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If you do something terrible, you will reap what you sow. If you murder someone, if you incest your children, if you do something really heinous, that which you have done will be done to you or will be done to your offspring. It is a curse on the family line. You are going to reap what you have sown.


However, as far as Jesus is concerned (now, this is the fly in the ointment), that heinous, horrible sin causes you to lose immortality just the same way as my pride, or my envy, or my rejection, causes me not to have immortality. People that do not hear the other side to it, that you are going to reap what you sow, cannot deal with it, but that is what the Bible says.


The Scripture teaches that if you offend in one point of the law, you have broken the whole law. If you break the law in one point, such as envying somebody, you have broken the law and you are cut off from immortality. If you are envious of someone, even if you do not do anything about it, someone will be envious of you (we are all envious of each other, whether we admit it or not. It is all floating around there in the unconscious part of our mind).


Someone will be envious of you. You will reap what you have sown, but it is not the same thing as if you committed incest. What you are going to reap is not going to be as damaging and damning as if you committed incest against a child.


If you want to pursue this, if it is going to help you to believe it, look around at the people of the world, or the people in this country. Everybody is not in the same place. Some people are suffering more than others.


I get frustrated here that I do not have a home to call my own, but this place would be called a mansion by people who live in Africa. Even in this country, there are people that do not have homes. There are people that are living on the streets. I personally know people who because of their finances are forced to live in a group home, where they have roommates who steal their things, and they get raped sometimes when they are sleeping. I have a beautiful home here, and I am asking the Lord to help me to be content with everything He has given me. There are people that are hopeless drug addicts, hopeless alcoholics, people that are hungry, hungry everyday, people that are begging. We are not all in the same place, and nothing happens by chance.


This knowledge that nothing happens by chance is going to set us free. That person that cannot get up on their feet, no matter what their problem is, is experiencing a reaping of what has been sown somewhere along the line. If they are sick and dying prematurely like I was (I was dying at twelve years old), it is as a result of a sowing and reaping judgment.


If they are compulsive and cannot stop drinking, drugging, gambling, beating their wife, molesting children, if they cannot stop doing whatever it is that they are doing, this did not come out of dry ground. This condition is the result of everything that went before it. There is a sowing and a reaping.


What a lot of people struggle with though, is that this sowing and reaping transcends generations. You could see somebody do evil and they could live a very nice life by this world's standard, but judgment will come in future generations. The judgment will come in future generations. You say, Well, that is not fair, what did his kid do? The answer is that our kids are us, and we are our ancestors, it is just the truth.


To make sense out of this world, we have to understand these spiritual principles that the Church denies. The Church at large denies reincarnation, but it is real. The sowing and reaping transcends generations. The Bible calls it, in the Book of Psalms, The mystery of the wicked rich, people who have everything in this world despite the fact that they are evil .


Aside from money, they have family life. The Scripture clearly says, the evil are good to their children. Drug dealers are good to their children. The mob is good to their children. They take care of their families, and this is true especially with the mafia. If you do not take care of your family you are a heathen, and they will take care of you. You have to take care of your family.


There are people that do very wicked things, sell drugs to little kids, and whatever else the mob is into, and they are prospering. Their family structure is intact. How could that be? The Bible says we should not let it put us off, because it is a mystery. To us, we are given to know the truth behind the parable, and the truth behind the parable is that judgment transcends the life of the offender.


Judgment transcends generations, and God is righteous for the judgment to fall in the fourth generation because it is the same spiritual being. That is why, no matter what is wrong with us, no matter what our problems are, if we are smart, or if we have any understanding at all, we will not get mad at God, because He is righteous. There has to be a reason.


There has to be a reason why I was dying at 11 years old. There has to be a reason. What could an 11 year old child possibly have done, to be dying at 11 years old. What could a child possibly have done to be dying at birth, or to be dying at 7 years old?


If you do not understand this, or if you are stubborn as the Church and you will not believe in reincarnation, then what is your answer? Even if in your conscious mind you say, Well, I know that God would never do anything to hurt me, your unconscious mind is working back there, saying, What kind of God is this, what kind of God is this? There are people out there that verbalize it, What kind of a God is this? I am not going to Church any more. He kills little kids.


God does not kill little kids, our sin bears fruit. If you had a little kid die in your family, Lord willing, you will get some understanding and repent for the sins of your ancestors. Who knows, maybe it happened ten generations ago, someone that you never even knew, maybe your great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother. Who knows?


I only know one thing. Jesus Christ is righteous, and He would never ever allow something like that to happen, unless Satan had a legal ground to do it. Satan is the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment. There had to be a legal ground.


Even though I was dying at 11 years old, the reason I did not die is that the Lord Jesus intervened with Satan's right to take my life. Why? It is because He had a job for me to do, not because I am special and you are not. Why did He have a job for me and not for the other person who died?


Listen brethren, this requires extreme maturity, listen to what I am going to say. As far as the Lord is concerned, that seven year old child is still with Him, and will reincarnate again. He is righteous. It is the people that remain that are suffering from the loss.


A premature death is not only a judgment on the child, it is a judgment on everyone that is suffering because the child is gone. This is another very, very hard word. What did the ancestors do? We are our ancestors so, what did we do in a previous incarnation? What did we do? We must have killed a child.


Satan had a right to take me at 11 years old. Maybe my parents were idol worshipers and they were offering up children. That is what we are told in the Scripture that Israel did. They put their children through the fire, that is one of the indictments against Israel (and we are all spiritual Israel, Israel is the twelve tribes, and we do not know who we are). They put their children through the fire. They engaged in child sacrifice.


How do I know that my ancestors did not sacrifice a child, because it is a life for a life. I do not know, but one really does not have to have a PHD, to get a clue as to what kind of sin produced this judgment in one's life, because it is a sowing and a reaping.


God is righteous, Adam was sold under sin to the Serpent, and we are Adam. We were sold under sin, we were sold to the Serpent. Adam agreed with the thoughts of the Serpent, which was spiritual adultery, and the Lord said to the Serpent, they are yours. The Lord said to Adam, You made your choice, and now you are hurt, and Adam said, Well, the woman made me do it, and the Lord said, You belong to the Serpent.


That is the truth of it, the Church could not take this today, the Church would empty out if they heard this message today, but I am telling you the truth.


Paul clearly said that he is sold under sin. In the book of Revelation, we see these seals, and John is crying and crying because there is no one strong enough to break the seals. What seals? What seals? The seals that keep us under this judgment, the seals that keep us trapped in this body, the seals that bind us to the Serpent. We are bound to the Serpent, we are told by Peter, with chains of darkness. We are now joined to the Serpent with chains of darkness, spiritual chains of darkness.


A voice said to John, Do not worry, this is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He is strong enough to break the seals, the locks, the chains that have you bound to darkness. Who or what is darkness? Satan and Leviathan are the darkness. We are chained to Satan and Leviathan, and we cannot get free, short of an outstanding supernatural miracle. God is righteous. Adam sinned, and we are Adam.


Every bad thing that happens in our life is because we are reaping what we sowed in a previous incarnation. Someone says, Well, I do not remember. If you blanked out when you killed somebody, should you not be put in jail because you do not remember? It just does not work like that.


I have seen a few cases in which someone with multiple personalities is put in jail for a murder committed by one of his other personalities. Someone with multiple personalities killed somebody, and the personality that did the murder is not the usual personality, and the person with the usual personality went to jail. This is because it is the same person. That is our reality, that is who we are.


Jesus said that the truth will set us free. If we can fearlessly face up to this and follow His program and by His power receive His nature and war against our old nature which is the nature of the fallen adam, He is going to restore us to our first estate. We pray and hope it will be in this lifetime, but if it is not, you have to know that everything that you are doing is for your kids, and if you do not have any children, it will go to the rest of your family somehow.


That is the word I have for you. Jesus said, I have much to tell you but you cannot bear it. I do not think many could bear it. I think the Churches would empty out if they heard the truth. They believe in Santa Claus. In the Church that I was raised up in, the pastor just told them Christmas is a pagan holiday, and the next service half of the Church was gone.


In that same Church, the pastor said, We are going to start doing deliverance. Everybody could have a demon. The next service, half the Church was gone. How do you think the Church would react if their lollipop is taken away? How would they react when you tell them that Satan is not someone out there who is the enemy of Jesus Christ, working against Him, but that he is the most faithfully servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment? That is the truth.


This whole exhortation started because of the word of knowledge that xxx had. I hope that He could be talking about xxxx too, that you grow in this together. What do we do about this? This is one of the blessings of the resurrection.


The Scripture says that when Jesus was crucified and was on the cross, the veil of the temple was split from the top to the bottom, and then the saints that had been in Abraham's bosom started walking around in Jerusalem. That was not a physical happening, that was a spiritual happening. The veil between the carnal mind and the unconscious mind of mortal man was rent.


What does that mean? It means that in Christ Jesus we can now see into the unconscious part of our mind, and we can see our sins that are attacking other people and Christ in us can be a policeman to our old man.


I had a friend once that use to say to me all of the time, no matter what went wrong, Oh, put it under the blood, put it under the blood. How do you put it under the blood? You can only put it under the blood when you see the sin, recognize the sin, admit the sin, and then in Christ Jesus, determine not to hurt anybody.


You rebuke the sin, burn it with fire and bless the person. You break any curses you put on them, and ask the Lord to help you do whatever you have to do so that they should not be hurt. That is how you put it under the blood. You put your sin under Christ in you. That is how you put it under the blood.


Our sins are not automatically under the blood. How do I know that? I know because believers are sick, believers are in the hospital, believers are dying prematurely, believers are committing every sin known to the world. That is how we know their sins are not under the blood.


The sins that subjected me to premature death are under the blood. How do I know? I am not dying anymore. I have overcome the curse of premature death. However, unless I have an experience with Jesus Christ soon, I may die from natural causes. I am hoping that the door to immortality will open before that happens, but if it does not, I have left enough seed here that someone that comes after me will surely do it. I have left a lot of seed here.


We do not know what is going on here. I know that there has been the most incredible warfare since I got back in April. Things seem to be quieting down now, so maybe the issue really was Satan trying to cut off the new outreach of this ministry into another state. I think there is a lot of people there that the Lord is reaching for, will be reaching for. It is another whole area of people that are mature enough to receive this message. Everybody cannot receive it today, you have to be prepared for it.


I was speaking to someone from Minnesota who called me the other day, and I told you off the tape there was a group of people out there whose teacher died. The woman that I was speaking to said that they are all looking around, not sure where they are supposed to go or what they are supposed to do. She had tried a couple of television ministries and a couple of local ministries, and she said that the most advanced teachers on television today are teaching what they learned thirteen years ago.


I know that when I came out of the Church that trained me up, and I was looking around hopefully for another Church, I was shocked that they were teaching what I had learned years and years and years ago.


Those of us that can sit in a ministry like this are mature. We are the fore or the front runners. We are members of the body of Christ that are going forward first. That makes us the priests. The priests went over Jordan first, they carried the Ark over Jordan, and the rest of the people followed later on.


We are the priests, we are the priest company. We are going forward first, and now the Lord wants to join others to our company, who are, from what I can see, very prepared to start at the beginning here. There are still so few of us that we have to be led to them by the Lord. There was a tremendous move by Satan to stop this connection from being formed, and I still do not know what the end of it will be.


I am going out to Minnesota next week, and we will see who I meet, or what God does, or what kind of connection will be made. I know when He sent me to Africa the first time, I made a connection and we now have the Lagos fellowship that has existed for twelve years or more.


I do not know what is going to happen when I go out to Minnesota. At the very least, there will be some nurturing for the people that I already know, who are inviting me, but I have no way of knowing what the end of this new connection is going to be. These are people that are actually mature enough to receive this message, the beginnings of the message.


How do I know it was not the unconscious part of somebody's mind of this ministry that was causing all of this trouble? I do not know. It could have been me, maybe it was me. I do not know, but I do not think it was me, because I generally examine the unconscious part of my mind regularly.


The veil is dissolved in my mind, I see my thoughts, and I know when something wrong comes up in my mind. I know when I have a thought that is wrong. Everybody does not have that, and some people are able to see wrong thoughts in some areas, but not in other areas. We need witnesses and I am your witness, I am your witness.


Also, the word is true for the Church at large, but we need to look at it. When someone gets a word like that, like xxxx did, we need to look at it. If I would get a word like that, first of all, I would look at myself, and I would say, Lord, is there something coming out of my unconscious mind? Are you talking to me? Is this for me? Then I would look at the whole fellowship, and then I would look at other Christians that I know, carnal Christians that I know, and then the Church at large, because usually it is somebody close by.


This was an interesting exhortation.




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