552 - Part 3
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          We are watching another one of Pastor Manning’s teachings on TV.  I looked for the date, and I could not find it.  If I can find the date before this message is over, I will add it.  We are going to listen to the tape now, and I will stop the tape and comment as the Lord leads me. 

          This is the first time that I heard Pastor Manning extend the concept of Atlah to a world dominion.  For several years we have been hearing him talk about Atlah. It had to do with the community called Harlem - that the Lord had given Harlem a new name. Meaning that he was going to rebuild that community, that he was going to bring forth seventy righteous men, because the manhood of the black people is very decimated. 

          This is what I understand, that in a very large percentage of families there is no man present.  There is no father for the children.  I think there is a 70% out-of-wedlock birth rate.  The black family has been decimated.  Just as an aside, it was not always this way.  As recently as 50 or 70 years ago, the black family was very intact in Harlem.  I am told that it was the Welfare System that contributed to the situation, where the family could not live if the man was in the house.

          Then, of course, we have the situation back in the 60's, I believe, where the drugs came into Harlem.  I have heard all kinds of stories, and they do not know who is responsible for that.  Some people say it was the Mafia, some people say it was the CIA trying to wipe out the Black Panther Movement.  I do not know, but the black American population was completely decimated between the onset of those two events, the Welfare System and the introduction of drugs into Harlem.

          This concept of Atlah, as he originally preached it, was that God was going to restore the black family.  We have millions of black men in jail, and he was going to just restore the whole black social structure.  Now he is extending that concept to world dominion.  Also, you will hear, a little later on. . .This is the first message in which I ever heard him allude in any way to something against the United States Government.  Up until now, he has been very patriotic as far as I could tell.

          When I first heard him (and the allusion is to the fact that someone other than the Saudi Arabians were behind the bombing of the World Trade Center)  I could not understand why he seemed to be taking that attitude, until the Lord showed me that what he is really getting at is that he believes he is going to be ascended to the position of the titular head of the whole world.  That is what he is getting at, and you will hear him talking against democracy.  I will comment on that when he comes to that place.  I will comment on it again.

          He is setting himself up to be the head of the whole world. Now he is subtly starting to undermine the United States Government and depart from his patriotism and nationalism.  Are there any questions now before we go on?

          Once again, we hear Pastor Manning saying that the black people are the chosen of the Lord.  I believe we dealt with this in a previous message.  Brethren, the chosen of the Lord are the people of all races, all nationalities, and all genders which manifest Christ Jesus.  There is a new spiritual nation being formed.  The Scripture calls it a generation of people who will manifest Christ Jesus.

          Paul clearly says, There is no more male or female, no more Greek or Jew, no more bond or slave.  It has nothing to do with your physical body or your physical heritage, so I just wanted to get that on here again.  He is really promoting racism.  He is setting forth a competition between the Jewish people and the black people, claiming that black Israel existed before Jewish Israel which, I believe, is true. 

          I am not even sure if it is true now, since we believe that the Israel of Bible days was black, but he is competing, at the very least, with the Jew of today.

          I heard him say on one message that the descendants of Japheth are nothing, because the black people are the descendants of Ham.  The Jews are descendants of Shem, and the rest of the world are the descendants of Japheth.  Those are Noah’s three sons.  He is really into racism here.  He is talking about the exaltation of a particular race as the leaders of the world. 

          Brethren, this is what Hitler propagated.  This is a factious doctrine, and he is very overtaken.  If ever you have a question or a comment, just raise your hand, otherwise we will just keep on going.

          I will just put this comment on.  Pastor Manning is saying that it is Jehovah and Jesus that are condemning the people that he is crying out against, and although it may not be known too well by the Church, I will put this comment on anyway. 

          In this dispensation, God is no longer condemning.  He is saving.  That is why so many people cannot reconcile the Jehovah of the Old Testament, who is a wager of war, with Jesus of the New Testament who is a peacemaker.  There is no condemnation. 

          There are attempts to reconcile, and attempts to bring into line with God. There is condemnation of sin, but the kind of condemnation that Pastor Manning is manifesting is certainly not coming from the Lord Jesus, because the Lord Jesus said that you already have one that condemns you.  Who is that?  Does anybody know who is the one that condemns us?  Anybody?  Do you know the answer? 

          COMMENT:   Satan

          PASTOR VITALE:   No, Moses.  Moses is the one who condemns us.  The Law condemns us.  The law says, You shall not, and then when you do it, you are condemned, because the law already said that you should not do it.  Jesus did not come to condemn us, He came to save us. The kind of condemnation that is coming out of Pastor Manning is not of the Lord Jesus.  It is a spirit of condemnation that is attached to a spirit of murder, and it is very ugly.

          This is quite amazing to me.  We just heard Pastor Manning ask the question on the tape:  Would Louis Farakan be exalted to a high position when the Lord exalts the black-faced, kinky-haired people to world power?  Who knows who Louis Farakan is?  Give that lady a microphone please.

          COMMENT:  He lived in prison for a number of years. He was let out a few years ago, and they have him like an idol now.  He really thinks he is somebody, but he is really rebellious, and I do not think he is a nice person.

          PASTOR VITALE:   What do you have to say?  Give  XXXX the microphone.

          COMMENT:   I think he is the head of some kind of Movement.  I do not want to say Church.  The Muslims, yes, and him, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpten always come out when there is a controversy going on.

          PASTOR VITALE:   Oh really, I was not aware of that myself.  Do you mean a controversy in general?

          COMMENT:   Between black and white.  For instance, the shooting in New York right now.

          PASTOR VITALE:   I have not heard anything from Faraka. I heard Al Sharpten.  Do you want to say something else?    

          COMMENT:   Also, he thought he was going to have a million man march to Washington, but it did not quite make that much.  He is an instigator.

          PASTOR VITALE:   His instigation is directed toward the black community who he would like to see all come under the Muslim religion.  How could Pastor Manning  even include him?  This is maybe the most obvious anti-Christ aspects of his message. 

          Brethren, the new move of God is Christ Jesus, the Spiritual Man appearing in human men and women of all races, nationalities and eventually all ages.  Christ Jesus can appear in a young person, but we do not channel Christ Jesus.  Christ Jesus is integrated with the personalities. 

          The wisdom, and the understanding, and the knowledge of Christ Jesus integrates with the personalities.  It is not that it is impossible for Christ Jesus to appear in a young person, but a young person just would not have the life experience for that child to be a mature manifestation of Christ Jesus. 

          You need to experience the application of Christ Jesus living through you to be a mature manifestation of Christ Jesus.  That is the only reason I am not really including children or young people.

          Christ Jesus is the new move of God.  It is the renewal of God.  It is not any one race of people, black or otherwise.  Pastor Manning can stand up there and say, Jesus all that he wants, but when he makes a statement like that, where he does not differentiate between the leader of the black Muslims, whose purpose is his openly publicized purpose to make the whole black community if not the world. . . . I am not sure about that, Muslims. 

          If he could say that this new move of God that is going to exalt the black people, with putting Muslims in power, this is a classic anti-Christ statement.  Does anybody understand what I am saying?

          He is differentiating between physical races of people and denying Christ in a man.  He says that he honors the Lord Jesus, but that is not true.  Does he know that he is lying?  I do not know, but he is lying because he cannot. . . . the Scripture clearly says, Jesus says, You cannot honor me. . . . Was it Jesus?  Maybe it was not.  It must have been Jehovah speaking through one of the prophets.  You honor me with your lips, but with your behavior, you dishonor me.

          Unless our behavior lines up with what our mouth says, what our mouth says means nothing, and it is a lie.  If our behavior does not line up with our mouth, our mouth is lying. Whether we know that we are lying, or whether we do not know we are lying, we are liars. 

          His teaching in this area is such a confusion, it is a complete denial of Christ in you, the hope of our glorification, the hope of a true manifestation of the God of the Bible, ruling over the whole planet.  Everything that he teaches is a complete denial of it, and it is sort of stressful to see people being deceived by this. 

          Of course, the Scripture says, If we are deceived, we are only deceived by the pride of our own mind.  What does that mean?  It means that we believe the deception, because it satisfies our pride, and we want to believe it.    Only those of us who are completely committed to the truth, as the Lord Jesus sees it, will survive this kind of end time mind control.

          According to Pastor Manning, this great new move of God is called, Atlah and The Great Light People.  What about the rest of the world?  What happened to Christ?  What happened to Christ Jesus?  What about the rest of the world?

          He is saying that the whole third world is black.  What he is doing is that he is relegating the Shemites and the Japhethites to position underneath the Hamites, where they are not even mentioned.  What are they going to be?  A slave race?

          I have not heard anything of his plan for the Shemites or the Japhethites.  Just that the black people are going to rule.  Aside from the fact that this is all anti-Christ, this is a practical matter.  It takes a lifetime to raise up a ruler. . .a Godly ruler.

          Actually, it takes more than one lifetime.  If you look at the people in politics, most of the time, not all of the time, but a large percentage of the time, the brilliant leaders of our nation are second, third, and fourth generation of political leaders.  They have the accumulated spiritual, emotional, and intellectual heritage of leadership.  We see third and fourth generations. . .senators, and representatives, and presidents.

          If we have a president whose father was not a president, at least the father was in politics. . .The family has been in politics.  We have generations of educated people before the person that becomes the president.  You do not take people, black, white, red, yellow, or orange that have been on welfare in the streets of Harlem and make them into a president or world leader in one generation.  It is just  not going to happen. 

          When it comes to running for president, if you listen to words of wisdom on occasion, there have been people that have wanted to run. . .Let us say for governor, I will not say president.  They wanted to run for governor, and the conventional wisdom is that it is a very rare person, although Schwarzenegger is doing it.  I do not know how good a job he is doing but, then again, he has been married to a political family for quite a few years and started out to be very bright.

          You do not just jump to governor.  Do you not want to be mayor first, do you not want to have a seat on the city council first, do you not want to be in town leadership?  You have to learn how to rule.

          You do not just jump to governorship, or jump to the presidentship, or jump to be the head of a bank, or entrepreneur.  You have to be exposed to it.  You do not just go to college and manifest this kind of greatness.  You have to be exposed to people who are experienced in the manifestation of that kind of wisdom, and then it has to grow on you and become a part of you.

          It is going to take generations to raise up a black nation that is going to be the rulers of the world.  I am not saying that there are not black people today.  We know that there are black people today that are in the United States Senate and in the United States House of Representatives.  Pastor Manning is very brilliant, but these are not the majority of black people.

          It is going to take generations to work this curse that is on Ham out of the black people, because he is talking about a whole nation of black people ruling. It is not going to work right, if it would ever come to pass.  It is not going to work like that.  There is going to be a small number of black leaders that would rise up, that would oppress the other black people, which is what is happening right now, and that is what he is preaching against.  He is giving false hope, and the whole message is an abomination.  Everybody okay?  Okay, let us go on.

          Pastor Manning is talking about drawing upon the strength of their ancestor, Ham, who built the pyramids, and has some of the greatest civilizations known to man.  That may be true.  I know that Egypt was a great civilization, but he completely denies that, that great civilization was built on the spiritual foundation of the Serpent.  All of that great civilization was a manifestation of the power of the Serpent in the earth.  It was manifested by witchcraft.

          What he is really saying, which is now revealed through our message called, Atlah or the Greek God, Atlas. He is talking about the incarnation of all of those spirits of that whole family of Cain, which we taught in that message, Atlah or the Greek God, Atlas.  He is talking about these spirits doing what Christ is doing right now.... What Jesus is doing right now.

          Jesus is coming to individual people and imparting the seed of His life to them.  Even though I think it takes a whole lifetime to really raise up a seasoned son of God.  At least a minimum of twenty or thirty years to raise up a seasoned son of God to integrate that wisdom with the personality through experience.  This seed that we are receiving, Christ Jesus being formed in us. . . . We were just talking about it on Part 5 of Atlah or the Greek God, Atlas.

          We have within Christ Jesus within us the accumulated understanding, wisdom, knowledge, and all of the spiritual heritage of all of the manifestations of the seed of God that was deposited in Isaac, that manifested through a series of men and women through all of the ages up until today.  

          We have all of that accumulated experience, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in us in the person of Christ Jesus, and that is exactly what he is talking about here.  He is saying that the household of Cain is going to come and graft themselves to these black people (just like Christ is grafting Himself to us) and impart to them all of this wisdom, knowledge and understanding that will make them great in one lifetime.  That is what he is saying, but he is completely denying that this is witchcraft power, and that is completely denying Christ in the whole thing. 

          It is just really amazing.... I have to calm myself down.  I use to get very upset when I would hear something that was so bizarre, but the Lord has taught me very well, that when you hear something so bizarre, it is not that the person is off, it is that they have an agenda, and that to them it makes sense. He coming out of a community of spirits that existed at the time of the tower of Babel, and their agenda is to dominate the world.  It is not the power of Christ, it is the power of Cain, and it is witchcraft power.  He is selling this message to black people who have been wounded and hurt so much over the years that their pride is open to this message.

          We do not believe in the Trinity here.  We believe in the Unity of God, but Pastor Manning and the people he is preaching to believe in the Trinity. He is now saying that the Trinity are Shem, Ham and Japheth.  What happened to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost for those people who believe that, that is the Trinity? 

          Then he says that he names the Name of Jesus.  It is the most corrupt message.  He is saying the Name of Jesus, and he is preaching the exact opposite.  He is completely leaving Christ out of the picture.  Even to rename the Trinity, that is quite amazing.

          We know in the Book of Genesis that Joseph had a dream.  Does anybody remember what Joseph’s dream was in relation to what we are hearing here?  What did Joseph dream that his brothers and even his father said to him, Who do you think you are.  Anybody?

          COMMENT:  They said they would all bow down to him.

          PASTOR VITALE:  Who?

          COMMENT:   Joseph

          PASTOR VITALE:   Who would all bow down to him?  What was his dream?

          COMMENT:   His dream was that the sun, moon, and stars would all bow down to him.

          PASTOR VITALE:  Joseph had a dream about the sun, the moon, and the stars bowing down to him.  Now, we see Pastor Manning relating the sun, the moon, and the stars to Shem, Ham and Japheth.  He is completely eliminating God’s work. 

          I am laughing, because it is so outrageous, but he is very serious.  I am not laughing at him, but the message is so outrageous.  It is amazing that the people who have been with the Lord for years could believe this.  It is quite amazing.

          This is classic of unclean spirits who like to teach.  There is a category of unclean spirits that if they can find a man who will channel them, love to teach the Bible, and they pervert it.  They pervert it to this degree.

          Our #1 line of defense is to know the letter of the Word, but the letter of the Word is not enough.  We have to be educated in the Spirit of the Word, and we need to also know that it is possible for people who claim to be Christians, or who have been Christians for years, to be overtaken by unclean spirits. 

          The Lord has shown me that this is a big stronghold in the Church, and it is rooted in fear.  We need to know that we, or anyone anywhere, could be serving God for fifty years and be overtaken by an unclean spirit.

          The Church at large wants to believe that we have been completely safe, because we answer an altar call, and go to church every Sunday, and read the Bible.  I would be lying to you if I told you that, that is true.  We have to be ever diligent, ever studying, ever seeking the Lord.  That is what will save us, our personal relationship with the Lord who will warn us of danger. 

          When we start following the man more than the Lord, we are in trouble and, as always, everything that I teach you here, you need to discuss it with your personal Savior.

          We hear Pastor Manning saying. . . . but first of all, who is the great light?   Who is the great light, somebody?  Who is the sun?  He said, there is the sun.

          COMMENT: Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus

          PASTOR VITALE: Yes, exactly.  Christ Jesus is the sun, and Christ in the individual is the moon.  Christ in the individual reflects the greatness of Christ Jesus, the glorified Christ Jesus, and he is saying that the people that represent the sun are identified by the color of their skin and, therefore, that the black people are superior to the white people.  This is pure and outright racism. 

          Our assignment is essential.  We just heard Pastor Manning going on and on for a couple of minutes, how everybody knows that he is preaching by the Spirit of God.  How the preachers know, how the Jews know, how everybody knows, and they are terrified. 

          Our role is absolutely essential that he has received these books telling him clearly that everybody does not believe he is preaching by the Spirit of God, and that I, a preacher who he welcomed into his church and acknowledged as having the Word of God, does not believe he is preaching by the Word of God.  He had to hear that, and now I believe he is the one that is terrified.  We continue to pray and hope that the Lord will deliver him.

          Pastor Manning has just said that democracy would bring an end to the Muslin faith, and I would just like to know if Turkey is a democratic Islamic nation.  I do not see how this is true.  Again, we see that what Pastor Manning is saying is leading up to the setting forth of a world government with him at the head of it. 

          He is saying that the will of God is that the government available to the people should be a theocracy, and you will see when we put the tape back on that he relates it to the days that Samuel and Eli, the Prophets, who were the head of Israel. 

          That was before the provision was made for an internalized Christ Jesus.  In those days before the Lord Jesus Christ was glorified, the only way a man of Israel could hear from God was through the Prophet.  The Prophet would channel the Word of the Lord to the people, and the Priest would channel the petitions of the people to the Lord.

          Today, those of us who have Christ Jesus, are Kings and Priests, we are the rulers of the nations. . . . First the rulers of ourselves, and we are equipped to rule over the nations, but not in the way Pastor Manning is saying. . . . To spiritually rule over the nations, and to also minister the petitions of the people to the Lord.  That is why a theocracy is no longer the chosen form of government of the Lord. 

          Today, men and women all have the opportunity to manifest Christ Jesus; therefore, He speaks to everyone that is manifesting Christ Jesus, not just to one Prophet who is the head of the people.  He speaks to everybody, and that is how democracy works.

          Democracy works based upon the belief that God is speaking to and influencing individual men.  That does not mean that they will not be leaders, they will not be teachers, they will not be more mature manifestations of Christ Jesus,. Every individual in Christ, every Christian, according to the will of God, should be raised up to develop Christ Jesus - to develop the Mind of Christ to the best of the ability of that person. 

          Remember, Christ Jesus is integrating with the personality to manifest the life of Christ.  At the end of the process, every human being will be a Spiritual Giant when Christ Jesus is fully integrated with the personalities of mankind.  We will all be Spiritual Giants, but right now, while the process is in play, some people have more mature manifestations of Christ Jesus than others. 

          The days of the theocracy are over, because the plan for a relationship between the individual and God is already in play.  The foundation has been laid, and that foundation is Christ Jesus.  The days of God speaking to a whole nation or the whole world only through one Prophet, are gone.  Does everybody understand that? 

          Pastor Manning is talking about why the Shiites and the Sunnies are killing each other in Iraq.  He says that the conflict is over whether or not the government should be a theocracy or a democracy because Shiites are in agreement with the United States to bring in a democracy, and the Sunnies want the old order established where....  this is so outrageous.... Iraq was not under an Islamic prophet. 

          Pastor Manning just said that Islam knows that democracy is not of God. That is the foundation of the conflict between the Sunni and the Shiites in Iraq.

          Iraq was not under an Islamic prophet.  Iraq was under a tyrant called Saddam Hussein, who was not even a practicing Muslim.  This is so classic anti-Christ.  If you do not know the truth you will surely be seduced. 

          The truth about the conflict between the Sunnies and the Shiites, to the best that I understand it, is they just have a different way of worshiping.  I know that when Saddam Hussein was in power, and his Sunni Muslims were in power, they persecuted the Shiites.  I do not have any information as to why they persecuted these Muslims that worship a different way.  

          Maybe that was the whole thing. . . . They worshiped a different way, but it had nothing whatsoever to do with the form of religion or democracy.

          The conflict was between the Sunnies and the Shiites, and the Sunnies ruled very powerfully and cruelly over the Shiites, and now the Sunnies are very afraid of the Shiites gaining power and retaliating against them.  It has nothing to do with democracy at all.  We see the reasoning is completely bizarre here.  Any other comments here?  We have a question.

          COMMENT:   He had said, When I come into power.  He quickly said, When we come into power.

          PASTOR VITALE:   Yes, yes.  He expects to be the leader of the world. Not only does he expect it, but the household of Cain that is incarnating in him expects to take over the world.  He is speaking for a spiritual household that is not fallen.  These were the same guys that were around at the time of the Tower of Babel when Jehovah took them down. They are seeking to enslave the whole world including Pastor Manning.  He is just a mouthpiece who is deceived.  He is a victim.  He really thinks he is doing the work of God. 

          Pastor Manning is speaking about the small plane that was flown by the Yankee pitcher which crashed into a high-rise in Manhattan. He is asking the question, Where was Homeland Security?  That is ridiculous.  What does Homeland Security have to do with preventing an unfortunate crash between a small plane that flew into a building?

          Homeland Security has to do when all of their power is focused on discovering plots and plans by the enemy of the State to destroy the country.  Homeland Security is not monitoring small planes to prevent air crashes.  Is anybody not following me? Again, this is classically anti-Christ.

          It is wrong reasoning, and that is why I tell you that when you come to study here, One of the foundational things that we do is to expose you to the rational of the Mind of Christ, because what you are hearing coming from Pastor Manning is an extreme case of the irrational reasoning of the carnal mind.

          When everybody manifests their carnal mind, it has the same kind of irrational reasoning but on a much lesser degree.  It is the rational of the carnal mind. Here we expose you to the rational of the Christ Mind, which is very logical and very intellectually intense. 

          Sometimes, when the carnal mind is exposed to the rational of the Christ Mind, it gets upset, sometimes it gets a headache, sometimes it thinks that the Christ Mind is wrong.  The rational of the Christ Mind is 180 degrees opposite the rational of the carnal mind.  It is the way you think.  It is a way you reason.  It is the logic of the carnal mind that has to come down.

          A new man is being built in us.  We are being rebuild from the inside out, and it begins with the way that we think.  That is why sometimes we may reveal to somebody that they have been reasoning with their carnal minds, but that particular thought may not seem to be wrong to the person.  It may not be such a big deal, but it came out of the rational of the carnal mind which, if you do not nip it in the bud, is going to continue to produce thoughts that arise out of irrational thinking in your mind that will cause problems in your relationships. 

          It will cause problems in your relationship with God and your relationships with other people in their ability to be a son of God, because you cannot manifest the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ if you do not see situations the way He sees them.

          If you do not foundationally perceive situations as the Lord sees them, there is no way your mind can come up with the same solution as the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Lord is not making robots out of us.  He is not going to give us a book that says, In such and such a situation, this is what you do.  He wants us to be sons, not robots.

          He wants us to look at the situations with His Mind and see, not so much who is right and who is wrong.  He wants us to be able to determine the root cause of the problem, so that He can minister to the root cause of the problem which will eventually change the ungodly thinking or the ungodly behavior that is producing problems in your life.

          When you have the Christ Mind you go very, very deep into the person’s motives. Sometimes people who are in their carnal mind, to a large degree, think it is picking on little issues.  No, the Lord goes right to the root of the wrong thinking in the hope of saving your life through the way that you think. 

          Of course, it is painful to your pride to find out that the way you reason is not acceptable to God. Then, sometimes people say to me, But I have been thinking that way all my life.  My family does not think that there is anything wrong with the way I am thinking.  That is because your family is, all twenty members of them, in their carnal mind also.

          Once again, the very least you need to be willing to do is to seriously consider what I tell you.  Seriously ask the Lord if I am not telling you the truth, and that although it may not seem very serious at the moment, at the root core of what you were thinking was your carnal mind, which is the same sin as Pastor Manning is manifesting.  The same mind that either is manifesting on a small level or manifesting on a very serious level, the same rational, and it does not matter. 

          From a spiritual point of view,  Pastor Manning’s mind which is going off so half cocked, and the mind of an every-day person like you or somebody who comes here who is just seeing something with their carnal mind that seems so insignificant is the same root. 

          To the Lord, there is no difference between you, who just saw some little thing differently, and someone who has gone completely off like this and damaging all of these people.  You both have the same root, the same spirit in your mind, and He is dealing with both of you the same.

          From the spiritual point of view, of course, we also reap what we sow. Pastor Manning is going to be reaping, however it is going to manifest in his life.  He has to be reaping destruction from preaching this perverted, convoluted reasoning to all of these people.  How do I say this?  We are judged on two levels.  We reap what we sow in our behavior, where some of us may be worse than others. 

          The Lord says that the one who has done something more serious will get more stripes than the person who has done something less serious.  When the Lord looks at the root of our spiritual problem, we are all equal.  It does not matter whether the one is manifesting it more or the other manifesting it less.  The Lord looks at us and says, You have the carnal mind, Pastor Manning, and you have a carnal mind, whether you are the one He is talking to, and you both have the same spiritual problem. 

          The Lord wants to nip it in the bud as early as He can so you do not wind up being a false teacher in Christ Jesus. He also wants to help your life, because it is wrong reasoning that will produce destruction in your life and in your relationships.

          When you come to the Lord with a problem, the first thing you do, and you are looking to change your mind, that is the definition of repentance, He wants to change your mind.  He wants to show you a new way of looking at things, and a new way of reasoning.

          Did I mention that we started on the second message?  I do not know if I did, but we are on the second message of Pastor Manning right now. He is raving about how Homeland Security is not protecting this country, and how he is not impressed with the publicity that says, There have been no attacks since 911.  He is saying, You better get yourself a Bible and some anointing oil, and that, You are not protected in this country. 

          That is a lie because God works through institutions, and He works through people.  If there were no Homeland Security, and everyone who is listening to Pastor Manning was home with the Bible, reading their Bible, and anointing everything with oil, we probably would have been experiencing a lot more destruction than we have experienced.

          The Lord protects us through authority. The Scripture clearly says, Everyone who is in power was put there by God.  All authority is established by God; the Police, the Military, Homeland Security, our Political Structure, everything, every man and women who are manifesting through those offices have been put there by God.   I think it is a wonderful testimony that we have had no more destruction since 911. 

          I think Homeland Security is doing a great job, and I ask you, Pastor Manning, why you would strike fear in the hearts of people, and suggest to them that there is no protection in this country, because you want everybody to think of you as their protection?

          He is in the process of being the most incredible cult leader (if he can pull it off), that has ever appeared on the face of the earth.  We declare that Christ Jesus is our protection, and that Christ Jesus is manifest through the people, and through institutions that He raises up in free societies where

He is not hindered by tyrants. God works through institutions.

          Although we are having our warfare here through powerful forces in this country that are trying to shut the mouth of the Lord, His prophets, and His people, but God works through institutions, absolutely. With the lie that you are telling the people, Pastor Manning, you are simultaneously trying to put fear in their heart and make them dependant on you.

          Pastor Manning is saying that his father Ham were the rulers of the world, and that God took all of their wealth, and all of their engineering skills, and all of their knowledge, and gave it to the Jews who were nobody.

          It is true that the Jews were nobodies. They were a little known tribe without anything special, but Pastor Manning is not saying that all of this knowledge, power, and wealth that Ham had, he gained illegally.

          He gained it by the power of the Serpent. One of Christ Jesus’ declared purposes is to take everything that the Serpent has through this world and take it back, because the Serpent stole it from Adam.  The Serpent stole all that from Adam. 

          Where do you think Ham got all of this wisdom, knowledge, power, and energy from?  He got it from the Serpent who stole it from Adam. Where did Adam receive it from in the first place?  Adam received from Jehovah. All of this power, wisdom, and knowledge belongs to Jehovah and, yes indeed, Jehovah God took it back from Ham, and He gave it to the people of His choosing.

          I am, in no way, trying to set up a controversy between the Hamites and the Jews.  That is completely ungodly, because in this hour there is no more Jew or Greek, bond or free.  Everybody has the opportunity to be impregnated with Christ Jesus, and to manifest the greatness of God, but Pastor Manning is telling you a falsehood.  What he says is true that Ham had all of this wealth, but he is only giving you half a story. This is stolen wealth.  Everything that Ham had in antiquity was stolen from Adam and was stolen from Jehovah, who gave it to Adam.  This was Jehovah taking it back.  It has nothing to do with the Hamites. 

          The Hamites, the descendants of Ham, are as eligible as everybody else in the world to manifest the power of God, and the wealth and the greatness of God.

          When Pastor Manning stands up there and suggests that all of this power and wealth was taken from the Hamites, and given to the Jews is now going to be taken back, he is speaking on behalf of the Serpent.  He is speaking on behalf of the Serpent taking back what Jehovah re-appropriated.

          We see that Pastor Manning is the spokesperson of the Serpent, and of the manifestation of the Serpent called Cain, who is the expression of the Serpent in the earth.

          Pastor Manning, the gain of your ancestor Ham was illegally gotten. The gain and the land of the Canaanites that Jehovah gave to the Jews was illegally gotten.  It is stolen property which was regained by Jehovah, and you, and the people, and the spiritual household that you represent, will not reclaim it.  Christ Jesus will not permit you to reclaim it.

          On the contrary, this conflict between the Serpent in this New Age that has already begun to roll in. The Lord Jesus Christ, who is Jehovah appearing to us as the Lord Jesus today. . . .  this conflict will be settled once and for all in this age.  The Lord Jesus Christ shall be the victor, and the Serpent shall be dried up, and relegated to the ashes of the earth that she truly is. 

          COMMENT:   A little while back he said that Atlah means strength.  I said, Wow, that is Atlas.

          PASTOR VITALE:   I did not hear him say that, but that is so interesting that he said that Atlah means strength, and that has to do with Atlas.  Did anybody else hear that?  You heard that?  I did not hear that.  How interesting.  He is just praising himself and his plan in the place of Christ, and that is what anti-Christ is.

          It is not against Christ.  Anti-Christ means, in place of Christ, and he is completely with his whole program. . . . Atlah and the Great Light People is completely replacing the work of Christ Jesus in his mind.

          The people who receive this message are having the work of Christ Jesus replaced in their hearts with this hope, and this lie of the greatness of Ham.

          You see, it is just as true of the Hamites as it is of the Jews that they were nothing also before the Serpent gave them power.  Everybody was nothing.  We were a fallen creation, and the Serpent’s strength, and Cain.

          COMMENT:   They also sense he is starting a prejudice even against the Jews.

          PASTOR VITALE:   Yes, yes.  I think that I have to say this about him though.  On several occasions, I have heard him say something that would indicate that he is not at all trying to stir the black people up against the Jews, but he is telling them that God is taking it back.  There maybe some people who would take it that way. However, I do not think it is his intention to start any physical persecution against the Jews; although, it could turn out to be that way.  It is just so unfortunate, the man has such a spirit of jealousy on him.  It is a spirit of jealousy.

          That is interesting because this message came up, I think it was in the Sunday night meeting.... I do not know what is going on here, but this is the second time, the second meeting in a row that I am saying this, Do not be jealous, there is no reason to be jealous because the Lord has enough for everybody

          The Lord has enough for everybody to meet our needs, but He may meet our needs in a different way. I hope there is not a spirit of jealousy in this Ministry right now; although, the jealousy may be coming from Pastor Manning.  I do not know, but if anybody that is here manifesting jealousy, please put it before the Lord, because envy will rip a ministry to pieces.

          There is no reason to be jealous.  Just make your needs known to the Lord, and He will give you the solutions.  I do not know, maybe the envy is coming from Pastor Manning, I do not know.  This is the most incredible thing aside from the unfortunate mess of it.  I just cannot wait to see the way this is going to play out, and what the Lord is going to do.  Every time I try to anticipate the Lord, I am usually wrong.

          If I think there are three options and three ways the Lord might go, He comes up with a fourth option that we never even thought of.  As of now, the only way that I can see this man being exposed is by the Lord raising up people to find our Website and to spread the word by word-of-mouth.  If that is the way it will go, I do not know.

          I just know that we are doing our part, and we pray for the deliverance of Pastor Manning and all of the people that he is seducing.  He will have to answer to this before the Lord.  He will have to reap what he sows. According to his own teaching, (which is correct) that even when he repents, there will be some repeating of what he has sown.  He has sown a lot of damage here.  He has hurt a lot of people.

          Pastor Manning is attacking T. D. Jakes, saying that, that very big church that he has. . . . I do not know how many people, but he has a mega church.  That is the word I was looking for.  Pastor Manning is saying that, first of all,  Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, knows Pastor Manning gave T. D. Jakes, the word, Woman, thou art loosed.  What is Pastor Manning saying?  He is saying that this big mega church that T. D. Jakes has arose out of this word that Satan gave T. D. Jakes, Woman, thou art loosed.

          It is my understanding that the church was very established before T. D. Jakes received that word.  In any event, I heard T. D. Jakes’ testimony as to how that church was built.

          I heard it personally, and I have to tell you that I do not agree with Pastor Manning.  According to the testimony that I heard, T. D. Jakes had a ministry of 50 families, and the Lord told him to move to the location where his church is now.  I am not sure where it is.  He packed up, and he was so beloved that all 50 or 55 families moved with him.  That means that they would have to get new jobs, they had to relocate.  That is a testimony to the cohesiveness of a fellowship in Christ that 50 families moved with him. 

          As the testimony goes.... T. D. Jakes questioned the Lord, and he said, Lord, you are sending me to a town where I do not know anybody, I do not have any money, and You are telling me to start a Church?   He had a lot of anxiety over it, but he obeyed what the Lord told him to do.  As I heard T. D. Jakes give his own testimony, he said to the people, Well, I did what the Lord told me to do, and here you all are, giving all of the glory to the Lord Jesus for bringing the people in.

          I want to tell you that nobody can build a mega church without spiritual power. Either Satan, the unconscious -part of the carnal mind, builds it or the Lord Jesus Christ builds it. It is my witness that the Lord Jesus Christ has built the church that T. D. Jakes has charge over.

          This spirit of jealousy that is on Pastor Manning is very ugly.  That is how he got into trouble in the first place.  The spirit of jealousy arose in him when Dr. Price started his ministry in New York.  Before Dr. Price’s organization bought the building that they are in now, they were renting in that church. That jealousy started then, and Dr. Price and Dr. Dollar were bringing their Ministries into New York.  That spirit of jealousy rose up.  I better put this on this message because Pastor Manning will get a copy of this.  It is most unfortunate, in my estimation, that Pastor Manning did not understand, and does not understand…. Now he is pretty far gone, but he did not understand that the reason these other ministers had Churches that were so large, and his Church did not seem to be growing is he (Pastor Manning) is called to a different order of ministry than Dr. Price and Dr. Dollar.

Pastor Manning, you are called to a different order of ministry than Dr. Price and Dr. Dollar. You are called to New Order Ministry, and the New Order Ministry just does not have this many followers today as the followers of the Churches that are in the Church Age. You are not called to the Church Age, Pastor Manning. You are called to the age to come, to raise up the Sons of God out of the Black Church, but you have taken your commission, and you have abused it, and misused it because of your jealousy for these other ministers. You are jealous of their money, you are jealous of their congregations, you are jealous of their positions, you are jealous of their position in the world, and you are jealous because you lack understanding. Beneath the jealousy is your hurt that the Lord would prosper these others, and not prosper you. That is a lie in your mind, it is a lie from Satan. You are called to a completely different calling that, at least at this time, does not call for large numbers of people. You are called to spiritual greatness, and we continue to pray for your repentance, and your deliverance so that you might fulfill the true call on your life.

Pastor Manning just said something that is true. That is, it is very hard to find a man who will only preach what God gives him to preach, but what he just said is that the truth that comes out of Atlah leaves you no place to hide. That is not true about Atlah, but it is true that the truth leaves you no place to hide. This message was preached before he received our books.         

          If there is no place for him to hide concerning the truth that has been sent to him in these books, he has no answer for anything that I have said.  He is not on a level of which he is capable of debating with me on any of the issues that I have pointed out. That it is convoluting thinking.  Once again he is anti-Christ in place of Christ.

          Publically on his TV station, he is taking the office of Christ Jesus which is present in this ministry.  He is on TV, and we are on the Internet.  I do not really see that it is equal exposure.  He is on TV and the Internet, so it is going to be very interesting.  Again, this battle is between the Lord, Pastor Manning, and the principalities that are manifesting through him.

          Something very interesting is, I got an understanding of the Scripture that I have never understood for years from something that he said.  I know that when I did a deep study, when I looked in the Interlinear Text, (I have this in several messages) and the Scripture says, to the best of my knowledge, that Japheth will inhabit the tents of Shem.  Japheth will be within Shem.  I know the King James Translation says that Canaan will inhabit the tents of Shem, something like that, and that is the Scripture that is used in the foundation for saying that the black races are inferior.

          First of all, I do not believe that, that is true.  That is not our Alternate Translation of those verses.  That is not what I am talking about.  When I did this deep study on Japheth and Shem, I may not be phrasing it exactly right, but it was revealed that Japheth somehow would be within the tents of Shem.  I cannot remember the name at the moment.  I could find the message..... I know the message that I preached it on, and I did not understand that, because at first I thought that maybe it meant that spiritual Japheth would be inside of Shem, but there is a natural Japheth.

          The Europeans are the descendants of Japheth, and I never understood it until something that Pastor Manning just said.  What that means is, that Christianity (because Japheth is basically Christianity today) would never have come into existence if it was not for the Jews, because Christianity is really a Jewish religion. 

          Japheth has become great.  The Europeans have become great, and prosperous, and powerful, because of the Holy Ghost which has poured Himself out upon them because of their honor of the Scripture which was brought into existence by the Jews.  That is what the Scripture means when I studied in the Interlinear Text, that Japheth would be somehow under Shem. 

          Actually, I found it in two different places.  When I looked into the Hebrew in the account of Ham sounding the alarm about Noah, there is a couple of words there that indicated that Shem and Japheth were attached at the shoulder.  For years I could not understand that Shem and Japheth were attached at the shoulder. Then there was a second study that I did, that revealed the same concept.

          This is what the Lord just revealed to me.  That thing attached to the shoulder, is talking about the Jews that came out of the Shemites, and the Christians that came into existence.

          The whole Christian. . . . If you want to call it a religion. ... The whole Christian faith which is really Judiasm in another phase.  Does anybody not understand what I just said?  That is how Shem and Japheth are attached at the shoulder.  Basically, their foundation is faith in the same God. 

          I think we are almost finished here.  We just have another couple of minutes of Pastor Manning.  Let us take a look at this   Here it is again.  He is saying that the Jews had it, and now is passed, and now it is going to Atlah.  What happened to the Church?  What happened to Christ Jesus?  He is in complete denial of the Church. 

          When the Lord first raised up this Ministry. . . . I do not see why I should not tell the truth.... It was my old Pastor who completely denied this Ministry.  I had left his church, and the Lord raised up this Ministry, and he wanted me, and whatever anointing I had under his ministry. He completely denied the existence of Living Epistles Ministries.

          It was the most powerful manifestation of witchcraft.  This denial of who I was, and who the Ministry was. . . . After the Ministry was seven years old, he was still denying the existence of this Ministry.  It was very powerful witchcraft and mind control on me.  I had to get a lot of deliverance.  The Lord had to raise up two powerful deliverance ministers to break these bands off of me. 

          That denial was just crushing me, and crushing this Ministry. That is exactly what Pastor Manning is doing to Christ Jesus.  It is the complete denial of the Church. 

          All he talks about is Ham and the Jews.  Complete denial about the Church, except a few words here and there to call them slickers, and hustlers, and whatever else he calls them.  Complete denial of the Church of the Living God. 

          It is the most intense form of witchcraft I have ever heard manifested verbally.  I have read some pretty heavy anti-Christ material, but this is just incredible of the extent of the witchcraft toward the Church.

          Also, Pastor Manning.... He says a lot of things to the effect that everybody knows that he is preaching the truth.  I guess that is just a word of knowledge to him coming from the spirits that are inhabiting him.  He said something about appearing in the dreams of the other pastors, and I find that very interesting because It would not surprise me at all if Pastor Manning’s  witchcraft is so high that he is appearing in the dreams of these pastors, because he is seeking to bring them all into submission to himself.

          He is not seeking to wipe them out, he wants to bring them into submission to himself.   It would not surprise me at all if he is appearing in their dreams, and maybe they are frightened.  Maybe he knows what their reactions are, because he is a part of it.  Quite amazing.  The witchcraft is very high, brethren.  This is a very high manifestation of witchcraft.  

          Let us finish it up.  I think it is just another few minutes.

          I think that I missed this one.  I commented on Pastor Manning’s comment on our Government not protecting us.  He is outright saying that it was not the Arabs who caused 911.  It was proven that they were all Saudi Arabians.  They were Arabs, they were Saudi Arabians.  Maybe he is saying that somebody else was behind it. 

          Who else was behind it?  He is just leaving this big question mark, just hanging there, and the suggestion was. . . . I think he did say that it was not our Government, but the scuttlebutt out there is that it is Israel.  Maybe that is what he is referring to.  That is what the Arab nations are propagating - that Israel orchestrated 911.  That is probably what he is coming against.

          Listen to what he is saying. How, that there is no protection whatsoever from our Government, and he is saying: If there have been so many deaths in Iraq because of the conflict between the Sunnies and the Shiites, how is it that these destructive people have not done more destruction in this country?  Is that not a ridiculous statement?  The fact that they are having an insurgent in Iraq means that these people are powerful enough to come here, overcome our own Homeland Security, overcome our defenses, and do more destruction here

          This is totally crazy thinking.  Again this is anti-Christ.  This is the carnal mind.   The rational reasoning of the carnal mind is insane.  It arises to the point of insanity.  It makes no sense whatsoever at all to say that because there have been so many deaths in the insurgents in Iraq,  why is it that there has not been more destruction here?

          How can you compare the condition of this nation with our Homeland Security against the volatile situation in Iraq?  There is absolutely no comparison whatsoever.  Notice he is coming against our Government, and he coming against the United States of America.

          The reason for this is that he intends to dominate all of the nations of the world, and right now, although we are having our problems, the United States is still the greatest and the most powerful nation in the world and, as far as I understand, we are the nation that is under God to the largest degree.  The Lord has not abandoned this nation yet. 

          Our walls are breaking down because of what is going on within the country, but the Lord has not abandoned us, and the Lord is protecting us through Homeland Security. 

          Whatever destruction comes to this nation, it is because we have turned our back on the Word, not because of the power of the Iraqis.  That is really just beyond the pale, and the things that Pastor Manning says just keep on getting more and more totally outrageous.

          Any thinking person who sits down to actually listens to what he is saying cannot believe it.  The people that are following him are very unknowledgeable about the fact, or they are not stopping to think.  They are following him emotionally, because they found a black leader that is exciting them and giving them hope.  We have a comment there.

          COMMENT:   He puts suspicion in you, what or how the other building went down.

          PASTOR VITALE:   You know, that is an interesting question.  I always thought that it was like an after shock, but maybe it was not an after shock.  Maybe somebody planted a bomb in the other building. Although I would be more inclined to think it was an after shock.  His suggestion is Israel, which is the scuttlebutt. . . . you know that is the lies that are coming out of the Arab world that Israel did it. 

          Pastor Manning says that the Lord showed him a vision of how he had to stoop down to get through an opening that was smaller than half a window and a short staircase, etc. etc.  Pastor Manning’s interpretation of that vision is that anyone that wants to come into Atlah or into World Missionary Church has to humble themselves.

          I declare to you that the correct interpretation is that the Lord is telling Pastor Manning to humble himself.  He needs to humble himself, and he will be delivered from the seduction that is upon him.  God bless you all.



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