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Praise the Lord, everybody. I have been expounding from the alternate amplified translation of Romans, Chapter 1. Hopefully, I am going to finish this message today. I will be reading from verse 1 of the alternate amplified translation through all of the verses that I have already expounded upon, which is verse 24A. I will pick up and hopefully continue my expositions starting with verse 27A of the alternate amplified translation.


Romans, Chapter 1. Paul, appointed an ambassador with miraculous powers through Christ Jesus, was separated from the body of fallen Adam, and became the voluntary slave of Christ Jesus, who now preaches the good news that God has brought to pass, that which He said through His prophets by the Holy Scripture before time began, about what He would do concerning His Son, who came down from heaven, was incarnated by the Spirit of Holiness, generated out of the physical sperm of David, and revealed through Jesus Christ, our controller, by God's dunamis power in standing the dead Adam up again. By whom, we, among all nations have been offered the divine influence, and commissioned to submit to the moral conviction of Christ, so that the name of Jesus Christ should be above the names of Satan and Leviathan. By whom you are also invited to be among all those who are beloved of God in Rome, so that the divine influence may be with you, so that you may be morally blameless and receive prosperity from God our Father, even the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the first born of many members of the dead Adam, and above all of them. I thank my God that you have the moral conviction of Jesus the Christ, and that your moral conviction is spoken of throughout the whole world. I want you to know, brethren, that as God whom I serve with my spirit by preaching the gospel of His Son is my witness, I mention you in my prayers always, and that I intended to come to you many times so that I might have some fruit among you, also, like I have among other non Jews. But I was prevented until now, and I am asking if it should be the will of God, if it would be possible for me to visit you at this time, so that I may know you intimately, and give you some spiritual gift to the end that you spiritually female Christians may be joined to Christ, who is inviting us to draw near to the Father because Christ Jesus desires to possess you, and double the moral conviction of Christ in both you and me. Since the carnal mind is under Christ, within me, and I am sent to both Greeks and non Greeks, to those who have both practical skill, keen judgment, and insight, and to those who live by their instincts and are not intellectual, because all are moral transgressors to I AM. I am predisposed to preach the Gospel to you that are at Rome also. Now the Gospel of Christ that went to the Jew first and then to the Greek, which is capable of rescuing everyone who trusts in Christ, does not shame me, because as it is written, the dunamis power of God is given to overcome the carnal mind so that fallen mankind might live out of Christ, so that the character of God may be revealed through fallen Adam, so that he might be justified by the righteousness of Christ, because the violent passion of God for His people is revealed through Christ Jesus, who is in heaven, against all the wickedness and injustice of fallen Adam's carnal mind, which unjustly holds back the truth that the carnal mind reveals the nature of the Serpent. But the mind of Christ reveals the nature of God, from within the members of fallen Adam, from where it shines forth. Because both the invisible dunamis power and immortal divinity that formed the original creation of the world, are clearly seen and fully comprehended by Christ, so Israel cannot defend themselves, because when Christ was in their heart center, instead of being grateful, they declared themselves to be wise in their own strength, and became intimate with Satan, who changed the honorable reputation of the God, who cannot die, to resemble the spiritual and bestial nature of the fiery serpent, the mortal foundation of dead Adam. And because they honored Satan as god, they became expressions of Leviathan, their foolish side, and Leviathan, their foolish side, overshadowed Christ, and they became idolatrous in their motives, reasoning, and communication with their fellows. This is the reason why those who are gods oppose Christ, the spiritual body of their new man, who is in the image of God, and devalue their Christ side by surrendering themselves to the demonic immorality of pharaoh that entered into their hearts when they longed for forbidden spiritual experiences.


Picking up Verse 27A. Also, for this same reason, that Israel desired forbidden spiritual experiences, the natural instinct to reproduce that went forth from Christ, the spiritual male within themselves, deeply inflamed the passions of Satan, the spiritual female.


Now we are getting into some very deep spiritual principles here. Paul is talking about natural Israel. He is telling us that this is what happened to them, and this is why they fell. Israel desired forbidden spiritual experiences. I had been preaching for a long time that the complaints of Israel in the wilderness, that they did not have the garlics and the leeks from Egypt, and that they wanted meat, that they were really talking about spiritual food and spiritual experiences. I am convinced that Israel was in bondage in Egypt, or in bondage to the gods of the Egyptians, and to Egyptian mystery religion. Israel was and is naturally a very spiritual people. As I understand it today, it is the same problem that exists in the Church. There seems to be, aside from what we teach here, no spiritual literature that is acceptable to the Church.


Let me explain that. You will hear a lot of people who are anti-christ telling you that Jesus was trained up in India, because there is really no record of His life until His public ministry came on the scene. We know very little about Him. We hear about Him talking to the rabbis in the synagogue and His parents looking for Him, but we do not know anything about Him as a young man. Many say that He was in India learning all of His spirituality. The kabbalists tell you that Jesus was a great kabbalist, that He healed people in a manner that is known to the kabbalists. I have listened to philosophers on TV. One man, who is now dead, had a series of lessons. I heard him teach messages that were very anti-christ and very Pro Eastern philosophy. I prayed about this at the time.


One of the positions that he put forth, was that he showed some pagan legend about a baby being put in a little boat of woven weeds, and made to float down a river, just like the story of Moses. His whole position was like the position of many who pursue or prefer occult philosophy to Christian based spiritual philosophy. He suggested that the stories of the Bible have been stolen, or at the very least, if they wanted to be as kind as they can be, that all these stories have already appeared in pagan religions centuries before Moses ever wrote the first five books of the Bible. Their carnal understanding of this, and their presentation of it, is that the Bible is really a forgery and a phoney, because it is a conglomeration of many myths that already existed or that preexisted.


When I heard this, I was alarmed. This was years ago when the Lord was still training me up. Of course, I am still under training. He was first bringing forth a lot of the foundations of the Doctrine of Christ to me. I was alarmed. I said, Lord, what is the answer to that? This is the answer to it. True spiritual philosophy is simply an exposition of the spiritual reality of humanity, of our condition, of what we were like, of the Fall, and of the Resurrection that is promised. These truths are evident in all philosophies throughout the world. They are evident.


Their roots are there, but the way it is presented is from the side of the carnal mind, just about every time I have ever pursued occult philosophy. That means this spiritual truth and its roots, which are in all spiritual philosophy, is seen in a manner or perceived by the student and teacher of occult spiritual philosophy, from a side that is across from the side of the mind of Christ. They see it from a different perspective than Christ Jesus sees it. They see it, as far as the Lord is concerned, from a wrong perspective. These truths are in the spiritual roots of spiritual men everywhere. It is the same principle as our understanding that you can have five preachers, and they can all come forth with the same or a similar message, because the Spirit of God is in all of them, giving them messages. It is the same Spirit.


The spiritual roots or truths of our existence are outside of the Church. They are in the deep spiritual recesses of all men. Now Christianity is a new religion. Judaism is a new religion. Pagan religion existed way before Judaism did. Abraham, the forefather of Israel, was an astrologer and a practitioner of pagan religion. When the Lord brings forth these same spiritual truths, that exist in all pagan religions, when He brings them forth through Moses, thousands of years later, who is the newcomer on the block of the spiritual community, of course the same spiritual truths are going to appear in the first five books of Moses. Do you understand what I am saying?


The carnal mind does not recognize what I am telling you here, that there is a spiritual truth, the roots and remnants of which exist in every spiritual philosophy. The difference between what Moses wrote, and the other parables and legends of pagan religion, is that Moses was shown spiritual truths from the side of the mind of God. Now the carnal mind stands opposite of the Christ mind. It sees everything backwards, but when Christ was formed in Moses, the world was already established on the foundation of Cain. This whole world, we all are the descendants of Cain. The whole physical world are descendants of Seth. Seth, spiritually turned to the side of Cain, so the mentality of the whole world is the mentality of Cain, who was cast out to the other side of the garden.


That is the only difference between Christian spiritual philosophy and Gnosticism and Kabbalah. Gnosticism claims Christ. Kabbalah does not claim Christ, but they claim Jehovah. Hinduism does not claim Christ. Buddhism does not claim Christ. Eastern Philosophy does not claim Christ. Those philosophies are out of the carnal mind of man. The roots of Kabbalah may have very well been written out of the mind of Christ through teachers that Jehovah manifested Himself through. Certainly, today, the understanding of it is out of the carnal mind. Even some of the greatest sages such as Rabbi Luria, who Christ Centered Kabbalah studies, has seen some of the spiritual truths that were channeled to him through his carnal mind because Christ is not in Kabbalah.


I do not know if Jesus was in India in the early years of His life? He may very well have been. As far as I know, there are no written spiritual instruction for Christians to become spiritual on the level of the world's spiritual community. We have spirituality available to us through speaking in tongues, and we have word of knowledge, but that is just the beginning of spirituality. The spirituality that exists on the level of the world's spiritual community, as far as I know, exists only in the Doctrine of Christ, which the
Lord is bringing forth today. Maybe Jesus was in India. Do you understand what I am saying?


There is no place to learn it, except now there is a place to learn it, which is here. I do not know how the Lord taught Jesus His spirituality. He may very well have sent Him to India or closer to the Middle East. There may have been teachers in the Middle East. The Lord, His Father in heaven, may have said, look, this is what the occult teaches from the side of the carnal mind, but here I am going to show you this advance spiritual teaching from the mind of God, which is exactly what God did with Moses.


Now I have to remind you that Moses was raised in the courts of Pharaoh. He was highly educated in every aspect of Egyptian society. In that day spirituality was a powerful component of Egyptian society. Moses was a powerful practitioner of magic. When I AM sent him to Pharaoh to challenge the magicians of Pharaoh's court, Moses knew the man that he was up against. He knew what they knew. He knew what they practiced. He knew what their powers were. The Lord did not send a man to challenge the greatest magicians of Pharaoh's court, who did not know what he was up against, because Moses had been one of them.


Now it does not say that in the Bible, but there are inferences, there are hints to that. Moses was raised up by Pharaoh's daughter, and being a Jew, he must have been highly spiritual to start with. When I Am sent him to Pharaoh's court, he knew exactly what was going to happen. He knew how he would be challenged. He knew everything. He knew the whole story. Moses was raised up under Egyptian mystery religion. The five books that Moses wrote may very well have been written out of his own knowledge of Egyptian mystery religion, the very legends of Egyptian mystery religion. The Lord must have said to him, look Moses, everything that you learned in Egypt has spiritual truth or the roots of spiritual truth. I want to show you how I see it, or how it is seen from the mind of Christ, through what you already know. The whole spiritual education that you already have, I am going to show it to you from the side of Christ, and you are going to write it down in a book.


This is the same principle as the Lord calling His Sons after we are already adults. When the Lord starts training us up to be sons of God, we bring with us all of our experiences, knowledge, and human wisdom that we have acquired from existing in this world for fifteen, twenty, or thirty years, depending on how old you are when He calls you. I have been in local churches where the Lord has spoken to the pastor and said, let the children pray. On at least two occasions that I can think of, both pastors called up the little physical children from the church. That was not what the Lord was telling them.


The Lord was telling these pastors let the children of the kingdom pray. Let the people in your congregation pray. Do not make them audiences only. Let them learn how to practice the power of God. That was what the Lord was telling them. He did not mean five and ten year old children, but the children of the kingdom. Israel was deeply steeped in mystery Egyptian religion. Israel was a very spiritual people. When they followed Moses out of Egypt, he told them you have to give up your occult practices. You have to come out of those practices, and be spiritually celibate for a season until you are cleansed. Then the Lord will bring you into spirituality in Christ. You have to come down out of that spiritual mountain, and then rise from the foundation of the mountain that is in Christ to the high peak. You cannot go from peak to peak.


Have you ever seen a movie with spiritual overtones, where they would show you two mountain tops, and the two opposing people, who are the heroes or the villains of the movie, on opposing mountain top peaks? The carnal mind ascends to a high mountain top. In the New Testament, where it talks about Satan taking Jesus up to a high place and showing Him all the kingdoms of the world. That is what that scripture is talking about. Satan caught Jesus up to the highest spiritual place that is available in the carnal mind. He said, look, I am going to give you control over all of the human beings in this world. I will make you the emperor of all mankind. Just use your power to serve me and not to serve the Living God. What is the difference? What is the major difference between serving Satan from a high spiritual place and serving the Living God from a high spiritual place?


The commandment of the Living God is to raise up all of the kingdoms of the world, that is all of the peoples, to teach them how to be spiritual in Christ, how to be spiritual without reaping the consequences of death. But Satan said no, I will give you control over all the peoples of the world, and you will be great and you will keep them ignorant. If you want to put it in simple terms, that is the basic difference. You cannot go from one mountain peak and cross over to the mountain peak in Christ. You have to come down from your high spirituality in the carnal mind, you have to come right down to the bottom to the point of spiritual celibacy. You have to stop being spiritual, and you have to receive the training of the Lord, and start to climb the mountain of Christ, to ascend to a high spiritual place in Christ Jesus.


This is where the Hebrew children were when they were moaning and groaning about missing the onions and the leeks in Egypt. Brethren, put your thinking caps on. The Scripture says the Hebrew children were slaves in Egypt, and that Pharaoh punished them by removing their straw. They had only dirt and water to make bricks with. Do you really think these people were eating leeks and garlic? Something is wrong with this picture. I am not going to get into the exodus right now, but I am telling you, for purposes of this verse right here, I am suggesting to you that the forbidden illegal spiritual experiences that the Scripture is talking about is the practice of Egyptian mystery religion. The Hebrew children missed it, and they wanted it, and they complained for not having it.


This lines right up with the manufacture of the golden calves. Moses ascended to Mount Sinai to receive the law, and the Hebrew children who were down at the base of the mountain had lost their Egyptian spirituality. They said Moses is gone a long time. I do not believe that he is coming down with the provision for us to ascend on the side of God. Brethren, the ten commandments are the foundation of our ability to ascend legally without the consequence of death. The consequence for spiritual ascension in the carnal mind is death.


Death is the consequence for spiritual ascension in the carnal mind. The ten commandments are the foundation for the legal ascension of spirituality in Christ Jesus. They could not wait. They made their golden calf. Why do you think they made golden calves? Why do you think people, idolaters anywhere, make idols? They seek power from these idols. They could not wait for Moses. They came down to the base of the mountain, but they could not wait to ascend up where he was.


We read through the whole Scripture that Israel continuously sought after pagan religion, and worshiped the pagan gods that they were surrounded with. What is not stated, but which is implied, is that they desired forbidden spiritual experiences. Let me say something about them desiring spiritual experiences. I want to tell you that the spiritual life is so exciting to me. I desire spiritual experiences that I have not yet experienced. I desire to travel in the Spirit. I desire a lot of experiences that I have read about, but I have not experienced yet, but I will wait for my God to give me those experiences.


The undisciplined spiritual person, or the uneducated spiritual person without understanding, who desires spiritual experiences, is very inclined to go forward in a manner by which they will ascend through their carnal mind and not through Christ. They will experience the consequences of that forbidden behavior or those forbidden experiences. Israel desired forbidden spiritual experiences, and the manna that they received. Now I am not denying that natural Israel was in a natural desert, that received natural manna. I am not denying that, but I am telling you that there is a spiritual application to just about every scripture in the Bible, if we are willing to hear it.


They cried out for spiritual experiences, and in their mind, they were crying out for the experiences that they had in Egypt. What did they get? They got manna, little spiritual experiences. Some Bible scholars say that the manna was something like mushrooms. It grew small and close to the ground. They were not happy with small spiritual experiences, speaking in tongues, and with prophesying. They wanted high spiritual experiences, but the Lord does not give us high spiritual experiences until we are fully grounded in the thought process of God. All of the wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment that is in Christ Jesus, is in that mind that comes from the side of God.


Once we enter into spiritual experiences, if we are not grounded in the teaching, the way of thinking, and all of the skills of Christ Jesus, we will, by default, be swept over into the spirituality of the carnal mind and reap the consequences of illegal spiritual experiences. That is what happened to Israel and they lost what they had with God. Now they will be restored. The Bible says in the Book of Romans that they will be grafted back into their own tree, but it has been thousands of years, has it not?


Verse 27A. This is the reason that Israel desired forbidden spiritual experiences. What is not stated here, but is implied, they desired forbidden spiritual experiences more than they desired God. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, which is His mind, which is His whole personality, His righteousness, His integrity, the way He thinks, and the way He operates. Seek that first and all these things, including spiritual experiences, will be added to you, but they wanted the spiritual experiences more than they wanted God.


Now in the Church world, we say some wanted the loaves and fishes more than they wanted God. Do we not say that? Well, there are spiritual loaves and fishes. There is spiritual bread, and there is spiritual fish. It is true. Some people come to the Living God because they want to be healed. Some people come to Jesus because they want their finances increased. Some people come to Jesus because they want a husband. One thing we do not see today in the Lord is people coming to the Lord because they are seeking high spiritual experiences. We do not see it in the Church today. We see a lot of spiritual people seeking high spiritual experiences, and Christianity is not even an option.


The Lord really brought this point home to me when we were in Nigeria last year. We met several people who had been in Pentecost, and had passed out of Pentecost, and were involved in an occult philosophy called the Holy Grail. They were very spiritual people, and their desire for spirituality was greater than what was available. The level of spirituality available in the Church today is speaking in tongues, and the gifts of the Spirit. That is the level that is available in the Church today. In Africa, we have some very highly spiritual people, and that was not enough for them. They left Pentecost and went into occult doctrine.


This one man that I had in mind, was not prospering. The Lord told me, as I sat at his table having dinner, this message called the Doctrine of Christ is going to touch and liberate many who are trapped in occult spiritual philosophy. It was because they just were not satisfied with what is in the Church today. It just was not enough for them, and they did not have the wisdom or the knowledge to stay put. They followed after their lust, and their desire for spiritual experiences, and it led them away from the Lord. Today there is available to the Church an increased, or at least the next level of spirituality, that is acceptable to God. It begins with the study of spiritual philosophy. You have got to understand the spiritual meaning of the Scripture, which is part of our preparation for greater spiritual experiences for those of us who want it.


We see Israel. They pursued, and desired forbidden spiritual experiences more than they wanted God. This is what happened to them. The natural instinct to reproduce went forth from Christ. Brethren, when Christ is formed in you, He is the spiritual man. When you receive Christ, you receive the nature of God, and that nature is male. In that nature is a desire to reproduce Himself. When Christ was imparted to them in the beginning stages, included in Christ was a nature, a desire to reproduce spiritually. What does that mean? It means to share your doctrine and your knowledge and your belief with other people. That is how the desire to reproduce appears spiritually.


You desire to share what you have and what you know. You want to transmit it to someone else. You want to transmit your seed to someone else. That is the spiritual application of what we know to be the human desire to reproduce. Men and women get together all the time because of a natural innate physical and emotional desire to reproduce. Everything we see in this physical world exists in the spiritual world. There is a natural innate understandable, acceptable, to be expected, or desired, to reproduce when you become a spiritual person, but you are suppose to wait until you are married to reproduce. You are suppose to wait until you get the male seed of Christ to reproduce. You are not suppose to be promoting the female seed of your carnal mind.


We are told here that because Israel pursued, and desired forbidden spiritual experiences, their spirituality was stirred up in them. The natural instinct to reproduce went forth from the young Christ that had been given to them through Moses. We are told that all of Israel was baptized into Moses, so they had a measure of Christ. They had a measure of the male, and in that measure of the male was a desire to reproduce, to practice spirituality, to share it with others, to not keep it for themselves, but to give it forth. The natural instinct to reproduce that went forth from Christ, the spiritual male within themselves, deeply inflamed the passions of Satan, the spiritual female. The carnal mind has a spirit in it. That spirit has a name, and the name of that spirit is Satan.


Now if you do not like me telling you that the name of the spirit of the carnal mind is Satan, you do not have to call it by that name. It is fine with me. My Bible tells me that I need to be renewed in the spirit of my mind. That means there is something wrong in the spirit of my carnal mind that needs to be renewed. What that means is that spirit that rules through my carnal mind needs to become nullified. Paul tells us to act as though we are already divorced from our present husband, which is the carnal mind, and enter into our new man, in whom is the nature and image of God through the mind of Christ. That is how my mind is being renewed.


I am migrating from my carnal mind and the spirit in that mind, into the Christ mind, and the Spirit in the Christ mind is the Spirit of Christ.


The name of the spirit in the carnal mind is an evil spirit. It is the representative of the Serpent in humanity. Nevertheless, that carnal mind is capable of both good and evil. When people judge themselves by the standard of this world, they think they are okay, but there is no salvation in the carnal mind. There is no salvation in anything that the carnal mind can do. Salvation only exists through union with the Glorified Jesus Christ. It is the only way we are going to be saved. There are no good works that can save you. There is nothing you can do, say, preach, cast out demons, heal the sick, nothing will save you other than an intense spiritual union with the Spirit of the Glorified Jesus Christ. That is the only thing that is going to save you.


When Christ begins to be formed in you, He stirs up the female. Is that not what happens? That is the natural way of things. It does not have to be that way, but in most instances the male is pursuing the female. Look at your natural life. That is your example. Most of the time, the male pursues the female sexually. Well, Christ was planted in them by Moses. That inflamed the female in them. The carnal mind in them became inflamed. What does that mean? It means their carnal mind became very spiritually interested. The spirituality of the Israelites in the desert was stirred up because they were baptized into Moses in the cloud. They received a measure of the male seed, and their natural ability to be spiritual was not only stirred up, but inflamed. They pursued after spiritual experiences more than they pursued the Living God, whose agent in them had stirred up their spirituality. Most likely, they were without understanding. It takes time to be educated along these lines. The spiritual desires that rose up in them probably arose before the understanding jelled in their mind. Just like your young children, as they enter into puberty, do you turn them loose on the streets before you have time to talk to them, and explain about life to them, and how decisions that they make today will affect the rest of their lives? Do you not tell your children to wait. I know what you are feeling, but wait, you are not ready to make an adult decision along these lines. Is that not what you tell your children? That is what you should be telling your children. It is the same thing spiritually.


Now Moses was a spiritual giant, and he put his spirit in all of those people. They must have been stirred up to a degree that you and I cannot even imagine. I am your teacher, and I have got you stirred up spiritually to whatever degree you are stirred up, but certainly not to the degree that Moses stirred up the children in the wilderness. The more powerful your teacher is, the more quickly you can mature, but also the greater will be your challenge to restrain your desire to run after spiritual experiences until you are mature enough to handle them.


These poor people in Israel, they must have gotten a shot. Wow ! First of all, they were already stirred up because they were in mystery Egyptian religion. Then Moses, this powerful man, put his spirit in them, and they were just ready to take off. They could not tell the difference between the Spirit of Christ or the spirituality of their carnal mind, that they had practiced in Egypt. Brethren, that is what is going on in the Church today. So many people think that I preach occult philosophy because they cannot tell the difference between the spiritual philosophy that comes out of the mind of Christ and the spiritual philosophy that arises out of New Age teaching or Gnosticism. They cannot tell the difference, so they throw out the baby with the bath water.


This is what happened to Israel. That is what we are being told. Also, for this same reason that Israel desires spiritual forbidden fruit or forbidden spiritual experiences, the natural instinct to reproduce that went forth from Christ, that was imparted to them, the spiritual male within themselves, deeply inflamed the passions of Satan, the spirit of their carnal mind, the spiritual female. They did not listen to the wisdom of Christ, but they followed after the emotional reaction, because spirituality stirs up our emotions. They did not listen to the wisdom of Christ. They followed after the emotional spirituality that arose out of their carnal mind, and they could not tell the difference.


That was the difference between Jacob and Esau. Esau was highly spiritual without the wisdom. Jacob had the wisdom without the spirituality. They were meant to work together, but Esau took off and ran with his high spirituality. Then we see in parable form that at some point Esau recognized that he needed his brother's wisdom. Does it make any sense to you, brethren, that Esau came in out of the field and he was so hungry that he sold his birthright for a bowl of porridge? Come on now. You have to ask the Lord what these things mean? Now I like food, and I have been pretty hungry in my day, but I would not be about to sell out what God has given me here because I was hungry. It has to mean something more than that. It has to.


Esau came in from the field or wherever he was, and he was starving. Esau was the spiritual one. That means he needed that spirituality, and he could not get it, wherever he was looking for it out there. He could not find it. He came home and he found out that what was going to strengthen him spiritually, and what was going to meet his need, was the wisdom and the doctrine, the knowledge, the understanding that his brother had. He was not willing to submit to his younger brother. He took what Jacob had to offer, and he took it because he was starving for it.


Does the Scripture not say there will be a famine in the land? Does not the Church know that there will be a famine for the Word of God? Esau was starving for the Word of God. I do not know the details myself. He wanted it so badly, that he said, okay, I will submit to you Jacob. I do not want to, but I will do it. Just give me what I need. Then after his need was met, he realized that he did not just submit on one occasion. Jacob had something that he needed all the time. Maybe he was willing to submit on that one occasion, and then he found out that the wisdom that Jacob had so satisfied him that he would have to submit on a regular basis, and he rebelled against that. It was something like that, and then he figured it out.


Even though Esau was the first born, even though Esau was the most spiritually powerful, the spiritually powerful one had to bend his knee to the younger brother with the wisdom and the word of God. That is why he says you have stolen my birthright and the promise, and I am no longer the elder. I recognize that, even though I was first born, you are the spiritual elder. You have stolen the promise that I would be the spiritually great one.


Then we all know the story of the birthright that Isaac gave to Jacob. Esau said you have stolen the promise and my birthright. You have stolen both, but Jacob did not steal anything. That was Esau's carnal mind saying, according to the laws of this natural world, I am the first born. I am suppose to be the smartest, the most powerful, and the inheritor of all of my father's spiritual and material wealth. I do not have it, you have it. You are a thief, but the Lord always chooses the younger over the older, the second over the first. The Lord always chooses the second over the first.


It is a scriptural principle. To anyone who is in their carnal mind, Jacob did indeed steal what belonged to Esau according to this world system. According to the laws of God, which are higher than the laws of man, Jacob who was equipped by God to be the spiritual elder, was indeed made to be the spiritual elder. Just like Saul had to bend his knee to David. Saul pursued David to kill him until his last day, because he knew that David, the younger, was the one that had the goods. It is the same principle.


Well Sheila, you say the name Jacob means thief or usurper. Yes, it does mean that. I taught on that a long time ago. Even though his name said that, the truth of the matter is, that Jacob was the chosen of God. I believe, that when I investigated that name, I looked deeper, and there was an alternative name. There was an alternative translation other than deceiver or usurper for the name Jacob. He was the one that was anointed by God. I do not care if you are the elder. I do not care if you are a man. I do not care if you are an alien. Whatever you are, where the anointing rests, you are the chosen of God.


You do not have to be a physical man to preach, if the anointing rests on you. The Church is dying in their carnality. I do not particularly think that the Lord would preach through a donkey or an animal, but if He wanted to, He could do it. Wherever the anointing is, wherever the Word of the Lord is, that is where we are suppose to be listening. Well you say, do you not know your Bible, Sheila? Did not the Lord already speak through a donkey? It all depends on whether or not you believe it was a physical donkey or it was Balaam's carnal mind. By that I mean the animal nature, or the human part of Balaam.


Balaam was into sorcery. He was in the spirit world all the time. Maybe it was his human side, that saw the angel of the Lord. God speaks through men, brethren. He speaks through human beings. We human beings are the kings appointed by God, the kings of the worlds. We are the high point of the whole creation through which the Living God manifests Himself. He does not manifest Himself through animals.


Verse 25 of the alternate amplified translation. This is talking about Satan now. They deeply inflamed the passions of Satan, the spiritual female, who exchanged the unconcealed revelation of God for her own deceptive image, so that the creature that was formed by Jehovah, the Creator, worshiped and served Satan instead of Jehovah, the one who should be adored in this age or in that age.


Just in case I might have confused you, what is the relationship between Jehovah and Jesus? Have you ever wondered about that? I find that most Christians subordinate Jesus to Jehovah. But the Bible says that Jesus has ascended to the highest possible place, and that His name is now above and higher than every other name, and Jehovah is a name. Jesus has ascended higher than Jehovah. This is not known in the Church, especially in ministries that are very pro-Israel. They tend to keep Jesus as Messiah.


Jesus is no longer Messiah. Who is Messiah? Messiah is the one who brings the nature of God to mankind. Christ in you, the hope of glory is Messiah today. Jesus is ascended. The personality of Jesus of Nazareth is clothing Jehovah. Jesus is Jehovah, raised to a higher power. Jehovah is not done away with. They have ascended together. Jesus is Jehovah raised to a higher power. Messiah is a man. Jesus was a physical man. Jesus is no longer a physical man. He has become the Father. We are now the children. Jesus' name is higher than every other name.


We see that Satan, through our carnal mind, through the thinking of natural men, exchanged the unconcealed revelation of God. What does unconcealed mean? God was revealed to humanity through Israel. Was He revealed to humanity through an image? No, through the ten commandments, through the law. God is revealed to humanity through the law. The major difference between every spiritual philosophy, other than the Doctrine of Christ, is that the Doctrine of Christ honors and is a manifestation of the law of the Living God that was imparted to humanity through Moses thousands of years ago.


Every other spiritual philosophy that I am aware of, does not honor the Law. There is no moral element. They just study the spiritual truths or the roots of the spiritual truths of what happened to us of who we are. There is no moral element. The revelation of God to the world through Moses is the law. His righteousness is revealed to us through the law. Through the law we have a touchstone, by which we can judge right and wrong in other areas of our lives in society.


We are told here that Satan exchanged the unconcealed, no longer concealed revelation of God, for her own deceptive image. Well, it is my opinion, I do not agree with what you are saying. It is my opinion that it should be done this way. That is the deceptive image of Satan. The opinion of your carnal mind is a manifestation of the deceptive image of Satan, who is a agent of the Serpent. That is the same Serpent that said to the woman, oh did Elohim really say that? Did Elohim really say that you cannot eat that fruit? You must be mistaken. Your memory must be failing you. Did Elohim really say that you would die if you ate that fruit? No, you will not die. You definitely will not die.


Now when Elohim said to the woman, if you eat that fruit you will surely die, the Scripture used one Hebrew word. It says you will surely die. It does not mean you are going to die dead and cease to be conscious. That is a Hebrew word that says you will die to your immortality. You will die to what you are now. It is the same principle on the other side of Paul saying to us, behold, I show you a mystery. We shall all be changed. You are going to die to what you are now and become in the image of God. That is the word. That is the meaning of the Hebrew word that Elohim used. If you eat of that tree, behold I show you a mystery, you are going to die and go to hell. You are going to die to the righteous immortality that you have now. You are going to die to the garden of Eden and go into a world where you have to labor to survive.


When the Serpent repeated that and said to the woman, did Elohim really say you are going to die. No, Elohim did not really say that. The Serpent used a different Hebrew word and said Elohim never told you that you would cease to exist. The Serpent told the woman the truth. Elohim never said you will cease to exist, but that woman could not tell the difference between the two Hebrew words. She could not tell the difference between death, ceasing to exist, and death to this world. The same kind of confusion is on God's people today.


We see that Satan changed the unconcealed revelation of God, the law, righteousness, into her own deceptive image. What is the image of the Serpent? Satan is the Serpent's agent, the carnal mind. She changed the image of God, which is in the way He thinks. His righteous thinking, which includes the Law. Satan changed it into the carnal mind, which makes God's law of non effect. Is that not what Jesus said to the pharisees? If you think that it is a gift to your parents that you take care of them, you have made the law of non effect, and you are guilty of not taking care of your parents. You will suffer the judgment of the same, which is premature death. Dishonor of your parents results in premature death.


The carnal mind makes the law of God, and the mind of God, and the way God thinks of no effect. That is what this means. The Serpent exchanged the unconcealed revelation of God, the mind of Christ, for her own deceptive image, the carnal mind. Now that happened at the time of the Fall, but when Jehovah made a covenant with Israel, He imparted His mind to Israel. He re-instituted what existed in the Garden in the form of mind. They were not physically transported, but the beginnings of their resurrection, the way God thinks, the mind of Christ was imparted to Israel. After Israel received the mind of God, they now had two minds.


James tells us a doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways. The carnal mind of the Israel of Bible days, which was in the image of the Serpent, overtook the mind of God that was imparted to Israel in the wilderness. Why? Because Israel desired forbidden spiritual experiences. They chose to follow after their carnal mind, which allowed them to have spiritual experiences before the mind of God said they were ready to have them. The result of this was that the creature was formed by Jehovah, the Creator. We are the creature, but of course, Adam is the creature creation. Jesus said, I am the creation of God. Brethren, this world, the trees, the sun, the moon, the stars, that is not the creation of God. Jesus said, I am the creation of God. Mankind is the creation of God. Everything else, is our environment.


The unconcealed Satan, as an agent for the Serpent, is the one who exchanged the unconcealed exposed nature of God for her own deceptive image, the carnal mind. The results of it was that the creature, mankind, that was formed by Jehovah, the Creator, worshiped and served Satan instead of Jehovah. Well, I do not worship Satan, you say. My Bible talks about the idols in your heart, brethren. I include myself. The idols are in our heart that are worshiping the Serpent. Idolatry is worshiping the Serpent. Well, I do not worship stone idols. Idolatry is in your heart. Everything that is more important than the Lord Jesus Christ is an idol in your heart.


Peter said, when I was young I went anywhere that I wanted to go. Now that I am old, another one dresses me. Brethren, maturity in Christ Jesus is exemplified to us by the Lord Jesus Christ, who clearly said, I do and say nothing other than what my Father tells me to say or do. Obedience is better than sacrifice.


They worshiped and served Satan. The did what their carnal mind told them. Brethren, submission is worship. They did what their carnal mind told them to do and not what Moses, the spokesperson for God, was telling them to do. They had another opinion than the man of God. We see that Jehovah today appearing to us as the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the one who should be adored in this age.


Verse 26. And those who were gods dishonored Jehovah by desiring illegal spiritual experiences, even to the point of surrendering themselves to Pharaoh, who promised to satisfy them. Those who were gods; the Scripture clearly tells Israel that they were gods, but they died like men, brethren. We are told that in Psalm 82:6-7; Ye are gods, but ye shall die like men. What made Israel gods? The very fact that God lived in them made them gods. That means that the Church today, if Christ is in you, you are a god.


If God dwells in you, and walks in you, and talks through you, you are a god. But you too, Church, will die like men if you choose to serve your carnal mind rather than the Christ in you. Yes, you will spiritually die, and you will die physically. You will not go into immortality. You will not go into immortality if you cannot tell the difference between your Christ mind and your carnal mind. You will lose the promises, if you choose to follow after the opinions of your carnal mind. If you do not learn to distinguish between Christ and the carnal mind, you will follow after your carnal mind. Mankind is fallen and our carnal mind is the mind that sustains our life functions, and we automatically default to our carnal mind.


The Lord Jesus Christ is forming His Son in us. He is now the Father. The Lord Jesus is the Father, and He is forming His Son in us, with the full intention of raising him up to a level of strength by which Christ, in us, will be able to take over and sustain the life functions of our physical body. At that time our carnal mind will be circumcised and cut off from us. That is the plan. Salvation is not after death, brethren. Today is the day of salvation. Today, here and now is the day of salvation. All judgment is in the flesh, that we might learn to walk after the Spirit. It is here. The meek shall inherit the earth. It is here.


Death is our enemy. Death is the last enemy. Nobody wants to say death anymore. They say he passed. Death is our enemy. So how could the promises be fulfilled after we die? You mean I am not saved? If your spirit is joined to the Lord, you are in a safe place. We do not have to understand everything at every point in our life. Daniel was told he would stand on the earth again in that last day. So those who are gods, Israel in Bible days, dishonored Jehovah by desiring illegal spiritual experiences. You are saying, we do not do that today. I do not desire illegal spiritual experiences. How do you know what God considers an illegal spiritual experience?


Let me challenge you. Israel in Bible days, wanted high spiritual experiences. The root of that desire was self satisfaction. Jesus said, sacrifice is the way of the Christian. So consider others more important than yourself. Paul said, suffer the loss. What is all that about? What that is all about, is to put down your human reactions to things that happen in this world, and pursue the reaction, and the behavior, that will accomplish the Lord's purposes in that interaction. If you are sent to teach somebody, and they look you right in the eye and tell you they hate you, which has happened to me, put your feelings away and tell them I am sent to teach you. I do not care what you feel about me right now. As long as you keep yourself in that seat, I will teach you.


It is the denial of our own emotional reactions, or the subordination of our own reactions, to the purposes and the will of God in that situation. On the other hand, the pursuit of high spiritual experiences, by Bible day Israel, was self satisfaction of their lust for spiritual experiences. Do you see the difference? Now I am going to challenge you. Years ago when I was a young girl and dating, there was a joke that would go around. Someone would say to a young lady, would you sleep with that man for one dollar? No, of course not. Would you do it for a hundred dollars? Of course not. Would you do it for ten million dollars? If the young lady would hesitate, they would say, well we are now just talking money. You would do it.


There is a price at which you would do it.


I am going to draw an allegory now. Maybe you are not out there lusting for high spiritual experiences. Maybe you just really get lust satisfied by going after that person, and determined that you are going to get them saved. Maybe your satisfaction is doing that. Is there something wrong with trying to get people saved? No, but did God tell you when you woke up on a Saturday morning, when you are off from work, to go to someone's house? What did the Lord tell you to do, or was it your own self that drove you to that person's house because you are determined to get them saved? Can you hear this? Are you satisfying your will, your belief or your understanding of what you think God wants you to do, or are you hearing from God and doing what He would have you do today?


I had a man say to me once, that he was called to be in ministry with his wife. He knew that God would never put them in a place where they were not happy. Well, that is not true. God sends you where He needs you, and He expects you to go at whatever the cost. Can you see the analogy that I have drawn between Israel in the wilderness? You do not have to be experiencing or seeking after high spiritual experiences. You just need to be doing what makes you feel good, and convincing yourself that God has told you to do it, because it makes you feel good, and you are in the same place that Israel of Bible days was in. Can you hear this?


They dishonored Jehovah by desiring illegal spiritual experiences. First of all, ministering to somebody is a spiritual experience. Passing out a tract is spiritual. They dishonored Jehovah by desiring illegal spiritual experiences. Maybe God did not tell you to minister to that person? Maybe you are ministering out of your carnal mind and you are ministering incorrectly. Maybe you think you are doing a good deed, and you are giving these people the wrong advice. Maybe you are anointed to pray for healing and for the will of God, but you are not anointed to counsel.


This person comes to you and submits themselves to you for healing prayer, and you do not stop there, because your lust to minister spiritually must counsel them, even though it is not the counsel of God. You give them the prayer that comes out of the Spirit of God in you, and the counsel out of your carnal mind. You give them life with the Spirit and you give them death with your counsel out of your carnal mind because you cannot tell the difference. They lusted for spiritual experiences, even to the point of surrendering themselves to Pharaoh, who promised to satisfy their lust.


When did they surrender themselves to Pharaoh? Brethren, in their hearts, when they turned back from Moses, they surrendered themselves to Pharaoh. They said, what are we doing out here? Why did we follow that man into the wilderness? We must have been crazy. I want to go back and build pyramids from bricks without straw. It was better back there. Pharaoh represents a high place or a high manifestation of the carnal mind. When they turned back from Moses in their hearts, they went back to their carnal mind, because the Christ mind could not have turned against Moses. They complained to Moses a lot. We know that. For them to build golden calves or to complain to Moses, they surrendered to pharaoh. They surrendered to their carnal mind. Brethren, we must be at war with our carnal mind.


Now you cannot be at war with your carnal mind if your Christ mind has not begun to be formed in you, because Satan cannot be divided. The carnal mind will not cast out the carnal mind. You cannot pit Satan against Leviathan, the two parts of your carnal mind. You will just lose your mind. First, Christ has to be formed in you, and then the warfare begins. We were talking about this in the exhortation earlier. The Christ mind will war against the carnal mind and the carnal mind will war against the Christ mind. Paul put it this way, the flesh will lust against the Spirit, and the Spirit will lust against the flesh, and the two will never be reconciled. One must be the victor and the other must be the loser. They surrendered themselves to Pharaoh, who promised to satisfy their lusts when they exchanged Christ, their righteous internal instinct for the nature of Satan, the spiritual female who uses the energy of Christ to manufacture the carnal mind.


Now you have to hear this, brethren. They surrendered to Pharaoh, this high manifestation of their carnal mind when they exchanged Christ, their righteous internal instinct. See, Christ is the antithesis of the Law. The Law says thou shalt not, and our very nature says, I want to do it, and the Law says thou shalt not. Christ, our righteous internal instinct says I do not want to do that. My instinct tells me that is wrong, and it is anathema to me. That would not be pleasurable to me. That would make me feel bad. I will not do that. Maybe you want to call it a conscience. I am not going to argue with you about words. This is the translation according to the words that I looked up in the Greek Lexicon. Christ, their righteous internal instinct, they exchanged that for the nature of Satan, their spiritual female because they liked what the carnal mind offered them more than what the Christ mind offered them.


How does that apply to the Church today? The carnal mind is very satisfied by ministry. The carnal mind wants to minister. It wants to go out and teach others. Most young Christians want to teach. They want to do something. The Christ mind says, study to show yourself approved. The Christ mind says, purify yourself. Be holy as your Father in heaven is holy. Work on yourself. The Christ mind says work on yourself. You are out of kindergarten now. You have to settle down and study and work on yourself.


But they chose to follow after their carnal mind because they preferred to minister to other people. It makes them feel good. Is it wrong to minister to other people? No, but how old are you? What is your age in God? If it is time for you to settle down and study, then it is wrong for you to go out giving out tracts. If you are in a spiritual age group where that is what the Lord is having you do, then you should go and give out tracts. I am not putting anybody down, because everybody in the Lord has the ability to mature in Christ.


If you are listening to this message, and it identifies you as a very young Christian, even though you have been in the Church for fifty years, do not get mad at me. Tell the Lord you would like to go up to the next level. There is a possibility for everybody in the Church, so there is no reason to be mad at me. Deep studying, and learning, and disciplining yourself to hear from the Lord, and doing what He is having you to do, is a sign of maturity in Christ.


I cannot tell you how many times He directed me to go some place, or to some convention, or to some place where I knew certain people would be there, where I knew I would be very uncomfortable. But I went, and every time I went,, there was somebody there that He had a word for. That person never would have heard that word that day anyway, if I was not obedient to the Lord. Serving God is painful, because every time we do what the Lord tells us to do, our carnal mind hurts us.


Listen to this, when the Lord gives us an assignment, and we have a different opinion, and we pursue the opinion of our carnal mind, Christ does not hurt us. He does not punish us for disobedience, but He does leave us to our own devices, and the sowing and reaping judgment will punish us. We will find out the hard way that we should have obeyed Him, but He does not punish us. Does that make any sense to you at all? The natural consequence of what we do, that He told us not to do, will punish us, but He does not punish us.


When we obey Christ, our carnal mind punishes us. Satan, the spirit of the carnal mind, punishes us. She is capable of giving us great pain. She is capable of causing us emotional pain and mental pain. She is capable of causing chaos in our life to stop us from obeying God or physically hurting us, or someone we love, to keep us from going where God tells us to go. There is your warfare right there. The minute you start to move in obedience to the Lord, get ready for the warfare. Satan will not take it lying down.


They exchanged Christ, their righteous internal instinct for the nature of Satan because they wanted to do what made them feel good. The Church, today, is in the same spiritual place as Israel of Bible days. They want to do what makes them feel good. This will continue until the Church is taught that Christ has other ideas for us, and that when we seek to obey God, Satan will punish us. I met Christian after Christian that has become uncomfortable for one reason or another, and their understanding of being uncomfortable is that it cannot be God. It is always God when you are uncomfortable. Satan is trying to stop you from responding to God.


The reason she is trying to stop you is greater than whatever He is having you to do at that moment. As the Lord begins to bring us into obedience, His assignments may be small, and not that significant. He is not going to give a very important assignment to send us to somebody that it is a matter of life and death that they hear this word, if He knows that we may go, but we may not go. He is not going to give that to a beginner. The purpose is not what we have to do being so important. It is that as we obey, as we submit to the Lord, as we submit our life to Him more and more, we draw closer and closer to Him. That is the definition of salvation, union with the Spirit of God.


He said, those who love me, the sign that you love me is that you obey my commandments. The love of God is different than the love of man. The Scripture says I love one and I hated the other. What kind of a God is this that hates? Spiritually speaking, it is very simple. When we are joined to God, He loves us, and when we are not joined to Him, He hates us. That is just the word that is used to describe a non union with God. You have to be joined to Christ. We are not talking about the Holy Spirit here. We need Christ imparted to us, a permanent union with the Lord. The Holy Spirit is to point us to Christ, but the end of the Holy Spirit is so that Christ should be formed in us, that we might have a vehicle or an element of our spiritual being, which is capable of being permanently joined to the Lord Jesus Christ. Then He loves you.


You can apply this to human sexuality. Either you are joined or you are not joined. For some unfortunate reason, the way it came up in the King James Translation, or the way it came down, the word that describes non union with Christ is hate. I have not really studied that word, but it is a misleading word and a deceiving word. Either you are joined to Him in a spiritual marriage or you are not.


They exchanged Christ. Can you imagine that they exchanged Christ for their carnal mind. How could they have done that? They did not know they were doing it. I am convinced they did not know they were doing it. They were confused. The two minds confused them. We know that confusion is not of God, but they were doubleminded people, and they could not tell the difference between their Christ mind and their carnal mind. They were confused. Does not the Scripture say in the last days they will be killing you and think they are doing God a favor? They were confused. They did not know they were doing it. Well then, how is it fair that this should happen to them? They disobeyed their teacher. They tried to kill Moses with their rage.


Sheila, where does it say they tried to kill Moses? Brethren, remember the Scripture that says Moses did not enter into the promised land because he hit the rock instead of speaking to it? Do you really believe that Jehovah kept him out of the promised land because he hit a rock? The Hebrew children in the wilderness gave their teacher a very hard time. Moses corrected them with his carnal mind. He hit them instead of speaking to them. Christ corrects with exhortation. Christ does not beat you. Christ teaches you.


No matter what you do that is wrong, Christ will teach you. If you do not want to listen, go out and find out for yourself. Moses hit the rock. He rebuked them outside of Christ. There is such a thing that is a rebuke in Christ. That is for outright sin. Moses rebuked them out of his carnal mind, and he did not enter into the promised land because he was tested by his own people, that he could not stay permanently in Christ. The frustration and the difficulties of the people he was trying to save was strong enough to bring him down out of Christ. It was not a punishment.


Jehovah just said, you are not ready. The reason he was not ready was because Jesus was not glorified yet, and Moses did not have a permanent internal instinct. He had an imputed Christ. We have got to get this imparted Christ that is going to grow in us like a tree that will not be able to be overthrown by our carnal mind.


They exchanged their righteous internal instinct for the nature of Satan, but they did not know they were doing it. They were just confused, and as a result of their confusion, they thought they were right and their teacher was wrong. As I have been teaching this here for twenty years, whether you think whoever the head is over whatever ministry you are in, if you think they are wrong, and you try to correct them in your own strength, all that you are doing is destroying the leadership of that ministry. If you should succeed in taking down that leadership, the ministry will close. God is the only one that can take down a minister.


If you think something is wrong, you are suppose to petition the Lord as to whether or not He wants you to be in that fellowship. If He wants you to be in that fellowship, you have to find out from Him what He requires of you, to submit in the situation that may be difficult, because all authority is appointed by God. If you are sitting under that ministry, it is not your place to bring down that minister. For whatever reason, the Lord still has that minister standing. That is not your job. If you try to do it, and you succeed, you will shut down the whole ministry. If you take down the head, the sheep scatter, and it is the end of the ministry.


God is righteous. God is legally righteous. Bad things cannot happen to us, without the enforcer or the one who executes the bad things, having a legal ground to do it. Do you hear that? Satan is the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment. She can only bring difficult and painful events upon us because we have a basis in sin for that to happen to us. There is a mark on us from the sowing and reaping judgment that opens us to that kind of an event. God is righteous. He is completely righteous. Every sin will have its just recompense. It may not have its just recompense within twenty four hours after you do it. The recompense may not come until the third or fourth generation. The recompense may not come, except to your offspring. What did I do that I was dying at ten years old? I do not know what my ancestors did. I can guess, but I have no memory of what they did.


They could not tell the difference between their Christ mind and their carnal mind, but they did have a teacher who was telling them the difference, and they spiritually stoned him. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and they spiritually stoned him. They chose their carnal mind, Satan the spiritual female, the one who uses the energy of Christ to manufacture the carnal mind. What are you talking about, Sheila? One who uses the energy of Christ to manufacture the carnal mind? Brethren, this world that we live in, is an illegal formation of the holy substance that Jehovah breathed the breath of life into. Adam fell, and he died to that world, and the woman married the Serpent. When she received the word of the Serpent, and her husband with her, ate of that tree, they became joined to the Serpent. Just like I have been preaching in this message, salvation is through union with the Spirit of Christ.


Through their agreement with the thoughts of the Serpent, they became joined to the Serpent. They entered into the Serpent's world. They received the Serpent's mind, and the Serpent received the holy substance of which they were formed. The creation was reformed in the image of the Serpent. Now Jehovah sent Jesus to get us back. The process is being reversed. Listen, I am going to say it again. The woman believed the Serpent rather than Elohim, who said you are going to die if you do that. She believed the Serpent who said you are not going to die. Of course, her carnal understanding of death was cessation of existence. Her husband with her ate of the tree. They were joined to the Serpent. They received his mind, and they were translated into the Serpent's world, where they have to labor for survival, to eat and be clothed, etc.


The process is now being reversed. We have to believe Jesus. We have to choose to believe Jesus as opposed to the thoughts, or the opinions of the carnal mind. That is the way out. That is the beginning. Jesus said, only believe. What was He asking us to believe? We have to believe His opinion in every situation of this existence. He did not just believe that I am the Savior. When Jesus said, only believe, He is talking about the reversal of the process of death, by which Adam died. The woman believed the Serpent. The man ate of the tree with her. The Serpent's mind was formed in them, and they were translated into the Serpent's environment, which includes this physical body. They were joined to the Serpent's mind.


The way out is to believe Jesus to the point that we are joined to His mind. That means in every situation, we believe what He believes. The only way to do that is to have His mind formed in us. When His mind is fully formed in us, to the point that we are fully joined to Him, our environment will be translated into the environment of the Lord, which is the Garden of Eden, including a spiritual body that does not die. Did I make myself clear? Did you hear this?


Behold, I show you a mystery. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, you shall be changed. Well what is a spiritual twinkling of an eye? Whose eye? Not in the twinkling of this eye. Why? Because my eye twinkles all the time. I am not changed. Whose eye? The eye of God, who is eternal. How long is the twinkling of an eye? How long is a moment? A moment of time, a whole lifetime, a whole human lifetime. I do not know. Certainly, I know that I do not see anybody changing in a twinkling of an eye. All of you who are waiting for the Rapture, and believe that you are going to be completely translated in the twinkling of a human eye, I prophesy to you that you will be disappointed.


I challenge you today, those of you who have ears to hear, and those of you who are called to go up to the next level, to begin to study to show yourself approved. Spend more time ministering to the Christ being formed in you, than to saving people who are not interested in what you have to say, so that you might be fully joined to Christ. When you stand up in a full resurrection power, when we stand up in full resurrection power, we will have the spiritual strength to minister to the rest of the world. We have very little strength today.


There will always be people to give out tracts. Am I telling you not to give out tracts? No. There will always be Christians to give out tracts. There will always be Christians to feed the poor and clothe the poor. That will always happen. The poor will be with us always, Jesus said. You follow me. That is what Jesus said, you follow me, and let the dead bury the dead. He is talking about doing what is necessary to have His mind formed in you, because that is the next step. Remember the woman believed the Serpent, and she was joined to him. If you are hearing this message, you believe Jesus, and you have His Spirit. His Spirit has touched you. The next step was that the Serpent's mind was formed in the woman. So the next step for you is that the mind of Christ has to be formed in you, fully formed in you.


How do I know it is not fully formed in you? Because your environment has not changed. You are still living in a corruptible world. I know the mind of Christ is not fully formed in me because I still live in a corruptible world. I also know that I was dying and I am not dying anymore. I know that I have healthy energy for a woman my age. My environment has begun to change, but the degree to which my environment has changed and is changing is within the parameter of this world. The law of this world says that you only live for a season. You exist for a season. It is not life. You exist for a season and you leave it. I have been delivered from premature death.


My environment has changed from premature death, from a writing that said you will die prematurely, to a writing that says you will die at a normal age for this world. But that is not good enough for me. So long as there is breath in my nostrils, I will be hoping and praying and believing God, up until my last breath, if I take a last breath, that as His mind is formed in me, my environment will change. That law that says I have to die, that death, which is the last enemy that still has dominion over me, will not be able to take me out of this world before God says for me to go. Jesus said I could live in this world in this condition forever. He could have been immortal in the flesh forever. He went from immortality to invincibility. As long as we are in the flesh, we are in danger of slipping. He was delivered from the flesh completely. Today He is invincible. He will never die again. He is invincible.


I did not finish today. There is going to be a Part 5 to this message. Any questions before we end this meeting? Any questions or comments?


Everybody is speechless. This was some powerful message. I am speechless myself.


CONGREGATION: I would like to know if you believe as we struggle in this world between the two minds, that the more we deny or denounce the mind of Satan, the carnal mind, do you believe we get stronger and stronger in Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, because it is like physical exercise. The more you resist, the stronger Christ gets and the weaker Satan gets. We have to resist. There has to be continuous challenge to choose, and each time we resist, we get stronger. That was your question, was it not? Yes, we get stronger every time we resist. Anybody else? God bless you all.


12-28-10 mjs


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