546 - 1 Part

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Somebody in the congregation was talking about bees and insects, and a lot of Christians do not understand that insects are a part of the curse of fallen Adam. We all have a choice, every day and every minute of every hour of every day, things happen in our life, and we can choose to dismiss them with carnal reasoning, or we can look for a spiritual reasoning in it. Some people that are not spiritual might tell you what are reading into all of these things for? The things that happen to us are signs that if we can read those signs it can help us in our life. Every single thing is not a sign, but my position is, and this is what I believe that the Lord has taught me, that when something happens in my life, I first look at it for a spiritual understanding. If there is no spiritual understanding, then there is no spiritual understanding, but if you look an event no matter how small in your life, initially as carnal, and you do not look for a spiritual reason behind it, it has been my experience that I never ever go back to the spiritual, if my first sight is carnal, I never ever go back to the spiritual.


A few weeks ago, I was finding large black carpenter ants crawling across my bed for this whole house where they might be walking. Every year I find a few carpenter ants in my kitchen, but this year, three or four times, I found a carpenter ant crawling across my bed, and that to me is significant, because pestilence in and of itself, and any kind of insect is pestilence, pestilence in and of itself is a part of the curse.


Well Pastor Vitale, you say, This is just our world, there are insects all over the place, you can have a bug in your house, you can have a bee in your house, you can have an ant in your house. That is true, but for three times of that one week part, each time to find a black ant crawling across my bed, to me has spiritual significance. I started breaking the curses because that would indicate witchcraft coming into the house. I am breaking the curses and asking where it was coming from? Then one day, someone was actually it was not me, someone was working at my desk and a black ant fell right down like out of the sky fell down on my desk, and then we realized that the black ants were in the attic, and they must have been coming from some opening in my bedroom, and I believe that this ant falling down right in front of somebody who knew enough and realize that they were in the attic, because I do not even know if I would have realized that if it was me, was the Lord's solution to the problem, and then I called the exterminator.


Somebody might say, Well Pastor Vitale, you are really crazy, you know you just have black ants in your attic, and what you are making out of this? Everything is six to one half a dozen to the other, the glass is either half full or half empty, it all depends on how you choose to look at it. My position is, if in fact, these events that I just described represented witchcraft curses coming into my house, the ants are not coming into my house anymore. I prayed and the ants are not coming into my house anymore.


If I did not look at it as witchcraft, and I did not pray, I do not know what would be happening today, what other kind of destruction would be happening to me, I do not know. What did I have to lose, by looking at that and saying that to me in my estimation is witchcraft? I prayed and now it is gone, what have I lost?


Some people might accuse us of being superstitious, I am not superstitious, superstition in and of itself means fear, that you live in fear of a demonic world, I do not live in a fear of a demonic world. In Christ Jesus, we are promised dominion over nature, we are promised dominion over nature. We are not supposed to be praying against the rain because we a party to go to, I would never do anything like that, because simply we do not know when, I would not pray against nature or pray to influence nature in general because you do not know what other people's needs are.


When I see pestilence in my house, I know what that means, because when I first came to the Lord, I was plagued with pestilence, you remember that right? I had actually spiritual flees in my house, and how do I know they were spiritual flees? Because I called so many exterminators, and they usually guarantee it, so they came back so many times, and I called several of them, that I was blackballed from these exterminating society in the area, nobody would come to my house because they thought I was crazy.


Every time my daughter or I sat on the couch, we got bitten, we were bitten, I had physical bites on my body, it was at that point that I realized that they were spiritual flees, and my daughter and I were the only two people that were bitten. What is even more bazaar is that if I put a sheet or something over the couch, we did not get bitten, only if we sat directly on the couch, we got bitten, physical bites was not my imagination, I showed people, I had a witness right here, physical bites.


Pestilence is a judgment for witchcraft, and when I came to the Lord, there was, I had a lot of spirits of witchcraft, by myself had not done anything, I read a few tarot cards, I was not very good at it, but we can born with, we are born with all kinds of spirits, we have a spiritual heritage, just like we look like our parents, or we can inherit our parent's nature, good habits, or bad habits, or our parents talents, we have a spiritual heritage.


Apparently somewhere in my ancestry, certainly not in my parents, my parents were not spiritual at all, to the best of my knowledge, my grandparents were not spiritual, but I do know previous generations.


Before my grandparents, my family came from Europe, I really do not even know who they were or what they were, but when I look at my life, I see that my ancestors had to be very steeped in witchcraft, because of the events of my life, and one of those events is that when I came to the Lord, I was pursued by pestilence for several years.


Frequently, more often than not, when you come to the Lord, you have an experience with Jesus Christ and you start following Him, Satan moves in on you to execute every legal ground she has to bring a judgment upon you, if you are not following God, judgments may not, are very long, they could be years, if you do, you know we reap what we sow, if we sow something evil, that evil reaping is what I call a judgment, a response, a judgment is a response, it is a correction, a judgment can either be unto destruction, or unto life, if the correction comes with the judgment and you understand what you did wrong, and you repent and you ask the Lord to help you to change, that judgment can be unto life because if you do not find out what you did wrong, you will keep on doing the same thing wrong over and over again, and destruction will continue to fall on your life.


In the general scheme of things, people can do wrong things that would call forth some pretty painful judgments, but they do not happen for years and years, and sometimes the judgment does not fall until the next generation. Many Christians who are suffering in their life, will get non-Christians who are in active sin according to the description, according to how the Bible describes sin, and Christians cannot understand why the non-Christians are prospering, or non-practicing Christians are prospering, because sometimes judgment takes a long time to fall. When you are serving God, the deeper you are in your relationship with God, the faster the corrective judgment falls, and the Scripture tells us that correction is a blessing, that nobody likes it when it is happening, nobody likes to be corrected because it is painful, at the very least it is embarrassing, and at the very worst it can be hurtful, nobody likes it, the Scripture says, nobody enjoys it, but joy cometh in the morning. What does that mean?


The carnal interpretation of that Scripture or the carnal understanding of that Scripture is, Today you are crying but you go to sleep and in the morning and everything will be better. We know that Jesus Christ is the morning, He is the morning, and we are the night, this world is the night, the whole world lies in darkness, the carnal mind is the night, Jesus Christ is the morning. The deep understanding of that Scripture is, nobody likes the correction, nobody likes it, but when Christ rises in you as a result of the correction, you will experience the joy of the Lord. It does not mean that you will be joyous the very next physical morning, sometimes judgment goes on for a very long time.


The answer is to just do our best to continue to communicate with God, and do what we understand He wants us to do, and tough it out, that is the best you can do. When Christ rises in you, you will have joy however long that takes. Wherever I moved I had cockroaches in my house, and nobody else had cockroaches, I had bees, I had hornets, I had flying ants, she is laughing, if it was not so painful, it was funny, you know, but my poor daughter, she was walking around all bit up.


I do not know how nobody called the child protective agencies on me, I was doing everything I could, I could not get rid of those spiritual flees until I figured out that they were spiritual, and they were just in that couch, and then I would not let her sit on it anymore, but it took quite a while for me to figure it out, she was all bitten up with flee bites. I am very sensitive to pestilence.


On the other side, you know, let me make this clear to you, Christians today in general, I am not very spiritual, the churches that move in the gifts just have their little toe in the spiritual warfare, prophesying, speaking in tongues, the gifts of the Spirit, I never mean to insult anyone or put anyone's beliefs down, I am never trying to do that, I am just trying to give you some truth, the spirituality of the Pentecostal church is pre, pre, pre, pre, preschool, that is what it is, and the dominations that do not have that, have not yet into spirituality, in the Lord.


Christians are called to be spiritual people, why are we called to be spiritual people? Because this whole world is a manifestation of spirit, and there are large numbers maybe in the thousands, I am not really sure, I should not try to put a number on it, but there are people in this world who are spiritual that are not spiritual in God. There are people in this world, that are engaged in spiritual activities that bring negative energy into the world. When we sit here today and we have a spiritual meeting by the Spirit of Christ, we are discharging positive spiritual energy into the world, and this whole world and every aspect of it, we could say, this house that I live in, this community that I live in, this locality that I live in, the town that I live in, the state that I live, the country that I live in, the world that I live in, each exists in a degree of peace or chaos depending upon the balance of negative and positive energy. The average church person hearing me say this would tell you that I am not in God, but the bottom line is that they simply do not have this understanding yet. This is a mature ministry here, eventually the whole church will have this understanding of who we are and what we are called to be, and what we are called to do.


Christianity is more than you or you or you, being safe from the world and running away, we are the saviors of the world. The promise says that saviors will come forth from Mount Zion, we are the saviors of the world because the savior dwells in us. When the savior dwells in us, we become a savior, and the Lord sends us to people that do not know anything about Him, or the Lord sends us to people that need information that they do not have, or need knowledge that they do not have.


Everybody does not go to church, there are people out there that the Lord has a connection with, that do not go to church, that do not read their Bible, sometimes they are not even Christians, sometimes they are Hindus or Muslims, sometimes they are witches, there are all kinds of people in this world that the Lord Jesus wants to reach, and giving people a track does not do it, you have to reach people at the level that they are at.


I am going to try and pull this together for you, there are spiritual people out there practicing spirituality that the Lord Jesus Christ calls illegal, and it is illegal because it produces negative energy that flows into the world, and this whole world, my local community, my town, my city, my state, my country, each area prospers or does not prosper depending on the balance of negative and positive energy.


A lot of people know what I am saying, you just do not hear this terminology in the church, but the church knows what I am saying, how can I say the church knows what I am saying? Why do you think our government grant tax exempt status to churches? Why? Because I do not know about today, but when the laws were implemented because the society is going anti-Christ today, but when the laws were first implemented, there was a knowledge amongst our lawmakers, that churches were good for society, that they produced a good influence on society, that they were a good thing, that a lot of people trying to lead a positive life would have a place to go, they may not have understood this in terms of positive energy being discharged, but churches are a good thing, they are better than porno house down the block.


If you are living in a community and either you could, there is an empty building, either it is going to be a church, or a porno house or one of these shops that all sell of this stuff, there is one in Medford down here, it has not gotten any closer thank God. What would you vote on having in your neighborhood? Why? Because what is discussed and if it is a shop, what is purchased or books that are bought, the content of the merchandise that is sold, or the books that are sold, or the conversation that comes forth, will attract a like spirit.


I have been preaching in this house for years, I do not even know at this point, who is living in this community that has been drawn here, because at some point in the future, the Lord wants me to have, or wants them to have a contact with this word.


When you set up a shop that sells pornographic objects or literature, it attracts a like spirit, and brings sex offenders into the area, or if not sex offenders, if it brings what we might call an average citizen in, even that average citizen is manifesting a spirit that is not healthy. The whole world is spiritual, and the whole world is based upon spirituality. There is a war going on, a continuous war going on in my locality, my town, my city, my state, my country, the world, as to the overall condition that, that area will be in, will it be a positive area or will be a negative area?


Will prosperity reign there, or will chaos and negativity and murder and rape, and mugging reign there. Will it be an area where garbage is all over the streets or will it be an area that is clean with manicured lawns. This is all the result of the prevailing spirit in the area. In deliverance churches they will tell you, there is a strongman over every area, that is how they will put it in deliverance churches, and the teaching as I understand it is that, that strongman will draw like spirits, I am sorry that is not what they believe, they just believe that the strongman, I do not know what they believe, see, but I believe that people gather together and draw like spirits unto them.


This world is a fallen world, it is hell. The Lord Jesus Christ has come to bring His law and His life and His prosperity down here to hell, thereby actually making hell into heaven, that is His intervention, that is what He intends to do. The powers and principalities, the negative energy down here does not want that, so there is a continuous conflict until such time as the Scripture tells us, the Lord Jesus Christ puts every enemy underfoot. After He has put the last enemy which is death underfoot, then this whole physical world will cease to exist, because this is a criminal world, but this world, this physical visible world will continue to exist, so long as death reigns here, and death will continue to reign here, as long as there is sin.


The Lord Jesus Christ sent by Jehovah, is dealing with the problem at its root, sin, the sin nature of man. He has come to convert the sin nature of man into a righteous nature. That which is, now today, giving forth negative energy, will start to give off positive energy, and this is the conflict, this is the war. Christians you see, are not being saved to run away and leave the rest of the world in agony. The Scripture clearly says, after you have been strengthened, strengthen your brother, is that not what it says? I do not read anywhere that we are supposed to be running away after we get saved. As a matter of fact, as I look around and I see what God does, I see the Lord calling people, reconciling them, strengthening them, healing them, and sending them right back to where they came from, to help people just like them. I do not see anybody being raptured away.


We know that it is a phenomenon in this country, that people by in large who come out an oppressed area, who may have a break, they may be raised in a ghetto and poverty, they had some kind of a break, maybe they are very smart, and they get a scholarship, and they make out of there, they get educated, they get a good job, they start making some money, what is the first thing they do? They run to the better neighborhood, do I blame them? No, but Jesus does not do that. Jesus sends you back to where you came from with power, He send you back with POWER to help the other people. That is what it means when the Bible says we are saviors, that is what it means.


The church knows that, but on a higher level, on a higher level the Lord is raising up a people that will respond to the illegal manifestation of witchcraft in our world. There are people today who do evil things with witchcraft, you do not hear about it very much, because the population in the public cannot deal with it, but the local police know about it, the local police know about the proliferation of witchcraft in this area, they have given instructions on it. You do not hear the, the public does not hear about this, but our local police are given seminars on how to deal with, how to recognize witchcraft and how to deal with it when they see it, not that they could really deal with it, but you know what I am saying, to whatever degree they can.


They locked up Charles Manson, and he was astral projecting out of his jail cell all of the time, it is a big joke. The Lord Jesus Christ in His ultimate goal for the people, for His people, or the people that He draws unto Himself, I do not like to use the word save because we are not really saved until we are out of this physical body, which is our jail house, but you can say we are being saved, we are in the process of being saved, and we ascend to levels of salvation. Every time we ascend above a level, a problematic level in our life, we are saved from the level below. Every time we are saved from a bad habit, we are saved from that bad habit.


If you want to say saved, you can say saved, I use to make an issue out of it, I am becoming much less radical these days, but technically we are not fully saved until we are out of the physical body. The Lord is out to take over this whole world and remake it in His image, and He needs a people that are going to oppose the practitioners of witchcraft. He is not going to send someone who is not equipped to take on a super witch, or any kind of a witch.


Of course my favorite story about this, is about the evangelist that went into an area where witchcraft was practiced openly and went right up to a witch doctor and rebuked him, and the witch doctor turned him green, he was green from the top of his head to the bottom of his toes, and it did not wear off for six months, he had everybody that he knew, you know who I am talking about? He had every deliverance worker that he knew pray for him and they could not break the curse, he was green for six months, and when he sought the Lord about it, the Lord said, I never told you to do that, I never told you to challenge that witch doctor, you were arrogant, you thought you had more power than you have. Christians have only a little, little, little bit of power today compared to spiritual people in this world that are spiritually powerful.


The reason Christians have so little power today is that the Lord is not about to give us power, He is not about to give anyone power who one minute will be using it to raise someone from the dead, and the next minute getting angry and killing the person that they are angry with, He is just not about to do it. In Africa it is known that people get angry and kill people, it is known, it is a known phenomenon that two people have an argument and a week later one of them will die, because the minds of the people in African are very strong, not that the one intended for the other person to die, it is the anger that rises up in a person with spiritual power that can kill.


That is why it is taking so long for the Lord to bring forth real spiritual power in His people, because before He can do that, He has to deal with our sin nature, which even for those of that are really cooperating with Him, just takes, it is a lifetime, it is a lifetime pursuit. To subject your sin nature to Christ Jesus in you, it is not something that you do overnight. First Christ Jesus, first Christ has to be formed in you, and then you have to learn to distinguish between the two minds, the Christ mind and the carnal mind. This is no easy thing. It looks like it is going to be a potpourri this morning, I am just going to keep on talking.


Somebody called me last night, I got a revelation last night that really excited me, you know, I want to make something clear, I am never rejoicing in people being in trouble or having problems, but I get very excited when I see the word of God coming to pass, even if that event is destructive to some people, it just excites me that I see the word of God coming to pass, because we really are living in the last days. What does that mean? Does it mean the world is coming to an end? No, we are living in the last days of this age, and the next age is the age of Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus, it is the age in which Christians will have spiritual power, spiritual power over nature.


The Hebrews when they came out of Egypt, had spiritual, they received spiritual power when they made a covenant with Jehovah. When Jehovah sent the Hebrew children towards Canaan and told them to wipe out the Philistines, to take over Canaan, He did send them with bows and arrows. The Philistines were powerful, spiritually powerful witches, He sent them with spiritual power. I heard so many question, how did the pyramids get built, how did they get the blocks up there? They did it with mind power. The ancients Egyptians were spiritual giants. The church is not ready for this kind of a battle here. Are there people with that kind of power in the earth today? Probably, I do not know, I am not, I do not want to know, I am not ready for it, until I am ready, I do not want to know. We tend to be blinded to people that are, you know to other degrees of society that we do not know about, I do not know about that, I do not have a clue, I do not who is living next door, I do not know what they are doing inside of their house.


Anyway, let me tell you what happened last night. I guess, you know I use to go around to a lot of other churches, but I have not been doing it lately so I do not really know what is going on in the church world. Someone called me and mentioned a preacher by the name of Rick Warren, has anybody heard of Rick Warren? You heard of Rick Warren? I never heard of him, and they told me that he is a large influence on the Pentecostal church today. The church that is under seduction today, is the spirit filled church, there is all kinds of seduction today going on in the spirit filled church today, all kinds of deceptions and seductions, and the spirit filled church is backsliding today.


To best of my knowledge, I do not see this happening with the Baptist, they never received the spiritual church, they believed the Holy Spirit is of the devil, and they are sticking with the letter of the word, and they have not gone forward, but they are safe. Right now there is a false Holy Spirit in the church, there is another spirit calling itself the Holy Spirit, and the name of that spirit is Satan.


The Scripture clearly says that Satan comes as an angel of light, she comes looking like she is a god. We have had all kinds of deceptions in the church today. We had the gold dust anointing, we have had the laughing revival, is that still around? I do not know if that is even still around, it is still around? All kinds of deceptions coming into the church. This is what this person told me that she had, that someone that she knew was contacting her and teaching her about Rick Warren, and that there are new versions of the Bible coming out, that do not sound anything at all like the King James.


When the NIV came out, the New International Version of the Bible, it sounded pretty good, I think the version is in most of the churches today, and it is easier to read than the King James. I know at one point I was going to switch to the NIV years ago, and I was absolutely amazed that out of the clear blue sky somebody that I knew brought me a whole envelope filled with documents as to how the NIV had eliminated about 100 references to either or the blood or the power or the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I was shocked because they did not know that I was thinking of changing Bibles, the Lord sent them.


I took out that list of Scriptures that the literature told me had been eliminated from the NIV, and I looked up about 25 of them, I looked them up in the King James, and I looked them up in the NIV, and the documentation was true, they were not there, all of these Scriptures of the power, talking about the power of Jesus Christ, were eliminated, in these new translations, by in large, the power of Jesus Christ is eliminated. There is a spirit in the world today that is preaching the peace of Jesus Christ but not the power of Jesus Christ, it does not talk about the warfare, it denies that we have an enemy. The result of this is that it is rendering the church powerless. After the church is rendered powerless, the next step is that the church is overtaken and spiritually dies, that is the next step.


She is talking to me, we were having this conversation about the seduction that is going on in the church and how it really has not touched the Baptists because they, the Baptists did not even go with the true Holy Spirit, so they have not gone forward, but they are not subject to this seduction and this death. The person was agitated and she was saying, I do not understand how all of this is happening in the church, it was very upsetting. I use to get upset over things like that, I do not anymore, because I understand that there is nothing that I can do about it, unless the Lord gives me a specific assignment, and in addition to that, it is prophesied that it will happen, it is prophesied that there will be a great falling away, when? Before the coming of the son of man.


I am not happy that these people are seduced and deceived, I am not happy at their future if they do not turn around, but I am very happy that I see a sign that the return of Jesus Christ is eminent. Listen to what to excites me, as I was having this discussion about the person, she could not understand, she said the woman that sent her this information and these verses from these Bibles that had been completely emasculated, these translations that have been completely emasculated, she said, I do not understand, this woman, she is intelligent, she is educated, she has got a good job, she has been in the church for years, so she should be strong spiritually, she should be strong intellectually, I do not understand how she is going through all of this stuff, it does not make any sense to me.


This is what the Lord showed me. I do not know why I am telling you this today. This is what the Lord showed me, I will put it, I will make it simple. Everything that happens, happens in multiple levels of consciousness, is there anybody that does not understand that, when I tell you that? Anybody here? There are different levels of consciousness, Jesus is not where we are, Jesus is ascended, He is in a different world. He is in a different level of consciousness to where we are. In the days of the apostles, Paul was in a different level of consciousness than where the Jews were. There are different levels of consciousness and there are different spiritual worlds, Jesus is completely in a different spiritual world.


When the woman was seduced by the Serpent, she was not in this physical world, this is a fallen world, so the seduction took place in a higher plane, lower than where Jesus is today, but in a higher plane than we are here, and everything that happened, happened on all levels of consciousness, it plays out on all levels of consciousness. Let me give you another example, I move a lot in the word of knowledge, I get all kinds of spiritual information, and sometimes it comes to pass in the way I thought it would come to pass and other times it comes to pass in a different way. What I am trying to tell you is when I see it in the spirit, you never know how it is going to play out in the visible world when it plays out, do you follow me? When I see in the spirit, I get spiritual knowledge, spiritual information, and then it has to play out in this visible world.


When I see it in my mind, that is one level of consciousness, and when it plays out in the visible world, it is another level of consciousness. When the woman was seduced by the Serpent, it happened on a spiritual level that was higher than where we are today. Everything that happens up there has to play out down here, and that is what is happening in the church today. The female church is being seduced by the Serpent within the carnal mind, within them, the woman is being seduced, I do not know if I am getting through to you, let me try it again. I am really surprised that this came out at this meeting, hold on please. It is really deep, the Pentecostal church is the woman, the man, everybody, for years I have heard, where was Adam when the woman fell, where was Adam? He was right there but the woman was not listening to him. The man is in the church today, the doctrine of Christ is in the church today, the believers that have the male doctrine are in the church today, but the church does not the want them. The Pentecostal church does not want them, the Baptist church does not want them, they do not want the male because they do not like what the male has to say, they cannot recognize what the male has to say as of God.


They are listening to the doctrine of the carnal mind, and the church is being seduced in the same manner as the woman was seduced in the garden. Did I make that clear? I am really surprised, this very deep, I am really surprised this is coming out today. That is what I saw and it excited me, why did it excite me? Because Jesus called this world outer darkness, this world is the end of the road, the higher worlds came down to the lower world and this is the end of the road, so the buck stops here. That means the solution to the problem is going to be here, that means judgment is going to fall here that is going to result in the reconciliation of the man and the woman. When the man and the woman, when the spiritual man and the spiritual woman are reconciled, the woman will come under the protection of the male wisdom of God, but it is not going to happen without judgment, so one more sign that we are in the last days. I got very excited. Does anyone want to ask me a question about that?


We are very much in the last days and the biggest false prophet that is around today is preaching that the false prophets are arising. The whole church is in chaos I am told, and I am so glad that we have this group and that we are not swinging flags around and doing other stuff like that. I am told, I do not know if it is true or not, but I am told that this one has introduced strobe lights in to the services, and he has done away with, this is what I am told, he has done away with the hymnals, Satan is making a mockery of the church, and that last that I saw of this was quite a few years ago when I heard people making animal sounds in the church and thinking that they were speaking in tongues, I actually heard a woman crow like a rooster, and the whole church was very silent thinking that she was speaking in tongues. I heard this myself, and I was just amazed that they could believe that, that it could be tongues, but you cannot tell people unless their mind is ready to receive it.


There was a couple who were in the ministry that were believing this, I met them briefly in New Jersey a few years ago, and then they moved to Louisiana, and shortly after that, the Lord told me to print something off of the Internet, and mail it to them about this issue, and I do not like to do that, because unless it is God, people do appreciate you, but I did it, and it turned out that these people were praying for the truth, and they got my mailing. Most of the church is just being shepherding along, they are being swept right over the cliff, right over the cliff. Jesus said, Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh, and we are not about to be raptured, we are about to be given dominion over our sin nature so that the Lord can make spiritually very strong without the danger of us killing somebody when we get angry, He is not giving us power if we are going to kill somebody with it, He is just not going to do it, and the stronger we get, on whatever level we manifest strength, we will be opposing witchcraft on that level, at some point, we will be the vessels, the church will be the vessels by which the Lord Jesus Christ, cleanses this whole world of witchcraft through spiritual battles, that is what the Christian is called to.


This is a hard word you know, but the Lord is not saving you or me, but saving us because of ourselves per say, He is saving us because He has a plan, and once He saves us to whatever degree we are saved, be become a chess piece you might say in that plan, He is not saving us to rapture us away and give us mansion, that is just utterly, utterly ridiculous, He has something for us to do, but He is not sending us unless we are fully trained. Praise the Lord. Anyway that whole exhortation came out because I tried to tell you that if you see ants dropping out of your ceiling, it can mean something, it does not have to mean something but we should ask, always ask if you see something unusual.


One day I use to have a coat rack in my house, and I just grabbed my coat, I was late for church and stuck my arm in it, and something hurt my arm, and I said, Oh, and I moved my arm around, and still hurt, and I said, Oh there must have been a pin in my coat, and I pulled my arm out and there was a hornet hanging out of my arm, it was in my coat sleeve. Things like that do not typically happen, that is not typical, they do not typically happen, you know.


Then one day I was attacked in my own house by flying ants, I was talking on the phone and I saw them, I lived in an old farm house at the time, so it was like one room after the other, you could look way down into the, I was in the kitchen, and then there was the living room, then there was a sitting room, and I saw a cloud, and it was moving towards me and I did not know what it was, and by the time it hit the kitchen, I was attacked by flying ants, they swarmed, they filled the whole kitchen, they were all over me.


That is the kind of witchcraft pestilence attacks that I have experienced, and at the time I was into organic farming, organic gardening and all of that stuff, and I knew that black pepper killed ants so I grabbed, you could make a movie out of this, I am telling you I grabbed a little container of black pepper and started sprinkling, sprinkling through the air because they were everywhere, and they just dropped dead, they just dropped dead, and there were so many flying ants on the floor I had to sweep them up and put them in the garbage.


Pestilence is a part of the curse, and in my case, all of these pestilence were judgments that were coming upon me because I had come to the Lord, and I came with a witchcraft heritage, so Satan was enforcing the sowing and reaping judgment on me to the fullest extent that she could before I ascended above it. When you first come to the Lord, you become a target for Satan, she wants to do everything she can to knock you out before you become strong or before you become educated enough to protect yourself from walking into the man hole, so Satan sends all kinds of messengers from all kinds of areas to try to spiritually destroy you before you get on your feet.


Wherever that came from, on the same tape I would like to go over this dream for you because it sort of goes along with what I was talking about. I got this dream from a lady, I do not even know where she lives, she writes to me from the Internet, she has prophetic dreams and she has been sending them to me for a couple of years, and I do not anymore about her than that, other than that I know her email address and her first name is Regina, that is all I know about her. This is the dream:


I had a dream about a ship, a very large one, I also thought in the dream, it was like the Titanic, my family and a sister in Christ, and her family and many others that I did not recognize were on this ship, I saw my daughter who was standing next to me, and then I saw my sister in Christ and her daughter, and her daughter was sitting next to a bottle of brandy, and a large one, and then a power failure surged the ship and instantly death was in my face. Everything was black, and then the power came back on. I looked around, my daughter was still standing next to me, and the sister in Christ.


I looked, and the daughter had drank all of the brandy, and I asked her, You drank all of that?, and I was disturbed at her. Suddenly, my daughter handed me two cds and on the discs one was black and white and anyone on the black and white ship would die, while on the ship with color, so I guess one cd was black and white, and the other was color, and the one with the color cd would live. We were on the ship in color. I could not understand how those cds appeared when we were on the ocean. I do remember feeling that I could not get out of the dream, and was very disoriented for that day. She says, I know this sounds crazy but I feel it is a warning not only for you and my family but for others as well and would like your feedback, if this is not of God I will reject it, thank you so much for your time..., etc, etc.


I would like to give you my feedback on this dream, I think it is a very exciting dream. First of all the ship is Christ Jesus, He is the ship that we are traveling into the spiritual planes on, this world is not what it appears to be, this world is under water. Water is everywhere, water is in the atmosphere, water is in the ground, water is in our body, we are 95% water, or something like that, maybe my percentage is wrong. What did we read about the ship, Christ Jesus is the ship that is taking us safely through the spiritual waters.


She was on a long ship, but also remember, everything is dual in this world, so if Christ Jesus is the ship, then there is a ship that is called the carnal mind. Everybody is on the ship where their consciousness abides. This is truly, today is truly like it was in the days of Noah, and there is an ark being built, but the ark or the ship is Christ Jesus, it is not a physical ship, and depending on where your consciousness abides, in Christ Jesus or in y our carnal mind, depends on whether or you spiritually live or die, and when you die spiritually, eventually you die physically, when you live spiritually, you cannot physically die. You cannot physically die when you are spiritually alive.


The only reason people die in this world is because they are already spiritually dead, that is what Jesus is talking about when He said, No man can take my life, I lay it down of my own free will. He was alive, Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. He is life, so a physical body that encompasses life, cannot die, we only die because we are already dead, if you can hear what I am saying.


Regina says that, this was a big ship, a very big ship, it was like the titanic, well what happened to the titanic? The titanic sunk, it looked great, everybody, there was rich people on the titanic, it was a great new thing, the ship was built, and it was the maiden voyage, there were a lot dignitaries on that ship, and it was not what it appeared to be, it appeared to be a great event but it was not, it was faulty in a manner that caused most of the people that were on it to die, and that today brethren is the false Christ Jesus, it is the false church that is out there.


They think they are saved but they are not, and the ship is sinking, especially the Pentecostal church which is, I am not going to get upset over it, I refuse to get upset over it, I will not, they are in a lot of trouble, they will not be corrected, they will not be taught, they think they know it all, they think they have all of the answers and their thinking right now, you know when you die spiritually you do not die in a manner of minutes, you die slowly. I believe the titanic is the church, the it is the false church. It is the false church.


The true church is being born out of the false church, there is a true church within the church, and who is the true church? The true church is made up of all of the people who are carrying Christ Jesus, and who are everyday more and more, thinking like Christ Jesus, and becoming like Christ Jesus. The church is made up of the people who are sowing into Christ Jesus.


The false church is the Christians who are sowing into their carnal mind. To sow into Christ Jesus you have to begin to sow into His doctrine, you cannot be believing the false doctrine in the church, and think that you are sowing into Christ Jesus because you are not. She was on the titanic, the false church that is sinking. My family and a sister in Christ and her family, and many others I did not recognize were on the ship. She seems to think that this is about her personal family, it may be, but it may also be about the whole family of God, God has a family, and if Christ is you, and He truly is your counselor and your savior, and you are following after him and doing everything that you know how to do to be obedient to where He is leading you, then you are a member of the family of God, but the fact that you are go to church and that you answered an altar call or that you raise your hands and sing songs and follow the false piper does not make you a member of the family of God.


Only an internalized Christ makes you a member, internalized Christ makes you a member of the family of God. We have something that I called imputed Christ, it is the beginning of the formation of Christ in you, but until that Christ is fully internalized in you and rooted and grounded in you, you are not in the family of God. The Holy Spirit does not make you a member of the family of God. The sin of the church today is that when they hear something like this, they will not even pray about it. If someone could hear me today, they would declare me a false prophet, and wipe me off of the slate, they would never, it would not even occur to them to say, Lord, could this possibly be true? Anyone who is truly seeking Christ, is truly seeking the truth, because He is the truth, He is the truth. To think that your level of understanding, wherever you are at any time, is the ultimate truth is the epitome of pride and you will die from that manifestation of pride if you do not come out of it.


We do not know Him completely and every time we ascend to another level, we do not know how He thinks on that level, we do not know what He has for us on that level, we do not know, so whenever we hear something strange we have to pray fervently for the truth, but the church today is not doing that, they have become indoctrinated just like the Jehovah's witnesses, they believe what is written down and there is no seeking God for truth, and that is why they are dying.


My family, the family of God, and the sister in Christ, I am not really sure who these people mean, but we will take it from here. We see two families. ...and many others I did not recognize were on this ship..., so they were in the false church. I saw my daughter who was standing next to me and then I saw my sister in Christ and her daughter, and then her daughter was sitting next to a bottle of brandy, a large one. Now brandy, this is interesting because alcohol in general signifies witchcraft. Even the name of it sometimes is called spirits, when you drink it is called spirits.


Alcohol in general is a manifestation of witchcraft in a person's life, but brandy is a type of witchcraft, it is a type of alcohol that sometimes is used for sick people, if they have a very bad cold, or if someone is lost in the Alps or the snow and the dog finds them, you know, carries brandy on his neck you know. Brandy is a kind of alcohol that sort of healing and preservative, so that is very interesting, that it was brandy.


Then there was a large power failure, and a large power failure surged the ship and instantly death was in my face. When I prayed about this dream, what I really think that, that means, this power failure, what is the power in the church today? It is the Holy Spirit, are we not told that the Holy Spirit, we are told indirectly that the Holy Spirit is being withdrawn, we are told that the gifts are passing away. The Holy Spirit is the giver of gifts, the one who brings gifts, and the gifts are passing away, that means the Holy Spirit is passing away, that is called deductive reasoning.


The Holy Spirit comes with gifts, brings gifts for believers, Paul says the gifts are passing away. If the gifts are passing away, and the Holy Spirit brings the gifts, therefore the Holy Spirit must be passing away. Does anyone need me to put that on the board, is everybody okay with that deductive reasoning? The Holy Spirit is passing away, the power in the church is passing away, why? Because a greater degree of power has already been implemented into the church, but the Christians with the Holy Spirit will not receive it. Christ Jesus is a power source that is greater than the Holy Spirit.


I think that this dream means that the Holy Spirit is going to be removed from the church, and that it is a good thing because, when the Holy Spirit is removed, perhaps these Christians will start to seek God as to what happened and where do they do from here, because the Holy Spirit today in the church has almost become an idolatry in that, those who move in the Holy Spirit refuse to acknowledge that Christ is different, that Christ is not the Holy Spirit, Christ is different, and that Christ is a higher level of power in God, it is power that comes with wisdom, the Holy Spirit does not come with wisdom, it is just raw power, like you plug something into the electric outlet.


The Spirit of Christ and Christ Jesus is power under the control of wisdom, the wisdom of God, which is much more powerful than raw power alone, that is not directed. Undirected power can be completely dissipated and wasted. Power under the control of wisdom is focused power, and the church will not receive the message, the leaders of the church will not receive the message. The removal of the Holy Spirit could be a good thing if the result of it is that everybody that had the Holy Spirit is now scared and praying, Well, Lord what happened to our power and what next? You know I experienced this. I experienced this in deliverance, demons use to be afraid of me.


I was in a deliverance church, I walked into the, over to somebody that was getting delivered and they would start screaming, demons use to be afraid of me, and then one day, I said to a demon, Come out, and it did not come out, and then the next week, I said, Come out, and it did not come out, and then I really got upset, until the Lord said to me, You never had any power in the first place, it was always My power.


Then I found that I started speaking in tongues less, and I use to what they call pray in the Spirit, which is pretty much what xxxx does, she prays in an excited emotional way, and that started decreasing in my life, and I was alarmed, I was absolutely alarmed, until one day, a member of the church that I went to who really never, ever talked to me, said, The Lord told me to give you this magazine. I said, Oh, that is nice, thank you. I was trained enough at that point, to say, Well there must be something in this magazine for me Lord, what is it that you want me to see? As I started to read the magazine, something that I read there was a point of contact for the Lord to let me know that, I honestly do not know how He put it to me, but the gifts in me were drying up because the greater anointing was coming.


John the Baptist said, I must decrease because He must increase. John the Baptist typifying the Holy Spirit, and Christ or Jesus typifying the higher anointing. You cannot have both of them, they are different. The Holy Spirit is emotional, and the ministries of the Holy Spirit are very different than ministry that comes forth from Christ, you cannot have both of them. The Holy Spirit dries up and for a season it may look like you are in the desert, maybe you are having a desert experience, like the Hebrew children had, and maybe you are just dry, and all you do it study, study, study, how boring, but then at some point, all of that study matures into the wisdom of Christ, and you start perceiving that different level of power.


It does not come overnight, there is a wilderness experience where you do not manifest the gifts of the Spirit anymore, and if you do not have this understanding, it is very discouraging. I think that was the power surge. The power is being taken from the church. I do not think it is going to be a one time event, I think it is going to happen a believer at a time, just like it happened to me, just like we receive the Holy Spirit, one person at a time, we are going to lose it one person at a time.


I very rarely speak in tongues anymore. Tongues, the purpose of tongues at least the kind of tongues that I am talking about now, tongues in prayer, the purpose of it is a replacement for the lack of wisdom that we have. Paul clearly says, sometimes we know not what to pray, so the Spirit prays for us, but when we start acquiring the wisdom of Christ, then we know what to pray.


The only time I pray in tongues is when I do not know what to pray, and most of the time I know what to pray, or if I do not know what to pray, I know enough to say to the Lord, Lord, I do not know what to pray, what should I pray? I have been trained to know that when I pray that prayer, the answer may not come for another day or even a week, or even a month, so I let it alone, but rather than have young Christians pray incorrectly, or Christians that do not have this knowledge, that you are supposed to ask the Lord what to pray and then wait, they speak in tongues.


It is an immature level of spirituality in Christ, that is what it is. I do not mean to insult anybody, I am telling you that the Lord is calling you to go up higher, so there is no reason to be insulted. I very rarely speak in tongues, and I very rarely, very rarely exercise the gift of prophecy although I do prophesy. Prophecy is the word of God, any word that I say to you that is truly coming out of Christ in me is prophecy. The gift of prophecy is a Thus saith the Lord, I will bless you and things will be better and your basket will be full, it is exhortation, it is encouragement to the body of Christ, but it is not the true prophecy. It is very rare for me to exercise the gift of prophecy, why? Because I usually, Christ in me, most of the time can manifest the word of the Lord through my understanding, so I speak in a conversational tone.


The gifts are for young Christians, for immature Christians. I believe that this power failure, this power surge is the removal of the Holy Spirit, a man at a time. I looked around, my daughter was still standing next to me, and of course the fact that they are standing is significant, standing means that you have the earth under your feet, that you are standing above the powers of darkness in whatever level you are at. I looked around, my daughter was still standing next to me, and the sister in Christ, I looked and her daughter had drank all of the Brandy, and I asked her, Did you drink all of that?


I am thinking that this Brandy is spiritual power that is used for healing, I think that it is a positive thing that she swallowed the healing, spiritual power, because alcohol is spirits, the she swallowed the healing spiritual power which would be the Holy Spirit, she swallowed it completely down. In the dream Regina says, I was disturbed at her because she did not understand that the Holy Spirit was swallowed, completely swallowed down. When you swallow it completely, it gets inside of you, then hopefully, let me put it to you this way, the imputed Christ that I talk about, comes from an intense pursuit of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are given without the repentance, they are just a gift, that is what they are, you do not have to do anything to get it, it is just something that God gives you, it does not make you smart, it does not make you spiritual, it does not make you favored, it does not make you preferred, it is just a present you got from God.


If you pursue what you have given, and you study to show yourself approved, and you expose yourself to the anointing in church as much as you can, and you do everything that you know how to do, Christ begins to be formed in you, and in that early stage, He is called the fruit of the Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit begins to be formed in you, it is the early manifestation of Christ that is not, it is not growing out of you, it is not rooted and grounded in you, it is not a part of you, the beginning of Christ before He is rooted in you.


I am thinking that, that is what this means, that she swallowed down the whole Holy Spirit and received that imputed Christ. Suddenly my daughter handed me two cds, and on the disc, one was black and white and one had colors. Colors, color is a vibration of light, each vibration produces a different color, or let me say each color is produced by a different level of vibration, that is what color is, a vibration of light. This whole world is vibrating, we can see, we are vibrating, our cells are vibrating, the cells of our body are vibrating, the whole planet is spinning on its axis, and rotating around the sun, but we do not perceive that movement.


This chair is vibrating, the atoms of the chair are vibrating, but the more solid the object is, the slower the atoms are vibrating, but everything is vibrating, including us. Color is formed by the vibration of photons or light particles. Colors signify the Spirit of God. We know that Joseph was given a coat of many colors indicating the anointing, color signifies the anointing. Black and white signifies the carnal mind because this whole world spiritually speaking is a picture. There are many worlds, but this is the only visible world, as far as I understand, this is the only visible world. The Bible describes us as a tapestry, a woven tapestry. A tapestry has background threads, and the carnal mind or the old man is black and white and the background threads, and then color is woven through the mesh of the tapestry, and that is the Spirit of God weaving Himself through our humanity, we are fallen man is the background threads of this spiritual tapestry, we are black and white, we do not have any color.


When the Spirit of God comes to us, He starts to weave Himself through the very essence of our being, but until that weaving together begins, we are separate, we have the carnal mind and we have the Christ mind. This what has to happen, Christ in us eventually wants to completely integrate Himself with every cell of our being, of our physical being, and of our spiritual being, a complete integration. This is a description of the cessation of sin, this is how we will cease from sin. When the Spirit of God is so completely woven through us, that the carnal mind will be completely paralyzed.


We start out with Christ, with the Holy Spirit in us, and then it comes to, the formation of Christ comes in us, then Christ becomes rooted and grounded in us, but He is still separated from us, He is growing in us but still separate from us, and then he starts to weave himself through us. That is what happened to Jesus of Nazareth, and the process was so complete that the Spirit of God within Him was so completely woven together with His humanity, with His soul and with His personality, that Jesus of Nazareth who was the Christ survived the departure from the physical body which was His grave, or His prison house. The personality and the soul of Jesus of Nazareth survived separation from the physical body because they were so completely woven together with the Spirit of God, they were so completely woven together, the soul and the personality of Jesus of Nazareth were so completely woven together with life, that when life departed from this body, He went with it. That is what salvation is. That is the truth about salvation, the salvation of the soul.


We cannot stay the way we are, because when we are so completely woven together with the Spirit of life, then you have to start acting like the Spirit of life and thinking like the Spirit of life and doing like the Spirit of life, you become the Spirit of life, that is what happened to Jesus, that is where He is today. He is so completely integrated with the Spirit of life that He is life. He is the life of the Father, he has fathered us.


Let us finish up this dream and then we will take a break. There were two cds, one was black and white, and the ones that were on the black and white were dying, and the ones that had the color would live. When this power is removed, the people that have Christ formed within them, will continue to manifest the life of God. This may not mean a physical death, at this time in this dream, spiritual death comes before physical death. There are going to be people who are going to spiritually die in the church, because technically speaking, when you receive the Holy Spirit you receive some measure of His life. Any connection with God, we are told, once you have a connection with God, you can say you are alive, but there are different degrees of life.


When the Holy Spirit is removed, if you do not have Christ formed in you, you will die because you will have nothing of God left in you, that is what this is talking about. Those who were in the ship that was black and white where Christ was not, where there was just the Holy Spirit, when the Holy Spirit is removed, they are going to die. We see there is a division coming in the church, and is that not what Jesus prophesied. He said, I am going to separate the sheep from the goats, right? That is what He said, there is a separation coming, and there are going to be a lot of people surprised as to where they are after the separation takes place because, after the Holy Spirit is withdrawn, the sons of God are going to appear, there will be a company of people who will, in whom Christ Jesus will stand up in full stature, in full power, with full dominion over nature, and at that point, it will be a simultaneous happening, when the sons of God stand up in power, the Holy Spirit will be taken from the church, and there will only be two categories of people in the earth, people who are mature in Christ Jesus, and people who are not.


That means, if you know the Bible, if you have cast out demons, if you have prayed healing for people, if you have been preaching your whole life, no matter what you have been doing, if Christ is not formed in you, you are now in the same category with the people who never saw a Bible in their life. If that does not break your pride I do not know what will. James clearly warns us, for all of those who can hear it, do not put yourself in the front row, do not think that you are some great one in the church, because when the Lord brings in someone greater than you, you are going to be moved to the back and you are going to be humiliated, so take a back seat, humble yourself, thank God for what you have got, and know all of the time, that at any moment, someone greater than you can appear.


What is happening in the church today is that someone who is greater than the Holy Spirit has appeared, but the preachers that manifest the Holy Spirit, will not get out of their front row seat, they will not move, so they are going to be moved, they will be removed. She says now, but I could not understand how those cds appeared when they were on the ocean. I am not sure what to make out of that except that they came out of nowhere, that this separation just came out of nowhere, but that is in her dream that it came without warning.


Jehovah says, and today Jehovah is appearing to us as Jesus, the Lord Jesus Christ, He does not do anything without telling His prophets first. What makes you prophet? What makes you a prophet is that Christ is you. Everyone that has Christ rooted and grounded, is a prophet. That prophetic anointing may be still be very young in seed form, but the whole five fold ministry is in Christ Jesus, prophet, evangelist, teacher, pastor, there is really only four, teaching pastors, prophets, evangelists, and apostles. If you have Christ, you have the seeds of all of those ministries in you. What I am saying to you is that everyone that has Christ that is hearing Him, is not going to be surprised when this separation takes place. The only people that will be surprised are the people who do not have Christ, they think they are going to be raptured, do they not?


She remembers that she could not get out of the dream, and she was very disoriented all day. You will find that when there is a heavy move of the Spirit on you, you can get very disoriented, and that is because you are in two worlds at the same time. When the Spirit moves mightily on you, the part of you that is trying to function in this world can be very disoriented, like me a lot of the time, you say things that do not make any sense, and sometimes you do things that do not make any sense. Sometimes I have a thought in my mind and a completely different word comes out, I cannot explain it to you, but I know it has to do with this disorientation from being in the Spirit, being in heaven and earth at the same time.


The Lord is prophesying here today, and He is announcing to this group the separation that is coming. That is very exciting, I am so sorry for what is happening in the church today, but it has to happen, it is prophesied that it will happen. This also prophesied that heresies will abound in the church, why? We are told there has to be heresy in the church, that is talking about doctrine now, there has to be, because the truth is only revealed when it is compared to the error. Just like light is only revealed when it is placed next to darkness. The Lord teaches us through contrast, and His purpose for us is to spiritually mature us so that He can live through us and that we can be vessels in His plan, to cleanse this whole world, to deliver the people of this world, and to bring us out of hell.


The way the King James translation is read, a lot of people think that after Jesus was resurrected, He first went down to hell, no, He went down to hell and He was crucified in hell, this is it right here, we cannot see the forest for the trees. Are there any questions or comments on this?


COMMENT: The Scripture that says, Come away my beloved, and the Lord was speaking to me about the secret place last week, and He said to me, that in the secret place, that is where the seed is given.


PASTOR VITALE: And what do you think the secret place is?


COMMENT: The mind of Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: I mean what do you think the secret place is, where the seed is given? COMMENT: A place of surrender where you come away with the Lord and lay down your own will and surrender any desire, any hope, anything that He has given you in the past and say, Lord, I exchange everything that I am or am not, anything you have given me in the past, I surrender it back to you for your perfect will my life now, the next level of ascension, of being one with Him.


PASTOR VITALE: Christ is the secret place, and it is interesting that you should say that, because the Lord just told me something yesterday that really excited me, and He showed me that I had something backwards, very frequently we get backwards, the carnal mind gets things backwards you know, and He showed me that the imputed Christ, the Christ that is formed, when one pursues the Holy Spirit, and the fruit of the Spirit is formed, that is the imputed Christ, that is the secret place, and the seed that is added, the male seed is the wisdom, the fruit fo the Spirit comes from pursuing the gifts and studying and doing everything that you know to do, but the seed that is given into the secret place is the seed of wisdom which is the doctrine of Christ, and that union will root, will ground and root Christ in to the person. The experience that the Lord has for us that we, everyone wants salvation but we really do not understand what it is, the church really does not understand what it is, it is a process of a union between God and a man, and again, I use that name generically, a human being, that the type of which is human sexuality.


There is a female seed, and that female seed is the imputed Christ, which comes from the Holy Spirit, and the seed, the male seed, the Greek calls it the sperma, because there are several Greek words that are translated seed, the sperma of the glorified Jesus Christ is the wisdom that comes from the doctrine of Christ, and when that seed of wisdom joins with the fruit of the Spirit, Christ Jesus is born. After Christ Jesus is born in us, He marries our personality, and when that marriage is fully consummated, as I told you before, and the two are fully integrated, then the human being, can live, can depart from this physical body and continue to live.


In that process we die to everything that we are in the animal nature, because we are all in the animal nature now. For the season that we are both, it is a perversion, it is just for a season, it is a transitional period, because we could not bear it, we could not bear the shock of a sudden transition, it would kill us. Did anybody not understand what I just said? Let me say it again. We are given the Holy Spirit which is a gift, when we pursue the Holy Spirit as much as we are able, that Holy Spirit turns into a female seed within us which is the imputed Christ, or a spiritual womb that is capable of receiving the male seed.


When Christ is formed in us like that, as an imputed Christ unattached, and we hear the doctrine of Christ, the male seed is the wisdom that comes to the fruit of the Spirit, and the union of the wisdom of God which is the doctrine of Christ, and the fruit of the Spirit which is the Christ that is formed in you because you were chasing after Him, that forms what we call in the imparted Christ who now becomes a part of you just like your heart, it is all woven into your body. That spiritual being called Christ Jesus is now rooted and grounded in you and ultimately He will marry or join Himself to your personality, and when the integration is fully complete, we will no longer need to abide in these physical bodies that get sick and cause us pain, and that die, and when an imperfect soul is in a body that dies, the soul dies too, and this is hell, the world where this process takes place is called hell.


Hell is intimately associated with death, heaven is intimately associated with life. Any questions about anything that I have said, or comment?


COMMENT: Is it possible to get the wisdom of Christ without receiving the Holy Ghost first?


PASTOR VITALE: Absolutely, absolutely possible, and I know that I asked the Lord this question several years ago, actually I think after you two were seeking the Holy Ghost, and the Lord told me that, it was at xxxx's baby's baptism, and I said I would pray for you if you wanted, but the Lord told me that He was not going to give it to you, that you were going jump over that process. At that time the Lord explained to me and corrected an error in my thinking, He is continuously correcting errors in my thinking, that I thought, and I think most Pentecostal people, I do not think the Baptist people would think this, but most Pentecostal people think that the Pentecostal experience is a more mature experience with God than the experience that Baptist, and I do not know if you are that familiar with Baptist, but basically they are people of faith, they have faith in Jesus Christ, they believe that He is the savior and they are Bible believing Christians, the surface of the Bible.


They have done a lot of evangelism, they have done a lot great works for God, but there are no gifts of the Spirit, and when the gifts of the Spirit, when the Pentecostal movement started, the Baptist church rejected it saying it was not of God, and absolutely refused to go along with it, so Pentecostal people think that because the Pentecostal experience came after the Baptist experience, that the Pentecostal experience is the next step up, or a more mature experience in God.


This is what the Lord told me, He told me not true, He said, and He said if you look at the Pentecostal church, and anyone that is honest will say that this is true, the Pentecostal church, the people in it compared to Baptist, Lutherans, Methodists, etc, etc, Catholics, etc, etc, the Pentecostal church is just filled people with spiritual problems, alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, prostitutes, sexually promiscuous people, sick people, mentally sick people, physically sick people, large, the large percentage of the Pentecostal church is filled up with people like this. What does that mean?


It means that there were people in the world whose spiritual problems were so great or the curses that were on their life were so great that they could not be helped by a Baptist or a Methodist or a Lutheran church, these people needed power in the their life to break the curses before they could start studying the Bible. The Pentecostal church is not a more mature church or more mature level than the other levels, the Pentecostal move is the gift of God to help people that could not have been reconciled to Him any other way.


The people that are in Pentecost, like me, for example I came out of Pentecost, I am not Pentecostal anymore, why is that? I matured out of it and now my walk is more similar although I do not think the Baptist would agree with me but my walk is more similar to the Baptists than the Pentecostal people, why? Because I study all of the time. The Baptists study all of the time. I preach messages, I study for my messages, a lot of Pentecostal preachers just walk around the stage yelling Hallelujah, I am sorry but is that not true? You know, they do not have much to say, or all that they preach about is they preach the same message every week, salvation, salvation, salvation. The Baptists, they get into the Bible, the Lutherans, too, the study and they preach some good messages.


They are using their intellect. The Baptists and denomination or people who study the Bible and preach deep messages from it, are the more mature than a group of Christians who are expressing emotionalism in Christ Jesus. There is a place for expressing emotionalism in Christ Jesus, and I did tell you what it was, the people who need deliverance from alcoholism, drug addiction, physical or mental illness, or any kind of problem that requires more power than the surface study of the word, the surface study of the word.


The denominations today study the surface understanding of the word, and that is a more mature place then a move of God where the healing of the emotions, and the healing is taking place because the people were too damaged to study deeply. Do you hear that, they are the people who were too damaged to apply themselves to deep study.


That is a hard word for Pentecostal people, but it is what God told me, and there is nothing wrong being Pentecostal if that is what you need at the moment, that was what I needed, and I jumped, and screamed, and danced, and yelled, banged my tambourine, I did all that, I did it for five or seven years, and it healed my soul, but the Lord also put me into deep study, and I do not want to make it sound like some Pentecostal people do not study, there are Pentecostal people who study, but eventually if pursue studies in God, eventually you are going to come out of the gifts because the intellectual exercise of pursuing the word of God tends to diminish the emotional manifestations of dancing and singing and speaking in tongues, it is a form of growing up.


We look at our humanity as an example, when you are a young child, you play games, you jump rope, you dance and you sing and then when you get older, you go to school, and you study and you get a job, and you start thinking about the weightier things of life, and you tend to jump and play games less, it is a just a maturity in Christ. Here is the criteria, the Christian who pursues intellectual studies in Christ, is more mature than the Christian who is engaged in emotionalism, although emotionalism is a legitimate stage for the people who need it, but everybody does not need it.


We have all of these Pentecostal people that think they are more mature than the Baptist, and are they not going to be surprised when the Baptist, when the Lord opens their minds and they go from the surface level of, the surface understanding of the Bible, to the deeper understanding of the Bible, and the Pentecostal people are still dancing and singing. You cannot, see, when you dance and sing and I do not mean to put it down, it really healed my soul when I came to the Lord, I was a very wounded person, and I was feeling so good in those services, I thought I was in heaven, getting slain in the spirit, stretched out on the floor, I thought I was in heaven, it was healing my emotions, you see, but this emotionalism, and there is a place for it, it is a legitimate place for it for people who need it, this emotionalism in God, it is likened to the circular underworld, it goes around, and round, and round, you do not ascend from that, you do not ascend from that.


God can bless you, your life can get better, you can get healed, if you are in poverty, you can come out of your poverty, but you do not ascend out of Pentecostalism, ascension is in the intellectual pursuit of God. God is, He really does not have any attributes, but if I have to give Him attributes at all, God is intellect, we ascend through mind, we ascend as we get to know Him better. We have to study to understand how to know Him better, we are saved through union with Him. How does God relate to us? He relates to us through His word. When we are down there dancing and singing, it is like patting a little two year old on the head, are you not cute, He loves us, He loves us!


Today, I have the most interesting conversations with the Lord, He says the most exciting things to me, I ask Him questions, and He answers me, the nature, the foundation of my relationship with God, is the pursuit of His word, of understanding Him, more and more, He is my teacher. That is the foundation of our relationship, He teaches me. Then if I have a problem, He helps me because I am His student, just like in the natural, as your children get older, hopefully if your family life is healthy, you become friends with your adult children, you do not continue to treat them as children, but you become two adults that are friends, hopefully, it does not always happen.


We are told that Abraham was the friend of God, why? Because He believed God. What did he believe? He did not just believe God when God says, Come out of that country and go to another country, he believed everything God told Him, I think Abraham knew the whole doctrine of Christ, Abraham was a genius, he was a soothsayer, he was a very high witch, he was an astrologer, I do not think he was evil, but he came out of a pagan land, and he was a, I do not know the right word to call him, I think soothsayer is the word, but he was very high in spiritual power, and I believe that the Lord taught him the whole doctrine of Christ, and he believed everything that God told him, so he became the friend of God.


I think that I am the friend of God, we talk all of the time. I ask Him, and He answers me, that is our relationship, I do not teach Him, I ask, and He teaches me, I ask if there is something that I can do to help somebody, and sometimes He gives me a word for somebody, He lets me help them, that is the whole core of our relationship, there is no emotionalism in this relationship, there is no dancing and singing, although there is joy in my heart, it is exciting to me, it is a whole different world of intimacy with God. There is no intimacy with God in dancing and singing, what kind of intimacy with God in dancing and singing? There is no intimacy with God, and intimacy with God should be our ultimate goal, union with God through intimacy or through an intimate relationship with God.


What does that have to do with dancing and singing, you know? Dancing and singing and the gifts of the Spirit, the prophesying and the speaking in tongues, that build up our ego that if we do not be careful we will become overinflated, there is a danger in Pentecost, an overinflated ego. This is all healing to the soul that is so wounded that they could not have an intimacy with God, because their wounds were separating them from Him. Pentecost, speaking in tongues, and the gifts of the Spirit is a cleansing and a healing which prepares people for intimacy with God, and everybody does not need it. Some people just jump right into the word, like xxx and xxx, that was a personal word for them, maybe you too, the only thing that is confusing me about you, is that at one point a year ago, the Lord did tell me to ask you if you wanted to speak in tongues. I do not understand what has happened here, but I do know that no it does not have to happen to you, and that you are into deep doctrine already, so maybe it is not going to. Maybe some day He will explain it to me, it is just something that happened.


Sometimes God asks us things because He just wants to see our reaction, and your reaction was yes you wanted it, and maybe He just zoomed ahead, I do not know. Did I answer your question? Anybody else?


COMMENT: Before you had asked me something to the effect of how define the secret place, but you explained it in just a perfect way, coming before the Lord not asking for anything or it is just asking questions, and sitting back and waiting for Him to speak to you.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, that is what it means to sit at Jesus' feet, that is describing it. To sit at Jesus' feet describes a level of relationship with Jesus Christ, where He is the teacher, we know that we are the student. A lot of Christians try to teach God, you know.


COMMENT: This goes back to when you were just speaking to xxxx, and I do not know if it is the appropriate time, but I had a dream, I had a dream this morning, very brief, xxxx was with me, her hair was a little shorter and curly, and it was a very flattering bouncy curled very mature looking, and very flattering, very beautiful on her, and I just commented how nice her hair was, that was all that was in the dream.


PASTOR VITALE: Hair signifies spirit, so the beautification of one's hair, and that is what I get out of your dream, the beautification of her hair, would mean the beautification or the maturation of the spirit, that is a very nice dream.


At one point I was having, I had a couple of dreams years ago of being in a beauty parlor, and my hair was getting fixed up, and that was the interpretation the Lord gave me. One of my dreams one day is to write a book on all of the dream symbols that the Lord has taught me over the years, by which, which I implement today if someone gives me a dream like this, I draw upon all of these symbols that He has taught me over the years. That is what I tell you, the hair typifies the spirit, and it is also power, of course our spiritual power is in the spirit, and Jesus Christ is the only beautiful spirit. The exercise of spiritual power apart from Jesus Christ is darkness and ugliness. I am not really sure what the curls mean, but it just means beautification to me. That is a very nice word you got, you got a word of knowledge.




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