waiting patiently, for twenty years now, for the Lord to manifest a promised residence for the ministry. It has been more than twenty years, since 1990. Guess it was only seventeen years ago. The Lord spoke to me about manifesting a house for the ministry. I wait patiently for it. The other day I got frustrated. If I had my own money, and I had my own plans, and saved according to my own plan, I would be able to go out and buy a house. I see all the people around me, and they are buying and selling, and leading their own lives, and I have to wait for the Lord to do it.


Even now, in my present condition, sometimes I get frustrated because I am still very human. There is a lust and a passion for spiritual power to bring your needs to pass. Jesus had every need met. He just spoke it, and it came into existence. I believe it is a parable about the gold coin in the fish’s mouth. I think that is the way of saying He needed money and the money manifested in His life. Do you know that is one of the promises? Listen, if we are going to enter into immortality while in the flesh, how are we going to be supported? What we see today is that people give money to the ministry, but that is not a supernatural form of provision. We are promised a supernatural form of health, a supernatural form of longevity, and a supernatural form of provision.


Now you hear some stories about people who receive miracles from God. They walk out of a supermarket, and they look down, and there is a thousand dollar bill on the ground. I have heard stories like that. People get on a boat, because the Lord told them to go, and they have no money, and at the last minute someone hands them the money. That is all an immature manifestation of provision. The promised provision, coming from a high spiritual realm, is that the Lord tells you to go somewhere, and you open up your wallet, and the money is there or the ticket is there, and you do not know where it came from. Maybe the food is there or the clothing is there. That is a high level of supernatural provision. I get excited for that, not only because that would mean no more concern at all about finances coming in, but that is the least of it. It is the supernatural manifestation that excites me. Living a supernatural spiritual life excites me.


Today, we see the bride church providing food and meeting the needs of a lot of people. That is very good work, but it is the immature manifestation of what is promised. What is promised is that a true son of God will go out and do what Jesus did. Someone is hungry, and the food will appear. I believe that most of the food that the Lord provided was spiritual food. I believe that if somebody is hungry, the Lord gives them a job. The Scripture says, if you do not work, you do not eat. I do not believe that we should let people starve. That is a spiritual principle. If people are capable of working on any level, they have to work. The Lord wants us to be productive. If all you can do is part time work, then you should be working part time. As we work, we get healed.


If somebody is in a lot of financial trouble, He might feed them initially, but He will equip them somehow to earn his own money. This is the radical difference between God’s plan, which is manifested politically as capitalism and socialism, which is the provision of the carnal mind. Socialism makes you weak. It says oh you poor thing, you cannot work, so you just stay home and we will give you money, and you will become dependent on the government for everything that you need. The Lord does not do that. The Lord heals you so that you can be a productive independent person in society.


There is an excitement and a passion that comes out of the unconscious part of the mind for spiritual things. We are suppose to be restraining our self, and only use it when we get that ability for the glory of God. Immaturity in Christ wants spiritual power for its own purposes, and its own self grandiose, and to meet one’s own needs. I heard somebody say once, in the church, when I come into my power I am going to travel all around the world. I was in the car with the pastor and his wife, and the pastor’s wife said to the person who said that, you mean you are not going to ask the Lord what He wants you to do with the power? She already had plans and what she was going to do when she got power. This woman had been steeped in witchcraft. Her mentality was that of witchcraft. What is witchcraft? It is the level of the female spirituality.


Peter clearly tells us, that when we get older someone else will dress us and direct us. We see that this lust and passion for spiritual experiences brought us to the point of doublemindedness. James says that we are a doubleminded man. On the one hand we want to do what Christ wants us to do, and on the other hand we want to do what our carnal mind wants us to do. To the full degree that we bring that carnal mind into submission, we will have peace with God. If that carnal mind is not in submission, we are going to be a doubleminded man and pulled in two directions.


If we do not confess that as sin, and get that double mind under control, get that carnal mind under control, that carnal mind will overtake Christ. We will revert and backslide and go back to being a natural man. The worst part of the whole thing is that when that happens, we usually do not see it, and we still think that we are in God. We are still living out of our carnal mind until we see the fruit of it in our life, at which point it is usually too late. It is not that God cannot bring you back, but it could take a long time for Him to bring you back.


Now that may sound unfair, but it is not. God expects us to be checking with Him on a regular basis as to whether or not we are on the right track. He wants us to work on and keep up to date, to improve our relationship with Him, and to overcome whatever aspect of our carnal nature He wants us to overcome. This lust for spiritual experiences of our own desire to satisfy our own needs brought us to the point of doublemindedness. The suggestion here is that Israel was spiritual first. Some people are not spiritual, and then they come into God, and start pursuing the word of God, and they become spiritual.


It is a surprise to them if they wake up and they are spiritual. Now all of a sudden they are lusting for spiritual things. Christ, that was formed in them first, is now in danger of being destroyed because these Christians who have never had spiritual experiences before, are chasing after the spiritual experiences instead of chasing after Christ. The Scripture reads, and now Christ, their spiritually male mind is at war with Satan, the spiritual female within themselves, who is acting like a spiritual male. The spiritual female within ourselves acts like a spiritual male, and the intent is to deceive us and make us think that she is the spiritual male. There is a tremendous seduction going on for Christians, in particular. That seduction is to convince them that the voice speaking to them is the voice of the Lord, because most Christians would not do what Satan told them to do.


Satan operates in deception. She tries to convince the believer that what she is saying is of the Lord. Most Christians cannot tell the difference. We used to call it in the Church, having the led disease. I was led here and I was led there. The question is who was leading you. You would be amazed at how many Christians do not know that they can hear two voices. There was a big church out in California, with a lot of people there. The pastor was preaching, every voice you hear is of God, because you are a Christian. You speak in tongues, do you not? Every voice you hear is of God. Do you know how dangerous that is? The man was preaching it from the pulpit and evangelizing, traveling all around out of the country, preaching that nonsense.


We have a female voice inside of us and a male voice inside of us. We are to listen to the man. The spiritual female within ourselves acts like a spiritual male to deceive us, and we see that Christ is at war with her, and that Christ is also binding Leviathan. Now our carnal mind is Satan, the unconscious part, and Leviathan the subconscious part. Satan is the spiritual part of the carnal mind, and Leviathan is the pride of man, so that pride has to be bound. Christ, in you, is binding Leviathan the subconscious part of the counterfeit spirit they receive from Satan.


Satan is the spirit that goes out as the counterfeit Holy Spirit. She is the one that is inseminating believers with her unholy seed, and the fruit of her spirit is the pride of man, which is Leviathan. That pride separates us from God, lies to us, and replaces God. Pride is anti-christ. Anti-christ is not against God. Anti-christ is in place of God. Pride in a man replaces God, and plugs up our ears so that we cannot hear from God, and covers over the Christ rationale. She thinks in a manner that sounds good to men, but the end thereof is destruction.


Verse 28. Even though Israel delivered up Christ, their righteous side, and exchanged Him for a worthless mind, when Satan tested them, God retains them in His memory, even though He cast them down to hell, which is this present age. This is really interesting, because I believe that initially Paul is talking about bible day Israel. He is talking about natural Israel, and then very subtlety you will see in the next verses, he switches over to the modern day church. Paul clearly says we are the Israel of God. It also says that all of the heroes of the hall of fame that we read about in the Book of Hebrews, the heroes of the Bible that preserve the Word so that we can have it today, they could not enter in without us. This is a mystery, but somehow we are all one. The heroes of bible days, and the Israel of today, Israel the Church, we are all one in the Spirit.


Even though Israel delivered up Christ, their righteous side. Now that is saying Israel had Christ at one time. How could that be? You might say, Jesus was not born until two thousand years ago. The Scripture is not talking about Jesus the Christ. It says Christ. Christ means the anointed one, and Adam is the anointed one. Jesus said, I was the first Adam, and I am the last Adam. Adam is the spiritual man, the anointed one of God.


We see that Israel, of bible days, delivered up Christ, their righteous side.


That means that Israel had two sides, a righteous side and their carnal side. That was what did Israel in. They thought that because they followed the Law they were righteous. They did not recognize that they had an unrighteous side. Some Jews are secular, just like some Christians. As far as I know, the religious Jews that follow after God today, and read the Bible, know that they have character flaws that they have to deal with. Basically, they think that they are in Christ. I use Church terms for that. I do not want any Jewish person calling me up and saying we do not believe in Christ. These are my words. I am paraphrasing.


My understanding of the Jews that follow after Jehovah today, are that they know that they have character flaws that they have to deal with. They know that they have to repent, but they do not believe that anything needs to be added to themselves. They believe in their natural state, because they are physically Jewish, that they have Christ present in them. They would call it a soul that comes from God is present in them. In the language of the Jew we would say, even though they gave up their Jewish soul that was added to them, which is their righteous side, they exchanged


Christ in them for a worthless mind. The carnal mind is the worthless mind.


This exchange happened when they gave up Christ and preferred the worthless mind, when Satan tested them. Now the first time I read in the New Testament that Satan drove Jesus up into the wilderness and tested Him, I was very offended. I did not understand at that time, that Jesus was born of a woman, a natural man, and that He had two sides. He had a righteous side and an unrighteous side. Now there are some Christians that would say that is blasphemy, but I am sorry, that is Scriptural. He was made perfect through sufferings. He was not perfect. He was made perfect through sufferings. That means there was a time that He was not perfect. Come on Church. The truth will set you free. He was not born perfect. He had two sides, and He had an inner struggle. He overcame His carnal nature, which He inherited from Mary, by the power of the living Christ that was in Him.


Satan clearly tested Jesus. The test was, who are you going to follow, Jesus? Will it be your carnal mind or your Christ mind? That was the test. The test came only when Jesus was caught up to power. Jesus was caught up to power. A voice said, this is my Son in whom I am well pleased. He grew up into power, and all of a sudden Satan was there saying, I am god, serve me. Choose which God you are going to serve. Serve me. Satan said to Jesus, I will give you all the kingdoms of the world.


We are the kingdoms. People are the kingdoms. At one point in my immaturity and naivety, I said, Satan is so stupid offering Jesus what He already had. Jesus was caught up to power with God. Why is Satan offering Him the kingdoms of the world? The answer is this. Satan was saying, I will give you control over all of the peoples of the world, and you do not have to be moral. You can still go out and have the natural life. You can do anything that you want. You do not have to have your human nature restricted. You do not have to live a moral life according to the eyes of God.


You could do anything you want. Just serve me and I will give you power with the natural life. Jesus said no. I will take the power, but I will take it from the Lord, and I will give up the natural life. Satan knew that Jesus was going to be glorified, and that He was going to be taken out of the body. He said, stay in the body and I will make you rich. I will give you women and I will give you power. Serve me and do not serve the living God. That was what that was all about. Satan was in Jesus, in the unconscious part of His carnal mind.


Israel had the same test. The Church has the same test. We are tested all the time. Will you obey God or will you obey your carnal mind? It is Satan in your carnal mind tempting you to do other than what God is telling you to do. Israel was tested a man at a time. Israel was tested, and when he was tested, he was found wanting. He followed after his carnal mind, rather than after Christ. When did that happen? How about in the wilderness when they made the golden calf? They could not wait for Moses to come down from Mount Sinai. They went back to idolatry.


Do you really think that the Hebrews that followed Moses out of Egypt were practicing Jews that just suddenly had a bad moment in the wilderness, and decided to make a golden calf? No brethren, they were idolaters. These Hebrew children that came out of Egypt were practicing Egyptian mystery religion. These were not observing Jews or observing Hebrews. When Moses disappeared up into Mount Sinai, they said he must have been a fake. Let us go back to what we were doing in Egypt, and they made themselves idols. These were not observing Hebrews. Moses was taking them out to re-institute the worship of the living God in their lives. They saw him disappear for forty days. They did not know what to make out of it, so they went back to their old gods.


It is just like the prophets of Baal, who were Hebrew men that Elijah challenged. They were Hebrew men sitting at Jezebel’s table. Israel, in bible days was continuously falling out of fellowship with God; continuously. Israel was tested a man at a time. Whether or not they consciously chose Satan, I doubt it. I think they just went after their lusts when Satan tested them. They followed after Satan, and said yeah, I want power with women, flesh and money. I want the whole thing. There was a time in my life when I thought I could keep going forward and gaining in my life, gaining material things, gaining emotional things, and keep everything that I had. I was going to accumulate a whole big wonderful life for myself until I found out, you win a few and you lose a few. You cannot hold on to everything forever. It does not work like that.


I believe that the Hebrew children or Israel followed after the lust of their flesh. They were completely enamored with Egyptian mystery religion, and they were practitioners of it. Even though Israel exchanged Christ, their righteous side, for a worthless mind when they were tested by Satan, God still retains them in His memory. Of course, Paul tells us in the Book of Romans that they will be grafted back into their own tree. What does that mean? This is going to be a hard word. It means that right now, any Jew hearing this message will be very offended with what I am about to say, but it is what the Scripture says. Listen, if you are going to be grafted back into your own tree, that means you are not grafted into your own tree. What does it mean to not be grafted in your own tree? It means that all of your spirituality that the modern day Jew has, is coming out of their carnal mind. Ouch, ouch. Ouch ! ! !


I am Jewish, brethren. Anybody listening to this message that does not know it, I am Jewish. I am talking to my own people. You too can be grafted back into your own tree. Whether you are an observant Jew or you are not an observant Jew, you can be grafted back into your own tree. What else does that tell us by inference? It means that today the Jew can be grafted back into his own tree. That means his own tree or the original tree. What tree? The Tree of Life is available to men today. So who is the Tree of Life? Christ Jesus is the Tree of Life. He said I am the vine and you are the branches. Stay close to me if you want to live. You have to be grafted into me. What does that say? That says that Jesus today is a manifestation of the Tree of Life that originally appeared in the earth to Israel of bible days.


Any Jews that are hearing this message, I challenge you to pray about this. Listen to what I said. Jesus is the same Spirit that appeared to you as the Tree of Life. It is the same Spirit that appeared in the bush to Moses. It is the same Spirit that appeared to you on Mount Sinai and made a contract with you. It is the same Spirit. In those days Moses was the mediator. Today Jesus is the Mediator. I also told you that you are not grafted into that tree that made that covenant with you in Mount Sinai. You are not grafted in. You are grafted into another tree. You are grafted into the other side. All the spirituality that you have is coming out of the other side, which means you have no hope of return to your first estate.


Wow !!! In those few words, listen to what I said. This is called studying the Bible with inferences. This means recognizing the inferences in the Scripture. Some conclusions are legitimate to draw. If I tell you that Mary wore a red coat or if I told you that a little girl wore a red coat, and the Lady had a little girl wearing a red coat, and the lady had a little girl named Mary, you know that it is Mary that is wearing the red coat. You have to use your brain to understand the word of God on a deeper level.


Verse 28. Israel delivered up Christ, their righteous side, and exchanged Him for a worthless mind, the carnal mind, when Satan tested them. Even though they did that, God still retains them in His memory. That means there is still hope that they can get grafted back into their old tree. If God does not remember you, you are dead gone, brethren. You would have no existence whatsoever. God retains them in His memory, even though God is the one who cast them down to hell, which is this present age. This is hell, brethren. This world is hell to any honest thinking man who is not living in fantasy or delusion. This world is hell.


God did make this world, which corrupts. Everything in this world corrupts, everything. That is why you have to clean every day. That is why you have to repair your houses every day. Everything corrupts in this world. There is no life here. This world is death. The nature of this world is death. The name of the world itself is hell. The only reason the Church cannot believe it is because of their pride. They think because God has permitted them to have a relationship with Him that they must be holy and righteous. The exact opposite is the truth.


The Lord loves us so much that He has made a way for us to have a relationship with Him that will not kill us. That way is called the Mediator, Christ Jesus. He stands between us and God and covers us, so that the Lord only sees Him, and we do not get killed because of our sins. But that is only temporary. That is only to give us time to purify ourselves. Paul clearly says, that the ones who desire this great salvation purifies himself. It means you are continuously seeking God as to what the next step is in your program of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical purification. Our physical condition is just an expression of our spiritual, emotional, and intellectual condition.


Verse 29. Now I am going to read you the alternate translation, but I do want to give you the King James on this. God cast us down to this present age and we are filled up with Satan, Leviathan, and Cain. The whole household of unrighteousness, which reveals the Serpent’s inherently evil nature, and the injurious nature of Satan, the slander, who whispers evil thoughts to fallen Adam. Now Satan’s household consists of Cain, the conscious part of the individual mind, Leviathan the subconscious which is pride, and Satan the spiritual part of the carnal mind, by which we sin spiritually.


The most common spiritual sins, socially spiritual sins, are envy and lying. I call them social spiritual sins. The Bible says envy rots your bones, and he is very dangerous. We need to bless everybody that has good things happening to them. You can always ask the Lord for the same thing if we want it, but to let envy go is very dangerous. It brings great destruction into your life and it kills the other person, because envy is a manifestation of witchcraft power towards the other person, and kills and destroys. Envy is a curse going forth towards the other person. If a person’s mind is strong enough, and you are envious of some man’s wife or some woman’s husband, and that envy continues, and you dwell on it, you could actually break up that marriage. If those people are not powerfully on constant guard, it could at least be a factor in the breakup of that marriage.


Israel was cast down to hell where they received a carnal mind, Satan, Leviathan and Cain, which is a whole household of unrighteousness that reveals the Serpent’s inherently evil nature. It is inherently evil. That means at your root. People that are not inherently evil, can do bad things and then you get forgiven, but when your nature is inherently evil, that means you are never going to be righteous because your foundation is evil. If you have a piece of lead, no matter what you do with it, you cannot make it into gold. That is what the practice of alchemy is all about, to try to change base metals into gold. But if you are inherently evil, you may do some good deeds, but you are evil and you will never enter into the righteousness of Jesus Christ or into the eternal life that He promises, which is without tears. This is our condition. We became inherently evil.


How did we become inherently evil? Adam married the Serpent. The female aspect of Adam married the Serpent and gave birth to us. Our father is inherently evil. I hear everybody screaming, my Father is God. That is what the pharisees said to Jesus. They said our father is Abraham. What are you talking about? Jesus said, before Abraham was, I AM. I am telling you that you are a manifestation of the Serpent. Your nature is your father’s nature, your father the devil.


This is what happened to Israel. They had a righteous nature, but they preferred Satan over Christ. They were cast down to hell, which is this present age. They received the inherently evil nature of the Serpent, which we call the carnal mind, and that is on the unconscious level. I almost said on the collective level. Of the whole of humanity we see the human’s nature, and the individual receive the injurious nature of Satan. At our spiritual root, we are inherently evil, but as an individual, our nature is injurious. That means that you injure people with it. It means that human nature injures people. We hurt each other all the time.


We touched on this in the exhortation this morning, that we did not get recorded unfortunately. We hurt each other all the time. We hurt each other with our words. We hurt each other with our behavior. We hurt each other with our attitudes. We hurt each other with our thoughtlessness. Do you know that insensitivity to another human being’s need can be defined as cruelty. To be insensitive to a person’s needs is cruel.


We have received the general inherent nature of the Serpent, unrighteous evil, and on a personal level we are injurious. We might say the result of having the nature of the Serpent makes us injurious people. Some of us injure others more and others injure less, but all of us are hurtful. Why? Because we are thinking about ourselves. The more that our thoughts are out there and aware of other people, the less injurious we will be. That is why Jesus said, think of others before yourself. Think others are more important than yourself, and maybe you will get a right perspective. Now that does not mean that you give your whole household away. It is a spiritual principle. Before you do something, think about how it is going to affect the other person.


If you desire to lead a holy life, there is a way to do things in Christ, that will be less hurtful, if not hurtful at all. So think about the other person because everything we do, not only every word, but every thought that we have affects other people. That is a big responsibility to know that everything we think, say and do affects other people. That is a big responsibility, and we are going to reap what we sow. Even if we do not mean it, you are bringing a judgment upon yourself, your children, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren, simply because you were selfish. That is our inherently evil nature that manifests out of us as injury to other people.


We see that Israel was cast down to hell, but God still retains them in His memory, because they were filled up with the carnal mind, Satan, Leviathan and Cain. They are the whole household of unrighteousness, which is inherently evil, and the individual injurious nature of Satan, who is the slanderer, who whispers evil thoughts to fallen Adam. On a spiritual level, Satan from within our own carnal mind whispers evil thoughts to us, and hopes to seduce us to do things that would dishonor God. Maybe to relate to our brethren in a manner that would dishonor God. Sometimes, people, human beings, are slanderous. Satan manifests through people who gossip, or who repeat truth in an evil spirit of salaciousness, where you actually enjoy hearing the bad news about somebody.


Satan manifests as a slander. We have people manifesting as slanderers, telling lies about other people. Why would somebody lie about another person? Sometimes lying makes you feel good. Sometimes lying is directed towards or intended towards breaking up relationships, or breaking up friendships. Sometimes lies are self protective. Someone who is into lying to protect themselves is not at all concerned with how that lie is affecting the other person. I mentioned before social manifestations of witchcraft. The two that I can think of offhand are envy and slander. Gossip is also very very hurtful, even if the person does not know you are doing it. Negativity towards that person is being accumulated in the spirit.


This is what Satan, the slanderer in the individual does. She whispers evil thoughts to fallen Adam. Now verses 30 and 31 are sort of famous verses in the Scripture. I wanted to read you the King James Translation so that you can relate to it. Maybe I will just read you the alternate translation first. Now this is what Satan in people does. She whispers evil thoughts to fallen Adam. She puts down others. She hates God. She treats others badly. The person who is manifesting Satan thinks he is better than others. He is a braggart. He fantasizes about evil things, and he is willfully and obstinately disobedient to his parents. He does not put his thoughts together properly. He is disagreeable, hard hearted, and without mercy, which things they know are worthy of death.


Romans, Chapter 1 is usually preached in the context of being against homosexuality. I have to tell you that there is no content in this verse that I could find that has anything to do with any sexual sin, whatsoever. Here is what the King James Translation says; Verse 28; Even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind. That is the carnal mind we spoke about. To do those things which are not convenient. The Greek word translated convenient means to reach. It is from two words meaning to cast down and to present. I translated that as they were cast down to this present age. That was what the word convenient means.


Then in Verse 29 in the King James Translation it says: They are filled up with unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers. Wickedness also means evil nature, so we are translating it as evil nature. Covetousness means greed. Maliciousness means malice or just evil thoughts towards people and evil intentions towards people. Envy is jealousy. Murder means just murder. Contention means debate. Deceit is talking about entrapment.


I had an experience with entrapment recently. It means you say something that is designed to get the other person to admit something that they do not want to admit or to somehow get the other person to be involved in something that they should not be involved in. I have been calling it manipulation, but I see that it is also entrapment. You know, people do that all the time. People that are in trouble want someone else to be in trouble too. They will talk to you and try to get you to agree with them. There is a motive that does that. That is called entrapment. Sometimes people get other people in trouble. They get them to say something that they know is going to get them in trouble.


Malignity in the King James is an injurious nature. Whisperers in the King James is witchcraft or slander. That is how I got those definitions for you. Verse 30 says in the King James; Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents. Backbiters means to put down others, or to talk behind someone’s back. Haters of God, we know what they are. Despiteful means to treat others badly. To think they are better than others is a translation of proud. Boasters; you know there are a lot of braggarts in the Church. Bragging is very common in the Church. You just do not hear these things preached about. Young Christians do not understand that what they are doing is bragging, and that it is wrong. It is wrong to brag, to tell people how much you have, how great you are, how much money you have, or what a good job you have.


I heard that from a pastor not too long ago. I was at a pastor’s conference and someone was trying to be friendly to me. He was telling me how much money he had, all this money that was coming in, and he was doing this and doing that. Now it one thing to talk about your ministry, but I do not think talking about your ministry should be talking about how much money you have. You want to know what God is doing in your ministry. What is God doing? So that was a spirit of the braggart coming out of that pastor, who was a very nice man. He has been in the ministry for twenty or thirty years. I think he did not even know that he was bragging.


The whole Church is out there trying to get the world saved, and they are not looking at themselves. All of these sins are in the Church, brethren. I have been around the Church world for a long time. It is just oozing with pride, and all of these other sins. It is just oozing with pride. One of the biggest manifestations of pride is called covering your own tail. Did you know that? Covering your own tail is not blessed by God. He is the one who says let your yes be yes and your no be no. Do you know that covering your own tail is a deception? Do you know that if you cannot do something, or you cannot do something well, you should be asking for help? You should not be satisfied that you cannot do it or hide it from others that you cannot do it. You should be humbling yourself and asking for help.


Pride is oozing out of the whole Church. Not to be able to say thank you is a manifestation of pride. Do you know that there are people right in this ministry that would rather do without than ask for help? Then you want to know why you are not getting healed. These simple little things, that may be simple to your mind, are preventing your healing. You cannot say thank you. You cannot ask for help. You cannot admit that you have a need. It is a factor in your not getting healed. All disease is generated by our sin nature. When I tell you these things, I am telling them to help you.


If you are here today and you have a problem in your life, whether it be physical infirmity or otherwise, you need to know that if your pride is so high that you are willing to accept not having something that God wants you to have, it is because you will not ask for help. You will not make it known that you have a need. That could be hindering your healing. Why? It does not make any sense to the carnal mind. These kinds of attitudes come out of the carnal mind. If you feed into them, it maintains the carnal mind over Christ in you.


The carnal mind becomes a head covering. I talked about this in the exhortation this morning. It blocks the communication between the Lord Jesus and yourself, or between the Lord Jesus and Christ in you. Your help cannot get to you because you are too busy covering your tail. You want to look good in front of people. You do not want people to know that you are scared or you do not want people to know that you have a need. You do not want people to know that you are not in control. That is all sin. It will cut you off from the power of God in your life.


The revelation of these things in your personality is the mercy and the blessing of God if you use them properly. We cannot change ourselves. We cannot change ourselves. If you hear yourself in what I am saying, what you are suppose to do is confess it to God. It would not hurt to confess it to the group or to at least one person that you trust. It will break your pride if you will confess it. Confess it to God and at least one person that you trust. Maybe this one little thing is holding back whatever it is that you have been waiting for years in God for. It is a sign that God is alive and moving in a fellowship where sin is revealed. It is a blessing.


I believe that we all have these sins to some degree. We may not be acting them out, but they are in our heart. We are being cut off from the power of God because of these things. If you are listening to this message, what you need to do, and what I need to do is say Lord, I confess all of these things. What do you want to work on with me? It cannot be a general confession. What one thing in my personality do you want to work on with me right now? Help me and show me what is the most salient important character flaw that I have in your estimation. Tell me so I can confess it and work on it. That is what you should be doing as a reaction to this message. To finish it up, once again I am going to read from verse 29 thru verse 32. I am going to explain which things they know are worthy of death, and then we will wrap it up.


Israel delivered up Christ in favor of Satan and God cast them down to hell, which is this present age. They were filled up with their carnal mind, which is the inherently evil nature of the Serpent, which manifests personally as the injurious nature of Satan. These are the characteristics of the fallen nature. The slanderer; they say things about people that are not true. They say things, even if they are true, in a spirit that is designed to bring down that person, to hurt them, and turn others against them. They whisper evil thoughts to fallen Adam, which is gossip. They put others down.


Do you know that is a big thing among people in the world. I do not know about how much in the Church. People will put other people down just to make themselves look good. That is really sad. They hate God. I believe some people in the Church hate God. Let me tell you something, if you get mad at God because, God forbid, your child dies or you are not healed, that is hatred for God. Do you know to call God unrighteous is hatred? That is hatred for God to say that God did something that Satan did. To say that God is merciless and cruel is hatred of God. It is in the Church, to treat others badly, thinking that you are better than others. I see that all the time in the Church, all the time. You see it in pastors. All the competition for who is who in the Church, and who is going to have authority and power in the Church. It is just really serious.


To brag; do you know what happens when you brag? Braggarts usually do it because it makes them feel better, but do you ever stop to think that your bragging may make the person nearby, who does not have what you have, feel bad? That is a sickness if you need to brag and tell people what you have to make yourself feel worthy. You need help from the Lord. Maybe somebody next to you, who does not have a fraction of what you have, is feeling bad.


To fantasize about evil things; what is in your mind counts. Do you ever fantasize about killing somebody? When I was in the world, we used to say that all the time. Oh, you are so mean to me, I will kill you. That is a fantasy. That is a dangerous word to speak. Have you ever fantasized about evil things? It could mean about harm to others. It could mean about stealing or sexual fantasies. I guess it could mean a lot of things. Of course, if you have got a problem, and you are fantasizing about killing people or raping people, or something like that, you really need help. This does not have to be that extreme.


What is evil? That some type of harm is going to come to somebody, like that marriage is going to break up. What about if you are into one of these competition things where you want your child to do better than the next child. Maybe you fantasize that your child is going to be exalted on the football field while the other child falls down. See, when you exalt something that is yours, you have got to be hurting somebody else. God’s way is to say, let the best man win, and let God be glorified. Let everyone be well and healthy. There is a place for everybody.


To be willfully and obstinately disobedient to parents. Well, that was me in my early days. I was willfully and obstinately disobedient, and I pay that price today after all these years of repenting and serving God. We need to be telling our children that that is a sin, to be willfully and obstinately disobedient to parents. We need to honor our parents, so that we should live long on the earth. Premature death is associated with disobedience to parents. To not put our thoughts together properly. Now that is very interesting. I wonder what Thayer’s translation is of verse 31, without understanding.


I said that to somebody recently, not in New York. You are without understanding. We had not finished our dialogue, but they do not understand what I am talking about because they are without understanding. You do not put your thoughts together properly. If you cannot follow the chain of command, for example, in the ministry. If you do not know who to go to for what kind of a problem. There is a Godly way to deal with that and an ungodly way to deal with it. The Godly way to deal with that is to go to someone in authority and say this is what I need. Who is the right person to go to?


We see people who are without understanding that will not ask for help. They want to do it their way. They want to do it their way because this is the way their mind, which is without understanding, figures out things should be done. They want everybody to change and follow after them. No, you have to humble yourself. You have to recognize that you are without understanding. See, even if you do not understand, you can find out how somebody with understanding would do it, and then do it that way. Maybe your twisted thinking will get into shape.


Do you have a problem with your thinking? Do you have a problem with your mind? You need deliverance. That kind of a mind does not glorify God. What do you do? Do you go to your pastor? Do you go for deliverance? Do you ask for help or do you cover up? Does your pride cover up, and say I do not know how to do this. I cannot succeed at this. I am going to walk into the meeting, and look like I am completely in control, and I do not have any needs. That is a stench in God’s nose. He wants us to have understanding.


To be disagreeable; some people are just disagreeable, no matter what you say to them, they are not interested. The fellowship is going out to dinner. You have got fifteen people. Fourteen of the fifteen people agree on Italian food, and one person does not want Italian food, and they will not switch. They tell you they are going to go home. That does not glorify God. That is being disagreeable. You take the edge off of it for everybody if you go home. Nobody is happy that you went home.


Some people do not agree with anything, no matter what you want to do, whether it is their partner, their husband or wife, the answer is always no. They do not agree with anything. You need to know that that is not just about you, but that you are hurting the other person. That other person that is seeking to communicate or do something with you, to have fellowship with you, if everything they recommend, you say no, you are hurting that person. You cannot just say that is just the way I am. I just like to stay home. You need to know that you are hurting the other person, and that we have to give a little. Life is a compromise.


To be hard hearted and without mercy. I was hard hearted before the Lord delivered me. Now this was years ago. I actually could not comprehend somebody being in pain, if I was not in pain. I could not comprehend somebody being shy, if I was not shy. I was hard hearted. There was a hardness on my heart. I had no compassion, no communication with the emotions of other people. I was delivered from that.


Without mercy; that means you see somebody suffering and you just step over them. Let me tell you something, that goes on every day in this world. It goes on every day in the Church. If you see somebody that has a need, especially someone that expresses that need, you need to ask the Lord what your part is. We cannot help everybody. We all have limited resources. We have to ask Him what our part is so that we should be in right standing with God.


Verse 32; And they do these things. He is talking about Israel, brethren. The Lord is talking about the Church. He is not talking about the people out there. He is talking about His people. He is telling us this is why Israel was cast down to hell, and this is why the Church is not growing. It is because this is the mind that we live in. He says, which things they know of are worthy of death. But they do them anyway. I know that is the Scripture, but they do them anyway.


Verse 32 King James Translation; Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit these things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them. Which things they know are worthy of death. Which things, Christ, the legal judgment of God within themselves, knows are worthy of death, yet not only do they habitually practice such things, but they approve of them. Christ in you knows that these things are wrong.


Christ is the legal judgment of God within yourselves. He is God’s righteousness within yourselves. He knows these things are wrong. Do you know what this is saying? All of you people in the Church, that say I have a bad memory, I did not know that I did it, are you sure because I do not remember, or I did not do that. The Lord is telling us in Romans 1:32 that if you have Christ in you, He knows you are doing wrong. He knows you are lying. He knows you are manipulating. He knows you are doing everything you can to not let the other people that you are in this conflict with, know the truth about your motives. Christ in you knows all about it.


It has nothing to do with you having a bad memory. You know what you are doing. That is what He says. You know what you are doing, and you know that these things are worthy of death. That means you know that they are a sin. But nevertheless, despite Christ in you, knowing that these things are wrong and worthy of death, you do them anyway. Not only do you do them, but you practice them habitually. You do them. They are a part of your natural life. That is how you deal with problems. You lie. You say you did not do it. You do not remember.


Not only do you do that, not only do you habitually practice these things, and lie to yourselves and lie to Christ within you, and lie to your brethren, but they approve of them. You think it is okay to do that. Brethren, there are people in the Church that think that it is okay to deal with problems the way the world deals with problems. Jesus says, let your yes be yes and your no be no. Jesus says communicate. If you have a problem with your brother, you talk to him about it. If he will not listen, you take a witness and talk to him about it. If he still will not listen, you bring it before the Church.


If he still will not listen, you know that Christ is not in him, and he is reprobate, and you start to deal with him as a heathen man. How do you deal with someone who is a heathen man? You do not tell them the truth. It is like that little elephant statue that you were talking about before. I am in no way putting that woman down. What I am saying is if there is not enough of Christ in her yet, then you just throw it out and you do not tell her. Someone that is in God, that is suppose to be living for God, that has Christ in them, you have to tell them the truth. It does not sound like she is ready for that. In God’s eyes she is a heathen. She is still a heathen. Of course, there is hope for her to move in.


This is what the Bible says, you do not deal with problems in the Church the way you dealt with them in the world. Do you know how many people in the Church deal with problems the way they deal with them in the world? They make believe they are not there. They sweep them under the rug. They do not want to talk about them. They say they did not mean it. They tell you that you imagined it. They will not sit down and talk to you about the issue, but they duck and squirm and try to get out of it. They will not admit their part in the conflict.


You know, that is what God does. That is what two people in Christ do that have a problem. You sit down and you both admit your part in it. You actually listen to the other person, and see maybe you were wrong. You pray and you reach a compromise or a reasonable understanding, and you forgive one another and you go on. People in the world do not do that, and most of the people in the Church do not do it. Do you think the average married couple in the Church are any different than the married couple in the world? They sweep things under the rug. They do not want to talk. That is the way it is, just deal with it. That is all sin, brethren.


I have told you this before, that there is no possible excuse for conflict in this ministry. The ministry of reconciliation is in this ministry. If you cannot do it yourselves, come to me if you have a conflict with somebody. We will sit down, get to the root of the problem, and if you are willing to do your part, we will solve the problem. If you are not willing to do your part, you have to leave because we cannot have contention in this ministry. This is the ministry of God. Every problem is solvable if both parties submit themselves to God.


We are doing pretty good here. You do not hear any other pastors saying that. They do not deal with problems in the Church. I do not mean to put down the Church, but there is a very immature manifestation in the Church. The man is not there. The legal judgment of God is not there. Which things, Christ, the legal judgment of God knows are worthy of death. Christ Jesus is a spiritual court, but He is very real. The reason the Church is in trouble is that He is not there. Why? Because they will not let Him in. If you are a pastor, you cannot be afraid of losing members of your congregation. If you think having a building is going to put you in bondage to your congregation, because you need their money to pay the bills, you are better off without a building.


You have to tell people the truth and you have to demand that they act like Christians in your Church. Then the power of God comes down and everybody prospers and grows. That is what the Lord wants. He wants us to prosper, and be in good health. That is a scripture, in case you did not recognize it. He is not just talking about physical health. He wants us to be in spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical health. You cannot be in good health if you are living the life of the world, with your carnal mind in your heart. The world says just forget about it, but Christ says, no, do not just forget about it. What happened? What manifested in you that resulted in this problem? That is how He wants us to have a relationship. If a conflict rises up between two of us, me, you, anybody. What happened here? What manifested in me? What manifested in you, and what is right? What happened here?


Now you have to have two very mature people to live like that. I want to tell you, brethren, that once you start living like that, you enter into a level of liberty and power in Christ Jesus that is unmatchable. It only hurts at the beginning because your pride is in the way. The world tells you drop it, drop it, drop it, because it is going to turn into a fight that is going to blow up and nothing is going to be accomplished. If you have two people in Christ, and they are both willing, in Christ, to discuss what happened, you can deal with that issue and put it away so that it will never happen again. That is what glorifies God. That kills your carnal mind, raises up Christ in you, and it raises up that ladder upon which you can ascend into unlimited ascension in Christ Jesus.


You cannot ascend in Christ Jesus living in a lie. You cannot ascend in Christ Jesus not being willing to work out problems and admit your part in it. Listen brethren, this is really important. You cannot ascend in Christ Jesus on a knowledge of the doctrine of Christ. You ascend in Christ Jesus when your Christ mind becomes your default mind, and you start dealing with every issue in life like Christ deals with you. To say that you do not understand is not acceptable to God. You cannot climb up into heaven not understanding. That is the mentality that is in the Church. We climb up into Christ Jesus through understanding, through wisdom, knowledge and understanding. If we do not have that, we need to go before God and admit that we do not have it, and ask Him to give it to us.


You will not climb up on a knowledge of doctrine alone. In the exhortation this morning, I told you that it is not the knowledge of doctrine. It is the relationship with God. Well, that relationship with God has to result in His mind being manifested through you. You have to think like He thinks. Then your behavior will reflect how you are thinking. Ascension is through mind. We spiritually ascend through mind, not a knowledge of doctrine. It is how His life manifests through us, and I am not talking Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the female Spirituality. You get words of knowledge. You speak in tongues. You are a prayer warrior, but you do not ascend on that, brethren. You do not ascend on that.


You have a better life in this world, in the circle of this earth. You do not ascend on that stuff. You get up into heaven while you are still in the earth because heaven is the lifestyle of God. You get up there when you think like He thinks, when you understand like He understands, when your wisdom is His wisdom. The male spirituality is manifested through mind and wisdom. The female spirituality is manifested through power alone, tongues, words of knowledge, healing, and deliverance. Is that bad? No, but I am telling you that it is the female spirituality. If your hope is immortality, you are not going to get in on this female spirituality. I am telling you that right now.


Immortality in Christ Jesus exists in the male spirituality, which is His mind. The way He reasons, and the way He lived, and would live in the flesh if He were here today. That does not include covering your tail. I tell you this, brethren, that you should ascend. I tell you this so that you should be one of the wise virgins. There were ten virgins. Five were wise and five were foolish. Only the five wise virgins entered in. That does not mean smart in the natural sense of the word. It means they had the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God is not manifested in the gifts of the Holy Ghost.


What made those virgins wise was that they had the mind of Christ and they lived out of it in every interaction of their life. They strove to manifest Christ in their understanding, in their behavior, in their solutions, and in their dealings with human beings. It was the way they solved problems. It has nothing whatsoever to do with speaking in tongues, casting out demons, healing the sick, nothing to do with that at all. It is how you solve problems. It is not enough to come into Church, kiss everybody hello, be positive, have a smile on your face, and say this is a manifestation of Christ. Somebody steps on your toe and you say that is okay. That is not a manifestation of Christ.


Christ is wisdom. Christ is true reconciliation, not pushing things under the rug. You push problems under the rug and they come up again in another place. Either you get sick or you have a fight. I know people that have fights with people that they are not mad at. We saw someone preaching on TV that did that. They do not want to tell you that they are mad at you. Why? Maybe having a fight with you would wreck something in their life that they want to keep, so they go and have a fight with somebody else. Do you not know that people do that? It is called using a scape goat. People do it all the time. Usually you go home and have a fight with your husband or your wife or something. You are mad at your boss and you go home and fight with your husband or your wife. That is the carnal mind. That is not Christ. You will not ascend doing that.


You can have a good life in this world. This is not a punishment. I am trying to tell you how to get there. You have to give up with your carnal ways of dealing with problems if you want to go up. You do not have to go up. It is purely elective in this hour. It is elective. The Lord is raising up leadership. It is just like what He said to Gideon, if they do not want to come, send them home. Nobody hearing my voice or reading this transcript, or listening on the radio if it gets there, no one will be able to say that they did not hear it.


They cannot say that God did not tell them that this is what they had to do to ascend. You have all heard it. Whether you ascend or not is between you and God. I am still your friend. It does not make any difference to me. I mean if I had my choice, I would like to see you ascend, but I am not losing anything. It is nothing against me if you do not ascend. I am still telling you, do not be deceived. No one is going to be able to tell me that they did not hear it because I have it recorded. I told you all. Ascension is in thinking, wisdom, knowledge, and the understanding of Christ. 


If you do not understand, you have to seriously start praying for understanding. Not only that, but you have got to admit it to your brethren, or at least one person, and it should be your pastor. Admit you have a problem. If you are holding all this into yourself, it is pride. If you think you are going up with this package, you are not. You are mistaken. Whoever this is for today, get before God because He is trying to help you, and I am trying to help you by being honest with you. You had better get a grip on your pride or you are not going up, and you are just deceived.


Any questions or comments? We ran late tonight. Okay. God bless you all.