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 The church cannot go forward they do not think the judgment is for them, they think it is for the people out there and the truth of the matter is, that the judgment is not for the people out there, they are ignorant, the Bible says, they do not know their right hand from their left, they do not know the first thing about spiritual things, about spiritual laws, about judgment, they do not know that they are offending God, they do not know that they are guilty of death, and God is having mercy on them.


The church that reads their Bible everyday, and goes to prayer meetings, and prays on their knees and still only hears from the god of their carnal mind, there the judgment is coming, why? Because this is a perversion. You cannot present yourself to the world as a representative of the living God, and teach Satan's doctrine. The problem is, God is so long suffering, that it takes so long for judgment to fall, and that when the judgment does fall, the church does not recognize as a correction from something, that they did something, blame it on Satan, and there is no repentance because there is no confession, because there is no recognition that they did anything wrong, so the judgment is wasted.


My people perish for lack of knowledge, saith the Lord.


Hosea 4:6. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me. Seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. KJV


The judgment is for the church, the judgment is not for the sinner. Mercy is for the sinner. There is no mercy for the church, they are supposed to know better. If you have a family, if you have a two year old baby, and that two year old baby, the cutest example is my little granddaughter, she loves to take her clothes off, and there could be a whole room full of people, men and women, and she will come out and strip, she use to do it when she was two or three, and she use to just stip and then dance around with her little behind. What do you do? You take her by the hand, and you say, xxxx, that is not nice, you are not supposed to do that, you take her into the bedroom and you put her clothes on. When your ten year old does that after you have told her many times, young ladies do not do things like that, you take inside and you whack her, and say, If you do that again, you will be punished more severely. There is something wrong with that behavior.


We see that God is winking and having mercy at the world because they the equivalent of my little granddaughter that has no, is totally innocent and has no knowledge of what it means to be stripping in front of people, He is winking and having great mercy on the world. How do I know? Look at them, large numbers, especially in this country of people that do not know Jesus are prospering, they are healthy, they families are in tact, their relationships are good, they are financially prospering, and you look at the church, and people are sick and struggling, not everybody, they are struggling in some way, how come?


Because the church is under judgment, but the judgment is subtle, that they hardly recognize it, and they blame Satan, they blame Satan and they say God is going to deliver them, but there is no confession, there is no repentance, and as many people die in the church as die in the world. Many people get divorced in the church, just as many as get divorced in the world. There is no difference today.


When I talk like this, you need to understand that this is a Scriptural way of talking, there are always exceptions, there is always some people, the Scripture says God has a remnant. There are always some people that have gotten a hold of God, in their minds and in their hearts, they have gotten a hold of Him, and they will not let go, and they are getting healed, and they are surviving and they are getting better everyday. That goes without saying, but the church in general is fading. These are statistics, you could check this out, I am not just saying this out of my head, why? Because they have not changed.


They are wearing a big sign that says, I am the representative of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth, and they worse than the people in the world, and that is true. We have to hear this and we have to know this, and we have to know how to pray properly, to pray for vengeance on somebody that hurts you, is big mistake because that is not what the Lord would do.


We should all want to be in the Lord's nature, and the Lord would want to help them, and the only way to help them is judgment. I thought you said Sheila that you should pray mercy on them? Yes, all judgment, the Scripture tells us, all judgment is given unto the son, that is Christ Jesus, all judgment is in His hands, we are the mediator, we pray for mercy, we forgive sins. Jesus said, The one whose sins you forgive, are forgiven, and the ones you do not forgive, are not forgiven. Therefore Jesus said, If you do not forgive, I will not forgive you. It does not matter what they have done to you, forgiveness, unforgiveness is a state of mind within us that cuts us off from the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, and I could not live without the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, He is my lifeline. He is my spiritual blood, and He corrects me everyday, and everyday I get better, and the better I get, the less power Satan has to hurt me.


Therefore I get healthier everyday, my relationships get better everyday, my life gets better everyday, because I am under correction everyday. Our job is to forgive, and to bless, and then when we do that, this is tricky, the forgiveness and the blessings and the mercy of God come to a person, a saint of God that is out of the way in the form of judgment. Can you hear this?


When we forgive and we bless, truly, not just in words, and turn that person over to God, the mercy that we have asked Him to have on the person, come in the form of corrective judgment, because if he does not correct that person, Satan will correct that person, and that correction could end in death or severe tragedy in the person's life. To think that the church is not under judgment which is what is preached out there, is ludicrous, and that is why the church has no power. There is no power in the church.


Remember what I told you before, that does not mean that there is not some evangelist somewhere that has power following him, in general there is no power in the church. It is the same thing as saying the government of a nation can be unrighteous, but there could be righteous people in that government, in the nation, one righteous man here, one righteous man there, but the Lord us usually dealing with government, He judges a nation based on the government, He judges a fellowship based on the government, you know there is government in the fellowship, there is government here. The Scripture says that all authority is put in place by God, even evil authority. That is why we are not supposed to rebel against authority, even when it is wrong, we are not supposed to rise up and tell them off. Even if the person in charge, the pastor, the senator, the president of the United States is truly wrong, we are not supposed to relate to that person in an offensive way, we are to respect all authority, why? Because God put them there.


When you come against established authority, you are rebelling against God. Why would God establish an unrighteous ruler. Do you mean God raised up Hitler? Yes, that is a tough one, I am Jewish, that is a TOUGH one. The rulers of the people are the physical manifestation of the hearts of the people, the hearts and minds of the people, Hitler was selected by a popular vote. There had to be something wrong with the population in Germany at that time. Does that means every single German citizen? No, there was German citizens hid Jews in their attics at the risks of their own lives. I am talking about the population at large.


Everyone in authority is put there by God. What does that mean? The sowing and reaping judgment, the law of the circular underworld is in tact, and it only changes when God intervenes, like the Supreme court of the United States has to intervene, and He only intervened on behalf of the His own program. The church thinks that they know God, but they do not know God, they do not know what He is like. God, He is so enormous, immense, that our pea brain could never, ever comprehend Him. What we see today is just a little beam of Him, like a sunbeam that comes into the house, if a sunbeam comes through the window, are you seeing the sun? No, you are seeing a beam of, an aspect of the sun, if you look at the sun, you go blind, if you continuously study the sun.


We just see the slightest little aspect of God, and the aspect of the God that is in the church today, is called the Holy Spirit, the female seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, who has come with mercy to ignorant people who are destroying themselves because they do not know their left hand from their right hand. They do not know how to get a hold of God, even if there are people in the church that do not know how to access God. They do not know how to touch Him, they do not know how to get His power in their life, and the Bible says, they do not know their left hand from their right hand.


The power in the church today is the female seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, representing His mercy. Unschooled people say, Well look at the God of the Old Testament, that blood thirsty killer, which is the way the King James translation makes it sound. A lot of Christian do not even read the Old Testament, they call blood and guts, that is all gone they say, mercy is here, grace is here, and what they do not understand is that grace had a beginning, and everything that has a beginning, has an end. Time is running out, and the end of it is not the rapture.


What does that mean? We are going back to the sowing and reaping judgment. This period of grace, 2,000 years of grace was and is designed as amnesty. I am going to divert Satan's attention towards you, Satan the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment. I am going to minimize her powers, I am going to restrain her, I am not going to let her kill you, so that you will have time to get to know me, to understand what I require of you, and to have the opportunity to do your very best within the purview of your understanding of what I require of you, and get to know me better, and get to submit to My ways to the best of my ability, because when this period of grace comes to an end, the killer is going to be hunting you. Actually she is killer lion, actually she has been hunting you the whole time, that you have been serving God, looking for some little opening, some little crack, to hurt you or destroy you as you do the best that you can, to pursue God, and find out what he wants of you, and to do it.


The whole catch is by the time grace comes to an end, we are supposed to be, we the church, we are supposed to be fully firmly established grounded and rooted in Christ Jesus so spiritually powerful and so righteous because of the nature of Christ that has been added to us, that Satan cannot hurt us, when the killer lion is let loose. The church is dancing and singing and believing lies, and when grace comes to an end, they are going to be put together in the same holding tank with the unbeliever. There is going to be only two categories.


Listen, the whole world is waiting for an event, different groups of people disagree or have different opinions of what that event is, but the whole world knows something spiritual is about to happen. The message that the doctrine of Christ gives us, or teaches is that there will appear on the earth, a company of people in whom, who will have their nature changed, who will have received a grafting of the glorified life of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that glorified life of the Lord Jesus Christ will have ameliorated, will have made powerless and inactive the nature that they were born with, and those people will have received the mercy and grace of God having the privilege of being human beings who manifest His righteous nature.


Where there is no sin the law has no power. Satan is the faithful enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment, she can only hurt you if there is sin present in your life. Does the Lord take away the law, does He remove Satan from the circular underworld? Absolutely not! The circular underworld, Jesus said, I did not come to take away the law, I came to fulfill the law. What does that mean? It means that His law will come to an incredible conclusion which I will now explain to you.


The law will come to an end when there is no more use for the law. The law corrects sin. If you do not stop doing what you doing, you die, very simple, that is why everybody dies. By giving us a new righteous nature, and by maturing that righteous nature within His people to the point that, that righteous nature sits upon the nature we are born with and utterly paralyzes it, we then become righteous through His righteousness, and Satan, the burning fire of hell has no power to hurt us.


When every human being on the face of the earth, has the righteous nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, Satan will have nothing to do, and her fire will go out. That is how Jesus is fulfilling her law. He will bring the human race into a condition where she will have to retire. The law will have to be put to bed, there will be no use for it anymore, and it is not going to be when we are not looking, we will be active participants in the process which will change our nature, active participants, and our part in it, is to turn against and betray our own sin nature.


We, aside from, I am not talking about being Christ right now, I am talking about the human being, we are personality that has a spiritual inner man, or that has a mind, the inner man, or the new man or the old man, this is the personality together with the mind, that is the man, so the personality is female to the mind. When we are born, our personality is married to our carnal mind, and that is our old man, also called the Devil, that is who the


Devil is, the personality, married to the carnal mind. We are being given a new mind, and when our personality marries the new mind, we become the new man. The personality is present whether you are your old man or your new man, it is the same personality, and the same physical body. That is how the law will be fulfilled, we are being changed internally by a miraculous provision of Jehovah who sent the Lord Jesus Christ to save His people from His own law.


Jehovah sent the Lord Jesus Christ to save the world from Jehovah's own law, He is not taking the law away, He is making us, He is giving us righteousness so that the law loses its power to hurt us, because where there is no sin, the law is not needed. The law is not for a righteous man. Paul said the law is not for a righteous man. We are all under the law because we are unrighteous, even when we have the Holy Spirit, even when we have, I believe I have Christ Jesus, am I righteous man? I am righteous when I am preaching under His anointing, but if you take my whole person and my whole condition, I am not. If I were righteous, I would not be aging, and sick, or anticipate dying unless the Lord intervenes, the law is not for a righteous man, the law is not for Christ Jesus in me, the law is for my carnal mind, who needs to be beaten everyday. My carnal mind needs to be beaten everyday, saying, Get down Devil, get down Serpent, I do not want your thoughts, I do not want your solutions, I do not want your rational, I do not want your emotions. In every situation, my prayer is, Lord, let me manifest Christ. Lots of time I do not know what the manifestation or the response of Christ would be, I do not know, I have to ask, that is how you become transformed, to deny your reflex gut reaction, and ask the Lord, and do not assume that you know what His reactions would be. If your heart is right and you truly want to experience the fulfillment of this message, you have to give up your own thinking, and your own ways, in every situation, especially in conflict and say, Lord, please let me manifest your reactions, let me understand, let me experience and let me feel and let me do however you would react in this circumstance. Then when His thought comes into your mind, you have to give up the thoughts of your mind.


In the case of forgiveness for example, if someone hurts you, and the Lord says, bless them, and your mind and your carnal mind is raging, but look at what they did to me? You have to give up those thoughts because if you do not give them up, the thoughts of Christ that you have asked for, will die. Listen, thoughts are living things, thoughts that come into our mind are living things, thoughts that come out of our carnal mind, especially if they are evil become demons, or they can become demons. If you entertain the thoughts, and you live them and act them out, at some point, they can actually detach from you and become existing conscious entities in the astral plane, evil existing conscious entities in the astral plane. That is how demons are born, demons are born.


Thoughts are living things. Jesus said, My words are spirit, and My words are life. Words are just the final expression of thought that arises from your unconscious mind into your subconscious and your conscious, it mixes with your heart, your emotions and comes out as a living thing. Thoughts are powerful, and I am going to tell you again, every car accident, every tragedy that happens out there, is the result of a mass or a group of negative thoughts that have been massed together as a big power block. If you see a car accident, a big car accident on the road, somebody died, something terrible happens, their leg is cut off, or something happening to them, that is no accident, that is a result of a massive amount of negativity. You might call it a fire ball being directed at that person.


Oh, but everybody loves them, nobody was mad at them. Then it is a curse coming from a previous generation. Jesus said, I have much to tell you but you cannot bear it now. Brethren this is the message of the Lord Jesus Christ, what you hear in the church today is not the message of the Lord Jesus Christ. Make peace with all your enemies, Jesus said, quickly, quickly make peace before the magistrate has the power to come and judge you and lock you up and put you in jail. But I was right, it does not matter, I did not do anything, they just attacked me. Yes, but you responded with the anger and retaliation and wrath of your carnal mind, therefore you as guilty as the person who hurt you. Not fair. Tough, that is the law.


Only the son of God can judge sin. The son of God, who is the son of God? Christ Jesus is the son of God. If you carry Christ Jesus, I carry Christ Jesus, I believe I carry Him, any judgment that comes forth must come forth from Christ Jesus in me. This is very difficult to understand, because I am Sheila. I just explained it to you a few minutes ago, the same body, the same personality, when I am in my carnal mind, if I judge someone that hurt me, and pronounced evil upon them, I am as guilty as they are, but if in an imperceptible shift of nature that you cannot see, if Christ Jesus rises in me, and should pronounce a judgment on them, it is legitimate. This is very hard, and only Christ Jesus in one person, or at least Christ in one person, can recognize Christ in another person.


What is the difference between Christ and Christ Jesus? Christ in the individual is, how do I say this? We are all born with a drop of the dead adam which has the potential to return to righteousness, we are all born with a potential to return to righteousness, which is dead. There is a whole philosophy out in the spiritual philosophy world today that says that everybody is Christ, we all have the Christ consciousness. Brethren we all are born with Christ, every human being born of a woman is born with Christ, a drop of adam who sinned and died, but he is dead.


Christ is the regenerated drop of Adam within us, and when He is regenerated, He becomes our potential to manifest the fullness of the mature Adam, righteous Adam who we see represented to us today in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said, I am the first and I am the last Adam. What does that mean? It means Jesus was born as a human being with adam, His drop of adam, His potential of righteousness dead, that is the first adam, he was dead, but Jesus of Nazareth experienced the fulfillment of the whole process which is regenerating mankind back into righteousness, into an even greater state than the first adam was.


The teaching that Jesus was born God, and perfect from birth is an abomination, because if that is true, what hope do we have? What hope do we have?! Those of us that are truly looking at ourselves and see the sins in our heart and our mind everyday, what hope do we have? Our hope is that there was a man named Jesus of Nazareth, who was born of a woman, as human as we were, although there was a shade of difference because He had no human father, but He was human, and He overcame His carnal mind, and His sin nature, and the process by which He overcame that sin nature is available to us today in His seed.


He was generated without a father, we all are the product of a human father and a human mother, but what we have that He did not have, is a seed, if we have it, that is grafted, a seed of His glorified, like He already overcame and we have got a drop of that overcoming in us. He did not have that, He was born with the Spirit of Christ, which is really the Spirit of Elijah, I am not going to get into that right now. He was born with a glorified spirit, He was not born with perfection, with a seed of perfection in Him, and this is how we entered into His victory. A seed of His glorified life when we have this experience is grafted to us, and that seed is capable of reproducing the whole tree of righteousness in us. That is who Christ is, a seed, Christ is a seed.


Christ Jesus is Christ in us, matured to a certain degree in a certain union called a spiritual marriage with the glorified Jesus Christ. The Christ in us that is regenerated has to be reconnected to the main generator, just like if you want to go on the internet, your computer logs into big computers, I do not even know if they are still called the mainframes, your local pc logs into this gigantic computer, or a series of computers called the internet, and everybody is logging into the internet and you meet each other on the internet.


You can consider yourself, each of you as a pc, you have got to connect to the mainframe, you have got your own source of power and you can use your computer to a certain limited degree, but if you want to connect to the internet, you have got to get a modem, you have to got to purchase service, you have got to connect to the mainframe. The glorified Jesus Christ is the mainframe.


That connection or that marriage has been made between the regenerated Christ in you, and the glorified Jesus Christ, your name changes. Every time your spiritual condition changes, your name changes. The name Christ Jesus signifies Christ in a man, who is married to the glorified Jesus Christ, who is connected to the mainframe. Christ Jesus is the mediator, the only mediator between God and man, Christ is not the mediator, Christ Jesus is the lamb of God, who saves the world, Christ is not the lamb of God. It is that mainframe that everybody is connected to that is the savior of mankind, that is the mediator.


You can forget about having the Holy Spirit, you have even have Christ, and not be qualified to bring judgment on somebody, only Christ Jesus, the one who is connected to the mainframe. The reason we are not allowed to bring judgment on somebody is that, our limited mind simply is not capable of judging the situation. What are you talking about Sheila? I saw that person, they did such and such to me, I saw what they did, and they are guilty, what do you mean I am not capable of judging their crime? If that is how you are judging, you are judging under the law, and the Scripture says you are judging before the time, you are looking, judging based upon what you see, what you hear, and what you know. Jesus said, Illegal, do not do it or I will judge you. He says, That is not acceptable to me.


Christ Jesus has the mind and the rational, the reasoning power and the wisdom and the knowledge of the mainframe. Christ Jesus knows what that person's potential is, what the Lord's intention in that person's life is, and brings judgment not based upon the behavior alone, but upon the condition of the person's heart, and what the Lord intends to do with that person in the future.


Not fair, you say, They did a bad thing. That is your carnal mind. What do you mean Sheila, They did a bad thing? What I mean is, that the Lord Jesus, the Scripture clearly says, I will have mercy on who I will have mercy, and what man opposes the judgment of God? His ways are beyond our ways, we are not capable of comprehending why he decides to do this, or why He decides to do that, the Scripture clearly tells us, there is no one that is even comparable to the counsel, can give counsel comparable to the counsel of God, therefore the Lord takes His own counsel.


We need to be satisfied knowing that the Lord at least, I do not believe except in the case of Jesus of course is not willing to see our life taken, that if we follow the thought that I am preaching to you today, and judge not but forgive, that He the Lord will meet our needs, He is not going to let us be wiped out or destroyed. Of course even in Jesus' case, the Lord did not interfere with the crucifixion and of course, planned for the crucifixion, but the crucifixion was of no effect to the sinner, the effect of the crucifixion was the exact opposite of what Satan would have it to be, Satan intended to wipe Jesus off of the face of the earth, but the Scripture says, Had Satan only known, she would have never crucified the Lord of glory, and she crucified Him through the Jewish government, it was not the Jewish common people, it was the government and the high priests in particular, therefore condemning all Jews is ridiculous, it is like saying the president of the United States, there is something wrong, so every American citizen is guilty, that is crazy.


Had Satan and Leviathan only known, they never would have moved through Caiaphas to execute the Lord, to crucify the Lord Jesus, because He did not die, although that is another message. In any event, we all agree He was resurrected, and that He is not dead today, so they could not kill Him anyway. That is one of my issues, the Lord just taught me something, I just got very excited. One of my issues is I claim He did not die on the cross, and all kinds of people get upset with me, so I have to tell them, well at least we agree that He was resurrected, so we do not have to argue about whether He died or not. The Scripture that the Lord just gave me, was that Scripture where it says, Oh, death where is thy sting, where is thy victory?


The church interprets that to mean that death had no power because He was resurrected, but if death had no power, He could not have killed Him in the first place. Death could not have killed Him, He did not die, He just shed the body, He shed the body, the spiritual man breathed out of the body, and the body like a wine sack collapsed, and yes it was dead because the man inside of it left, it did not die from crucifixion, but that is another message. This was a pretty long exhortation this morning, and I guess basically it was on how to deal with offenses in Christ, the condition of the church, what God requires of us as Christians, He requires us to be like Him. The Scripture says, Be thou holy, as your Father in heaven is holy. That is impossible, how can I be holy Lord? Ask for my response in every situation, that is His answer.


If that is how you are living your life, He is covering you, and as far as He is concerned, you are holy. In due season, your desire for His holiness and righteousness will become a reality in your life, because with God, every Godly thing that you ask for, you get. Every Godly thing that you ask for, you get. You may not get it right away, and depending on what you are asking for, you may not even get it in this incarnation, and that is a hard one to deal with.


In other words, I hope that we are all going to be alive, well let me say this first, we are all maturing, we are maturing physically, and as time goes by, we mature emotionally, we mature spiritually, we are all growing, growing on a forward momentum, the whole human race is also in a forward momentum, growing, growing, growing, looking at how much more civilized we are today, or so that is what they tell us than we were hundreds of years ago, I do not know how true it is, but I guess it is true to some degree. That is another message.


Everything is moving forward. So there is an appointed time we are told, in the maturation of the human race at large, for the human race to start to manifest the nature of the savior, it has to happen. When Jesus of Nazareth appeared on the earth, we are told in the Scripture, there had not been a prophet in Israel, for 500 years, Israel was declining, they were declining, and I am sure that there were some people that were saying, Will Messiah ever come? The Jews today are saying, Will Messiah ever come, because thousands of years have gone by? There is an appointed time, and in the fullness of time, the savior appeared, Messiah appeared to Israel, they did not recognize him, but the time was appointed. It was not appointed like one individual man, it was the appointment that affected the whole world and Israel in particular. In the fullness of time the Scripture says, at the appointed time, Messiah appeared.


There is an appointed time, for the offspring of Messiah to appear. The Lord Jesus Christ is bringing forth children, He is reproducing Himself in other human beings, so if Christ is being formed in you, you are the second generation of Christ, you are the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are all in utero, Christ, the Christ child, that Paul says will save us when He is fully born in us, is in utero, gestating in human beings today. Christ is in the church, not the dead Christ that we are born with, the living regenerating Christ but He a baby. This baby is more powerful than the most capable human being alive, He is a spiritual baby because, how do I know He is a spiritual baby? Because when He is a full grown man, He will be able to preserve your life and your personality and you will stop dying.


I know He is still, if He is not a baby, He is still too young, Christ Jesus in me, He is still too young to preserve my life. Christ is in the church today, and there is an appointed time when human beings that have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ are going to be manifesting an expression of the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ, that is mature enough to preserve their life, and they will stop dying. It has got to happen. I hope and I pray that it is in my lifetime. That is what the race is all about. Paul says we are running a race, what kind of race? We are running a race against death, will Christ Jesus mature in us enough to the point that He can preserve us before Satan has a legitimate right to take our life. That is the race. I hope it is going to be in all of our lifetimes, but if it is not, it has got to happen. The day must come, the appointed time must come, when the preserving saving nature of the Lord Jesus Christ begins to appear in human beings, and they stop dying, it has to happen, because the whole human race is maturing.


It is maturing, going forward, time goes continuously forward. If you ask the Lord, for example, or if your ancestors, your grandfather, or your grandmother, or your mother, was a ardent worshiper of the Lord Jesus Christ, served Him to the best of their ability, and their heart felt prayer was that they wanted to experience this, to see their personality and their body preserved in the righteous nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord could not answer their prayer before the appointed time came that this kind of event began to happen.


Therefore if you, anyone here has an ancestor that prayed that prayer, it is likely to happen in your lifetime, or if it is not your lifetime, it will be your children's lifetime. The Lord answers every righteous prayer that you ask. Every righteous thing that you ask for, He will give you, but He cannot always give it to you immediately, or in your lifetime, depending on what you are asking for.


If you ask Him to make you very wealthy, and you are truly following Him and serving Him with all of your life. Some people ask that, I have heard people ask that in a righteous spirit. Lord, I would like to be very wealthy, so that I could support missions, and I could build hospitals, and feed the poor, so that I would like to be very wealthy Lord, so that I do not have to work a secular job, so that I could serve you everyday of my life, I have a gift, I would like to minister, I would like to write, I would like to teach, I would like to play music, if you would give me income that I did not have to work, I would spend everyday of my life in the service of your people, so I would like to be rich, so I could have a jet plane to fly all over the country and bring this message to people all over the world. If your heart is true when asking that question, it is a legitimate prayer, but if you ask Him to make you very rich, so that you can live a worldly life, He is not going to answer that prayer.


My point is this, if you prayed that prayer with a right heart, but you are a person who has certain, we all have flaws, if one of your character flaws or a series of character flaws is that you do not know how to handle money, or that, that kind of wealth will destroy you because once you got the money you would not be able to do what you thought you would do with it, or because your personality would cause you to lord it over people, the Lord will not give you that money or that wealth that you are asking for, until He first changes your nature.


That might happen depending on who you are and the other circumstances of your life, that it may not be feasible, not because He is limited, but because we are limited.


It may not be, because we do not the ability to grow into the maturity of how to handle our finances and handle being a wealthy person in one lifetime. If you ask that prayer to be very wealthy for the right reasons, some future generations, your child or your grandchildren, or your great grandchildren, a very wealthy person who serves God will appear on the face of the earth, because He answers every Godly prayer that you ask.


I know that I had a point, and then I went off and I lost my point. I was talking about the sons of God manifesting on the earth. It has to happen, you see, and if you are asking for that in the right spirit, it will happen to you or it will happen to your offspring depending on the limitations of this physical, the limitations of our physical life, and the limitations of the program as its being manifested through the whole world.


Even Paul said, I have not yet attained, I was born out of season. What did Paul mean by that when he said he was born out of season? He meant, it was not time for the whole human race to start to give birth to sons of the Lord Jesus Christ. Even though Paul was this great apostle, and He was a great man of God, He was existing in a time frame where full, attaining to the fullness was not yet available to human beings other than the Lord Jesus Christ, that is what he meant. He had every reason to hope that he would attain to everlasting life, except that, that was not yet available to the world.


Technology today is going forward at such a rapid rate of speed. I just was on the internet the other day looking, investigating a new program or a new version of a program that just came out, and the advertisement on the internet said, Yes, this program is available at this time to government agencies, and large corporations, but it is not available at this time to the home user, or the small business users, you have to wait until January of 2007, if you are a home user or a small business or a home office person, and you want this program, you have to wait until January of 2007 until it is available for your situation.


I have this set up here, I have a home office here, and I could really use this program, and I could use it right now, it would help me right now, it would benefit the ministry right now, I am ready for it, the people who work here are ready for it, I have the equipment that can accommodate it, but the program is not available for a home office.


Paul was fully equipped to qualify to attain to everlasting life, but the program was not available at the time that he as in existence in this world, and that is what he meant that he was born out of season, so he had to be taken from the world. The law of this world, which is the law of this circular underworld said that his body could only live for so long, and the intervening law, like the United States Supreme Court, which is what, this is what we are waiting for, we are waiting for the law of love, the law of the Lord Jesus Christ, to come in an interfere with the law of sin and death, that says everybody has to die.


Even though Jesus was already resurrected when Paul said this, the process that was in play, the process that was being developed which would channel the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ and make it available, not only channel but make it available to the home office user if you will, to the individual, his victory was not yet in a form that could be assimilated and utilized and developed in the individual human being, even though Paul was an excellent candidate, the program was not available, so he had to leave this world. Those of us that have somewhat of a grasp of this message today, we hope that, that program called you know victory over death, is going to be available before Satan has a legitimate reason to take us because of old age or because we have lived for so many years, I do not mean to say old age, but because we have lived so many years on the earth, or a disease or whatever.


Everyone sitting in this room, everyone hearing my voice, anyone reading this transcript or hearing this message on this tape, that is our hope, that the program becomes available before Satan legitimately takes us. If Satan legitimately does take us because she gets to us before the program is available, there is not a doubt in my mind that the promise that our heart is set on will be manifested in our children or our grandchildren, at least one of our offspring, because we are our offspring. That does not give us much comfort, because of the level that our carnal mind is at right now, it does not give us much comfort, okay, but it is the truth, nevertheless it is the truth.


Our children have our blood, and our flesh and our spiritual and emotional heritage. What happens if you do not have any children? It goes to your niece or your nephew. It is all the same blood, it goes to your blood, everybody has to have somebody, well that is not true that everybody has to have somebody, the Scripture says, if you have nobody, if you do not have a, if noone of your siblings has reproduced, you are dead, that is what the Scripture says, you died. As long as you have an heir in the earth, you are still living. I know there is one Scripture that says, I do not remember who it is, a man, I do not know if he was a king or not, I really do not recall, he had nineteen sons and they went out to battle, and all of his sons were killed, and the Scripture says, And he died, his nineteen sons were killed and he died. That is what the Scripture says, He died. Praise the Lord.


Are there any, this was a long exhortation this morning, are there any questions or comments on this issue, we really touched a lot of points here, anybody? If not we will just take a break.


COMMENT: I would like to have ultimate reconciliation defined, and how you define it?


PASTOR VITALE: I am not expert on ultimate reconciliation, but my understanding of it, the understanding of it that I have, is that ultimate reconciliation is a doctrine that teaches that every physical human being ever born will be resurrected, that is my understanding of it. Some people, I do not really know if it part of the quote doctrine of reconciliation or not, but I know a lot of people that believe that the physical bodies will be resurrected, and they tell you that, or you will see pictures, I am sorry I really do not mean to mocking anybody, but sometimes what people think is just so funny, just like you would laugh at a child. Some ministries show graves being opened and all of the graves across the whole world being dug and the bones of the people being dug up and flesh being put back on those bones that have been in the grave for hundreds of years.


Of course what about, if that doctrine of ultimate reconciliation is true, what about all of the people who have burned? Some cultures burn their corps you know, but that is what is taught, that the graves are going to open, the physical graves and the earth is going to be dug up and the bones are going to come out, and those that have been rotting there and all full of maggots and everything are going to have flesh put back on them again. I am sorry it is just silly, you know, it is just, if you just stop to think about it, it is just silly, you know.


God is looking for people that think, you see, there is nothing wrong with questioning what you read in the Bible if your spirit is right. If your heart is right, if you read something in the Bible and it does not make any sense to you, you are supposed to say, Lord, help me to understand this because it does not make any sense to me. What a lot of people in the church teach is that, no you have to believe it even though it does not make any sense to you, because if you do not believe it, you do not have any faith, and that is not God's mind.


There is a difference between saying to the Lord, That does not make any sense to me but I accept it in my carnal understanding of what does not make sense to me, I am going to go around believing something that is really just silly, because that is how I understand it today. There is a difference between that and saying, Lord, I really want to believe it, but it does not make any sense to me, so help me to believe it. Did not someone in the Bible say, Lord I believe, help my unbelief? Lord, I want to believe it, but I am a thinking person, it does not make any sense to me, help it make sense to me. He will do it, now depending on each of our limitations as a human being, the answer may not come the next day. I know that I asked the Lord some very heavy questions at one point, and over the next years, I was led into this very high level of study that I would have never expected to get into to find out that He put me through all of that to answer questions that I have asked Him, that I could never have understood without four years of studying on another preparatory level. That is what He did to answer my questions.


What the church world identifies as faith is really not faith at all. To say I read something that does not make sense to me but I believe it anyway, that is not faith. Faith is not blind obedience. We have to ask the Lord to put it in a form that we can understand it. And that, that definition of faith is deadly because you are understanding with your limited carnal mind, you are hurting yourself with that, it is not even neutral, it is hurting you. Anybody that believes the Bible with that kind of faith that it says what it means, what I think it means, with the condition that my carnal mind is in at this time, it is killing that person, that belief is killing the person who believes it.


To think, in my opinion, I am very sorry if I am hurting somebody, I do not think I am hurting anybody hear, who knows where this message is going. It is never my intention to hurt anybody's feelings, but to me it is really very childish to think physical graves, not even dug up, a lightning bolt is going strike, the earth is going to part, and the bones, and the coffin, whatever is left of it is going to break, and the bones and all the maggots are going come out, and all of sudden flesh is going to come on them again, and the person in the same form, and in the same body, is going to be alert.


Hundreds of years after they died, when they do not know anyone, I likened this you know to people, to astronauts going out into space, and going so far in space that when they come back, it is hundreds of years later, scientists will tell you about it, that, that is a reality, that if a spaceship would go so far into the universe, and I do not know what that distance is, but there is a point, that it would go so far that when the spaceship came back, everybody that the astronauts knew when they left the earth, would not be there, there families would be dead, and the whole society would have turned around. They would be like a fish out of water, it would be like someone from the sixteen hundreds suddenly appearing in this technological world, the shock could even give them a heart attack and kill them. Just think about it, it just does not make any sense at all, it just does not make any sense at all, it is totally irrational.


It does not dishonor God to say that, that is not rational. What dishonors God, I want to tell you something, what dishonors God is believing His word with our carnal mind and rejecting the truth of His word, when He sends somebody to tell you what it really means, that dishonors God. When someone sees it differently than your carnal mind does, and you are so lifted up in pride, that you will not even say, Well, wow this is radically different than what I read in the Bible, let me ask, maybe the Lord will help me to understand this. That honors God. To say, Well I read it, and as my carnal mind understands it, that is the way it is, and you are all wrong, and I am going to stop you if I can, that does not honor God.


We see that the church today is not possessed by Christ, the Holy Spirit is in the church, the gifts of the Spirit are in the church, but Christ is not the Lord of the church. We are told in the book of Thessalonians, that, that man of sin is sitting in the temple of God calling himself God, that is talking, that is not some temple in Jerusalem which is what they preach, it is the spiritual man, your inner man, sitting in the people of God calling himself God, thinking with his perverse carnal mind, through the people that have the Holy Spirit. The end of it my Bible tells me, is that the true spirit is coming, and it is going to expose that man of sin, He is going to dethrone him and destroy him in your mind, in your mind, in your mind, not in some temple in Jerusalem.


Anyway, back to ultimate reconciliation, that is my understanding of what that doctrine is, that every human being that ever been born of a woman, will be resurrected from wherever they are going to be resurrected from, and I have never heard anybody address the issue of how they would be re-educated to live in the current world, or how they would be cared for, I do not, personally, I believe that as long as we are in the flesh, we will need a house to live in, I think it is possible that we may not need food, when we are in that state called full stature, the state that Jesus was in when He was appearing as Jesus of Nazareth. I do not know, maybe he could have lived without food or maybe not, I do not know. We know that Moses went up onto the mountain and did not eat or drink for forty days and forty nights. You can live without food for forty days but could not live without water for forty days. Even in that case, I honestly do not know whether Jesus required food or not, but I believe that in that condition we would want a house to live in. Even if we do not sleep, personally I think, as long as we are in the flesh, we will sleep because sleep, we sleep because the brain needs to rest, the physical organ called our brain needs to rest, that is why we sleep. Whether or not that would change when Christ Jesus is living through us, I do not know, but at least at this point, my opinion, I have not heard from the Lord on it, but my opinion is we would probably want at least a residence to live in.


How are we going to provide for all of these people that appear and they are going to need clothes, right when they appear, it is silly, it is just silly, it's just silly! Just for the record, every false doctrine that comes forth, is a counterfeit of the truth, because Satan has no creativity at all, she only perverts what already exists, and what already exists is God's truth. The understanding of God's truth that I have at this time, at this time, I do not know what it will be five years from now, or ten years from now, or tomorrow, but my understanding now, because I am continuously seeking God for more and more understanding, and as my mind increases and matures, I can understand more and more completely. My understanding now of the doctrine of incarnation, you might say, is that, or the doctrine of salvation, is that the whole spiritual root of the creation is being saved. There is a spiritual root of the creation. What we see in this world, in this visible world is likened to the flower of a plant. You see the flower but you do not see the root, the flowers die when the season comes to an end, but the root does not die. Then the next spring, the plants brings forth more flowers.


That is the truth of our existence whether the church likes it or not, reincarnation is real, I do not believe reincarnation is a good thing, I believe it is a manifestation of the curse, I believe that Jesus. I believe that Jesus came to put an end to reincarnation, but it is the truth of our existence right now. The whole of humanity is a spiritual plant. There are many Scriptures that will tell you that. We are the planting of the Lord, and there is a root of our plant, of the plant which we are, and there are many branches, and many flowers appear in this visible world.


Although, the Scripture calls us grass, actually, but I am not going to get into all of those details now. We are the planting of the Lord, we are one planting, one root.


Adam, adam who died, he is the root of the creation of God, the root died, and that root was regenerated in Jesus of Nazareth. There is a new root, but in any event, the new root is saving the old root and eventually the new root and the old root will become one root.


Every flower is not being saved.


Every physical body that appears on the earth like a flower appears on a plant is not going to be resurrected. Every branch that appears on the plant is not going to be resurrected, but the whole root that generates the branch and the flowers is being saved. Ultimate reconciliation from that point of view is accurate, the whole that died is being resurrected, who died? Adam died. Adam who died is being resurrected, and in this hour, the plant has multiplied on the surface of the earth, the root has not changed. The root is Adam, and he has put forth, the Scripture says, evil figs, he has put forth an evil plant, because the root became corrupted, Adam died, the root became corrupted, and that root has produced evil branches and evil flowers on the earth.


Everything in the natural is an example of the spiritual life. There are flowers and plants that are deadly, there are man eating plants, in case you do not know that, there are poisonous plants, that you do not even have to eat, that if you touch them, poison gets on your hand and you die. The poisonous plants are not being saved or resurrected, but the root that became evil, the root of the plant became evil, and that root that became evil is being corrected, it is being made righteous, and now when that root becomes righteous, it will produce righteous branches and flowers, but the branches and flowers that died because they were evil are not being resurrected or saved.


The root that was good and became evil is being made righteous, the root is being saved, and will produce new flowers, and new branches that reflect the righteous image of the plant. Jesus said, I am the vine, and you are the branches, you have to abide in me.


When our spirit grafts to the righteous, right now there are two aspects to the root, the old root and the new root, the whole root is not reconciled yet, the whole root is not righteous yet. When our spirit is through Jesus Christ, is attached to the righteous root, we will appear on the earth again.


My understanding is that right now you come back without your memory. There is so much I do not know, I do not about the future, I know that Moses and Elijah appeared on the mount of transfiguration with Jesus, I know that. What does that mean? It means Moses and Elijah's personality were preserved, at least to some degree.


We know that King Saul spoke to Samuel after Samuel died. To some degree Samuel's personality was preserved, I do not know enough about it to draw any conclusions, I am just giving you what I know at this point, but I am telling you it is not the whole story, and I am not going to understand it with my carnal mind, I just know what I know, Moses and Elijah appeared, they were within Jesus, and Samuel responded to Saul's call after he died, Samuel, a holy man of God.


The conclusion that I am drawing for now, is that the roots or the spiritual root of those three men, were so immersed into the Spirit of God because of their lifetime commitment to the Lord, that some measure of their personality continued on, on the other side, whatever that is, I have been praying for years. I do not have any answer that satisfies me, I have heard all kinds of stories about what it is like after you pass out of the body. I have had that little bits of information from the Lord, but I do not have enough in my own spirit to even share with you what I have, because I do not know how accurate it is.


That is my understanding of the true doctrine of resurrection and the reconciliation of mankind, it is true Jesus is the savior of mankind, He is the savior of the root, and He is the savior of the some of the branches, and some of the flowers, but people die everyday. Christians die everyday. The root is being saved, and that root in due season will put out righteous branches, and righteous flowers, and if we draw close enough to Him in our lifetime, what do you mean close enough Sheila? I do not have any criteria to tell you, I do not know, I cannot answer your question, all I can tell you, is, Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all of these things will be added unto you. Do not seek Him with the thought in mind that you wanted to be grafted to Him, just seek Him everyday because you love Him, and because you want to please Him.


That is the only valid motive that you love Him and you want to please Him everyday, and the natural outgrowth of that attitude is that you will be healed, you will prosper in this world, and your spiritual root will be grafted to Him to some degree, I do not know to what degree, after you pass out of this body, if you pass out of this body.


Any motive other than, you just love Him and want Him in your life more and more, any motive other than that is not of God. I am going to do this, I am going to go to church, I am going to do that, I am going to read, I am going to read the Bible everyday, because I want to be sure that my spirit is grafted to Him after I die, it will not work, wrong motive, wrong motive, wrong! You just pursue Him as best as you can, and trust Him to do good unto you, that is all, a day at a time, a minute at a time, you just trust Him.


COMMENT: I have the understanding that only the things of Christ will stay in our personality, I think I have that understanding, but whenever I would think of this ultimate reconciliation of the graves being opened, it made me think of Satan tempted Jesus to not go on, just let the creation continue so he could hold on to his own kingdom, and it makes me think of what the Jehovah witnesses believe that they are going to be on this earth in physical bodies with just Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: You said a few things that I would like to address. I am responding to xxxx's comments. The first one was the Jehovah witnesses expect to be on the earth with Jesus in physical bodies. I think we are going to be on the earth in physical bodies, do you not believe that xxxx?


COMMENT: I believe we will be in spiritual bodies like when Jesus rose from the dead, that walk through walls, did not have to eat, or drink, be like light manifesting.


PASTOR VITALE: I will tell you why I disagree with you, because everything is a process, all growth is a process, and for that to be the case in my perception, we would have to jump over the portion of Jesus' processing which He was God in the flesh, He was a human being, He was born a human child, He overcame His carnal mind, His sin nature with a Spirit of Holiness we are told in Romans 1:4, and then He lived on the earth as God in the flesh. He said, No man can take my life, and then He was glorified. I think you a missing a whole chunk of the process in that thought, that is my opinion.


In addition to that, also you think we are going from this condition that we are in now directly into glorification, so I do not agree with you.


COMMENT: How do equate that flesh and blood will never inherit the kingdom of God with that?


PASTOR VITALE: That is true, flesh and blood will never inherit the kingdom of God. Jesus said that flesh and blood did not inherit the kingdom of God, at the end of the process, but it is a process to get from where we are now to be without blood. We know that Jesus was flesh and bone, He was not flesh and blood, but you have left out a whole big chunk in the process, you are jumping from A to Z without passing through the process. Flesh and blood ultimately will not, let me make it even clearer, flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom of God, what is the kingdom of God? The kingdom of God, is basically the mind of Christ, and what does a mind do? A mind projects an image of itself. The image of the carnal mind is this physical body, and the image of the Christ mind is the spiritual body that the glorified Jesus appeared in, at the end of the process. I have the mind of Christ now, you have the mind of Christ, so we have inherited the kingdom of God, but to its fullness. To inherit the kingdom of God to its absolute fullness, the physical body will no longer exist, but you cannot eliminate the process, we all the kingdom of God, Behold, the kingdom of God is within you, it is the mind of Christ, you have it now, and you are flesh and blood now.


I will say it again, you cut out the whole middle chunk of the process, you jumped from A to Z without the process, it will never happen, in my opinion, it will never happen, you have to go through, you have to go through the process, you have to experience what Jesus experienced. Not the physical crucifixion, Jesus came to show us the way, and the way was that He was born with a carnal mind and a physical body, and He was also born with the Spirit of Holiness which was the Spirit of Elijah, and that Spirit of Holiness warred against, warred against and overcame His carnal mind. To think that, I do not know if you think we have to die first, or not, but to think that we are going to go from this sinful state directly into glorification, in my humble opinion is a serious error, it is a warfare, you have to overcome your carnal mind, a thought at a time, an attitude at a time, as you, in a particular situation, as you embrace the thinking of Christ, when it if in fact, I am looking at you, but this is for everybody, my general you, if in fact you have the thoughts of Christ, and I know we talked about this the other day, it is very dangerous to think that you, my general you, have the thoughts of Christ without running it past other witnesses, elders in the church.


If in a particular situation you truly thinking with the thoughts of Christ and warring against the thoughts of your carnal mind which always opposes thoughts of Christ, you are not going to wind up in the glorified state, you have to overcome that carnal mind in the flesh, because, if I am understanding you correctly, it sounds to me like what I would call a rapture mentality, that we are going to be in this condition where we are right now, I see the overcoming of the carnal mind eliminated and just glorification, so it is like a rapture mentality. Nobody wants the warfare, nobody wants to look at their sins, it is ugly. Nobody wants to look in the unconscious part of their mind, it is very ugly, but it is a part of the process and if we do not do it, the only glorification that we will be eligible for will be the glorification of Satan's kingdom, which I know nobody here wants.


COMMENT: I had the understanding we definitely have to war with our carnal mind, the Scripture say, He will come suddenly to His temple, I thought that the mind of Christ would swallow up, we would still be in the flesh, and it would be the firstfruits company that would be on the earth a thousand years or fifteen hundred years whatever, and to teach those who are coming into Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: You just confused me, because the issue that we are talking about, is that, I thought you just said that we were going to be fully glorified, I thought you said we will not be on the earth in physical bodies, that is what I am responding to, that I heard you say, that we will not be on the earth in physical bodies, now you just said we will be, right?


COMMENT: I believe that a spiritual body in the effect that it would be not blood within, like Jesus when He rose from the dead, He was not yet glorified, but He walked through walls and He was bone and flesh, but...


PASTOR VITALE: He was glorified. Do you know what happens xxxx, I have been through this so many times, the way, at least it has been my experience, the way the mind learns, in Christ anyway, is that the wisdom of God comes to us like a big clump, everything is clumped together, and then it starts separating out, so I think you got a big clump of wisdom and at the moment, you have not quite distinguished between full stature in the flesh, and glorification, because glorification is a term that signifies a person has no longer a physical body. Jesus was glorified when He appeared and He said that He was only flesh and bone, the minute your blood is gone, you are glorified, the blood signifies the human body. He was God in the flesh and He ministered as God in the flesh, and then He was, well that is another issue, I am not going to get into that right now.


He ministered in the flesh, and then He was glorified and became fully God. Actually I guess I have to go forward with it. I am always preaching something controversial, and this is really funny that this issue should even come up because the Lord just brought this teaching to my mind last night, so I guess I am supposed to be talking about it, God help me, save me Lord, I do not believe Jesus was God in the flesh. I believe that the angel that John wanted to bow to in the book of Revelation, that he said, do not bow to me, I am just another man, worship God, I sought the Lord as to who he was talking to, and I believe John was talking to Jesus. As long as, and listen before I go any further, I will expound on this further, but let me tell you this, for those of us who have any heart at all towards the salvation of Jewish people, we have to understand that the biggest stumbling block that they have that they simply cannot get pass believing that Jesus is Messiah, is that they are absolutely convinced that God would never appear in the flesh of a man, and that this is idolatry, this worship for Jesus was idolatry.


When I pursued this issue, of course every revelation that the Lord gives me, is shocking and it usually frightens me initially, but I fearlessly pray it through, and that is what I am going to share with you today, and challenge you to do the same thing, if you believe it, fine, if you do not it is fine too, but if you want to be true to yourself and to the Lord, you really need to pray it through, and tell the Lord that if it is true, you want to hear it. What am I saying? Jesus did not become God until He was glorified. What does glorified mean? It means that His person was so completely integrated with the Spirit of God, that He became God, but so long as He was in the flesh, He was not fully integrated and He was in a condition similar to the condition that we are in now, and that God was dwelling within Him, but He was not God, and that the Christ in Him, was mature to such a degree that it was standing on top of His carnal mind and completely preventing His carnal mind from functioning, and therefore He was without sin, but He was still a man who was a house or a household of God that dwelled in Him.


When I pursued this, I said to the Lord, But Lord He received worship. I remember, there was one of the things that I heard pastor H preach all of the time, He received worship, He received worship, men worshiped Him, so that was the question that I put to the Lord. The Lord is not offended, you can ask Him any question you want, as long as your motive is that you really want truth, the Lord was not mad at me. I said, But Lord, He received worship, how could He tell me He was not God? And the Lord sent me on a study in the Old Testament, which showed for example that it came up that Elisha received worship. I believe it was the account when Elijah ascended into heaven, and the chariot of fire, and the children came out of the forest to torment Elisha, saying, Well where is your master? Because they did not believe what had happened. It says when they came upon Elisha, they worshiped him. I said, Wow, they worshiped Elisha, what does that mean? I pursued the Hebrew word translated worship, and I found out that there are different Hebrew words translated worship.


Off hand I do not know if there is more than one Greek word that means worship, but it was merely honor, in other words, today in a church, and I think that it is okay that if there is a church and a congregation, that when the pastor comes in, you stand up, it is just a sign of respect, it use to be in this society that if a lady walked into the room, that all of the men stood up, it does not happen anymore. It use to be if you were sitting at a dinner table, three men, and three women, and the woman got up to go the ladies room, all of the men stood up.


I even remember a movie, it was funny, it was mad because she kept standing up, and every time stood up, the men stood up, and when she sat down, they sat down, then she stood up, and they stood up, it was like a joke you know. That is a sign of respect. The Scripture says, Honor hoar head, the grey haired person, not physically grey haired, but honor the person among you that has wisdom. And at the moment, I think He gave me more Scriptures than that, but I do not recall, He took me through several Scriptures.


I investigated the word worship, and I found out that it does not have to mean worship of God, it simply honor, and then the big issue with me was who was this angel that John wanted to worship, that said to him, Do not worship me, I am just man like you are. Who could it possibly have been. The only answer I could come up with is Jesus.


COMMENT: How do you equate that with the Scripture where the disciple said to Jesus, My Lord, and my God?


PASTOR VITALE: That was after the resurrection. Let me say it again, what happened to Jesus on the cross, was that the spiritual man within Him, His new man, has matured to such a degree and it married the personality, it integrated with the personality of Jesus, and Jesus became one with the God in the midst of Him, and the proof of that, was that Jesus shed, He eliminated, He left the physical body and survived. That is the definition of salvation. What is being saved, the salvation of the soul, our soul is being saved. What is our soul? It is our personality. What is salvation? Preservation. Both the Hebrew and the Greek word that is translation salvation means preservation, preservation of the soul, what does that mean? When the physical body dies, it turns to dust, and then the personality leaves the physical...(End of Tape 1)


Tape 2


The personality leaves the physical body when it dies, and eventually the personality dissolves, and the whole person dissolves in layers until the only thing that is left is the spirit which is breath, which the spirit has no form, and then what happens to the spirit? I do not know, there is a lot I do not know. What happened to Jesus on the cross, was that He proved to the world that His soul was saved, and the Greek clearly, I mean this is not revelation, you just have to look at the Greek, He breathed out of His body as an act of His own will while His physical body was still alive. The Scripture says, and He cried out to God and He gave up the ghost. You look that up in the Greek and He says, Bye world, and He breathed out of His body, and the body no longer having a spiritual being inhabiting it, collapsed and all life functions ceased to exist.


To the person that needs to understand it on that level, Jesus died, but He really did not die. The sack that He was living in ceased to exist when the spiritual man left it of His own will and accord, and Jesus was the first human being in the flesh who ever was able to breath out of His physical body which is a prison house and continues to exist. He did not die, He did not die on the cross. This is a mature meeting everybody, listen, there are Scriptures that say that He died, and that Christ died, Christ died, who is Christ? Adam, the original first Adam is Christ. That is why we are born with a dead Christ, because we are the descendants of the first Adam who died.


We are born with a dead Christ, did I not say that about an hour ago. The original Adam, he was Christ, he is Christ, but he is born in us as a dead Christ, so Christ died, and if you are brave enough to face it, that is what is says in Romans 7, just read it in the alternate translation, in the age of the past, Christ died for the sin of the ungodly, something like that. Yes, Christ died, but He did not die two thousand years ago. Do you dare to ask God if it is true? Do you dare ask to believe it, do you dare ask to believe it if it is true? It is up to you.


You know when I first started preaching this message, and the doctrine of Christ, I had a lot of emotional problems, because everybody was mad at me all of the time, and then I had my own fears, I had a lot of fears for a long time. I use to pray spread eagle on the carpet of my living room, stretched out my face on the carpet, begging God to save me, if some demon had a hold of me, and at this point, I am going through. If you want to come with me you are welcome, if you cannot handle it, I love you just like you are, but I have a peace about it, that is where I have arrived at. After years of being talked about and rejected and my own terrors, I have a real peace about doctrine.


My doctrine keeps getting more and more and more radical, but listen to the positive side of it, I am going to tell you again, if you can dare to believe it, just as a hypothesis, until God witnesses it to you, if you can just dare to believe it, do you know why I got this revelation? Because at some point, I went before the Lord and I said, Lord, what is it that the Jewish people need to hear to receive Jesus Christ? I know that it has to be in the Old Testament because the whole message is in the Old Testament, the New Testament is just an explanation of the Old Testament and the New Testament is the story of how the promises of the Old Testament actually manifested and played themselves out in a human being born of a woman named Jesus of Nazareth, that is what the New Testament is.


The outplaying the manifestation of the promises in the Old Testament, the whole message is in the Old Testament, what do I tell these Jewish people that are going make them, or enable them or help them to believe that Jesus is the son?


The answer to my prayer was, They are right, He was not God in the flesh. That is idolatry worshiping a man in the flesh, now He is not in the flesh anymore, now Jesus is completely integrated with the Father, and He is God, so we worship Him in His glorified state. What we are told and what we are warned about is that, I hope that someone is going to appear in full stature very soon, if it is me that is fine, and if it is not me, that is fine too, just let it happen to somebody. Then somebody says, Well Sheila, do you not want it to be you? Yes, and no. I do not know what it is like to be full stature, I do not have a clue, I do not know what is waiting for me, I do not know who is coming to kill me, I do not know the rules of living in that world. I am scared, but yet I am excited at the possibility. How do I recognize being afraid of waking up one morning and being in a world that I do not even know what the laws are, or one who is going to be coming looking for me, how do I reconcile that with the excitement of the promise? Faith in Jesus Christ.


I do not want to get up there one second before He pulls me up, not one second before He pulls me up. If it turns out that somebody else stands before me, that is just fine. I do not want to get up there one second before He calls me up, because I know when He calls me up, I am going to be up there fully equipped to deal with whatever I am going to find up there, I do not have a clue as to what I am going to find up there. I do not have a clue as to what it means.


Let me tell you something, years ago, in the church that I was a disciple in, my pastor Holzhauser made an altar call, he said, Everybody that wants the experience of tabernacles, come up this altar. I ran up to that altar, I was stepping on everybody that was in front of me, I was up there saying, Take me Lord, take me, and then the trials and tribulations started and it was very hard. I have been through some very hard years. I do not regret it, I would not to do it over again. If you tell me, Do you not want to be the first one in full stature? The answer is yes, and no, because I do not know what it means. I do not know what I am going to have to go through, so I am not saying yes very easily.


My prayer is I want to fulfill the call on my life, and wherever the Lord takes me, let Him take me, but I am not running ahead of the anointing, that is very painful, and it could be dangerous, it could set you back.


This is what is called wisdom brethren, and it tends to really counteract your pride, we call have pride, we will have it so long as we are in the flesh. That is how I believe, that is why I got this revelation, because the Jews are right, it is idolatry to worship a man in the flesh, even if that man is in full stature. Listen to me, when I first came to the Lord, I was as naive and ignorant as everybody else when they come to the Lord, and I thought, and I heard this in the church, that I was in, that we had so much more knowledge than the Jews. At the time, I am Jewish, I only knew secular Jews, and it was true, I do not know anything about the Bible, and my family and the people that I knew, did not know anything, they could not even ask, and about Messiah, they did not know anything, I did not know anything. I did not know that Jews existed who were deep scholars of the Scriptures, that had knowledge of the Scriptures that were so far beyond what is in the church today that there is not even basis of a conversation or of communication. I did not know they existed.


Let me tell you something, those Jews exist, they are usually called Kabbalists. There are four different kinds of Kabbalah, there is a Kabbalah that is evil, magical Kabbalah, stay away from it, but there is a philosophical Kabbalah that is an advanced doctrine of Christ, that when you ascend into that level of teaching in Christ, at some point, you receive supernatural powers, but it is not magic, it is coming out of the Christ in you.


This body of Jewish thought out there, that has a knowledge of the Scripture that is incredible, they know what it is like to be a man, and when I say man, I am not talking about your physical body, in full stature, that Moses was in what we call full stature. They know all about full stature, they know all about having power with God. The first time I read in one of these, one of their writings that it was not God who split the red sea but it was Moses, I was absolutely offended. They are saying Moses did it apart from the power of God, they have to be wrong, I was absolutely offended, until I found out that what they meant and what I believe today to be the truth is that Moses was what we call in full stature, he was imbued with supernatural power from God because of the intensity of his relationship with Jehovah. He had it, see, I do not have it, the church does not have it, miracles that happen in the Holy Ghost, are miracles that happen because the Holy Ghost wills them to happen. There is no one that I know of in the church that can heal somebody at will.


If the Holy Ghost anoints them to do it, the person is healed, if the Holy Ghost does not anoint them to do it, the person is not healed. Moses and Jesus had miracle working power. The Scripture says, Jesus looked and He saw the man had the faith to be healed, and Jesus healed him, and Jesus healed him, and Jesus healed him, and Jesus healed her, and Jesus prayed for her and she rose from the dead, and Jesus, and Jesus, and Jesus, and yet the Scripture says, Jesus said, I do not do anything or say anything that my Father did not tell me to do. How did the Father tell Jesus to do it, the Scripture does not say, and the Lord told Jesus heal her, and Jesus healed her, Jesus healed her. Jesus had the mind and the heart of God, so He knew that everything that He did was what the Father wanted Him to do, because He said, I and the Father are one.


Moses had that experience or a similar experience. Both Moses and Elijah were miracle working prophets. This concept of the miracles that Jesus did, it is maybe exciting to us in the church, it is nothing new to the Jew who is truly a Jew, who has an intense knowledge of the Scripture and even though I believe that Israel today, which is basically the tribe of Judah, they have lost their national commission to be the representative of God to the world, that commission is now gone to the church, there are still Jews that have an intense relationship with God, because they spend hours and days and nights studying the word of God and seeking Him the only way they know how.


You cannot tell a Jew who has been trained up since a young boy in the deep understanding of the Scripture that Moses had miracle working power, that Elisha had miracle working power, that a lot of the prophets, I believe Jonah had miracle working power, was it Jonah, I believe it was Jonah, I am thinking of something, I may have the wrong prophet in mind, I think it was Jonah, had miracle working power, they are not excited over miracle working power, Jews that are Jews know all about human beings having miracle working power.


We are even told in the New Testament that Jesus told the Pharisees, Well I know your sons cast out demons too, they knew about casting out demons. What we read about in the New Testament, that is nothing new to the educated Jew. And in a lot of areas, not all areas, but in some areas, they know more than the church does. Here comes the church saying, Here is a man in the flesh and we are worshiping Him and He is God, and the educated Jew is saying, Oh no, that would never happen, I know all about spiritual flesh in the Moses had it, Elisha had it, Jonah had it, but that they were not God. They will never believe that Jesus was Messiah, they do not believe that Messiah will be God when He comes, because they do not believe He has come yet. And they are right. God was in the man Jesus reconciling the world unto Himself, that is what the Scripture says, God was in Jesus reconciling the world unto Himself within the man, but the man was still separate from the God. Just like you and me, except that God in the man Jesus was more mature to the point that He was completely restraining Jesus' fallen nature. That is why Jesus is an example as to how we get out of hell which is where we are, because He started out as a fallen man like we are, and He made it out.


If He was God from the beginning how would He be an encouragement to us. We have to follow His steps. I believe that the Lord has told me that Jesus was not God in the flesh, and that the worship that we read about in the Scripture was honor, they honored Him, they recognized that He was a great man of God. Obviously, somebody that has miracle working power should be greatly honored, although we are told you should honor all of your elders. They honored Him, but He is God now. He is God now, I repeat myself a lot , just bear with me, I am just trying to follow the lead of the Lord, because the inner man, who was really Elijah his father, so integrated with the man Jesus of Nazareth, that Jesus of Nazareth's soul, which is His personality, was preserved.


What does that mean? He could survive outside of the physical body. Listen brethren, we are talking about a fetus, a seven month old fetus, I am told can survive outside of the woman, if God forbid the mother dies, or there is a premature birth, from seven months on, the fetus can survive, but less than that, if the mother dies, then the fetus is five months old or four months old, the baby dies. That is why I believe if anyone of us were to die today, If I were to die today, Christ Jesus in me would die, because He is not yet mature enough to preserve my soul, and He cannot live without a soul. Does that mean God is going to die? No, the Christ Jesus in me is the counterpart of the glorified Jesus Christ, it is not the glorified Jesus Christ who is now one with God.


He is God now, and He did not die on the cross, Christ died at the beginning of time, and that is why we are all dead, and the Christ that died at the beginning of time, was resurrected, the beginning, a part of Him, the first part of Him was resurrected in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus said, I am the beginning of the creation of God. He is the beginning, He is the head, the head has come out of the womb. Now the rest of His body has to be born, and one of His arms is in you and one of His legs is in you, of course this is a parable, we are pieces of Him, our being regenerated and reborn in human beings that are wombs all over the earth, the adam who died, but he did not die on the cross. The sack that the glorious man lived in, that sack that the Father lived in, ceased to be animated, ceased to be conscious because the true man who was the inner man, married the personality and left, and the sack collapsed.


This is just, you know the Greek calls it sarcs, it is just a sack that we live in. This body is nothing, and there is such an idolatry with the resurrection of the body it is amazing, and you know why that idolatry is there? Because this body is the handiwork and the talent of the Serpent, this is her thing, she did not create the spirit, she forms the personality and the body, but because of her illegal possession of the holy substance, this her handiwork, this is her image.


I do not mean to insult anyone, but people that are convinced to the point, especially to the point that they will fight over this issue, that the physical body is going to be resurrected, that is Satan's thought, you are expressing Satan's thought. If you want to a responsible Christian and you are hearing me now, you really need to put this issue before the Lord, with a heart that is willing to be corrected if it turns out that you are wrong. You cannot say, Correct me Lord if I am wrong, and not be willing to be corrected when the correction comes. Brethren, the doctrine here keeps getting more and more radical, I am so glad they do not burn people today, and that I am not in the time of the inquisition.


I started to tell you the exciting part of this revelation to me, is that it is a open door to minister to the Jew, see. Somebody is saying, Well a lot of Jews you know have come to the Lord, and have been saved. They are all secular Jews, I am talking about the Jews that are Jews, the Jews that know that Bible, that Jews were talking down, you should read some of their writings, they would talk circles around the average Christian, a lot of it is way beyond me, you know I read their articles, I learn a lot, I pray about what I read, and I learn a lot.


How about getting them saved, they are the true Jew, the Jew that is Jew in mind and spirit, and I am not putting down the other people, I am talking about the salvation of the Jew, that are clinging to the God, or to who they were, of the past, those who have not walked away from the Lord. How are we going to get to these people that know more than the church knows. Are you going to tell them that they should worship a man, a human being with arms and legs, and who was capable of being crucified and falling to the ground, are you going to tell them that He is God. They are laughing at you, they are laughing at the church, not that it is right to laugh at them, but you understand what I am saying, they would not consider what the church is saying for a second, it is an abomination to them.


We have at least something to say to them, if we should meet a Jew, is you are right, it is just error in doctrine, we now today understand that the worship that Jesus of Nazareth was honor because He was a great prophet, and you know I have had Kabbalists tell me, Jesus was a great prophet, but tell them that He is God, no. We have to, the word is parse, we have to parse it, we have to distinguish for them, and make it clear to them, that there is a distinct difference between Jesus and the flesh, and Jesus glorified. We have to tell them that Jesus had an experience similar, although not the same, similar to Elijah, similar, I guess it is more similar to Moses than to Elijah, forget that Elijah thing, similar to Moses. The Bible clearly says that the King James translation clearly says, Moses died, but Moses did not die, how do I know Moses did not die? He appeared on the mount of transfiguration.


Lord that does not make any sense to me, contradiction, help me. You have got to ask for help, you cannot understand this stuff if you do not ask the Lord to help you. We saw Moses talking to Jesus on the mount of transfiguration, but I thought he died, the Old Testament says he died. The Bible means what it says, he died. Did he? He made an appearance two thousand years ago, I thought he was dead. There are things that we cannot understand at the level that we are on, but if we honestly seek the truth, the Lord will raise up to a level that can understand. He is not going to compromise His word, He will increase our ability to understand if our heart is seeking the truth in a right spirit, but you have to admit that you do not know anything. He said, You have come to me like a little child. You have to come to Him, admitting you know nothing, and that everything that you think, everything that I know, every word I preach to you today, could be brought up to a higher level tomorrow, the next day, the next year.


At one point I wanted to go back and modify all my teachings, I wanted to rewrite all my teachings, which is a joke if you know how many teachings I have, especially the alternate translation, I wanted to go back and modify it, and the Lord said, No, do not do that, because if you modify that alternate translation up to where you are now, the people that are just coming into the doctrine of Christ will not be able to receive it.


There are people who are coming into an understanding on a level that were at ten or fifteen years ago, when you put it together, so leave it there for them, do not change it.


I do not know maybe some day, I will redo it on another level, I do not know. Right now what I have for the people that can understand beyond the level of alternate translation, which most people cannot understand now anyway, it is just tapes and transcripts, they do not have any permanent alternate translation, because it keeps changing as our understanding matures and keeps going deeper, and it does not make what I said fifteen years ago wrong. It is just a deeper understanding of it.


Even, I would not even say to you that it was wrong for me to preach that Jesus died, I would not say that is wrong because to the carnal mind He was hanging on the cross and He died. That is true for the person that is understanding on that level, but if you dare to go higher, you might, maybe you will believe me that He really did not die on the cross, that the carcase that you saw was just that, a carcase.


I prayed for years, what happened to the body, why did the body disappear, what happened to the body, what happened to the body was that it turned to dust, and the sign of a holy man departing from this world is that He leaves no carcase behind him. They never found the body of Moses and they never found the body of Elijah.


Only when an unrighteous man dies, there is a carcase left behind, a carcase is left behind, it is like a symbol that he is coming back, his bones are buried in the earth, so even though he departed from the physical body, that man is still in jail under the earth. When a righteous man dies, there is no body left. Do you dare to ask the Lord if I am telling you the truth? Whether you dare to or not tells me who you are, but I love you anyway, it does not matter to me.


Anyway, xxxx, I really think that you need to reconsider what you were thinking, that you missed that whole section in the middle of being in full stature before you are glorified. Maybe you will, is there something you want to say to me?


COMMENT: I have known the Scripture to say, Jesus grew and matured, I understand that, but it says, of the twain He made one new man. After the angel had appeared, which was after Jesus was glorified. Why would He say, I am just a man?


PASTOR VITALE: Well we do not know when John got that revelation. Listen, I challenge you to consider this, or to not assume that because revelation because the book of Revelation chapter 1 is the glorified Jesus speaking, that the whole revelation came from the glorified Jesus, I challenge you not to get stuck on that, it does not necessarily mean that. We get into trouble because of the conclusions that we draw.


It is possible that John, personally my opinion today is that John got that whole revelation when Jesus judged John's, well first of all, you have to know that I believe that the John of revelator is John the Baptist, and that Jesus resurrected John the Baptist after he was killed by Herod.


This is an unfolding revelation here, that is come forth over the years. The history books say that John was executed, Josephus, says that John was executed, it does not say that he was beheaded, and I believe if you would do a deep study and pray about it, on the supposed beheading of John the Baptist, it is not accurate, I do not believe he was beheaded, but in any event, whether you believe that or not, I believe he was raised from the dead by Jesus of Nazareth, and that he is John the revelator, and Saint John, John the Baptist.


I also, this is so hard you know because if you want to follow this up, you have all kinds of studies that I taught that you have to study to research this and follow this up, I have a whole teaching called THE WOMAN AT THE WELL where I believe that Jesus went to John, judged his carnal mind and gave him this whole revelation of the kingdom and what salvation, how salvation would play out, and John received the correction to his carnal mind and became Jesus' primary disciple. He was the one who was always close to Jesus. I believe that John got this revelation, this whole revelation at the time that Jesus was nurturing him and mentoring him. Because revelation chapter 1 says that Jesus in the glorified, the glorified Jesus is talking to John, it does not mean that at least part of that revelation, part of that book, and in particular, the part where John knelt down before the angel, was not incorporated in his teaching, something that happened before Jesus left the earth.


At least be open to that possibility, and here is the question, Who is it that is giving John this great revelation and saying, Do not worship me, I am just a man, who is it, who could it possibly have been other than Jesus? That is a good question. As I tell you, I asked that question, and that is how got these answers. If you want to develop, I think that you can develop the spirit of revelation for yourself, and you do that by asking questions, God wants you to ask questions.


Do you have anything else to say on this particular issue? Also, I just want you all to be aware, that this issue of the physical body, and I think I mentioned this earlier, it is a big issue in the church, they are, unfortunately people in the church will fight over doctrine, that is very unfortunate, we need to have communication like I just had with xxxx, and if she did not see it my way, that would be okay too, but I would hope that both of us would seek the Lord for correction because when two people that are seeking God cannot see eye to eye on an issue like this, somebody is not thinking with, one or both parties are not thinking with the mind of Christ.


As long as there is a disagreement, it is right for all parties to seek God for correction for the truth. Whether she changed her mind for this conversation or not, as long as that is her attitude that is fine with me, and the Lord will deal with both of us in due season, but unfortunately most people in the church cannot do this, you know, because their pride, that pride is so high that they cannot face the possibility of being wrong, and they are not willing to be taught by someone else, they are not willing to admit that someone else in the church might know something more than them. It is tragic, but that is the condition of church. One of the issues that we need to know is this issue of the physical body. I have met people that will fight to the death that Jesus is coming back in a physical body and that people are being resurrected in their physical bodies, and the rational behind it is the idolatry of the physical body because of the carnal mind which is in the image of the Serpent. That is what we are up against.


We need to all hear, anyone that comes here needs to know that because one of ministries that flows out of this, one of the spiritual ministries that flows out of what we teach here, is the privilege of speaking to people that believe other philosophies, or other aspects of doctrine. The privilege of speaking to them, in a calm conversational tone, willing to be corrected if you are wrong. That is the only way Jesus is going to be able to help people that are really knowledgeable. You cannot walk up to people that are really knowledgeable and tell them, Well, look, you are wrong, and I am right, so you have to believe my way.


They are not going to get anything from you, they are not going to learn from you. That is one of the ministries that grows out of the teaching here, that is what is being developed in you, as you sit under this teaching, this ability, and it was demonstrated to you today between xxxx and I, just an intelligent conversation without the pride that says you have to be right, a desire to learn.


We are being prepared to be sent out into the church and into the world, both to the church and to the world, to talk about the kind of disagreement that xxxx and I had today, it was in the church and outside of the church, to talk to Hindus and Buddhists and, there are all kinds of spiritual, or different degrees of spiritual philosophies out there. To be able to sit down and discuss with them, and be willing to learn if the Lord is going to teach you something from what they are telling you, so that in that Godly communication, the Lord can move on behalf of that person, if He wants to. That is much more easily said than done. If you are sitting in these meetings, this ability is being imparted to you, of course then it has to be developed in you, but the seeds of this ministry are being imparted to you. Praise the Lord. Is there anything else on this issue and then we will look at the other two things that you said. Everybody okay? Because obviously, I am not going to be preaching on The Three Generations of Kings today.


The second thing was ultimate reconciliation makes me think of when Satan tempted Jesus not to go on with the Father's plan. That is true. Satan tempted Jesus to not go on with the Father's plan, how did Satan do that? Satan offered Jesus all of the benefits of full stature without any of the restrictions of it, without submitting to the Father, without, I do not know how to put this at this point. I think what Satan offered Jesus was full stature on Satan's, in Satan's kingdom, and if Jesus would have agreed with that, it would have meant what Satan was promising Him, was full control over humanity. Do you know that I read that Hitler was a theosophist, he was a spiritual practitioner, Hitler was a spiritual practitioner, they said that he was catholic and a theosophist.


This may not be a good example, but it is the only one that I can think of, some called it an unholy contract was made between that man Hitler, and some high spiritual principality that catapulted him to an incredible degree of power, he almost conquered the world. How did that happen? How did, where in the world did that come, this little house painter, he was nothing. How did that happen. I was talking to a neighbor of mine yesterday about the time about me being elected to being president of the board of this condominium, and she is a very intelligent woman, I like her very much, and she said to me, That was so strange, she said, Sheila nobody knows you, of all of the people on the board, they had been on the board before, they knew homeowners, they were working, nobody knew you, how did you become president? That was the strangest thing, something had to be behind that. They must have thought that they could have controlled you so they voted for you or something like that.


Brethren, what was behind it was that the Lord told me three months before I was even knew what was happening that I would be president of the board, the Lord was behind it, the Lord made me president of the board of managers of this condominium for His own purposes. She was right, there was something behind it, but she could not put her finger on what was behind it. What was behind that little house painter, that uneducated house painter? How in the world did he almost become the dictator of the world? How? Brethren, there had to be spiritual power behind it.


I use this as an example to you, although not an exact example, more exact that I am even aware of, of what Satan was offering Jesus. He was saying, I will give you everything that God will give you in the flesh, and even more. I will give you rule over all of humanity, that is the kingdoms of the earth, each human being is a kingdom, I will give you rule over the kingdoms of the earth to do with what you want, you can make yourself great, you can be a king, you could be God, you could be God, you see. When Jesus stayed in the place that the Lord put Him, He just found out here that He was not God, that He said, He was Jesus, brethren, was female, spiritually female in relationship to the Father within Him, He was the wife of internalized Elijah.


Satan said to Him, Oh, you do not have to be in submission to Elijah, let me be your inner man, and I will give you rule over the whole world. That is what xxxx means, well I do not know if that is what she means, but that is what I get out of this, that Satan tempted Jesus to not go on with the Father's plan, what was the Father's plan? The Father's plan was that Jesus should be glorified and out of His glorified state, sprinkle spiritual sperm on all of humanity, that the life of the glorified Jesus, the perfect life of the glorified Jesus should be reproduced in every man on the face of the earth, that is in existence at the time, and that thereby the creation should be saved.


Satan did not want the creation saved, Satan was willing to give Jesus all power over the whole earth to enslave the whole earth for His own selfish purposes, and brethren we see examples of this, not only with Hitler, but Saddam Hussein, in Iraq, and his sons, I heard terrible things, that his sons would go to the high school and look at whatever young girls tempted them and called for them, and the families would have to give up their daughters and they go and they would have to be raped by him and whatever, that kind of power over the whole earth, anything you want, just do not be glorified and pour out your seed on the whole of humanity.


That was the temptation.


Jesus said, No, I do not do anything other than what My Father says I should say or do. I believe that up to the very last minute, so long as Jesus was in that flesh, although it would have been difficult for Satan to accomplish, it was possible for Jesus to have fallen, so long as we are in this flesh. The more mature the Christ within you is, the harder it is for that to happen to you, but possible, yes it is possible, why? Because this flesh is a manifestation of the carnal mind which is in the image of the Serpent. We are literally, our spiritual man, no matter mature he is, is literally surrounded by evil, and evil potential, and our challenge is to not let that evil express itself through us, and that was the condition that Adam our father was in the beginning of time.


He had a dual nature, good and evil, and righteousness, and he was warned and instructed by Jehovah, to not the evil get out from under the dominion of the righteousness, but the righteousness was just imputed to him, he had not earned it, it was like he was received it by example by the laying on of hands, he did not understand it, it was not fully integrated with his being and he was tricked, to listen to the good and evil is a symbiotic entity, to listen to the good and evil in which case the evil was predominate, he literally gave up his righteous authority, because he was tricked or seduced, the Scripture says tricked by the Serpent, he could not tell the difference between the two voices, he thought he was Jehovah, he thought he was doing God a good thing.


The Scripture says, in the last day they will kill the true believers and think they are doing God a favor. 3. Opening the graves made me think it was the carnal mind's way of agreeing with the Satanic plan to keep the physical bodies, and physical earth in tact. That is true because as I have already explained, this whole physical world, the physical terrain and the physical bodies in which men dwell, are all Satan's formation, the Serpent's formation of the holy substance, and she is fighting to keep it in tact. This is how she expresses herself. If you can hear this, ask the Lord to give you a spiritual mind, if you can hear this, this whole planet and everything on it, animal and human, at some spiritual level, is one entity, and all of its pieces being human beings, animals, trees, all of the separation that we see in this world, can be likened to the internal workings of our physical body, our heart, our lungs, the blood, the individual cells flowing in the blood.


I have believed this for years, I believe it is a spiritual truth that a lot of spiritual philosophies share, and not too long ago, there was an article in the paper where some scientists discovered that the earth as a whole has a consciousness, just as science also says that the individual cells within our body have a cellular level of consciousness. We, the whole human being present one image, each cell of our body has some level of cellular consciousness. What does that mean? It knows what it is supposed to do. The heart cells do what they are supposed to do, the lung cells do what they are supposed to do. Some scientists came up with the theory that whole earth has a singular consciousness, and we, if you want to, if you can look at it from that degree, it is a good exercise for your mind.


Each human being, each animal, each tree can be likened to a cell or a system or an organ inside of our human body. Stretch your mind brethren, stretch your mind.


We ascend out of hell and we ascend into heaven by the stretching of our mind, so anybody who tries to teach you or anybody thinks that we are going to stay in a condition of mind that is focused on this world or ourselves only, and suddenly jump into heaven is mistaken because ascension out of hell into heaven is a process, and that process is by your mind, your mind goes first.


Just like in the physical, if you are climbing a mountain, your hands go up first. The mind is your spiritual hand, the mind grasps things, it is your spiritual hand. The way out is with your mind. So many Christians are thinking, many are taught, most are taught, that you do not have to look at yourself, just gives out tracks and try to get others into the kingdom, and then you are going to die and you are going to go to heaven. It is never going to happen. Then others say, Well I am not intellectual, I am not into studying, it is not for me. Brethren, it is true that studying is easier for some of us than others, but the way out of hell is with your mind. Whether it is easy for you to study or hard for you, if you apply yourself, the Lord will help you and make it possible for you, but the way out is with your mind, there is no other way out, you are not going to die and escape this world. If you die, you are going to come back again, and everybody is going to have to go through the process of overcoming their own sin nature.


Once there are people in the earth who are standing in full stature, I think it will be easier, but the Lord just reminded me of, I know that I said a lot of things today that I really did not finish my point, because what I preach is so complicated that unless I have it written in front of me, sometimes I do not go back to the main point, but the one point that He wants me to end with here, because we are going to end now, at least I am going to try to end now, is that as soon as the first sons of God stand up in full stature, immediately all of the peoples of the earth are going to be divided into two categories, either you are going to be in full stature, or you are not going to be in full stature, and that means that the people in the church, it does not matter how many people you have healed, it does not matter if you have cast out demons, it does not matter if you tithe 75% of your salary, it does not matter if you travel for God, none of that matters, the only thing that matters is whether or not Christ Jesus is standing in full stature in you, and if He is not, you could have spent your whole life serving God, and you are going to be in the same category as the person who never served God.


There is just going to be two categories, either you have ascended, or you have not ascended, and you are going to be part of that whole group. You are going to be part of the whole group. I was going to say something, and I guess the Lord stopped me from saying it, that is the only thing that is going to matter, it is the only spiritual thing about you that is going to matter in that day that the sons of God stand up, either you are in full stature, or you are not. The people who are not in full stature, will come under the teaching of the sons of God, that are in full stature. No matter how you have spent your life, or how much effort you have exercised for the Lord, if it has, the effort that you have exercised for the Lord has not resulted in the formation of Christ in you, and that, that Christ has not overcome, even if Christ is formed in you, you will not be in full stature, and you will not be in that category.


There are people in the church today that have a pretty mature Christ formed in them, but they are not judging their carnal mind, and there is no warfare between the Christ in them, between the new man and their old man, they are protecting their old man. You are going to be in the category with the people that have not even heard this message. I do not mean to make that sound like it is going to be a punishment, or a bad thing, I am just telling you a truth, it is not enough to have Christ formed in you. The reason you are given Christ, is that He is your weapon to overcome your fallen nature. Christ could be formed in you to the point that you are really, you could receive this doctrine and you love this doctrine, but if you are not using Him as a weapon to overcome your sin nature, because either you are having a problem looking at your sin nature, you have a pride problem, whatever it is, in that day there is going to be a division.


Jesus said the division is going to be between the sheep and the goats, but I am telling you that the spiritual understanding of that is that, the division is going to be between the people who have Christ formed in them, and have used that Christ to restrain their carnal mind. If you have been doing that, then when the power comes, you will receive enough strength that you need to push that carnal mind completely under you. People that have not been involved in the warfare, most likely, they are going to find themselves in the other category. I am not saying that as a punishment or a bad thing, I am just telling you that it is the truth, and the Lord reminded me to finish that point, so I guess He wants you all to hear that.


I will say it again, the group that is not in full stature will come under the instruction of the group that is in full stature, so maybe, or maybe, I keep trying to say, maybe He will mature faster if you have a background in God, and the I tried to say it twice, and the Lord is telling me that, that is not even true. I think what He wants me to tell you is that, in the hour that, that division comes, even the people that have Christ formed in them, the judgment is God's, it is not mine, and He is no respecter of persons, I do not even understand what the criteria is, but this is what He is telling me to tell you, even if Christ is formed in you and you have begun to judge your carnal mind, just to make understanding this simple, just like when your kids go to school, my granddaughter is like a year behind in school because she was born in September, I think if she was born August, or October, I do not know what the criteria is, she would have been in kindergarten this year, there is going to be a line, and I do not know what that line is, but if Christ is formed in you, and has overcome your carnal mind to a certain degree, then the Lord is going to give you a push and you are going to go into full stature, and be on the right side.


If you are under that bar, if you do not, if Christ is not formed in you and is not restraining your carnal mind to that level of that bar, then you are going to be on the left side. What is the left side? The left side is that group that is going to be under judgment, and under correction from the right side. I do not want anybody to feel bad, I do not want to make anybody afraid, I am just giving you this information wherever you are, if you wind up on the left side and not on the right side, you will be under the sons of God, and you will come up that way. Look, it is the will of God that every man should be saved, He is not into punishing anybody or leaving anybody out, He wants everybody to get in. It is not, this salvation it is not, you see salvation is not a gift, it is the Holy Ghost that is the free gift, it is the mercy, salvation is the mercy of God, but we have a part in it. For whatever reason if we cannot get to that point where we are going to be on the right side when the division comes, it is no big deal, the only big deal is that we get there.


The Lord, He cannot promote us unless we are ready to be promoted, because this salvation of our soul that is happening to us, it is not something that can given to us, all that He can give us is the skills and the tools that will make us capable of doing it ourselves, it has to happen to us, it has to grow in us, it is a maturation that has to come forth in us. He will give us everything we need, but we have to do it. If for whatever reason at the time that the division comes, you find yourself on the left side, it is okay, do you understand what I am telling you, it is okay.


Do not worry about it, just serve God everyday, ask Him to help you love Him more and more, ask Him what He wants you to do, what your assignment is for that day, ask Him to reveal any wrong thinking in your mind, you know, ask Him to correct you, ask Him to give you the thought process of God, and do your best to be happy and productive everyday, and then trust Him and do not worry about these things, do not let your pride get in it, because that just sets you back. Any questions before we end this message, we did not get to The Three Generations of Kings today. Any questions or comments?


COMMENT: Just when you were saying about growing in the Scripture, enlarge your tents came to me, when you were talking about growing and maturing. There was something yesterday the Lord brought this home to me, no weapon formed against you shall prosper, and He brought me to realize again, and again brought it to my mind, that the carnal mind is a weapon, our carnal minds is what comes against us, and it is not going to prosper.


PASTOR VITALE: Absolutely, not your carnal mind in you, and a carnal mind in someone else, or the collective carnal mind which is on a very high spiritual realm across from the body of Christ. God bless you.




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