564 - Part 3

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I am going to try to get as far as I can on this amplified alternate translation today, brethren, because this message is stretching out too long. As I explained to everybody here, if I do not get this message done, it will become stale, and the Lord will move on to another message. The brethren will not have the benefit of hearing my explanation of the work that I have done here. All of these verses are interspersed. They do not read consecutively, one, two, three, four like you would see two A, three B, four B. I stopped expounding on this alternate translation on part 2 after verse 12 A, if you have a copy of the alternate translation. I am going to read through that point just to bring you up to where I am, without comment, no matter how tempted I am to comment. That is what happens to me. Then we will pick up with verse 11B.


Alternate Amplified translation of Romans, Chapter 1. Paul, appointed an ambassador with miraculous powers through Christ Jesus, was separated from the body of fallen Adam, and became the voluntary slave of Christ Jesus, who now preaches the good news that God has brought to pass, that which He said He would do through His prophets by the Holy Scripture before time began, concerning His Son, who came down from heaven, was incarnated by the Spirit of Holiness, generated out of the physical sperm of David, and revealed through Jesus Christ, our controller, by God's dunamis power in standing the dead Adam up again. By whom, we, among all nations have been offered the divine influence, and commissioned to submit to the moral conviction of Christ, so that the name of Jesus Christ should be above the names of Satan and Leviathan, by whom you are also invited to be among all those who are beloved of God in Rome, so that the divine influence may be with you, so that you may be morally blameless, and receive prosperity from God our Father, even the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the firstborn of the many members of the dead Adam, and above all of them, I thank my God that you have the moral conviction of Jesus the Christ, and that your moral conviction is spoken of throughout the whole world. I want you to know, brethren, that as God whom I serve with my spirit, by preaching the gospel of His Son, as my witness, I mention you in my prayers always, and that I intended to come to you many times, so that I might have some fruit among you also like I have among other none Jews. But I was prevented until now, and I am asking if it should be the will of God, if it would be possible for me to visit you at this time, so that I may know you intimately, and give you some spiritual gift to the end that you spiritually female Christians may be joined to Christ, who is inviting us to draw near to the Father.


Picking up with 11B. The reason Paul is doing all this is that he wants to come to Rome. He wants to become spiritually intimate with the Roman Christians because he wants to deposit a spiritual gift to them, which is the male seed of Christ. The reason he wants them to draw nearer to the Father is that Christ Jesus desires to possess you. We see that Paul is an ambassador of Christ. That is the definition of an apostle, someone who is an ambassador of Christ. How does one become an ambassador of Christ? Whoever has a living manifestation of Christ within himself is an ambassador for Christ. It is Christ, in you, that is an ambassador to the peoples of this world. The message that he comes with is that the Lord wants to implant His seed, that Christ should be within you, also.


That is the reason Paul is coming to Rome, because Christ Jesus desires to possess you, and double the moral conviction of Christ in both you and me. That is really interesting. He wants to double the moral conviction of Christ. We determined on an earlier message that the imputed Christ was present in the Romans. At least one way the imputed Christ is formed in us is when we pursue the Holy Spirit, when we pursue the studies of the Word, and the activities of the Holy Spirit. As that Holy Spirit accumulates, and intensifies, and condenses within us, we see the beginnings of the Christ mind. Albeit, there is the female aspect of the Christ mind. All of the goodness, grace and mercy, and peace and life, are in the female side of Christ. We might say it is the right hand of Christ, which delivers blessings, but there is a left hand of Christ.


There is a male aspect of Christ, and that male aspect of Christ comes with judgment. Unfortunately, the way I have heard it preached, or the way it sounds in the King James version, is that this destruction is punitive. The Lord Jesus is not seeking to punish us. He is seeking to punish our carnal mind, so that we may think with the thoughts of Christ, and draw near to the Father through Him. The enemy of God is the carnal mind, and the carnal mind is in the image of the Serpent. The Serpent and all of the powers and principalities that she has produced in all of the worlds, and also in the consciousness of men; these are the enemies of God.


We, the personalities, are the lost children that was stolen by the Serpent before time began. Actually, it was the act of Adam's fall that initiated the onset of time, or the onset of this age, which is the age in which time rules.


Paul is saying that Christ Jesus wants to possess us so that the moral conviction of Christ in both you and me should be imparted to us. So the double moral conviction of Christ is the female side of Christ and the male side of Christ. James clearly talks about a doubleminded man. There are all different forms of double portions. There are double portions on the Serpent's side. There is a double portion of mind when we are double minded, when one mind is carnal and the other mind is Christ. Then there is the double portion of the Christ mind. There is also the double portion of the Serpent's mind. When we have both the imputed and the imparted Christ, we have the double portion.


This is interesting. Paul is saying that he too will receive an increase from bringing the male seed that he carries to the Roman Christians. This is true. Every time the Lord raises us up as an apostle that He sends to anybody, when Christ in us joins with that other believer, to impart something, we both benefit. I will use myself as an example. When Christ, in me, joins with you to impart what I have to you, I am also blessed through Christ in you, and we flow together and a spirit tie is formed. Both of us, all of us, become strengthened from each other. This phenomenon is called the body of Christ. We become one in the Spirit. That is what Paul is talking about, that the body of Christ becomes stronger every time believers join to it.


When I first started preaching this message, I was very ill. I had called someone, who I believed to be a powerful minister in Texas at the time, to pray for me. I was dying at that time. He knew nothing about my message, but he told me, that after seeking the Lord, what he received was that my problem was that I was so completely alone. So few people were believing this message at that time, that I was vulnerable and spiritually weak. Over the years, as the Lord has added strong believers to believe this message, we all become strengthened. You receive what I have, and I receive what you have. This new move of God is growing stronger and stronger, exponentially, as believers are added to our numbers.


Verse 15A. Since the carnal mind is under Christ, within me, because Christ Jesus desires to possess you, and to double the moral conviction of Christ in both you and me, and since the carnal mind is under Christ within me. Paul is saying, this is also a reason why I am sent to you, because I am spiritually more mature than you are. The manifestation of Christ that I have has succeeded in putting my carnal mind under the authority of Christ in me. So what is the reverse implication there? Paul is saying to the Romans, you may have an imputed Christ, but that imputed Christ has not succeeded in putting your carnal mind under His authority. The reason for it, is that you have the female aspect of the Christ.


I am coming here to share what I have received. I have the male aspect of Christ, in me, to add together with the female aspect of Christ. I honestly do not know whether Paul had Christ or Christ Jesus. I do not know. But the Christ, in me, is powerful enough to have put my carnal mind under the authority of the Christ in me. I am coming to share with you what I have, so that you can have the same blessing, and all of the blessings that arise out of bringing our carnal mind into submission. In addition to that, I too will become stronger. That was because more believers will be added to the local body of Christ that Paul was forming, or that was forming around him.


Paul goes on to say in Verse 14. And I am sent to both Greeks and non Greeks, to those who have both practical skill, keen judgment, and insight, and to those who live by their instincts, and are not intellectual, because all are moral transgressors. This is a radical statement to say to mortal men. He is saying, he is sent to both Jews and non Jews. You have to understand, that in the day that Paul existed, in the day that Jesus appeared on the face of the earth, the Jewish nation were convinced that they were spiritually superior. To the best of my knowledge, the Jews that exist today, are convinced that the rest of the nations, the people who are non Jews, will never be spiritually equal to the Jew. That is my understanding. That is what they believe. I have heard it from a few rabbis.


It does not come across arrogant. It comes across with a spirit of responsibility, which I can understand, because we have a responsibility here to bring this word to the people that the Lord directs us to bring it to. So I can understand where they are coming from. Who are they? The rabbis, the chief rabbis that are leading the spiritual community of Judaism today. They believe that they are commissioned, just like the Church believes that they are commissioned to take the Gospel all over the world. The Jews believe that they are commissioned to bring forth Messiah, and to be a teacher of the Scripture to the nations. They believe that the anointing that is available to the nations will never be equal to the anointing that is available to the Jew. That is what the Jews believe today. Now, that is my understanding, and of course there are so many different opinions throughout the body of Christ, and different opinions throughout Judaism, also.


My understanding of the general attitude of Christianity today is that everyone that has the Holy Spirit is pretty much equal, and the message that is going forth to the world is that you either go to heaven or hell. They want you to hear this message of salvation, so that after you die, you are preserved. I do not hear the message of Christianity going forth saying that we just want to teach you. I do not know that I can honestly tell you what the Jews believe in this area. They do not focus on life after death. They do not focus on heaven. My understanding, for whatever it is worth of Jewish doctrine, is that they believe that Messiah is going to bring in a new age of peace and prosperity here on the earth. That is what we believe here too.


Personally, the teaching in the Church today, as far as I am concerned, of the life hereafter is out of Egyptian mystery religion. I do not see that the Scripture teaches that. Messiah is suppose to appear on the earth. The meek shall inherit the earth. All judgment is in the flesh, so that we should learn to live after the Spirit. I do not see God taking His Church or humanity to another place. He is going to fix what is wrong here. To the best of my knowledge, that is what the Jews teach. It is the modern day Christians that teach otherwise with their focus on heaven or hell. The focus of the Jews is here on the earth. Therefore they are concerned with the teaching, imparting a knowledge of God, and telling people how to live by the law, so that destruction does not come upon them.


You may be hearing this message and saying, well we are not under the law, but we are under the spiritual law of God. The Jews, indeed, they were under the civil law of God. They would like to impart that to any Gentile, that is a non Jew, that wants to convert to Judaism. We are under the spiritual law of God. I do not agree that we are under the civil law of the Jews, with the sacrifice and the washing of the hands, and all of the physical manifestations, but we are definitely under the law of the ten commandments. We are definitely under the law of love. The difference is that, in Christ Jesus we have the ability, or the potential, to have the Lord


internalized in us. The word Lord means controller. We have the potential, and the privilege, of hoping to have Christ Jesus formed in us, to the degree that He will control our sin nature, that we might live out of righteousness.


Paul is saying, I am sent both to the Jews and to the non Jews. This is a radical thing. Of course, he is saying it to the Roman Christians. He is not saying it to the Jews because Paul is saying, no, I do not agree with the Jewish doctrine. He did not believe that the Jewish people, as a responsibility, will always be higher than the nations of the world, no matter how much of God the nations receive, because the Jewish people are the priests and the intercessors. It was not said in an arrogant way, but never the less, according to Jewish doctrine, no non Jew could ever equal a Jew spiritually.


Now in Christ Jesus, Paul is saying, no, there is now no Jew nor Greek in Christ Jesus. We all have the same potential in Jesus Christ because He is our spirituality. He is our righteousness. He is our new man. He is our everything. In Christ Jesus, who is the perfect Jew, we become Him when we die to our natural life and become everything that He is. We become the Israel of God. Now this revelation the Jews do not have.


I do not think the Church has it either, because we are also told in the Book of Romans that Israel will be grafted back into his own tree. There is a lot of confusion, a lot of mixed doctrines, and a lot of different opinions in the Church. My whole point for this message is that Paul is saying, he is sent both to the Greeks and the non Greeks with this great message that he received from God. It is a radical statement. Paul, as an ambassador of God, is sent to the non Jew as well as the Jew. That was radical.


He was also sent to those who have both practical skill, keen judgment and insight. He is sent to smart people, and to those who live by their instincts. He is sent to successful people in this world. He is also sent to people who are not intellectual. He is sent to retarded people. He is sent to crippled people. He is sent to non functioning people. He is sent to alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes. He is sent to morally corrupt people. He is sent to the bum lying on the street. He is sent to everybody. That is radical. I hear that same response from others that one would expect from the Jew, who say we are the special people, and we are trained to manifest the nature of God. How could you compare us to someone who is not even educated, let alone someone who is reprobate, who is lying on the streets because they cannot stop drinking or prostituting. How could you compare us to them?


You may recall how the pharisees disdained Peter because he was not educated. Paul is saying, I am sent to everybody, to the most ignorant of human beings, because we are all equal in that we are sinners and transgressors of the law. Our human intellect and our human instincts, our human successors in the world, no matter how victorious we are, does not make us any better before God than that retarded person or the prostitute, because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Everyone has broken the law, therefore everybody is worthy of death. Now I hear these things in the Church today. You mean that person who did that terrible thing is going to the same place that I am going? You mean that person who committed murder, that person who did such evil, is going to the same place that I am going? I hear that in the Church today. That is the same attitude that we found in the Jews.


The answer to that question is this, there are two judgments that are coming upon us. We will reap what we sow. If someone did evil, they will reap evil. The person who did not do that evil will not reap evil in their natural lifetime. As far as immortality is concerned, as far as salvation is concerned, everybody is going to die. If Christ Jesus is not internalized in us, and if He does not take over the life functions of our body, we are going to die. It does not matter, whether you are a murderer, or you are a perfect person, by human standards, that has never done anything wrong in your life. You are both equal in that you will both live for a season and die because you have both broken the law.


Nevertheless, you will reap what you sow in your natural life. If you spend your whole life taking care of people like Mother Theresa, you will reap good in your life. Of course, Mother Theresa died. I have had a lot of people tell me, you mean Mother Theresa is not saved. She died. She sowed and reaped good things in her life, but she still was a transgressor of the law. How can you say that, Sheila? Because she died, and righteous people do not die.


That is the whole point of the resurrection. The grave could not hold Jesus. O death, where is thy sting? Where is thy victory? The grave could not hold Him, and His carcass disappeared because Jesus of Nazareth was a righteous man. He is the only one in the New Testament, anyway. They could not find Moses' or Elijah's body either. That is the sign of a righteous man, that you do not leave your residue in this world.


The whole purpose of leaving a residue in this world, the fact that you leave a carcass, that you leave a skeleton, is an indication that you will be coming back. It is an indication that you belong in this world. Jesus of Nazareth did not belong in this world. He clearly said, I am not of this world. I am of another world, and if I wanted to escape the cross, I could have called on myriads of angels and escaped. I am not of this world, He said. The proof of it was that when He left this world, there was no carcass to prove that He would be coming back. There was no memorial saying that this man was of this world and there is his body. There is no body.


All of these religious institutions that seek the Shroud of Turin, and the cup that Jesus drank from, and all of these relics, there is a sinister spirit behind that trying to prove that Jesus was of this world, but He was not. There is no residue of His in this world. The Holy Grail, if there is such a thing, is His living Spirit. His living Spirit that seeks to live inside of men today, that is the Holy Grail. His Spirit is our access to eternal life, to immortality and prosperity, and wealth and riches, and everything else you could desire in this world. Christ in you is the hope of your glorification. The Shroud of Turin will not help you. A cup called the Holy Grail will not help you. It is His Spirit, His living Spirit.


Satan manifests in many different ways in this world, trying to mislead us away from the true path to what everyone is looking for, victory over the powers and principalities of this world. Victory over hell, victory over death, victory over disease, victory over everything that gives us sorrow and tears in this world. It is in His Spirit. It is not in a cup, or a robe, or a piece of bone, or anything else that you could find. It is not in Noah's ark. Did they find Noah's ark? I do not know. I do not have time to be reading that stuff. I am too busy having a relationship with this living Spirit of God that is in my life every day.


Paul is saying something radical here. He is telling the pharisees, that thought they were better than everybody else, that before God they are equal to the prostitute. This is radical. Now I just said something that might sound like a contradiction, so let me clarify this. When I said the Jewish position was that they had a responsibility to teach the nations, and that they thought that they would always hold that position of teacher and therefore be higher than the nations. That did not come forth in arrogance. It was similar to the Church thinking that we have to go out and evangelize the nations. I said that previously, and now I just said that the pharisees in their pride were horrified to think that they could be in the same spiritual category as a prostitute. I am comparing or I am talking about the national position, the Jewish national position. It was not coming out of an ungodly spirit, that they felt that they were the teachers of the nations, but the individual pharisees felt that they were better than the individual man in the street. Does everybody got it?


Paul has just told the Romans that all are moral transgressors before God. Paul speaking; I am predisposed to preach the gospel to you that are at Rome also, because all are moral transgressors before I AM. All are moral transgressors, and for that reason Paul is predisposed to preach the gospel to those at Rome also, because the Jewish teachers are not higher than you indefinitely. It is possible for you to ascend to their position in Christ Jesus, therefore, I want to preach to you. I want to teach you what the Jewish authorities know. Since the resurrection of Jesus Christ, this exalted position that was given to Israel, and only existed in Jewry at the time because the other tribes were lost and missing, is available to the Gentiles, also. This is radical. No wonder they were after Paul and tried to kill him. They tried to stone him. In one place, we are told that several men took an oath that they would die if it would result in their killing Paul. They wanted to kill him that badly.


Listen to what he is preaching. For this reason, he wants to preach the gospel to the Romans also. Now the Gospel of Christ that went to the Jew first and then to the Greek, which is capable of rescuing everyone who trusts in Christ, he says it does not shame me. He said I am not ashamed of that Gospel. That is what it sounds like, and that is how it is preached, that Paul would be ashamed of the Gospel, but that is not what he is talking about. Paul has hidden in these words the revelation that the Gospel that Paul preaches involves the revelation of the sin nature of the individual.


Paul is saying I am not ashamed to have my sin nature revealed. He was not ashamed of the Gospel. He was saying it is okay, you can expose me. You can expose me. I am an open book before you. You can see everything about me. I have nothing to hide, because when you find sin in me it is not to shame me, it is for my good so that I can repent, and have that sin, or the equivalent of that sin, replaced with the equivalent of Christ. That is what he is talking about. This Gospel, and this revelation and exposure of sin, I will not let it shame me, and I will let you look at me.


As it is written, the dunamis power of God is given to overcome the carnal mind, so that fallen mankind might live out of Christ. There it is right there. He is talking about the carnal mind. The dunamis power of God is given to overcome the carnal mind. How is the carnal mind overcome? By exposing its faultiness in the way it reasons, and thinks, and the way it produces lies. We were talking about that before we started taping today. From a spiritual point of view, any wrong thought, any thought that does not agree with the mind of Christ, spiritually speaking, is a lie. These become roadblocks and stumbling blocks in our mind that we cannot get past because we think we cannot do it.


Paul says, I have come to give you the same ability that I have to overcome my carnal mind. I have come to give it to you. What I want to give you is the seed of Christ that will grow into your new man, of which the mind of Christ is a part. He says, as it is written, the dunamis power of God is given to overcome the carnal mind, so that fallen mankind might live out of Christ. It is given so that the character of God may be revealed through fallen Adam, so that fallen Adam might be justified by the righteousness of Christ.


We are talking about the justification of fallen Adam, of restoration back to his position of righteousness before he was seduced by the Serpent. That is the reason Paul is going to the Romans. That is the reason he is a preacher of the Gospel. That is the reason he is coming to Rome, to give these people the opportunity to live out of Christ, so that the character of God might be revealed through them, that they might be justified by the righteousness of Christ, and therefore be legitimate recipients of all that Christ has promised.


He goes on to explain why we need to be justified by the righteousness of Christ. This is verse 18. Because the violent passion of God for His people is revealed through Christ Jesus, who is in heaven, against all wickedness and injustice of fallen Adam's carnal mind. I mentioned this earlier. I do not know if it was on this message or before we started taping. God is angry at sin all the day long. He loves the people. We are the children of the kingdom that was stolen before time began. God is angry at sin.


The problem is that our mind is reprobate, and we agree with our sin nature rather than with God, so we are present when God wages war against our sin nature. We receive the same warfare because we are in agreement with our sin nature rather than in agreement with God. We see that God is violently passionate towards us, that His judgment, the judgment that He pours out, is for the specific purpose of causing the carnal mind to release us because he is violently passionate for us. We are His bride. He is a man fighting for his wife.


I will read that again. Because the violent passion of God for His people is revealed through Christ Jesus who is in heaven, against all the wickedness and injustice of fallen Adam's carnal mind. Now what does fallen Adam's carnal mind do? It unjustly holds back the truth that the carnal mind reveals the nature of the Serpent. Paul is talking about the message that is being preached. He is talking about the message, that at that time, came out of Judah. Today it is coming out of the Church. The carnal mind of the preachers who have the Holy Spirit added to their carnal persons, are preaching a message which unjustly holds back the truth that the carnal mind reveals the nature of the Serpent.


Now there are always exceptions to the rule, but as far as I know, the preachers in the five fold ministry today will teach you that you are in the image of God. We are not in the image of God. We are in the likeness of God. We are made out of the holy substance that was created to form man, but the Serpent stole the creation. That was what the Fall was all about. Today, we are born with the image of the Serpent, not with the image of God. That is why the clay that we are made of has to be crushed and reformed as we read about it in the Book of Isaiah. God is the potter, we are the clay. He has to reform us. We are not in the image of God. It is the carnal mind of today's five fold ministry that is lying to the people. They are holding back the truth that the carnal mind of mortal man, that everybody is born with, reveals the nature of the Serpent, and that that carnal mind is ruling and reigning in the Church today.


Verse 19; But the mind of Christ reveals the nature of God from within the members of fallen Adam from where it shines forth. We know it as the anointing. The nature of God that is in Christ is not in the Holy Spirit. It is in Christ, the nature of God. I can just hear the people screaming right now, God is love, God is love. We must define love in accordance with God's definition. The word love, the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ, includes correction to those who are out of the way. That is the love of God, just like you love your children when you discipline them and teach them to live righteously. That judgment, that correction, is not in the Holy Spirit.


Therefore, I say unto you, the Holy Spirit is the female aspect of Christ; love, peace, and joy. That is the right hand of Christ, but there is a left hand that corrects the carnal mind, and resists it, and restrains it, from ruling over the personality. That is what the Church is lacking today. The five fold ministry today are spiritual women. They are preaching out of their carnal mind, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit does not judge sin. We have to have the male seed grafted to us so that we can become a whole spiritual man. It is needed so that the male aspect of Christ can judge our carnal mind, so that the female aspect of Christ can manifest that love, because the carnal mind will not receive the love of God. It cannot recognize it and will not receive it.


Verse 19 again. When the mind of Christ reveals the nature of God from within the members of fallen Adam, from where it shines forth. That is where the nature of God is. It is within the members of fallen Adam, and fallen mankind can one day, or in one minute, or in one second, can be manifesting the nature of God, and then the next minute or second be manifesting the nature of the Serpent, which is in their carnal mind. Brethren, prophesying and speaking in tongues do not manifest the nature of God. These are the gifts of the Spirit which manifest the raw dunamis power of God.


The righteousness, and the wisdom, and the understanding, and the knowledge of God are in the man. That will not come forth in us if our carnal mind is not punished. Our carnal mind must be punished. What does that mean? She must be forced down under the authority of the male seed. That is what punishment means. She must be forced to submit to the Christ. I am talking about within an individual. I have the mind of Christ and I have the carnal mind. The carnal mind must be punished. My own Christ mind must punish the carnal mind, within me, and force her down under His authority, so that I can live out of Christ, and be righteous before God.


If the carnal mind is on top of Christ in me, then there is no mediator. The carnal mind is not a mediator between man, the personality, and God. The man, Christ Jesus, is the only mediator between the Lord Jesus Christ and my personality. If the carnal mind has authority over my Christ mind, my mediator, Christ in me, is non functioning. He has a head covering, the carnal mind. Therefore, my Christ mind must punish my carnal mind, and force that carnal mind down under His authority, so that the mediator that will put me in communication with the Glorified Jesus Christ, can come into existence in my life and in my person.


I am going to reread verse 19 and go on to 20. But the mind of Christ reveals the nature of God from within the members of fallen Adam, from where it shines forth, because both the invisible dunamis power and immortal divinity that formed the original creation of the world is clearly seen and fully comprehended. The deity, the immortal divinity that formed the original creation of the world. What do you mean by the original creation of the world? Is this not the original creation of the world? Absolutely not ! God did not make a world that corrupts, that turns to dust. Jesus clearly said that. This is the place where moth corrupts. This is not the original creation. We fell out of the original creation, down into this place. This place has a name. It is called hell. You do not go to hell after you die. This is hell right here. You already died. In Adam all died. In Christ, all will be made alive.


Because both the invisible dunamis power; that is the Holy Spirit, and the immortal divinity that formed the original creation. That is the wisdom, that is the male seed. That is the Spirit of Christ. The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ are not the same. Both of them are clearly seen and fully comprehended by the Christ in you. Your carnal mind cannot see the divinity that formed this world. That is why believers who have the Holy Spirit frequently war against believers that have the Spirit of Christ. They think they are not of God.


We read about that in the Book of Jude, that there are Christians that cannot recognize spiritual dignitaries. They think that they are evil. Jude says these people that cannot recognize the Spirit of Christ on another man are brute beasts. Jude said it, not me. What does that mean? It is a hard way of saying you are carnal. You cannot recognize the Spirit of Christ on a man and you treat that man badly, someone who carries the male seed. That means you are no better than the animals.


That is a hard word, but that is what the Scripture says. Either you are Christ or you are in the animal nature. Either you are in the Christ nature, either you are thinking with the Christ mind, or you are thinking with the animal nature. Jude clearly said they are brute beasts. That is what he means. They are thinking with the animal mind. The carnal mind is the mind of the animal. The Serpent is an animal. The Serpent is a beast, the most subtlest beast of all the beasts in the field.


Therefore, Paul says, Israel cannot defend themselves. What does that mean, they cannot defend themselves? He is not talking about the man in the street. He is not talking about the person that never heard of Jesus Christ. He is saying, Israel cannot defend themselves because they have truly seen and experienced the dunamis power of God. They have seen miracles. The Jews celebrate the miracles of God. They are in the Scripture, and they have also seen the immortal divinity that formed the original creation, the wisdom of God. The Jews have been the recipients of both the power of God that delivered them from Egypt, and the wisdom of God that was delivered to them by Moses. They have no excuse.


They have no excuse for what? They have no excuse for not recognizing the male spirit. The Scripture says, the pharisees offered Jesus up for envy. They knew who He was. They knew who He was. They understood everything that He said to them, but they chose to not believe it. What does that mean by they offered Him up for envy? Why did they not believe that Jesus was who He was? Brethren, because they could not believe that God would raise up someone into power that was not among their ranks. They did not believe what their eyes and their mind told them. They knew how Messiah would behave when He appeared in the earth. They knew how to identify Messiah, but they could not believe that Messiah was not a military commander, and that He was not one of theirs. He was not a member of the pharisee club, and they simply would not accept Him.


All the signs were there, and Israel had no excuse because they knew what signs to look for. That is why when the Jews said to Jesus, show us a sign, He rebuked them and said no sign for you. What do you think I am doing by healing the sick, feeding the poor, casting out demons, and raising the dead? What more of a sign do you want than that? So He did not even answer them. He said the only sign you are going to get is Jonah who was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale. Let me tell you, that today, the Church does not know what that means, but the pharisees knew what He meant. The pharisees knew that Jesus meant that He would be resurrected out of that physical body and out of that world system. They knew what He meant.


Paul says Israel cannot defend themselves, because when Christ was in their heart center, which means there was a time when Christ was powerful in Israel. We all know that. When Christ was in their heart center, instead of being grateful, they declared themselves to be wise in their own strength. That is verses 21 and 22. They thought that their relationship with God had made them supermen and then the forgot about God. That is what this means. They thought it was them.


You all heard my testimony about how I cast out demons for five years. As the Lord prepared to move me on to the next stage of my education, suddenly I could not cast out demons anymore. When I sought the Lord about what happened, He said to me, you never could cast them out. You never did have power to cast out demons. It was my power. I just loaned it to you. You never had that power to cast out demons. It was my power. So you see, Christians are going through the same process and experiences that the Jews went through. There are many Christians today that think they have power. We do not have any power.


If you are in the Holy Ghost, you do not have any power. Everything you have is loaned to you, because true power arises only out of righteousness. Righteousness is only in the nature of God. That means only a mature manifestation of Christ Jesus, within an individual, will contain residential spiritual power. Jesus and Paul had internalized spiritual power. Elijah had internalized spiritual power, but because that power arose out of righteousness, there was no chance that they would use it, or like a chance in ten million that they would use it apart from the will of God. That was what Jesus meant when He said I only do what my Father tells me to say and do.


Jesus had internalized residential spiritual power, and the Father trusted Him with it that He would use it only for the will of God. That kind of spiritual power will not be given to human men that are still living out of their carnal minds. Any power that you see in the Church today is loaned power. It was given and it could be taken away at any time.


Israel cannot defend themselves. They saw the dunamis power. They saw the miracles and they saw the wisdom of God, but when Christ was internalized in them, when Christ was internalized in Israel, instead of being grateful, they thought that they were great. So Jehovah internalized power in Israel, and they turned to their pride rather than to God. The result of internalized power being imparted to Israel was that they were lifted up in pride to the point that the Lord had no choice but to take them down. Do you hear what I am saying? Israel had internalized power that the Church does not even have today. They thought that they became great because their pride apprehended what God gave them. Instead of giving God the glory, they thought they were great, and the Lord had no choice but to take them down.


We are told here, Israel had no excuse. What is this message all about? It is a message to today's Church, because today's Church is in a lot of trouble. Judgment is already falling, and it is going to fall harder. The tragedy of it is that judgment is perceived as the works of Satan. Repentance and confession does not come forth. The Church is a mess. The Church is not in right standing with God. The leadership is not in right standing with God. The male is in the house. Christ Jesus is in the Church, and He is maligned, and hated, and blasphemed, and His message and His word is maligned and hated, and blasphemed, and rejected. Men try to kill Him all the time.


The Church is in wrong order. That is the proof that the existing five fold ministry are in their carnal mind. They cannot recognize the man who has come into the house, and they are clinging to Jezebel's false doctrine as the truth. This cannot continue. Judgment must fall, because when Christ was in their heart center, instead of being grateful, they declared themselves to be wise in their own strength. They became intimate with Satan, who changed the honorable reputation of the God who cannot die, to resemble the spiritual and bestial nature of the fiery Serpent.


We are told that when they used the power of God, when the Israelites permitted their carnal mind to lay hold of the power of God, they chose to be intimate with Satan instead of with Jehovah. The carnal mind wants intimacy with Satan. This verse right here is proof that after power was imparted to Israel, that their carnal mind appropriated that power. If Christ had been formed in them, if Christ was formed in Israel after power was imparted to them, Christ would have chosen Jehovah. The very fact that Israel chose to be spiritually intimate with Satan is the proof that the impartation of power did not create the righteousness of Christ in them.


We see a similar manifestation in this country today. We see slums raising up everywhere. Our government has poured millions, if not billions of dollars, into slums and it does not help. The people that live in the slums are not helped by the impartation of money. Money does not help them because they have a spiritual problem, and they wreck and destroy everything that is given to them, like buildings built for them. I am not against anybody. I am not attacking anybody here. I am just telling you, millions and billions of dollars spent to build buildings, and we see people urinating in the hallways and not taking care of their property. It is because money is not the answer.


The people need a change of nature, and a change of mind. The people need to be dealt with on a spiritual level. In the same manner, this is the whole message, this is it in a nutshell, brethren. Power, true internalized power was imparted to Israel and it did not help them. It killed them, because when the power was imparted to them, they took it for themselves, instead of glorifying God. They, themselves, became great in their own eyes. Their carnal mind was exalted instead of their Christ mind. Their carnal mind established an intimate relationship with Satan rather than with Jehovah, and they became evil.


The impartation of power to Israel resulted in them turning evil. Why is Paul telling this to all of us? He is telling the Church, you are waiting for a new revival. It is not coming, Church. You are not getting power like Israel got power, so that you could be destroyed too. You are the bride of Christ and you are not going that way. You are not getting the power so long as you are in your carnal mind. If you will not let me expose your sins, says the
Lord, I am going to come and I am going to bring the sowing and reaping judgment on you until you cry out to me for help.


You are not getting the power until the nature of Christ is appearing in you, because we are not going to make this mistake twice. I am not implying that God made a mistake. This is not going to happen again. What happened to Israel the first time is not going to happen to the Israelite of God. That is the message. That is the message that nobody is preaching. The Lord is saying I have power for you. I want to give you power to heal, to deliver, to walk above all of the power of the enemy in this world, and great prosperity, so that you have no worries whatsoever, so you can go out and be my ambassadors to the rest of the world.


It will not be with this carnal mind set. I am not going to give it to you when your carnal mind is standing there waiting to swallow it up and decide that you now great ones. That is the message. So what do I have to do Lord? You have to have your sin nature exposed. What has seemed right in your eyes for all of these years, you have to face that God does not agree with you. Your carnal mind tells you what is right, and you desire to be a good person. You desire to be a righteous person, but it is your carnal mind's concept of who and what a righteous person is, and what a righteous person does, and how they behave.


God does not agree with you, but He recognizes your desire to be righteous. He recognizes your desire to be a good person in this world rather than an evil person in this world. His reaction to you, whoever is recognized in that category, that you desire to be good. He is offering you this opportunity to show you His definition of righteousness, and what He thinks the behavior of a righteous man is. He is offering you His mind, and His nature, and His righteousness, if you are willing to let go of your carnal mind.


We are all married to our carnal mind. Brethren, all of humanity is married to the Serpent. That is why Jesus called the pharisees vipers. He was not insulting them. That is the King James Translation. He was saying to them, you think you are righteous, but you are not. You are the offspring of the Serpent, and I have come to give you true righteousness, but you are so sure that you are already righteous that you think I am the enemy. That was what He was saying to them. It is the same thing happening today two thousand years later. The same thing has happened to the Church, except the Lord will not impart power to them. Whatever they have through the dunamis power of the Lord Jesus Christ, they think it is them. They think it is them.


Well Sheila, a lot of ministers would not agree with you. Brethren, there is only one test. There is only one test to say if you have received the Holy Spirit, and that is if you speak in other tongues. There is only one test that will prove whether you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit, and that is the ability to speak languages that you never heard before or never studied. There is only one test that will determine whether or not your nature is Christ or the Serpent. That test is that you will love the Spirit of Christ when it comes into your midst. You will love Him.


What is love? It means you will recognize Him and submit to Him, and that you will recognize Him even though He is in a carnal man. That is the only test that you even have a seed of the nature of God. There are very very few that can see it. There were very few in Paul's days because they were trying to kill him. They were always trying to assassinate Paul. Today it is the same thing.


This is Paul's message. The Lord is coming. We are told in another place that He is coming with a fiery recompense. What does that mean? Should we be shivering and frightened? Well not like that. The fiery recompense is against sin. God is angry against sin, and He is coming to judge our carnal mind. Either we will co-operate with Him or we will not co-operate with Him. This principle is clear in the Scripture. When Israel approached Jericho, the spies went into Jericho, and they found a prostitute who recognized that they were of God. She welcomed them and hid the spies in her house, in exchange for a promise that when Israel defeated Jericho, that she and her family would be saved. They were saved because they recognized that God was on these human people.


Then in the Old Testament, we have another account in 2 Samuel, Chapter 20. Joab was the captain of David's army. He was militarily chasing someone and the man was hiding inside of a town. David's army was about to destroy the town to get this one fugitive. The Scripture tells us there was a wise woman in that town. The army was all arrayed around the town. Towns had walls in those days. She came out and spoke to the leader and said what is all this about? He told her this fugitive is in your city, and we are going to destroy the whole city to get him out. She said, please give me some time to talk to the elders. Do not do this thing. Give me some time. He said okay.


She went inside and she called a meeting of all the elders. They determined that this man was indeed a fugitive, and they turned him over to the captain and the whole city was saved. Those who have the ability to see the reality of God, coming forth from a very fallible mortal human, recognize the spirit, as we said a few verses back. Recognizing the Spirit and the nature of God shining forth through an imperfect vessel, they shall be saved from the wrath to come. Is that not what John the Baptist was preaching? Be baptized and be saved from the wrath to come. What does that mean? It is talking about the sowing and reaping judgment that is out to destroy your carnal mind, that is blinding you from seeing the truth of God and hearing the message of God.


Those of us that can recognize the message and the messenger, and agree with that message, will survive the judgment or the exposure of our sin. The result will be that our nature will be converted to Christ. Those who cannot see or recognize the Spirit of God, they will go through the sowing and reaping judgment that is falling on their carnal mind. Hopefully, they will survive too, but they will have a hard time. God's motive towards us is not punishment. God's judgment is to separate us from what He does not want us joined to, which is our carnal mind. God's judgment is designed to separate us from unions, relationships, and spiritual relationships that are working against His plans in our life. His plans for us are always good.


When trouble comes into our life, brethren, we have to batten down the hatches, hang on, and seek God for what we are suppose to do. If at the end of the storm, a relationship that you have been in has broken up, after you have done everything you know how to do, then you know that it was God that broke you up for your good because He has plans for your life. Why does it have to be a storm that ends the relationship? It is because we do not listen to Him because our mind tells us a different story.


The Church that I was raised up in, I thought I would never leave that church. The Lord came to me one day and told me I am taking you out of this church. I said, get out of here, devil, I rebuke you. I rebuked God for six months, thinking He was Satan. Then I left the hard way. See, I could have left like a lady. I could have left saying goodbye to everybody, but I left in the midst of a big confrontation with my pastor, who at that time was doing something ungodly. The Lord raised me up as a prophet, and I had to tell him the truth, and I went out of the church with a very unpleasant situation.


The Scripture says that God does not do anything without telling His prophets He is going to do it. See, we just had somebody who just died in this ministry. We prayed and had faith until the end that God would give her a miracle, but this was a retarded woman with a five year old mentality, that I called a child. God told her she was going to die, and I did not believe it, because I felt that I should not believe it. God told her she was going to die. She told her niece, and she was dead within two weeks. See, God does not do anything without telling us. Our problem is we do not believe Him or we do not hear Him, or we do not like what He says, so we decide it is Satan. Then God has to do it the hard way.


Israel cannot defend themselves because when Christ was in their heart center, instead of being grateful, they declared themselves to be wise in their own strength, and they became intimate with Satan. That is what happens. When God does something wonderful through you, and you take the glory for it, you have set up a league between yourself and Satan. That is what you have done. You strengthened your carnal mind. You cannot take the glory away from God. It is very dangerous. For your own sake, it very dangerous to take the glory away from God.


Verse 23. They set up an intimate relationship with Satan. What that means is God does a miracle through you, you take the glory, and your carnal mind gets stronger. That is what it means. When your carnal mind gets stronger, Christ gets forced down under. That is what that means. So Satan or your carnal mind, who in her thoughts, in the thoughts of the carnal mind, change the honorable reputation of God, who cannot die, to resemble the spiritual and bestial nature of the Serpent. Paul is talking about how we think. Satan, in our carnal mind, changes the honorable reputation of God. How do you change someone's honorable reputation? How is someone's reputation known? It is known by what they say.


The carnal mind corrupts the message of God. The carnal mind corrupts the doctrine that God is preaching. That is how Satan changes the honorable reputation of God. Satan goes around in people's minds telling you that God kills babies, and God kills your cat, and God burns you in hell forever. That is your carnal mind talking to you. God does not do stuff like that. God is good ! God is good ! Satan is the evil one.


Satan, in your carnal mind, changes the honorable reputation of God, who cannot die. God is immortal. Satan, in your mind, tells you that God died on that cross. God cannot die ! God cannot die ! God cannot die ! He breathed out of that body. That body that hung on the cross, the body died, because God breathed out of it. It did not die from crucifixion. The body did not die from crucifixion. God cannot die !


I saw this is some Jewish publication where a mother was speaking to her son who was asking her about Jesus, because Jews have been persecuted for so many years for killing Christ. The mother was saying to the little boy, oh son, how could God die? How could that possibly be true that we killed God? How could God die? That is a good question. How can God die?


God cannot die. Jesus said no man can take my life. I lay it down willingly. That did not mean He was going to die. I have not looked up that word in the Greek, His existence in this world.


No one could force Him out of this world. He could have stayed in that body as long as the Father would have wanted Him to. That was what He meant. You could not put a knife in His heart and kill Him. You could not crucify Him and kill Him. He left of His own will. That whole big show, and that was what it was, it was a show of the crucifixion. It was so that this story could be around, so that people could believe on whatever level they are capable of believing. If you are on that level, you should not be listening to my message.


If you want to believe that Jesus was killed, that God was killed on that cross, and it is the beginnings of faith being imparted to you, then you believe it. Those of us that are in the preparation to receive internalized power cannot believe that. Those of us that hope to receive the internalized power of God, that means it is resident in us, because God has faith in us that we will only use it in accordance with His criteria and His will, and not for the will of Satan. Those of us that are hoping for that and training for that, you cannot believe that men killed God. Just like you cannot believe that Mary is the mother of God. She is not the mother of God. She is the mother of the human baby Jesus.


When Israel should have known better, they acquired God's power, and instead of using it to worship God, they exalted themselves. They set up a tie with Satan that caused their carnal mind to take authority or empower their carnal mind to take authority over their Christ mind. When their carnal mind became ascended in them, in their thoughts, they changed the honorable reputation of the God who cannot die, Romans 1:23, the God who cannot die, to resemble the spiritual and bestial nature of the fiery serpent.


Brethren, I have been preaching this for years. Church, you have got to decide who you think Jesus is. Either He is immortal or He is not. Do immortal Gods get down on their knees and experience such fear that they sweat blood because they do not want to be crucified? Is that the behavior and the actions of a God? Well, what was He? What is your mind making Him? A brute beast or a God? Of course, that is a false translation of what happened in the garden. That is what the carnal mind does. They make Him weak. They make Him a little baby sitting in a woman's arms. That is Satan. That is what Satan does to the living God, who cannot die.


Romans 1:23. He cannot die. Now listen to this in verse 21C. Because they honored Satan as god, not instead of God. They did not say, God Jehovah, we reject you, and we are going to worship Satan. They honored Satan as god. Brethren, this is going on in the Church today. Christians honoring Satan, and they think that they are honoring God. They are confused in their mind as to how God would behave in any given circumstance.


The Scripture says, in the last days they will do evil, and they will think they are doing God a favor. They will not be able to tell the difference between evil and good. They will think that evil is good and good is evil. They will persecute people and think they are doing God a favor. That is what this is talking about. It is very dangerous to let your carnal mind ascend above your Christ mind. It is the beginning of every evil work.


I remember when the Lord explained to me how rejection is a sin. I used to say, Lord, how could rejection be a sin? It made no sense to me at all, until one day He showed me the poison that came out of my own carnal mind and heart, every evil work, when I was rejected. He showed me how I hated it, how I retaliated, and how I wanted revenge. I was horrified, just horrified, the day that He showed me that. Because somebody rejects me, that is a sin? The sin is my reaction to the rejection. That is the sin.


How do we honor Satan as God? We honor Satan as God, when we are confused, and give her power. When we give Satan power apart from God, we honor her as God. We think that Satan has the power to do evil deeds apart from the will of God. Satan is the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment. She is God's employee. That is a hard one to understand. Every bad thing that happens to us, there is a legal ground for it to be happening. You have to be careful not to get in a religious spirit about this. I am talking about family line curses that could go back ten or one hundred generations. It does not make you an evil person because hardship is in your life.


I was dying at ten years old. We are fallen. Do not go blaming God for the bad things that happen to you. You have to get before God and find out what you have to do to get out from under this mess. Now we all do things in our life, but I am convinced that one person, aside from a serial killer could do something so terrible in one lifetime, that they should be dying prematurely or very early. I do not believe that. That is a family line curse. It is the accumulation of many sins of many generations to see a young person that sick and dying.


They honored Satan as God. They were deceived in their mind, and that was what they were doing. Some people think that the answer to sin is to explain why they did it. You did it, whether you knew what you were doing, whether you did not know what you were doing, whether you had a reason, whether you did not have a reason. If God says it is sin, you did it. If I drop this pen on the floor, it is going to be on the floor. Now I could deliberately drop it on the floor. I could maliciously crash it into the floor, but the pen is on the floor, and there will be a consequence. For everything we do, there is a consequence.


When they honored Satan as God. Why did they honor Satan as God? Because they took the glory instead of giving it to God. Look at the progression here. You get power from God, and you take the credit for it, then Satan rises. Then you have a league with Satan. Then you lose your ability to tell the difference between Satan and God, so you honor Satan as God. Now you become an expression of Leviathan, our foolish side.


Then they became expressions of Leviathan, their foolish side. This is very interesting. Do you know what this says to me? Then they became expressions of Leviathan, their foolish side. Now we all have pride, but if I had a major problem with pride, to the point that I was taking the glory instead of giving it to God, and I could not confess my sins, I would hear this message and I would say, Lord, I now know how I became an expression of Leviathan. Somewhere in my ancestral line, I must have had relatives that took the glory instead of giving it to God. When they knew better, they set up a league with Satan instead of with God, and somehow this happened to me. I would be confessing the sins of my ancestors, and breaking these curses and asking God for deliverance. In this lifetime, in this world, I am an expression of the foolish side of fallen Adam because pride is foolishness. That is how we get free, you see.


That is how this information would not shame Paul. If Paul should find out that this was true of him, he would not be ashamed. If I would find out that this was true of me, I am not ashamed of it. I just want to get free. I would not let anybody else shame me because of it. I just want to get free, Lord. I just found out something about myself. I found out how I got to be like this. How do I get out of it? That is what preaching is all about. It is suppose to help us. It is suppose to reveal our sins, convict us, and help us, but pride stops us from getting the help from it.


Verse 21. And Leviathan, their foolish side overshadowed Christ and they became idolatrous in their motives, in their reasoning, and in their communication with their fellows. That means in their thoughts and their communication, always exalting themselves. Then we are in trouble. See, there is no shame because I am looking at you through this whole thing. I am not here to shame you. This is information for you.


Verse 24. This is the reason why those who were gods oppose Christ. Brethren, we are all gods. We are told in the Book of Psalms that Israel were gods, but they died like men because instead of living out of their god side, they lived out of their foolish side. Everybody that has Christ in them is a god, but we also have a foolish side. We are having the same experience, a very similar experience that Israel had. We are doubleminded men that James talks about. We have a god side and a foolish side. This is the reason why those who were gods, opposed Christ, the spiritual body of their new man, who was in the image of God.


Our carnal mind is opposing Christ in us. Leviathan, our foolish side, our carnal mind, is opposing the image of God in us, and trying to kill it. Satan is in Leviathan as well. Because they were exalting themselves and idolatrous in their motives, reasoning, and communications with their fellow persons, they could not recognize Christ and they opposed Him, thinking He was Satan. They devalued Christ because they were idolatrous in their motives, reasoning, and communication with their fellows. They devalued their Christ side by surrendering themselves to the demonic immorality of pharaoh.


We are told that when we surrender ourselves to the thoughts of the carnal mind, we are surrendering ourselves to the demonic immorality of pharaoh. What does that mean? Pharaoh was a high manifestation, an ascended manifestation of the carnal mind, which we have studied in other messages. I am not going to go into it now because we are running very late. I had hoped to finish this today. Let me see if I could possibly do it. If not, we are going to stop. I will not be able to finish it today, so I will just finish this verse.


And this is the reason why those who were gods opposed Christ, the spiritual body of their new man, who was in the image of God. Now you may say I never devalued Christ. Well, you need to understand this. Either Christ or the carnal mind can be ascended at one time. If you are exalting yourself, you are devaluing Christ. You may not be actively devaluing Christ, but you are passively devaluing Christ when you value the wrong value, you devalue the true value. We need to understand this. Sometimes we deal with issues passively.


If we do not deal with them overtly and say, the Bible says let your yes be yes and your no be no. If we do not do that, we are passively saying no, and we are devaluing the yes. It is just the reality of life. If you stop to think about it, you know about that. It is true. If you have two choices, if someone says to you, would you like to go to such and such a place with me today, and you do not answer them, or you just go about your business, you have said no. You may not have said the word, but you have devalued the invitation by ignoring it. It is just a reality of life. You have said no passively.


They devalued their Christ side by surrendering themselves to the demonic immorality of pharaoh. What that means is that Israel was spiritually ascended, and they were spiritually ascended on the other side. I really do not want to get into discussing pharaoh today, because I have to end the message right now anyway. Pharaoh was a high manifestation on the other side across from Christ. They were spiritually ascended because they continued to desire spiritual experiences, but they were on the other side. They may not even have known they were on the other side. How did they get on the other side across from Christ? They did not give God the glory.


They took it for themselves. That is how you get on the other side. He has to be absolutely first in everything we think and do. He is a good God. It will work to our benefit putting Him first. We should not be afraid to put Him first. We have to trust Him, especially if you want to call yourself a Christian. You cannot afford to not put Him first, especially if you are in a ministry like this. Satan will wipe the floor with you. They surrendered themselves to the demonic immorality of pharaoh that entered into their hearts when they longed for forbidden spiritual experiences. What are the spiritual experiences that are forbidden? Spiritual experiences that come out of the other side.


I long for spiritual experiences. I just love the spiritual life, but I do not dare take a spiritual experience from Satan. There are spiritual experiences I have not yet experienced. The Lord told me that someday I would travel in the Spirit. I long for that experience. I love it. I love the idea of it. I do not know if I love it. I do not know what the possible pleasant side of it may be, but I would love to have that experience. I have to wait until God says it is time for me to have that experience. I have to wait. I do not want it before I am ready. Am I going to have one good experience and ruin my whole life? It does not make any sense.


So that was when pharaoh was formed in their heart, when they pursued spiritual experiences on a high spiritual plane, apart from the wisdom and instruction, and the Spirit of God. That was what happened to them. Then they all got into witchcraft. It is all through the Bible that Israel got into witchcraft. They were constantly in trouble because they got into witchcraft. I had hoped to finish today, but I cannot. We have one more part on this message. This is Part 3. We will be doing Part 4 next. Are there any questions or comments before I close for today, anybody? Guess everybody knows the whole message and can now preach it. You are going to go to your friends and neighbors and repeat everything I say. (Laughter).




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