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The vow of the Nazarite involves not cutting your hair. We know that Samson was a Nazarite, and he was a Nazarite from birth. The instruction was that no razor could touch his hair. I hope that you know and, if you do not know, I am telling you that the hair in the Scripture typifies the spirit. Does everybody here know that? The hair typifies the spirit and cutting the hair symbolizes separation from God, to be cut off. Everything in the Old Testament was symbolic of spiritual truth. The people that are still living under the Old Covenant, when they take this vow of consecration unto God, the hair becomes super sacred.


This man had contacted me and told me that he wanted to get out of the vow of the Nazarite, and that he wanted to be born again, and that he was looking for a woman, preferably a pregnant woman, to cut his hair and urinate on his hair. I did not understand at the beginning. As I said, just before we put the tape on, it was in the back of my mind that it was strange that he would be willing to go to a woman, because coming out of a background where women are so looked down upon, I would think he would have at least gone to a male pastor.


It did not register until the Lord witnessed to me that it is the born again Christian, himself, that is defiling, the worst defilement. That is because they feel that we have taken their Holy Scriptures and desecrated them, because they do not believe that Jesus Christ is Messiah. The Lord told me that his heart was wrong, that he was not desiring to be born again, that he wanted out of his vow of celibacy, and he really just intended to deceive me.


He told me that he was looking for a room to live in, and the Lord told me that he really just intended to stay away from home for a few nights and then contact home and negotiate returning home. He had no intention of staying away from home indefinitely. He was not just looking for a woman to perform this act, but he was looking for a born again Christian woman, preferably pregnant, to perform this act of total defilement.


Now that is revolting to just about everybody listening to this, but I would like to remind you that under the Old Covenant these kinds of things were not only acceptable, they were required. We have mentioned this in these meetings. When God first started talking to me about this a few months ago, I did not know why, but He started to tell me that these spiritual realms where the use of bodily substances is required is a valid spiritual realm.


For example, under the Old Covenant, they sprinkled the blood, they slaughtered the animals, and there are all kinds of instructions as to emissions coming from your body. You have to wash, and you are unclean until evening, and there are all kinds of instructions with regard to bodily emissions under the Old Covenant.


Now today, it is my understanding that there are people in the earth, in this country, that practice different forms of witchcraft that involve the slaughter of animals and the drinking of blood that employ bodily substances. Whether it goes any further than that in witchcraft, I really do not know, but they are using bodily substances, at the very least, blood. The Lord had said to me, "It is a valid spiritual realm, when the spirit is the law of God."


If you are practicing witchcraft, if you are doing these rituals, and the god that you are serving is not the living God, it is illegal, and it is witchcraft. Under the Old Covenant, under the covenant between God and the Hebrews, dealing with bodily substances was a valid spiritual realm, and the reason witchcraft looked so strange to us, in this age, in this hour, is that we have been moved into a higher spiritual realm by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is now spiritual blood. His blood, brethren, is His soul life.


The blood of the Lord Jesus Christ is His soul life. It is not the same blood as flows in our veins. It is spiritual blood. The Lord Jesus Christ is now a Spirit. What does blood mean to us? Blood is that which gives us life. Well, what gives Jesus Christ, the Spirit, the glorified spirit life? That is His blood. I am not going to try and explain it to you because it is a deep spiritual truth, but I will put it this way.


That which gives the Lord Jesus Christ life, the Lord Jesus Christ who has been glorified, and who is a Spirit, there is no red blood in Him. He is a Spirit. That which it is which gives Him life, whatever it is, that is His blood. When He pours out His Spirit upon you, He pours out His life upon you, His blood is poured out upon you. His blood is poured out. The blood of Jesus is not red blood. We are not saved by the red blood, that poured out upon the natural earth at Calvary. It is a big deception in the church. That was the blood of His natural body which was resurrected from the dead and glorified. We are saved by His glorified blood, not by His human blood.


Even though He was in a state of preservation and perfection in His human body, we are not saved by the human blood that poured out on the ground two thousand years ago. How could that save you, brethren? That cannot save you. It has to be His blood in you, and it is spiritual blood that is entered in by the power of the Spirit of Almighty God, the Father, that raised Him from the dead. God help us to understand these things. There is so much lack of understanding in the church today. Glory to God.


We are back to this situation that is happening in this ministry, and the Lord told me that what this young man really did was a terrible thing. Apparently, he was using human beings, in really what amounts to witchcraft, although I believe he did not think of it that way. He was not thinking very highly of us born again Christians as a group, and he is not born again. He outright lied and claimed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and said, "He wanted to be born again." He has told all these lies for the specific purpose of having his Nazarite vows defiled to the point that there is no turning back.


The Lord told me that it was for a specific purpose that he wanted out of the vow of celibacy. He met a young woman that he wanted to marry. The Lord has swept him out of our midst, and I really do not know what is going to happen at the other church that he is going to now. The other question that came to my mind is, if he was so desperate to have this done, why did he not do it himself? The answer to that is that he wanted a woman to do it. If he wanted a woman to do it, any prostitute, any ten dollar prostitute on 42nd Street, would have cut his hair and defiled his hair. Why is he telling lies, about giving away ten thousand dollars and going through all of this trouble?


There is only one possible answer. It had to be a born again Christian woman. That is pretty terrible. I had a spiritual visitation with regard to all this, that his father was extreme. If his father had known, he would be extremely angry at what he was doing. I honestly cannot tell you, what the interpretation of the revelation was, whether his Father, Jehovah, is very angry at him, or if his natural father knew. I really cannot tell you, but I did get an impression from the Lord that the authority over him, if he knew, would be very angry at him. I prayed this afternoon. I do not think he has a father. He was living with his uncle. I prayed this afternoon, that if the Lord wanted his uncle, his custodian, to find out what he was doing that the Lord would expose it to him.


As I perceive it, what he is doing is a real defilement of people's faith. One would hope that the Jews, amongst all people, that have been so persecuted, would respect other people's beliefs, even if they feel some have defiled their Bible. Do you understand what I am saying? It is a horrible thing to try and use somebody that way, but he is a very young man, and young people make mistakes sometimes. It is not a nation. It is just a young man that was doing this, and God has delivered us.


He has swept him out from amongst us, and I thank God for it. I just want to pray about it right now because I, in my innocence, sent him to a born again, pregnant, Christian woman, believing that he wanted to make a ten thousand dollar donation to an unborn, born again Christian child. I sent him to a woman, a born again Christian woman who is pregnant, and now he is calling her every day, like he was calling me every day, and he is going down to the church that she attends.


I would just like to pray about this whole situation. I do believe that it was God that had me call her because this whole congregation has been totally delivered from him. I do believe it was God, but I would just like to pray for her, and for the church that she went to. I am also, unfortunately, told that there are people in the church that she is going to that are praying, very probably, ungodly prayers towards me, probably towards the whole ministry, but towards me too. Well look, this is not fun. It is spiritual warfare, brethren.


You cannot really be moving in the power of God without being attacked. You cannot be moving in the power of God without people hating you, and you cannot be moving in the power of God without people trying to take an ungodly authority over you, and you cannot be moving in the power of God without being lied about and ripped to shreds, and having all kinds of ungodly spiritual forces come against you. There is just no way out.


Once you have been touched by this, once you have been called to it, it does not matter what minister you go to. Once you have been called into the realm of God where these things happen to you, brethren, there is no place that you can run to get away from it. There is no place that you can run from it. You cannot run to a weaker ministry. You cannot run to another state. You cannot run to another county. It is spiritual, and it follows you wherever you go. There is no out. If God has called you to this deep, spiritual walk, there is no out.


Someone called me last night, a very lovely lady (I love her), and she was having a spiritual problem, and she asked for prayer from this ministry. I will be glad to pray for her, and I am sure that you will all be glad to pray for her, but I just find it very strange that she did not go to the ministry that she is involved in for prayer. Now why is that? Because she knows that there is spiritual power here. There is not spiritual power in every ministry, not this kind of spiritual power. Obviously, she has that revelation, and we are going to pray for her too. Glory to God.


That is the story. Did anyone have any questions about this Nazarite vow or this lower spiritual realm where we use bodily substances to defile ourselves or make ourselves clean? Let me get this question over here. You realize, I hope, that under the Old Covenant, all you have to do to defile yourself (if you are a man, I am not sure about a woman), but if you are a man, all you have to do to defile yourself is to sit next to a fully clothed and recently bathed, menstrual woman. You have to sit next to her in the chair, and you are defiled. This is the degree, to which we are dealing with bodily substances under the Old Covenant.


COMMENT: I was wondering about this defilement, and the way he was talking about doing it, if they did it that way in the Old Testament when they wanted to break the vow, or is this, just something recent, or in the past several hundred years? You know, is it sort of like with Samson where Delilah just cut his hair? I was wondering, did they do that?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not think so. There is nothing in the Bible that I know of that would require that. The only thing that is in the Scripture is that the hair was cut. Well, there are two requirements that I recall. No razor would touch Samson's head, and he would not eat of anything of the grape. When he fell, when he was brought down, what brought him down was not eating grapes. What brought him down was cutting his hair.


As we discussed earlier (I may not have gotten it on this tape), that the hair is a type of the Spirit. The hair is a type of the Spirit. When the Lord said, "A razor shall not cut his hair," the cutting of the hair, typified the separation of that man's spirit from the Spirit of God, because what was giving Samson his strength? It was the Spirit of God that was giving him the strength.


Now, we also know that there are a lot of cults around today, not only in Judaism, also in Christianity, that have perverted the Scriptures, and they do things that are not Scriptural. Most of us are familiar with the Scripture, Mark 16:16, that says, "You shall take up serpents and nothing shall hurt you." I know that there is a group of people that keep snakes and use them in their religious services. They have these tremendous snakes, and permit them to wrap around themselves, and if somebody gets bitten, they say, "Well, you were in sin." Now, that is an abomination before the Lord.


We have cults, people that misinterpret the Scripture in the New Testament. I think that it is very possible that this group of Hasidic Jews do have it in their by-laws, whether it is written down or stated, that, that is the only thing that will defile the vow. That is their statement. I think, that he had to get it from somewhere. He told me he took a vow, and that was the only vow that was irretrievable. That was the only thing that he could not repent of, so he had to get it from somewhere. I do not see it in the Scriptures though. I do not see it. I want to get the rest of what you are saying on tape. I do not know what you mean.


COMMENT: He also was going to drink it. That is what he said. When he asked, if she would come out and cut his hair, she said, "No." He said, "Well, will you dance on my hair then?"


PASTOR VITALE: Well now, I had not heard that one. At this point, I am starting to think that he is a young man involved in this cult that is sick. I do not like the sound of this at all. I knew it was not Scriptural, but I thought that it was possible that the cult had this law, but I do not believe that any cult, any Jewish sect, would require that, even to break the vow. I am starting to think, at this point, that he is a mentally-ill young man. I am really starting to draw that conclusion, that he is a mentally-ill young man. This keeps getting worse. I just want to pray for the lady that I sent him to. I tried to do the right thing, and the Lord had not yet revealed to me that the man was this disturbed.


At this point, I hope all of us here know that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, and that all things work for the good for those who love the Lord, and that God does send trials and testings upon us. He told me that my end of the trial and the testing was the ten thousand dollars. We are a very small ministry, and we do not really have any ten thousand dollar need, but the tendency is to think, "Well, what would I have done with it? Maybe I would have gone on the radio five days a week, if that kind of money came in."


We do not have any immediate need of ten thousand dollars. I think that the human reaction to someone coming to you, and saying, "I am dealing with you and I am talking to you, but I want to give ten thousand dollars to another ministry, and will you be the go between?" The reaction of the natural man would be to say, "No, give me the money," and I did not do it. I did not say that. I prayed and when the name of a pregnant, born again, woman came to me, I gave it away. The Lord said to me that, that was my end of the test, and that I had passed the test.


The result of my passing the test is that this whole ministry, and everyone under it is preserved safe. I hope that you all know that if I had failed, and that the wrath of God had fallen upon me, that it would have fallen upon you too. When a man fails, the wrath of God is upon his wife and his children, and when a minister fails, the wrath of God is upon the entire congregation.


Do not say it is not fair. If you do not think that it is fair, you do not understand spiritual things. God is righteous. If God does something, and you think it is not fair, you are calling God unrighteous. You better think twice before you say that something that God does is unfair. It is basically the same principle as Adam falling, and everyone of us are born in sin and shaped in inequity. Everyone of us is born cursed because Adam fell. Glory to God, because Jesus Christ has been exalted and glorified, everyone of us that is born again of His Spirit, indeed, shall be born again and exalted.


God is all powerful and He is righteous. God is righteous, and if He lets these things happen, and you think it is terrible, the lack is in you. The lack of understanding is in you because God is righteous. It is the same principle, if a whole family falls, because the man fails or a whole ministry falls, and most of us here have seen that happen. We have seen two ministries fall that were the glory of Long Island, one in Suffolk and one in Nassau, because the ministers fell. It happened. It is a spiritual reality. That is the way it works. I am sorry if you do not like it. God is still righteous.


COMMENT: You said you passed that test. I feel we also passed that test because it is very easy to be tempted with ten thousand dollars. That is a temptation for anybody. I feel good about that, that even though he called up and all that, the test was passed.


PASTOR VITALE: Now it is passed on to somebody else.


The curse has passed on to someone else. Do you believe that God will send a curse to a ministry? I believe that God will send a curse to a ministry. I believe, brethren, that He is about to raise up a company of people in the power that Jesus Christ walked in. Let me tell you something, if you think that you are getting that power when you will yield to greed for ten thousand dollars, you are wrong. You are not getting it. Now, I am not saying that the thought cannot cross your mind, but your spiritual man has to take the authority over your soul man that says, "Yes, I would like the money."


We are doing a study in the Book of Revelation, and we are on the seven churches now, and a major lesson that the Lord brought forth at the last meeting was that you get what you need. You get what you need. There is no need to be grasping or to be greedy. He will give you what you need.


The truth of the matter was, I said, "Lord, we do not need ten thousand dollars. What am I going to spend ten thousand dollars on here? I would go on the radio five days and then eventually the ten thousand dollars would be gone. Is that what you want me to do?" I do not need ten thousand dollars here. If you want to know what I think I need, I think I need an income, so that I can minister to you full time. That is what I think I need, so that we could have three services a week, and whatever else would be involved. What am I going to do with ten thousand dollars? Now, that is how He wants us to think.


No carnal man is going to think like that. They are going to grab the ten thousand dollars. That is the way the carnal man thinks, but, you see, if you can really think with the mind of Christ, He just might give you what you need.


You see, if there is ten thousand dollars involved, and you do not need it and what you need is two thousand, well, you give it away, and He will give you your two thousand. What if you need thirty thousand? You give away that ten, and you just might get your thirty thousand. We have to get spiritual. Do you understand the principle?


We are talking about spiritual realms, and that spiritual realms involving bodily substances are valid if that is where God has you. We have been called to a higher calling where the bodily substances have been spiritualized. If we want to defile an oath in the New Covenant, we do it the same way we take the oath, by the blood of Jesus. It is the consecration of the vow, and it is the breaking of the vow, the blood of Jesus Christ. Now, you may know that there is a law in the law of God that says, if a wife or a virgin daughter, who is unmarried and living with her father, makes a vow without thinking, if she makes it out of ignorance or if she does not know the law, if she makes a commitment that is going to get her into trouble that her father or her husband, no matter how old the woman is, her husband can go to that person and say, "I break my wife's vow. She is the woman, and I am the man, and women do not know what they are talking about, and she made a mistake, and I break the vow."


According to the law of Moses, she is utterly set free, whatever it be a vow to pay money or a vow to serve as a bond servant, or if she is a young woman, if it is a vow to marry a man. You know, in those days vows were very important. Today, everybody breaks their word, and vows do not mean a thing, except for a very few people. People just say, "Sure I will do it," and they walk out the door, and they just forget that they said it. What it really is, it is a means to just get you off their back, and they never have any intention of doing it. Well, you know, God hates that. It is an abomination before the Lord.


What does the Scripture say, "Let your yea be yea and let your nay be nay." If you do not want to do it, say "No." If you say "Yes," you better do it. Paul says, "Do not swear by the altar and do not swear by heaven above, but if you say yes, do it, and if you do not want to do it, say no." You know, in this country thirty or forty years, men made contracts by their word, and a shake of their hand. We have really fallen, brethren. We have really fallen. Look at how far we have fallen from.


Well, anyway, we are getting back to the law of God. That was under the law of Moses, that this young woman could be delivered from promising to marry a young man, or the wife could be delivered from offering to pay a way-over price for something that she was purchasing. I have heard this preached, I have heard it preached by a woman preacher, an intelligent, anointed woman preacher. I have heard her stand up in the pulpit and say, "Every time I make a mistake, my husband breaks the vow," and she had more of an anointing than her husband did.


Let me tell you something, brethren, if you are born again, you only have one husband. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. When it comes to spiritual matters, your husband is the Lord Jesus Christ. If you happen to be blessed enough that you have a husband who is moving in the high realms of the Spirit, then the Lord Jesus Christ is manifesting in your husband, but even then you do not need your husband to break a vow. All you have to do is go before the Lord and say, "Father, I made a mistake. I took action out of my soul realm, and I recognize by the power of your Spirit that it was an error. I want out, because I know that if I made this vow, if I said, I am going to do something, and I do not do it, that You are going to curse me."


Did you know that? That if you say you are going to do something and you do not do it, that God curses you? You did not know that? You are kidding. You did not know that? God will curse you. I believe these curses come upon you if you are in the world, but if you are a born again Christian, if you bear the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you cannot go around saying you are going to do something and walk out the door and forget about it. Your own God has cursed you. Want to know where all your problems are coming from? You have to study the law.


You do not need your husband, whether he be an anointed man of God or not an anointed man of God. If you are a woman of God, if you are living in submission to the Lord Jesus Christ in your life, you do not need your husband to break your vow. You say, "Father, I made a mistake, I repent, please get me out of this." Nine chances out of ten, the person will come to you and break the contract. They will not even want the deal. Even if you have to go, and you have to break the contract, you are not being cursed by God for breaking your word because you have confessed that you made a mistake, and your husband or your father has delivered you.


This woman was a college graduate, an educated, anointed, preaching woman and she really believed that she had to go to her husband who had a lesser anointing than she did to break a vow. Even if he had a greater anointing, God help us, we are in the spiritual covenant, brethren. We are in the spiritual covenant. We do not use things in the natural anymore. Glory to God.


The consecration of the vow, and the desecration of the vow is one and the same thing. It is Jesus Christ. He is everything. He is everything. We really have to know the law of God because our own God is cursing us left and right all over the place if we do not know the law of God.


In the Book of Nehemiah, Chapter 8, we are told, that the law is to be read at least once a year because people forget the law. They just forget all about it. We have to know the law.


However, there is a higher law. We do not implement the law at the time that the spiritual law of God is operating. The law is to be used when the spiritual law of God is not manifesting in our mind. If we are hating our brother, and we cannot stop hating our brother, the spiritual law of God is not manifesting. Our carnal man is manifesting, and we have the privilege of saying, "Father, I know that your law says, thou shalt not hate, and that hate is the equivalent of murder and I cannot stop hating, but I acknowledge your law. Have mercy on me and help me."


The law is good, and it can lead to life, if we use it appropriately. When the law of the Spirit is operating in you, and you try to implement the law, you are going to destroy yourself.


You know, this is really hard. Spiritual things are really hard, and we are learning spiritual things in this ministry. We are the only ministry that I know of that really gets into this, this deeply.


COMMENT: I would like to know, where man (when I say man, I mean men and women) get the idea that a woman has to be covered by a man. When did this start? Did it come in a denomination? It is not in the Bible, right?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, it is a carnal interpretation of the Scriptures in I Corinthians, Chapter 11, and we do have a teaching tape on it that says a woman's head has to be covered because of the angels, and the man is the head of the woman, and Christ is the head of the man, and God is over Christ. We have a teaching on that. That is where they get it. The letter killeth. The women in the church are in all kinds of bondage despite the fact that the Scripture clearly states that there is no male or female in Christ Jesus.


There is no male or female, and there is no Jew or Greek. Well, what seems to happen, and it is really sad, is that people strive for God, they desire God with all of their heart and soul, and when He does not pour out His Spirit, they go back into carnality.


We have to keep in mind that God, even though He loves us very much, it is not accurate to say, that He is moving specifically in any one person's life to bring them unto perfection. He is moving upon the whole living soul to bring it, or her, into perfection, and we are all cells in the body of the whole living soul. I cannot even explain everything to you, but because of His wisdom, He sometimes withdraws His Spirit. It could be in the lifetime of one person, and it could break your heart.


I know there are those of us here, that came out of a ministry where there was an outpouring for five years that would have knocked your socks off. We had everything. We had glorious praise, glorious music, a glorious music ministry with teaching and ministry under a glorious anointing. I was in that for five years, four to seven nights a week. We had a lot of seminars in those days, four to seven nights a week. I was in it up to my eyeballs. Talk about being a junkie, brethren, I was a junkie on God. I got used to it. I needed it. I thought I could not exist without it, and God pulled me out. Talk about cold turkey. God pulled me out. I thought I was going to die and He has not restored it yet.


We know that in this ministry, we are utterly blessed with the word that is coming forth. We do not have any musicians, and we do not even have any strong leading voice, and the anointing is not here that was in that other ministry. It is just not. Oh, the joy that came in with the anointing. Well, the word that came to us has been that He is bringing us into a deeper anointing, and He taketh away the first, before He giveth the second.


Well, this "taketh away," this time sequence known as, "taketh away" can be years. It has been three years in my personal life since He pulled me out of that anointed ministry. Sometimes I cry when I think about that anointing. When He first pulled me out, He said to me, "Everything that you had over there is now inside of you. It was outside of you, and now it is inside of you." God told me that it is inside of me, but, at this time in my life, the only way it is manifesting outward from me is in the preaching of the word.


As much as I love it, I thank God for it, I love teaching, I love preaching, I love studying, I love the whole thing, but it is still not satisfying my soul, to the degree that, that other ministry did. Eventually it will, but only God knows how many years it is going to be.


My whole point is that God is saving the entire living soul, but the lives of individuals in that living soul can go for long periods of time without an anointing because God is like the waves of the sea, and He comes in and He ebbs. He comes in and He ebbs. He is like a wave. He comes in and He pulls out, and He comes in and He pulls out, and God is above the realm of time. He is above and beyond the realm of time, but, we who are captive in the realm of time, we can go for years without that outpouring of the Spirit that satisfies our soul, and it is very painful. It is very painful, and you have to have spiritual understanding to understand that He loves us, and He is concerned about us, but when you look at His overall plan, we are really very insignificant.


I heard Bill Britton say once that he had sought the Lord. He was very concerned about his position in the Kingdom of God, and he sought the Lord and he said to the Lord, "I understand that it is the little ones that are going to be favored, the unknowns are going to be favored. What is going to happen to me, Lord? You have given me an International Ministry. My books are studied everywhere. What is going to happen to me?" The Lord's answer to him was, "If you had any idea how insignificant you were, you would not be concerned." That was what the Lord said to him.


We talked in this ministry about the fact that God is in the process of reproducing Himself. This realm of time that we live in is a spiritual womb, and that we are, or can be likened to, ovarian eggs that are prepared when fertilized to bring forth the image of Christ, and that the spiritual sperm is the word of God that goes forth.


I turned on the TV last night, and they had a program on human reproduction, and what really struck me is very interesting. First of all, they showed the sperm, and there were thousands of them, and they make a noise. Scientific research says that sperm on the move whip their tails. I hope you know that, but I should not assume that you know. This is what they look like, something like this, and they all have tails. The way that they move is by whipping their tails. That is how they move.


They move in a water medium because when they are deposited inside of a human body, (we are ninety-six percent water) they move in a water medium, and they move by whipping their tails. There are thousands, if not millions, of them. I am really not sure whether it is thousands or millions, and they make a noise when there is a deposit of sperm. There are so many of them moving that they make a noise.


We have had teachings in this ministry that God considers the speech of the natural man to be noise. If you have a conversation with somebody, and you are not talking about spiritual things, God says that you are making noise. He does not say there is anything wrong about it. He does not say that you cannot sit down and talk about what color you are going to decorate your kitchen, or what kind of a dress you are going to wear. He does not say, "Do not do it," because He has mercy on us, and He knows where we are, but from His spiritual point of view, we are making noise. It is utterly meaningless to God.


The noise was ear breaking as these sperm were charging towards the egg to try to fertilize it, and there is only one egg available at a particular moment, and either thousands or millions of sperm. The narrator said that seems a little out of proportion.


It is really not out of proportion because first of all, he says, many of the sperm are birth deformed, and the spiritual sperm is what? The spiritual sperm is what? It is the word of God. We have deformed sperm all over the church world. What is it? What is it? It is false doctrine. It is false doctrine. It cannot fertilize the egg; it is deformed. It showed you in the movie, these sperm just dying, because they were deformed. There were just thousands of them, just laying there dead.


Then it said, the second thing that destroys the sperm is that the medium that they are deposited into, the medium where the egg lives, tries to destroy them. The acid in the body where they are deposited tries deliberately to destroy them. In other words, the body is acting like it does not want to be fertilized. Do you know any Christians that do not want to be fertilized? Man, they fight this word, like their life depends on it. They fight the word that is going to fertilize their minds.


The narrator said that the reason for this destruction is that the body, in which the sperm is deposited, reacts to the sperm as if it is a foreign, invading force and, in fact, it is a foreign, invading force. It is a substance that is unknown to the female body, and the body reacts to it as a foreign, invading force, like it would attack a virus that is trying to make you sick. Antibodies would go after the virus, and that is the way the woman's body, goes after the sperm. It is a miracle that women get pregnant at all. Well, it is also a miracle when you find a Christian that has been fertilized. It is a miracle.


You really have to have spiritual ears. Can you hear what I am saying to you? I am saying that this whole earth realm is a spiritual womb, that each of us is a spiritual egg, and we are nothing. If we are not fertilized by the male sperm, which is the word of God, we are going to be washed away in spiritual menstruation. It is heavy, but it is the truth. Can you hear it? We are going to be washed away. That is it, just out with the draft. I think there are millions of sperm going forth, and they are dying like flies, and the medium in which the egg lives, itself, is destroying them. Glory to God.


The egg that receives the sperm that becomes fertilized, that egg eventually bears the image of the Father. That is what this is all about. We are nothing. We are nothing. What can I say?


Well, the Lord told me to speak about the spiritual life of God tonight. I am not really sure what He wants me to say. The spiritual life of God. God is not a man, He is a Spirit. He communicates spiritually, and if we try to reach Him with our carnal minds or our carnal ways, we are going to be destroyed. We have to get spiritual. When I was really young in the Lord, I was seeking God one night very strongly, and I was crying. I said, "You keep telling me you are going to comfort me. Well, I want to be comforted. Where are you?" He got very stern with me and He said, "I am not coming down to where you are. You have to come up, to where I am."


If we want to know God, we have to lay down our soul life, and we have to start living after the Spirit, and that involves resisting. God supplies the power, and He supplies the law so we can find out what is right. He supplies the power, but the Scripture says, "Submit yourself to God, acknowledge He is right and you are wrong, resist the devil and he shall flee from you." You have got to resist. You have got to resist.


There is something that God requires you to do, and when you resist, it is very painful. Brethren, you are just going to keep having the same trial, over and over, and I declare to you, you will die in the midst of the same trial if you do not make an effort. You have got to try and cry out to God to supply the power that you need to overcome. I struggled with this for a long time. I did not understand it for a long time. I thought that God had to do everything. Why did I have to do anything? When I first heard preachers preaching this, it really upset me until I got the revelation, that, yes, we have to do it by the power of God.


God does not require us to do it until He supplies the power, but once He supplies the power, if we do not do it, He gets angry. The spiritual life of God is power, and it is authority over the soul realm. It is a life of provision, and it is a life of glory, and we have to be involved in the warfare with the Lord. That is what He requires of us. Alleluia.


I want to pray for that situation that we were talking about earlier. Glory to God. (Pastor Vitale praying in tongues)




Yea, saith the Lord, unto the spiritual realm that would seek to destroy my people. I say unto you, saith God, thou shalt surely and shortly be bruised under their feet. Yea, I shall test them, saith the Lord, and I shall try them, and I shall bring them forth, purified seven times as fine gold, saith the Lord, and thou shalt prevail, saith the Lord, for indeed my son in you shall overcome, and to him that overcometh, saith the Lord, I have promised a crownlets of life, indeed, a redeemed soul and salvation of the soul, and glorification of the body, and new white garments. Indeed, I have promised you a life, in the realm of my Spirit, saith the Lord, and I speak unto the powers, and I speak unto the principalities, and I speak unto the realms of the living soul, be thou cast down under the feet of my sons, for I shall raise them up, saith the Lord, and I shall be glorified in them, and every eye shall see them, and those who pierced them shall see them, and great fear shall fall upon them, saith the Lord, and yea, even now, the curse is in the midst of those, who would destroy them, saith the Lord, and the curse shall work, saith the Lord God, and it shall do its work, saith the Lord God, and it shall bring down, and it shall cast down, and it shall destroy everything in my people, that is not of me, saith the Lord. It shall do the work that I have sent it to do, for, indeed, as I am the ruler of Satan, I am the ruler of the curse, and I am the ruler of the soul realm, and I am He that shall recompense every deed of my unrepentant son."


God is righteous. Let us not be excusing. We do not excuse in this ministry anymore. We are too religious. We just have a tendency towards excusing. Let us not excuse, God is righteous. In one of the churches of the Book of Revelation that we just studied, the Lord God said that, "If you do not repent, I will recompense every ungodly deed that you do." We said last week that we do not want justice from God because if He recompensed us for every sin that we committed, we would be destroyed. We want mercy from Him. We do not want a just recompense. To those that will not repent, they have a just recompense. Alleluia.


Well brethren, I had a very bad night last night. I was under a severe spiritual attack personally. It attacked my computer which was acting crazy. Spiritual activity was flying, and I really believe that the Lord released me to stop studying. I really felt that I could not go on, and I came in tonight believing that He was going to give me a word for you, and I really think that I have spoken about everything that is in my heart. I just do not seem to have anything else for you.


If you have any questions or there is anything that you would like to discuss, we can talk about that. Otherwise we could pray for the people. God just does not seem to be giving me anything else.


For those of you that did not understand that prophesy, the curse is in the midst of us. Did everybody understand that prophesy? Would anybody like to discuss anything? Any question in any area, anything to do with God at all? Praise the Lord. Do you want to put it on the message?


COMMENT: I just wanted to know why it is that we are not to celebrate communion in the church.


PASTOR VITALE: You are talking about the Christian form of communion?


That is interesting and a good question, and it does fit in. We were talking about that earlier. The New Covenant is a spiritual covenant, and anything that is done that is natural like drinking things and eating things, is carnal. Paul said, (I am not quoting this exactly) "Do not let any man judge you in meats or drink."


A lot of Christians go around saying that you should not eat pork. I am not even going to comment on whether or not you want to eat pork, but I will tell you this, that when Paul said, "Do not let any man judge you in meats or drink," he was not talking about what your diet is. You study out that chapter, and what Paul was talking about, was the Levitical sacrifices.


Now, I do not know if you all know this, but there were many Levitical sacrifices. They did not just kill a calf or a goat. There were many. They had the red heifer. This is my weakest point in the Scripture, the Levitical law and the tabernacle, so you are going to have to bear with me, but they had many sacrifices.


For certain things, they would sacrifice pigeons, for certain things, the red heifer. Then there was a continual burnt offering that went up on a continual basis. Then there were goats and whatever, okay. Then they also had offerings of fine flour, and they had drink offerings where they poured out the wine.


What Paul is talking about in that Scripture, "Let no man judge you in meats or drink," he was saying, "Do not let anyone judge you because you are no longer involving yourself in these Levitical practices of meat and drink offerings." You study out that Scripture, and you will find that is what he was saying. It has nothing to do with your diet whatsoever. He was saying, "If you stop giving these meat and drink offerings, do not let anyone tell you that you are not a good Jew because you stopped." It has nothing to do with your diet or pork or anything like that at all. I am not going to get on that subject now.


That Scripture, used to support a Scriptural diet, is utterly incorrect. It is not what Paul is talking about at all.


To answer your question, we are in the New Covenant and we are not supposed to be doing things in the natural anymore. Things are supposed to be spiritual. We just said earlier that the blood of Jesus is that spiritual thing which keeps Him alive. Now we know that there is the blood of Jesus and there is the wine. The wine is the Spirit of the Father. He said, "I and my Father are one." We have the life of Jesus Christ, and we have the life of the Father, and they are one. Now, Jesus said, "You have to eat my flesh and drink my blood."


The Scripture that everybody bases this communion on is that He was having a Passover service with His apostles, and in the Hebrew Passover feast, they eat bread and drink wine. He said to them (if I'm quoting this correctly), "As often as you do this, do it in remembrance of me, and I shall not partake of this again until I am in the Kingdom of God with my Father."


Now, I really paraphrased that, but that is basically what He said. Everybody ran out and they started buying these little cups, and somebody is making a lot of money on these little plastic cups and these gold plated....whatever they call them, that they carry around, and they make a real religious ritual of it. Everybody gets very quiet, and you have to bow your head and get right with God.


Let me tell you something, if you are not right with God, when you walked in there, you are not going to be right with God because you bow your head. Believe me, you are not right with God because you bow your head. It is a very religious kind of thing, and they give you this little cracker, and in some churches, I actually had to go up to the front and take it directly from the pastor. It is just one step away, from having him put it in your mouth. Amen? Amen?


It is one step away, okay. They make this big ritual out of it, and what Jesus really said was, "You have to eat of my flesh," which is what? Do you know what His flesh is? It is His word. That is His word, and "You have to drink of my blood or drink of the wine," which is what? It is the life of the Father. "I and my Father are one." When He is living His life out through you, you are partaking of His flesh and His blood.


When you are in a ministry like this, where you are getting this rich word of God, you have communion every time you come here. Then again, you have communion when you are studying, when you are in His word, and when you are listening to a tape or meditating on what you have heard, you are having communion. You are partaking of His flesh, and you are drinking of His blood.


Why in the world would anyone want to eat a little silly cracker and make this whole display? They play, The Blood Of Jesus. Now, I like that song. I love, Oh The Blood Of Jesus, but come on, do you understand what I am saying?


God wants us to become a spiritual people, and everything about our natural mind is dragging us down, dragging us down, tying us to the earth. Just make one general rule. It is real easy. Anything that uses paraphernalia is not spiritual. If you need a cracker, if you need a cup, it is not spiritual. It has to be by the Spirit. Did I answer your question?


COMMENT: While you are on the subject of these carnal things that we do that are not really spiritual, some churches still do the foot washing. What did Jesus really mean by that? They think you are supposed to do it, but I know there must be another meaning.


PASTOR VITALE: God help me, I did it once. Help me, Lord.


When I was first looking for the Lord, the things that I did, included foot washing. God does not want you washing each other's feet, brethren. This is what Jesus was doing, when the Scripture says, "He washed the feet of the disciples." First of all, it was symbolic, in that the feet is that part of the body of Christ that is standing on the earth. We talked about this recently. It is those members that are in the realm of appearance. When Jesus is standing on the earth, He is manifesting in a man. That is how Jesus stands on the earth. He manifests in a man. We are His feet.


He wants to manifest in us, and right now we have been walking in all of the dust of the earth, and we are pretty dirty. Number one, it was symbolic, that He is cleansing His feet, which is His body. What is the cleansing of His body? What is it? It is deliverance, however it comes, whether it comes, with the washing of the word, or deliverance, or the casting out of evil spirits. It was a symbol of saying, "I am going to cleanse My feet," because the provision for casting out demons was not made before Jesus came.


When Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the man, walked on the earth and cast out demons, the demons said to Him, "What are you doing here?" You are early. Did they not say that? They said, "What are you doing here, you are early." He is a law above all other laws because, in reality, the provision for casting out evil spirits was not available until after Jesus Christ had ascended on high unto the Father. See, He was a law above the law. He was before His time, and He gave power to the apostles to do the same thing too. It was a special dispensation of God.


Number one, He is talking about the cleansing of the foot company. It was a symbol. We have been studying here, and know that if Jesus would have said to His apostles or put it down in the Bible, "I am not going to wash your feet, I am just going to tell you, I am going to deliver my foot company," who would have known what He was talking about? He put it down in a parable. He put it down in a symbolic form so that when people move along in God, they can get the deep understanding of the symbol.


He is going to be cleansing, and He is, in fact, cleansing His foot company, His members that stand upon the earth. He had to humble Himself to do it. Now the apostle, Peter, got very upset. He said, "No Lord, you cannot wash my feet, I have to humble myself before you." The Lord said to him, "No, it cannot be that way. See, if you do not let me serve you, you have no part in me." Now what does that mean? He knew that He was going to the cross, that He was giving up His life as the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


He probably could have lived indefinitely on the earth. He knew He was going to be poured out from on high upon all flesh and broken into many, many pieces. He eventually will be in all of mankind. From that point of view, He is broken in pieces. We know that, spiritually, He is whole, but on the earth, that part of Him that stands on the earth, the foot company, He is broken in pieces. He is in you, He is in me.


He had to humble Himself. He had to really be humble, and not only that, that is not only what the humbling is. Does anybody have any idea what the humbling is? The real humbling is that He has been inserted into the minds of men in seed form, and when He starts to emerge forth in your mind, and in my mind, the soul realm is much more powerful than He is. He is underfoot. When that seed sprouts, when we receive the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit fertilizes our human spirit, and Christ is birthed in seed form, He is under the dominion of the soul realm, and He goes to war. We are studying this now, in the Book of Revelation.


God keeps saying, "He who overcometh, he who overcometh." Well, what is He overcoming? He is overcoming the soul realm in the mind of the man that He is buried in. It is like going to sleep one night and waking up and finding yourself lying down with ten tons of concrete on top of you, and God says, "Move the concrete and stand up." That is what it comes down to. See, He was utterly humbled, in that the soul realm was given authority over Him. By the power of God in me, and by the power of God in you, He has to stand up in spiritual power and overcome. It is an overcoming by the power of God. You cannot overcome by the power of the soul because it is worthless. These are very fine lines. Did I answer your question?


This whole foot washing was very symbolic. I tell you these rituals, where they wash each other's feet, is an abomination before God. It is not only because it is carnal, but because these very same people dry their feet off, put their shoes and socks on, and go out and hate their brother. What Jesus was saying to the apostles was, "I must be humbled, I must serve, and I am going to be broken into many pieces. You think my body is being broken on the cross, but my spiritual person is going to be broken into millions of pieces and enter into the minds of men, and be subject to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind." That is what happened to Him.


Can you imagine the horror of it? Then He has to meet all of us, God have mercy on Him, in the form of the Seven Churches. You know He is going to all of these believers in the form of the Seven Churches, and He says, "Here I am, I am here in power, and you are letting Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, speak out of you."


He says, "Here I am, I am here, and you are not even exercising the power, that I am giving you. Repent, and if you do not, I am going to come against you. I am going to fight against you with the sword of my mouth," because we have to rise with Him. When He overcomes the soul realm, we have to rise with Him, and we are not a passive piece of baggage. We have to come with Him actively, and if we do not come with Him actively, we will come with Him beaten. That is the size of it, brethren.


I knew a young man once, and he told me this story about his father. He said that when he was a young boy he had a real problem. He was afraid to fight. Some men, they just scrap naturally, but he was afraid to fight. You know, other boys, they know when you are afraid, and they go after you. This whole group of boys were running after him, and they were going to beat him up, and he ran away. He said, if I can just make it to the door of my house, I will be safe. He got to the door, and his father had seen the whole thing from the window. When he got to the door of his house, he opened the door, and his father was standing in the doorway, and his father said, "Either you fight them or you fight me. Have your choice. I will beat you to a pulp if you walk in the house." He turned around, and he got his licks, but he survived it, and he never ran again.


Brethren, there is no place to run to, and there is no place for being a coward. You are talking to someone that has come out of a lot of fear. I am telling you, there is no place to run to, no place to run. We just had a testimony from a lady in the congregation. Most of you missed it. She was talking earlier. There is just no place to run to. Even if it means you are going to die, go down taking them with you. It is just no way to live, to die in fear or to live without honor.


It is very "in," in this country today to live without honor. It is very "in," in this country to live without honor. It is very acceptable in this country, in this hour, to live without honor. Well, it is not acceptable before God, brethren, to live without honor. It is not anything even worth striving for. Any other question? That was two really good questions. Glory to God. Alleluia.


God put me through a very severe trial where I lost every job that I had for about ten or eleven years, and it has a terrible effect on me. I never used to have a fear of losing my job, but I had this series of really abusive men that I was working for, and they all abused me and reduced me to a quivering mass of jelly, and then they fired me.


This went on for years, and finally, I now have this current job. At one point, the Lord spoke to me about seven or eight months ago, and said to me, "I want you to start asserting the authority that you assert in the realm of my Spirit. When you go to church, you cast out demons, and you heal the sick by the power of my Spirit, and you pray warfare, and you take all kinds of victory. I want you to start taking that authority over the man that you work for."


I said, "Lord, I really do not understand how to do that. This man has the power to fire me, and for eleven years, You permitted these men to do it. I have prayed, I used to bind and loose, I called, I had prayer chains, I had my pastor pray for me, I tried every technique I could think of in the world, and I got fired." I got fired for eleven years, and the Lord said to me, "Well, I want you to start taking your spiritual authority."


I did not know what God meant, but over these last six months I found out what God meant. He just did a spiritual work in me. I am not there 100%, but I know that I cannot have fear. I cannot have fear that I am not going to have a roof over my head, and I am not going to have food in my mouth. I have to believe that God is going to provide for me, and that He does not want me to permit myself to be abused.


He taught me over these few months. I respect my current employer to the best of my ability. He does not have much respect in the office because he is not a very nice person and he screams and yells. What happens to him is, (he is a high level attorney, he deals in millions of dollars, and every time he gets busy,) he gets hysterical, but that is no excuse for it, and he is not liked at all because he is very cruel to everybody in the office. I respect him to the best of my ability, but when he attacks my person, the Lord has just shown me, that I am to maintain my integrity.


One time I was sitting in his office, and he called me a liar. He called me a liar. I said to him, "Did you just call me a liar?" He said, "Yes." I just did not know what to do. I just got up and walked out of his office and went into the ladies room. I wanted to quit, and I knew the Lord was telling me not to quit. I said, Lord, "What do I do with this insane man?" The Lord said, "Go back." I walked into his office, and I realized, by discernment, that he was afraid I was quitting. I just got very bold, and I said, "I am not going to sit in here if you insult me." I said, "If you want to dictate to me, I will take your dictation, but if you insult me, I am not going to sit here." He just hustled. He will never say he is sorry. He hustled and he bustled and he covered it over, and he did not apologize or fire me.


Little by little, for six months it has just been one thing after the other, but I have been refusing to let him bully me.


I have the most intense spiritual battles over fear of losing my job, and I just speak into the spiritual realm, "If God lets you fire me, then I am fired, but I cannot live like this anymore because I am a son of God, and God told me not to live like this anymore." My employer is much better than he was, but just a couple of weeks ago he called me on the intercom, and he started screaming at me. All these rumors fly around the office that because he screams at me like that, that I am incompetent, or he wants to fire me.


He is a mentally ill man and I am here in a trial. My trial is, not only his screaming at me, but it is also all of the abuse of the people in the office. They know that he was like that before I ever came there, but they just hate me, so they are saying these things.


He called me on the intercom and started screaming at me, about something that I supposedly did two weeks ago. You know, when someone screams at you, you cannot even remember, and I said to him, "I do not remember." I went and looked in the file, and he came out of his office, and started screaming at me. He told me that I had sent an envelope by hand, and he was implying in a very vicious way that I had sent it to the wrong address because the person never received it. I just looked at him. This is after six months of really heavy trials in this area, resisting every step of the way. No one went "bop" on my head and said, "Come out fear of losing your job."


I battled in the spirit every step of the way, and I turned around to him, and I said, "Look, I really do not remember, and I am not taking the blame until I know for sure that I did it." I got really bold, and said, "Maybe someone else did it, maybe you did it." He did not appreciate that, but he was abusing me. It was not that he came out and said, "Sheila, you made a mistake." He was screaming at me, and accusing me, and was really vicious towards me.


Then when I went home that night, the Lord reminded me that I did, in fact, do it. It was me and when I came in the next morning, I called the agency that sent the messenger, and I put a trace on it, and they told me the date that it was delivered because I did not even have a date. I just knew that it had to be within a two week period, and they told me who signed for it. I went into his office, and I said, "There is your information, I did everything you told me to do. The problem was on the other end." He just got very quiet.


God is just giving me this boldness. It still tries to get on me, but I will not let him scare me because God is my provider. My boss is not my provider. I do have to respect him, but I do not have to stand there and let him abuse me. That was a fine line that I could not see eight months ago. I could not see it.


Did you want to ask me a question? The question was, how many people have worked for him? I do not think anybody lasts for more than six months. One of the famous stories is that they had a temporary worker come in for him once. She came in that morning, and the first thing she did was to get her cup of coffee and put it on the desk. You know how the steam comes out of a cup of coffee. Well, he came out like a lunatic and started screaming at her. She never said a word. She packed everything up, and walked out of the office, and the only thing that was left was the coffee with the steam coming out of it. It is the joke of the office. He screams and yells, and kicks file cabinets, and jumps up and down.


Well, it is my trial. At first I ran away, and I quit the jobs. I tried to run away, and I quit a few jobs. Then I found out that you cannot run away from God, so you might as well just sit it out, and take the victory. Let me tell you, this trial is going on for seven or eight months from the time that I realized, that I could not run. I could quit my job, and quit my job, and quit my job, and I was going to get the same situation over and over, and over again until I took the victory by the power of God. You have got to take it by the power of God, not by fighting with the guy.


These trials are really heavy, but we are going to get the glory of God. We are going to get power with God, but we just have to go through. There is no other way. Be strong and be of good cheer. Your God is with you. He is not against you. I just thank God for an understanding of how to find out what is right, and what to do because I would not want God to be my enemy. It is pretty awful when God is your enemy. When you are a believer, and you have been in the church for years, and you cannot figure out that it is God that is coming against you, that is pretty tragic, you know. Praise God. Anybody else have anything to say?


Joshua, what did God do for you today? He gave you a daddy that loves you.


COMMENT: We were going upstate, and I had done some things in the morning, and about an hour before we were ready to leave, I looked down and realized my gold watch was gone. I retraced my steps and went back to the bank, and I went back to the post office, and I went back to the shoe maker, and a lot of other places and I took Gabby with me. I said, "I really have not prayed." I said, "I am going home, and I am just going to pray about this, and I am going to rebuke Satan." I did all that, and I do not know if she heard me or did not hear me, and then, for some reason, I just decided to look under my dressing table, and there it was right on top of my Bible. That was a test. Gabby said, "See, you said you were going to pray about it."


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, God does things like that.


One time I was looking for something, and I could not find it. He flashed a vision in front of my eyes of which drawer it was in, and I went to that drawer, and it was there.


COMMENT: Another time I was going out and realized I did not have my keys and that my pocketbook with a lot of checks was locked in my car, and I had no idea where my keys were. I said well, "I am just going to pray about it," and my son heard me. Then he walked in my room and, for no reason, he moved a paper where I had looked, and there it was on my dressing table. He said, "Here are the keys." I said, "Oh thank you, Lord." He said, "Thank you Lord? I am the one that found the keys." I said, "But Doug, do you not realize why you moved the paper?" He did not even know why he did it. He just walked in my room and moved a paper and there were my keys.


PASTOR VITALE: This is the big lesson that mankind is learning, that either God or Satan is our motivating source, and man does not like it. See, he does not understand that if it is not God, it is Satan, but he is going to find out. Glory to God.


Anybody else? Oh well, glory to God. I think there is something more here, I do not know what. I do not know whether it is a testimony or it is the Lord. Let us just hold on for a little while longer.




Well, Lord, we just love you. What do you want to do here tonight, Father? You have totally humbled me, doing nothing but chit chatting. What do you want to do here? Glory to God. Jesus.


I feel the Lord wants to move, so let us just give Him a few minutes here. Alleluia. Glory to God. Oh Jesus. Alleluia. Would a couple of people lay hands on me? My whole mouth is inflamed, and I am having all kinds of pains in my body. Congregation prays for Pastor Vitale.




(Tongues from congregation) "The Lord would say unto all those who suffer from gum problems and gum diseases, for I would say that it is a curse for partaking of the unclean thing on the family line, many generations back. For, by taking of the unclean thing spiritually, for partaking of that which is not of my Spirit, I have cursed. But it is not beyond my power to remove that curse, and to break that curse unto all who call upon my Name for deliverance in this area, saith God. I shall do this thing, and I shall indeed restore, saith God, but the restoration shall be slow, saith the Living God," for I am moving in this manner, in this dispensation, in this time, in these vessels. But I have indeed broken the curse over thee, saith God, because thou hast indeed purposed to partake of the clean thing, to partake of my Spirit, saith God, and, indeed, for that I have broken the curse, saith God."


I receive that on behalf of myself also, Lord. The same curse of pyorrhea is on my family line. I think that anyone who has gum problems can pray that prayer for yourself.


PASTOR VITALE: Anyone else want prayer? I heard the Lord speak to me. I know I have a spirit of infirmity. I have been sick for three months. I get over one virus, and the next day I get another one. I know it is a spirit of infirmity. I do not know if it broke tonight.





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