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 ...rate of speed, they call it decibel, it vibrates at a particular decibel, so the carnal mind has a rate of, the emissions of the carnal mind, emit at a rate or a vibration that is consistent, and identifies the source as the carnal mind. The Christ mind emits a vibration a consistent decibel that will identify it to anyone who can perceive it, as the mind of Christ, but most people cannot perceive it, it has to be spiritually discerned, and there is no way you can explain spiritual discernment other than it is a knowing, a knowing. We learn to distinguish between the two vibrations by contrast, that is how the Lord teaches us. The principle is, if you shine a light image with a light background, you cannot see the image, you have to experience the two rates of vibration to recognize that there are two vibrations there, then there is a time of seeking the Lord to understand which vibration is which, it is nothing I could teach you, the only thing that I could do is tell you that this exist so that you are aware of it, so that when it happens to you, the Lord can come to you and say to you, That is what Pastor Vitale was talking about.


That is what my job is, because it is very common for human beings to perceive something, they perceive a difference, but they do not know what it is. So we see that knowledge without understanding is almost worthless, the Bible says, among all things, get understanding, it is essential. In other words, I have a light switch here, if I do not know that, that switch is going to turn on the light, then I will sit in darkness all night. There are actually cases in the newspapers of a woman, I remember a woman starved to death in her apartment, and when the authorities came in, she had hundred dollar bills all over the house, her son had sent her money every month, and she had no idea what that paper money was, she literally starved to death, lived in poverty and starved to death, and the son thought he was taking care of the mother.


Without understanding of what you have got in your hands, it is literally worthless. This is one of the foundational principles of the doctrine of Christ, and the doctrine of Christ is what helps us to move on to the next level closer to sinlessness because that is when we stop dying. Victory over death is not a gift, the only way we are going to stop dying or to be healed systemically, and I will explain that in a minute, is with a changed nature. If you get healed by the Holy Ghost, someone could lay hands on you from outside of you and the disease will go away, but the root that let disease come into your life is still your sin nature, you are wide open for sin to come in.


With some people that get healed by the Holy Ghost, the disease comes back, and other people get other diseases because there has been no change in the opening that makes you vulnerable to be sick. The only way we are going to overcome death, is to close up that condition which is called sin in every human being born of a woman, that is our condition, the Bible says we are formed in sin, we are born in sin and formed in iniquity, we are born in sin, this is a condition that we are born into. We have all kinds of openings in our spiritual hedge that lets bad things happen to us, I sort of mixed my issues here, let me just finish up over here. This is what happened, this anger comes towards somebody like a bird, like a spiritual bird, and it just flies around, and it is on a higher spiritual level than this world. It has the ability, this energy, it is conscious energy, and it has the ability to evaluate that person and say, Ah, I see something your ancestors did, or I see something that they did, and the law of God, that says an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth, says that was sin, bam, car accident.


To have a car accident, you need more than one person's anger, a car accident is caused a massive energy ball that is an accumulation of negative energy, there is more that I do not know than I do know, this negative energy, let us say, one person gets mad at you and flies around and it cannot find a hole in your hedge big enough for this one bird to hurt you, so it just flies around, and it flies around and flies around.


Years ago there use to be a comic strip, little Abner, he use to walk around with a black cloud over his head. Remember that? Xxxx actually had a neighbor, a little boy who walked around with flies flying around his head, she would look out on her back porch, and there was this kid, and wherever he went, he had flies flying around his head. That is a physical manifestation of what I am talking about, that is uncommon to see a human being with flies following them wherever they go, that is an extreme manifestation of witchcraft, but it is an example of what we go through, people who are just everyday people, we have spiritual flies, and spiritual pestilence flying around our head from anger, jealousy, and pride, those the three deadliest sins of this context, and they all drive witchcraft. Anger, jealousy and pride, when they release from the person and go towards you, it is a manifestation of witchcraft. When it is in the individual, it is jealousy, anger, or pride, but as soon as it is directed towards somebody, as a weapon, then it becomes a spirit of witchcraft to the person that is the victim.


Let us say, you have a person over here who is very spiritual strong, and they are very defensed, this anger cannot hurt them, it is just flies around, this could go on for years, and it can accumulate into a large mass, anger from many different people, jealousy from many different people. The legal ground could be a family line curse. I do not believe that you could get into a car accident and really be hurt from anyone action that you have done. We have someone in this ministry who thinks like that, you know, if something really bad happens or if somebody gets sick, or if they get hurt, or some real destruction comes into the family, who I love dearly, goes around saying, What did I do yesterday that caused this to happen to me? It is nothing that you did yesterday. To be really hurt, that is frequently family line curses, or negative energy that is being building for a long period of time. The more defensed you are, and of course if you are in God, you are more defensed than the average person, if you can still get hurt, that means there is a lot coming against you. You need to know, and we all need to know that the deeper we go into the things of God, the more Satan is looking to take us out. How does she look to take us out? She flies around, now this is a metaphor, she flies around until she finds people that in their heart of hearts are willing, could be subconscious, it does not matter, unconscious, subconscious, conscious, it makes no difference, the only thing that matter is that your vessel is the vessel from which this negative energy is being generated, and we are responsible for it, whether we know about it or not.


Satan flies around, and she finds somebody who has a potential to be jealous of you, they love you, but there is a little something that they are dealing with, they have their hand on it you know, I do not know, they are pretty, or they have kids, and you do not have kids, they have more money than you do, people have all kinds of stupid things that go through their mind, and our consciousness tells us, Well that is wrong, and then we forget about it, but the average Christian does not deal with the subconscious or the unconscious, so it is still there, your jealous because your family has more money because than my family. Your conscious mind says, Is that not ridiculous, grown up people do not think like that, and you push it away, so it is wiped out of your conscious, but it is still there in your subconscious and your unconscious, and the only way to stop it, is for your consciousness in Christ to recognize it, and pray warfare against it, you have to kill it, and how do we pray warfare, spiritual warfare? Whatever we say, do anything with your mind that you would do. If you had someone in front of you who was trying to destroy your life and it was legal for you to do hurt them in any way, what would you do? You grab them, you bang their head, you beat them up, you punch them, you kill them if your life was in danger. That is what we have to do, and we do it with words, you have to recognize that sin, we have to know what Paul says, that when we are in this kind of a warfare, that sin is no longer us, but is sin that dwelleth in us. As soon as we stand across from it and face it, it is no longer us, but it is sin that dwelleth in us. When we erase it and refuse to see it and war against it, it is our sin, and it is not under the blood of Jesus.


You hear that in the church a lot, Oh, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, and called according to His purposes, that is what the Scripture says. That means for those who are thinking and living as often as they can out of the mind of Christ Jesus, and what would Christ Jesus do? Christ Jesus is the spirit of truth, Christ Jesus recognizes and acknowledges sin wherever it appears. If it appears in me, or if it appears in you, if I am in Christ and called according to His purposes, I am going to acknowledge that sin, it does not matter whether it is in me, whether it is in my daughter, whether it is in my grandchildren, whether it is in your son, or whether it is in your husband, Christ Jesus reveals truth.


If something at some point in your life in this ministry or otherwise has been told to you about a member of your family, in a right spirit, not in a trouble making spirit, a spirit of condemnation, if you have been told something about your son, or your husband, and you have chosen to defend your son or your wife, or your husband, rather than face the truth, you are not in Christ Jesus, and therefore there is condemnation.


This is an essential principle that you never hear taught in the church, I do not think it is understood, there has to be a reason why Christians get sick, and Christians get hurt, and Christians have car accidents, and Christians, their families are not covered, that Christians go into financial distress, Christians have the same experience today as the people in the world, something is wrong in the church! Something is wrong in the church, it is not supposed to be that way. We are supposed to have divine health, and if we do not go into immortality, we are supposed to at least have long life without sickness. We are supposed to be vital and energetic and productive until the second you close your eyes and go to sleep, and we have Christians in the hospital, Christians getting chemotherapy, Christians being cut up on the operating table. They are having the same experience as this world, something is wrong in the church today!


We are supposed to be a supernatural people even if we have not yet entered into immortality, we are supposed to be walking above sickness, and disease, we are supposed to be healed. Even if we get killed, you know in the Phillippines, and this was in a church that is active in the Phillippines, if somebody dies, they do not take them to the hospital, if someone is dying on the way, they take them to the church, they take the dead body to the church, and they pray, and either the Lord raises the person from the dead, or a word of knowledge comes forth that it is this person's time and they are gone. I do not know whether they have a morgue there or not, I do not know how they do it, but they take the dead body to the church and they seek the Lord Jesus for His decision whether or not this person is going to stay dead.


Do you have that kind of faith? I do not see it in this country. I am not here to condemn anybody, but I am telling you something is wrong in the church. We have to hear how we are supposed to be if there is any hope of change, we have to hear how it is supposed to be, that is how we are supposed to be, no matter what kind of a disease you have, I do not care how frightening it is, you know people hear cancer, and a lot of people get frightened. I do not care, the first thing I do if there is something wrong with my body or if I have symptoms, is to say, Lord, what do you want me to do, if you tell me not to go to a doctor, I am not going to a doctor and my life is in your hands. Then of course if he tells me not to go to a doctor, I pray continuously to make sure that it was the Lord who told me. When I tell you something like this, please do not just start doing it, you have to have that kind of a relationship with God, you have to grow into that kind of a relationship with God, that is the relationship I have with Him, if you do not hear anything you go to a doctor.


We all have seen, most of us have seen fanatics in the Church that die because they do not go to doctors, the Lord does not want you dead.


You have to find that balance, you have to find that balance. He has to be sought first, then if the Lord says, My treatment for you is through a doctor, you go to a doctor. To go to the doctor automatically without seeking God, brethren is idolatry, and we do it out of fear, those of us, well we may not be, have any, if we are beginners we may not know about this, but those of us that know about this and still automatically default to the doctor, that is idolatry.


You say, Well, I got sick and I asked the Lord and He did not tell me anything, I did not hear anything. Go to the doctor, it is an act of faith, and God forbid my arm is cut and hanging there, Lord, what do you want me to do. Believe it or not, that is what I would say, Lord, what do you want me to do, are you going to heal me right on the spot, or what do you want me to do? And again, do not try this please, until you know you are in that place with the Lord, I am just telling you this so that you can have something to refer back to, should the Lord bring you into this place. It certainly cannot hurt for you to look at your arm, and bandage it together, and say, Lord, whatever you want, but I am on the way to the doctor.


That is just fine, He just wants you to bring Him into the decision making process, and if you do that, by the time you get to the hospital, He will have the doctor, the nurse, the anesthesiologist, everybody that He needs that is going to submit to him and do the best job for you, He will be in control of the situation at the doctor's office.


Most Christians just call on Jesus when they get a report from the doctor saying, You are hopeless and your incurable and you are going to die in six months, and they go to the Lord, sometimes they get healed that way, and sometimes they do not, but it does not work like that.


What have you got to lose, if you hear what I am saying today, and you decide to practice this, no matter what is wrong, I am not telling you to go to the doctor, but your first thought should be towards Jesus, Jesus, help me, I want to hear your instructions, but I do not usually hear from you on that level, so I am on my way to the doctor but I want you to know that I am asking you for your help, that I am asking you for instructions. If for any reason the Lord intends to heal you, if any reason He does not want you in the doctor's office, why would he not want you in the doctor's office? Maybe your condition calls for surgery, surgery that debilitate you for a couple of months, sometimes it takes two years to fully recover from a serious operation, maybe He does not want that for you, but you cannot hear from Him, so you go to the doctor anyway, and if it is really the Lord's will, the doctor will turn you away, he will not do it.


The Lord is in your life if you will just let Him in, He is in your life, do not be afraid to let Him into your life, and do not, you know, I am telling you, I am not telling you not to go to doctors, but as you are driving, walking into the doctor's office, just make your vow to the Lord, Lord, my life is in your hands, I am here in this doctor's office because I think it is a wise thing to do and I know you do not want me to die and I have not heard you say anything about this, so I am here, but You are my healer, and even if you are not going to heal me supernaturally, you are going to give the doctor wisdom.


That doctor that you went to three times, the next time you went back, all of a sudden he knew how to help you, what happened? The Lord gave him wisdom because the Lord is fighting for you. It is important that you hear these things, because when we recognize the move of God in our behalf, that is when our faith builds and he does more for us, He wants to be recognized, He wants to be recognized.


For a man to want to be recognized, it is the sin of pride, but all sin is in motive, all sin manifests in motive, and the Scripture tells us that Jesus has the right to want to be recognized because He is all powerful, all merciful, and His intentions are 100% good without any kind of a self exaltation that you might find in a mortal man, so He is worthy, we are told in the book of Revelations, He is worthy to receive all honor, all glory, all recognition, there is about ten things, I do not remember the words off hand right now, He is worthy, so He can do things that human beings cannot do, and He wants acknowledgment, He wants us to acknowledge Him, He wants us to give testimonies, He wants us to tell other people, this is what God did for me, is God not great, is He not wonderful!


You would not want to be talking about a man like that, but we talk about God like that, because He is worthy to receive honor and to receive praise, and the more we recognize what He does, the more He moves in our life, not that He is withholding from us if we do not recognize Him, but that is the way spiritual life works, the more you recognize Him, the more He comes to you.


It is like a cycle similar to the sowing and reaping cycle. This whole exhortation started with me showing you how a curse works from somebody's anger, it is like a bird and it just flies around, little fly, flying around your head, that little boy that had flies flying around his head was a physical manifestation of a spiritual reality. There are spiritual forces that follow us wherever we go, and if the Lord is in your life or somebody prays for you, that is a positive bird, now remember bird is a metaphor.


You have positive birds flying around you, and sometimes the positive birds fight with the negative birds, and knock them out. This is a spiritual principle that we see an example of in quantum mechanics, when two atoms, you can have a particle and an anti-particle, when they meet each other, they explode. We can have, someone could pray a prayer for us, but then there is this bird flying around ready to cause a car accident and we do not even know it, but somebody just prayed a prayer for you that morning, and that prayer sent out a spiritual bird that confronts this negative bird and blows it up, and you may not know what happened unless your spiritual enough to hear the Lord telling you which most people are not that spiritual.


Again, this is very important, again why we recognize the move of the spirit in the little every day things. I was in the shower the other day, and this big bottle of shampoo fell off the shelf, it was so close to my toe that I felt the impact, and I know that it was intended to smash my foot, so somebody might call me superstitious, I am not superstitious, there was absolutely no reason for that bottle to fall, and all that I could think about was going back wow, almost twenty years ago, when I had a secular job, I was working for the town of Brookhaven, and they were having a Christmas party on business time, I do not celebrate Christmas so I would have never gone on my own time, but it was on office time so I had to be there.


I was a little more fanatical then, than I am today, today if I found myself in a Christmas party, I would just have a good time, but in those days, I was very fanatical, and I really did not want to be around that spirit of Christmas because I think it is an ungodly spirit, but I had no choice. I walked into the kitchen, there was a little kitchen in the office, and I opened the refrigerator, and someone had placed a half a gallon bottle of vodka on top of the refrigerator right on the crack so when the door opened, it fell down, and I had the same exact experience that I had in the shower, except that bottle could have really smashed my foot, I do not think that bottle of shampoo would have smashed my foot, but these bones are fragile, I could have broken a bone, but that half gallon bottle of vodka would have smashed every bone in my foot. At the time I had a dependent child, and I had to work and I saw that bottle laying there on the floor, I knew exactly what had happened, because there were people in the office that resented me, they knew that I did not celebrate Christmas.


Today I know that unless the Lord is specifically telling me to confront somebody, I do not bring up my differences that I have with other people, if I am convicted of something, if I believe something is wrong, even if it in fact wrong, and I am standing next, I am in contact with somebody who does have that conviction or does not believe that it is wrong, a lot of Christians do this, I am not supposed to be fighting with that person.


If the Lord tells me to say something to somebody, I will tell them, and then you hit and run, you do not get into an argument people, but in those days I did not hesitate to make it known that I did not celebrate Christmas, and a lot of people resented me for that. It took me a long time to learn how to live with who I have become in Christ Jesus, because you have accept people who they are, and the Lord in this hour is not judging the world, He is not judging the world, He is judging the church, He is judging His own people and He is starting with the elders in the church, that is what the Bible says, and that is not what the church is teaching but that is what the Bible says.


The church, most of the preachers in the church today are telling you that great destruction is coming upon this country, and all of the ungodly sinners out there that are drinking and smoking and fornicating, and doing whatever else they are doing, but that is not true, that is absolutely unscriptural, judgment is coming upon the church beginning with the elders thereof, and who are the elders the preachers, judgment is coming upon the preachers that are not teaching the people correctly. That is what is coming. The church is not being raptured away, the church is going into the lake of fire.


The church world will tell you that the smoker and the drinker and the fornicator and the person who says "damn", they call that blasphemy, that is not what blasphemy is, you know, it is just a word, I mean it is a rude word, I do not think you should say it in society, and there are worse words than that, but that is not what the Scripture is talking about. The church tells you that all of these people have these practices are going into the lake that burneth with fire, along with the devil and the false prophets, but you have to find out who the devil and the false prophet are.


You cannot be a false prophet if you are not in the church. Yes there are prophets, there are prophets out there, there are people that prophecy in the occult, but that is not what the Bible is talking about. Those people are not hidden, they are openly, most of them will tell you that they worship Satan, or that they speak to the dead, and they do not lie about it, they do not tell you that they are representing God. The false prophet is the prophet who speaks of spiritual things and tells you, Thus saith the Lord, that is the false prophet.


I have a word for you today, the Lord sent me to you with a word, Thus saith the Lord, you will follow me wherever I go, give me all your money, leave your husband and follow me, leave your wife and follow me. That is a false prophet, the guy that says I represent Christ, I have a word for you, Thus saith the Lord. That is the false prophet that is burning in the lake of fire.


If someone comes to you and says, I am a practitioner of wiccan witchcraft and I worship Gia who is nature, and I have a word for you, Thus saith Gia. Is there any chance that you are going to listen to them? I mean is there any chance that someone in the church is going to listen to them? They are not a false prophet, they are telling you who they are. The false prophet is someone who says they are something, and they are lying to you. The false prophet is someone who says, The Lord told me to tell you this, and they are lying to you. If there is an occult prophet out that worships Satan, is a Satan worshiper, and that person goes to someone in the church or someone in the other part of the occult world and says, now this is the Satan worshiper. I represent Gia, or I represent Ashtoreth, pagan goddess, and I have a word for you. Is the Lord worried about that. If someone is a Satan worshiper and they present themselves as a worshiper of Ashtoreth, is the Lord bringing judgment on that? Absolutely not.


He is bringing judgment on the person who says, I am a Christian, I am Christ, I am a servant of the Lord, Thus saith the Lord, Follow me. That is who He is bringing judgment on, that is who is going into the lake of fire. The church is teaching, no, it is the person who is preaching the new age who is going into the lake of fire, if you smoke you are going into the lake of fire, depending on what church you go to. Some people are more fanatic than others.


Even if you are in adultery and fornication, and you take someone's wife away, you take someone's husband away, judgment is for the church. That is why the world is filled with sin and the Lord is not doing anything about it. Some people see this, Well the world is filled with sin and the world does nothing about it, God is not real. Their carnal mind has to make up some explanation for it, well the Lord, He created the universe and now we are on our own because there is no justice.


That is only because you do not understand God's justice, God has justice for the non-Christian, or for the non-practicing Christian, and that justice is in the form of the law. We call them the heathen, they reap what they sow. When the nation is righteous, the person is punished by the law, when the nation, when the government ceases to be righteous, the people truly suffer. That is God's judgment, and justice for those who do not know Him, the law.


You have a problem, you go to the police. People that are shooting you or robbing you, or stealing from you, you go to the police, Romans 13 says, every person in authority, every establishment in authority is put there by God. You cannot understand that because that country has a tyrannical dictator, he was put there by God. There is a reaping and a sowing in that nation that raised up a tyrannical dictator. There was an African nation, I do not remember which one it was that was, it was quite a few years ago, maybe twenty or thirty years ago, was run by a vicious tyrant, and a few Christians, just a hand full of Christians in that nation started to meet every night, they prayed persistently and consistently every night, I think it took five years, that dictator was overthrown and today that country is democracy.


The Lord raises up kings and He puts down kings. The Lord put down that tyrannical ruler and raised up a Godly man to rule under a Godly system called democracy. Democracy arises out of Christianity. Every one in authority is place there by God. If you see someone in authority that is abusing their power, what you need to do is start to seek the Lord as to what needs to be done, and what your part is in it to remove that tyrant, to move God to bring down that tyrant and raise up a righteous man to rule righteously over the people with compassion and mercy. Sometimes when you pray like that, depending upon the political situation, the Lord will raise up a war, but that would never happen in a country that is a democracy.


God would never be responsible for starting a civil, in a democracy, unless the system breaks down. As long as the system for change is working, God works through the system for change, the Lord only overrides the established system when the established system fails and there is no other way to go, then He moves, if He moves, He will move supernaturally, but the Lord will not move supernaturally so long as there is a system in place that can deal with the problem.


If you have a problem with your husband or your wife, or you have a problem with your pastor, or you have a problem with your employer, and you are praying day and night for the Lord to move on that authority, He is not going to do it, He is not going to do it, He is not going to move on that authority, He is going to strengthen you and equip you to go and talk to them. You have to humble yourself because that person has authority over you, you have to ask to talk to them, you have to present your case, and then if they deal with you unfairly, the Lord declares them, after you exhaust the whole process, the Lord declares them an unrighteous person, then if He moves, He will move supernaturally when all you have to do is ask for an appointment to talk to the person, and the person might very well correct the situation. Maybe it is something they are not aware of, you have to communicate.


In the church we see a lot of people not practicing this, they go in their prayer closets and they start to pray and what they are actually praying is witchcraft, they are praying to change the mind of the authority without approaching them in a Godly manner, without following the blueprint laid out by the Lord. That was my experience early on in the church, this was what I was taught, I had a secular job at the time, and my boss would not pay me a very small amount of money, it was twenty seven dollars at the time, that I had worked overtime, he would not pay me the money, and I started praying as I was taught, and after a couple of days my boss walked and his arm was in a sling, and I kept praying and he still did not give me my money, and he came back a couple of days later, and he had fallen down a flight of steps and he hurt his leg, and I continued to pray, he came in the next day, his eyes were like crazed, I looked at his eyes, you know, he was like in a frenzy, and I saw him, all of these terrible things happening to him, and it started to click in my mind, that I was doing that to him with my prayers.


I went to, well I did not go to my pastor at that time, there was a visiting preacher that was in the church, and I went and spoke to him about it, and I said, This is terrible, I think I am really hurting this man, what do I do, and his answer to me was, he deserves it, he has your twenty seven dollars. No, he did not deserve me working witchcraft on him, no, and it turned out the end of the whole thing was that it was a big misunderstanding, and that a woman who wanted my job had made a lot of trouble between us.


The Lord required me to go and talk to the man, you have got to talk to people, we have to straighten out our problems, and then if the person in authority, that has power to fire you or to hurt you in ways like that, the person has authority over you cannot fight, then the Lord will move, He may move on your behalf, but if He does not, let us say it is an employer, and He does not move on your behalf, He has a purpose in it and eventually, if He does not soften the heart of your employer, He will give you another job.


Your husband is another story, but I know that nobody likes the sound of it, but that is the way God deals with people that have a problem with authority over them, you have to submit to that authority, not if he is abusing you, we are talking about a normal person who is just being stubborn about something, and you just keep submitting until the Lord melts his hard heart, sometimes you have wait a long time, but you have to realize that while you are waiting, the Lord is dealing with you, He is building character in you,


He works all things for the good in these situations, because all of us are not perfect, all of us are fallen, and all of us contribute in some way to every problem, and that is a hard word, that use to really get me upset, What do you mean I contributed to that problem? Someone just beat me up, I was walking down the street and somebody beat me up, how did I contribute to that problem? There are family line curses, there are curses, there was something on you that opened you to it. That is a very hard word. I am the victim, I have been married to an alcoholic husband, he has been abusing me for twenty years, what do I contribute to it? What were you doing there for twenty years? Why were you letting him beat you up for twenty years? What did you do to go, what is it in your spiritual nature that opened you to that kind of a marriage? There is no condemnation in this, the only way we are going to get out from under these things is to recognize that there is something in us or about us, or on us, that contributes to every problem that we have, and if we could face it fearlessly without condemnation, we can begin to seek God about what we have to do to get out from under that curse, I call it a curse, you can call it whatever you want. There are some Christians that do not like that word, there was a whole church over here that would not say curse, they would only say bondage, you can use any word that you want.


I knew a woman once that was married four times, each time she got married, the guy looked absolutely great in every way, every single one of those men cheated on her and left her for another woman. There had to be something there, I am not saying she is bad, maybe she is wonderful and there was a curse, I do not know, something has to be there for the same end to happen after four marriages, there is some spiritual writing on you, that says you will never succeed in marriage.


You know that sometimes parents do that to their children? I knew someone once, a young lady whose mother said to her, No man will ever want you. Guess what? She never made it with a man her whole life, that is what her mother said to her, No man will ever want you. It came to pass. This is the truth of our existence, a lot of people would call me superstitious, well they are the ones that will fail to, to be able to embrace the solution to their problems.


Anyway, back to the lake of fire, what is the lake of fire that the heathen are not going to be thrown into, what is the lake of fire that the false prophet and the devil are going to be thrown into? The false prophet is the Christian who is speaking the words of the dragon, that is the definition of the false prophet in the book of Revelation, he looked like a lamb, but when he spoke he sounded like a dragon. Does that mean that his voice was deep like this? No, the words that he spoke were the words of the dragon. What does a lamb look like, who is the lamb? The lamb is Christ Jesus. He looked like he was Christ Jesus, he carried a Bible, sometimes he had a clerical collar, he went to church every Sunday, he said praise the Lord every time he met you, he prophesied on the floor of the church, he even preached, he looked like a lamb, but the words that came out of his mouth were the words of the Serpent, that is the false prophet.


The Scriptural definition in the book of Revelation, that is the guy that is going into the lake of fire. Let me make it clearer to you, I preach here all of the time, large numbers of very wonderful well meaning people in the church are living out of their carnal mind under the influence of the Holy Spirit, so they can prophesy in the church, sometimes the Lord even heals through them, sometimes the Lord casts out demons through them, the gifts, all of the gifts could be manifesting through them, the gifts and the calling of God are given without repentance. That means you come seeking the Lord, and remember, we are all spiritual babies to Him, we come seeking the Lord, and He says okay, I receive you, your diaper is all dirty, it has not been changed for three years, you stink, but I receive you here, I want to feel that you are a part of the family who can now prophesy in the church.


That is the spiritual truth of it, we have people in the church prophesying, preaching, that need spiritual cleansing. That is the just the case. To a person that is very sick like I was when I came to the Lord, it should be obvious that you need spiritual cleansing, although even that is not obvious to some people in the church, but with some people it is not obvious that you need spiritual cleansing.


They look okay, their life looks acceptable, they are holding a good job, they are financially prosperous, they have a family that appears to be in tact, you look at it from the outside, but you do not know what is going on, in the inner workings of your heart, you do not know what is going on behind the closed doors of that family, you do not know what is going on between a husband and wife, you do not know what is going on between the parents and the children, or between the children, you do not know, they just look good.


The people that look good are in more trouble than the people that sick, that are coming out of drugs, that are coming out of alcoholism, the people that look good are in more danger because it is easy for them to deny the problems in that family, we look good, driving a Cadillac, tithing, I'm a big benefactor to the church, just contributed to the new building fund, my kids are prospering in school, going to college. I look okay, what do you mean I need a spiritual cleansing.


The people that fit into that category are the least likely people to get help. What is this lake of fire? It is God's last resort, for the people that He loves who are so bound with pride that they cannot recognize, or they will not, or they cannot recognize that they need help or they are so bound with pride, that they will not ask for it or submit to it, judgment falls on them, corrective judgment, and that is what the lake of fire is.


The Scripture says, my God is an all consuming fire, the lake of fire is a spiritual lake, it is spiritual fire that comes out of the mouth of a preacher that is preaching by the Spirit of Christ, it is that vibration that I talked about at the beginning of this message, it is a vibration that vibrates at a particular decibel that is experienced by the person at the other end of it, like you are all at the other end of my vibration right now, and I am preaching by the Spirit of Christ, you are in the lake of fire now.


The vibration that comes out of your mouth, when it touches you, it is experienced by the recipient as spiritual fire, it burns. Everybody here is called to be here, so we have not had any manifestations here, but in a more typical church where you have all kinds of people coming in and walking in off of the street, sometimes people get up and walk out. When Jesus was preaching a man manifested right in the service, and Jesus had to cast a demon out of him right there, because the guy stood up and was making trouble in the service, because the vibration coming out of the person preaching out of Christ, is a spiritual fire, and if the person is not in right standing with God, that spiritual fire or sometimes it burns you even if you are in right standing with God, it touches weak areas in which you need to be, that you have a wound, you see, sin is a wound, sin is a wound, and that wound needs to be quarterized.


The lake of fire coming out of the mouth of the preacher will touch and burn you, it is going to burn up that sin, the whole problem that we have, is that when sin is in the unconscious part of our mind or even in our, we are hiding it, it is in our subconscious mind, or even our conscious mind, present at the same time is our personality and our physical body. If we do not deal with the sin ourselves, if we do not recognize it, acknowledge it to God, and the Scripture says confess your sins to one other person, that does not mean your worse enemy down the street okay, confess your sins to somebody that you trust who can help you with it, okay, unless you talking facing it, talking about it, asking God what His plan is, how you should proceed to deal with it, unless you are relating to it as if it is a fifth column, a spiritual enemy within you that you know has to be destroyed, unless you are doing that, if you are protecting that part of yourself because your mind just cannot comprehend that it is not a part of you, you just really cannot believe it, so you are defending yourself, the only way God can help you, is to throw you into the spiritual lake of fire.


That means the judgment does not only come on the sin, it comes on the sin, it comes on your personality, it can come on your physical body. I am going to say that again, this is very important, this is the true definition of sanctification, the separation of the carnal mind from the Christ mind, and what is the proof that, that has happened within you? A part of you, it is like you cannot see the forest for the trees, but one tree of the forest steps back and sees the forest, Christ in you is that one tree, that tree of life that has the ability if you go along with it, to step back and look at the rest of yourself and see everything that is in there. The Lord does not show us everything at once, I do not think we could bear it.


that one tree, Chris is the tree that steps out of the forest, and looks at the forest and says, That tree is rotten, it is has got to come down, and that tree is rotten, it has to come down, that tree is not quite dead yet, but it needs work, I have to cut off a few branches and prune it.


Unless you are doing that, unless you are taking care of your own garden, the Lord is going to throw all of you into the lake of fire. It is radical last chance for you, because He wants to save your life. Jehovah put Adam in the garden and He said to him, Adam keep the garden. That Hebrew word translated keep means to guard, to militarily guard, and everybody thinks Adam was planting tomatoes, and dunging the plants and all that. No, the word, Hebrew word translated keep, means to militarily guard the garden. The whole question is, what is the garden?


The garden is the female aspect of our being, the garden is metaphorically speaking, our spiritual ovary, the garden is that part of us that can reproduce good and evil or righteousness. The garden is that part of us in which the tree of the knowledge of evil can become rooted and grow. Jehovah said to Adam, Militarily guard your female part, do not get pregnant with the Serpent's child, and that is exactly what happened to the woman, she conceived the Serpent's child.


The garden is our mind, the garden actually is our mind, it is our spirit, because the spirit produces the mind, the spirit that either appears as the carnal mind or forms into the Christ mind. Jehovah said, Guard your garden, guard your spirit, do not let the carnal mind be born in you, and if you start fooling with that Serpent, you are going to get pregnant, and that is exactly what is going to happen to you, you are going to bear forth the Serpent's child in the form of the carnal mind.


Nothing has changed at its spiritual root, from the time that Jehovah put Adam in the garden. The only thing that has changed is the position of Adam. Adam was in a high spiritual plane where righteousness was imputed unto him, what does that mean? It means it was not a fair fight, it was not an even fight. The potential for him to manifest the carnal mind and the potential for him to manifest the Christ mind, were not equal, he already had the Christ mind, and all he had to do was keep it, he just had to live, to exist and to follow Jehovah's rules in such a manner that he would continue on in the condition that he was formed in, with the Christ mind already manifested.


Then, if he would have just waited, I do not know, this was before time, so I do not know how long, you cannot say how long, but we are speaking metaphorically, if he had just waited for the process of creation to be completed in him without breaking the rules, we would never have fallen, we would not be here today.


Adam was tricked into breaking the rules and the carnal mind was born in the woman, and so the event of this high spiritual plane began to appear on lower and lower spiritual planes. Here we are today, we are still in the garden. The first time I heard somebody preach that, it got me all upset, I thought it was false doctrine. In those days I use to get all upset, today I just say, Lord, I need you to tell me the truth, I do not want to risk anything that is truth, and I know that I do not know anything. I got all upset when that preacher said we are still in the garden. We are still in the garden. I will show you how we are still in the garden.


COMMENT: You were talking before about the angry men that put the curse on like an innocent person and all of that negative energy is flying around until it lands somewhere, does, if I could find the right terminology, does God deal with that angry person?


PASTOR VITALE: Well that is a very good question. It is not a simple answer, but I will try to answer you. Yes, the answer has to be yes, that God deals with an angry person, the question is, how does God deal that angry person. The law is applied differently to different people depending on their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, if that person has no relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, that person is subject to the sowing and reaping judgment, and they have destructive anger, they will experience destructive anger, either they or their descendants will experience destructive anger.


If that person has a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and they recognize that it is a sin and they are working on it, then we say that, that sin is covered by the blood, and a corrective judgment comes down, in other words a conviction to the person that they know that this is wrong, you are still going to reap what you sow because that person hurt somebody with that anger, they will still reap what they sow, unless the victim forgives them. The victim forgives them, truly forgives them, not lip service, then this person, the angry person repents, and the victim truly forgives them, the negative energy is discharged. If the person does not truly repent, then they lose their opportunity to come under the corrective judgment, and they are subject to the sowing and reaping judgment which means someone will manifest anger at them. If the victim does not forgive them, they will still reap what they sow.


This is the mystery of Jesus saying to Peter, the one whose sins you forgive are forgiven, and the one whose sins you do not forgive, are not forgiven. This is the reality of that Scripture. If you are a victim, the person repents and you truly forgive them, the negativity is gone so there is nothing to come back on them, there is no anger to come back on them, it is done away with, if the person repents and the victim forgives them, that will nullify the destructive sowing and reaping judgment. Do you have another question?


COMMENT: In my situation where my neighbor came over to me and tried to, well she said that she was a prophet and she tried to steal your sheep, as she put it, I do not believe that she thinks she did anything wrong in what she did, I did not know that I was supposed to forgive her, is she supposed to come to me and ask for repentance or, it is not that I am angry at her and need to forgive her for what she did, I just understand that she had the wrong motives behind it, that I understand.


PASTOR VITALE: That is true.


COMMENT: Does she have to repent to God then, is that?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, she has to repent before God, if she wanted, this woman for those of you who do not know this woman, is a Christian, if she were walking the Christian walk, God would require her to come to you and admit that she did something wrong, that if she succeeded could have hurt you, and to apologize to you, but this woman is not about to do that. I do not know that I agree with you completely though, I believe that she knows that she did something wrong because she was busted, I drove her right in the middle of her attempt to take advantage of your newness in Christ, I drove up right at that moment, and she kept on talking out of nervousness and even said, Well I am not here trying to steal the sheep. She knew exactly what she was doing, but I do not think she has any repentance at all.


She is a typical false prophet, and she at some point will experience being cast into the lake of fire, because she really is a Christian, I believe Christ is in there, but she is what we say undelivered. Her personality is crooked. She will not repent, she is going to have to experience judgment on her whole person, which is the hard way to go, but we do not know when that is going to happen. Of course, I think what you may be getting at, is, let us say it is this woman's rage, of all of the trouble that has been coming here, she is very spiritually powerful or she could have opened the door, with all of this other anger floating around out there to come in, but she is at the very least was catalyst for all of the trouble that we are having here. If with all of our prayers, we are not strong enough to stop this destruction that is hitting the ministry, and a factor in that is what is she doing now, is she so angry that she is going over this in her mind everyday, is she praying psychic prayers?


If it continues to flow and people are getting hurt and we cannot stop her in our warfare, then most likely what would happen is that something, the Lord will stop her by causing something negative to happen to her, something that will take her mind off of you, and that could be, something, manifests physical pain. She could get sick, she could get in a car accident, but you have to understand that if this happens, it is not the Lord punishing her. The example that I always give is, imagine somebody choking you, they have got their hands on this rope, and if those hands are removed very soon, you are going to strangle to death, and someone comes over with a hot iron, and burns their hands, and they let go of you.


With them we are talking about motive. If the Lord does manifest something like that towards her in His righteousness, it is not to hurt her, and it is not to punish her, but it is to save the people here that are being brutalized. A lot of people have been hurt, associated with the ministry in the last couple of weeks. This is not simple, it is complicated, we also have to understand that everybody that has been hurt, there has to be an opening, we say a hole in their hedge, and everybody is growing and learning from the experience, God is working everything together, but it is never His will that we should be hurt.


If she does not really get before God and repent, at some point she is going to really experience some negative consequences, which will result ultimately in her repentance and her moving on with God. The Lord is never punishing for punishment's sake. He either punishes because He cannot get our attention and we are His, and He wants us to come into a right relationship with us, or He punishes to stop us from seriously hurting other people, but it does not stop there that He works with us, and eventually, for example, let us say it was her, and her hands were choking you and you were going to die, so someone comes with a hot iron and burns her hands so she lets go of you, now this is just a metaphor of course, she is going to be crying out God, What happened to me, what happened to me, Lord Jesus I serve you, I am your faithful servant, how could this happen to me? If her ears are open to the Lord, at some point, no matter how long it is going to takes, He is going to say to her, if it is five years later, Do you remember what you did Xxxx, you know, that caused that.


Until she comes to that conviction, until she comes to the place where she accepts that and admits that she was wrong and destruction came into her life because of it, she will continue to be under judgment, negative things will happen to her. Years ago I had somebody in the church that I went to, do something very wrong to me. They did something very wrong to me, but they did not hurt me physically, they hurt my feelings, they hurt my spirit, but their motive towards me was very evil, I absolutely took the victory, I just prayed every day, and I prayed the Psalm that says, This is how I know that I have favor with the Lord, my enemies cannot triumph over me. That was the prayer that He gave to me, and I prayed it every day, and this woman wound up in the most serious car accident, I was shocked, I was absolutely, see I do not understand what God was going to do, I know very little, I completely shocked that, that would happen to her as a result of what she did to me, because I was not physically hurt, she did not threaten my life, my finances were not involved, I was just spiritually and emotionally hurt, but I do not know what else was going on her life or what else she did to other people, I do not know what the factors were that the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment found legal ground to cripple her, she was crippled from the car accident, and I went to visit her in the hospital, and she was laying in the hospital bed crying, saying, I wonder why God let this happen to me. I just looked at her, and another woman was visiting at the time who was spiritual enough to know, we never discussed, well she did come to me, the other woman, and said, I know what happened.


it is not Jesus per say up there throwing down judgment on you. Satan is the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment. When we open ourselves by doing evil when we call ourselves a Christian and we are in church every day, in a powerful church and a deliverance church, and we are casting out demons, you cannot do this kind of stuff when you are casting out demons and in a warfare church, you would be taking your life in your hands. People are naive, they do not understand this.


I do not know how it worked, but somehow Satan found legal ground to cripple her, and I do not know that it could have been just because she hurt my feelings, it had to be based on her motives, you know, I cannot explain it myself, and then she went back to church and had a miracle, she walked again, but she was crippled, her hip was completely shattered, and the doctor told her that she would never walk again, and she lay in that bed, and said, I want God to tell me why this happened to me, and I am just standing there looking at her, completely blind to the evil that she did, her heart was evil towards me.


People are ignorant you know, and that is why we have the problems in our life and that is why I preach, and this is how I live, no matter what happens to us that is negative, my immediate prayer is, Lord, what opened me to this, what have I done that I should not be doing, what am I not doing that I should be doing?


That is the fastest way to get delivered from any trouble in your life, to admit that nobody is ever completely innocent, and you have to find out what your part was in it to open yourself to this. As far as you are concerned, we say the Lord covered you, because she got busted, I drove up right in the middle of the whole thing, so you were innocent and the Lord covered you, it is a very fine line, do you hear what I am saying? If she had succeeded in her plans, then we would have had to have said, Well what was in you that opened you to that seduction? The answer most likely would have been pride, that you would have followed her, because everything that is not of Christ is pride, but you chose to listen to my counsel and to not be seduced, you are saved in that circumstance from any negative consequences that could have happened to you.


It never ceases to amaze me how Christians just do not get it that you cannot do this kind of stuff especially to people that are really living for God, you are really endangering yourself, people just do not get it in this country anyway, people are very naive as to the reality of God and His judgment of sin, His righteous judgment of sin and His defense of the people who are sold out to Him. I have met time and time and time again, Christians, they just do not get it, you have to be out of your mind to come against somebody like me, you have to be really crazy, you can get hurt really bad, not that I am so special, my specialness is that I am in submission to God, He is doing this great work for me, you have to be out of your mind coming against me, where the average person, they look at the humbleness of the physical ministry and they have no fear, and Jude talks about those people, it says, they have no fear, they are ignorant, they do not recognize dignitaries when they see it.


The dignitaries, the ambassadors of Christ, the people that carry Christ Jesus and do His works, they do not look like the dignitaries of this world, they have to be spiritually discerned. You say, Well I cannot spiritually discern them so God is going to hurt me? No, the answer is you do not hurt anybody, see you are not supposed to not hurt people because they are dignitaries, you are not supposed to hurt anybody! You are not supposed to hurt the little man that is just trying to get up on his feet and get started. It does not really matter that you did not know that they were dignitaries, you had evil in your heart, it would make no difference from a spiritual point of view, as to if you knew that the person had power in God or the person in reality had no power in God, as far as God is concerned, it is the same sin.


This also, what happened here is a manifestation of the Scripture that says, those who are true pastors look out for your soul, that is what this is talking about. Unfortunately we have some pastors in the church who misuse that, it does not matter whether they misunderstand it or not, they are applying it incorrectly, they tried to control people, this is not what the Scripture is talking about, when it says, the whole Scripture says, you should honor your pastors because they look out for your soul. This is what it means, that Christ in them is looking out for your soul, and busted this person, she was busted.


COMMENT: A number of years ago, I was spending a great deal of time doing things in the ministry, and when I was home I had to really concentrate on things, and something in my home needed help, and my husband was sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing, and he was in a rage, you could actually sense it in the air, you could slice it, it was severe. I mean if anyone were to walk into the house, they actually sense it, that is how severe it was, and I had asked my husband to help me with that thing because there was some things that were heavy that needed to be moved, and he said, If I had the energy to spend my time and energy in ministry, I could do everything at home myself. Anyhow, in exasperation I just went outside and I was going to do what I was able to do, and I walked into this place, and I started think, what will I do, my husband for whatever reason, came in, and walked in, with that I stepped back, and I fell on a something, and this is what happened, it ripped my leg, but I am going to tell you before God, I never felt the slightest bit of discomfort, I mean the ambulance came, they brought me to the hospital and all of that, I did feel a stitch when they put it in, they did not give me any numbing medicine or anything like that, but it was laid wide open, no nerve was touched, but the flesh was over there, and everyone was gasping, and I looked at it, and it was like I was outside of myself observing something, never felt any discomfort, nothing at all, I was shocked at that, but that was a manifestation of what can happen with rage.


PASTOR VITALE: Rage is powerful, and it is for that reason that there is so little power in the church, because the Lord is not giving power over life and death to people who can go into rage like that and kill somebody with it, He is just not. You can, it is possible to obtain power in the occult much more easily than it is to obtain power in God because there is no such rule if you are following some discipline that will give you power through Satan, there is no such, and it, Satan comes by many names, any spirit that is not the Spirit of Christ or the Holy Spirit that is giving you power, it is Satan under another name, no matter how harmless it sounds, there are no moral rules to acquiring power through the occult, you just, you do the discipline, you learn what you have to learn, you pass the test, I do not know exactly how it works, and you get the power, and there is no moral authority saying, Well you are not qualified to have this power, because if you get mad enough you could kill somebody with it, there is no such moral authority.


In Christ Jesus that moral authority exists. That is why we see so few people in Christ with power, because the Lord is not giving you this power unless He knows that Christ Jesus in you is manifested and mature to the point that any anger that would rise in you would be immediately put down, short of that you are not getting power over life and death. Any other questions on this issue or comments? If not, I guess we will take our break now.


COMMENT: That person that was speaking to you about prophesying to you, she was saying a true prophecy which came about when she said, I am not stealing your sheep, when the pastor came to you, she came at that precise moment, that was a true prophecy. The first one was a lie, then she got caught in it, because God exposed it.


PASTOR VITALE: That is interesting because what that makes me think of is Balaam, Balaam who was hired, Balaam was a very high level sorcerer, very powerful sorcerer, in Bible days, and he was hired by a king, named Balak to curse Israel, and he did it for gain, he did it for money, but when he got there, I am abbreviating this whole story, when he came to the place of ritual, or whatever they were going to do to curse Israel, he could not curse Israel, every time he opened up his mouth, only blessings would come out, and the king that hired him, king Balak said, What is going on here, I am paying you to curse Israel, and all you are doing is blessings Israel, and he could not do anything but bless Israel, God would not let him say the words that would curse Israel. It was something like that, she came with a false word, that prophetic anointing, you see that gift of prophecy, it can go in either direction. She came with a false word, and then when she, she knew she was busted you know, when she was looking at me, and trying to justify herself, and I was just standing there, I did not say one word to her, she just went on and on and on, she says, Well you know, I am not trying to steal the sheep, so you are right, she put the word not in there, but that was the true, she does have the Spirit of the Lord, this woman.


Most Christians are a mixture, and a lot of people stumble because they expect Christians to be walking in righteousness, but Christians, they are just like everybody else, and they are a mixture, and she is a mixture, she definitely has the Spirit of the Lord. When I came there, and I guess, I know that I was under a heavy anointing, and I was just standing there looking at her, and she knew that I knew exactly what she was doing, I did not have to say one word, so she was completely convicted, and then the Spirit of the Lord in her, I honestly do not know whether it is the Spirit of Christ or the Holy Spirit, I do not know which one it was, but the Spirit of God in her, because she was starting to back down under my gaze, so her carnal mind backed down, and Christ in her rose, and told her, I did not say it, the Christ in her told what her sin was. Do you hear that? If it had come out of me, and her heart was hard enough, she would have just denied it and not been convicted, but her own, I do not know whether it was an imputed Christ, I do not know where she is, but the Spirit of the Lord in her arose and told her what she wrong.


Her carnal mind added the word not in there, that is very interesting, I am glad that you said that. She probably has an imputed Christ, she is very anointed, but that anointing is continuously polluted because she is undelivered, she heavy duty witchcraft, and heavy duty pride, and she is living out of the witchcraft and the pride rather than out of Christ. You know what the Lord is telling me now, the Scripture says that the Lord does everything in the mouth of two or three witnesses, my just standing there staring at her was the first witness, and the Christ within her was the second witness that she was guilty, that set her up for judgment, if she does not repent, I do not know what is going on in her life now, you know, if she does not repent, she is going to experience the lake of fire. Why the lake of fire and not the sowing and reaping, there is a difference between the lake of fire and the sowing and reaping judgment, the sowing and reaping judgment which is enforced by Satan is unto destruction, but if this woman has some manifestation of Christ formed in her, which I believe that she does, she is going to be throne into the lake of fire which is going to burn off the sin so that Christ can prevail through her.


We call it corrective judgment, the lake of fire is for the Christian, the non-Christian that goes under the sowing and reaping judgment goes into destruction. The lake of fire is not destruction, it is purification and if you look up the Greek words in the Scripture, if you look at them honestly at the whole context of the Scripture, it is purification, it is not.. See the church world tells you, those who are thrown into the lake of fire will be, well that is what is says in the King James, they will be tormented forever and ever, so people that take it literally say, Well that cannot be for Christians, but if you look up the Greek word that is translated torment, what it really means is to be driven down to the bottom.


When she is thrown into the lake of fire, her carnal mind is going to be driven down to the bottom under Christ, who will police that carnal mind and not let it happen again. That is the same principle as I said, somebody strangling you and we are screaming and yelling and praying and we cannot get their hands off our throat, but we cry out to the Lord Jesus, and someone burns that person's hands and they let go. Christ in that woman cannot function as Christ because she will not give up her witchcraft and her pride.


She is going to be thrown into the lake of fire which is going to be, it is the equivalent of burning with a hot iron, her witchcraft and her pride, they are going to let go, because for her to be acting like that, her carnal mind has a stranglehold on Christ within herself, Christ would never do that, and Christ is trying to convict her and tell her, No, you are stealing the sheep, it came out of her own mouth.


Whatever form this judgment is going to take, and at the very least, well I know that at least part of the form that it is going to take is this ministry throwing back the curses, and asking God to defend us against this attack that she probably does not even know is going on everyday. She is probably in the lake of fire right now from our prayers, you see, and she is saying, What happened to me, what happened to me? Whatever distress she is in, it is weakening that Jezebel spirit, that witchcraft and that pride, and as soon as those, that unholy three are weakened, Christ in her is rising to the surface. When Christ rises to the surface, she will probably repent.


She is a double minded man, James says, We are all double minded in all of our ways, she has an identity crisis, she does not know who she is, she is walking around prophesying and going to church, and acting like the devil, she is all mixed up, she has an identity crisis, so she needs help, and that is with the lake of fire, which is purification, she is polluted. Did you want to say something Xxxx?


COMMENT: Usually you preach that the word not is Satan, and so when she said, I am not stealing your sheep, it was like she was.


PASTOR VITALE: That is so interesting Xxxx, I have to tell you, you are really moving in this word of knowledge, you have really got some really interesting stuff that you come forth with. Let me just explain that. One of the spiritual principles that the Lord has taught us over the years as we bring forth the doctrine of Christ which is the spiritual understanding of the Scripture, which means that some principles are in code, which is very Scriptural to say that because Jesus clearly said to the disciples, I do not tell the, the true meaning of the parable is not for those people out there, I speak in parables to the people out there, but you who are my disciples, you I speak plainly and tell you what the parables mean. It is not that Jesus is a respecter of persons, but everybody is not spiritually equipped at any particular time to receive the truth. You have to be equipped, everybody is welcome, but you have to go through the process that makes you eligible to sit under the teaching.


One of the spiritual principles that the Lord showed us in finding the deep spiritual meaning of the Scripture is that any negative word, if the context of the verse and sometimes the whole chapter supports it, can be translated as a member of the negative community, Satan, Leviathan, Cain or the Serpent, but it has to fit into the context of the Scripture and the surrounding Scriptures.


I think that was really excellent, Christ in her was saying, That was Satan in you stealing the sheep, but her carnal mind changed the Satan to not because she could not condemn herself, if you can hear that, that is so interesting, thank you Xxxx, that is really very interesting. Anybody else? I think we will stop here, I feel to stop here.


The Lord asked me to explain something further concerning what we were talking about before we went on break, concerning you Joanne, concerning this woman that came to you, further to the principle that nobody is innocent. The Lord Jesus, if we are in right standing with Him, covers our weaknesses but nobody is innocent, so what was your crime that you would be open to this, and the answer is that Christ was not in you to defend you or He was not in you at a strength that could defend you at a strength that could defend you against that, so how is that a crime? It is a crime because that is a manifestation of an Adam that died, and Adam died because of sin.


You, a descendant of Adam are, it is like you are experiencing the sins of your ancestors that died and left you without this protection, did you follow me at all? It is a sin of your ancestor that came down through the generations, but because you are in right standing with God, He sent someone like me to cover you, but that was your vulnerability, it was an inherited vulnerability. Christ was not formed in you to the degree that you could protect yourself. You have a question? Yeah.


COMMENT: Even though at the time that I told her, I kept asking her who the pastors were, because she goes to a couple of different ministries, and when she told me who the pastors were, I learned from you that they lost their anointing, was that not part of Christ speaking through me?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes is was but I believe the Lord told me to tell you that if the protection in you was fully mature, it would not have been necessary for me to come along, and I had to explain a lot of things to you. Again, there is no condemnation of you, it is the condition of the mortal man, that we inherit Adam's sin and the fruit of his sin is that we lost the protection of Jehovah, but that protection is being restored in the Lord Jesus Christ. You had a beginning, but you simply did not have enough experience to protect yourself completely, but it was inherited, your vulnerability was inherited sin in that situation, there was no way you could have done any better than you did.


Again, this was one of the principles that I started out with this morning, there are extenuating circumstances, there is a difference between not taking responsibility for what you have done, by making excuses for yourself which is called justification, there is a difference between that and saying, Yes, I did it, yes I was vulnerable, but there were extenuating circumstances, that is not the same thing.


I wanted to show you how we are still in the garden. There are different levels of spiritual consciousness, and God consciousness is vertical, it goes from high to low. Adam died and he fell down in a vertical fall, and the Scripture says, Only he who came down can return to heaven, and that means only the part of us that came out of heaven which is our ability to regenerate Christ, can go back up, we cannot take our carnal mind back up with us, and this seems to be a big issue in the spirit today, but we were Adam up here in the garden, was not formed in a physical body, that means our physical bodies cannot go back up with us. That is why Jesus said, In heaven there is no marriage or giving in marriage, meaning, that there is no human sexuality in heaven, because we are not going to have physical bodies when we return up here.


There is a large element in the church that is willing to fight to the death to say that, Adam was originally formed in a physical body, it is just the carnal, that is manifestation of the carnal mind because if the physical body is not going back, if that is the truth, then the carnal mind is not going back up, no carnal mind, no physical body, so that is the proof, anybody that will take a strong stand on that issue, you know that they are carnally minded probably under the influence of the Holy Spirit, probably very sincere, but their revelation and their understanding of the Scripture is coming out of the animal mind that wants to preserve the animal life, the animal body and the animal world, Christ has no problem being told that we will shed these bodies that are prison houses that cause us pain, that get sick, that get old, that itch, that scratch, that get sick, and need to rest, that need to sleep.


The Christ mind has no problem being told that we are going to shed these bodies, only the carnal mind has a problem, because this physical body is a manifestation of the carnal mind, so that carnal mind fighting it. Consciousness is vertical, the consciousness of God is vertical, we fall down or we go back up again, but the levels of consciousness called the worlds, you know like this is a world that we live in, there are spiritual worlds that are invisible, and they are horizontal, they go around in a circle, I think we talked about that before. The Scripture tells us that, this vertical consciousness, it is all God consciousness, it is just a question of where that consciousness is manifesting, God's consciousness is manifesting here today, if you are sitting in this meeting, you are experiencing God's consciousness in this circular world called, I call it the visible physical world, but it is no different than the consciousness that is up here in the garden of Eden, it is the same line of consciousness, it is just a question of what point on the line you are experiencing it, if God's consciousness, let me try it in another way. This is a pretty mature ministry, so you are experiencing God's consciousness on a particular level, if another church next door, or if next door somebody is preaching faith in Jesus Christ, a simple message, that too is God consciousness but it is not on this level, it is the same God consciousness, but it is manifesting in a different circular position, everybody okay with that?


For all intents and purposes Adam is still in the garden up here, the residue of him that did not fall because, a residue of him remained above, he is still in the garden of Eden, but the majority of his consciousness...(End of Tape 1)


Tape 2


It is God consciousness, the whole vertical line is God's consciousness, and God does not change, but the position of the people accessing God's consciousness varies depending on what world we are living in, so if you can hear this, this is pretty advanced, we are still in the garden, because down here those of us, we fell down in a straight line, we fell down in a straight line and it is still the garden, the garden of Eden is God's consciousness, so we fell down, we are down here in this visible physical world, but it is still the garden, it is just a lower level of the garden, we are told that when Jehovah put Cain out of the garden, Jehovah went eastward of Eden. I use to think that meant that well he traveled east, like go west young man, you know, but what it really means if you went into the eastward side of the garden, he did not leave the garden, he went into the other side of the garden, and that particular Hebrew word means, well I have not studied it in a long time, but at least the conclusion I drew from it, I do not want to tell you it is a literal translation because I do not remember, but the suggestion was that Cain went to the mortal side of the garden.


Just like you have one hand, there is an inside of your hand and an outside of your hand, a simple metaphor is, he was on the inside of the garden where you were protected, and Cain was sent to the outside of the garden, but it is still my hand, inside or outside, it is still my hand.


We are still in the garden, but we are outside of the protection of God, except for those of us that are being reconciled in Jesus Christ of course. Humanity went to the outside of the garden. They are right there, it is similar to the parable that Jesus tells about, Lazarus and the rich man, the rich man opened his eyes, and there was a great gulf between him and Lazarus, and Jesus said to him, there is no way you can cross that gulf, there is no way you can get from the outside of your hand to the inside of your hand other than by supernatural deliverance of the Lord Jesus Christ.


We are still in the garden, but we are in the mortal side of the garden, and there is no way that we can get back, other than by a supernatural move of the Lord Jesus Christ, but we are still in the garden, we are on the outside of the garden instead of the inside of the garden.


I heard a preacher preach it once many years ago, that we were literally turned inside out, and now we live in this outer world, all of our needs are met from things outside of us, we have to get food from outside of us, we have to get clothing from outside of us, we have to have a house over us to protect us, we need a car, a vessel to drive in, we are the most vulnerable of all of the animals on the planet, we need guns to defend ourselves because we do not have teeth that can bite and kill, or hunt, we need knives and weapons. Our children are born totally incapacitated, and stay that way for much longer periods of time than any animal that is born. We are born completely vulnerable as a spiritual sign of our vulnerable we are because we were separated from Jehovah before time began when Adam fell down. He sinned and we fell down into this lower world outside of the protection of the inner garden up here, you have to get back.


That is why when the Scripture says, And Jesus ascended, He did not really ascend, He went in, if you look at a spaceship that is taking off it looks like it is going straight up but it is really going out, it is just an illusion that it is going straight up, so heaven is not up there, heaven is in here, this physical world is outer darkness. Jesus called it outer darkness, and all of the spiritual worlds are inside of us. That is why people in the occult meditate, and that is why Kabbalists meditate, they seek to go into their inner world, and if you can receive it, the disciples meditated also, but of course that is a deep message, you have to be willing to believe that, I believe Lazarus was meditating but he got trapped in some spiritual world and died because he could not get back out, and at one point Jesus is telling the disciples, when you meet that man with the water pitcher, our alternate translation is tell him I will be seeing him the next age, this is not the time to fight him, I have to be crucified and resurrected and reborn in the next generation of humanity which is us, and then I am going to meet him for the final conflict.


If you are willing to believe it, it is right there in the New Testament, that man with the water pitcher, if you look at it in the Greek, and you are wiling to ask the Lord about the spirit of revelation, that is why Jesus is saying, the disciples went inward. The spies in the Old Testament that went to investigate the promised land, they went inward, the promised land is the garden of Eden which is now inside of us, we have to get back into it, we are trapped on the outside here. We are trapped on the outside of our being, it is just like the eye of the storm, the eye of a hurricane, if you get inside to the eye, you are perfectly safe, we are out here where all of the storms are blowing, we are not in a safe place, this is a very dangerous world that we live in, but safety is in our most innermost point, in the eye of the storm.


Those of us that are pursuing Jesus Christ are moving inward, we are pursuing a spirit, or a spiritual man that is inside of us, He is not out there, He is inside of us. He is pressing outward, and we are pressing inward, and at some point, He is going to grab a hold of us and drag us all of the way in, at which point our physical body will cease to exist, because our whole consciousness will be in the inner worlds. That is what this preacher meant when he said we are inside out, if you can perceive this, there is no way I could draw this, if you could perceive this, that we are, spiritually our consciousness is journeying inward, and at some point Jesus Christ is going to lay hold of us and drag us all of the way in, our consciousness, our spirit, at which point this physical body will cease to exist, because we will be all internalized, we will pulled inside out, if you can hear it, if you cannot, it is okay.


This is how we are still in the garden of Eden, and I would like to talk a little bit more because we just started a new tape, but to be honest with you, I forgot the major point that I was making, I know we talked about a lot of things this morning, we talked about judgment, we talked about the corrective judgment of the lake of fire, I did not tell you who the devil was. The Scripture tells us, that old Serpent, Satan, and the devil, what that means if you at it in the Interlinear Text, it is saying the Serpent of old, the Serpent of ancient days, the one who seduced the woman, today is manifesting in our generation as Satan, and the devil, and who is the devil? The devil is the personality that is in agreement with its carnal mind. We are the devil, if you are not manifesting Christ, you are manifestation of the devil. The devil is the human being, the man that is manifesting the nature of the carnal mind which is the nature of the Serpent, that is who the devil is.


That is completely different than a demon, a demon is a manifestation of the thought of your carnal mind that has taken on a life of its own, demons are born out of the carnal mind of mortal man. That is who the devil is that is being thrown into the lake of fire, the devil and the false prophet, and the woman that we were speaking about before, she was an excellent example of a false prophet, she looked like lamb, she speaks in tongues, she prophesies, she goes to church, she carries her Bible, she was quoting Scriptures for twenty minutes that we were standing there and applying them accurately, but her true intention when she spoke it, was the intention of the Serpent.


We see the church at large is in this condition, more Christians than not are in this condition. Judgment must indeed fall, it may be falling on the world also, I do not know, there is a lot of things I do not understand, but I know that judgment is coming on the church with the specific intention of purifying the saints of God, so that Christ can be appearing in them, so that this perversion will stop, it is a perversion that a person looks like a lamb and they speak like a dragon, meaning the true intents of their heart is the intents of the Serpent, it cannot continue, because it is giving God a black eye.


People are actually mad at God because of the things that happen to them in this world, and people need to be taught, they need to be taught the truth because as long as you are mad at God, you are mad at the only one that can deliver you from your condition, it makes no sense at all, but of course all of mortal humanity is spiritually insane. We are spiritually insane and/or spiritually retarded, we are, because nobody in their right mind or with the correct knowledge would blame God, the only one that can help you, but yet it happens all of the time, because that is the human reaction. That is the condition we are in, we are spiritually retarded, and mentally challenged, and insane, and that is why Jesus has such great mercy on us. The Scripture says, He is winking at the things that we do, because we do not know our left hand from our right hand. The person that should know better, that person He is going after with a big stick, and that big stick is the judgment for pride. We are told in the book of Proverbs, the only thing that will help someone bound with pride, is a stick across their back.


That does not necessarily mean a physical stick, it means the judgment of your pride, it means that your pride has to be broken, and if you look at a person, some people, it is very obvious that they are very proud, and they are usually very stiff, and their spine is very stiff, you can tell by looking at people, you cannot always tell, but to have a stick across your back means the judgment for pride. The Scripture says that someone who is bound with pride is a fool, and that is not, Jesus is never calling anybody names, the Scripture is never calling anybody names, He is trying to wake us up to understand what our condition is. The person who is bound with pride and who lives out of that pride is foolish, and only destruction can come from that, only destruction can come from that. Pride and a haughty spirit brings destruction and a fall. What does that mean? Adam fell, did he fall because of pride and foolishness, or pride and a haughty spirit? Absolutely. Every thought that does not arise out of the reasoning process of Christ, is the opposite of Christ, and the opposite of Christ is the nature of the Serpent manifesting as the carnal mind and the foundation of the carnal mind is pride. The foundation of Christ is love, and the foundation of the carnal mind is pride.


The church needs to be educated as to the almost infinite varieties of pride that arise out of the carnal mind. Some pride is necessary to survive in this world, you have to have the pride of self respect, or other members of our fallen humanity will just tread you underfoot, but there are many manifestations of pride that seem okay, the Scripture says, there is a way that seems right to man, but the end thereof is destruction. In this ministry, this is a mature ministry, and we are teaching about the sanctification of the person, which is the separation of Christ from the carnal mind. Now of course Christ must first be formed in you before He can separate from the carnal mind, but this is the deliverance that the Lord has promised us.


The help that He has promised us is Christ in you, the hope of glory, your personal savior in the midst of you, that the Scripture likens to a spiritual child. We are told that she, mortal humanity, shall be saved in childbearing, and we actually have preachers preaching that women can only be saved if they have children, I do not know how the men are supposed to be saved if they do not have babies, I do not know, but the translation of the King James is that she meaning according to their estimation, only physical women can be saved, only by bearing physical children. Well, what about the woman who is barren? There is no hope for her to be saved? Brethren, that is just silliness, that is just silliness. The whole of humanity is spiritually female in relation to God, and all of humanity can be saved only by bearing the spiritual Christ child, we shall be saved when we bear the spiritual Christ child. The truth is that it is Christ that is being born again in us.


Christ who died, this Adam, Adam was called Christ, you know, Christ is the Greek word for the anointed one. Messiah is the Hebrew word for the anointed one. Adam in the garden was Christ. Anyone that is anointed of God is Christ. Wow, Pastor Vitale, you are calling yourself Christ, you have some nerve. I do not call, I do not say that I am permanently Christ, I am not. But everyone of you, not just me, when you are manifesting the nature of Christ, you are Christ. If the Lord raises up ministry for you and it is truly Christ in you talking to that person, you become Xxxx the Christ, when Xxxx brought forth that word of knowledge, two words of knowledge that really blessed me today, and I hope it blessed all of us, it really excited me, at that moment, Xxxx was Xxxx the Christ.


The difference between Jesus the Christ, and Xxxx the Christ, is that Jesus was the Christ all of the time, He never reverted to Jesus the carnal man, He was Jesus the Christ 24/7, but that is the whole principle of salvation, is that the glorified Jesus Christ is reproducing His life in us, and the hope that we have, what the Scripture means when it says Christ in you the hope of glory, the hope that we have is that the same thing will happen to us that happened to Jesus.


What, do you think you are going to be like Jesus now Pastor Vitale? I believe the Scripture teaches us that we can attain to the place that He attained to in the flesh, we will never be attain to the place that He attained to in His spiritual condition, He will always have the preeminence, when we stand up in full stature and His life is fully reproduced in us in the flesh, we will hopefully have the same testimony that He had, I only do or say what the Father tells me to do or say. The glorified Jesus Christ is the Father of the second generation of Christ, that is gestating in humanity.


Just watch your science fiction program, it is all about aliens gestating in human beings, the X-Files, alien gestating in human beings. Christ is gestating in us, the only difference between this truth, and what you read about or see on tv, is that when Christ is born in us, He stays within us, He does not break our rib cage and kill us to get out, He stays within us and He lives through us. We become His body, we become His body and we become His mouthpiece, but He is gestating in us, the second generation of Christ, the offspring of the glorified Jesus Christ, He is our Father. Jesus is now the Father, He became the Father, He is having His own offspring now. I did want to do one verse in the three generations of kings. Are there any questions or comments on this before we close it out?



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