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We are being trained to be spiritual Christians. There is such a thing as the world's spiritual community, made up of Hindus, and Buddhists, and all kinds, there are all kinds of religions out there that produce spiritual people out of the carnal mind. To date, we really have not seen any spiritual Christians, because it is much harder to be a spiritual Christian than a spiritual Buddhist, or even a spiritual good witch, all of these wiccans, they say they are good witches, they just go and learn a few things and they start acquiring powers, but in Christ, the Lord is not giving us power until we first deal with our sin nature. It is much harder, it takes a much longer time, and basically it involves dealing with our pride. All of these other spiritual disciplines, you do not have to deal with your pride to get power.


It has been two thousand years since the resurrection, we are waiting for His appearing, He has already come the second time, He came on the day of Pentecost, and the seed of His life is buried in the hearts of men, in the form of the Holy Spirit, that is the female seed now, and we are waiting for His appearing in a company of people.


Xxxx had a very exciting dream last week, and I forgot one thing that you told, how about telling everyone your dream again, because I forgot one of the things that you said.


COMMENT: I dreamed that I was at my old house that I just sold in March, and I was walking around the front of the house and I spied my exhusband, and I do not know why he was there, and he said to me, What are you doing? I said, I am going to sell this house. He says, Oh, okay, that sounds like a good idea. I said, You know something is really strange, do you want to come around and see the front of it? He goes, Yeah, okay. We went around the front, and if you really saw my house, you would see that I do not have much of a front to my house, but this is a great big field, and it was loaded with green tomatoes and they were all faced down in maybe six inches of water, and they were just bobbing on the water, and it as almost as far as your eye could see, and he said, Oh my goodness. I said, Can you believe this, all of these tomatoes, there were thousands of them and they were all green. That was the end of my dream.


PASTOR VITALE: Either you added something that I did not hear, or I did not remember what you told me that the tomatoes were in water, I thought they were floating above the ground. For those of you who have been studying with me for a while, you may remember that Adam, the regenerated Adam ascends into our heart center, well Abel, I should start at the beginning, Abel who is a part of our mortal foundation, the Fiery Serpent, part of the Fiery Serpent, arises above Cain, starts a warfare with Satan, Satan is the energy of the mortal man, and energy can be likened to water, and her water covers us, we are immersed in her waters, our blood is water, the atmosphere is water, we are immersed in Satan's waters. When Abel received the kiss of life and starts to rise above Cain, he fights with Satan, takes her energy and increases, and is becoming Christ, and He ascends into our heart center, which is completely submerged in water. The heart center is considered ground, our ground is completely submerged in Satan's waters, but Christ, when He gets tot the heart center, makes those waters depart, and we see that as an example both with Elijah and with Elisha, they both smote the waters of the Jordan, and the water dried up.


We saw Moses speak to the waters of the Red Sea, the waters piled in heaps, this is the parable anyway, on two sides, the Hebrew children walked through on dry ground. The priests, the Levite priests that went ahead of the Hebrew children whey they were departing from Egypt also smote the waters, well I do not think they smote the waters, I think, they touched the waters with the ark, I may not have that exactly right, but the priests went forwards first, and the waters of the Jordan which typified dead dried up, and the Hebrew children followed after them, the King James dry shod, on dry ground.


This principle of waters signifying death and drying up, and dry ground being a place of safety, this is a thread through the whole Scripture. What I see in your dream is that the green tomatoes are the fruit, tomatoes are fruit, and that Christ is being formed in an infinite number of people. When you told me some of them were so small that they could sit on the tip of your finger, but these tomatoes are floating in the water, they have not overcome Satan yet. I thought you also told me they were facing the ground. Yes, so what does that mean? The direction that we look in, that is who we are, do we look to the carnal, which is the ground, or do we look to the heavenlies which is the spirit. This fruit, this fruit of Christ is appearing in an infinite number of believers, but they have not yet overcome Satan, and they are still looking towards their carnal life.


They probably do not even know who they are. We are the forerunners, we are the first group going through, and I remind you that Jesus told His disciples, Tell the people to sit down in groups and feed them in groups, you cannot deal with millions of people at once, it is not reasonable, and it is not Scriptural. We have the first wave of spiritual Christians, or people have the opportunity to be spiritual Christians, I am a spiritual Christian but I must be very, very young because my power is extremely limited, but I do function in the spirit, and that is the beginning, first the Christ mind, what do I mean function in the spirit, I guess that is the point I am trying to get at, we all have to decide whether or not we are going to be spiritual, or be carnal. The best example is looking at a glass of water that is half full, is it half full or is it half empty, everybody has to make your own choice, everything that happens to us, we can look at it from a spiritual point of view, or from a carnal point of view, nobody can make your choice for you, I can just tell you that you have a choice. My job is to tell you that you have a choice, and to say that, well I am not spiritual, that does not fly because you have a choice.


When you are under this kind of teaching, you have a choice, everything that happens is how you look at it, it is either spiritual or carnal. The spiritual aspect of our life comes out of the subconscious and the unconscious mind. The Scripture says when Jesus was on the cross, that the veil of the temple rent from the top to the bottom. What does that mean? For the longest time I thought that it meant the veil of the physical temple, and it made no sense to me at all. We are the temple of God, the Scripture clearly tells us we are the temple of God, and the veil is between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, the subconscious mind is closer to the unconscious than the conscious mind, so the veil rent. That means in Christ Jesus, we have the power to look into the unconscious part of the mind, and what is there, what do we see?


We see people's motives, and we see truth, because the average person does not walk in truth. The average person does not even know why they are doing what they are doing, and if it helps you at all, someone in the ministry does not like it when I refer back to psychiatrists or medical science, but I do that because some people need that witness. I do not need the science of man proving that God is right, but some people need that witness so I say that. Even the psychiatrists and the sociologists will tell that something as high as 95% of the motives of men are driven by, 95% of the behavior and choices and decisions of men are driven by unconscious motives. The people we fall in love with, people we choose to be friends with, the career that we go into, our relationships, these are all driven by unconscious motives. The renting of the veil that separates the conscious mind from the unconscious mind, is the opportunity of tremendous liberty to be able to look into our unconscious and see what is driving us, maybe we do not like what is driving us, maybe we have some problems in our life that we cannot stop doing, and if we can look into our unconscious mind we can deal with them in Christ, and be set free.


Some people get help in a similar manner, they could spend ten or twenty years in psychotherapy and counseling and get help, and their particular life can improve, but in Christ Jesus, the curses that cause the problem are broken, so not only you are helped, but your family is helped, your offspring, or even your immediate family in this life. My whole family was affected, or is affected by the changes in me. When it comes to something that happened here this morning, that we are told that someone had advised us that they are going to another church because they want the foundations or, we have a choice, we can believe what they are saying, or we can look into the spirit, and discern what the true motive is.


I know that there was a time that I believed everything that everybody told me, and brethren the condition of the fallen man, is that we are spiritual liars, spiritual liars, what does that mean, do we consciously lie? No, but we are a lie, we are not God. Everything that is not of faith is a lie, let God be true, you know, when I first heard that Scripture, it really bothered me, I did not know what it meant, let God be true and every man a liar. What does that mean? Of course that is the King James Translation. It means that the Spirit of truth knows what is going on, and that men lie day and night, they lie because they cannot cope with the truth. People are in denial, denial is a form of lying. Sometimes we know what we are saying, we think it is a socially acceptable thing, and sometimes we are just convinced that, that is our reason, because we really want to get out of place, but we want to be nice, we were raised to be nice children, good kids, we want to do the right thing, so sometimes we stay in the place where we really want to leave, whether it be a ministry or a marriage, or a relationship or anything, and then finally we find an excuse to get out, but that is not the real reason for our getting out, it may have to do with a job, any kind of a relationship, any kind of a commitment that at some point we decide we want to get out of, but because we are raised to be socially acceptable people and we want to perceive ourselves as good, maybe I am wrong about the true motive to get out, it would not be socially acceptable so, the mind contrives another motive, and sometimes we know that we are not telling the truth, and we think it is the socially right thing to do, and sometimes we do not know that we are not telling the truth. This is the human condition, it is the human condition, it is the way fallen mankind is.


In most instances if you are not in a ministry like this, it is the right thing to do, you know go up to someone and say, Well I do not want to be friends with you anymore because I hate your guts, you know you just do not do things like that, so it is right to make up some excuse, but when it comes to being a son of God, we cannot carry that behavior into our spiritual world, and the spiritual world of Christ, which is the mind of Christ, and the way Christ views things, because Christ has the Spirit of Truth, and either we are going to be in the Spirit of Truth or we are going to be in the spirit of a lie, or error. This becomes a real problem, we have learn how negotiate the two minds, when do you shut your mouth when somebody's diplomatically bowing out of relationship because they cannot tolerate it anymore, they cannot tolerate the pressure anymore, and we know like in this instance, I know why this woman left this ministry, she could not take the pressure anymore, she was not prepared for it, but we will get into it later on, that particular person. Do you look at the person when they are telling you this, and say, Now look, that is not true. Would you do that to somebody or would you just know the truth and hold the truth in your heart?


Of course you do not say to the person, you let them go, you bow out gracefully and you let them go, but if you want to spiritual Christian, you cannot believe their lie, their social lie, you cannot believe it, if you want to be a spiritual Christian, because the truth is going to set you free. We have to learn how to negotiate the two minds. In a ministry like this, if somebody says something like that to me, somebody who has been here for a long time says something like to me, I would tell them right to their face, you do whatever you want to do but do not give me that garbage, that is my favorite word, garbage, do not give me that garbage, if you want to believe it, you believe it, if you want to leave, you are a free agent, you can do anything you want, but you tell me the truth, you have been sitting here too long to be playing with me, if you are going to go, go in truth, but I would not say something like that to this other lady, who has never, she never was a part of the ministry, she was always your friend, and I did not know which way it would go, maybe one day she would be a part of the ministry, but I knew she was not. Why?


Because being a part of the ministry is a spiritual thing. I guess I am basically talking to you because I know you for a long time, and this is something that you have been telling me for a long time, I want to tell you that it is a choice, you can choose to be spiritual, and the way you choose is that every time something happens, you can say, Lord, I want to be spiritual. If I were a spiritual person, how would I say this, Lord how do you see this, what is the truth here? The down side of this is, that we do not want to become paranoid, and we do not want to be delving into people's motives and thinking that everybody's evil, so we have to find a balance, we have to find the truth and the balance is this, we have to understand that the average person does not have a clue as to what their motives are.


There is someone else in this ministry and me for a long time, that we would see into people's motives, and well for me anyway, I thought that people knew what I knew, and I finally found out that people thought I was crazy because I knew what their motives were when they did not even know.


The way the Lord trained me up is very different, I never learned from anybody, I learned from experience, and some of those experiences were very difficult, were very painful, it took me a long time to realize that I am looking into people's hearts and I see things that I do not know are there. It is the same thing with dreams, when I told a few people about your dream, I said, It is amazing to me, absolutely obvious what your dream is, but no one seems to know that except me. It is obvious to me. The day had to come that I had to start facing the reality that I am different, because when I first started this ministry, I thought we were all equal, and we are all equal before God, but we are not all equal in function, and we are not all equal in our spiritual abilities, and I had a kind of reverse pride, I could not believe that I was different than anybody, so I would get up there, and two weeks later, someone is asking me a question that I just taught and I would get mad at them, remember? I just taught you that, what do you mean asking me that question? I had to find out that I am different. As we become more and more spiritual and we understand things more and more, we have to realize that we really are an elite group. You can hear this and become lifted up in pride, or you can hear this and you become very humble, because it is a tremendous responsibility to be able to look into people's hearts, and see their weaknesses, you know, and not hurt them, but help them, it is a tremendous responsibility that is likened as far as I know only to raising children, when we realize how vulnerable our children are, and I think most parents do not even realize it, how vulnerable our children are, and that we can make them or break them, it is something similar to that.


I know I did a message once, who knows what the name was, I have so much material, but it was about this movie that I saw, and that is coming to my mind right now, and it was about a man who was a manipulator, and he went after people, he was a manipulator and a con artist, he made money off of people, he had this ability in the carnal mind which is called a spirit of divination, it is called divination in the carnal mind and he can look into people, and see their deepest motive, their deepest need, and their deepest weaknesses and then he would manipulate them into doing something that was wrong, and then he would blackmail them.


We are the exact opposite, we have to see people's needs, and we have to, well what I do is I put them before the Lord and I say, Lord, you know is there anything you want me to pray, but sometimes He has me to pray, but usually what happens is that eventually, he opens a door of communication that I could say something to them, that will help them. You see, when we are in the Holy Ghost, we pray most of the time we are trained to pray in our prayer closet, and we have one lovely lady that I love very much sitting right over here, who still likes to pray in her prayers closet, is that anything wrong with that? No, but when you come into a ministry like this, we mature to the place where we have godly confrontation. Somebody prays in their prayer closet, Lord, help that person, let me give you an example, I had a roommate, going all of the way back, I had a roommate, and it was my rental unit, and I had taken her in with her son because her house burnt down, well I still do not celebrate Christmas, and I did not celebrate Christmas then, we went to the same church, so I thought it would not be an issue, until she announced to me that she was putting up a Christmas tree in my house.


I went into the bedroom and fell down on my knees, and cried out to God, Lord, speak to her and tell her not to do this, and the Lord said to me, Get up off of your feet and go tell her yourself. We have to learn to have Godly confrontation. I went and I told her, I spoke with her, I believe I was in a right spirit, and she told me I am paying half the rent and I am going to do whatever I want. I said, Well then you are going to have to leave. We cannot avoid this, but there are a lot of people in the Holy Ghost or in the basic churches that think that they are not supposed to have confrontation, that they are just supposed to go in their prayer closet and pray. What do you think God is going to do if you go in your prayer closet and you pray? Maybe He would tell the person, but then nobody listens to God. Very few people listen to God, He talks to you, is that right, right? He talks to you in your heart, nobody listens, He talks to you with a thought in your mind, and everybody ignores Him, He talks to you in a dream, and you still do not do what He tells you, so the last resort is to have a human being go and tell you, and then if you still do not do what He says, you reap what you sow, but nobody listens to God, that is why we are all in this mess. In a mature ministry like this where we are starting to become spiritual and we are starting to see people's motives and we are learning to evaluate the righteousness of a conflict, that is one of the things that we do here, we see conflicts or problems are events that happen, and we analyze them to discover the righteousness, what does that mean? How Christ Jesus sees the situation, and then sometimes He has us to pray. When you have the person in front of you, when you have an open relationship with the person, the Lord is not going to listen to your prayers, telling, asking Him to straighten that person out, you have to go talk to your brother, you have to go deal with the situation, and that is one of the things we are learning here as mature Christians. Prayer only works when the person is not accessible to you, when the person is outside, from my point of view, when the person is outside of my sphere of influence that I have no authority to call them up and say, Look, what you are doing is wrong, they will tell me, Who do you think you are? Right? So I am not going to do that with them, I have no authority, but I will pray and one of two things will happen, either the Lord will send someone who has authority in the situation to speak the righteousness, or the Lord will open a door for me on a one to one, not a person with authority.


When we pray, our prayers bring into existence confrontation, Godly confrontation which is called communication, we cannot hide, we are training to be the sons of God, so that is what happened here this morning, somebody delivered a message to me, saying that someone is not coming to the meeting anymore because they need basic teachings or whatever reason they gave, and I am here telling you that you all have a choice to believe that or not believe it. This is very difficult, so I am trying to help you understand that when I say I do not believe that, I am not saying that the person overtly lied, or even if they knew that they were not telling the truth, that they meant to do any harm, that was how they graciously backed out of a situation that had become to difficult for them, but it is still a lie, you see. We have to learn how to deal with this, we have to learn how to see truth and deal with it, not fight with the person, not tell the person off, not hurt them, because most likely the Lord moved her out.


There has been the most incredible move of the spirit this year, 2006, I have never seen anything like it, in twenty nine years in the church, in nineteen years of this ministry, I have never seen as much happening as is happening now. This group right here is a new group that the Lord raised up. There are two new fellowships starting out of state, there is just a lot going on, and if the Lord did not move her out, did that mean she was bad? No, no, if the Lord moves her out, most likely, I do not know whether the Lord moved her out, or her carnal mind moved her out, but let us say the Lord moved her out, why would the Lord move her out? Maybe we are going into deeper warfare, and she would have been hurt. Just like I told you for years, I did not know who I was, and I thought that everybody knew what I knew, all of you are challenged to recognize that you are special without going into pride, you are special in Christ, and this ministry has a very important job in Christ Jesus, it is important that you know who you are, but it is very hard, it is very hard. If you are a housewife, and your identity all of these years has been that you are a housewife, it is very hard to hear me telling you, you have a very high position in Christ Jesus, especially if you are in a situation where you ego has been bruised over the years, and you have a boss that abuses you or have a husband or a wife that tells you that you are nothing, or your parents have told you that you will never amount to anything, it is like insanity to have me sitting her telling you, you have a very high spiritual office if you are in this ministry, it is like total confusion, it has taken me years, it has taken me literally years to accept who I am, and the hardest part of it is, well in your case I pretty much just explained it, maybe you had a job and your parents have been telling you for years you will never get anywhere, wherever it is coming from, for me, I am the leader of this ministry and the physical surroundings are very humble, and the average carnal person does not accept me for who I am. That is the equivalent of your husband or your wife or your parents telling you that, you are just good to wash the floors, who do you think you are, who do you think are? That is what people tell us, who do you think you are?


The Scripture tells us that our spiritual identity is who we are, but it is completely backwards because our whole life and our whole world is out here in the natural, everybody that we know, everybody that we know, our whole family is telling us, Who do you think you are? The whole employment situation, friends that have loved us for years, saying, Who do you think you are? The Scripture tells us, your identity in Christ is who you are, who will you believe, what will you believe, which is the truth and which is the lie? It is an incredible challenge to believe that you are really very important in Christ, when your life situation, everything about your life situation tells you otherwise, and frequently you have a lot of problems in your life situation because the Lord is simultaneously raising up, He is beating down our pride because pride will cause us to be resurrected into the resurrection of damnation, so He is beating down our pride by the situations of our life, and at the same time, telling us that we are very important.


If we could just understand that we are very important in Him, but that if our pride is out of control, we are no longer in Him, and He is going to beat us, we are going to have experiences that will bring down our pride, it will something that we cannot overcome, there has to be something in your life that you cannot overcome, right now with me it is my weight. I have a lot of power in Christ Jesus, and I cannot control my weight, it is ridiculous, but there is always something, Paul had a thorn in his flesh, there is always something. We have to know that we are powerless except for His power, and any power that we have apart from His power has to die, and we have to agree that it is going to die, or He is not going to give us more power.


He wants to give us more power, He wants to see the miracles that Jesus manifested, manifested through us, but He is not going to give us that power so that our carnal mind could use it, it is just as simple as that. Back to my point, this is just an exhortation this morning. We all have a choice as to whether or not we are going to be spiritual or carnal, and that choice can be manifested by asking the question, you see, every event that happens in our life, we could say, Lord, please let me see with spiritual eyes, Lord Jesus, how would you see this. I know that, that person did not intend to hurt me with a lie, but what is the truth of their motives? That is how you choose to be spiritual, and when you live that way long enough, it will come naturally to you, at this point it is very natural to me, I look right, usually, I am not 100% of the time, I look right into the heart, of their motives most of the time, but I do not say anything, because you cannot go around punishing people, that is what Satan does, Satan goes around punishing people. What do we do? We just hold the truth in our heart, we just hold the truth in our heart because to be a spiritual Christian, we need to walk in truth, and we may never use it, but just knowing the truth, how do I say this, just knowing the truth without condemning the person, will cause the Spirit of Christ to work in their lives to their good. If you can hear this, it will help you, you should not be afraid of looking at people's motives, no matter how evil those motives are, when you recognize them without condemnation, and you might have to rebuke them, but you can rebuke them in your mind, without condemning the person, we all have a sin nature, and if when we get to the point that when we can do that, see sin in a person with no condemnation, and let us say, Someone just manifested a spirit of Jezebel to you, we could say, I rebuke you Jezebel, but Lord I bless that person. The Spirit of Christ will go towards that person and start to work with them in this area. You may have an opportunity to speak to them about it, and you may not, it all depends on whether they go under the sowing and reaping judgment or the white throne judgment, but this is my point, there is incredible amounts of power in truth, there is power in truth. If you are in your carnal mind, truth can be very destructive, seeing into people's hearts and motives can release Satan from the unconscious part of your mind and really hurt people. We are of another spirit, or at least we are training to be of another spirit, I think if you are here, you must have Christ formed in you, at least the imputed Christ, and this is what we are trained for, to see into the hearts of people and help them, and I think that knowledge will help you, because I think a lot of people that have passed through here, they have not wanted to see the evil in people's hearts, they think it is wrong to see the evil in people's hearts, and Paul says, Judge not lest you be judged, but what that means, and he also says, Do not judge before the time, do not judge with your carnal mind because your carnal mind will condemn the person.


Judgment, the truth about judgment, I have a book, Understanding Judgment, judgment that is in Christ Jesus, reveals sin for the purpose of dealing with it and hopefully dispelling a judgment is the mercy of God when it comes out of Christ, and that is who we are, the sons of God. We are going to do more than heal the sick and deliver the oppressed and provide food, we are going to break the bondage on creation, those of who were in deliverance know that Scripture, And this honor have the kings, to break the bondage on creation. What does that mean? What is the creation? We are the creation, it does not necessarily mean break the power of drought, or break the power of the fungus on the trees, that may be an outgrowth of it, but it is not talking about nature, we are the creation, human beings, Jesus said, I am the beginning of the creation of God.


We are the creation, and so it does not just mean that we should stop being sick, because what makes us sick? It is this mind that makes us sick, it is the evil internal parts that every man born of a woman has that makes us sick. That is why we may get healed and then we get sick again, because our spiritual root, our spiritual foundation is the Serpent, so we need a new foundation, and how do we get this new foundation? The old foundation must first be exposed.


This is the a holy work, revealing sin, when it is done in righteousness, it is a holy work, and it is a process to develop it in us. This is where you start, you have to be a spiritual person, if you are not a spiritual person and your judging people, you should know it is out of your carnal mind. That is my message, this is just the exhortation this morning, we all have a choice. Now that you heard this message, it is no longer acceptable to say, Oh well I am just so carnal, because I have given you the solution to your problem. Every time I say something to you, or somebody says something to you, even if you think you understand it, just as an exercise, Lord, this is how I perceive it, is that you perceive it? Did I perceive it correctly? Is there something under the surface? You have to train yourself to be spiritual, and that should not be so difficult. When I had a dog, I had a German Shepherd dog which was supposed to be a guard dog and he never barked at anybody, he kissed everyone that came to the house. I went to a dog trainer once, and they told me that I should bark so that he would learn that, that is what he is supposed to do when someone comes to the door. We can be trained to be spiritual people.


I grant you that some people have a natural tendency towards it, and that it comes easier for some people than others, but that is okay, you can do it, you can do it, you can ask the Lord to help you and you can become spiritual. Even if you cannot see the spirituality in it, you can ask somebody that may be spiritual, you can ask me you know, Did I see this right?


That is what we are doing here, the doctrine and the message, it is exciting, I love to hear the word of God, I love the learn things about the word of God, but the reality of what is happening here is that we are changing, and that the study of the word of God is the food, and it is a medium by which we are changing, but it is not the intellectual knowledge of the word, it is what is happening to us as human beings. We are going from being carnal people to spiritual people, and you cannot pick and choose, either your spiritual or you are not, you cannot say, Well I want to heal the sick and cast out the demons, but I do not want to deal with that person who just hated me because she is so envious of me, I do not want to deal with that. I know that, that person just manifested a spirit of envy towards me and they are hating me right now, you cannot say, I want to heal the sick, but I do not want to deal with that.


Once you learn how to deal with it, it is really, well it does not bother me anymore, I have had people come right up to my face and tell me that they hate me and I say, That is okay, you know. Everybody manifests, people manifest, people get jealous, and sometimes when we get jealous, it is irrational that we are jealous, I have experienced a spirit of jealousy, I have seen a spirit of jealousy in myself, over something that I do not even want, and I say, Well that is crazy, I am not even interested in that, but yet I am jealous, so I have to, it is something that comes out of my mortal foundation that cannot live, it has to die, it is a perverse thing, that came out of the unconscious part of my carnal mind and it has to die.


I war against it, I punish it, I put a spike through it, I kill it, I burn it at the stake, it had to die, you cannot just repress it, so there is a Scripture, and I believe in the book of Jeremiah that says, The barrels are burning, the fire is hot, but the demons are not plucked out. The heat is Christ Jesus in us, and the exposure of sin. What are you going to do with it? You have got to kill the thing, and everything you do is with your mouth, spiritual warfare is with your mouth, kill the thing. Sometimes we are so horrified, we are so horrified to see a spirt of envy or something similar in us that we just do not want to look at it, but then it is alive, you have left it alive. We have to kill every man, woman, child, and animal, that exists as spiritual entities inside of us that come out of our carnal mind, every last entity has to die. That means Christ in us has to be policing our other side. There is one person that comes to this ministry, that for years, I would see a vision of them, while I was sitting here preaching, I would see this vision of a robber with a bag, you know with a black mask on and a bag over his shoulder sneaking, and what that meant, because what I knew about that person's life is that, they were so out of touch with their own motives, that Satan was just robbing them and robbing them and robbing them.


We have to police the carnal side, we have to look at our carnal side, and we have to recognize that it is not our friend. Some people here have had some trouble doing this. Paul said, If you admit that you would rather not be doing that, or you do not want to be doing that, it is no longer you but it is sin that dwelleth in you. There is a part of us that is a fifth column, it is not our friend, but sometimes if we do not understand, or if our pride is very high, we defend ourselves, we defend that part of ourselves, you have to kill it, not defend it, you have to kill it, because it is going to kill you, or it is going to kill Christ in you, which is the same thing as killing you, it wants to kill your life.


This is the foundational message of this ministry. When we study the Scriptures, it is nice and it is interesting and it is wonderful, but it has to work in your life to build Christ and to strengthen you to war against your own soul, your soul has to be overthrown, and there is an alternate translation in the New Testament that says, your soul will be, You shall be saved when your soul is overthrown, if you do not faint, that is the animal soul, there are different elements to our soul. That is our animal nature that is ruling, it has to overthrown, that means Christ has to overshadow it, it means it has to be knocked down, it has to be made to serve us. Right now we are serving the creature, is that not what Paul said?


We are serving the creature instead of the living God. What does that mean? Does it mean an idol out there? No, we are serving our animal nature, our animal lusts, our animal desires. The name of this message is, I will give you the name after I finish it, but the whole point of this message is, that you can become spiritual, I do not care how carnal you are, you start exactly where you are, and you ask the Lord to show you the reality of this situation, someone left the ministry, what is the truth? We have to overcorrect for a season and not believe anybody, but of course you do not tell people that, you just hear what they are saying and you say, Lord, what really happened here, what really happened here, what is the truth of what happened here?


One of two things happened, either the Lord moved her out because she just was not up to the warfare that is going on here, or her carnal mind moved her out because she could not take the pressure. Being in a ministry like this is a lot of pressure, it is a lot of pressure on your soul and on your carnal mind, there is a lot of pressure. I am under tremendous pressure everyday, it depends on where you are, if you are carnal, you are under pressure from me, when you become spiritual, then you are partaking of the warfare that is coming against the ministry.


There is a lot of pressure, Paul clearly said that we are in the army. I look at the rest of the church world, and I do not see anybody in the army, that is because they are still babies, they have not become of military age yet. If you are here, you are of military age, but if you get in here and you should not be here, then you know, you have to be removed, whether it is the Lord, the Lord is in control of everything, so the Lord had to move her out. The Scripture that He is giving me right now is the person who was at the wedding feast without a proper garment, that is the Scripture that the Lord is giving me right now, and what is the proper garment? The proper garment is Christ, Christ is the garment that covers our humanity. She was in a warfare ministry, without Christ, it probably would have been dangerous for her.


I do not know it goes, she has been coming for a few months, maybe she had the opportunity to have Christ formed in her and she was not up to it, or I am not condemning anybody, all that I know is that she out of here because she did not have the correct garment. The Lord will give everybody an opportunity, the Scripture says, Let whosoever will come. As long as you are sitting here and you are not causing any disruption, and your spirit is flowing with the rest of the meeting, you can sit here, and as a result of your being here, is that Christ begins to be formed in you, well then you are welcome to stay. You are called a convert, but if Christ for whatever reason is not formed in you, then you have to leave because it is not healthy for you to stay here. That is the story, so we wish her well, we wish her well, no problem, I do not, I tell everybody, I do not want anyone here that the Lord does not bring here. This is a warfare ministry, this is a war party here, and all kinds, where all kinds of spiritual struggles, right now there are two new fellowships being raised up that are associated with this ministry and Satan's raging and trying to stop both of those new ministries, and that warfare goes on in our heart, it goes on in our heart. Maybe we will go over one of the dreams that I interpreted last night, maybe we will do that. Does anyone have any questions or comments about what I said here. If not, we are going to listen to Xxxx play and then I think we will go over a dream that I just interpreted last night.


COMMENT: My first question is, did it work with the dog?


PASTOR VITALE: No. (laughing).


COMMENT: As Xxxx was telling her dream, I could not help but think, sitting on my kitchen table right now is about ten pounds of green tomatoes.




COMMENT: When you were talking about the water and the evaporation of the water, I was thinking of boiling Satan, and the distillation, and I just thought, would you comment on that.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I think for years we taught that, that the judgment against Satan whose symbol is the sea is that she is going to be boiled until just her, the sediment remain, and that is going to be the stripping of her powers, and then as we continued on, we found out that her waters, and particular where she is boiling away from, is the heart center. The heart center is a place when Adam is regenerated, he stands in our heart center and rules over our whole person, when he is standing in the heart center, he has authority over Satan and Leviathan. Does that mean we will not have any trouble? No, but it means that we will be victorious every time we fight, and that is the promise in Christ Jesus, you fight and you will be victorious every time. Adam has to be or Christ Jesus has to be regenerated and standing in our heart center on dry ground, from that point.


The heart center is also called the ariel center, it is the place where the glorified Jesus Christ meets us.


Every one of us has or will eventually have Christ formed in us, a grafted Christ, rooted and grounded in us, and when He ascends into and occupies, Jesus said, Occupy until I come, He meant occupy the heart center, do not let Satan overflow you, which is a manifestation of the flood that Noah experienced, Satan overflowed the heart center of the beings on the other side of the flood that were standing on dry ground if you can hear that. Jesus said, Occupy that dry ground until I come, because the glorified Jesus Christ who is not rooted and grounded in us, is coming at some point in our progress, into our temple, which we are, to join with the Christ who is formed in us.


Christ that is formed in us is a drop of immortality, but He is not yet connected to the immortal world, He is our potential to be reconnected to the eternal immortal world, and that re-connection is the union of Christ in you and the glorified Jesus Christ, and when that union takes place, Christ gets a new name, because every time someone in the Scripture gets promoted, they get a new name, and His new name is Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus, the difference between Christ Jesus and Christ, is this, Christ is the seed of the Lord Jesus formed in you, but not connected to the eternal world, Christ Jesus is the fruit of Christ in you, joined to the glorified Jesus Christ, He is, and that is why He is the only mediator between God and man, because He is our connection to the eternal world, and that offspring of that union of Christ in you, and the glorified Jesus, produces Christ Jesus who sits, He is the lamb of God who sits on the throne of our heart, and we continue to mature and we continue to mature, but that is not enough, as we continue to mature, our carnal mind, and our old man must decrease, must decrease and must come more and more under the dominion of Christ Jesus, until the Lord makes a judgment, and He is the only one that can make the judgment, that our carnal mind is under control enough for Him to give us supernatural power.


I know that we do not have to be in full stature to get supernatural power because Moses had supernatural power, and Elijah had supernatural power, and the apostles had supernatural power, and they were not, their carnal mind was not dead, eventually our old man has to die when our new man is powerful enough to pick up our life functions. We can have supernatural power while we are still human, and that is what we are hoping for, and that is what we are waiting for, and you all here, you need to hear this, it is not just supernatural power to heal physical bodies, or cast out demons, or feed the poor, or discern people's motives and help them in their situations in their life, it is much more than that, it is actually ascending to a higher spiritual place from where we will influence all of the political problems going on in the world today.


You need to hear this, we have a very high call on our lives. A lot of people are saying, Where is the promise of His coming, the whole world is erupting, the church thinks that they are going to get raptured, they are not going to get raptured, the sons of God are going to stand up and put a stop to these hostilities. How is that going to happen? If you can hear this, when we ascend in our consciousness to this high spiritual place, we will be able to affect the minds of all of the inhabitants of the earth, if you can hear this, or if you dare to hear it, or at least ask the Lord if it is true. When we pray from that high spiritual place, it will end all hostilities. We have to get up there, we have to pray from that high place.


We have already affected multitudes of people. Where do think all of these green tomatoes in your dream came from? When I first started preaching here, I was in Smithtown, it was nineteen, well not quite nineteen years ago, when I started in Smithtown, and the Lord told me that we were cutting up Satan's kingdom. I could not understand it, I was in this little room with a few people, about ten people, how was I cutting up Satan's kingdom, I was cutting up Satan's kingdom in the heavenlies, and whatever happens in the heavenlies, apparently, eventually manifests in this world.


The warfare for the life of this world, for the life of humanity, the warfare of who is going to ultimately control humanity, either the Serpent or Christ Jesus, that warfare is going to take place on a very high spiritual realm between a very small, small group of people, it is going to come from a very, very small group of people, and a very high spiritual realm, and the spiritual realm controls what happens down here. When the Serpent is defeated with a very small group of people on a very high spiritual realm, that event will filter down to the lower worlds, and the Serpent will be defeated down here too. You cannot win the war fighting down here, it is the same principle as saying, If you keep going to a doctor because, let us say, God forbid you have cancer and he cuts out one thing, and then he cuts out another thing, and then he cuts out another thing, you can get sick again because the spiritual root of the seed is in the etheric body, it is not in, the root of the disease is not in the physical body.


You can take all kinds of medicine, you can have all kinds of surgery, and you may not be healed. Some people are healed from the surgery, how come? Because it has to do with the balance of good and evil, and the curses on their life, but then eventually they die from natural causes anyway, the root cause of death is in our etheric body, it is not in, this physical body is just a slave that is a garment that covers over our spiritual body. It is the same principle, you have to get at the spiritual root of a disease to be healed.


We read in the Scripture about the woman who spent all of her money going to doctors, and she was still dying, that was me. I spent all my money going to doctors, and I was still dying, because there was a spiritual cause to my condition that could not be healed by medicine or doctors, and that is how I became this teacher, because I just pursued the course that the Lord showed me, that was designed to save me, because my whole spiritual root was corrupt, it needed to be renewed in Christ Jesus, and the process that has performed that action in me has made me who I am today, my whole foundation has been changed, or purified or whatever word you want to use, I still have a mortal foundation.


It is the same principle, the problems of the world, the warfare that is going on in the world that nobody, that is going on in the Middle East, that is going on in North Korea, this all has a spiritual root, and it is possible if you can hear this, it is possible for the problems of the world to be dealt with by one man. I do not know whether it is going to be one man, or a small company, I am not sure, somebody when they get up high enough into the highest spiritual plane, and they have a conflict with Satan or the Serpent on that high spiritual plane, everything will straighten out on the lower planes of consciousness.


The Jewish people say it is going to be one man, they say it is going to be Messiah, I do not think it is going to be a large number of people, if you can hear this, I am going to say this again, just like your body, sometimes your body cannot get healed, all the roots are all spiritual, of all disease is spiritual. Sometimes you have a disease and you get healed, it has to do with the extent of the curses on your life, but some people like, no matter what the doctors did for me, I could not healed, because I had a spiritual problem, and when the Lord Jesus dealt with my spiritual problem by bringing me into Christ Jesus and making who I am today, my body began to heal.


In the same manner, the ills of the world will be healed when one person or a small company of people ascend in their consciousness to a very high spiritual plane and challenge the Serpent on that high spiritual plane and defeat her, at that point, all of the lower worlds, the people go into the trillions will fall into place, and there will be peace in all my holy mountain, says the Lord. That is how it is going to work, so those people, those of us who are in this ministry, we are in the running, we have the opportunity as we work the program here, to ascend into that high spiritual place and be a part of that conflict with the Serpent that is going to change the whole world. It all begins with choosing to be spiritual, it is a choice. Anybody else have anything to say? God bless you.




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