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          We are doing a study in Genesis 4, verses 17 through 24, and comparing the characters or the personalities of Cain’s line with the Titans of Greek mythology. We are doing this because the Lord has told us that Pastor Manning is possessed by the household of Cain.

          I want to give you an idea of how the Lord teaches. We are always doing multiple things here, and one of the things we are learning is how to become familiar with the Lord’s style so we can recognize Him more easily. One of the ways that He teaches me is in sequence. He teaches me in sequence.

          First He told me that Pastor Manning had a spirit guide. Then weeks later, He told me that it was more than a spirit guide. He told me that Pastor Manning was possessed by a community of spirits. Then he revealed to me that Pastor Manning was possessed by Cain and the whole household of Cain. 

          I have an update for you before we actually start on our notes and go on with Genesis. I want to tell you about something that happened.

          About the time this incident started with Pastor Manning, someone in the ministry had a dream that reminded me so much of another dream by someone else in the ministry, which we interpreted in 1994, on a message titled Witches in the Sky (we usually interpret dreams as a group). This dream was very powerful, it was so profound.  I am going to give you the high points of it in a minute. At the time I was told of the second dream (July 2006), I pulled the two dreams together and we talked about it, and I thought the dream might have to do with Pastor Manning.

This week, the person who had the second dream, emailed me and reminded me of the dream, and asked if I thought we should post this dream and the interpretation to the website since we are posting all these messages on Pastor Manning.

          This gave me an opportunity to review my interpretation of the dream. I looked at it and said that I could not post this because the interpretation is all wrong. I am always looking for the most positive interpretation of a dream because I believe that the Lord is positive. I always look for the most positive interpretation unless the Lord specifically tells me otherwise. The Lord has now given me what I believe is the true interpretation.

As a matter fact I just wrote it up, and it may be posted to the website already. I also did a comparison of dreams that psychics receive, and the dreams that God gives us, and pointed out the differences between them. I did send it for posting so you will get that soon.

These are the main points of the dream of 12 years ago. (1) The sky was filled with witches that were coming down to the earth. (2)There were bales of wheat but the wheat was black.

Sometimes I am amazed at my own naivety, but maybe it was not time for me to see the truth of that symbol of the black wheat. In the interpretation, I know that wheat signifies believers. Why it did it not occur to me that black wheat would signify black believers is beyond me. I did not get it.

Today I believe the black wheat signifies black believers. That wheat was being gathered together by angels and cut down, which is not good. The wheat was being cut down. We have evil angels….

The Lord is having me do this at the last minute I do not have the dream in front of me. That is all that I can remember right now of the main principles of the dream, Witches in the Sky.

Dream of 1994 (inserted during editing)

I saw jagged rocks. The sun was set, and the sky was red, and I saw witches coming up from all over the place, up in the sky, starting to fill the sky. They were witches on brooms. Then I saw a field of wheat, black wheat marching. And I saw a sickle. They were being cut down. It was angels cutting them down, cutting down the black wheat that was marching, and after that I heard, just tell her, just tell her.

There is another important thing. This is incredible. I remember discussing with you. You were sitting right across from me at the other house, and the word assassination came up. The whole group had a discussion over whether this word of knowledge meant physical assassination (death), or whether it meant character assassination. We had this whole big discussion. I said I did not know. We did not even know what the dream meant.

The person who had this second dream is a black believer that is a part of this ministry. The younger sister, a young girl who is very sweet and has a relationship with the Lord, was in the dream. 

The main part of the dream was that a criminal came in, and shot the young girl in the middle of her forehead which is where our third eye is. The forehead or brow (sixth) energy center is a high place to be. When your consciousness is in the sixth energy center I believe you have supernatural power the type that Moses had. I believe that is where Jesus was in the days of his flesh. He abode in the sixth energy center. 

A criminal came in and shot her in that sixth energy center, and she was walking around with a hole in her head but she was still alive. Well, we tend to say alive but, this is not life, she still had an existence. She was still conscious.

Dream of 23 July 2006 (inserted during editing)

It was at night, everyone was asleep. I felt there was something happening outside and went to see what. Everywhere was dark. I saw what looked like a large whirlwind with little red/orange objects coming from the sky. But as it got near to the earth, the objects turned out to be human beings, human beings dropping from the sky. It felt like an invasion. There were thousands of them. It was like they started causing havoc and harassing people. We were trying to hide from them. There was a point when one of them got and shot my sister in the forehead and I was crying. But I after all found out that she was still alive with the hole in her forehead.

I had put those two dreams together, and I made something positive of the witches in the sky. The only way that I could make it positive was to say that Pastor Manning would perceive the Sons of God, sent to deliver him, as witches. That is how I interpreted it. 

I think that it was a true revelation that it was about Pastor Manning, but I did not have the full revelation of who the witches in the sky were. The Lord gives me little bits at a time. That is an example of what I am trying to tell you, that the Lord teaches me in sequence.

As I have told you we are all ascending spiritually and we are deliberately being raised up by the Lord to be spiritually powerful people. Now, if that spirit that makes us spiritually powerful is the spirit of the world we are witches. If that spirit that makes us spiritually powerful is the Spirit of the Lord, it makes us the Sons of God. It is the same experience; the only question is, Which spirit is giving you the power, and who is behind the power will determine how you will use that power.

Today, I have to honestly tell you that I was positive because I had no reason not to be positive. Now that the Lord gives me other information, I have to accept it. Those witches in the sky are the household of Cain. They are all of the disembodied spirits of Cain that are seeking to reincarnate in this generation. The battle plan is the same thing that happened on the other side of the flood.

Luke 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. KJV 

Jesus said that as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be today. The degree of understanding in the Church today, and in me for a long time, as to what Jesus was talking about is, we will see homosexuality rising in the land. That is the least of it, brethren, the absolute least of it. What happened in the days of Noah that brought forth the flood? Let me review for you here our whole message.

Adam was seduced by the Serpent. Adam died to his immortality. Adam brought forth mortal offspring, Cain and Abel. Jehovah said, You have fallen down to a lower plane of consciousness than when I created you, now you are divided, you are Cain and Abel. I am going to give you another chance.  The Bible says they were brothers, but Cain and Abel are female. This is not very commonly taught, but everyone that is mortal is spiritually female. 

Jehovah said, Abel, I give you authority over Cain. The Lord can do that. I am not different than you are but the Lord said, Pastor Vitale, I made you the leader. The Lord does that. He takes two people who are equal, and makes one the leader. That is what He does.

Some people have a problem believing that their brother has been made a leader. It is the Lord’s choice. Why? There has to be a leader, somebody has to be the leader. The Lord never has a group of people running any organization or any ministry that He raises up. There is never a group of people running it. He has one leader that is under Him, and then there may be other leaders under the physical head. It goes down the hierarchy. The Lord speaks to one man. That is the Scripture, brethren.

I am having a little trouble breathing this morning, I do not know why. I also am having some trouble preaching, so bare with me. I had a really hard time on Sunday. There is a lot of spiritual activity going on. I just want you to be aware of that. Please excuse me for my stumbling.

I started to tell you what happened before the flood. Adam gave birth to mortal offspring, Cain and Abel. Jehovah gave Abel authority over Cain. In that action of appointing an authority, the creation came back into right standing with Jehovah, and became subject to or became equipped to receive the life-giving energy of God.

The life-giving energy of God has to be channeled to us from the eternal realm, and the Lord channels it through one person. From that person it spreads out to all the others. That is the Lord’s plan; that is not my plan. That is the Lord’s plan. Jehovah said, Abel is the channel, and now Abel, when you go on top of Cain I will be channeling my energy to you and it will go through you to Cain, and to the whole creation, and you will all live.

Cain did not like it. We have to understand that this was not an issue of Abel sacrificing a lamb (if that is what he sacrificed). It was not a physical sacrifice, and it was not an issue of Cain offering something he grew from the ground. We really have got to go on with our understanding because if that is the reason that one brother or one sibling would kill another, then that is really sick.

 It has to be more than that. It was that Abel received the power, Abel received the authority, Abel received the righteousness, and Cain was subject to him in all things. Abel became a spiritual male because Jehovah chose it, but they were both spiritually female.

When Cain killed Abel, he killed and buried the channel that connected the life-giving energy of God to the whole creation. It was cut off. It is as if to say, if some bizarre event happened, and our mouths were stitched up, we would starve to death. How would you get food inside you if your mouth is stitched up, forget about modern medicine and intravenous feeding, forget about all that?

We could be surrounded by food, and we would die. The disease that I had a supernatural healing from, prevented my intestines from absorbing the nutrients from the food, and I was dying.  I was eating, I was not skinny I had flesh on my body, the food was putting flesh on my body, but my intestines where not extracting the nutrients from the food, and I was dying. That is the example.

The whole creation started to die when Cain killed Abel, and put Abel under him. In any ministry where the people kill the pastor, the ministry will die. If the ministry was truly set up by God and that pastor is truly hearing from God, and Jezebel comes in and puts that pastor under her or him (Jezebel could be a woman or a man) the ministry will die.

This is because the Lord speaks to the head, and whatever the Lord says goes from the head down to the body. He is not going to accept the Jezebel. He is not going to do it. He will let the ministry die, and you need to know that. The whole Church world needs to know that. Believers all over the Church-world are killing their pastors everyday. You need to know that.

What was the next step that Jehovah took to save the life of His creation? He gave Adam another seed, Seth. Cain was put out of the garden, Cain was disgraced but he was not allowed to die. Jehovah put a mark on him that no one should kill him, and Cain went to the mortal side of the Garden of Eden. This whole universe is in the Garden of Eden, we are in the mortal side of it.

Those of us who are in the Kingdom of God to any degree because of our relationship with the Lord, are partially on the immortal side of the Garden and partially on the mortal side of the Garden. Our spirit is in the immortal side of the Garden but our physical body is still here on the mortal side. Jesus said that He was in heaven and earth at the same time. He was both in the immortal and mortal side of the Garden at the same time.

Jehovah gave another seed, which was really the reincarnation of Abel, to Adam, and the name of that seed was Seth. Cain was over on the mortal side, and his descendants where devolving. When Cain first came into existence he was a very powerful spiritual being. We talked about that last week. Then he began to devolve, he began to die, each generation died a little more, until Lamech was born, and Lamech was the first one to taste death.

I believe it was the fifth generation from Cain, who began to taste death. I believe that the cavemen were the descendants of the line of Cain. Then we have Seth on the immortal side of the garden, who is now having the same privileges or very similar privileges to what Adam had before the fall. Why? It was Jehovah’s intention always to bring forth a visible creation in the earth that would manifest the nature of God.

Nature is the name of the game. What we look like is not the name of the game; nature is the name of the game. When we get the nature of God everything will play itself out. What we look like, what our immediate surroundings look like, what the country we live in looks like, everything will play out when our nature is the nature of God. That is where it starts.

Seth had the nature of God. He began to manifest the same commission that Jehovah had given to Adam. Go forth, multiply and replenish the earth. That was the commandment. Seth went forth, and he was doing this. Cain was, and is, and always will be (until she is permanently dealt with) seeking to destroy Abel. It is a spirit of jealously that is irreconcilable. It is a spirit of jealousy that works with hatred and murder. It will never stop, unless it is forcibly brought into submission. Cain is a nature who is a murderer.

Jesus said that the devil was a murderer from the beginning. Cain is a negative nature that is a part of the creation which was in the original blueprint of the creation. That aspect of the nature was built to be under the dominion of the nature of God. The nature of Cain has a function in the creation. The nature of Cain is the nature of the darkness in the creation. The darkness is needed to form the light because if you have a light beam on a light background you could not see anything. If I were to draw with a white marker on this white board you would not be able to see what I am drawing.

The nature of Cain, which is the nature of the Serpent, must be a part of the creation. However, it has to be under the dominion, and control of the righteous mind of Christ Jesus, so that it cannot do its evil deeds. It cannot act out its evil. It is evil in potential. The scriptural example is the wild raging bull. Bulls are ferocious, but when you castrate that bull, when you take away its power to do evil deeds, so to speak, the bull becomes an ox, and you can put a harness on it. 

That ox will work to plow the fields, and it will work for the good of the person who castrates it. That is the analogy that the Scripture gives us. The Serpentine nature, and the Serpent herself will not be done away with, but she must be castrated. She must be castrated so that she can serve man, and not destroy man.

Cain was not satisfied with his line devolving into cavemen. Do not forget that Cain, and his descendants (even Lamech) were powerful spiritual beings. They probably saw right into the future. If Lamech could speak to his wives, and tell them that the judgment that is falling on them is going to go on for 7 times 70 generations (that they would be under this heavy judgment for that time), then Lamech knew (and all of the descendents of Cain knew) that their physical appearance, and their mental and spiritual being were devolving into cavemen. They had to know it.

Genesis 4:24 If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold. KJV

This thought just popped into my mind. Did you ever watch a Star Trek episode where the people find out that their planet is dying, and they begin to think of what to do now that their planet is dying. This theme is in so many Star Trek episodes. They start seeking another home. They send out spaceships, looking for another planet where they can live, because their planet is dying. I have seen that so many times, not only in Star Trek, but in so many science fiction movies.

This is what happened to Cain. Now, I still do not understand it completely, and I only hope that some day I would. This is a big question mark in my mind. Why is it so important for spiritual beings to be incarnated? What is their condition that they have such a drive to incarnate? After years of studying, I have to admit that there is, apparently, a big drive of disembodied spirits to incarnate. There is some great benefit to be incarnated.

Cain’s line has come to an end. Cain and his entire household are looking to incarnate. All of Cain’s household  are maybe up to thousands (according to the dream) Witches in the Sky, I do not know. There is so much that I do not know. I would have never guessed that Cain’s household had thousands, or millions, of entities, looking to incarnate, but this seems to be what the dream is signifying.

I guess what it sounds like is that the spirits of all these beings that lived (that devolved into cavemen) are looking to incarnate. What is coming to my mind now is that Cain (after he was separated out) and his line, are doing the same thing that Adam was doing in a less perfect way. The Lord did tell me this when studying this message.

As we go through this translation you will see that one of the verses talks about Lamech, Cain’s descendant, having two wives.

Genesis 4:19 And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other Zillah. KJV

When Lamech was married to one wife they were a unity (the line continued) and the name of that wife was Adah. However, when Lamech was married to Zillah (his second wife) they were not of one mind and accord. Then something else happened. They divided into two entities. That is exactly what happened to Adam.

Adam had a wife; she was in the midst of him. I do not know if she was in the midst of him, but she was his earthen side. Adam was a living soul. He was made from spirit and earth, the earth that he was attached to had its own consciousness.

When Adam dominated the consciousness of the earth, they were of one mind and one accord, they were singular. Paul exhorts us to be single; he exhorts us not to be double minded as James tells us that we can be, because a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Adam, and his wife (who was his earthen side) when they were singular, they were alive.

His earthen side has a consciousness, and the name of the consciousness of Adam’s earthen side is Serpent. The Serpent started to think thoughts that were different than the thoughts of Jehovah. Well, the Serpent always thought thoughts that were different from Jehovah’s because her nature, and consciousness is the exact opposite of Jehovah.

Adam, the personality, started to embrace the thoughts of the Serpent rather than cleaving faithfully to the thoughts of Jehovah, so there was a division. We call this a seduction. Adam was seduced by the seduction. The Scripture says the woman was seduced. I do not want to go too deep here, but I will tell you up front that there was a female side to Adam. The Scripture says, the woman was seduced. There was a female side to Adam; Adam’s own female side was seduced.

It is like me, for example. I have Christ, and I have a carnal mind. I will tell you I am struggling with my weight, it is no secret. I know what I have to do to loose this weight, but just the other day, I wanted a bagel. I want to tell you my earthen nature was screaming for a bagel, and I had to choose whether to go get it or not go get it.

In that situation, I was the personality who had to choose to either listen to the Serpent within me (it was not hunger, it was a mind thing), or listen to Christ in me saying, make the right choice. I chose not to have the bagel. That is exactly the type of thing Adam went through. He was both the man, and the woman, and his female side (the woman within him) was seduced. It is therefore legitimate to say that Adam was seduced because he was, but it was just his female side.

Cain’s line is doing the same thing that Adam did. They were a union. Lamech, Cain’s descendant, had a wife, and when they were of one mind and one accord, they were a unity. When Lamech had another wife, she departed in her thoughts, and they were no longer a unity. It is the same principle going right down the line.

 I forgot why I made that point, but I will try to pick it up from here. We are trying to get to the place before the flood. We are talking about Cain’s nature. Cain is the divided tree. Adam in his totality, Adam in his unity, was the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, with the Tree of Life ruling over the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, as one unity.

Cain (at one point) was single, and she became divided. Cain wants to do the same thing that Adam has been commissioned to do. Cain wants to do the same thing as Seth, who has been commissioned to do it in place of Adam. They all want to incarnate. Cain’s line has come to an end.

I know what I started to tell you. I know what my point was.

When Adam sinned, and he fell, and he started to descend into the lower planes of consciousness, this unity that Adam was broke up into many parts. I have been teaching that here for many years, that Adam broke up into many parts.

It would be as if our body had the ability to separate into all of its cells, and each cell has a continuation in consciousness. Adam broke down into separate entities. I am not even going to try to give you a number. All of his body broke down into separate entities, and were captured by the Serpent. Are you all following me?

Adam broke down into many cells. Let us take a number, let us just say 100, I am sure it was more than that but let us say 100, Adam broke down into a 100 cells. The unity that was the consciousness called Adam broke down into 100 cells, and those 100 cells became 100 human beings on the earth. That is the principle.

Then those 100 people started to multiply, and have children. The 100 cells of Adam became 1000 human beings.

 This is hard. If you do not get this, please, raise your hand. It has been very difficult this morning. Do not say anything, just wave at me, and I will work it back in without you interfering with the flow of the spirit in me.

We have 100 cells that are a part of Adam that have now stretched themselves out, and multiplied into 1000 people. As far as the regeneration of the creation goes, it is only those 100 cells that are going to be restored to their first estate, because one cell has been stretched out to 10 people. Can you hear this? Are you okay with this?

This is the error in the Doctrine of Ultimate Reconciliation. Ultimate reconciliation says that every human being that has ever been born of a woman is going to be restored and returned to Adam’s first estate. That is an error, because the original 100 cells that comprise the totality of the unified Adam, have just stretched themselves out into thousands, and millions of people. It is only the original cells, the spiritual roots of these people, that are going to be restored to the original Adam. Is everybody okay with that?

It is the same thing with Cain. When Cain was separated, and put out of the Garden, he was a powerful spiritual being. Cain himself broke down into many individual entities as he descended into the lower planes of consciousness. He broke down into many beings; I do not know the number, but let us take an arbitrary number of 50. Let us say he broke down into 50 cells, although I am sure it is much more than that. I have no idea how expansive Cain’s line was, or how many cavemen there were, but we are going to use the number 50, just for an example.

Cain’s line is wiped out but there are these 50 cells, that at one time were the totality of Cain but now are 50 cells that are separate individuals. They are seeking to incarnate. They have lost their ability to incarnate because their line was wiped out.

The energy that was with Cain at the time that he was separated was used up, and their line was wiped out. It is the same principle as me telling you that when a baby is born that baby is born with a measure of energy, and that baby starts to die from the minute it is born because there is no source of energy from outside of the baby to replenish the energy that it uses up to live.

That is what happened to Cain. He was wiped out. That is what will happen to us if the Lord does not move. The human race as we know it will be wiped out at some point, because we do not have energy other than the energy that encompasses us, and eventually we will use it up. That is why we need a savior to reconnect us to the eternal world of God where His life-giving energy can be channeled into us so that we might live.

That is the source of eternal life. That is how death is going to die. The Lord is going to prepare us, and change us mostly in our mind, so that we can receive a strong-enough continuous flow of His life-giving energy without it making us insane. We see what is happening to Pastor Manning. As energy is flowing into him rapidly, he is becoming insane. Every time I hear him preach he gets crazier and crazier. The things that he says are crazier, and crazier. He is losing his mind as far as I am concerned. He is already mentally ill.

I do not have any example so I just have to look at myself. I am a person that could spend hours everyday in the word of God. Most people cannot do that. Most people cannot spend hours in this intense word everyday. I remember talking to you once, and I said that I need at least five hours to do something, and you said Oh, do you really need that much time?

At that moment you were in your carnal mind, and you thought I said I would like to do it in less hours.  I said that I need five hours, and you said oh no, you really do not need five hours. What I was saying to you is, I need for myself five hours a day with God or I am not happy.

You did not understand what I said, but you get my point though. That is the average person out there. For the average person, you live your life, and if you have time left over, you spend with the Lord, or you find an hour or two with the Lord. I am at the point where I need this word because this word is how I connect with the Lord. It is how I relate to Him. This word is the channel that channels this life-giving energy into me.

If I did not have the secular end of the ministry to see to, if I did not have to do anything else, I would probably be in the word all day long. I have a secular job here. I have a regular job here that does not have to do with anything spiritual. If I did not have that, and if I did not have to shop and cook, take a shower, or wash my clothes, I would probably be in the word all day long.

As you know I spent thirteen years doing very little but being in this word, and my immune system is still not what it should be. Apparently my ability to receive the life-giving energy of God is not enough for me to be fully healed. That is what I am trying to tell you. I still have to take all kinds of vitamins, and be very careful, and watch myself. Can you imagine how much of this life-giving energy we would need flowing through us to give us eternal life? Do you understand my point?

If the Lord poured that amount into us today we would probably either go insane or just burn up. We could not take it. That is what Jesus is saying when He is talks about the new wine skins. We have to get a new wine skin, which is the mind of Christ, or we will not be able to tolerate the new wine, the Spirit of Christ, that He wants to pour through us. We have to be prepared or we will not be able to tolerate it. We have to be prepared to receive the life-giving energy that will produce immortality, or that which is intended to produce immortality will kill us. Can you hear this?

My whole point is, Cain has done or is doing the same thing or is experiencing the same thing that happened to Adam. He has divided himself into many parts (we do not know how many parts he has divided into) that today are not incarnate, and they need to incarnate. I do understand that they can only receive food and be fed in this physical condition. My revelation is just not complete in my own mind. I know that all of these beings seek to incarnate because they get their food and become nourished when they are incarnate. I am going to drop it at that.

Cain’s line has used up all its energy, and it has no connection to the Kingdom of God. There is no hope of incarnating. They have lost their energy completely. We are Seth’s line. Humanity today is the line of Seth. We still have enough energy to incarnate, and I am not talking about those of us who have the Kingdom of God in us right now. That is another issue. I am talking about humanity at large, we still have enough energy to incarnate.

Now, we have all of these 50 entities (it is probably much more than that) seeking to incarnate. The question that I do not have the answer to is this. Can Cain’s line as well as Seth’s (we are talking about the spiritual line now), both be born as babies? Are they both able to be born as babies or is it just Abel’s line that is being born as babies today? I do not think it is just Abel’s line that is being born as babies today. Actually, what happened at the time before the flood is what is happening now. That is my whole point. I have given you this whole exhortation to get up to what I am going to tell you now.

The entities that Cain broke down into want to incarnate in the human beings who exist today. They are indeed incarnate when babies are born because the nature that humanity is born with today is not the nature of Abel, which is the nature of Jehovah (for us, we can say the nature of the Lord Jesus).  

Babies are born with the nature of Cain that is why we have to teach them not to hit, and not to bite, and not to steal, because they are born with the nature of Cain. Did you ever have a baby pinch you? We have to teach them not to do these things because they are born with the nature of Cain.

Cain has corrupted the descendants of Abel. Humanity today has the nature of Cain. What happened to the nature of Abel? When Abel is in our life, he is the channel or device (for the lack of a better word), which can connect us or reconnect us so that we can receive the life-giving energy of God.

What happened to him? Does anybody know? What happened to Abel? He died. He exists in every human being born of a woman in the form of an atrophied arm. Now, maybe Jesus really did grow out the arm of a man who had a physical atrophied arm, I do not know. Maybe that happened, maybe it did not. What do I mean by maybe it did not?

When the Scripture says that Jesus saw the man with the atrophied arm, maybe that atrophied arm was the dead Abel in him. I do not know what He did for that man. Did the man’s physical arm grow out or did Jesus regenerate Abel in him? I do not know. Maybe both were true. Jesus came to give us an example, so maybe there was a physical man with an atrophied arm. Who knows?

The Lord wants us to think. You do not have to read the Scripture, which is the subjective interpretation of the translator, and think that you have no right to ask questions. As long as your heart is right, as long as you are not condemning the translator but you are just seeking the truth, you have to ask. That is how you grow, and that is how you go beyond. If you do not start asking your own questions, you are going to be limited to the understanding of the King James Translators, or you will be limited to the understanding of the pastor who teaches you.

Humanity today has an atrophied arm. What happened to Abel? He died, and he is born in every human being born of a woman as an atrophied arm. He is dead but he is in us. He is the tree stump that we read about in the Book of Job that can be regenerated when the scent of water comes to him.

Job 14:8 Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground; 9 Yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant. KJV

That is so interesting, the scent of water. The water is the Holy Spirit but the water is also the Wisdom of the Word. Have you ever asked yourself how come the Holy Spirit has not convinced the whole world that Jesus Christ is Savior? It is because people in the world come in different degrees. Some people are quickened by the Holy Spirit, but other people need to hear the Wisdom of the Word to be quickened.

The Wisdom of the Word is the Doctrine of Christ. It is the spiritual understanding of the Scripture. There are millions of people in the world today who will never ever believe this Gospel. Even if they see a miracle of the Holy Spirit they will tell you that they saw the same miracle done in a Hindu service. Those people need to hear the spiritual truth of the Word, and then they will be quickened.

Abel is that tree trunk that has been killed because Cain took authority over him, but he is in us. That is where Abel is today. If you are listening to a message like this, I am sure that Christ is in you, and has been quickened in you to some degree, or you could never sit for this message. Christ is who Abel is. Abel in his regeneration has a new name and his name is Christ.

As soon as Abel begins to be regenerated, the warfare between Cain and Abel begins again. Who is going to dominate that individual, and who is going to dominate all of humanity? That is the battle that we are in.

In this hour Christianity has largely crushed the religion of Cain (well, had, things are changing). The religion of Cain is witchcraft. The Old religion that existed in Great Britain, Wicca religion that existed in Great Britain is called The Old religion, Druidism, all the witchcraft based religions are all Cain’s religion. Mystery Babylon, Mystery Egyptian religion, is all Cain’s religion.

When Christianity came in, Christianity resurrected Abel (if we want to say this in an easy way for the purpose of this message). Now, Cain wants to kill Abel again. Cain is manifesting in many different ways in Christian society today. It looks like he is succeeding in killing Abel again.

Cain is a master-mind; a superior mind that exists on a high spiritual level, just like the Body of Christ or the Lord Jesus exists on a high spiritual level. This master-mind, this evil genius, this evil mind that exists on a high spiritual level, at some point, makes a decision to start incarnating. I am not really sure myself at what point. I keep telling you that there is a lot that I do not know. A decision has been made in the Serpent’s kingdom that Christianity is weakened enough at this time to start incarnating, the way Jesus is incarnating.

Let me review that for you. Up until the time the Lord Jesus Christ came, the only way that you can incarnate in this world was to be born as a baby, although I believe that there must have been entities always throughout time that had enough power to be self-generated. We have a message on that called Mind-Generated Incarnation (#485). It is possible but it takes a very high spiritual authority to do it. That entity, which literally descends into this world and has the power like a magnet to draw the atoms of this world to itself to form a body, has to have a continuous stream of energy to keep the atoms of the body together. It is very hard to do.

Entities that can self-incarnate usually do so for just a short season, and then they leave this world. You hear about angels appearing; that is what they do. They descend into this world and have the power to draw the atoms towards themselves to form a self-incarnated body, but it is just for a season and then they leave, because they cannot hold it together. Is everybody with me?

However, God is doing a new thing ever since the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus who is glorified has the spiritual authority to incarnate in existing human beings. Of course, there are demons who are always trying to do that, and the person goes crazy. We hear about cases of possession but the person loses their life.

You can be possessed by a demon. This word demon in the Church today needs to be clarified. There are at least two different categories of demons. The category of demons that those of us here experienced casting out, are demons that are born of an individual’s carnal mind.

If you think a sinful thought, let us say you have a thought of adultery and you pursue it, and you commit adultery, that thought, at some point, takes on a life of its own, and it becomes a demon. Even if you do not actually do the physical adultery but if you obsess on it and you think about it and think about it, at some point that thought takes on a life of its own, and becomes a demon that attaches itself to your spiritual being.

Now you are not just thinking about adultery, now you are compelled to commit adultery. That is when you need that demon cast out.  That is the product of your own mind. You can be born with the product of your mother’s mind or the product of your father’s mind. That is the kind of demons that we cast out here.

What kind of demons did Jesus cast out? I have no idea, but I am not going to assume that He cast out only the kind of demons that we experienced. For a long time I did not know that there are demons that are not the product of our mind.  I did hear about it but I did not believe it. I did not believe that there are demonic entities that exist apart from me that might try to come in, and dwell in me and live through me.

These demons, as far as I know, can come from two different sources, and again, believe me, I do not have the last word on this. Demons can come from somebody’s mind. Somebody’s mind can produce a demon that becomes so powerful that it separates from that person. It becomes an entity that exists in the astral plane. It is no longer attached to that person. It can reproduce itself, and there are now free floating demons that came out of that demon that can go and attack other people.

Also there are just other species that exist in the astral plane. This world was formed by the Serpent. There are just other species that are seeking to incarnate in us.

There was a movie, it was very authentic. If you decide to watch it you really have to pray about it. We all know that The exorcist was hollywoodized, but there was a movie called The Possession of Emily Rose (if I am not mistaken) that was very authentic. It was shocking, but it was very authentic. I think I have a copy of it if anyone wants to borrow it. It is very authentic, and is about this young girl who was just possessed.

It was not anything like the kind of demons I have cast out, or that have been cast out of me. This girl was possessed, and tormented by entities that were bigger, and more powerful than she was. For the longest time I thought that kind of demon was just fantasy. I now know that it is not fantasy. The Lord has told me that there are big powerful demons that are not a part of the person’s being, but will seek to posses a person if that person has some weakness in their life. You have to have some weaknesses for them to penetrate your soul. You have to have some weaknesses.

Jesus is incarnating by possessing us. There is a Hebrew word for it, it is Ibur. He is coming in after we are born. Is that not what He is doing? Is that not what Jesus is doing? Is He not reproducing Himself in people who already exist, maybe for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years. The people are not going crazy, they are doing well. If they are sick, they are getting healed. If they are mentally ill their mind is getting healed. Jesus is incarnating in already existing people, usually adults, but some children, and they are okay.

Cain’s descendants want to do the same thing. They do not want to be born as babies. It is taking too long to turn this creation away from the Lord Jesus, and back to Cain. It is taking too long. They want to do what Jesus is doing, but more than that they want Christians.

Why do they want to incarnate in Christians? They want to incarnate in us because we have all this extra energy from God. The more mature you are, the further along you are from having the Holy Spirit, whoever has Christ, you now have the beginning of the connection that is the device that will equip you to receive enough energy from on High to restore you to immortality, and they want you.

Cain wants to do the same thing today that was done on the other side of the flood. It will be as it was in the day of Noah. I do not know where homosexuality came from in this entire thing. Cain wants to incarnate in the bodies that are under the dominion of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Listen Brethren, every modern benefit that mankind benefits from came directly or indirectly from the Holy Ghost in Christianity. Every advancement that modern man has made has come through the Lord Jesus Christ, Christianity through the Holy Spirit. When Cain incarnates human beings, human beings get thrown backwards. Their mind becomes corrupt, produces the corrupt environment, and they start to devolve.

They devolve because that corrupt mind, and corrupt environment draws down to it the righteous judgment of Jehovah, the Sowing and Reaping Judgment, and they begin to devolve, and be destroyed. That is why I can tell you that if the Lord Jesus does not intervene, our whole line, all of humanity as we know it, will devolve into nothing, just like Cain’s line did. This is because we are under the Sowing and Reaping Judgment which is Jehovah’s righteous Judgment, and we do not have enough energy to last us forever, even with reincarnation.

Apparently this is the time, and there are many factors governing the choice of the time. Some of them I know, and some of them I do not. As I have told you many times, humanity on a high spiritual realm is just one woman, and down here on this spiritual realm we are billions of individuals.

Humanity as a whole is evolving, and each one of us (individually) is evolving. The natural example is our planet. Our planet orbits around the sun. The whole planet orbits around the sun but at the same time the planet is revolving on its own axis. All of humanity is evolving and each one of us is rotating on our own axis.

 The Scripture talks about the time of Love. Humanity is now at the age where she is fertile enough to be married and produce a spiritual offspring. Spiritual sexuality has to do with the mind. We are saying that the mentality of humanity is approaching or has even arrived at the place where she is ready to receive the seed of a spiritual male and produce a spiritual child, and go on to spiritual adulthood.

Every member of humanity is not ready today. Some of us are more ready or more equipped than others in this hour, but the general season is here. Jesus talked about the season. The season is here. We are in the season. It has already happened to the man Jesus. The Serpent and the Lord Jesus Christ are both vying for humanity, and the individual members thereof, to be our husband and to impart their child to us.

You are wondering how I can even suggest a competition between the Lord Jesus and the Serpent. Some Christians have the true understanding that there is no real battle between the Serpent and the Lord Jesus. Who can fight with the Lord Jesus? The whole issue that is not understood is that we, the personality, have to make the choice as to who to marry. The Lord is not making a creation of robots. He is raising up sons. We have to make the right choice or we will experience the consequences of our error.

That is why the Lord Jesus comes teaching. He comes teaching because you all have to make your own choice. The Lord educates you, and He will fight for you if you are asking Him for His help. Every man has to make a choice -  who they will serve and who they will marry. That is what is happening today, and apparently Cain has moved very powerfully.

I guess I do not have enough information to say that this is the first time that it has happened on this side of the flood. However, it is the first time I have ever seen a man, who the Lord witnessed to me was a powerful Christian preacher, go off to the other side. I believe he had an apostolic anointing, well he still has it, but it has gone to the other side. The man had a very high anointing in Christ, and He has been captured by the household of Cain. 

I think the Lord is telling me that he is not the only one. I am thinking of a couple of others in whom this is probably the case. This particular man is taking it much further. I have seen other preachers (who I have mentioned, and have even preached on)  have spirit guides, but I have not seen them do this much damage or have the potential to this much damage.

This man is after the Black Christian Church, and this is the black wheat that is being cut down in that dream from 12 years ago. They are following him. He is incredible. I am glad to hear that he is preaching crazy things because the crazier he gets, I am hoping, the less likely people will be to follow him.        

He is very seductive he is very powerful, and he is up there saying (these are my words, my understanding of what he is saying) that He is the black Moses who is going to lead these people out of their poverty. He openly says there is a curse on the black people that has not been lifted in the Holy Spirit. It has not. That curse is lifted in Christ Jesus. It has not been lifted in the Holy Spirit. He is speaking to all of these people who are in bondage, who experience everything that they experience. It must be devastating to be hated by people wherever you go.

I do not want to get into that right now because the whole day is going. Our time together is going. However, black people have a unique problem. The prejudice (in this country, and also across the world) against them is incredible and he is promising them greatness. At the very least, the possibility of him gathering up the black community that is not prospering is very great. Do you understand what I am saying??

These are people who may have been in Church for years, and yet cannot get on their feet. They cannot get out of their financial problems. They have whatever problems they have with their kids. Their sons are in jail and they have been going to Holy Ghost Churches all their life. The possibility of him cutting down large numbers of black Christians is awesome.

Black believers, the Lord’s people that already have the connection with the Lord Jesus, are being cut down, and these witches in the Sky are all of the entities, or aspects of Cain, that are seeking to incarnate in people already born. They want to be doing the same thing that Jesus is doing. Is everybody following me? Do you all know what I am talking about? 

In the dream from 12 years ago, Cain’s armies were marching. They are gathering up and cutting down the black wheat and the sky, or heaven, is filled with them. That means that there are not just fifty of them. There are at least as many of these entities in Cain’s line to take over the whole black community, which may be thousands, or millions of black Christians. They are in danger. The black Church is in danger.

What really hit home was the part of the dream where the word assassination came forth. We did not know whether it was a physical assassination or a character assassination. This past Monday, Pastor Manning came on TV and said that the Lord (his spirit guide) told him that he was going to be assassinated. I think he had a word of knowledge about assassination and he took it to be physical assassination, but I do not think it is going to be physical assassination.

He got that word from his spirit guide probably three or four days before he received our package of books and messages. Probably, his spirit guide is telling him that what I am saying about him is character assassination.

 When I heard that, the meaning of the dream just clicked. I had tried to be positive about it, and I ended up with the wrong interpretation. Now I have to bring forth the right interpretation. The Black Church is in great danger. The Lord told this ministry about it 12 years ago because we are, and will be integrally involved in delivering the Black Church, and bringing down this threat.

Now this is what I believe the second dream means, the dream that xxxx had in which her sister was shot and there was a hole in her head. I think that it is very significant that a black believer had the dream, so her sister in the dream was black. I told you that the place between the eyebrows is the sixth energy center. It is the supernatural energy center. I believe being shot in the forehead means having the power of God wiped out of you. These believers are still walking, they still have an existence, but the power of God has been knocked out of them.

When this happens to you, you do not know that anything is wrong. This is one of the hardest things for me to deal with as a teacher. When a believer starts to back slide or gets hurt, because they are being taken over by pride or another entity, they do not even believe that they are hurt. Therefore you cannot even help them, because they do not believe that they are hurt.

I wanted to share this with you before we go on with the message today. The commission that the Lord has given us concerning Pastor Manning is even more emphasized, more proven, and stronger than I ever realized. The whole Black Church is in danger of being cut down.

The Lord just reminded me that someone else in the ministry (they are not local), had a dream that is encouraging. Now this person knew nothing about what I just told you. They had a dream that they were riding in their car with their father to Church (not this ministry, they were headed to a carnal ministry). Then beautiful golden spheres started pouring out of the sky. I believe that those are the Sons of God.

On the one dream we have the witches pouring out of the sky, filling the sky, and then we have someone saying beautiful spheres are coming down from the sky. She said that there was a great commotion in the street, and everybody was running, and there was a lot of trouble. People were terrified and they were saying Jesus was coming back. In the next scene she was on a balcony, and there were other people there, but she did not know who. When she looked down from the balcony there was all this chaos in the street.

Dream of November 2006 (inserted during editing)

My dad and I were driving in the van going to Sandstone. Then fireworks came down from the sky and exploded into giant golden spheres. They were really beautiful.

        Then we were in a city. It was dark outside and the fireworks were still exploding everywhere. The only thing that people thought was that Jesus was coming. I was so excited that he was coming to get us.

Actually, the person who sent me this dream is a young girl. She said she did not understand it because she thought that Jesus is not coming back as an individual person, which I do not believe He is. I believe He is coming back in His people.

She did not understand it. I tried to explain to her that the many spiritual members of Jesus are incarnating in us just as I explained to you that the members of Cain want to incarnate in us. Just as the witches are the many aspects of Cain’s household, there are many aspects of Christ, coming down and incarnating in the people. 

It is a big error in the Church (it just arises out of the pride of man) that we think that, we, the personality, are becoming God. We are not. It is the seeds of God that are coming and growing in us, and becoming our new man, our inner man. We will benefit, because we are becoming his wife.

The truth of it is, we, the personality, are about to be possessed by the aspects of the Lord Jesus Christ, and become His wife and we have to submit to Him. The problem that we all have is that when the Lord comes to dwell in us, we still want to be the boss. We do not understand. People do not understand, but that is our natural inclination.

Even years ago, people used to have bumper stickers on their car saying, God is my Co-pilot! It was a big joke. If God is your co-pilot, what does that make you? That makes you God. It is just the pride of man; it is the immaturity of man. Pride is immaturity. John said, I have to decrease so that Jesus can increase. Peter was the one that said, When I was young I did what I wanted to do, I went wherever I wanted to go, I ministered to whoever I wanted to minister to, I gave out tracks to whoever I wanted to give them out to. Now that I am old someone else dresses me.

What obtains in the spiritual is the exact opposite of the natural. In the natural when you are young, your parents tell you what to do, and then when you come of age you go out, and live your own life. Spiritually, it is the exact opposite. When the Lord first comes to us we do whatever we want to do or whatever we think He wants us to do, but as we mature He takes over our life completely. That is the sign of spiritual maturity. You do not do anything, or at least you try not to do anything, unless the Lord is moving you. You seek the Lord on everything.

 I just want to synopsize what I just told you, and then we will take our break. When we come back, we will see, maybe we will do just one or two more verses on our translation today.

The Lord has emphasized to us today the seriousness of what has happened, that the entities from Cain’s household are seeking to incarnate in existing Christians for the specific purpose of cutting down Christ in them, and using that vessel for their own glory.

They want to appropriate the energy that, that vessel already has, and make this one of many steps to restore Cain. They intend to restore Cain beyond the level of manifestation of Cain that has appeared in the flesh in this world, for the many thousands of years we have existed.

All these entities incarnating do not intend to keep us like we are. They intend to raise up great witches out of us. Cain wants to ascend into full stature. The degree of spirituality that we see today in humanity is very small, so Cain is not incarnating to continue the way things are. Cain wants to ascend into full stature.

Before Christianity came, we are told that darkness covered the whole earth. Witchcraft was high in every nation across the world. I do not really know the degree to which spiritual beings were powerful before Christ came. Were there witches that were in full stature in those days? I do not know. However, we do have evidence that the witchcraft that existed before Christ appeared was at a much higher level than the spiritual authority that we see in the West today, and not only in Christians but in secular, non-practicing Christians, non-Christians, atheists, and agnostics. 

There is no sign of high spiritual power today. We may find it in places like Haiti and Africa, where some people are still manifesting high level of witchcraft out of Cain’s spirit.  However, by and large, there is no sign of high spiritual power today, and these entities incarnating intend to raise up great witches out of us.

Cain wants to ascend into full stature. There will be a full stature of evil or a full stature of goodness. I have preached about his before. Cain is good and evil; Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is good and evil. Satan is Cain’s mother. We will get into that when we get to that verse.

There could be a full stature of Phariseesism. I have a message on that called A Full Stature of Phariseesism (#369). This is a full stature of goodness where you kill everybody that is not doing, or not complying with your concept of what is good. It is only one step further away from cutting someone’s hands off if they steal. Then there is the full stature of evil where you satanically, sadistically torture people.

That is what Cain wants to do. All of these witches in the sky are not coming to possess us so that we would continue the way we are. They are coming to posses us (the Christians in particular) because they want the energy that is in us, so that they can build their tower to the heavenlies.

These are the same entities that existed at the time of the Tower of Babel.  Do you remember the Scripture that says they wanted to build a city, and a tower? We are the cities, and they want to enter into us, posses us, and use the energy of God in us to build a tower. What does that mean? It means they want to reconnect to the power of God.

They are not in their right mind. Cain is not in his right mind. The Serpent tried to take over Adam to become the head of Adam and what happened to Adam? Adam died. Cain tried to become the head of Abel and what happened? Abel died. I said that to you earlier in this message; this principle exists on every level. If a Jezebel comes into a fellowship and tries to rule through the existing pastor the fellowship will die.

All these entities of Cain are seeking to incarnate in Christians today, thinking that we are their tower. They are thinking we are their potential to capture the eternal or the unending life-giving power of God. Every Christian that Cain incarnates in is going to die spiritually, and eventually, physically.

You can not capture the power of God. When you capture the vehicle that collects the power of God in this earth the Lord just closes the door. You cannot capture God. Only an insane mind would try to do that. Only pride manifested to an exorbitant degree would even consider that you can capture the power of God.

There is only one way to get the power of God and that is to submit to God, and to submit to His God-ordained authority. That is the only way to get it. You have to give up your pride; you have to give up your aspirations. I am talking about as it pertains to coming into the kingdom. I do not mean that you should not have any aspirations in life. Of course you can have your aspirations, but you have to put it on the altar and sacrifice it to God.

Then when He takes it, He either gives it back to you or He does not give it back to you. When you put down all of your desire to succeed in God or succeed in life, career-wise, and submit it to God, He will give you something back. If you say, Lord these are all of my creative energies, I could be this, I could go to school, I could be that, or I want to be a pastor, I want to do this, I want to do that, but I submit it all to you, He will give you something back.

When you give it all to God, He will give you something back. He may give you back your hearts desire in a way that is acceptable to Him. If not, He will make your life worthwhile, and powerful, and satisfying, in the way He thinks is best. When you give all of your creative energy and all of your aspirations to Him, He will make you great.

He will do it for you only through submission to Him. (I do not know who I am talking to. Personally I am not talking to anyone here; I do not know who is going to get this message). If you try to do it yourself, you will be doing it apart from His eternal energy flowing through you, and you cannot succeed. If you do it through submission to Him you can do the impossible.

Are there any questions or comments on these sections before we go off on break?

We are going on with Geneses 4 verses 17 through 24. We did verse 17 last week. These translations keep evolving as I understand them more and more completely. I think last week I mentioned at the end of the meeting that there was one word that I had not incorporated in the Alternate Translation. That word name, had appeared twice, and I had not incorporated it. This is the new Alternate Translation for verse 17.

Genesis 4:17 And Cain knew his wife and she conceived and bare a spiritual city for Cain to dwell in. And Cain who had been introduced to Jehovah’s spiritual mysteries named the city that he built Enoch, and Enoch’s nature declared that he had the nature of Cain or declared himself to be the nature of Cain. AT

You may notice that I removed the words that said that it was Abel that introduced Cain to the mysteries of God. Cain had to have received the knowledge of the mysteries of God when Jehovah was instructing Adam. Just as the Scripture says that Levi paid tithes when he was in Abraham’s loins, Cain had to have learned the spiritual mysteries when Adam was instructed by Jehovah, whilst Cain was in his loins.

Genesis 4:18 And unto Enoch was born Irad: and Irad begat Mehujael: and Mehujael begat Methusael: and Methusael begat Lamech. KJV

 Just to remind you that when I say work up, I have added all the words in the square brackets for clarification, and the words in round brackets are the words that appear in the King James Translation. What I did in this case was look up all the meanings of these names.

And unto Enoch was born Irad…. Irad means the separated one. Irad begat Mehujael…. which means the mighty one that was erased. I looked up erased in the dictionary, and one of the synonyms was to be murdered. It was obvious to me that Mehujael was the reincarnation of Abel who was murdered by Cain. Mehujael begat Methusael.... which means a mighty man.  And Methuseal begat Lamech. Lamech  means a strong young man who tasted death.

 We see that Lamech was the first generation of the descendants of Cain to experience death. The difference between a mighty man (Methusael), and a strong young man (Lamech), is this. When you read about a mighty man in the Scripture it is usually talking about spiritual and mental strength. When the Scripture calls Lamech a strong man, it is talking about physical strength at this point.

Also concerning Lamech, this term, a young man, is used. We do not see the other generations of Cain referred to as a young man or an old man. They are not referred to as a man.  The word young man usually refers to Christ in us, in my translations and my understanding. Whenever I read about a young man in the Old Testament, or the words young lad or a lad, and I pray to the Lord on how to translate that, that young man or the words young lad or a lad, usually refers to Christ in the individual.

What that says to me, since Lamech is the first one to be referred to as a man . . . . I have also told you that it was in this generation that the line of Cain fell out into a human body. I say that because Lamech tasted death. He is the first one that incarnated as a human in a body, and experienced death. I think that Lamech had . . . . how am I going to say this?

Cain was born in Lamech as the spiritual child. I will explain that better. We all have a spiritual child. If Christ is not our spiritual child, the offspring of the Serpent is our spiritual child. We all have a spiritual child within us. We are the skins that Jehovah provided after adam sinned. God is so high that the skins have their own level of consciousness. Everyone has an inner man and an outer man. Paul clearly talked about an inner man and an outer man. The inner man is that child.

When Paul says that we need to bear the child that will save us in childbearing, he means we need to bear the Christ child. We are all born with the child that is the descendant of Cain. We know that child better by the term fiery serpent, because that spiritual child within us is not human. We do not have a physical human inside of us.

Our physical body in this humanoid form is the skin of the spiritual entity. The spiritual child inside of us has a different form. Even when Christ is inside of us, He is not human. I do not know what he looks like but I do not think He looks humanoid. He is a spiritual entity.

 The Child that we are born with, which we are calling the fiery serpent, we know, is in the form of a serpent. Why do we say that? It is because Jesus said that we are the offspring of the Serpent. Our nature is of the Serpent, and it is the inner man who provides the nature that we have. The real us is our inner man. We are really whoever our inner man is. We are what our nature is, and mortal humanity is the offspring of the Serpent. That is who we are.

Jesus was not attacking the Pharisees when He called them vipers even though that is the way it sounds in the King James Translation. It came out of the carnal minds of the very well meaning King James translators who did an excellent job otherwise. The translators perceived it in the Greek or the Aramaic as Jesus telling the Pharisees off, saying, Ah, you vipers!

No, He was not. He was telling them the truth. He was saying, You think that you are the sons of God but you are not. You are the offspring of the Serpent.  I have come to give you what you think you are. I have come to give you what you need to be a son of God, but if you think that you already see, and I say that you are blind, there is nothing I can do for you. If you think you are the sons of God already then you are not going to want anything that I have to give you. You are not the sons of God, you are the daughters of the Serpent. That is what He was telling them.

 I do not believe that Jesus saw the Pharisees as His enemies. I believe that He loved them, and He saw them as His people and He was trying to help them by telling them the truth.

I am trying to tell you that, in my opinion, the fact that Lamech is called a young man means that Cain incarnated in the person of Lamech, who was in humanoid form.

Referring to Lamech as young man means that Cain was the spiritual child inside of him. Does anybody not understand that? Spiritual entities build houses for themselves just like a caterpillar will build a cocoon around itself. We are the house which the spiritual entities that dwell in us, have built around them. That is why in the Scripture you read that  demons sometimes say, This is our house and we are not giving it up, because we really are their house.

In the natural, the cocoon breaks, and the butterfly flies out, and the cocoon is discarded. Actually the thought never occurred to me before, but maybe that is the plan.

I do not know anyone who ascended into full stature on the other side. The only one I know that ascended into full stature is Jesus; He is the only one I know. He was glorified. It was a positive thing for Him, but I do not know anyone who ascended into full stature in the Serpent. Maybe they would discard these bodies. I do not know.

If we are the house in which the worm is gestating, maybe they would shed this body and continue to exist. Jesus said we all have a worm that dieth not. That worm is the spiritual potential in us that I call the fiery serpent. That is the worm that does not die. It goes from generation to generation, and it is seeking to fully develop and depart from the house.

That is what Jesus did. He was so fully developed spiritually that He could depart from the house that we know as Jesus of Nazareth, and continue to exist. He shed his body.

I love preaching by revelation! I have to tell you that this thought never occurred to me before, that the Serpent has a plan that when Cain is fully incarnated in us, we just might be discarded, destroyed completely.

I do not know. There is just so much I do not know. This is so exciting. It just amazes me that I hear preachers who are preaching the same thing year after year. Twenty years later they are preaching the same thing. There is so much to learn and there is so much I do not know.

I have seen horror movies where the worm gets inside of the being and when it is fully mature, breaks out of the chest cavity and leaves the person dead. I tell you all the time that spiritual truth is spiritual truth. Spiritual truth is a part of the psyche of every human being. Most of what you read about, and see, especially in Hollywood and TV, is out of the psyche of the carnal mind. It is the perception of the carnal mind. We know that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is not original; she can only counterfeit what the Lord has.

It never occurred to me until this minute that the body is discarded, although it did not happen quite that way with Jesus. The Scripture says Jesus breathed out of His body. The question is, if Cain comes to that point where he is so developed in a human being that he can live without the body, will he breathe out or will he exit in another way? 

What is coming to my mind right now is that when Jesus (actually it was Christ in Jesus) breathed out and discarded the body, the soul of the man Jesus of Nazareth went with Him. That was the salvation of the soul. Jesus’ soul was saved.

We know Jesus was born as a human being just as we are, although He was not exactly like we are because He had no natural father. However, He had the same experience that is available to us; He was a human being with a carnal mind that He inherited from His mother. His soul was saved through union with His inner man who was Elijah. We are hoping for the same experience.      

The question is, in a man like Pastor Manning.... I have never thought this far. I know that it a possibility that Pastor Manning can ascend into full stature while in his flesh. I have told you that I think he is already losing his mind, and from everything that I have read about Hindus and other people who have tried to ascend, most of the time if not all of the time, they become insane. They become megalomaniacs. The power goes to their head and they become insane.

However, I have never addressed the issue of someone who would successfully ascend into full stature in Cain, going onto glorification. Whether or not they are insane is besides the point. I never addressed the possibility of them going on to glorification, and what that event would do to the body since Cain cannot save the soul.

When Cain fully matures, and departs from the body it would not surprise me at all if it means the destruction of the body. Then when the entities that comprise the collective Cain are all fully matured, they would not need the human race anymore. I have always taught it in terms of humans becoming enslaved by these entities, so that is an interesting thought. I do not know what the answer is. I have always thought that Cain, or the Serpent, wants to bring humanity into full stature so that she could enslave the human race, and this is now a new thought.

Is it possible that what these illegal evil entities need from us is more than food? I have already preached that they need us for food, but it seems it is even more than that. As far as a spiritual being goes, they are not fully developed, like a fetus is not fully developed. Is it possible that in order to fully develop, they need to gestate in a human being, like a fetus? If that be the case, when they come to full term they would not need us anymore.

If this is the case, when Christ incarnates in us and comes to full term, He does not need the body anymore, and He does not need this soul anymore. However, because He is God, and He is benevolent He takes the soul with Him and saves it.

Does anybody not understand what I am saying? Does anybody not understand that this is what we call a rhetorical question? I do not know what the answer is, but the thought came into my mind. That means the answer will be coming somewhere down the line. Is that not interesting?

How do we get from humanity being a slave race to humanity being completely discarded? Maybe the answer is that as long as the incarnation of the evil one is in the flesh (like Jesus in the days of His flesh), we will be a slave race. When the time for glorification comes we will be discarded like a dirty rag. This is very interesting. We have to rebuke your fear.

I would like to get what I just said off the message on this tape. That is this. I mentioned earlier in this message that I do not fully understand this almost desperate need for disembodied spirits to incarnate, and the only information or understanding that I had was that they feed off of their human host, but I could not understand what existence is like outside of a human host that would be so painful or so uncomfortable that there would be such a drive to incarnate. I have been asking that question for a long time, and I think that the Lord just answered it.

When Adam fell he was not perfected yet. He was complete because Jehovah was joined to him, but he was not perfected. He was not finished. He was not a finished product. Everyone who descended from him after he fell (all of the decedents of Cain and all of the descendants of Seth) are not finished. They are like fetuses that have not come to full term, and these physical bodies that are houses for spiritual life, are the wombs which are necessary for the perfection of the spiritual entities, because they are not finished yet.

I really believe that the aliens that we hear about a lot are these entities that exist in the astral plane. They are always capturing human bodies, and experimenting on them. I have talked about that, and said I believe that this happens because these entities are trying to reproduce the human body in a laboratory, without being born of a woman. It takes too long to be born of a woman.

When you are born as a baby, you have to spend all those years being raised up, and finding out who you are spiritually. I knew that there was some information that was missing from me, and I think that the Lord just gave it to us. I am going to say it again. We are the wombs that all of these spiritual entities on the other side (these entities that are incomplete spiritual fetuses) need to be completed in.

Well, there is a play on  words between completed and perfected. Adam was complete because Jehovah was in him but he was not perfected. Jesus said on the third day I will be perfected, and on the third day He left the body. Spiritual perfection, to me would mean completeness. It is a play on words, if you can hear what I am saying.

We need to be perfected. The spiritual entities that indwell us are imperfect creatures, whatever they are supposed to be, whether it is the offspring of Jehovah through the Lord Jesus or it is the offspring of the Serpent.

All of these entities that exist in the astral plane are not finished. They are not finished and in order to be finished, in order for them to reach the fullness of their being (I do not want to use the word completed), they would have to continue to gestate in a human being. That is the reason for the press and the push to incarnate. That is the reason they are always trying to get inside of people.

These entities are always trying to posses people, are they not? For years, I have been asking, What is so important about living in us? The answer is that, that is the only way they can become finished. That is the only way they can become what they would be in their fullness. In that act of the inner man becoming fully mature, Jesus saves the soul that is the midwife who nurtured Him.

The body will be discarded because the body is not of God in the first place, but the soul is of God. When the offspring of the Lord Jesus, Christ, fully matures in people, he takes the soul with him and saves the soul. However, when the Serpent fully matures in people, the soul will be either discarded or enslaved in some kind of animal form. That is so interesting. Does anybody have anything to say about that before we go on?

Alternate translation Verse 18, And Irad was born unto Enoch…. now remember Irad means to be separated….. Irad was the divided subconscious aspect of the mind that Cain formed. I believe that I taught that last week. I said that half of the subconscious mind is joined to the conscious and the other half of it is joined to the unconscious. Irad was the divided subconscious aspect of the mind that Cain formed, and Irad begat Mehujael who was a reincarnation of Abel the mighty one that Cain murdered. And Mehujael begat Methusael, a mighty spiritually powerful man. And Methusael begat Lamech, a strong mentally powerful young man who tasted or experienced death.

I have a witness for you on that.

Luke 9:27 But I tell you of a truth, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of (or experience) death, till they see the kingdom of God. KJV

Of course the context is different I am just showing you the use of the word taste, and I apply it to death.

Genesis 4:19 And Lamech took unto him two wives, the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other Zillah. KJV

In the work up, we see that Lamech was the strong lad that tasted death, and I am translating two wives to a double minded woman. That is Translator’s license, and it is perfectly legitimate. My opinion is just as good as the King James translators if not better, because this is Christ in me. Even if we were two carnally minded transcribers, that is a completely legitimate translation of the Hebrew word.

He took a double minded woman to belong to him. And the name of Lamech and the woman when they were unified…. and unified is a translation of one…. was Adah which means let us continue. And when Lamech and the woman were double minded….that is a translation of other….  their name was Zillah, the shadow of death. That is what that word, Zillah means, the shadow of death.

Here is the Alternate translation.

Genesis 4:19 And Lamech the strong lad who experienced death took a double minded woman to belong to him. And the name of Lamech and the woman, when they were unified, was Adah which means let us continue. This is Leviathan, the partial tree that produces existence on the other side of the Garden of Eden called the personality of death. But when Lamech and the woman were double minded, the woman’s name was Zillah which means the shadow of death. AT

I told you earlier that Cain is doing the same thing that Adam did. Adam was a single entity but he had the potential to be two. There were two parts to him, his spiritual side and his earthen side, and he was holding them together as one being, and he was alive. When his earthen side separated in thought from him, they became two.

We see that Cain is doing the same thing. Cain has a spiritual side and an earthen side on a much lower level than Adam did. When they are a unity, when they are thinking alike, when the spiritual side is in control (maybe it is the reverse in Cain, maybe when the earthen side is in control, I do not know). When they are single in their thoughts, they are called Adah, which means let us continue.

When they are single in their thoughts they could reproduce. We can continue as a group when we are single in our thoughts. As soon as division breaks out and we are divided, if it is not stopped, we are going to die. A house divided cannot stand. That is what the Lord said.

We see that Cain is doing the same thing. Now remember that Leviathan and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, exist on multiple planes of consciousness. Sometimes they have different names on the different levels of consciousness, and sometimes they do not. I may just say to you, Leviathan on the highest level or Leviathan on the lowest level.

I do not always get a correct understanding quickly about what to call somebody, so it was a great relief to me to find out that Leviathan and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, just exist on multiple planes of consciousness. Therefore, if I cannot think, or do not have an understanding of a particular name for Satan on a particular level of consciousness I can say, Satan on the lowest level of consciousness, or Satan on a higher level of consciousness. Does anybody not understand what I am saying?      

Sometimes I get the names wrong. Sometimes I tell you that it is Cain, and I find out a week later it is Satan, or I will tell you that it is Satan, and a week later the Lord teaches me that it really should be the Serpent. I have to take the position that as long as I am telling you that it is one of the household of the Serpent, that has to be good enough for now.

I just do not have the time to perfect these translations before I teach them. The Lord just does not let me do that, and apparently whatever I am doing is good enough for Him.

His intention is to get you all seeded with His life, and to get His life to prosper and sprout in you, and to come forth, and to increase and mature in you. He is not concerned with it being perfect, although if He had the people to work with I am sure that He would like the Scriptures to be perfect but that is not His primary goal.

His primary goal is not my pride that would like to have the words in perfect order. His primary goal is to get Christ growing in you. That is His primary goal. Apparently this is good enough for Him. I am only one person and there are only 24 hours in a day and I do not have more time to put into these translations.

And this is Leviathan who is the partial tree that produces existence on the other side…. Cain was sent to the other side …. of the Garden of Eden, called the personality of death. The name of Leviathan is called the personality of Death. We know Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Leviathan is the death. Leviathan is the entity on the other side that stands opposite of Christ Jesus. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, stands opposite the Spirit of Christ.

In other words we are climbing a mountain, and we are talking about generations when we say Cain, Leviathan and Satan or Abel/Christ, Christ Jesus, and the Spirit of Christ. Those entities that I just named in Christ appear in a level of consciousness and every one of them has a counterpart on the other side. Cain is the counterpart of Abel. Leviathan is the counter part of Christ Jesus, and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is the counterpart of the Spirit of Christ.

Another name of Leviathan is the personality of Death. Leviathan is the name of the personality of Death. Jesus is the life, Leviathan is the death.  

But when Lamech and the woman were double minded, the woman’s name was Zillah which means the shadow of death. When Cain is unified with his wife, his name is Leviathan. When Cain is divided from his wife he is Leviathan, and the shadow of death. When Adam was unified with the woman his name is just Adam. When the woman departed from him the name of the creation became adam and the Serpent. The woman who departed is called the Serpent.

Cain is having the same experience. In so far as…. whether or not he is in unity, or whether or not he is a divided couple, we are talking about bringing forth offspring. I will say he is a divided married couple. When he is unified with his wife, they continue on and they can reproduce. However, when a woman is divided from her husband it is sort of hard for them to raise a family. When they are separated, Leviathan becomes the personality of death and his wife becomes his shadow of death, his reflection. Today we are the reflection of the Lord Jesus. He is the Sun, and we are the Moon. We are the reflection of the spiritual realm.

I have an example for you.

Psalms 23:4 Yea thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff shall comfort me. KJV

Who is the valley of the shadow of death? The valley is the low spiritual place where Satan dwells. We will find out that the shadow of death is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. I will show you that a little later on. Satan is the Shadow of Death. We are either the reflection of the Lord Jesus or we are the reflection of Leviathan.

 If Christ is not in our life we are the wife of Leviathan. Leviathan is the male spiritual sexual organ of the Serpent which is penetrating every human being in this creation. The Serpent is penetrating every human being in this creation. That is what gives us existence. This union between the Serpent and her offspring, which we are, gives us existence. That unity is what gives us existence. We are the one.

It says here that when Cain was one with his wife, they were called let us continue. What does that mean?  That means in existence something appeared, a creation appeared. Can you hear this? This is a little tough. When the two entities separated, the creation disappeared. What happened? Cain’s line ceased to exist. Do you hear this? This is really hard, please just wave at me if you are not getting this and I will tell you again.

When the elements of the Creation are a unity they continue, in that the product of the union appears. How do we relate that to the Kingdom of God? I have been teaching here concerning Revelation Chapter 4 that the Lord Jesus Christ, who is glorified, joins with the Christ in the individual, and as a result of that union an entity appears. Does anyone remember the name of the entity that appears and sits on the throne of our heart?

COMMENT: Christ Jesus.

PASTOR VITALE: Christ Jesus the only mediator between God, and man. Christ in you alone is not enough. Not enough for what? We want to be reconnected to the eternal realm of God so that we can have a free flowing continuous stream of the life-giving energy of God flowing through us. That is how we are going to become immortal again.

Christ will not cut it. Christ formed in you is not enough. It is possible to have a manifestation of Christ formed in people who have the Holy Spirit and pursue God through the Holy Spirit. They form the fruit of the Spirit, and that is a manifestation of Christ, but it is not a manifestation of Christ that can reconnect us to the immortality of God.

The only one who can do that is called Christ Jesus. He is the vehicle. He is the mediator. He is the only one who can reconnect the personality to the life-giving energy flow of God who, today, is the Lord Jesus Christ. What is the difference between Christ, and Christ Jesus? I am going to say it again. Every human being has the potential to have Christ developed in him, but Christ has to be grafted to you. James says, Receive ye with meekness the grafted word. How is Christ grafted to us?

He is grafted to us as we mature to the place in Christ where our sin nature is exposed, and we reject that sin nature and embrace the corresponding quality or attitude or thought process of Christ. As Christ matures in us, because we are rejecting our sin nature, Christ travels from our belly (at least our belly, Paul talks about our belly, that is where the consciousness of the average believer is), to our heart center.

Christ has to travel up into our heart center. He has to fight with Satan and Leviathan the whole time to get up there. Satan is doing everything she can to stop Him from ascending into the heart center in the individual. The Book of Revelation Chapter 4 says (at least the Alternate Translation says so) that the Lord Jesus said to John, Come up to where I am, and Paul said that he ascended to the third Heaven. John and Paul ascended into their heart center because that is where the Lord Jesus is.

The Glorified Jesus Christ will not go any lower than the heart center. We have to meet Him in the air. We have to do what we have to do to raise our consciousness up to the heart center, because the Lord Jesus will not go any lower than that. That is where He meets us. The Heart center is the mercy seat. We read about the mercy seat in the Old Testament. That is just a type of what the Lord is doing in us. Our heart center is the mercy seat. The Lord said I will meet you in the mercy seat between the two angels.

Christ is the first angel. When the Lord Jesus joins with Christ in you, something is born of that permanent union, Christ Jesus, the Lamb of God. He is the one that sits on the throne of your heart. Christ Jesus is permanently formed in your heart so long as the Lord Jesus continues to penetrate Christ in you, in your heart center. The Lord meets us between the two angles Christ, and Christ Jesus. The Lord Jesus Christ is in the midst of us, and we become a new creature from the day that Christ Jesus is formed in us. That is the beginning of the creation of God in us, or at least our portion of the creation of God.

The principle here is that a glorified spirit joins with its own offspring in us, because the Lord Jesus is not going to join with our physical body. He is not going to join with the nature of the Serpent in us. He is joining with His offspring in us, who is Christ in you, the hope of glory, who is raised up by the Holy Spirit that is sent to you. The Holy Spirit that is sent to you forms the fruit of the spirit in you. That is the beginning of Christ in you. The Glorified Jesus joins with his own family, Christ in you, and you become a new creature, or have the beginning of the new creature in you.

In the same manner, the Serpent sends Leviathan, (and I may have the wrong name, it may not be Leviathan, it may be the Serpent, it maybe something else, I do not know). The Serpent sends his agent, like the Lord Jesus Christ is the agent of God to us. The Serpent sends his agent to the human being who is so spiritually mature that Cain is ascended into the heart center of the individual.

I think the Lord just corrected me on that. It may not be true that Cain has to ascend to the heart center. From the minute we are born the agent of the Serpent is penetrating Cain in us. I think it is Leviathan, but what do I know? The agent of the Serpent (I call it the spiritual sexual organ of the Serpent) is penetrating Cain in us, therefore we come into existence. We would not have any existence with out that penetration. That union produces a new entity.

Cain is the point at which the Serpent is joined to us. I explained that so well I forgot why I started to explain it. Let me see what I was talking about. I was talking about the valley of the shadow of death. I was explaining to you what the valley of the shadow of death is. Death is a state of being. Jesus is life, you cannot kill life. When you are the expression of life as Jesus was, no one can kill you. Jesus said that no one could take his life unless he gave it up.

When you are dead anyone can kill you, that is why we all die. When I teach the book of Revelation I say death is our state of being and hell is the environment that death exists in. I think that is what the shadow of death is. It is just Hell. It is just expressed in a different way in the book of Revelation.

Revelation 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. KJV

 I saw death riding on a horse and Hell followed him. Death is our state of being and hell is our environment. Death is our state of being; it is the personality of nature. The shadow of death is Hell. It is this environment; it is this world.

Genesis 4:20 And Adah bare Jabel: he was the father of such as dwell in tents, and of such as have cattle. KJV

This is the work up. The word dwell, I am translating married, and the word tents, I am translating covering because that word tents in the Scripture is referring to our skins. We are the tents, so we are the household that spiritual life lives in. Cattle I am translating animal bodies.

This is the AlternateTtranslation of verse 20. And Adah the unity which would cause Cain’s line to continue, bare Jabel, the reincarnation of Cain, the stream of semen who became the father of those who married their covering and acquired animal bodies.

The words, the stream of semen come out of the meaning of Jabel. Jabel means a stream of water. In the scripture it is the same Hebrew word that means drinking water, semen, and urine. It is the same Hebrew word that means water. You have heard the expression, pass your water. It means you have to urinate. Semen is also the same Hebrew word translated water.

Again the Alternate Translation And Adah the unity which would cause Cain’s line to continue …. that is the meaning of the word Adah …. bare Jabel the reincarnation of Cain who was the stream of semen who became the father of those who married their own covering and acquired animal bodies.

That is very interesting. May the Lord help me to explain this. Jehovah did not produce animal bodies. Jehovah created Adam, and the union was supposed to be between the creature which is Adam, and God. What happened that caused us to fall out into animal bodies was, Adam married himself. He did not marry God. He married another aspect of himself.

It is as if to say my heart married my lungs, or an egg from my ovary married my heart. That is spiritual incest. My heart it is not allowed to marry my lungs. An egg that would come out of my ovary is not made to marry my heart and produce an offspring.

In our humanity it is not possible, but spiritually speaking it happened. The reproductive part of Adam married another part of himself instead of Jehovah. Adam was destined to marry Jehovah which union would have produced an entity within him that would be likened to the Lamb of God sitting on the throne of your heart, Christ Jesus. That is the analogy.

Instead of marrying Jehovah, adam married another part of himself. He committed spiritual incest, and the result of it is that we have animal bodies today. The part of himself that he married is called the Serpent and the Scripture clearly tells us the Serpent is a beast of the fields. The Serpent is an animal. Today we have an animal nature and an animal body.

When I was in Minnesota recently, someone got really upset over that but it is just the truth. It is just the truth. You cannot get delivered and you cannot go forward unless you hear the truth. It is not Jehovah’s intention for us to look the way we look today and to have the nature we have. It is not the plan of God for us.

It is either the mind we have, or the bodies that we have, that cause all our troubles. There is so much idolatry for the body in the country today. Along side all this idolatry for the body, millions of people are suffering from the pain in this body.

This body is a source of pleasure and it is also a source of great pain. From what I see, we only get pleasure from it for a season, and then we suffer with it for years. We have the pleasures and strength of youth (some are sick when they are young but I am talking in generality) then life catches up with us. We then start dealing with all of the problems of our flesh.

This country is obsessed with health. I am not saying that it is wrong. I take all kinds of vitamins, and I am just starting to exercise again. You have to take care of this body because the mind really does not have much of an existence if the body is sick and taking up all of the energy of the person.

When you are in pain, the mind cannot focus on Christ, and expand itself and rise up in consciousness, so if Satan can keep us sick our consciousness will not rise. She does not want us rising in Christ she wants us rising in herself, not in Christ.  An elevated consciousness, in Christ Jesus on the other hand will heal our body.                 

We are doing the Alternate Translation of verse 20.

And Adah the unity which would cause Cain’s line to continue, bare Jabel the reincarnation of Cain, the stream of semen…. or that aspect of Cain….

 It is just like you have five children, and then each child starts its own tribe. Each child may have a different aspect or quality of gene from the gene pool of the married couple. That is what this means. Jabel was the stream of semen, the offspring of Cain that produced the line of descendants that married their own covering, and acquired animal bodies. Those are the cavemen that fell out.

It would be very interesting to know if Cain’s line ever produced greatness like we saw with the wonders of Egypt. We know that the Egyptian mystery religion and the greatness of the pyramids, and all the greatness of Egypt in general, resulted from human beings who were originally from the line of Seth but were possessed by Cain’s descendants who killed Abel.

Did I say that wrong? I may have just said that wrong let me say it again.

The might and power of Egypt (where we have the greatness of the pyramids) came from the line of Abel, the stream of semen that was Abel or that came out of Seth. It came out of the line of Seth which was overtaken, and possessed by the disembodied entities of Cain.

That is what is happening here today with Pastor Manning. The disembodied entities of Cain are trying to posses the human beings who are now the descendants of the Lord Jesus. They are trying to get into our bodies and take us over and change our insides, our spiritual nature, from however far we are developed in Christ. They are trying to turn us back into the nature of Cain.

I am saying that I wonder if this line of Cain that ended up as cavemen ever produced the kind of greatness that we saw in Egypt. The greatness that we saw in Egypt was from descendants of Seth even though they had been taken over by the disembodied descendants of Cain. I wonder if the actual physical descendants of Cain that ended up as cavemen had any greatness.

Does anybody not understand what I am saying? These are interesting questions; you do not get answers unless you ask the questions.

Genesis 4:21 And his brother's name was Jubal: he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ. KJV

I always wondered about that. To me, the less a verse makes sense the more likely it is that it has a spiritual understanding. The word harp we are translating those who speak. I looked up the word harp in the dictionary and it means to manipulate the strings of an instrument, to manipulate the sound that comes out of the harp, to manipulate the strings that produce the sound that comes out of the harp.

When our vocal cords vibrate, we speak. That is what the Lord gave me anyway. We also see in the Book of Revelation that some of the souls have harps. What does that mean? They are now speaking the words of Jesus rather than the words of their carnal mind. They have received a different organ of speech; the harp is the organ of speech. I looked up in the Strong’s, the word that is translated organ and it means to breathe.

Alternate Translation Verse 21

And his brother’s name was Jubal the reincarnation of Abel of the other side….

I do not know if I explained that to you or not. Maybe I have to take that out. I do not know how to explain that to you.

....And his brother’s name was Jubal the stream of semen that produced the mortal physical men who breathe and speak and who are manipulated by their father the devil.

Spiritual entities do not speak like we speak. Actually when we say speak we are talking about language. Spiritual entities do not speak language because it is our heart that speaks. The word speech in the Hebrew is related to the thoughts of the heart. The true speech is the thoughts and the intents of the heart.

Language is what comes out of our mouth, and frequently what comes out of our mouth does not line up with what is in out heart. The truth of what we are saying is our speech, the true intents of our heart. As we mature in Christ Jesus we develop the ability to recognize if somebody’s word does not line up with the speech of their heart. That is one of the things we develop. At some point we will be mature enough that nothing will be hidden from us. We will be able to see into the hearts of fallen men and discern their motives.

Genesis 4:22 And Zillah, she also bare Tubalcain, an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubalcain was Naamah. KJV

When I looked up this word Tubalcain in the Strong’s, Cain is not there, it is just the word Tubal. The word Cain was added by the King James Translators.

In the work up, this is what we did. The Hebrew word translated also can also be translated to gather together, and the word Tubal means the offspring of Cain. I guess that is why the King James translators made it Tubalcain, because the word Tubal means the offspring of Cain. The word artificer means to fabricate, and to fabricate means to make, to create. The Hebrew word translated every can also be translated whole.

Brass signifies judgment, and I think I must have looked up that phrase that said the iron, implements that hammer us. Maybe that is a definition of brass I am not sure, I do not know how I got that but I will try to get that information for you for next week.

It is either a translation of brass or iron. Actually it is a translation of iron. I said the iron, implements that hammer us. I amplified the word iron I must have looked it up in the dictionary, and I found that one of the definitions of iron is to hammer. I amplified that. The Hebrew word translated iron we are translating implements that hammer us, because we know that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, hammers us all the time.

The reason I added in pain over there is because the Lord taught us a long time ago that Satan controls us, or attempts to control us, with pleasure or pain. First she will give us pleasure, she will seduce us with pleasure. That is what happened to Adam in the Garden.

If we are strong enough not to be seduced by the pleasure, then she will give us pain. Believers who can resist the pleasures of this world, and follow the Lord Jesus, sometimes turn on the Lord when Satan puts sickness on them, and they go into pain.

Unfortunately that happens with most of us, even me. When I went into the hospital for three months, I was suffering. I was very frightened. I could not believe that it happen to me. I told the Lord that I did not want anything to do with the ministry, that when I got out of the hospital I was never going to teach again. I did not want anything to do with Christians again, period!

He listened to me for about three weeks and never said a word. Then He came to me one day in the hospital, and said, You are going to do whatever I tell you to do. Within five minutes, there was ministry on the phone. That was the end of my rebellion; it lasted about three weeks. Satan did control me briefly with pain. She did turn me against the Lord briefly with pain.

When I think about it, I guess I was so amazed that the Lord would say that to me that I just did what He told me to do. We all think we are in control. We think that we can choose what we want to do. We think that we can tell the Lord, I am not going to go on with you or I am going to go on with you. We think we can tell the Lord, I am going to that ministry, or I am not going to that ministry. We cannot. If we can do that, and He lets us do it, we are a bastard, and He is not controlling our life.

Here is our Alternate Translation for verse 22, and we will call it quits for today.

And Zillah the spirit of Leviathan called the shadow of death fabricated the whole judgment when she gathered together with Cain.

Here is the genesis for the mother and child. There it is, right there, when she gathered together with Cain. Zillah, the spirit of Leviathan did not copulate with her husband, she copulated with her son.

 This is the genesis of all the false religion that has come out concerning the mother and child throughout the whole planet, in China, in India, in the Catholic Church. It shows up every where. I believe the spirit of Leviathan is Satan. Satan, the spirit of Leviathan called the shadow of death, brought into existence or fabricated the whole judgment.

Was the judgment her idea? No. The Sowing and Reaping judgment always existed in potential. It was hidden, it was not active because there was no sin, but as soon as sin was committed the Sowing and Reaping judgment came into existence. Adam speaking prophetically through Paul said something about that.

Romans 7:9 For I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died. KJV

That is what this means. Zillah the spirit of Leviathan called the shadow of death fabricated…. brought into existence ….the whole judgment…. That sin brought down the judgment.

          There is nothing new under the sun.  This is a duplication of Adam copulating with another part within himself. There is nothing new under the sun. This could even be a prophetic statement just like the one I quoted about Adam speaking through Paul  The whole judgment came into existence when she copulated with her own son ….and bare Tubal who was a reincarnation of Cain. She copulated with Cain, and she gave birth to Cain. If you look it up, that is the folklore behind the whole Christmas story, at least in the Greek mythology, or wherever it comes from. I am not an expert on that.

The mother killed her husband and married her son. Then she ruled through the child. It is not a fantasy. It is spiritual truth that manifests itself through people’s mind or the mind of the writer who brings forth the story. She fabricated the whole judgment and the reason the Scripture says the whole judgment is that there are two parts to the judgment.She gathered together with Cain and bare Tubal who was the reincarnation of Cain the iron implement that hammers us with pain. That is one part of the judgment, you get hammered with pain, and Naamah, who is Satan, the mother of Cain who hurts us with pleasure that is the other side of the judgment. If your pleasure gets out of control you can get hurt from it. I am struggling with my weight. I love eating, and I am not happy with the fruit of it.

I am going to wind this up. I just need another five minutes if you want to stay.

And Zillah, the spirit of Leviathan called the shadow of Death fabricated the whole judgment when she gathered together with her own offspring, Cain, and bare forth Tubal who is the reincarnation of her own son Cain who is the iron implement.

I am not sure who is the iron implement, whether it is Satan or Cain. I really prayed about if for a day and I do not have it.

I think Satan is the iron implement that hammers us with pain. Cain hurts us with pleasure. We can go over this next week. We will pick up here with a review, because I know XXXX  has to leave. I want to go into this whole concept of Satan, the mother of Cain.

I think we have had enough for today. We can start with that next week and that will be part five. We will pick up with Satan, the mother of Cain. Are there any questions or comments before we go?

COMMENT: I lost a little bit. I was hoping you could review the mother and child. I am not sure where…. I must have missed that, how the mother slept with the child in this verse?

PASTOR VITALE: The words gathered together, that is the key.  Zillah the spirit of Leviathan, who is the shadow of death, fabricated or brought into existence the whole judgment when she gathered together…. That is the word. Does that help you?


PASTOR VITALE: You have to realize that the reason the word is not clearer, like a word like copulate, is because these where all on spiritual planes. It was not a physical copulation, it was a gathering together.


PASTOR VITALE: Is there anybody else? God bless you. Wow, it was good today!

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09/24/08 Jo Reformatted

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